8 Reasons Why American Women Are Terrible Teachers

If you see feminism for the toxic and corrosive ideology that corrupts women and society at large, then we must come to terms with the fact that American women—along with their Canadian, British, Australian, and other counterparts—should not be teachers who are responsible for the developmental years of children’s lives. The marriage between today’s feminized education system and modern women is ruining entire future generations with their incompetence, contempt, and brainwashing. I don’t expect things to change overnight, but the following points must be addressed regarding the nature of today’s female teachers.

1. They are lousy role models

Would you like to have a divorced Instragram whore as your child’s role model?

With just how low Western women have gone these days, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that female teachers are no exceptions—being in a position of teaching doesn’t suddenly make them morally upstanding. Really, why would anyone want their children to be taught by these women? Are we to believe that a woman who spent her entire adult life drinking and partying to suddenly become a mentor for our sons and daughters? If you can’t turn a whore into a housewife, the same is doubly true for those trying to pass off as educators.

2. They are not serious about teaching

I’ve met dozens of girls who were either studying or on their way to become teachers and the majority of them tended to be party girls with no real interest in intellectual pursuits.

The truth is that most female teachers don’t have any passion for teaching. They just want an easy and secure government job that will elevate their sense of self-importance. If you ever observe them in classrooms, you’ll know that they have no standards and enjoy texting and chatting on their phones during their class time. To them, it is the status of being a teacher that matters, not the substance of what that they can deliver to their pupils. These teachers don’t encourage independence and free thought and they’re not interested in letting students inquire and learn on their own; they’re more interested in having them do as they’re told as passive subjects in a controlled environment.

3. They hate children (especially boys)

In addition to their lack of passion, the teachers and would-be teachers I’ve known throughout my life don’t seem to like children all. In spite of how much they profess their love of teaching kids, all these females tend to do is bitch non-stop about their “stupid” students while making minimal effort to guide them in their learning.

4. They brainwash children with degenerate progressive ideas

If you think feminist and progressive brainwashing is limited to colleges, you are wrong. Public schools and even kindergarten are now battlegrounds to teach young children about “gender fluidity” and other nightmarish garbage instead of preparing for their futures. And we all know that women are more likely to spread these progressive ideas than men (all the teachers I’ve had who preached progressivism were females), making them the primary offenders in indoctrinating children.

5. They love to power-trip

Yes, she has to do this in the classroom because she can’t signal her status on social media without it.

Teachers are in a delicate position of power to lead their students and women seem to love abusing that power. I’ve noticed that teaching jobs attract women who are unbearable control-freaks who love to tell others what to do and how to do them. These women care more about asserting their authority than in fostering a healthy learning environment.

As an anecdote, I had a friend who had the misfortune of having a feminist as his English teacher in high school. He told me that she would openly say things like “Why are all the boys so dumb?” and give all the girls bonus marks just for being girls while the boys were constantly graded low. When all the male students went to complain to the principal, the teacher naturally played the victim by claiming that the male students hated her just for being a feminist. The cuck of a principal didn’t take any action as a result and she was allowed to continue abusing her power.

I’m sure there are countless more feminist teachers who are denigrating the boys in every way imaginable so that they will not succeed. If this is not a systematic effort to bring down the male population, I don’t know what is.

6. They are incapable

What?! The school fired this lady because she refused to teach due to her phobia of children? Fucking misogynists.

It is clear that many women are not capable of handling the slightest stress that comes with teaching and maintaining a class. When I was in high school, I once had a female teacher walk out of the classroom and not return. This didn’t happen because the students were being dicks, but because she was getting too stressed and overwhelmed from… grading quizzes. Like most “strong and independent” women usually do, female teachers focus more on maintaining an outside shell and a facade of competence than delivering excellence.

Then there’s the recent issue of teachers calling the police because they are incapable of dealing with children themselves. In New Jersey for example, a female teacher called the police on her 3rd grader because the way he said “brownies” was misconstrued as being “racist” by another student (the fact that 3rd graders are even complaining about racism should be an alarm). That single incident is already insane enough, but in that elementary school alone, the police are apparently called as often as five times a day to handle incidents which the female teachers seem incapable of dealing with.

7. They are mentally unstable

Many female teachers I’ve known all seemed to have varying degrees of emotional issues that should disqualify them as teachers. And as more and more American women are becoming mentally ill, we can expect increasing number of female teachers to be unstable and unreliable in the future. And as they say, crazy people make other people crazy.

8. They are sexual predators

The number of female teachers who are having sex with their students are on a dramatic rise, which I suspect is due to laxer punishments and consequences for women as well as the you go, girl! attitude promoted in our culture. But I suppose expecting these young women—who aren’t married and don’t even have children of their own—to behave in any other way is asking for too much.


This one posted pictures of herself nude and smoking weed on Twitter as well as calling her student “jailbait.” How many more women of this quality are passing off as educators today?

Ideally, the public education should be abolished and be replaced by homeschooling or other more effective means of preparing children for their future, but as long as boys are made to go to school, American women need to be screened better or be completely removed from teaching positions lest they do more harm than good. Yes, there are male teachers who are just as bad, but know that early education is almost completely dominated by women and the few men who are teachers are heavily influenced by them.

And as recent studies show, feminism is having a negative impact on boys while eliminating such feminist bias from teachers erased the boys’ failing grades, proving that feminism is systematically harming the male population from a young age. As long as these feminism-infected women are in charge of the future generation, don’t expect the society to change for the better.

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          4. I am not trying to learn game. I was born with it.

    2. There are so many factors involved in creating the broken dynamic in the sexual marketplace:
      1. Social media + smartphones mean women can fish for men from all over the world.
      2. Female bisexuality is much more tolerated and promoted and celebrated and is thus much more common than male bisexuality. Check out on any online dating service how many women identify as bisexual. These women are like hermaphroditic worms: they don’t need a partner or mate.
      3. A lot of women are on anti depressants and or birth control that kill the sex drive
      4. Mass male immigration skews gender ratio
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      But these pua’s and other morons will keep saying “you just gotta learn game or dress better or whatever”

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  1. Ask anyone who went to public school and 9 out of 10 times they will tell you the men were better teaches.

    1. You think a female teacher could keep the Sweathogs in line? Only Mr Kotter could…

      1. As much as kids whine about the hard-asses, they were always the ones who got the most respect. On top of that school is where I learned that women aren’t funny, female teachers always had the lamest jokes and weakest performances, usually because everything that came out of their mouths was really about themselves (and teachers aren’t very interesting). While I’d say male teachers were funny more oft than not and could add a performance in teaching a lesson.

      2. Ok Ok……you do have a point there. However, I will be damned if I sit here and watch anyone say anything negative about Miss Bliss…..GO TIGERS!

    2. I can’t remember the names of any female teachers, yet can remember every male teacher, and it was only 20 years ago.

      1. Yes and Obama was like a lame head master…. limp wristed, big feet, bouncey walk and all…… trumps the bad boy that everyone wants to be but doesnt have the balls for……

        1. What’s her name? I cannot hear what Tucker says because of the stupid background transition. And FOX didn’t put name on screen. I’d like to do more research on this cunt.

        2. Was she canned recently?
          Casually looking, I see she was placed on forced leave last fall but was reinstated. (This womyn is further proof teacher unions harbor & protect nut jobz. This womyn shouldn’t be anywhere near kids!)

        3. I was appalled to learn she’s a middle-school teacher. I’ll say it again: This woman should NOT be anywhere near children!

  2. When I went to school students weren’t fucking teachers, at least the younger generation has that.

  3. Pretty soon we’ll have topless teachers teaching kids remotely via Snapchat. Win-win. Boys wont get diddled as they have no physical contact with the teachers, the women still get the attention they crave, no more school maintenance costs as it is technically “home schooling”, and on and on…

  4. 9. They fuck their students
    But seriously, where were all these horny, sexually frustrated teachers when I was in school?!!

    1. Can we blame them to be sexually frustrated? Have you seen the average “male” these days?

      1. I doubt any of the “victims” were jacked, wealthy or well traveled experienced gentlemen….

        1. Hardly but there might a 100 hundred notch millionaire and well traveled Casanova who is a simp. Granted there are many rich men who are simps.

  5. Our education in Canada is nothing like the States. One quick look at where we compare in the world would tell you that we are routinely ranked in the top 5 performing education systems in the world.
    I think this is specifically written about USA as all the bimbo shots are American. I’m fairly confident the author hasn’t a clue about the situation outside his own country. For example, in Canada public education is provincial and is standardized regardless of what neighbourhood, town or city you end up in.
    In Canada, every student has to follow the same meticulously-planned curriculum set out by the province, regardless if their school is located in a poor neighbourhood or a rich neighbourhood. That said, the US system varies very widely depending upon the county, township, city etc where the school is located…there are even wide variations within the same county.
    Teachers in Canada would never get away with playing on their phones during classrooms or giving anti political propaganda like they are in the states regarding Trump; not to say it doesn’t happen but there would be consequences if a complaint was made. Completely different and it’s a slap in the face to spew this nonsense about countries you have no fucking clue about.
    Can schools improve in Canada, absolutely. I’d like to see more emphasis on real world situations like how to invest your money; but to paint our teachers as bimbo’s taking selfies is a little ridiculous.

    1. I grew up in Canada and went to one of the better schools in the city. They may not be as bad as American schools, but they were still garbage.

      1. I can only assume you were in Liberal Eastern Canada where as I am in Alberta where the Alberta curriculum is used in many parts of the world; but define garbage. Did you see teachers doing what this article portrays them as doing? I never did nor has my wife who is a teacher. You don’t have teachers encouraging their kids to skip class to protest.
        The biggest issue in Canada is old teachers who are no longer interested in their jobs being over paid or old teachers who are double dipping taking a pension while they substitute. The younger teachers who have extensive education and new techniques to teach are not getting the opportunities. Many are working at Walmart unable to find a job.

    2. Its not always the teachers fault. American school system (before college) is flooded with students who struggle to speak english as 2nd language.

      1. “…flooded with students who struggle to speak english as 2nd language.”
        As a first language, more commonly.

  6. Here’s a short list of 10 married female teachers in the USA who were arrested for having sex with their students over the past 12 years or so, along with some brief highlights of their cases. (If I had included every single one that I found online – married or single – this would be about the size of the novel, “Gone with the Wind”.)
    Wendie Schweikert
    Wendie Schweikert, 36: Laurens, S.C., elementary teacher arrested in February 2006 for having sexual intercourse with an 11-year-old male student at E.B. Morse Elementary School. Police said the married woman had relations with the boy on three separate occasions dating back to 2005, not only on campus but also in her car near a miniature golf course near Greenville, S.C.
    Allenna Ward
    Allenna Ward, 24: A minister’s daughter from Laurens County, S.C., Allenna Ward was a second-year teacher at Bell Street Middle School in Clinton, S.C., when she was fired Feb. 28, 2007, for allegedly having sex with at least five boys. Some of the purported victims, ages 14 and 15, were students at Ward’s school. Authorities say the married woman had sex with the boys not only on campus, but also at a motel, in a park and behind a restaurant.
    Amy Beck
    Amy Beck, 33: Teacher at David Starr Jordan Middle School in Burbank, Calif., surrendered to police March 8, 2010, apparently overcome by guilt, according to authorities. She allegedly had a sexual relationship with one of her male students, who was 14 at the time, from March to September 2009. The married mother of three was charged with five counts, including four counts of unlawful sex with a person under 16 and one count of oral copulation with a person under 16. She was sentenced to two years in prison in May of 2010, and was released after serving only eight months o her sentence. Beck’s policeman husband apparently walked in on his wife while she was in the act of fucking the student in question, whereupon he threatened the life of the 14-year-old boy as well as the lives of the boy’s family members.
    Beth Ann Chester
    Beth Ann Chester, 27: Former Moon Area High School health and gym teacher in Pittsburgh was sentenced to 1 1/2 to 3 years in jail on Aug. 20, 2008, after pleading guilty to three charges stemming from the romantic relationship she had with a then-14-year-old boy. Chester, who was married, admitted to having sex with the boy numerous times, including once in the school parking lot. Her husband filed for divorce a month after her January 2008 arrest
    Bridgett Szychulski
    Bridgett Szychulski, 31: Band teacher for the Lenape Middle School in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, accused of having sex at least three times with a 14-year-old boy at the school. She was suspended in September 2014, and was arraigned on charges including involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault and statutory sexual assault. Szychulski, who is married and has a 4-year-old son, is accused of having sex with the teen once in her vehicle and twice at the middle school, including her office and a storage room near the band room. District Judge Regina Armitage set bail at $500,000 unsecured. He also banned her from having contact with juveniles other than her son, or from contacting any Central Bucks County students or employees. Her attorney reportedly sought leniency, as Szychulski was dealing with a complicated pregnancy at the time of her arrest.
    Christel C. Gravlin
    Christel C. Gravlin, 33: The Lisbon High School teacher from St. Lawrence County, N.Y., was arraigned Dec. 10, 2007, on charges of rape 3rd degree, criminal sex act 3rd degree and endangering the welfare of a child after allegedly having intercourse with a 15-year-old male student. Allegations became known after an incident at a high school basketball game on Nov. 30 when Gravlin, a married mother of two and former beauty queen, made statements about an affair to a group of students and others who were sitting near her. On March 3, 2008, she pleaded guilty to a felony charge of third-degree rape, and on May 19, 2008, she apologized to the boy as she was sentenced to four months behind bars.
    Christine McCallum
    Christine McCallum, 29: The former fifth-grade teacher at Woodsdale Elementary School in Abington, Mass., was arrested on June 8, 2008, after the father of a 16-year-old boy went to authorities with copies of letters McCallum, married, had written to the boy. According to charges, she is accused of having consensual sex over 300 times with the teen, beginning when he was 13. McCallum was a tutor for the alleged victim’s younger brother.
    Emily Elizabeth Housley
    Emily Elizabeth Housley, 29: Former math teacher at North Side High School in Fort Worth, Texas, was arrested at her mother’s home on July 10, 2009, for sexual assault on a child. The married mother of two had resigned earlier after being caught with a 16-year-old male student in a park late at night. According to police, the woman and her student had started flirting and exchanging text messages earlier in the year when he was still 15. The pair became sexually active after he turned 16, with encounters in her classroom after school hours, in her car, at her mother’s home, and at her home when her husband and children were away. After school let out for the summer, Housley met the teen at his Fort Worth house while he was alone. “She was going to a teacher conference that was near his house, and she was going over there on her lunch breaks and having sex with him,” a detective said. The lucky mother of two was sentenced to just seven years of probation.
    Emily Morris
    Emily Morris, 26: Teacher at Leeds High School in St. Clair County, Ala., faced a possible 20-year sentence, but received one year in jail in December 2006 for having consensual sex with a 15-year-old student at her school. District Attorney Lamar Williamson said Morris had sex with the boy in her car away from school property in February 2005. “She was in a position of trust and authority as a school teacher,” he said. Under a plea bargain, according to the Associated Press, prosecutors dropped a second charge of second-degree rape and a charge of second-degree sodomy. Morris’ attorney, William Dawson, said she agreed to the plea bargain in part because of the possibility of a longer sentence. On June 21, 2010, WND broke the story that Morris was honored as “Person of the Month” by the city of Pelham, Ala. Oh, one more thing. Morris was married and the mother of two small children.
    Gina Marie Watring
    Gina Marie Watring, 40: Teacher’s assistant at Creekside Elementary in Durham, N.C., was arrested April 29, 2009, and charged with having sexual intercourse with a 10-year-old male student on at least two occasions. According to search warrants in the case, school administrators first became suspicious of Watring – who taught drama and dance at the school – after intercepting a note written by the boy. “Gina, I love you so much babe. I’m so lucky to have you. I’m glad you feel the same way. I want to be with you forever. I’d never do anything to hurt u,” it read.
    School officials said they found a cell phone in the child’s possession, and text messages between him and Watring. During questioning by detectives, the boy told them that he was in love with Watring and that they had had sex on two separate occasions in her home. Steve Monks, attorney for Watring, said his client is married with children, and is active in Sunday school at church. He said Watring is innocent and that the case stems from “the infatuation of a 10-year-old boy.”

    1. Fascinating how the policeman blamed the fucking kid rather than his whore of a wife! Wow, that’s quite a pussy pass!

      1. Blue-pilled to the gills, that guy. I did research on this for an ROK article. It got so huge (the number of cases), I couldn’t fit it into a 1600-word piece. Based on the research I’ve done into these cases, most males are accused in the press of “sexual assault”. All it takes is hearsay to get the legal ball rolling for men. Most women are accused of “sleeping with their students”. It takes an act of god to break the story about women’s dalliances. This is due to zealous guarding of female teachers by administrative higher-ups, and teacher’s unions. Basically, after I boiled it all down, male teachers are being accused unfairly at an astronomical rate, and women are being under-accused and aggressively protected. Most cases involving female teachers never make it to the newspaper, as most parents don’t want such things hanging around their children’s necks as they go through life, so they settle the cases away from the public eye and they don’t push for prosecution. But it’s an epidemic, and female teachers are getting a pussy pass, big time.

        1. The craziest story Ive read: 13 yr old boy gets seduced by 20 something teacher. She gets pregnant and keeps it. Boy turns 18 and BAM! he gets hit with a child support payment retroactive to th kids birth four years earlier. That kid’s life was ruined.

        2. Yeah, this is the only conclusion one can come to viewing all of this.
          I consider this area to be one of the most glaring exposures of the rank hypocrisy and double-dealing. Even if there were no others it is proof positive that Men and Women are dealt with totally differently, and that there is a clear Anti-Man agenda at work.

        3. Very, very strong agenda. I don’t shock easily but after I did probably 50 hours of research into this topic, I was shocked. There were several instances I read where a male teacher claimed he was overwhelmed with sexual advances from his female students. He rebuffed them, and one of the girls, to get even, accused him of assaulting her. For a man, it doesn’t matter if he’s innocent. His life is ruined. For a woman, hey, she might do some talk shows, write a book, get a slap on the wrist (probation), and then, she gets MORE young cocks to ride, because the lesson is, “Don’t say anything and we can keep doing this.” After they lose their teaching jobs, the media exposure brings what they want – more dick. They are twisted. But we know this.

        4. Totally agree. This area is the one that really brings it home…
          Haven’t done as much research as you, but noticed it in the stories that do filter through in the UK a few years back and have been sickened ever since.

        5. I stopped researching it because it was so red pill I felt disgusted and depressed. Heh. I made a comment just now (new one), about a second female teacher, who was arrested, at the same middle school, where Alenna Ward was arrested. Two female teachers, arrested at the same middle school, in the same year – for having sex with male students. And this has happened several times – female teachers arrested (more than one, in one case, I found THREE) at the same school for fucking their male (or female) students. It’s an epidemic, dude, and that proves it.

        6. I’ve read of multiple cases where girls have written fantasy accounts in their diary, of sexual relationships with males teachers, and the mother has read it and the system has gone after the male teacher, for shit that happened in the girls fantasy world.

        7. YES, My girlfriend´s sister is underage teen and have a crush with a professor but ALL of them have a crush with that professor, and I overhear all the dirty talk and the thing they would do to him. To get his attention, they show him skin, talk in innuendo, they try to touch him, it will be so easy to fuck 3 or 5 of those 14-16 girl for him. They always portrait girls as the victim and the boys as “they want it” but in reality both want it, teen girls are horny AF too.

        8. I am so glad that when I taught the girls were of a legal consent age. I remember the faculty handbook and I shit you not I memorized the following line:
          “While generally deemed unwise, romantic relationships between faculty and students are not expressly forbidden”
          3 guesses how the kneeman read this little bit of gold.

        9. When a story actually surfaces of female teacher having intercourse with underage male, the media and others laugh it off. They’ll excuse it as “not the same as a male teacher with female student.”
          It shouldn’t matter! The law is the law when it comes to an adult with minor.
          I’m so damn sick of these womyn crying about equality — except when it comes to application of law. Male or female, both should face same punishment for pursuing relationship with a minor.

        10. Holy Shit.
          If this one doesn’t emphasize just how rigged the system is against men. A 13-year-old boy is seduced by an ADULT female and she gets to claim back-owed child support.
          Un. Fucking. Real.

        11. Yeah, Im sure he brings that anecdote up every few weeks at his Narcotics Anonymous meetings

        12. Where did you find this story? This is the ultimate evidence of the Pussy Pass! We need to examine this story on ROK so we can save the Chillens!

        13. Girl that went to my college used to brag about banging her gym teacher in high school to get out of having to exercise. Not surprising she’s a fat cat lady now.

        14. I actually just read it as “well kneeman, time to fulfill some professor fetishes”

        15. No. She got child support from the state. It’s the state that’s after him for child support back 4 years and for the next 14 years.

    2. This stems from female entitlement mentality (I can have sex with whoever I want) and a woman’s unfamiliarity of responsibility (What? Using my position of authority to manipulate is wrong?).

      1. Had a friend with benefits when I was 17. She was 22. She was an admitted nymphomaniac. Her goal was to become a boys’ phys. ed. teacher at a middle school, because her sexual research had revealed that boys between the ages of 13-15 had the highest sex drive, and she intended to fuck them all. I shit you not. I believe lots of women – especially these days – become middle school teachers for that very reason.

        1. I believe most (young women) become teachers because they are dumber than dirt and like being in an institution like education because they never have to become an adult.

        2. I agree. But there’s a very strong sexual component. I had another girlfriend who used to routinely pick up beach boys (12-14 years of age), take them home, and train them sexually. California girl. Her best friend did the same thing. They had a group of friends who did the same thing. When I found out, I bailed on her (I had been living with her). Had another girlfriend who started fucking a 13-year-old skater punk. She was 27. I’ve talked to many women who admit that they are uncontrollably attracted to young males. I think there is a surprisingly large segment of female teachers who deliberately choose their craft so they can have access to hot, horny boys. And, as you said, this way, they can continue to be the “hot girl in school” and get sex and attention and never grow up. But then…women never grow up, do they now. Nope.

        3. A lot of ’em, yup. Some teacher in Houston a couple years back got busted for getting gangbanged by a posse of dindus. They recorded it on a cell phone and passed it around. Otherwise she would still be getting gangbanged by ’em after school…which she still is, no doubt, but she isn’t a teacher anymore.

        4. Funny you should say that. On my train ride this morning, I pass a female street dancer who is happy for her donations since with it, she’ll be enrolling into college ‘soon’ to become an elementary school teacher.

        5. I knew a woman from Cali who was the former hot girl getting ready to hit the wall tell me she liked to “train teenage boys.” She was spent and last I heard ran into a bad end.
          “…women never grow up, do they?”
          Most, no. The few I know who did had too out of neccessity, not because they wanted too.

        6. Truth. What, females don’t know this? (Heh. They scheme on sex like billionaires scheme on stealing bankrupt companies…)

        7. Says it all, doesn’t it? Her, and many others, are poster women why one should home school or enter a good parochial or private school (if you can afford it).

        8. While attending grade school, the last year before middle school began, I had a female teacher who for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how I made it to the next class. I must have failed every one of her test. She spent all of her class periods trying to discipline the boys as well. Mind you I was 10, trying to start a make shift business with the free pens my parents had laying around the house, reading Robinson Crusoe and Black Stallian as well as a few other books thanks to my parents. At my school that year my take home award was perfect attendance. Just showing up! Needless to say that teacher quit at year’s end.
          Failing so bad did teach me one powerful lesson though; always do what you need to do to appeal to a woman’s nature as they could care less about judging anything fairly. Even if appealing to their nature is showing how cemented your own foundation is and how she has no affect on your life. That single factor placed me back on the honor roll as soon as that lady left.

        9. Catholic schools are dying a slow death. They kept costs down by hiring brothers and sisters for a pittance. Since hardly anyone becomes one anymore, they had to hire teachers, who require a higher salary(Which still isnt as lucrative as working in a public school). Youre looking at $5,000 a yr(or more) to attend Catholic HS in NYC.

        10. Speaking of Catholic schools and NYC…
          Beth Geisel
          Beth Geisel taught at the Christian Brothers Academy in New York a private Catholic school. She was fired, and later arrested, for having a sexual relationship with a 16 year old male. Then again for having sexual contact with three different 16 year old male students on a Florida school trip where she became so intoxicated she couldn’t stand. She was arrested for endangering minors, driving while intoxicated.

        11. That “hot girl in school” statement seems very accurate.
          I remember when I was going to school in the 70’s – 80’s, most of my teachers had “Grey Hair.” They commanded respect and instilled a bit of fear in the students. My first encounter with a “younger” teacher was in 10th grade English; she was 35 at the time and every guy in the school wanted to screw her, and her class was always a bit unruly.
          These days, all you see are these 22 year old “teachers” running around with their I-Phones, looking like the students themselves. It’s Crazy!

        12. Being a father of several young sons, that shit is legit sickening to hear about. If any adult fucked with my kids, all jokes aside about teenage boys being “lucky” to be molested by a “teacher”, well, she would be beaten bloody senseless here if not worse. No doubt whatsoever.

        13. Very Fascinating. Because when I was in that age bracket at summer camp, a 20-something female barged into the boys lockerroom for no reason. As boys came out of showers and were humiliated to discover an ADULT woman observing them in state of undress … she just stood there with HUGE grin on her face.
          It absolutely enrages me how women get away with this shit. It strikes me ever since that female judge ruled in favor of female “reporters” being allowed in sport lockerrooms, there’s now mentality that it’s A-OK for womyn to invade male privacy.

        14. And it’s an industry where they’re guaranteed an annual % in pay increase thanks to the F-ing unions.
          This past fall, teachers in town where I went to college (Burlington, VT) went on strike after the city council actually questioned their automatic 6% annual pay increase. It came out teachers in town are making close to $75,000/ annually. (About $10,000/ more than the median income in community.)
          Needless to say: as teachers cut classes to strike, many stated “it wasn’t about the money — it was about the kids!”

        15. “it wasn’t about the money — it was about the kids!”
          If that were true, they would take a pay cut and get back to “work.” Actually I think these bonobos are on borrowed time as the public pension funds are broke and no one is going to move into a high property tax district to fund them.

        16. That’s the problem. Teacher Unions continue to operate as if we still live in era where private wage growth is steady and state’s could cover pension obligations.
          Detroit has to be the utmost example of how insane these Teacher Unions truly are. The robust industry is GONE, the city is broke. The schools are failing but teacher unions are ADAMANT they must have endless pay increases.
          I’ll put this out for anyone interested in watching during spare time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xypiZ-hqdY

        17. *How did teachers interact with students in the past:
          “Tommy, did u prepare the assignment I gave you regarding cosines and sines?”
          *How do teachers interact with students, nowadays:
          S:”Miss K, did u watch Supernatural last sunday?”
          T:”OMG, I went shopping with the girls at the mall looking for a new pair of yoga pants so I forgot. Don’t spoil me, I want to see for myself whether Sam got back together with …..”

        18. They also kept cost down courtesy of the collection basket Catholics pass around at every mass. However … the Catholic Church has seen seriously decline in parishioners over the last 1.5 decades.

        19. Believe it. Its become so common now its just another news story like teacher getting busted for DUI. Females get probation and joke about it, and find some back office support job that pays the same.

        20. A teacher’s union is no ordinary union. It’s a government employee union. Which means the politicians promise them our money and the union promises to get out the vote for the politicians.

        21. Even in the 90s most of my teachers were older…In some cases, it was generous to call them “older” rather than just “old”, I seriously had some of the same high school teachers my parents did, and they weren’t young teachers when my parents had them. Teachers not retiring was one reason I decided against becoming one.

      2. I know someone who used to be a social worker in a deprived/ poorly performing school. She said her day was spent with these 14 year old alpha rebels, and all she thought about was getting fucked by them. No doubt she probably did, but didn’t say so, as she’d be in jail. It is quite eye opening to hear it from the horses mouth. I also know a woman who worked at a boarding school, and a few of the slut-type females there used to talk about and grade the dick sizes of young boys – as in 6 year old boys, as some of them were apparently hung from a young age. But nothing suprises me anymore, not after friend got his dick out to have sex with a new girl (who worked with his mother), and she said “omg, your mom was right, you have a really big dick”. #passionkiller.

      3. They want the attention. She knows the whole school will be talking about her. The female teachers at my high school were very competitive about getting the young male attention. 4 of the younger teachers got into a “dress like a slut” battle and had to be stopped by the principal. They know these young boys fap to older women all the time.

        1. Especially when she sits on a high stool and doesn’t wear panties. Probably black lace ones but to a 14 year old….
          Handsfree fapping.

      4. nobody seems to be mentioning that many of these women are married or in relationships. All I know is that if a man gets cucked by his wife for a 13 year old boy he will probably never recover.

      1. wow thats awful, can you imagine having a wife and kids and come home and find out she’s banging a 14 year old? sheesh

        1. The notion that these boys were ‘raped’ in any sense of the world is, at best, risible. Rather, they got to live out every younger adolescent male fantasy. There are good reasons to prohibit the practice, but on on grounds of order. There’s no malum in se here.

      1. In my case, she taught 5th grade and then was moved to 7th before eventually becoming a college prof ten years later and getting into feminism. Last time I knew, she weighed fifty or so pounds more and was complaining how there weren’t any good men around her.
        Also at my school, there was a male teacher as well, but he actually divorced his wife and left his kids for the girl he’d been messing around with for several years once she turned 18.

      2. No shit.
        But at least these chicks aren’t doing the wild thing with their large, unneutered male dogs. At least as far as we know…

    3. Just two words: hypocrites (society) and faggy-cuckholds (judges, policemen). One of the very cases you showed instead of kicking his whorish wife to the curb threatened the youngster and his family go figures…not only blue pill to the bone but the archetype of a cuckhold.

    4. You need to add the two female “teachers” down in Louisiana that had a threesome with one of their students. Because just screwing a student is becoming so passé, they have to take it to the next level.

      1. I agree with thousands. Not necessarily “better looking”…I’ve got cached articles on arrested female teachers who would puke a goat off a gut wagon…

        1. It would be interesting to see a study on the severity of sentence received graphed against the perceived attractiveness of the female. Social forgiveness vs. SMV.

        2. I was just thinking about that very thing a half an hour ago. Based on what I looked at – well over 200 cases – the hot ones tend to receive probation or less severe sentences. The older/uglier ones get harsher sentences. That’s purely off what I recall remembering while looking at pictures of perps. But it makes sense. An in-depth study would be vital, obviously, but I think it would bear this theory out…

    5. you can probably find 10 cases from 2017 already. No boundaries and predatory, manipulative behavior. Thats how whores operate.

      1. It’s indicative of the society that has grown since feminism. Human beings are primal. What colour of women do you think would act any differently?

      2. Not sure. They love sex and have no boundaries. And they think they are entitled princesses. Just a theory there.

      3. You must be new in town. In the west feminism has created culture of female primacy with unrestrained hypergamy.

      4. I’m a white woman and I really hope American culture can recover from feminism and begin to foster decent, nuclear families again. I’ve never supported that ideology. It’s a shame what liberalism has done.

      1. None of the 10 I posted got harsh sentences, I don’t believe. But…
        Heather Lea Burroughs
        Heather Lea Burroughs, 23: Substitute teacher at Pahokee Middle-Senior High in Pahokee, Fla., arrested Jan. 22, 2007, for allegedly performing a sex act on a student in an empty classroom during school hours. Palm Beach County district officials did not release the student’s name, age or gender, but arrest records indicate the student was between 12 and 18. If convicted of the first-degree felony of sexual assault, Burroughs could face up to 30 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.
        *Note – she was released early and had to register as a sex offender. Notice the ugly mug and oversized frame at the link below. I suspect her looks had something to do with the harsh sentence.

        1. Can you please put a trigger warning on that! Holy fuck Bob! Why you do me like that? Oh Gawd!! Beastly doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’m completely traumatized. Florida has some extremely tough laws which still begs the question of Jeffrey Epstein getting a walk – but that’s another story.
          Wasn’t there another female predator and her attorney said she was “too cute” to go to jail?

      2. Male teacher would do prison time and be branded for life as predator, sex offender, rapist. Female teacher gets probation and community service, and finds beta orbiters to support her.

  7. I wonder what kind of shit hole schools these idiots are teaching in. I am fairly certain that the average teacher at, say, Phillips Exeter is of a much higher quality.

      1. I wonder where the line is. There are also some very good public schools…here in NY we have Bronx HS of Science, Stuyvesant and Brooklyn Tech slightly under those are schools like Benjamin Cardoza and Townsend Harris. After that it pretty much drops off into a mix between day care and prison.

        1. When I was high school age it was considered very good, but that was quite some time ago…if it has gone downhill since I wouldn’t know. Sad, it used to be a really good place to get an education. Of course, I went to the now non-existent Franklin K Lane which was also a good place to get an education — of a different sort

        2. you and the fucking Asians dude. What is with the Asian love? Yeah, a lot of Asians are successful. Even more of them make general tso chicken for stoned white kids.

        3. just looked it up. NYC Elite public schools have a demographics of 35% Asian 31% white 2% black and 3% Hispanic.

        4. Yes, the parents may be cooks while their children are studying at those magnet schools.

        5. just because YOU couldn’t compete with Sum Ting Wong doesn’t mean all white people can’t . That is a cop out. What happened man? Did you catch your girl in a Tokyo Threesome (that usually involves an octopus)

        6. The top public school(maybe its #2 behind Stuy) is located in Tottenville, Staten Island. Name escapes me. Kids actually commute from other boros to get there. That is literally the end of the earth.
          Other than those schools you mentioned, I dont think there are any safe schools in NYC, maybe they were back in the 1950s, but they are all shitshows now. Murray Bergtraum downtown was a decent school 20 years ago, now its hell on earth

        7. so so I guess. you sound like you listen to a lot of The Cure by candlelight and cut yourself and have a massive inferiority complex. Maybe you should call that Ivy up and ask them if they can also give you a heart (wait, wait, wait…that’s the wizard of oz. nm)

        8. Yeah, its similar here in UK… we have some pretty good state sector schools (obviously those with politically motivated funding thrown at them), but frankly the private school system here blows it away for the most part…

        9. Staten Island Tech I think. Agred on the rest. I banged out a girl who taught at Murray Bergtraum and told me it is basically only different in form from Rikers Island. Most of the reason is because it took the over flow from my very own FK Lane once it closed down.

        10. My problem is the Asian community is encouraged / allowed to retain and preserve their cultural identity and heritage with dozens of chinks and gook clubs at every school, prep school, high school, university etc. They are encouraged and do one faults them for being insular and sticking to themselves while Whites MUST have blacks, indians, asians brought along for whatever activity or club they want to do.

        11. I have a friend from your side of the pond who is, to say it very mildly, from a very old and well to do family. He had to explain to his French wife that he will be glad to see his son when he is born, then on Christmas when he is home from eton and be proud to give him a handshake when he graduates oxford….he was being facetious and joking about the English way of life, but only by a small margin

        12. Dude, why do you care? You went to an Ivy, why arent you networking with these people? Gotta be some females to be had- go get laid

        13. In big urban areas this happens and is troubling. However, there are places in this country where that simply isn’t the case. Go get a gig teaching at a secondary primary school in new Hampshire and you can live the whole dead poets society dream. You are living in the heart of where this troubling problem exists and complaining about it as if it is a universal epidemic when you could get on a train and be in new England in 6 hours and never have to deal with it again.

        14. It’s not that far off actually!
          My version of this is that I tell people in the good old days us entrepreneurs would say to the sudden new boy arrival at our office “who the hell are you?”
          to which the reply was “I’m your son, just finished my education”.
          to which we replied “welcome to the family business old chap!”
          As for Eton, I gave a talk to senior students there (I speak in public a lot) and they were the brightest audience I have *ever* experienced…

        15. I have that experience with Eton graduates — they are really, really well educated, but also tend to be very personable, affable and genuinely likeable. They also tend to be physically fit. The guy I know (though I haven’t spoken to him in some years…nothing bad, just don’t live near each other anymore) was one of these guys who everyone in his family went there for many generations. Seeing what a quality education can do for a person really makes me wish I was in a position to receive one.
          This guys wife, the French woman (she was pregnant when I last saw them so who knows what they did), was aghast at the notion that other people would raise the children. “L darling, the men in my family have been raised by professionals since the Norman conquest we aren’t going to start with amateur guess work now” lol, I miss that nutcase.

        16. That is a solid comment. Yes, I think either teaching gifted kids in the Midwest (public school) or in private academy in a white area (not Philly or Boston) would be a very rewarding gig.

        17. yeah FK Lane got shut down maybe 15 years or so ago along with a few other of the absolute bottom of the barrel school and Murray took on a huge tide. Basically it was the refuge crises on a micro level. If you know anything about FK Lane you can imagine what my high school days were like being a lilly white, blue eyed boy with blonde brown hair and a big fucking mouth lol

        18. so do it. You are the smarts for it. You have the CV to get hired. What are you waiting for. If you stick around a place that makes you miserable too long you are going to get your face stuck that way so to speak

        19. I knew schools and kids from all over Brooklyn and Queens, in retrospect, none were exactly safe. I heard Bayside was, but thats it. Its a miracle you got thru Lane alive

        20. Again this is spot on! including about the wife. It’s fascinating, a clear divide is noticeable in ‘his’ and ‘her’ attitudes towards boarding schools. He is invariably for it (and considers it the norm as his family has done it for generations), while she can’t imagine life without the kid.
          Personally I loved boarding… missed my father, but frankly couldn’t wait to get away from my mother! She became much more tolerable in small doses during holidays.

        21. I don’t consider it off-topic at all!
          Yes, Eton is one of the few that has resisted the political correctness and remained male only – and the results speak for themselves.
          The culturally marxist herds here in the UK like to characterise Etonians as stupid, out-of-touch ‘toffs’, but this is merely jealousy of course. As Lolknee has noted they are not only superbly educated, but rounded personalities and characters, and tend to be physically fit also. To which I would add that the classics are still studied at Eton, and long may that continue…

        22. I have heard nothing but good things about Eton (and I have seen the arrows slung at the school from the UK movies). Wife and I were discussing the best universities, and Eton was brought up.

        23. Most of these elite boarding schools are like half international (meaning Asian) students. Stop thinking it’s all white kids like it’s 1890. Who has the money today to afford such fees AND who has actually opted to reproduce (and not heeded the siren call of hedonism and zero population growth)?
          The Asians

        24. yeah, if given the opportunity to go back in time and live as I would like an English boarding school would be on my list. Glad you find my observation on the spot. It is really from knowing this one guy and I had wondered, time to time, how much he was pulling my leg and how much was really the way things are.

        25. Not for me…I wouldn’t be caught dead there. But if someone feels that that is where they would love to be, being here in this city is going to make them miserable. I like that Midwestern muff once it waxes, fills its closet with heels and stockings, throws away all of its sneakers except the ones it uses at the gym, moves to new York and starts looking for executives they can show all the neat tricks they learned in the back of billy’s dad’s packer

        26. Yeah, there were a few close calls at lane and I wound up in the hospital more than once. If I had kids and didn’t have the money for good private school and they didn’t have the brains for the top tier schools I would def send them to catholic schools (here in NYC at least, elsewhere I don’t know)

        27. Academia has a liberal bias. Relax Neil Armstrong, you aren’t the first to come to this conclusion. I was surrounded by bullshit social justice. You ignore it.

        28. What I’m saying is: even sending your kids to the most expensive, most highly esteemed private prep schools will not keep them from being indoctrinated and forced to read “Black Like Me” or “To Kill a Mockingbird” or similar works. They will learn to hate themselves, they will further be encouraged to delay marriage, delay having children, to focus on career, and to replace family formation with travel, fornication etc.

        29. I read to kill a mockingbird (shockingly there was no practical advice on killing mockingbirds — great homer line) and invisible man and all that other bullshit and I don’t hate myself. I guess what I am responding to that statement with is that children who are brought up with a healthy self esteem by a quality family will never allow this bullshit to infiltrate them. They will learn that it is out there, learn that it is a view point that one group of people have and move on.

        30. I remember excitedly seeing “The Invisible Man,” on the 10th grade reading list … “Oh boy., HG Wells!” I was pretty crestfallen to find out it wasn’t that invisible man

        31. You’re doing it all wrong. If you have PhD from univ with international name recognition you should get one year renewable teaching contract as guest lecturer in asian capitol city of your choice. You could have hottest female college students sucking your dick and it wouldn’t be necessary to hide it. Not to mention off campus where you just drop the bilingual business card with professor title and you advance to the front of the line. But if you’re stormcucked you’d find a way to fuck it up for yourself. Impotent white cucks aren’t any more popular inside or outside their own culture.

    1. Phillips Exeter doesn’t hire 20-something teachers. They hire teachers with decades of experience. That probably accounts for it.
      The students at places like Phillips are into as much shit as public school kids, perhaps more: sex, drugs, etc.

      1. sex and drugs? yeah, sure, they are teenagers. But they are given a far better education, more often than not were born on third base with a substantial lead and the top of the line up coming up and will, to a great degree, be far more successful than the vast majority of other people. Will they get stoned and do some acid on that trip to Vail? Sure. Why not?

        1. Higher percentage of children from elite backgrounds become homosexual. Therefore, their genes don’t get propagated. Dantrelis, 3rd yer Super Senior in the Chicago public school system, however, will have many children.

  8. I never understood this WITCH-HUNT against American women. Sure they aren’t perfect, but every country has issues with their women. Why single out American women??? Russia men have complained about their women so have Japanese men

    1. agreed. AWALT. People want to imagine there are these perfect women in other countries. There aren’t. For my money, despite the fucking land whales and BS feminism, you will still find some of the highest quality women in the world right here in the good ole US and A

      1. Yup. freedom brings out the best and the worst in women. You have many who go off the deep end and become tattooed, blued haired, SJW’s, but you also get lots of good traditional women who are that way because they want to be, not because of social boundaries.

        1. Kant believed that the essence of freedom was the freedom to chose a law to follow but without following a law a man (in this case a woman) is just an animal. Animals do not have free will, this we all agree on. But for Kant it got more specific. They do not have free will which means they cannot chose a law (moral or otherwise) to follow. Their behavior is unconstrained. Women (and men) who see freedom as an opportunity to “do whatever I want” are simply using their freedom to strip themselves of their humanity and act like an animal…decidedly unfree. It is only by exercising ones freedom in such a way as to limit the animal instinct that we are ever really free. Kant is talking about all this in terms of transcendental moral law of course, but I think the same can apply socially as you aptly point out.

        2. animals follow natural law – they are pure and have no ability to entertain (and resist and reject) perversion and violation of their law

        3. right. so animals exist in pure abjectness unable to transcend their own objectivity. It is in the exercise of transcendental freedom that the human animal can transcend objectivity and become an end in itself. When the human then decides to obey only natural law with the freedom they find themselves in pursuit of they basically render their selves animals by choice, not by nature and this is a violation of the very condition of the possibility of consciousness which is immoral by kant’s standard. Applied socially, when given unbridled freedom a woman who choses a moral standard for herself and follows it despite the call of the baser animal instincts would be said to be a good woman whereas one who, in realization of her freedom, decides to debase herself and become a sloth or a blue haired harridan whore is only violating the reason the freedom was possible in the first place.

        4. For Kant I believe that you could make that claim, yes. Of course a little more to it and all, but in a nutshell.

        5. I recently watched this argument play out in the film adaptation (1962) of Jan de Hartog’s “Spiral Road” novel. Very thought-provoking on several levels.

        6. Interesting. I will have to check it out. Kant was my particular field of specialty so I am surprised that this never came up

        7. “Kant never did nothing”, nothing with a vagina, anyway. Can you imagine if Kant wrote a game manual? I Kant. Mr. Knee, only you could possibly channel this impossible wisdom for our ineluctable edification.

        8. Already done, years ago. I also wrote out a kantian explanation for why blacks walk so slowly just like I wrote race ethics in terms of saved by the bell. Whts the point of knowing this shit if you don’t have fun with it

        1. It is true. None of my current plates are from the US. However, GOJ pointed out something interesting in that there is a difference between the Midwestern girls that stay in the Midwest and the Midwestern girls that move to NYC (aside from 30 pounds HAR!) and that they are much different girls. The girls from all over the world who move to new York really do become new Yorkers.

        2. Yeah I would agree with that: those who emigrated from the Midwest did it because they did not fit in there or were self-loathing (they regarded the people there as “backwards” or simple-minded or were enchanted with the cosmopolitan lifestyle and wanted to mingle with other cultures – were xenophilic).

        3. Those who opt to remain in the Midwest I would say are more tribal, more insular. Those who elect to move to a big city do so because they despise their own people and seek status by mingling with people of other races and cultures.

      2. “…highest quality women in the world…” is equivalent to “best-tasting excrement in the world.”

        1. I am not so down on women as all that. I actually like women. Them smell nice, make me happy, have pretty smiles and give me a nice warm place to sheath my cock.

        2. I’m no young buck. My love of the wimmins is a life long occupation. Beautiful women with pleasant voices and soft laughs that compliment you endlessly, dress like Hollywood starlets and moan when you fuck them….yessir…it is a wonderful thing

    2. I understand that America is where the feminist movement first took place, but it appears that it has reached its peak and many are turning away from that now. From what I hear, other westernized countries like UK, France, and Australia are at peak feminism now. Germany, Sweden and others are soon to follow. In time, even the eastern European countries will have to go through the same failed social experiment. But what do I know?

    3. We hold them to task because they demanded a higher pedestal with neo feminism. The higher the pedestal of moral and good fiber, the more focus must be placed on their failings. All of this was the obvious direction the minute womyn became a thing.

    4. Sure. But female teachers in those countries are not showing off their sluttiness to their students and sexually abuse them, or enforce their political views to the students. At least they still have a bit of decency to keep their slutty life in private. They are teachers by the day and probably sluts by the night, who cares? As long as they don’t harm the children.
      They are messing with grown men only and they leave those children alone. As how it is supposed to be.

    5. Well, one reason, if you had actually read the article, is that America is becoming famous for having an epidemic of vile, child-molesting female teachers in positions of trust over our kids. How much lower can you go than that in terms of degeneracy?

    6. Agreed AWALT on the fundamentals. But there are nuances, some cultures are further along the feminism curve and have higher rate of obesity etc.

  9. Are there lots of bad teachers? Sure. The thing that people rarely consider, and politicians dare not speak, is that public school teachers have to deal with the results of fifty years of cultural Marxist decline. This isn’t the 1950’s anymore, many of these kids are truly screwed up. They have single whores for mothers, no religious instruction, and many of the boys are doped up to keep them in line. It is also expected that groups with lower average IQ’s will do as well as white and Asian kids, that will never happen. The country used to be 85 percent white, with functioning families and communities. There is no way that we will ever have a great public school system again, no matter how much money they throw at it. Teachers are only part of the problem, and there really are still some good ones out there.

    1. It is also expected that groups with lower average IQ’s will do as well as white and Asian kids, that will never happen.

      Education can’t turn dumb kids into smart kids. The idea that it has this power comes from a specific guy in 18th Century France named Claude Adrien Helvétius:

      “All men,” Helvétius maintained, “have an equal disposition for understanding.” As one of the French Enlightenment’s many Lockean disciples, he regarded the human mind as a blank slate, but free not only from innate ideas but also from innate natural dispositions and propensities. Physiological constitution was at most a peripheral factor in men’s characters or capabilities. Any apparent inequalities were independent of natural organization, and had their cause in the unequal desire for instruction. This desire springs from passions, of which all men commonly well organized are susceptible to the same degree. We thus owe everything to education. Social engineering is therefore an enterprise unconstrained by the natural abilities of men.
      This natural equality applied to all men in all nations, and thus the differences in national characteristics were not the result of innate differences between the people therein, but rather a byproduct of the system education and government. “No nation,” wrote Helvétius, “has reason to regard itself superior to others by virtue of its innate endowment.”
      This radically egalitarian aspect of Helvétius’ philosophy caused Diderot to remark that if it were true, De l’esprit might just as well have been written by Helvétius’ dogkeeper.

    2. Absolutely. Teachers have little shits for kids with many parents who are hard to deal with. Now days a teacher can’t discipline the kids either. It’s a tough gig.

  10. Remember teachers go to school
    And those schools are more Marxist indoctrination camps than the pre-schools
    teaching the teachers to indoctrinate.
    no wonder all of them I know are degenerate, feminist drunks…and all of them that fall for the lie that is feminism – double down on the depravity rather than face the fact that mistakes were made – learn/change course…
    Not just teachers -see it every where..

    1. no wonder all of them I know are degenerate, feminist drunks
      I have never met a teacher that didn’t fit this description. If a girl says she is a teacher at a bar I look her up and down really carefully because I already know the option to fuck her will be there and I feel I have to make the decision immediately because the more time she stays at the bar the sloppier she will get.

      1. I know 2 that were banned form a NYC Diner at 3:30PM
        But, in their defense this particular job was extremely disgusting/stressful…
        Hey whats with all the models? saw about 20 of them walking between Soho, and fudge-packing district on Saturday afternoon

        1. Fashion week baby….FASHION TIME IN THE CITY!!!!!!!!!! Take advantage. The city is packed with models from all around the world and they are all doing what models do…walking runways, inhaling cocaine and getting fucked. It is a beautiful time in the city.

        2. Oh, yea. Going on safari again now.
          I can see the deck of a photographic studio Usually workers take cigarettet break out there.
          paparazzi out front.
          2 actual models came out in robes for a break and spent the time tacking selfies…

        3. yeah, it is a glorious time to be in nyc. The building my office in has about 2 dozen offices of lingerie companies (there is a reason for this but if I gave it I would totally dox myself) and I am seeing women much taller than me in robes just walking around the halls and in the elevators. Go to Tao on 9th and 16th for drinks on Thursday night. It will be fantastic. As the Crew Cuts would say “life would be a dream sweetheart”

        4. You will thank me for this one. I am actually going out with a girl who works for Ralph Lauren on Thursday. Very sexy little piece otherwise even I would venture downtown. I would bet all the money in my trouser pockets versus all the money in your trouser pockets that if you walk into the bar at Tao on 9th on Thursday night you will see a buffet the likes of which most men, not just on this site but in the world, have rarely dreamt of..

        5. I think the Victoria secret party is at Lavo on 58th street on Wednesday but there is no way to get into that without being a big spender. You have to be committed to dropping at least 10k if you are not famous and want to get into that party. I know a guy who does it, the sheer amount of dosh that he spends on these clubs is astounding.

  11. I’ve actually been flirting with the idea of becoming a teacher: in certain states they have programs for those with advanced degrees in STEM to become quickly licensed as teachers.
    Lot of upsides: job can never be outsourced, you can work in rural areas where the kids and people are all white, you work 180 days a year and like 6 hours a day. Enough free time for a side hustle.

  12. None of this is surprising to myself given how many high school friends and cousins have become teachers. Thanks to Facebook I’ve witnessed how many of them are nothing more than drama queen drunks who want credit just for their professions. Not a single one has been asked, “How many of your students miss you the next year? Are you having a positive impact on the children you teach?”

    1. My wife has been teaching K-5 for ten years and has been teacher of the year for our state twice during that time. She is a role model throughout our town and her former students always come by and say hello. We live in the south and one of the worst states for teacher pay. She loves her job and does not fit the description of any criteria listed above. It’s hard to find good teachers these days considering with all the shit they put up with. She has taught all types of kids from poor and black to rich and white and everyone in between. The problem isn’t the kids or the teachers. It’s the parents who don’t care about their kids education and the amount of politics between upper administration and the school board. There are still good teachers out there , but soon enough they all switch careers and realize it’s not worth the lousy pay, headaches, and workload

      1. I’m not sure how it is in the south but there’s some districts around the U.S. where teacher pay is becoming somewhat ridiculous. In previous post, I listed that teachers in Burlington, VT are making nearly $75K/ annually. Bare in mind, that’s essentially working 8 months when scheduled school vacations are factored in.
        I have a family member in business to business office supply sales. Working 12 months a year, they’re pulling about $62,000-65,000.00. Therefore I don’t exactly pity the teachers in these markets bitching when on strike for ANOTHER pay increase.
        I agree with the parents. It must be a nightmare to deal with some of them as teacher. Especially in an era of social media where an irrational mother — who claims their kiddo can do no wrong — can take it out on teacher, publicly.

        1. 75k/year PLUS a pension + lifetime healthcare benefits. It’s roughly the equiv of 150k/yr job for 8 months of work!

        2. As you probably know, many liberals think teachers should be paid same as MD’s. I don’t deny dealing with kids & parents is stressful. But to seriously think teachers — who work 8 months/ year — should be paid same as a surgeon is completely insane.

      2. I get that some places have low pay for teachers but where I am isn’t one of them. Some -start- low but they catch up. By mid career they can be making six figures and often contribute little to none of that to their very generous pensions. And because government school teachers don’t have to pay into social security they don’t lose that out of their pay either. But that doesn’t mean they ease up for a moment. It’s always about how they don’t make enough and how important they are. Thanks largely to schools it is not unusual for property taxes to exceed mortgage payments.

      3. Ah. NATALT
        I get it, there are, indeed, good teachers. A few problems though.
        a) The school budget? We’ve seen a veritable explosion in “technology” stuff that doesn’t help learn, and school administrators, and counselors, etc. ad nauseum, every one of which also pull down decent, and depending on the position, better pay than the teachers.
        b) Some really try. I get it. I’ve talked to a number of my kids teachers. Some are fucking morons who go on about how awesome the lord of the flies, or some other literary, approved dreck is.
        c) Leaving aside the proliferation of drama whores, evidenced, if nothing else, by the explosion of stories of teachers being really, REALLY naughty, most of the reasonably smart ones are what Nassim Taleb would call “Intellectual Yet Idiot.” -meaning not actually intellectual but thinking they’re smart because they’ve been to college, read the right books, etc.
        d) They’ve, for the most part, drunk the NEA, big government, socialist cool-aid about boys, girls, and the unions. I had one tell me to my face that you couldn’t trust private school teachers because they’re not required to be credentialed. I just looked at her and pointed to one of the arguably wealthiest and most successful people in the room. “I wonder why they send their kids there instead of having you teach them.”
        e) I’ve taught. Navy Nuke Pipeline. If we don’t get it reasonably right and weed out the fuckups, people die. Sure, both the teacher and student pool are brighter than average, but that also means a higher percentage of people who can’t tie their shoelaces without a fucking instruciton manual.
        No fucking teaching certifications there.
        I put no truck in certifications, or anything else, when my kids would come back with material that made the wrong lessons of my childhood look like rocket science, while the teachers brag about getting them to analyze some literary work for social relevance.
        f) Homeschooling. I’ve become a believer.

        1. I believe homeschooling could be a big part of the answer to this nation’s ills. First off, it is decentralization at its finest; the US education establishment isn’t “too big to fail”, it is too big to succeed. It is little more than a centrally controlled system of government detention and indoctrination centers; child prison if you will. It needs to be broken up, with responsibility for education returned to the family or, at the very least, to the local level.
          Second, no one has more interest in educating their offspring than the parents themselves (yes, I realize there are exceptions to that rule). But good parents realize that teaching a child logic, critical thinking and reasoning is tantamount to preparing them to deal with real world problems. The Publik Skules® teach our children what to think, not how to think and that is by design.
          As a parent teacher YOU will learn a lot while educating your children. After a few years of homeschooling our son, my wife couldn’t believe how much the Publik Skule® system cheated her. She is seriously Red Pill now because of what she learned about history and politics (and much more) while teaching at home.
          I applaud my parents for sacrificing to send me to private school, raising me in a household full of reference books and giving me a head start at home before I entered school. But if I had my druthers, it would be that my mother would have just continued to homeschool me instead.

      4. Even in the South, teacher pay is the national average salary (35k/yr) or better..but you only work for 9 months a year, you get a pension, and in most states you get lifetime health benefits with your pension…effectively increasing their real salary to closer to $65k/year and above for just 9 months of work a year. While teacher pay is definitely better outside of the south, the woe is me about pay with teachers just doesn’t match reality.
        And it’s the teacher’s union that limits people like your wife from making more money.
        The school systems will NEVER get better until we end the monopoly of public schools. Vouchers, magnate schools, decentralizing education again, etc all will help.

    2. Being a teacher is a cop out profession. People that have no personal drive and ambition usually want to “help others.” Its one thing to master a craft, subject or skill and pass that knowledge on to others like martial artists, professors, musicians, actors and sports coaches. That actually takes discipline and hard work to master the craft and then the confidence to instruct others. These are going to be almost always men.
      Its a whole ‘nother thing to get a curriculum from the school board and teacha subject verbatim from a textbook. Same exact program for kids year after year. Its busy work and I am quite sure that I could go into a high school tomorrow and teach U.S. History to a class if I could deal with the little brats. Any female dominated profession is going to be repetitive and part of a larger system that has all of the control (nurse, teacher, maid, cook, hostess/waitress, stripper)

      1. Being a teacher is a cop out profession. People that have no personal drive and ambition usually want to “help others.”
        School of Rock
        Dewey Finn:
        “Those that can’t do, teach, and those that can’t teach… teach gym.”

      2. You’ve not got a clue. Being an outstanding teacher is a skill. People who make comments like yours tend to be the ones who can’t hack it when they actually come to try it.

  13. And for all these retards running their mouths about women want this and that a man: there is an epidemic of young hot teachers fucking 13 -15 year old boys. No matter how early one goes through puberty, how masculine or jacked or whatever do you think a 13 year old boy can possibly be? But keep trying to change your wardrobe or work out more at the gym etc

  14. I went to both public and private schools. One thing I liked about private schools is that the teachers had a much better work ethic. Private schools don’t tolerate the kind of nonsense you see at public schools, especially if it’s a religious school. Sometimes there would be high turnover just because new teachers would assume it would be just like public school and then end up getting fired or quitting. All the teachers I had who acted like my public school teachers didn’t last long at all. I definitely agree that the male teachers in public schools were better than the female teachers. This was especially in high school. With only a couple exceptions, all the public school teachers I had who were good at their jobs and knew how to keep a group of kids in line were men. However, most of the male teachers were just as bad as the women. I remember an English teacher I had my senior year in high school. He was incredibly lazy. I don’t remember what we were supposed to be studying because we never read anything. If we were required to read a book, he would show us he movie instead. I was a such a slacker in high school so I didn’t care, but I didn’t learn shit from him. He also clearly showed preference for the girls and would let them do anything and was more strict with the boys. He would never let any of the boys leave to go to the bathroom or their lockers. He said he had 2 daughters so he didn’t relate to boys. It was an easy A but I still didn’t like being treated differently because I wasn’t a girl. There were only 2 other guys in the class so that didn’t make it any easier.

      1. It would but I couldn’t see that happening. Him and his wife were pretty old. I don’t see a hormonal teenager wanting to bang a 60 year old woman

  15. Put this one into your brain and ponder it for a moment or two. I made a post farther down in this thread that listed 10 female teachers who had been arrested for having sex with their male students. Here’s another one –
    Karen Robbins
    Karen Robbins: Laurens County, S.C., woman was charged on Sept. 23, 2007, with criminal sexual conduct with a minor and committing a lewd act upon a child. Police say the incidents took place in her car and in her home. The alleged crimes occured when the former teacher was working at Bell Street Middle School in Clinton. This is the same school where teacher Allenna Ward, who was cited in the previous post I made with the 10 teachers, had sex with five boys. So that makes two brought up on charges from the same middle school. In the same year. Think this is isolated still? Heh. This shit happens way more often than we can fathom. And this “coincidence” proves it. There are more like these. Multiple female teachers arrested in the same school for having sex with their students…

        1. Several surreptitiously snarky snatches silently syphon secondary school semen secretly serving sex-starved schoolteacher sisterhood

        2. Crazy cunts cunningly chug children’s cocks; court cuckolds clap; crazy cunts cop case continuances…

        3. Nah. I respect the tight relationship between your strung-together verbiage my friend…it was wondrous!

        4. It just keep getting better and better…
          Cunnilingus-crazed cunts chug children’s cocks; court cuckolds clap; crazed cunts cop case continuances…

        5. ROFLMAO!
          We should fucking do it! Bob, it’s time to take your magazine concepts and turn them into actual journalism!

        6. Crazy cunnilingus-crazed cumdump cunts cheerfully chug children’s crying cocks; court cuckold contingents clap; crazed cunts creepy cop case continuances…

        7. You would need street urchins to hawk the papers on the streets: “extra!extra! Several surreptitiously snarky snatches silently syphon secondary school
          semen secretly serving sex-starved schoolteacher sisterhood!”

        8. Decrepit dames drink diminutive dick-dew; doting detectives deny diddlings…(I can’t think of an ending)

      1. It is odd. 35 y/o female teacher jumping 15 y/o male student. The male isn’t going to be considered alpha fux, or beta bux.

  16. Until the 1960s, a woman was considered ONLY fit for teaching, nursing, or secretarial work.
    What changed, gentlemen?

    1. Traditionally, teaching (beyond 5 years old) was a male occupation. Headmasters etc. Look at the Dead Poets Society or Twilight Zone episode, “The Changing of the Guard”

        1. I remember the greatest insult one could levy against a disliked male student in 8th grade was to claim one saw him sporting wood while watching Dead Poets Society in class

  17. I have been one against privatized schooling. Primarily because I am not one for creating customers out of children. So, I need an answer for this and realize it is a complicated issue. If a school is privatized can the teachers be held to higher standards since the policies are set by a CEO, COO, VP and board of investors? Or do we need to tighten up our current school boards?

    1. I would think that depends if the teachers forsake their teach union membership or not. If not, then they are not able to be fired or promoted / demoted based on performance (instead of seniority)

    2. Yes. And they can be fired more easily for things like adding personal opinion or wandering off the curriculum. I.E. teaching gender theory in their math class.

  18. If done right and handled properly, teaching is the most important and noblest pursuit. If mishandled, or entrusted to the wrong people, it is the most destructive thing to societies and cultures.

    1. “it is the most destructive thing to societies and cultures”
      This is why its purposely mishandled. More and more younger people are leaving colleges as communists.

      1. Haha agreed.
        Not me though! I’m still a conservative, traditional woman. (:

  19. I know someone who worked in a top boarding school, and she said the girl pupils were beyond boring, and all with the same personality. They boys area, where she worked, she was blown away by how creative and imaginative the boys were, even from the age of 4, when they started. But it was all male teachers for the boys, and female teachers for the girls. Female teachers are trying to make boys as boring and unimaginative as females are by nature, and it can only lead to rebellion and wasted potential.

  20. All the teacher I know are heavy drinkers. Almost all the females are very promiscuous, In my country being a teacher was one of the best paying work in the country, they work very little and they could had two separates salaries and two separate pensions working one of the jobs in the morning and the other in the evening and be home at 6pm. But the government remove all their benefits and privileges, so they are now a low pay job. All the teacher I know hate their life, they study to be teacher in the time when being a teacher was a good job but the reforms began when they were finishing the career, so they believed that they will be rich but no they are not. The profession was full of people that was only there for the money.

  21. The craziest bitch I ever dated is not only an educator, but is in a higher up administrative position. She serves on panels that make decisions on common core and standardized testing (they’ll toss around ideas to improve upon the system, etc).
    She and her female colleagues are all alcoholics, most are also drug abusers. It’s like a non stop party for them. An average Tuesday for any other American could turn into a Vegas Saturday night for them.
    How do they keep it all in check? First, the ones who make it are high functioning, so their alcohol and drug abuse goes undetected. Secondly, they start drinking once they get off work (4-5PM), hit every happy hour, bar hop, then drive home and get in bed by 10-11PM.
    This isn’t every female teacher, of course, but I will say that many of the higher ups all have similar issues. Making it far in public education is not for the faint of heart. You have to be ruthless, and part of the reason these women drink so much is due to the stress caused by constant backstabbing and being a shitty person in general. All their shit trickles down to the lower level teachers, many of whom are reflections of their superiors.

    1. Except administrators aren’t actually educators.
      They should throw out all those useless bureaucrats. Free up funds for actual teachers.

      1. They like to pretend they are. They do love to target the few good teachers at their schools. They’ll ride them relentlessly until they either cave and become just like them, or quit. Or they’ll find sneaky ways to fire them, especially if the teacher has tenure.

    2. Someone who wants to climb the ladder in education doesn’t actually want to educate children, they just want to be an office paper pusher

      1. Yep, they want it easy while still maintaining control over the educators. They get a power trip and a cushy position all in one.

    3. They also have the perk of being one of the only professions where their performance, to a large extent, is irrelevent. They can be shit and lazy and then blame the kids.

      1. I had one math teacher in high school who docked points on my test because I skipped two of the unnecessary steps she taught us to solve a problem. I got every single answer right, but because she docked me for skipping steps, I got an 80/100. I tried arguing with her, but it was a waste of time. It’s nice working in the real world where efficiency is mostly rewarded (depending on where you work).

        1. Man, that was my big beef at school. Those thick fuckers don’t even realise that people can perform tasks in their minds eye/ imagination. They are so dumb, its like “You didn’t write the process out, you must have cheated and used a calculator!”

    4. My sister has an old HS friend still in her circle who is a teacher. Divorced, single mom and a real boozer. She mentioned she dropped her after the last meet up with her– ended with her almost starting a bar fight while drunk and screaming profanities at people. She pulled her aside and told her “you cannot be acting like that in public here (small town). People know you and what you do for a living.” Made no difference and she is still teaching last heard.

  22. A few years back, I had a friend call me up one night and tell me that he was out with a female friend of his and that she was determined to “get laid” He asked if I was up to the task (I had never met her in person) I told him to text me a picture, he did, and I said send her over. He dropped her off on my front porch, she knocked, I opened the door and said “you ready?”… she says “absolutely”… and then barely inside the front door, pulled my pants down and commenced sucking cock. I screwed her on and off for a couple hours and then sent her home in an Uber. This chick is in her 40’s and still partakes in hard drugs on the weekends… and possibly during the week.
    She also teaches third grade.

  23. IME, and perhaps it’s because of where I was raised, the men weren’t any better. I don’t know if it could have anything to do with most of the male teachers down here only teaching because it’s required for them to hold their coaching job or if they were just bad. They all taught history. My entire senior year I don’t even remember taking a single test on any history and our only assignments were to copy notes off a projector. We watched more movies than anything- most having nothing to do with history. All 3 coaches I had were fired within years of me graduating for relationships with students too.
    In short, I think it’s a mixed bag-male/female teachers. There’s good ones and bad ones of both sexes, and then there’s your great ones.
    It should also be pointed out that a lot about the quality of teachers does come from what kind of kid parents are sending to school. A lot of teachers must get fed up with some of the spoiled, foul mouthed, terrors that are getting dropped off at school because their parents view it as ‘free daycare’ and they have provided no manners, stability, or education first at home.
    I think sometimes bad or disrespectful kids can turn good teachers bad as well.
    It’s important to provide solid education of not only history, but ‘social education’, socialization, and manners at home and only look at k-12 to perfect upon what you have already taught. Even more important to create an environment where your kid feels safe enough to ask you any questions about things taught at school that may not hold true to beliefs you have been teaching.

    1. Women shouldn’t be teaching boys. Boys are being mindfucked by women teachers, yet girls are being taught by their own kind. Women should be banned from teaching boys, unless it is by their mothers in home-schooling.

      1. There’s not enough men going into college to be teachers so unless they are homeschooled, boys are going to have women for teachers.
        Really this all comes down to being a stronger influence at home than anything your child is taking in at school (unless you are dumber than a box of rocks, in which case, your child is at the mercy of his/her school district and the standards it sets). This means staying on top of your child’s school work, teaching manners, raising your child to know that it’s okay to question authority in a respectful manner, and that conforming with his/her family and your beliefs is better/higher standard than conforming to their peers and whatever educator is telling them is ‘right’ (i.e. Gay being okay, transgender is normal, women can do all that men do, etc).
        If you are a strong role model at home and active in your child’s life, then it won’t matter what bad influence your child is picking up from whatever gender educator in an 8 hour window, 7-8 months a year.

        1. Actually you are incorrect. When you look into the public schooling model, and why it was created, the ruling class were accutely aware that the 8 hours of their influence was, in most cases, more influential than the parents. Just look into quotes by Lord Bertrand Russell on the goals of public schooling.

        2. Bertrand’s thoughts on purpose of education were based upon inequality of education. With the belief that education was only being reserved for the wealthy or elite, those that could afford a governess or private tutor or send away to boarding school.
          He believed that ALL classes- from working to elite, should be provided equal educational opportunities along with special needs children getting the education they needed as well.
          The 8 hour time model came from the belief that working class children could receive an education and still have time after school to go to work and keep bringing in income for their families.

        3. Did you get that from Wiki? In reality Bertrand was part of the elite and wrote plans for the elite, i.e plans for their preservation, which, in his own words meant public school would “be to teach children that black is white, or, if less expensive, that it is a shade of grey”. He also stated that the schools of the future would pluck the best and brightest from the working class, to work for the elite, and if they refused, they would be disposed of”.
          A lot of idiots, like yourself, are duped by the appearance of benevolence. Case in point, Russell published an article in the NYT (and elsewhere) after WW2 stating America should nuke Russia and be done with them, but he didn’t know that Russia had the bomb too; when he found out, he became a peacenik and lead the anti-nuke movement, but dupes only see his peacenik work. https://www.schillerinstitute.org/fid_91-96/943a_russell_lhl.html

        4. Russell: “Physiology and psychology afford fields for scientific technique which still await development. Two great men, Pavlov and Freud, have laid the foundation. I do not accept the view that they are in any essential conflict, but what structure will be built on their foundations is still in doubt. I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology…. Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is what is called “education.” Religion plays a part, though a diminishing one; the press, the cinema, and the radio play an increasing part…. It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment.”

        5. Russell continued, “The subject will make great strides when it is taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship….The social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black. Various results will soon be arrived at. First, that the influence of home is obstructive. Second, that not much can be done unless indoctrination begins before the age of ten. Third, that verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective. Fourth, that the opinion that snow is white must be held to show a morbid taste for eccentricity. But I anticipate. It is for future scientists to make these maxims precise and discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black, and how much less it would cost to make them believe it is dark gray.”

        6. Russell: “Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.”

        7. Actually I’ve read many things by him, including ‘On Education’ and ‘The Conquest of Happiness’.
          You have missed a great many of his points to try and make your own to argue with a complete stranger on the internet. Including the one where a more educated population would result in an overall “mass happiness” from lower crime, better mental and social health, in turn lessening the governments/upper class responsibilities or burden (monies) to orphanages, asylums, and jails.
          Paying teachers for 12-15 years would be far cheaper than paying for a lifetime of care in asylums or jail. His belief was equal education would benefit the entire population, instill discipline, teach socialization, and teach trades to be used as children got older.
          I don’t need to quote or grab excerpts from a man I understand the whole of what he is saying. He separated that there is education of character (early years) and education of knowledge (later years) pointing out that the first 5 years of a child’s life are the most formative.
          Here in the US, most children do not start school until they are 5-6…therefore the most formative years are spent either with parents, nanny, or whatever caregiver there is.
          Which comes back to my original point- if a parent is providing a strong foundation and education at home, an 8 hour school day 7-8 months a year shouldn’t be breaking down ideals, beliefs, manners, and intelligence taught at home.

        8. I have read many of his books. You are taking him at surface value and being selective. He was part of the elite and openly promoted ctheir interests, including his attacks on real science – and maths, hence his life obsession trying to discredit the anti-oligarchal Leibniz.
          I agree parenting is important, but I also think women have no place teaching boys in schools, nor should genders mix in school, if school even needs to exist, given homeschooling is so clearly superior. Women teachers are the main (not only) cause of boys educational failings.

        9. I don’t feel I’m being selective but if that is your opinion then okay.
          I never said I agreed or even felt the reasoning of Bertrand wanting equal education was selfless or not for the betterment of the elite. It was in roundabout ways better for the entire population, the elite included, as the tax burden would lessen if orphanages, asylums, and jails were not filled with the uneducated.
          That same theory applies in present day. Lower crime rates in areas where there is better education and higher percentage of HS graduates.
          Personally, I feel John Dewey is a better person to model education after.
          But by your beliefs little Johnny is better to be homeschooled by his mom, the high school dropout, than a woman who pursued higher education and graduated college.
          I’m not saying women are great teachers, not by a longshot.
          Just saying that a strong home life and foundation should be able to overcome the deficits of a public education.

  24. My sister is a teacher and is pretty dedicated at what she does. The problem I think arises because too many young women (in particular) walk into teaching as a natural profession for women because teaching is too often seen as an extension of the caring process, something which isn’t really true, particularly as you the students being taught get older and their minds needs more challenging input. Young twenty something girls may well be proficient at lesson planning, and teaching a set curriculum, but in my experience they tend to have less enquiring minds than men, and – this is the crux – they have increasingly tended to combine a feminist perspective with deep insecurity about teaching boys, who are naturally challenging, both in terms of behaviour, and – even more crucially – in interrogating the territory of the subject in question. While a feminist education system is poison to boys, and a form of child abuse in any instance, it is this inability to handle the challenges and ‘rough and tumble’ of the young male mind – at least post-puberty and even more so at 17 and 18 – that can really be a tragic missed opportunity to educate young men. There are good female teachers, but these tend to be older, more life-experienced ones, who are able to convey that they aren’t to be messed with, something which is a lot easier to do for women with students aged 7 than 17.
    I do believe that feminist teaching is highly likely to constitute a form of child abuse against boys. This is certainly the case at the institutional level, and whether it is true at the level of the individual teacher will depend very much on the ability of a feminist teacher to stay entirely professional with respect to views that are by their nature discriminatory towards young male to the extent that they are likely to involve notions of ‘toxic masculinity’, ‘rape culture’ – obviously – but also to interpret masculine exuberance as ‘problematic’, akin to violence / domination, or even worse as a developmental / psychological / psychiatric issue (e.g. ritalin for ADHD, or conduct disorders etc in the case of slightly challenging behaviour). To the extent there is even a hint that there is abuse of this type in the system, or being perpetuated by insecure or incompetent and ideologically mind-addled teachers (female or male) there needs to be a root and branch reform of what arguably is ultimately a critical profession:
    In short: remove child-abusing feminism from the system with extreme prejudice

  25. When you finally take the Red Pill, a lot of times you look back over your life and see the little moments or experiences of clear Red Pill evidence that you saw and just couldn’t comprehend.
    One of those moments for me was sitting in a booth at a pizza place and overhearing a group of rocketing-towards-the-wall female teachers drunkenly discussing their students and their jobs. The kids they were talking about were 7th and 8th grade, and the level of blatantly sexual attraction these grown women showed towards these little boys was disturbing to the Blue Pill me.
    I remember one of the chicks, who was fairly hot (although way past her prime), talking about how terrible a teacher she was, how most of her kids failed all the standardized tests, how she couldn’t control them at all, and how she knew she wasn’t really teaching them anything. She went on and on, explaining in detail how over years and years, she was consistently failing at doing the most important things that she was supposed to do.
    Then she said, “But, my students really, really like me, and I think that’s really the most important thing.” The way she said this made it clear that she firmly believed that this meaningless, emotional fantasy completely made up for her abject failure to do anything remotely close to educating her students. And, of course, all the other teachers totally agreed with her and patted her on the back like she was such a strong, good person.
    It was one of my clearest pre-TRP sightings of the rationalization hamster doing its thing. It stuck with me for years because it was a bright, shining glitch in the Matrix, and I never understood it until I swallowed the Red Pill. Then, it was just more evidence of the fundamental truths TRP reveals.

  26. I had a teacher in elementary school who went from moments of being a sweet kind attentive teacher, to one who thoroughly enjoyed punishing her students Joan Crawford style for the most minor offenses. That, coupled with wacked-out liberal ideology = took me a long ass time to recover from that shit.
    This was back in the 1970’s – before social media turned these teachers into uncontrollable psychos, but nonetheless a few of points made by the author I have witnessed / experienced first hand.

  27. Even China is reversing this trend with having women as teachers and hiring more
    male teachers.

  28. I’ve had only 1 male teacher besides all the female teachers..and this 1 teached me more than all of the others together.
    Funny thing: he was just the P.E.teacher. Me and about 8 other boys stayed every Tuesday 1 hour longer. He made an extra hour for us in the class, he teached us math, german (I’m from germany) and History. Without him, me and the others would fail pretty hard at school.
    Female teachers can’t teach for shit. They go from one point to a complete another, interrupt themselves and sometimes just start to talk to one pupil alone (most times a girl) while we wait.
    Also they are very unfair, while we boys had to work our asses of, the girls just started crying the last lesson before the grades were made and they got a good one. We had to fight to get the grades we actually deserved.

  29. I think it is just the government schools in general that attract the wrong people to become teachers. My son was borderline special ed at school and I worked so I just went along with what his teachers said… But after one IEP they said he needed speech therapy and that snapped me out of the program because that little dude can talk perfect. I took the IEP checklist and it said he did not know his address or phone number… sat him down and in 15 minutes he had them memorized. It said he did no know how to add, subtract, or multiply two columns and he did not know his multiplication tables… long story short… In one weekend he learned all the stuff they said he could not do… and I am not exaggerating… He knew how to do everything the IEP said he could not do in two days! We pulled him out and I home school him now and he is doing his grade level or higher when he takes the State evaluations. I also found out they get more money for Special Education students so their is financial incentive to put kids in that category.

  30. Actually American women are *great* teachers – of their own children, at home. The problems mentioned above are the almost entirely the result of government schooling, and the results would be just as bad if all government teachers were male. Only extremely careless or naive people still surrender their children to a government school.
    Read John Taylor Gatto’s and John Holt’s books about education. Get out of that rut, and stop harming your children!

  31. It’s terrible. Primary education is fondamental. If you don’t have that, any further education is useless..wait a minute… Well, it’s coherent…

  32. Got a good laugh from the meme caption. My exact experience with a bad math teacher in high school. Just couldn’t get the concept from the book– approached the teacher 5 times and every time– well, just read the book again. So frustrated I walked out of the class and into the class next door. Asked that teacher to explain it- she started, then realized I wasn’t in her class. I explained the situation– that teacher kind of shook her head knowingly and explained it a different way. Boom, got it.
    The first teacher was going to be the instructor for the ‘advanced math analysis’ the next year, I skipped it and got permission to take calculus at the community college instead. I heard in that class she told the kids she was so happy they understood the material because she didn’t. She wasn’t kidding.

  33. “They brainwash children with degenerate progressive” Stop calling everything that comes from the self titled progressives as progressive, it’s not always the case!
    No.8? C’mon mate, we all wished that a how teacher would approach us while in our mid-late teens. If she made a move on 16 yo me I would’ve left her in a wheelchair from all that banging!

  34. I found that in the 90s the girls were given extra marks in Maths for ‘showing working out’ and boys were deducted marks for ‘not showing working out’. Only girls were in the top of the class for that reason. One day boys got frustrated and grabbed a result from girls and showed that girls got higher marks for identical working out. Boys were punished for taking the test without permission and girls were told to hide their results from then on.
    Also, I knew a primary school teacher who went off on stress leave because a child yelled at her. She never went back to work and complained that it wasn’t fair that she had to prove how stressed she still was, years after the incident in question, so she could continue to receive a disability payments.

    1. And they love to boast how much girls are improving and catching up with boys when in reality girls are given special treatment and boys are being dragged down.

    2. The problem with schools these days is a lack of discipline. By which I mean merciless beatings. Thrashings, frequent and prolonged, vigorous and aerobic. Starting with the teachers, and continuing on up through the school boards.

  35. Up to 3rd grade, women are fine teachers (so long as they are not feminist nutjobs) Until that point, the kids still need mothering, which women are well adapted for. Once the hormones start coming in, the kids need a teacher that they can respect, not easily achieved by a woman.
    Like the false rape accusations in colleges, the false molestation accusations of male teachers occur in high schools. I had a good friend who I trust very well, got accused by some juvenile delinquent of making unwanted advances. No proof, no trial, but he was fired and blacklisted on the word of some dope smoking loser who didn’t like his homework assignments. Now he works at this office, couldn’t get a job with any other school because of the seriousness of the charge.

  36. What do you guys think of Muslim private schools where the female teachers (if there are any) are chaste and dressed like nuns? Since Europe is getting islamized we will see more such schools in Europe and Canada.

  37. 9. Teachers unions prevent snowflake teachers from ever being fired or disciplined for their failures.
    In male dominated professions, you constantly live under the threat of being fired or dumped by your customers.
    The entire concept of public education is ridiculous. Students are supposed to become self-sufficient by learning from the least self-sufficient adults(members of teachers unions) in society.
    10. They allow bullies, loud, rude and aggressive kids to rule the classrooms of America.

  38. The sentences most of these women these women usually receive is quite the pussy pass..
    We all know if a man did these things he’d be down for at least 10 years if not more.

  39. Best teachers I had were guys. Also the worst. The blandest were the women, neither inspiring nor motivational. A buddy of mine just came back from a PTA meeting with his 8 year old son’s female teacher. She actually said “He’s very childlike”!! What the actual f**k? He’s 8 you moron! Women have unrealistic expectations about EVERYTHING. They think children they teach and even their own off spring will be like the Von Trapp’s from ‘The Sound of Music’, all perfectly mannered and immaculately dressed at all times. News flash sister, real life ain’t Hollywood. And the amount of holidays they get is insane, quit bitchin’, like the old saying goes, “Those who can, do, those who can’t, teach….and those that can’t teach, teach teachers!’

  40. I had some great teachers growing up, BUT I went to a private school like a little rich bitch

  41. I think boys and girls need separate schools ,and let boys be taught by men and girls taught by women

    1. the elites will not allow it, there is nothing they fear more than multiple men with good education entering in the professional world

      1. One can only hope ,the elites are losing their grip on power and such a thing would be possible when the globalist fall

    2. I prefer single male teachers over single female teachers. the only female teachers i liked were married with children.

  42. I remember being in a night club some years ago and the MC asked the audience how many teachers were n the room to raise there hands. They were a number of hands raised and universally all women. Just an observation.

  43. Really bad for boys, they are harassed everywhere.
    Boys should go to boys school till 10th grade then to national military academy for their junior college, skip 11th and 12th.

      1. Israel has nothing to do with the syllabus but the boys will grow to men with a purpose.

    1. Allow me to add something for those fearful of their kids “not finding a job” because they were not “properly educated”. A true education is one in which you can create an innovate. Don’t send your kids to be leeches of society as another cog in the endless “job” and “career” lifestyle. Create and innovate in your local communities. Provide jobs and keep them private. Those who provide the product-in-demand have no need of silly “credentials”. Get your kids privately educated, and teach them how to create jobs, not search for them.

  44. Thank you for the interesting, well written, and informative original article by Corey Savage with which I agree completely. The following is the URL of an article which appears in the online men’s rights site, “The American Gentleman”, entitled: “Feminism’s Effect on the Educational System”:
    It discusses the adverse effect of feminism on the educational system from a men’s rights perspective.

  45. Given the education system is largely influenced and staffed by women, is it any wonder that the world is growing up into a depraved, degenerate culture. When you hear of stories about them sexually engaging with male students and getting away with complete impunity – it shows a blatant disregard for the rules which are made in order to protect students from this type of thing. Not only that, but they actually perpetuate the situations further by deliberately being rampant attention whores.

  46. I did have a couple really good women teachers in high school. One was married with a handful of sons and taught math. But yes, how the standards have fallen. Would not have minded to have been ‘molested’ by one to if she were not too bad looking.

    1. Painful as it is to watch all the way through, it’s important. These people are on the rise, and we need to be able to recognize it. For the day that it comes to your doorstep is nigh.

  47. The whole crop of teachers coming up fucking their kids is judgement. Everything in pop culture has been sexualizing and that was sowing the seeds for today’s epidemic. the mongoloids screeching about how its ‘good for a boy to fuck his hot teacher’ wont be nearly as happy when a bull-dyke corners your daughters in the bathroom.

  48. This article really hit home for me. I suffered the New Jersey public school system in the 80s and saw almost every bad thing described. I had a few decent teachers, but many of them were sadists. We even had a teacher’s aide who supervised lunch and recess, who openly singled out boys (especially me) and made disparaging comments about them.
    Those cunts were so bad they harassed my younger sister, too.
    My self-described feminist sister has a daughter and doesn’t want her taught by the psycho bitches in the public school system. Now THAT’S bad.

  49. Only female teacher I ever liked was Ms. Frazzel from Magic School Bus. Now that my friends was a quality teacher.

  50. The craziest women I banged were teachers. Mentally unstable, using the words “I love my job, but…” every other sentence. One of them was on coke. Needless to say, I homeschool my kids.

  51. I think this is rather limited to kindergartens. My teachers were all very dedicated and kind. My English teacher would book appointments with everyone who wanted to talk about improving our essays, so that was around 30 students per class and she had at least 2 grade 11 classes and 2 AP Lit classes. My math teacher was always in her classroom 30 minutes before school starts to answer questions. She also would dedicate half of her lunch time and her time after school to tutor students falling behind. This article is generalizing a few incompetent teachers to encompass the entire gender. The truth is that the gender of the teacher’s don’t matter. What matters is how dedicated they are to their job.

  52. Straight men, take heed. You’re acting way more gay than ever before, and that’s OK. Marriage equality, having been baked into the constitution, gives you even more permission to be gayer than ever before. By God, homosexual sodomy is legal in every state.
    Between cuddling with their bros, getting off on gay porn, and experimenting with anal play, it’s time for you hetero guys to just start hooking up with us gay guys already. And we’re not just saying this cause we wanna hook up with you. Really, you are not that hot. This is for you, dude.

  53. The best teacher i ever had was a nice woman who truly had a gift for teaching. She was a rare woman though. Was 65 years old and had the body of a 24 year old, was a stage actress when she was young, became a teacher, and dedicated her life to learning. Most importantly though, she knew how to discipline students and earn respect. Last time i heard, they actually ended up naming a local museum after her.
    Most girls i meet today who are teachers are a f’n joke. This article perfectly sums up every worthless teacher ive banged over the last few years. Its really sad, but i just dont see the women that society produces today being able to achieve 10% of what past female teachers did.

  54. I agree with all the points in this, however it needs to be pointed out that simply recruiting more male teachers is not going to solve the problem. From my experience the male teachers were as bad if not WORSE than the female teachers. I remember in primary school how the male teacher would always white knight for the girls, (not kidding). If there was ever some sort of dispute between a boy and a girl or if we were ever playing a game where it was boys vs girls they would ALWAYS favor the girls. And then say stupid things like ‘boys are dumb’ or ‘girls are smarter than boys’ They would also do things like get all the boys in trouble because a couple of them were misbehaving. The female teachers did this of course, but I honestly reckon the male teachers were WORSE. They would also make no attempt to put themselves in the boy’s shoes, like understanding that the reason they are misbehaving is probably because the work is boring as shit because it was designed for girls. In high school the male teachers were horrendous when it came to giving the most retarded advice for dealing with bullies and then viciously punishing any good kid who did the thing that they know full well is the only thing that gets a bully to stop bullying you – beat the shit out of them. It was really pathetic how we looked up to them as a kind of masculine role model but then they would punish us for being masculine.
    The problem isn’t just that the education system is run by women it is also that it is run by men who are trained to think as though they are women. And honestly I reckon those ones were the most damaging to kids.

  55. Unfortunately men are following suit . I was a friend of a guy who completely changed ( to me ) once he became a Teacher. Whatever they think as you say about a power trip Fuck knows it’s no great badge of honour to be a run of the mill no morals ,no beliefs except Leftist ones Teacher . Now to be a good one is a different proposal altogether. One of my ex Teachers a great and lovely man when I meet him 30 years later and still refer to him as Sir. There ain’t many like him going around.

  56. Education must always start and begin at home. And that ultimately requires a strong father, which I am so blessed to have. My VMI-alum, combat-wounded father was also, as far as I’m concerned, easily the most badassed dad anyone had from my K-12 years.

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