Western Society Has Become Completely Inverted

Everything that was once false is now true, and everything that was once immoral is now moral. This change was started with the Baby Boomers, enhanced under Generation X, solidified with the Millennials, and now nearly complete with Generation Z. In just four generations we’ve seen the re-engineering of human behavior and values to promote all that is deviant and depraved.

An example of this happened in Berlin during my lecture tour last year, described in my book Free Speech Isn’t Free, when drunk gays were dancing almost naked on the streets while heterosexual men had to meet in secret to hear a speech on ordinary masculinity. I described what happened during the New York lecture:

Women and gays are now seen as superior to straight men. They are being given the benefits in the universities and in the media before everyone here. Their voice is amplified while ours is muted. Three weeks ago, I had a lecture in Berlin. There was a man over here who was there. I had to hide where the venue was, like I did here. I couldn’t say where the event was taking place until about twelve hours before. At the same time we held the event, outside on the streets in full view, guess what was going on? A gay pride parade.

Hundreds of people, gay men with their shirts off, humping each other. The music was loud. Alcohol was flowing. And to top it off, there was a midget gimp on a leash. (Laughter.) I got a witness, he was there. The gimp was in a leather mask like a slave midget, being led around, and we have to hide. This is what happens. (Laughter.) There are kids outside: “Mommy, what’s that little man in the leather?” But I can’t say where I’m going to hold this event. And many of you here right now are scared to death that someone is going to take your photo. (Laughter.) One thing is you can’t lift up a group without pushing down someone else, and we are the ones getting pushed down.

What’s happening is the manipulation of humans to enter their weakest and most corrupt state. This prevents family formation and makes it easier for them to be controlled. When humans are driven by transient feelings of lust, gluttony, and sex instead of traditional rituals, moderation, and strength, they are slaves to their present desires and needs. The inversion can easily be seen in photos.

What beauty used to be:


What beauty is now:

What family used to be:

What family is now:

What normal living used to be:

What normal living is now:

What relationships used to be like:

What relationships are like now:

What pride used to be:

What pride is now:

What empowerment used to be:

What empowerment is now:

What being blessed used to be:

What being blessed is now:

What fun used to be:

What fun is now:

What justice used to be:

What justice is now:

Some of these changes were at least partially inevitable with the introduction of technology, but most of it is engineered with the explicit intent to weaken humanity. And it’s working. We’re so distracted by our own frivolous desires and concerns, so exhausted from being pestled by elite-sponsored phenomenon like migrants, ISIS terrorists, social justice warriors, and Black Lives Matters, that we have nothing left to fight against the puppet masters behind it all, and that’s even assuming you’ve reached a level of awareness where you see the top level organization and funding.

Inverting society so that what was once strong is now weak while weaponizing useful idiots to act as shock troops against the few remaining strong men who survived the engineering is the powerful one-two combination that we must face. If you rise above a certain level of awareness or masculinity, you will either be forced to hide like the men who attended my lecture in Berlin or outright attacked and be threatened with the removal of your livelihood. You must now make a decision of how you will respond as the societal inversion gets worse and the attacks against you get bigger.

To see the full transcript of the speech I gave in Berlin and New York, and to understand the system that is in place to control the West for the benefit of the few, check out my book Free Speech Isn’t FreeThis article was originally published on Roosh V.

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454 thoughts on “Western Society Has Become Completely Inverted”

  1. “What’s happening is the manipulation of humans to enter their weakest and most corrupt state.”
    The questions becomes: is there a single force consciously working to manipulate this outcome?
    Or, are there multiple forces that act consciously and unconsciously to create this manipulation, an alignment of different forces (some acting purposely, others unknowingly) that are contributing to this in different spheres and at different levels?
    Or, is there something innate within humans as a whole that has become perverted or misdirected in such a way as to effect this manipulation?

    1. Easy.
      You have to check who are the founders of the subversive ideologies, who are the peddlers of these ideologies? The answer is: Jews.
      Who are helping them? The answer is: traitorous shabos-goys and useful idiots.
      What else is helping them? Human nature.

  2. I keep pointing this out: No one talks about the end of an era for Jewish males. No one writes “Dear Jewish People” letters to tell them the time has come to relinquish their Jew Privilege and step off the stage of history. No one laments Israel’s degeneracy, decadence or collapse. And no one writes books telling young Jewish men how to enjoy the decline.
    Jews have the luxury of treating the United States and other traditionally white countries as throwaways because they know that Israel will always take them in if things go to hell here.
    Uncucked white Americans, by contrast, view this country as an inheritance and an asset that needs careful management to maintain its value. We don’t have backup countries if this one collapses.
    Seriously, this makes all the difference in the world in how you run the United States.

    1. “No one laments Israel’s degeneracy, decadence or collapse.”
      That’s because they (and a lot of other idiots) think they have a ‘Get out of Hell Free’ card simply because of who their ancestor was, or they live on a certain spot (forgetting the fact that God trashed the Temple and the tabernacle).

    2. Who the hell cares about the Jews? And I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. So fucking what if they aren’t maligned the way you feel gentile white males are. If kicking someone down is what makes you feel better about yourself, than that is your problem.

        1. Jews do not, I repeat: DO NOT identify with us, White people of Christian, European origin.
          Jews do not, I repeat: DO NOT identify with the White Race.
          I hope this helps you to make sense of the situation.

        2. They are also the ONLY ones that want to destroy and subjugate all the other races.

        3. Of course I do have a point!
          Whatever made you think that I would write just some random BS regarding this very serious topic?
          Jews are only capable to carry out their subversion, because they can pass off as average white people, so if you are a white Christian male you will think he is one of yours. Nearly all seemingly “self-hating whites” or “race-traitor whites”, or white Cultural Marxists/SJWS are, if you scatch them on the surface, turn out to happen to be Jewish, as luck would have it…

      1. Indeed, who the fuck cares about the Jews? That is, until the Jews are acting directly against our personal interests, and the interests of our own people?
        Not understanding the Jewish Question, not understanding the Jewish role in Cultural Marxism, not understanding the Jewish role in the subversion of white, Christian, European societies, is, in fact, a 100% guarantee for the destruction of said societies.
        The fear of being labeled with so-called Anti-Semitism must not stop an adult man from speaking the truth and to act upon said truth for the benefit of his own people. And his own people are NOT the Jews, period.

        1. “That is, until the Jews are acting directly against our personal interests, and the interests of our own people”
          I hear what your saying, but seriously – the human species is essentially a world wide population of two legged hairless apes – and within this population consists of numerous tribes all trying to destroy each of the other tribes for geopolitical dominance and control of the resources—on this third rock from the sun.
          I’m not condoning the Jews who are trying to subjugate Christians, but I do recall Roosh’s article “The Damaging Effects Of Jewish Intellectualism And Activism On Western Culture” he observantly pointed out that Christians are more apt to throw other Christians under the bus, whereas jews are not apt to throw another jew under the bus. There are exceptions of course – many shyster investment banker types like Maddof, for example, a jew, fucked over his jewish and non-jewish clients across the board.
          The way IMHO to solve this issue is for Christians to:
          1.) Get tribal. Truly treat fellow Christians as more kin than non Christians. Yes there indeed Christians out there not worthy of fellowship, but one is going to have to filter them out.
          2.) Establish Christian only currency and Christian only banks, run by Christians. That is to say, do not allow non christians to have any significant affect on Christian way of life alltogether, and finance is one of the key pillars of any culture. Also, do not allow a non christian to be involved with something that could adversley effect christians. For example, yes there are some great teachers who are NOT lefty / cultural marxist douche bags who happen to be jewish, but filtering out the bad guys could be quite difficult. Just keep the teachers all Christian.
          Also – Christiam societies should only have private schooling. Fuck public education; the public school system is a portal all kinds of subversive non Christian influences.
          I think that it makes better sense to not hold our breath for jews or muslims to come around to treating Christians more fairly – but instead it is better to adopt the tribalism qualities to ensure Christian self preservation. The current way of today’s Christianity is that of self-extermination and this has to change or it will mean the end for Christians.

        2. I agree wholeheartedly. Being tribal is essential.
          I would never advocate to make Anti-Semitism as our identity. You can not build normal life on the basis of hate.
          We should be tribal as White, Christian people, and our actions must be based on the love we feel for our tribe, and so we must act in the interests of our tribe.
          As per the Jews: if they fuck with our tribe, then we must smash them un-apologetically, period. If they desist in fucking us over, then let them all live a happy life!

        3. “As per the Jews: if they fuck with our tribe, then we must smash them un-apologetically, period. If they desist in fucking us over, then let them all live a happy life”
          Same if muzzies or other group fucks with Chriatians.

    3. Different minority races exploit their host countries in different ways. Some have lots of children and go on welfare. Some commit crimes that they know nobody of their skin colour will be punished for. Am wondering how you define how this race is abusing their privilege and what kind of rule it would take to pull them into line..

      1. Then there’s this wack job of a female from Israel who deficated on the Israeli flag it would appear that the jews can also be equally as degenerate:

        1. Yeah, I suppose when you open Pandora’s box you can’t control where its contents end up.
          France’s famous Sun King built Versailles as a sort of Matrix to keep all the scheming nobles distracted and in one place. Ended up snaring his own descendants as well, with bloody results. Similar deal here. Prominent Jews like Sarah Silverman often have no children, exogamy is become the default outside of the Orthodox sects, etc.

        2. You have no idea. There is a literal war going on. That’s what makes the alt-right so frustrating, they do not grasp that whatever they have to deal with in the US, it is 100x more intense in Israel.
          Let me put it this way, the last gay pride parade that took place in Jerusalem required a couple thousand border police because the Leftist elite understood that major riots were going to break out. The claimed “a few hundred” but I saw way too many troops out for that to be believable. Half of the people marching were actually from Tel Aviv.
          And that is just the stupid pride parade.

      2. You think yenta tits are bad, their vagina is a thousand times worse. The hole itself has no walls inside, it’s just a hole. I shit you not.

    4. The parasitic Jew has grown fat and very comfortable with much privilege in white gentile societies.
      When they eventually kill their host (the European) they may just find fulfilling the Talmud prophesy of ruling the world of mongrels is not so pleasant.
      Especially the common Jew who will bear the brunt of any negative effects. They may come to realise they were just a pawn for Zionist masters.

  3. So the only women you see in Western society are fat and/or whores?
    You need to hang out with different women.
    And quit giving a fuck what makes people happy, so long as it is not hurting you.

    1. I agree about the women. The not hurting you is tricky. I say live and let live as well. However, there are men of real conviction who do believe that these things hurt them though not always in very obvious ways.
      For me…meh….not my issue. But I can understand where SOME people come from with SOME of this stuff.

        1. Maturity…and I should add life experience. If you reach a certain age and still find yourself being hurt by tricky women, then it’s time to examine yourself from within and realize that MAYBE it just might be your fault, at least to some extent. Dust yourself off and quit whining and assuming women (or the world, for that matter) is against you.

      1. Paraphrasing a Confucius saying I read years ago:
        One of Confucius students approached him and said, “What if a person is neither harming or impugning another person; isn’t this a good person?”
        Confucius replied and said, “How can this be enough to be considered good?”

        1. Because it speaks to a high level of self restraint and impulse control. It’s very easy to be “natural” and start engaging in Law of the Jungle in a hard sense. Just slaughter the shit out of anybody who gets in your way, take their women and rape them over their dead corpses, and steal his money and property. That’s “natural”. To constantly check your impulses and urges, to exercise impulse control and reign in “natural” urges to kill, destroy and violently pro-create, takes a high sense of virtue and willpower.

        2. True statement. Reminds me of sentiment the apostle Paul conveyed in his letter to Timothy thousands of years ago. It takes effort to have moral restraint. A “natural” man is a slave to his natural impulses. They drive him to all manner of harmful behavior to satisfy, and in service of, those natural impulses. Let a group of such men start making “laws” in nations and the world turns upside down. You get legislated immorality.
          “But we know that the Law is good, if one uses it lawfully, realizing the fact that law is not made for a righteous person, but for those who are lawless and rebellious, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and profane, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers and immoral men and homosexuals and kidnappers and liars and perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound teaching”

        3. I’m not as convinced that good and bad/evil are static things as many are

        4. Person walking down the street spraying the random population with a machine gun.
          Somebody coming at you with a knife and a rifle.
          Somebody out just randomly shooting babies as he walks by them.
          Person killing your family.
          Some things are good/bad (or evil) because they not only are detrimental to society, but to the individuals in that society as well. Nobody…nobody…can argue that Jeffry Dahmer was some kind of dynamic judgement dependent on circumstances. Even cannibalistic societies had boundaries.

        5. Agreed. And those things almost always involves a body count. The rest all seems like boo or yeah

        6. Combining your statement before last with my question in response to it, of course!
          What about murder?

    2. This “i dont care until it doesnt affect me directly” shitty attitude is one of the reason we live in this society.

      1. Then fucking get out of this society. The world doesn’t revolve around your set of morals and what you perceive to be right and wrong.

        1. Going in the total opposite direction of the natural law is objectively wrong.
          What am i supposed to do? Go to live alone in the woods?

        2. What is “Natural Law” to you?
          The way I see it, if someone is a contributing member of society, who gives a fuck?

        3. If you are talking about morality here, then the lot of you are mostly hypocrites, the way you go on about screwing women.

        4. What you perceive as anger is actually irritation. And I am not here doling out advice….just common sense.

  4. Good article, Roosh. You’re fight for traditional values goes beyond most here in the West and is appreciated.
    “Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes And clever in their own sight! Woe to those who are heroes in drinking wine And valiant men in mixing strong drink, Who justify the wicked for a bribe, And take away the rights of the ones who are in the right! Therefore, as a tongue of fire consumes stubble And dry grass collapses into the flame, So their root will become like rot and their blossom blow away as dust;” – Isaiah 5
    “But it shall come about, if you do not obey Yahweh your God, to observe to do all His commandments and His statutes with which I charge you today, that all these curses will come upon you and overtake you: Cursed shall you be in the city, and cursed shall you be in the country. . . Cursed shall you be when you come in, and cursed shall you be when you go out. Yahweh will send upon you curses, confusion, and rebuke, in all you undertake to do, until you are destroyed and until you perish quickly, on account of the evil of your deeds, because you have forsaken Me. Yahweh will make the pestilence cling to you until He has consumed you from the land. . . Yahweh will smite you with consumption and with fever and with inflammation and with fiery heat and with the sword and with blight and with mildew, and they will pursue you until you perish. . .Yahweh shall cause you to be defeated before your enemies; you will go out one way against them, but you will flee seven ways before them, and you will be an example of terror to all the kingdoms of the earth. . .Yahweh will smite you with the boils of Egypt and with tumors and with the scab and with the itch, from which you cannot be healed. Yahweh will smite you with madness and with blindness and with bewilderment of heart; and you will grope at noon, as the blind man gropes in darkness, and you will not prosper in your ways; but you shall only be oppressed and robbed continually, with none to save you. You shall betroth a wife, but another man will violate her; you shall build a house, but you will not live in it; you shall plant a vineyard, but you will not use its fruit. . . Your sons and your daughters shall be given to another people, while your eyes look on and yearn for them continually; but there will be nothing you can do. A people whom you do not know shall eat up the produce of your ground and all your labors, and you will never be anything but oppressed and crushed continually. You shall be driven mad by the sight of what you see. . . You shall become a horror, a proverb, and a taunt among all the people. . . You shall have sons and daughters but they will not be yours, for they will go into captivity. . . The alien who is among you shall rise above you higher and higher, but you will go down lower and lower. He shall lend to you, but you will not lend to him; he shall be the head, and you will be the tail. So all these curses shall come on you and pursue you and overtake you until you are destroyed, because you would not obey Yahweh your God by keeping His commandments and His statutes which He commanded you. . . Because you did not serve Yahweh your God with joy and a glad heart, for the abundance of all things; therefore you shall serve your enemies whom Yahweh will send against you, in hunger, in thirst, in nakedness, and in the lack of all things; and He will put an iron yoke on your neck until He has destroyed you. Yahweh will bring a nation against you from afar, from the end of the earth, as the eagle swoops down, a nation whose language you shall not understand, a nation of fierce countenance who will have no respect for the old, nor show favor to the young. Moreover, it shall eat the offspring of your herd and the produce of your ground until you are destroyed, who also leaves you no grain, new wine, or oil, nor the increase of your herd or the young of your flock until they have caused you to perish.” – Deuteronomy 28

    1. Show me a man who quotes the bible in lieu of an intelligent response, and I see a man incapable of critical thinking.

      1. The bible is a valuable insight into societies past. Block text copy-pasta of anything without context is indicative of being incapable of critical thinking.

        1. “He who gives an answer before he hears [or reads], it is folly and shame to him.” Proverbs 18:13
          Lacking the ability, or inclination, to discern context from “block text” of the Bible (or any other source) is indicative of a critical thinking deficiency. Thanks for demonstrating the wisdom of the Bible.

        2. Ad hominem. We got ourselves an elitist here. Had I but a pin to puncture pretension.
          Having knowledge is not the same as the application of it. You can listen to a foreign tongue and copy the sounds, but unless you learn the context and whatnot you’re no more than a parrot. Just as you can read about game all you want, but until you go out an practice it you’re little better than a keyboard warrior.

        3. Thanks for helping me demonstrate the wisdom of scripture yet again:
          “A fool does not delight in understanding, but only in revealing his own mind.” – Proverbs 18:2
          The condescension and ignorance of your original comment is immediately apparent to your lack of character. Adding to that, your hypocrisy of accusing someone of ad hominem, and then proceeding (before and after) to participate in ad hominem (“Elitist”, “parrot”, “keyboard warrior”). A fool is someone who lacks in understanding. I’m truly grateful for your willing participation to demonstrate so many qualities of a fool to validate the wisdom of the Bible. In this case we’re reached the point of departing from:
          “Answer a fool as his folly deserves, that he not be wise in his own eyes.” Pro 26:5
          . . . and I’ll be stopping short of:
          “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will also be like him.” Pro 26:4
          . . . as arguing with a fool is a waste of time. The Bible is much more than “valuable insight into societies past”. It’s my sincere hope you and Pitbully benefit from that someday. In the meantime, keep up the good work of displaying the traits of a fool.

      2. What are you 17 years old? Your lack of wisdom and assertive comments on this forum suggest that you’re a 20-something that thinks they have all the answers. Or…You have yet to understand human nature. Or…you’re just a fucking downer.
        The bible has wisdom. Try rejecting negativity while your at it. It gives you ass cancer.

      3. “A fool does not delight in understanding, but only in revealing his own mind.” – Proverbs 18:2
        Thanks for demonstrating the wisdom of the Bible.

        1. No, I thank YOU in proving my point again.
          I’ve am learning and evolving every day. Sure, the bible has SOME merit and interesting quotes, but it is not to all be taken literally.

        2. Thanks for the ignorant responses, Bible expert. If I ever become interested in your expert commentary on the Bible, I’ll be sure to ask for it. I sincerely wish you the best on your learning and evolving.

        3. I am not a bible expert. I try to forget the 14 years of Catholicism that was drilled into my brain.

        4. A-HA!!!! I swear, nothing turns people away from Christianity as consistently as a Roman Catholic upbringing!!!!

        5. On that, I hope you can. I’ve known many Catholics, and recovering Catholics, and am eternally grateful my own path through life lacks such a daunting obstacle to overcome.

  5. Roosh, you are always correct. However, I detect a faint sense of defeatism in your recent articles and tone. I believe in you, in the sense that you are not bought out by these corrupted satanic pedophiles. However, they are just human too, like you, me, and everybody else on this earth. Just because the Rothchilds made the initial deal with the devil centuries ago doesn’t mean they can’t bleed, or their fraudulent empire cannot collapse. The lack of guts on our side to take them out is all that is prolonging this conflict. Destroy the media, destroy the banks, initiate chaos, watch how the families will become stronger and band together, and those who are ‘individualistic’ will die out or remain scavengers. Bands of brothers will form in this chaos, but the goal will be to take out every last elitist banking scum, until justice is served. Everyone must know this. Their media puppets will no longer be able to serve as the failing hypnotists of globalist propaganda. Perhaps globalism is not entirely evil in the sense that if our people were a space-faring race with reasons to leave earth and pursue the answers to the enigmas of science and faith elsewehere, however, humans are far from that, we are all corrupt, rotten, and our flesh is weak, even if we have strong spirits. The banking clans must be exposed and routed to the everyday joe and jane. We will have their assassins come after us, but these people are the typical killers, tattooed, no morals, addicted to drugs and money, who don’t give a shit about anything, but they are easily dispatched if your situational awareness is high. Once you get through the veiled threats and the insidious scaring tactics, the elites are as unguarded and vulnerable as a sleeping baby in a crib with no walls.

  6. I thought everything just happened by accident. There are no master manipulators behind it all. That’s what they taught me in school, anyway. Work hard, keep your nose clean, and you, too, can be President of the United States, the CEO of IBM, or a Hall-of-Fame baseball player. The world was a lot simpler back in the days when I used to wear rose-colored glasses…

    1. Most things do happen without a guiding hand. Some things do not. That shouldn’t be hard to figure out. That X happens sometimes in some places does not mean that X is always happening everywhere. People are just not that competent to be able to control all of the world’s events (that matter) with such ease. If you listen to the actual Elites, the vast majority of them are drooling morons. Some are not, of course. But none of them are competent enough to run the entire world “behind the scenes”.
      I’ll buy some conspiracies as actually either plausible or as having been borne out by facts. The vast overwhelming majority though, are little more than circular reasoning combined with a large dash of paranoia. In my view anyway.

        1. In all honesty I don’t watch sports so I can’t even begin to hazard a guess on that. If you include WWE in sports, then surely some of it is silly and rigged. And as I recall, wasn’t it the White Sox (?) who threw their own game? I really don’t know enough to say.

        2. 1919 Arnold (((Rothstein)))
          The man came from nothing poverty and by the age of 30 had amassed today’s equivalent of 300 million dollars.

        3. Depends on the location. Chicago, crooked as they come. The Minnesota election of Al Franken was clearly, clearly….very clearly, crooked and rigged. The second Obama election was clearly rigged. The local election for the statehouse here in Ohio? On the level. It’s not a question with an either or answer.

        4. Depends, again. You can rig a commodities sale with, say, frozen orange juice concentrate for example, but most of the market ebbs and flows based on little more than either hysteria or, alternately, jubilation based on whatever is in the news that day, or, worse, for no actual reason at all.
          This is all kind of proving my point, if you think about it.

        5. They clearly have some form of collusion, among the major networks, and the news feeds all come from basically one or two sources (in the U.S.), that is, the AP or UPI. Real investigative journalism from independent local reporters is almost a myth at this point, except maybe some local Home and Garden pieces that you’ll find in the Sunday newspaper.
          Limbaugh runs clips of them all saying the exact same sentences for every “big event” for so many “big events” that there’s little doubt that at a minimum, they’re all working together at some level. I think Fox used to be the exception, which is why the Left seethes so much at them, but I don’t believe that they’re outside of that game any longer and seem to be ponying up to join the herd with the others.

        6. So would you agree, then, that in the case of the news media, virtually nothing happens by accident, it’s all scripted and they report mostly lies…

        7. For “mainstream”, I don’t think that a reasonable person cannot see collusion. But even then, they don’t need some giant guiding force, they’re just aping each other and, again, only two major feeds.
          We now have alternative media which is rapidly growing and displacing the old guard. Once it became clear that they’re all playing on the same team, new sources of news were sought out and/or created for a lot of folks. It’s kind of a self solving problem.

        8. if something is on tv it is scripted entertainment. it has always been like that. Are we really better off knowing it?

        9. I’d say that yes, overall, it’s good that many people have figured it out, or are in the process of figuring it out.

        10. I wonder about this…really. I mean, yes, that is the sane and sensible and almost automatic answer…but the news has always been scripted. Murrow was just as bad as Dan Rather. The difference is that without the intertubes and a million ways to fact check, we simply got the one narrative.
          Because we only had one narrative we were, as a nation, more ideologically homogeneous explaining, as we spoke about not long ago, two political parties who agreed on the same problems and had different types of solutions but in the end were patriotic, decent human beings who were trying their best even when they were wrong.
          The cynicism, understanding that oz is just an old man behind a curtain and general apathy, disdain and distrust of power really comes not from the fact that we are now being lied to but from the fact that we now know about it.
          Maybe, in the final analysis, maybe…maybe…..one red pill truth is that the world was better when at least some blue pills were being taken.

        11. The way it was working was utterly destroying the right/libertarian portions of the nation. And yes, we were going along quietly and blindly, no question. Had we continued down that blissful happy path, we’d have been gone entirely in another generation and the world would have fully slipped into the muck a muck socialism that has been being pushed here since at least the 1930’s. When the whole world is socialist, all of the pretty luxuries and comforts disappear. In fact, things like “toilet paper” become a luxury that you may well shoot somebody over.
          I’m glad we are now less “homogeneous” and I don’t think we have any ideological connections to the Left whatsoever any longer since they went batshit insane after Dubya’s first election. There’s no living with them, they are utter tyrants and petty dictators now. AND….this is where I think that you may be off track, they’ve *always* been petty dictators and tyrants in spirit. Had we continued down the blissful path, we’d have our heads under guillotines soon.
          Besides, I recall my grandfather cursing up Walter Cronkite as being a commie, way back in the day. So I think people knew, they just didn’t have alternatives. Now we do.

        12. The process itself rather guarantees this outcome unfortunately. The Founders were not particularly fond of party politics for this (among many) reasons. Once you install a hierarchy within a party then you start getting the favors game going and soon enough you get the total graft and corruption that basically guarantees that you get candidates who are there as a payoff for past corruption or favors. It rather sucks.

        13. Funny thing is, the extremes blur together. The far tyrannical left and the far tyrannical right have a LOT in common. Meanwhile, those of us near the center (either center-left, center-right, or center-center) have a LOT in common.
          Likewise, someone pointed out that the real divide in world religion isn’t between the individual players that make up the Big 5 — Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. The real divide lays between all the radical, intolerant portions of the Big 5 and the moderate, tolerant portions of the Big 5. IOW, a moderate, tolerant Muslim has much more in common with a moderate, tolerant Christian than he does with a radical, intolerant Muslim.

        14. Upward mobility in the Criminal Trades, as in the ‘legitimate’ world, requires a confluence of opportunity, luck, work, and intelligence.

      1. wealth and easy living create a society in which there are more relaxed moral codes. Take any backwater, poor, under developed, religious country and find oil there so they all become millionaires and billionaires and watch how in one generation they are peeing on Miami prostitutes on their yachts

    2. If we take the propaganda about racial and sexual equality seriously, then some Guatemalan peasant girl who just crossed the border illegally into the United States has the potential to become “literally Hitler” in our country some day and terrorize the world.

      1. One doesn’t have to believe in her superiority for that to happen. Hitler is a pretty low bar and is not particularly hard to live up to. If he were around today he wouldn’t gather a following of more than 200 people on some WN website. He simply was not that complex or mystical.

        1. I agree. Hitler rose to power because there were a lot of people in hysterics about the chaos that ensued in Post World War I Germany.

        2. Exactly. He was a good speaker, actually a very eloquent speaker, when push comes to shove. But his field was fertilized with tons of resentment about Versailles, combined with riots and chaos in the streets from the commies, so it wasn’t like it was that hard of a sell to come in and say A) Versailles was bad and you’re all a victim of it and B) I’ll bring law and order and stop those commies from shooting everybody and of course, C) and it’s all the Jews fault, not your own because you’re not living the life you think you should be living.
          It’s a script that practically writes itself and is easy to see play out. You absolve people of all of the blame for all of the misery in their lives, create a scape goat and then take power as the new Lord and Savior who will usher in a new order where “you’ll get what you deserve, you poor downtrodden masses”. Easy peasy.

        3. “He was a good speaker, actually a very eloquent speaker, when push comes to shove.”
          German TV has that guy on every week. One of the peculiar things was how he drifted afer WWI and ended up in a Vienna flop house (known for homosexual prostitition) and suddenly appears on stage a commanding speaker. Strange. His speeches are chock full of emotion (and accusations), but I wouldn’t call them eloquent.

        4. I’m speaking outside of politics. I think he was a very commanding speaker. I also am aware that the only thing we’re bound to hear in the media is him in his fist pounding, shouting type speeches, which are far from complimentary.

        5. I would agree with “commanding” and even “influential.” On the documentaries, they spend mroe time letting him speak, but he has such a thick Austrian accent it is taxing to follow. He gives the standard “hope and change” rhetoric with a lot more iron fist approach.

        6. I don’t know, but his speeches were very literal.
          (rimshot) “Tip the waitress, I’ll be here all night.”

    3. It has a lot to do with comfort, idleness, and lack of purpose. Some of it has to do with the glorification of the civil rights movement. The SJWs of today look upon MLK and want to be glorified like that, so they invent oppression, championing gays, trans, pedos, etc etc… like a millionaires son organizing protests at the University of Missouri at Columbia over imagined racial slurs, if even made, were probably done by non-students.
      They look at the sexual revolution of the 60s and try to take it father into twisted perversions, women acting like strippers and street walkers and laughably demanding they receive unearned respect for their minds and personality.
      Some of it can be likened to the fall of Rome. Where outside threats are so diminished that idleness, and debauchery and fake causes become more important than the strengthening and protection of the society and nation.
      There are still barbarians in this world, and they are flooding Europe in droves and being actively imported into the USA.
      The girls of Cologne are going to find out rather fast, again, that the permissive society they have created is going to fall to the metaphorical sword of Islam.

  7. I think the juxtaposition of these photos is a little off. One by one: In the first one there is a juxtaposition of what looks like very feminine women (on parade for fat people in the background) in traditional garb next to some land whale. Ok. The fat acceptance thing is bad, but the idea that that fat cow is a new societal standard of beauty is just wrong. At best it is still fetishism. I agree that this whole “i am beautiful” bullshit needs to end and that shaming is an excellent tool but in no way is the western paradigm of beautiful this fat cow now no matter how much fatties chant it.
    In the second coupling there is a comparison between a heterosexual couple with three children and an interracial fag couple with some kid they bought with their fag gold. Yes, obviously fags now have the ability to get married and buy kids which is disconcerting, but despite what the media tells us there simply isn’t that many fags around. Further, back in the time of that top picture there were also faggots and degenerates and that blonde wife was probably more drugged up than a pharmacy. Families like the top one still do exist and fags have been around forever.
    In the third picture there is a coupling of midtown manhattan and a chicken farm with the idea that the chicken farm is what normal used to be like and normal now is the crowds in midtown manhattan. But at no point in the last 100 years was 45th and 6th, the street pictured, not like that and I am pretty sure that the chicken farms aren’t in any danger of massive over crowding. What is shown as “what normal used to be” still is normal for many people (to me it seems strange and intolerable) and what “normal is now” has been, in that area, like that forever. This is simply not an apples to apples comparison.
    Then we have the comparison what is presumably an elderly couple sharing their golden years and a faggot dating website. Ok, obviously the modern world has been detrimental to relationships….mostly because it has made individual existence without a family unit much easier….but at no point could you compare the elderly married couples with young faggots and say look how much things have changed. When Henry and Betsy there were young there were plenty of faggots and there are plenty of faggots now.
    The next picture shows a grossly overweight farmer who is proud of his vegetable against two girls in bikinis posing for a photo. What is this comparison even meant to mean? Back in the day everyone was a fat farmer who was proud of vegetables and now everyone is a 6/10 female in a bikini? There were vain women back when chubbo over there was picking his vegetable and there are people who are proud of their gardens today. Show a farmer holding his vegetables form 1880 and a farmer holding his vegetables today and they will look pretty similar. Show two vain women from the 1800’s and two vain women today and, again, not much difference
    Then we have how empowerment used to be being a mother and now it means being a cunt in an office. Yes, the alarming number of women who are in the corporate workforce is a disaster for the businesses as well as for the women but are we suggesting that you go girlism is a totally new phenomenon and never existed before? Come on. Women have been cunts since Eve.
    Then we have blessed showing some Appalachian trail traditional family versus gold diggers. So gold diggers are new? Really? Women who thought that blessings revolved around the money that men gave them for their beauty and sexuality has been a phenomenon for, ya know, forever. Again we are looking at two drastically different types of people. Cletus over there would probably be comparable to a lot of families in west Virginia today and those three chick are quite comparable to plenty of women in the 20’s who travelled the world, went to parties, had men pay for them and sold their sexuality.
    Then we have what is obviously a bunch of geeks playing cards juxtaposed with a Kirill pic of pouring champers on the face of a girl in a club. So we are saying that young women going to clubs and getting up to antics is a new thing? We are saying that in the past everyone was a dungeons and dragons geek and no everyone is a whore?
    Then we have Nixon reigning as what justice was versus Comey saying no charges against Hillary now. A lot of people were very aggrieved at the manner of Nixon’s resigning, leaving Ford in office to issue a blanket pardon. I don’t think there were a lot of people who thought that that was justice. The truth is that the wealthy and the powerful have always been held to different (or no) standards and they always will be. Again, no change.
    Yes, society has changed with the times, technology and wealth that allows the western world to take a more relaxed attitude to some of the more puritanical moral dogma that is necessary in a primitive and/or poor society but the change really hasn’t been all that drastic and, if anything, the pictures here prove that more than their intended point

      1. Werd. Aint nobody got time for that shit. Fuck is with this thinking tats are hot on women?

    1. America will never be great again, at least from a financial standpoint. The internet ruined that. I predicted the death of small business and American-made products back in the mid-nineties, and everyone thought I was a wacko.

      1. How did the internet ruin it? It’s easier now to sell to a large market than ever before, direct from your home if you like. Little guys have as big a voice as the major players on the web, sometimes more so due to “trend geeks”. Seems like a great time to be in a small business to me (outside of the taxation situation in the U.S., which sucks).

        1. “Little guys have as big a voice as the major players on the web…” In what galaxy does this happen? Heh.

        2. A web site is a web site. If you have a good layout and product, you’ll get sales from across the globe. If you don’t, you won’t, or you will only get the bare minimum. Toss a couple of bucks at a developer to get you to the front page of a search engine and you’re golden more often than not (that I’m sure you’re aware of, being in the business).
          So, for example:
          Me in 1940 who makes leather products, has a market of my home town, maybe, assuming that I can rent a store front (expensive) and get out advertising from the mainstream outlets (expensive). If I’m lucky, make a great product and really push the market, I may eventually be able to open up a store in the neighboring town. My time from nobody to decent sized business is literally my entire lifespan, whereupon I then bequeath my fifteen city leather product franchise to my kids in 1988, who then fuck it up and snort up the profits via cocaine.
          Me in 2016 who makes leather products from my home, No store front required. No paper space rental required. No television ads required. I get a snazzy web guy to get me to the front of Google or another search engine, get me a nice store front program on my main site, and I now have the world as my marketplace. I know better than to bequeath my empire to my two kids when I retire, and instead *I* spend my days in retirement snorting cocaine off of bikini wearing super models from the luxury of my private beach.

        3. I do dig the idea of snorting cocaine off a super model on a beach. “A website is a website.” And ignorance is bliss. Heh.

        4. I’m in the IT world. I meant that in the sense that you can put up a website and so can Macy’s. If your designer is great and theirs is generic and shit, you’ll attract attention. It’s a real leveling force. You recall the days when to put up any kind of big advertising or get your word out to the world, you’d have to spend yourself into a lifetime of debt (if you were new to the market). It’s just not the case any longer, the little guy can compete with the giants now. It’s one of the major whining points of brick and mortar companies actually.

        5. The internet ruins smaller, specialized businesses, unless of course, they become internet businesses themselves.

        6. Most of the smart ones have already. It’s a natural selection thing at work in real life. Businesses adapt or go out of business. Remember the old’ mom and pop shops that had dusty window displays that hadn’t changed in decades, all bitching and moaning about Walmart, back in the day? Well, the smart ones adapted and found new ways to do business, the rest perished. And rightly so.

        7. Doxxing doxxing doxxing man, not gonna say on a public channel. You really need to get Telegram so we can chat, heh.

        8. Well shit, that implies somebody might conspire to dig up your info, dude. That sounds pretty wacky to me. But seriously, back in 2003 and prior, the average guy had a shot at being a major deal on the Internet. No longer. The Fortune 500 companies are making a move on the top rankings for pretty much everything that matters at Google (and the other Big Two search engines – namely, Bing and Yahoo!). But hey, this is a work discussion, and I’m burned out on work…so the hell with this convo. Let’s talk about hookers. And coke.

        9. The major companies are always going to control a lot of things in the market. But now we can compete back at them with more power. That’s all I’m saying.

        10. The kicker is, these fuckers steal ideas. And they have the capital to make it take off like a rocket. The average guy, not so much…

        11. Running with the “leather company” meme, what’s to steal off of my holsters and belts? Basically everything that can be done, has been done for centuries now, with leather. My competitive edge is saying things like “Hand stitched, custom molded/cusom fit, Made in America” etc. plus the higher quality I’d offer compared to the retardo “Made in China” holsters that are clumsily machine sewn and bonded with rubber cement and which wear out in six months. That’s another nice thing about the interwebs, online reviews of products. They’ve guided a *lot* of my online purchases before, I always immediately jump to the negative reviews and work backward.

        12. It’s all about establishing a niche, and working to own it. Something like your leather goods shop, that’s doable under any conditions. Hell, something like your concept, that could be accomplished, solely on link traffic, and repeat business. (No search engine traffic needed.)

        13. Now that is the definition of a walking cock-holster…I see a fit for your leather goods idea here…

        14. Well the low-price thing has been perfected for better or worse by the big box giants. Specialization is the only hope for the little guys.

        15. It’s all about specialization. Guys who say they do it all, are really telling the world, “I don’t do any one thing very well at all.” This is especially true on the Internet.

        16. Right, which is greatly helped by the Interwebs. Now I don’t have to comb through every dusty shop full of hippies and sleazebags in order to find somebody who can make a custom guitar for me out of specific woods and strings, I just do a web search and there are fifty places willing to take my order direct down to the most minute detail.

        17. Yeah, the Polish Air Force bought all of its fighter jets from Target, little realizing that painted right on the plane was a…….

        18. It all but killed small business, which was the backbone of our traditional financial society. Why buy from a local merchant if you can get it for half as much and sent in from China?

        19. Gonna have to disagree with that. The “local merchant” is now everywhere, and I can compete directly with China and beat them on quality, among other things. Not everybody buys the cheapest product on the shelf.

        20. Only if he’s going mass-market. Then, yes he’s fukked. BUT, as a high-end, specialty, or boutique product he’s on equal footing with the Chinese Giant.

        21. The shit Walmart fucked up, needed fucked up and shaken to its core. The little dusty mom and pop shops were pathetic in the decade prior to Wally World hitting the scene. Poor selection, mediocre service at best, and poor prices, I remember all of that. We didn’t lose much when Wally World came in and offered newer product, better prices and better service.

        22. Oh, I’ll keep that in mind when I file my taxes through my accountant this year. I’ll have him put me in the hole, because I lost.

        23. Not everybody, but MOST people do. People have much less disposable income than they did decades ago.

        24. I don’t think that’s true. People are out buying the stupidest shit these days. Hipsters, a huge market, seem to have the cash to buy every trendy geek fashion/food/alcohol known to man, on a consistent basis.

        25. Heh.
          I am a firm believer that you create your own destiny by your beliefs. If you believe you have no chance and will lose in life, then that is what will happen, invariably. If you don’t believe in permanent loss and find it more as a learning experience and then get up and strive to succeed again, you’ll go much farther in life. It’s all a self fulfilling prophesy (barring accidents/sickness).

        26. hmmmm. I’m not sure any of it needed to be fukked up like that or to that degree. I think we’ve lost the potential for variety iof not the variety itself.

        27. That’s just it, there wasn’t any variety with mom and pop shops for the most part. I don’t hate them or anything, but I don’t romanticize them either. Most of them lost that battle because they, frankly, deserved to. The ones that updated their product lines and did things differently to compete, made it through all right.

        28. This is the proper attitude and mindset to live by. If you don’t develop it early on, it’s a constant battle to keep from regressing into fatalism and defeatism.

        29. Top 10 Ways Walmart Destroys US Manufacturing Jobs
          1. Buying billions of goods that weren’t made in America.
          2. Pushing U.S. companies to move their factories overseas.
          3. Making it easier for other U.S. retailers to buy from foreign factories.
          4. Forcing layoffs among its U.S. suppliers.
          5. Promoting domestic sweatshops.
          6. Squeezing U.S. manufacturers out of business.
          7. Discouraging American innovation.
          8. Driving competitors to squeeze manufacturing.
          9. Lobbying for policies that make it easier to move U.S. jobs overseas.
          10. Making growing inequality the accepted norm.
          Above 10 points taken from the following article –

        30. The Bill Gates school of business. Worked in software around 2000 and MS was notorius for that.

        31. The really rich guys in the tech world don’t create anything. They just steal shit. Then they hire people to create more shit. It’s a shit-storm, basically.

        32. Yes….people are fickle as hell. Why buy a finely handcrafted leather boot that will last you a decade when it will be “out of style” next year.
          Hell, even Iphones have become disposable.

        33. Damn.
          If WAL-MART provided better products, prices and service than the mom and pop stores, those stores must have sucked ass then.

        34. Better service and products? Surely you jest. It is all about who can sell it to you for the lowest price.

        35. Many of them pretty much did. The ones that survived did so by updating a whole mess of things, including their inventory, customer service techniques as well as looking at their pricing with a critical eye.

        36. The old cliche’s,
          “Whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t, you’re right.”
          “Attitude determines altitude.”
          Also reminds me of an excellent Tony Robbins Netflix documentary, “I’m Not Your Guru”. Excellent “red pill” watch (and guy in general).

        37. Never really heard anything from that perspective. My whole life, most of what I’ve heard is lamenting the downfall of the mom and pop store.
          (To be fair, I have absolutely no love for Wal-Mart though.)

        38. Walmart is the NWO’s wet dream…just two points out of the 10 from the article link I posted below –
          1. Buying billions of goods that weren’t made in America.
          The vast majority of merchandise Walmart sells in the U.S. is manufactured abroad. The company searches the world for the cheapest goods possible, and this usually means buying from low-wage factories overseas. Walmart boasts of direct relationships with nearly 20,000 Chinese suppliers, and purchased $27 billion worth of Chinese-made goods in 2006. According to the Economic Policy Institute, Walmart’s trade with China alone eliminated 133,000 U.S. manufacturing jobs between 2001 and 2006 and accounted for 11.2 percent of the nation’s total job loss due to trade. But China is hardly the only source of Walmart goods: the company also imports from Bangladesh, Honduras, Cambodia, and a host of other countries.
          (Walmart accounted for 11.2% of the nation’s total job loss due to trade between 2001 and 2006. Had to reiterate that one.)
          2. Pushing U.S. companies to move their factories overseas.
          With $419 billion in annual net sales, Walmart’s market power is so immense that even the largest suppliers must comply with its demands for lower and lower prices because they cannot afford to have their goods taken off its shelves. Companies that used to manufacture products in the United States, from Levi’s jeans to lock maker Master Lock, were pressured to shut their U.S. factories and moved manufacturing abroad to meet Walmart’s demand for low prices.
          (Like I said, Walmart is the NWO’s wet dream.)

        39. I don’t like them either actually. But the mom and pop businesses didn’t fall because some meany big corp came into town. Nobody can force you, as a consumer, to shop in Walmart. People *wanted* to, because the mom and pop stuff was dreary bordering on depressing, just prior to the arrival of big box stores.

        40. Quite possibly so. Mom and pops should have done a better job of keeping their offerings and service in line, which would have made Walmart irrelevant. They didn’t.

        41. I have a side business that does pretty good actually.

        42. Walmart represents so MUCH that is wrong with America.
          Just LOOK at the people shopping there, for the love of God.

        43. Well, good for you. Quality, hand-made, American products is what we need more of in this country.

        44. Now that’s not really fair…..we all know the “trashy Wal Mart shopper” meme, but for most part people are simply driven by the lowest price for consumer items.
          More accurately, I’d say Walmart represents the best and worse of GLOBALISM – of course they can offer the lowest prices, because their wares are the products of economies incongruous with US standards (low wage, low-regulation, etc.), not to mention the protected status most of their suppliers enjoy. And of course, volume is always an advantage.

        45. Walmart single-handedly destroyed 11.2% of the United States’ jobs between 2001 and 2006. Wiped ’em right out. They squeeze companies, and encourage them, to build manufacturing facilities overseas. This was the fault of mom-and-pops – how, exactly. I might be a little slow on the uptake here…

        46. If I go to Walmart (I’ve been there ONCE in the last five years) and easily 2/3 of the people there look and act like trash. Sure, there are some budget-minded consumers who seem to be ok people. But those people need to realize that what they are saving at cheap-O Walmart, they probably end up paying double in taxes earmarked for welfare.

        47. All this Walmart talk and I’ve never even been in one. There were no Walmart’s at all in my home town till 2012 I believe. Still never went to that one either. No point. Anything I needed was online anyway.

        48. I don’t go to them either actually, except on a rare occasion.

        49. Not correct. People are brand loyal, they’re also looking for more than price.

        50. I don’t really get the big company hate thing. Too capitalist I assume, although in a non-capitalist world such as we live in, that doesn’t get much play.

        51. And honestly, 70% of things we buy, we buy for one time use or immediate use, not long term. One time use, who cares if it’s China. Long term, America (and Europe) win every time.

        52. It’s how I advertise my product actually, as well as mentioning quality.

        53. Or the kids blow it all on cocaine and hookers. Say what you will about America, but social mobility is not one of our problems. I celebrate when stupid rich kids go on benders.

        54. Lol! Right?
          Or the Polish army’s plan to fend off the Germans by buying several divisions of septic tanks!

        55. So mom and pop died then did they? And their helper kids, dead on the spot then?
          Or did they take other jobs?

        56. 1. Our tax code in action
          2. Ibid
          3. Why is this wrong?
          4. If you can’t employ people, how is this wrong?
          5. In the U.S. Seriously? lol
          6. Thanks to our corporate tax code, the highest in the world.
          7. We’re innovating. Overseas.
          8. What does that even mean?
          9. They should move overseas, we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world.
          10 Inequality is a fact of life. Don’t like it, find a way to compete.

        57. Nothing wrong with being an apologist for the NWO. I come from a long line of NWO-ers. But your argument is much like an SJW claiming how great Hillary is, or Obama, or how wonderful PC culture is, in the face of a mountain of evidence to the contrary. Instead of acknowledging the mountain of evidence, like an SJW, you ignore it and switch gears, clinging tenaciously to your opening hypothesis, no matter what. Heh. That’s cool. We’re all fools on this earth. And as you know some are just more foolish than others. Go, go, NWO.

        58. If you have access to some evidence that backs up your it’s-the-mom-and-pop-stores theory, I’d really like to see it. I don’t know everything. I’d be glad to look at that evidence.
          I’ll check back tomorrow and see if you’ve posted anything in that regard. Right now I’m about to nod off…zzzzz.
          However, regarding those 10 points of yours…I’d like to pick on No. 10 here –
          “Inequality is a fact of life. Don’t like it, find a way to compete”.
          Obscene inequality is a very recently exploding fact of life. The consolidation of power that we have witnessed in the last 20 years or so, is staggering. What you are saying here, unless I’m misreading what appears to be a very straightforward comment, is a person should try to find a way to compete with the handful of major mega-corporations that don’t already own everything that isn’t nailed down. Meaning, the six guys at the top, who are fucking everybody in the ass. (I lowballed the number of players here, but you get my drift.)
          I gotta take exception to that one.
          I’d tackle the other points of yours, but this is getting to be a bit like jerking off in a mud puddle, and I’ve got shit to do before I crash. So…buenas noches.
          (Don’t forget to post that evidence about the mom-and-pop thing, how it’s their fault Walmart became what they are today. I would definitely love to get an eyeful of that one, for sure.)

        59. The difference is the rich kids on a bender are generally insulated from the consequences. A major difference between rich and poor is the consequences of one’s actions. Consider that Couch fool in Texas. “Affluenza” was it?
          When I was a kid, when my own peers messed with coke they did time. The rich kids got probation and counseling.
          Regarding social mobility the trick is to distinguish between social mobility and income acquisition. F’rinstance – over the course of my own generation a blue collar was traded for a white collar, but damned if it seemed like the standard of living hasn’t stagnated. My own old man, as a non-union machinist-turned-foreman at a small shop managed to have the suburban house, two cars, wife-at-home, boat, guns scene on his salary yet today I couldn’t imagine that (not that I’d do most of that stuff anyway). But socially, yes, I guess I’m a notch higher in the world; college educated friends, where a tie occasionally, converse with you good people…

      2. America is great in a lot of ways…..also, our financial situation needs some tweaking but this is still a country where people can move dramatically on the socio-economic ladder in a single life time. Of course American made products will go the way of the dodo.
        I always bring up Kona coffee in these conversation. Every year when the Kona coffee from Hawaii comes out for $60/pound and people think it is just the must buy thing because expensive = good I have a laugh. Kona coffee is expensive because Kona is in the US and we have to pay coffee pickers minimum wage instead of paying them one bowl of rice and 11 cents a week while they work 20 hours a day and get beaten for slacking off.
        It is expensive to make stuff here. The economy is changing. The people will change with it. Some will get left out in the cold, but the transition will happen.
        The real problem is that people are trying to make a go of things in 2016 the way people succeeded in the 1990’s and that simply wont work any more than succeeding in the 1990’s didn’t happen for people who tried to do it using methods of the 1970’s. Tried and true is just a bad idea in a world where the economy and society are fluid and always changing.
        I have an aunt like this. My grandfather wisely invested in a lot of bonds in the 60’s and 70’s and made a lot of money so she thinks that that is a good idea…..no connection in her head that the bond market was much more favorable with double digit interest rates then. It worked for him so it should work for me. Fucking moron. Clever people will figure out the new landscape and find out how to bend it over and fuck it good while dumb people will get brushed aside. That’s how it works. I would be you dollars to doughnuts that in 2035 there will be people saying “there just aren’t the opportunities that there were back in ’16

    2. I protest sir!
      Those women in the picture are certainly not 6/10. More like 2/10.
      Otherwise, spot on.

    1. It’s a good thing I know everything happens by accident, or I’d be inclined to think there was some definite social engineering afoot here…that is some sickeningly twisted shit. But it happened by accident, so it must be god’s will.

      1. Yes, everything happens by accident and only conspiracy nutters like GhostOfJefferson try to convince us otherwise.

        1. Right, because that’s exactly what I said, except that I didn’t. You can’t even tell a lie without fucking it up, cheesecake. Try to improve in the future.
          And what happened to your little temper tantrum and signing off of the site forever anyway?

      1. A large portion of the young, strong virile men got offed, leaving only the old, weak and frail behind to carry on the line. The results, combined with a hard campaign to totally dispirit the Europeans because of “imperialism” and other hogwash (thank you Soviet Union for that one), combined with full scale socialism, pretty much sealed their fate.

        1. I think we’re starting to change direction even now, so I don’t honestly think we’ll ever go down the same path as them. Could be wrong, hope I’m not.

        2. I believe the anchor dragging on America’s route into full degeneracy is the Fly-Over traditional States…
          The Coastal Cities have gone full SJW-Sweden/Australia…

        3. I’ve no use for non-flyover country. Us country folk are going to save the day, unfortunately we’ll have to bring along the idiot “coasts” with us.

        1. It’s hard to explain it in a comment but there’s a book I always recommend to people who want to begin to understand what really happened during WW2 – Conjuring Up Hitler.

        2. I’ve encountered the Preparato book but have only read a few pages. As I remember he puts a lot of blame on England

        3. Versailles was a vindictive and disastrous peace settlement. Probably begins before that too though

    2. Honestly….. I’m not getting that vibe from Southern Europe. Maybe that could be the real reason the insane north hates it so much? 🙂

        1. No, really, you’re kidding? Celts/Germanics were never true Romans? Christ…that changes everything!

  8. We must realise: either we act or we are acted upon.
    Either we act, or the outcome will be against us by default.
    Either we stand up to voice what we belive in, or the voice of the enemy will be heard only in every ear.
    Either we stand up to fight, or we deserve the outcome.
    Either we decide to be MEN, or we just lay down crying, waiting for death.
    I have already chosen.
    You all also have to choose.
    And I am sure I will not be alone on the battlefield facing our common enemies.
    Trump showed us that one can win against our enemies, if one decides to fight.
    So we shall fight. So we must fight!

  9. Im afraid only a full scale war on the Western soil would weed society out of all the degeneracy and weaklings and provide us with a possibility of a new start.
    But even then, if you manage to bring back patriarchy, how do you assure a long-term sustainability of this system? How not to revert to what we’re in today?

      1. I rather agree, extreme times require extreme measures. That leads me to conclusion that democracy is a sham. Dictatorship can be a good thing sometimes.

  10. This is a good one roosh . with what all the awareness of the shit that’s going on that you point out ,to keep us on our toes ,I can’t believe the flack you get from people who just don’t ” see” thank you roosh

        1. Still fuckable. Dateable, no. Wifeable, definitely not. One night stand in the parking lot at 2:45 am? Absolutely.

        2. “Still fuckable”; On a side note, Isn’t that “obvious” with “majority” of “pussies” !?

        3. It’s to the point that I really can’t tell any longer with pics. What proof do you have (if you don’t mind my asking)?

        4. Eh….not so much really. Fatties/hogs/landwhales never did anything for me. They can wither and die for all I care.

        5. seriously. even western girls that are “10” in terms of beauty get auto demoted to 6s until they can prove otherwise that they have a decent attitude.

        6. fake fake fake. i cant wait until the ‘murican men start suing these women when they pop out ugly babies…much like as they are doing in s. Korea.

        7. After leaving my work-desk job one year ago, i’ve been blessed to discover following job opportunity online that literally saved me… They offer jobs for which people can freelance online from their couch. Last payment after doing this work with them for four months was 10000 dollars… Great thing about this job is that the only thing required is simple typing and internet access… https://www.facebook.com/Internet-Jobs-for-US-UK-Australia-Canada-and-New-Zealand-1585996635048445/app/190322544333196/

      1. Cindy Crawford in my generation… chem engineering student at Northwestern before being discovered. Incredible career of hotness and brains and easy conversation.

      1. The human body continues to amaze me. Just consider of the forces at play across those knee joints. Or the amount of pressure on her heart and blood vessels.

    1. The sad thing is her face isnt too bad, I actually see a solid 8/10 buried under all that fat

      1. I think the damage is already done, even on the off chance she decides to get rid of the fat through serious exercise and diet.

        1. True, Im guessing shes probably in her mid 20’s, by the time she does anything she will already be near the wall

    2. I am really hungry right now. And despite that, I can safely say, that I would never eat this girl…

        1. Think about rendering all that blubber down to whale oil. Too bad the market for whale oil isn’t what it used to be.

    3. Yeah, Justice seems to be close to the same, though the disparity has gotten as big as Ms. Hotnpockets there.

    4. I hate how this woman is considered beautiful. Yes, she has a lovely face, but her body is frightening. I have been this woman. I was over 400 pounds at 22, and I had to make the long journey of getting healthy. Fat acceptance (obviously) did nothing for me. I’ve lost half of my body weight from where I started and I’ve got a long way to go, because I’m still overweight, and therefore not the healthiest I can be. It is a lie to tell women that they can be beautiful and healthy at any size. Whenever I hear someone spewing this fat acceptance garbage I just have to stop and tell them the truth. Being obese and fat is a miserable existence, and the worst part of it is that it is a life that you chose, and by the time you’re over 400 pounds you feel like you’ll never be able to change it. You get winded just from walking from the bed to the couch. How will you ever be able to even get on a treadmill at the gym if you can’t even stand up long enough to fold clothes, or wash dishes? You can’t sleep well, because your fat chokes your neck at night, so you’re always tired. People stare at you constantly, and it makes you feel awful, so then you comfort eat, which only makes you fatter, and makes everything worse. Health at every size and accepting your fatness and obesity is BULLSHIT. You are literally killing yourself with these lies. Women like Tess Holiday (the model pictured above in case you didn’t know) should feel ashamed for blatantly lying to themselves and other women, while pretending to stand for and be supportive of other women. If you really care so much, then you’d want to be a better role model by being healthy.

  11. “Everything that was once false is now true, and everything that was once immoral is now moral. This change was started with the Baby Boomers, ”
    I would say it started a long time before that. There is a tradition, a very complex one, that involves a reversal or inversion of values (and it goes back to before the time of Nietzsche’s transvaluation too) as a positive liberatory act. People always focus on the reform aspect of revolution, and miss the fact very often revolution is explicitly designed to turn the world on its head, to literally make black white, and white black. There is a dark history here but you also need to take the trouble to try to understand it from the inside before you merely react to the deleterious effects.
    Yes power and control is a huge part of it (and the NWO), maybe the largest part, but there’s a deeper rationale to it, and that ultimately is what you have to engage with. Many people still prefer this world turned upside down, not least because it caters to particular needs or desires that may not have been well catered for in the ancien regime. I think Roosh correctly identifies that this ‘liberation’ is actually an enslavement (to desire) in disguise. But people will need to decide that for themselves down the line

    1. like bob Dylan says:
      The line it is drawn
      The curse it is cast
      The slowest now
      Will later be fast
      As the present now
      Will later be past
      The order is rapidly fading
      And the first one now will later be last
      Cause the times they are a-changing

    2. You are right about the tradition btw. Remember, Nietzsche didn’t invent the transvaluation of values, he merely discovered and explained the pattern.

      1. absolutely. It is time for this history to be more widely considered, as it has had great impact

        1. Nietzsche said, and I am paraphrasing because I am too lazy to google for quote, that the reason these things are hard to see is because of the incredibly long timeline. Understanding the reason for the transvaluation of Good/Bad (Rome) to Good/Evil (Christianity) and the motivating powers behind it takes the ability to look at a 2500 year long timeline and make sense out of something very subtle and very slow.

        2. yes, but the more immediate influence is surely the enlightenment and the period leading up to it. There’s both the scientific revolution and the gentile enlightenment to consider as well as the jewish haskalah, which in some traditions explicitly involved violation of mitzvot / god’s commandment as a positive virtue (or commandment in itself), what Gerschom Scholem referred to as redemption by sin. This produces an internal tension that lies at the root of much of modern history as revolutionaries do battle with traditionalists, within all countries, within all religions etc.

        3. there are dozens, if not hundreds of tiny little twigs that go into making this big strong fagot*. Surely that is one of them. It is important that we not deemphasize any in order to prioritize others.
          noun: faggot; plural noun: faggots; noun: fagot; plural noun: fagots
          a bundle of sticks or twigs bound together as fuel.
          •a bundle of iron rods bound together for reheating, welding, and hammering into bars.

        4. no, I agree. I don’t like single-factor explanations in general, but that’s why we need honest, fair and responsible historians
          as billy joel said ‘I didn’t start the fire, it was always burning since the world was turning

        5. I agree with your comment but can’t upvote because of the inclusion of Billy Joel

        6. Why Garfield, are you cruising for a piece of ass?
          Sorry, couldn’t resist.

        7. I’ll tell you what happened, Russ. You went down to that garage for a blowjob. You just didn’t wanna pay for it.

        8. uptown girl was a bit, but then he followed it up with Dubai Potty girl which was hard core

        9. I know you think that. By law, all people from Long Island have to think that. But trust me he is totally lame

        10. You HAD to go that route…
          I tell you, summoning every ounce of objective critical capacity that has nothing to do with it. He is a fine musician in my book and his music is enjoyable.

        11. Yet there is acceleration near the end. Rather like time compression. Where the cycle would be in generational increments, it happens multifold in less then a single generation.
          I think you would enjoy some of the Egyptian laments. For you are a wise man like all wise men you should know of things before they pass. The pious insane, the wicked as good. They will conduct all manor of evil on themselves and others. The gods will be forgotten and leave this place. All praise to the Godhead will be for nothing. The ideal of eternal life will be mocked. The seas will become poison, no fruits will grow.
          Those cycles. What gets me most, at some point…murder / rape / theft was a concept man couldn’t imagine. At least going by laments of what god warned wise men would pass.
          Liner progression has to be about the biggest lie pushed on us. Single Midwest road trip should crap over everything got from school history.

        12. I will check it out. Always nice to learn something new. As for what else is there? Scotch, money and waxed poon

        13. To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

        14. These look interesting. Do you have any links to actual serious scholarship though?

        15. cool guy, he’s even sporting the undercut also called the hitlerian youth (literally) hair cut.

    3. Everything that was once false is now true, and everything that was once immoral is now moral.

      Sure smells like “FAKE NEWS” to me. Ha!

        1. Well you see…Roosh’s article deals with Western society being completely inverted. So my comment was meant to point out that men are being feminized. And thus, one might interpret that foot, as being a man’s foot. (And if the shoe fits, wear it.)

  12. If we look at Feminism from an evopsych perspective, we can understand it as a sort of crab bucket or leveller. You can’t compete with the cardio-bunny or beautiful farm-girl so you attack every imaginable standard of behavior and conception of beauty with the goal of dragging other women down to your level. You either have an echo chamber of like-minded women to binge on donuts and watch Doctor Who with or you change the dominant culture enough that the charismatic athlete or tall doctor is starting to seriously consider getting with the purple-haired chubster who works at Whole Foods. Either way, you win.

    1. Nice. But that last one (athlete or doctor getting with the purple-haired chubster). If they ever pull that one off, we’re all fucked.

    2. Some people don’t want to live with the idea that they are ugly because they have an aquiline nose, or they’re too tall or too short, or any other feature that can’t really change with diet

      1. Yeah, and it’s tragic, really. People work around these things. The 6’5″ guy might appreciate the 5’11” woman and many girls with terrible noses are very good at makeup and playing to their best angles. And there’s always the option of *gasp* cultivating a pleasant personality and some interesting hobbies to increase your SMV.

        1. but you see, all of that is hard work and who wants to do hard work in this day and age? the system or matrix as it were, is designed to enable or even incentivize the worst behaviors in women and then the outcome is as one would expect and we ultimately witness in modern society. a bunch of loser women who completely lost in the game of life because they thought taking a picture of them eating a donut at statbucks was worth the instant gratification VS. taking on an epic life of family and liberty.

    3. Narcissists and people with certain personality disorders do this also. They attack their insecurities and fears, projecting their shortcomings onto everyone else. Its a psychological defense mechanism that develops in childhood to ward off even the slightest amount of shame and rejection. I would bet that most of the hardcore feminists have some variation of a mental disorder. We have seen how insecure 8+ women can be about their appearance, so it should come of no surprise that 4-6’s probably drive themselves literally crazy worrying about their place on the female hierarchy.

  13. Very thought provoking article. I like the pictures of times past…they have an intriguing sweetness about them.

  14. Just yesterday I caught the last half of an NFL game and a Chase Bank commercial came on promoting interracial relationships. I just thought what the hell is this? Each dated within their own, and decided that wasn’t right. Chase sells financial products that is used by all. Interracial relationships are not that common. You can clearly see the brainwashing going on.

    1. Chase also, every Faguary, “celebrates” gays and LGBT types, and flashes pictures of these mentally insane degenerates on the ATM kiosks. They’re in deep with this bullshit for some reason.

      1. They’re in deep with this bullshit for some reason.
        Reason? What reason? Everything happens by accident.

        1. Stop being a troll and misrepresenting what I’ve communicated, Snuffy. If you can’t be honest and deal with me rationally like a man, then keep your petty feminine passive aggressiveness to yourself and your boyfriend, capiche?

        1. I don’t know, so much stupidity out there that I’ve worked a bit to tune out that I can’t give you a knowledgeable answer.

        1. Um, no, I do not. Actually it’s due to conformity and wanting to “hit that demographic” in the board room. Have you ever been in a major corporation board room, Yogi?

        2. yes I have in fact! over 12 years I worked for several large banks, Merrill Lynch being the largest (commercial real estate finance). not saying in any way to brag but rather I have seen “how the sausage is made”…believe me on that. The yogi life is great but I still believe in free markets, which we do not have anything close to. The reason banks are pushing this is because they are owned by the soros, rothchild, etc… cartel and the banks mandate is to push everything we have come to see in this upside down society. banking is ground zero, of it all.

        3. I think we were just talking past each other as I was just pointing out the sarcasm and that of course banks do have a reason to be pushing the liberal M.O.

        4. That solid one percent of the population fag demographic? That’s where the big bucks are.

      2. The reason is because if people were focused on having a healthy normal family with 4 children and a stay at home mother, all of the family’s money would be going toward basic staples like food (to be cooked at home) NOT toward things like the latest mac fag gadget or eating out at fag restaurants.
        Homosexuals are ideal consumers: vain, childless, highly educated, high earners, profligate spenders

        1. more money spent on potatoes and basic clothing means less money to spent on apple dongles

        2. Could it be that the ones running the banks are the same ones pushing Homomania down every ones throats?
          Nah, that’s crazy conspiracy talk.

    2. Curiously with all the propaganda… interracial stuff still isn’t that big. I guess you can convince some of the people some of the time… but not all of them. 😉

        1. The problem is, it doesn’t work even today. Sure ask most people and they’ll blindly say they don’t think there’s a problem. (Unless it’s a black woman and she’ll give you a list of reasons why it’s wrong. Most of them hilarious but I digress.) Kids -still- pay a price. I know this due some work in education. Even in liberal la-la lands like California, the mixed kids get the shaft. And in mixes I never thought of. We all think of the mulatto mix usually. But did you know that mixed asian kids get it too? They might get it even worse than the poor mixed black/white kids.
          Thing is, you just can’t mix up the cultures (or races if you prefer) without some consequences. And as much as they push this crap, it just doesn’t seem to be working.

    3. banana republic is running a line of ads on bus shelters in nyc featuring wm / bf couples – no one wants black women but they’ll have you believe some robert redford looking white guy wants to date some ugly ass negress hahaha

      1. They all cater to financial needs to everyone. They just don’t want to advertise that they also include white nationalists because, according to Leftist logic, if a company provides goods and services to white nationalists for a profit, then that company supports the white nationalist causes.

        1. I wish there was s dedicated politically incorrect bank. I sometimes worry about staff snooping in accounts and what if they’re SJW’s carrying out some secret evil against something they don’t like the site of. If that stuff ever happened it would push people towards Bitcoin..

      2. Yes, they do cater to everyone as Hue said, and also, corporate marketing departments are dominated by liberals, which many are women. The white ones are first and foremost guilty over race, followed by the environment from coming out of leftist universities. I have witnessed everything in the name of diversity from darkening skin to purposely not using whites in pictures even when the customer base is 90% white. Like I said guilt is a lot of it, but also, non-whites are vocal about it whereas whites generally don’t say anything for fear of being labeled a racist.
        As far as this Chase ad, write them about it, but keep your letter short and to the point, as they’ll for the littlest comment dismiss you as a racist.

        1. I can’t believe whites are darkening their skin.. I try to stay out of the sun for the opposite reason.
          Had a diversity thought today – with all this promotion of diversity within countries, the end result will be no diversity between countries as they all blend into one brown, cultureless mess.

    1. The Gamma Positive male does not truly fall into the social hierarchy because they do not seek to be apart of it… disregarding mass culture and social approval I worry I have some gamma-positive traits 🙁 obviously not going to take this chart as gospel but is certainly food for thought.

    2. Check out the flag for omega male bottom right.

      Ironically, real Nazi’s dressed and looked more like the alpha positive example.

        1. probably, but which one would win in the event of a sword fight if you know what I mean ducky

  15. I agree with everything except for all those chickens. That is a hella lotta shit. Best I can do to take care of six.

    1. What happened to the rest? Did you choke them to death with a thought?
      “You have failed me for the last time… chicken.”
      😀 😀

      1. When they stop laying they start to disappear. “But you said we could live here forever!” “I have altered the deal.” *deep breathing*

    1. Actually… all of those books are horrid anyway.
      Losing Huckleberry Finn however was pure idiocy. 🙂

      1. I agree. That is my favorite book of all time. People get so caught up with one word, that they can’t see the underlying message and beauty of the book.
        What little boy HASN’T thought about running away with his best friend on some kind of adventure? The beauty of that book is that it is where I first learned about “thinking for yourself” based on what you know to be right versus what is considered “right” by a majority.
        “Then I guess I’m a dirty abolishionist and I’ll just go to Hell”. That was where I learned the difference between morality and legality. An obnoxious little libertarian was born that day.

  16. I knew all you little losers would spend days discussing the fat girl. A fine lot of men you are! Spit!

      1. once these liberal are finally put in their place, all the fatties are not going to be happy. they were sold the lie that they can eat whatever they wanted and then be pedastalized as the epitome of beauty. well, those plump moist chickens are now coming home to roost…don’t eat ’em fatty!

        1. I’m afraid I’ve left the fat farm for greener pastures. 😉
          Things are razor thin in … well Southern Europe actually at the moment. 😀 Eastern Europe’s good too. Roosh is dead right on that one.

        2. i’ve left too, holding it down in south east asia where most women are still thin. amazing what it does for your libido to see thin girls everywhere.

        3. Hah, I’m not old enough yet where I’d notice that.
          Or maybe I am. It was like a life changing event dropping by here the first time. It was like something ticked in my brain saying “What the hell!? ATTRACTIVE WOMEN REALLY EXIST!????”
          No going back after that. 🙂

    1. My eyes., my eyes. my eyes. Why dont you go away little SJW feminist leftist.. die off or something.

        1. that was the only thing I was thinking….. sure as hell was not going to discuss that fat fukn cow in any sane manner.

  17. The interracial sodomite couple with the kid gives me the creeps. Makes you wonder what “pizza” restaurants they take that poor boy to.
    It also shows why gays have privileged status in progressive utopianism: Their willingness to bugger men of other races just erodes straight white people’s inhibitions about our demographic dispossession and planned disappearance of white people through miscegenation.

    1. the fact that most young women (under the age of 25) would go “aww so cute” if you showed them that photo shows just how badly society is fucked

  18. Wo is us, or is it? Sure it is easy to look at the glass half empty. Sjws are loud obnoxious and smell, granted. But there are plenty of other things to look at. Promiscuity rates childhood pregnancy rates drug use is all down. Trump is voted in people are waking up. If you throw away the tv you will have a better outlook on life

        1. At 12, the oldest is already turning some heads.
          Just no…no no no no no no. I wasn’t asking if they were hot.

    1. Not quite on topic but with the Duke as your picture there, I can imagine his response to all this.
      “What the hell!? Get off your butt and do something!”
      So yeah, glass half-empty probably isn’t a good philosophy.

    2. Violent crime is down too, due *precisely* to our 2nd amendment rights. The Left is nowhere near as powerful as we seem to think.

    3. More than 50,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year, the most EVER. roughly 40,000 of it comes from sudden rise in popularity of deadly drugs, that is opiates (heroin, fentanyl etc). most of all other drugs combined are in general no more harmful than booze.

      1. You know they say the Aztecs sacrificed like 20,000 people to their dragon feather god.
        In modern liberal societies, we have our own sacrifices: victims of the knock out game, victims of rape, as well as victims of hopelessness and despair who turn to drugs.
        But we’re so much much more enlightened that those brutal Meso-Americans haha

        1. As a former drug councilor and current bail bondsman, I can tell you that you are 100% correct.
          I think the whole “disease” model of drug addiction causes more hurt than help. While some drugs do cause an actual physical dependence. However, once a person has been medically detox ed, it becomes a choice. I think the whole disease concept has the tendency to curb or sometime full on stop the accountability and responsibility aspect that is vital to recovery from what is essentially maladaptive behavior and ineffectual coping mechanisms.
          Besides, everyone has a right to do with their body as they see fit. Even destroy it. And if someone decides to destroy their body because they can’t healthily cope with a life they don’t like, we’ll, fuck em.

        2. Yup, you go up to somebody with a needle in their neck (because all the veins in their arm are destroyed) and you tell them, “You know shooting up heroin is bad for you”
          “Yup, I saw a commercial about frying eggs one time”
          “Gee, I never thought of it that way, maybe I’ll stop”

  19. “but most of it is engineered with the explicit intent to weaken humanity.”
    It is meant to weaken traditional, White Christian heterosexuals.
    The war is not just against men, but against White Christian heterosexual westerners with traditional beliefs. Of course in this group the men are the outspoken ones, as they should be.

    1. I love how you believe Christianity is part of “white” identity when (((Jesus))) was a Jew, and Christianity is a (((Semitic))) faith.

      1. Are you saying you believe Semites/Levantines are not White? Lebanese Christians, like Danny Thomas and Jamie Farr? And Jews for that matter? Do you consider them not to be White?

        1. I said White, not Caucasian.
          I think Tamils are considered to be Caucasian as well. But no one in their right mind would call them “White”.
          Lebanese and Syrian Christians are of Phoenician and/or Greek (Byzantine) ancestry.
          Jews are Jews.
          The other “semites”, the Arabic Muslims, are not White and never have been. Caucasian maybe, but not White.
          Compare a photo of Levantine Alawite Bashir Al Assad vs Arabic sunni muslim Muhammed Atta.

        2. “White” is not a race, an ethnicity, a nationality or a culture. It is a skin tone.
          I do, however, appreciate you admitting that Tamil Indians are Caucasian as well. That shows you have some brains at least.

        3. You can’t seem to have a discussion without hurling insults, can you?
          That’s a sign of real intelligence you have there, isn’t it, Mr. Mulatto?

        4. You do very little to make me consider you worthy of an intellectual discussion.
          At least try to come up with a more creative name for me, ok? You’re getting pretty repetitive. Try to keep things fresh.

    1. Just more of her to love. There’s like the equivalent of two or three skinny women in there . . .

    1. yeah isn’t horrible: healthy happy white people
      Isn’t it strange: no one ever says anything when a photo shows 20-30 Asians at an American university having a cultural event / hot pot together but it’s deemed unpalatable for more than 3 whites to congregate without being enriched by some diversity.

      1. There’s no way the that “Friends” sitcom could be filmed today as it is…or “Seinfleld”, for that matter

  20. I remember being afraid to speak my mind started around year 2000. Maybe I am more sensitive than other people, but I clearly remember having this exact discussion with a colleague while at a conference in Vegas. It’s weird, I even remember the place – on the strip in front of the Bellagio. I was trying to explain to him why am I reluctant to speak freely even when among acquaintances. He thought I was crazy. Good guy otherwise.

    1. I recall 2000 still being good at least in the Midwest. I was in middle school: we threw the word “fag” around, a popular game was called “Smear the queer” etc

  21. The MSM news channel here reaches millions. Or at least it used to. Tonight the CBS nightly station did some pitiful segment on an abused cat, 5 munites of the kitty fluff programming after a 10 munite segment pelting Trump with their discrediting bullshit gameplan and putting up their mock trial about ties to Russian hacking. It’s like focusing on the faggiest midget marcher in a rainbow parade, taking .01% interest material and magnifying it upwards of 90%. It’s viewer force feeding of useless slop info.
    Then they did a segment on the new Star Wars film and announced that the 20th caller to the network gets free tickets. Radio stations used to do that with their local audiences. They’d tell you to tune in all day and listen to the prompts to call in and win prizes/tickets. NOW MSM is peddling their ‘entertainment’ propaganda the same way. How many young Jedi fans will now unwittingly waste their time with MSM droning in the background listening for Star Wars tickets? All they want is free tickets but the programming is repetative brainwashing. It will get to you. It is not reality. The opposite of ‘truther’ is ‘bullshitter’. MSM song and dance, even the bumper music is designed to arrest your critical thinking.
    I remember back in the 80’s a few times listening to some pop radio station, listening at lengths to music I didn’t even like just to win some premier showing movie tickets or a case of ‘new coke’. I once won tickets to see some freaky hypnotist magician comedian but I had to listen to seriously shitty music with pop lyrics that pedestalize whores. The lyrics stick in your head, playing over like an echo. Whore pedestalizing music takes years to get out of your head. “Oh the night . . . is my world . . city lights. . . . painted girls” – – Jeezus WHAT A WHORE that Laura Branagan must have been!
    It’s a clear indication that MSM isn’t serious news and they are on their last leg when they have to pan and promo for viewership like an old AM/FM pop radio station. MSM at best is for entertainment purposes only, that’s IF and only IF you are the winner of the Star Wars tickets. Otherwise MSM is treacherous propaganda.

    1. that’s most of the local news: kitten stuck in tree feel good heart-warming stories, nothing of substance.
      I don’t get people who watch the news and I really don’t get those who still have a paper newspaper delivered each morning: why are you paying to read the opinion columns of leftists like clarence page who fucking hate you and everything you believe? Why subsidize them?

      1. The paper roll delivering business is slowing down to a crawl but the lefty editors won’t budge. They don’t have to cater to the lefty sirens or the 2%ers but they do regardless. It’s a closed club. They kept the presses screaming all through the 90s and 00s. The presses were burning rubber nightly and a Sunday paper used to be fat, like a rolled up tree trunk. They would cut down every last good American tree if that’s what it took to deliver the propaganda and the paper boys were always so dedicated like boy scouts, delivering your parent’s fish wrap in the wee hours of the morning.
        Then universal internet put a stop to it. If a big city paper decides to do a turnaround and print red pill reality, then that paper might survive when the rest will die. Across the board a paper will have to reflect the true voice of the citizens and the doors are open for patriarchal pundits to shove the feminazi lefty bastards out of their editorial seats and take over the forum. Then you’ll probably see advertizements like this:

  22. Read up on the parable of the wheat and the tares. Sure the freaks are getting worse but the good are waking up

  23. The Alt Right gives progressive utopians (PU’s) the creeps because it shows where the real frontier for freethinking, radicalism and the energy for social transformation now lies. PU’s find themselves on the wrong side of history and stuck with the thankless task of trying to defend a discredited and outdated orthodoxy, when they had thought of themselves all along as the vanguard for “enlightenment” and “social progress.”

    1. What, what, what? You mean we’re not all equal after all?
      Progressivism is absurd: it’s all built on the myth of equality.
      I didn’t realize humans were fucking variables: it should have been obvious from the start that humans aren’t equal. It doesn’t make any sense to claim an orange is equal to an apple or even to another orange. So how could humans be equal.

  24. In a way I love it. It’s so easy easy when incompetence underestimates competency ( the natural order ). Oh no useless fucks are useless and destroying themselves GOOD. If they had self preservation resources would be harder to acquire hand over fist. Keep buying my little pony shirts, popping pills, and talking…I’ve got work to do.

  25. A few basic thoughts in the context of this article:
    Masculinity means strength and progress through hard work, innovation, and cooperation which brings about infrastructures, technologies, and opportunities for all.
    Feminism is the hateful and opportunistic exploitation, without acknowledgment or appreciation, of the hard work and innovation of men. Feminism means power through nagging, whining, the denigration of men, the demoralization of our sons, and false flag collective victimhood.

    1. Ah……. the pride cycle .every society (and individual) goes through it . We do good then we feel good. We feel good and become proud and lazy. We feel bad. We then decide to get to work and improve. We are back to whet we started
      The trick is to swallow your pride early on.

  26. Coincidentally I am reading and scrolling through this post while King Crimson’s “Epitaph” flows through my headphones….those lyrics…
    Listen to it.

  27. Guess who gets incredible funding in Canadian universities ? “research” on transgender. A friend told me that if you combine gender studies and multiculturalism it’s the jackpot. We’re talking 1.5 millions of dollars here, yes you read it, millions ! Some old hospitals here are literally crumbling but the money is wasted on useless crap like that. Pure insanity.

  28. Geurilla war on the internet. It’s working. All of their power relies on credibility, which is why they try so hard to destroy that of their opponents.
    In game theory, the best thing to do when your opponent seems invincible is to counterattack, full force.
    Take pizzagate. It matters not if it is real, many will now assume it is by default. We have turned the tools they used to push trayvon against them.
    They are a car without wheels, and they don’t even realize it.

    1. Porn probably has a lot to do with it. What starts off as a healthy desire to look at a girl degrades to watching others have sex and more graphic material.

  29. Yes, this article covers what has already happened. It is not “news” , at all. BUT, what is “news” is that people are starting to understand that is is NOT Males’ fault, nor is it our responsibility to “fix it”. So I, for one, will be at peace, enjoy the decline, & guard my treasures for myself.
    Our immoral Gov, Society, Culture, & Women will NOT benefit from my work, innovation, efforts, or even my reproductive vigor. The only thing they’ll get out of me is an “ear-full” of my opinion.
    One of the worst things about Trump being elected is that those on the “Right” will work hard to prop’ up the system,, WITHOUT first fixing the immorality of it all. An ideologue is blind to the failings on all sides of the fence.
    but, who am I?

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