Stop Talking About What You Are Going To Do

Sitting in a bar booth in the not-too-distant past, I listened to someone speak of his grandiose plans to break into the restaurant industry. I have heard this plan so many times previously that  I could speak the specifics of it before the words came out of his mouth. I figured I must have heard this plan 10 times before. This time though I decided to break the “Groundhog Day” cycle by asking this gentleman what he has done to further his plan. Instead of receiving examples of actions to further his plan, I got the “deer in the headlights look”. I concluded that this restaurant planning was nothing more than a delusion similar to those hoping to win the lottery. I do not think this restaurant plan will ever be brought up to my presence again.

It is good to have hopes and dreams; the lack of action on any projects is the greatest obstacle to success. One good plan acted upon is better than 10 great plans fantasized about. This applies to grand strategies on your career as well as what you going to do today. Failing to act on any good plan instead of actually acting on it leads to lack a success and wasted time. Repeating this over time leads to failure by default against any possible competitors.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Zi

Even the simplest goals require an actionable plan. Sometimes what appears as simple goals actually require complex planning behind them. Getting girls requires a method to get them and place to bang them. Getting in shape requires the discipline to exercise and the facilities to conduct workouts in, no matter how simple they are. You cannot get a corporate job without owning a good suit. No matter how complex a goal is, it can always be broken down into simple tasks. Going back to the restaurant example, an oversimplification of the tasks involved would be acquiring seed capital, formulating monetary policy, handling local laws and ordinances, and making a business plan. These relatively simple tasks can be done from one’s computer in his free time. Other goals can also be broken down and acted on from home if one was willing and able to do such thing.

It seems motivation is the key obstacle to people who fantasize about success. How does one get into the mindset of acting on goals? Simple, you start small with little tasks to do. Do you have trouble accomplishing tasks? Write down everything you wish to do today. Check off each item as you do it. I have noticed that when I make such a list I get all the tasks done before 10 AM. When all of your tasks are done, make another list to accomplish before the end of the day. They can include simple things such as cleaning the car, taking out the trash, sending noncommittal and vague texts to various women in your harem, and other things you can be proactive about.

Another way to stay productive is to use your time is 2-for-1. Bring a book relevant to your goals while you wait for the doctor or getting new tires put on your ride. Use your phone to keep up on your industry of choice after moving furniture with your woman while she starts telling you her life story. In both instances staring at the ceiling was replaced with productive activity.

It is important to be proactive because a great many things in society exploit those who are reactive for profit. Those last minute airline tickets, that candy bar at the gas station at 3 AM, paying to rebuild an engine due to the worn out timing belt are all examples of things that get very expensive when they could have be very cheap. Planning and acting proactively is much cheaper than being reactive

Next time you are kicking back at the house with nothing to do and decide to fill in the void by firing up the Xbox, try writing down some things you could get done in that time instead. You will be surprised how much productive time is wasted when you watch the latest episode Game of Thrones. A man that stays on track towards goals and acts on them will be a lot closer to accomplishing all of them than anyone merely talks about them. In addition, working on accomplishing goals will give you new things to talk about.

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68 thoughts on “Stop Talking About What You Are Going To Do”

  1. Doesn’t society and the media promote magical
    thinking? We are lead to believe in the idea of
    something for nothing. That is our conception of a
    miracle. Elliot Rodger believed in something for
    nothing. Hollywood taught him that. That’s why we
    have bodies all over the country side.
    Our imaginary fantasies can make us happy for a brief
    time. The pornographers and the advertisers are
    aware of this so they spread the myth of something
    for nothing.

    1. Quote: “something for nothing. That is our conception of a miracle. Elliot Rodger believed in something for nothing.”
      Interesting…. please explain a bit more. If I understand you correctly then I get the impression that Rodger was perhaps the type if guy who thought all a guy needed was to wear Axe body spray and chicks should flock to him.

      1. I would say that he’s talking about the mindset of entitlement. Example:
        – My parents thought me that I could be anything I want – therefor I’m entitled to a life of succes
        – In school I got medels for trying – therefor I’m entitled to be a winner
        – I’ve got a university degree – therefor I’m entitled to have a good paying job
        By thinking you’re entitlied to anything you won’t but in any actuall work to get it but you won’t have any problems with talking and dreaming about it. And when you don’t get what you want you will instead of changing your ways blame your failure on victimhood.

        1. “I’ve got a university degree – therefore I’m entitled to have a good paying job”
          While this is certainly true regarding the mindset of a lot of graduates, it needs to be said the return-on-investment of higher edu has become closer and closer to abysmal and continues to take a plunge. In my opinion, you can’t expect people who worked their asses off for half a decade or longer, investing their youth, energy and money in the process, to be content with un- or (more commonly) underemployment. That’s the other side of the coin.

      2. In essence that’s basically the mindset he held. He was batshit insane however, and even if he’d achieved banging a 9/10 he’d still have been a miserable wretch and may well still have went out and murdered people. That’s why they call it insanity after all.
        Too much analyzing a man who was bent psychologically. No matter his 107k words and constant pity party, he was at the end of the day a nutbar. The world is better off without him.
        To a more relevant point, most over at PUAHate are in fact those who seemed to have eaten blue pills like M&M’s down a fatty’s throat, and are as a result highly pissed off that somehow women are not giving it away for free to “nice guys”.

      3. I think the bigger miracle is Elliot Rodger “victim” Bianca De Kock getting shot five times then walking days later without any kind of surgery and with only a bandaid as a souvenir.

  2. Good article. So easy to get caught up in dumb shit and veer off the path of one’s dreams. In fact your article has inspired me to make a list and get busy…. thanks!

        1. Richard Branson went to look at islands for sale as a joke, to get a free helicopter ride…. he made a crazy low offer and six months later his was the only one they had on the table… so he bought the island for peanuts….
          That’s the difference between doing things and talking about them….

  3. Fan-fucking-tastic advice, well done sir.
    It doesn’t even have to apply to work or career, just go out and do something you’ve always wanted to do. Get off your arse, make the plan, execute the plan, win. That’s a key to success in anything.

    1. It’s actually terrible advice.
      These shitty plans people come up with are shit and they know it. That’s why they don’t do them – they know they are shit. It’s only people who lack the experience and intelligence to realize their own plans are shit that actually try to carry them out – and that’s why so many people fail. To succeed, you need either intelligence (to come up with plans that will actually work) or blind luck, or usually a mixture of both.
      And as for ‘doing what you always wanted to do’, nobody made money that way. Listen up: the way to start a successful business is to come up with an intersection of what you enjoy doing and what actually makes money. And if you want facts, here are facts: on average, people make more money being an employee of a company than starting a business. Most business fail, and fail hard. Don’t set out to do something unless you know exactly what you’re doing, know exactly what your target market is and how you can sell to them, and have the resources and connections to carry out your plans.

      1. “These shitty plans people come up with are shit and they know it. That’s why they don’t do them – they know they are shit. It’s only people who lack the experience and intelligence to realize their own plans are shit that actually try to carry them out – and that’s why so many people fail.”
        How do you think successful people learned to be successful? Every successful person failed at what they were doing until they learned through those failures how to be successful.
        If you’re too scared of failure to even try, then you will never get anywhere in life.

        1. > If you’re too scared of failure to even try, then you will never get anywhere in life.
          And if you’re so foolhardy as to try out the first braindead idea that enters your brain, you will also never get anywhere in life (although you could pretend that you could have and you were just unlucky, like so many chumps and losers do). The key is to strike a balance.

      2. Thank God Thomas Edison (and many others) didn’t follow your advice. Took him nearly 1600 attempts to get the light bulb to work.

        1. No kidding, if you think like ‘A guy’ there, no one would have ever invented anything or started a new business, because all the perfect conditions were not precisely in place. Planning is good, but you have to actually do something beyond that.
          In the immortal words of Richard Branson, when discussing whether to start up a new business, “Screw it, let’s do it!!!”
          Or you can just stay in that dead end job forever, or collect welfare, like the vast majority of average schlubs.

        2. As humans, we tend to only see the success stories and not the failures, and we tend to try to make the success stories fit our hopes, not reality.
          Edison is actually a perfect demonstration of what I’m talking about. He saw a very important and immediate need that people had (electric lighting) and sought out to develop it through tinkering. Instead of creating a huge business out of his first stupid idea, he tried 1600 attempts before perfecting it to the level that he knew it would succeed. He was extremely smart and very lucky. He found an intersection point between what he liked to do (tinker) and what people needed.

        3. That’s my point though. Human advancement period requires a lot of failures to advance. If humans took your advice, we’d very rarely advance. Besides failure is part of future success (people tend to learn way more from their failures, especially business failures, then they do from moderate success)

      3. The only way to know a plan is shit is to follow it to the sewer. No business man knew the perfect way to execute his plan due to his own inception, but more likely was shown the depths of his own ineptitude by experience (others if he was smart, his own if he was diligent). So during this process of refinement, are you telling me I supposed to do something I do not love while getting results I do not love….
        Soon you will be telling me to get married in America….

  4. Want some motivation?
    I’m at the EO conference right now in Philly.
    I’d recommend going to entrepreneur conferences as much as possible.
    Be around kick ass people.
    These guys are getting so much shit done. Crazy motivating & it’s infectious.

      1. Yo @Ronin
        It may be different for you but I’m more motivated (and happy) when I surround myself with kick-ass positive people.
        My friends and I amplify each other motivation and energy. We push each other and help each other out.
        Sometimes I go to entrepreneur conferences for educational purposes and inspiration. Continual learning is something that’s important to me. Plus I like the social aspect of connecting with new people.
        It creates this positive upward spiral.
        I’ve just learned how my brain works the best, but definite props to you if you can do everything alone. That would be tough for me.

  5. When I was young I hadn’t the faintest idea how to identify whether a goal was realistic and make a plan toward it by breaking it down into discrete steps, then faithfully allocating time and resources for it. But then I might as well have been raised by wolves instead of my shitty family. I spent a lot of time working tirelessly while getting nowhere, ending up in frustration. I still get tired just looking at my bass guitar, even though I got pretty good at it without knowing how to skill-up at anything and had a lot of good times at shows and in the recording studio. Every young man should have the experience of having learned a skill over time and knowledge of making and implementing a plan. Writing lists is a start. Good article.

  6. Someone should tell this to all those MLM Pyramid Hucksters who think they will get rich doing nothing. These people often lack critical thinking skills or basic business sense. You can tell who the lazy huckster is when they say things like “lets do this”, “we can do this and make a boatload”, or “you can get rich doing this!”
    People who actually get shit done are getting that shit done. And once people see what they have built they will pile in and attract investors and followers.

  7. Absolutely fucking true. Good article. It was good as a short article… but I feel like this topic could be greatly expanded upon.

  8. I read somewhere that by continuously talking about what you want to achieve, you trick your mind into thinking that you’ve already achieved it.
    I fallen into this trap before and if you fail, don’t be surprised if people express contempt for you because you kept talking your ass off instead of accomplishing something.
    My motto now is “Show. Don’t tell. Words will fuck you up before you have a chance to prove yourself.”
    In the social arena, learn to communicate more through facial expressions and body language and less with words. Modern society encourages men to ‘share themselves’ and to be more ‘expressive’. Fuck that shit. Say less, the more you say the more common and predictable you appear and the less power you have.

    1. Exactly… there’s plenty of time for boastful words AFTER you have achieved success.

  9. Ever observe people who never actually do anything more than eat sleep shit and work? And they say they never get something done?
    Watch their “time sinks” in action. It’s excruciating.
    Women are the biggest time sinks – and that’s all based on her need to be the center of the universe and her privilege. Many a poor beta sap wakes up one day to realize all that he was involved in has collected dust. I have been known to turn pale at car shows when some middle-aged dude says he took 5, 10, or more years to restore his muscle car.
    And I wonder… “What the hell are these people doing with all that time that they spend on not doing what they want?”
    What, is it cutting into their TV time or something?
    Insidious, creeping, laziness with failure built in.
    Just get up and do it. Even if you can’t put in more than 20 minutes, even if the tools are not all together, put in the time. You’d be surprised.
    If you own a TV, get rid if it. If you are texting or something with a cell, stop being an attention whore. Where’s that going to get you anyway? You have tits? Someone going to pay your bills if you put enough pictures of your lunch on instagram? Fuck no. You’ll get faster results slamming your dick in the door, and with the same sense of accomplishment on your death bed.
    If you got a woman who comprises a time sink, get rid of her too.
    And if you feel like you can’t make changes, or you got one of those life-sucking jobs that leaves little energy for anything else, then reconsider your life.

    1. Very true, all successful people I know all state time is the most important thing to any successful person. I completely agree!

  10. If you health is fucked, you won’t be able to take action.
    Cut the junk food, cut the refined sugar, watch out for “21st century epidemics” that our lovely health care industry is loathe to recognize (adrenal insufficiency and leaky gut are two prime examples).

    1. Yep–cut out the quality fats and protein (beef, chicken, veggies, etc).

      1. Terrible advice. Your body runs on carbs. What you suggest will ultimately destroy your body

        1. There is difference between carbs from fruit and from refined sugar or food from flour.

        2. That is absolutely incorrect. In fact, until about 100 to 150 years ago, humans ate very little carbs except from veggies and fruits–which I still recommend eating. Our bodies actually self regulate much better on a paleo (aka naturally found foods) like diet of high fat, medium protein, and low carb ESPECIALLY if you are inactive (avoid cereals, anything with corn syrup for the most part, pasta, bread, etc).

        3. I personally noticed that too; it’s as if humans were never meant for refined carbs, and my maternal clan are diabetes carriers.

  11. I started learning how to cook around this time last year. I lost 20 pounds in under a month. I spent the year and a half before that unemployed but focusing on my health, walking, getting sun. After I started learning to cook I went back to work. I pedal a 6-7 mile round trip to work everyday over mountainous terrain. The gradually lost me another 20 pounds in the following months. At the beginning of the year I learned about Stronglifts 5×5 from here, and started doing that despite a painful chronic health condition I’d been suffering from for the past 3 years (that I finally got surgically fixed a few weeks ago). It’s been a struggle but I’ve made some process. I look and feel better about myself. My sex drive is up. My aggression is up. When I had to have my surgery the doctors said my heart was very strong and beating less than average, I was even giving the med techs diet and weightlifting advice!
    The worst part of my surgery has been the waiting and milling around. I’ve not worked much but I hate being inactive. Eventually I’ll be back to normal, and I’ll be in a better position to tackle the weightlifting and lose the rest of my flab (ain’t much left) and gain some strength. From there get a better paying job, improve my cooking skills, go to trade school and get some trades that let me work anywhere, and then go overseas and meet me some women.
    Thanks manosphere, you’ve definitely given this formerly aimless guy both the motivation and the means to improve himself!

  12. This is a great article and for me personally, has come at a great time. At 23 I am just realising how easy it is to forget the goals and wild dreams held at 16-22 because of how fast time flies and the strong and somewhat scary impact of realising that you are now at a point in your life where you can realistically expect to achieve those goals with dedication, hard work and new found resources. It became even trickier because panic and anxiety recently became an unignorable issue [though, had I dealt with it earlier instead of writing it off as nothing, it would likely be resolved by now]
    It makes me think, why am I so afraid to go for those long term hard dedication goals? Is it somewhat a by-product of an instant gratification age? I think that this article is great because it shows that a little work each day will lead to the final goal and having a visual representation is even better, showing that you are actually getting there.
    I really enjoy reading the new articles every day on this site, especially the ones geared toward self improvement and enjoy the guidance and motivation they provide.
    Side note, as a complement to a to do list, I use this at home [on a larger A3 scale normally] and use post it notes in each section and move them as I move along. I find it’s helpful.

  13. For the first 7 years or so of my adult life (18+), I talked a lot and did little. Then I finally realized I had to take control. 3 years later I had finished a BS in Economics with a 4.0 GPA while working full time (full time classes + Summer and winter classes–nights, online, and day classes). 3 months later I scored over 700 on my first GMAT test. 2 years later I had an MBA from a top 10 program (2 years ago). I now make more than 3x what I did 7 years ago working fewer hours and think I will have another clean double in the next 2 years.
    I had a similar revelation on my weight 2 years ago (easy to gain weight while working 50+ hrs/week and doing full time college/grad school) and I have dropped 25 pounds and still going (while gaining muscle mass).
    I am completely convinced men need to continually have goals THEY set internally to drive themselves to the next level. Excuses are what women do….stop making excuses as you say and get to it. I have found that you excel in nearly all aspects of your life while you are striving for a solid goal.

  14. This is so incredibly timely. I have very recently started internalizing these things. I’m guilty sometimes of a little too much mental masturbation and then procrastinating and not accomplishing what I want to. I mostly attribute this to a life time of skating by on intelligence and good looks rather than work ethic. It makes you lazy. I finally got to work on my book and it’s amazing how quickly you can actually get the ball rolling once you take the plunge. Excellent advice here. ROK scores again.

  15. I’ve pretty much given up. I don’t care about women anymore. Even if you are tall and handsome enough to earn their attention, there are still a billion guys out there struggling every day to find meaning in their life. I always wanted there to be greater meaning to the world, for there to be a god, but female sexuality pretty much negates god, and if anything, pretty much proves that men invented god as a defense mechanism against female sexuality.
    I try to just enjoy my life as best as I can, and I have a nice foreign wife, but I don’t want children. I don’t want a kid who, for whatever reasons, might wind up genetically screwed, or a daughter who is just as much of a hamster as the rest of them.
    At this point in my life at 28 I feel very, very, very tired, and there is little that I give any fucks about and I struggle to now find happiness in a world where we’re seemingly just drinking and fucking ourselves into oblivion listening to feminist pop music.
    Hardly the world I imagined in my childhood fantasies.

    1. “At this point in my life at 28 I feel very, very, very tired”
      A lot of guys feel that way but keep quiet about it. It’s really no surprise. As a hardworking male with ambition, not so long ago, you could have achieved a lot by 28. Moved mountains. You could be a business leader, a respected scientist (to give an example, Werner Heisenberg was already a department head of theoretical physics by 27), or make it to lt. colonel in the army or air force. Not so anymore. Now you’re supposed to grovel away for the babyboomers, investing your entire youth in the higher education racket and get nothing in return. After that, you’re supposed to supplicate yourself to the HR twatocracy in the corporate world for the rest of your life, and have no say in any matter whatsoever. Just work and keep your head down.
      Guys rightfully get tired of being denied a chance to actually make a difference.

      1. Interesting that you say so, we share a similar name, in real life.
        I went to an Ivy League school, and my mother and father pushed me to greatness until my mother died. My father still wants me to be a doctor, but to be honest, I don’t see the point.
        As much as we don’t want to admit it, being a male, a “nice guy,” in society doesn’t get you anywhere; I was friends with so many foreign “nice guys” with no familiarity with American culture and the guys are just locking themselves in their rooms studying while women are out fucking 4 or 5 guys a week. It’s not the men like to entertain the prospect of having a family and wife as their ultimate goal, if anything, since having a good career is the best way to (at least it was 20 years ago) starting a family and marrying a decent woman in your range; it’s that men like to entertain the thought of there being a point to all of this.
        I think a lot of kids get into meaningful fields like medicine, engineering, astronomy, because they like to feel as if they are, in their own way, advancing the world; but being excluded by female sexual selection really means that the world is, by nature, directed in exactly the opposite direction of that which an intellectual man would idealize. I can’t even begin to imagine the number of geniuses that have been swept under the rug by feminism just because they can’t even find a girlfriend – and I’m not even talking about sex, just a loyal girlfriend. I remember when I was at Columbia eight years ago, some Chinese guy jumped off of the George Washington Bridge. He was extremely smart and probably would have had a great future. I can’t imagine the pain he was going through, but it’s not farfetched to think that he probably wasn’t having any luck with the ladies; not because he was a nerd, but even just because of feminism, which turned Asian women completely against Asian men as to attack them before they even came out of the gate.
        This is what’s going to happen, and has already happened. Guys are realizing there’s no point in pursuing anything, let alone their dreams, and realize that the quickest way to temporal happiness is getting jacked, getting tattoos, and doing drugs.
        Whatever. I’m married. My wife wants to have kids but I don’t want to. She’s a rarity and I’m lucky to have her, even with the racial difference – but the pickings among all colors nowadays are pitifully small. The world is already halfway regressed into the caveman world; we’re being supported by technology developed by a dwindling amount of clueless betas and overrun by a world of violent, dumb alphas and pseudo alphas.
        I do what I love though and make money at it, not a lot, but it keeps me happy and I live in a developing country doing it, and that’s what counts to me.

        1. “Guys are realizing there’s no point in pursuing anything, let alone their dreams, and realize that the quickest way to temporal happiness is getting jacked, getting tattoos, and doing drugs.”
          Bingo. A man needs an incentive to perform on the stage that is the world. Modern society, however, wants us to invest in it and keep it propped up without offering anything in return. Men are simply not content with the status quo; we invent, we explore and we conquer. Prevent men from doing something with their lives, and they will resort to hedonism and ultimately, violence.
          Women should *complement* a man’s life, as nature intended, supporting him in his endeavors. I’m 30, but to date, I’ve never met a single woman who was willing to support me in my mission. And I’m no slack in life. I’m ambitious. I put in the work. But it’s always all about her and her alone. I have no interest in a LTR with a feral woman.

        2. Also, women need to support men.
          You cannot have a general sentiment among women in which they hate all men of a certain group, i.e., unattractive men, white men, asian men, etc. And of course the end result is that they pretty much hate any man who isn’t attractive, so they spend their time rationalizing their hatred for betas by expressing their hate for entire groups of people. So they say, oh we hate white men, but what they really mean is that they hate the average beta provider white guy. Similarly with Asian women. How can you fucking penalize an entire race of people?
          Only women do that – and it’s because they, and only they, are sadistic demons masquerading as human beings.

        3. Johhny, do something fun with your spare time.
          Dig up dead feminists and drive wooden stakes through their hearts.
          Video-tape it and post it here at ROK.
          For instance, Betty Friedan is buried at:
          Sag Harbor Jewish Cemetery
          Sag Harbor
          Suffolk County
          New York, USA

    2. It can be hard, but there are still things that can bring meaning to a man’s life. I just turned 28 by the way. Careers are dead. Family is dead. Keeping up with the Joneses is dead. I would suggest forgetting fields that affect the outside world such as medicine and engineering (I am also a chemical engineering graduate) because the outside world is already lost. Focus on things that bring internal change like martial arts, music, dance, reading, etc.
      I do martial arts and in 9 weeks I plan to quit my corporate job and getting a lower paying outdoor landscaping job while pursuing my kung fu as much as possible. Martial arts isn’t for everyone, but find something that you will enjoy. A good litmus test for any idea you come up with is this: Would the people who suggested I spend half a decade or more in college and then work a shitty job for other people’s benefit the rest of my adult life approve of me devoting my life to this. If the answer is yes then don’t bother with it. If the answer is no then give it a try.

  16. Hi, very good article that sums up what I though about 1000 times within the last months. It’s all about the commitment and breaking tasks down into smaller chunks.
    I have developed my personal kanban app ( to manage my tasks in an agile way. It really helps me to keep on working my way towards my goals.
    Maybe this app could be of use for some of you, too.

  17. Article I have really needed to read. Now I hope that I will have strength to follow it.
    I know very well what was in head of that guys talking about his “dream” I have dome this many times (finish my bachelor degree in foreign country), but at least I have applied twice so far even that it was very questionable that I would be accepted.
    Now I just wish I will not install Steam and then download Kerbal Space Program again, no matter how much my brain will tell me that it is good idea.

  18. It’s what you do every day, not what you do once in a while. Gretchin rubin…
    People often over estimate what they can do in a day, and under estimate what they can achieve in a year… Bill gates…

  19. this reminds me of a little story i once heard Will Smith tell in an ‘inspirational video’
    you dont go about building a perfect brick house. you don’t even go about building a perfect brick wall. you go about laying a perfect brick, and you repeat. there is no need for a grand vision that you tell anyone. just lay that one brick perfectly

  20. It is so very true. To accomplish anything meaningful and worthwhile, you have to break it into tasks. Then, you have to focus on each individual task.
    So many people get lost and can’t seem to get started on anything because they just focus on the desired result. Many other people have difficulty focusing on an individual task when that task seems too far from getting to the desired end result. Being able to do so used to be known as the Protestant Work Ethic. These days, it is criticized as involving a “future time orientation,” which means that you are being racist, or committing a micro-aggression, or some other stupid anti-productivity message. Then you are told to “check your privilege” because you know how to accomplish goals.
    But, the men here on ROK know how to ignore that shit. We get things done.
    What’s important to remember, however, is that the primary rule that all men should be operating by in today’s world is that a man should focus on getting things done for himself. American women today do not appreciate a man that accomplishes goals; they think they are simply owed everything a man does for them.
    So, don’t get married. Ever. Don’t get tied up with any particular women. Treat a woman’s vagina as just another biological need, like eating and shitting.
    This can be hard for some men to do. We are born into an intimate relationship with our mother. She cared for you as a baby, she met your every need, she provided her breast to feed you. There is no relationship more intimate than that between a mother and her son (unless you were unfortunate and you were born to a rabid feminist). Thus, it is deeply programmed into our brains that we should pursue such a relationship again.
    Unfortunately, that is our deep subconscious playing tricks on us. Evolution did that so that men would have a drive to pro-create. In reality, at no time in history could a man ever re-create the tenderness and intimacy that he learned as a baby, suckling on his mama’s tit. Though, there was once a time when the benefits of at least trying were enough to make it worthwhile. A man could create a family, a home, and have a wife he could at least put some trust in.
    Now, all is lost. The trick that the deep subconscious plays on a man that drives him to re-create the intimacy of the connection he had to his momma only results in pain. There is no benefit to a man from doing so. A strong man will therefor overcome this deep programming and re-orient his fundamental drives. He will focus on being intimate with himself and loving and taking care of himself. He realizes that a woman is too likely to destroy his life. And so he uses women to meet his needs, and nothing more.
    Getting to this point requires a plan. Which starts with a task …

  21. What exactly is the point of living past 30 years old? People lived to 30 on the regular in ancient Rome. It was only with modern medicine that we were able to postpone the lives of all of us degenerate and useless human beings to pursue dumb, meaningless pencil pushing careers and live out our days married to a woman who biologically is incapable of loving us. War, on the other hand, war is something that men love and enjoy. It comes as natural to men as creation. One half of men create, the other destroy. I’m nearing 30 and I’m already beyond exhausted. After the umpteenth time thinking about the world, thinking about why women are so cruel to men, why women only care about partying, I turned on the TV and saw guys running around blowing citadels skyhigh in Syria and guys getting vibrated by 50 cal mounted machine guns, and I thought – why not? At least they’re having fun.
    And ten years ago as a young and hopeful man I would have looked at that and cursed at men for being so violent.
    30 years on this modern planet is enough to destroy the soul of the best man a thousand times over; and we’re talking about in a so called civilized country.

  22. My Grandma had a favorite saying when I couldn’t make up my mind. “Get your butt off both chairs.”

  23. Strangely enough, when I don’t tell female relatives I got a job, I earn more personal satisfaction.

  24. Great article. Creating a plan is great – but you need to follow through on the steps in order to see progress/success. Too many people get lazy and fall for the distractions of every day life.

  25. “Getting girls requires a method to get them and place to bang them”
    This mentality only increases the likelihood that feminism is here to stay. There is no reason a woman should not adopt a feminist perspective so long as men continue to think like that. It provides little incentive for woman to think they will be getting a better deal by embracing their femininity.

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