167 thoughts on “We Won The Battle Of Toronto”

  1. I believe congratulations are in order! This is a win for all of us, and I think I speak for the whole community when I say – Good job, and thankyou for making a stand showing us that the beast can be beaten back into the sea after all!

  2. Congratulations! I’d love to see a future tour come to Melbourne but unfortunately you would most likely see similar resistance to that of Canada. Nonetheless, a giant victory for free speech and neomasculinity.

    1. Australia is so SJW and feminist dominated Roosh wouldn’t even be let into the country.

      1. Unfortunately you’re probably right, If I remember correctly a PUA got protested against so much in Australia last year that he was deported. And this is with a supposedly right wing government in power.

        1. Yea I’ve had a mental blank and forgot his name but I do remember the incident. Australia also tried to stop Snoop Dog coming into the country. All rather pathetic considering until now they wouldn’t deport terrorists.

        2. I do believe that the hypocrisy isn’t lost on the silent majority of Aussies, may even be the same case in Canada. However leftist views are so firmly entrenched in academia and in turn politics in this country that we’re pretty much too far gone at this point.

        3. Julien Blanc that’s it, still deporting him but letting terrorists stay, fucked up priorities if you ask me.

        4. Our schools and universities are a sewer of left-wing group think. If you dare to have a different opinion, say goodbye to getting a good grade….

        5. I’m sorry to hear that Billy. I guess this disease (nonsensical perpetual victimhood) that has spread further than we thought. I always saw Australia as a gutsy, take-no-bull stand up country. I’m sure the individual males are just that. It’s a system that we’re fighting now. The lefttard mentality has truly permeated media, governments and institutions here in Canada as evidenced by the past two weeks’ events.
          is Australia still worth visiting some day? I might have to stay away from the cities…?

      2. I say test the waters. Hire a Roosh doppelganger and state he is doing a conference in Australia and see what happens. Worst case, one guy goes down nobly. Best case, the word spreads like it did in Canada. It can be done. Roosh has already proved this.

        1. I applaud him if he’s up for the challenge but I could almost guarantee he wouldn’t be allowed in, feminism runs riot here. If said it was for religious reasons he may pull it off as lefties and SJWs always defend Islam and won’t criticize it but that may be his only chance.

        2. Sadly, this guy speaks the truth. “Pick up artists” (even though I know that is not how Roosh wishes to identify himself) have been denied entry into Australia amidst media outrage in the past….

    2. I would LOVE to see Roosh in Australia too, but I have no doubt he’d be met with a wall of resistance that would make his Canadian battles seem like a walk in the park! I seriously doubt he’d be let into the country, remember when Julien Blanc was denied entry after feminists went absolutely mental? Australia rivals Sweden for feminist domination.. anybody that dares question feminism is tarred and feathered, and relentlessly vilified. It is a pity because I really want to hear Roosh’s views about our current gender relations and Australian society. Unfortunately, I don’t think he even wants to come to Australia, because he has not exactly written in glowing terms about Australians in the past. Can’t say I blame him, many of the Aussies I’ve met abroad have made me cringe – but we are not all bad!

      1. (Speaks quietly from the corner) even us few girls who agree with you and identify as red pill get verbally abused by feminists when we don’t conform to their supposed ideals. I’d love roosh to come out this way as he could help so many mens reclaim their voices. Sadly the man haters are too vocal here. In thr meantime just doing our best to raise next gen red pill kiddos.

        1. That’s one of the funniest things about feminism.. supposedly it’s all about a woman’s choice.. unless that choice is to live a life that rejects feminist dogma, then you are treated like a leper! Never forget this.. how many feminists do you see that look truly happy, who positively glow, who smile, who are in meaningful relationships, who adore their husband and kids, and whose adoration is reciprocated by their loving families? Exactly. Why any woman with half a brain would want to listen to these feminists and emulate their crappy lives is beyond me? Can anybody explain?

        2. Wpuld love to but it escapes me. At best maybe it’s what we were taught at home and at school. I’ve actually ended several friendships in the past few years as some of my more feminist minded acquaintances became more obvious in their misandry. One actually referred to her son, when she learned what sex he was still unborn, as a gender betrayer. Sure enough that young boy has enough pink and rainbow toys and clothes for any three princess types. I don’t get it, never have never will. The reason I lurk here is because its a breath of sanity in this messed up world. (Ps, apologies for typos in previous post and now edited to correct more typos)

        3. Yep, most Australian women hate men. This is the sad truth! My girlfriend is of Ukrainian descent and still has good family values (her family would disown her if she acted like a typical Aussie ‘shiela’), so luckily I don’t have to put up with a fire breathing feminist in my personal life!

        4. Feminism isn’t about “empowering women” because any woman who disagrees with them is heavily criticized and shamed. I know women who work out and stay in shape and they get labelled fat shamers, mentally Ill and giving in to mens beauty standards. I know stay at homes mums who get demonized by Feminists for giving into the patriarchy. Feminists don’t care about womens choice they just want control, so any woman who chooses to do something they don’t approve of is an enemy.

    3. Roosh should hit Australia while the momentum exists. Nothing will hurt the SJW’s and feminists like Roosh engaging with some of their strongholds!

  3. Congratulations Rooshv! You’ve done a great job of protecting free legal speech. Hats off to you for being the soldier on the front line, and to the ROK team, for supporting and working with you to pull off this phenomenal victory. I’ll just list briefly, that apart from you and the ROK team who else shares in this victory.
    1) This is a victory for all men. Recently feminists have been trying to disrupt any events that focus on the problems faced by men.They disrupted the Men’s Right Conference in Detroit and Canadian feminists are vehemently opposed to men’s centers in universities. Ironically women’s centers are supported and nourished by them, the the society in general. There seems to been an air of misandry, and opposition when men gather in male only spaces and male only conferences to discuss the issues that affect them. You’ve delivered this shattering blow to this man hating trend, implying, that men have the right to gather together for their masculine interests.
    2) This is a victory, for all the people living in Canada in general, and Toronto and Montreal in particular. If these events had been cancelled due to the intolerance of a few insane SJW’s and feminists residing in these cities, then these cities would by cited as examples of intolerance, violence and backwardness, in the first world countries for all ages to come, and would be a cause of colossal embarrassment for all the sane minded Canadians. History books would teach that free speech died in Canada. If I were a Canadian, I would thank you for saving me and my future generations from this embarrassment.
    3) This is also a victory for all the people who support the idea of free speech. You may agree with Rooshv’s views, or you may not, but if you agree with the idea of free speech, and that everyone has the right to express his/her opinions without the fear of violence, then today, this is a victory for you. I may not agree with feminists and various other groups, but I do support their right to free speech and that of holding association, with whoever they please. If I don’t like the events they are holding, I can choose not to go there. If I don’t agree with their views, I can respectfully disagree like an adult. I will however, never, ever stoop so low as they did, by trying to get the government to get involved to sabotage our right of free speech, and threatening and engaging in violence to silence us.
    Thumbs up to all Canadians who held up their country’s dignity by not supporting these insane SJW’s and feminists, and did not engage in violence like they did. You sane Canadians are the majority, and I’m happy this is so.

  4. One day, when the smoke clears, and we have moved on to whatever our journey here was meant to be, this will still be a time we fondly remember. The man who showed us, when a the time for an idea has come, nothing can impede it. Way to kick down the door and bring comraderie back to men!
    Roosh, thank you for your continued display of courage and humility. I came here at a time in my life when other men weren’t sounding boards, so, I roughed the path alone. Your views have allowed me to realize I wasn’t a maverick for my beliefs, but simply a man who took the lessons of my ancestors to the chest. I can’t thank you enough for starting and continuing the good fight.

  5. Impressive stuff Roosh. Well done. The people who tried to stop you have been left looking like complete arses and the totalitarian enemies of freedom that they truly are.
    And lets not forget to raise a glass to Jessica Lieliebre and her faithful puppies whose violent and intolerant acts helped show the world who the real extremists are.

  6. If you follow the money trail behind the SJWs it will lead you to Soros and Bronfman, two billionaire communist Jews. Communism, feminism, and psychiatry are all their weapons to be used. Women against men, Blacks against Whites, Muslims against Christians, are all manipulations, and the puppets almost never see their master.

      1. Not at all. I’m a Jew by birth, a Christian by choice, and “I see much more than most”. Jesus called them “a generation of vipers”, and “the Synagog of Satan”. Karl Marx, Emma Goldman, Rosa Luxembourg, Sigmund Freud, Lazar Kaganovich, George Soros, and more. Not to mention the Rothschild’s, Lazard’s, Warburg’s, et al, who funded the aforementioned and also funded Hitler. Then there’s the Bloomberg’s, Zuckerberg’s, Bronfman’s, Soros’, Bushes, Rockefeller’s et al, who are trying to create a soulless authoritarian monster state today. It must be resisted. It must be stopped. The Synagog of Satan is no longer exclusively Jewish, but it will take a Jew to bring the whole evil edifice to its destruction.

        1. Absolutely spot on!
          I believe the reason why Roosh faced this opposition is because he was blacklisted by ADL.

        2. There’s some truth here, but it’s kind of like saying The USA created ISIS or Al Queda. Sure, the statement is true on its face, but the majority of the members in the movement today are there for completely different reasons.
          Most feminists and SJWs aren’t Jewish and don’t have any underlying philosophy or ideology. As many middle easterners are aligning themselves with whatever group is fighting for their sovereignty and beliefs and against the foreign occupiers. I wonder how much control either has over the organizations they created now.

        3. The CIA did indeed create Al Qaida and ISIS. They also created the hippies by dumping LSD on an assortment of college campuses in the ’60’s. I know, I was there.

        4. Absolutely, and they are fundamentally responsible for all the mayhem and destruction and whatever the next horrible event is that will come out of this group. But my point is that they no longer have any control over these groups, just as Soros, etc. has no control over feminism. Just look at how the “Black Lives Matter” crowd disrupted a Bernie Sanders event–probably the candidate most likely to share their views and they are attacking him.
          This is where feminism will lead–once they fully have power and men no longer control any of our institutions can you imagine what things will be like? At least today men have some modicum of control over institutions of power.

        5. They don’t need to control the genie when out of the bottle. The useful idiots do all the work after that.

        6. Exactly. Elite men created feminism to exhort power from the masses, and now it seems they they themselves can’t the restrain the Frankenstein they’ve created. Worse still, for these men, Frankenstein seems to be turning on them

        7. I find it strange that working class men are so patriotic and volunteer for the military when the USA’s institutions seems to regard them with such contempt. Why be a “hero” and fight in overseas wars for the interests of oligarchs? Opt out and let the various special interest groups put their bodies on the line!
          The men in control of institutions of power care primarily about fast profits and power and view what goes on at college campuses as distractions. They successfully insulate themselves via skull and bones, etc. hangouts that the feminists cannot touch (and never will) and the women’s studies leaders have the “message” that if they ever do offend or attack an elite, they’ll wake up with a bag over their head and dumped off over the ocean somewhere.
          Us ordinary men are pawns in their game but we still have “moves” we can make (see above). Another move, and this is hard, is to not date feminists and leave them for the beta male white knights.

        8. I think you have struck on something here, which is the fundamental lack of purpose men feel today. With our traditional roles of masculinity removed in relationships, men are struggling to find their place in society. Some are turning toward what were typically masculine roles in the past–the military.
          The job market is poor, many men are living in their parents house, they are likely frustrated with interactions with millennial females and their lifestyle options are limited. So many enter the military. Some of course realize that what they are doing over in the middle east is bullshit at best and genocide at worst, but to many it provides a traditional male father figure, group comeraderie, and a sense of purpose that was missing before. Unfortunately this purpose is one of destruction and killing rather than creation and growth.
          Of course you are correct that this military and the government it supports are completely against the ideals of traditional male culture, but men are in such a stage of confusion they do not know where to turn. Fortunately, Neomasculinity is providing answers for these men.
          Also, I have always been extremely picky with the women I date, but giving up dating feminists is no sacrifice for me. To me a woman who destroys the prosperous culture and society that her ancestors created is ugly, no matter how hot her body looks.

        9. So what is your take on the jews overall? I’m not talking about the jewish elite, rather the average jew not involved in the participation in all of this. Indeed many of the elite spreading the cancer to Humanity, but I’m not sure if another holocaust is the answer.

        10. It is the Synagog of Satan that I rail against, not the Jewish race. I am myself a member of the Jewish race, and I do not wish my own death, but then again neither do I fear it.
          The SoS is a religion of death and destruction that feeds on fear. They worship Moloch, the devourer of children; Mammmom, the god of perpetual material increase (the kingdom of thingdom); and Man, as the measure of all things.
          The SoS is no longer for Jews only, and hasn’t been for a thousand years. It’s a fraternity of nouveau sociopathic billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk; and old monied dynasties like Rothschild, Rockefeller, Lazard, Warburg, Windsor,
          and Bush, who all worship and serve the three M’s: Moloch, Mammom, and Man. Their public expression is The Bilderberger group. That’s from where the evil comes.
          Those are our enemies, not the Jewish race. It is they who have given us Communism, Feminism, and Psychiatry. It is they who foment racial and religious wars, and promote homosexuality and abortions, and not just for profit,
          but as a blood sacrifice to Satan.
          The next holocaust will be when God almighty cleanses the Earth by fire of all the evil that human pride has begat.
          And the number of the dead shall be 6,666,666,666,
          when the day finally comes. That’s all for now.

        11. Thanks for explaining. This seems to make sense. I know plenty of jews that are humble middle class good folks, not sitting in ivory towers trying to figure out how to fuck the world in the ass.
          That said, many simply blame all jews for the atrocity , not fair.

        12. What’s funny is that women probably need men as much or more than they did before, but not the way they are intuitively trained to understand.
          I dated many career women (not necessarily feminists) who had no life-management skills whatsoever. They spent money like a drunk sailor and the modern consumer culture is genius designed to separate these women from their income. Of course, the first instinct of these women was to get my income and roll me to the door much like a vampire throws out the corpses of the families they consume.
          On the other hand, I knew men who are janitors, plumbers, and electricians who aren’t wealthy by any means but do better and more stable than most career women headed households. They make enough to support a family provided that they put their foot down and don’t allow the women to buy designer bags every week. For men, being red pill is a continual survival trait. Like breathing. If you don’t breath for more than a few minutes at a time, you’re dead. The same with red-pill. If a woman starts going rogue and blowing money and going nuts, it’s only a matter of months before lives are ruined or destroyed.
          What’s interesting is that men don’t NEED as much stuff as women do to get by. It’s like that show “Naked and Afraid”. Most of us can get by with little. Feminism requires a black hole to produce money from another universe dimension in order to keep this economic fantasy going.

        13. Very not fair.
          The “holocaust” was an ethnic cleansing of the Jewish underclasses by the Jewish money creators using Germans as their weapons. Bought and payed for by the Rothschild cabal, with some help from the Rockefellers and Bushes.
          The Synagog of Satan hates Jews too, especially poor ones, and feeds their children to Moloch, and serves them up to Mammom, and glorifies Man.
          I know this sounds crazy cruel, but it is what I fight against every day being a renegade Jew for Christ. I am alone here with my visions hopes and fears. Old and poor, with most of my friends and both my wives dead, death often feels warm.
          I am probably the only Jew on Earth to hold these opinions. I’m the only Jew I know who supports White nationalism. Some say I have a death wish, but I say I don’t.
          If I did I’d go live among the negroes.

    1. So ros colaborare with the Nazis and helped them round up Jews. He also claimed to be a holocaust survivor to get into London School of Economics for free.
      He’s smart but decrepid.

  7. Meeting Roosh and every one of the Men that attended the Toronto event was 100% absolutely worth it.
    I’ve never been in an environment before where Men have congregated to address their unique situation as Men. There is usually too much pretension, too much alpha-posturing, too much insecurity, too much awareness of the status quo to really stay focused on the matter at hand and the bigger picture.
    We not only discussed what it means to be a man in the modern day and age but we also discussed how to excel at being a man in the modern day and age. It was inspiring on many levels, including the sharing of ideas and life experiences with a court of hungry like-minded individuals of different ages and creeds.
    To Roosh and any Red-Pill Man reading this,
    Much love – I salute you,

    1. Man, you’ve come a long way Kal. From first sharing how you were blue but always open to learning more, to where you are now, game or no, on a career path you want having us all notice the red symbol on your chest daily. Way to go!

        1. Superman is symbolic of a blue pill man finding his red pill side. He’s always holding back his real strength but when push comes to shove he releases his full power

        2. I was just bustin Clark’s chops- no need for an interpretation of his screenname 🙂

        3. Normally i don’t watch anything DC without batman or green lantern, but i think this summed up everything in 2mins.

    2. CK I only know you from internet postings, but I was really hoping you attended this, my friend! I can feel the positive energy exuding from these photos. Kudos to Roosh and thanks to the feminists for creating all the buzz and attention and atmosphere that made this the big successful event that it was! Now let’s get the video version out to the rest of us!

      1. Ah yes, “anger” – the second stage of grief. Before you know it, you will be saying “If only we had done this or that” or “Next time we will do this or that”. That is the “bargaining” stage. Right now, let it out. Let go of the pain so that you may proceed to the following stages.

        1. SJWs have a defeatist mentality from the get go. No need for any stages, a winning mentality is something daddy’s money can’t buy. They’re left with additional grief and anger in their lives.

      2. Kind of ironic that Roosh-bashers accuse him of hate speech, when the hate is on their side. Try taking the high road, batcountry2.And free speech is underrated.

        1. It’s more like: “Those sick, misogynist, rapist bastards are spewing HATE SPEECH and should be killed for that!”
          THAT irony is lost on them.

        2. Irony lost on them ??? Humm.. They are the psycho-scums like their idol the psycho mass murderer Leon Trotsky from the Light Upon Nations……… Give them an inch & they will murder you all without blinking an eye !

      3. Dude, you claim to have a wife, you claim that it is a great relationship- if so, great. Why do you feel the need to keep coming back here? I’ve read tons of personal anecdotes on this site, and there are tons of men who have walked into the buzzsaw that is modern day woman. There should be a place where men can trade their cautionary tales, give advice, etc…why do you have a problem with that?

        1. BirdCounty is a branded broad posing as a male here. She’s admitted it again and again. “swing and miss” is all she can say. Look through her posts. Not one is in the affirmative with anyone. Anywhere. Ever. All branded broad piss.

        1. Non sequitur; i look pretty damn good.
          You on the other hand look like you’re trying to eat someone’s toes. That’s a really shitty picture. What, you can’t afford a smartphone in this day and age?

      4. You have no relevance to the world of real thought. Go away, child. Your smart ass type just bore me.

    3. I was hoping you would go. Good thing you went ! Creating these gatherings and exchanging information between members constitues a real tribe of men. Much respect.

    4. I wasn’t there, but it sounds like a real learning experience. Hell, I only live 2 hours from Toronto. Glad to hear it went well.
      I’m not sure why opponents are so threatened by some men talking about getting game that they have to go to great measures to ban it. I wonder how they feel now?

      1. I think our society hates free intelligent men.
        Society loves raw alphas who have nothing to lose… But a true intellectual who doesn’t give a fuck is frightening to most people men and women, and Roosh is an example of such a character.
        What do you do with a self-determined man who can’t be bought out? What the fuck do you do when a bunch of self-determined men who can’t be bought out get together to deliberate?
        Roosh is the kind of guy who will make it into the history books but only long after society has reached the point that he has eloquently predicted.
        I don’t mean to sound like such a fanboy… But Roosh has more vision than the average guy chasing what the television is telling him to chase… And I’d like to think that his audience does as well.

        1. You don’t sound like a fanboy. Roosh does have more vision than others, as he doesn’t just listen to the media, but doesn’t take it so far as conspiracy theories.
          At my school, some party candidates for the area visited to talk to us in the gymnasium; the conservatives candidate wasn’t there, but the Liberal, NDP and Green candidate were there, and they all agreed on social justice issues like the pay “gap”; by the way, damned near every student was cheering them on. I guess because the lefties support the unions, the unions support the teachers, and the teachers pass this on to the students, they’re indoctrinated from an early age. It’s disturbing, because they know virtually nothing from the other side; they believe in the feminist idea of how the world should be. Thank god I have self respect.
          I’ll unleash my full potential as an adult. I’m currently 16.

        2. You’re at a great age my young friend!
          I always had red-pill in me but I’ve been naive enough times in my life that it has bitten me in the ass… Now I’m a world-weary 28 year old who doesn’t give a fuck 😛
          If I had other guys around to talk to when I was so young it would have meant a lot… I learned everything the hard way where I instead could have used that time more productively. But I have no regrets…
          I don’t like telling other people how to live so figure your path out yourself (feel free to ask questions though)… But one piece I’ll share is when you’re just coming up to 20 years old I’d say get your ass into the gym. Working out has saved my sanity multiple times over… And I’m stronger than pretty much 95% of people I encounter on a day-to-day basis. Train with weight but don’t lose the flexibility you have now by training in a closed-minded way… Martial arts or swimming (or team sports… you get the idea) will do wonders to keep your body and mind young…
          You probably have no conception now of how your body and mind will change in the next ten years but trust me things change. And being able to deadlift and squat soon after you’ve reached your maximum height will give you a powerful physique as you go through your 20s towards your 30s. Just don’t overdo it and injure yourself. If you didn’t beat your personal record… Beat it the next day… Or the day after… You will learn that you are stronger than you realize.
          Cheers 😉

        3. Thanks for the advice, man. It doesn’t hurt.
          I do plan on putting on some muscle, but my main concentrations at the moment are simply getting the best grades I can to get into college. In college, I’ll probably start working out more. I already do judo, though, which is great (with judo, I’m actually able to flip a 300-plus pound man).
          I’m looking to fulfill mind an body potential.

  8. First off, congrats to Roosh and the fellas attending.
    Secondly, the opposition is pathetic, as now there are conspiracy theories as to how this was all faked and the evidence Photoshopped, seriously.
    Thirdly, a core group is apparently trying to get Roosh’s books banned from Amazon. Think about that, I can’t help but wonder when the bonfire will be, amazing how these fascists think alike throughout history huh? Straight to the censorship every time.
    If you are lurking this site and on the fence, time to open those eyes kiddies, this is really happening, now you have to decide if you are okay with letting it.

    1. I argued with a guy on Rooshv’s Toronto World Tour page. He was a die hard male mangina and SJW, was sickeningly opposed to free speech, and celebrated violence to shut down different opinions, all the way believing that he was right. He simply gloated the fact the Rooshv got harassed by a mob on the street. I mean how can, you justify, and openly celebrate violence to shut down free speech of people you don’t agree with, and pretend that you are righteous and moral at the same time? This guy seemed like he was mentally damaged. Oh, and betwixt our conversation he revealed that his mother was a feminist and he is friends with other radical feminists. Lol.

      1. “Oh, mistress do not hate us even though we failed
        We tried our best to stop them but their truth o’er us prevailed!”
        “Quiet slaves I’m thinking, you know it brings me pain
        For while I have my father’s fortune, I have very little
        We did fight them none too fairly and who really could have known
        That somewhere we’d need present a fact not simply piss and moan
        Though ‘tis true that you did fail us, and you’re cowards to your core
        What more should we have wanted from the bootlickers of whores?”
        “Oh, mistress we are thirsty, tell us finally shall you
        slake it
        Or must we wait another day; our palms, they may not take it.”
        “Quiet slaves how dare you think you’re equal to we Queens
        You are, all of you, my eunuchs, and your balls belong to me
        You beg of me to let you in and have you fill me where I sit
        But from you I’ll ever stay away, though you may eat my shit.”
        “Oh mistress how much we thank you, for giving us this boon
        We are hungrily awaiting, may your next shit come quite soon!”
        – The Manginas’ Lament

        1. “Though ‘tis true that you did fail us, and you’re cowards to your core
          What more should we have wanted from the bootlickers of whores?””
          EPIC! Dude you should probably start a blog, or start self publishing these poems of yours. You could earn a fortune, because these are gold.

  9. Woooo!! 2-0 baby! Fuck the bitches, the whiners, the intolerant, the incompetent. This was a joyous last few weeks watching the haters hate!

  10. A mob is a sub-human demonic beast. Men who conjure mobs are mobsters. When you gun down a mob you will kill some bodies, but the beast itself, being demonic, can always be resurrected. The old word “Mobster” needs to be given new meaning.

  11. Roosh, congrats on another victory in Canada. As sick as you probably are of the place, these are the spots that need the message of masculinity and self-improvement the most. 40-50 people doesn’t sound like a lot, but think about if you did these talks in 10, 20, 30, 100 cities in Canada.
    With each talk you grow stronger as the forces that be in Canada grow weaker. From the looks of it, the fight against you was much weaker than it was in Montreal. If you kept going, they’d finally have no choice but to roll over and give up. Resistance would be token, at best.
    Whatever you decide to do next, keep fighting! Best wishes.

    1. 40-50 people is huge in a powerful movement. Just look what a difference one man, Roosh, has made in our thought patterns, actions, beliefs, trials with women, careers, etc. And imagine what 50 motivated dedicated committed men can do and what impact we can have. When you think of history it is typically just one or two names you hear that changed the world. If we inspire hundreds, we can change the tide. We are change!

        1. Let’s also factor in that he gets fuckloads of free publicity andcessentially sjw’s are making Roosh more famous.

  12. Just because the feminists physically attacked you, formed hunting mobs, vandalized a place where they thought you were staying, and threatened to “swat” you is no reason to black out people’s faces. The only logical explanation for blacking out faces is that the talks never took place.
    “La défense de Roosh” (in English)

  13. Congratulations!
    I really hope you follow through with your police cases and also, if not done yet, file new police cases on anyone who incited violence on you. This way you will bring lasting change in Canada/everywhere, and people will think twice before they indulge in this kind of behavior again.
    Trust me, unless there are consequences for their behavior, they will continue with their behavior. These people don’t believe in higher moral principles like free speech; those principles are too abstract for them. They have group/mob mentality resulting in dilution of responsibility, at least in their minds. Single them out, and make them face consequences for their behavior by filing police cases on them.
    Best of luck.

  14. Congratulations. It’s amazing that the papers are spinning this as some “well… really he lost.” story.
    You wanted to give your lecture – You did
    They wanted to stop your lecture – They didn’t
    That’s called a victory.

      1. And when they can’t stop the lecture, they throw out some weak insults like “He only got 40 people to come! lolololololol!”
        Excuse me dumbfucks….when’s the last time you held a seminar in a country that wishes violence on you and were still able to pull in 40-50 people? That’s what I thought…stfu!

        1. Exactly. I guess many, many more men wanted to show up, but probably all this opposition and hysteria held them back. The fact is, Rooshv’s youtube channel is getting more and more subscribers, and I can see more and more men speaking openly about game and neomasculine ideas everyday.
          Some days ago on Rooshv channel I saw the video of a man who said that he had discovered about Rooshv when his ex girlfriend posted an article written by Rooshv on facebook, and made fun of it. So this guy became curious and visited Rooshv’s blog, and ended up buying Rooshv’s book and becoming a red pill guy. Furthermore he said that all this opposition against Rooshv by Canadian feminists will actually give him more exposure, and more men like that guy will find about Rooshv, and out of curiosity will end up browsing his blog and agreeing with him. Thus my point is, that neomasculinity ideas are spreading, no matter what the feminists say about the 40-50 people. The more opposition there is, the more publicity and thus the more the message spreads.

        2. He only got 40 or so people to show up, but that was the amount of people who intended to be in the first place. He wasn’t doing it at a stadium of 50k people.

        3. Doesn’t matter if he only had 1 person show up, he wanted a meeting and they wanted to stop it. They had the media, some politicians and lynch mobs of feminists and manginas after him and he still held the meeting, conclusive victory to Roosh

  15. Congrats Roosh! To you and everyone who attended!
    We in the virtual realm did what we could to run guerilla sorties on the enemy, in order to counter their virtual intelligence war (and i use the word “intelligence” loosely.)
    This only goes to show that we don’t need the complicit media, the indoctrinated public, nor the support of corporate sponsors to get the truth out. We only need ourselves and our ability to Red Knight for each other when and where the situation becomes necessary.
    An attack on one is an attack on all of us, and we will no longer stand idly by while our very gender comes under attack by SJ cunts and their mangina pets they control.
    We will keep gaining victory where it counts, on the soapbox of the public arena, until every disenfranchised Man unplugged from the feminatrix joins us in solidarity.
    Everyone else can stand aside while we continue to make history happen and send another loud message that “we won’t be pressured, we won’t be bullied. We are Men, and we are bringing back the Patriarchy whether you like it or not.”

  16. “We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!”

    1. well, at least 4-5% of us won’t. The other 95% blue pill simp bastards will go quietly into the night crying into their pillows wondering why their girl is sleeping with a 27 year old guitar player who still lives off his parents when they have been a good dad and have a successful career and have given her everything she has ever “said” she wants.

  17. Would’ve been tragic if those bodyguards had been forced to curb stomp an enraged SJW. Just tragic.

  18. This is the way true change starts gentlemen. Congratulations to you Roosh! You are really making things better for men in this world. Not only are you right about men’s rights and feminism, you are smarter than the opposition strategically. I’m sure it makes them mad. Just don’t accept a challenge with them on who makes the best sandwich!

    1. That’s what I was thinking. Rooshv and his team are way smarter than the feminists and the SJW’s. These people were getting all the support from the media and the politicians, while Rooshv and his team, were probably a bunch of men fighting against this huge tide of degenerates. These handful of men, through their genius methods of misinformation, kept the enemy confused. AND, Rooshv didn’t let them get away with anything. All the violent acts of the SJW’s were reported to the police and documented by screenshots, and in the numerous articles that flowed on this site, reporting all the attacks, insanity, threats and false accusations made by the feminists.These handful of men literally scared the shit of the enemy, and beat them with intelligence. And not only once, but twice, and I have no doubt that they will continue to beat the stupid feminists in all the battles in the future.

      1. Not to lessen the victory but it goes without saying that Roosh and the boys were smarter than the feminists…that’s almost like congratulating them for being smarter than a mouse or guinea pig 🙂
        They weren’t just smarter, they were also better prepared, proving once again that Men are better suited to the kinds of strategies warfare brings.
        If females had to literally fight for all the rights and privileges they exploit today, most of them would have been annihilated and the rest would have been kept as breeders ala “Mad Max”

        1. Women can’t fight on their own. They always need the assistance of men. Just like those 2 feminists gathered manginas and white knights and the government.

        2. Ronda Rousey would tell you that “she can take any man on the planet including floyd Mayweather”
          Yet she keeps ducking the male turned aesthetically female MMA monster Fallon Fox.
          Hmm. Could it be RR is full of rhinoceros shit?

        3. I don’t know enough about Fallon Fox to make any sort of educated guess on who’d win that fight. As it stands now, it sounds like Fallon Fox has enough issues fighting in the spot he’s already in, let alone against Rousey.
          That being said, if these feminist are so adamant about the whole “whatever you can do, I can do better” mantra, let’s create an open MMA division where both genders can compete against each other. There will still be a male division and a female division. The open division would be a 3rd option. Put your money where your mouth is ladies.

        4. Well said. No doubt, where, strategic planning, fighting mentality and battle spirit is concerned, men are better prepared than women. So better, that even when women get the support of the state, corrupt politicians, and man power of male doormats, masculine, well prepared, leader sort of men still win. All the protests and petitions were primarily started and organized by women, with the male doormats just chiming in, assuring the otherwise wimpy “strong, independent women” that they were there to back them. Here, male doormats were the supporters, just there to do the dirty work, while women were the leaders. No wonder that despite so much support they still lost. You fight with women as leaders and you lose if the opponents are masculine men. No offense to women, but men and women are different. Nature has designed men to fight battles, not women.

        5. “During Fox’s fight against Tamikka Brents, Brents suffered a concussion, an orbital bone fracture, and seven staples to the head. After her loss, Brents took to social media to fuel the controversy surrounding Fox’s perceived advantage: “I’ve fought a lot of women and have never felt the strength that I felt in a fight as I did that night. I can’t answer whether it’s because she was born a man or not because I’m not a doctor. I can only say, I’ve never felt so overpowered ever in my life and I am an abnormally strong female in my own right,” she stated. “Her grip was different, I could usually move around in the clinch against other females but couldn’t move at all in Fox’s clinch”
          “UFC women’s bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey, has stated she would be willing to fight Fox, saying “I can knock out anyone in the world”, although she believes Fox has an unfair advantage due to bone density and male bone structure. She stated in her interview with TMZ, “if you go through puberty as a man it’s not something you can reverse…There’s no undo button on that.” UFC president Dana White stated that “bone structure is different, hands are bigger, jaw is bigger, everything is bigger. I don’t believe in it. I don’t think someone who used to be a man and became a woman should be able to fight a woman.”
          Fallon Fox would destroy Ronda Rousey and probably in record time. Looking at him/her/it in a pic with Brents is like looking at Schwarzenegger in his prime compared to Mr Bean.
          RR knows it, Fallon knows it. The best part about all this is watching the LGBT militants go head to head against the feminist fascists. I love it when the far left jackals war with each other 😀

        6. Fox has 10 pounds and a two inch reach on Rousey, but Rousey is more than a decade younger. Fox is 5-1 while Rousey is 12-0.

        7. 12-0 against girls who look like they stepped off the supporting cast of “friends” isn’t really impressive.
          I’m not saying RR is a total phony but given Fallon Fox’s male advantage (and RR’s mention of it) i seriously doubt RR will come out on top and she’d likely be destroyed.

      2. One weakness with many orgs of large groups of people working together is that they are less organized and less knit together. There are people with different agendas that can oppose one another put to work together take advantage of that. Decisions take longer to get through and by the time it gets through too much time as passed

  19. Roosh, have you considered having a live stream skype presentation? I’m sure there are lots of us that would like to see your presentation but just live too far from the presentations.

    1. Roosh was assaulted after the talk in Montreal and many men have had their careers wrecked for speaking the slightest criticism of feminism.
      He did not give in or give up. That is manly and he won.
      Choke on it, troll.

      1. Leave Bruce Jenner alone! These transitions take time and on ‘his’ way to becoming Caitlin, he needs to get all the men out of his mouth as soon as possible so ‘Caitlin’ can take them in the right way. It takes a while to spit seamen out.
        Don’t ask me how ol’ bats intends to take men in. I don’t know the guy and failed biology.

    2. Salman Rushdie called. he told me to tell you FUCK YOU in arabic. I’ll just say it in english instead 🙂

    3. Every day tens of thousands of men are served FPO’s, restraining orders or are given walking papers from their own homes at gunpoint. Papers that are granted on a whim by a feminazi or muh gina magistrate and which are granted on the mere word and scribbled signature of a confused hamster. A RODENT can now sign a death warrant against a man. It is a death warrant if the man refuses to bend and stands his grounds against the entire unlevel playing field. If he refuses to play by their rules he loses greatly either monetarily or he loses honor and face. The man can hide out or flee the clusterfuck of trigger happy mob of ‘monkeys with badges’ and many men do wisely flee because they don’t have an army of their own to counter them or they don’t have the capital to out bid the prosecuting anti male warlords.
      Roosh’s game of ducking and covering was wise. In dodgeball, you can stand there like big bird or like a doofus sesame street character and get taken out or you can take the enemy for what they are – a serious enemy. They would cut your throat if you stood your principle. I’ve dealt with dyke protesters after the ceremony in private and they get violent if you don’t bend and whistle their tune. If you put on an act and speak to them with a lisp, they immediately get nice. I choose to stand my ground. Roosh is full circle in it and he has to stand ground completely. It’s duck and cover or be a martyr. The shit will get more excitinger and excitinger as the GREAT MANBALL GROWS.

  20. Amazing that tatooed trust-fund whiners, fat women, SJWs, manginas and other degenerates march freely through the streets—but a group of guys talking about women and self-improvement has to hide.
    This was no less that a victory for the very principle of free speech and free association. May there be many more.

  21. If you have enemies, it is because you are important.
    Your enemies show the value that you have.

  22. First time long time. Come on down to Houston Roosh. Diverse, fun, and I’d post a link but Just go hit up our cities Craigslist link and go to rants and raves section and you can see random posts stating the disdain and anger from plugged in folks getting no tang or getting some for inflated effort, time, money, etc. Pretty funny because they are regularly reposted and naturally denigrated. I certainly would make it a point to attend and I think you’d have a great turnout. Anyways not to be long winded but we appreciate collectively all your help and insight.

  23. Me: There were 10 SJWs bombers in the air
    Croud: in the air
    Me: 10 sjw bombers, 10 sjw bombers, 10 sjw bombers in the air
    Croud: 10 sjw bombers in the air…..
    Me: Then Da-Ry-Ush from ROK shot them down
    Croud: shot them down
    Me: Now there were 9 sjw bombers in the air
    Croud: in the air
    Repeat till there are no sjw bombers left.
    Dedicated to the unfuckables aka the feminazis

  24. Pay attention homo visitors…THIS is the real, new civil rights movement of our era.
    The battle to maintain the civil rights for Men and to win back those that were stolen from us through SJ legislation.

    1. Don’t call it “civil” rights, call it “natural” or “individual” rights. The term “civil rights” associates rights with the presence of government or the state. The terms “natural” and “individual” associates rights with “being” or “existence” which is something that pre-exists the creation of the state. The SJWs follow a civil rights model in that they believe that government provides rights. This is why the are always resorting to law and government force to eliminate man’s natural right of speech and association. Under the natural or individual rights model, government exists to protect something that is in the possession of man, his “natural” rights.

      1. Granted…should have included that at least in parentheses. Your points are spot on.

  25. *The Mississauga area of Toronto. Jeez, guys.
    And congrats, the media circus was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. Be safe.

  26. I’m not surprised by Toronto’s display of suppression, but Montreal?
    I thought Montreal was cool.

  27. It was a fun time to meet with some like-minded men, put some faces to the names that you see here online, and have some Q&A with Roosh afterwards. Plus, the curry dinner following was delicious. I had to cut out early so someone will have to tell me about the nightclub that capped the night off.

  28. Now we just need the SJWs to be punished for their illegal actions. Probably won’t happen, I know, but we can still hope.

  29. It’s crazy that Roosh had to hire bodyguards IN CANADA just to give a lecture! This is the “developed West” we’re talking about here! Oswald Spengler and Strauss-Howe were correct, it seems. Western Civilization is decaying… across the board: socially, politically, economically… it’s institutions, it’s liberties… it’s balkanizing, tearing itself apart, and can’t even rule itself effectively.

  30. they have spent the better part of 40 years beating men down… now the tide has turned… feminists free ride is over…….

    1. It had to happen eventually. It’s not in our nature to fight women, but enough is enough! Why do you think they are going so crazy? They are scared shitless they won’t be subsidised anymore!

  31. Well for this victory, I think this quote fits very well… “One small step for man, one huge leap for mankind.” Neil Armstrong Apollo mission.

  32. Toronto really IS the belly of the beast…it’s a social justice/multiculturalism/PC capital of Canada. Just like how Vancouver is the hippie/granola/hairy armpit capital. I would suggest to Roosh if he wants to visit in the future, stick to :
    Winnepeg : Full of rednecks and beer drinking working stiffs.
    Calgary : Lots of urban cowboys that love oil and hate white guilt.
    Edmonton : A split of hard core oil industry types and hockey enthusiasts.
    Avoid Saskatchewan, as that province, despite its small town feel, is so far to the left Canadians nick named it “The Red Square”

    1. I doubt they will succeed. Amazon really has everything. Heck, even the manifesto of Paul Hill the anti-abortion terrorist is available on Amazon.

  33. Roosh, congratulations. I’ve donated to you directly, and supported RooshV Forum, because my heart really is behind someone willing to take risks and take a stand for what is right. Keep it up.

  34. Now that you’ve won, they’re trying to get your books banned from Amazon. They can’t handle defeat

    1. I implore men to respond by buying a few of his books. I’m happy to support Roosh. Anybody that is making a living by fighting feminism is part of a noble cause I reckon!

  35. Please don’t refer to Mississauga as an area of Toronto, its an insult to the normal people who live in Mississauga. Toronto is where the shitlibs, hipsters, and feminists congregate.

  36. unfortunately I was out of town for the lecture but a congrats is in order. well Done Roosh…made my day when i read this article….

  37. Roosh is famous. Check out this radio segment on Roosh and on “pick up culture”. As usual with the very left-leaning and feminist CBC, they have to bring in some mangina from the Good Men project who criticizes Roosh for exploiting men who are looking for a masculine role model:
    At no point do they actually address roosh and the manosophere’s very intelligent, substantial and factual criticisms about feminism and modern Western women, and the current state of masculinity. Roosh is portrayed as a con artist trying to hustle a bunch of lost, clueless, pathetic men.

  38. Roosh, congratulations on your victory in Canada. However, I’d now like to see you move on to much greater challenges. PLEASE come to Australia. This will be extremely tough, much like scaling Everest, and unfortunately I seriously think you’ll be refused entry. But I really want to hear your views on modern day Australia and our women. Henpecked blue pill men in Australia need to wake up and realise that it doesn’t have to be like this. I think you’ll find the misandry you have previously encountered in the USA, Canada, England etc is nothing compared to what we have to put up with Down Under. I’m convinced your book would be “DON’T Bang Australia”! We even have “mistress laws”, where if a rich married guy is banging a slut on the side, she can legally claim millions of dollars in compensation if he ends the “relationship” with her!
    From then on you will only have one greater challenge left: Sweden, the Saudi Arabia of Feminism!

  39. Some fun…
    I went to Toronto this weekend, because why not? I’m a regular white guy with a hot girlfriend.
    When I got to the protest, the SJWs were harassing this random brown skinned kid from South Africa, saying he was a “RooshV supporter.” In reality, he was just a guy who got pissed that they were filming him, so he filmed them back and didn’t know what the whole thing was about, or who Roosh even is.
    While that’s going on, me and my girlfriend are walking around blissfully taking pictures and talking to people. My girlfriend actually did all the picture taking.
    Apparently no well adjusted white guy with a nice looking ladyfriend who speaks articulately could possibly be here to support Roosh. Even in SJW land.
    Not a single privilege was checked.

  40. I left a review on that shitty coffee shop and this is the email yelp sent me.
    Hello James,
    We’re contacting you about your review of L’artiste Affamé. Though we understand this business has recently received media attention and that users may have strong opinions, your reviews should be focused on your own everyday customer experience with a business. While you are welcome to post your comments on Yelp Talk, please note that at this time we will be removing any repostings from you to this business listing.
    Please visit our Content Guidelines for more information (www.yelp.ca/guidelines). We hope you’ll help us keep Yelp fun and useful for everyone!
    -The Yelp Support Team
    Yelp Official Blog – http://officialblog.yelp.com
    Yelp Support Center – http://www.yelp-support.com/?l=en_CA
    Yelp for Business Owners – https://biz.yelp.ca

  41. Sad that you needed to hire bodyguards for something so harmless… never underestimate the leftist’s propensity for violence, even while they preach compassion. It’s not just a new nuts.

  42. I wish that circumstances had been different that Roosh had not had to hire bodyguards but after reading about him being attacked with alcohol and that the restaurant he was in put his location on social media and the threats against him by “tolerant” SJW’s and delicate snowflakes, I understand the need.
    I would encourage Roosh to seriously consider studying some form of martial art. Krav Maga is excellent, but because it is meant to disable the opponent (usually permanently) in today’s litigious societies, akido is probably better as it allows the defender to deflect the attack without causing a great deal of harm.
    I’m certain there are many martial artists here on ROK who could make a better assessment of the various martial arts out there.
    Maybe one of the regular writers might want to make a report comparing the popular ones with their strengths and weaknesses.

  43. Hasnt Roosh had shit thrown on him or at him? I do not blame him for hiring protection. I think I saw a video in Canada of women throwing their drinks at him.

  44. I’m glad Roosh realized that making sure the lecture went through was the most important aspect of this whole thing.
    He made that his #1 priority and won. Good man.

  45. Congrats to Roosh and anyone else involved in making this another victory in the benighted country of Canada. All the feminists and their manginas must be feeling mighty butthurt about now. Hopefully they will get really insane with anger, and do something even stupider than what they have done so far. Then we can hang them out to dry.

  46. Awesome to see this. If I wasn’t so busy in other parts of the world I would have definitely attended, sounds like you guys had to deal with some obstructions but cleared your way eventually. Congratulations, and hope to see more of this!

  47. Why would a real man need bodyguards to protect him from middle age and out of shape feminists? The fact you would refer to your fake motivational speeches as a war, just shows the delusion of your generation and their entitlement to being pussies and enjoying the same privilege of civilizations that these women do. That makes you bitches. Real men fight real causes and dont complain about women because we get women and use them at our leisure, Your Neo-masculinity is merely Post-millennial faggotry. This is male attention whoring at its worst. Real men dont act like faggots and call police and make reports cause some chick didnt want to fuck him.
    According to his website it wouldnt matter if the chick was a feminist or not, his game would have still made her want to fuck him. Now he is filing a police report?! MANGINA EXTRAODINAIRE.

      1. sorry, true player here. All you DooshBags following a high-functioning asperger on how to get girls. This guy couldnt get laid in a whorehouse and was a virgin until his mid twenties. Now he is done with chasing poosy at 35? Please, I have been active since 1980, you Dooshbags are SO GULLIBLE.

      2. So as Roosh’s housewife do you also live in a studio apartment with no furniture and wash his one dingy v-pneck shirt, too?

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