How To Talk To Girls On Tinder

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Colt Williams here, with more on upping your success meeting women off your smartphone. Today’s article coincides with us opening up the cart for my girl-getting Tinder system, which I invite you to learn more about here.

In my last article on Return of Kings, I talked about things you can do to make your Tinder pictures really pop, and get a ton more matches with the women of Tinder.


In today’s article, we’ll discuss what you do once you get those matches – and help you avoid making some of the “shoot-yourself-in-the-foot” mistakes I see lots of men make without realizing it.

Nix the Lame Tinder Openers

The first thing every guy does when he gets on Tinder is to crack his knuckles, put his thinking cap on, and come up with the cleverest, most creative Tinder opener he can possibly think of.

One choice example: “It’s going down, I’m yelling Tinder.”

Funny, right?

It’s cute. Creative. Pretty darn clever.

And if she’s reasonably attractive, she’s getting a dozen or so new matches every day opening her with this same exact line.

Excellent way to come off like a cardboard cutout instead of a man.


This isn’t the only example – far from it. In fact, anything that springs to mind too quickly you should probably be suspicious of, unless you’re already extremely experienced opening women on dating apps or online.

Even if you’re a pro at opening in the real world, don’t assume that means that your openers will still be original on Tinder. You get a certain amount of leeway in real life because most men simply don’t have the steel to walk up and say hello.

On Tinder, the slack women are willing to cut is far less, because they get so many approaches that most “clever” things have already been thought of and presented to them by dozens of men before they even match with you.

Some examples of overused openers men have already run into the ground:


This is where you match with her and give her the quick summary of your life, hoping to seem impressive enough. “Hey, so cool to meet you! I really like playing pool too! Actually, I learned how to play it in college, where I knew a semi-professional billiards player named Aldus Jack, maybe you’ve heard of him…”

Once she’s read two or three such essays and/or confessionals from men, she’ll never read them from anyone else, no matter HOW good his credentials. Just too boring, off-putting, or try-hard.


Want to get into her good graces? What could work better than flattery… right? Only, when you’re the fourth guy today to tell her that she looks amazing in that purple top, her reaction isn’t, “Oh wow, thanks! We should totally meet up…” but rather, “Another admirer. Thanks, I guess.”

Women do like men who are into them – but only if these men are at least somewhat a challenge. Offering yourself on a silver platter takes all the fun and excitement out – so don’t run around using compliments as openers (exception: if you’re skilled at using unique compliments that most folks will never notice or think of. Then it can be okay, and even good).

Dick Pic

Who does this, right? The only one I can figure is men who are just so clueless about women they assume that, well, if a girl sent me a shot of her naked chest I’d go ape, so let me just send her a snap of Long John Silver and watch her go monkey balls on her phone over there…

There are precisely two (2) heterosexual women in the world who want to receive penis pictures from men they’ve matched with on Tinder. Both are fat and disgusting. All the rest of the other millions of women on the app are looking to be attracted the normal way – you know, just like how you don’t walk up to women on the bus and whip out your cock there before you ask them out there, either (I’m assuming).


Steer clear of these blunders and you’re off to a good start.

Now let’s talk what to say…

Kicking Off a Tinder Conversation

Those are the major “what not to do”s. What should you do?

My opening philosophy on Tinder is summed up with two (2) simple mandates:

1. You must be cool, and

2. You must be different

If you’re NOT cool in how you open, she obviously won’t want to talk to you. Who wants to talk to someone boring, weird, or uninspiring?

That one kind of goes without saying.

But out other rule – you must be different – this is the big stumbling block for lots and lots of guys.


Remember, if you write her something she’s heard a hundred times already:

  • “How’s it going?”
  • “Hey Casey, I’m Phil, nice to meet you…”
  • “Hey, so what’s the deal with that broach you have on?”
  • “Damn girl, you look fine in that pink dress!”

… no matter how unique that might’ve been the first time she heard it, by time #96 it’s just going to zoom right past her and not even register.

If you want to get on her radar – if you want her to blink her eyes and notice you – you have to use something she hasn’t already heard a hundred times on Tinder.

In my free webinar on succeeding with women off Tinder, I share with you one of the most effective, unconventional openers I’ve discovered on Tinder – one that’s both really cool and sufficiently different that she won’t have heard it before, and is yanked to attention.

To view the webinar – and learn a bunch more about my tirelessly-field-tested (500 hours on Tinder and with Tinder girls in 2014) approach to getting women off their smartphones and into bed – visit the Laid on Tinder site and press “play”:

Get Laid On Tinder

Carpe diem,
Colt Williams

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159 thoughts on “How To Talk To Girls On Tinder”

  1. Or maybe you can stop feeding the artificial ego bubble in the modern female brain that social networks have greatly contributed to create ?

    1. Right? It’s really comical when they enumerate a laundry list of their wants and needs on Tinder (TALL! WHITE! Or my favorite, “Please be normal!” Bitch, please be thin, any race as long as you’re semi-attractive, and not manipulative!), as if A) I’m going to read those at all, or B) Heed those in the slightest.
      But of course, they’re “independent” (because God forbid a woman not say that every five feet and leave you to figure that part out on your own) and “Not looking for a hook-up or a one night stand” (eh, The Devil I care, I’m still only pursuing exactly that!).
      Yes Girl, please tell me all about how hard you work out, that’ll win me over!

      1. Or have a photo of Freddy Krueger on your profile and ask her “Are you a Middle Eastern Dictator? Because there’s an uprising in my pants” – Whether she buys it or not, this approach would have thrown originality right in her face.

      2. Back when I was single the last girl to have “Not looking for a hook up” on her profile sucked me dry and swallowed within two hours of meeting her. As they say ” All that matters is what she does not what she says”

  2. Oh please, because when a woman gets shitblasted every minute by a different schmuck who swipes right on her profile on Tinder, ANYTHING you say or do will matter when it comes to outshining all of her other options if SHE doesn’t think you don’t look as attractive as all the rest of them?
    Goddamn stupid sponsored posts…

    1. It’s good for when you’re out of town, especially for business travel. That’s exactly what women predominantly use it for, since they have a large contingency of Betatard orbiters to dote on them in their hometown anyway.

      1. @mbonte:disqus see, I just found a case in point. They’re very specific about what their intent is. Too bad they gravitate around 5, as in painfully average, extremely ordinary, nothing special.

        1. It’s cause of those bags of coal under their eyes. Boozing and sucking has not been kind to them. Not at all.

  3. Textbook, classic, and oh-so-typical on Tinder. What the girl wants is a dealbreaker, what the man wants gets pushback. Go figure:

      1. Yep, only headshots or head with boob shots to try and deceive naive Betas. No fully body shots = suspicious right off the bat, and in this scenario you can also check if her collarbones show or not or if her face is exceptionally round and rotund to determine her fatassness.
        Remember gentlemen, a woman with a nice body won’t hesitate at any opportunity to put it on display, and often very crassly!

        1. What’s a cool way to ask for that? I’ve started coming right out and say in the first message, nice face pic do you have any pics that are body shots? The answer is always hostile as hell.

        2. Just ask point blank, no “cool way” needed. To Hell if she gets hostile, you think she gives a fuck what you want or has a shred of respect for you? She’s got a battalion of schmucks on the auxiliary at any given time, you are expendable.
          The cop out I often get is that their phone’s camera is “broken” and they can’t take a whole-body pic. It broke right then and there when I happened to ask and not one second before, of course. God works in such mysterious ways!

        3. “It’s a seller’s market. As a man, you’re not allowed to have standards….”
          Not really….This only applies IF you are a thirsty Beta loser.
          If you are someone that gives a shit what they think/want and outcome indifferent and financially secured… CAN/SHOULD have standards.

        4. Right. You always make the woman ride your bus…not their bus.
          I’m the driver, get on, shit down and stfu. If she acts up, then you stop the bus and let her off.

    1. The heavier the woman, the more important the height question is to her. She thinks taller man will be less critical if she looks heavier in IRL.

      1. I can tell you, it doesn’t work like that. I’m taller than most men and I still like slender women.
        The fat ones still look fat, it’s just from a different angle.

      2. Funny indeed. Women have a list of “demands” that a man must fill but when a man questions her (gives her a list) then most get upset or don’t know what to say.
        It’s because they’ve met (I mean run over) too many guys in their path. I tell women all of the time that I ‘swing for the fence’….meaning she’d better bring some things to the table, herself, or don’t bother.
        This driver only picks up certain women…not all women. When you are the “prize”, then you can start demanding more (higher quality). It works.

        1. Exactly. So what if they get upset? Good, in fact! You don’t get to be a cow, feign interest in exercising (they’re interested in the attention-whoring like bending over with spandex on front and center at the gym and wearing the clothing everywhere they go, not in the actual act of exercising in the least), repeat that you’re “independent” like a parrot over an over, say something like “You must be at least 5′ 10″ to ride this ride!” (which I’m sure is bumpy and will give me whiplash anyway) and not expect us to have a slaughter list that may sound unreasonable to you at the same time. That’s just the way the world works, sweetheart!

    1. I always open with “hey cheeky”, and then follow up with “what trouble have you been up to blah blah”. Gets them every time, chicks on tinder love to think they’re cheeky/trouble

  4. I get laid off Tinder. But I get women to chat to me much more than I get laid. Remember, lots of the better-looking women on there just want attention, some have absolutely no real intention of ever meeting any one in real life. Some have boyfriends. So don’t take rejection seriously, it really is her not you.
    Approaches that work for me: if she’s bothered to have anything interesting on her profile, I’ll reference it. Like, this one chick was into pretty hard core music so I agreed with her that lame band was lame, another liked dogs so I said dogs are better than people etc.
    If their profile is boring or cliche then fuck them, I’ll open with a ‘Hey.’ I’ve found that if a woman liked your pics, she’ll reply to a ‘Hey.’ Then hopefully you can find some common interests and turn the conversation a bit silly.
    Don’t ask ‘What are you looking for on here?’ (who cares) or even worse ‘Why is a beautiful girl like you on here?’ You don’t want her in the mindset of thinking she’s on a lame dating app, surrounded by losers.You want your convo to be like you’re both just having some funny, friendly banter.
    For instance if she agrees with me on anything early on in the chat, I might say ‘We’re so compatible. Let’s get married.’ The sooner I say this the better. Then we can joke around a bit about what music we’ll play at the reception, what to name our kids etc.
    Anything non-serious on Tinder is good. Don’t whatever you do get bogged down with listing your life history or your day at work. She wants to be entertained and have a smile at your replies, not yawn. You’ve got to get her being playful and flirty in her replies, if she’s using lots of smilies that’s good .
    Any common ground, always acknowledge it by saying ‘Go us, such sci-fi nerds’ (or whatever you both liked). This is easier if she’s vaguely cool and has any cool interests. Don’t bond with her over One Direction, obviously. Feel free to hang shit on her for that.
    Ideally, you want to emphasise with her throughout the conversation that you two have a bond, and that you’re a fun guy who doesn’t take stuff too seriously.
    Don’t ask for her number too soon (desperate), but don’t drag the conversation on too long either. Ask for her number, because you’re ‘hardly ever on Tinder and want to keep chatting.’

    1. lol…she’s not a “basic bitch”.
      She is….and she doesn’t even know it (the worse kind).
      and “thug life”… Utah???

      1. I Could Not STOP laughing!!! Somewhere between the soft toned “whaaaattt……” and that left field “You think I’m just some basic bitch?!” I couldn’t stop rolling!!

  5. Dude, fuck this post and fuck your webinar.
    No Man worth a damn should be on Tinder, taking it serious EVER. It’s emasculating. You’re just feeding stupid entitled cunts’ egos and unearned validation.
    “Hey guys I’m going to sign up for this hot app called Tinder, where I can compete with 1000s of men based solely on my look. It’ll be great!”
    – Roosh

  6. I read some data analytics for tinder / match / okcupid. When men are asked to rate women on attractiveness using a scale of 1 to 5, you get a predictable result. Median rating is 3 (average), with small samples of females at either end, at 1 (ugly) and 5 (beautiful). Its a symmetric bell curve.
    But when women are asked to rate men its different outcome. Almost all men rated between 1 and 2. Then there is upper 16% of men that females rate attractive between 4 and 5. All the women chasing top 16% of men, with 84% of men being shunned. What kind of male pics do women rate highly? The abercrombie and fitch model types, and dark / deviant / criminal looking types.
    Seems to support basic game theory. Women don’t want average men, and would rather get pumped and dumped by alphas and degenerates. I’m skeptical that messaging matters at all. Chicks could care less if you sent them tard text. Women make the decision visually with their gut, then they talk themselves into it, using the most meaningless bit of info to justify sucking his cock.

    1. Text game is bullshit. Girls don’t give a shit about text game. I’ve seen how the girls in my social circle react to texts…. all that matters is how hot the guy is. If the guy is hot, he could say whatever the hell he wants, and she’d be swoon over him. But with an average guy she’ll just be like “meh” and eventually just get tired of texting him.

  7. Enough with these bullshit Tinder articles.
    And fuck a webinar about Tinder. How pathetic does a guy have to be to actually sit through a webinar about how to pick up women on a stupid app?

    1. I agree, but I love reading the comments after Tinder-centric articles. Good insight and lots of laughs from our ROK brethren each time.

    2. Completely agree. I literally learned nothing from this article and then he pitches his webinar at the very end.
      All of the knowledge I’ve gotten from the manosphere was free because they didn’t need to hide behind a paywall to prevent open analysis and criticism. All of the PUAs that charged thousands for a weeknd seminar operate in the same way.

    3. at least he’s just a chump trying to educate himself… it’s the teacher i’m worried about… those that can do… those that can’t : teach… !

  8. Have you men seen the latest television commercial where a couple of clearly overprivileged and spoiled White girls (and obviously in New York City, which must be Hell on Earth for young cute White girls to survive in with all of the “street harassment” poor minority men send their way!) lament about online dating and then a rep from Match pulls up the site on his phone and shows them some dudes and says “Look, there’s a good one! Here’s another!” and the bitches are like “Oh yeah!”?
    What the fuck? Apparently when online/smartphone app window shopping, it really only is looks-based with women! So what the fuck is the point of even saying “Does anybody even read this things?” on your bio if clearly you don’t either, princesses?

    1. Match is a scam. They cancel male users without refund for “abuse” if you question a woman’s weight or age.

      1. Your life must suck really bad if you have to pay a service for a sliver of hope for a relationship or even pussy!

      1. I have friends who meet decent looking 6-7 girls on there and typically get the bang on third date. I have considered signing up for a month because in my city there are very few international women that I come across (almost all white fatties and blacks) and I’d like to see if I can connect with any Latinas or Asians on there. Right before or after Valentines day is probably good time to score on there.

        1. Get on instead and find international events in your city. Go out and meet a bunch of new people for free doing fun activities

        2. I like meetup. That’s how a man should be living his life, fruitful, and not just sitting home and swiping through 1,000 females who will not give him play.

    2. eharmony commercial is even better- woman openly states she is looking for a good man for her son! she, the loser, and her kid sitting on the couch…looney tunes man,

        1. another shitty one is for some waterpark: boy is in the wave pool and loses his bathing suit, his sister AND mother are pointing at him and laughing hysterically. what kind of sadistic scumbag created this tv spot?

      1. What feminist marketing company came up with that script? How does it even make sense? Fucking say “A good sucker” or “A good meal ticket” for my son instead, at least TRY to make the shit sound pseudo-realistic!

  9. Somehow this paid advice column is below par and even slightly Blue Pill. Dick pics can be very effective in the right context, the right girl and after some slight sexualization of the conversation.
    Nowadays with ever more prevalent Game knowledge professional Game companies should offer something superior similar to Krauser’s excellent models and inputs – you know something that is a bit more beyond standard Game that many can get for free – and please save us the crap about being the perfect gentleman.
    Tinder most and foremost is a photo-based app – best rule is to cheat on age and be attractive or get the best made or slightly photoshopped pic possible with a few basic rules. The conversation is best kept to a minimum or you end up as her attention monkey.

      1. Well – then check out what you can do when you are in the top 0,1% of looks – you can literally be wanting to rape her, admit that you have autism, just ask if she is DTF straight away. Tinder can be tweaked by the average man, but in case anyone is wondering who the sluts keep fucking – well they fuck those guys who can have 3 of them per day with hardly any Game at all.

        1. Then do it man. Make an article out of it. Do the weirdest shit. Let’s see what it takes for them to refuse you. Might as well have fun when it’s becoming too easy peasy.

        2. I know i can talk shit to bitches and get away with that easily but I think those pictures are on a whole nother level

  10. I´ve just arrived from the gym, and honestly, figuring out what’s in a woman’s mind is harder than surviving in a “Mission: Impossible” movie.

  11. Ok seriously, enough with the fucking tinder articles. You’ve already said it in here the market is saturated with dick. For the one time you actually get laid off of it you’ve just inflated the price of pussy tenfold for EVERYONE around you. Get the fuck off tinder, get the fuck off twatter, get the fuck off facebook. We as a gender need to starve these bitches of attention. Its getting fucking ridiculous. I can’t even work out anymore without some attention whoring slut standing around in the weights section of the gym (where all the dudes are btw) curling 1lb dumbells, wearing the sluttiest outfit the bitch can find, and then having the nerve to get pissed at me for checking her ass out in between sets. Fuk. deez. hoes.

        1. Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex.
          Seriously, using “gender” to describe the sexes is feminist-queer novlanguage.

        2. Im really not seeing where your coming from with this. If it was some grammatical frankenstein word like cisgender or shit like that id understand but the word gender has been around for long before feminist bull dykes started polluting our language.

    1. Fuck that, I stare at their asses all day, very intently. Get pissed, I don’t care. You know what you’re doing wearing that out and exactly why you wore it, Baby Doll. You didn’t put it on for no good goddamn reason. Plus, you wore a shirt with some cool tagline like “PAIN IS WEAKNESS LEAVING THE BODY”, so you clearly are a fitness guru, your shirt says so!

  12. Just meet them in real life for crying out loud. Enough with the internet circus tricks. They are fucking lame.

  13. It is official. Delete your tinder now, starve western females of the artificial validation that they so desperately crave. It’s over anyway, the ripest time to mine tinder has long passed.

  14. Probably one of the worst articles I’ve read under the sun about dating. In any way, shape or form. Fuck originality. Say whatever you feel without caring about anything other than your goal. Make many mistakes quickly to get what you don’t know. 97.982% of all women on tinder have a small variety of personalities. Meaning the same responses are likely to be received from the same statements by girls over and over again. The only thing that rattled me was the whole don’t say what all the other thirsty guys say. Here’s an idea? Instead of staring at your phone for a woman go outside. You don’t even have to set a time to meet. You’re already there. No cock shot required or best ab picture possible.
    Crap like Tinder belongs on airline flights where logistics aren’t to your advantage to game a woman. Then swipe away so you can get something before you land in foreign territory. Cab rides are good for that as well. Otherwise the world offers plenty of opportunities to get laid.

    1. Because your the man and must be a good monkey. Its great to see these bitches list specially in their online dating profiles that “if you message with just hey whats up? I probably wont reply, be more original” and the like. POF even has a feature (for woman only of course) that your opening message has to be at least 3 or 4 sentences long to be able to send it. Meanwhile, many of the skanks don’t even fill out a profile(put a bunch of periods and shit), and pigs will fly sooner than a bish sends more then a half assed “hey” as an opener even if shes a cave troll. Online dating is like vultures fighting over a chipmonk carcass

      1. Sounds like a great reason to embrace face to face day game instead of begging for scraps on a dating app/site. She’s not actually wittier than you, so why use a medium that dictates the rules that way?

      1. That’s bullshit. Never believe that. That’s what women tell beta males to make them try harder. Remove the pics from an online dating site, force women to make their decisions by written profile description and messaging, and all activity stops.

  15. What the fuck is this shit? Sign up for our webinar to learn “that one weird trick” (or whatever is being flogged) to cracking Tinder?

  16. fuck social media. honestly it drives the hypergamy hampster of modern women into overdrive. basically ends up having the top 20% of desirable men would be in a 7/10 range have exclusive access to all women between 4 to 10. fucking take a look at this photo. this chubby 5/10 white whale gets a man whos clearly the more attractive of the two in the relationship. two more pictures of said example are included. good luck having sex with these women, gonna have a broken pelvis if she trys to jump on top.
    The whole situation makes 5/10 girls think they are 9s. what about the men between 4 and the 7 range (the vast majority of young men?) they get fuck all, go home with nothing but their hand of get temporary release from. ive talked to these girls, being between a 6/7 out of 10 myself, and the attitude is delusional, thinking they are more valuable then they actually are. i live for the day when the whole thing comes crashing down and women are collectively put back in their place.

  17. I call bullshit, Latin girls love the dick pick, they often DEMAND the dick pick. Because they are real women who are turned on by sex, which includes a naked man. Of course I’ve learned over the years women are more turned on by what you say, so that is how you start making her crazy.

    1. The younger they are, the more receptive they are to it. Millennials have grown up with snapchat sending / receiving junk shots since they were 15.

    2. I agree… those of the latina variety truly live up to their spicy generalizations. I don’t know what it is about their culture, but they really do like a flesh colored tamale that takes up the better part of their screen when in the right mood. I’ve had latinas straight up beg for one…. Out of respect, I oblige to their hungry requests.

  18. No offense (and I honestly have 0 experience with Tinder or online game) but this article seems a little “meh”.
    I’ve been thinking lately. Why put out so much effort? Why do i have to do a webinar or be trained to get laid? This isn’t a job here. There is nothing in it to gain other than the possibility of good sex. And just because a chick looks good doesn’t mean she is any good in the sack so it’s still a coin flip.
    If so many dudes are already hitting on a chick 34/7 online then the best way to be different is to not be online then wouldn’t you think? Meet that girl surfing tinder in real life and then flex your game while thirsty guy #2,456 & 1/2 put out PH.D level effort to just be noticed.
    Like I said, I really have no clue so I may be wrong, but I feel a better article would be on how to NOT use Tinder and be able to lay a chick with an active dating profile while thirsty BETA’s online are waiting for a reply email.

    1. Agreed. When you meet a woman via online, she mentally puts you in a category with a dozen other males who messaged her that day.

  19. This article is pointless. The only men who could do well on Tinder are the 2-5% of the top men who don’t even need this advice in the first place. Any average male, who isn’t 6’4″, who isn’t ripped, who doesn’t have a 7 inch dick, who doesn’t have a nice ride to take her on the date or pick her up for a fuck etc., doesn’t have a shot with these degenerate whores. Besides, women that can’t find men irl are either:
    – socially retarded (which is a big red flag for women, seeing as they are far more naturally gifted in this department than men
    – fat and/or fugly (below a 5)
    – too painful to deal with (e.g. constant bossiness or crassness)
    I happen to not meet the ridiculous criteria women set on these hookup apps, so I never touch them. I’ll see, on average, at least 10 opportunities to attempt to game a women irl during the day, which will lead to about one or two legitimate leads. I’m not even trying to meet women and the opportunities are there. All you have to do is have a slither of day-game and not play World of Warcraft all day. Compared to the hopeless abyss of online dating, the real world actually gives you hope, and with the right mindset, is a lot more fun (even if you don’t get anything).

      1. It depends on my mood. I’ve had enough practice with Game to run a decent hit-up, but I’m not obsessed with meeting new women, nor would I consider myself a player. Some days I can feel that I’m not in the right mood. Some days I might approach the first 7 I meet. Others I’ll approach all ten. But the point of my post was that I actually have a chance, in this environment, plus the opportunities present themselves. Online, all I would be doing is feeding the egos of women.

        1. Ok. Yes I think day approaches are a better use of my time. I don’t think that height, being ripped, dick size, and car/wealth are nearly as important as you describe though. Sure Tinder is all about the pictures, but guys who aren’t models are still getting laid there, but they have game. Back to your point, most guys would do better in “reality” trying to meet women than on Tinder. Lucky for you and me 99% of guys won’t approach women sober, on the street during the day, which sets us apart from the rest.

        1. Good to hear you’ve had some success on Tinder. Having done a lot of day approaches it feels like a step back for me, too much out of my control. Its hard when you work daytime, but don’t limit yourself to “daylight hours”. I’ve gamed plenty at night, in well-lit areas, shopping centers etc. There’s always lunch breaks and weekends too. Since I started a few years back, my comfort zone has also grown a lot as to where I approach. Lately I’ve been going inside coffee shops if I see a girl inside and approach her right there. Grocery stores are also good.

    1. My age group, well my social circle anyway, pretty much all use Tinder sometimes. I’ve personally met girls the same standard as I’d meet out anywhere. I get not everyone has success on it, but I’ve done ok.

      1. Either:
        – You’re part of the elite 5% that doesn’t need to read this article
        – You’re meeting the same standard of below 5s, social retards or the too painful to deal (e.g. she expects you to pay for everything), and so you don’t need to read this article

        1. Haha well the others not quite as fit as that one but I have got laid off there a few times. It’s possible.

        2. “A few times” really doesn’t cut it, unless you’ve only been doing it for a week at most. Although, if you’re only sitting on the toilet and sending spam invites out within 10 minutes and getting hooks, then this probably isn’t a waste of time. But it doesn’t seem like you’re doing that. Especially if you live in a non-Western country, you’ll do much better with night-game and even day-game (reverse for Western countries).

  20. Steve Jabba used the dick pic maneuver (not as the first message of course) and it worked: He has a video of him banging the attractive bodied girl he met. The more I read about “Tinder strategy” the less I care to use it. Cold approaching will set you apart from men far more than being “cool” on Tinder.

  21. 95% of tinder in Sydney is bots. They match you and hit you with a copypasta trying to get you to click a link.

      1. I agree that nightclub game is tough in australia due to every second guy being a steroid-jacked, sleeve-tattooed tradie with bulk cash.

    1. I think that’s how it is everywhere now, Tinder has been taken over by bots, which is another reason to uninstall it. The hot chicksare all bots and the real chicks are fat single mothers

  22. I did it..i clicked the link at the bottom of the post:
    1. My ears got murdered because there’s no way to set the volume in the player and i’m on headphones.
    2. I started browsing other sites while waiting for the pitch to end, after 2 or 3 minutes of you just hard-selling you product i got bored and left.
    Hope there will be less posts like this in the future.

    1. Same thing here, opened in a new page and got blasted by volume, came back to this page to read and listened to it in the background, it just rambled on and on and I finally gave up and clicked it off. meh

  23. At least this here winner on OKCupid is pre-empting her fatassness instead of deceiving some poor Beta sap into finding out the hard way. She even convinces herself that its “nothing too horrible. :)”. Hey, women are entitled to their delusions, it’s what they’re good at!

      1. It might go in because she could be sucking it in. Women are the master of photographic subterfuge at take several redos until they get what they like to post to the ether.
        Never believe it until you see it, in person!

        1. Yeah. It’s sad that she probably took a lot of shots to get that one. The poor bitch is an example of even if she lost the weight, she’s still gonna look like Jay Leno

        2. All of these sites are like excavating the tar pits, my friend. They’re the dumping grounds for fat cows and emotionally skullfucked single moms who hate men because their baby daddy treated them like shit (supposedly, at least).

  24. You tell a bitch you don’t talk to her. Example suck it pig, make me a sammich then gtf outta my house.

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