4 Reasons Why You Should Date A Feminist

Here at Return of Kings, feminism sometimes gets a bad rap. Even I have been guilty of mocking feminism. But this is a little bit unfair because while feminism does have its drawbacks, it also brings a lot of good things to both women and men.

That’s right. Although it might not be apparent at first, men benefit from feminism just as much as women. The main way to reap these benefits is by dating them.

Of course, I am not suggesting that you date a corpulent, third-wave intersectional feminist with blue hair and ironic glasses. Rather, there are plenty of women who accept the feminist philosophy but stubbornly maintain a feminine shape—a vestige of the patriarchy. With regard to dating, these modern gals can be very enjoyable company at a very low price.

1. Feminists are easy

Traditional Family

Feminism saved women from this type of horrible oppression.

Before feminism, women didn’t have a lot of choices. Their options were to become a wife and mother who was respected by her husband and children, a spinster who lived with her parents, or, if they lived in Catholic countries, a nun.

Being a slut was not an option because most women did not work outside the home—they needed to rely on their husband to provide for them. Even women who inherited family wealth and therefore did not need a husband preferred to remain chaste because they possessed the outdated patriarchal virtues of self-respect and dignity.

Fast forward to the 21st century. Thanks to feminism, women have so many more choices. Feminism is about more than just women being able to spend ten hours per day in a cubicle farm in a dead end job, it also means that they are free to have sex with random men, women, and transsexuals.

Although feminism theoretically says that women may choose to be chaste, most feminists cave to peer pressure and “choose” to be loose. After all, being a slut is empowering.

As a man, what this means is that you are certain of getting laid by the third date. And, as feminists have become even more empowered, even a single date is not necessary any more.

Of course, you do need to remember to practice “safe sex.” Safe sex means:

You must wear a condom.

You must get a signed consent form from the feminist with at least two witnesses.

You must get your sexual encounter professionally filmed.

The feminist must submit to a blood alcohol test.

Failure to practice safe sex can result in a nasty burning rash and a prison sentence for rape.

Take advantage of this wonderful liberation that feminism has given to women and enjoy gobs of unfulfilling, commitment-free sex.

2. Feminists are on birth control


Feminism is all about using cutting edge science to make women’s lives better. One example of this is birth control—preferably taxpayer funded birth control.

Although most feminists are very health conscious and only eat free-range, halal, non-GMO, organic tofu, they will think nothing of flooding their bodies with powerful artificial hormones from the moment they hit puberty until they die. Today’s woman regards her birth control pills as a mystical talisman that protects her from the contagion of patriarchy.

Of course, I would never encourage you to have “unsafe” sex. In fact, you should wear a condom at all times, even while you are sleeping. However, it is nice to know that feminists are on birth control. Just sayin’.

3. Feminists will pay for your date


In the bad old patriarchal days, the man was expected to pay for dates. No more! One of the most important messages of feminism is: “my equality.” This means that women must pay at least 50% of any costs of a date. Any less would be unequal, and therefore, unacceptable.

Granted, dates are no longer necessary, but why not have that feminist gal buy you dinner before the amorous activities? Make sure it is that hot restaurant that just opened. Pro tip: order wine. A good bottle of wine can double the price of dinner.

Don’t worry about the feminist’s ability to pay for the expensive dinner. Now that feminists have fulfilling, high power “office fauna” jobs, they are awash in cash. But don’t reciprocate. After that first night, tell her you just aren’t “feeling it.”

At this point I have to broach a common complaint of feminists: Women earn only 7 cents for every dollar that men make doing the exact same work. Or something like that. The good news is that feminists are working hard to elect progressive politicians like Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife. These progressive politicians will make great gains for feminist women, just like President Obama did.

You might feel sorry for that feminist who earns only $15,000 per year, even though she is an executive vice president who works 90 hours per week. Don’t. To feel sorry for a feminist is extremely patronizing. If you attempt to pay for the date, it means you are a horrible bigot. And remember, horrible bigots don’t get anal later in the date. Well, at least not usually.

4. Feminists will agree to degrading sex


The great thing about feminism is that women are now free to choose to engage in sexual acts that would make the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah blush. And by “choose” I mean that they will feel empowered by doing so. You can get a feminist to do just about anything if you tell her that it will make her more empowered.

The whole degrading sex thing got a big boost from the 50 Shades of Grey books. Now, feminist women believe that it is normal to be tied up and smacked with a riding crop. Most men will not want to go down this road, but perverts will be pleased to know that feminism and the media have made it easy for them to engage in their deviant acts.


It is becoming clear that patriarchy is coming back soon—much sooner than I expected. Even now, there are evil men gathered in well-lit cafes discussing how to bring it back. Once it returns, it will roll back all of the heroic gains achieved by feminists over the past 100 years, and with that, all of the benefits that are listed above. Make full use of all of the wonderful fruits of feminism while they last.

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233 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why You Should Date A Feminist”

  1. A well written article and funny too.
    Feminism has been successful, only because their demands for increased privileges have been accompanied by increased sexual liberty. Men have accepted feminism as the payment (the increased sexual liberty) has been sufficient for the annoyance (the increased privileges).
    Feminist increased sexual liberty has always been a tactic to be removed when convenient. Men should assume that feminists will soon revert back to reduced sexual liberty, as soon as they decide they have enough privileges.
    Feminism has always been, and will always be, about more privilege without responsibility.

    1. “As soon as they decide they have enough privileges.” They will never decide they have had enough privileges. They will always want more, and more. They will never be satisfied. As lil Wayne said “why give her an inch, when she really needs nine”.

    2. Roger Devlin in his book “Sexual Utopia in Power” (there is an free abridged pdf on amren) says that the sexual revolution was promoted by frustrated women who wanted to get to the ‘alpha males’. Of course not everyone can have an alpha male so we have a women chasing or waiting for an alpha, or ending a marriage because the man doesn’t match up, few get alphas so they are even more miserable.
      Devlin suggests this frustration is so severe it has lead to an anger that is directed at western civilisation itself.
      Of course some men abetted the sexual revolution, thinking they could get more bangs.

  2. LOL fuck no. There’s no reason in the world to ever date a feminist in 2015. There is gonna be so much pressure on you not to say something that’s gonna ”trigger” the fucking bitch, no one should filter themselves just to please a girl. I took the Red pill for a reason. I was talking to a feminist girl here in Sweden last year, everything was going well. I started turning into a damn white knight pussy before she started ignoring my messages. I take it as a good thing, it was my road to discovering the bullshit i always believed.

      1. My apologies, i misunderstood the articles satirical intention. But as for everything else i said, i stand behind it. I edited out that part.

    1. Perhaps Swedish readers, or the ROK correspondent from Sweden might consider making reference of the fact that Swedish girls, just like Swedish men, are a ‘different’ breed because they are outstandingly beautiful. Men look like model soldiers, while women look like gorgeous Victoria’s Secret models. I lived in Sweden for three years, I have seen only one fat girl in this entire time, and two ‘ugly’ dudes (short, bad teeth, skinny etc).
      I think women in Sweden have their own special feminism coupled with the fact that they know they are highly attractive, and this makes things more difficult for men.

  3. A round of applause sir. The title had me until the satirical aspects became clear upon reading. Can’t wait to see this one draw some of the enemy & the clueless over here to comment like flies to dung.

    1. A more accurate title would have been “4 reasons why it’s worth tolerating a feminist long enough to get into her knickers.” Still trying to work out if they used the title they did as satire or clickbait …

  4. All guys I have ever seen on a serious relationship with moderate to extreme feminists are weak left-leaning men. It’s probably because anyone who isn’t a mangina will not give them any compromise, they fuck and gtfo, which is what we all should be doing (if they are hot enough) to make them feel emptier.
    There’s a extremely hot girl that I know that only dates social marxists from the local militant group, she has jumped from cock to cock in the same group of friends and each guy still gave her compromise, going so far as to make public declarations on facebook with flowers and other gifts. Everyone of them did that I shit you not, they were men who thought of her as an equal, who would not opress her, still she left them and now dates a milionaire’s son, who is very beta as well but the money makes him an instant alpha here.

    1. Yup, money does make a man alpha. Professional, financial achievement=manliness. Just like the manosphere says, after all.
      Maybe the girl wasn’t such a rotten whore after all and this is only your opinion. All those men who made declarations, and then the alpha rich boy having a relationship with her, it means she probably wasn’t such a slut after all, there’s something they must have seen in her.
      Could it be that you’re just saying she jumped from cock to cock because the only one she missed was yours? Hey, don’t shoot, I’m just wondering.

        1. No, i meant that in an ironic sense. Probably the man is just claiming that she was a ‘whore’ because she didn’t fall for him.

        2. I figured that that was what you wanted to say, but it was not clear to me. Might want to work on your use of irony. He in fact did not just call her a whore, he presented proof that suggested that she was one. Quite a difference. Are you a man? If so, do you not feel any disgust towards a female with many sexual partners?

        3. I’m a woman and I do think most women, particularly in the US, are indeed whores. Girls/women who ride the c0ck carousel are indeed disgusting, to both men as well as women.
          Nevertheless, I picked up on this guy because he uses the same discourse I’ve seen becoming prevalent among commentators on ROK- as soon as a woman doesn’t bed them and fulfill all their sexual fantasies, she’s a whore. He was also clearly pissed that she didn’t sleep with him- he never mentioned having had her, but enumerated all the guys she allegedly slept with, plus the crowning moment of a ‘beta’ who was in a relationship with her. He downplayed that man, calling him a beta, and basically made the whole thing sound like ‘a whore got her match in a stupid beta’.
          The grapes are always sour with certain men- the girl was a whore because she didn’t sleep with him, and her boyfriend is a poor beta schmuck because he’s with her, despite his good financial position. I doubt the story is even real.

        4. Okay, listen, honey.
          This is a site for men. Men come here because they want to share their thoughts and emotions among others with similar experiences. They do not come here to have someone police their language. I am sure that you do not always talk well about men with your girl-friends, but it is none of my business, anyway. Maybe you are a saint, but frankly, that would be your own pathology.
          You are intruding here. Nobody cares for your corrections. If you want to help somebody, go find somebody who actually asks for your help. Otherwise, you are just a bother and a stupid bitch and a pain in the ass.

        5. Ketsune, this site isn’t for sour grapes losers. If you read the articles, they encourage men to be response and either learn “game” to find a relationship that’s satisfying to them (find the remaining women who aren’t spoiled whores, pump and dump, or even just leave women out of their lives for a while and improve themselves in other ways.)
          The feminist culture of the states encourages women to become selfish Victims. I personally pity them and I’m not pitying them in a mocking gesture kind of way. I feel bad for them. I don’t like them seeing their kids turn out to be gang bangers or whores or miserable. The pump and dump paradigm is something I personally chose to reject for that very reason. When we see a kid breaking windows because he’s from a bad home, we don’t delight in thinking he’s going to grow up to die in a police shootout. We don’t look for ways to profit from the scenario either. At least those of us with a heart.
          All that said, when I was in my loser stage, and was young and didn’t have a lot to leverage a relationship with a woman with, I did see precisely what you describe above. I was pissed that these women were sleeping with loser betas they were leading along. That didn’t mean I was wrong though. It turns out that in many cases, the poor “lucky” betas got the girls pregnant and got taken to the cleaners. This included one “feminist” who claimed to be on birth control and oopsed the guy.
          I treat my wife with dignity and respect and I expect the same from her. It’s not about “equality” so much as humanity and my own well being. I care about her and don’t want to see her unhappy or miserable and she feels the same way about me. She agrees the USA is a hot mess when it comes to relationships between men and women (and this has spread to much of the western world) and that it now takes men extra time to sort it all out. Young, untrained men who are 19 are simply not ready to settle down. RoK and other forums provide the “red pill” that these men need to have healthy relationships or at least protect themselves.

      1. Could the moderators please ban this female??!!! She’s ruining a another perfectly good comment thread. We’re surrounded by chicks and their opinions 24/7 and they’ve ruined all the other once male bastions. Now they’re making their mark here. What’s next for ROK, pink banners during October to raise awareness of breast cancer??!!

    2. The only women I’ve met who were in a heatlhy relationship and still claiming to be “feminist” were married to middle class conservative guys (engieers, finance, etc…). The rest were miserable divorced/ single women with cats.

      1. I know one such conservative guy. The woman wears the pants in the family (so to speak). “equality”, as defined by feminism, means the woman getting what she wants while the “privileged” guy makes up to her for all the historical oppression.
        But there’s a paradox: Guys who put up with such nonsense, even ones with a good job (millionaires, good income), undermine their sexual attraction with their mate. The women don’t respect such men. So more often than not, the women dump the men.
        In some other cases, the women realize they have been ball-busting a good thing and quietly drop feminism at least in their daily behaviors. They may still use the feminist label, but they drop ball busting on the guy because they realize that they’ve gotten old and it’s not going to help them anymore. After all, feminism means whatever a woman says it does so they can argue that they have their own “brand” of feminism.

  5. The only thing a man must know about feminism, is to follow the actions of Gloria Steinem:
    – male-hating feminist
    – editor of Ms magazine
    – in her 60s, when she realized she was getting old and had no pension, she married David Bale, a rich white male who was already diagnosed with cancer. He died three years later.
    – Gloria has been living a comfortable life since becoming a widow
    When will men wake up and smell the coffee?

    1. Thank you. I did not know this. I just went to Wikipedia for a brief history of Gloria Steniem and ironically, there is no mention of her marriage to David Bale on her Wikipedia page.

      1. Exactly, he is not on hers, but she’s on his. Same feminist bs.
        This was at the bottom of David Bale’s wiki page.

        At the time of the marriage, Bale had been facing deportation after overstaying his visa.[7] Both Steinem and Bale denied that Bale’s immigration status was the motivation for the marriage.[7]
        Steinem had in the past been critical of the institution of marriage,
        saying that “marriage was the model for slavery law in this country”.[8]
        She said of her change in attitude toward marriage, ‘I didn’t change.
        Marriage changed. We spent 30 years in the United States changing the
        marriage laws. If I had married when I was supposed to get married, I
        would have lost my name, my legal residence, my credit rating, many of
        my civil rights. That’s not true anymore. It’s possible to make an equal

        1. And here I thought it was because they replaced Katie Holmes with Maggie Gyllenhaal….

        2. Liar. “On September 3, 2000, at age 66, Steinem married David Bale, father of actor Christian Bale.[21] The wedding was performed at the home of her friend Wilma Mankiller, the first female Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.[91] Steinem and Bale were married for only three years before he died of brainlymphoma on December 30, 2003, at age 62.[92]
          Previously, she had had a four-year relationship with the publisher Mortimer Zuckerman.[93]”
          Right there where you claimed it was not.

        1. Well we both made a mistake and did not see it.
          GTFO with your attitude ——————————>

    2. It is ‘bad’ in a theoretical way, but ‘good’ in an applied way. She hustled and got the position and money from her husband, despite her youth having vanished long before the marriage certificate was signed. He knew she was a man-hating feminist, yet he married her and bestowed his hard-earned resources upon her.
      It’s not like the dude was a remote-controlled minion that she ‘bewitched’ with the power of her mind. He was just weak and liked her enough to marry her, bottom line. Maybe to him, her fame and status meant more than youth or fertility, seeing how he was also old and already sick.
      Don’t hate the hustler, hate the game. It’s not that she succeeded because, or in spite of being a feminist- it’s that her man wasn’t strong enough and didn’t have a normal set of values. Learn the lesson.

        1. Are you serious, or just 15 years old? Do you have to call someone a ‘whore’ if you dislike their opinion?
          Gloria Steinem’s former husband marrying her despite any morsel of common sense, and thus showing weakness, makes me a whore?
          Seriously, dude. You are really uncouth and intellectually challenged.

        2. Here’s the problem, Ketsune:
          From your comments on other articles on ROK, you pretty much say
          “PUAs who use women’s own nature against themselves to get laid are bad men”
          but here you say
          “woman who uses her charm to seduce a guy = not her fault”.
          It’s takes two to tango: Steinem CHOSE to use her fame/status to gold-dig, and Bale CHOSE to marry a woman of low moral character.
          See also Proverbs 5 and 7. The ‘youth’ should have had sense, but the woman’s house leads to the ‘grave’ (and what do you suppose happens to the woman when she dies?).

        3. To find it OK that somebody is taken advantage of makes you a disgusting person. From there to being a whore is a rather short distance.

        4. So an adult male can be taken advantage of but an adult woman can’t. Right. And I’m the disgusting person.

        5. My other comments pretty much say that men contradict themselves, at least in their comments, all the time. I have not once criticized a ‘PUA’ for ‘getting laid’, I only criticized the respective PUAs hypocrisy. I guess that that’s the nature of men, after all.

        6. I never said it wasn’t ‘her fault’, I said that she was smart enough to capitalize off her husband against all odds (her age, her feminism bullshit, etc.). What she did was good for her, because she took advantage of a man with inferior morals and a backbone as hard as his cock. Is it correct from a moral perspective, hell no. Whose fault is it, well they both have it. Her for preying onto him, and him for being weak.
          Hey, at least he didn’t marry a 19 year-old stripper, like J. Howard Marshall married Anna Nicole Smith. What about that dude? Sure, ANS was a rotten stripping hoe I personally wouldn’t even have showed my cock to had I been a man, but this dude here was dumb enough to marry her.
          Sometimes, some men are REALLY stupid. They should serve as cautionary tales of what happens when you wife up sluts. Just like some women marry convicts, drug dealers or men who can’t hold onto a job.

        7. Oh my God! What an intelligent comment! I can’t believe someone had the class, intelligence and perspicacity to come up with such a gem! Lord give me strength! Had you not left this comment, many people would have lived their lives in vain! Thank you for the display of true manliness here.

        8. “They should serve as cautionary tales of what happens when you wife up sluts.”
          Which is what T. Lighter said in the first place….
          Now shut up, woman, and let the guys talk: I’m tired of your attention-whoring, scatter-brained comments, and drama-queen attitude. What you need is a session in the McClintock School of Shrew Taming, and I’m ready to dish it out like someone should have done long ago.

        9. ” Lord give me strength!”
          My opinion is that the Lord will give chastisement, and Divine Judgment.

        10. ‘Smart enough?’
          I thought she was a feminist and could be uber wealthy on her own.
          Why did she need to marry the old man?
          Looks like she’s a fat hypocrite and expects dumb women to follow her eg of shoddy feminism

        11. Seriously I’m not sure how much respect to give your opinions due to no picture. Please update your profile with a full body shot and try again.

    3. “…in her 60s, when she realized she was getting old and had no pension, she married David Bale, a rich white male who was already diagnosed with cancer. He died three years later.”
      Interesting. I did not know he was already diagnosed at that point.
      Fucking vulture, she is.

        1. If a woman marries you and divorces you two years later, and walks away with half the shit you earned laboring for 20 years..You call that “paranoia”. I call you an idiot, because it happens every single day in this country.

        2. They’ve nullified prenups for nothing in many states. You would have to hide your assets and never mention them to be sure.

        3. Fuck you. I’ve been divorce raped and I wouldn’t wish that incredible hell on anyone. Even you. Rape apologer. Fucking rapist. Pro rape piece of shit.

    4. When they stop sniffin’ the pussy…but I guess he thought you can’t take it with you. Anyway funny piece…made me chuckle no end.

  6. And if she doesn’t want do that thing in the back of the cab that involves getting napkins from the gas station just say something about “genderfluid”. As a feminist she will respect you as a God and do your bidding.

  7. Sadly, Western European women are beginning to act and be more like American women. The message screenshot with ‘vodafone.de’ implies Germany…while the country is the ‘porn nation’ of Europe, most average, normal girls were still exhibiting normal behaviors until recently, from what I can see. A guy ejaculating on her face and then ‘sending’ her to buy tissues, this is just…sad. Losing hope in humanity- sad.

  8. I love the picture for 1. The happiest women I have ever met are married moms that work little to none. I have never met a happy feminist.

    1. A single quarter would be more than sufficient. Don’t waste resources on women, who are either vocally in your face feminists or are closeted feminists.

      1. I thought ‘roll of quarters’ was a euphemism. Wouldn’t want to ‘leave it’ with her though.

  9. Skipped the article, came to the comments section, expecting lots of satirical comments. Didn’t find them. I’ll come back later

  10. Virtually every man in the Western World and the increasingly Americanized portions of the rest of the world dates a “feminist”, whether they know it or not. This mindset is essentially raw female nature distilled, without the restraints. Unless you are following “Bang Amish Territory” or the like, your dick is plundering feminist territory on the daily.

  11. Every feminist I’ve ever been with has been a fucking freak. I have no doubt that their feminist beliefs are some kind of solipsistic diversion to keep people from realizing what absolute animals they are. Notable examples: The girl who wouldn’t shut up about rape culture, yet wanted me to enact rape fantasies on her. Also, the girl who worked for a non-profit dealing with ending sex trafficking and abuse of women, then complained it wasn’t smacking her ass and face hard enough in bed.

    1. Had a similar experience with a psycho feminist back in college. After we broke up though, all of the freaky sex became stories of how I physically took her and/or raped her. They’re cunts undeserving of men’s time.

      1. Don’t forget, most feminists have daddy issues as they have always lacked a strong male presence in their lives. I think most of their mental issues stem from this

        1. Interesting that matches the last one I interacted with. Did they have to become the man of the family and didnt want to?

        2. I’m so so sorry, I’ll be sure to ask your permission where I should and shouldn’t comment. Will you be in later to give me warm milk and tuck me into bed mommy?

        3. Roosh “admitted to rape” by saying he slept with a drunk girl in a country where it isn’t considered rape. Bahhh, bahhh go eat some grass sheeple. Feminists have been trying to make rape include even normal sex for a very long time. In college campuses in California a man must ask a girl permission to have sex or its considered rape. By that definition I’ve only ever had rape in my life(and I guess the girls raped me because they didn’t ask either?). And imagine those girls came back later and even wanted more permissionless sex and many became girlfriends, the sickos! Now be the idiot I think you are and run around saying “Jim is an admitted serial rapist!!”

        4. Yeah, pretty much. What type of aspergers afflicted weirdo is making out with a chick, they’re taking their clothes off, and all of a sudden says stop stop stop wait, do you consent if I stick my penis inside you?
          Are you kidding? What sort of imbecilic morons are these feminists??

      1. And he’s a feminist favorite. Middle age careerist women luv him. He was a hero for giving a fatty a monologue in his show. She ranted at him, and about guys in general, for not appreciating her and how they’re assholes for not dating or getting more serious w/ her..etc.

    2. Its true, you’ll notice normal women aren’t obsessing about rape, rape, rape why so much rapity, rape…There are even women that might think, wow I had way too much to drink last night, and I totally shouldn’t have fucked that guy..lol. And life goes on.

      1. And yet you go on and on and on about rape.
        I suspect in reality women peg you for a rapist apologist instantly. You’re obsessed with justifying it.

        1. So you being the “expert” on rape maybe you can clear something up for me. So a few months ago I visited an Eastern European girl I know in the Caribbean. So she picks me up at the airport, and immediately we go out with her and some of her Russian friends. Russians are world class drinkers, and I by the end of the night I’m blind drunk. I wake up naked in bed, I thought we might have had sex, but I begin to think no, because she’s acting all weird and cold. Later she confesses that we had fucked for hours and it was one of the best nights of her life(and it drives her nuts that I remember none of it). So my question for you-was I raped? Clearly I was too drunk to consent, even though I apparently had enthusiasm. She wasn’t drunk(she had even stopped me from buying another bottle of rum at the market). Was it my fault for drinking too much or is that “victim blaming”? Furthermore if it was rape, why don’t I feel bad about it-am I a masochist?

        2. Of course you weren’t raped. According to feminists, women are always victims, no matter what they do. I bet you mind raped that girl, you disgusting misogynist.

        3. Is it best to just cut off my penis now, or do I have to wait for the feminists to do it for me.

        4. You had an “alcoholic blackout”. You will forget typically over 2.5 hours or so preceding your blackout completely.
          Women have these quite a lot and despite having consensual sex during the blackout period may claim they were raped or subjected to a date rape drug.(never found in the blood)
          Of course if a young girl is completely intoxicated having great difficulty walking, standing or talking coherently and she is physically dragged away by someone or some group that is far more sober then she its possible to argue that she was incapable of forming consent.
          My view is that if both the man and woman are equally drunk then it is completely unreasonable for her develop “regret rape” over her stupidity. Sorry honey, live with it, don’t lie to yourself but learn and forgive yourself. Don’t blame the young man and destroy him.
          As a man you take a risk, its very unfair and must be changed but take care.

  12. Two things: there needs to be a trigger warning. I was deeply offended (as a privileged cisgendered white male) that the term ‘transsexual’ was used instead of ‘transgendered’. Since gender is a social construct (I learned that in Gender Studies), it stands to reason we come in all shapes, sizes and sexualities.
    Also, I suspect some of those evil white men are not meeting in well-lit cafes. Too exposed. Most likely they are meeting in dingy, poorly-lit KKK basements.

  13. Hermione? More like Hormonie! Emma Watson is hawt! But seriously, I can vouch for all but #3. The only times a woman whom I’ve been involved with had paid for my meal is for my birthday, and even then, grudgingly. The only other women who had done that have been friends. Not friends with benefits, but girls I was cool with, and it happened spontaneously. By the way, they were some of the best human beings I’ve ever met.

    1. Then you did something wrong. Go for the nerdy girls and avoid the bitches.
      The more cock a woman had the more likely she expects you to pay for everything. It’s because all the guys before you pedestalized her like the queen.

  14. What the FUCK is that text exchange above all about?? Jesus Christ, what a trash heap that girl is!
    As I’ve seen A.V. Yader and a few others say on here, after banging some worthless slattern they tell themselves in their own head “Someday some poor bastard is going to marry this!”, well go figure! Exhibit A right there!

    1. That’s the kind of women you find on Tinder. Nasty skanks with lots of STD’s and severe brain damage. I don’t think anyone will ever marry them, they’re fucksluts for life.

        1. I don’t know any real crazy women who got married. Children, sure, that’s easy and can “happen” but she must be smoking hot to convince some rich Japanese omega chump to actually marry her. All the insane women I know end up being very lonely.

  15. Women love being “made” to do stuff. Even if you only ask them to do something it gets re-interpreted in their brain as you “made” them. So for example, a girl once told me “you made me get on my knees”. “No bitch, I only asked you but now that you mention it…”
    I guess the word “made” allows them to absolve themselves of responsibility for their actions and turns them on at the same time. Perfect.

    1. Interesting observation. And true. Of course, if we are MADE to so something we are no longer accountable.
      Which is why, I think, Augustine developed the doctrine of Original Sin. He really couldn’t handle his real guilt. Few of us can.

    2. You got something there…thinking back on several conversations with exes and I do recall many of them stating those words, “you made me…” Even in my pre-red pill days I knew it didn’t make any sense.

    3. Very true regarding a woman absolving herself from responsibility.
      As one girl told me, she “was impregnated” at 16. In other words, she was a passive spectator, and semen magically flew into her vagina against her will.

      1. In Britain they say “I fell pregnant” like it was an unfortunate disease or something.

  16. Feminists are easy, but can also easily retaliate with regret sex, renamed as rape or unconsented sex or sexual harrassment. So don’t be that guy… the chump co-worker or co-ed. Don’t bang anyone that’s in any organization you’re also in. Make yourself easy to be forgotten.
    Feminist can certainly pay for dates, but they always want to feel special anyways. Luckily, people moved on to booty calls where no one has to pay. Who goes on dates anymore? Its a meetup to hook up.
    Feminists love their birth control, but they want the patriarchy government enforced insurance companies to pay for it. So the male majority is actually paying for it. No lack of irony there.
    As for degrading sex, see first paragraph. Don’t do it in your neighborhood.

    1. I get the irony, but contraception isn’t that expensive – even the most expensive forms run at about £30 a month. I think that’s worth it to have lots of consequence-free sex with sluts. If nothing else, in the long run it’s cheaper than the cost of imprisoning all the future convicts these sluts would inevitably crap out otherwise.

  17. As those two stoner philosophers Jay and Silent Bob pointed out:
    “Are you abortion protesters?”
    “What, you mean those morons with the placards and pictures of dead babies? Shit, no, me and Silent Bob are pro-choice.”
    “Then why are you hanging around an abortion clinic?”
    “Well, we’re here to pick up chicks. Lots of loose women around abortion clinics; why else would they be there?”

      1. This thing you’ve just read is called a joke. There are many of them in the world, so beware.

        1. The biggest joke of all is that she’s Catholic and thinks that’s compatible with feminism.

      2. One of the most absolutely disgusting things I’ve ever read are the feminist proclamations of the supposed “right” of women to have an abortion.

        1. I don’t think we should have the right to have abortions. You’ve never been to an abortion clinic, but the people protesting in front of them are primarily women. Stop w your stupid assumptions.

      3. LOL. Try this little film called “Dogma”, Emily The Catholic Teenager. You’ll probably like it.

  18. Oh and hey let’s not forget October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month, where women can post pics of themselves covering their tits with their hands only (or on some sites like Fubar, home of White trash princesses attention-whoring, uncovered!) to get some of the thirstiest beta male comments imaginable along with innumerable Likes with hashtags such as “#bca”, “#savethetatas”, and “iloveboobies”. You know, because these skanks are SO concerned about breast cancer as opposed to simply posting crass pics of themselves for their orbiters to drool over, right!

    1. Hey, don’t tell them that we’re onto them with this. If they know that we know that it’s older women who are at risk of breast cancer and that therefore pics of tight young tits are disingenuous, next thing we’ll be getting deluged with pics of saggy old lady boobs. And noone wants to see that!

    1. If by ‘change’ she means ‘roll of quarters’ then she can affect mine all she wants. Granted she did more for me when she was a teenager.

    1. most won’t, the extremes will though, especially if you frame it right. They’ll at least usually pay their half.

    2. There usual response is: I might be a feminist but in the dating game, I am a little old-fashioned. I like it when a guy pays of me”.
      Why would anyone in their right minds waste their time on such girls when you can find better ones? 99 out of 100 feminists are ugly.

  19. Date them? Yeah sure date them and dump them to make them know how valueless they are when a man wants a feminine woman who will bear him children and be loyal to him, not a confused clown who ponders on and encourages the idiosyncrasies of the lunatic left.

  20. Lololol. Yeah the majority of feminists are like the majority of democrats. They don’t vote and the only voices and impressions we get from them are the loud obnoxious over entitled ones. There is a difference between a chick that took feminism in college and a self proclaimed fem nazi speaking bitch. For one one will make you flaccid the other will get you half mass.

  21. Here’s 4 reasons not to.
    1: She has axes to grind.
    2: They chose spinsterhood.
    3: Somebody needs to eat all that ice cream.
    4: Who’s gonna feed plush-ball?

        1. What would happen if the door had been made of super mandro? Would the universe just have imploded?

  22. In some ways dating a feminist today is like trying to save a fallen woman in times past, like in Dostoevsky’s The Idiot for instance. Unlikely to end well in the updated version either. Blue hair can’t be fixed

  23. This is so true, I’ve dated my fair share of em. They are dirty little whores in the sack, will give it up easily. They buy you things to try to win you over if you’re a masculine guy… especially if you tell them you’re not a feminist. Now, I would never marry one or commit, but damn they are hilarious for a fling.

    1. This actually happened. My friend was flirting with a feminist (yeah, I told him he was dumb as rocks) and she was hot for a Muslim immigrant (this was in the 80’s). While with her normal American male friends, she went on and on about how oppressed she was by white males. Then when the Muslim guy treated her like dirt AND stuck her with the dinner tab, she got turned on.

      1. It’s the same as when “no” means yes and when “I’m fine” means she isn’t fine.

    2. What’s that buying you stuff all about? I have had this happen too and it’s nice but often too soon…

    3. Yep. Feminists are freaky in the bed. They see nothing demeaning in you giving them a cum facial, for example. But man, hearing them talk, the inane shit they have to say, is painful.

  24. Phew, that was close, almost took this article at face value. Love the screen shot of the conversation. The woman’s profile pic makes her out to be perhaps an 8 or 9. She is conversing with a stranger over a messenger service and tells him she was “face fucked in the back of a cab”. Cabbie must have been swerving all over the road looking at that in his rear view mirror. I have derived much pleasure in such pursuits. There’s something about stuffing your womans mouth with a length and watching her gag.

  25. Financial Domination :S WTF?
    There are some men that need some serious saving, this isn’t a fetish its a horror movie, how can men get off from giving millions of there money away? What have men become in the world now? What have men been brought up to become?

      1. haha at least they take you on dates and ask you to spend everything your’ve earned on them this is on another level of crazy.
        Financial Domination Women via webcam “Give me you money bitch boy”
        Guy “Ok here is £4000”

    1. If you don’t have to actually meet the guys… I’m going to become a catfish pretty darn quick.

      1. I’ve thought of that myself. Hire third world beauties and give them scripts tailored to these deprived men stuck in obese Anglo hellscapes.

    2. “What have men been brought up to become?”
      It’s not that… The human mind is really a fucked up thing. I would never do this of course but different people have different needs… I don’t understand this, but I see how it can happen.

    3. It’s because power is an aphrodisiac for both men and women. The female body used to be powerful enough but now 95% of them are physically unhealthy by age 17 and their power is gone, so men are seeking other ways to get tingles. Nude women on the internet are so accessible that the power is nearly gone, on to something new….Real-life attractive women are so few and far between that they are inaccessible. Internet attractive women are too accessible. If you don’t agree that power plays a huge part in sexuality then go to a bar in Bangkok where about 80 teenagers with perfect bodies are in thongs and available for pocket change (powerless). It’s surprisingly boring (after some initial shock)
      Answer for these cash slaves? Stop living through the ‘net and move overseas.

  26. Nice clickbait haha.
    At this point, either ignore feminists, or get what you want (sex). That’s it.

  27. you don’t really expect feminists to pay for your date do you?
    maybe the rare one or two, the others will just hamster up some excuse not to

  28. In my experience, many feminists are craving a masculine man and are just bitchy because they haven’t found one. It’s an elaborate shit test.

  29. ask for napkins, eh?
    These women have every disease under the sun. They should be declared a walking superfund site.

  30. “We are inviting men to come and listen to us women tell them how things are to be, even when the things we say contradict each other within seconds of being spoken.”
    -Emma Watson.

  31. Very witty article lol. good laugh. feminists are only good for pump and dump, and I do literally mean dump. take a dump on them in the bathtub. theyre up for anything. suckers. :))

  32. Article suggestion: Top 20 quotes to have memorized. Just 20 quotes from important men (or women) who have said important things that apply or relate to neo-masculine principles.

  33. Feminists act like they are “independent” or “strong women”, but most of them are childish crybabies.

  34. The tribe I was with had a pretty hot little girl, breasts barely covered in some fancy foliage. It does something to you, that … naturality.

  35. And when the article isn’t about how sleazy and worthless western women have become, the women written about as “good examples” are always the stupid whores, one example out of many being the one in number 4

  36. I have a question. As a caveat, I am a feminist and a
    female, and I ran across this site by accident. Having looked through some of
    the articles, it’s just so wild, I have to ask.
    The question is this. Do the writers and readers here
    genuinely believe most of the stuff on this website?
    Or is it a kind of half thought-experiment, half-troll? By
    that I mean, is it an exercise in conscious extremism, put forth in order to
    counter what the readers/writers here view as the opposing extremism of feminism?
    Or a kind of attempt to reclaim perceived lost male territory through a
    reactionary assuming of exaggerated old-fashioned opinions? If so, is this tactic deployed
    consciously? Or is this really how people on here actually, genuinely feel?

    1. “The question is this. Do the writers and readers here
      genuinely believe most of the stuff on this website?”

    2. You just summed up what normal people think and feel when going through a feminist website.

    3. Here’s how we genuinely feel:
      Fuck off, and go fuck yourself. In no particular order of achievement.

    4. I come to this site everyday, and though don’t enjoy some articles, I do enjoy most. The articles are more relevant than those that are published in Jezebel. Erin, if feminism were real, the fems would be helping their housecleaners, gardeners and taxi drivers move up in the world and improve themselves, by sending them to college, giving them loans, and letting them study ways to advance themselves, while at work. But they don’t. Instead they want their help to work longer hours, have no maternity leave with job guarantee, no paid health insurance, work on holidays and of course no dinners at the club with them for any reason. I AM NOT A FEMINIST. I do these things for my employees and those who do things for me and many times those who don’t do anything for me. FEMINISTS do only for themselves so they can say ‘look at me’. It seems that you have a hard time believing that people have a different opinion than you. You should run back to mommy and daddy and they will tell you that you are perfect and that you can be and do anything you want (on someone else’s dime of course). Here, try reading the manifesto, supplied on this site (not on Jezebel), by Ted Kaczynski. Oh wait, your thinking “who the hell is Ted Kaczynski” and “where are the lipstick articles”. Welcome to the point of no return, Erin, where things fall off the side of the flat earth.

  37. Sorry, but this has got to be the stupidest article ever to be published by ROK. The author is either playing us for suckers (to boost readership by pissing off the manosphere with such nonsense) or he truly is dumber than a sack of hammers.

  38. I was gonna write something about this one day, but this article is entirely correct.
    I’ve been dating a feminist girl for 2 years and every single point is true. She was easy to pick up (and is still easy to date: no mindgames and flakes and all that bs), she pays for her part of the dates, she’s on the pill, and will agree to just about every fucking thing that I want to do in bed. Seriously, you can’t name a thing she won’t do.
    She’s not the first feminist girl I’ve dated and I can testify that dating feminist chicks actually has its perks.
    And I’ll hint another thing: if you are a very determined and masculine person, they will actually be attracted to it.

    1. I call BS with this caveat: There are a few “nice” feminists out there who may seem like the ideal woman, but they probably are that way not due to the ideology but rather their own personal nature. In fact, most women are ok yet invisible because those marry when they’re young, have kids, and aren’t on the dating scene. It’s the leftovers that most men here are experiencing that are flakes and psychopaths who hop from one bed to the other.
      All that being said, feminists expect men to pay for them on dates just as much as regular women if not moreso because feminist ideology is about entitlements for women and bashing men to justify aforementioned entitlements. Since women are always Victims and men always owe them something, feminists can easily justify special treatment for her when it suits her. The excuses are many: “Asker pays” (asker defined as man), or “I’ll pay, but only if he’s not a Real Man!” (them paying means they’re dumping or shit testing you.)
      Regarding sex: Agreed that they’re a demon in the sack. They appear terrified of being accused of being old fashioned and lying there. The main problem with them is that even if they don’t flake out on a regular basis or appear to have feminine issues with sex, the ideology makes them even more dangerous. One day you wake up, she’s gone to “find herself”, and filed complaints that you’ve raped her. This is a man-hating ideology and someone using it to label themselves should raise a serious red flag even if all else appears normal. It’s like the xfinity commercial where the guy goes to a girl’s apartment and her DVR queue is full of true crime murder shows.
      Bottom line: Sometimes the feminist label or even ideology can not make a particular woman worse, but it’s rare. It almost never makes them better than they would have been otherwise.

  39. I think #2 is very similar to why it is good to fuck older women:
    They don’t tell, they don’t swell and they’re grateful as hell.
    So……WTF gentleman — fuck a feminist today! IJS

  40. 1. Even if you follow all the precautions… consent,consent Filmed, consent by 2 witnesses, consent by written agreement, consent by etc etc ,… according to Feminist Doctrine, if she decides it’s Rape, it’s Fucking Rape OK? (Sarc)
    2.Women are literally walking Chemical Plants.
    3.In the real world most women tote the feminist BS until the check arrives.( Nice Hillary Dis btw, if she had any shame about it like a normal human being would, she’d drop out now)
    1/4. Even in my blue pill days I had Beta Game, which included sympathizing with the Slut double standard, today I realize feminist women are so easy because of that experience, just pretend you care about their rights to be sluts, and presto be rewarded with sex.

  41. Not attacking all feminists, but the concern of contracting AIDS is a possibility. I guess that furthers the argument for a condom.

  42. “Of course, I am not suggesting that you date a corpulent, third-wave intersectional feminist with blue hair and ironic glasses.”
    Third wave is sex-positive so I’d think you’d recommended those ones first and foremost! By the way, 50 Shades of Grey was very mild compared to that tweet you posted. Was that for real or fake?

  43. Emma Watson was so cute as a little girl in Harry Potter. Why did she have to become such a radfem ?

    1. Because child stars grow up into talentless adult actors, and she had to stay relevant somehow.

  44. Just go for the one that is good looking and makes solid eye contact. If she is feminist it don’t matter. Physical appearance and her sexual interest in you is all that matters.

  45. I love the picture of the family under #1. When I was a child, my family was much like this, but the fems have tried to kill that kind of childhood wonderment and replaced it with a pile of bulls**t. —– P.S. to any many who ever opened a door for me: THANKS!,– if I did not say it at the time, ( I always do say thanks) I do appreciate it.

  46. Michael- You are a visionary, most of us on ROK would stay clear of the fems! I would have liked you to tell us about your own personal experience banging a fem!! Is the article based on personal experience or your own research?? Thanks for planting new ideas in my head. I think to hookup with a fem you might half to infiltrate her world and be a poser!!! Probably a pump and dump!!

  47. Here is a great trick to use with feminists:
    “My BFF is a gay guy. I have always wondered what anal feels like. He seems so happy and so does his husband.”
    Just let that sink in with her. Within 5 minutes she will happily be doing ATM.

  48. To me it’s just another layer for their bullshit. Women aren’t NOT loyal to anything or anyone. And they might say and come off like a feminist, but when an opportunity presents itself they lose the whole facade to come across as the opposite.

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