10 Best And Worst Countries For An American Man To Find A Wife

Thanks to the Department of Homeland Security, men now have hard data available on where American men have been finding their wives. HINT: Most stereotypes you know about foreign brides are true. How can we confirm the bias?

When looking at the Profiles on Legal Permanent Residents, click on “Country of Birth”, and then select a region or country, which will give you an Excel file… and buried inside of each excel file is a little known statistic called “Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens.” This is a measure of how many parents, spouses, and children obtain “legal permanent resident status” as “immediate relatives” of an existing US Citizen. Thus while the measure is not perfect it still gives a useful approximation for finding a foreign bride, because if most immediate relatives coming in from a given country are female then it’s a strong indication men are finding wives in these countries.

So here’s the world map after compiling all available data averages (click on pic for full size):

IR Sex Ratio


Please disregard the figures for America itself, since people obtaining legal permanent resident status while originating from the country itself are probably the result of children who were born on American soil, and then used their legal status to get their parents naturalized over time. I’m sure there are other loopholes. If you look at American figures you’ll notice that this number is low, only 269 cases of it occurred in 2011.

Regardless, when examining the rest of the world we get some interesting data of where American men are finding love. Again, figures are averaged from all available years (i.e. since the DHS was created).

Ten Best European Countries
1) Russia (77.2% of immediate relative visas are to females)
2) Estonia (77.1% female)
3) Latvia (76.4% female)
4) Belarus (75.0% female)
5) Slovakia (72.8% female)
6) Ukraine (71.6% female)
7) Finland (71.5% female)
8) Lithuania (71.4% female)
9) Moldova (70.2% female)
10) Poland (69.1% female)

Honorable mentions (for those who like Asian women)
1) Japan (89.1% female)
2) Thailand and Laos (both 80.8% female)
3) Mongolia (79.1% female)
4) Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan (78.9% and 78.7% female)
5) Indonesia (77.9% female)
6) Taiwan (76.5% female)
7) Vietnam (75.6% female)

Ten Worst European Countries
1) Ireland (36.0% female)
2) United Kingdom (39.1% female)
3) Cyprus (39.6% female)
4) Netherlands (40.7% female)
5) Italy (46.3% female)
6) Denmark (47.3% female)
7) Norway (48.1% female)
8) Belgium (49.1% female)
9) France (50.0% female)
10) Greece (50.3% female)

Dishonorable mentions
1) West Africa: Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Gambia, Benin (all <40% female)
2) Tunisia (33.1% female) — although, strangely enough, Tunisia suddenly flipped to majority female in 2010 and 2011.
3) New Zealand (41.5% female)
4) Israel (42.5% female)
5) Uruguay (46.6% female)
6) Australia (48.7% female)
7) Turkey (49.1% female) — but similar to Tunisia, Turkey flipped to majority female in 2011.

So… do you have any ideas of where to plan your next vacation?

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(Credit for the above data, figures, lists, and chart goes to reader Corvinus… You ARE DA MAN. Remember RoK readers: If you have something you want to share, we’re all ears. Go to the submit button at the bottom of the page!)

237 thoughts on “10 Best And Worst Countries For An American Man To Find A Wife”

    1. There seems to be a demand for it… here are the biggest ones:
      Brazil 67.9%, Colombia 64.9%, Peru 61.9%, El Salvador 60.0%, Venezuela 59.6%, Dominican Republic 57.5%, Mexico 57.2%, Argentina 51.1%.

      1. goes to show why eastern european latinas n asian girls are popular for a reason….(hell id go for em)
        i agree with the list but id switch up the muzzy nations krgystan kazahstan n indoneisa for korea china n burma for asia.
        i come from arrange marrage culture …guareented those 3 nations are comin to marry a boy whose parents came from countrys too(typical muzzy nation)….just like with midde eastern an indians goin home to get a bride for their son(even daughters too)
        but i bet ee latin america n asia involves some interracail or guys that have no connection to her host country

        1. The Muslims in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan aren’t usually practicing, due to Soviet rule. In fact, you could think of them as Russified Asians.

        2. o ya that is true espically in the more afluent areas since their grandfathers had to give up theri religions to get twork in the government…but they still have a few habits here n there…they like agnostic muslims

      2. Wow, where do I find these men lol…how come this is not known to the Latinas living in the states?

  1. shocked England isnt the very top of the shit list.
    this helps confirm what we already knew.
    soviet bloc countries where freedom was denied for so very long, have held onto traditional patriarchial notions, QED the women are traditional and feminine
    east asian countries are also a good choice because of the strong male dominated culture and natural submissive nature of most of their women. it probably also helps that westerners are still very much ‘prized’ in these areas.
    basically after you pass the atlantic and England the further east you go, the more liveable it gets.
    west africa, unsurprising
    australasia unsurprising
    turkey, well turkeys basically western europe
    i’d like to learn a bit more about where the land lays with south america though. there’s quite a variance from region to region

    1. SO basically in a lot of the former communist/ socialist bloc countries the chicks are traditional and feminine. So much for Capitalism, eh!

      1. It has nothing to do with Capitalism. Feminism is socialism with panties. It’s socialism that’s destroying western women. The reason why women are feminine in Eastern Europe is because the ideology of feminism was not implemented for cultural reasons.
        E.g. Even now, if you hit a woman in Russia and she calls the police, the cops would take her aside and say “listen, let us rough him up, but don’t rush with a divorce”. The destruction of family was never on the table, unlike here.
        Surprised Sweden didn’t top the shit list, I hear Swedish women are by a mile the WORST in the world for marriage. Their parliament is actually thinking of forcing men to pee sitting down. Nuff said.

    1. South America is good, especially Brazil (see the map), just not as good as Eastern Europe.

    2. I posted some Latin American stats further down the comments, since there seems to be high demand for it.

    1. Sadly, The Ross O Carroll Kelly books are quite close to reality. Thank fuck for all the Polish lassies here though.

      1. Consider our history – occupied by Britain and ruled with an iron fist by the church. The Celtic Tiger brought about unprecedented wealth and a collapse in support for the church. Two female presidents later and anything conservative automatically = bad.

        1. Poland had a similar history in that regard (uber-Catholic, occupied by P/Russia)… must be something else going on. Perhaps biological: maybe British Isles women have too much testosterone.

        2. Yeah but Poland isn’t bombarded with American & British TV shows and culture. Ireland has been poisoned by MTV reality show crap, Sex and the City and those awful trash British soap operas. All of which is lapped up by Irish women.

        3. It’s entirely possible that the TV shows and the women’s crappy biological traits go hand-in-hand.
          Even fifty years ago, it was noted how Ireland has a lot of bachelors (and priests) and the women settle down much later than in other parts of Europe. It would seem that Ireland has apparently been a bad place to find a nice sweet girl to marry at least for the last few hundred years. Not much more than that, otherwise Iceland and the Faroes would never have been settled by Norse men and Irish women. (Or perhaps there were considerably larger numbers of Irish man-Norse woman couples who settled down in Dublin, Limerick, Waterford, Wexford, and Donegal?)

        4. I think the famine probably screwed up the gender balance too. A million died and over a million emigrated. In fact emigration has been a major factor here for decades, with more men than women leaving. It probably gave women more power than men when it came to finding a partner.

        5. Actually, if men were leaving, it would leave women with less power, I’d think. And Ukraine had a nasty famine back in the 1930s.
          All in all, being of Irish descent (I’m half, with most of the remainder being Brit of one kind or another), we can sum it up like this:
          The bad news: our women suck donkey balls.
          The good news: foreign women are hotter, oftentimes MUCH hotter, and they think that, all else being equal, we’re hotter than their own men.

        6. Yeah you are right. Just looked up the numbers and I was way off – between 1801 and 1921 – 8million emigrated from Ireland, which is equal to the population of the country itself in 1840. 80% of those who emigrated were between the ages of 18 & 30. At times, more women than men emigrated. The majority of which were single women.

        7. what the fuck are you talking about? Irish girls are very pretty.
          I see really pretty Irish girls everyday living here. They have small noses, cute little faces, very pretty.
          and actually, Irish women are often very slim; i’ve known Irish women and so fucking slim its ridiculous. I didn’t realise that one of them had a daughter she was that slim and fine, she didn’t even look her age either.
          so i really dont know where you’ve been. you’re a fucking stupid moron. but that doesn’t surprise me. i mean, you are half brit anyway.
          lol and i can safely say i can prove what you’re saying as being so wrong and inaccurate. ive seen foreign women in Ireland and they all look dirty (scruffy, worn down) and have big noses. they were polish women and they were ugly.
          it seems to me the only one who sucks donkey ballacks is you.

        8. As a Brazilian recently divorced woman, after reading your comments above, I’m moving to Ireland tomorrow! I love the country and the people. 🙂

        9. Problem is a lot of red headed, fair skinned ginger women in Ireland, and I imagine Scotland as well. Not to worry, everything to be ok as long as there’s booze around!

        10. Irish girls are ugly, stinky slats they seem to be pretty to you because you look like baboon…no wonder 🙂

        11. I may be a stupid fucking moron, but we do have hard evidence right there that Irish men are massively preferred as spouses over Irish women.

        12. We are not only talking looks here…We are looking for non-insane non-ziofeminist women…

      2. Because private enterprise is viewed with suspicion.
        And the Irish concept of management is intellectually bankrupt
        Most want the “handy number” – be a highly paid severely under worked teacher for example. It’s no surprise so many Irish women flock to it

    2. How come Irish dudes are cool as fuck and most Irish women are straight bitches? I don’t get it.

  2. i find the list very strange, no latin american countries when the US is 30% latin and many US guys hook up with mexican women.
    eastern europeans, i don’t rate at all, i find them quite two faced and money hungry.
    british women generally have a head on their shoulders and are quite dirty, although generally not very good looking
    new zealand and australia should definitely top the shit list, very socialist / feminist countries, where women have a very aggressive attitude.

        1. Take all the worst traits of America & the UK combined and then consider they drink more and think they are living in an episode of Sex and the City. Also the Celtic Tiger turned them into self-entitled, uber feminist do gooder so and so’s.

        2. Substitute Roosh’s article on “Toronto” with Ireland/Dublin.
          Actually Toronto is probably a country mile better than Dublin.
          That’s how shit Irish women are.

        3. I’m not sure it’s that bad, but it’s getting worse. I’ve been in university for four years for example, and I am starting to see Skrillex haircuts, obesity, poor dress and clothing etc more and more. Dublin is also a complete sausagefest at nighttime.
          Another thing with Ireland is that if you’re introverted, you’re going to be at a disadvantage. For Eastern European women/Asian women who come from more introverted cultures, this isn’t really a problem, but for Irish women, it seems anyway, you need to be the really extroverted entertaining guy who has all these stories, combined with a lot of really strong asshole game, so to speak. Nothing good of bad about that, I just get along with foreign women more, that’s all. Why all of this? I imagine because Irish guys have excellent game, but drinking etc…
          Having said all of this, Irish guys, if university is anything to go by, are becoming increasingly pussified in my opinion.
          Plus, Irish women are pretty ugly. I was at the Euro 2012 Football and a Polish 5 is the equivalent to an Irish high 7/low 8 in my opinion.

        4. Agree 100% – thankfully I’m making plans to get the hell out of here and head to Asia.

        5. the irish are known to be friendly people. hos from toronto are known to be kunts

        6. hey cuntface, i don’t know what you’re talking about, I live in Ireland and have lived here for 35 years. I came here from poland and i can tell you Irish girls are very pretty.
          From what i’ve seen, there are the type of Irish girls with the pretty, cute little faces, fine featured. just so pretty. omg, so fucking pretty, some look like anime characters – small little noses with a nice shape, big eyes, full lips and small pretty soft faces. gorgeous.
          Then theres the Irish type that are hot with long legs, tall and slim, full lips and beautiful faces.
          they have small noses and cute pretty faces. i have photos to prove this. but some ugly cunt like you does not deserve to see their beauty.
          so go back to your homeland where you have non-beauties you sack of dogshit..

        7. Francis get out of your dorm room and find your wife in college because once you leave it’s a women’s game, why 2 single women for every 3 single men in the 20’s age range.
          So you basically have to be a clown for Irish women and when they tire of your performance they move on to the next clown…
          Sounds a lot like the USA….

    1. That’s because Latin American countries are decent, but they’re not either top or bottom. That’s what the map is for!

    2. Mexican girls can be knockouts, especially if they don’t let themselves get fat.
      NZ and Aus are both in the dishonorable mentions, with NZ apparently being considerably worse. Canada isn’t, for some reason… it’s 56.9% female.

      1. Yep, lived in Australia. Girls can be extremely pretty and should be 10/10’s but their attitude and grooming and general social behaviour (burping, spitting, swearing, acting like men) was a major turn-off. Of course I’m not talking about all Australian girls, just a large proportion. Also, yep to them being feminists. Big-time.

        1. Interesting, sounds like the only thing Australian chicks are missing is dicks….

      2. Hi Corvinus, I stumbled about this thread and I’m pleasantly surprised there’s a actual demand for Mexican women from Mexico, Just curious as to what was your attraction and is your relationship going good so far? I’ve always been attracted to caucasian men but was too shy to chat with them. Is there an interest to Mexican-American women or just women from Mexico? Let me know. I’m interested in starting to date again. Thanks for your post

        1. Not sure what merited this kind of crass response from you. Randomly labeling women sluts is getting old. Says nothing about me but a lot about YOU. Normal people don’t go around destroying other human beings.

        2. Hey J doe that was a bit harsh… BKiss I mentioned further up what type of Mexican Women most USA white men prefer…
          If you look mostly Euro or a lot of Euro features then USA men will date you. but is you look like a Mestizo squat monster with mostly Indian features most men here do not find you attractive….

      3. Hmmm, I agree that North Mexicans are attractive because they usually have more European features but Central and South Mexicans aka squat monsters have more indigenous blood. Their square squat bodies, short limbs and huge round faces do nothing for me.

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  4. Good info for all you loser males who have to go to countries where the women are desperate.

    1. Ignorant “sour grapes” comment. My wife owned a shoe factory and an upscale apartment in Saigon. I could have gotten a wife anywhere I wanted.
      The last two successful entrepreneurs I worked for had foreign wives, one from Russia, the other from India.
      The difficulty you guys will face is in convincing her to leave the country she loves and come to this frozen wasteland.
      Do not let anyone’s attempt at shaming you influence your decisions.
      Often when I take her out in public guys half my age with their water-buffalo women look at us like “You mean, I could have had one of those?”

      1. Just out of pure curiosity, how did you manage to convince your wife to leave her homecountry?

        1. Good question, not sure I have the right answers. For a viet woman there is a large viet population in some area that will help her out. You do not want her to feel isolated or get homesick. Letting her return home on occasion also helps her attitude.

        2. Being able to return to your family does help, even if you are living in the same country, but how did you decide on which country to live in?

        3. For now can make more money in the U.S. so we are here. A retired man could live overseas and I understand there are a lot of western men living in the Philippines. If you could pull off an overseas business or even get a corporate job that might be an option.

      1. OK. Using Google Translate (Veteran Hamster Edition)…
        BEGIN TRANSLATION: “The Catocalypse cometh and the widening punani hath lost its pull. Curse those who forsake the cavernous dryhole for lush oases far afield.” END TRANSLATION.

    2. Yes n u can keep complain about where are all the good men
      with that attitude its no wonder…..have fun bein a spinster

      1. Not a spinster either dumb ass and not complaining about getting a good man. Already got one….and I keep him happy and he does the same for me. Have fun trying to get skanks and ho’s. May you get a disease you deserve.

        1. And why would one deserve a disease for wanting a feminine woman?
          Women sure get upset when men have options.

        2. Yup, skank’s and ho’s are sooo feminine. Sad that those types are your only options. One deserves a disease when he pumps and dumps.

        3. She’s hit the wall and is shacking up unmarried. That’s why she cares. She’s scared of the coming catocalypse. Miss Scaredy catzzzz, she is.

        4. Married. Wouldn’t settle for the likes of the unmanly males on this site. Go back to your mommy’s basement.

        5. Would you like some dick before I leave? You’ll be needing some dusting down there, and perhaps a spritz of Febreeze first. When you’re done, post a Certificate of Refurbishment and I’ll see what I can do.

        6. Would you like some joy before I leave? You’ll be needing some dusting down there, and perhaps a spritz of Febreeze first. When you’re done, post a Certificate of Refurbishment and I’ll see what I can do.

        7. you are the skank an hos that were trying to get away from. skanks n hos are masculine vulgar n mouthy . feminine women are lady like with domestic skills an dont have a lot of milage like a typical western ho. If u give youre man attitude (must be a whipped beta) he should leave an get better.
          wishing a disease on me theat sick n pathetic…hope u get gang raped in all ur dirty drippin holes an catch aids when u go for ur slutwalk…u cunt
          a good lovin femine woman wouldnt behave like u….u r just pump n dump

        8. You just can’t stand a woman who doesn’t bow to you and who stands up to you. You know you have a mental disease, right? You just can’t handle the truth. Sluts are the only ones who you can bed. Obviously, you can’t read, either.

        9. lol. not even a feminist. I would become one, though if all men were like ya’ll. You men are so stupid. Really. STUPID. You can’t even figure out why most divorces are filed by women. I’ll do you a favor and tell you. It’s because wives who are married to dicks like you and get fed up and refuse to take your crap anymore. Good grief, you males are really STUPID… and pathetic.

        10. well thats ur probelm u marry dicks to begin with an stomp over the “nice guy”
          u women will never be happy…sounds like ur on the road to be a divorcee as well
          other nations dont have high divorce rates….an theri women are great…u turned men into what they are
          attitude like that whod love u

        11. I am very happy. You can’t read.I have a great life and I’m happily married to a real man, not some misogynistic dirtbag male like you. You’ll never be able to keep any woman happy.

        12. u would have the mental dsease always lookin for ways to fight with ur partner….we get home we just wanna eat sleep n fuck….we dont fight…hell women cant stand women….gay couples are the happeist an lesbians are the most violent…whats that say bout ur gender?u only mouth off cuz men passed a law to be passive with u…one good punch would shut u up…but then ud run cryin to courts that ur a helpless lil girl an not some quarrelsome cunt
          men wanted to be respected in return we give love…clearly u have daddy issues …u pump n dump..

        13. I’d betcha a million dollars I will never be divorced. Of that, I am certain. Widowed, maybe….

        14. gaureented 5-10yrs down the road ull break him in court
          if u were happy ud be with him n not here
          ud be giving advice not insultin
          i think ur man is either afraid of or hes always on eggshells with u like some lap dog…prolly trash talks u behind ur back

        15. Violence against women. Yup, a mental disease. Don’t have daddy issues. I like my men the same age. Any man punch me, he’d be full of lead as I would defend myself.

        16. ya ur mouth would stress him out n kill him
          women are always certain then it blows up in their face…ur emotions cloud ur rational brain

        17. startin fight with men a bigger mental disease
          daddy issues ….u so are
          fightin is engraved in mens dna
          mental illness is highest amongst women anyways

        18. like I said. He’s a great guy and isn’t a misogynist pig like you all. You wish you were as happy as he is. No divorce for me dear. How do you know he isn’t writing half of these posts? You guys have no idea how to get a girl that isn’t a slut. I feel sorry for you.

        19. ” skank’s and ho’s are sooo feminine”
          What do you mean ? ince when did you become feminine ?

        20. Right. And that’s why you’re all on Prozac, or some other SSRI. Strange that the Strongindependantwomen (TM) is so happy being masculine and assertive, career focused…With very rare exception, you’re all sluts..see HB 10s that understand their SMV.

        21. It’s precisely because he can read through a lie that such a comment was made.

        22. imagine if all the eastern european women lived on a single continent with all the american women. what do you think would happen? you would lose all your men. you would go from having a monopoly over american men, having them fuck you good, having them pay your bills, your alimonies, your child support payments, and entitlements, to being spinsters with nothing and no one. the entire empire and penis paradise that feminism worked so hard to create would fall apart in a day. the only advantage american women have over european or south american is that they are easier to bang.

        23. Funny you should say that, Kasparov… that exact thing is happening to British and Irish women. Thanks Schengen, muahahaha

        24. Actually, in the us, men generally file for divorce because the woman has been cheating on them, or the woman files because she’s been cheating and decides she’d rather have another guy.
          Regardless of whether the man is a dick or not. Generally the woman leaves the “good” guy. For the “Asshole”. For whatever reason, maybe he has more money, better game, or looks better.
          I’m your average guy, I treat women with respect, and am a bit old fashioned (I buy flowers pay for dinner etc). But I also don’t put up with bullshit and drama or pettiness.
          Yet in 30 years my experience with US women has been the above, they don’t care if you care about them, or want them, or even love them. American women no matter what they say want what “They” want. generally speaking, and change boyfriends more often then shoes because and I quote, “he simply didn’t interest me anymore”.
          Men are not Objects which you have a right to be with or simply throw away. A relationship takes work and a partnership and companionship. If you as a woman are not willing to commit, you shouldn’t be dating.
          And Antee,
          You sound like a party girl. One dating a Rich guy. If he lost all of his money and you all had to live on 20k a year while he worked his ass off in a factory 60 hours a week, I bet you’d dump him in a heartbeat, because then he’d be a “Beta” Loser, as you so colorfully explained above. Your a gold Digger, plain and simple.
          Or Your from the ghetto, and live in poverty but date a “Balla”. As soon as he ends up in prison you’ll find someone else who can support your habits.
          Your language, and the way you talk to men is not Civil, and the very Bile you say disgusts you is the very same bile you spit at many of the men on here, making you a hypocrite.
          Children and spoiled self righteous prats, insult others while trying to make a point. Civilized adults talk Civilly.
          American men date, and marry foreign women, because Many women in America, are not civilized, or even care about how their man feels, but rather think he should worship the ground they walk on.
          Why should a man put up with that? he shouldn’t and he wont. And while there are many Great women in the US, they are few and far between and most are generally taken by the very assholes you are so bitter about.
          Leaving the good guys who do not want to deal with the .. “Bitches” to seek greener pastures in less toxic environments.
          My one question for you is simple. If your so happy and have such a good relationship.. Why are you on here harassing men looking to find a decent woman for a wife? You have a life, and a man according to you, why do you care about what other men do to find their own woman?

      2. Dude you do realize antee is probably a troll, probably a guy or bored woman pretending to be upset. antee be trolling.

        1. only took one of you 6 hours. that’s what happens when your blood is always drained from your cabeza.

        2. Thanks for pumping the comments count through the roof, antee. It means more of us will view it.

    3. LOL, sounds like someone doesn’t like having to compete.
      But in all seriousness, it’s a shame we have to go to another country to get a woman who isn’t afraid to be feminine.

      1. You are so full of yourself. Not sure how a feminine female could be attracted to that.Oh yeah….skanks and ho’s, nvm.

        1. Go get them loser. Go to a country where you have better chances. American females won’t stand for your stupid neanderthal crap. Sounds like you’re the one who’s bitter dear. You will never be happy because your mommy lied to you when she told you no girl would ever be good enough for you. So sorry you will lead a beta loser life.

        2. What do you want, a slim, pleasant, and genuine nice women as a wife..or a choppy, rude, arrogant slut (you) with princess syndrome.
          You do that math..

        3. lol. married and monogamous. The girls you try to have sex with are sluts. I’m pleasant to real men who deserve it. Never was interested in arrogant, misogynistic beta pigs who have mommy issues like you.

        4. yup sound just like the typical western girl…when the manosphere becomes mainstream dont be surprised ur man will up an leave for greener pastors

        5. Don’t think so. I keep him TIRED and I don’t mean with chores. All the women neighbors hate me because my husband has a hard time keeping his mouth shut.

        6. 20 bucks says youre fat. you probably run your mouth at work about some other slightly less fat bitch you cant stand. you probably make more than your husband. probably raised by your mother. im guessing have one younger sister and two older brothers. can cook maybe 3 or 4 different recepies, but dont like to, so you cook hamburger helper and pasta salad most nights. you probably stretch your last dollar every month on a car payment for a car you can barely afford and as a result the maintenence is a little behind. definately call yourself christian in belief but it wouldnt be obvious to anyone observing your day to day behavior. either pasty white or 3rd generation american whos ancestry comes from michoacan.
          and your man is a skinny as hell white guy with at least one grey tooth, a little dirt under his fingernails, currently slightly unshaven, either the same age or one year younger than you, you met him through a friend which is a guy that you did not ever have sex with, you have been together 2 or 3 years and have one child. maybe 2, but if thats the case then the first one definately isnt his.
          thats what i get from the little you have said. please correct me if im wrong.

        7. You’re probably better off avoiding using words like “beta” when you troll. It’s a dead giveaway.
          Other than that obvious tell, it was a pretty good effort. B-

        8. Since I never was interested in your type myself, your lack of interest doesnt..interest me

        9. “..arrogant, misogynistic beta pigs…” naw, its just red pill thinking which has altered are worldview and collective manosphere consciousness that is making it crystal clear as to which qualities we like in women. We are finding that the typical American gal is cut from the same factory with the same factory recall issues. Sure this is a generalization, but generalizations often come from many with the same observations.

        10. Says she’s not interested in the kind of men on this site….
          Gets mad at how men on this site prefer pleasant, feminine women in other countries over obese self-centered sluts in the US
          Anyone spot a contradiction? hahahahahaha

        11. Yeah, the average American woman weighs 169 pounds. I’m sure you guys are total catches.

        12. “Sluts” Actually most foreign men give that label to American women. I love how women like you are jealous that there are way better high quality women in the world than Americans. I am happily married to a German women who is not a feminazi, I treat her like a Queen and in return she treats me like a king as it should be. Feminazis want women to be in control of 90% of the relationship.

    4. hahahahahaha you are here for attention. just trying to make waves and get responses. you have nothing of value to offer to anyone here.
      men dont have to go to other countries to get desperate women. most women are desperate everywhere. most people in general are. i could get a desperate woman here.
      what men go there for is women who werent raised thinking they could talk like this to a man and still get treated with any respect. you broads offer us no security as to whether i will have a peaceful life with family, a secure relationship, and that if i keep my end of the bargian i wont get shafted. elsewhere this security still exists. im not putting my future on the line for one of you dime a dozen shit talking fat cows. some of us would rather focus our efforts where our efforts are appreciated and reciprocated.
      im not planning the big shabang any time soon. but if or when i do, it definately wont be with anybody like you in any way.

    5. Antee, I live here in the USA under 40 there are 3 single men for every
      2 single women at age 30 in many cities . this means unless a man is willing to wait until age 40-50 when most women cannot or will bear him children. Many men will not marry and often have a difficult time dating in the states so Why should this men be alone and not find wives where women are more plentiful???

  5. Surprised krgyistan n kazakhstan us there since its typically girls bein trafficed through also didnt expect indonesia since they muslim majorty…most likly the 3 r for guys that had parents that are from there…a sorta arranged marrage
    how come china n korea r not up there

    1. China and Korea aren’t tops, but they’re okay. China is 67.3% female, Korea 68.3%.

    2. Though Indonesia is a Muslim country they are relatively different than other Muslim countries (I’ve lived in Saudi, UAE, Qatar & Indonesia). Indonesians have their own culture and though there are groups of crazy conservative Muslims, for the most part the average people are normal (ie not very conservative and similar in attitude to sex as the neighboring countries).
      As for Krygistan and Kazakistan I was quite surprised to see that (Iraq too). I think if there is data about where Naturalized American Citizens are from, maybe we can discount some of the countries to get a better idea? My assumption is that the chances are higher of a naturalized citizen going back to his birthplace to marry and which is probably skewing the results from what we are looking for here. Just a thought.

    1. West Africa (Ghana, Ivory Cost I personally vouch for) don’t have that as widespread. Stick with the city girls. The more brutal stuff goes on in the more traditional villages.

      1. I find the sharp divide between the awful West African Sahel and the not-too-bad coast to be quite interesting.

    2. Try Zimbabwe/Botswana/South Africa. No FGM in the culture. I’ve been pleasantly suprised by the physical beauty and horniness of some of the girls I’ve met from that region, though they have all turned out to be madder than Maddy McMadman.

    3. the FGM is being educated against nowadays. Not much of that although some communities still practice it secretly. Right now, looking for a life partner/husband 🙂

  6. 1)Russia
    2) Estonia
    3) Latvia
    4) Belarus
    5) Slovakia
    6) Ukraine
    7) Finland
    8) Lithuania
    9) Moldova
    10) Poland
    I hate how I am only attracted to white women, like the chicks are so tall there and I’m only 5’5. Is it still possible to land a hot chick from these countries. I really wish I was attracted to Asians.

    1. You can try to find a short girl in those countries have plenty of political and ecnomic troubles, so there will be some shorties.

        1. Yes, Czech has a quite wide distribution of heights, with a large number of shorties. At least, judging from the Czech-Americans I’ve met.

    2. I can tell about Russia and former USSR republics. Here your height doesn’t make as much sense as in the West. Some womenwill reject you, but there are plenty of another women here. The biggest problem isn’t height, but that they don’t speak English.

  7. i have to wonder how long this will last though. seeing as how obesity and feminism are america’s two greatest exports, i wouldn’t be surprised if that map were to become considerably less blue in 20 years.

  8. I’m VERY surprised the Philippines is not the Top 10…? Americans have been hooking up with Filipinas since 1900 (Spanish-American War)

    1. It’s entirely possible that, because more parents and children of U.S. citizens came in from the Philippines, that it artificially depressed the female percentage. Unfortunately, DHS got rid of separate statistics for spouses; what these show are spouses, parents, and children lumped together. This would push the percentages of high-mass-immigration countries such as Mexico and the Philippines toward 50% (or more like 55% actually, since “parents”, being elderly, are more likely to be female). Low-mass-immigration countries, like most in Europe, are more purely spouses.

      1. It would be very nice to have a detailed guide on how to go about getting a foreign wife. Some of us guys cannot leave the United States due to child support arrears. In my case, thought I pay now, I stopped paying for several years because the ex would always make it difficult for me to see my son. Little did I know, if you owe more than $2500 in child support the feminist-controlled US government will take away your passport. I make great money but I cannot travel outside of the US; the US is literally just one giant prison to me. What would be the step-by-step course of action to getting in touch with some quality foreign ladies? Website suggestions?

        1. I’m very sorry that your son is being subjected to that witch. Have you considered leaving your job and living on the streets? You can work on getting out of the country afterwards. That will take careful planning of course so don’t jump the gun.I haven’t found a website per se. Very few people seem to be succeeding at leaving the US and starting a life elsewhere. There is probably a reason for that.
          Regardless, it’s better to just try. Anything is better than this evil place.

  9. As someone married to a very feminine Mexican, Mexico’s number is skewed by how close it is to the United States and by the large Hispanic population bringing their relatives to the US.
    The fact that Mexico, despite these factors, has a 57.2% female-male ratio for family immigrants indicates a lot of men marry Mexican wives. I would not be surprised if more men find and bring wives from Mexico than they do from Russia.
    One thing to keep in mind if married to a Latina is that, while they are very affectionate and loving, they can have a saucy temper and like to feel they are in charge.

    1. You’re probably right. In raw numbers, between 2003 and 2011 we got 117,118 more females than males on family visas from Mexico, as opposed to 30,883 from Russia.
      The top ten senders of females by raw numbers are:
      Philippines: 110,388 more females than males
      China: 65,589 more females
      Vietnam: 54,460 more females
      Colombia: 41,245 more females
      Russia: 30,883 more females
      Japan: 30,758 more females
      Brazil: 26,313 more females
      Korea: 25,052 more females
      Dominican Republic: 24,309 more females
      India: 21,966 more females
      Incidentally, the worst countries are:
      United Kingdom: 14,459 more males
      Israel: 3,603 more males
      Ireland: 2,579 more males
      Netherlands: 1,150 more males
      Of course, this doesn’t change the fact that American women are far worse than the world average.

      1. canr belive isreal sucks, thought isreali women would be beautiful and feminene. india is obviusly arrange marrage deal for their sons

        1. Indian women can be quite hot. I also wouldn’t be surprised if a large number of the married ones are getting some extra action on the side.

        1. Luigi,
          If you are “Single” in the Philippines, then, you really are NOT looking at a long-term, permanent relationship.
          Women in the Asian countries, often times, are just looking for a man, who will treat them “decent.”
          Manila is an “International” city, so you might have to get outside the city limits to find a Filipina, who is interested in you.
          There are a lot of islands in the Philippines — you might need to travel to another Philippines island besides Luzon. Look at the Visayas or Cebu.

        2. Ok, then your doing something seriously wrong. the Philippines is one of easiest places to meet women….

      2. American Women may adapt in the future.
        Look at US history — American women had it rough until The Women’s Lib Movement took off in the 1970s. The Movement gave American Women “Rights” and freed up the system to get them “Equal Pay” for the same type of jobs as men.
        The glitch is in the process — American Women really “Lost” respect for American men.
        It seems now, American Women first “Want” to look at a man’s bank account before she looks at “The Man.” The idea of “Financial Security” has replaced ideas like “Love” and “Partnership” in the Real World.
        The whole “Love” idea in the US is now just found in Hollywood Romantic Comedies and the fluctuating hormones of idealistic teenagers.
        American Women and American Men might be becoming more “Civil” and accepting of one another, now, that the U.S. Economy has turned so many princes and princesses into paupers. The playing field has been leveled.

        1. Wrong, Samuel USA romantic comedies are part of the problem because they give women unrealistic expectations about men. this combined with radical feminism have resulted to many USA women being poor marriage partners.
          The 2008 economic slump has been far worse for men, making them less valuable to USA women.

    2. Marrying a Mexican woman (except perhaps a VERY rural one) is like marrying an American woman.

  10. What about Ethiopian chicks? The ones in Washington DC, and Israel too. Anybody have any comparative thoughts on them? There has been a influx of Ethiopian chicks into New York as well, but they are mostly from Israel.

    1. Met some in Minnesota. Sweet, feminine, and usually slender. Same with Somali and Kenyan girls.

      1. Lots of Somalians in Toronto. I have met Somalians living in NYC who moved from Toronto, and they all want to go back. They feel TO was a better city for them as women and as immigrants. (Granted, these Somalians were college educated, artistic, hipsters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

    2. For some Ethiopian hotties (model-quality) in DC, hang out around the restaurant Dukem on 12th St and U NW, and the surrounding Ethopian places.
      Wow are there some stunners! They look like French models, only darker.

  11. I’m a divorced Russian bukkake artist who, at the age of 21, was married to a local thug. We had one kid who is now raised by his grandmother and my ex-husband is now doing time in jail (I will make you forget this fact). Russian men are all alcoholics, poor, fat, also they don’t respect women like the western men do. Western men are so attractive, educated and family oriented, therefore I have registered my profile on http://www.anastasiadate.com/ to meet one of you and possibly spend the rest of my life on your sofa without finding a proper job because you are happy to sustain that kind of lifestyle (you chump).

    1. Bukkake artist and a link drop? The spammers are getting more creative everyday. Will someone please remove that creature’s nonsense?

  12. I’m a Canadian … does this apply to Canadian men as well? I was born in France … Could I meet anyone from Eastern Europe who speaks French as well as English?

  13. I’m a Canadian … does this apply to Canadian men as well? I was born in France … Could I meet anyone from Eastern Europe who speaks French as well as English?

  14. And brazil? brazil is much better! Brazil was black whit womans !! I LOVE BRAZIL

  15. YES. Japan is swarming with beautiful women who love foreigners. Especially those who are interested in their language and culture. Just after 2 months of talking to this girl as a penpal, we started flirting and eventually decided to call it a relationship. Just remember you have to have the money to go visit them.

  16. most American men, especially betas, are being unnecessarily masochistic by dealing with spoiled, narcissistic, demeaning chubbies who have no interest or incentive to change. its your life but remember the definition of insanity….

  17. Samseau,
    Interesting article. I’m sure the boys and girls at The Department Of Homeland Security do their best. Honest. I doubt they have a clue about Asia and The Pacific.
    I had the honor to ‘Serve’ in the Pacific before The Paranoid Baby Bush Administration created yet another Federal agency that has ‘No Clue’ about Asia.
    I came to ‘The Far East’ in 1986. I went back to the States around 1995 — yeah, I lived in the States while America’s Mad Man was ‘In Charge’ — Lucky Me. Fortunately, the world survived ‘The Baby Bush Administration.’
    Uncle Sam didn’t understand Asia before Baby Bush; Uncle Sam doesn’t understand Asia after Baby Bush.
    The Reason America doesn’t Understand Asia is — Language. Asia does not speak English. Worse, yet, Asia really does not understand English, in terms of words, formal, slang, sentence structure, concept or philosophy.
    Americans believe Japan understands Americans — they don’t.
    I was stationed in Japan for 5 years. Americans can find positions as “English as a Second Language teachers”,but the concepts of translating Kanji into English and ideas goes to culture, philosophy and understanding.
    Americans think that just because Sony, Toyota, Suzuki, Toshiba and other Japanese companies are in the States that it is easy for Americans and Japanese to relate and communicate with one another. I have never found that to be true.
    I believe most Americans by into the “MacArthur Syndrome” that since General MacArthur was instrumental in helping rebuild Japan at the end of World War II, then, the Japanese understand Americans and The West — I don’t find the belief to be true.
    Thus, I think the Homeland guys with their 89 percent are playing ‘Wishful Thinking” with MacNamara Data that some Federal number crusher got from his software.
    I pulled Temporary Duty Assignments in Thailand and the Thai women I met were interested in Americans and English. The US officially left in 1976, so day to day exposure to Westerners is sometimes through tourism.
    I did a TDY in Korea and again the Korean women seemed interested in The West, English and Americans. Again, though English words and concepts do not always translate across the board in the Asian cultures.
    I am married to a Filipina, so I find it amazing that the Homeland gurus did not factor in the Philippines in their data, especially when you consider America has had steady relations with the Republic of the Philippines since 1898 — The Spanish American War.
    English is taught in the Republic Of The Philippines. English words, formal and slang, as well as the culture and philosophy of the States and The West is “Definitely” understood on the island of Luzon, i.e., Manila, Angeles City and Olongapo.
    English is taught in other places in the Philippines,but, since you don’t have a lot of Western business people and tourists on some of the other islands — it may not be as easy to communicate.
    Bottomline in the dating data on Asia — “If” you are an “English” speaker from Canada, Australia, United Kingdom or the States — not only will your greatest challenge be “Language”, but cultural ideas of The West don’t always translate into ‘The Save Face’ philosophy of Asia.
    If you plan ahead,buy a language dictionary and study the language. Learn to speak it. Then, try to find an AmerAsian in the US, UK, Canada or Australia, who can help you get an overall picture and understanding of the culture.
    Get an Asian language under your belt. Try to relate to the different culture concept, so you don’t freak out from ‘Culture Shock.’ Then, travel to the Asian country of your choice and have fun.

  18. 1) Russia (77.2% of immediate relative visas are to females)
    2) Estonia (77.1% female) *
    3) Latvia (76.4% female)
    4) Belarus (75.0% female)
    5) Slovakia (72.8% female)
    6) Ukraine (71.6% female)
    7) Finland (71.5% female) *
    8) Lithuania (71.4% female)
    9) Moldova (70.2% female)
    10) Poland (69.1% female)
    1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 are mostly male same with Asian countries, including China and India, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, North Africa, Latin America and Middle East. You guys can easily get killed for finding a wife because the men are very possessive and territorial. Same in North America. I mean, Eastern European men are very possessive and territorial over their women like men in most cultures. Same goes for Russians. They’ll kill American men for trying to steal their women, especially their wives or girlfriends. Femicide is rampant in Eastern Europe and Russia which is why there’s fewer women to choose from.

  19. Excess of women in a country does not raise a country’s eligibility for providing a good wife for a man. Rather it could actually warn foreign men as to why local men in those countries choose not to marry in the first place.
    Using a foreign country’s male to female sex ratio as a simplistic foolish benchmark to find a wife (unless if male population in those countries were lost to war, etc). In the countries with lopsided female to male sex ratio, you may easily find a hoe or desperate slut wanting to commit to you due to societal/demographical pressure, but remember that does not qualify her to be wife material.
    Russia supposedly tops the list. Does that mean American men should marry closet feminists and massive whores like Russian women? Latvia is also on that list. What about the infamous “Don’t bang Latvia” book? And what are you gonna do even if you manage to find a “good” wife in these countries? Bring her back to the scum of the Anglosphere?
    Most of these women would prefer to stay in their own countries, and most of these countries are shit holes.
    The only country on that list deserving honorable mention is Poland (which has a developing economy, and an American man can relocate there to start a viable business to settle down there with his Polish bride), and to a certain extent Slovakia. Estonia could also deserve mention. I wouldn’t count Finland as a good option as feminism already has made itself prevalent there.
    Realistically looking at it – the title of this article should have correctly been
    “10 Best And Worst Countries For An American Man To Find A Sex Partner”. That is the more appropriate title for this article – because countries with lopsided female to male sex ratio offer huge prospects for securing comparatively easier bangs with more “feminine” women, as compared to America .
    When it comes to demographics, realistically speaking, a lopsided female to male sex ratio will only help a man to secure a good notch count, but not a good wife. Banging women who make themselves easy (either forced due to demographics or willingly) should not make men think that these women are wife material. Every foreign man who understands the demographic situation of a country he’s travelling to should know that. If she’s eagerly thrown her pearls before you, you must be keep the thought at the back of your mind that she’s probably thrown it in front of other foreign men as well. Who knows if her “femininity” is a ruse to snag you? Her femininity does not exonerate her sluttiness. Let’s not kid ourselves with simplistic benchmarks like sex ratios, into making delusional decisions when it comes to choosing wives.

  20. How is the Philippines not on this list? Is it because a lot of Filipino women are bringing their husbands or sons over after getting a green card?

  21. I’ve been in Russia for eight years. I have yet to find a young woman who is available for anything except English practice. They are NOT looking for single men, especially from richer countries such as Britain. Highly paid jobs are what they’re after. Feminism and women power dominate the culture here, as in the west. Sorry to disappoint.

    You did not take into account the RACE of the American man. Stupid.
    i.e. China is listed as blue as one of the highest – BUT DEFINITELY NOT FOR WHITE MEN!!! For asian americans almost only!!!!
    i.e. AFRICA (yes Africa!) is listed as very high!! WELL DEFINITELY NOT FOR WHITE AMERICANS!!! ONLY FOR BLACK AMERICANS!!!
    i.e. FINLAND and RUSSIA are listed as very high — WELL ONLY FOR WHITE AMERICANS!!! These countries will almost NEVER marry a black man!!
    THIS CHART IS COMPLETELY, UTTERLY, FUCKING USELESS, FOR ANYONE OF ANY RACE (except only to avoid the countries with the lowest rates).

  23. My wife is Filipina. The traditional Filipinas tend to stand back and let the men do the decisions because it is the culture. I got lucky. She doesn’t play ‘The Shy Filipina’ cultural game. Christy has always been outspoken from the day we started dating. With 24 years under my belt, I found a woman I love and respect. She doesn’t always go along with everything I say and do. I was raised to believe Men and Women are equal. There must be something to the belief because when I am not certain, then, Christy steps up and gives her opinion. The irony is here in the Philippines women and men sometimes smirk at her and whisper “Amerikano.” They tend to see her as a feminist, who spent “Too Many Years In The States.” I always laugh. Born and raised in the Philippines, Christy just heard a different drummer because she was outspoken and independent before we ever got married or she set foot on an aircraft bound for the USA. Single guys, hang in there, if you really know what type of wife or partner you will find it regardless of her birth certificate or passport. I was fortunate to find a beautiful Asian.

    1. I’ve had no luck trying to convince filipinas to move to the states. I’m using online websites and most people with computers in the Philippines are apparently upper class and don’t feel like leaving.
      Aw man I want to meet them so bad. Every time I talk to them they are encouraging and seemingly angelic 🙁

      1. Most stories I heard is when you bring your filipina or a cultured asian to States, she will change, subscribe to feminism & fully americanized.
        Worse, might divorce you.. Just be careful in choosing..

  24. This was most informative article. The author can take pride in knowing he saved and changed lives.

  25. Fellas , fellas ….stay the hell away form Anglo Saxon countries if you are looking foe a wife !!! In Eastern Europa women a sluts but at least they cook and the laws are not that Misandry to men so there .

  26. I am an Estonian woman who has lived and studied in the west but am currently back in Estonia. In my opinion, western women and men deserve each other and I personally prefer Eastern European and Russian men because they are still masculine, even the younger generation guys, although globalisation has also had a toll on them. Here are some of the reasons: 1. Slavic men still know how to protect a woman’s honour for example if someone in public decides to make a move on their girl, the Slavic man does not hesitate to kick this persons teeth in for doing so. 2. Most Slavic men are alpha males who look after their woman. 3. Slavic men are more noble on initial approach and pursuing their girl, bringing flowers, asking politely if they can make your acquaintance, warmly looking after you, calling you, showering you with little meaningful gifts etc while majority of western men don’t do any of these things and expect sex straight away and think it is ok to grope girls…4. Slavic men still have family values and settling down and looking for this one devuchka that they can call their own is very important for them. 5. You feel protected with a Slavic man and know that if there is a tricky situation you can rely on him and he will sort things out. Western men expect a woman to do all the sorting out, you cant really rely on a western man. The list goes on. The only sad part is that the female-male ratio is out of balance in Eastern Europe and Russia. My own father spent a considerable time in the Soviet Army and if I would bring home some western wimpy man for him to see, he would think I am making a bad joke on him. Also, I have quite a few Eastern European girlfriends who married western men and only very few are still happily together, mostly because Eastern Euro woman expects a man to be manly and at some point they are tired o teaching the westerner what to do etc. Interestingly, while living in the west I noticed that western euro women were also taking interest in Eastern Euro men. 🙂

    1. The chivalry behavior this eastern european lady is asking of American men during courtship, American women have a name for it: “stalking”, “male chauvinism” and “harassment”. That’s why we don’t do it anymore.

    2. Honestly, that all sounds normal to me, I hate that western society has tanked in such a way. I wonder how I would fair in Eastern Europe?

  27. I’m Mongolian half Hunan Chinese ,
    I think mostly of European countryies ( ex:
    Russian. France.Italian . Turkey.Greeak ..)
    Are like me a lot , and I had Italian half France boyfriend before.
    And American and Brazil .Mexcioan …are like me also. I think Mongolia(99.5)likes and Chinese (89.7) likes both are top in all the World , not only Asia !
    And the reason why ?
    1.I got all the World the most beautiful skin color.( Mongolian Light brown)
    2.I got natural Light brown eyesballs wear gray color
    3.I’m 166cm tall( Accatully taller than lots
    Of European and american girl .and Thailand.malaysia.. somethings)
    4.I got the beautiful muscle leg and arm
    ( so I’m famous on Google search too)
    Japenese it’s small and ugly face I don’t think so !!

  28. I’m Polish, 39 yo. and still looking for my one and only 🙁 love traveling, meeting new people and not ugly 🙂

  29. Interesting that on all the other surveys I’ve read Finns are the least faithful. Also, I guess because the marriages mentioned ‘last’ doesn’t necessarily imply fidelity. Also, heard recently that Japanese women are changing and becoming more Americanized.

  30. I’m guessing Ireland, UK, etc are near the top partially since we have many similarities, and the girls there have higher valued options (in a vacuum, I believe a girl would choose a British guy over an American all things equal…correct me if i am wrong if someone knows).
    Asia, any white person is likely to see success…US, Canada, UK….is likely to be very successful

  31. I have a Filipina wife. Thus, I champion “, Filipinas” from the Philippines as a wife for an American.
    Thanks to Uncle Sam, I got to examine various nationalities of women before I married for life.
    My first wife and ex-wife was American. I got a “Bad One.” She was greedy, selfish, self-centered and I refer to her as “Satan’s Little Sister.” After that “Hellish” marriage it was almost a decade before I would even consider the word “Marriage” as anything, but a legalized confidence game.
    Asian Women have a different outlook on Life than American Women and European. i.e. Western Women, who since the end of the 20th Century seem to consider “Marriage” as nothing more than a business contract that allows the corporation to “Split” and either both parties end up destroyed or the wife gets a few bucks after paying off her scumbag “Divorce Lawyer”, who is the only creature who benefits from the collapse.
    Asian Women come from a variety of Asian cultures, which ignores women, except for SEX and breeding. The particular Asian country will determine how much of a place in society that a woman has.
    I consider Filipinas from the Philippines and Thais from Thailand as my recommendations for Asian women with Korean women at the third position and Taiwanese at the fourth position.
    If you are are looking at a Japanese bride – go ahead and consider “The Priesthood.” American women looking at a Japanese groom should consider “A Convent.”
    I was stationed in Japan and wished that “Little Boy” and “Fat Man”, the two World War II “Nukes” had put that wasted space of Pacific real estate on the ocean floor.
    People are people around the world. We all have our glitches and high points.
    I have been fortunate from my “Single Days” to know some reputable Filipinas, who really only wanted a home, family and a husband to love them.
    As a “Married Man”, I have witnessed Filipinas who live for themselves and their families and The Almighty Dollar and The Almighty Peso is not the primary consideration.
    American Men — Find you a Filipina from the Philippines and whether you live in The States or The P.I., you should feel like you are going through Life with your best friend and soulmate.
    Tell ém “Uncle Sam” sent you.

  32. In my opinion, I have the 10 best countries that American men can go and find a foreign wife:
    1. Colombia
    2. the Philippines
    3. China
    4. Dominican Republic
    5. Thailand
    6. Ukraine
    7. Peru
    8. Russia
    9. Costa Rica
    10. Brazil

  33. The Philippines is the best. I been married to a Filipina for 12 wonderful years. She is always a sweetheart, a hard working nurse, she is a great mother, she still looks so young and beautiful just never seems to age and amazing wife all around.

  34. Great, so HOW does one do this? Anyone have any practical advice on how to find a wife from one of these countries? Please, only people who have actually successfully done this. Thanks

  35. I can’t believe that the Philippines is not included on top 10 among Asians. We are the best English speaking country in Asia being a previous US Commonwealth. And most married not merely for money, papers or sex. They still consider respect, sacrifice, loyalty and most of all… LOVE…

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