You Shouldn’t Have To Game Friends

Permit me two stories.

About three years ago I was teaching a salsa dance class in Mankato, Minnesota.  The dance scene had gone from a bustling marketplace of 20 something hotties, desperate to learn the art of getting attention on a dance floor “ballroom dancing,” to a sad shell of its former self.  The 20 somethings left to start families, and now certainly in their 30’s, their children prevented them from such luxuries as taking dance classes.  Instead my dance classes were now full of recent 50 something divorcees thinking they were going to find a “Latin lover” if they and their 200 pound ass just learned a little salsa dancing.

It had gotten so bad that sometimes I couldn’t teach dips because many women were literally too heavy to dip and the dwindling number of men that remained would injure themselves if they dared try.  And so instead of being excited to start a new class, the previous decade of decline in the beauty of my students had taught me not to get excited and treat what was once my passion like a job I no longer cared about.

Then she walked in.

“She” being the second most beautiful girl I ever had in my then 13 years of dance classes.  Tall, model-esque, and a face that was the epitome of beauty.

I was about to pigeon-hole her as just another self-absorbed attention queen, and play the appropriate game, until we had a drink after class and was shocked.  She was a sergeant in the US Army, fresh from Iraq.  She was a communications specialist, worked a real job, and had the misfortune of losing her mother early on in life.  She was not spoiled, but rather had suffered a harsher than average life, and thus was a rather impressive person.

Normally, at this point, one’s mind might default to “wow, this might be the one,” but there was just one problem. Though stunningly beautiful, there was just no physical chemistry between her and me.

I KNEW she was attractive, my brain corroborating what my eyes saw, but oddly enough I just really couldn’t get it up for her.  She was one of those rare “hot chicks” that everybody else would want to nail,  just not you.

However, while the physical chemistry was just not there, the personality was.  So much so that you would almost consider this person to be a soul brother/sister.  Her experiences in life shaped her into an interesting person and also gave her the street smarts needed to just do things on an automated and unconscious level.  She intuitively knew what you were saying, knew what you were doing, and would support you without thinking twice.  She was observant and clever, making her a great wingman.  I was convinced that though I would not be dating this girl, I would have a cool tomboy of a chick to hang out with and thus started inviting her to hang out with my crew.

Then, something interesting occurred.

While she was desperate to go and resurrect her social life after Iraq, pretty much every invitation I gave her went unanswered.  I’d say, “Hey, we’re going to a jazz club.  Give you a chance to get out of uniform and dress like a girl for once.”  She’d respond enthusiastically, only never to show.  I’d say, “Hey, we’re going salsa dancing later tonight,” only to get a response back the next day that she had to work.  I’d say, “Hey, bunch of us are going for a motorcycle ride, we’re coming through your town, you want us to pick you up?”  Nothing again.

It soon got to the point that she so infrequently attended that I just stopped inviting her.  However, I could never reconcile why we got along so great and why she expressed such an interest in doing things (to the point it sounded like she was “dying” to get out), only never to capitalize on my offers.

The next story is one set in Sheridan, Wyoming.

There I was working at a local bank, sifting through loans we made to local meth addicts, trailer trash, single moms, and degenerates who couldn’t run a sports bar effectively.  I was fortunate enough to live downtown, which meant I could walk to work, not to mention, four bars were literally within one block of my apartment (one literally under it).

Because of my proximity to bars, my social life received a significant boost.  I would hit every bar, every night, and even taught dance classes at the largest bar in town on Tuesdays.  Also because of the relatively small size of the town I became one of the “regulars” overnight, me knowing everybody and everybody knowing me.

Unfortunately, since this town was in Wyoming most of the local women were hideous.  This is not my opinion.  It’s just a fact.  Women in Wyoming just aren’t pretty.  They’re overweight, they smoke and drink too much, aging their faces prematurely, they get pregnant before they graduate from high school, and they certainly don’t care to doll themselves up.  They rarely wear dresses. They never wear heels.  And no amount of make-up can save them, so they don’t even bother.  Wyoming literally is just one big, square trailer park and their women represent this fact.

So imagine my surprise when a


drop-dead gorgeous blond in

6 inch cherry red heels and a

matching red cleavage-dropping dress

walked into the bar.

It didn’t make sense.  The needle went off the record.  Men’s jaws hit the floor and women sneered.  NEVER had such a hot woman ever walked through those doors, let alone set foot inside Buffalo, Wyoming.

My instinct kicked in and I stopped looking, ensuring to be the only guy ignoring her.  And sure enough she sat next to me and started talking to me.

But just like the beautiful sergeant from Mankato, her looks were deceiving.

She wasn’t a ditzy broad, looking for free drinks.  Turned out she worked at a rather prestigious ranch outside of town and this was her one night off that week.  She never had the opportunity to dress up and had been wanting to wear this little red number for quite some time.  And so she was going to wear it, consequences be damned.

She was also incredibly smart and incredibly different.  She had traveled to Russia to purchase a unique breed of horse and start breeding them here in the states.  She was also very well read on philosophy and could challenge my thinking and make me think of new ideas I had never pondered before.  And add to it again, she was a tomboy.  She liked not only ranching, lassoing, and riding horses, but 4 wheelers, motorcycles, hiking, fishing and amateur paleontology and archaeology.

I was happy for there were very few people in Wyoming I could talk to, let alone be intellectually stimulated by.  And because of the rapport we had established it was in my mind a foregone conclusion we would be friends.  She invited me out to her ranch where she said she’d cook me dinner and then we could go fishing, hiking, arrowhead hunting, or whatever we wanted.  She gave me her number and given how few intelligent and in shape people there were in Wyoming, I promised not to ruin this gem of a find by trying to hit on her or making any advances.

A couple days later I headed out to her ranch where she gave me a tour.  We drove a 4 wheeler around, saw some amazing mountains, cliffs and a picturesque stream filled with trout.  She showed me the horses (not a big fan) and then she showed me some old buildings that were there during the pioneer days.  It was a good ole time, but she had to wake up early the next morning to work on the ranch, and so I headed back.  But before I did she gave me a large arrowhead piece.  Too large to be an actual arrowhead, but rather was obviously a tool of some kind.  Regardless, it was such a nice piece I would have considered it museum-quality and was consequently thankful and humbled for such a gift.  It also made me think she was a kindred spirit and further confirmed I had made a friend.

I was thinking since she could really only take off on weekends that we might climb this mountain I had scoped out the week before.  Didn’t want to see too rushing, so waited a couple days and left her a voice-mail.  She was so far from town, however, that I knew she didn’t have reception on the ranch.  She had to drive to the state highway every night to get her voice-mails, so I figured she’d call back when she had the time.

Wednesday passed, then Thursday, then Friday and unfortunately, she never called.

No matter, I figured, probably busy.  The ranch was quite the operation.  I’ll catch her next week.

I then walked down to one of the rowdier bars in town and surprise!  There she was.

Red dress

Red heels

Drunk as all hell

She saw me and immediately lit up.

“Cappy!!!!  Hi!!!!”

“Hi,” I said, kind of surprised to see her bombed.  I said in a jesting manner, “So I take it we’re not going hiking tomorrow?”

“Nooo, I’m sorrrry, I forgot to call you.  We can go hiking next week.  I just needed to get out and let lose.”

Understanding, I said, “Well, you’re sure making a go of it now!”

We continued to hang out, but unlike the first night we met and the day we had at her ranch, she was now flirting with pretty much every guy at the bar.  There was no conversation and she was now dancing on the floor to hip hop music, spilling beer.  I decided to leave her at the bar and check out the one next door.  Sure enough within an hour she followed.

“Why did you leaaave!???  I need you to protect me from this guy,” she said somewhat slurred.

“What guy?” I asked.

“This guy, he keeps hitting on me.”

I saw no guy.

Realizing she probably had a few too many I offered her a place to crash at my joint.  She refused and instead decided to hit the remaining two bars, while I believe I had enough for the evening and walked home.

The next morning I saw her car parked downtown.  I found that odd.  So I walked into the bar beneath my apartment and inquired (I learned that in small towns in Wyoming bartenders proved a better source for information than the internet, and yes, bars are open that early in Wyoming).

“Oh yeah, Amy!?  Yeah, good ole Amy.  She got ripped.  Ended up going home with a bunch of Italian tourists last night.  Bit of a drama queen that one.”

“Heh,” I said, “she does this much?”

“Yeah, she’ll come to town, get drunk, lead guys on, piss off their girlfriends, lead on the tourists.  Provides for some decent entertainment.”

And certainly it did, for it wasn’t just that one night Amy came to town, but at least three more nights before I left for Minneapolis.  I made a token few handful of calls to see if Amy wanted to go hiking, but none, of course, were ever returned.  Last I saw her she was drunk at a bar scoring drinks out of a guy nearly thrice her age.

Now the moral of these stories is not one of entertainment value or living vicariously through the life of the ole Captain.  But rather to prepare you for the likely event that in your 80 years of life expectancy you will run into a girl who is:

1.  Gorgeous and

2.  Has such a unique personality or spirit about her it practically compels you to be friends with her, but

3.  For some reason you just aren’t physically attracted to her

You will be excited.  You will be happy.  You will think, “Wow, you know, I just REALLY dig this person for herself and it would be totally cool to just go and hang out with her.”  But you will be let down, because the friendship you assume is a guarantee will never come to fruition.  And the reason why is that her beauty prevents it.

Understand absolutely drop-dead gorgeous women are damaged goods in a certain regard.  It isn’t even necessarily their fault, but rather society’s.  Since they are so good looking, the vast majority of men interact with them on a sexual basis.  They want to have sex with them, they want to be around them, they simply want to look at them.  Sadly, none of them want to be their friends and therefore truly beautiful women have few, if any, platonic or non-sexual relationships with men.  This skews their experience and mental development so far to the point that by the time they’re 20, maybe 22, they’re INCAPABLE of having normal, healthy, non-sexual friendships with males.

99.9% of the time, this is fine because 99.9% of the time men are physically attracted to such women and aren’t interested in friendship.  However, for the remaining .1% of men who just don’t find that particular woman physically attractive, OR value a friendship more than a sexual relationship, you throw the girl for a loop.  You “do not compute.”  Making matters worse, is that some of these women ARE genuinely interesting and intellectually-engaging people which draw you in on a platonic level.  But since these women never had male friends, and thus, don’t know how to interact with you, they assume you are just like every one else.  You’re hitting on them, you want to nail them, you’re only interested in sex, and thus the games continue.

This will throw you off because (for once) you REALLY don’t want to have sex with this woman!  You will be approaching her in (GASP!) an honest and friendly way!  And so when you say,

“Hey, let’s go hiking this weekend.”

You’re not saying

“Hey, let me feign like I’m interested in hiking so I can get into your pants.”

You’re really, actually saying,

“Hey, let’s go hiking this weekend.”

But she doesn’t know that.  Matter of fact, her mind and psychology has been so predispositioned by how society interacts with her, she is incapable of knowing that.  And therefore, no matter how cool a chick, no matter how much you jive on a certain level, and no matter how much you may enjoy each others company, don’t get too excited about making a new friend.  Because she is going to default to her sociological programming.  She will play mind games.  She will assume you want her.  She will flake out.  She will be the drama queen.  She will be just another drop-dead gorgeous girl.

The sad thing, however, is not that you won’t realize a true and great friendship with these women.  That was fated never to happen anyway.  What’s really sad is you see a very interesting, engaging, unique person with incredible potential let society and their beauty dictate how they behave and what they’ll inevitably become.  For while you’ll see the potential for a brilliant, intelligent woman, with various hobbies and interests, who would make a great wife or mother, and make a family incredibly happy, or have some amazing career, unfortunately she’ll choose to be just another piece of T&A at the bar.

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44 thoughts on “You Shouldn’t Have To Game Friends”

  1. That’s so sad, sad and frustrating. I’m sorry you had to go through that, and I’m sorry to hear a reminder that things such as these are facts of life for the moment.
    Such a shame.

  2. Interesting article. Every time I come across a cool woman but don’t feel the sexual chemistry I’ll just straight up say I don’t feel but I want to be friends.

  3. What you just spoke of Cpt. Capitalism, is something all well-socially-adjusted males experience at some point. When some men say “guys can’t be friends with girls” – its true in some point, but those men speak from a position of Sour Grapes and ONEitis.
    For others, you have to realize Briffault’s law dictates your friendships with women as well:
    “Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place”
    An Elegant Man makes a solid point on that note. You need to be explicitly clear for “lets just be friends” type deal – but don’t need to say it that way. Calling her “homegirl” “homie” “dude”(for younger chicks) helps get the message across.
    But you have to realize, for all intents and purposes, they don’t NEED you as a friend, as great of a time you might show her, these girls are SINGLE women, approaching the wall, and they’re looking for a man to BE WITH. So unless you’re providing some advantage to them that allows them exposure to OTHER desirable males while remaining platonic friends, she will just begin flaking like she does to every other guy trying to get into her panties – women are utilitarian like that. Also it seems like you played it right with Amy (but she was damaged goods), but the first girl it really seems like she thought you were the beta orbiter, although its not the case, based on Occam’s Razor and her prior experience with women.
    But where I disagree with you is NOT on the fact that these women are damaged goods (although many are, don’t get me wrong) – its more that you don’t provide anything that benefits them that they could normally get from just “showing up to the party.” Women are utilitarian like that.
    Once you realize this, you CAN have friends with beautiful women, you just need to accept that they’ll only hang if you provide some additional value other than interesting banter. Women are utilitarian like that. It also seemed like you were reaching out to these girls too frequently – so while you were thinking it was a ‘just friends’ arrangement they might have seen it as chasing.
    In college I had a girl I was ‘best friends’ with all four years – she was a hard 7 in a sorority at a school where hard 7’s run the land. While I still hang out with her after we graduated (shes giving me a place to stay later this year), during college she would hang more with my really good friends in a fraternity – and we would hang out more when my frat friends would just happen to invite us both to hang at the same time – while I was her ‘best friend,’ she derived MUCH more benefit from hanging out with my other friends in the frat house – more exposure to guys, higher social status.
    Women are utilitarian like that.

    1. “What you just spoke of Cpt. Capitalism, is something all
      well-socially-adjusted males experience at some point. When some men
      say “guys can’t be friends with girls” – its true in some point, but
      those men speak from a position of Sour Grapes and ONEitis. ”
      Nice shaming language, faggot.

      1. seems like I must have struck a chord with you on that one.
        Nice butthurtness, faggot.

      2. “Shaming language”? Are we so P.C. here that any description that is not 100% flattery considered “shaming”?

  4. Jesus, suck it up and go for the bang. Like you haven’t punished your penis with worse. Anyway you were asking them out on dates, of course they are going expect that you want to be their boyfriend.

    1. if having a female friend got you 2(+) bangs from new attractive girls from the Preselection, Social Status, and Wingwomaning…versus banging her….
      …could you really say its NOT worthwhile to pursue a friendship with a sociable, attractive chick? I do have to cede that friendships with girls aren’t as advantageous as people on the Manosphere say for your game……a chickfriend will just as likely sabotage your efforts to get laid in preservation of The Sisterhood(TM), or not know how to help you out in the first place. With a chickfriend its best to have other girls SEE you chatting with her then you *temporarily* bail from her to meet the new girls….
      And I agree, it seemed like the author was really asking them out on dates. He should have pushed for more group hangouts – and not in the way it seemed like he was saying “a bunch of us are going ….” it should have been more “you should meet my friends” where “friends” are a mixed gender crew so she’s not the only chick like some joke of corny TV show.

  5. Concur with post.
    Met a 10/10 like that about a month ago. Found out she was really religious (no sex before marriage) but she was so cool to hang out with I didn’t care. Why? Because whenever I went out with her every single girl was clocking me, thinking, “Who the hell is he?”
    But, yeah, don’t bother calling her up any more, pretty much for the same reasons as in this article.

    1. I find the image of a “really religious” girl palling around with someone who calls himself “Cunt Stretcher” kinda humorous.

  6. These women were never your friends. They were simply waiting for you to make the move. And since you didn’t, they felt rejected and low value. Blowing you off was ego preservation. I enjoy your blog very much, by the way.

  7. Carson D just nailed the reason why they never turned up or returned your calls Cpt. Capitalism.

  8. “1. Gorgeous and 2. Has such a unique personality or spirit about her it practically compels you to be friends with her, but 3. For some reason you just aren’t physically attracted to her.”
    I don’t think that number 3 can occur if number 1 exists. This is better believed if she was unattractive. It is in 100% of every man’s DNA, empirically speaking, to see a beautiful woman and want to have sex to some degree. That being said, I think that one can just “want to be friends” with a beautiful woman, particularly if she brings for value than drama to the table.
    Great example. I met a gorgeous young lady from Latin America who I invited to help me learn Spanish while I helped her with her English. In fact, she was a magazine model there. At the time we met, she had been in the US for about 9 months. I felt compelled to show her out a couple of nights since she was “stuck” living at home with her parents, helping with her brother who suffers from schizophrenia. We had a great time. Not only was I learning Spanish, I was also in the presence of a beautiful female who was simply positive about life and, at least on the outside, happy. I gave it my all to keep her around only as a “friend.” Particularly because I didn’t want to ruin my free tutor relationship. We stayed in friend zone for about 3 months. You know what eventually happened? We hung out one night. We drank. We talked. We fucked. That “friendship” hasn’t been the same; haven’t had a tutor session in about 3 weeks now.
    My point: Men cannot be friends with beautiful females. And if there exists a .1% chance of such a man, perhaps the Return of Kings is the wrong target audience.

  9. Why would I want to be friends with a girl? Why weren’t you just looking for ugly chicks to be friends with? Do good looking girls make better friends? The first girl rejected you. The second girl was a slut who you didn’t want drama from. There’s nothing deeper there than don’t be friends with women. I mean sure be friends with women but don’t expect it to be like being friends with a guy. Even with guys a good friend is rare. I see a hot interesting girl the last thing I’m going to think is I don’t want to screw this up by hitting on her. If I do start to pursue her and it turns out she’s an interesting flake of a person oh well.

  10. Wow….They didn’t like you simply because you were trying to be “friends” with them. It doesn’t work that way if they consider you a mate. At their age you’re either a mate or you are not. A non-beta isn’t going to be friend-zone material, so they they got rid of you. If you’re looking for friends then there are plenty of less attractive women with way more going on than these two women that would happily be your “friend”. I think YOU were the one that was intimidated by the fact that they were beautiful AND accomplished. So, you only wanted to be “friends”….think introspectively and tell me if that does or does not sound like every guy that does get friend-zoned in high school. I think you preemptively chose this dumb ass, friend zone so as to not take the ego hit of these women playing you the way you otherwise, would do to them. Meanwhile, they run off with Italian tourists that don’t care for your salsa dancing classes. The situation’s rare, and I’ve been there, but you failed that rare test now didn’t you?

  11. Wow….They didn’t like you simply because you were trying to be “friends” with them. It doesn’t work that way if they consider you a mate. At their age you’re either a mate or you are not. A non-beta isn’t going to be friend-zone material, so they they got rid of you. If you’re looking for friends then there are plenty of less attractive women with way more going on than these two women that would happily be your “friend”. I think YOU were the one that was intimidated by the fact that they were beautiful AND accomplished. So, you only wanted to be “friends”….think introspectively and tell me if that does or does not sound like every guy that does get friend-zoned in high school. I think you preemptively chose this dumb ass, friend zone so as to not take the ego hit of these women playing you the way you otherwise, would do to them. Meanwhile, they run off with Italian tourists that don’t care for your salsa dancing classes. The situation’s rare, and I’ve been there, but you failed that rare test now didn’t you?

    1. If you deeply search yourself,there comes times you’ll come across with Hot looking woman that you won’t have an appeal to bang em. I know I’ve seen average face women with nice thick glossy legs that I would love to eat them legs and I’ve come across a magazine cover alike woman with cute, face in great shape that as soon as we began talking, I could not see me with her in any way in bed,so I drop the making moves and just treat her like whatever because I’m not interested.Sad thing of life, sometimes some of this woman will see you as their ideal man,when you don’t pay her attention or spend a dime on them, BUT I’LL SIMPLY NOT BE INTERESTED……Sad, I think in this era woman should not hold back and let the man as soon as where ever they meet, that she’s interested right away.

  12. I don’t presume to claim to be gorgeous, because I’m probably not, but I would never try to make friends with a guy I was attracted to. I’m not single, so it’s disrespectful of me to make friends with somebody I could develop feelings for. But I wouldn’t do it even if I was single because I wouldn’t want to have an unrequited crush on this guy I agreed to be friends with and disappoint the guy. So it’s really nothing personal.

  13. I worked as a cocktail server/bartender at The Jazz Club in Mankato in the late nineties. It was strange but entertaining place.

    1. This shows a truth that seems to be frequently ignored; actual Alphas have platonic friendships with women. I know some alphas-from-birth types, great guys, all of them, and they’re all like this. Since they have unlimited selection they lack the desperation obvious in a comment like “dude, are you gay? Go for the bang!”
      An alpha is not desparate for sex. A truly beautiful woman is not a unicorn to an alpha. She’s the norm. If he finds one he especially likes and she reciprocates, they have sex. If not, they become friends. No big deal.
      Great post! This is a real insight.

      1. Is ROK becoming a MGTOW blog? Some of Capt. Cap’s posts on economics are fine, but the guy does not lead the kind of life most who read this site or Roosh’s site aspire to be.

  14. Play the beta be treated like a beta. Both the woman in the dance class and the woman who hopped the bars did not engage in those activities to have a male friend to hike and “share ideas” with.

  15. There are different schools of thought on this issue, but I don’t believe in men being friends with women. Forced interactions with women under conditions when you have your business and must interact with them is one thing, but generally most men who have a female “friend” is doing so in an effort to become more than that, which is dangerous of course due to ending up simply playing the role of useful idiot to her, commonly known in the politically correct social circles as “the friend zone”.

    1. This. It boggles my mind how many guys are “friends” with girls in London. I have a hard time believing they genuinely enjoy hanging out with said girl. If its not because they like that girl, it is because they want access to her inner circle of friends for sex. It seems London works more on a level of social hook ups, where you get together with a friend of a friend rather than a stranger.
      This just doesn’t work for me. Hanging out with a girl on a friend basis seems pointless, no matter her friends. I have nothing in common with them. Call me a caveman I don’t care, I can only tolerate a woman if I know there is a chance of sex or I am physically attracted to them.
      As for women who are friends with guys in this city. I truly believe it is for an ego boost. Get to know any of these girls and her reasons for have g guys as friends become clear without her sayi g so much.
      The girls that say they make friends with guys better than girls are the real head cases.

  16. I have a hot looking Latina friend, just platonical friendship, but it came to an end once she found her Boyfriend (jealous and controlling like woman Respect), She had to cut her friendship because her silly Alpha boy was Hot headed. From time to time she calls me to see how am I doing, also to tell me about her situation and love life… .point of story, you lose an attractive companion sooner or later, even with no intentions of banging her.

  17. I’m in a similar situation with a girl at work. She’s gorgeous, smart, witty … and of course surrounded by male orbiters. (Women at work tend to find her “arrogant” or “stuck up”). Whenever we talk we get on great, sparks just fly. I make her laugh a lot. But I’m never able to meet up with her outside work, even though I’m only interested in friendship. We did it a single time, when a friend of hers was in town who needed to be entertained. The three of us went to a hotel bar and had a fantastic evening. Since then, though, my invitations to meet, be they ever so nonchalantly made, have been politely but unmistakably turned down. Up until now, I reckoned it was because she received so much male attention, she was just too busy. But maybe she does just assume that I want to get into her pants. Which I don’t, not really.

  18. Yep. Been there and can relate to this completely. Gotta escalate. You can be friends after you bed her.

  19. WTF? Why would you want to have a non-sexual friendship with a woman? Are you gay or something?

    1. how does it imply he’s “gay”? he made no mention of being attracted to men at all…….

  20. As a frequent, long-time reader of Roissys Heartiste blog I saw a lot of red flags regarding the two chicks you talked about. Not only that, but a good amount of hamster spinning on your part as you recounted your time with them.
    *Cracking knuckes* Let me give you the low down on these two girls, first, by asking you a few questions I know you will say yes to. Is their ring finger larger than that the index finger? Do they have a large, almost chiseled manjaw? Do they pursue activities and careers most women would choose not to partake in? Are their personalities larger than life? Are they in the top 5 percentile of female height?
    Then you my friend are dealing with an Amazon Alpha (aka lawyer cunt). I have run into quite a few of them myself and fallen hard for some, like had with those two. I don’t blame you. Betas are instantly smitten with these types women, because it’s sooo fucking easy to establish a rapport with them. This is because of their tendency to partake in manly interests. The beta instantly falls into a false comfort zone. They take on a certain confidence during these interactions because there is no pressure to be funny, witty, socially adept or keep up with the Joneses, which is what most women would want.
    This comfort zone turns into a holding pattern that becomes “the friendzone.” After a few dates things die down quickly because you didn’t escalate quickly enough to land your dick on her airstrip shaved vagina. The top two commenters on this thread (Poop and Carson D) laid it out pretty well.
    Amazon alphas are men trapped in women’s bodies. As a guy wouldn’t you want to slut it up with a variety of strangers, especially if you were super attractive and had 100 times more guaranteed choices than you did as a guy? These chicks are not LTR material. They lie like men do to get in your pants (“I don’t get to go to the bar that often”, “I want to jumpstart my social life (ride the cock carousel privately) after coming back from Iraq”) And they have few female friends because they are just as clumsy socially as most guys are.
    As for the red flags, you had a lack of attraction for army girl even though she’s hot (was it her man hands, big feet or her abrasive personality?), both traveled to the other side of the planet to do their jobs and both of them trolled anonymously for one night stands. Oh, you say army girl chose to stay home every time you invited her? No. She was at another bar on the other side of town, ensconced from judging eyes.
    Since these two clearly got you all worked up, here’s some instructions from CH to avoid the oneitis.
    DON’T accept her challenges.
    DON’T be ordinary.
    DON’T be beta
    DO stroke her ego.
    DO fuck her like a silverback gorilla.
    DO dump her after getting your rocks off.
    And again, DON’T be beta. They won’t hesitate to play you out as both of them did.
    Here’s the classic post from the CH archives:

  21. I had a couple of these, but the one that sticks out in my head the most is Angie. She was a blast to go hang out with, as long as you weren’t looking at her as a date. She drank too much, smoked, played up every guy that looked at her, the whole ten yards.
    I, fortunately, figured out rather quickly that she wasn’t worth trying to date. She would invite me out, even offering to buy my drinks when I was between jobs once. We had the perfect friendship, because she kept the ugly girls at bay with just her presence.
    One night, we f**ked it all up. New Year’s Eve I had more than a few, and so did she, and we were both living our respective nights. I kept the ugly guys back from her, she was keeping the crowd of girls near us pretty. Then midnight rolled around and bang, New Years kiss. Not a little kiss. No, a full-blown, 5 minute long, make-out session. The only reason we didn’t go home that night together was her cock-blocking friend, and in hindsight that was even a blessing.
    We weren’t friends for long after that, unfortunately she couldn’t move past the kiss. To this day, however, I’m happy I didn’t sleep with her. I was very young and stupid in some ways. I might’ve thought I could change her, but it probably wouldn’t have happened. She was a cock hopping slut, and probably still is today, so I was pretty lucky to recognize that she never would’ve stayed faithful.

  22. For an economist, he sure doesn’t have an economy with words. If I wrote that badly, I’d be a lot nicer to English majors.

  23. Wtf was this article about? I’m not reading this blog so that I can learn how to be friends with a girl. I’m sorry you were disappointed, but you should have tried to bang them instead. They would probably want to be your friend afterwards.

  24. Out of all the ballroom dances, salsa is the least ballroomy. It’s closer to club. No wonder it’s the girls’ favorite. Where I live, there’s a dance studio in the hipster part of town that only does salsa.

  25. Even though this is an old article, I wanted to pop in to remind people that a woman being in the military should be an instant red flag. She’s been passed around so many dudes it’s almost unfathomable to anyone not in the service. Unless she’s a total dyke, in which case she’s probably awesome company, but not for yer willy; in this case, order the first round and see if she has some cute “bi” “friends.”

  26. I had no idea Aaron Clarey was a hamster-id beta. “Friends” with a beautiful girl — LMAO.

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