Do You Have A Loser Mindset?

One of the most important characteristics of the manosphere is our drive for improvement. We strive to improve our physical strength, mental strength, relationships, friends, and family. We strive to improve our neighborhoods, our businesses, and even our nations. We strive so hard for these things that when we don’t see any results it too often leads to men taking the black pill. And who can blame them?

But there is a constant temptation to stop striving. We often want to stop because it is easier. It requires less energy and investment. We are compelled to kick back, put our feet up, and see that everything we should try to improve is good enough. The mind trick that enables us to do that is the bottom of the barrel comparison.

What Is The “Bottom Of The Barrel” Comparison?

When I was your typical blue-pilled loser in my early twenties, I remember meeting this cute girl. I was going to community college and she worked there as a gate attendant. She was an attractive girl, but as I would learn while trying to get with her, she had problems.

She had just gotten out of an abusive relationship with her ex. I told her that was the right move. Then she revealed that she still lived with him. Her ex (I knew he was her ex in name only, of course) was a drug dealer. She said she wasn’t an addict but she still wanted to leave.

By that point, I gave up on trying to hook up with her. Instead, I just told her she needed a better life, because the one she had was a disaster. She agreed, but because her “ex” was a drug dealer, she saw plenty of crackheads and tweakers. She described one really horrible tweaker she had seen and said, “At least I’m not her.”

There it was: the mindset that told her it was alright to live with her drug dealing, abusive ex.

How Fat Are You?

When you compare anything to the worst possible outcome, you generally leave a lot of room to be mediocre. For example, take your weight. Are you overweight? How much do you weigh? 250 pounds? 300 pounds? Hey, at least you don’t weigh 600 pounds like this guy…

600 pounds

Now THIS guy is fat.

Instead, you only weigh 300 pounds, like Artie Lang.

300 pounds

See, he’s not that fat. At least he isn’t the 600 pound guy.

I’ll bet the 300 pound guy loves the 600 pound guy because he can say, “Hey, at least I’m not this guy.” When you compare yourself to the bottom of the barrel, you justify stuff you know deep down you shouldn’t justify. Fat? There are fatter people. Lazy? There are lazier people. Poor? There are poorer people. Weak? There are weaker people.

This comparison gives the user the illusion that they are not these things. It lets them think they are not fat, lazy, poor, weak, and so on.

It Seeps Into Your Worldview

Do you love America? I do. I probably love America more than you, statistically speaking. But as great as my nation may be, it is not above criticism. One problem that allows America and our culture to decline is this mindset.

I’m sure you’ve heard something like this before: “Well, I come from some third world shithole and now I lead a much better life in America. So your criticisms are dumb. You just don’t appreciate how good you have it.”

Galena Illinois

Galena, Illinois looks pretty great to me.

Lido Beach Somalia

Just because we are not nearly this bad doesn’t mean it’s alright to decline in quality.

I often reflect on how lucky I am to be born in America, and I truly wish people didn’t have to suffer living in shithole countries. But comparing America to them only allows it to further decline. It’s a long way from the top (America) to the bottom (Somalia, Haiti, Iraq), but that doesn’t mean it’s alright to slide down that direction.

Change Your Mindset

Comparing yourself to anyone else is a dangerous game. You could compare yourself to the worst and thereby allow yourself to fall into mediocrity. You could also compare yourself to the best and get discouraged. I played drums for ten years and only reached an intermediate skill level. Videos like this made me want to give up:

What I learned as I got older was that although I don’t have the natural abilities of the very best, I can still be great with focus and determination. With renewed focus, my skills improved drastically.

Change your mindset. Change your worldview. Strive for greatness. Hopefully you, and your people, can achieve it.

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59 thoughts on “Do You Have A Loser Mindset?”

  1. Very well written. At my work this horrible, generic mindset is very prevalent. People carrying an extra 40 lbs of fat making fun of those carrying an extra 80 lbs. People from 20-60 insistimg that everyone who makes more than them is greedy and everyone who makes less is lazy.

    1. I’m guilty of that mindset myself. I could stand to lose “only” about 20 pounds (ie. slim down to 190 from 210) but I in turn spew venom in private about people who are 50+ pounds overweight etc.
      These articles are great because it makes you take a good look at the man in the mirror and what needs to change, even if it’s not particularly excessive. At least I’d no longer be a hypocrite-lite.

      1. Just a hint to help you out. If you can avoid as much as possible the manufactured starches and sugars (those that are highly processed as in pasta, bread, sweetened bread products and s ready snack cakes sodas) If you can go a week limiting ingesting them, you will feel less bloated, less sluggish, less tired. Adjust your diet to include sweet whole fresh fruits and add whole fresh proteins instead (peanuts, home cooked unprocessed chicken and red meats (be generous with spicing them, try dry rubs and marinades for flavor). Also, natural sugar substitutes (Honey and stevia), plenty of fresh unflavored filtered water and home brewed teas, that you will feel very different in 7 days. Even myself has strayed recently back into eating white bread noodles and ice cream, and I am dragging ass because of it. Winter doldrums I guess, but no excuse. the excess processed sugars really drag your immune system down too by overly taxing your liver and pancreas.

        1. This is good advice.
          Eliminate EVERYTHING packaged.
          Meat/eggs, vegetables, fruit, minimal grains. paleo diet is good. Paleo diet for athletes too (grains are more battery of energy for major workouts)
          No dairy, sugar, packaged food in your home.
          Buffets are good – meat/veg etc… really good around NY. Although, last time I went to Whole Foods there were about 12 homeless/schizos eating directly from the buffet – so bailed.
          Movies such as “That Sugar Movie”, “Food Matters” gives some good advise.

    2. “She had just gotten out of an abusive relationship with her ex. I told her that was the right move.”
      Then you made the wrong move and didn’t walk away, you’ve just met this bitch and she’s already complaining about her (former) boyfriend. You would have been the next in line to be accused …….. you can’t afford to date women making accusations. You even believed her WTF!

      1. “She had just gotten out of an abusive relationship with her ex. I told her that was the right move.”
        AWALT – every women says that – every time.
        And they are not lying.
        They were abusive to the man – scorched earth his ass – and onto the next victim.

  2. I like the subject. It’s pretty interesting.
    First of all, to compare yourself to other people is normal human behavior. Homo politicus and homo oeconomicus like to compare his or hers accomplishments and disposable income with that of others. Such comparisons give context, both historically and currently.
    Like for example height is very much relative over time and space. 5,6 was about average for males in the Netherlands for about 100 years ago, and now it’s like 6,1. Salary is about the same in a way. What you earn is low, high or average relative to that of others and the city, national, and federal (and even global) levels.
    As for body fat and how women look, those are relative and comparisons give context, but we should not allow ourselves as individuals, tribes or even nations to be mediocre, much less regress on a societal scale. To find a connection to the earlier post about the progressive myth and similar articles, we know that IQ scores are currently decreasing (likely because of both genetic and environmental factors), people are becoming fatter and not seldom uglier, and fewer people can do complex math or read long and complex books. These regressions are real and rather serious.
    As an individual, compare yourself to others AND yourself. Find somewhat realistic people to compare yourself to, and make true improvments in regard to for instance earnings, physical condition, accumulation of knowledge, and accomplishments of particular goals that you have set.

    1. “First of all, to compare yourself to other people is normal human behavior.”
      Agree 100%. And those comparisons often help us make decisions on which direction to take in life.
      For example, a kid 6’1″ that weighs 115 lbs at high school graduation is not likely to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. He can better himself with exercise & weights, sure. But a bodybuilder he will never be. Likewise a guy pulling C’s and D’s in high school, and scores 700 or 800 on the SAT (old scoring system) ain’t gonna be the next Jonas Salk. Comparisons like this are productive and necessary to kill off those idiotic dreams and focus on goals that are realistic to attain.

    2. Yes, andI think there’s a big difference between comparing and judging. While comparing is natural and beneficial in many ways, judging is a narcissistic attitude that stems from an insecure core.

      1. comparing is like generalizing.
        antithesis of the left – to hear them screech when a person utilizes normal human behavior, like comparing/generalizing and hypothetical situations…
        those retards should be judged/mocked – if you can get way with it.

  3. Your essentially talking about Nihilism, right? It is the mindset of people in denial. It is much easier to say that everything is fine, you know, you just got to self improve and better yourself, you know, because fighting is pointless. The perfect example of this is the republican/libertarian/civic nationalist retards who keep saying “muh, race don’t matter, just immigrate legally, we are a nation of immigrants…du govment and du taxes are what is dividing us”…total crap. We are a dying nation getting flooded by the socialist, anti-white, third world who essentially wants to redistribute white mans country to themselves. The media is glaringly obvious about this, nearly having organisms on TV just looking at the declining white population and the increase in liberal voters. Yet these DUMBASS libertarian fags (many of whom brag about how badass they are with their AR-15 that they will never use) continue to focus on du govment, du taxes, MUH OIL, MUH BIG TRUCK!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yep. “AR-15 that they will never use”
      Unless we have a General Stormen Norman driving a tank into dc there is no end to this feminist destruction…

        1. We aren’t there yet where they will be essential nationwide, but with how shrill the leftists have become recently in their ignorance and defense of the criminal conduct of the former obamanation officials….time will tell…I feel it coming. the SOTU and memo release may be the final straws that tip the leftist “leadership” over the insane edge..Maxine Waters is showing outright lunacy and complete detached insanity lately…her and Pelousi and Schitmer.

        2. did they have ars? I liked those pics of them on their store roofs – only remember basic pistols and shotgusn.
          The premise is those “patriots” hugging their guns in the mid-west have always only done that. and mostly likely will sell them for food/heroin soon.
          While the coasts devolve further into shitholes.
          Every day – I think of less reasons to stay here.

  4. I weight 210, and I should be between 185-190 to maximize my SMV.
    I guess I just get complacent because my “merely” modest overweightness doesn’t really negatively affect my social circles, professional life, or game. I can and do still sleep with 7’s etc.
    Sometimes I gotta personally admit that a loser mindset can simply be settling for a “B” life when an “A” life is completely within reach and reason.
    Thanks for this article.

    1. You’re welcome. It’s a common mistake. I’ve made it many times only to correct it later. I used to be very fat then lost 80 lbs. The last ten pounds are the hardest. I eventually lost it after a bad case of the flu. But you’ll be happy with the results when it works

    2. Can never hurt to be more buff – for self and for chicks.
      How tall are you – can convert that fat to muscle – weight doesn’t matter – shape does.
      I used to work/manage bars in NYC.
      I’m average dude – but was fit runner 6’1″ 190lbs, but was severally injured (foot ) stopped running. Blew up to 240lbs due to drinking eating every night.
      I lived upstairs and bang women every night – the worst shape of my life -was also the most women.
      However, if the actor/model want-to-be bartenders were working, I would not even get crumbs. And the women would line up for them.
      So I fired them of course.
      In hindsight – they were not just handsome – they were ZFG, arrogant assholes. Fully redpilled naturals.
      And women ate it up.
      Super wealthy Wall St guys (not buff) – nothing. Even when I introduced them to the women – girls just want to have fun.

  5. “It’s a long way from the top (America) to the bottom (Somalia, Haiti, Iraq), but that doesn’t mean it’s alright to slide down that direction.”
    You got the bottom examples correct. But I’m from the US and can admit without any shame that countries like Australia, Netherlands, and even some lower income 1st world nations like Taiwan (minimum wage is the equivalent of only like $3.50 per hour there!) are objectively better than the U.S. in many respects.
    Less racial strife, better schools, less homelessness, less hillbilly heroin running rampant, far better public transport, less dependency on expensive cars etc.

    1. REALITY
      I never came closer to serious injury than by Hoodrats in Detroit or Cholos in Phoenix. You are much safer in Taiwan at night anywhere than you are in most US cities if you are white and the other parties are a different color. Would you rather walk past a bunch of Taiwanese or some Cholos or Hoodrats?
      Please do not tell me that Appalachia and the Rust Belt are more appealing than Sydney.
      Americans who believe the rest of the world is a “shithole” are mostly townies from rural exurbs or small cities who have never traveled to another developed country because they cannot afford it. So living their entire life in the US interior they ignorantly believe that the US has the highest standard of living while their infrastructure collapses.
      The US is really only powered by a few cities on the coast and some oil money down in Texas. Go visit Pittsburgh, Detroit, Gary and tell me that the Dubai skyline is inferior or that Taiwan is a “shit hole” by comparison.
      How many people from Norway want to immigrate to St Paul, Minnesota or Chicago TODAY? Irish tourists would not immigrate to Boston if YOU PAID THEM.
      Only Indians suffering under Latin America’s own white supremacy want to move to the United States and maybe some Somalis.
      The people who think the US is the pinnacle of development and standard of living are rural or semi-rural whites who have never been anywhere outside of the United States and have no basis for comparison.

      1. Pittsburgh has an attractive cityscape and I’d argue it’s a fairly resurgent place after it’s steel city glory days. It’s also among the whitest large cities east of the Mississippi, which is a major thumbs-up factor in it’s own right.

      2. Sadly that is true because the very population you mentioned are very comfortable in their relative peace of their little communities and for the reason you mentioned are very ignorant to life outside of their rural counties much less overseas. Most are lucky to have former veterans that have actually been out of country to relate stories to them, but story telling is a far cry from actually experiencing the world in person. I am one of them that would have been too poor to travel like that, but my military service required me to globe hop about. After experiencing Europe in the flesh, I missed on the Asian sphere and middle eastern spheres, I know that in American rural spaces, they don’t know jack crap about the world.

        1. DEPLORABLE
          My father was a medic in Vietnam (Born in 1946) and hated it so much that it took me forever to talk him into visiting me in Thailand.
          Like most Yankees, we are third-generation Americans so we would visit our relatives in Germany and the Swiss border but that was it for me growing up.
          When a city gets to the point of Detroit or St. Louis or parts of Los Angeles you have no choice. Asians are a bit less likely to kill you than the dregs of the Meso-American Indian populace or the Hood Rats. Detroit simply got to that point sooner.

    2. REALITY
      Only hillbillies and hicks and townies who do not own a passport believe that the America is the pinnacle of development.

    3. This is true.
      Homogeneous groups are far better than the Balkanization of USA.
      Australia seems to be incurring same shit as Western Europe.
      Japan is probably the best country I’ve been too – And Thailand – just the cost is different.

      1. Jared Taylor has said Japan feels like an upgrade, I suspect he wants European nations to follow the Japanese model. I’m surprised Thailand would rank up there with Japan. I can’t say I’m a fan of Australian Aborigines looks, though even racial pro-White Aussies will defend them over other groups.

  6. “The mind trick that enables us to do that is the bottom of the barrel comparison.”
    interesting and true. It should follow that the opposite would be ideal, the top of the barrel comparison, since a middle of the barrel comparison might not be a loser mindset but it’s still mediocre, still settling for something in-between, but there’s a case to be made that social comparisons has a basis for one’s psychology is often a route to difficulty if not necessarily misery at any level, since you’re measuring yourself against something which is ultimately more imaginary than real (i.e. some external standard of success). My understanding of / observation of high-achieving people (I’m not one myself) is that they are pretty good at seeking out competitive environments, where being just above the bottom isn’t really going to do the trick anyway but even then there is zero guarantee that they actually know why they’re trying to achieve what they’re trying to achieve. Even trying to beat yourself isn’t necessarily an answer – the psychoanalyst Karen Horney made a lot of sense when she spoke about the ‘tyranny of the should’ – seeking to be something we are not in a neurotic quest for glory. Neuroticism, psychological complexes, inferiority / superiority complexes hold you back, drive you forward but in themselves don’t make you happy. More balanced people don’t always gets bags of sex / pussy / money / success as they may be insufficiently driven

  7. I like how this article contains a little bit of self-encouragement from its author, who gained introspective strength from revealing his flaws (whether they be old/expired ones or the pernicious kind in need of tackling tomorrow morning). This attitude embodies the “constant striving” (article’s core positivist theme) and validates the writer. Nice.
    So Jared, keep drumming…you’ll be finding level-ups and breakthroughs in the years to come, usually at times when you least suspect it, especially if you’ve dedicated to giving up the theoretical “10,000 hours” and then some. In the realm of the audio arts, I know from whence I speak. I could drop some massive braggadocio in this realm and am trying hard not to, but suffice to say drumming at a better-than-average level has elevated my entire life in ways that are difficult to describe. Once you get there, the whole approach to the drum changes as the muscle memory of limbs, lessons, gigs and time-bending hours in the studio develops a sixth sense. Even better when you have a dedicated studio and people to play with (a proficient bass player to complete a rhythm section, a full band or just some talented buds to jam with). If you can, try to set a goal to actual record some tracks, which makes it realer, truer. All top drummers go “unconscious” when they are in peak performance…if you haven’t had the moment yet, it sounds like you’re not far off and it’s pretty golden. You’ll know it when it happens.

    1. Thanks man being able to play unconscious like you say is my ultimate goal. I have a digital recorder and some mics and I’ve just started recording myself again. I see how it helps but I still have a ways to go. I think as I stick with it I’ll be there before I know it. It’s amazing how much you can improve at anything with just one month of consistent practice.

  8. Great article. The attitude “at least I’m not as bad as that guy” is prevalent, and like probably everyone here, I’m guilty of it. Unfortunately the day comes when you turn around and discover, to your horror, you *are* the fattest/weakest/lowest-paid/worst-laid cunt in town. Then it really is time to wake up, or just put a bullet in your brain.

  9. Who said theres anything wrong with Somalia? Sure government regions are getting blown into the stone age , bit daily life is pretty nice.
    Feminine beautiful girls for a traditional marriage , polygamy (my dad has 3 wives i only have 1 but will expand this year).
    You can sire many sons (any real masculine mans dream), my father currently has 12 sons, one of my uncles 35 sons (!!!), instead of one girl and a dog in the West.
    Cost of living is extremely cheap(you can comfortably live off $150 a month and a built mansion only costs around $30k or $40k – very affordable for expats) and weather is beautiful, the Somalis are some of the most social and friendly people where old people and teenagers often play football together.
    Everyone knows each other and its one big social circle somewhat, reminiscent of pre-1960s America.
    In fact, you could argue we have it much better than the current millenial generation in America.

  10. Dick the GENX Boner is actually correct.
    Most of the USA is “formerly” functional cities now in deterioration mode.
    The robber barons filled their little mining towns (like the ghost town Galena, Illinois) with impoverished euro-peasants who killed themselves fighting wars and working for NOTHING; the soon-aged parents then relied on social services while their kids fell into drug habits supplied by the same robber barons who closed their own factories.
    Mediocrity is the DESIGN of failed America.. not a cause.
    PS The drummer kid is a YouTube FAKE. The Dad edit-records a solo at half speed, then films his kid imitating it,… or vice versa- The POINT of such vids is to create a ridicule of adults who do not play drums at the false level.. pure manipulation.

    1. WYATT
      Finally the US government says to the hapless Polish autoworker who spent 40 years paying off a mortgage in Detroit or Flint and could not pay somebody to own his house “We don’t give a shit about you” and he is trapped in a South Africa situation since Hood Rats never have the initiative or cash to leave.
      You’d be surprised how fast these anywhere between LA and New York fall into complete abandonment. It only takes about 20-30 years. My grandmother bought a condominium in a pleasant suburb of Detroit for $400,000 in 1986 and when she passed on and we sold it in 2006 it was worth $80,000.
      Much is said about “Jews” but they will be some of the first to leave along with the middle-class WASPS and with them the tax money leaves. The white ethnics-Slavs, some Greeks or Italians-hang around a little longer lacking the resources to move. Then finally it becomes an issue of survival and these working class whites throw what they can fit into a station wagon and drive off whether they can sell their house or not.
      The gays, academics, hot women, in-demand tradespeople, Old Money wasters and just about anyone single with a college degree bolt for the West Coast or perhaps a few to the East Coast.
      In my Southeastern city that leaves the mouth-breathing Appalachians or kids of Appalachians with their GED’s and their kids at the age of 20 and zero money/job skills.
      The Polish or Appalachian emigre’s daughter went to public schools and became a crack whore and their son hit the road for California as soon as he turned 18.
      Those posters on here from the South or the West Coast or East Coast are somewhat naive because the government and its financial masters HAVE to give a shit about Los Angeles or NYC as financial center or port of entry. Much is made about emigration but Asians bring money to the West Coast and Latin Americans to Miami.
      But the US interior. Fuggetaboutit.
      So please Dear Posters, do not tell me that Detroit is safer than India. Or Flint. I have walked the streets of Mumbai at night and these are not safe but they are far, far safer than the Hood of the rustbelt or the barrios of the Southwest.
      Arab-Americans actually fled from Dearborn to Dubai because the standard of living was higher, the city nicer, the streets safer.
      When we talk about the “standard of living” in the US I snort with incredulity. This is the opinion of middle-class suburban Gen Y whose Dad was a professor in some small city in Missouri.

      1. Polish and Appalachians may have the last laugh. If Poland and Appalachia remain White and the world around them does not.

    2. WYATT
      If I told you that you could walk in Mumbai at night or Detroit, which would you choose? How about the barrio of Phoenix.
      If you are stuck in the average Midwest rust belt city you are fucked. Its like Kurt Russell walking around New York looking for the President (That film was shot in St Louis).
      Somebody who grows up in San Diego or Miami would have no notion of how bleak Springfield Illinois or Flint Michigan were.

  11. You grow up in a MEDIOCRE city of 40,000 peasants.
    You have a MEDIOCRE childhood.
    You have a MEDIOCRE education.
    You have MEDIOCRE health.
    You date a MEDIOCRE bitch girlfriend.
    You get a MEDIOCRE car and bills-to-pay apartment.
    You work a MEDIOCRE job with no real (((advancement))).
    You earn a MEDIOCRE amount of money after (((taxes))).
    You develop a MEDIOCRE personality.
    You have MEDIOCRE hobbies (football, bad drums in the basement, gardening).
    You pay MEDIOCRE alimony for your 1st MEDIOCRE wife
    You have MEDIOCRE kids who are just like you and your MEDIOCRE 2nd wife.
    You pay a MEDIOCRE mortgage on a MEDIOCRE house.
    You have (((town leaders))) are who corrupt yet MEDIOCRE.
    You have a MEDIOCRE amount of MEDIOCRE minorities in your city.
    You have a MEDIOCRE porn habit to replace your married life celibacy
    You eat MEDIOCRE quality food
    You use a MEDIOCRE amount of alcohol & recreational drugs
    You read MEDIOCRE articles on MEDIOCRE websites to kill time
    You consume a MEDIOCRE amount of MEDIOCRE movies & media
    You have a MEDIOCRE faith in a lazy, non-depthful pre-packaged MEDIOCRE religion
    You have MEDIOCRE health problems as you age
    You spend a MEDIOCRE amount of time at nursing home until your savings run out
    You have a MEDIOCRE funeral where a few relatives begrudgingly stop by briefly
    You have a MEDIOCRE obituary written by a MEDIOCRE intern who has NOTHING to write about and struggles to fill a single paragraph about your MEDIOCRE life.

    1. WYATT
      All this is contingent on STAYING in the mediocre city you were born. If you are young, male and have a college degree you can flee as fast as you can.
      However, should you get stuck there you are more or less fucked.
      I call up friends I knew from college (I bolted at 25) and I am sort of shocked at the mediocre dingy lives they have had. Half of them ended up growing old in the house they were born in, unable to secure a job that allowed them to pay off a mortgage on their own property. One or two of them ended up in jail for white trash offenses. A few moved to California and entered the labor market but this dried up and they moved back to the Midwest, which must be a horror. The economy was fucked for a while and Southeast Michigan was as bad as India, more or less, but it stabilized.
      I don’t know why, but the US has more deterioration than countries like Australia or Canada (Where I lived for awhile). When an industry collapses an entire region dives straight into the shitter.

      1. Yes Richard.
        Moving sometimes helps.
        But it MOST cases it is a giant step SIDEWAYS.
        You replaced the hood rat Gutters of Detroit with the Triad gutters of Tin Shui Wai .. are you no longer MEDIOCRE? 🙂 haha
        The USA and now Canada and Australia are SLAVE COLONIES.
        The Malls are shiny but the means to earn money to spend in them are getting more and MORE limited.
        The demise of the West is a SYSTEM.
        It can even produce wealth for tptb to build up a city,, then crash it, then rebuild it!!!

    2. Well damn, I thought I was sufficiently black pilled….until I read your entire comment….now I have a really black heart feeling.

        1. forgive my cynicism, but young people and initiative in the fly over poor counties these days?…unicorns are more likely as around here they shoot one another over petty drama when they arent impregnating their own family member peers. you can get them to graduate high school without being STD diseased and knocked up on thier 2nd abortion or fully immersed users in then popular illicit drugs. remember, you yourself said, they are poor and ignorant and think they are living the high life in their squalor ( reluctantly have to agree as it is reality)

        2. DEPLORABLE
          Young people in the Flyover.
          The tech geniuses leave.
          The gays and hot chicks leave since they can latch on to a rich dude in a cosmopolitan city.
          The jailbirds on parole or probation stay.
          The junkies stay (The smarter ones move to LA or Miami and get into the trade in earnest)
          The GED unqualified ones stay.
          The single mothers stay. Ditto the mud sharks.

  12. WYATT
    “Mediocre City”
    Forty year old college graduates doing teenager’s jobs in Fast Food joints and delivering newspapers. That is the extent of the job economy. Got business degree? Good luck finding capital. Even retail and the call center jobs are gone now.
    “Mediocre Childhood”
    We Midwest Yankees are the children of Polacks or Krauts or sometimes Micks or Dagos so we don’t have the same Southern “fuxation” with blacks and the Civil War or race in general. The average Chinese-American in San Francisco has been in the US as long as our family.
    There is some dysfunctional families but Appalachian internal migrants take the absolute to prize in the Midwest for this.
    At best, or you might be pummeled by minorities in public school. In the old days (Including me) even the Jews would scrape up money to send their kids to private Catholic schools simply to avoid their kid being injured or extorted in a public school. Eminem is an example of a white Appalachian who learns to imitate other ethnic groups to survive in a public school situation. Your daughter will usually become a Mudshark or crack whore.
    Once you have that kid at 20 you stuck. And with the sort of employment opportunities available in the average Midwest City this means your idea of a vacation will be a grotty lake full of weeds that looks like Jason will jump out with his machete.
    The “action” is BW6 on Ladies Night sitting gnawing on Buffalo Wings and hoping you can have some sex in the dark with a drunken chick.
    You pay a mortgage on the house and then in the late techno-capitalist era it is worth jackshit and Section 8 builds some housing just in time for the latest drug craze to hit and nobody in their right mind would want to pay a single cent for it. See Flint.

    1. Very Good Examples of My Points Richard!
      Whether Detroit or literally any other mid-sized city in the USA the system BREEDS MEDIOCRITY!
      You cannot escape it.
      It is all around you!
      In fact I would dare say being EXCEPTIONAL or NON-MEDIOCRE actually makes you a TARGET in this society!

  13. How about you stop whining and make a plan. Who do you want to be? What do you want to achieve, realistically? Make the damn plan and execute it. If you don’t know where to start, read a book by Jocko Willink called “Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual” or Jordan Peterson’s “Twelve Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.” Jocko has a great podcast, as does Prof. Peterson. Peterson especially has been on a mission to help young men pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Watch him on Youtube and sort yourselves out, buckos!

    1. BUCKO
      Dick Boner is not always right but YOU are COMPLETELY wrong!
      Prof Peterson is a Toronto OPPOSITION (((SHILL)))! -His childish observations merely give the SJW crowd an easy target to focus on!
      As written by me and others before- Make an infinite number of lists and plans but if you are in the wrong place with a lack of resources & opportunity you will be DEAD IN THE WATER regardless of whining, or not!
      Jocko Willink uses drill Sargent tactics to displace critical thinking. He is a steroidial FRAUD spawned from the Navy Seal cult of Team 6 hype.
      Joe Rogan-style “Do it anyway” philosophy is GUARANTEED to FAIL in this world.
      Attempting dozens of different projects with “no compromise” foolhardiness just makes you LESS than MEDIOCRE because all you will have is a LIST of FAILURE behind you.

      1. @Wyatt-Bla-Bla If you are fat, the only resource you need is a pair of sneakers so you can go running. You don’t have to pay $300 a month for gym membership. Do squats and push ups at home. Stop eating and slurping junk. Get off your fat ass. You have that opportunity literally every second of your wasted life. As for economic opportunity, do you think people during the Great Depression waited for someone to give them a great chance? No! They created it. They actually knew how to work. All you do is find excuses why people’s lives suck.

    I’d put the average Rust Belt exurb or small hick city halfway between Japan and Bangladesh on the standard of living scale.
    When you get into post-industrial graveyards like Gary or South Cleveland or Detroit it is straying more in the direction of the latter.

    1. Hah!
      I would call Gary IND to be a parallel CAPE TOWN.. which I had a mis-fortune to visit last year,
      Not mere hood rats of Detroit who think they are 21 Savage….
      No, we are talking AN-I-MALS with no functioning brain stem left after YEARS of METH and SPICE abuse.
      Stuck in traffic leaving the motorway by Eiland I saw two DEAD an-i-mals rotting in the sun ….with locals sitting and eating inches away from the corpses.. not caring a bit.. no troubles!
      No Police. Traffic shuffled by. Nobody cared.
      Parallel 4 years ago, traveling thu GARY IND our driver was warned that the BLM’s finest were shooting at radom cars on the overpass!!!
      We live in a SYSTEM.
      The namesake of it is HELL! 🙁

  15. You don’t even need to be 10 lbs over weight to have serious health issues. I had two heart attacks before I was 45 because I was around 8lbs over weight. After Open Heart Surgery I changed my lifestyle and haven’t looked back

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