Special Thanks To Our October Sponsor

Not long ago I put up a call for individuals or business to advertise as a monthly sponsor where they get exclusive promotion on ROK. Our first sponsor for this month is My New Company, which helps you create a corporation, LLC, or DBA.

We are a small business that understands the needs of small business owners. That’s why we provide exceptional service, for less money, with much more included in each business formation package. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we’re always a phone call away to guide you throughout the incorporation process. So take a look around, compare our service to the competition (compare the total price) and see why we are one of America’s fastest growing incorporation services.


I don’t know how many of your are starting a business at the moment, but if you are, check out My New Company. We thank them for their support, and it couldn’t have come at a better time because we recently upgraded our hosting infrastructure and are now on a dual-processor server that gives us ten times the capacity as before. I hope you have noticed an increased in performance when visiting the site in the past week.

If you are interested in becoming an ROK sponsor, visit our sponsorship page. Otherwise, you can drop a couple bucks in our tip jar. Your supports means a lot in light of some sustained feminist criticism we’ve been receiving lately for Tuthmosis’ post 24 Signs She’s A Slut.

27 thoughts on “Special Thanks To Our October Sponsor”

    1. Totally. Roosh should run this site and throw all his time into it for free and pay for it all out of pocket, just like YOU’RE doing with YOUR high traffic websi… oh wait, you’re NOT doing that?
      Criticize FAIL.

    2. There are so many nails.
      People know roosh is full of shit. Well, most people do. He thinks he’s a PUA guru, and he has his followers, but has anyone ever seen any pics of him with women?

      1. Whether Roosh is full of shit or not I leave at the reader’s discretion. But come on – you want him to post pictures for you of himself with women? Seriously? Because pictures with women are the be-all and end-all of proving you’re a PUA master, right?
        Pay me 100 bucks and I’ll go get pictures tomorrow night with 50 different beautiful women at the local nightclub. mPUA status assured.
        When I find a website loaded up with pictures of the guy and all “his” girls, that’s how I know the guy’s probably spending more time building his online image than getting his dick wet.

        1. There is no proof that he succeeds at pick-up. The few pics I’ve found online are with sub-par to average women. All he does is talk a good game. And in those pics, he looks lost. The body language is off. He looks like a hunted animal, to me.
          So yes, if he is making money on this, prove it. Prove success.
          In fact, he writes more about his failures than he does in proving his successes. I admire his honesty, even though it proves his “game” is worthless (if not downright counterproductive).
          This “game” is a fraud, because it goes against nature. Women are the ones that choose, not men. “Game” is like planting palm trees on the summit of Mt Everest. It’s wasted effort.

        2. He does not suceed at pua,common its obvious.Why do you think a grown up man would escape to eastern europe?Because of the scenery?No,it’s because he is not able to comfortably get laid with 7< in any other place.
          -he is anti-game.He teaches men false premises and a false idea that it’s ok to be a beta,just not in the USA
          -roosh is a slut shamer.show me a PUA who is a slut-shamer lol.PUAs actually love women and they are after sex.Slut shaming is the biggest cock block ever.Slut-shaming is done by 4 categories: women,loosers and moralists.Or deeply deeply hurt men.I have nothing against sluts.They are the only women who see men as their equals.
          -read his posts on “game”.than read real PUAs.than compare.You will see what I mean.Roosh is obviously not.
          The rok is funny because its the only place you can see pissed off feminists at.roosh is funny because he pisses of feminists and is full of bs.read it for fun.
          If you want to understand game than you should read real guys

        3. Nick = virgin beta bitch.
          Pointing out obvious fraudulent PUA nonsense =/= trolling.
          All he has are “men” that don’t like women, for whatever reason (but the main blame is “feminism” even if they can’t define it). And those “men” follow their guru like lost little puppies.

        4. “The rok is funny because its the only place you can see pissed off feminists”
          True. I can also see pissed off betas that think they’re “alphas”. They can all snipe at each other all they want. His followers are all nothing but little drama queens that blame others because they can’t get laid.

        5. Dude….men in the west like you will not believe VIDEO PROOF of something. Roosh has nothing to prove to you or to me.
          If you do not believe me that men will not believe VIDEO PROOF just try this video. I am the only man in the world who has done this…and STILL people actually refuse to believe what is on this video.
          After YOU MEN have PROVEN you are not gutless cowards? Get back to guys like Roosh or I. Ok?

        6. “Why do you think a grown up man would escape to eastern europe?”
          Dude. I left the west for the reason that I did not like living among people who were pathological man haters. People like you are. I live in Germany and I date eastern european women. Indeed my fav#1 is from the Ukraine.
          What Roosh has had to say about eastern european women is VERY similar to my experience with them. If he is lying he would have to be getting his information from someone like me.
          Personally? I think he is being honest and I will treat him as an honest man until some PROOF that he is dishonest arises.
          What is it with you men today. Your presumption is that he is dishonest. Why?
          Especially when someone like me, who is well known to be honest, is telling you that his experiences and comments with eastern european women are strongly in line with what I have experienced. Hell the interview he did on Ukrainian TV….it was not hard to see the Ukrainian traits of my fav#1 in some of the comments from the women on the show. The cultural similarities were quite striking.

        7. Piggybacking on Roosh to try and sell your shit is like asking a one-legged man to carry you up a mountain. Such fail.

        8. Please show me your video of how you denied the jurisdiction of a court in front of two federal officers.
          If you don’t have one of those? Why would I be interested in your opinion?

        9. You denied the jurisdiction of a court, and the court did whatever they would have done with anyone without a lawyer and solid defense. Dispose you. Something to be truly proud of…not.

        10. LOL! No. The criminal calling himself david dunkley proceeded to steal the proceeds of my labour…a clear crime. This crime has now been linked to all member of both houses of parliament in Australia and we have raised cases in MBA Law Services to remove them.
          When we are successful? My little episode in the court that day will have been the pivotal moment and the necessary evidence to re-introduce the rule of law in to Australia.
          However, man hatred is so pervasive in western society that men will openly HATE ON MEN who are as brave and courageous as I while the SAME MEN will praise the non achievements of women to the heavens.
          This is one of the major reasons I no longer live in the west. If you think the women are unpleasant people to live with in the west? Well the men are even MORE unpleasant in many way….they make sick comments like you just made lots of the time. Thanks for showing readers what man hatred looks like.

    3. Most of people reading his resources for laughs,nobody takes him serious.
      Just relax,and understand that you are reading advices “on game” from a hilarious and deeply troubled nerd who has been laying only whales back in america.

    4. Hey Roosh….the trolls are out in force. I like how people who do nothing call people who do business “sell outs”! LOL!!
      I guess that makes the whole idea of the mens business association and A-MAN-ZON a “sell out” too eh?! LOL!!

      1. So, how many sign-ups on your “mens business association” and “a-man-zon” endeavours, you royal troll?

        1. Sweetie….these things are going to be VERY successful.
          Those of you who want to stay in the current economy and be debt slaves to your guvment? You are welcome to do so. You are sheep. You are so brain dead not only do you WANT to be governed you NEED to be governed.
          The same way sheep will not survive in a harsh land without a farmer to feed them you sheep will not survive in what is to come without your guvmint handouts.
          But what you do not realise is that the guvmint handouts are going to stop….and when they do….you sheep will be handed a demise pill instead of your weekly food. And you will TAKE IT WILLINGLY because you will not even be able to imagine living outside of the system of guvmint largesse.

        2. Right. When and if that moment comes, all there will be left on this planet will be a selected few of you preppy-savvy, hyper-masculine and proud men, and you will be happy to create your own system based on MBA and A-Man-Zon.com (not sure how, as the Internet might not even be working). Mind you, without a bunch of those women you so degrade and despise, you may truly end up fucking with sheeple (for real).

        3. @PeterAndrewNolan:disqus . I do not think this is your true profile picture, right Joshua? You are much older. You are listed as a child molestor…convicted. You fled to Germany. You have no honour and are truly a sick evil animal.

        4. LOL! “I read it on the interwebz so it must be true”.
          You have just given all the men here one more example of why women must NEVER be allowed on our all MALE juries. Because you will believe any garbage you are told without any evidence.
          Many of the sites you read about me are actually paid for by tax payer dollars and are run by government agents in order to slander me. I guess that makes you look pretty stupid, right?
          I have published plenty of videos about me where I am quite happy to show my face. Funny how women so consistently demonstrate absolutely no ability or even concern to find out the facts of the matter before they repeat slander and lies. This is one reason why I teach young men not to believe anything a western woman tells them. I tell them to check EVERYTHING a western woman tells them.

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