Popular DNA Company Is Giving White People African Ancestry For Fun

Last Wednesday, Squawker came out with an article concerning the accuracy of DNA testing:

In a recent interview with Cracked, one of the major ancestry testing companies, (which specific company is unknown) spilled the beans on what really happens when you purchase an ancestry kit. While I can’t say I’m surprised, you may be shocked to learn that these ancestry sites aren’t always as accurate as they claim to be. Beyond this, they’ve also admitted to tampering with the result to “screw with racists”.

The usual procedure is that a DNA sample from saliva is processed and categorized, then the results are compared against a database of likely national origins, and a computerized result emerges. However, the real truth is that the results can get massaged.

What might make results different from expected

Since nobody else in the article (or the one it was based on) explained, I will. When conception occurs, half of the father’s DNA and half of the mother’s DNA create a new individual. However, the part of the DNA you get from either parent may unevenly represent your grandparents. It all depends on how the meiosis process randomly divides up your mother’s and father’s pairs to produce the gamete cells which created you. The exceptions are the Y-chromosome (which is patrilineal) and mitochondrial DNA (non-chromosomal DNA inherited exclusively from the mother).

Therefore, if (for example) you’re 75% Irish and 25% French by ancestry, you may test as more French than expected. Meanwhile, your brother might test somewhat less. It’s for this reason why siblings (other than identical twins) resemble each other, but not exactly. Over the generations, this randomly will emphasize parts of some lineages and others may fade into the background. Over historical time, the processes of genetic drift and natural selection give rise to the unique characteristics of nations.

Then there are other possibilities: the milkman from 1952, an adoption that happened a few generations ago, a cute sailor in the 18th century, a foreign merchant who settled down in your ancestral homeland, that sort of thing. It’s mysteries like these which many people find DNA testing to be useful for research. When they chart members of their family tree, they’re certainly looking for accurate answers to the age-old question, “Who’s your daddy?” I could go further and explain the significance of genealogy in Mormon theology, but let’s just say this: if you can’t go out and drink beer on Friday night, what better to do?

Intentionally biased results

The part of the interview in question is the following:

Morgan and his colleagues were caught between a rock and a really-want-to-mess-with-racists place. It would’ve been fun to throw a “10 percent West African” in there, but then they might have a pissed-off, dangerous person at their office, waving a gun. “Since we couldn’t do anything to the results (and we wanted to), what we did was add ‘< 1 percent’ to each African category of ethnicity. That way we weren’t lying, and they would both be wondering how much under a percentage point was. We always try to round to the nearest number because we sometimes hear about percentage points, but for them, we leave it open to whether it’s a one or a zero.”

It’s a compromise that’s elegant in its passive-aggressive simplicity. And it got a result. “The near-N-bomber wrote to us asking what that meant, and we wrote back that it meant it was under 1 percent. And we were not saying zero. Unless they got another test, that was going to bother them. Maybe they weren’t 100 percent Caucasian. I mean, they were, according to the results, but this way it leaves it open, and they’ll always be wondering.”

Well, that’s pretty flippant. They were dealing with clients who were wondering if their natural rhythm was just a fluke, or if they should bite the bullet and learn some good collard green recipes. Their results didn’t indicate any African genetics, but the people at this company—whichever one it is—decided to mess with their heads. They gladly would’ve fooled one of them into thinking he was nearly an octoroon (to use the old term) if they didn’t fear getting shot over the prank.

This is rather like falsely being told your hormone panel says you’re a girl, because your doctor doesn’t like you. Lying to clients is bad customer service, and so is screwing with their self-image. People don’t pay a hundred bucks or more for that kind of treatment. It’s not their job to punish politically incorrect attitudes.

Perhaps they think that putting a little slice of mystery meat into the results is cute. Still, this is no joke. People rely on DNA results not just for family history, but to be notified of possible health concerns. Blowing smoke is not appreciated.

Who is doing this?

Again, the interview doesn’t specify which company is allowing this. It’s also not clear if this is quietly approved by upper management, or just something the munchkins in the cube farm are doing on their own initiative. However, the two possibilities are Ancestry.com and 23 And Me. Will the one responsible for these problems ensure that, from now on, the staff working for them will act responsibly? Let’s hope so.

Other reasons why DNA testing is important

Modern understanding of genetics has allowed for great advances in medical technology, obviously. It would be hard to overestimate its importance.

Beyond that, it enables the migrations to be traced of peoples across the globe during prehistory. Peering back beyond the mists of time, it allows us to piece together the story of the ancient races of mankind during the earliest of prehistory: the interactions of the up-and-coming Cro-Magnons with the Neanderthals (to the detriment of the latter), the Denisovans (contributing a fraction to the gene pool of some Southeast Asians and Pacific Islanders), and a yet unnamed ancient population in Africa.

Franz Boas and his understudies did much to push the “social construction” line in the academic world, as did Ashley Montagu. Even so, genetic research has revealed that humanity is much more diverse than they wanted us to believe. It’s just as well, since the world would be pretty boring if everyone really were the same.

Really, it’s remarkable that race-denialist thought would be found in a genetic research company, of all places. That would be similar to finding firm believers in astrology calculating orbits for NASA. As for those who play pranks with their customers, all they’re doing is discrediting their own business.

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180 thoughts on “Popular DNA Company Is Giving White People African Ancestry For Fun”

  1. DNA testing should only be used to verify that your child is your child. Don’t mess with this stuff, you don’t know what they do with your DNA.

  2. After receiving my DNA results, I did notice West African lineage. After all these years, I thought I was a racist. Turns out I’m an angry black man.

  3. It is most likely 23 and me because they report the results of less than 1% while Ancestry DNA doesn´t.
    I did mine through 23 and me and the only anomoly was that it said I had <0.1% west African ancestry. This didn´t phase me because anything less than 1% is considered statistical noise anyway, in fact some genome websites would say as much as 3% could be statistical noise.
    My father was a Mormon and was bIg into geneology so I already had a Solid knowledge of my ancestry, the DNA test just confirmed what I already knew.

  4. Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do.

  5. Don’t be wayciss now or your page might go bye bye.
    BTW-What about homosexuals and fat people in the diverse ROK tapestry of manly men and Monty Python lumberjacks?

    At least we Yankees in the Rustbelt or the East Coast know what cities our great-grandparents were born in back in Europe and we lived in ethnic communities with a sense of history.
    People South of Dixie and the interior are descended from British convicts who fucked some African whose kid then married a squaw and then that kid worked in some whorehouse frequented by French noblemen…
    No family history at all.

    Black Americans are descended from Brits who cucked African buck males by fucking their women. Of course Black men are doing the same now.
    White Americans in the South are descended from Brits who cucked Cherokee males by fucking their squaws.
    Hispanics are descended from Arabs who cucked Spanish by fucking the Spanish women whose Andalusian descendants then cucked the Indians by fucking their women.
    Jews are descended from Arabs who cucked Italians and Polish by fucking their women for cash.

    1. You’re not wrong for the most part, but Hispanics have very little Arab DNA. The Arabs did not do much cucking in Iberia. In terms of y-dna, Spain is mostly r1b territory (like the rest of Western Europe). Hispanics in Latin America are also mostly r1b…it’s the Spanish who cucked the Indians, because most mestizos gave indigenous maternal dna. Arab paternal lineage is mostly J, which is rare in both Spain and Latin America.

      1. ADROZ
        To be honest many Italian Americans or Greeks LOOK Mestizo.
        Al Pacino for example has played Mestizos and he has a long curved nose and high cheekbones.
        For that matter Mestizos have often played Italian-Americans (Like John Leguizamo).

        1. Believe it or not, people back then didn’t mix as much as you think…and that was mainly because they kept their women in line. You would think that all of Spain and the Balkans would be a bunch of brown middle eastern people due to the 100’s of years of Muslim rule and conquest, but in reality Arab genes hardly show up in most of those countries and the Berber influence in Southern Spain dates back even before Muslim conquests. People back then were very tribal.

      1. Askenazi are the Jews of Eastern Europe — according to DNA analysis, half European, half middle Eastern. Sephardic Jews are the Jews of Spain and Portugal.

      2. Sephardics are Arabian Jews mixed with Iberians.
        Ashkenazim are Yiddish mixed with Poles.
        Where is Jewish non-European admixture from? and how were Italians cucked by them?

        1. JQ
          Jews married and converted Italian women en mass during the Diaspora as they marched up the Mediterranean Sea.
          This is why Italians and Jews are culturally close.

        2. The DNA says that Ashkenazim are Arabian Jews mixed with Europeans from many places. They were male merchants who married European wives.

    2. Ahemm….
      Actually, it’s waaay more complicated than that. Time to do some reading:
      God’s Crucible: Islam and the Making of Europe, 570-1215
      by David Levering Lewis (Author)
      The Great Sea: A Human History of the Mediterranean 1st Edition
      by David Abulafia (Author)
      Both from Amazon. Both essentials if you want to discuss populations and migration in the Med in any sort of knowledgeable fashion. And that includes Iberia. Hell, they should be on your European History bookshelf shortlist period.
      (You do have a library, right?)
      Hope this helps everybody!
      Just a thought.

    3. Sigh….
      Actually, it’s waaay more complicated than that. Time to do some reading:
      God’s Crucible: Islam and the Making of Europe, 570-1215
      by David Levering Lewis (Author)
      The Great Sea: A Human History of the Mediterranean 1st Edition
      by David Abulafia (Author)
      Both from Amazon. Both essentials if you want to discuss populations and migration in the Med in any sort of knowledgeable fashion. And that includes Iberia. Hell, they should be on your European History bookshelf shortlist period.
      (You do have a library, right?)
      Hope this helps everybody!
      Just a thought.

      1. Oops, wrong comment. It should go like this. (No edit function.):
        Actually, it’s waaay more complicated than that. Time to do some reading:
        Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America (America: a cultural history)
        by David Hackett Fischer (Author)
        493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created Hardcover – Deckle Edge, August 9, 2011
        by Charles C. Mann (Author)
        Both from Amazon. Both essentials if you want to discuss the effects of European and British contact and immigration into the new world. Lots of interesting bits about Irish and African slavery, diseases, and you name it. (Did you know that prior to European contact that earthworms didn’t exist in the New World?) Hell, they should be on your European and American History bookshelf shortlist period.
        (You do have a library, right?)
        Hope this helps everybody!
        Just a thought.

  8. Hey, Gen-X ILE, you Yankees know nothing about the South and Southerners. In the South one drop of black blood made you black. That is why so many mulattos and “highyellers” moved North. When I joined the USMC I noticed more than a few “white” guys from up North who clearly had Negro blood. Never, ever happen in the South. BTW, Virginia and South Carolina were created by English aristicrats. Not a single one washed up in New England. Nothing but gloomy religious fanatics up there. Southerners created this country, asshole, and we did not do it to benefit losers like you. Fuck off back to the Old Country you love so much. Thank God most Yankees have more brains than you. We can discuss your anti-social attitude in person if you like, nancy boy.

    1. CHRIS
      You’re a Brit, old chap. Nobody uses the word “Nancy boy” in the US. Or twat. I know this from my Earl’s Court days.
      Its like poofter or ponce.

    2. But he’s right about Brits not giving a fuck about their ancestry.
      I am Aussie and I can not stress this enough; no one here gives a single fuck about their ancestry. It’s a joke in this country.
      At Christmas I would ask my 4 grandparents about our ancestry and I would get 7 different answers. No one has a clue here. It’s a guessing game.
      All I know is that when I look into a mirror I see green eyes, blonde hair, white skin, and a physiognomy that often gets mistaken for German or Scandinavian. I seriously doubt I have any dindu, carpet merchant, asian or kike blood in me. Thank God.
      Screw you (((23andme)))

      1. RAZOR’S EDGE
        The Australians did not intermarry with Aboriginals to the same extent to British did with American Indians.
        Is this because Aboriginals are hideous?

        1. Your mum’s a decent enough white girl. Decent for the job. Tried and tested.
          Too bad about you, she didn’t roll off in time.

        2. Your mum’s a decent enough white girl. Decent for the job. Tried and tested.
          Too bad about you, she didn’t roll off in time.

    3. (Crap! Now this comment got printed above. OK, we’re gonna’ get this right.)
      Actually, it’s waaay more complicated than that. Time to do some reading:
      Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America (America: a cultural history)
      by David Hackett Fischer (Author)
      493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created Hardcover – Deckle Edge, August 9, 2011
      by Charles C. Mann (Author)
      Both from Amazon. Both essentials if you want to discuss the effects of European and British contact and immigration into the new world. Lots of interesting bits about Irish and African slavery, diseases, and you name it. (Did you know that prior to European contact that earthworms didn’t exist in the New World?) Hell, they should be on your European and American History bookshelf shortlist period.
      (You do have a library, right?)
      Hope this helps everybody!
      Just a thought.

      1. yeah I don’t buy Fischers theory, Yankeedom, more like New England and New Germania. The only New Englanders share in common with the mid westerners is that we speak english and consider ourselves to be american. Our accents and dialects aren’t the same, Our Cuisines crossover very little and our ethnic background and heritage are entirely different.

        1. MACK
          The Upper Midwest was a Canadian backwater until Germans and Scandinavians really poured in during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Also Irish and Slavs.
          Southerners on the border of the Third World fail to realize that the North’s cultural roots are shared with Canada.
          You can spot an Appalachian or Southern transplant in the Northeast from the majority of ethnic whites. They have a lanky build and stringy hair and an oval face shape.
          Sicilians in Detroit when I was growing up were like Mexicans and had barrios of sorts (Spaghetti Curtain it was called).
          The chances of being descended from English Colonials and their Squaw princesses outside of Maine or the South is really low. Most whites in the Northeast from Boston to Chicago have zero English blood and came half a century after the Civil War.

    4. Oh well are you aware of the technology in teeth dental work? Mind control. Are you ready from the LAWYERS and the whole world to know?

  9. I can’t understand the mentality of someone who voluntarily collects and submits their own DNA to a shadowy (((organization))) for testing, cataloging, and archival.

    1. …and cloning. That’s right, cloning. If anyone believes scientists don’t do human cloning they are, either in denial, or just haven’t read up properly.
      Why clone? So many reasons. For one, they can do human testing of all sorts guilt free since clones don’t have a soul (or so they tell themselves).

      1. I don’t doubt that at all.
        For some reason people believe a clone is a carbon copy of the original specimen. Yet Dolly the sheep suddenly died from unforeseeable complications.
        These labcoat fags don’t know nearly as much as they make out.

      2. You are out of your tree. They might clone Hawkins but the average unemployed malcontent poster here with a middling IQ.
        He cannot even reproduce the old fashioned way.

        1. You post here more than anyone. Imagine all the time you have…
          and you want to castigate ur fellow brethren as low IQ trailer trash.
          If you want low IQ go to the non white world.

    2. I was just curious. And the health reports were useful. I already knew I had some black ancestry, so no reason to avoid that even if I cared.

  10. I noticed I felt a little dumber and could run fast and love chitlins, everything is blue clear sky now.

  11. The SJWs can blast me as much as they want and tell I’m a privilege White Man…
    I did the GENO 2.0 test in 2014 :
    -42% Mediterranean
    -39% Northern Europe
    -17% West Asian
    -2% Neanderthal (3% Denisovan)
    and The Ancestry DNA test in 2017 :
    -32% Great Britain
    -27% Ireland/Scotland/Wales
    -17% Europe South
    -12% Iberian Peninsula
    -7% Europe West
    Plus the low confidence Regions :
    -2% Finland/Northwest Russia
    -1 % Europe East
    -<1% European Jewish
    -<1% Middle East
    In my case it seems to be OK with those two companies, at least.

      1. Welcome to the world of DNA testing. But you have to realize that the different tests use different criteria. Populations change with time so there has to be a target date for the analysis. GENO 2.0 looks at deep (ancient) ancestry. I’m guessing that’s why it found “West Asian” (not to mention Neanderthal and Denisovan!). Not sure exactly what date Ancestry DNA looks at but it’s a lot later. 23 and Me seems to look at the most recent, IIRC 200 years ago. It makes sense that it would be closest to what I know about my ancestry.
        Anyway, this and imperfect samples make the findings variable.

        1. That’s it : GENO 2.0 gives information about deep roots (up to 70 000 years behind) while Ancestry is closer to the surface.
          The results make sense in my case. The ancestors on both sides of my family come from Northern France and migrated to Quebec in the 1600’s.
          I am surprised and I am not about the fact I’m more British and Irish than French. There were lots of exchanges between both sides of The Channel even then.

    1. From what I’ve seen, these tests aren’t very good at distinguishing between British and French, or French and German, etc. They’re just too close genetically.
      When I compare my 23 and Me results to my Ancestry results, the best that can be said is that they’re vaguely similar.
      And when I look at the 150 ancestry components on Ancestry, it suddenly says that I’m 30% Native American! Whoop whoop!
      Would be cool, except that no other DNA test says I’m more than 1% Native American — including Ancestry’s regular breakdown. I’m guessing they’re confusing Iberian with Indian.
      Anyway it’s all fun but I wouldn’t put too much faith in the precise regional results.

  12. Oh, by the way “Proud Yankee” (oxymoron alert!) thanks for freeing them. You ruined America, you twat.

    1. I make you for a UK citizen actually, not a Southerner. Something about your syntax is British.
      I’ve spent a great deal of my life in the Old Country out of preference to Detroit-which was benefited by nobody but at least is on the border of Canada instead of Mexico.
      But we’ll never know.
      I’d cross the street to avoid any poster on this site.

      1. The North provoked it.
        The Southern States had every constitutional right to leave the Union, especially since the North were a bunch of moralizing SJW hypocrites.
        Yankees did not give a single fuck about blacks. It was a property dispute. The industrialized North needed more slaves for their capitalist meat-grinder factories. Under the guise of holier-than-thou cynical moral POSTURING they “freed” the slaves and re-enslaved them into sweatshop style wage slavery. Such compassion, so moving…
        If Southerners weren’t so DISORGANIZED (ie Individualistic) they would have easily won.
        Moonman would be proud.

        1. The Industrialized North Needed More Slaves
          No, actually they imported the Irish and Italians for that since they would actually work for less than black sharecroppers.
          Jewish women were preferred as seamstresses and sweatshop workers because they were small, usually.
          Blacks did not migrate North until the 1930’s.

        2. Ok noted.
          BUT, they were still in their rights to secede form the SJW union. The North provoked a war over this.
          Fuck the Yankees.

        3. Taliban
          Canadian border states agree with you.
          The US South should have gone its own way and the North should have formed a union with Canada.
          Culturally is Minnesota more like Toronto or like Alabama?

        4. The South didn’t severe over taxation, that’s apologise propaganda spread after the war and since debunked. Historical documents say it was all about slavery. Some northerners cared about slaves, some didn’t. But the irony is that slavery wouldn’t have been abolished since the federal government didn’t have that power. They fought the war to preserve the union, and then only after the South opened fire on federal troops.
          The irony is that they got it’s hysterical and over-reacted and ended up defeating their own cause if slavery.
          It definitely wasn’t the merchants, as gen xfile said the north had plenty of of immigrants to exploit and businessmen in New York were pro South–they just wanted their cotton.

        5. Being paid is not slavery. Being forced to pay IS slavery. So get your thought processes straight.

      2. JOSH
        Many of the whites in the Northern US were not in North America at the time of the Civil War. They came during the Industrial era of the late 19th early 20th century.
        Italians and Jews showed up in the 1910’s, 1920’s. Slavs about the same time.
        This is why whites from the North wear the flag of Ireland or Italy on their jacket instead of a Confederate flag.

  13. i hate everybody equally, so it must be the 1/25th part American Indian in me for all the affronts to my heritage by all other ethnicities…or the 1/25th part Scottish.
    dont really matter, repulsed generally by people, moreso dumb people and racist fucks who claim they cant be racists but are the most racist bitches anywhere next to SJWs. and particularly hate religious fuckers who wear their hypocritical bullshit all out there like they are some kind of moral sign post. that leaves damn few normal people to like.

  14. DNA does not lie. When submitting a test you don’t need to give your background or even your actual name or picture. The geographical regions however are not perfect of course but pretty good estmates.

    1. And what difference does that make when the test-givers MAKE the DNA lie?
      Tell me.

      1. Lots of places you can have your DNA tested. I’ve had it tested at for places over the years. If they were lying it would show up. Butwhat I see is that it isn’t super accurate but is getting better and better.

  15. Random thought… do we think ANY American black person has EVER used DNA research other than for a paternity suit?

    1. Long Bleu
      They have (Famous celebrities) and it is surprising HOW MUCH European US blacks have.
      Chris Rock is 20% British.
      Snoop Dogg is a quarter American Indian.
      Whoopi Goldberg is almost pure Angolan (She obviously married a Jew to get into showbiz).

  16. I recall a Polish American friend who did the test and it indicated she had Native American blood.
    It turned out that Mongolian and North American Indian blood are so similar that they cannot be differentiated (At that time when she took the DNA test).

    1. 23 and Me says I’m 0.1 percent Yakut. I had to look it up, it’s a Siberian tribe.
      Of course, figures that like are unreliable but I’m hoping it’s true because it’s cool.

    2. absolutely EVERY Polish person on this earth is 100% guaranteed whiter than you
      not to mention better…
      silly lying cuck

    1. Lol I wonder what Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein had to say about that.

  17. Heh, well, my results show more than 1 percent so I guess I’m just one of them uppity Negroes. But before you exile me to the colored water fountain, keep in mind that more than a few “white” Southerners are almost as black as I am–not to mention that there’s several percent recent African admixture in Italians and other Mediterranean peoples. This will not show up in your 23 and Me results since their target ancestry is IIRC 200 years ago and the admixture occurred before then, but it is known to be present.

    1. Sicilian-Americans are something like 12% Arab. Look at Stallone. He looks like the President of Syria to me.

        1. JOSH
          Saracen Arab in fact. It was explained to me by a Sicilian-American friend that most emigrants from Sicily to the US were from Eastern Sicily (Not the Western portion which was Greek).
          If you look at Sylvester Stallone or the supporting cast of the Sopranos this is obvious.
          Also, Italian-Americans from the “boot” (Mainland Southern Italy) are lighter complected like Tony Soprano himself.

        2. Why are people downvoting your comment? Sicilians can score as high as 30% Middle Eastern on some ancestry tests. Just look at their faces! Holy crap I don’t see why they get so triggered. They may not practice Islam but look Arabian as all fuck.

  18. Yees goyim, take the test hehe. Something tells me you will have at least 5% of jewish and black blood in you, hehe. After all there are no pure whites hehe, we are all mixed goyim. See for yourself, take the test, but first pay it hehe.

  19. I’ve never had much interest looking into my own ancestry, but I can see how it would appeal to other people, which makes this ridiculous- Guy pays for a service and gets some millennial who thinks he’s a comedy genius bullshitting him.

    1. Well as long as you recognize that the tests aren’t super accurate they’re interesting. I actually found 23 and me pretty good compared to what I know about my own ancestry. Ancestry.com seemed off, though.

      1. My family had a DNA/blood test in the ’80’s. We know exactly where we are descended from, the test simply confirmed it.
        That being said, I would only ceed my DNA now to see how much they want to lie about it and skew numbers for political purposes.
        Although RoK comments have skewed into less Game and more into the Daily Stormer. Can’t say I like it, but the Leftist assault on anyone who is White or perceived as White has caused an natural and organic resistance.

        1. Think you’re right about that–lots of nutty blame the Jews posts. But if people can’t speak freely, that’s what happens. And right now, people can’t.

      1. I would have thought that the Australians from old Colonial families were significantly Aboriginal.
        But sometimes even convicts would rather beat off when the prospect looks like the average Aboriginal.

        1. LOL, have you seen most aboriginal women??? LOL, this idea that white man just showed up to places and immediately went out to breed the people there is a massive joke, and myth promoted by minorities in this country…back then many colony’s even had strict laws against that shit. Most aborigines kept to themselves and wonder aimlessly in the outback, stealing, raping, and killing white settlers from time to time. Even today there are massive problems with Aboriginal people, especially when it comes to domestic abuse.

      1. ah, the shitstirring cuck strikes again
        protoeuropean, meaning 5000+ yrs european and WHITE
        see, i might as well be your pa, cuck
        and i’d be ashamed of you…

  20. It is actually FTDNA! With that update (about a year ago now, I think), I was suddenly also 1% each Native American, African and Jewish, with a disclaimer these could be what are known as false positives. This happened to so many people in the forums that it appeared more of a Magic 8 Ball prediction influenced by perhaps a desire to be liked? than anything scientific.

  21. This article is crap. It’s just a way for white people to explain the black that is coming up in their DNA tests: ” Oh it’s fake!” No dear, your great great great grandparent was most likely a mulatto or quadroom slave and could pass for white, so they did. So in the dead of night, they ran away from the plantation. Never to be seen again. Except in a DNA test hundreds of years later.
    All those thousands of slaves that crossed the color line back in the day; I’m sorry, but those genes didn’t just disappear when they strolled away from the plantation. Yes, you most likely do have black DNA. There is nothing wrong with that! White is not superior. No race is. I was wondering when one of these pathetic little articles would pop up to explain away the black. Something some racist could pull up as needed and be like . . . See, so we aren’t black. Yes, yes you are. Your ancestor crossed over, so he/she could survive. So they wouldn’t be brutalized by white people. So they could have a life. So you could be born. Born racist. Yay. Try and do something better with your thought process instead of trying to explain away the black. It’s ridiculous.

    1. MARIE
      Africans in the North did not find white immigrants from Poland and Italy very charming (They invented “Honkey” as in Hungarian or Slav and Dago for Italians etc).
      They did not intermarry with ethnic whites much.
      We won’t go into how they felt about Jews.

      1. Gen,
        Talking about two different things here 😉. During slavery, Africans/Blacks/Mulattos/Quadroons/Octoroons didn’t have a choice. It’s not about not being attracted to. If a white man wanted to sleep with a slave, then it happened. They were raped. Children were born and got whiter and whiter. Until you couldnt tell anymore. Those left, and went to white society and passed.
        Those genes are coming out today. I find it fascinating. This happened in my family. My great grandmother’s siblings blended away. Finding them on ancestry.com and they are realizing what happened and how we are related. Hooray for these tests. DNA doesn’t care abt race or know who is racist and what it should come out as. It doesn’t follow the lines of what people think it should be.

        1. I don’t disagree with your point Marie, but I do disagree with DNA results being used to interpret origins. So called racial differences only account for about 0.1% of our DNA and Africans tend to have the most diverse DNA, which makes sense since humanity developed out of Africa and the oldest population should have the most genetic diversity. My point in all this is that black, white, asian are really just phenotypic expressions of an incredibly small percentage of an individual’s DNA. The biological definition of Race does not apply to human diversity, so using biological sciences to measure what really amounts to a social construct, albeit a powerful social construct, isn’t appropriate. That said, perhaps these little tests will cause some people to rethink their worldview, so that’s a positive.

        2. Whites had the power, they didn’t have to rape the colonized or enslaved non-White population. Truth is the vast majority of conquered non-Whites were more than willing to please their White masters. Women always want the winners.

        3. MARIE
          If you are from the South or out West you folks have an entirely different background than Northerners.
          To begin with we showed up in Detroit or NYC 50-75 years after the Civil War.
          Blacks did not come North until the Great Migration and in the Free States black women did not fuck Italian and Irish roughnecks around the construction sites out of choice.
          Out West in California or Oklahoma it was more common for whites to intermarry with Native Americans.
          So the things that the South and West are preoccupied with had no bearing on the urban environment of the Northeast rust belt.

        4. Ancestry.com is a sham and has been for years.
          The only way to know is to a have a full and complete test with 000.1 percent of false readings. You’re not going to get that with ANY mass laboratory, esp. a commercial one.

    2. Women.
      Almost always more concerned about men’s opinions than the ideas those opinions are based on.
      “Brutalized by white people…”
      No race is superior, but white people do all the brutalizing?
      Strong frame. Don’t waste your time or energy when a woman want to get self-righteous and argue all the while contradicting herself within the indignant prose.

      1. What on earth are you referring to, Man???
        Slaves WERE brutalized by white people. That is not an opinion. Perhaps you have a Roy Moore viewpoint, of slaves and slave master coming together and taking care of one another. Yeaaaah. How abt slave families that were ripped apart. At that time in history, yes, white people brutalized blacks. It was the era of slavery. Why on earth does that need to be spelled out for you? I certainly do not feel that way now. Yes, some people are upset abt the racial tension but I cannot say blacks are being brutalized in the manner of slavery in America in this day and age. Your insinuation of that is silly. Self righteous is off the mark. I can’t help if I don’t validate your thought process. That does not make me wrong. I stand by what I say. This article is crap and used to explain away having black DNA when it’s not wanted within a family.

        1. It’s wasting my time to respond to you.
          You lack the ability to even think clearly.
          Everything you have read is opinion.
          Unless you witnessed it yourself, then it’s truth.
          You are racist against white people, and cannot comprehend the African on African slavery or the European on European slavery.
          Stop wasting my time and go read books in a library instead of whatever youtube videos you are watching.
          Slavery has been around a long long time.
          Visit China and see. No white people there OR black people – but still slavery.

    3. Most of those slaves who crossed the color line are now the people we consider black when it comes time to affirmative action. Most states didn’t even allow interracial relationships, and they sure as hell didn’t allow their daughters to date black dudes….most women remained virgins till marriage back in those days. Also, most of america as VERY gentrified back then too…there wasn’t this magical utopia of interracialism and breeding that you blacks seem to think there was…and the only reason you want to believe that is because you want to feel like you are as responsible for the creation of America than Whites, that is it. “Yes, you most likely do have black DNA.” Uh, no, probably not. Native American, maybe.

      1. Most of the slaves that crossed the color line did so with the full intention of marrying white and diluting their genes. Their descendants don’t even know they’re black. So coming out for affirmative action purposes is not on the table lol.
        No state during slaves allowed race mixing or dating lol What!? We know that. The slaves were raped. Forced against their will. This is not speculation or assumption. Most black people can trace their genealogy back to a white male during the civil war. A plantation owner. Again, they raped and procreated with their slaves. African, Mulatto, Quadroon,Octoroon . . . passing for white. Leaving the plantation. Gone. “I dare you to find me mixed in with the white population.” No one did. It’s not about dating and what was approved. You have an elementary view point.
        Utopia of interracial breeding. Oh Dear Lord lol. Uhhhh Not so much. Again, more like brutal rape. That is my view point. These poor women certainly were not in utopia
        They were in pure hell. So if they could pass, hell yes. That would be a great idea.
        AND btw, black people helped build this country while being terrorized by some whites into forced labor. Like it or not, we have a shared history. We are intertwined. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
        There are decent people of both black and white races and terrible people just the same. This isn’t about trying to belittle whites. No one is better or less than anyone. History cannot be rewritten to make one feel at ease. It was a horrible time in our nation. The residual of that is coming out in these DNA tests.

        1. None of these evil White men were raping horses, donkeys, or any other farm equipment. What makes you think anyone, especially a rich racist plantation owner, would want to fuck the livestock?

      2. Ten percent of “white”Southerners have more than one percent African DNA. It’s a lot lower in the rest of the country, 3.5 percent overall. Marie is right–people didn’t intermarry but they did miscegenate and the offspring would be whiter and whiter until they decided they were descended from pocohantas and married into the white community.

    4. Not likely mine, I mean okay mayybee (my ancestors were promiscuous folks) though seeing as they settled in Dedham MA in 1682 from hampshire England, It doesn’t seem likely. As for showing up for being part black, I say fine, doesn’t really effect me. The only problem I have with this idea that folks are fudging DNA results is that there are people who are trying to keep an eye out for disease whether its Heriditary or if they have a pre-disposition for it. On top of that they paid $90 (or however much the test costs) for facts, not to be pranked.

  22. This refers to a Cracked article, which means it was comedy or satire, not real! I mean really, who doesn’t know Cracked is a satire/comedy site…Duh!

  23. None of this makes any sense, irrespective of whether or not the employees of these scam companies are manipulating the results. Only about 0.1% of our DNA accounts for ancestral differences. Certain alleles show stronger representations in certain populations, but to take that information and suggest a person is X% of a certain ancestral lineage is really a stretch. Proper DNA tests will interpret the results as “your DNA contains alleles which show up with this frequency (expressed as a percentage) in people of this origin”. That doesnt translate into a person being a certain % of a particular ethnicity, because well, 0.1% accounts for ALL so called ancestral or racial differences.

    1. Finally, a well thought out view point. Always nice to read a different perspective with a logical, educated thought process.

    2. You’re forgetting that that tiny bit of DNA has a lot of genes in it. And they do battery in frequency by region. So we can identify where people’s ancestors came from with surprising accuracy just buy looking at some of the single nucleotide polymorphisms that are known to vary.

    3. LOL, both you and Marie don’t understand genetics….there are certain plants, like bananas, that we share like 60% of our DNA with. LOL, we share like 90% of our DNA with house cats. 0.1% is a huge difference homey, and that is just an average. In evolution, even the smallest differences in the genetic code could make a huge difference. Most mixed kids cannot find genetic donors for certain procedures, like bone transplants, because their genes are so unique and different their body would reject the donors marrow.
      Lets just cut to the chase, the only reasons blacks don’t want us to believe that is, because like all liberals, they want an excuse to repopulate the nation with diversity, they want to be able to fuck white women, and they want to be able to blame white man for all their problems. After all, if we are so “similar” than why are blacks failing miserably in education….OMG, it must be due to white racism…time to give more money to blacks! Or when you point out that blacks in Africa and everywhere else tend to destroy their nations and have high levels of poverty and crime…they just go…”muh, no difference between blacks and whites” so that must mean Black nations are poor because white man raped them of resources (even though they have plenty plenty plenty of those resources), or it is because of the CIA, or it is something else that is not their fault. That is all.

      1. Me, I just say ok, I’m inferior–what’s for dinner?
        Seriously, I wish I could argue with what you said, but for the most part I can’t. So what are we supposed to do about it?
        I’m mostly white so naturally most of the women I fuck are white. I’m not PC. I know what that means. It isn’t best for anybody. But society no longer stops it.
        It’s a pretty sad situation from every angle.

        1. A) Stop 95% of immigration and kick out illegals B) Accept the fact that race matters and you have every right to defend your own tribe (this includes everyone) C) Accept the fact that this is a white country, we were nice and allowed many minorities to stay, and that is fine…but it is still a white country D) Don’t put out incentives for idiots, like black women, who have 5+ kids and live on welfare. E) Support those minorities who do want to succeed in life, and only help out those minorities we actually may owe something to, like the those whose ancestors were actual slaves or the Native Americans F) Get rid of the over the top affirmative action, and get rid of political correctness…if a white women wants to date black guys, well, I guess in a free world it is going to happen but it should be white guys right to talk shit about her and not have to pay a dime for her half breed child. In other words, if some woman wants to mudshark than at least make sure she is mudsharking with a good black guy who works and who actually deserves to be in the country to begin with. G) Take women’s right to vote in federal elections away.
          If people are left to their own devices, and our country wasn’t getting flooded with the third world than things would eventually work out with time…most of what we are seeing now is being forced…hell, even with enough time the race of this country would slowly become more homogeneous with the only difference being some people with a little darker skin complex. It is a tough subject to talk about, which is why people hate talking about it, but all I know is that what we are doing now is fucking stupid.

      2. Wes, I agree with a lot of what you said.
        Not C — I think that once you have us here, we’re citizens and have as much ownership of the country as anyone else, if we want to stay a democracy, anyway. Not to mention that many were brought here against their will.
        Though the flip side is that Europeans really are more successful than other groups (though the Northeast Asians are catching up).
        I really don’t know how to reconcile this. I used to think it was as simple as one person one vote but no longer think that’s the case, if minorities just vote themselves benefits and affirmative action and the minority population continues to grow we have a disaster. But if it continue to grow and you take the vote away you have a disaster too, you end up like those Latin American countries that are corrupt Euro dictatorships.
        Also not sure about taking the vote away from women. It would make the country more aggressive and competitive, but it would also mean that women would be screwed more (figuratively).
        I’m less in favor of interracial marriage than you are, even though I’m a result of it (or rape of a slave or something). Not that it’s a problem for me, I look white (well, Hispanic, which I also am, about a quarter), but it seems to me that all the mixed race countries like Latin America and the Arab countries are a mess.
        I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned the country being flooded with third-world immigrants. We’d be fine with a 12% black population or whatever it is. But with white women not reproducing and Hispanic immigrants reproducing like crazy, the country is going to become Latin America North and we see how successful those countries are. It isn’t going to benefit anyone, white or black or Hispanic.
        But, as you say, you can’t even talk about this stuff honestly anymore, so I guess we’ll just go on the way we’ve been going.

      3. Well any offspring from Harvey Swinestein is certainly gonna have plant DNA.
        Just sayin’.
        Maybe it will come out looking like Swamp Thing?

  24. Gen X-ile, re Australian Settlers and Aboriginals.
    Old settlers lineage is officially very much white. Any children until the last 50 years or so from a mixed race union, would have been denied as official offspring, and brought up on the aboriginal side of the family, or in State care(now referred to in Aus as the Stolen Generation) without ever taking the white father’s surname. White women getting pregnant by an aboriginal was very rare (almost non existent)until recent times. Respectable white people had very little to do with aboriginals at all.
    In white settlement times apparently it was very rare for a white man to fuck an aboriginal woman. If they could get past the course Neanderthal features and broad flat nose, they would be repelled by their bad general hygiene, and common habit of smearing themselves in fish guts to ward off flies and mosquitoes.
    Apparently many of the convicts went gay rather than fuck an aboriginal, because there weren’t many white women around. A small amount of female convicts and the occasional wife or daughter of a white settler, until the 1850’s, when general immigration took over convict transportation.
    In truth there aren’t many full blooded aboriginals around today in the major population centres. Plenty of half caste or less that proudly proclaim their blackness. Some even have blond hair and blue eyes, they of course are the biggest troublemakers, denying their white heritage completely.
    I went to school with several people who I later found out to claim aboriginality. They might have a tan, or dark hair. I always assumed they were from the Mediterranean, or middle east, never for one moment did I think they were aboriginals.

      1. Look since I have abilities, why don’t you guys help me edit it to benefit White Europeans, Britons, etc.

  25. As for the NASA comment… well, a big thing on the internet now is the flat-earth. So NASA is full of bs as well…

    Wanna tell you about my Nordic pride…
    My English ancestors took a squaw for a ride…
    Said she was an Indian princess but I lied…
    Ill-reputed squaw hung around British sailors shoreside
    My name is Fernando Sanchez
    I claim to be a proud Aztec
    But Spanish garrison soldier fucked an Indio out back
    Cholo means the white father my ancestor did lack
    My Red Warrior traditions were clean
    Until along came one Charlie Sheen
    My name is Saul Rebostein
    Family came to NY from River Rhine
    But first an Arab from Judea came North
    Married some European money whores
    So my kids got kind light-haired and pale
    Cause a bunch of white genes came from the female
    If today these Euro money whores were born
    You known they’d be getting fuck by Jews in porn
    I’m a proud Slavic male
    The Mongol hordes once came East like fire and hail
    On horses and not ships they did sail
    Their rape victims preferred were most pale
    My name is Vinnie Terranova from da Neighborhood
    If you don’t know about Columbus than you should
    These Arabs coming to New Yawk need to know
    The way things with Paisans will go
    But my ancestry was from Tunisia
    When Arabs came across the sea ya
    The Sicilian girls they were all well fucked
    As the Romans did become the cuck
    Now I look today like Stallone
    As if to Mecca my Arab nose points home

  27. No need for DNA tests. Dennis Hooper could probably tell ya all about your ancestry….if he was alive of course.

    1. ROCK
      Right, and the son of a German baker named Walken looks part Negro too. Chris Walken does not even look like a Northern Italian.
      How did equatorial blacks come all the way North through the Arab-Berber deserts of North Africa and commandeer vessels to Sicily through Carthage which was Phoenician empire?

      Tarantino is one of those Italian-Americans who loves black culture to the extent that he WISHES his ancestors were eggplants.
      Alas, they were not. They were Syrians known as Phoenicians from Carthage who used armies of Saracen Arabs to occupy Sicily.
      Sub-equatorial blacks never had an empire. They never had a wheel, much less the technology to sail as armies into the Mediterranean.
      If they had such seafaring prowess TODAY you would see all of Africa washing up in Myrtle Beach as refugees.

  28. TARANTINO The Cinematic Cuck
    Tarantino is a typical Italian-American with jungle fever. His relationship with blacks is a love-hate one. Spike Lee hates him. On one hand his films are filled with the N word and on the other hand his heroes are always Djangos.
    Deep down, Tarantino fantasizes about being the spawn of a Negro.
    Alas, it was not that romantic. His ancestors were scimitar-swinging Arabs who added Greek-Roman girls to their harem to create the modern-day Italian.

  29. Good timing.
    I’ve been considering trying this out to see what kind of European mutt I am, as I only know a little of my family history.
    Tampering with results. Seems to be in lawsuit territory.

    1. They don’t seem to have tampered with results, just said you could have <1% African DNA. Which technically could be true, just the error margin of the tests.
      Anyway mentioned it because the tests really are pretty good and it’s fun to see your ancestry and maybe make some unexpected discoveries.

  30. D
    One reason that Italian-Americans have withstood the pressures of PC and the dispossession of whites is that they have remained a cogent group with a culture and ties to Italy.
    In the US interior people cannot really form a group to protect whites because of the ethnic and religious diversity.
    To some degree Irish-Catholics on the East Coast are better able to protect their interests.
    It is the middle of the country that has gone haywire with mudsharking and wiggertude and tweakers.

  31. I read a study that stated only 3% of today’s African Americans are descended from slavery. I must say I’ve enjoyed reading all the comments on here more than the actual story!

  32. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2014/12/22/a-lot-of-southern-whites-are-a-little-bit-black/?utm_term=.cb484b561ab3
    Washington post did a story gushing over the DNA results of many southern white Americans showing traces of African ancestry and theorizing this was the result of southern whites raping slaves. The statement about African genes entering the admixture within seven generations back is junk science.
    Minor percentages of African DNA that show up in most modern white Americans entered their genetic stream long before Columbus sailed. The same is true with trace DNA from Asia and various other global regions. People sometimes forget that the DNA tests that are used by these companies show a genetic reflection about 2000 years into the past.

    1. They can approximate the date of admixture by looking at the degree of DNA fragmentation. 23 and Me IIRC sets a target date of 200 years ago, so their results would reflect recent admixture.
      AFAIK, this came about mostly because of very light skinned black people “passing for white.” And they got that way because of masters raping their slaves. African-Americans in general have about 20% European DNA — it didn’t get there on foot! After a few generations of that you had “white slaves” with blonde hair and blue eyes. They weren’t worth very much because it was too easy for them to run away!

      1. The 200-250 year values reflect autosomal DNA calculations for lineage and are useful for identifying connections to cousins and other family members. Any further back than that you have to start using yDNA calculations for lineage which is paternal line only.
        If anyone gets a DNA result from one of the large testing companies they think is suspect I recommend running the Eurogenes K36 test on GEDmatch. Davidski Polako, the geneticist that engineered the Eurogenes tests to analyze admixture has indicated that any ethnicity percentages of 1% or lower are merely the result of “background noise” and should be discarded or ignored.

        1. Interesting.
          I’m wondering if this doesn’t suggest I have more sub-Saharan admixture than the results suggest, since it would only represent recent admixture results. Some of my ancestors are from populations that are known to have had significant admixture events before that time frame, e.g., Arab, Iberian, and Italian, and I imagine North African as well though I haven’t checked.
          I have Eurogenes K-36 results from 4-5 years ago — was wondering if they’d added new population samples that would make it worth running again? I’m curious because there were some contradictory results, e.g., K-12B shows me as 1.33% East Asian but K-13 shows 0.75% Amerindian and 0.35% East Asian, both of which could just be noise, while K-36 shows me as neither but .12 Malayan — go figure.

  33. This happened with my aunt 2 months ago. Country-living white woman in the Rockies.
    23 and me said she was part black.
    Nothing against black people, but I highly doubted the results, and it’s disgraceful if they are doing this.
    Logically, everyone can say the N-Word now, and we no longer have privilege, so maybe we should congratulate 23 and me for killing those SJW sacred cows.

    1. Someone said here it wasn’t 23 and Me, that was just speculation.
      Also, the company that did it wasn’t falsifying results, quite — they were saying you might have <1% African ancestry, which technically is true because the tests aren’t that accurate.
      If your aunt was reporting as having <1% African ancestry, she can safely ignore the results.

    1. If you have more than 1% African DNA in your results, it’s probably real. It’s only people who get <1% from FTDNA who may not have it.

  34. You guys do realize I have microchips that I discovered did telepathic ability with adderral/amphetamine and I am being hit with teams of letter agencies that moved in my neighborhood. And Gangstalked me for years. Is anyone interested?

  35. No thank you on the Black addition, but if you insist let’s have the global and final civil war.

  36. Not to be the “that guy” bringing up slavery, I know how alot of you boys hate being reminded of “bad” white history, but given it’s spread across almost all Atlantic countries at it’s height, and how those countries maintained sizable black communities thereafter, I don’t understand why it’s so hard to fathom the idea that there may be black genes in your lineage, especially if your stock came from one of those countries..As unsavory a fact as it may be to some of you, rape of slaves was rampant and almost commonplace, and Thomas Jefferson was by no means the only one to “revisit the well” the way he did. An even smaller minority took up consensual relationships with free slaves or ones they intended to free through purchase..What do you think happened to all these mulatto babies? Not all of them retained slave status, or were relegated to the black communities, many of them had a special status between white and black, were allowed to be educated, and got married like everybody else..many of those spouses being full blooded white people. This whole reaction seems like quite the emotional, irrational response from men who subscribe to a site that champions logic and reason like ROK…Not to mention trolling 70-80% of the population doesn’t seem like a very good business model by whatever service this is…

    1. Because it wasn’t in the original news item. Some people were speculating it’s 23 and Me, but apparently it was Family Tree DNA.

  37. There are ongoing Y chromosome studies following family names that you might find online. A cousin found ours some years ago and my results matched family tradition, previous written family histories, and the documents I’ve found.
    We’re descended from 5 related men (fathers, sons, grandsons, or maybe brothers) who came from Scotland, Ireland, England at different times since around mid 1600s and almost all of the couple of hundred participants’ Y DNA match, with a couple of mutations that happened since. A few people didn’t match but some could be from unrecorded adoptions.
    Interestingly, with a nearly 400 year period documented and studied, nearly all of us really are descended from the same few men. Speaks well for their wives.
    My advice, avoid genetic companies that advertise on TV and look up written family histories before doing any tests.

  38. Hey Dim-bulbs, guess what? DNA testing canNOT exactly specify your ethnic origins by percentage. (((23 & Me))) and (((Family Tree DNA))) are a complete (((J-SCAM))) to salvage the Darwinian Evolution fraud. If anything you are giving away your literal DNA to be used in future governmental ID lockdown of your freedom. To review for the simple-minded. DNA TESTING FOR ANCESTRY IS TOTAL FUCKING BULLSHIT.

  39. DNA testing is FRAUD. It is IMPOSSIBLE to determine minor percentages of non-characteristic genetic traits (eg:. Chris Rock is 1.24% Slovenian) . Do NOT fall for the ultimate scam of oppression. The Next step after DNA-ID usage is REQUIRED removal of people with “medical predictives” (eg: A marker is found that parallels cancer patients- so you must die to keep the socialized medicine system costs down) .. And then
    it will be “character based” (eg; European Caucasians are less victim-izable than other groups so they are a threat to the State and must go.) DNA tests are NOT accurate. DNA tests can NOT determine “ancestral ratios”. DNA tests are often MAJORITY false.

  40. Y DNA Matches are based on APPROXIMATION.. it is IMPOSSIBLE to determine ethnic lineage to a percentage. SOME traits echo certain people when GENERALIZED.. but specific, ID level uniqueness is FALSE. Tracking you by DNA Markup however IS possible and that is the point of all of this. It won’t end well.

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