Lena Dunham Declares Innocence Of Friend Accused Of Rape After Stating Women Don’t Lie About Rape

Via Breitbart:

Aurora Perrineau — the daughter of former Lost actor Harold Perrineau — filed a police report with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office Friday claiming that after a night out at a bar in Los Angeles in 2012, she awoke to find Murray having sex with her in his bed.

Perrineau shared the results of a polygraph test she claims to have passed with The Wrap Friday, in which she claimed that Miller had been flirting with her at the Standard Hotel, despite her telling him that she was 17. Perrineau had reportedly been with two friends, and Miller, who was 35 at the time, asked for a ride home. Perrineau said she and her friends all got out of the car at Miller’s residence.

“At some point, I woke up in Murray’s bed naked. He was on top of me having sexual intercourse with me. At no time did I consent to any sexual contact with Murray,” Perrineau reportedly said in the polygraph statement.

In a statement to The Wrap though his attorney, Miller “categorically and vehemently” denied the allegation and said his team had evidence contradicting the actress’s account. Miller also accused Perrineau of attempting to extort him, a charge the actress’s mother denied in a statement.

Dunham, who worked with Miller on the HBO series Girls, defended the writer and producer in a joint statement with Girls co-showrunner Jenni Konner issued Friday.

“While our first instinct is to listen to every woman’s story, our insider knowledge of Murray’s situation makes us confident that sadly this accusation is one of the 3% of assault cases that are misreported every year,” Dunham and Konner said.

“It is a true shame to add to that number, as outside of Hollywood women still struggle to be believed. We stand by Murray and this is all we’ll be saying about this issue,” the statement added.

Miller is one of dozens of Hollywood figures to have been accused of sexual misconduct in recent weeks.

Dunham claimed in her 2014 memoir Not That Kind of Girl that she had been raped by a Republican named “Barry” while she was a student at Oberlin College. An investigation by Breitbart News using the details Dunham provided about her rapist later cleared this “Barry” from the allegations, though Dunham waited months before issuing a statement saying that the name “Barry” was a pseudonym.

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57 thoughts on “Lena Dunham Declares Innocence Of Friend Accused Of Rape After Stating Women Don’t Lie About Rape”

  1. Feminists seem to have a nasty habit of excusing rapes and pedophilia from people on their own side while falsely accusing others. It almost seems like “rape culture” is a weapon against the “other” instead of them being genuinely concerned about women’s safety.

    1. The left does not care about anyone’s safety, only political agenda. ISIS can burn fifteen little girls alive in a cage and the left will shrug as if you said they egged someone’s house. Donald Trump calls a woman fat and they act as if he nuked a planet inhabited by cute babies. The left are pure evil.

    2. Funny that, Lena raped her baby sister, so of course she identifies and protects fellow rapists.

    3. Feminists are careless women. I have friends that are feminists and blame everything and everyone but themselves. Its Common sense that if you are staying out late at night to keep your guard up. My friend laughed at me because I was taking extra measures for My own safety for example making sure I park my car in a well lit area with security. Yet I get shit for telling her to be careful of the guy she just met because I got a bad vibe from him. Unfortunately I was right. Feminists act all smart and independent but they put themselves in dangerous situations and claw at anyone’s eyes who has their best interest at heart. Lena is the Feminists’ mascot saying and doing stupid shit without consequences and crying when they get call out on their shit. Feminism is a fantasy or a reality that women are not ready to Handel. It’s hard to be friends or related to them. All they want to so is bring other women down. They are all insecure and all their “movements prove that they do not want to do anything to fix their flaws nor grow up.

    4. Feminists do not care about raped women per se.
      What they care about is being able to use the accusation of rape whenever they wish so.

    5. It’s wet dreams, that they have ?? Big fat ugly bulldykes are dreaming of being fucked by a man .. But no sober, or even drunk man would dick them ??
      So they invent a fantasy of rape , or they approach a nigga for his big black doodah !

  2. You realize that Lena Dunham has no salvation when she looks fugly even after dropping a lot of weight.

    1. (((Chosen genetics)))
      This is why Jewish women are such proponents of plastic surgery. Even when they have managed to be not swarthy the Semitic genes show throw in their ugly features.
      Surprisingly Jewish women still manage to get enough men interested in them. I think this is due to the fact they are very easy and will do lots in bed. This might also have to do with them recognizing they weren’t blessed in the aesthetics department.
      Conversely who even wants to sleep with Jewish men? Maybe that’s why Hollywood is so full of rapists. Being worth billions and women still find them repulsive. That and most Jewish men are super beta and it seems they are proud of being so.

      1. I met one who is the attorney for a MLB team . I met her at the bar . She is about a 6-7 nice body . Our first date we took a walk in a park and she asked me about global warming . I said that’s a b.s. theory and she didn’t say much after that. We ended up in my car fucking. Hen she wrote me a text 3 days later saying she doesn’t want to see me again because I must be a trump voter

        1. Ha. I only fucked one technical Jewish broad. Found out she was Jewish after the fact. This was in the South and I had never seen a woman who looked like her in the South so I clearly didn’t put two and two together. She had the full on accent and even said words like “honey” and “sweetheart” like a belle. I did think she was quite Mediterranean looking for such a White Southern state. Definitely not many curly black haired women walking around down there.
          Anyway the sex was awful. She was into severe biting and I had to push her off me when she dug her teeth into my shoulder. Like wtf I don’t want telltale marks lol
          But that said she was one of the easiest notches to acquire. Not that I would have repeated the experience. This was prior to RP days. She was also a single mother.

        2. Liberals can’t practice what they preach. They’ve never been to third world countries to see how hard life can be. They don’t know what not being able to express your thoughts feels like. If I tell people I voted for Trump they say I did and accuse me of being spoiled and rich. My family lived in Nicaragua in the 80s and know how shitty Bernie Sanders’ wet dream is. In Nicaragua God forbid you speak out against the president. Yet in the states you’re allowed to publicly broadcast burning a paper mache of the president and not suffer any consequences the way ugly ass Kathy Griffin did. I feel liberals don’t know how lucky the are to be able to do their daily anti American Twitter rants without the government seizing their property the next day.

      2. FITZ
        Female Jews are descended from European gold-digging women who intermarried with Semitic Bedouin. To some degree the Semitic has been bred out of European Jews by gold-digging Gentile sluts over thousands of years.
        Jewish girls used to fill porn. Less so when skinny white trash girls from the Flyover discovered that they could make $2000 a day.
        Jewish men have high sex drives like blacks. Remember that Jews are from Egypt. They are more intelligent but have a great deal of characteristics of blacks-dominant matriarchy, impulsiveness, violence, aggression, chimpouts.

        1. Jews still have Semitic blood because they have such ugly features. That or Khazar blood. But many of them only share pigmentation with Europeans and little else in terms of physical features. Again, even many light skinned Jewesses have very Semitic features like a horseface, long thin nose, and bulbous hips.
          Also Jewish men are largely feminized cucks and have been since the Babylonian captivity. Judaism prides itself on matriarchy. They even changed Israelite status from being tied to the father to then be tied to the mother. They are largely not physically violent because most of them have no very little physical prowess and are built with short bodies and weak muscles. Jewish men wish they were Black but their wimp genetics take over. Ashkenazim are some of the biggest pussies I know.
          Sephardic Jews are another story but who even gives a shit about their existence. They are considered the lesser brethren even by their lighter Eastern Europe cousins.
          And besides her name is Dunham and not Durham if that was what you meant to spell. But since when do Jews have accurate surnames? Many of theirs had been changed either by intermarriage or by legal ways. It happens often Jews don’t have Jewish names.

        1. No. I seriously think most of the people who claim to be Jewish are just claiming it for sympathy points.

        2. She is half Jewish but she identifies as one…of course she does because it adds to being a minority.
          I swear people who aren’t fully Jewish but identify with being Jewish just want to be victims. They are always always ALWAYS feminized pussies.

      3. Fitz-
        A Jewish friend of mine in grad school told me he’d never marry a Jewess because “they’re the biggest whores” he’d known among the many girls he’d banged.

    2. She’s in her thirties now — it’s the ‘ugly’ inside of her, making its way to the outside.
      Imagine what she’ll look like in about five to ten years.
      Remember, “beauty is only skin deep”, but UGLY goes all the way down to the bone.

  3. They’re really pushing things to the point where no honest man will have any sympathy or good faith left for them.

  4. Sexy, she is so sexy.
    Pasty white skin, frumpy, grumpy, totally lumpy, disgusting attitude, and empowered. Perfect match for an alpha male.
    Thanks feminism!

    1. Please. Her skin is a blessing.for a Semite as it makes her less (((obvious)))
      Too bad she has the facial aesthetics of your average Jewish porn star

      1. FITZ
        European Jews don’t have much Semitic blood. Jewish women often married Gentile males who were thirsty enough to convert, especially in Italy. Gentile women married Jewish merchants.

  5. Lena Dunham is Gods way of reminding us about the very first failure in the garden of Eden. God was serious, he is making MEN/MAN pay for his blue pilling at the Tree of Life.
    God has a sense of humor and ironic justice. Deal with it. The joke is on MEN every time we fail to stop the nonsense and turn this crap around. until we do, mankind will know nothing but misery.

    1. Interesting way of putting it. Man gives woman an inch and history repeats itself yet again…

  6. Interesting choice of words in that polygraph. What did she say?”At no time did I consent to any sexual contact with Murray,”
    Ok, she did not say she ever said “no, stop” either.
    Still, Lena is ugly and fat. I’m just saying maybe the girl is lying and even a broken clock is right twice a day…

    1. Come on, it wouldn’t matter what happened after she woke up, you don’t go having sex with unconscious people… unless they told you it was a fetish of theirs. Same goes for dead people.

  7. Rapists can only be republican Trump supporting flyover country rubes who barely got through high school.
    Enlightened sophisticated urbane intellectual superior being democrats would never rape.

    1. Rubes never have an office in Hollywood to lure women to with promises of a career in show business or the like.
      Moral comparisons aside rubes are not going rape many women unless it is a “keg party” out in the woods when some high school girl is drunk.

  8. 6,000,000 Jews turned into lamp shades
    I take it that the 3% false rape “statistic” is another number pulled out of a Jew’s ass.

  9. CRY
    Jews don’t care about the Potato Famine or the travails or Irish-Americans, for example.
    You’d be hard-pressed to meet one who knew much about Gentile history. I’m not obsessed with theirs.

  10. Lena Dunham is a (((transexual))). Everything about this thing and its’ “friends” is a scripted LIE. IGNORE.

  11. She is a walking dumpster fire and a raging hypocrite. I read an article recently about all her examples of hypocrisy and other dumb shit she’s done, can’t believe she has a fan base. A large mass of people are truly morons

  12. The only rape Feminists seem to care about is the consensual sex between a woman and a cis White college student.

  13. The walking boner destroyer. No man is hard up enough to hit that.
    If it came down to a you must bang to save civilization scenario, bye bye civilization.

  14. Lena Dunham is as toxic, ugly and generic as they get. All the signs of a degenerate woman. Dyed hair, check. Tattoos, check. Ugly fish lips, check. Liar, check check. And for a kicker she is a child molestor. No wonder she supports Killary.

  15. Hey Lena Dunham, is your sister going to join the #metoo fad and finger you for fingering her when she was a little kid, when you admitted uin your book that you diddled her as a minor and WITHOUT CONSENT? Tell me, what is it like to be an admitted rapist defending a rapist?

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