It’s Time To Make Men Strong Again

If I were to describe neomasculinity in one phrase, I’d take a page from Donald Trump’s playbook and have it be “Make Men Strong Again.” Most of the work I’ve published in the past decade has had the common end of giving tools and knowledge to men so that they do more than before, whether it’s with meeting women, improving their health and physical stature, making more money, understanding reality in a more objective way, or having valuable experiences around the world. The rise of feminism and egalitarianism has fed poison to men with the goal of making them weak, emaciated replicas of who they once were. This must be reversed.

What Is Masculinity?


Masculinity is the connection between physical and mental strength. Physical strength is having the endurance and power to fulfill the will of the mind, which must possess knowledge, courage, hope, determination, and a truthful interpretation of reality. If you’ve been reading me for any length of time, you’ve already embarked on a journey of strengthening both your body and mind.

The problem we have today is that men shield themselves from all difficulty and even the experience of life. We now have 21-year-old male students crying on the shoulders of feminists in designated safe spaces on college campuses because they heard mere opinions they didn’t like. Those safe spaces, whether literal or metaphorical, prevents men from becoming masculine. It would be the same as having a gym with only treadmills and no weights.

There’s Only One Way To Become More Masculine

Do you remember the first movie that made you cry? For me it was E.T. I cried in the scene where the ugly alien had to get on the spaceship and leave behind his human friend. I saw E.T. many times as a child, and didn’t cry again after that first time, because I fully expected the sad scene and was already exposed to it. If you want to become masculine, you must continually expose yourself to challenging situations and endure them in order to build strength.

The way to know if you’re getting stronger is to recollect a past difficulty in your life and ask how you’d respond to it now. If it wouldn’t even bother you today, you’ve gotten stronger. If it still gives you a similar amount of anxiety, you haven’t gotten stronger.

In 2011, a few individuals gave multiple fake one-star reviews on my Amazon books. This caused me a lot of stress, and I worried about it for days and how it would affect my income. If this happened today, it wouldn’t even create one minute of mental disturbance. I probably wouldn’t even notice. Because of far harder events I’ve had to endure since, I no longer experience anxiety on things that used to trouble me before, simply because I’ve purposefully put myself through an escalating series of difficulties. I have increased my masculine strength.

6 Ways Masculine Strength Improves Your Life


1. You live more according to your biological nature. Men are animals that hunt, kill, fight, protect, and survive. Anything you do which increases your strength will be fully compatible with genetic coding that has evolved over millions of years. Being weak does not at all complement this coding, unless it’s a temporary submission strategy that allows you to survive today so that you can fight tomorrow.

2. You will be more naturally attractive to women. Many aspects of game mimic the traits of men who are strong, but once you have genuine strength, you no longer need to role-play or consciously apply game. Women have a sixth sense for strength and will be drawn to the men who display it.

3. You will be more able to protect and defend your tribe and family. If those close to you are suffering, you will be better positioned to help them weather the storm as a strong man than as a weak one. Men who are weak can barely help themselves, let alone others.

4. You will be more able to successfully respond to problems in your own life. If you’ve been building strength by not shying away from new challenges and tough situations, you’ll be able to handle a future problem that is many times more difficult. You won’t panic, sob, or feel impotent to deal with your troubles.

5. You will be seen as a leader. Being a leader is not a conscious decision a man can make, but a side effect of the strength that he has been built up. When you become strong, people will begin following you. This can be used in all areas of your life, especially in business.

6. You will be able to transmutate your mental strength into physical defense. Can you imagine a weak man buying a gun to willingly face a group of home invaders? He would insist beforehand that “guns are dangerous” and hope the police will save him. Unless you develop courage, you won’t be able to defend yourself in crucial moments.

If you’re a man, becoming strong should be as natural of a drive for you as a wolf hunting deer. Unfortunately, propaganda from the media, government, and universities has shamed men out of pursuing this instinct while teaching women to be “strong” instead… strong consumers and strong complainers. The current order is unnatural, weak, and androgynous. Both men and women are suffering because of it.

The Critical Role Of Masculinity

donbass-battalion copy

Masculinity is the swimming pool that strong men train in. It’s a collective set of behaviors and beliefs that focus solely on increasing strength for men. If you’re strong, you’re most likely masculine, and if you’re masculine, you’re most likely strong, which is why masculinity is being criminalized by the Western establishment. Those with power fear strong, masculine men, because historically it was these men who challenged the rule of unjust governments and killed those who were corrupt and toxic to the nation.

In February 2016, I tried to organize meetups for masculine men around the world. You are probably already aware of the result: media in dozens of countries worked alongside politicians, local police, and hordes of disgusting feminists to get them shut down. Outnumbered, and with dystopian laws ready to lock us up for invented crimes, I had to cancel the meetups.

Many of us in the West live in an inverted society where strength is shamed and weakness is glorified, all for the purpose of ensuring that our globalist rulers never face a threat to their power. The establishment can stop our meetups, but they won’t stop our genetic desire for wanting to be strong men.


Neomasculinity is the ideological foundation for making men strong again. You don’t need to read dense texts or attend meetings in order to make that happen because the ability to be strong is already within you. All you need is the blessing that yes, being strong is in your nature, and yes, you are capable of succeeding even with the establishment trying to stop you.

I want you to do things because they are hard. I want you to stand up in the face of hardship and difficulty. I want you to fulfill what nature intended for you as a male of the human species. Our enemies will always try to weaken us and shame our efforts to becoming masculine, but I’m confident they’ll fail. Let’s make men strong again, and live our lives as righteously, naturally, and powerfully as we can.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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241 thoughts on “It’s Time To Make Men Strong Again”

  1. Excellent post, Roosh. This is a topic I’ve been instilling in my readers as well as students in my martial arts school. It’s only by embracing discomforts and hardships -rather than avoid them- that we become stronger and more capable. There are far too many men nowadays that eschew even the most basic inconveniences. As such, their fate is a life of weakness and mediocrity. They cannot handle any conflicts that arise and wail about how unfair life is. DO NOT BE ONE OF THOSE MAN-CHILDREN. Harden your resolve and embrace the values of stoicism.

  2. Building a strong mind is more important than ever for a man, because he is exposed to more and more (media) programing from more and more varied sources, most of which tout feminist ideals. Feminism is a shit test designed to find the weak minded and enslave them.

    1. Well said. The ability to hold your stance when everyone around is brainwashed against the truth is essential. I hear men reciting blue pill ideologies and propaganda every day. The other day a guy I work with told me that “women are just more mature than men”. It should come of no surprise that he’s married tea landwhale. The pressure to marry and save hoes is rampant also.

    2. With some exception, success in our modern world doesn’t depend on physical strength. It depends on emotional and mental strength.

    3. Not being exposed to media programming is quite easy. Just don’t sit in front of the TV.
      I live in Italy, a few hundreds kilometers from Nice and I woulnd’t have known about the terrorist attack if my colleagues the next morning weren’t talking about it.
      Honestly, dodging media brainwashing is as simple as not turning on the television. On the internet it’s present but it doesn’t come looking for you as strongly as on TV.

      1. We can also agree upon kale, though in my darkest moments I’ll reach for Swiss chard instead.

  3. Want to be strong? Spend a winter on the Eurasian steppe. All your mental problems will go away.
    The West is a soft, weak society largely because people who get what they want when they want it do not develop a sense of delayed gratification.
    I once had a Buddhist abbott tell me that Western people have a high rate of mental problems not because of an actual ailment, but because their obsession with having the right relationship, the right stuff and the right amount of social validation will make them happy, ignoring that carnal needs never go away precisely because they are carnal: they’re designed to keep you alive, but if you excessively build your life around them, they will become addictions.

    1. Excellent points. Living overseas put many things in perspective for me and one example that pisses me off to this day was hearing a man complaining that he couldn’t get cold water from a water fountain. Geri very tempting to scream “Do you know how lucky you are to get fresh water to drink with little difficulty?”

      1. All who gain something are afraid to lose it unless their perspective on the thing changes.
        Only sentence you need to know to accurately describe humans.

      2. Look at it from this point of view. Because of his complaint, somebody somewhere will invent a product that will make sure that there is always cold water coming out of water fountains and sell it to him. The producer and the consumer will both have their lives improved.
        And thus this is how technological progress and wealth creation occurs. A human being feels dissatisfied and acts to remove the feeling of dissatisfaction thus improving the life of himself and others around him.
        So consider that the next time you are pissed off at a complaint. Btw, getting pissed off at complaints is what socialist workers do, because they think that they deserve their jobs by virtue of being alive whereas customers are annoying people who show up to disturb their day.

      3. Right… a few days in a 3rd world hell hole will get your mind right. Went to India and saw shocking poverty….I bitched and whined less after that…

    2. Or move to Minnesota, the Upper Peninsula, the Dakotas, Montana, Oregon, or Alaska. Take up hunting and gardening. Try to feed yourself only on things you killed or grew. Take up backpacking and spend a night or two inside a snow cave. Things in life become much clearer when you are trying to piss in a pitch black -10 degrees.

        1. All those pictures are from Eastern Oregon, where I’m from. Lot of people don’t even know about that part of the state, since it’s pretty devoid of urban areas. Check it out if you ever get over this way.

        2. Yeah. Everything east of the Cascades is pretty much as conservative as it gets. That part of the state should belong to Idaho, IMO.

      1. Damn right. Terrify yourself. Bivouacking in the inky blackness has a way of firming your mind and soul. Although GunDog’s locales are a little Yankee for this Southern Cracker. What we lack in cold we make up for in varmints, insects, disease, and heat, but the message is spot on.

      2. Shhiiiieeeet! That sounds like child’s play. Try East London man. When you’ve seen a four year old bitch slap a bull and take down a wolf with his milk teeth you know you’re living in a big tough and rough society where men have hair on their back and chest.

        1. Feh. At least in East London you get to keep your teeth. In south Sudan, you use your teeth as currency to bribe the Rape Lions into attacking another village instead.
          What a pussified life you have lead.

      3. City life is incredibly emasculating. Especially when your “work” consists of clicking around on a computer screen.

    3. “The West is a soft, weak society largely because people who get what they want when they want it do not develop a sense of delayed gratification.”
      True. And despite the hundred year technology gap, this is why ISIS fancy their chances

        1. They also have smart phones, but that doesn’t mean their mentality is 21st century… Also simply borrowing a technology doesn’t equate that you will be able to employ or even know its full capabilities.
          That’s why for true national security and autonomy, it’s very important to develop your own military technology, the lack of which is the predominant reason the Third World remains to be the Third World (with disastrous cultural consequences for the whole world as we can all observe).

        2. What is does mean is that you guys pay too much attention to the news if the words “ISIS” ever come out of your mouth.

        3. They have gunsmiths who fix them and they are known to have customizations of them. RoK really needs to stop with demonizing third-world people.

        4. I know they have and I’ve actually seen that in a documentary but I believe that being able to create high tech weapons will always beat refurbishing old ones. IS can’t create helicopters, planes, drones etc. I doubt if they captured an F-16 they’d go far with one. Even if they had a pilot they won’t have the ability to maintain the turbine in working order among other pieces that require regular replacement or overhaul.

        5. You do realize most air forces have the backing of several billion dollars of tax money right? And given ISIS destroys everything in sight it’s probably not going to be that way for a long time. The fact they’ve managed to survive so long is testament to the loyalty of their soldiers.

    4. So how come the Buddhist abbotts are not all mentally ill?
      Buddhism is not about ignoring real needs; it is about eliminating false needs like seeking for approval, shame-based polygamy, delusional attachments, etc.

      1. Eating is a real need. Sleeping is a real need. A million likes on your picture is not a real need. Validation from others is not a real need.

        1. I disagree. I think we do have a legitimate and built in need for social acceptance, public respect and community belonging. What’s gone wrong is the ‘how’ of how people are attempting to get it. The reason all that silly stuff thrives is precisely because it does meet a real need. A big part of what motivates a man is to win the respect of his woman, family and community. True loners are true nuts, 98% of the time.

        2. People who care about likes on their Facebook posts are people who have never lived in the real world and had to do anything difficult. They are pansies who don’t have a realistic emotional connection to the world. they have a solipsistic view of the world and they don’t understand what hard work or true pain really is. They think it is tough if they don’t get any likes. They don’t know what the real world is.
          No wonder we have so many liberal progressives who can’t think for themselves. Progressivism is built on the backs of hard working men who put in the effort. The result of the hard work of real men is that life has become so easy that lazy people can sit around and become progressives and sollipsists.
          People need to work their asses off both physically and mentally if they want to be well adjusted.

    5. There is a TED talk along the same lines as your Buddhist abbot friend. The speaker is a psychiatrist and is a Hindu/Indian but the look of him. The title of the talk was “Depression is a Western disease”… Depression and mental illness is a result of affluence and lack of hardship….

    6. Winter in Siberia?
      Thats nothing.
      Try joining a gym in Chelsea area NYC as a straight white man…
      Now thats cold

  4. I saw a relative post something on Facebook that said something to the effect of: “being a teacher is more important then the paycheck you earn it’s about (some feel good bullshit). It was comparing a CEO conversation to a teacher, some of you have probably seen it.
    I called him out immediately.
    As a man, your job on this earth is to become wealthy, powerful, and strong in every possible way. Eating, mating, and fighting for survival has no sympathy for the weak. You must aim to make as much money as humanly possible. You must become as physically strong as you can. You must learn to fight and shoot. You need to become as charming as possible to climb your way to the top. You need to gain skills. You need to be learning and sharpening your mind at all times.
    Using some bullshit about helping kids read good to justify settling for a mediocre paycheck is horrible advice to give to a man. Females are given the luxury of not worrying about money or power. Not men. If our SMV is not high, our genes will die out. If we are poor, we will be left dying on the street.
    Only a man like Roosh or a politician can argue that their message and influence is more important than their paycheck, but they have achieved considerable amounts of power, unlike a rank-and-file teacher.
    No offense to teachers either. Oftentimes they make six figures, especially in the northeast. But if you have the ability to become rich and powerful, turning it down to become a teacher is a horrible move.

    1. It’s a poorly worded way of saying it, but I get the gist of that dude’s comment. Let’s face it, the values of our society and compensation for work are out of step. Do you really think that a financial analyst creating new derivatives and devices to make money off the stock market (i.e., the backs of other people) is more valuable than teaching our future generations of children?
      “You must aim to make as much money as humanly possible.” is terrible advice and even as probably the most agnostic, anti-religious poster around these parts, antithetical to even the Bible. We bitch on here all the time about the lack of values and the moral shortcomings of modern men. An attitude of anything to get to the top only feeds that cancer.

      1. I agree, although I can kind of understand both perspectives.
        If getting rich and powerful feels like your calling, by all means, go get it. If being a teacher feels like your calling, do that instead. Each of us has his own talents and specialities. Personally, I am disgusted by power-hungry people. If your power comes from offering something to people that they really profit from (and are not just made believe they profit from it), I can respect power. If it is all a result of manipulation through symbols, projection and ideology, I could not despise it more.

        1. Being power-hungry is essential to being a masculine man. We can’t protect our family , tribe or make an impact to this world if we have no power and money. I guess you believe in god and ignore our primal roots right ?

        2. What does believing in God have to do with it? We worship Jesus who is probably the most powerful man of all time. The Bible is much closer to our primal roots than our current society.
          The problem with Jesus’s message regarding government is that he pretty much advocated collectivism, but amongst a small tribe. A current day situation that would match that is a small amount going to the federal government, small amount going to state government, and most of it going to counties and city government.
          Now we have a giant federal government doing nationwide redistribution and changing our demographics.

      2. Yes you have a point conceptually but, modern teachers are not servicing some higher calling. Most of them became teachers because they couldn’t do anything else.

      3. Bull.
        i know you like the whole Bernie Sanders rhetoric because I believe you spoke about it in the past. You might be the only one on this site.
        You can only make this argument from the comforts of western civilization. If shit gets really bad, you’re going to need money to move places, get protection, food, shelter, etc.
        I can say that being a financial analyst is better for your:
        1. SELF,
        2. FAMILY,
        3. TRIBE.
        Also, to nitpick, a “fiancial analyst” wouldn’t be making the big money. Partners at hedge funds, MDs at investment banks, high level traders, would be making real moves.
        I also believe that public schools would not be funded if it were a true free market.

        1. Enjoy your cubicle
          I make half of the wall street ers but work from home with 8xs as much free time to golf, shoot, workout and enjoy my family. Quality is as impt as quantity

        2. I won’t be in a cube forever. I’m still young. I’ll have options, working from home making $300k/year, maybe owning my own biz, maybe telling the man to fuck off while I travel the world.
          It is an incorrect assumption to say that every wall streeter is a slave to their cubicle/work. The guys higher up have their minions do their work, and they have enough money to walk away from it all at any time.
          I don’t work on Wall Street, btw.

    2. A man’s SMV has little to do with how much money he makes. If you believe that your life was meant to spend all of your time working to make money, then thats your decision but its certainly not the purpose of man. Without a family, a man doesn’t need that much money to live. Women and children require large amounts of wealth and men choose whether or not to take on that responsibility.
      I will agree that teachers like to paint themselves as these world changing educators, when in reality they are one in a million people that actually hate their job.

      1. “I will agree that teachers like to paint themselves as these world changing educators, when in reality they are one in a million people that actually hate their job.”
        I find this to be true with everyone. My sister is a nurse. If you ask her and her nurse friends, being a nurse is the most important, hard working profession in the world. They don’t even need the doctors.
        The same mentality exists with teachers, cops, firefighters…in fact with anyone. If you get 5 people who work registers at McDonalds together and let them talk amongst themselves you will find that, according to them, being a McDonald’s cashier is like the most important fucking thing in the world.
        I guess people need to feel some sort of importance in their life and since they aren’t important, regardless of their job, they need to create that false sense that they are participating in something necessary.

        1. I’ve witnessed that before, but I personally don’t prescribe to that. I know that if I left my position tomorrow, life would move on without even a stutter. I don’t rely on my job to satisfy my sense of importance. Rather, I get that through my family, my personal endeavors, and my social circles.

        2. and tht is a very good way to think about things. However, it is far from the common. Sad really.

        3. The Boomers were all about live to work and defined themselves by their jobs. I think the newer generations, rightfully, have switched to a work to live mentality. The sparks fly when the new kids in a business refuse to work 60+ hours a week and put themselves in an early grave to sell widgets (or in the legal field I am in, litigate widgets).
          I currently work under political appointees in a minor governmental branch who have that job driven ego. Their self-importance drives me nuts and often just creates more hassle and work, which in their twisted mindset makes them believe that their job is even more important. It’s like “No dude, put your ego aside. You created these mountains out of molehills.”

        4. Fucking law schools are the worst at that shit. Being a lawyer is not that important and stop calling it “the Profession” you goddamn egomaniacs.

        5. The great thing about it is that nothing is objectively important, so the potential for cognitive dissonance is rather low.
          Great and funny observation, though. People are idiots.

        6. Ha, yes, it Is quite present in the law community. I find that with all jobs, however, there is a bell curve. There are 20% of the people who are good people, good at their job and not assholes. 20% on the other end who are insufferable cunts. And then 60% in the middle who are some mix of the two.
          I once sat next to a table of 5 insufferable firefighters. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against firemen. I rode the truck when I was a kid. You know. Cool. But these 5 were just so fucking annoying. By the time I left I had to calm myself down.

        7. Funny thing, eh. How we come to associate things with “good” or “bad” when we are too young for deeper critical thought. For instance, you may buy waffles at a cafe and they taste horrible. Then you give it another go at another cafe and again, they taste horrible. So you just decide that you hate waffles. But maybe you have simply just been to the two only cafes out of 1000 who are too fucking dumb to make proper waffles that taste decent.
          And it’s kinda the same every day you go out to buy something. How often do you try to buy a different brand? How often do you actually try to buy something new instead of rejecting it simply for it somewhat resembling something you already tried and disliked?
          How much do we really miss out on? How much is out there that we don’t even know about?
          Another example: I got a new visitor on my blog some time ago, referred to from some “black dragon blog”. I never fucking heard of it. Why? Because I only browse “” and it’s not on there. And if I were searching on Google? Then I’d still be blind to all that which is not indexed by Google. So basically, we live in the illusion of knowing all there is, while we really only perceive a tiny tiny part of reality. And who knows, the real good thing may be just around the corner – and we’ll never find out.

      2. Not that I disagree with the good points of capitalism, but there is also a dark side to it that spawns ideologies like “money is everything”, which is bullshit. A woman who marries you for the money is not marrying you – she is marrying your money. And she will be a bloodsucker who uses you precisely for being a stupid chump who thinks money is everything.
        I find it a bit ironic that so many people are willing to believe that money and power is the answer, when a lot of men I knew had hot women despite being piss poor. Hate on confidence all you want, but in the end, a healthy woman will prefer it over ideology and money, I’d bet my ass for it. If she won’t, she’s not worth your time. Mine, anyway.

        1. I wonder sometimes. A woman who marries you for money, is it that bad?
          I mean, assuming you can afford her and there is an honest and pre agreed to arrangement it might be a very good marriage.
          Where is the difference in the modern woman who marries for money or the woman of 500 years ago who marries to strengthen an alliance.
          I mean, If I want to get married and I want a particular type of girl who has certain traits. And I find her. What do I expect? Love? Please. She will have to bring something I want to the table and I will have to bring something she wants to the table.
          I don’t see an alternative that would be better. Then again, maybe that is why I am not married.

        2. Not saying it’s ‘bad’. What does that mean, anyway?
          But think this way … you may say love is not important. Perhaps you only say it because you easily acquire it. But think of some dude who is rich, but completely unable to elicit genuine desire in his wife. Will he enjoy fucking her, when her entire body language screams “Ugh, this is horrible”?
          And when you talk of the past – and I may be mistaken here – I think that it was quite common in that times to have a mistress. In other words, yeah, you would do the marriage for the alliance, but the marriage would not be quite the kind of “two people in love” thing we think of today.

        3. I would think it is quite common now. I am not inclined to get married, the idea of having children is abhorrent to me and I am not rich. However, if those three things were different I could def see finding myself a nice little trophy wife, buying her dream, being a couple who goes out to parties with a smile on my face and then when the public isn’t looking going to a bunch of those eyes wide shut parties.

        4. Well, to each his own.
          Now here’s a shocker: The more I think about it, the more I find the idea disgusting to sleep around with many women just on the basis of them being pretty and stuff. In the past, I used to project parts of myself on them (oneitis) that made me blind to who they really were. Now I see they are basically just humans like myself and getting intimate with them kinda involves touching a person you don’t know too well. Yuck.
          Also, some of those bubbly girls / trophy girls or in general the personality disordered women out there look more and more like kids to me and the idea of fucking them … it honestly is starting to feel like fucking a damn baby. Which is disgusting.

        5. I wrestle with the yuck aspect of it too. Things like kissing are, if you think about it, fucking disgusting. Also, my antipathy for most of the things I put my dick in sometimes really makes me question life.
          It is a strange kind of thing. I often spend a short times going MGTOW and am tempted at times to just drop out of society at times so I def see where you are coming from

        6. I plan on doing just that one day.
          If I had the money I could drop out of society in NYC. It would be pretty easy. A nice 3500 square foot penthouse and everything delivery. But that is a pipe dreams way beyond any realistic idea of means I will ever have.
          My current idea is to eventually move to Beaufort NC

      3. “A man’s SMV has little to do with how much money he makes.”
        You are pretty much correct, unless you have enough money to buy status. Not a big different in 5 and low six figures.
        “If you believe that your life was meant to spend all of your time working to make money, then thats your decision but its certainly not the purpose of man.”
        You are putting words in my mouth. Nowhere did I say that. You should spend time sharpening ALL skills, money, physical, knowledge, game, etc.

    3. All these years of teacher worship.
      Fuck the teachers. What is the results of their work? Trigglypuff, Carl the Cuck, AIDS Skrillex.

        1. Very few teachers that I’ve come across would I qualify as “good.” Very few care about inspiring their students to achieve excellence or seem to really care about digging into the material to promote critical thinking. It’s all “learn this, test is on Tuesday.”

        2. Yes, they are few and far between. I’ve had more good teachers than most people, and I’ve BEEN that teacher too — or so they tell me. (I don’t do much teaching anymore.)

        3. Most teachers have always been mediocre, just like most people are mediocre. It sounds like you’re just objecting to the glorification of teaching, which I agree with.
          BTW, a good teacher can’t do anything with unreceptive students. I speak from some personal experience. It’s like trying to play Bach on a ukelele.

        4. I totally agree. I used to teach martial arts pretty regularly and there were students who obviously didn’t care or want to be there no matter how engaging I tried to make the class. There will always be those students. The problem I see is, and this is strictly from the view of a martial arts teacher, that most teachers just go through the motions and don’t try to make their classes engaging or intriguing. For every student that’s a lost cause, I have at least 3 that were on the fences and I was able to pull over to my side.

        5. As someone in the same role, I can relate to this. That’s why I enjoy teaching the competitive classes and not the open ones. Even if the open ones provide more revenue.

        6. Agreed. You know those coming to the competitive classes are there because the want to excel. Unfortunately, the school I taught at was a family oriented class with essentially no students who wanted to seriously compete. Killed me because I had a decade in competitive fighting and really wanted to coach the next generation at that school.

        7. The best teachers I have had taught part time on the side while working their actual job. The fact that they applied their knowledge to the real world is important and told stories about their job made them great.

      1. I had one good teacher in college. Naturally the initial 24 students that signed up for his class went down to 6 by the end of the semester. He pretty much went out of his way to offend students.
        I wonder if he’s still employed?

    4. You’re dead wrong.
      A recent study attempted to put a dollar amount on happiness. They discovered that an income of about $75,000 per year maximizes human happiness, at least here in the U.S.,9171,2019628,00.html
      There are literally thousands of books, novels, movies, and television programs showing us the dangers of placing the pursuit of wealth over the pursuit of good relationships. It’s too bad you’ve never understood them.

      1. Never seen anyone cry on a sky jet before! Money bring happiness about and keeps stress at bay!

        1. You don’t understand. Money does brings happiness, but only up to about $75,000 per year. Beyond that, it doesn’t have an effect on happiness.
          And if you think rich people don’t have stress, think again.

        2. People use all kinds of garbage.
          Now, if you want to make political decisions that involve many people, by all means, use science and averages. If you want to make personal life choices, using averages to determine how happy you’ll become is a surefire way to eat dirt.

        3. Premise: On average, 40% of men who marry in the U.S. will divorce and be taken to the cleaners. (see Amelia’s hubby above)
          Assumption: Marriage is a personal life choice.
          Conclusion: We should consider averages when we make personal life choices.

        4. Well, the average here is less important than understanding the reasons for this and seeing whether they apply to you. Otherwise, the number is relatively meaningless and you basing your choice on it is hardly better than a blind guess.

        5. Powerless happiness, my father called it idiocy. The fact is, happiness cannot be a goal of a rational person. It’s a *feeling*, for God’s sake. The only thing you (can) seek after, on this Earth, is Power. If you achieve happiness and you’re not on top, you’ll surrender to the fear of losing whatever is making you happy; or you’ll simply relativize your happiness as a natural equilibrium, a routine. On the other hand, if you are powerful and not happy, you can work your path to it, over and over again. “Happiness” is static, passive. Power is active, dynamic.
          There are many ways to become powerful, not only (I say, preferably) by accumulating (monetary) wealth. But, again, happiness without power, is either reflexive of low intellect or more simply, ephemeral, and worthless.
          On a side note, your $75.000 limit is explainable. To raise above that requires an extraordinary intellect. Unfortunately, those same mental abilities will, sooner or later, bring you the realization of your human nature (death awaits, there is a limit to everything, your curiosity and sense of amazement dwindle, while worries and regrets keep piling up, etc, etc.).

        6. What’s the problem with it being a feeling? Besides, you do not need to make that happiness dependent on much stuff. Although some dependencies are hardly avoidable, I will grant that, like food. But even when you are at the top of the world, you can always fall. Being all powerful would also carry the fear of losing that power.

        7. It is also based on an understanding where this comes from. Feminism, fucked up laws, feminine supremacy, etc. Without that understanding, the statistic would be useless. If you don’t know WHY those 40% get divorced, you can not apply the data to your own life.

        8. Position/status/comfort is not the same as power, although commonly misinterpreted as synonims. Easy example: Louis XVI had status and comfort (being a king), but the angry mob had power over his life and death.
          Power is the capability of bending the Universe with your own hands. It’s a complex characteristic. A powerful person has necessarily overcome fear (even if continuing perishable, of course).
          I think you missed my point. I’m not saying “power” depends on having things, simply that that might be a way of achieving/showing power. Also, I’m not saying power IS happiness, yet it surely might be a way of “conquering” happiness.

        9. I see. But you can’t bend the universe with your own hands. You have to play the hands of others for that. I think that’s the whole point of power. In that sense, to have a lot of power always also means to have a lot of people have power over you. The greatest master is also the greatest slave, for he has to be the kind of master that the slave can accept.
          If you disagree, please give an example to clarify.
          I don’t think happiness needs to be conquered. But then, I am kind of the Eastern philosophy guy, so we may be approaching the problem from different angles.

        10. I think the complexity of power is as diverse as the nature of Man, and each man’s itself. On a social/historical view, you are mostly right: only those possessing an exceptional divine, physical or spiritual nature (Buddha, Heracles or why not?, even Einstein) have achieved some degree of freedom from mutual human interdependency. However, we live in organic realities, where power can be equated as a social equivalent of “profit”: you can rise above the others when taking advantage of a trade foreign of your resources. I doubt Caesar could defeat Vercingetorix “mano-a-mano”, or even in a charisma contest. However, he took advantage of his men’s collective power against the nation of Gaul. Power was exerted on Gaul by Rome. The gain was Caesar’s power outside and INSIDE Rome. As a merchant buys 3 carrots, sells 2 carrots, and still is able to buy other commodities after paying himself (profit).
          We know how things are balanced before we intervene, but “power” reflects the capability of profiting from the unevenness in life’s transformations.
          Eastern culture portrays this is a slightly different way. Mutation of reality is constant (I Ching/the flow of the Tao), unstopable, and globally equilibrated (the evenness of the Tao, the equilibrium of the Universe). However, in all changes, there is both finitude and birth 机会. Power is associated with Yang, still needing the stillness and “motherhood” of Yin. As Yin is only completed by motherhood, the necessary birth and growth of Yang must be accompanied by the fracture and decline of Yin. Both elements, the Yin and the Yang, will be present in all exchanges. To have/exert power is to assume the role of Yang, which is both natural for a man (not so much for a woman), and proper for a living being (the conquering, dynamic element).

        11. But the freedom from interdependency is not necessary, I think, for happiness, which was the original point. One can find peace in almost any form of life, whether it is one of great power or not. Although if you – as I think you are doing a little – simply think of power as the active element of one’s existence, or say, “personal power”, confidence, then I would probably agree.

        12. Reminds me of an old Daniel Tosh joke: “They say money can’t buy happiness. But it can totally buy a jet ski. Have you ever seen anyone sad on a jet ski?”

      2. While I get what you’re saying…
        It greatly depends on where one lives. $75,000 doesn’t cut it in my town, (cost of living is 140.50) it cuts it even less when my husband pays his ex wife $45,000 a year. (24,000 of that being alimony, and it’s until she or he dies)

        1. The alimony stuff?
          Me too.
          Child support I understand (My kids receive it as well) and I have no issue that we send money to help support my step kids (why wouldn’t I want to provide for them?)
          But $24000 a year? To her? Until she dies? Even when my husband is retired? No.

        2. Child support is fine – if:
          1. I have absolutely equal rights about the children. That is, no her saying when I am allowed to see them or such bullfuck.
          2. I actually agreed to have children with her and was not tricked into it.

        3. I agree with number 2!
          All parties involved have legal custody (that’s an automatic in my state unless someone is unfit to parent) and physical custody is separate from support (meaning if he doesn’t pay me, I can’t withhold visit and if I withhold visits he can’t decide to not pay me).
          In fact, I cannot withhold visitation even if he is a threat to my kids, so there’s that. That sucks.

        4. I tend to use “my kids” because I have children and my husband has children. I use “mine” and “yours” a lot in our house since things can get confusing if I don’t.
          My ex on the other hand could care less about our kids, the state has put him in jail for non payment, he only see them when it works for him (not when the kids need him or want him) and has even talked about signing over his rights to them. So yeah, as bad as it sounds, he doesn’t want them very much, so they kind of are mine.
          Trust me, these kinds of thing don’t make me happy to say. They just are. I can’t make him want them when he doesn’t.

        5. Fair enough. I thought you were just assuming they were “yours” because you are the mother. Many parents seem to think their kids are their property.

        6. Who is John Galt?
          (I’m sorry, I had to. Funny thing is, my last name is Gault lol)
          Both mine divorce and my husbands were done in Virginia. The high amount is mostly due to the fact that they were married for 28 years.

        7. ….Where is that meme you posted with the joke going over someone’s head?
          I know this my lovely. How could I not when my last name is Gault?!? (pronounced the same)
          I asked because it is asked in the book of course.

        8. Aw. But thank you! Trust me, there is plenty that I don’t know that I’m sure I do, and I’m sure I’ll have a ton of questions in the future. After all, I’m a curious girl.

        9. Easily fixed tho.
          Prenup! (Or a postnup!) it’s never to late to protect what’s yours gentlemen!

        10. You know what worse?
          The other way around.
          I knew a guy, he was seeing a girl and she got pregnant (by him as far as we know). I think everyone was about 25 ish.
          Well, she didn’t want it. But he did. He begged her not to abort. To give it up to him. He offered everything, even marriage. She still said no.
          She killed his unborn baby. Cuz she could.
          And years later I still can’t grasp how this is fair….
          It’s horrifying.
          It really fucked him up (he was pretty catholic)

      3. I’d be rather sad making only $75,000 a year. Further, how does that account for regional economies? $75k a year in NYC is beans, while in Idaho it’s big money? In Ohio it’s semi-median for where I live, and I make considerably more than that and don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck, don’t have to go into debt and generally pay cash for everything. My kids don’t have to take out loans for college, our cars all run in good working order, we can afford nice Christmases and enjoy nice sometimes exotic family vacations. Now *that* is contentment and happiness, and you can’t buy it on only $75k a year.

        1. The study didn’t account for single v family, regional variations, etc. It’s a large sample, though, about 450,000 people, and one of its authors has a Nobel Prize in Economics.
          Other people, such as myself, don’t have the expensive overhead of children, and we can get along very, very well on $75,000.

  5. All this is wishful thinking, I’m afraid. Masculinity stands no chance now and in the future. The reason being is that masculinity and technology clash together, as the latter is feminine in its nature. The aim of technology is to make life easier and safer – those are feminine ideals. Whereas as men, we need a bit of chaos and discomfort in our lives.
    I predict the current emasculation of men to escalate even further as the direction that technology is taking. New discoveries seem to cater for the need of the feminine part of the population and boys seem to adopt this culture as it’s the only way they can bond with their peers now.
    Also, I don’t believe that traditional cultures with strong masculine traditions like (some of) the Muslims will take over as the global economy seems very fast and effective in spreading the culture of consumerism and technological advancement.
    Every day I thank my luck for being born a man but I hold no illusions that perhaps for the next few generation being born a boy might be in fact a disadvantage and a life burden.

    1. You are only partly right.
      Technology is not feminine in nature. For the last 10 years I have worked in tech and watched the hard-lined computer scientists and PhD of the old school fall away through retirement or being fired and replaced with retard H1B wonders. These were guys who could run circles around me mentally, but would never have a problem when I helped them in very complex circumstances.
      What they did was remove masculinity from tech, not the other way around.
      Now we have H1B wonders who just don’t grasp western viewpoints to pretty much anything, along with snarking douchebag millennials with special snowflake names who can’t handle any technical documentation at all and spend their time trying to trick and guilt someone else into doing all of the work while trying to look like a victim.
      The worst part about it for me was how toxic the H1B fucks and millennials have made things in my line of work. It’s always “It don’t work!” and no troubleshooting, no report of what is actually wrong; they either can’t communicate or just don’t want to. Every situation is like a trial of trying to determine who to blame instead of actually trying to solve the problem.
      I survive now, by not giving a fuck.

      1. By the impact of technology I mean the end consumer not the people who create it. In fact, it takes real man’s type of intelligence to make a technological innovation.
        As everything balances out in life, I think we’ll see a decline of real technology as a result of the decline of masculinity.
        But don’t hold your breath yet!
        p.s. making an app does not qualify as a real technological innovation. LOL

        1. Yeah I have seen one to many TED talk where some snarking silicon valley puke type talks about creating apps like it’s going to save the world.
          It won’t.
          My opus magnus consists of thousands of lines of C++ that can be compiled and linked across multiple platforms.

    2. Only Masculinity stands a chance in the future. The world is changing rapidly, the technology you take for granted wasn’t there yesterday and without masculinity it won’t be there tomorrow.

        1. People go on and on about the heritage birds. They say they are more natural. Smaller breasts and bigger thighs. But I like these new birds, modified for her pleasure.

  6. “I want you to do things because they are hard. I want you to stand up in the face of hardship and difficulty. I want you to fulfill what nature intended for you as a male of the human species.”
    Not meaning to hate here, but who cares what you want?
    Masculinity is a fine thing, but you don’t need ideology to have it. Or a leader or a guru. It’s in your genes.

    1. I have to disagree with you on this one Tom. I don’t want to go into the whole genetic stuff being bs though. What I will say is that masculinity is like a fire and it needs to be properly tended to.
      I think Roosh points to some important stuff here. And while it isn’t definitive and while it might be different for different people, what is behind it is a tending of our masculinity that we really should admire.
      To hone your skills, keep your mind sharp, to be physically and intellectually strong, to participate in hobbies and activities that test your limits and help you move past them seems to me to be a very important component of what it means to be a man.
      You are right in that you do not need a leader or a guru. This is 100% true. However, just because you don’t need one doesn’t mean a) That no one needs one or that b) it might not be good to have one anyway.
      I am a big proponent of stark individuality and responsibility and tend not to go down the guru path. But I have a friend who is a pro power lifter and when I want to work on form or strength goals I email him. I know a guy who has been in the same business I am in for over 40 years. When I have a question I will call him and learn from him. Being open to absorbing others knowledge is a good thing.
      Further, some people are simply not self starters and do need to find a shepherd in the beginning at least. They shouldn’t be begrudged this

      1. Yeah, that’s true. But there is a difference between acknowledging that somebody has knowledge you need and get it from them – and worshipping that person on basis of them being a person you worship, without critical thought.
        I don’t think masculinity needs anything that is not in us inherently. The problem comes in through shame and fear and an inability to love one’s own masculinity. It is not that masculinity needs to be stimulated – it is that it must not be hindered. And if it has been hindered in the past, one needs to start breaking down those mental barriers.
        Just going after “strength” by rules, completely divorced from instinct and a true connection to one’s own masculinity will only make one a sheep. A strong sheep perhaps, but still a sheep, without direction, easily manipulated.
        For instance, there is always the choice on where to apply improvement. Not everybody’s masculinity consists of becoming a supreme weight lifter. Or fucking hundreds of women, although I’d say most probably would like to. Some are artists. Some are indeed mediocre, usual guys. Somebody needs to do the ordinary jobs out there. Let’s not forget that most people on here are likely of a high intellect, but then, most people out there are not.

        1. You are correct on all points here I believe. That said, some people need to overcome that shame and fear and for some of them having a role model or a mentor to guide them is an important step.
          Also, while you are right that, say, becoming a weight lifter is not the be all and end all, I do think that every man should at least learn the basics and do it a little bit. A healthy body is the physical representation of a healthy mind and the two are in a symbiotic relationship.
          Further, trying to lift something and finding that it is too heavy for you to lift and then practicing over and over again until you can lift it is an incredible feeling. You don’t have to dedicate a life to it, but neither should anyone, I believe, totally avoid it.
          Maybe you will try it and not like it. That is good too. I often wonder about stuff like Michael Jordan. Like, if he was never given an opportunity to play basketball he would never have known he was so gifted. Maybe I am the best spelunker in the world. I wouldn’t know because I’ve never spelunked. And this is why I think men should try a lot of different things, including weight lifting. Get some first hand experience.
          ANd yes, someone does need to do the ordinary jobs. Like Douglas Adam’s warns when the pay phone cleaners are shot into the sun to raise the average intelligence of a planet, but then everyone dies from a disease transmitted through pay phones.
          Of course there is no rule or definition of masculinity. It has to come from within so it will be different from man to man. That said, some people do need some help. Eventually when one parts with their mentor, as they should, they will have experienced true growth.

        2. Agreed.
          “I often wonder about stuff like Michael Jordan. Like, if he was never given an opportunity to play basketball he would never have known he was so gifted. Maybe I am the best spelunker in the world. I wouldn’t know because I’ve never spelunked.”
          Interesting thought. Here’s my two cents on it. The more I meditate, the more I realize I am not really the author of my thoughts. For instance, yesterday I had the idea for a project that seems really important to me now. It came out of nowhere. It just started forming in my mind.
          So I figure, Michael Jordan once saw a basketball. And then he just knew that he had to pick it up and play with it. It was not a rational decision. It was simply an overwhelming instinct of “this is my path”. Know what I’m talking about? It’s totally irrational, I know, but the more I think of it, the more it makes sense.
          Like it’s not even really me doing the stuff I am good at, but rather God – or whatever – using me as a vessel to bring something creative into this world.
          This also makes me believe that you can’t just copy somebody’s talent. You can’t decide to be good at something through sheer hard work, if it is not the path that the universe wants you to go. Because all you would do would be to keep mimicking “idols”. Your gut would give you zero creative support on it, because your gut wants you to do something else.
          Another example is this guy here:
          Just found the site a few days ago. The guy claims to be the reincarnation of Nikola Tesla and say what you will, I kinda believe him. He writes stuff that I can’t even begin to comprehend – and I am not “stupid” by any means. And he also writes that when he does math, it’s like his brain basically plays around with colorful numbers before his inner eye and arranges them to come up with the real good stuff. My brain simply doesn’t do that.

        3. “I often wonder about stuff like Michael Jordan. Like, if he was never given an opportunity to play basketball he would never have known he was so gifted. Maybe I am the best spelunker in the world. I wouldn’t know because I’ve never spelunked.”
          Or camped….Just saying…

        4. I’m not at my desk yet. I am pretending to care about what people are saying in a conference room.

        5. I don’t know what “Guru” you’re reading, but you really need to consider purging the word “instinct” from your writing because Tom, really, you’re using it in such a plastic way as to render the word meaningless.
          An wasp works on instinct, it does things without the ability to choose, it simply performs a pattern pre-programmed into its being. Human beings don’t work this way, we have to be taught and then our mind processes and we come to conclusions, even if we keep it inside and internalize it and later call it a “gut feeling” or “instinct”.
          Simply put, drop a 9 month old baby on the ground and walk away and, assuming there were no other people around, the child would perish in a short time. No instincts and it hasn’t been taught to fend for itself or survival yet. Drop a 8 week old kitten off in the same manner and there’s a fair chance it will make it to adulthood. It has certain instincts it works on without having to be taught.
          So anyway, consider unplasticizing the word a bit.

        6. Well, a baby does survive on its instincts. Its instincts tell it to cry when it needs something. Naturally, when the environment does not accommodate these instincts, the organism dies. But hey, ever seen a baby survive on rationality? Even if it had it?
          As for internalizing and later calling it gut instinct … I am not sure. There may definitely be something to it. But then, unless somebody forces you to adapt to their whims, your primary instinct will be to internalize those things in the first place.
          I am not sure why you dislike my use of the word instinct so much. Pretty sure that on a surface level, our worldviews are rather compatible. Does it perhaps come down to a debate on free will vs. determinism, as last time? If so, I doubt we can resolve the dispute in any simple way.

        7. “Just going after “strength” by rules, completely divorced from instinct and a true connection to one’s own masculinity will only make one a sheep. A strong sheep perhaps, but still a sheep, without direction, easily manipulated” That’s very well stated. What’s the point in being merely a strong robot, machine or automation. I think some of the ideas pertaining to what masculinity is, or, rather should be, because a certain person says it’s so, doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily so.
          The glorification of war and following the strict hierarchical rules of your dumb ass superiors in the army would be anathema to my nature. Yes, sure they’re “strong” men I’m sure, but, there’s something profoundly amiss within them- a lack of real risk, imagination, curiosity, pondering? You have to be a strong man, a man with fortitude of mind and body to create and craft things in one’s workshop too, too navigate your way through the mountains and rivers when you hunt, to think and imagine things differently?
          Yes, a strong body is a good and necessary foundation for one’s masculinity, but, it’s only the foundation and not the important part above ground. I work out in gyms, but, never confuse me with those all too serious dudes eternally lifting weights under the impression that a strong body is the same thing as a strong frame and spirit, which is the essence of masculinity.

        8. Maybe this is not important to every man on this planet, but I just value to have things my own way. To walk my own path. To be an individual. Being a soldier risking his life for a faceless government, no matter how “strong” I am or how “glorious” I feel, that would crush my soul I believe.

        9. That’s the tragedy with certain versions of masculinity. It’s says you life is nothing more than expendable fodder to be thrown into the meat grinder that is war. How noble and honorable is this? This is how they got away with the mass carnage of the first world war, where the best and the brightest in Britain, France and Germany believed this corrosive myth, fought and died for a rotten elite who didn’t give a toss about their lives, their values, their ideals.
          Men have to wake up for this LIE that says their masculinity is only something that’s tested on the battlefield. Screw that. It’s only by manipulating this sense of masculinity that these corrupt and mendacious overlords were able in the past to have their interests looked after in Vietnam, Iraq and all the rest. You have to THINK- and be a FREEMAN- do the right thing, and only fight for these whom you know are worthy of your strength.

  7. Great article and I agree with it. One thing I would have done differently is replace strength with “toughness”. I know some gym rats who are very strong, but are not tough. Sure, they can bench upwards of 300 lb, but that is not the same as being able to thrive on adversity, or to have the will to keep going after being hurt or fatigued or to have the courage to put themselves in harms way in a confrontation.
    Leadership (alpha dominance) is a quality that goes to the tough, not necessarily the mean, rude, or buff.

    1. You are right that there are gym rats who are strong, but not tough but I find that, at least with the top 10% of gym goers, there is a calm and toughness in their mind. I think it doesn’t come from the raw physical strength (though that does help) but rather at setting goals which are absolutely impossible and then organizing their lives around obtaining those goals.
      They learn to follow routine, turn down temptation, battle through injuries, find their limits and go past them. This is something that can be taught in a lot of ways and I would never argue that some gym fucks are just douche bags, but a lot of them are really excellent guys who are made very tough, both mentally and physically, thorugh lifting.

      1. Agreed, physical strength certainly is a key component to the overall package. I work out quite a bit, but I also understand that there is more to it.

    2. Right. I mean there will come a day in all our lives, when we are no longer “strong” compared to a powerful 30 year old man. But you can be 90 and still be tough as nails.

  8. Why do men need to be tough? Just turn on the TV and get programmed to be cucked, like 99% of all the other men in the world…
    “Modern Family”, Wed. 7/20/2016, 8 p.m., EST, ABC –
    Episode 12 – 8.6 stars – IMBB (International Movie Beta Base)
    Episode Overview: Claire teaches Hayley and Alex how to be Tinder sluts while Phil gets humiliated at work by his lesbian boss; Cameron and Mitchell raise money for a Transgender Pride event by having a threeway with a well-hung Jamaican donkey and broadcasting it live on the Internet; Gloria hires a black pool boy to scratch the itch between her legs that poor Jay just can’t seem to reach.
    “An absolute riot…” – Joo York Times
    “Progressive humor at its finest…” – CNN (Contrived News Network)
    “Big laughs from start to finish…” – NBC (National Brainwashing Company)
    “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play…” – Joseph Goebbels

    1. And yet, real life Claire would be mad if we slobbered all over Alex’s delicious melons.

    2. What. The. FUCK?!?
      There is a reason I have absolutely deplored mainstream entertainment since I was a teenager; now it’s more detestable and insufferable as ever!

        1. And that is why if men are to become strong again they need to cut the media out of their lives and control what influences enter his house.
          We’re more mentally and spiritually weak than physical and thus, that’s where we need to start.

        2. I agree. Instead of letting the media force-feed you its version of reality, investigating everything on your own is the key. Considering the evidence on both sides of the fence, and then making up your mind, is the only way to discern truth. Because if you already have an opinion about something, and you haven’t considered the evidence that runs contrary to your belief, your mind has already been made up for you. And it was made up for you by the same interests that control the media…and by making up your mind for you, they thereby control you (or is that “ewe”).

        3. 14 years and counting. I’ll only watch football (soccer) as I play it and documentaries (which I take as infotainment).

    3. modern family was the beginning of the end of quality sitcoms. The blonde woman was in a great comedy “ED” in the early 2000s

    1. This link seriously needed a Dunham alert (my new term for any link that will lead to fat naked chicks)

      1. It should be our unit of measure for fatness- 1 Dunham and for something resembling a pod of whales 1 MegaDunham and then GigaDunham and TeraDunham. I am submitting my proposal to Conférence générale des poids et mesures – CGPM as we speak.

        1. That’s good. I always thought Dunham was a state of fatness whereby no amount of weight loss will ever change the fact that you are a fatty. Your very soul has become a fatty. I’m not sure exactly where the tipping point is but a girl in a state of Dunham can died herself down to anorexic levels of thinness and will still be a fatty.
          The fat girl smell will also follow her despite losing the weight.
          Some notable Dunhams are Kaley Cuccoa who, despite her body, will always be a fat girl as well as Nicole Ritchie who can look like skeletor all she wants, she will never not be fat.
          A Dunham is always-already-fat despite empirical conditions. She is ontologically fat.

        2. It s a fat that is transcendental or is it transubstantional? Questions to ponder.

    2. Of course. They get naked for Spencer Tunick, an old fart who tells them it’s only for “art”, whatever that means. Or maybe I’m skeptical of anything “artsy”. I’m the guy who thinks a Picasso masterpiece looks like chicken scratches made by a chicken afflicted with Parkinson’s disease.
      And again, what’s with the armpit hair?

      1. Narcissism. “I was part of something bigger than myself.”
        Although I can see why girls would get naked for an old fart, if he has a certain kind of genuine loving presence about him.

        1. As it pertains to old farts, as the saying goes, “If you got a big dick, you don’t need a BMW”. So true. But if you have both, you can bang ’em all till your 105.

      2. I actually spoke with Tunick and I think he had a legitimate artistic project. I too am skeptical of stuff that is artsy in general, but there is some art out there that is doing things.
        Picasso was an absolute genius. Truly. There is a big difference between saying you don’t like it and saying it is not good. Picasso takes part in a centuries old dialogue of art and has an important contribution to that conversation.
        That said, you can’t just stumble in in the middle of it, look at a Picasso and just “get it” that isn’t what it is about. There is a context and it is, frankly, brilliant.

        1. I’ve never met Tunick. However, I’ve read an article about him doing a naked shoot in Mexico City’s, Zocalo Square, right in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral. He had them posing crouching in the Muslim praying style while their buttocks were facing the Cathedral, thus pissing off the resident cardinal. I did get a chuckle out of that one.
          As for Picasso, I still stand on my opinion, as I’ve seen his works quite a bit. I do like his contemporaries and my fellow kinsmen Diego Rivera and Siqueiros, even if both were ardent Commies. Rivera’s wife and proto feminist Frida Kahlo? Meh, not so much.

    3. This is one of the primary reasons why feminism was originally devised in a male-engineered think-tank, so many long decades ago. And it truly brings a tear of joy to my eye. Now we don’t have to date them, or spend money on them, or any of that crap. Now, we can finally have the milk without buying the cow. Now, we’ve finally got them brainwashed to the point where they will eagerly take off their clothes and spread their legs at the drop of a hat, all while thinking they are engaged in an empowering act. The more cocks they gobble, the more empowered they are. How fucking awesome is that? God bless all the mindfuckers of the world. Especially Hugh Hefner and Edward Bernays. And Gloria Steinem, too. Amen.

  9. I agree on that mental toughness component. The rare 1-star Yelp reviews on my business finally started to not bother me too, but it was an evolution. I think we can make the meetups happen, we somehow need to tweak the strategy and delivery. Great article today, thank you.

  10. The best way to make us stronger is to force us to fail at everything and be hated by society.
    Why? Because we need to know what doesn’t work in order to know what does, thereby succeeding. As for being hated by society, it forces us to be self-reliant and cynical. It also gives some of us an even greater gift (i.e. the outright hatred of society as a motivator to improve yourself).
    Is it easy? No, because I support a process that either would cause someone to hang themselves or emerge from the wilderness as a stronger person.

    1. Emerge from the wilderness…
      I’ve been hearing the call of nature lately and really need to go camping. I’m thinking of finding a remote area and just hiking in, taking only what I can carry in with me. Haven’t been camping in far too long.
      This fall…it’ll happen.

      1. I too have been hearing the call of nature lately. Why, just the other day I went out of the house with a shirt on and didn’t put my shirt stays in the collar.

        1. shirt stays are those little things that go into your collar to keep it crisp.

        2. “I too have been hearing the call of nature lately. Why, just the other day I went out of the house with a shirt on and didn’t put my shirt stays in the collar.”
          LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. I swear you put Les Stroud to shame.

        3. Les Stroud is “Survivorman”. He is the ultimate “camper.” But he has nothing on your outdoorsman skills. Haha

  11. I teach my son “Nothing worth doing is ever easy. If it is, then anyone can do it, and you have to be better than everyone else”
    I’ve learned more in diving into things head first than in any book or instructional video. Taking on projects and responsibilities helps you. The “men” of today look for the path of least resistance while investing time in their pointless hobbies. They shoot digital guns instead of learning to use a real one. They look at women on screens instead of talking to one. They rely on others to to give them purpose. The men today with their bullshit “nerd” culture are a modern techno-geek-sowing circle of weakness make me sick.

    1. Bullshit. Why do you need to be better than everyone else?
      The best things I have created in my life came very easily to me. They came out of some deep place inside me that gave me a conviction. This conviction made me go through with it. Going with the flow of society sucks. Going with your own flow is great.
      Of course, that doesn’t mean there is no pain. But if you are on the right path, the pain will not matter to you.

      1. Competition between men establishes hierarchy, and if I’m better than you, I’m going to be the one who gets the pretty girls with the best genes to have my babies.
        That’s the natural order, and if you choose not to follow it, you may be content but I doubt for very long.
        Granted it does take a lot of effort but it is satisfying as hell when you get to the top. Lonely unless you count girls making puppy eyes at you, but nonetheless satisfying.

        1. There is no objective ‘better’. Unless you mean to say ‘more attractive to girls’. I guess that’s a point. But then, I wouldn’t care to make my whole life about that. Not at this point, anyway.

        2. But there is, if I make more money than you, that’s better. If I’m stronger, faster and more fit, again better. If I can beat an enemy you lose to, again I’m better. The list goes on.
          Getting women isn’t the focus, it’s being tougher, stronger, smarter, wiser and fitter than most men, that gets you pussy.
          Even if your clown game is top and you can use it to get a chick in a bar t go home with you, if you are not better than the next guy your ability to lock that pussy down will be zero.

        3. I don’t follow, sorry. What, aside from the pussy-meter, makes you objectively “better” than me? So you are better at sports, better at fighting, better at getting women. But not “better” in general. And even then, I don’t need to be better than everybody else. I just need to be good enough to meet my own needs.

        4. I don’t know how to explain it any other way than competition breeds greatness and it’s the natural thing for men to do.
          Men measure themselves primarily against other men, women measure themselves against other women. That’s how we work out where in the hierarchy of society we fit in and belong, but also where on the scale of society we are.
          The pussy meter is easier to use because you can count or approximate how many peachy asses you have been balls deep in. But the same kind of thing exists for other things like how much admiration or respect and thereby privilege you get in your professional life and that also matters.
          But at the end of the day they do affect how much and what kind of pussy you have access to and ultimately how comfortable your life is and so on. It’s a kind of feedback loop, but it is very fundamental to how society works and people interact.

        5. And yet, subconsciously, we compete against each other. The values that we bring to the table, that’s another issue entirely.

        6. Stop bullshiting your self with nonsense like ”I’m going to be the one who gets the pretty girls with the best genes to have my babies.” Were you born yesterday?

        7. For someone calls themselves ‘philosopher’ you seem unusually daft.
          I think in all fairness you should probably change your nick, philosophers tend to be familiar with arguments contrary to you, and are aware that “because I say so” is just about the most retarded attempt at an argument there is.
          Same with taking stuff out of context.

        8. You can be all the best you want, when you see your pretty girls goes off with jobless losers, remember my words.

        9. The only one I’d care about leaving me is my wife who is materialistic as hell, so she’d never go for a jobless loser. She’d never live it down with her family either.
          So I’m not worried.
          Other bitches on the side I couldn’t care less about, they are just cumdumpsters. Pretty ones but still cumdumpsters.

  12. When these millennials start hitting their mid to late thirties and realizing they were basically robbed for globalism you will see the masculinity come out.

  13. “Many of us in the West live in an inverted society where strength is shamed and weakness is glorified…”
    This. I think this at least a dozen times every damn day…our culture GLORIFIES WEAKNESS!

  14. Government and other spheres of power want to keep men weak so they can’t be overthrown, they know at any moment real men with exceptional skills, bravery and intelligence can tear them apart. Men are like wolves that the spheres of power want to keep domesticated like house dogs. Businesses prefer to give empowerment to women to make money off of them, so businesses and spheres of power hold hands on ignoring male clientale and any propaganda made to tell men it’s okay to give up and be a bitch to women. Women no matter how empowered they get will still follow daddy government or other spheres of power. Women like to be in a shelter of safety. In past history, women preferred to settle in a village rather than be a traveler while men were typically travelers

  15. You want to be strong – live like Thoreau for six years. I did it. From the ages of 23-30 I lived in a cabin in the woods of Vermont. No electricity, running water, central heat or bathroom. Instead there was propane lights, spring line/dug well, wood stove and outhouse. I wouldn’t change the experience for anything. It made me grow up fast.

  16. “Do you remember the first movie that made you cry? ”
    Another way: Music. It can be used to calibrate if one is getting stronger is by listening to music that has, in the past, a psychological anchor to a time in his life when he felt really depresed, or sad, or anxious / panicky. If he hears that same music today and doesn’t flinch, then he is getting stronger. This is something I noticed about myself.

  17. Men have never been stronger. We are more creative, versatile, physically larger, considerate, advanced and brave as we have ever been. We are already on a good path.

  18. I liked the image of the charging cavalry. Watch even a Hollywood reenactment of a cavalry charge and it is hard to imagine putting yourself through that. But, the key of a disciplined battle crew was veterans who had done this time after time. In other words, proving the point–the only way to become masculine is to put yourself in these difficult situations time after time, and then they no longer bother you.

  19. Masculinity is the connection between physical and mental strength. Physical strength is having the endurance and power to fulfill the will of the mind, which must possess knowledge, courage, hope, determination, and a truthful interpretation of reality.
    Best damn description of Masculinity I have ever read.

  20. Men do not want to be strong Roosh.
    When they do?
    They will talk to Joschua. (aka Peter Andrew Nolan)

  21. Reading Mein Kampf and gulag archipelago as well as Pat Buchanans books were huge influences.
    Couple that with a membership to a power lifting gym and that’s about all it took for me.
    And family influences who lived outdoors and guns.

    1. Mein Kampf was badly written ramblings by a egotist with anger issues who took the cowards way out rather than stand up for what he professed he believed in.

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