The Role Of Modern Entertainment In Beta Indoctrination

We’ve seen and discussed how social indoctrination in modern societies has brainwashed men to act unnaturally to the core qualities of masculine nature. Right from childhood, a man’s indoctrination begins from his family, his teachers, and all the people who take care of him till his adulthood. Societal indoctrination thus begins directly in real life from those around him; but as he grows, more so through the entertainment he is exposed to.

The entertainment world today remains more powerful than ever, as modern civilization remains plugged to the virtual world more than the real one. Smartphone addiction is just an example of how much the modern human needs the virtual world. While literature may or may not be as effective in its influence today as many men may not have cultivated the reading habit, one important way of indoctrination which remains quite powerful in its influence is cinema and television.

We’ve also seen how sitcoms today promote feminist ideologies to modern men: the idiot box lives up to its name as an effective agent in peddling such idiocy to the masses – primarily women, who often derive their role models for their personal lives from such sitcoms. Men don’t lag behind in falling prey to this as well – for these factors often influence modern men more widely than ever before.

Back then: the masculine era

The masculinity in the below clip itself shows the times which have passed. While it could be argued that such display of masculinity could still make women go weak at their knees today, what is to be inferred are the lessons what men today have lost, what they should’ve continued emulating from their forefathers.

Frame control. Male dignity. The ability to walk away in the face of a woman’s emotional instability.  The below clip further highlights an important seen truth in the dating world: the more masculine a man is, the more feminine his woman would eventually act to be.

But in today’s times, would this masculine behavior be considered as justified in equality seeking, gyno-centric modern feminist societies?

Fast forward to today: feminist indoctrination in movies

Masculinity today has itself become a confusing minefield for modern men to walk through, considering the gyno-centric feminist societies which seek to demean it further. And in such degenerate societies with the lack of proper role models, it’s common to see men increasingly long for role models to guide them down the actual path of masculinity.

For those lucky and smart enough to find the red pill, this problem gets addressed effectively. But for those who haven’t yet taken the red pill, this problem gets usually compounded as they continue to seek male role models, which gets worse when the search for this “role model” ends on a pseudo “alpha” character on screen.

But what might appear as alpha on screen, may not be after all if you’d think deeply about it.

Should a man bear responsibility for and white-knight a woman who didn’t wait for him? Is such behavior a proper role model that should men follow?

It’s quite common to see action movies today (even superhero movies) to have a flawed message of covert feminist indoctrination, even if they might have stunning visuals coupled with pseudo-realism. As commonly seen in such movies (which target both young children and adults), the protagonist develops himself to the highest level of masculinity – in mind, body and skill – only to either yield to scavenge, or ‘save’ a heroine who lives a sub-standard life of moral ambiguity (or worse, no morality).


Not only do such movies further promote distasteful levels of entitlement among modern (slutty) women who are indoctrinated to emulate such dysfunctional cinematic caricatures of femininity, these movies also present dysfunctional role models of masculinity to growing male children and young men.

The same problem of beta-indoctrination is further shoved down the ears of modern men by modern music.The beta-indoctrinating messages often noted from these sources are:

  • It’s masculine to white knight and defend a woman at all times– even if she may unworthy of it due to her own stupidity and flawed character
  • It’s masculine to always forgive and forget a woman’s past and flaws
  • It’s masculine to always jeopardize yourself to get a woman (even if she may be sub standard), even if it may be by putting yourself recklessly or needlessly in the line of violence – women are the prize men should sacrifice their resources, dignity or even lives for
  • Women are entitled to have even the best of men, even if these women lived trashy lives
  • Female agency exists: Men need women more than women need men

…and so on. You could also see more of such indoctrination through entertainment today –  which the red pill has already debunked, as seen in the above links.

Even if the intellectuals might argue that it would be stupid to take these cinematic caricatures of modern masculinity literally as role models, one can’t deny that not every modern man has the intellect to deduce so. With degeneracy on the rise in modern societies, it’s not surprising to note that the intellect and wisdom of an average man to be shackled with blue pill prejudices and sometimes outright stupidity.

The main underlying cause of this problem remains humanity’s predilection for man worship

 A wise man ought always to follow the paths beaten by great men, and to imitate those who have been supreme, so that if his ability does not equal theirs, at least it will savor of it. Let him act like the clever archers who, designing to hit the mark which yet appears too far distant, and knowing the limits to which the strength of their bow attains, take aim much higher than the mark, not to reach by their strength or arrow to so great a height, but to be able with the aid of so high an aim to hit the mark they wish to reach.
― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

Mankind has always needed “role models” over the centuries – whether it may be through saints, prophets, political or cult leaders, etc. But this need for role models further compounds the problem: when a “role model” appears, it’s very easy to go to extremes to “deify” him – as usually the objects of man worship were “role models”.

This is the main reason why the form of entertainment based indoctrination holds powerful; and additionally because mankind has habitually been inclined to man worship since antiquity, and entertainment media reaches in every home.

The red piller however does not “deify” his role model (a trap the blue piller usually succumbs to)—because the red pill makes him aware that even the best of role models have flaws, as no one is perfect. The truth remains: no human role model can be perfect, as the easiest flaws to notice are often in the human body itself. Similarly, these same “inadequacies” or flaws extend to a person’s character or intellect – as there is always a possibility of human error.

Humanity however needs tangible examples of evolved human character to believe in, so as to emulate. But to emulate the human flaws of a role model is simply sheer stupidity. This mistake occurs because it’s easy to practice emulation excessively to the point of blind adoration.

Another reason which further exacerbates this problem is what has already been raised by some red pillers before: that the signs of a declining civilization is when the entertainment industry gets more public appreciation and sometimes, “deification” –  than the thinkers and builders of the civilization, like in the times of today.

In such scenarios, if a man’s personal role model is that of a male celebrity who plays pseudo-heroic caricatures of masculinity on screen, it’s easy to deduce as to what his idea of masculinity would potentially be, and how he might potentially behave in his own personal life.

The sign that a man in a society would look to emulate a pseudo-real role model of masculinity which itself might be ambiguous, fake or convoluted to begin with, is itself an indication to the declining societies modern men are living in. When fake itself is perceived as real by modern men, what more could the matrix of blue pill societies ask for?


In a modern world where men often suffer from a lack of real role models of masculinity, it thus becomes even more important for men to be careful when selecting role models, especially from the entertainment world, both from on-screen and off-screen.The blue pill matrix of modern societies offers little room to escape for modern men from its emasculating snare, and modern entertainment often serves as an camouflaged but effective tool in its plan.

With the increasing addiction of modern civilizations to entertainment, the problem its poses to the masculinity of modern men is acute, especially since modern (blue pill) men often look to it for their role models. It becomes even more important for those unaware of this danger to take the red pill before, and to save themselves from such blue pill beta indoctrination.

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290 thoughts on “The Role Of Modern Entertainment In Beta Indoctrination”

  1. Richard Gere in American Gigolo was much better. He was nailing hot women and getting paid at the same time.

    1. Big swing in time (almost a decade). The movement (FI) was in full swing and you can tell by the difference in the two movies.
      The second one with it’s all to obvious Disney shit ending….jesus.

    2. personally I have come to the conclusion that any place where one man can go from being paid to bed females to being captain-save-a-hoe is untrustworthy and out right destructive of a mans need for reality. I do not watch movies anymore nor television and hope men all over will boycott this most insidious form of social programing as it is not meant for our benefit but to cause us to be disposable males.

  2. “The more masculine a man is, the more feminine his woman would eventually act to be.” << This can’t be stressed enough. Causation, a 2-way road of perpetuity.

  3. Forrest Gump…hated that beta movie…the message : yes, we should all love, wife up, and have children with a drugged out, fucked up whore. Eventually she will love us before she croaks of AIDS.

    1. Forrest Gump was a GREAT movie despite that beta undercurrent. Besides, no movie goer sees Forrest as a male role model, so it doesn’t matter if he’s beta. We understand that he’s a lyrical character, just floating through life like the feather on the wind in the opening and closing credits.
      If there is any role model in the movie, it’s Lt. Dan – who has an amazing character arc – finally becoming whole despite losing his legs.

      1. the propaganda perpetuates when the “love” story with a whore is seen as “beautiful”

        1. But it *wasn’t* beautiful! Jenny comes back to Forrest as an absolute last resort and ends up dying of AIDS. Forrest ends up looking like a big beta schmuck. The love affair was shown to have always been one-sided, with Forrest left holding the bag. There’s no happily-ever-after to the romance. So if anything, it could be seen as a cautionary tale of being too beta and putting pussy on a pedestal.
          If any movie matches your description, it would be “Pretty Woman” – that one I agree is full-on propaganda (whether intentional or not) that glorifies love with a whore in the worst possible way.
          Don’t take a dump on my Forrest Gump! 😉

    2. Forest Gump had strong, strong conservative themes.
      In fact I think you’ve read that all wrong.
      She chose a life of hippy scum. He served country, took every challenge that came along and became a hero.

        1. He had those traits. But…
          The film is almost conservative propaganda. And I say that as a conservative

        2. how was it conservative propaganda? I’m trying to think of some way it was but can’t come up with anything solid, can u explain?

        3. It was baby boomer lib fantasy, to sanitize the historical record of boomers who went through a decade long temper tantrum and accomplished nothing constructive.

        4. Yeah. Born poor, uneducated, disabled, stuck to his values and fucking aced life.
          That’s how

        5. I can see him having some red pill traits. He was completely as Beta as they come with the broad though. Chased her and longed for her his whole life, didnt notice any other broads as a result (oneitis), and what did that get him? A kid and no loving woman. Even if she wasnt loose as she was, still disgraceful on his part. Yayy.

        6. This is very true… most liberals, and I used to be one (and still am one in some ways but that’s a different topic), hate Forest Gump for that very reason. It is a defense of conservative American values, i.e, hard-work, patriotism, family-values. The movie holds up Forest Gump as a model of conservative values.. and tries to make the point that while liberal elites might look down on conservative America as idiots and retards, there is a core of decency and rightness to those people.. and they are what make America great. The film is very much critical of 60s radicalism, anti-patriotism, and the hippy culture, who Jenny symbolises.. she is portrayed as a flake.. floating around in life with no real anchors and values… and look how she ends up.. dead of AIDS.
          You can be very selective and jump on the fact that Forest still wants to wife up Jenny.. despite all her flaws.. but that’s a very small part of the movie… You could also see that as a conservative and Christian theme of forgiveness.. and that conservative America has a core of decency that allows it to forgive the liberal excesses of 60s radicals.

        7. That’s an interesting way of looking at the movie I never thought of it like that. I appreciate the interpratation even though I never cared much for the movie.

        8. Would you please stop talking about this shitty movie. It was hell to watch and no it didn’t have a ‘conservative’ message. The message was a gimmick and terrible too;
          “Being dumb is better”
          I hated that fucking movie.

        9. I haven’t seen the movie in a very long time but isn’t it at least implied that Jenny has inferiority issues and doesn’t consider herself worthy of a straight, normal life? It seems though that this could be a device to make Jenny redeemable whereas simply demurring that she’s chasing excitement and dick makes her entirely unsympathetic?

    3. Lmfao Forrest Gump is the archetypal captain save a hoe. It doesn’t get any more mangina than him!
      I liked that movie though for the historical aspect.

        1. You ever see the adult movie version- Sorest Rump?
          Amazing cinematography

    4. Although I see some problems with the movie I do think there are some redpill parts. Think about if you’re a dumb idiot like Forrest Gump it shows him being used and thrown around all the time. At sports, relationships, and the military he’s treated like horseshit. The whole movie might be seen as a metaphor to stop being such a moron to all the negative shit going on around you. Which in the 1990’s let’s be honest men were pretty hopelessly bluepill by that time and it was getting worse.

      1. On the other hand he succeeded because he didn’t get involved in everyone else’s bullshit.
        He always did what he wanted to do.
        I haven’t seen it in a while though I don’t really remember it. But I remember that some people followed him because he did his own thing.

        1. He saved comrades in war, became a millionaire business owner and created history whilst sticking to his roots.
          What have you done on that list, kid?

        2. Clearly not his kid, she lied so he would watch it after she died. Forrest never fucked, he came when he saw her tits, never got it in if i remember right.

        3. Who he’s calling a beta.
          That’s the terms of the debate.
          Make that argument by all means. If you can back your own shit up

        4. If i remember right his character was mentally retarded… don’t think beta/alpha really applies

        5. Forest was omega male who became beta male and wifed up a ho. The only redeeming quality about the movie was that it gave a handicapped character the lead role and made him look human. But Forest was Captain-Save-A-Ho. No matter how much adversity a man overcomes in life, no matter what a man’s accomplishments in life, he still ends up with a ho. Thanks feminism.

        6. Jenny stayed with him at his house briefly toward the end. They F’ed during that stay, (she came into his bedroom) then she got in a cab and took off again. Slut..

        7. No dude.
          You don’t get it. This place is generally cool. But it’s too easy for kids to take on real men.
          Sure Gump is fictional, obviously. But in real life a guy like that majorly out-points you.
          I bet you think Lennox Lewis is a beta for loving his Mum

        8. anyone who wife’s up a whore is a beta. SIMPLE as that. Even a retard like him could have figured that one out.

        9. fictional does not mean real life. so when has a guy ran across the country non stop and wife’d up a whore? What’s this have to do with mothers? dude, you sound like a woman.

        10. that’s right, it was the second return. He was so lonely after she left on the first return.

        11. Sadly I have seen guys emulate that. They even confront the loser alphas that treat their “love” interest like shit.

        12. Ever see a guy and a broad get into a heated argument at a bar? Notice how many beta knights come charging? Not even knowing the what and the why? I go up to those knights and tell them to cool off, that its stupid broad shit. Most actually do cool out, the others I dont think even hear me because they are so laser focused on white knight, maybe Ill get some pussy from this mode. Fucking dummies.

        13. Yeah, I want to tell them to stop for a second and get his side of the story. I never intervene, pointless. Sometimes these betas are weasels; they think by intervening she will leave with one of them.

        14. I didn’t see it like that at all. Even in my beta days I felt sickened by him still wanting that used up slut.
          The ending is tragic and gut wrenching. I don’t think there’s danger to men seeing Forest as a role model. It’s more likely they see him as a poor loser.
          What women see in it, I don’t know. They should feel guilty but we know that’s impossible.

        15. upvote for working Lennox into the conversation, I havent thought about the guy in at least a decade…

        16. Yeah it was tragic. If roles had been reversed, and the female had been mentally handicapped, the feminists would have said she wasn’t able to give consent. But when its a male that’s getting manipulated, its heartwarming that she gave him a chance at love. Feminism is a fraud.

        17. But he was little more than an automaton with no intention to do what he did what he did nor any appreciation of its significance. I could do all of that and more tonight: I just write myself into a fantasy screenplay the way Forrest was.

        18. He is really the embodiment of the American Dream. The main message is that you can still make it big, despite being a retarded loser who is taken advantage of.

        19. Agreed.
          A mentally retarded dude that makes a million dollars, becomes a war hero, and gets laid at all is king of the retards.
          Pinnacle alpha-retard-game really.

        20. The guy was mentally retarded, mentally retarded people live in their own reality so he’s not alpha or beta.

        21. noble savage, variant of divine child, aka perfect for beta bucks: a feminist’s tireless superhero savior male without the nasty man virile bits. start with a partial truth, insert a insidious selfish lie, and forums quarrel over whether beta-or-not. the whole truth is, once corrupted, superman, forest gump, you name it, are all now useful idiot failures. i.e. beta bucks. war hero? millionaire? wasted on the waste? awesome, way to no longer matter.
          the noble savage has always been a blatant lying lie, a darling of fictionists everywhere that never fails to catch the audience off guard. see billy budd, etc. a trope as old as time, used throughout the ages as a pawn to greatly enrich the selfishness of others while magically unpermitted to wield/realize their power for their own vitality. this time, in this era, the feminine imperative just adds it’s own twist: impostor she-kings trying to cheat the death they deserve via wickedly indoctrinating boys to spend their millions on unrepentant shameful diseased failure hags – all to maybe get one child of their own and repeat the process, if they’re lucky? in real life, forest’s kid will have HIV from the mother. and lois lane in the newest superman is so old that even if supersperm manages to overcome her infertility, down syndrome will be the most probable result. awesome, way to no longer matter.
          but you don’t have to be a superman to serve the feminine imperative, just a boy with the power of a man yet unable/unpermitted to wield your progenitor title for yourself. forest gump could have any girl he wanted, younger, hotter, more faithful and certainly less diseased than jenni. likewise, superman could knock up all the freshman girls on the planet before sunset. yet both bestow the wealth of their beings on failures. the highest station in life, amirite?
          serve women and this shit is what happens: endless male accomplishments and potential, that could build civilizations, all squandered on beta-servitude to make diseased, lost children. the stark reality is that men can only, and should only, serve their own missions, otherwise women ruin every last chance civilization ever had by turning any ‘alpha-ness’ ultimately into ‘beta’.
          prince alpha-retard, the noble savage with autism variant, is not alpha, it is a lie within a lie, and none of it helps anyone.

        22. Yes and the message is that those male accomplishments are so easy to achieve that even a retarded loser can do it effortlessly. And no matter how worthless she is every ho deserves a millionaire to cuckold.

        23. It’s a wonder how he didn’t get AIDS from her.
          P.S. Or did he? What about that movie with Denzel Washington?

        24. I can’t think of the particular films/shows, but doesn’t the white knight come to the rescue and get laid in entertainment media quite often? It’s more misinformation programming, but I seem to see this trope from time to time.
          I think the figure is that a full 10% of women have either histrionic personality or BPD – so a good number of those public situations are likely to involve a woman literally suffering from a psychological pathology that compels attention-seeking, sexually provocative (e.g. damseling) behavior.
          It’s my experience that when a woman is involved in a public blow out with her S/O it’s usually contrived and planned from the start. Women are very good at keeping their powder dry until an opportune moment to cause maximum disruption. I’m not sure what the best way to handle is but if possible I think a man should just ghost. Get up and leave and if you traveled together let her arrange for transportation home without a thought or compunction about it – treat it like one big shit test/opportunity for dread game.

        25. Conan the Cimmerian accomplished none of those things. Does that mean he (another fictional character) is Beta relative to Forrest Gump? The whole inquiry is downright silly.
          Gump was written to accomplish those things while having an unreasonable attachment to a whore for the very purpose of spreading disinformation and attracting the sorts of women who would identify with Jenny to the story.

    5. I see your point, but here’s another way to look at it: the movie is telling men that you must literally be retarded to fall for a used up, drugged out slut like Jenny.

      1. Women don’t see it that way … they see it as “ahhh….so sweet , maybe you should be so loving like Forrest.” .. and soon thereafter a whole slew of young men proudly wore their Captain Save a Ho badge.

        1. Women will say “aaaawww what a sweetheart he is” but they won’t give a man who actually acts sweet an loving pedestals her the time off day. Forrest gump is feminist propaganda.

        1. She hit the wall. He had cash. He wasn’t good enough for her in her prime, but with his cash and her post wall condition was was good enough.
          Except for the part that in real life, Forest would have a 25 y/o new girlfriend and would’ve told Jenny to fuck off.

      2. Yeah but gump is presented as a virtuous person, a good person. So its not telling men not to take her. It is saying be good man like forrest gump and take the aids drug hooker.

    6. Exactly! I would argue with Hollywood that only a retard like Forrest would agree to marry a woman who kept leaving him to get back on the cock carousel of bad boys (“beta is what beta does, ma’am”). Then there’s “Pretty Woman” which shows that it’s okay for a woman to be a prostitute because there’s always a white knight billionaire eager to rescue her!

      1. those movies gave women a free pass to act however they like, regardless of how beta the male protagonists are!

      2. Billionaire Richard Lewis (Gere) admits to Vivian (Roberts) why he’s attracted to her in the first place. ”You and me are so alike” he says. ”We both screw people for money”. That line gives the only credence to the plot. Without that line, the whole entire movie (not just 99.9%) would stink of whore pedestalizing propoganda and would only re-run on the women’s channel at 3 a.m. (which it often does).

      3. Hopefully men will watch it and be disgusted and learn to be the aids alpha who fucked her and gave her aids and a child and not be gump.

        1. Are you retarded. In order to spread aids you need to be infected. To get infected you have to put someone’s aids infested dick into your ass and have cum go into you.

    7. I thought that movie was about a simpleton who was blissfully unaware of how he had lived through (or been a part of) some of the more important moments/movements from the 60s to the 80s. It was a farce.

    8. Pretty good assessment. You can always tell when these types of movies are starting to “turn” in the plot and the Disney moments (or ending) is coming right behind it.
      This movie has a good example of modern day life (with women and hypergamy). She hooked up with bad boys (and drugs) in her early years but came back home, later, when the wall was approaching (and she had been passed around enough).
      It’s up to the good old beta provider to come to the rescue.
      It’s sad but you can see it in many movies, now.

    9. At least Forrest had the excuse of being a borderline retard. And Jenny at least had the common decency to die instead of taking the son & Forrest’s money.

  4. That fight clip would have been like white knight porn to me when I was a kid, now it just gives me a sick feeling.
    Childhood view – the good guy is gonna beat up that bad guy for hurting that completely innocent woman
    Red pill view – the woman dumps one guy to move in with a rich dude, he hits her but instead of leaving or calling the cops she just stays. The guy she dumped knocks on the door and she is manipulative enough to not only get this guy to fight for her even though she dumped him, but she also has the wickedness in her to ride up on his bike and watch her little pawns do battle!
    One of the best things you can learn from taking the red pill is there are horrible people of both genders, there tends to be a lot of awful women who don’t seem all that bad until you look past gender and see the manipulative behavior – terrible women are just less obvious than terrible men.

    1. What he should have done after he got done kicking the shit out of them is ride up to her like he did and look her deep into her eyes like he was about to say something romantic and forgiving and have a big build up like he was going to sweep her off her feet and then been like “hoe!” and then popped a wheelie and rode off lol

      1. Aah no, what he sound have done is NOT fight for her in the first place.
        I remember seeing that scene at the movies and complaining for the next two days over that bullshit. Seriously?!? You are out risking your life for what this bitch represents to you; all the while she’s screwing some other guy while you’re gone…GTFO.

        1. Ok well first all the blonde haired douche he fucked up was a total asshole to him when he came to see her. So thats reason enough. You don’t get to take my bitch AND be an asshole about it. I mean if I was a guy who was able to constantly bring knives to a gunfight and come out on top then kicking the shit out of five middle aged bros would probably be about as strenuous as taking a shit, so why not go for it? Then after I get done I walk back to my bike call her a hoe and ride off. I get some exercise, the bitch gets put in her place, and a gang of douches gets beat down. Everyone wins! The real question is why would you complain about something you saw in a movie for TWO DAYS, or at all for that matter??

    2. they’re not less obvious, try this, picture a really attractive woman as one of your friends or just picture an uglier face on her( if you can find a picture of her mom that works) and then see how you respond to her behavior. It’s pretty much the more attractive the person the more bullshit you’ll pretend not to see.

      1. I used to think that when you offer a cute girl help with something and she declines in a nice way, I thought she thinks she’s independent and doesn’t need a man in her life (like most feminists). Now I think that maybe she is being non-manipulative and not a user. I actually appreciate women like that.

      2. Haha, that’s actually exactly what i did while i watched the clip! I looked at the pretty girl looking all terrified and vulnerable watching the fight through the chainlink fence and then I realized – wait… she caused all of this shit and then brought this guy here to put himself and all those other dudes in danger….
        This is a more realistic ending to that scene:
        4th pic down “A girlfriend smiles at the camera on Coney Island in 1940 as paramedics attend to her boyfriend’s lifeless body.”

    3. Best thing that I learned a long time ago….stay out of it.
      It’s none of my fucking business and I would tell anyone else the same. You never (really) know what’s going with the whole situation because the women is never going to be honest (and you’re not present during the whole thing).
      Some women actually get a kick out of stirring up a man, getting smacked and then playing victim (plus they end up making up later on).
      You’re best move is to stay clear of it.

  5. What i actually liked most about the article, content apart, was the functional inclusion of links to other relevant ROK articles. Nice work, Oscar.

  6. I’d like to see a traditionalist/Neoreactionary reboot of Wonder Woman in film, where the character has superpowers so that she can hold her own against other superbeings. But because she respects male authority and the natural hierarchy of the sexes, she uses these powers reluctantly and sparingly, and only against bad guys who face no effective opposition from male superheroes. She does this because she knows that displaying her powers too freely sets a bad example for ordinary women.

  7. Some dudes obsessing with a girls on instagram,or a basic sexual encounter are nothing.
    Physical violence,drugging,and rape are a little different…not really ‘white knighting’ if a girl is actually being harmed. Lol if you see you’re ex being pushed around by some dude,and walk away with you’re head down,because you’re “to red pill bro!”
    also its the intentions behind the actions. WhiteKnighting would have to be “Bro if i save this girl i’ll get pussy!”

    1. we have a pretty good sense if someone is dangerous or not, and those guys, called bad boys, often radiate it. it happened to me: i saw my ex when i went swimming with another dude, who pushed her her a little around. it was obvious she didnt like it in that moment. but you know what? i know that she likes the emotional vortex those guys provide, that was the very reason we were together. as i saw this, i smiled. that girl has no clue how her warped desires attract those kind of guys.
      another story would be if a complete stranger comes over and violate someone for no reason. but if a girl is with someone who treats her like, well, shit, then its HER fault.

    2. If your girl is actually being harmed than you should go help her.
      But if she instigates fights just for the entertainment of watching you get into conflicts with other men, dump her.
      I had a girlfriend like that and I had to make it very clear early on that if she ever picks a fight for no good reason that I have to go “save” her from, she’d never see me again.
      Protecting your girlfriend is one thing… white-knighting is when you’re screwing yourself over to pander to the vagina gods.

      1. Agree. I had one do that to me one time and I told her
        “The next time you get into a jam like that I’ll let the guy beat your ass or I’ll do it”.
        She never pulled that shit, again, with me in public.

    3. ” . . .if you see you’re ex being pushed around by some dude . . .”
      . . . I know from experience what stimulated him to do it.

  8. This scenario coupled with the fatherless boys living with single moms, taught by almost exclusive female teachers, brought up in toxic feminist schools and homes, leaves them with a burning desire for a male role model. Then, they turn to these television shows to fill that vacuum in their lives, and satisfy their yearning for what is basically the need for a father, who can teach them how to be a man. I really feel sorry for these boys.

    1. Yeah. And, it’s a good OP. You have to go back many decades to find many films w/o feminist/p.c. programming. Television is far worse. It should be avoided by men. Even athletic events are sandwiched-in between a-masculine or anti-masculine commercials, PSAs, commentary, etc. It’s incremental, painless brainwashing. The pain comes later, and can’t directly be connected with the programming. Usual plausible deniability.
      Females are even more easily conditioned by entertainment. Their conditioning via Oprah, Special Victims Unit, CSI, and so forth manufactures the consent which determines American (and, largely, Western) laws, mores, political conditions, and mass assumptions. Tell them there’s a War on Women and Rape Culture, tell them that ‘men are holding them down’ . . . toss in a little drama, some sex, push the psycho-emotional buttons . . . voila, they’ll back anything and anybody. Proof, two words: Obama, Biden. :O)

      1. Yeah bro, the modern boy grows up in an acid of abuse, a large part of which is delivered to him by the media. Worst part is, he doesn’t realize it is abuse. This kind of abuse since his formative years is what turns him into a beta, white knight, and literally a doormat where women are concerned. And because it occurs in his formative years, most men never realize it their entire lives. They live a blissful delusional life. It’s probably a coping mechanism. Many of them, probably don’t want to realize the red pill truths even when they become so evident, because its a realization that they have been cruelly betrayed by the society, parents, and authority figures, whom they have been respecting and looking up to their entire lives.

  9. I find love stories to be tedious, boring, and entirely played out. As if a man could not possibly have a mission in life that doesn’t revolve around being a captain save-a-ho. We have to deal with these constant lies but I think the worst one is women being as capable as men. It is not only laughable but entirely unrealistic, a mean has anyone here ever tried to do work with a women? Yea. You get a good understanding of how “hardworking” and “capable” they really are. Let alone them beating up a group of like a dozen twice as large, armed, well-trained, and tough bad thugs. It’s like yea fucking right she did that. I have to say that this even takes me out of male films now too, I just can’t believe how ridiculous fight scenes have become especially with human characters. Like oh yea sure you survived being shot, stabbed, thrown many stories, beaten(especially in the head), and all of this other horseshit without needing medical attention fairly quickly.
    Reminds me of a great quote from the Misandry Bubble, “At this point, you might be feeling a deep inner emptiness lamenting a bygone age, as the paucity of proudly, inspiringly masculine characters in modern entertainment becomes clear. Before the 1980s, there were different masculine characters, but today, they are conspicuously absent. Men are shown either as thuggish degenerates, or as effete androgynes. Sure, there were remakes of Star Trek and The A-Team, and series finales of Rocky and Indiana Jones. But where are the new characters? Why is the vacuum being filled solely with nostalgia? A single example like Jack Bauer is not sufficient to dispute the much larger trend of masculinity purging.”
    Most movies that I’ve seen in the last year are such a huge disappointment for the most part, especially when viewing it through a redpill lenses. The absurd lengths men will go to “defend her honor” or white knight for her are psychopathic displays. What, I should defend a women who clearly has no dignity or honor? Why? There’s literally no reason. I think it ultimately panders to women with more completely bogus and unrealistic expectations. Feminists would hate a man who actually defends a woman worth defending rather than some post-wall Americunt. But also I think a lot of movies are pandering to these beta nergins and offering them a similar smorgasbord of shit. Only for them it might be more realistic that they will end up with some monstrous woman in the end.
    To fix movies one of two trends needs to occur:
    1) Have movies focus on individual characters without some cheesy, baloney “love story”. Stop showing completely unrealistic scenarios, with superhuman feats, and for the love of God just quit it with all the “smart and capable women” feminist propaganda. It’s bullshit and every man knows it.
    2) Return movies to actually having men go to lengths to white knight for women that are actually worth it. Leftist Hollywood with feminist strong-arming would never take this sensible step. But for any intelligent man it just begs the questions of why they would save the woman? Male protective instinct for myself and many men doesn’t even get triggered at all with the vast majority of women. Overall I like my first suggestion more though, I’m a little too tired of white-knighting.
    Hollywood will not engage in any of these intelligent changes that could revive the industry. I encourage men to boycott the vast majority of these garbage films and starve them of money. Shitty movies should make shitty money period. That would teach them a lesson real quick.
    Also quick side note: Hilarious night at the Oscar’s when LEFTIST Hollywood had the least diverse range of choices this year than a long time. See people are trying to right this off as “racist white people blah blah blah”. But see Hollywood is a leftist, bluepill, indoctrination zone so to say they’re not up with it if ridiculous. Groupthink is the norm there. But I just think it’s funny for all this bullshit leftist celebrity talk about “race issues” they turn around and do shit like this, it’s fucking hysterical.

    1. there were still a ton of masculine writers, actors, musicians,movies, etc in the 80s; I think the 90s was more the transitional decade…

    2. for the love of God just quit it with all the “smart and capable women” feminist propaganda. It’s bullshit and every man knows it.

      For once I’d like to see the alleged female geeks in a show admit to their incompetence and helplessness when confronted with a technical problem. They just know how to use software installed by men, and only if the software works.

  10. Speaking of setting bad examples. I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that a man in a prominent American rentier and political family would marry a Mexican peasant woman. Yet this guy could become the next American president. This real-life marriage in defiance of organic social boundaries makes even less sense than the premise of the fantasy in Pretty Woman.

  11. Think about the absurd premise of Titanic: Kate Winslet’s character dumps the masculine, dominant rich man in favor of a feminized sensitive guy down in steerage. If the ship had avoided the iceberg and arrived safely in New York, would her character really have wanted to spend her life with a penniless bohemian drifter? The story only seems to “work” because she doesn’t have to face that as a consequence of her bad decision.

      1. He even bangs her in the back seat of one of those new-fangled automobiles, which shows how his progressive, 20th Century thinking liberated Rose’s sexuality.

        1. If society followed the narrative, then Playboy models and escorts would be screwing the janitors of Microsoft and professional sports team stadiums.

        2. Eh, Kate Winslet back then rated about a 7.5-8, in my opinion. I like her body type because from the neck down it resembles the body of the first woman I got to take her clothes off for me.

        3. I think she had a certain innocent old school hotness to her. Remember, all we have for comparison these days are pierced nostrils, 5 inch diameter ear gauges, and more tatts than a circus freak.

        4. looks aside, I think she typifies the modern woman- she has been married twice, on her third, three kids by three men.

        5. I was just at the mall in Honolulu where I came across a kiosk peddler that fit that exact description. Take away all the freakyness and she be a 10 easy. Should’ve got a pic. What a waste of a otherwise good woman.

      2. um, why do you know the names of the characters? I’d recommended a two week ban, followed by community service teaching game outside your nearest high school.

        1. I have a photographic memory. I never forget names; at least the important ones. Don’t ask me how it works. I do not watch TV that much at all.

        2. nice try lol- banned! now go make youself useful, be a game “big brother” for two weeks.

  12. The new Bourne Legacy (had a woman save him from a super soldier), Iron Man 3 (Pepper saves Tony Stark a true simp), Avengers(black widow beats up Hawkeye) all sci-fi movies have women who are in leadership roles and beat up male armies. Superman has always been a beta trash loser. I never liked him in comics especially the garbage movies. Batman has always been a Zeta male beyond Alpha.

    1. THANK YOU!!! This has been sticking in my craw of late. Every freakin movie has some woman badass who can kick ANY mans ass. It’s total BS and a Bolsheviks wet dream. And you’re right about Superman, he is a total acolyte of American Civil Religion but Batman does the lazy lick as well…

      1. These lefty guys sure love to see some 100 pound missy beat down a bunch of men. Leftist men can’t fight their own fights, and are too cowardly to confront other men, so they have women do their dirty work for them.
        The fact that these guys are psychologically and sexually stimulated by mannish behavior in females — much less by violent behavior in females towards males — tells us a lot about their natures and characters. Joe Biden Syndrome.

    2. A women at 5’6″ weighing 125lbs (an estimate) beating up a bunch of men ranging in height 6’2″ weighing 235lbs (an estimate). No.
      It’s only happening in a movie (and it’s bullshit)…but it makes the “you go gurl” (delusional) movement proud.

      1. It gives women the delusion that they are tougher than they really are. Ray Rice case. Enough said.

    3. I was at work last night and the movie Prometheus was on. I saw little charlize theron get all aggressive with the black dude who was team captain or some shit.
      Anyway I kept seeing myself in his shoes dropping a kick to her stomach and stone cold stunner that bitch through the goddamn floor.
      He does bang her at some point I believe though. Just the look on her face acting all tough makes me laugh.

    4. I gave up on Iron Man and Thor after the first ones. It was obvious that Our Betters were using the initial popularity of those films with men, to then insert their programming in the sequels. Pepper Potts starts manipulating and degrading Iron Man. He responds by rewarding her behavior and pretending her thuggish bossiness is attractive. Etc. Requisite pandering to Big Sister.
      It’s like all the movies require approval by Neil Patrick Harris before the script gets a ‘go’. To ensure there is no actual masculinity in it. Then it’s OK for production and distribution.

      1. The first Thor was a good movie, the main story is of a young male (brash, arrogant, immature) becoming a man. Of course it had some feminist pandering, but by and large is something I would show to my future son (if I choose to go down that path).
        Iron man 1 followed a similar process, man accepts responsibility and fulfills his potential.
        I agree that every subsequent movie has been crap.

    5. “Avengers (black widow beats up Hawkeye)
      That part pissed me off as well. Hawkeye has far more physicial conditioning and training than her yet she was able to best him in combat? Total BS!
      Oh and did you ever see the Dark Knight Rises? They should have just called it “the batman and catwoman movie” since she was basically made into a quasi feminist bisexual male asskicker. Totally repugnant and farcical.

  13. The butter they put in the popcorn at the local movie theater is not loaded as much with fat, as it is with blue pill indoctrination.

  14. This seems on topic: The Star Trek episode “Amok Time” shows why the Spock character has always appealed so strongly to male nerds: Spock get the opportunity for sex only once every seven years – at best. The episode anticipates the culture of female hypergamy and women’s rejection of more and more of the young male population with each passing generation in favor of the minority of the men with the better game.

    1. Leonard Nimoy wrote in one of his autobiographies that he got much more female fan mail than Shatner did. My theory is women loved Spock because, as an unemotional Vulcan, he literally didn’t give a fuck about anything. Of course Spock did show emotion on a few occasions, so women dreamed that they would be the special snow flake to crack his tough exterior.

  15. But what might appear as alpha on screen, may not be after all if you’d think deeply about it. Should a man bear responsibility for and white-knight a woman who didn’t wait for him? Is such behavior a proper role model that should men follow?

    1. There is nothing wrong with feeling bad for women who get hit by men, it is natural for men to want to help abused women.
      The problem is a lot of these women stay with abusers after getting beat, and they don’t stay because they are too scared to leave – they stay because they would rather be with that man than any of their other options.
      The fact is that the men who want to help women like this are actually seen as unattractive asexual beings in the abused woman’s eyes.
      Our society has built in many protections for abused women. Women can get any man who strikes them arrested, that is a fact. The campaigns about ending domestic violence aren’t about actually ending domestic violence, women can end domestic violence simply by reporting it, the campaigns are really about not holding women responsible for choosing to stay with clearly dangerous men.

      1. Before one feels sorry for the abused woman, one should also investigate the root cause of the beating. It may not be so black and white after you see the whole picture.

        1. That’s true. I also feel we have long since jumped the shark on the “never hit a woman” thing. I have never hit a woman and don’t believe I ever will but some people deserve to be hit regardless of gender because of their actions. I had several instances when i was young where women/girls verbally attacked me to the point of humiliation because they knew I was kind and would never hit them – one little slap across the face would have ended the abuse and probably made these women better people. There are people who spot someone in a vulnerable situation and take advantage of society’s rules, many of these predators are women. That being said, brutally beating a woman is never ok.

        2. Never hit a woman. spank her, switch her, take the belt to her, slap her, strap her across the feet, the ass, the back, the legs, the tits, whatever.
          But hit her? That’s stupid, it leaves marks, and it gives her the respect due only a man. So I agree. Never hit a woman. It teaches her the wrong lesson.

        3. You would potentially ruin her beauty just for discipline?
          Taking her over your knee would have accomplished the same goal without the fat lip and potential scars.

        4. At the time it was necessary as she was punching me in the face as I was driving. I had to do something immediate so I wouldn’t have a wreck and kill us both.

      2. The problem is the eye thing. a good beating doesn’t leave a woman disfigured, heals quickly, and causes a maximum of pain.
        A switch across the ass hurts more than a black eye (far more) fades quickly, and can be explained away to authorities as sexplay.

        1. Discipline your women but never leave a mark; That’s just asking for trouble. My go to is the Rear naked choke. It’s so simple a child could do it, doesn’t leave a bruise and puts the bitch right to sleep.

        2. damn, you are gonna make me look up some 80s/90s WWF vids to understand this reference, arent you?

        3. ROFL thats fuckin hilarious. “Go to sleep bitch!”
          I’ve only had to backhand a girl once. I also spit chewing tobacco all over a girl’s face one time for slapping me for no reason whatsoever.
          I think a really out of control woman might deserve a solid body shot. No facial damage and drops em.

        4. I know the cobra clutch, if you want funny, subscribe to the iron sheik’s twitter feed

      3. I’ve been around too many real life situations where the women continues to stay with an abuser.
        You can blame either one (or both) but you should never get involved. It’s an illness and by intervening you aren’t doing yourself any favors.
        Suggest counseling and walk away….save yourself. It’s a disease and many are not (professional) counselors.

    2. When most people see a woman like in the photo they think “Oh, her boyfriend/husband has abused her!” I think “Now there’s a bitch who does not know when to shut the fuck up.”

      1. or how much money did she steal? or what did she say to piss him off? or did she bring home a stray dog? what did she lie about? I would want a thorough investigation. Mental abuse committed against a man should be equal to his fist hitting her face.

        1. “Women fight with their tongue more painfully than a man fights with a sword, thus the punishment for their violence should be far worse.”

        2. Exactly, “What did she do to make him hit her?” should be the first thing people ask!
          As i lived through this ordeal; i was strong enough to not fall into the trap and punish myself more than necessary. Women should take responsibility for what they do, because if they don’t have the physical capacities to hurt they are quite gifted for Mental abuse. We should know how to walk away from them like true Men!

      1. Or a lead left hook ala joe frazier. Notice the swelling on the top right brow which makes a hook more plausible.

    3. Q: What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?
      A: Nothing, you’ve already told her twice!

  16. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen, or even heard a women get beat up by a man, come to think of it.

    1. Far too long.
      They are convinced it cannot happen to them. That’s why they flirt with danger so outrageously… because they are convinced that nothing can or will happen to them… as if they are somehow divorced from reality, as if they are living a story at the end of which they are guaranteed a happy ending, so nothing in between really matters. They cannot be held accountable like the locals, they are above that, they have a passport which entitles them to use the nearest embassy to practice diplomatic immunity for their acts, or they are simply watching a movie in which they are not truly a participant
      I can truly understand the appeal, but a good beating would and could bring these women ‘down to earth’. The reason the matrix paradigm is so popular is because people have become so divorced from reality by propaganda, social conditioning, and media oversaturation.

  17. Recently FX network premiered a new comedy called “Man Seeking Woman”. Based on a book by the same name. It follows the quintessential beta on his quest to find a new woman after being dumped by his liberal lifestyle long time girlfriend. I watched a few episodes cause I thought the imaginative style they had with the story telling was creative. They style of the program is an attempt to get into the characters head and exaggerates simple things like sending a text to a girl, deleting an ex-gfs number, or losing the ability to get an erection “I lost my dick”.
    However after a few episodes I couldn’t stand the characters an I thought the show itself wasn’t all that funny.
    The lead character of the show Josh is whiny and lazy. Doesn’t do anything to improve himself as a person even after numerous suggestions from his friends. He haplessly dates one girl to another (which unto itself is highly unrealistic) but can’t seem to find love due to his own immaturity. He basically lives in squalor and his only friends is a wannabe pick up artist still using “The Game” as a reference for scoring with women.
    I tried giving the program a chance but couldn’t make any emotionally connection with the characters. These were guys that I would never want to be friends with or even hang out on occasion. Why would I want to watch their adventures for 30mins a week? If this is how they want portray the modern dating environment then there is a big disconnect between the real world and the one on TV.

  18. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed that America is so emasculated as a nation that our “action stars” are now 99.99% foreigners, males in their 40’s, geriatrics, and, pathetically, women. This is due to the fact that most young American males are basically females themselves who don’t inspire men and don’t give women the ‘gina tingles. There are virtually zero (that I know of) legitimate American badasses in entertainment that are in their 20’s or 30’s. Superhero flicks have taken over for straight shoot-em-up action classics like Die Hard, Commando, Rambo, and Terminator. Grown men who wear their underwear on the outside of their spandex onesie or dress like bats are now what we men are supposed to consider action stars.
    The Avengers
    -Tony Stark: Over 40
    -Nick Fury: Old as dirt, used to gangbang with the Hebrews.
    -Thor: Australian
    -Hawkeye: Over 40
    -Black Widow (Perfect name): A 5’ 3″, 120 lbs-soaking-wet broad who in reality would hit with the power of a falling marshmallow and wouldn’t last 30 seconds in combat.
    -Hulk: Doesn’t even exist onscreen, and the part of him that does no one cares about and is over 40.
    -Captain America: American and under 40. The exception that proves the rule.
    -Wolverine: Over 40. And Australian. Double whammy.
    -Superman: British
    -Batman: Was British and over 40. Now is Ben Affleck. I weep for the future.
    The masculine pool is so shallow that these unoriginal schmucks in Hollyweird are simply betting on the power of nostalgia and letting crews of sexagenarians on massive doses of steroids (here’s looking at you, Sly) try and convince us they’ve still got it.
    -The entire cast of The Expendables is one fall away from a hip replacement.
    -Bruce Willis, Kevin Costner, Pierce Brosnan, Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Liam Neesons are all eligible to join AARP, and yet all of them have made numerous action movies recently that trade on nostalgic characters they played in their youth (Rocky, Rambo, Terminator, John McClane, James Bond, etc.)
    I guess my point is that entertainment is very accurately reflecting the dearth of young masculine men in the West that used to play these roles. Yet another sign that America is just a shadow of its former self.
    P.S. For a real action flick, check out John Wick and Fury. The only action movies I’ve been able to make it through recently.

    1. Millennial males are emo. Google that if you don’t know what it means. I can’t post pics on ROK for some reason but there’s a pic of sean connery in a tux juxtaposed next to some emo boy band idol, with the caption “Men, What The Fuck Happened?”

      1. Not sure if some butt monkey moderator is blocking my pics, or its just my web browser getting in the way.

    2. Glad I’m not the only one that can never take the stupid costumes seriously! Also just the whole (x)-man thing where x = some shit.

    3. You are correct sir.
      We’ve had some pretty good red pill movies (Gran Torino is one with Clint Eastwood – another old guy from older action movies) but very little (to no) action movies.
      John Wick and Fury both pretty good but features guys above 40 as well.

      1. Some other movies I find pretty interesting where men (groups) are taking care of business and women play their part (in the background as girlfriends or other).
        Movies by Guy Ritchie: Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, RockNRolla, etc..
        We don’t see an “all powerful” female trying to lead a group, in the front, defeating men, etc….they sit their ass off to the side and they’re dealt with as needed.

        1. I watch either the old movies or foreign films for that reason. I’m a huge fan of films where idealized masculinity is central to the film (the “guy” movies). The pickings are quite slim where contemporary American cinema is concerned.
          My disgust of the feminized “guy movie” became complete with SWAT. It was the presentation of the character played by Rosario Dawson. She was created to be the “bad ass” among the group; that character who was to embody to rugged brutality of a group of organized men to combat evil. It’s like the film went out off its rails just to say “women can do it too!” There was nothing natural about the way that character was created and presented.
          I don’t mind females portrayed in such roles (i.e.. Kill Bill, Domino, and Aliens) but what disgusted me was the presence of the oft seen “gender equality” public service announcement that is so common in today’s cinema.

        2. SWAT…I thought about that one was well. Michelle Rodriguez is one who you are thinking about (the character). That seems to be the only “type” that she plays in many other movies as well. I think The Fast and the Furious was the only one she couldn’t use this type because she was the girlfriend of Vin Diesel (although she still tried to be one of the boys).
          It’s this mentality that “women can do it, too” which is pretty laughable. I give women credit when they can do things better (or different) versus men….that’s why were not equal.
          Women need to read the same memo and just “get it”.

    4. I hate Chris Hemsworth. Thor should be played by some ugly red haired and red bearded viking, not such a blonde sunny boy. Never watched a second of this blasphemic movies.

    1. I would have said: “Yes I like someone else better.” without even having someone else.

    2. There are plenty of women, today, who need that kind of treatment to set them “straight”.
      Too many of them are walking around here with a fucking entitled attitude.

  19. People are WAY too worried about alpha and beta. Do what makes you happy. Improve yourself. Keep your word. Only serve those worth serving. Learn what is real and what is not. Learn Game to defend yourself against busybodies. Never Whine. Own, protect, and control your property. Learn to defend yourself.
    It’s about being a man, not being an ‘alpha’
    That’s all.

    1. well the terms alpha and beta make it easier to conceptualize the behaviors. Captain Save a ho = Beta; Male slut = Alpha

      1. Except that, I think it really only applies within the PUA community. Which is not ‘real life’. When describing ‘alpha behaviors’ you are really only talking about behaviors designed to trigger female hypergamy.
        I do not believe that you should define yourself by solely by female-triggering behaviors. Defining yourself by honor, self-discipline, and strength achieves the same effect without peacocking.
        History has a very special place for peacocks.

        1. definitely..I was just using an example. We all want to better men in all aspects of life, not blowhards like a lot of so-called PUA Coaches.

        2. I didn’t realize we argued about anything. I am eager to understand other guy’s perspectives , that’s why I stick around here.

        3. Outgrowing the PUA community is the single biggest obstacle faced by the masculinist community. Due to the background of our host it can be a particular problem here.
          On the other hand, the fact that ‘here’ exists is one of the signs that he’s ready to start moving beyond it himself.

        4. I have noticed, that once men get ‘sowing wild oats’ with the PUA community out of their system, they seem to quickly move beyond it further into red-pill territory.
          PUA is a good way to spend a couple of years, but once it comes time to set it aside, those who persist in the singular acquisition of pussy become little more than overgrown children.
          A man sets aside childish things, and while the experience is an unqualified good thing for men, when it comes time to grow up and set it aside, it is time. Take the lessons learn, and apply them to adult pursuit.
          This is the lesson that fathers should have taught. But fathers are the worst enemy of the nanny state, and their disassembly has been the first goal of marxism since the very beginning of the socialist outburst.

        5. This is so true. The alpha/beta paradigm was popularized in the manosphere by Roissy/Heartiste I believe and is simply an indicator of where one belongs on the sexual market value hierarchy.
          People take it to mean other shit and attach morality onto it as well which doesn’t work here. The red pill man can certainly benefit in his early training from understanding this paradigm but will eventually grow beyond it.
          Well said Brig.

        6. I personally got to know some of the best pua coaches in the industry. Some of them are kinda of shady and i wouldn’t want to associate with them in social setting.

        7. While I do not fully support Hawaiian Libertarian, I think that the site has made great strides in growing up.

    2. Agreed.
      “Beta” and “Alpha” are good for creating an intellectual framework, but in the end if that is all we worry about then we get nowhere with self improvement and simply devolve into snipe-fests, i.e. “Your beta!” “No, YOU’RE a beta!” and so on.
      The best articles here are definitely the ones related to weightlifting and interesting people from history.

        1. I disagree. Betas need not be dishonorable. Women are dishonorable as a matter of course, because they are biologically programmed for a slave mentality, and there is no room in a slave mentality for honor, self-discipline, or morality.
          I think it would be better to apply the words ‘master’ or ‘slave’ rather than alpha or beta. That is why Jews cannot understand concepts such as honor, or self-disipline, because their entire culture has a slave mentality… as has Islam, the negro, and many ‘backwards’ ethnicities. One cannot expect those conditioned to bondage to understand how to be a master.
          The islamics have SOME hope, the Turks especially, for outgrowing their slave mentality, but Isis and much of the middle east are still bickering over who makes the greatest slave, failing to understand that the Isreali Jew has centuries more experience at thinking like a slave and learning the paths of dishonor and backstabbing on their side.

        2. what a keen command of rhetoric you possess, drubbing me firmly with your indisputable logic, witty textual repartee, and the tremendous, well-researched store of facts at your fingertips.
          You have bested me most truly, I must fall on my intellectual saber at your feet, end my life with a brutal understanding that your prowess is utterly indisputable.
          Your argument is a golden example that shall light the way with the brilliant Illumination of the truly enlightened, worthy of preservation in the annals of history alongside the works of the greatest logicians and intellectuals of bygone eras. Were they alive today, Aristotle, Socrates, Hippocrates, Pythagoras, Plato, Epictetus, and Plutarch would all fall weeping at your feet, begging you with tears in their eyes to let them bathe in the wisdom that drips like melting snow from your divine feet.
          God himself would redesign the universe in accord with your genius, and Jesus and Muhammed would both embrace in joyous brotherhood for the merest chance that the rays of your intellect might deign to shine upon them. Heaven shall dance in your name alone, and even time itself has no hold on one so blessed.
          TL/DR version: Go fuck yourself, dipshit.

  20. So, what is the solution?
    Stop consuming such types of media.
    Just think how many more classics you could be reading, or how many more sets you could be lifting, if you stop watching TV, stop playing video games, and avoid modern movies.

    1. I guess it’s to stop being hypocritical and been able to accept truth and pursue it. It’s not a bad thing to dream but one must educate himself and not fall into the trap of being a sheep. It as a cost but the personal gain is worth it.

      1. “one must educate himself and not fall into the trap of being a sheep”
        By consuming such media, a man will indeed fail to educate himself and it is that much easier to become the sheep.
        Many men prefer the instant gratification of television/video games/etc over working today for a better personal tomorrow. Its much the same way with debt. Too many men are willing to jump into the debt pit for the instant gratification of the newest gadget, instead of making do in the present and thus securing their future happiness through financial stability and independence.

        1. Yes, of course. But we are here, aren’t we? Then it’s up to us to educate our sons and daughters or even other fellow men.
          This i why self education and independently thinking is so important, the problem lies in which group is the minority, people have the tendencies to fall into the mold because it is what society want them to do.
          All the trivial materialistic pursuits function in the same way, people adapt to these unwritted social rules because if they don’t they are stigmatized and excluded and nobody want to be excluded. The truth is hard to swallow for most people breaking from the mold even harder.

        2. Yes!
          This can be a good place for self-education.
          Nobody wants to be excluded. It can be difficult to strike that good balance between independence and inclusion.
          I think for me it helps to consider which unwritten social rules are valuable, and which are not, and again to strike that balance. For example, going into debt to buy objects is not good, but there is nothing wrong with occasionally spending some money on something that makes you happy.

        3. Well, superficiality and materialistic traits are predominant in today’s society. Being strong willed and disciplined is important, but then there is so much things to fight against its quite overwhelming, no wonder a lot of us prefer the easy way.

  21. The best part of ‘Hancock’ was the scene cut in movie theaters… where they dealt with the theme of ‘man of steel, woman of kleenex’
    The rest of the movie was utter leftist crap, but that one scene dealt with a question no filmmaker had the courage to deal with previously.

  22. Ok so OBummer is having his little parade over in Latvia or Lithuania, some of those Baltic republics, near the Russian border. Let’s say it kicks off over there. Now the US is up against a seasoned army, Chechnya and Georgia. Different story to the US rounding up goat hearders in Afghanistan and Iraq. Aside from the elite Seals and Green Berets, and maybe some companies of Marines who do the US and UK have to go up against the Russians or Chinese for that matter? A bunch of out of shape millennials, tapping away on their smart phones in skinny jeans. Maybe they can save the day with their skill flying drones…….

  23. The hollywood propaganda machine is a major system. There’s other themes in their movies that steer society. It’s called predictive programming. For example: Suddenly there’s a hundred movies about robots and androids and shit. They have millions of scripts piling up in their archives and they pick the themes they think are useful at any given moment. That’s how you create “thought landscapes” in the common-folk. It’s how you control thoughts and create opinions. It’s sad many people don’t see through it even though it’s so obvious.

  24. Yes even that cad Hank Moody had to be written as having oneitis…In the midst of an avalanche of pussy… some ppl take the red pill and find they can no longer watch movies but I still enjoy them, I just know the romance part of it is written in because it’s required to sell.

  25. The scene from “Expendables” is just simply ridiculous.
    What should have happened is as follows:
    Dude came back and discovered that the woman was a whore who had not waited for him.
    Then he should have killed both the woman and the dude in accordance with Deuteronomy 22:22:
    ” If a man is found sleeping with another man’s wife, both the man who slept with her and the woman must die. You must purge the evil from Israel. ”
    Simple as that.

    1. There’s also the part where Jesus says women were no longer to be stoned for adultery. But that’s different from saying that a man must continue to be her white knight and respect her or support her if she is unfaithful.

      1. Jesus never said that.
        Jesus said “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”
        Jesus was without sin. Thus He was refering to Himself and in reality offering to throw the first stone for them.
        So if the people had acknowledged His sinlessness and said “Here Lord! You are without sin, cast the first stone!”
        – then Jesus would have thrown the first stone Himself, bang in her head, no questions asked.

      2. Notice they only bring to Him an alleged adultress. Where’s the adulterer? You can’t have a trial, much less an execution, for one for out the other.
        Deuteronomy 22:22:
        ” If a man is found sleeping with another man’s wife, both the man who
        slept with her and the woman must die. You must purge the evil from
        Israel. “

        1. What if the man didn’t know she was married? Women DO lie about shit like this. Almost sounds like an early form of Yes Means Yes kind of law.

        2. Women have been known to represent themselves as “single” and you find out later the divorce has not yet been “finalized”. I don’t know how you check for that.
          On the original point, the law from moses was pretty harsh, death penalty for things like adultery. Jesus lived after moses and christians believe he changed the law but they argue about what jesus did or didn’t change. There’s nothing in the bible that says a man who has been dumped by a woman is obligated to come to her rescue like in that feminist movie script, she made her bed with a new different abusive man, she can lie in it. In fact, the “hero” in that movie put himself at legal risk for assault for doing her fighting for her. Stupid.

    2. Long time no see brother Firewing. We were talking about you in December on the Branded broad thread. They mounted a frontal assault near New Years. Had to use one of your old posts to help stave them off.

        1. Time flies, my good friend. And you`re right!
          It has been months since “The batlle for tattoed bitch rigde”, but I miss you guys and it`s great that you are here!
          Furthermore I`m good. Winter is leaving The High North.
          I`m getting more firewood on monday, so that basically sums up the blissful lack of drama in my life. He he. 🙂
          Other than that I`ve been roaming the internet, trying to defend Our Glourious Patriachy, whenever and whereever it is under assault, wich is constantly and from every direction as you know. But I usually get deleted.
          So, I might as well return here to ROK, our galant and glorious Camelot, which they will NEVER take.

        2. Just as winter seemed like it was getting near the end here it got even worse, and has stayed worse, and will be worse for at least another 10 days. So same here, cabin fever. Been busy roaming Midwest US in my engineering work. Warmer weather, even weather above 32F, cannot come soon enough.
          The Branded broad section has dwindled to a few of the same dummies swinging from username to username, with the occasional white night mixed in. All the same junk.
          You are right about the other sites, they will delete immediately, but keep fighting the good fight brother.

        3. Great to hear that you are well Brother, and I wish you a splendid spring, with great days and nights.
          Glad to hear you`ve been out and about. Is all of the mid-west snowed down or are there places that are warmer than the rest ?
          Here, the snow is basically gone, but no spring yet.
          And we will always be fighting the good fight, Brother.
          That is what angels do. 😉
          Are they still trying to pretend the tattoo-fight is not over?
          He he, in their dreams. We won and that`s the lock stock and two smoking barrels of it.
          You yourself even presented us with “A trip down memory lane” with the posting from that pagan, bi-sexual who was getting tattooed for “spiritual reasons” .
          He he he 😀
          Ah…! Glory days! 😀

        4. LOL…you remember that huh? Glad you enjoyed. All Midwest US snowed on and cold. Last couple weeks even got bitter down to Florida. They know they have been defeated, thats why its reduced to a couple of the same dummies posting under puppet names. Is it at least above freezing for you there yet? I wish you a great spring and balance of 2015 as well.

        5. He he !
          “Do I remember…?!”
          How could I possibly forget!? Your “trip down memory lane” was the total completion of our victory!!
          Not only had we slayed them totally, but even so much that you actually went back and picked up the pieces of their bitch-postings, and displayed it as a trophy !
          Ahhh… if you only knew how much I enjoyed that as well as a fighting alongside you, my Brothers.
          What a joy, my Brother!
          What a joy!
          …..Here it the weather is fairly mild, these days. Right now I got rain and wind and a tempratuire of about + 5 celcius or thereabouts, which according to google translates to about 41 degrees Fahrenheit (?).

        6. Hilarious. Ill take that weather right about now for sure. You ever see “Oblivion” or “Dom” Around?

        7. Okey Brother ! It was great seeing you again.
          Take care and we`ll talk real soon!
          You have a great night and great days til we speak again.
          Be well, Brother.

        8. I`m having internet connection-problems. It keeps falling out, so sorry for the late reply, Brother Heisenberg.
          But no, I have not seen neither Dom nor Oblivion.
          But I imagine they are out and about performing glorious deeds, and hopefully they will return to ROK in due time to tell us stories of their achievments and adventures. 🙂
          Take care my friend. See you soon!

        9. I remember both firewing and heisenberg during the great Inked Up Slut battles in late ’14. They were on the front lines and fought bravely.

  26. I was a big movie fan.. but increasingly, I just can’t watch newer movies. They are thoroughly and completely infused with feminist premises and blue-pill thinking. Every movie or TV show now has to have some “strong,” “independent,” “empowered” ass-kicking female who beats the crap out of tall, strong built men.. even if she’s a delicate waif and the average man would be able to beat the shit out of her in 2 minutes.. it’s sickening, to be honest. I guess this is some feminist end-goal and fantasy… for the average woman to beat the crap out of men she finds unattractive.. while swooning and getting wet for the dominant, alpha man of her dreams.
    There are also movies that just full of crap about female nature… and that fool men into believing women want a certain type of man. These movies are peddling dreams and delusions. .and you can argue that is the purpose of entertainment..and you’re not supposed to take them seriously.. but for the fact that culture and entertainment has a tendency to heavily influence people.. That’s why men argue and write articles here.. to dismantle the kind of heavy illusions and delusions that exists in the current Western, liberal feminist culture.
    An example of a movie I saw recently that really irritated me was “Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011), which stars Steve Carell as some hapless loser beta husband.. whose wife cheats on him and decides to divorce him. This movie was a bit different in that it has some red-pill truths, like the premise I just mentioned.. It also has Ryan Gosling playing some pick-up artist who uses Game to sleep with lots of hot women.. and he teaches Steve Carell’s character some of those tactics.. but ultimately, the movie is a feminist movie in that it’s all about what’s good for the female.. and the movie is completely unsympathetic to any male perspective. Steve Carell’s wife, played by Julianne Moore, is portrayed sympathetically even if she cheated on her husband (and if the reverse happened, you can be sure the cheating husband would never be portrayed sympathetically even if he cheated because he lost attraction to his wife). The end goal of the movie is for STeve Carell’s character to learn to be more attractive for his cheating wife so he can get back together with her. This movie is wrong on so many levels.. not least of which is that any man will tell you that when a woman is done with a man, she’s done. She will NEVER, EVER love a man again or want to be with him. Women can be incredibly cold and heartless in that way.. which men just aren’t. For women, when she loses that emotional connection and stops loving him, that’s it. Once she moves on and fucks another man, it’s over. Men are far capable of loving and having sex with multiple women than are women.. so men are still able to continue loving a woman even if he cheats with another woman. I feel sorry for men who believe they can win back a gf or wife after she’s left him.
    There is also a sub-plot involving Ryan Gosling falling for some sassy, feminist plain-jane played by Emma Stone… because according to feminist delusions, hot alpha guys of the type that Ryan Gosling plays in the movie really want to settle down with plain-janes and average looking women like Emma Stone.. who will never settle for some average looking guy of her league.. Watch out for Emma Stone’s sassy, slutty friend who disparages boring, beta males and encourages Emma Stone to slut it up and not settle for the boring beta male type.
    Speaking of Emma Stone, she did another movie called “Easy A” that is all about discouraging “slut-shaming.”

    1. sounds realistic to me- SHE cheats, HE gets tossed out of the house.

  27. This is off topic but relevant to the cause. Our money will hurt them all in the long run as will our numbers. Do not watch any women fighting on television especially sports. Women are mediocre and claim to be the best in the world at fighting. What a joke. We need to ban, watching these man-hating masculine (undercover dykes) women in sports i.e. mma. Ronda, Meisha, Sara Kaufman and the rest of the haters of true masculinity. These three morons and many others have challenged great fighters who are the best but will never challenge any man in the ufc to fight. Women love to talk big game only when the government is supporting their misandry.

  28. Characters from older stories are better than the ones we have these days. One of my favourite male characters is Gilgamesh. One point in his epic might interest you, gents.
    After Gilgamesh and Enkidu killed Humbaba, Ishtar the goddess attempted to snag his D all to herself. Unfortunately for the broad, Gilgamesh knew how she treated her past lovers and turns her down.
    Unable to except this, Ishtar runs off to her daddy in heaven asking for a bull to wreck our hero. Her dad says she was the one who is to blame for this nonsense but she isn’t having any of that because she probably never got rejected before.
    Long story short, Gilgamesh and Enkidu successfully kill the bull. This follows with Enkidu throwing a piece of the dead bull at the harpy. Gilgamesh and Enkidu then proceeded to feast and get laid.

    1. The old stories are where it’s at! Odysseus, Achilles, Aeneas, and Hector will always get my vote! I think one of the reasons why liberals, which include feminists and manginas, promoted “progressive education” over the classical model was their innate aversion to the strong masculine portrayals in the classics. There has been a slow erosion afoot in the English classes (now called English and Language Arts) in which the classics have been removed and replaced with gamma male short stories like “Priscilla and the Wimps”.

  29. IMHO the most ridiculous bullshit on the screen today is Marvels Agent Carter. This show is just a female power fantasy and nothing more. In the show Agent Carter beats the tar out of men two to three weight classes higher than her with little to no effort. They always show her beating the men in the face, but narry a once does she take a blow to the face. In reality this woman would get her ass whipped. I watch it with my daughter, whom I’m raising red pill, but I tell her often that this is pure fantasy and to never really try to box men down like this malarkey. I have to stop myself from openly laughing my ass off it’s so retarded most shows.

    1. Actually Carter only won those fights cause she had the elements of suprise. She used that a lot to her advantage. She was only in 2 fights with guys in the series. The first with the sailor in the ship (which she nearly lost if jarvis hadn’t arrived) and the second with the ssr men in the deli. There she was aware of surroundings and used that to her benefit. The most brutal fight she had was with dottie, the russian assassin. Who was also female.

  30. Fellas, are you getting a “you must be logged in to up-vote” message when you try to upvote stuff on Disqus without being logged in ?

  31. Also Silver Linings Playbook (excuse me if it has already been mentioned). What a fucking Beta shitshow circus! All I got from it was “Hey hey, if you’re depressed over a divorce or break-up, just get a new girlfriend and all is good, even if she’s a bisexual whore who does party drugs!” Fuck that, and fuck off!
    And Jennifer Lawrence’s football monologue was cringe-worthy, to say the least. Women who say they love football… No, just no thanks!

  32. “It’s masculine to white knight and defend a woman at all times- even if she may unworthy of it due to her own stupidity and flawed character”- brings to mind that subway fight. That loud, disrespectful ass girl gets the soul slapped out of her,and some lame ass captain jumps up to fight the guy. Like he’s going to get a reward or something. Idiotic

    1. If she is your property, then by all means white knight and protect her…and then, punish her for forcing you to do so.
      That is the other half of white knighting most men do not seem to understand. ‘defending’ a woman is only effective if you are ready to punish her for her own behavior to instigate trouble.
      Today’s women have been spoiled by indulgent males. Every facet of their behavior is nothing more than a reflection of being spoiled.
      And, in truth, today’s ‘Millenial’ boys have been spoiled in nearly the same fashion. That is why they behave very similarly to the indulged and spoiled girls… albeit reality bites them on the ass far more frequently.
      But the fact that Millenial boys have been so horribly indulged and spoiled makes most men look upon them with well-earned disgust… millenial girls, however, are thought of as ‘cute’ for being so spoiled.

    1. It was clearly established that she is powerful because of her Dragons and she will become a conqueror using her women’s skills and getting support (more men) with it.

  33. This article is good. I found this phenomenon about ten years ago. My sister had come to visit and lost her bag. The woman behind the counter was not being helpful. I employed the voice of command and was closing in on the last 10% of getting her broken enough to call any bag office in the country to find her bag when my sister said my name in that way women do when they are embarrassed by you doing something. I said fine, and walked out and waited for her. Upon her rejoining me, I bitched her out for not backing me up when I was going to bat for her. She did not get it, and I should have left her ass at the airport. My father and I have frequent discussions about my siblings, and he was upset at my dismissal of her from my life because she is a net negative. I’m a strong believer in not surrounding yourself with shitty people, and this article is basically that.

  34. I have stopped watching many shows because of the feminist imperative so blatantly depicted. Two and a Half Men with Ashton Kutcher was the first to go. Before Ashton Kutcher, Alan’s beta behavior was just there to contrast with Charlie Sheen’s alpha. The narrative was basically, “Being beta doesn’t pay”. Now it’s just a beta and a slightly less beta with money.

  35. It’s easier to name which shows don’t tow the feminnoying agenda that those that do.
    That’s how bad it’s gotten.

  36. The article raises an interesting premise, one which I shall flesh out further.
    At one point in times long since past, when females still appreciated Men, it was an Alpha trait to defend them from harm, legitimate and perceived, since the females well understood the unique role and importance of a Man.
    Given the rise of feminism and the onset of feminized females however, it’s no longer an Alpha trait to do so because generally speaking most females today do not appreciate the Alpha role of a Man and seek to exploit them at every turn.
    We need to resist our gallant instincts and let them fight their own battles and risk their own lives in all but the most extreme circumstances.
    Only then will they be reminded of just how essential a Man truly is, and not simply because of his wallet or looks.

  37. Don’t you just hate how the media (TV shows, movies, and even some video games) would have you think that premarital promiscuity is perfectly normal, broadly accepted, and totally non-hazardous?

  38. So what about James Cameron’s Avatar, where in the Extended Version’s opening scene, Jake attempts to rescue a woman from an abusive boyfriend, only to have her come to the defense of said boyfriend?
    And what’s your guys’ opinion about Neytiri as a character?

  39. 1939 – Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn
    2015 remake – Whatever you say dear

  40. The manosphere helped me to understand why I like “guy movies” and my selectivity about choosing which ones to watch. It’s the male characters who show masculine traits in their personas and body language. I’m a big fan of John Wayne for this reason. It’s not the gun fighting or the acts of heroism he portrays, it’s his mannerisms. The same holds true for the other old school male actors. The last dude to portray this type of demeanor was Bruce Willis’ Joe Hallenbeck character in “The Last Boy Scout”.
    I have a nice collection of “guy movies” but most of them are made before 90s. There are still some gems made after that time but the older you go, the more masculine the male characters become.

  41. The movie image of the “Good Man”, who always does the nice thing – is not only unrealistic, it is inherently anti-male
    Part of being a normal man is the ability to exercise anti-social, “douchebag” tactics in order to achieve an objective. Too much preoccupation with safety or niceness leads of effeminate, and therefore failed societies

    1. Pretty sure we survived, prevailed and got where we are by being able to do that.
      Douchebag tactics that is.

  42. That Stratton clip wasn’t beta or weak. It fit with his character. It wouldn’t have mattered if she was a he, Stratton saw a wrong-doing, knew he had the skills to fix it, probably relished the thought of getting into a fight ’cause he knew he would win, and did his thing.
    Reading waaaaaaaaaaay too much into it. Pretty sure it was written by Stalone. You knock that clip, you’re knocking Stalone. Stalone’s cool.

    1. You`re wrong, Floyd.
      The bitch was a whore.
      Thus he should have beaten her himself, but instead he went after the poor guy that had done them both a favour.
      So the scene should at least have been something like this:
      Dude comes back and discovers that the woman is a whore.
      He sees that she`s been beaten, and says:
      Then he should have proceded to the basketball court and offered to buy the basket-dude a few beers, as thanks for him taking the time and effort to straighten the bitch out.

      1. Nah, I’m standing my ground. You see it as a simple, she = whore, therefore can get beaten by man. Which is fucking overlooking the fact that an athletic man (as depicted in the movie) hit her rather than just dumping her on the street.
        Now I don’t remember what happens later in the film (whether Stratton gets back with her or not) but in that moment he showed the pussy dude who’s boss, and he showed her who’s boss, then he fucks off into the sunset. Clint Eastwood style. And you’re calling that beta? Fuck man. Don’t let your bitterness for American whores cloud your judgement on basic chess moves.

        1. ” she = whore, therefore can get beaten by man ”
          Yeps. That`s how it is.
          I don`t remember the movie either but you should never put your dick in a woman who has been fucked by another dude.
          No “getting back together”.
          If she`s been fucked by another dude, she`s worthless to you, my friend.
          Look at it this way:
          If the waiter at McDonalds dips his cock in a milkshake before serving it to you, you don`t drink that milkshake.
          If the waiter at McDonalds dips his cock in a woman before serving her to you, then you don`t want that woman either.
          Anything another man has dipped his cock in, you stay away from.

        2. Not saying I like cock-dipped milkshakes. Missing the point. I’m saying in that scene he showed everyone who’s boss and fucked off outta there. That’s not being a pussy. Period.

        3. You`re right.
          The scene do show who`s boss, – but it`s not the one you think it is:
          1. The woman was a whore.
          2. The basket-dude had apparently straightened her out.
          3. The basket-dude = Boss.
          The dude on the motorbike = beta-faggot who enables women to be whores.
          Take care.

  43. It’s been said numerous times before but it bears repeating as shorthand for the Red Pill mentality – if you have interest in a woman who professes that “Pretty Woman” is her favorite movie, next her without a second thought.

  44. The ‘boob tube’ is like a big BOOBIE. You plant your face onto it and cry like a baby when it quits working. Never let your kids be raised by a BOOBIE TUBE and especially don’t throw your kids away into the public education system. It’s just like if you wadded them up like a piece of paper and THREW THEM AWAY into the nearest 5 gal. wastebasket. Like playing trash can basketball, you’re THROWING THEM AWAY to the whore and to the state. And you’re THROWING YOUR MIND away sucking like an adult baby on the BOOB TUBE.

  45. I was listening to a country station, and I was disgusted by the number of beta songs. Ugh. Here’s a couple they play over and over and over. The first song the guy basically says he has nothing better to do, and the second pedestalizes the women. Both assume a positive outcome from these behaviors. Wrong.

    1. Country has become feminized music just like R&B the same recycled garbage. I literally can turn on the country station and hear about their women leaving them for other men, or praising beer and whores. It’s all garbage. Listening to the radio is another form of brain washing. It’s shame that Bill Burr sold out and married a feminazi. This clip from him was before his untimely demise.

      1. I’m gonna write a country song where the woman cheats and the guy vandalizes her car with a baseball bat. We’ll see if become a hit, or if people have a problem with it.

  46. There’s also the number of women who complain about the lack of good roles for women, but the large number of women being cast in roles that used to be roles that were played by men and that women openly complained they didn’t like or didn’t like anything about the genre of movie. As in science fiction or action movies.
    And all with the punching power of a pro boxer wrapped up in a Katherine Heigl like package.

  47. How many people inside and outside of the UFC are claiming Ronda Rousey should start fighting men? It’s absolutely ridiculous, but it plays into the Hollywood/Feminist myth that woman are asskickers now and a 135 pound woman can easily take down 200 pound men.

  48. Man this reminds me of American Pie, that vagina worshipping vomit of masturbating mice-men.
    And WWF, Attitude era etc. for example
    The Rock …that nigga could’ve been the president at one point…commanding an arena the way he did…
    Now they have random meat heads with no personality or Mic game

  49. It does seem to me like the female fantasy as portrayed by the media is for a woman to be able to be as shitty as possible, often both in looks and personality, and still have access to the very top men in society. In fact not even just have access to them, but actually be pursued by those men, even though these women have nothing to offer. Actually its even more ridiculous than that, not only do these women have nothing to offer but they will clearly also be a very negative burden on the man’s life just by associating with her. What kind of a deranged fantasy is this? There are of course many women out there much smarter than this who at least attempt to bring value to the table, and are not dumb enough to fall for this bizarre hollywood fantasy we have now. But those smarter women are a small minority for sure. This is something I just understand. I don’t think it would occur to a man to say “Hey, why don’t I be as horribly shitty and unnattractive as possible, and then still hope/expect to end up with a supermodel!”

  50. It’s quite common to see action movies today (even superhero movies) to have a flawed message of covert feminist indoctrination, even if they might have stunning visuals coupled with pseudo-realism.

    I really liked the mini-series John Adams until they had the scene where Abigail Adams started going on about female equality with John agreeing with her. A bunch of historical revisionist bullshit.

  51. Virtually all of the listed traits correspond to Billy Joel’s songs. No wonder he keeps getting divorce-raped.

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