You Will Always Face Criticism

One of the drawbacks of life is that wherever you go, and whatever you do, there is always someone who will be critical of you. It would appear that this is an immutable law of human existence. It applies from when we are very young, and are subject to unkind words or bullying in the school playground, to when we are adults and people are ready to take issue with our appearance, our personal choices, or our work. It is the measure of a man how well he is able to deal with these negative voices and to continue on his course anyway.

I recently attended a UK fiction writer’s convention. There were a lot of industry professionals there—literary agents, publishing editors, and so on. The delegates were aspiring authors from all over the UK. As you might imagine, this self-selecting group included many who could politely be described as eccentric—a few cute girls, yes, but also a legion of post-wall human bomb-sites trying to peddle memoirs about their boring lives; and blank-eyed, clinically-insane men who bellowed inanities at no-one in particular through their spittle-flecked beards.

But I digress.

A dispiriting aspect of any kind of writing (and fiction writing in particular), is that it is a very subjective business. Every week, I get comments on my Return of Kings articles that are highly complementary, and comments that are critical of my point of view or choice of subject matter or whatever. Opinions, it has been said, are like assholes—everybody has one.

Most of the attendees at the convention had written novels and were looking for critical feedback with a view to getting a publishing deal. And let me tell you, there is nothing more depressing than sitting down with someone to discuss your 80,000 word manuscript for them to say that, in their opinion, you should have made someone else the main character, and therefore the whole thing will need to be re-written. “I think you should have done it like this,” and “You’ve still got a lot of work to do” are phrases guaranteed to strike grey gloom into the breast of anyone who’s spent two years or more working on a book.

But these are merely opinions. Publishers and the public alike are just human beings. Many of the delegates I spoke to at the conference were looking for a magic bullet, for a secret, for someone to tell them how to make their book perfect and sellable. But no such advice exists, because once you’ve acquired minimum entry-level talent, there is no definitive consensus among readers about what is good or bad. I have received wildly different feedback on the same manuscript from different readers. And there are published books that obviously went through an editing process that I think are terrible, while others think they are great. Who’s right? Maybe we both are.

What we should do, I found myself saying to people that weekend, is to consider any constructive criticism carefully, make our books as good as we possibly can to our own standards, and then send them out to one hundred agents and publishers each. Given that individual taste is unpredictable, by approaching a large number of people we would give ourselves the best possible chance of finding someone with whom our work resonated. After all, it’s been said that you only need one yes to make a career, and a few yeses to make a whole life.


I hope the wider relevance of this is becoming clear. There will always be someone who will be critical of you. I have been insulted by girls, sneered at, laughed at, given the cold shoulder—but I have also slept with a good many who were hotter. I have been criticized by malevolent employers, only to be praised to the heavens by others. I have been disliked and disparaged by some, and I’ve been thought good company and charismatic by others.

Criticism, when it is constructive, can be very valuable. But all too often it is a weapon used by those who are jealous of us or insecure in themselves to limit our potential by making us doubt ourselves. This is compounded by the fact that human beings seem programmed to most desire those options least open to us. So if a girl rejects a guy he wants her more. If a company won’t employ him, he beats himself up for losing out on his dream job. This is no good for anyone.

It’s a truism, but you can’t please everyone all the time. As you go through life you will receive negative feedback. You will encounter people who don’t like you or your work. This is normal. But rather than trying to court those people, why not make yourself and what you have to offer as good as you possibly can, then spread your net wider and seek out those who are more readily receptive? These are the people that will support you and make your life fulfilling and prosperous. Never be afraid they are not out there—remember, the world is a very big place indeed.

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195 thoughts on “You Will Always Face Criticism”

  1. You, as a white man, will always face criticism. Plenty of it invalid as well, aimed at exploiting white male guilt. A preposterously illogical and non-constructive claim. However, we all know western women are doing their best to eliminate any method of criticizing their behavior. Regardless if the criticism is justified and constructive.

      1. I don’t harbor any guilt. Least of all for actions I had no role in. That doesn’t change the fact that the PC societal narrative is that white males shouldn’t have an opinion on matters such as race and gender. Or that our opinions somehow carry less weight than others because of our supposed privilege in society.

        1. Exactly correct Terry. And if you say it with a big ol’ shit eating smile on your face and turn it around on them in a way that makes it seem like they’re childish you gain extra bonus points. If we simply lose the fear of shaming and stop letting the PC Leftists set the narrative through shaming, they lose all of their power overnight.

        2. A lot of that is in your head. You’ve let those leftist bastards get into your head. That’s your own issue. Just move beyond it.

    1. I believe in holding everyone accountable at the same level.
      A woman will often try to justify her behavior (she’s looking for a free pass). I always call her out (just like I would with anyone else).
      And I kindly remind them…it’s 2014 and we’re all equal (but I can’t help laughing after that statement). The look on her face, priceless.

      1. You have more latitude in making cultural commentary on issues of race than a white man does. You can openly criticize a white man on his “privilege.” I could NEVER do the same on black men and not be crucified for racism.

        1. Enormous numbers of ROK readers, much of the manosphere, paleoconservatives, neoreactionaries, race realists, traditionalists, and anyone that’s every been screwed out of a job due to ‘quotas’, “political correctness’, or ‘affirmative action’, as well as every white dude that is called ‘white trash’ and wonders where this mythical ‘white male privilege is’. In fact, approximately 350+ million people in America alone ‘give a shit’ about this sort of thing… and every day that number grows.
          Why do you ask?

        2. Ok, guess you don’t mind women’s opinions carrying more gravity in dictating everyone’s reproduction rights then. You know, cause they are women and their opinions matter more than male opinions on the matter right?

        3. He is talking about making a cultural commentary. Pretty airy fairy. If that was the worst problem I had I would count myself lucky.
          I’m sorry mate but I’ve had real race problems, way beyond being screwed out of a job, up to and including violence. So for you to come on here whinning that you can’t talk about “race” which you can and you are, sounds pretty fucking pathetic.

        4. I shouldn’t have to explain this…it’s an analogy of why white male opinions matter on issues affecting them.

        5. Yeah, I used to live in DC. If you’d like to I could take pictures of the gunshot wounds and stab scars, and I have had friends that have been beheaded, raped, and abused due to ‘race’.
          The fact is, Races hate each other. It is a genetic proclivity in order to increase your own family’s survival potential. Always there is one group that is up, and others that are down. It changes constantly throughout history, as races enslave each other. Hell even the word ‘slave’ comes from ‘slav’, which was a white race that made very popular involuntary labor for well on a thousand years.
          Don’t get me wrong, I am all in favor of interbreeding, since that is how new, vibrant races are created. but as far as one race or the other’s ‘pivilege’? Sorry man, my family and culture is more important to me than yours is, and failing to give MY family and culture every advantage I can in survival and prosperity is literally insane and suicidal. If you want to join my family, and my culture, I am happy to accommodate you, but if you cling to your own race, your own culture, your own family, and keep them ‘pure’? Then you are, by definition, my genetic enemy.

        6. I only really realized this recently.
          When I heard about the economic recession in western Europe (particularly Italy and Spain where my parents grew up), I had a feeling I never had before.
          All the sudden I felt this weird nationalism in my veins… Like MY people were in trouble… People I’d never met before… people that may or may not even be good people… And yet, all the sudden some kind of nationalistic pride was affected.
          I told this to a friend recently and he was like “Oh it doesn’t matter. The world wont ultimately care if one culture or another disappears”. I responded angrily “It does fucking matter”.
          Usually I’m super chill and open to such ideas, but when your genetic ties are under threat you might be surprised at your own reaction.

        7. It does matter to YOU. People try to ask ‘what is the meaning of life?’ like it is an answer that can apply to all humanity… but one has to answer that question on an individual level. Your own success, passing on your genetic material, is the ‘meaning of life’. It is, by definition, the most important job you will ever have, followed by passing on your prosperity.
          After that comes your family, those with close genetic ties. In some cultures, your family takes an even greater level than your individual prosperity, although to anglo-saxon humans that can seem a bit alien…. but among tribalists, such as the middle east, that concept is the definition of the ‘meaning of life’. Which is why we have such troubles dealing with them… we continue to think of them as individuals, and want to punish them as individuals, when it is really the entire CLAN that is behind a particular activity, and we cannot understand that by failing to punish the entire clan we simply do not punish the activity at all.
          After family or clan comes race and culture. they are simply a larger version of your clan, ones it is safe to breed with. With the destruction of the race/clan culture of ‘America’, ties to a larger group of your own family become surprisingly more intense… It is not unnatural, it is the literal ‘meaning of life’.

        8. I used to live in DC too man, know all about it. What happened to your friends sucks and shouldn’t happen to anyone but this isn’t about whose upbringing was worse. I don’t think that you will disagree that the experience of Black people and White in America is somewhat different and there is really no comparison about who had it worse.
          However, to hold your point of view, that somehow Black people are somehow in the ascendancy in America, simply because White men “can’t talk about race” is completely at odds with the facts. I’ll go further – no man of any so-called race, complains about mere trifles.

        9. Yeah but some more than others no? I love bananas but I’d be disappointed if my wife gave birth to a banana.
          Also, I think part of the nationalism I was talking about is not just about genetics also. I think I’ve been culturally indoctrinated to think of the Italians and Spaniards as my heritage.
          If that dies, doesn’t some part of me die as well? Fewer people in the world will be able to understand me. Fewer people with whom I have some underlying likeness means fewer people with whom I can band with in times of desperation… I think this might be occurring at some subconscious level.

        10. Sorry John, but the walls you erect called “latitude” are self imposed. No black man where I work can walk up and start dissing me for being white, for example, he’d be booted out post haste. The pressure you feel, and I know it’s there since I too am a white male, relies strictly on the notion that you will be too ashamed to stand up for yourself. Once you lose the fear of their name calling, however, you’ll find that you can say anything you wish and, if properly worded (in other words, you’re not being a spittle emitting dillweed), excite even the most “progressive” woman you’ll meet to the point that she’ll want to rape you then and there.

        11. That’s the thing… I don’t really consider it a trifle. Yes, the experience of Black men in America can often be poor, but I will argue strenuously that an equal if not greater number of poor whites have possibly worse experiences.
          I like to think I am example of how you can surpass your upbringing. I was born in west virginia, literally in a Tar paper shack. My folks were not eligible for welfare because my father had a job, although we were so far below the poverty line that even the welfare families had more to eat than we did, and we kids used to trade wild blackberries, tomatoes we grew ourselves in troughs, and our own labor in trade for government-issued cheese and butter from the ‘better off’ families on welfare.
          My folks both worked their butts off, and got the hell out of coal mining country. by the time I got a GED and went into business for myself as an artist, my mother had commissions from government contractors leading to literal millions of dollars in commissions in an era where women were not ‘a privileged minority’, and my blood father (yes, they were divorced) was a mainframe consultant pulling in nearly 15k an hour on consult jobs.
          I never went to college, my parents NEVER helped me out with anything like money or property, and now I make quite a comfortable living as an artist, typically pulling down 2-300 dollars a night plus regular commissions for model packs. My race is, literally, not any kind of an issue whatsoever in my career, since most customers never even see my face.
          There is NOTHING stopping others, regardless of race, from achieving what I have achieved, and frankly, when I see losers complaining about getting ‘held down by the man’, I see nothing but an excuse for their own lack of willingness to work. And it is about NOTHING but a willingness to work… It’s not ‘talent’, as I started out drawing crappy stick figures just like everyone else… it is simply willingness to ignore disappointment, and applying yourself firmly to the idea of succeeding.
          Part of my disgust with ‘black culture’ is that it allows people like Sharpton and Jackson to be their spokespeople. It glorifies lack of success, and applying yourself to a successful enterprise is viewed with suspicion and prejudice. Yes, I grew in my teens in southeast DC, and I have seen it first hand, experienced it, and it is NOT ‘white privilege’… it is an intentional, constant, and melodramatic loser mentality.
          It’s not about race (although I believe race may play a role in gullibility) it is about culture… I see a white guy dating a black girl and think to myself that I am looking at a potential success story, and my heart gladdens. I am looking at a white girl dating a black guy in a suit, again, my heart gladdens. But I see a white rich girl fucking a mack daddy with gold caps and chains, and I know I am looking at a loss of my culture… with luck, though, perhaps their children will not be a total loss, as long as they do not choose to follow their father’s loser culture.

        12. BTW, I lived off of Benning Road, right across the street from the Domino’s. Suck-ass neighborhood, especially during the eighties… what neighborhood were you?

        13. Indeed. Women nearly melt in my presence when I talk matter of factly about feminism being bullshit. Brush aside their shaming tactics (with laughter, or agree and amplify, etc) and they then have nothing left but “buh buh buh…you don’t want equality”. An easy refute being “Why yes, I do, let’s get rid of anti-male family court laws, let’s make it so that if a man chooses not to be a father before the baby is born then he is absolved of child support in order to equalize his position with regards to abortion, let’s stop giving women a pass on domestic violence when they do it, and let’s get rid of all gender based hiring and firing laws in the nation. Agreed?”
          Full frontal cognitive dissonance and intellectual implosion follows and we cue the laugh track.
          The one I’m arguing with may not get wet (well, she probably does) but the female onlookers basically eye rape me the few times I engage in this conversation per year.

        14. heh, I sell most of my packs through Turbosquid. I do have a deviantart page, but most of my stuff is through streaming for furries. Not my preferred genre, but they pay VERY well. I also have a LOT of stuff in indy games.
          I kinda prefer to keep my ‘political activism’ and ‘professional artist’ lives separate… Not because I am worried about people knowing my sociopolitical views, but because I really don’t want people who take my ideas seriously to see the kind of art I often do to afford my ‘privileged’ lifestyle… and the fact that I pretty much prey on the most openly liberal population in America.

        15. They are most definitely not self-imposed. I have a colleague that was recently fired from his position due to a tweeting FACTS about the prevalence of domestic violence in AA families. It was cited as “incendiary remarks.” Creating a zeitgeist of white male guilt and permitting only certain individuals of perceived victimhood to control the dialogue of certain issues is DIRECTLY attributable to the creation of preferential government programs. Look at the NFL hiring female advisers for DV cases. Is that because females are more capable of those positions? Or because of their perceived superior understanding of domestic violence?

        16. I have a colleague that was recently fired from his position due to a tweeting FACTS about the prevalence of domestic violence in AA families
          What has that to do with being a white male? I suspect that a black male, or latino woman, would suffer the same fate for that particular “offense”.
          Creating a zeitgeist of white male guilt and permitting only certain individuals of perceived victimhood to control the dialogue of certain issues is DIRECTLY attributable to the creation of preferential government programs. Look at the NFL hiring female advisers for DV cases. Is that because females are more capable of those positions? Or
          because of their perceived superior understanding of domestic violence?

          All true, but does not refute my noting that this is all self-imposed. If the NFL and its various head honcos had told the Leftist prigs to go pound sand they would have lost no viewers, they would have suffered no legal ramifications and they would have in fact lost no money. It is their obedience to the shaming techniques of the feminine media that gives the feminine imperative its power. See what I’m saying?

        17. Fascinating…
          No one talks about furry and cartoon porn kuz you know, its weird or whatever… but 1% of 15 million people is a lot of clicks.
          Animated porn is unlimited whereas porn-star culture is very limited. Most men’s fantasies can’t be satisfied with the shallowness of the porn industry. The modern incel needs some kind of emotional stimulation rather than just seeing a pair of titties bouncing… he is missing out on both the physical AND emotional/intellectual components of real sexual experiences.

        18. To be fair to his point though bob, the whites being beaten up with regard to “the knockout game” and “polar bear hunting” in the blue states are suffering simply because they are white. No matter how its cut, racial divides and racism exist equally in all ethnicities, no matter our efforts to make it not so. Nobody has a pass of being more oppressed these days. Whether you can’t get a job because of quotas, or you’re being beaten nearly to death, or to death, by a gang of “teens” because you happen to be white, you’re as much a victim as a black man who is hauled out to the back of a ‘wrong bar’ he accidentally walked into.

        19. Seriously, give it a shot sometime. If you can do it with charisma and supreme confidence, and back up your statements with facts that leave them nothing but appeals to emotion or shaming, you win.
          The only power the Left has is the power we give it through our goodwill and decent characters (being, you know, non-leftists). Stand up, proudly argue your case, laugh at their mocking, and they wilt, no matter the topic.

        20. Haha .. I remember a couple of first dates where I metaphorically pissed all over the feminist bible in front of those chicks, and the evenings had a very happy ending nonetheless. Then again there was at least one chick who turned out to be a total leftist delusional femtard and was put off. Still a win win, since that’s certainly not the kind of woman I want to spend time with. Don’t be afraid to stand by what you believe in. It makes you feel good about yourself and in the eyes of others, and helps you sift the gold nuggets from the dried up pieces of shit.

        21. Well, If you can stomach drawing furry and furry homosexual, furry shemale/Tranny, and furry hyperandry (both sets of organs) porn, as well as the odd weirdness like foot fetish, inflation, gargauntuan, Superhero, disney, etc, there is an enormous, barely-tapped market.
          Streaming is especially lucrative. a lot of artists will take comissions and then ‘get back to you when it’s done’, which can take anywhere from a day to 5 years, and so the market is kind of distrustful of traditional furry artists… but in a stream, where they can actually watch you work on their art, and you get people bidding for your time or simply paying for a commission on the spot, If you work quickly and with decent quality you NEVER lack for a stream of customers. Beats the hell out of working for Disney.
          I live in a small house with my slaves (One of whom has an outside job) and yes, we go to church every Sunday together (a never ending source of merriment), Our needs are modest, we do not even own a car. After our needs are met, we often have upwards of 5k a month to stash away. My girls do not have access, I keep it in silver and very safe, and we already have enough to retire to a place like Venezuela… I am hoping when we finally retire we have more than enough stashed away to live quite comfortably on the road for the rest of our lives without relying on SS or the US dollar.
          I figure it’s not bad for an ex-military professional slacker with a Dom fetish.

        22. You do silver too? Interesting. I’ve been collecting it since the late 1980’s, and always have 4 x 1 oz. silver trade units in my pocket at all times (a superstition regarding “a man should have money on him at all times”). Every event involving presents finds my wife/kids buying me silver ounces, and between that and my own collection I have just pounds of the stuff sitting in my safe at home now. It’s a good feeling, isn’t it, having a commodity on hand that is money no matter where you travel?

        23. No kidding. I didn’t jump on the gold rush because it was driving up the price of gold, and throughout history silver has actually been more universal a form of currency.
          I prefer middling-old (not rare) coins from various countries. Yes, I tend to more often have to deal with adulterated product, but in the event that society does NOT collapse before I die their value is appreciating as they become antiques, they are generally smaller and lighter than bars, and they attract less attention since ‘coin collectors’ get on less watch lists than ‘doomsday preppers’ do.
          But yeah, just having so much hard currency and silver jewelry that you cannot actually lift it by hand is almost boner-inducing.
          I just know to avoid like hell ‘silver collector’ coins. They are so fricking adulterated with nickel they are almost worthless… but keeping a few cool ones (like commemorative shuttle launch and the like) around the house is a good dodge for buying silver, and if I ever get robbed they are likely to take the shit and go, rather than looking for really valuable stuff.
          Don’t keep most of my stuff on-site, though. Seems like a risk, and when the shit hits the fan I do have an auto, it is just not insured or kept on the street.

        24. It was a white male that didn’t want to be fired so I would argue it wasn’t “self-imposed.” There’s a black accountant that tweeted all sorts of subjective material on that topic and he was given a warning and nothing more. It was a placating move by management to cultural sensitivities.
          Anheuser-Busch claimed that they would withdraw their $200 million sponsorship from the NFL if action wasn’t taken on the DV issues. You can claim the NFL wasn’t forced into action but I doubt losing sponsorships like that is a desirable financial outcome for the league. If Goodell allowed those sponsors to walk, the owners most likely wouldn’t have been as supportive for him.
          How long do you think a white guy would last is his respective position if he said these things? Let’s not pretend that being “alpha” makes one immune to PC consequences.

        25. How do you market and find clients for such a thing?
          If this is private info then fair enough but this is a market I’ve never actually considered before.
          Reminds me of the Real Dolls phenomenon if you haven’t heard of it… some dudes are making stupid money selling silicon dolls or “relationship partners”…
          I actually have a background in the visual arts so you’ve struck my imagination. Just wondering how one could make money selling this kind of art. Any more info at all would be appreciated.

        26. Hey ghost, if you copy-paste into notepad and then copy-paste back out into your message, it gets rid of the weird pagebreaks in a quote.

        27. I generally don’t go that far, as logic is generally not panty lube, but a few short comments like “Have you ever noticed that Feminists are almost entirely old, fat lesbians?” tends to do the trick.

        28. involuntary celibates (read: guys who can’t ever get sex).
          There are whole internet forums for guys to congregate and help each other through the fact that they’re convinced they’ll never get sex. I don’t know much about them but here is a forum I found just now from googling it.

          I think since beta-providers aren’t needed anymore in our day and age there are quite a few men out there, who haven’t swallowed the red-pill, who think there is something terribly wrong with them for not being worthy of being granted sex from the women they worship so much.
          I think the Japanese herbivore men phenomenon is really cool, but the incels just seem like a sad bunch.

        29. It takes some work. Being willing to engage with the ‘furry culture’, or at least bullshit your way through it, helps. The same with Indy game culture.
          Are you an artist? I can give some direct tips, and some sites to stream where you will get a lot of traffic just from running a stream, like tigerdile. It helps if you have a famous character on a muck, with advertisements in your info, and considering I got started in the BDSM community makes it a long, and weird, road.
          I was never really a ‘furry’, but when I got out of the military and got divorced I mucked for quite some time on some of the furry boards due to the large bdsm/furry crossover. Made a name for myself as a much-desired roleplayer/writer, started doing art for commission, and it just sorta went from there. Last year I quit my job to do it full time (Right after an indy game featuring my 3d art was released) and still do a bunch of stuff for my brother as well as selling 3d art packs on turbosquid, and my steampunk environment pack doing quite well and pulling in thousands of dollars was what convinced me it was finally time to blow off the slave mentality and work for myself.

        30. Man you’ve been indoctrinated by the cult of ethnicity. I relate way more to a black guy with the same interests as me, than a random peasant in China just because he happens to originate from my ‘culture’.
          There are a lot of things about my “culture” that suck. So what. Which is part of why I remain in the US, being a member of mass immigration and pissing off nationalists.
          Remember that “the personal is political” is a feminist slogan that prizes emotion above rationality.

        31. Doesn’t the assertion that you have “had real race problems” make at least a part of Brig’s point? You’re black therefore you are the sole voice of oppression, discrimination and sufferage when discussing racial injustice with whites? Sounds like a game of “heads I win, tails you lose”.
          We can’t have it both ways. That is the problem when only ours are the “real” problems thereby disqualifying any opposing view without regards to consideration. That’s not discussion. That’s lecture. That’s the problem.

        32. Man you’ve been indoctrinated by the cult of ethnicity. I relate way more to a black or white guy with the same interests as me, than a random peasant in China just because he happens to originate from my ‘culture’.
          There are a lot of things about my “culture” that suck. Try living in Italy or Spain and you will recognize that there are shitty things about those societies.
          So what. Which is part of why I stay in the US. Remember that “the personal is political” is a feminist slogan that prizes emotion above rationality.

        33. I don’t do full logic, that’s just my clincher. Generally I mock feminism and laugh at their assertions just as you note to do (I never raise the topic first, btw). Once they are full frontal emotional rage and see that it doesn’t affect me, they *always* snap out of their emotional show and pull out the “feminism means equality between the sexes, don’t you believe in equality” line, then I logic smack them in one fell swoop.
          Debate and rhetoric classes in high school and college were invaluable for me, but I never realized it until years later. There are ways to easily lead a conversation towards your final victory that people are simply unaware of these days. Women are especially easy to lead down the proper path for rhetorical execution, heh. Also keep in mind that, despite what my rather windy posts here online, in real life I’m rather “tall, dark and silent” in public most of the time, so that kind of disarms them up front.

        34. Right. We avoid collector coin bullshit as well, same reason. Nobody tracks any of this in this neck of the woods, so there are no lists to get on. I usually can walk into a well spread gun show and walk out with a pound of silver, cash, no questions asked, no information exchanged except pleasantries and a bit of haggling. Easy peasy.

        35. I am still pushing for ‘commercial propaganda deconstruction’ to be taught alongside logic and rhetoric in high schools. It seems a mandatory skill today.

        36. And my point is that none of these laws, structures, restrictions and other nonsense would exist if we stopped bowing down and being ashamed as they wish us to be. I don’t disagree that these legalities exist, I’m stating that the key to stop future laws, and future things like the NFL is doing, is to de-power these twats entirely either by ignoring them, or laughing at them. Once we can establish a “conversation” where their views are no longer taken seriously then we can turn around and start repealing bullshit policies and laws. But the onus is on us first to stop caring and giving them the power to set the frame of the conversation.

        37. Truth is I hardly ever hang out with Italians OR Spaniards besides my family. The people I feel closest to are the people I’ve shared life experiences with… My crew…
          What I’m referring to is the feeling you might have if you heard that your cultural heritage is off dying somewhere. If all the sudden you heard that every Chinese person was wiped off the earth by some mysterious virus you might not be so apathetic towards your background as you suggest you are.
          On purely logical grounds I agree with you. What I’m referring to is the illogical gut response.

        38. Yeah basically.
          I think for the MGTOWs there is more of a conscious decision behind it. They don’t want to risk marriage or having to raise children in such a sketchy society and political system.
          I’m sure there are incels who call themselves MGTOWs to make themselves feel better… Incels would probably do anything just to have a girl fart on them.

        39. First of all if most Chinese people were getting a disease I would be worried about how to protect myself from it since it might have a genetic component.
          The thing is that the gut response could be coming from an idealized view that you’ve got of your original heritage. I would say that a visit to the old country could be in order.
          Many people come in with an idealized view of the old country – until they recognize that the old country is no better (or worse) than the new one.

        40. That was my original point. Until opinions such as englishbob’s that claim “real race issues” don’t happen to white males are obliterated, we will never have an environment where logical debate is presented.

        41. “I’m sorry mate but I’ve had real race problems, way beyond being screwed out of a job, up to and including violence.”
          Right there illustrates my issue. That you immediately dismiss the notion of a white male having “real race problems.”

        42. Interesting story. Thanks for the all the info.
          I’d consider myself an artist/musician at the hobbyist level. No formal training but I’ve spent a fair chunk of my free time playing in bands and pursuing various artistic forms (i.e. photography, video, sketching, installation). I think if I put in some effort I could probably pick up cartoon drawing half-decent over a 6 month period. Also I have some connections to artistic communities in the city.
          My formal education is in psychology/neuroscience at the Masters level but I’m currently ditching the academic stream to make a career shift. While I’ve had some great experiences in that field, committing 5+ years to pursue a PhD that may or may not lead to lucrative employment seems like a waste of my time. There are a lot of PhDs out there that are under-employed after having made serious financial sacrifices to get that degree…. no thanks….
          I have a few different plans but I was actually considering joining the army for a year or two. With an undergrad you can get in as an officer so I was thinking it might actually give me some new skills and perspective.

        43. That’s actually awesome. Admittedly I don’t know much about non-mainstream porn but seriously that sounds like a great way to make money.
          While I don’t support bestiality, I guess making a 3D model isn’t that bad, though. How do you get started in that stuff, may I ask, and how much money can really be found in preying on geeks and freaks?

        44. Allows Sharpton and Jesse? They themselves and the media crowned them. As my father used to say, I didn’t vote for Jesse, he doesn’t speak for me.

        45. Classical liberalism means kind of what libertarianism means today (without the crazies), it was the original intent of the Founding Fathers and means basically a free society, free markets, free speech whatever.

        46. It means little “L” libertarian. If you live and let live, don’t like taxes, like guns, don’t like people telling you what you can put into your body, don’t like people dictating how consenting adults should have sex, like free markets (in the real sense, not the GOP/Dem sense), and generally leave people alone to live their own lives as they see fit (as long as there is no coercion or force involved), then you’re a classic liberal aka libertarian.

        47. You would never go hungry if your wife could birth bananas.
          Honestly there is nothing wrong with feeling an affinity with people with which you have close ties. It’s just when people revert to a caveman them and is mentality that there is a serious problem. So it’s OK to slaughter women and children because they are “them”.

        48. That’s a powerful story and a cause for pride. The difficulties we face are what defines us.
          Look Sharpton is a buffoon and trust me when I say he does not speak for all black people. I know about black people in the ghetto and their ghetto mentality. However none of the black people I know share that attitude.
          I do think you identify a little too much with other white people. If some white chick wants to date a ghetto black guy that’s her problem really. It will not affect you or you culture. She could just as easy date some white loser. You might also find you have more in common with a black American than with a white Frenchman.

        49. We do this to animals all the time… There is no really good reason to believe that animals don’t have a conscious experience.
          They don’t have reason or language but there is more reason to believe that they experience some degree of conscious experience than not.
          And yet not many people are going to sacrifice the pleasure of an afternoon BBQ. Humans are barbaric creatures… men and women… There isn’t much getting around that.
          With that said… I do vouch for education rather than ignorance. All beings are going to suffer in this universe there aint no getting around it. If there can be periods of peace and compassion than I’m down lets pass around the peace pipe.
          But I’m not holding my breath for man as a collective in all its complexity and variability to come to some kind of enlightenment… Perhaps we’ll achieve some kind of technological complacency or transcendence but we have yet to see if that is possible. Furthermore, we have yet to see if that would even be a preferable state to the impassioned struggle humans have fought since our humble beginnings.

        50. *Shrug* I was exaggerating a bit to make a point, and the point is that the ‘black culture’ in America is pretty much sick, and is killing itself, and I cannot find it in me to even give a shit.
          And what’s with the ‘African American’ thing? I mean, I have met actual African Americans, i even dated a very hot girl from Kenya once… But if you were born here, you are no more African than I am. The community has rejected the spanish word ‘Negro’, as well as the word ‘Nigger’, scoffs at the word ‘black’, tries to pass off a blatant falsehood as a race name, what exactly is wrong with the word ‘American’? Afro American sorta made sense, although it was kind of weird naming an entire race after a haircut, but I don’t call myself an Irishpolishafricanscottishenglishchineseamerican, So, by your own statement, why is it so bloody important that black people identify with other blacks by whatever new term has been invented by people that decide that the old race name is somehow insulting? At times it seems a lot like ‘new feminists’ refusing to use the word ‘feminist’ because the word has been tainted by the very things that they still represent and support.
          it is not totally an indictment, though, because ‘white culture’ or ‘american culture’ has become incredibly tainted by multiculti, entitlement, and white guilt to the point where it is just as diseased… but 20 years ago, identifying as ‘an american’ did far more to ensure your success and that of your children than identifying as part of the ‘black community’. Nursing competing and insane cultures at it’s breast is one of the things that drove American culture into spiralling madness in the first place.

        51. As a die-hard enlisted man I never encourage anyone to go in as an officer, but that’s because I consider most officers to be a waste of breath that never learn to work. This coming from a guy with 4 officers in his immediate family.
          But having someone pay for your schooling is a powerful enticement. Especially since it would be nice to have another Neurologist who doesn’t bank on being blue pill. Of course, like many I consider psychology to be junk science when applied to individuals, please don’t take it personally, although it could certainly lead to lucrative opportunities in advertising and propaganda.
          If you went Navy instead of Army you could push for higher-end medical assignments, as well as an ever so slightly better military culture.
          One of the advantages of working art is that you can use it as a way to earn decent money to pay for education, or as a side career while you jump start your real career. the 2-300 dollars a night I mentioned? that usually involves working only 6 or so hours, and I can eat, socialize with my girls, listen to music or a TV program and relax at the same time, nearly perfect for a part time gig while you put serious time into what you may consider a ‘career’.
          In my case, my ‘career’ is 3d game art, while my ‘part time and hobby’ (which pays far more) is streaming commissions. Yes, I tend to work 12 hours or more a day (with breaks for exercise etc.), but I truly enjoy my work, and believe that men are not harmed by overworking themselves at something that they love… If you are not happily putting in overtime in your job, then you are doing the wrong job. To paraphrase Robert Heinlein, maybe you should try art, or truck driving, or robbing banks. Men are made for work, and if you are thinking longingly of vacations, you are doing the wrong work.

        52. I didn’t take your opinion personally but I wanted to share my thoughts on psychology as a field.
          Psychology/Neuroscience is the youngest of the sciences. Philosophy has dealt with issues of human nature since the beginning of recorded history but using the scientific method to test human behaviour formally is very recent.
          Psychology is a very very very broad term…. it can refer to counselling, social, personality, evolutionary psych, industrial psych, or clinical psych, etc. I’m assuming the “bunk” psychology you’re talking about is probably within one of these realms. After all it is the clinical psychologists and psychiatrists who recommend ritalin/anti-depressents to young people who are still developing. IMO if young kids don’t feel a hint of depression upon learning about the world there is something wrong with them. But I digress. These are considered the “soft science” psychological fields because some of this work is qualitative and based on things like personal reports, filling out surveys, and no one really truly understands yet how all these drugs we take affect our brains… the most complicated system humans have discovered in the universe up to this point.
          The kind of stuff I’m more associated with is perceptual neuroscience, behavioural sciences, brain research, virtual reality, the nervous system, rehabilitation, etc. This gets closer to the “hard science” side of psych. This end of things can range from manipulating actual organisms and brains (i.e. physiologist measures, animal studies, electrodes, etc.) to measuring a fighter pilot’s reaction times during a flight simulation. It gets more precise. Even building artificial eyeballs is considered part of the psychological sciences.
          Anyways your point is well taken… I’ve been skeptical about psychology and psychiatric drugs for example ever since my doctor told me to get on anti-depressants as a teenager… Fuck that noise… who knows how fucked up I’d be now if I took some pills that mess with my brain and my dick (fyi anti-depressant pills make it virtually impossible for a man to have an erection and healthy sex drive). Oh… and a recent meta-analysis (a paper that reviews and recalculates data of more than a decade’s worth of previous research) proved that anti-depressants are no more effective than placebos… Here is that paper if you’re interested…
          Kirsch, I; Deacon, BJ; Huedo-Medina, TB; Scoboria, A; Moore, TJ; Johnson, BT (2008). “Initial Severity and Antidepressant Benefits: A Meta-Analysis of Data Submitted to the Food and Drug Administration”. PLoS Medicine 5 (2): e45.doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.0050045. PMC 2253608. PMID 18303940
          Anyways man… I’m not arguing… Just thought I’d share some knowledge from my field. I really do think that neuroscience and psychology are going to have deep influences on society in the coming decades. The only problem I have with the field is that the academic ivory tower has done a great job of getting the students to perform all the research while paying them shit. Profs barely do anything but write grants… the students and post-docs are the ones coming up with and carrying out the research… and they are often quite under-compensated for their expertise.
          Thanks for reading this rant.

        53. Well if animals do have an issue with BBQ, they are welcome to petition for their rights. In the meantime I gotta eat.

        54. You are assuming that black people in America are some homogenous group -they are not. The questions you ask I cannot answer although I would suggest that identifying generally with Africa is because no black American can trace his roots to a specific country in Africa.
          I would say that the ghettos in America and particularly the black experience, is the canary in the mine. Due to historical reasons, black people in America represent the most vulnerable group and so it is no surprise that they are most badly affected by socialist policies which ultimately make all of us poorer.

        55. I think you might be surprised at how Homogenous black culture is. There are always outliers, and you appear to be one, but between the different areas of black concentration there appears to be almost universal cultural conformity.
          New Yorkers and Los Angelinos are vastly culturally different peoples, Yet the bronx afroamerican culture and the compton afroamerican culture are virtually indistinguishable… enough so that even tiny cultural differences must be found in order to squabble. Both of those are well-nigh inseperable from detroit, DC, Atlanta, and even chicago black culture.
          The Only black culture that seems to offer any sort of alternative to ‘the hood rat culture’ are basxed entirely upon pacific island subcultures, with entirely separate experiences, namely rastafaran (jamaica) and Haitian.
          Contrast it with say, the differences between Indiana trailer trash versus west virginia trailer trash. Totally and recogniseably different subcultures. They don’t listen to the same music, drive the same vehicles, wear the same style of clothes, or even share the same values or identify themselves as similar. Or even the subcultures within a high school.
          Not to be offensive, but the fact that you are making excuses for why black people refuse to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and culturally acclimate to the US to be quite telling.
          “White people” are anything but. Big Freckled Ginger Irish are about as far away, socially, psychologically, and physically, from pale, slender, small, dark-haired French, Beefy Brown Germans, Olive-complected large-nosed italians, and florid brits as they are from blue-black Maori, round brown north africans, slender and dark Kenyans, and whatever-the-fuck they ares like Dwayne Johnson and Jessica Alba.
          We can see the differences between our individual ethnicities perfectly fine, and the differences are historically HUGE, every bit as much as the differences between english skin and gold coast skin tone. And yet, Ethnicities managed to carve themselves a niche and then eventually blend into the local population… Irish marrying germans, italians breeding with english, French breeding with anything that holds still long enough to get a dick in one of their holes.
          “THIS” is white privilege, a willingness to go along with the dominant culture. And it is absolutely NOT a province of a skin color… black people are not ‘treated badly’ unless they act like fucking idiots, go along with the highly criminal-worshipping ‘black’ culture, and thus literally place themselves as targets. Yes, it sucks that so many do, but it is absolutely their own fault… It is not racism, it is people acting like fucking idiots and forcing others to treat them exactly the way that they complain about being treated. If you look, act, talk, and dress like a fucking drug dealer, it is stupid in the extreme to complain about people treating you like a drug dealer.
          If you were wearing glasses, carrying a brief case, and wearing a suit, with no tattoos, a neat haircut, possibly even a fedora, do you think for even a moment the cops would do a stop-and-frisk because some dude in a hoodie with a gold-plated grill two blocks down just knocked over a liquor store? If the answer is ‘yes’ then you are totally delusional.
          How about we go to another extreme. If you were big and beefy, and had a full beard and grubby tennis shoes, were wearing a ‘doctor who’ or ‘Mass Effect’ teeshirt, and were carrying a backpack with a dungeons and dragons set in it, would you be accosted by cops for more than a heartbeat? Of course not. Why? Because D&D fatbeards don’t commit robberies.
          Even more extreme example. You wear a ‘furry’ fan tail, jeans, and a teeshirt that says “In my other life I was a dragon”, have a large, poofy fro, and a plaid overshirt, and carry a cheapo laptop in a messenger bag. Will you be accosted for longer than it takes to see the laptop? No way, because geeks don’t rob liquor stores.
          That is “White criminal privilege”. You could even have robbed the store, dressed as a typical criminal subculture member. Go around the corner, ditch the hoodie, pull up your pants and display the geeky teeshirt, mess up your hair a little, and you might even get away with cold-blooded murder… regardless of your skin color.
          It’s the homogenity of the black subculture, their worship of criminals, that is directly responsible for any and all abuse they receive as ‘blacks’. Lose the underdog permanent-victim mentality, The physical signs of gang culture and the consciously-adopted appearance of criminality, and you won’t be treated that way.
          A lot of people hide behind the ‘You want me to change who I AM!’ slogan… Yes, of course I want people to change. “Who I am” is generally repugnant. It is called self-improvement, not ass-kissing the man. “When in Rome…”

        56. TL:DR version: you are treated like a criminal because you look and act like a criminal. It’s entirely self-inflicted. It’s not about skin color, it’s about attitude.

        57. I have said nothing about black people being unable to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Baffled by this. I might turn this around and say you are making excuses to justify your belief that all blacks are the same. I think your viewpoint is colored by your early upbringing in the black ghetto.
          If I am a outlier then so is every black person I know. And that’s a lot of black people across many continents. Fact is, poor blacks from the ghetto are so alien to me I scarcely consider them the same ethnic group. You might be surprised that their fundamental beliefs about government for example are very similar to poor whites in England. This kind of thing known as a culture of poverty and exists in some form in every country.
          Interesting you bring up police stops. I myself have been stopped wearing a suit for bullshit reasons and on many other occasions.

        58. Why would I think all Blacks are the same? The race problems in this country do not stem from black diplomats and small business owners, and I challenge you to find an athlete or entrepreneur that joined in the post-Zimmerman riots.
          Also, I would like to contrast ‘American Blacks’ with actual ‘African Americans’, Kenyan Expats, North Africans, and South Africans seem (in my experience) to be reasonably intelligent, decent people that do not throw in even remotely with the ghetto culture. Even islanders like Jamaicans and Haitians seem to avoid doing so.

    2. So true. Our standards as a society are so low. Iv’e seen overweight girls at my school in pajamas and have their hair in a greasy bun and still somehow have boyfriends. In this day and age everything is acceptable unless it is deemed racist (only called racist if you are white) or sexist(only called sexist if you are a man).

    3. I recently worked with a room full of a dozen millenial females (I include the two proud homosexuals, and a germ-phobic twit among the females, nine technical women total). I show up as a clean, tat-free middle-age man wearing a tie. I always almost immediately rejected including outright insults a few times. It was just bizarre how quickly and confidently these drones checked through their media-cliche saturated brains and determined that I was to be criticized. I was completely decent, polite and quiet, knowing fully the importance of workplace behavior. It calmed down just due to my quietness and we basically never interacted unless it was entirely necessary. This was likely after some sort of warning for them from management presumably after I was villified while not present. It was that bad, really, and it was based on nothing. They knew NOTHING of me or my life. It’s all image recognition then on to media commands for how to regard said image. So yes, white males are purely criticized right now. You see all the suburban normal guys trying to shield themselves with all kinds of biker/bad-boy/MMA/maverick regalia but it’s all just sad to me. “I’m not a normal white guy! Look at this African plate inlaid into my earlobe!” So, what to do? I used it as a chance to be someone who is even less inclined to mill around in the part of my brain that assesses approval/disapproval. Let those paradigms (and literal brain cells) just dry up and die. When you have been criticized in a way that is so deeply unfair and media-drone based, you get some understanding of the shallowness of the approval game part of life. Here’s the key though; the part of you that gets all warm and fuzzy over being positively regarded has to die at the same time. It’s a total culling of those brain cells, not selective. People are getting dumber by the click. A whole world clicking and getting dumber and dumber. If your goals, either outright or emotional, are to be approved of then you are now the dumb one. Drop it. Blowing up at people is sometimes called for but avoid it if possible. It sometimes will only justify people’s low regard for you. Had I done this all over again, I would have gone to management immediately and brought up the word ‘ageism’ as many times as possible. The HR moron did a complete Benetton approved hiring scheme and I think I was tacked on at the end to lessen the PC egregiousness. If you’re attacked, use HR and all of their nonsense programs to your benefit. Do it right away so it doesn’t seem like some mutual build-up.

  2. Most criticism you face in real life will not be meant constructively, but as a mask for resentment/ulterior motives. The key is not to care that much what people think of you, particularly in this day when criticism usually just means they think you’re being mean and not anything relevant. Being too pro-social will lead to weak personalities, emotional beliefs, and unaccomplished lives.
    Pertinent to our interests, there’s also the kind of criticism that can be seen as welcomed indicator. Meaning that criticisms from your enemies are indications that they are hurt, and that you are striking at vulnerable mental spots. This is why I always aim to generate big responses from feminists. The phrase “cartoon villain” is heard a lot, even when I’m not trying. People respond this way because your position holds a degree of truth, which they don’t want to acknowledge. This creates for them a uncomfortable cognitive dissonance, which in turn leads to emotionally driven criticisms. In these scenarios, being called a bigot/sexist/misogynist etc. is a sort of feedback that provides important information: That you’re right and the other person can’t handle it.

      1. If you’re one giving the criticism it is constructive. If you’re the one receiving it, it is not.

      2. One factor I pay attention to is whether the person giving an opinion is in any way qualified to have an opinion on the subject. In other words whether they know jack shit about it or not.

        1. Not being ‘qualified’ does not necessarily invalidate a constructive criticism. I find Yoko Ono’s music to be nasty, atonal, nasal, and unpleasant, I don’t have to go to music school or be a professional musician to have a reasonable opinion on it.

        2. This is part of my standard as well. I also try to judge whether they’re giving the criticism in a helpful way (“Ghost, dude, you don’t put widget A into widget C, you put it in widget B”) or in a destructive way (“You’re a fucking moron, everybody knows you put widget A into widget B, man, I’m going to tell everybody I know what a dumbass you are!”). Some people really are nihilists and want nothing more than to bring others down, the trick is filtering for intent, which is rather difficult to learn at first.

        3. That’s more a question of art though, and humans have a nearly innate sense of art in us that qualifies us to determine that, yes, Yoko Ono needs to be electrocuted in a bathtub with her dead husband’s guitar. Nobody would disagree with that.
          On the other hand, I can tell you for a fact that anybody who takes my unqualified advice on how to fix an air conditioner will be in for a world of pain, and possible electrocution (not by guitar of course). It’s all in the context.

        4. Haha .. I’m a musician and also agree that Yoko Ono sucks. But that’s one obvious example. Knowing the background of the person giving an opinion is not the only factor to consider, but one of the important ones. Jefferson put it very well in his reply below.
          To go with the musical example, most laymen could only tell you whether they like something or not, without knowing why or how. It boils down to just their own personal taste. The best they are qualified to state is “I don’t like it”, but they don’t have the background to say whether it’s a masterful example of the genre or not. You can take any genre and it will have it’s aficionados and detractors. That’s just personal taste, depending on what feelings they seek from the art, and whether they are trained to absorb and understand a certain genre.
          An expert however will be able to tell you what are your strengths and weaknesses, and make you aware of blind spots you didn’t even know about.
          Unqualified opinions that mean jack shit are very common, and usually based on common cliches, misconceptions and sound bytes without being based on any real experience and knowledge. Typical examples are what the general public thinks how it is to work in the police field, or medical field, or music business or whatever, based on what they see on a TV screen.

        5. Case in point: wanna know the real truth about domestic violence between the sexes and how it plays out in the real world? Ask an experienced bouncer or someone who’s lived in a trailer park, not your typical bullshitting DV activist.

        6. You have confirmed my suspicion that you all spend your time in bars and trailer parks.

        7. So the fact that you’re a man automatically disqualifies you from giving an honest opinion on women. Got it.

      3. We do the sandwich method. Good – Bad – Good.
        If it’s just bad then you aren’t being mentored properly. No is perfect but it doesn’t mean you ignore the good.

      4. Personally I define constructive criticism as being able to have a rational justification based on the circumstances as well as suggesting ideas as to how it can be fixed. if someone says my work sucks, but cannot either back it up or offer an opinion (reasonable not a “you breathe too much, so stop breathing”) then I dismiss it as it offers no value to the end result.

    1. Regarding ulterior motives for criticism: “People can forgive many things, except success.” – Wise Men Before Us

    2. Eh, it’s best to just do your best and shrug it off than to assume that everyone is out to get you. Some people could very well be out to get you. But most others don’t care. If you’re a writer, you could get someone who took five minutes to flick through the first few pages and give some regurgitated feedback without even thinking about it.

    3. What you’re describing sounds a lot like the vocal MGTOWers on this site who violently lash out at anyone who points that their lack of success with women is probably due to their failure to put effort into self improvement.

  3. Don’t forget that just as much it is a Man’s duty to accept criticism, it is also a Man’s duty as a leader to dole out constructive criticism and critique others as necessary. In a world where too many people are given trophies merely for just showing up, helping others to become their very best is what separates the Men from the women. It is a sad day indeed when I try to give feedback to my Airmen that work directly for me, and I am chastised by own direct superior for not handling the Airmen more delicately.

    1. Agree. I believe constructive criticism makes you better (stronger) all around. Sometimes, though, I have to laugh and brush off the source of the criticism (one of my female supervisors).
      You can’t respect or trust someone’s feedback in a particular field when that person (usually a woman) who has little to no real experience in it.

    2. Be careful of telling others what their duties are. Its a short step from there to the government putting its boot on your face.

      1. Depends on the context. In working life it should become requisite again as it has nearly disappeared only to be replaced with feminine bitching and smothering feminine conformity (at least in the corporate world), and with parenting it is critical for obvious reasons. Government, as you point out, is the wrong path precisely because it formalizes the use of force to ensure that “duties” you may not agree to are in fact adhered to.

  4. Complimentary, not complementary.
    One of the main themes on this site is to be well read. Every post though has word useage errors great enough to affect the flow of the writing. Y’all need an editor.

  5. “But all too often it is a weapon used by those who are jealous of us or insecure in themselves to limit our potential by making us doubt ourselves”
    I’ve seen really crap young comedians at comedy clubs, dismissed them, then seen them again a year later to be blown away at how good there act has become. In comedy clubs vicious nasty heckling will destroy people or serve as a baptism of fire that will produce a very strong immune system. Writing is different though, as the criticism is (necessarily) deferred, and while people can often identify what is rubbish, its rather harder to say what is good. One thing with a joke, you either laugh or you don’t … there should be no points for cleverness, maybe some points for a bravura performance. If you apply the same principle to a book, the principle of pleasure, then you either enjoy it or you don’t. Except because of our insecurities, intellectual in particular, we think we should learn something, be improved by literature, so the question arises: “does it say something?” Is it a ‘good’ book? Will the punchline be worth it. More often the answer is no, and that’s probably because there’s no literary equivalent to a comedy club baptism of fire.

  6. Women will look a gift horse in the mouth… and spit in its face.
    Particularly from them, criticism flows easy.

  7. Hey guys,i know this comment doesn´t belong here but i would like to see your opinon/advice on my problem.I am 17,I am completely unexperienced with women,not even a kiss….I have been thinking alot about one girl from my class and I somehow develop oneitis for her.Like seriously i have never spoke to her and now I feel like i am in love with her.I feel like a pathetic looser in compare to her.I always think about her,I feel intimidated by her and I dont have the balls to come to her…She is a pretty but nothing special just average girl but I see her like a godess…This impacts every area of my life and it makes me feel miserable.I even understand how stupid this all is but it does not help.

    1. Young man’s first sexual experience should always be with a professional prostitute. Save up, choose carefully and do it safely. Then the girl in question will come to you on her own will.

    2. Well, my son is 17 going soon on 18, so I have some insight on this as a father.
      First thing to do to take her off of that pedestal is to think of her sitting on a toilet grunting out a powerful shit, replete with all kinds of farting. Think of her vomiting on the sidewalk after she gets drunk at a party. Think of her dissing her father and brothers all the time. Think of her scratching her ass then smelling her finger, or picking her nose and eating it. Get a good solid vibe of “she’s a human being with disgusting habits just like anybody else” going.
      Second, ponder that vibe a bit. Let it sit and fester. Not just with her, but about all girls. Start laughing at how disgusting they can be. Start thinking about how she is so beneath you that she’d be lucky if you even decide to talk to her. Let it really sink in for a weekend. Come to hold her nearly in contempt.
      Third, at school (or wherever), channel that vibe for a few moments when you see her walking down the hallway. When you feel utterly superior to this farting, belching, booger eating, shit finger smelling creature, walk up and with confidence that you are a much better person, say “Hey”. When she answers or gets snooty, always consider that she’s just dying to go take a healthy shit and is repressing farts at precisely this moment.
      Take her power away, which you are uniquely qualified to do, since it is YOU giving her this power. Does that make sense? Once you see women as human beings instead of angels things get one hell of a lot easier.
      And fact is son, if she rejects you, you can console yourself with the fact that she will be riding fifteen different cocks per year at college and that means that, yes, she was in fact unworthy of ever being in your pressence. If she on the other hand is responsive to your “Hey”, you can then carry on a conversation. Have something interesting to say, but nothing too wordy or heavy, just interesting as in interesting-to-the-world (hint: Don’t talk about Yugio or video games unless you know for a fact she’s into these things, etc). Be funny without coming across as try-hard. And always, always maintain the mindset that you are the prize, not her. There are billions of other women on this planet, she’s just one, and she will disappoint you eventually no matter what happens, so what does it matter?

      1. “Start thinking about how she is so beneath you that she’d be lucky if you even decide to talk to her.”
        Are there really father’s out there that say think the woman is beneath you? No wonder rape is rampant. What with amazing role models as yourself.

        1. Idiot. I’m telling him to take her off the pedestal. He now sees her as some magical, mystical being and himself as a lowly worm. The key to defeating that insane mindset is to turn the tables and dismiss that nonsense for what it is.
          Crying rape now over a bit of realistic advice, huh? What, servers down for a bit?
          Go occupy something, leftist.

        2. Taking someone off the pedestal is not analogous to putting them beneath you.
          Realistic advice? You are advocating for this person to say another person is beneath them, solely based on their biological sex.
          Take a note from the 27 year old above.

        3. When you pedastalize somebody, then yes, you have to reverse that mindset immediately. Learning kung fu, while a worthy pursuit and critical for self improvement, does not make you take her off a pedestal. If you do not see yourself as the prize that she needs to earn, then you will end up, eventually, as some pastel wearing beta schlub living in misery in your “man cave” or garage while she dictates your life to you. Be the prize, or get out of the game.
          His entire post was about pedestalization and approach anxiety. If you can point out anything factually incorrect in this approach (do women no, for example, take big hefty shits and fart?), then do so, otherwise you are not contributing any value to the conversation.

        4. Saying women take monumental shits that would rival a pig farm is 100% correct. They do not shit flowers.
          Saying they are beneath you is completely different.
          You take shits too, so does she. So does your shit smell better than hers?

        5. Stop white knighting. I’m trying to help him develop a mindset of confidence. Overconfidence is preferable to no confidence at this stage given his apparent severe “stage fright”. Eventually you balance out and find an equilibrium, but that will never happen if he sees himself as a worm and her an angel.
          And this “not better” is bologna, we are all better than others at something, sometimes many things, so extrapolating that a bit to all women is useful as a mental exercise to overcome irrational fear. If you don’t walk into a room and exude the confidence that comes from believing that you’re the king walking through your court, then you won’t get the highest quality women. A general rule of thumb is that you should always approach a woman with the confidence that she is lucky you even deigned to speak to her, as this gives you that air of being in charge and on top of things. You don’t have to believe she is literally dirt deep down, but what has that to do with a motivational mindset?
          Or are you the type that would coach a team at half time by saying “Ok, they’re no better nor worse than us, I guess we have a 50/50 chance of winning, so let’s just go out there and be ourselves” rather than “We are a much better team than them, let’s get out there and kick their ass!”?
          Take a moment away from white knighting, step back, and recognize motivational concepts for what they are.

        6. And you stop fucking us over.
          We are in this predicament because our forefathers thought it’d be a great idea to belittle women roles. Instead of appreciating them and placing a high value on motherhood, they said women were beneath them.
          If we want things to return to traditional roles we need to stop saying women are beneath us. Do you understand psychology? The more you fight someone, the more they fight back. When you toss up your arms and just go your own way, THAT is when we regain control.
          But telling this boy (the next generation) that women are beneath him will just continue to propel MORE women into education and into extremely competitive programs.
          Most women could care less about their degrees, but they do it to stick it to the man.
          Back to the kid, yes do not pedestal her. Yes focus on yourself. What to start changing the tides? Praise motherhood and traditional family values.

        7. Heh, God help us all if that is not a shopped pic or not a prank.
          Sitting around being all equal, and stuff, will get a guy 0.0% pussy. It’s shocking to me that any sane person with any real experience with women would exhort men to approach as “equals” instead of approaching from the dominant frame. Might as well tell him to go to a club dressed in a Pokeman t-shirt and ketchup stained shorts and to chat up women about the latest Skyrim mod he created last Saturday night.

        8. You have no clue what I’m talking about, that’s patently obvious. I did not say walk up to her and state “Hey baby, I’m much better than you, deal with it”, did I? I said assume the mindset, and the confidence will then follow. Basic psychology (why yes, in fact, I am versed a bit, thank you) and guess what, confidence, even overconfidence based on nothing but high self regard, works on women. Whodathunkit?
          I think you’ve said everything you can say without repeating yourself, the conversation really has no value at this point. Go praise motherhood, and avert your eyes from the legions of browbeaten young men who are no longer even capable of approaching women due to our culture’s constantly beating down on them. That will help them go out and meet women, surely.
          Take’er easy Luke.

        9. “Sitting around being all equal, and stuff, will get a guy 0.0% pussy.”
          You are the one putting pussy on a pedestal. Sure you mask it by being ‘dominant’ and you are lucky that is what women want. But if women wanted clowns, would you be that too?

        10. You have no interest in helping this boy, clearly. If it is what women want, and you admit that this is the case, then it helps solve his problem, correct? Basic logic here, guy, I’m trying to help him, not fling my dick around with an agenda and preach about motherhood and apple pie. Solutions are what he came here for, not to be preached to by a pandering equalist agenda that solves nothing. Since you admit women want dominant men (and, frankly, have throughout history) then your beef really isn’t with me so much as with the notion that women want dominant men. Take it up with women, Luke.
          Now seriously guy, we’re done. You’re not helping him, and you show no signs of being interested in helping him, since you have an agenda to promote and snarling to do at people who are trying to help him.

        11. Fuck You! You fucking idiot! You missed the point entirely and entirely due to your fucking indoctrinated over politicized brainwashed mind. What GOF is saying is for Bro1234 to become comfortable approaching girls. Look, DICK, if you knew anything about picking up girls or being good with them, you’d know 1. they, in fact, respond to jerks (and you probably cry yourself to sleep saying “how come nice guys finish last), which is partially due to the jerk factor but, importantly, because they’re CONFIDENT and it shows!, 2. That its a fucking numbers game, so, you have to try…and try and try. And after enough trying (numbers), you get some and then you’ll become more confidence and then, you refine your game even more. You see that’s how this virtuous circle works. Bro1234, listen-up.
          But you must try and, lets face it, especially in today’s neutered world its tough. Um, luke, girls today think you…YES YOU are fucking beneath them, so, who’s right and who’e wrong. Fact is, GOF’s advice is spot-on. Once you cognitively acknowledge that a girl is just another bag of water, mucus and feces capable of skid marks and rancid bowel movements…it makes the effort a lot easier. If for no other reason than making the likely rejection a non-event, which it is. Myself, I have great stats, but, I’ve been rejected and shot-down plenty of times. Bro1234, DO NOT listen to Luke, all girls shit, piss, smell, pick their nose, skid marks…and, guess what, they are in fact beneath you (reference history). Now, don’t go around saying that or “raping” them, as this pussy luke thinks you may. No, keep that in the back of your mind, go approach this chick now, if you get shot-down then move on to the next and keep going and going. You will get laid! One last thing with each encounter, I HIGHLY suggest you keep mental notes and constantly improve you’re game. Once you refine game the odds skew in your favor. Done with lesson 1.

        12. Dumbass, what is feminism? Look around you, please wake the fuck up! women today advocate for their right to say that men are beneath them! Duh, solely based on their biological sex. Numbnuts! Step 1: remove head from ass. K, got it. Now, understand this – feminism i.e. “equality” or more aptly put the attempt to force equality has led us to a society of extreme institutionalized sexism! This “society” sees men as INFERIOR and has produced all manner of support structures that are ONLY for women – duh, that means that public policy, institutions et al., DISCRIMINATE for women and against MEN.
          Among many other things, that proves one thing – equality DOES NOT EXIST! Why do we know this, because, in the pursuit if equality it has resulted in the pervasive and institutional oppression of certain humans (in this case men).

        13. Exactly bro. Ties in nicely with what we were saying about bullshit opinions based on fake assumptions and PC narratives instead of the real world.
          I’ll also take the opportunity to use your remark to point out how hypocritical the femtards and faggots like the one above really are. While we all know that the dude with the stained pokemon shirt will only see some action from his own hand, chicks today demand that standards should not apply to them. They demand to be considered beautiful even when they are fat, disfigured with horrible tattoos and piercings, ridiculous haircuts and a mouth more foul than a cesspit. AND they will still feel entitled to some wealthy, confident Brad Pitt look alike who must also treat them as EQUALS (if not even as princesses), when obviously he’s not equal to them seeing how he would be a man with his shit together while they are just disgusting slobs. The mind boggles.
          The more you take the red pill, the more you see how much society and its vile narratives and deceptions are out to destroy men’s lives and aspirations and any chance of happiness they might have. It’s scary.

    3. advice? learn game. even if you never use it as a pickup artist (most people don’t) The best way to get and keep a relationship is to game your girl regularly.

    4. You’re 17? I’m 27…
      Here is some advice… Spend your free time and youthful energy on something worthwhile… don’t sit on your ass getting stoned/drunk and playing X-Box eating fucking Doritos every night.
      Learn to play an instrument, learn a martial art, learn to paint/draw, hang out with friends, hang out outside, go check out a decent movie with a cute girl, develop a real taste in music and film (e.g. watch some Scorsese films… listen to some Sinatra, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Death Metal, whatever the fuck as long as you don’t become an exclusive connoisseur of today’s top-40), learn a skilled-trade, learn power-lifting, go camping, learn from people who are successful at something you want to be successful at, get a job to save money and start a small business, read books, do fucking anything but sit on your ass and waste time… your negative thoughts and passionate obsessions will come and go like the tides….
      Realize that even if this girl fell in love with you right now its not like you’ve scored a special ticket to the palace of everlasting happiness. Girls will come and go… chase them if you want.. learn game…. but your primary mission is to develop yourself and find confidence in your own abilities.

      1. And someone who isn’t a father(?) Gave the best advice.
        Focus on yourself. Self-improvement. And not so that she’ll like you, do it for YOURSELF.

      2. Thank you guys for your responses.Clark Kent you are right especially the part of not wasting my time.I learned this the hard way after 6 years of doing nothing but playing video games.At age of 11 I began to play video games and I did literally nothing else.I played every day right after I came from school to the night.I spent 5 summers of my live by playing games all day long.And after I woke up from this insanity 1 year ago I had social anxiety,no confidence,no friends.Since then it got better I am less self-conscious I have more friends but I have still problems with talking to strange people and especially girls.I see everyone who I dont know well as a threat.I also have a suicidal thought because I have a 5 inch and it makes me miserable…Sorry for whining but I think i needed to tell someone.

        1. Nothing is gonna change unless you change it. And you don’t need more than 4 inches to make a girl cum anyways…
          Trust me dude… the less time you spend in front of screens and the more time you spend walking around your life will get better. It sounds so simple and it is.

        2. That’s a tough situation, but you can overcome it. The fact that you recognized the problem and have taken the first steps is a big thing, believe it or not.
          If your anxiety extends to everybody, male and female, how about a more tempered approach? For example, make it a point to, say, walk down a school hallway or mall or grocery store, and everybody you pass, look them briefly in the eye and simply say “Hi” and smile a bit while continuing to walk by? Men, women, kids, senior citizens, everybody I mean. Don’t stop and chat (unless you really feel you can), just simple “Hi” and a smile. Do it with 100 people until you really get over the anxiety, and don’t be afraid to try because everybody says “Hi” and it carries no expectations. Get over the fear, then you can start moving on to the next level.

        3. Think of all the things you love, naturally… Clark Kent summed it up pretty well though. Make your own life interesting. Don’t just let anybody enter your life. Your life is your kingdom, let the wrong ones in and you will be overthrowed (miserable/suicidal). Make sure you read a lot. Something worth the time. Find some mentors to guide you down the right path. Don’t be afraid to say no. Have your own mind.

        4. Hey Clark…So, i asked her out and she agreed.Do you have any advice? like do´s and dont´s.And by the way thank you for cheering me up and helping me.

        5. There is all sorts of game material out there if you want to learn it in detail. All I’ll say is…
          Have no expectations. Just go live and have fun. This life is yours.
          Date yourself first and hang out with her in the meantime 😉

  8. good article.
    “There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”
    elbert hubbard

    1. “But rather than trying to court those people, why not make yourself and
      what you have to offer as good as you possibly can, then spread your net
      wider and seek out those who are more readily receptive? > this is a good point and illustrates an important shift in thinking. if people dont like you and your work its fine. walk away, move on, whatever. just dont try to court them or make them like you and your work. huge waste of time and energy.

    2. There is no way to avoid criticism in today’s world.
      “There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”
      Do that, and then be criticized for sloth, lack of ambition, dumbness, etc.
      In other words, damned if you do – and damned if you don’t.
      Thus, it’s better to be criticized for doing, saying or being something instead.

  9. I have to say I enjoy being a white male as criticism is purely on my work and not my biological appearance.
    You can modify your work. You can’t change your looks.

  10. One thing people should also remember is that it’s going to take a lot of practice to be considered good at something. That 10,000 hour rule is true. A lot of people talk about natural talent, but there really isn’t such a thing. Everyone who’s great at something, whether it be playing an instrument or martial arts or whatever, spent several hours a day at least five days a week for several years practicing their craft, and they continue to practice on a regular basis. But now, in our culture of instant gratification, no one’s willing to put in the time to learn how to do something and then get upset when people explain that they’re skills aren’t perfect, taking the constructive criticism as though it were a personal insult.

    1. Some to few people will take out the time to really perfect something. It’s all about being seen nowadays…

    2. yeah, I get furious when people dismiss all the hard work I put into becoming an artist as mere ‘talent’.
      Fuck talent, I am a craftsman that spent more than a decade perfecting my craft.

  11. Society is too judgemental these days. As a white male I’m essentially pure evil to most of society. . In their minds I’m rich, privileged, racist, misogynistic etc. Even though I am in truth poor, discriminated against more than any other group, called racial epithets by minorities and denied a family or breadwinner job due to bullshit racial quotas that favor gays, women and and any “oppressed” group that liberals want to pander to. I didn’t used to be a racist or misogynist. I tried to do what is right. . Now they have turned me into those things based on their treatment of me. Fuck society. .

      1. Well, the quotas and clear media agenda isn’t in his head. Granting these things agency over his life, on the other hand, is all in his head. We can’t circumnavigate the laws, yet, but we can change the “conversation” to our advantage by making everybody who spews PC nonsense out to be a clown.

        1. That’s just how race politics works in a “democracy.” Attack the dwindling majority. Deal with it.
          This society has run off the rails. It’s not worth investing in, or worth taking seriously. Who cares what the media says? Does it effect us in any real way? Of course not.
          Does the idiotic official narrative of this country matter to you in any real way? Does it in any way prevent you from doing the things you want, or making money on your own terms?
          Sure, if you’re a white male you won’t get hired by the Federal Govt. But do you really want to work for the Fed Govt, in that type of stifling environment? Do you see where I’m going with this?
          This society is showing all the classic signs of an empire in rapid decline, desperately trying to control It’s heavily armed population with pathetic, hollow methods like political correctness. It will not end well.

        2. I don’t disagree with you, I’m simply stating that it is not “all in his head”. He’s noticing the media and the laws constructed around him, as well as other things. I agree to disregard all of the propaganda (and have said so repeatedly below in this thread). Everybody has to start somewhere, and on this issue, it usually starts exactly like he demonstrated, as some random guy who puts his head up from the herd and notices that something is wrong.

        3. It all comes down to picking your battles. Political correctness only works when the money is flowing and people are preoccupied with their own lives and prosperity. When the prosperity dries up for the masses and the shooting starts, political correctness will fade quickly and natural laws return with a bang.

        4. I also don’t like P.C. environment but to say that minorities have it easier to get into certain jobs is misguiding…there have been situations where people have changed their names to Anglo sounding names and calls for work have increased in this country. Also the main reasons for Affirmative Action were to mitigate the unfair advantages that Caucasians had in this country…to deny that would be historically untrue. I however disagree with Affirmative Action if it means not choosing a more qualified person no matter gender or color….in fact I rather work for things and earn it through Merit and not because of how I appear.

        5. There’s no positive spin to be put on affirmative action. Affirmative action is a type of discrimination. Affirmative action effectively discriminates against people of merit. It’s where we are at in the West as a society. It’s negative. There are no upsides to discriminating against the best and brightest people in society. It hurts society in the long run.

        6. Yes but you have to see the full picture I am not trying to “Spin” anything, it was used to mitigate racism. An example would be Baseball in the past when it was an All-White Baseball league…don’t you think there were players who were just as good or better than the white baseball players? People like Josh Gibson who hit about 800 Homerus in his career. Do you think the best players actually played in the Majors then? Do you think Major League Baseball had the best talent in display at that time? They had to bring in these players against Baseball policy then…a sort of “Affirmative Action.” This goes to many other aspects of society. Blacks were considered 3/5ths of a White man…see it evened out the playing field.
          I do agree however that NOW people should get certain positions on Merit alone…however poverty reduces a child’s chances on average to reach a higher lever…this goes to poverty amongst all races. I am not trying to “Spin” anything here just putting things in its proper perspective.

        7. The problem is that you’re talking about an era that ended long ago. Affirmative action is pointless and destructive in the modern era.
          The playing field is now level. Can we move on?
          Can you imagine the absurdity of affirmative action if white people started pushing it for themselves? What if white people demanded that there be more white players in the NBA? What if Asians started bitching and saying that there needs to be more Asians in the NBA?

        8. Yes I believe ideally in a total meritocracy I can say ideally because in reality that is hard to achieve and that goes beyond Race. Personally I would feel bad given an opportunity over someone more deserving no matter the color of his skin. I also dislike if someone uses the excuse of Affirmative Action to take away something from someone who probably had to fight harder than they did. The playing field is never quite level there are many factors (social-economic) that come into play.
          And actually I can’t imagine White players pushing for more white players in the NBA…all they have to do is have the desire grit talent and hardwork to make it, to the NBA. It’s not “bitching” Whites and Asians have every opportunity to make it into the NBA, its just that Blacks aspire to reach a certain economic level and many come from urban poor communities and it creates a hunger to make it. (Not Saying that Whites/Asians/Arabs can’t have the same level of hunger). The trick is to get Blacks and Minorities more hungry for the Sciences and Mathematics and show them role-models of our own communities to propel that same level of hunger in STEM Educations.

        9. Whatever the intention, affirmative action from the beginning was used to browbeat business owners out of their freedom of association. The road to hell etc.
          The thing is, any law that CAN be abused WILL be abused. That’s a basic fact of nature that the founding fathers understood all too well.

        10. Businesses themselves are not people as the Right Wing Media like to push in this country…Freedom of Association can mean different things depending on where you lean. The Founding Fathers themselves were Notorious in their Hypocrisy…they spoke about Freedom for all but not for Blacks who ran their Housing and Natives whose land they stole. Freedom of Association can me individual rights…so what rights does a qualified individual have if he is being excluded for something other than his ability.
          You are right laws can be abused and if everything is truly equal than the law should not be used. I am all for merit no matter what your color or cultural background is.

        11. Dude, I hate to point this out, but the ‘right wing’ in this country are anything but.
          The ‘corporate persons’ concept is about as leftist a philosophy as anyone could possibly conceive. The fact that supposed ‘conservatives’ push it has nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with profit without responsibility.
          Freedom of association is an individual liberty, not a corporate liberty. if a business ‘owner’ does not want his business to work with homosexuals, that is his PERSONAL right, not the right of his ‘company’. His company is his property, just as much as his right not to let a black person borrow his car.
          BTW- There were very few black slaves in the colonies at the time of the writing of the constitution. At the time, most slaves were British or Irish. Considering that slavery was socially acceptable at the time, and that ‘slavery’ was not a permanent condition until a BLACK Farmer, a slaveowner, pushed it into law decades later, The entire process was not even close to as hypocritical as you assume.

        12. I agree that’s why I stated it depends on perspective…however I don’t so much care about if the Right Wing is ‘anything but’ but by their statements and ACTIONS…I do agree Right Wing as it is now is not what is used to be in fact I share a few conservative values myself.
          A Business Owner who represents his Company or anyone representing his company has to be careful not to impede other people’s Rights. If it is a Public Service you have to make sure everyone is treated equal and deals with the same guidelines or the people have a right to boycott and financially Undermine that service. Or Private business in legal ways such as boycotts.
          Yes you are right Indentured Servitude was socially acceptable at least to those who the indentured worked for lol. And Check and re-read your history, you are talking about Anthony Johnson and the Casor Suit, this was NOT I repeat for everyone here N-O-T the first instant of permanent servitude.
          And please do not try to equate English and Irish Indentures as being the same as Black Indentures…that is simply historically inaccurate and misleading…also read up on Bacon’s Rebellion. And the process WAS hypocritical just as I assumed previously and know it was.
          Thank you.

        13. Before I begin please check and review your history on Andrew Johnson point you made in your last paragraph ok…
          Even the ‘right wing’ is “anything but” I go by their public statements and actions, although I do agree that the right wing is not what it used to be. Conservatives do push it and it has always been about money.
          Companies the Owner and worker who do represent a company have a responsibility to the society in which they serve. Especially if it infringes on other peoples rights. If not their are legal ramifications, or perhaps a boycott and various ways of financial penalties can be directed at the company or service namely boycotts. Such as the Bus Boycotts in the south where so called minorities were being offered a lesser service. If I a club and my guidelines are followed by a section of the population and I choose not to offer service despite my guideline being met I can be taken to court.
          Additionally, yes Indentured Servitude existed for Black and Whites but do not try to equate the Black and Irish or English Indentures in the same light as Blacks were more likely to be entered into lifetime Servitude (Slavery) than whites. Even though Irish were treated badly by others Irish still saw themselves better than Blacks.
          Also please reread your history…Anthony Johnson the Black Slave-owner you mention received a ruling in the Casor case regarding a Black Indenture by the same name, but documents and research shows Life long Slavery existed already BEFORE that…and it shows more blacks held under said perpetual slavery.
          Also please re-read Bacon’s Rebellion and you will see the unequal treatment of Blacks and White Indentures when committing the same crime. Although a brief period existed where some Blacks held property and a their existed a brief but fleeting time where blacks had some rights, this soon changed and Blacks were treated as bottom of the barrel in this country. In fact Blacks who reach a certain level, do not wish to take up for those on a lower level, even if they have a legit grievance. This can be said then…and this can be said now…
          So the process in reality WAS Hypocritical as I previously stated.

        14. I would not hesitate to point out that you are right… Irish and English servitude were NOT the same as African servitude.
          First, in the case of African servitude, They were sold to dutch slavers by other tribes of Africans. Not by white men with nets (unlike Amistad and Roots tries to claim) American slavers pretty much never even set foot on a ship, let alone in africa, and even the dutch were far happier to buy from the locals rather than go beating the bush and possibly start a war.
          Secondly, the population of Ireland was nearly cut in HALF by English slavetaking. And it lasted far longer (nearly 200 years) and was far more brutal than anything the African slaves experienced. In point of fact, the vast majority of manumitted black slaves took on the same positions once freed that they had while held… something the Irish were brutalized into very seldom doing (When they were manumitted at all. It was cheaper just to starve them)
          The casor suit was NOT the first case of permanent slavery… the Casor suit was the first case of legal BLACK permanent slavery. Prior to the revolution, Irish slaves were legally not permitted to be freed… because there were so many of them that it was feared that they would successfully wrest the colony from the colonists. (In retrospect, this policy was probably wise… when vast number of Irish emigrated to the new world, they immediately pushed their way into law enforcement and other government service industries, bootstrapping their entire cultural group into a nearly unassailable social position.)
          The problem with the concept of boycotting as a form of control on business is that the moment it become multinational, or obtains a monopoly of any sort, boycotting ceases to become effective. Individually-owned businesses can be punished effectively, because if the owner commits a crime, he is personally responsible and can be punished like any criminal.
          The problem is, ‘corporate persons’, multinationals, and LLC (limited liability) groups cannot be so punished. No one person is the ‘owner’ and so the ONLY thing you can do with said corporation is to fine it.
          If the fine for dumping nuclear waste into the groundwater for a local community as well as the ‘minor’ effect of a public outcry on a non-service industry (This is not abstract, it actually happened here in Utah with radioactive, poisonous copper tailings) is less than the savings you will make for disposing of the waste properly, then it makes good business sense to simply dump the waste, pay a fine or two, settle a lawsuit, and continue killing people. You cannot hold the ‘owner’ of a company responsible, and even if you personally punish the board and CEO, the company simply replaces the superfluous employes, golden parachutes them, and continues killing people to fatten the wallets of the stockholders.
          This is the very definition of ‘socialism’, which is that profit is centralized and risk is distributed among those who have no control of it.
          That’s why I say ‘conservatives are nothing like’. They are just as fiscally and socially irresponsible as progressives, because… why the hell not? It’s not like THEY will ever have to be responsible for the results.
          That is why I so resolutely support those who OWN their property, and have the right to do with it as they will. It’s probably stupid to exclude blacks from your store, but they are responsible for the result, and it is their own freedom to do with their property as they will that is at stake when the SJW’s decide to fuck with them.

        15. Before I begin the Irish WERE EXPERIENCED many centuries before by the 9th and 10th centuries of Owning Slaves themselves and participating in Slavery, they also suffered later on after the 17th century mostly as indentured Slaves after committing a crime. Slavery has existed in all parts of the world as you and me both know Slave=Slav pretty basic understanding here right? Anyway the Racial and perpetual Slavery in this country to the blacks is a different and specific case here in America. We must clearly and specifically understand history, not as an excuse to succeed, but to understand our history and make sure to make our own paths and to work hard despite any drawbacks.
          Amistad did not lead me to anyway of thinking lol…I am well aware of how the Irish and Scotts were treated by the English and you can go on and on how they were considered lowly by the English but guess what with ALL OF THAT the Irish went through (Potato Famine where Irish were starving to death), they were still considered above Blacks in this country, and many Irish themselves considered themselves above Blacks despite them being treated badly by other White people. (Although many Irish women married Blacks in this country so they were almost at the status of Blacks at least earlier on lol) Many Blacks here were well aware of the Status of Irish amongst White people and mocked them for still trying to think themselves highly…as it happens usually the people who are most put down Irish and Italians would displace their anger and insecurity on the Black people in this country. In fact to be honest the most visceral form of anger I have seen were from Non-W.A.S.P. (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) Whites namely Irish and Italians… So although they experienced that situation in Europe they easily displaced it to the Blacks in this country.
          Thanks for clearing up the Casor Suit….I’m just making sure you clear it up further for other readers in this site. It is important to clarify certain situations in History cause I have seen this being used as an argument to try to displace or mislead people. Also I’m well aware of the History of Slavery and in the manor the Slaves were taken, many Arabs also participated in Slavery and there were also Arab Slavery of Africans in some isolated cases in Saudi Arabia…The loosely Ottoman-ruled areas in the Barbary Coast also took white slaves so they were good at this reversed however the market into the Americas was initiated obviously by the Europeans. When trade and money Is involved people will easily sell out their own brother and sister just as they would today. Many whites could not enter certain areas of Africa and set up a market place for the purchasing of African Slaves after they killed most of the Native populations in the Americas directly and mostly indirectly with diseases indirectly and indirectly.
          Again I’m not interested in what Conservatives are supposed to be just what their statements and actions are, as well as liberals.
          What do you mean exclude Blacks from your store, but they are responsible for the result?
          Also SJW’s is one thing but a person who has experienced certain situations as well as comes from the said community trumps a SJW who just wants to say the most popular thing. Fact is Irish Italians were bottom of the barrel in terms of Whites in this country but they blend in easier, others don’t have this luxury. Also what those groups usually used to face is still faced by minorities in this community as a collective…those who succeed are usually separated from the community and if a few people do something heinous the whole community is painted with a broad brush.
          States’ Rights has its benefits but also negatives, just like private business, where a specific state impedes on a cohorts civil rights.

        16. In fact that is probably the most annoying part of the Irish is that they were treated as Scum by other Europeans and yet they treated blacks like Complete crap…causing mob violence and driving us out of employment in the Northeast. Blacks were very well aware of their conditions and status with other White people and they mocked and were annoyed by how many of them treated Blacks. Read Draft Riots….
          You say the Irish Bootstrapped yes they formed unions and beat sealed the Blacks and made strongholds in places like Boston where they sealed out even the most Ambitious Blacks and became part of the establishment, Blacks had to fight that much harder than even the lowly considered Irish people.
          In fact your Irish brethren many of them opposed the abolition of Slavery because they did not want a further increase in the competition for blue collar work despite the fact that they were treated like shit by other white people. They unionized and sealed blacks out and committed acts of terrorism against blacks as well.
          I noticed that human behavior those who are treated like shit are the first to treat the least advantaged like shit with more “Enthusiasm” to lift themselves higher.

        17. Yes you are right, the Irish suffered a great deal under the English however they did not suffer as much as Blacks in this country and they actively participated in undermining Blacks. Another thing to note when Irish were put under near the same situation of poverty of the Blacks in this country, they were arrested in higher numbers and had an active gang culture because their youth had little prospects.
          This is not loser behavior or excusing a “bad culture” but a reality of the circumstances. A Knowledge of this and a striving for individual and family strength and prosperity is the key to rising out of poverty in this Western Society.
          Thank you great conversation.

        18. Well let me paint a full picture there were people in the Irish Community that did help Blacks and sided with their struggle here and in Ireland…Frederick Douglas also went to Ireland and understood the overall dynamics of their society and history. Blacks also sympathized with the Irish during the Potato Famine.
          But there was also a general put down by the Irish against the Blacks in this country as well. I associate with the Black Community here but come from various cultures as you do…in fact a certain section of Irish as well without unveiling too much about myself… You brought up a lot of historical points that were fairly accurate, but we must paint a full picture here.
          My cohort is actually very hardworking and participates in welfare at a lesser rate both by percentage and raw numbers (Raw numbers being Whites), although I personally believe in social safety nets for those truly in need and for a temporary pick me up, NOT for abuse.
          Personally I do not believe and participate in ‘Pecking Order’ I do not pick on people smaller than me or more disadvantaged than me, to help me deal with insecurities, like sports you are only as good as your competition and you aim for those at your level or above. You do not displace your drawbacks to those you deem below you.
          However I find it interesting that the Irish also fought ALONG with the Mexicans in the 1840s. Interesting stuff.
          Thanks Brigadon I enjoyed our conversation.

      2. Nope its true. Heard it and seen it with my own eyes and ears. I don’t need the approval of others to say I’m right either. I’ve lived and seen things that all say I’m right. I won’t be silent about my subjugation just so others can not have to listen to the horrors they condone that are done to me and millions of others.

        1. The horrors? Subjugation? That’s a little dramatic.
          Then you should do something about it, rather than just talk about it.

  12. This article sucks.
    Just kidding! Great advice to always keep in mind. I’ve found that a small of people will always like what I do, a certain percentage will always hate it, and the vast majority don’t really care.
    “Criticism, when it is constructive, can be very valuable. But all too often it is a weapon used by those who are jealous of us or insecure in themselves to limit our potential by making us doubt ourselves.” We always have to be on the lookout for this kind of downer. Avoid them like the plague and focus on self-improvement.

  13. You’re right that fiction writing is an inherently subjective industry. It can be irritating but it can also be liberating. If you like what you’ve written, then I guaran-damn-tee somebody else will too and be willing to pay you for it. Writing is a skill like playing the guitar: the more you do it the better at it you’ll be. It’s a good thing you’re receiving wildly different feedback from different readers. If they were unanimous in saying your manuscript was garbage then you might want to rethink it. I haven’t read your manuscript but from what I’ve seen on RoK you’ve got the talent and the drive to be a published fiction writer. Keep at it and you’ll get there.

  14. Great article.
    “Opinions, it has been said, are like assholes—everybody has one.”
    Thus, the best way to ‘handle criticism’ is to learn adaptive frame control.
    Adaptive, means choosing whether it’s best to react or not to react depending on the situation one’s placed in.

  15. This entire website is nothing but one gigantic “BWAAAHHHH”. Grow up and get over yourselves. The world isn’t here to please you 100% of the time. And if you really are “men”, you’d understand that sometimes you just have to shut up and deal.
    God knows women did the same thing for thousands of years. “Easy” my ass. Put on a corset that’s choking the life out of you and walk up some stairs. Hurts? Tighten it some more and walk up some more stairs. We’ll see if you still have enough breath to keep talking about how women have it so “easy”.

  16. Excellent article. One of the best pieces of advice I heard someone offer years ago was that while there is no definite method for success, one of the surest ways to fail is trying to please everybody.
    As a blogger, there are always going to be people who hate what I have to say, who think I’m a poor writer, and who denigrate my arguments.
    When I was younger and less mature, I would have taken great offense to attacks on my work and ideas. Now I just say “forget ’em,” passionately write my posts, and am grateful for those who do appreciate what I have to say. Likewise, I no longer bother trying to argue with leftists or feminist types. There really is no point trying to engage those who will never be inclined to listen to what I have to say.
    It’s far more rewarding to engage open-minded people who do not necessarily agree with what I say, but can be persuaded to at least consider my point of view.

  17. There are two bits of hoary old wisdom about criticism that far more people should know about than actually do:
    1. A serious man will not bother to criticize something that’s utterly worthless. His criticism therefore implies that there’s something worthwhile under discussion. As for unserious men, who cares what they think?
    2. Criticism that’s plainly meant to tear the object thereof down reveals far more about the critic than about the object. In the usual case, it means that he’s beneath contempt and can be dismissed with prejudice.

  18. Criticism, when it is constructive, can be very valuable.

    The only true compliment.

    But all too often it is a weapon used by those who are jealous of us or insecure in themselves to limit our potential by making us doubt ourselves.

    Haters tear down their betters for being better (making the haters look bad).
    Women are universally doing this to girls (who represent competition reduced women cannot compete with), reducing them to needy, selfless narcissists who cannot show their ‘unpresentable’ faces in public without concealing them behind burqas or cosmetic masks.
    Women are universally doing this to women (whose achievement makes entitled haters look bad). They create the Glass Ceiling by tearing down successful women.
    Women are universally doing this to men (who represent value reduced women cannot compete for), reducing them to needy, selfless bitches too emasculated by women’s malicious abuse and confusion to protect their own children from violent, bullying mothers.
    Women are universally doing this to boys (so reduced by their mothers’ surreptitious betrayal, they have been literally dying to impress for thousands of years). Boys rush to war to prove their worth, unaware that they have nothing to prove to the warmongering, child-mutilating tribe. Boys made to feel worthless will run into the guns for illusions as stupid as Queen, God and Country if the alternative is being called a “coward” by cowards so pathetic, they cannibalise their own children’s emotions by shaming their innocent skin and “privates”.

    This is compounded by the fact that human beings seem programmed to most desire those options least open to us.

    Our Natural desire to please has been exploited by our mothers (so reduced by Society’s disapproval, they sacrifice their own children to curry favour from those who disapprove). I’ve heard it said that if you convince a woman her Natural desire is sinful, she’ll hand over her pubescent boys for the choir (if that’s what you’re into, and priests who’ve taken a life vow to abstain from women aren’t going to be into anything else). We desire what we cannot have as victims of Society’s conditioning of boys to value the concealed liability of objectified women.
    Our empathy has been hijacked by a world of lecherous vermin who troll for victims by casting out blanket disapproval of everyone. Those sensitive to the biological aversion to avoid inflicting suffering will get caught in their net. Those insensitive to the suffering they inflict are horribly damaged narcissists or sociopaths; bankrupted of empathy, they appear strong and desirable to reduced women given to prey on their own. Leeches perceive kindness / humanity as pathetic (exploitable) and from their twisted, unsustainable PoV, this is not entirely incorrect; if you’re incapable of malicious or sadistic retribution, the malicious can freeroll on your incapacity to retaliate. Women infantilise themselves, adopting childlike traits and mannerisms to exploit the male biological instinct to give children the benefit of the doubt.

    So if a girl rejects a guy he wants her more. If a company won’t employ him, he beats himself up for losing out on his dream job. This is no good for anyone.

    Wanting what you cannot have is the Secret to Unhappiness. I realised how insane I was long before I had a clue I could be fixed. I was so reduced by abuse, my perception of a girl would plummet the instant I discovered she was keen. If she feigned disinterest or disapproved, I’d worship her only to lose interest the instant I finally gained her approval. Circle of Misery. My Self was eroded to the point where I could only respect people who disrespected me but I didn’t perceive their antisocial conduct as abusive or manipulative; I just respected them for keeping it real.
    At 29, I realised the truth of Society’s Confidence Trick of disapproval. They tear you down for hate (when they cannot compete against you) and for love (when they cannot compete for you). They tear down everyone with value and those who aren’t worth tearing down are encouraged to continue destroying themselves (breeding children in poverty, gorging themselves obese, etc). Expressed disapproval is an indirect compliment; you’re either a hated threat or a loved target. They disapprove in fear of revealing the truth: Their approval is worthless.
    nb. Disapproval can be distinguished from Criticism very easily. One is naked dislike. The other is constructive. It’s kind of embarrassing but until I was 29, I didn’t realise that. People would disapprove without caring to say why. They just wanted me to know they weren’t impressed but they couldn’t say why. They were impressed. That’s why.

  19. Nothing to be learned from womans criticism, easist is to ignore her because she is wrong. Only man criticim is right.

  20. “Opinions, it has been said, are like assholes—everybody has one.”
    And most of them stink.

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