There Is Little Difference Between Immigrants And Invaders

The sacred immigrant is held up by leftists as an example of the Diversity™ and Multiculturalism™ they cherish. In the United States, Inc. the immigrant is implied to have the Superior Virtue of the Oppressed by the mainstream media and politicians. By default, they’re better people than those Evil White Males™ who drag their knuckles, thump their chests, and disenfranchise and oppress people. If only the white male go away, shut up, or better yet, go extinct the rainbow of people in the New America and New World Order could finally just get along.

There are many holes in the left’s grand narrative of diversity and multiculturalism, however, such as the juxtaposition of the practice of cutting the clitoris off young girls increasing in the West alongside rabid feminists who regularly castigate and verbally castrate Western Beta males for nothing more than the crime of existing, having a penis, and having normal sexual desire. Christophobic feminists regularly contradict the left’s multiculturalism narrative as they swoop in to Muslim countries to stop the “diverse” practice of female circumcision while ignoring the hypocrisy of pushing Western feminism on other cultures.

While in the West the practice of removing the clitoris is viewed with horror, in many Middle Eastern and African nations it is a cultural practice that goes back at least 2,000 years and is supported by 75% of women in nations like Guinea. Not to mention ignoring the ongoing brutality of male circumcision in their own countries, proving men don’t count for anything to Western women other than the brute labor and material goodies they can provide. Which will it be for the left? Respecting diversity or enforcing Western feminism on Muslims?

Focusing on out-of-control immigration, which is the reason why we are seeing odd couples like feminists and supporters of Sharia Law side by side under the leftist tent, when looking at today’s immigrants one begins noticing many of them behave as an invading force rather than someone who has superior virtue, only wishing to quietly assimilate into the culture and become an integral part of it. Leftists, always coming up with clever word jumbles tell us we have “progressed” past the need for a melting pot, that we have turned into a salad bowl in the 21st century. Each ethnic piece of lettuce, tomato, broccoli, and ranch dressing can now retain its own unique flavor while enlightening and loving each other. That’s the fantasy.

The reality is quite different as the rise of female circumcision in feminized Western nations shows. In another show of tribal behavior that won’t go away, Mexican groups in particular waved Mexican flags as they beat up Donald Trump supporters in San Jose and other Trump rallies for having a difference of opinion. At protests, virtuous immigrants can also be seen waving the flags of their homeland rather than the flag of their adoptive nation, which they sometimes burn in protest. These are the actions of conquerors, not loving immigrants. Examining the differences between the two types of house guest helps shed some light on the why this behavior is occurring.


Immigrants respect the laws and customs of the nations they're entering

Immigrants respect the laws and customs of the nations they’re entering

Immigrants come to a new land to flee conditions or oppression in their homeland. Immigrants want to assimilate and become part of the culture they are immigrating to, learning the language, adopting the customs, and following the behaviors of their new home, while swearing allegiance to the new nation. Importantly, they leave their old nation behind, letting it go.

Some interesting immigration stats show us what a welcoming land America actually is to immigrants (not invaders). It is not the land of pitchfork yielding, tobacco-spitting rubes media types paint it to be: the U.S. is home to a full 1/5 of the entire world’s total of immigrants. (As an aside, thanks to marketing and imagery from film and media that depicts it in a positive light, even as it devolves into an authoritarian police state, the United States remains the top choice of people worldwide who want to immigrate but can’t.)

Immigrants abide by laws and come into the country legally, they don’t break in, pop a squat and tell everyone else how racist they are while shoving the cultural mores of the country they left behind in everyone’s face. But, to a large extent that’s exactly how immigration to American works in the 21st century. The country is devolving into a Tower of Babel and an ethnically segregated nation—not because that’s policy but because people naturally self-segregate. People want to be around people that look like them and share their values, by and large, and that includes immigrants.

Classic waves of immigrants, the kind that helped transform America into an economic superpower would rather throw themselves off a fire escape than go on welfare according to conservative commentator Michael Savage, whose father was an immigrant from Russia. (We will see this mentality, along with all the other mentalities of immigrants have been turned on their head in the invaders section.)

Further, a long instituted system of preferring European immigrants worked, and helped maintain the Western culture America is based on, that is, until 1965 when a fresh faced young Senator from Massachusetts pushed a bill that its supporters said would not demographically or culturally change America, causing the very problems we are seeing 50 years later. A few years before Chappaquiddick, Ted Kennedy told this blatant lie to the American people:

First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same. Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset. Contrary to the charges in some quarters, [the bill] will not inundate America with immigrants from any one country or area, or the most populated and deprived nations of Africa and Asia. In the final analysis, the ethnic pattern of immigration under the proposed measure is not expected to change as sharply as the critics seem to think. The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs.

Each one of those claims can be struck down, as our cities are regularly inundated with government dependent immigrants we can no longer support, white countries are told to bend over and worship diversity, that they are not allowed to have an identity, and the middle class is destroyed by jobs moving overseas thanks to free trade agreements and immigrants suppressing wages. Today’s immigrants have turned into the equivalent of invaders, looking for a piece of the dwindling pie as Western nations sink under the weight of their own decadence, ignorance, and demographic displacement.


"Refugees" have taken on the characteristics of invaders

“Refugees” have taken on the characteristics of invaders

An invading force enters a land not with the purpose of assimilating, but conquering the nations they enter and forcing everyone else to abide by their cultural practices. In the past, this was accomplished by an invading army fighting a war. Today, it is accomplished by people coming through the back door (or even the front door) as they hurl every type of insult they can at those whose land they are entering. Invaders come for generous government benefits, not to become an integrated part of the society. Unlike most nations in which one must demonstrate financial solvency before they’re allowed into a country as an immigrant, people who are likely to become wards of the state are allowed in the U.S. on a regular basis.

Thumbing their nose at those who insist they learn the language of the land while refusing to respect an already tolerant culture, invaders do what they want and tell traditional Americans to hell with your culture. Up to 90% of today’s immigrants come from cultures that have never been fully assimilated into our modern polyglot boarding house Theodore Roosevelt warned about a century ago. In State of Emergency, Pat Buchanan shows us a historical parallel of what happened to Roman society when weak leaders had “compassion” for invaders rather than backbone.

In 376 AD, a large band of Gothic refugees arrives at the Empire’s Danube frontier, asking for asylum. In a complete break with established Roman policy, they were allowed in, unsubdued. They revolted, and within two years had defeated and killed the emperor Valens – the one who had received them. What Valens had done was the Christian thing to do, but it had never been the Roman thing to do. Valens has his modern counterpart in George W. Bush. For in May 2006, Republican senators at Bush’s urging joined Democrats to offer a blanket amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens and permit US businesses to go abroad and bring in foreign workers. Senators had been shocked by the millions of Hispanics marching in America’s cities under Mexican flags. And as was the emperor Valens, President Bush was hailed for his compassion and vision.

As seen with emperor Valens, the scenario of immigrants displacing traditional populations often plays out in the final chapters of a civilization. Mark Steyn also made this chillingly prescient prediction a full decade ago, then scoffed at by the left then but ironically playing out in front of their television cameras a decade later.

To avoid collapse, European nations will need to take in immigrants at a rate no stable society has ever attempted… Most people reading this have strong stomachs, so let me lay it out as baldly as I can: Much of what we loosely call the Western world will not survive this century, and much of it will effectively disappear within our lifetimes, including many if not most Western European countries. There’ll probably still be a geographical area on the map marked as Italy or the Netherlands–probably–just as in Istanbul there’s still a building called St. Sophia’s Cathedral. But it’s not a cathedral; it’s merely a designation for a piece of real estate. Likewise, Italy and the Netherlands will merely be designations for real estate. The challenge for those who reckon Western civilization is on balance better than the alternatives is to figure out a way to save at least some parts of the West.

While the left labels immigrants as hard workers, and many of them may be, statistics tell otherwise. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, over half of households headed up by an immigrant are on some form of social welfare assistance. Immigrants from Central America and Mexico have the highest incidence of using public assistance, as a whopping 73% of those households are on public assistance. Immigrants from Europe and Southeast Asia have the lowest rates of welfare use.

Beyond using public assistance while making fun of traditional Americans’ and Europeans’ disenfranchisement from their own countries, there are splinter movements forming which want to “take back” the Southwest U.S. and return it to Mexico. This is called the Aztlan movement or the Reconquista, the re-conquest. Jose Guttierrez, a professor at the University of Texas at Arlington told reporters his views, which echo many in La Raza (The Race):

It is not our fault that whites don’t make babies, and blacks are not growing in sufficient numbers, and there’s no other groups with such a goal to put their homeland back together again. We do. Those numbers will make it possible. I believe that in the next few years, we will see an irredentists movement, beyond assimilation, beyond integration, beyond separatism, to putting Mexico back together as one. That’s irridentism. One Mexico, one nation.

Indeed, in 2016, 3 out of every 4 babies born in Texas are non-white. The demographic re-conquest is already well advanced. Similar demographic tales can be seen in other Southwestern states, especially California.

Ethnic Blender

Jump in and experience multiculturalism

Jump in and experience multiculturalism

The solution of Western governments in their quest for Utopia, rather than trying to maintain the cultural and demographic integrity of the people and constitutions they are sworn to protect, is to put us all into an ethnic blender, removing our humanity as they steadily work towards creating a standardized human being, a literally interchangeable corporate cog, bereft of humanity, politically correct, debased from history, with no sense of identity. Economic interests also want to create standardized corporate cogs of economic production with people rather than respecting the biology and humanity of the messy, freethinking, free-acting individual. So, they encourage even more immigration so as to drown out dissent from those whose identity and culture are being destroyed. All the while, diversity destroys true diversity as all world cultures converge into one socially engineered mass of well-trained and indoctrinated consumers.

The solution to the problem of Western nations needing so many immigrants was actually quite simple: it’s the birth rates, stupid. Feminism and secularism destroyed Western fertility, while the consumption economy needs a religious society’s birth rate (not a secular, suicidal birth rate) to keep it running. The fact is religious people have children, secular people do not. It was the blunder of all time. Or was it a plan?

This demographic problem has been creeping up on the U.S. and Europe for generations. However, whether for personal gains or private agendas, this issue of population replacement was never put before Americans or Europeans. It would have been as simple as telling people Hey, you guys might want to reproduce if you want your culture and genetics to survive. This fundamental error shifted the balance of power so far that “immigrants” no longer need to come in with the promise of assimilation.

Rather, they’re acting much in the way conquerors would, and for good reason. The consumption economy needs them, the globalists want them to drown out dissent from the middle class who they are enslaving and reducing to a permanent underclass, and creating division among ethnic groups fighting with each other for government favors aggrandizes power in the hands of the elite.

It’s hard to believe social engineers and financiers did not see this issue coming without making plans to capitalize on it. 

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227 thoughts on “There Is Little Difference Between Immigrants And Invaders”

  1. I visit my family in the DC suburbs often, and it doesn’t even look like America anymore. Most of the whites have left, and the ones who remain tend to be fat, tattooed, leftist, vulgar zombies.
    -The hospitals have turned into an expensive clinic for Central Americans. Everything is in Spanish.
    -Huge increase in ethnic clerks at corporate stores like Starbucks who can barely do their jobs. Service has tanked. This is why companies have ordering apps now (they can’t find people with an IQ over 85 to take orders anymore).
    -The roads are packed with third-worlders who don’t have driver’s licenses (or insurance). The Africans can barely drive and the Latinos drive like maniacs.
    Whites have gone to the exurbs, but the Federal Government’s Section 8 and refugee assistance policies are bringing the dregs to them with vouchers, ensuring they can’t run away forever.
    Here is the future of America, as shown by a city just a few miles away from Washington DC:

    The DC area was always pretty diverse, but there was always a significant percentage of blue-collar and conservative whites to keep things civilized, but now it’s just a race salad with far-left cucked whites thrown in who live in expensive condos as useful idiots of the government and Fortune 500 companies that put rainbows on everything.
    I love my family, but I really hate coming back. I’m considering moving them to Eastern Europe if things get bad.

    1. “The hospitals have turned into an expensive clinic for Central Americans.”
      You should see NYC
      This unsolvable problem will be solved the same way unsolvable problems have always been solved- by violence.

      1. If the Brexit Referendum is overturned there will be violence. The right leaning population will truly learn they have no voice. Violence will be the only option available.

        1. Pray for violence. This time the left will be on the receiving end.

      2. Just curious, what’s your stance on Daryush Valizadeh’s ethnicity? I believe you’re quite aware he’s part of the multicult as well, correct? Doesn’t it strike you a tad bit strange that he tries to gain favor with Europeans on divisive issues and tries to consider himself a part of the European diaspora?

        1. Im a WN and out on the Hard Right. He has his supporters and detractors among us. I judge him by his deeds. And he has done a tremendous amount of work. I dont think he does anything to “gain favor”. When he speaks, I listen. Hes on the side of truth and reason and civilization so Ill stand by him.

        2. His “deeds” suggest he is a hypocrite who tries vehemently to be accepted as one of your own at the cost of his own identity. Didn’t you WNs take pride in your ethnic heritage and support loyalty toward one’s own race? Well, Daryush Valizadeh isn’t one to take pride in his own upbringing or acknowledge the fact that he himself is the son of immigrants, you know… the types he tends to dislike himself. So I find it rather odd that you seem to validate whatever BS he spins to gain favor with the right and be accepted as European. He is a self-hating Iranian and a con man.

        3. This is like telling Worf he has to like all the other Klingons and not say good things about the Federation. Being a member of a race does not mean you need to like their present politics. You can still selectively appreciate parts of your culture while ditching other parts.

        4. Whatever dude. You just want to argue without the possibility of learning anything. If you dont like him dont come here. Problem solved.
          BTW I read your other comments. Especially the ones you addressed to Roosh. You can make a point without being rude, [email protected]
          Fuk off back to your video game websites. Mazel Tov

        5. There wouldn’t be a problem if Daryush Valizadeh was critical about the shortcomings of certain aspects of Middle-Eastern culture as an Iranian. But Daryush thinks he’s practically become an European himself after his parents immigrated into the States. He is so ashamed of his Iranian heritage that he actively tries to bash things simply to gain favor with Europeans at the expense of his own identity. Seems he conveniently forgets that most of the right-wing nationalist Europeans he tries to appeal to with his rhetoric will never accept him as one of their own. And that’s grossly disturbing.

        6. “You just want to argue without the possibility of learning anything.”
          — Well I’m all eyes and ears. I’d love to see you make a point worth learning from.
          ” If you dont like him dont come here. Problem solved.”
          — That’s not quite how the internet works.
          “You can make a point without being rude, [email protected]
          — You’re right, I should’ve been more polite. With all due respect to Daryush Valizadeh, I believe he is a self-hating Iranian and a con man.
          “Fuk off back to your video game websites. Mazel Tov”
          — And you should get back to servicing Daryush. Mazel Tov because you’re going to need it.

    2. Victor David Hanson, his family were farmers in the same spot for generations, has been saying the same thing abot CA for over a decade now. His writings are usually spot on.
      Democrats are expanding their voting plantations and they are all in for replacing the population.

      1. VDH is required reading. Wrote a book called “Mexifornia” and is a regular contributor to NR. He owns a farm in the central valley and it is becoming unliveable due to the all the crime…

    3. I was listening to a radio show today about Brexit. The propaganda we are being inundated with in the UK is unbelievable. One talking head had the gaul to say the NHS wasn’t under any pressure due to immigration and that the referendum vote was due to racism. So now trying to defend your homeland by voting against unlimited immigration iz rassssist innit…….

      1. “One talking head had the gaul to say the NHS wasn’t under any pressure due to immigration and that the referendum vote was due to racism”
        Let me guess, another self-loathing white?

        1. Are Jews genetically different from Europeans? To a certain degree, yes. But if anything, Jewishness is an ethnicity, not a race. Europeans, Middle Easterners (Jews, Arabs, etc.) and South Asians are Caucasians. Caucasian is a race. Not “white” and not Jewish.

          Read the blurb under “Genetic disorder from Anthony Daniels.”

        2. White is NOT A RACE. It is a phenotype. Caucasian is the race, and middle easterners, regardless of their skin tone, are Caucasian.

        3. Aside from being unified by a common culture, heritage, religion and ethnic identity, Jews view themselves as separate and distinct from the rest of humanity, whom they contemptuously refer to as “goyim.”
          Israel is literally developing genetic tests to determine citizenship:

          So no, a Jew is not “White” and you need better sources. Stop reading WordPress blogs.

        4. Jews are just as incorrect in viewing themselves as a separate race as the alt-right. And you need to stop blaming everyone but your own people for your problems. None of this would have happened if Europeans hadn’t willingly bought into these ideas in the first place, particularly women’s suffrage.

        5. Yes, let me rely on a book published in 1974, when the article to which I am referring references a book published two years ago, which would refer to new information discovered over the past four decades. Nice try, dumbass. Find something more up-to-date next time you want to try to disprove me.

        6. They are Turko-Mongolian racially, with some Negroid and hijacked European genes. White appearing skin does not denote racial sameness with Aryans. Moreover, they hate and fear Whites, hence their current attempt at genocide of Whites.

        7. Had you bothered to read the study I provided (one of many, btw), you would have discovered that you are the one with erroneous beliefs. If you genuinely believe that humans are all alike and if we work hard enough, we can repair any individual differences, I don’t know what to say other than you’re an idiot.

        8. “Yes, let me rely on an anonymous stranger’s personal WordPress blog, that looks like a Geocities website.” —jz95

        9. I did read your study. Just because they are technically the same race does not mean that they are exactly the same. There are greater differences within races than between races. And you’re just putting words in my mouth. It is quite clear that human populations are not alike. We can, however, implement certain policies that can help remediate these differences to certain degrees, but the most vocal fringes of the left and right do nothing but shout “You’re a fucking white male!” and “Gas the kikes, race war now!” respectively.

        10. “Yes, let me rely on a book published in 1974”
          So what? Information contained inside is wrong? Can you prove it?
          Truth: (Ragnar Redbeard) “They are Turko-Mongolian racially, with some Negroid and hijacked European genes. White appearing skin does not denote racial sameness with Aryans.”
          History of the Jews:
          – The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire and its Heritage

          – Leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine

          – A Resource for Turkic and Jewish History in Russia and Ukraine

          – The Jews of Khazaria

          – DNA Science and the Jewish Bloodline

          “Nice try, dumbass.”
          Jew (lover), you are arrogant, aggressive and rude. Of course you are right and everybody else is wrong. You are an undiscovered genius. Please, save our planet! Save us all! We’re Doomed! You’re our only hope.

        11. I’ll tell you what, dipshit. I’ve placed a hold for the book she references from my local library. (And I’m sure you have no problem with Heartiste’s wordpress blog, am I right?) It’ll take a few days for thebook to come in, but I’ll read it firsthand, and then we can continue this fascinating back and forth. Sound good?

        12. Forgive me for not jumping on the conspiracy theory bandwagon.
          What are you alt-right guys actually doing? Are you actually looking for your unicorns and having your brood of white children? Or are you just complaining about shit online like the autists on /pol/? Like I said to KZOO, I will personally read the book I have referred to, and then we can get back to this fascinating discussion. Sound good, bucko?

        13. I stopped reading here:
          “Just because they are technically the same race does not mean that they are exactly the same. There are greater differences within races than between races.”
          The first part makes zero sense and the second is nowhere close to being true. Perhaps stick to pursuits that match your intellectual capacity?

        14. Heartiste isn’t a geneticist, anthropologist or even an researcher but I respect his contributions to the Manosphere. I don’t find the exchange to be particularly fascinating but yes, once you’ve educated yourself on this topic I would love to hear from you.

        15. I could say the same to you. Have you actually looked into HBD, or do you just stick to the parts that have to do with the IQs of Blacks and Jewish interests?
          Just as you can’t take a bunch of Arabs or sub-Saharan Africans and make them like Germans, you can’t take a bunch of Serbs and make them Germans either. European populations are not interchangeable either. All the advances created by the “white” European race were largely developed by western Europe.

        16. What would you make of Winston Churchill’s famous “Lionheart” speech, “It was the nation and the race, dwelling all round the globe that had the Lionheart.”
          Do you he was speaking of Englishmen and Anglo-Saxons respectively, ensconced literally all round the ever-lit British Empire?
          Or did he really mean British peoples of any random colouration and of course all White people including Krauts, Degos, and upper class Nips?

        17. You and I both know what he was talking about, but his use of the word “race,” then as now, is wrong. “English” is not a race. It is an ethnicity, but this does not mean that an Englishman is exactly the same as, say, an Irishman or a Spaniard. There are differences between human populations. But there are more differences within these various populations, which the alt-right largely fails to acknowledge.

        18. White skin is caused by a genetic mutation which stops the production of melanin in the skin. This means the skin is not protected anymore against UV radiation. Protracted exposure to sunlight can therefore burn the skin and cause the development of cancer cells in the skin.
          Race is mainly determined by facial features and people are roughly divided into Caucasian, Mongoloid, Negroid and Australoid. Jews look Caucasian to me, although other Semites – like Arabs – look like they have some Negroid genes in them.
          I don’t think races are ‘pure’, because people always thought in terms of tribes and not in terms of races.

        19. Aryans are from the Indian subcontinent and have nothing in common with present-day Europeans. Maybe the ancient Greeks and Latin speaking Romans were close to the Sanskrit speaking Aryans (since Sanskrit is related to ancient Greek and Latin), but other Europeans were a different stock of people.
          The term ‘Aryan’ was unknown to Europeans, until Hitler read some Hindu epics and called the Germanics ‘Aryans’, because they lacked an identity and he needed something to fuel nationalism.

        20. Exactly. White skin developed in cold environments, particularly northern and western Europe. The reason these populations. particularly western Europe, are so successful is because they evolved in an environment which was extremely hostile to survival, which required them to create large systems of agriculture and civilizations in order to survive.
          There are five (possibly six) basic sub-racial groups: Amerindian (the indigenous people of South America), Australian Aboriginals, Caucasians (which is Europeans, Semitic peoples, and South Asians), Mongoloids (East and southeast Asians), and Negroids (Sub-Saharan Africans). The reason some Arabs look more negroid is precisely the same reason why some Europeans look more mongoloid the further east you get. Whenever two populations share a border, mixing takes place. The alt-righters (and other racial purity groups) don’t seem to understand that this is 1) a natural occurrence and 2) how the various human groups (including “white” Europeans) came into existence today.

        21. Research the OOA model of modern human origins, then get back to me. I’m not here to discuss nonsensical, tangent arguments.

        22. Nonsensical, tangent articles? All you and your cheering section ever do is blame the Jews for everything. I’ll be frank, the origins of modern humans and the differences between us is fascinating, but in the end irrelevant at this particular moment. The reason the west is falling is because your own people allowed it to fall. You let the “Jewish fifth column” in. You allowed them to attain positions of great power and influence. You willingly bought in to every leftist ideology, from women’s suffrage to gay marriage. You have absolutely no one to blame but your own people. But just to make you happy, I will look into the OOA model and get back to you.

        23. This article is right above an article about Tim Wise, who is Jewish. Hence, the statement is relevant and no we don’t blame the Jews for everything, you’re just being emotional. Also, if you don’t mind me asking, are you a Jew?

        24. No, I am not a Jew. And I do not deny that there is a large proportion of Jews controlling the media. That is very clear. But again, if your people hadn’t let them in and let them attain positions of power, the west would not be in this situation.

        25. So, essentially your solution is to preemptively castigate an entire population for the actions of a few. Yet, you’re triggered because I do the same, after the fact? Maybe it’s time for you to log off.

        26. I guess I’m just following the alt-right’s example since that’s exactly what you do.

        27. He’s talking about genetic diversity. To keep it simple think of race as painting. Race’s groups tribes which are genetically diverse, have more colour types (eg.Blue turquoise navy blue)than those groups who are not genetically diverse (just blue) jz95 knows what he’s talking about

        28. Just to recap:
          I point out how Jews (not all) have a history of pretending to be White Gentiles to further an agenda. You claim Jews are White and the Alt-Right tends to blame Jews for all their problems…Now your argument is it’s all Whites’ fault because Jews aren’t White and DO bring mischief, misery and strife, where ever they go? Huh???

        29. It’s a straw argument. Jews aren’t “White.” They’re Jewish. This isn’t about genetics, it’s a matter of culture and ethnic identity. Anyone who uses color to define themselves has no history or heritage.

        30. I’m beginning to think you’re just an idiot.
          I did not say that Jews are white. I am saying that Jews and Europeans (who are generally referred to as “whites”) are both members of the Caucasoid race. What I am doing is pointing out the hypocrisy of blaming all Jews which the alt-right seems to love doing. Is there an overrepresentation of Jews in high positions, particularly the media? Yes. I’m not blind. But I’m pretty sure your average Jew isn’t sitting around rubbing his hands planning on how he can aid in the destruction of the white race (which again, is not a race). If the alt-right can say that Jews (and blacks, and Hispanics, and Muslims, etc.) are responsible for every social ill befalling the west, when it’s only a certain percentage of these populations doing so, why can’t I blame every white person for being a cuck?

        31. No one’s talking about genetics idiot. It’s a straw argument you created, so you would have something to competently refute. Furthermore, no one is blaming Jews for everything. You’re reading that into what I said. Again, stay in your lane moron.

        32. You are repeating a common thought, but claiming it as factual. It’s like saying “we all came from Africa” as an absolute construct, even though there is conflicting evidence. I tend to believe in your above theory, but I don’t cite it as an absolute like you do.

      2. Well, to be honest, UKs immigration problems (and no, I am not talking about the Poles and other Eastern Europeans) hail from before the entry of the UK to the EU. So I have news for you, Swarismasmothefuckadu and Ahmed will still arrive at the Heathrow airport, with or without the UK into the EU. The only thing you just got rid of is the duty to accept refugees from Middle East…for now

        1. Very true, unfortunately, but the Merkel inspired refugee resettlement is a tidal wave to be avoided.

        2. Perhaps but you have to start somewhere and it wasn’t all about da immigints either……. lack of democracy in the EU, trade deals having to be agreed by other states, etc., etc.

        3. It’s, true. That’s why I said you avoided the refugee wave…for now. Until you remove the current political elite, nothing is safe.

        4. I understand it wasn’t all about immigrants, there were other issues (the EU arrogance, their unelected bureaucrats dictating endlessly new rules and regulations that stifled innovation and productivity, etc.). However correct if I am wrong, but were it not for the folly of EU immigration policies, UK would have never voted the way they did. And If my my memory serves, it was the greatest rhetoric point in the armament of the Brexiters.
          All in all I wish the EU fails, but if UK own immigration policies don’t change…let’s say the outlook is not so good.

      3. It was those stupid Millennial fucks who voted to remain basically so they could have visa free to travel to Amsterdam for weed and go to raves …The country for weed and raves…Fucking sad..

        1. Self improvement is not something they pursue. They much prefer to go around in flocks and gaggle about the most inane shit imaginable……

        2. Or maybe millennials accepted that they like most of us are not going to amount to much and partaking in illicit substances makes this reality a bit more bearable…

      4. First of all immigration there isn’t unlimited. One of the talking points which inspired brexit was the fact that the UKIP leader talked about redirecting money that would have been spent towards the e.u. to the n.h.s. on which he is now back tracking on. They are a lot of promises and ideas about the brexit which really won’t be realised.

    4. And this is Edison, NJ. Over run by East Indians who still wave Indian flags and stink up the whole neighborhood. Their boys harass white girls:

      1. Indians aren’t all muslims and are usually well integrated. Desi girs are also very pretty.

        1. I’ve read that article before but disagreed with it. Indian girls are hot.

      2. You’re just a butthurt white loser who can’t handle the fact that Indians are the richest and highest educated group of people in the USA. We are smarter than you and we outperform you. Just deal with it. Don’t compare us to Mexicans, blacks or people from the Middle East.

    5. I’ve kept telling people that we need to worry less about undocumented migrants from Mexico, and focus on legal immigration coming from third world countries. We are allowing hoards of East Indians on H1bs to come here. Once they are here, they never leave! Edison, NJ is already screwed with their kind, and so is the San Francisco Bay Area. When are we going to put a stop to Somalians coming here and taking over Minnesota? We need to abolish the h1b scam, and stop giving refugee status to third world migrants.

      1. I believe 80-90% of all immigration is of this legal kind. There are fake universities that exist, simply to act as a front for these “student” visas for the Chinese and Indians. Whole companies that specialize in helping these type of immigrants go through this process.

        1. Yes, exactly my friend. A lot of these fake visa scams are preventing decent smart Europeans from coming over to positively contribute to our society. Not Mr. Patel who decided to open a liquor store.

      2. Give me a break, they are not “undocumented migrants”, words of the loony liberal left, they are illegal aliens. H1Bs need to be abolished but at least these guys are working technical jobs and won’t rely on handouts. Also, there is a limit of 65,000 of them allowed per year. Good thing the Gang of 8 bill failed. Illegals sneaking across the border is a much bigger problem.

        1. Actually, 85,000. You’re not including Masters degree holders. 85% of the applicants applying are of East Indian origin. You do the math. H1b is valid for 3 years, and you can renew it for another 3 more years – 6 years total. In that time, they can have their employer sponsor them for a green card. Once the initial application has started for the green card, and their labor certification is approved, guess what? Their H1b becomes unlimited! They have no expiration for that visa to expire anymore as long as they keep working for the same company. Once you get an H1b visa, you are no longer limited to the quota. So you can always apply and transfer your H1b without worrying about that 85,000 cap. There are over 5 million people in the United States on H1bs. There you go buddy. And this number will keep growing. We are only talking about H1bs. Lets not forget L1 visas. There’s no cap on those and hoards of Indians are coming on those visas to the USA on that. East Indians will over take the Mexican population in 10 years.

      3. Agreed, Thanks to the Metropark train to NYC the town of Iselin (next to Edison ) jokingly called Islam is ground zero for NJ’s Indian invasion despite the islam humor most of them are actually Hindu and hail from the Gujarat State in India. They love cook everything with curry, Trust me you don’t want live in adjacent apartment…

      4. Have you considered the fact that “Roosh” himself isn’t Anglo-Saxon / European? Start with him maybe? And to be honest, going by your screen name, neither are you. Which is quite interesting.

      1. Yes they are and the media… the Washington Compost doesn’t report on gang violence anymore in the DC burbs.

    6. I’ve spent some time in the Pacific Northwest and outside of Seattle most places there are 80-90% white, nice cities/towns, and even the lefties don’t like non-white 3rd worlders coming there.
      I could see a mass migration of whites to this region in the next 30 years. Just avoid Portland which has some of the ugliest women I’ve ever seen.

      1. You were dissapointed with Portland? Really? I did not find any ugly women. I also liked how majority were White! Seattle, thanks to Microsoft and Amazon, I’m sure it’s filled with Indians everywhere.

    7. I’ve seen the same thing happen around D.C. as well (up visiting my sister). I’ve told her to move down south because she’s currently living in Mexico (or Central America) and it’s only a matter of time before things get really bad.
      If anything would happen to her (right now), then I wouldn’t call the police…I’d go looking for them myself (with backup). Politicians, the police and media are doing nothing to aid actual citizens (Americans) and everything to protect these illegals or refugees (especially Muslims).
      God (or anyone) help them if I have to go looking for any one of them.

    8. So you’re missing having white neighbors? Get REAL, Roosh. You just don’t like having your own kind as neighbors because you see what it’s going to bring…

      1. “So you’re missing having white neighbors? Get REAL, Roosh. You just don’t like having your own kind as neighbors because you see what it’s going to bring…”
        Find me a country/state/province/county/city that has ever complained about Middle Eastern Christians moving in.

        1. Find M.E. Christians that are being allowed to leave predominantly Muslim countries. Most are being killed in record numbers and our POTUS doesn’t seem to mind.

      2. Roosh aka Daryush Valizadeh has been trying so hard to shed his Iranian identity that he seems to be deluded into thinking that he’s Anglo-Saxon, or rather what he calls “white”.

    9. I have heard inside the churches for 10-15 yrs now, that God will bring an awakening when all races are worshiping under one roof. Which has happened,

      1. Yes, it is annoying when I order food, and be told I don’t speak English by that man. They intend to force this our in the suburbs. As I recalled an article on infowars mentions the plan.

    10. This post may be necessary Alt-Right rhetoric but it’s based on a ridiculous argument, like the rest of them in the AR are becoming.Sure, it’s a fine line between immigration and invasion if American identity is forsaken along the way, but then hasn’t America been pimping out it’s identity for the last 150 years? America can hardly blame immigrants for the snake oil Americans themselves have been peddling. The chief American export since the 1950’s has been itself, smothering in some cases centuries-old foreign identities with addictive American culture. Often the only thing left they can love is American, or rather everythng they can love but can’t have for themselves unles they go there. Why wouldn’t immigrants believe in Magic Dirt, when they’ve been forced to inhale the addictive poisons springing from it since they were born? If you want them to stop coming then stop selling them Americanism. Get off the world stage, sit the heck down and shut the heck up. It’s not that hard. Bet you won’t though, it’s not in your nature. Everyone gets what they deserve in the end. America deserves Hillary and her lizard army.

    11. It’s like a South Africa situation recreated as if it were some kind of ideal, “percentage of whites to keep things civilised”.. The muslim drivers in Europe drive like maniacs.

    12. Roosh– Yup, the DC Area in the close in Virginia counties and cities are also becoming polyglot boarding houses. Rich whites are moving to Loudon county in droves. I used to live in Annandale and that is now a Central American boarding house. Falls Church has an area called Culmore which is ground zero for Obama’s inspired surge. It is in fact an invasion there and whoever is left who can pay taxes in Fairfax in the upcoming years is going to foot the education and social service bills for hundreds of thousands of poor Central Americans and other third world countries.
      I get madder than shit over that last fact. Democrats and their corporate crony cousins in the GOP Establishment are foisting the bill for their voters and cheap labor onto local tax payers who get NO SAY in this matter. That is fucking outrageous.

    13. You’re kind of speaking out of both sides of your mouth, Roosh. It’s precisely because of the Immigration act of 1965 that your family was allowed to come here in the first place, was it not?
      The alt-right doesn’t care that Iranians probably have more in common with Europeans than Arabs. To them, anyone who isn’t a Christian European is just a low-IQ shitskin. Keep that in mind.

      1. Pretty much the exact thing that crosses my mind whenever I read Daryush Valizadeh’s criticism of multiculturalism. It’s like he’s conveniently trying to cover up his own ethnicity and appeal to the conservative European population in order to further some sort of agenda.

    14. All true. Esp the driving part. They all drive like insane people with little regard for others or the law.

    15. But Mr. Valizadeh, have you considered Iran as an option? Since you’re an immigrant and will never be European, it’s better if you left to go back to your own country along with your family and leave the European countries to European people. If you must stay in America, I suggest blending in with the “diverse” multi-culti people you’re so critical of, since you know… you’re one of them.

    16. The major issue here is that most immigrants coming to the US today have little ability to integrate, many do not have more than a 10th grade education, so its hard in an advanced country to be nothing more than cheap labor. People forget the open borders folks also view the immigrants who come here with contempt, publicly they will say they are for immigrants but behind closed doors most of them view immigrants as inferior and just cheap labor, not people who will become part of the so called American Dream. Occasionally they will have one who makes it in society and then use that person as an example that uncontrolled immigration is a good thing and beneficial. Its like an MLM, where most people lose money, a few get rich.
      I used be for immigration when I assumed that people would come to the US and blend into society. Now I really see these people are used by politicians and elites to further their own wicked agendas.
      Even on rare occasions I see the left exposing how immigration is mostly a ploy for bringing in low cost labor to the United States. Look up an article on the H1B program and slavery. Interesting stuff, even white collar college graduates from foreign countries are put into the same class as Mexican strawberry pickers.

  2. Re: male circumcision, every girl I’ve ever dated or been friends with prefers a circumcised cock. Female circumcision on the other hand is pointless butchery.

        1. Exactly! If you’re fucking/dating someone, chances are you’re going to have to befriend the other girls in that persons circle… unless you’re a complete and utter anti-social sperg.

        2. If I’m fucking/dating someone I’m usually one on one with them. I’m told threesomes are fun but haven’t had the chance yet.
          I don’t see any reason to be socially involved with the people who orbit some girl just because I’m sticking my dick in her anymore. I did not get averse to it until I got older, but there is no sense in getting to know some random girls friends. I know that now, the only thing you get out of it is shit. They like you, you become friends and then it ends when you end it with the girl. Or they don’t like you and talk shit to the girl about you.

        3. Even being deliberately celibate (both me and my wife were) i refused to be friends with her. Either we dated, or I wouldn’t have anything to do with her. Every now and then, she brings it up. My reply is “we are married now aren’t we?”. I was friends with her roommates and many other girls, never ever did any of those friendships turn into anything more.

        4. The three-way is not all that it’s cracked up to be. It usually happens when drunk, and one of them will usually get jealous/emotional and sabotage the fuckfest.

    1. Snipped bitching. Not to mention you must be bi at a minimum, gay most likely if you talk about cocks with “female friends” you aren’t fucking lol.

      1. I’m talking about common acquaintances and regulars in my social group, not “one on one” platonic relationships. Sounds like some of you people never went to highschool or college or a party. No need to turn your social retardation around on me and call me queer because youre socially inept and cant interact with females.
        In coed mixed company the conversation often turns to sexual topics especially in highschool and college. It’s common knowledge that most bitches prefer their men cut.

        1. That is what women tell you for a very specific reason. Let me clue you in; women prefer BIG. They’re just sparing your feelings.

        2. Youre a funny guy! All but 2 of the women Ive banged have volunteered without me even asking, that I have the biggest cock theyve ever fucked.

      2. Talking about cocks with a broad or two in the right way will most certainly end up in fucking most of the time.

  3. I already posted this once, but I read a post by some guy who was basically discussing multiculturalism with his female friend. She had brought up her opinion that an Indian restaurant should have Indian waiters, to keep the culture intact. He asked her why then the support of immigration. She did not truly want a place where everyone is equal and assimilated. Rather, she wanted culture-hopping. For herself to be able to experience multiculturalism, everyone else has to stay monocultural. For her to have variety, others have to restrict themselves.
    Good article. I am inclined to agree.

    1. Ethnicity and Nation are masculine concepts. Women do not understand, nor need them.

      1. I do not hold that much value for these things, either. Big reason for that is, I think, because I did not grow up in my homeland.

      2. Which is another good reason to calibrate women’s rights to the 17th century levels.

  4. Immigration is a policy not a value. A sensible immigration policy welcomes the smart, rich or beautiful. All countries have a full domestic supply of dumb, poor, ugly people.

  5. The American people willingly hand over their power and money to these immigrants though.
    We demand increasing products and services from our consumer-machine, yet who operates that machine? Immigrants.
    Americans and our newer generations are more dependent than ever. No one cuts their own grass, cooks for themselves (restaurants), cleans their own homes, drives themselves (Uber), or renovates their own homes anymore, but where does all this money go to? Immigrants.
    If we bought less product, did more for ourselves and started more businesses, then the power-scale would tip back in our favor, the money would stay in our hands and there would be less demand for immigrant labor and thus, their presence would diminish. We like our decadence though so I doubt it. We willingly pay $2,000/month for rent individually while immigrants save money and split an $800 rent 4 ways. We work taxed, corporate jobs while immigrants get paid mostly in cash and thus don’t report taxes. We can live and work like they do too, but we don’t. Again, we like our decadence. Verbally we say we don’t like this power transfer but our dollars and actions show that we don’t really care about our loss of power.

    1. Not quite. The jobs that working class whites had all went to Mexico or China starting with NAFTA in the 90s.. There are few immigrants in rural fly-over-country because there are simply no jobs. Plenty of parasites (both home grown and foreign) though. Under Obama the economy has lost so much GDP as if MI, OH and IN were wiped off the map.

    2. Guess again if you think everyone has a gardener and stay at home cook, etc. Says more about YOU than the general public. All of the things you state that Americans do not do, I do on a daily basis. I don’t pay anyone to tend my own. That you don’t only means you’re part of the problem and choose to bitch about being a part of the problem.

    3. This.
      America done that through its whole history. Rather then employ their own countrymen to do work, Americans look for cheap foreign labor so wages can be kept low and they can make a quick buck. It started all the way back when the first African slaves were imported; now blacks as a whole are destroying this country from the inside out.
      Even though so many of us look positively on white European immigration, it too was all just a ploy to keep wages down at the expense of the natives’ livelihoods. The comparison to a “ready-made proletariat” in the passage below describes it perfectly.
      “The assault on white-skin privilege steadily expanded its beach-head following the Civil War. The Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution extended the privileges of citizenship to Negroes thereby enabling black Reconstruction governments to lord it over white Southerners. Although white supremacy was restored in the South with the end of Reconstruction, the industrialization of America posed another, more serious, threat to the once unchallenged cultural and political hegemony of old-stock Americans in the North and the West. Faced with stiff resistance from homo Americanus to permanent wage labor, industrialists imported a ready-made proletariat, first from Ireland and later from central, eastern, and southern Europe. Nativist objections were met with the soothing observation that Italian or Polish Catholics, even remarkably alien Russian Jews, were just as “white” as Anglo-Saxon Protestants.
      With the closing of the frontier and the consolidation of the corporate economy, however, homo Americanus, too, was compelled to abandon the dream of an independence secured by his own land or his own business; he, too, was forced to get a job. In the twentieth century, most native-born Americans of British ancestry, faced with a life-long struggle to keep a roof over their heads, freely sold themselves into wage-slavery. (In time, of course, a shiny new car in the garage would provide Americans of every color and creed with the illusion of freedom.)”
      – Andrew Fraser, The WASP Question, pg. 219
      Meanwhile, in countries like Japan even goddamn fruit pickers are nice friendly Japanese people who take at least a modicum of pride in their job.
      This toxic aspect of American culture and the fact that the common man didn’t fight back against it ensured the country’s demise from the moment it was founded.

  6. “An invading force enters a land not with the purpose of assimilating, but conquering the nations they enter and forcing everyone else to abide by their cultural practices. In the past, this was accomplished by an invading army fighting a war. Today, it is accomplished by people coming through the back door”
    Interesting article. Immigration certainly shouldn’t mean invasion but it rather depends on the intentions and desire for assimilation of the immigrants involved and more importantly perhaps the intentions (and desire to promote assimilation) of those those making or influencing policy in relation to immigration. The critical important of multiculturalism anti-racism to the left progressives has made it inevitable unfortunately that immigration should take on the ‘colour’ of an invasion. Maybe that’s what was involved with the Syrian refugees recently, or maybe that’s been the intention all along, but its worth remembering that corporate capitalism has always had its uses for cheap labour that undermines the local working people and that’s a quite different perspective from the purely ideological position of leftists and marxists.
    Its natural and unavoidable perhaps to link immigration / multiculturalism to (white) nationalism. That’s fair enough perhaps, but its clear one of the main points of this article is that there’s a contradiction – a dissonance – between the left-feminist attitude to immigration as a form of multiculturalism and the ideological rejection of patriarchy. We know that though, and as a theme its done to death by people such as Milo / Infowars etc. The real killer here though is the bit tagged on to the end:
    “The solution to the problem of Western nations needing so many immigrants was actually quite simple: it’s the birth rates, stupid. Feminism and secularism destroyed Western fertility”
    kudos for including it, but this would ideally be the main theme of an article in its own right. The argument that immigration = invasion is probably going to have a lot of heads nodding in agreement, but for that very reason its not really controversial to many, except to the degree that it is explicitly stated and adequately theorised. The fact that feminism ultimately requires immigration on the other hand remains and absolute mystery to the vast majority of people, including those, and perhaps even especially those who are worried to death by immigration.
    A great many feminist dominated countries if not necessarily card carrying feminists themselves are becoming massively concerned with immigration, but as yet its considered perfectly compatible to be concerned with immigration yet perfectly happy with ever burgeoning feminism. Unless you push this nexus – the inevitability of immigration so long as you have feminist policy that involves below-replacement birth rates – people are not getting the whole picture.
    So make it explicit: so long as western nations remains predominantly feminist, then mass invasion force level immigration is an absolutely existential requirement. Just imagine if every the British referendum leave vote had been about the EU promoting feminism as a leading cause for immigration. It needs to be absolutely clear that feminism is indirectly responsible for what is happening. As a policy of the elites it is joined at the hip with immigration it is time everybody on the planet understood this

    1. Finally. thank you for your insight. However it must be stated that Feminism==mass immigration is a rhetoric point which is true. If the West had higher birthrates (no, no 7 children per woman but at least between 2 and 3) you can be sure innovation wouldn’t have stagnated and mass immigration not only would’ve been way harder to sell to the public, it wouldn’t have flown with a younger public, willing to test the mettle of the invaders. However in our current environment where most of the people is made up of oldster looking forward to enjoy their “golden years” and few youngsters who without education and knowledge from their past are just awakening, of course the invaders would have a field day.

  7. They barely hide their hatred any more. In the wake of “Brexit” there were angry calls for all those ignorant white country folk to just “die and make way for the new”.
    As a people who’s lands are being colonized and culture exterminated doesn’t it make sense to take action sooner rather than later? The opposition is stronger and more brazen every day

    1. Yup plus a bunch of monkeys hollering that the young voted for Remain…
      Actually no. The overwhelming majority of the young didn’t vote for either side at all, 18-25 turnout was 35% or so. So since 75% or so voted for Remain, that leaves us with about 25% of the total supporting Remain camp. The rest wanted to leave or didn’t give a fuck one way or the other.

    2. What these stupid, young people don’t understand that with all of these white country folk out of the way….who’s going to pay for everything? None of them work, pay into the system or can support the system. That’s how stupid these kids are…they haven’t thought it through to the end. They don’t realize who pays the bills.

  8. You can’t have a welfare state and open borders too. You’ll just bring the sickness of the shittiest parts of the world to your front door step. The funny thing is, societies have been trying this since the beginning of civilization, and it hasn’t worked one single time.

    1. Kinda like socialism. Hasn’t worked once, but these fucktards want to keep trying it, lol.

    2. Good point. I’m tired of paying. I’ve been paying into the system to help minorities “get their shit together” for decades and we see that it doesn’t work. Once the idea of hard work has been abandoned, then everyone will want a free handout (no work involved). They should have put all of these people to work doing something (community service at least) because we need plenty of things done to improve the community. They don’t show up to work, they don’t get paid.
      Again, I’m tired of paying for it all. It’s a system that will never be there for me in the future.

      1. I’ll never live in a city and pay property taxes so all sorts of dark children can soak up my tax dollars to try and improve their innately lower IQs

  9. When I hear about assimilation, I look at the Gypsies. They were Arabic immigrants fleeing Islam back when Mohammad was alive. 1500 years, and they still have not assimilated.

    1. How about the Jews? Thousands of years jumping it on the road and not only didn’t they integrate culturally, not even genetically!
      Anyone who things the muzzies are going to integrate is either smoking some seriously strong dope, or a complete moron.
      Incompatible cultures and traditions don’t mix anymore than water and oil does.

      1. “Anyone who things the muzzies are going to integrate is either smoking some seriously strong dope, or a complete moron.”
        You are giving the liberals too much credit. They know perfectly well that what they are doing is destructive to our society. That’s the point.

        1. The architects know it’s not going to work and will just atomize society more. Divide and conquer.
          But the fact is there is a large group of basket cases who actually believe they will integrate and be productive members of society. I don’t care about the elites, I’d like to get to the rest of em.
          With a cricket bat if nothing else.

        2. I used to think as you do, that they are misguided, useful idiots. Not anymore, every single issue they push leads to further destruction of western society. The quicker it leads to downfall and reconstruction (in their globalist fantasy), the harder they push the issue. Most are college educated, fairly intelligent people. They are not stupid, they are evil.

  10. Funny thing. The History Channel just ran a 3 part special about the Fall of Rome to the barbarian incursions. One of these episodes was about the goths where they even compared it to the modern day migrant crises. The Goths, on the run from the Huns, were granted safe passage into Rome, where they were treated unfairly, and thus rebelled. They argued if Rome had treated the Goths better, they would’ve turned and helped the Romans defeat the Huns later on.

    1. You must not have watched the hole thing. The Goths did help the Romans defeat the final battle against the Huns under Attila.
      Wikipedia entry:
      The Battle of the Catalaunian Plains (or Fields), also called the Battle of Châlons or the Battle of Maurica,[8] took place in CE 451 between a coalition led by the Roman general Flavius Aetius and the Visigothic king Theodoric I against the Huns and their vassals commanded by their king Attila. It was one of the last major military operations of the Western Roman Empire, although Germanic federates composed the majority of the coalition army. The battle was strategically inconclusive: the Romans stopped the Huns’ attempt to establish vassals in Roman Gaul, and installed Merovech as king of the Franks. However, the Huns successfully looted and pillaged much of Gaul and crippled the military capacity of the Romans and Visigoths. The Hunnic Empire was later dismantled by a coalition of their Germanic vassals at the Battle of Nedao in 454.
      The Romans got the Goths on side by simply stating that if they didn’t help them the Huns would eliminate Roman armies and then turn and subjugate the Goths. The Goths accepted those fact because they knew the Romans (western empire) were too weak to do them much harm in the future and would be annihilated by the Huns without their help. .

  11. Funny how he mentioned what happened to Rome towards the end, as I feel I’m living at the end of the Pax Americana.

  12. Ted Kennedy is burning in Hell as we speak. I literally applauded when I read the news of his death. Good fucking riddance to evil rubbish.

  13. My home town of Santa Maria, CA is going thru the same thing.. flooded with illegals.. entire neighborhoods turned to shit in 5 years!! 2 bedroom 1 bath with 10 people in it… people living in sheds in backyards. We made the news last year when a woman was raped in her own home by 2 POS..she eventually died in the hospital.. they hit in her the face with a hammer and ended up crushing her eye sockets..!! Now they have violent gangs, drive bys, robberies, break ins and murders… and the most effed up thing is that the kids of these illegals are almost ok with it… they accept it the way it is!! Nobody I know even lives in SM proper anymore.. they have all moved to Orcutt which is a small town/city south of SM.. its a lot better!

    1. Powers that be want 5 people sharing a one bedroom; keeps rents artificially high. I stopped trying to explain this to shitlibs(ie, unchecked immigration really does hurt YOU) years ago…

      1. I see it here, there’s a lot of families piled in a small apartment here. They all have their own cars so parking a bitch here. These fools been shooting off fireworks every night for a month.

    2. I go to the beach there often and see these people everywhere. There’s a lot of talk of mass exodus of people out of California…more like white flight. The people replacing those leaving have no job skills, no education, and don’t care to be Americans. RIP California.

      1. I got the same thing going on in long beach. Surronded by Central Americans and Hispanics. There generally nice people to me because I look somewhat Hispanic. I do get annoyed hearing their circus music and just how no one here seems to respect anyone else

        1. I’m half Spanish (as in the white Spaniard kind), half irish. So I can pull off the Hispanic look when it suits me.

        2. I’m half Iranian/and half English/Irish, so a lot of people think I’m Hispanic a lot of the time. That is until they speak to me in Spanish and I usually just stare at em or answer in English. If I try to speak Spanish I give it away that I’m not hispanic

      2. Different in San Franciso and Silicon Valley though? I’m genuinely curious. I’ve never been to So Cal and I read the horror stories but I also hear that some parts are booming and gentrifying (eg Oakland).

        1. Most cities in the bay area are sanctuary cities governed by far-left zealots who live in gated communities insulated from the trash class they love so much. I’ve heard of people on sec. 8 here whos rent is $2k/month and only pay $150 plus welfare, ebt, wic, free medical. Sad!
          To answer your question yes many parts of Oakland are gentrifying…with Chinese money. Biggest reason why rents and property values are so high in SF and its neighbooring cities is due to foreign money.

        2. I’m from the Bay Area, Marin county. It’s worse up there with homeless everywhere and the sanctuary city nonsense. They actually extended the sanctuary city policy after that girl Katie Steiner was killed off a pier in sf

    3. You always see this everywhere when minorities move into a (once) nice area. It’s one thing that’s never really discussed in our society because it’s an ugly truth. There are plenty of minorities “waiting in line” to move into nice, white neighborhoods. No whites are trying to get into minority neighborhoods because they are third world shit holes by the time minorities get their hands on it.
      It’s an ugly truth that the Democrats will never discuss…because it’s the truth.

      1. The truth is forbidden and punishable by fine and imprisonment here in California.

      2. But when white people make a shitty neighborhood better, its definitely racist.

    4. I dont know if its true, but a cousin of mine visited California ,namely La some years ago, and said it was dirty, dangerous and in some places a real shit hole. Nothing as he hoped for. He said it was full of Hispanics that all look gang members and, lets just say, “difficult” people to talk to. Is that true?

      1. I dont know about LA.. but the Central Coast is bad…. everywhere you go its like mexico…Recently in Nipomo there was a bunch of homes that were going to house some “imported workers” … even though the workers were here legally on a h2a work visa I think… the neighbors were pissed off when they found out they wanted to put 100 guys in 4 houses!!… Then someone burned the homes down!!! OOPS!!

        1. Jesus, its really the aim of turning those areas in to cartels dominated zones.

    5. Clearly whitey is holding them back. And the everyday racism theu experience at the hands pf whitey make the lash ,,, out in violence.
      Not their fault at all

  14. I welcome immigration if people come here to work for themselves, assimilate into and respect traditional American culture, not commit crimes, and not leech off of our taxpayer money. Today, as the author clearly stated, it’s not like that. Politics are dramatically affected by this huge multi-cultural mess that America has become; especially because as a huge government welfare state, the poor just vote for more handouts (theft from productive citizens) as they increase in numbers. If you look at it racially, it’s essentially mostly whites supporting all of the trash that comes through this country and commit crimes and tear apart our once beautiful cities with our taxpayer dollars. The entire system is so backwards and won’t hold up for much longer. Once that dollar collapses, things will start changing dramatically.

  15. I get tired of idiots on the left screaming about Trump and anyone who opposes current immigration policy as “racist.” It’s not “racist” to expect prospective citizens to follow the law and assimilate with the culture that is providing them with a better opportunity than the shithole they left.
    I’m not racist, and I’m certainly not anti-immigrant. My wife is an immigrant for fuck’s sake. But guess what, she went through the process.
    I seriously wish slow, painful deaths and incurably diseased children on everyone who conflates opposition to our current immigration clusterfuck with “racism.”
    Oh, and good article, just had to get that out of my system.

    1. Deporting someone who is illegally in the US is soooooo racist. Virtually every country has a similar policy when it comes to an illegal immigrant. But it appears that it’s only racist when that illegal is a Mexican or someone else from Central America. I bet they don’t have a problem with the deportation of a Canadian or someone from say Australia, New Zealand, the UK or Ireland who has overstayed their visa.

      1. Just look at Mexico’s treatment of illegal immigration on their southern border. It is racist and Nazi like in every way. They would declare war on the US if we did the same to all the illegal Mexican immigrants to the US.

  16. If native-born white birth rates had kept up with or exceeded birth rates during the baby boom years, post-1965 immigration would have increased even more. Post-1965 immigration was never about needing more workers. It was always about establishing political hegemony for the Democratic Party.

      1. Hmm. Need to mow my yard. Will return later to this most intriguing and thoughtful discourse.

        1. If you got an hispanic to mow that lawn you’d have more time for important things like ROK.

      2. US birth rate in 1965 was 3.0 per woman which had declined from the peak 1950’s baby boom years rate of 3.9. Unemployment was 4.9, .01 below the then accepted full employment rate of 5.0. By 1975 the unemployment rate had risen to 8.10 – a decade before women began moving en masse into the paid workforce. I grant that some circa 1965 jimmies may have been rumbled by the prospect of near future labor shortages tipping the balance of power between labor and management.

      1. I sometimes wonder if the Apollo landings were the peak for America? Yes, all kinds of technological advances and neat gadgets since then but I wonder if in 500 years historians won’t look back at US history and conclude that the nation peaked around the mid 1960s. Urban decay, uncontrolled spending and debt, racial conflict and cutural decrepitude all set in during the 1960s. I wonder too if an average black American is better off since then? Yes, they have civil rights that many didn’t but the black family has been destroyed and a massive number of black men are in the corrections system.
        There are a couple of really good docs on Netflix on the Apollo program and its astronauts. All white heterosexual men. That could never be duplicated today.

        1. “I sometimes wonder if the Apollo landings were the peak for America?”

        2. Photos of decrepit Space Shuttles being mothballed say it all to me. A nation that stops exploring is a nation in decline. America is finished, we are just living out and documenting the aftermath. After all, space exploration is just one of those white man’s fantasties right?

        3. It was our peak. Men of accomplishments who landed men on the moon with slide rules. Compare those men to the boomers and their offspring.

  17. Quit offering free everything to anyone who gets here. We currently allow 1 million legal immigrants a year, that need to be brought way down. Birthright citizenship needs to be eliminated. If none of this is reined in soon whites will be a minority in their own country. None of this is by accident.

  18. An oligarchy has always been the goal. Third-worlders are extremely easy to manipulate and control. Plus you can kill a bunch of them at one time without anyone in civilized cultures batting an eye, because, you know, better them than me. Many US cities are practically third-world shitholes at this point. It won’t take but a few decades for it to spread. Hopefully Trump can pump the brakes on this disaster.

    1. Are they really easier to control? What they may lack in intelligence, they more than make up for with violence

      1. Chaos is friendly to the ruling class. Especially organized chaos. Give them a few handouts, employee a vicious military/police presence that collaborates with criminal elements, all while sitting in a palace. The violence is contained amongst the people. It hardly reaches the doorsteps of those deserving of such violence.

      2. they’re mostly leftist retards. they don’t desire independence or limited government. that’s why they’re easy to control in that sense. their only goal is to vote more resources away from whitey.

  19. We need to repeal the 1965 immigration act for starters. IQ is part of it, but even some of the allegedly smarter third worlders don’t always pick up on all things American.

    1. I have no problem allowing third world immigration if:
      1. All immigration is capped… say to maybe 250k people a year at a maximum, or far less.
      2. A points based system is used to evaluate each immigrant. Can the person read/write English? Does he/she have a degree or some skills that we are lacking here?
      3. Absolutely no welfare benefits for foreigners, and if they try getting any US-born children on the dole, they and the children are deported.

  20. Notice how gay men play a role in this. They engage in the sterile parody of miscegenation by buggering men of other races, especially the ones with passports and disposable income who travel the world as gay sex tourists. And they support open immigration because it just brings in fresh meat, like Omar Mateen until he went postal.

  21. they breed like rats. they simply don’t care about the future or what type of world they bring their children in to. They think the white man’s tax dollars are a bottomless barrel.
    Whereas white people are generally a lot more careful and anxious about such decisions.

    1. Whereas white people are generally a lot more careful and anxious about such decisions.

      When the government takes 40% or more of your income, you have to be.

      1. Where do you live where they only take 40%? counting 8.5% sales tax rate, top marginal federal income tax at 35%, and state income tax at 10% I figure above 50%. That does not include all the fees that are just disguised taxes like social security at 15% (you don’t really believe your employer is paying his 7.5% out of his pocket do you?) and the bite for Medicare (which will be bankrupt so soon that we will get nothing back in way of services). And let us not forget the death tax, tax on gifts, tax on your estate outside of the death tax bite, property taxes on real estate and cars, and taxes on any earnings from investments. They tax everything you do, and everything you have.

  22. Anyone holding a foreign flag or wearing a mask should be seen as the enemy (an invader). The best way to deal with these people (wielding pipes, knives and clubs to attack Americans) is to conceal or open carry. You don’t bring a club, pipe or knife to a gun fight.

  23. Unlimited immigration=democrats wet dream.
    They don’t want them to assimilate, they want them to be ignorant dark skinned bums from 3rd world countries who are hopelessly dependent on government welfare to insure a democrat majority. The MSM have been rubbing their hands with glee over the prospect of non-whites being a majority for years.
    The left hates America, that should be obvious to anyone.

      1. Yeah, that explains Trump’s wall and Brexit and stuff. Good to see you’re paying attention.

        1. Are we talking legal or illegal? There’s a big difference. If illegal, proof.

    1. The funny thing is one day there will be enough Muslims in Europe to form an Islamic Party. It will be so extremely right wing that it makes neo-Nazis look like leftist LGBTQ rainbow activists.
      Oh, I can hardly wait to see the look on leftists’ – and especially feminists’ – faces.
      I already have my speech for the occasion planned. It goes: “I told you so.”
      It might be the left’s wet dream today, but tomorrow it’ll be the end of the left.

    2. … they want them to be ignorant dark skinned bums from 3rd world countries who are hopelessly dependent on government welfare to insure a democrat majority.

      The 1982 SCOTUS case Plyler v. Doe, coupled with the suicidal practice of allowing non-citizens to get welfare benefits through anchor babies opened the floodgates of unchecked immigration of people who will not support themselves.
      Of course, that was the left’s plan all along. It was LBJ and Ted Kennedy who changed immigration policy in the left to encourage the entry of those least willing to support themselves, all for the goal of changing the electorate into one that would embrace leftism.

  24. I recall one of the progressive towns here open its doors to accept about 100 “refugees” without notifying anybody until the last minute.
    I think I should sharpen my pitchforks and scythes… just in case of any funny business.

    1. I’d go about lining the streets into town with gallows. Make sure they know the funny business won’t be accepted there.

      1. Thankfully I’m more than a walk away from the town (about 50 miles, actually). Hell, hardly anyone knows there is a house in this ol’ hay field.

        1. Best kept that way. People that tend to get lost in the country stay that way as well.

        2. They’re also scared of everything. Helped my grandmother with a yard sale here and some folks were scared of a wood duck belching away in a tree (they thought it was a bobcat or something). I had to hold in my laughter as I pointed out the bird.

  25. Was riding through a new suburb this morning in the hills of a little country town in Aussie.
    Everything was so perfect, neat, tidy, safe, kids on bikes, wide open layout, beautiful houses, clean parks, friendly vibe, orderly, sun shining, no rubbish, tucked in a valley with awesome mountains in the background, it’s a fucking miracle compared to most of the world.
    Very safe feeling.
    I keep wondering for how much longer this paradise can last?

    1. Find out the town’s birth-rate. The lower it is below 2.1 the sooner the population will need to be replaced by Muslims.
      A mathematician would probably be able to make an equation with the death-rate to give an approximate estimate.

    2. From Perth myself. I tend to find Perth is relatively sane compared to the progressive nonsense you get in the eastern cities. Yes, it’s still here, but not so in your face. But we seem to maintain that ol’ wild west vibe a bit better

    3. I think the same when I go to the nice beachy suburbs on Queensland’s sunshine coast. But then I spent two months in Sydney’s Greenacre. Basically felt like the third world.

      1. Greenacre and surrounds was getting bad 10 years ago, can totally picture it now. That garbage politician in Auburn set a time record for corrupting the Australian body politic with village idiot violence, turned it into some neighbourhood in Lebanon run by a group of gangsters.
        If i lived in a land were I had the right to be armed I would kiss the earth under my feet everyday for the rest of my life and would have the constitution on my shrine.
        Now I have to practice with innocuous every day items.

    4. I’ve been in the country in Victoria a few times, and I wouldn’t mind living in some of these places. I still think Eastern Europe would be better for raising a family – I fear if I bring a wife from EE or Latin America over to Oz, she’ll wind up being pozzed with Melburnian feminism.
      I remember the furore over the Bendigo (smaller city about 1 1/2 hours away from Melbourne) mosque – the media and some politicians shilled hard for it, while the residents didn’t want it. There were even protesters coming in from Melbourne and Sydney to fight the local antifa branch. The Victorian premier also made the ridiculous claim that the nationalist protesters “couldn’t spell Bendigo”.

    5. keep your current PM in power and it might save you. Let those fucking Labour/greenies in power and the first thing they will do is let 3 rd worlders in…

  26. even small towns in Kansas have been flooded with Mexicans. they’re everywhere. they breed like rats. no concept of future planning, other than moving into systems maintained by white men.

    1. Yes, but from their perspective you can hardly criticize them.
      “Breeding like rats” is exactly what Caucasians need to do, too, if they want to be part of humanity’s future.

      1. Better: breeding (and feeding) like cats…to counter the breeding of the rats…;))

    2. Coloured people have the breeding without planning down pat. Their brains aren’t wired to fear consequences. That’s biology and it’s a damn good reason to get them out of here. The problem is that feminism has made denial of nature and biology its weapon against the white man.

  27. I see all these older white boomers nearing the end of their lives. they’re the last Americans.

  28. The latest news is that the number of those who are on welfare and food stamps in the US surpassed the number of employed Americans. This isn’t an immigration issue unless you also take the economics of it into consideration. Burn it down. Burn it ALL down.

  29. I’ve been reading some history lately on internationally sanctioned population displacements after WW1 (Greeks and Turks) and WW2 (Germans – many of whom were settled in parts of Eastern Europe for generations). It’s fascinating to read how, notwithstanding the suffering of the millions of people involved, the powers that be generally agreed that homogeneous ethnicities should be contained within a country’s border in order to create some measure of social cohesion and the proper functioning of a nation state. That was accepted wisdom back then.

  30. At least feminism won’t exist in the future. That’s one boon of mass Middle Eastern immigration.

  31. I started to get a feeling that this country was going in another direction when every 800 # you call HAS to have a spanish line. I think of myself as pretty tolerant, but I have to agree with this article.

    1. Not to mention it becomes impossible to get some jobs if you are not fluent in both Spanish and English.
      We don’t march into foreign counties and expect them to speak English. If anything, English should be codified into law as being the only official language of the United States.

  32. I agree with this article. Let’s kick all retired canadians and americans out of México, and the bunch of outsiders living in Cancun.

    1. Are those retirees waving Canadian and American flags while rioting through the streets of Cancun and calling Mexicans racists because the government isn’t giving them enough freebies at the expense of the Mexican people?

  33. Well, RF, does that mean you’re going to leave the DR, come back to America and have your ten white children?
    I didn’t think so.

    1. I don’t wave my American flag and expect people here to abide by American culture, nor do I try to hijack their government and ask for freebies at the expense of their taxpayers and call them racists for not letting me do whatever I want while I’m here. I respect the culture and people of the place I am in, unlike invaders. Beyond that, having children in Anglo America has been made such a risky proposition for men it’s no wonder birth rates have fallen. Get rid of the problem, i.e. an overbearing government and too much power in the hands of too few CEOs, and most of these problems would fix themselves. Are you here to offer substance to the discussion or cheap personal attacks?

      1. I just find it hypocritical that you’re criticizing a country which you decided not to stay and fight for. Generally I like your articles. I am not defending the behavior of these immigrants. I think welfare should be heavily reformed, and immigrants should not be allowed to receive welfare. But I’m sick and damn tired of seeing more and more of these “those fucking shitskins” articles on this site. I thought Forney was bad enough.

        1. We all like immigrants, but do not like those who behave as conquerors. Why are you conflating race with people who don’t respect a nation or its people, regardless of their color?

        2. Because I’ve read enough of these alt-right and alt-right flavored articles to know that there’s usually an anti-black/brown/Jewish/occasionally Asian subtext. Again, am I defending these people who have no respect for the countries they are emigrating to? No. Should western countries be forced to take in and take care of the dregs of humanity, regardless of color? Of course not. (I have laid out elsewhere what I think should be done about such situations as welfare, the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa.) But none of this could have happened if (western) Europeans, especially European men, had not willingly bought into such things as feminism and multiculturalism in the first place. The alt-right in my eyes is the equivalent to regressive leftists in that they blame everyone but themselves for the problems they face.

        3. I don’t disagree. I’m trying to point out both sides of the issue, and I touched on whites not having children being as much to blame. However, I think people would be up in arms if Ecuador or Zimbabwe were about to have their nation and culture dominated by European immigrants, many of them illegal, displacing their traditional populations. I think white people are entitled to their own self interest as much as any other ethnic group is.

        4. Sadly…if whites had 12+ children per couple…America and Europe WOULD look like Zimbabwe…((
          Even when most SWISS were at their most fertile (up till late 60’s)…most of the country (apart from few bigger cities) was still a barbarous wilderness with high rates of murder, suicide, incest…and a primitive mentality of balkanese highland-peasants (with some catholic-, or protestant veneer…true..).

        5. A fair point, RF. However, things are never going back to the way they were. The idyllic days of the 1950s are gone forever. Birth control is truly what let the cat out of the bag, and today western women simply have too many options. Unless we see nuclear war which destroys most of the technological infrastructure in place or a regressive ideology comes into power which vehemently opposes birth control (unlikely to happen in the secular west), we simply must learn to adapt to the future.

  34. Please don’t label mexicans and central americans as Hispanics, just call them central americans. It gives Hispanics a bad rep. For example colombians are hispanic too but they’re not invaders at all, you never see them flying the colombian flag , and they’re not coming in mass , they’re just 0.34 percent of the US population. Mexicans and central americans are invaders , not hispanics.

  35. We fought 1000 years to keep them out. Now, they give away as much territory to the Muslims in one day as a crusader could capture in 50 years.

  36. I’m from South America and I still cannot understand people from my part of the continent who go to the USA and want everything made to fit them. If you go to the USA or any other country, then you gotta learn the language, the manners, respect the culture that reigns over there, respect locals and don’t try to impose your ideas on a place that principally is not yours.
    It’s insane for people to demand things they do not deserve in a land that doesn’t belong to them on the first place. That’s why I feel ashamed of people from my part of the continent who go to the USA or any other country and do riots, demand things they don’t deserve, etc.
    There must always be rules and restrictions regarding immigration, otherwise you have problems like over Europe or in the USA with Somali gangs which are growing quite fast. But if you say something like that, then you are called a fascist, racist, xenophobic, or whatever other fucked up tag made to censor people.

  37. Great article, in the same dates we got the euro and all the shit wrapped with it, Lybia was the last wall to destroy and to start their hidden Kalergi’s plan over Europe, it’s time we stick together gentlemen, this is not your war, it’s Our war.
    Google for Kalergi plan, also Merkel (2008) and Pope Francis(2016) got the Kalergi’s prize. Go figure!

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