Sentimentality Is Killing The West

To say that Return Of Kings encourages sentimentality toward women would be beyond ludicrous. However, Theodore Dalrymple’s book Spoilt Rotten: The Toxic Cult of Sentimentality reveals ways in which much of the modern West is polluted by excess feeling, whether we suffer from a surfeit of emotion individually or not.

Blessed Are The Hypersensitive

An illustrative early example is of a British father who reacted with fury when his young daughter found a chicken foot in her chicken dinner. The father loudly took the supermarket to task, no doubt “seeing green” in anticipation of the pain-and-suffering money coming his way if he screamed hard enough.

Of course, the daughter was never in danger of any real pain or suffering at the sight of a chicken appendage: on my first visit to an authentic Chinese restaurant, I crunched up several chicken feet and swallowed them, bones and all, before someone informed me of the right way to eat them. But according to Pop, the little British girl was apoplectic with grief, and the whole family followed her lead. Even if they made it all up, one can glean a lot from their confidence that others would believe them.

Standard Bleeding-Heart Bullshit

Further on, Dalrymple skewers the argument in Steven Pinker’s The Language Instinctthat children naturally learn enough language to suit their needs and therefore that imposing a standard language on them in school is cruel somehow—by pointing out that Pinker’s book is written in the ultimate stick-up-ass idiom, academic English, which no one on Earth speaks in or learns by osmosis as a child.

Pinker’s response (“Of course people should be taught a standard language”) calls to mind feminists who, after about seventy years, still can’t decide if men and women are 100 percent equal, or if women are superior. Actually, they’ve always believed the latter. The former is mere rhetoric.

Some Like It Hot

Dalrymple correctly pins the blame for murderous sexual jealousy on sentimentality as well; when long-term sexual relationships have to be based on fiery passion rather than, say, the ability of two people to get along and manage life together, it’s easy come and easy go; the moment you bore me, I’m out of here.

This makes the need for complete sexual possession of the other person all the more preoccupying and painful because it’s exclusively up to the individual. A man can’t count on society to have his back when it comes to a woman not cheating on him or dumping him, so he shoulders the entire burden himself, often with tragic results.

Waving Raw Meat At A Wolf

What the author has to say about our current pedophilia obsession may not sit well with many readers, but nevertheless has long needed saying: “I am not sure whether the supply [of vulnerable children] creates the demand or the demand the supply.”

Amen to that. I remember reading about one of the many, many incidents of Muslim rape gang grooming of young British girls. This particular case got started when an oily driver tempted a girl in her early teens with a gift of vodka at two in the morning. My first question was, “What kind of parents would even let their teen daughter get into a situation where she could accept booze from strange men in the small hours of the morning?” The answer, apparently, is “British ones.”

Of course, the girl’s biological parents never intended for her to be exposed to abuse from a predatory man with cultural and racial contempt for her oozing out of every pore, but she ended up that way nevertheless due to a combination of sentimental education—which believes children should not be controlled in any way—and sentimentalized romantic conventions, which state that a passionless relationship between adults should be ended, the effects on their children notwithstanding. This results in thousands of neglected children roaming the streets and entering the radar of the Rotherham set.

And all of this is just in the introduction.

The book’s six chapters take on varying aspects of our culture’s contempt for emotional control and how they affect us all: the fatuous family impact statements read in court after murder trials; Madeleine McCann and Princess Diana in relation to the cult of the victim; and Western politicians generously volunteering taxpayers’ money to aid Africans (actually, African politicians).

Stylistically, it’s classic Dalrymple: “How is poverty to be eliminated from the repertoire of possible human conditions?…The answer is obvious: aging pop stars are to give a series of concerts…”

Last-Minute PC Kowtowing?

Oddly tacked on after the conclusion is a short essay entitled, “Why We Need Immigrants.” The thesis is explanatory rather than argumentative: we need immigrants to care for our elderly invalid relatives because the attitude of our own people is all wrong.

We can’t tell the difference between service and servitude, and our sentimentalized governments are all too happy to let us stay unemployed (and import more foreign workers), rather than ask us to work a job we don’t enjoy, like taking care of demanding old bags and geezers.

Unfortunately, this final piece seems like a bit of CYA on the author’s part, since the conclusion speaks critically of multiculturalism. But maybe Dalrymple is trying to suggest that we hypocritically pour sentimentality all over the youth aspects of our culture while neglecting the one area where a little excess feeling might be useful: helping make our parents’ and grandparents’ final days as comfortable as possible.

If you’re like me, you’re not quite in panic mode, but Mom and Dad aren’t getting any younger. The Baby Boomers’ narcissism means they are staying healthy longer, but yoga and vitamins can’t stave off aging forever.

I contrast my own attitude and that of many peers with the Mexicans in an American hospital who wanted to do so much for their Mama that they became a pain in the ass to the staff, even carrying Mama to the toilet against doctor’s orders. Can you see yourself doing that? Have you ever changed a diaper—much less an adult one—with a cheerful spirit?

Maybe the post-game of game is to find a woman with whom to start a project with a twofold goal: to care for both of your elderly parents and to have children who will do the same for you when the time comes. Here if nowhere else, a little treacly sentimentality wouldn’t hurt.

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46 thoughts on “Sentimentality Is Killing The West”

  1. I saw U2 with my dad. Bono is an Irish citizen making millions talking shit about America and spouting pro Islamic propaganda from stage.
    Musicians from first world countries need to stay out of politics. John Lennon started this shit.

    1. With Bono we get a highly-concentrated dose of anti-West sanctimony from a distant, detached point of view. He says he’s “channeling” the cause, so don’t pay attention to that mansion and Ferrari over there. Virtue-signaling pays huge cash dividends in U2’s case. The philosophies of modern day liberalism have absconded with reason.

      1. Leftism is very monetizable at this moment. The left is horse-shit without any concept of biological natural order and will at least kill itself when it destroys the West. I have never blamed the Jews. They did start these many of these fires that is completely true but the forests of SJW leftism, rooted its denial of all basic core understandings of race and gender being biological differences, have burnt out of all control. Many whites are too stupid to think beyond simple regurgitation anyway, and many others just want a simple life and give no fucks about societies future. How is nobody looking at population control? 2 child policy per female world-wide or else the bubble will surely be popped by some smart ass somewhere probably from Russia/China

    2. You say you want a revolution
      Well, you know we all want to change the world
      You tell me that it’s evolution
      Well, you know we all want to change the world
      But when you talk about destruction
      Don’t you know that you can count me out
      You say you got a real solution
      Well, you know we’d all love to see the plan
      You ask me for a contribution
      Well, you know we’re doing what we can
      But when you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao
      You ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow
      And if you want money for people with minds that hate
      All I can tell is brother you have to wait

    3. Nevermind he made his fortune from the western world through his music tours, but just like “professional” athletes they vilify and decry the very garden their fiscal bounty grew from.. F*** these sorry a$$holes.

    4. Bono is a piece of shit, He stole 99% of money from his charity foundation and only donate 1% for the cause, classic champagne socialist.

  2. “The thesis is explanatory rather than argumentative: we need immigrants to care for our elderly invalid relatives because the attitude of our own people is all wrong.”
    I agree with most of the article, and I understand the above point, but I have to say, in this one case, I disagree.I blame the old people. I will NEVER allow myself to live beyond total independence and I have no respect for anyone who does. Who the hell wants to live if you’re crapping in depends undergarments and needs a nursemaid to feed you warm tapioca pudding that dribbles down your cheek? Two examples.
    My father dropped dead at 80 after having congestive heart failure at 75. Although he was often hospitalized those last 5 years, he still did what he wanted when he was out and about — playing golf with his friends, going to restaurants, and drinking wine. At 80 he took a shower and never came out. Here today, gone tomorrow.
    That’s the way to go.
    My mother (hideous witch that she was) on the other hand, hung on till almost 87, in a nursing home (where my equally evil sister stuck her), crapping in her pants, pudding dribbling down her cheek, and hanging onto every last breath the way Weinstein hangs onto every last penny. She refused to go. She took all kinds of medicine to prolong her miserable existence. And complained, and bitched and moaned, and even got violent until she finally fell into that last coma. And even then it took a couple of weeks. Good riddance to bad rubbish. She got me from beyond the grave though. The two evil witches snaked me on the will. I am sure that one day my vile, gold digging, parasitic sister will join her mentor in hell.

        1. My white daughter is a selfish, lesbian POS. I haven’t talked to her since my divorce 10 years back. White women are worthless.

        2. It takes courage and clear thinking to judge your close family members harshly if they truly deserve it (key phrase there). It is more moral than coddling dysfunctional psychopaths and letting them lose on the unsuspecting public.

      1. Many have suggested to me the same thing.
        I’m going down in flames.
        That’s the only way this ends.

        1. JOHN
          “Never forget”
          How do you make yourself give a shit in the first place. Townies everywhere are the same fucked sad bastards. They’ll never get out of the geographic perimeters of the situation that is fucking them because they lack the intelligence or initiative.
          Sure, they can give passer-by’s a bit of shit. Maybe threaten or run them off.
          But that is all.
          Because 90% of the people in this world are townies who lack the initiative to ever physically leave their country and their situation. Another 5% are so stupid that when they do, they get into worse conundrums elsewhere.

      2. The way to man to find peace is to actually let go of his past and make that distant horizon his future, without looking back. Great advice CPT.

    1. Those intent on destroying Europeans want every single excuse for importing migrants. Japan has few and yet the best care in the world. There are active attempts to destroy European people by many left wing governments within europe have no doubt about that.

    2. Man, your story parallels mine to a tee. My late father, healthy as a horse, died in 2009, at age 79, after a botched colonoscopy. A fine man too. My spawn of Satan mother ( now 87, and an evil BPD passive/aggressive type), made off with a large malpractice payout (after Medicare and attorneys took 1/3 each she still got over $250K), plus a paid for house, car, cash, and the entire estate. She gave my father’s gun collection (Weatherbys, Belgian Browning Auto 5s, Remington 700s, Lugers and Walther PPKs from WWII, Mosin-Nagants, etc. to my younger sister and her second husband). My late father’s dying request was my two sisters and I would each get 1/3 of the estate upon my mother’s death, but she set up the will where my older sister and I get 20%, and the 60% balance, including proceeds from the house sale, all liquid money assets, car, etc. goes to my younger sister, who’s a divorcee, and an ordained woman clergy in a liberal Protestant denomination (so wrong and unscriptural!). My mother has frequently changed the will, and now claims to give me $10,000 upon her death. She doesn’t like my choice in my religious denomination, or that I’m 60 and date women young enough to be my daughter. I decided to walk away from the toxic women folk in my family. I could use the $, but it’s not worth it.

      1. My father’s will stated 50/50 for all assets between me and my sister (2.5 years younger than me). My mother and sister redrew it so I got virtually nothing. And they kept it a secret for 4 years. I didn’t find out until the old witch croaked. And my sister made it seem like she was on my side the whole time. I ended up with about 8% when all was said and done. I would have GLADLY thrown that away for the PLEASURE of spitting in their faces and telling them to go to hell. But those two pieces of shit weren’t even decent enough to be honest with me. And my sister sprung this on me 2 days after the witch’s funeral dinner, where I grabbed the check and paid $2500 — because I was having such a good time with friends and relative I had not seen in so long. And the vile little cunt let me pay KNOWING she was going to skunk me on the will. Her and her kids are dead to me now.
        Sorry about the way things turned out for you, Antonio. Yeah, we do have much in common. I’m 52 and Females under 7 in looks and over 29 in age are invisible to me. That’s the 7-29 rule I speak about here from time to time. Luckily I make enough $$$ to afford them. And I will keep working and making $$$ for as long as I can. But If I had got that 50% my father worked so hard for and wanted me to have, I would have been set for life. Take care.

      2. After hearing all these horror stories of betrayal and assholery meted out by close female blood relatives, I think there is scope for a blog red pilling men with the truths about close family dynamics. There is a lot of shit doing on there. of course family life is not immune to the post-modern.o feminism.

        1. After hearing all these horror stories of betrayal and assholery meted out by close female blood relatives, I think there is scope for a blog red pilling men with the truths about close family dynamics. There is a lot of shit going on there. of course family life is not immune to the post-modern globohomo feminism.

    3. Having lived in a non-white community for a while now I have noticed something. All white women do is bitch and moan, nothing is ever their fault. On the other hand Asian women don’t behave like that, they will accept physical hardship and triumph over it. I try to avoid all interaction with white women now, because it’s only a matter of time before something that happened to one of them is my fault.

      1. JOHN
        White women have that luxury. It is the difference between the rich girl whose father provides for her and the orphaned one who sells her body in the road.

    4. Those are wise words Slim. But say that here in the UK, where the NHS (National Health Service) is crumbling due to lack of funding for the increasing number of sick old retirees, and you will be stoned to death with a barrage of insults and liberal words, loud enough to put the Hiroshima bomb to shame.
      In England, the politically correct solution to the healthcare crisis is to somehow pay for the NHS through public money which doesn’t exist and by bringing in more immigrants due to the disparity in retirees and workers.
      I’ve always said that I’ll off myself before I go in to a care home. Not to mention owning a care home is huge business over here. I know a fella (he is an Indian Muslim I think) who owns several, and he has three cars parked outside the driveway of his £3 million large suburban London house – a Range Rover Autobiography, a Lamborghini Aventador, and a Rolls Royce Wraith. His care home business is milking it big time. Pretty much all his customers are White English.
      Every guy on this site should exercise daily, eat healthy and avoid smoking, to maximise your chances of living to an old age on your own two feet. The younger you start, the more your old self will thank you for it.

      1. The way to save the NHS, would be to reduce nurses wages to minimum wage, and employ them as trainees on the job straight from school. Doctors are the ones with the liability and responsibility, not stupid women. Another good cost saving would be to allow everyone to buy their own drugs. Doctor/pharmacy/hospital is effectively a Union closed shop driving up health care prices. Where I live most antibiotics courses can be purchased over the counter (pharmacy or supermarket) for $1-2 a time. No need for a doctor between me and the cure.

    5. Were you close with your old man? How old are you now? My mom and sisters all hate eachother, and me and my dad, and all men actually. I decided recently (at 34) to just drop the women all together. I can’t say I see any consequences.

      1. I’m 52.
        I got along OK with my father, but not close.
        He was an “ultra alpha” type but passed none of that onto me when I was a kid. He banged his mistresses and played golf, and left me to the witch to be bullied and berated. I really can’t blame him though, wanting to get away from my mother and all. But he should have sent me to military school to get away from her and train me to be a man if he wasn’t going to do it himself.
        Yeah, I think you are making the right choice David. I do not believe female relatives can be trusted. They will always conspire against the males in the end. Especially as sisters become bitter, middle aged hags. And at that point, the mothers, who have been hagged out for decades, will sympathize with them. That’s how I got snaked on the will. I will say this, as neglectful as my father was to me when I was a boy, I am 100% certain if witchie-poo croaked first, I would have had my 50%. My father wouldn’t have had it any other way.

  3. Now think two steps ahead. Emotional control is the weakness. How will you capitalize on this? One who can play any emotion at any given time will appear to be godlike. Game players think one step ahead. You think two steps ahead. Think James Bond. Emotional control prevails. Always and forever. It will never change. And never break. Tantrums reveal the hand. Cool = unlimited power.

  4. “but I have to say, in this one case, I disagree.I blame the old people.”
    Right on. The idea that society can afford to devote an ever expanding share of its resources and productive output to providing for the old in terms of social security, health care, aged care and so forth is simply another manifestation of bleeding heart, blank check, conspicuous compassion and virtue snivelling that cannot be sustained much longer. It amazes me how few people understand this, even among those who loudly denounce the triumph of emotion and sentimentality over hard-headed rational thinking! (Before anyone goes off on an emotional tantrum, let me make myself clear. I am not saying the old deserve nothing, and we should provide no assistance to them. I am simply saying that we cannot afford to devote an ever greater share of productive capacity to them, or tolerate an ever widening wealth gap in their favour; nor do we have a moral obligation to do so).
    The old tend to be the biggest guilt-trippers around. They are effective at convincing others that they deserve endless sympathy and that they are never in any way responsible for their own problems. They are just another victim group demanding endless sympathy and attention – no different to women, gays, racial minorities

    1. “The idea that society can afford to devote an ever expanding share of its resources and productive output to providing for the old in terms of social security, health care, aged care and so forth is simply another manifestation of bleeding heart, blank check, conspicuous compassion and virtue snivelling that cannot be sustained much longer. ”
      – Yup! And that goes x10 for Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Head Start, Public HOusing, School Lunch, etc…
      The “Great Society” programs must end if we are to salvage this country!

      1. AUTOMATIC
        Having been born in the seventies I ponder the reality for poor whites in my generation when they get old.
        There will be a very small middle class by then. Well-behaved whites (And Asians, Jews) will have 1 child.
        The underclass of any color (But mostly white trash, black, Mestizo or some intermingling thereof) will be vast, feral and squirming with discontent.
        This is why I never had kids in the US and took off. As older person in 20, 30 years you are going to be better off in Philippines than in much of the United States.

  5. Completey true! They could have arrested and deported the first migrants on boats but they gave them houses/blond girls. It’ll keep going/growing until Western Europe is destroyed that is for sure. Cock hungry feminists beckon them in and are actively cucking their men publicly and scolding and humiliating them when they won’t take more. Men weak enough to accept feminism get cucked and bred out once male leadership is gone as male leadership mate-guards which females do not hence gynocentrism having never lasted long historically. No tribe can actively support its own cucking as with female leadership and last long and nor will this civilization in Europe. Their mothering instincts are not the right instincts to lead with and weren’t designed for that.
    The second part is blue-pill gone wild where the leftists believe that after all these civil wars supporting “freedom” in Iran will lead to them getting some MLK moment rather than civil war. Their ideologies are just incompatible with democracy. The leftists see the natural order as oppression and thus hate Iran because women are not empowered sluts unnaturally fucking over their people.
    Or that African and Asian opposite trajectories are because of race and thus if you import all these Africans you will tend further towards the African trajectory for your nation. The West has blue-pill gone wild and sentimentality if just a part of that. There has never been a more stupid and less enlightened age than this age of the sentimental blue-pill and liberal fascist government we have now. Europe has little hope of being saved. America will die 30 years later.

    1. ADAM
      America’s problem is the age-old Red Man vs White Man conflict because Indians are pouring North to escape the white supremacy of Latin America.
      Muslims will have a more difficult time because of the ocean that separates them from the US. African refugees even in the 21st century lack the intelligence or resources to commandeer a vessel than can cross the Atlantic and even if they could the coast guard would repel them.
      So we are talking about Indians and Mulatto whom the Charlie Sheen type Spanish overlords of the Latin America countries are happy to see go.

      1. I bet a wager eventually they’ll still take USA. Its a bigger ocean but they’ll just get on planes. Transport is always getting better. USA is getting mentally cucked at a phenomenal rate and eventually with some weak leader they’ll take them. Islam is motivated to take the world and who’d bet against them they’re winners.

        1. WRISTCEL
          Muslims have not collectively yet reached the point where they can build 707’s and fly into US airspace-also risking being shot down.
          The talented Muslims in Yemen or Syria who are doctors and airline pilots and successful merchants get the hell out legally and are making too much money to rape women in swimming pools.
          Africans whose mean IQ is 10 points above Spot and Fido have yet construct an oceangoing vessel capable of crossing the Atlantic in the 21st century. Once more, the talented and intelligent ones immigrate legally and are too busy making money like Nigerian diamond traders in New York City to want to start raping girls in swimming pools.
          The US government has had to spend millions OF YOUR dollars to import Muslim immigrants. How often do you meet a North African, for example?
          Our problem is with Native Americans across the border whose ruling elite of Castizos and pure whites do not want to throw them crumbs.

        2. wristcel
          “Islam motivated to take the world”
          Cuban whites and Mestizos down South are descended from Spanish who fought the Muslims. The Eastern US ports are the stalking ground of Sicilians 5 generations away from fighting the Arabs on the beaches of Sicily.
          These Mediterraneans (And Half-Mediterraneans) are not going to take kindly to North Africans.
          Of course if the Arabs co-opted ghetto blacks, which they have already done from time to time, then the US has three-way race war on its hands.
          But you are talking about vast numbers of Muslims. More than the manifest of a single 707. Also such aircraft can be shot down.

      2. I’d prefer Whites to dominate Europe and European colonies. If I have to choose, Latinas > Arabroads on average. On some level North America joining Latin America will be an upgrade, Europe gains nothing from a bunch of fighting age males from Arab & African shitholes.

  6. Jesus Christ…..
    Europeans and Americans have been taking care of their old parents long before the big gaping shithole showed up.
    Did you ever stop to think, maybe old white people don’t want to be carried to the fucking toilet because they want to keep their dignity, manage the best they can on their own and accept old age with some fucking stoicism?
    The same entitlement mentality Mexicans and other not so white people bring with them would expect to be carried to the toilet against doctor’s (probably an ignorant white guy) orders.

  7. The odd thing is how much longer people live now than when I was a kid in the 70’s and 80’s.
    People retired at 55 back then. They lived to 65 and then died. My own grandfathers (One was a two pack a day smoker) died in their early 60’s. This was normal back in the seventies and eighties.
    You had children at 25, they had children at 25, you had 10 years with your grandchildren and at 60 you were dead.
    I have to say I would not want to be lingering in a minority ward staffed by pissed-off Hispanic and Black orderlies and nurses.

    1. Dick,
      Not always true, my family were all army. They would finish their 20-30 years then return home with a pension, find a young wife and start a business. This was the way of my family as far back as I can trace (1750s), my male line reproduces in our late 40s and 50s (#Metoo).

      1. JOHN
        People used to smoke a lot more. I mean like 4 packs of cigarettes a day, not one at a club once in a great while or in the morning with their coffee.

  8. Sentimentality is a luxury that only a stable society can afford.It worked in the 50’s because of a focus on strong patricharcal families and christian faith. The modern world has been made ruthlessly individualistic by feminists and other anarchist groups being allowed to dictate socities terms. Sadly there is no place for a well meaning man and his values anymore. Shape up or die, and most betas are willing to walk into the furnace.

  9. Ruthlessly Individualistic
    It is not my fault that white trash and minorities make stupid life decisions like having children in their late teens out-of-wedlock or getting addicted to some horrendous street drug (Crack, then meth, lately Oxy).
    Sure, the average middle-class white is focusing on whatever he intends to make a career out of and wearing rubbers and delaying marriage until 30.
    So we have a horrendous underclass.
    That is what you define as individualism. It applies to me. I got the hell out of my rust belt city and I am very sorry for those poor fucked fuckers who got a GED and then started having kids at 20 on minimum wage. If they are white, they are fucked. They’re kids are probably pummeled in shitty public schools.
    But what can you do about it. In a perfect world everybody would reproduce within marriage when they were employed and after they had a house. Nobody would smoke anything anything stronger than grass and not fry their brains with Spice, Ice or Lice or whatever the latest shitty street drug craze is. They would support the children they fathered rather than roaming the landscape fathering kids. Or not have them. Males would not molest young female children and condemn them to an adulthood of slutty behavior as a result of molestation.
    None of this is going to happen.
    So you have to think about your own behavior and desires. It is pointless to really focus on the barrio or hood or trailer park where the fucking and hard-drugging and reckless reproducing goes on.

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