Disfiguring A Man’s Face To The Bone Is Not Considered A Serious Crime If You Have A Vagina

Sarah McKenzie-Ayres is yet another Western woman to receive the gender passes of all gender passes after maliciously attacking a young man (and permanently disfiguring him) during a night out on the town. She claimed he did not “move away” from her at Venus, a popular Manchester nightclub. So what did she do? She grabbed a bottle of champagne and violently hit him with it twice, “like a club.”

The force was so powerful that it cut the young man to his skull. Whilst describing McKenzie-Ayres’ attack as “extraordinarily extreme,” Judge David Stockdale QC just couldn’t bring himself to jail the poor, poor girl and instead gave her a 16 month suspended sentence, plus 150 hours of community service. Hooray for girl power and oppressed women everywhere!

The victim’s dream of becoming a model has been ruined and his father spoke to the media about the immeasurable impact it has had on his son’s self-esteem, happiness, and overall life.

On the flip side, the guilty McKenzie-Ayres, who was pictured smiling outside court after her lawyer claimed she was “remorseful,” is an aspiring lawyer at university. But one can be sure that the good ol’ patriarchy will come to the rescue and try and at least enable McKenzie-Ayres to get a legal job in the future, where she can pontificate to England and the world about male privilege.

The saddest thing about the McKenzie-Ayres case, other than the victim’s suffering and the pussy pass given to the offender, is that, to my knowledge, this is the third high-profile situation where a woman has been convicted for unjustifiably attacking a young man with some form of glass object and escaped justice more than mildly. I will be exploring these other two cases in articles to come.

The judge’s shocking record of double standard sentences

“Guess who beat the patriarchy?”

Judge David Stockdale QC, Manchester’s most senior judicial officer, has recently:

Jailed a man for rape for seven years. I am not against and actually for long sentences for rape based on proper evidence (not just “she said, he said”) and a valid, solid determination of what actually constitutes the crime. But for Stockdale to jail this man and spare McKenzie-Ayres shows a gut-level determination that a man disfigured for life is not worth the sympathy and punishment to the offender given to a woman who is raped, especially when the offender in the first case is a woman.

Jailed a teenager for three years for having a shotgun in his possession, without committing any robbery or violent shooting offence. The boy had ADHD, the sort of condition that would have awarded Sarah McKenzie-Ayres not only a reprieve from jail but a cash payment for being a victim of the patriarchy. The boy clearly should have been reprimanded by the law but the crime he committed is literally non-violent and at least 50 times less sadistic than what McKenzie-Ayres did for her own wicked gratification.

McKenzie-Ayres resorted to saying that she felt cornered by what she alleged were romantic advances by the victim. As you can see, her response, even if we take her at her word, was clearly not proportional. But is it really surprising? Women can make an excuse, backward rationalize it, and then get a reduced or non-existent sentence on account of “patriarchy,” so why should we expect them to behave in a moderate manner?

Sarah McKenzie-Ayres’ (likely) Twitter information

Aside from the pancake titties, when you compare this photo to the court appearance shot, this is the one best examples of “you looked different on the internet/with make-up on” you will ever see.

Her probable, near certain Twitter account @Miss_McKenziex has been deleted, sometime between the first months of this year and early May. Various caches, such as this one, show activity on the account until a little while before the sentencing.


  • The first result after Googling “Sarah McKenzie-Ayres Twitter” comes up with the deactivated @Miss_McKenziex Twitter account as the first hit.
  • The first line of that result, which features Twitter biographical details, says that “Sarah McKenzie” is located in Leeds/Manchester.
  • Sarah McKenzie-Ayres studies law (or let’s hope did) in Leeds.
  • One Dean Ayres references the Twitter Sarah McKenzie and refers to her as his cousin. He also, hilariously, warns another man to leave his cousin Sarah alone. Rather than being pseudo-macho posturing grandstanding as a weird joke, this is probably the best advice Dean could give anyone about his violent, psychopathic cousin, if indeed Sarah McKenzie-Ayres is his.
  • Many people interacting with the @Miss_McKenziex account are about twenty years old and born around 1995, so in the same general age cohort as McKenzie-Ayres.

The obligatory Anita Sarkeesian reference


There’s no such thing as sexism against men. That’s because sexism is prejudice + power. Men are the dominant gender with power in society.

Anita Sarkeesian, Feminist Frequency

Contrasting with this:

The study found that men receive sentences that are 63 percent higher, on average, than their female counterparts.

Starr also found that females arrested for a crime are also significantly more likely to avoid charges and convictions entirely, and twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted.

The Huffington Post, reporting on academic Sonja Starr’s study into US federal criminal sentencing and the gender of offenders.

Sarah McKenzie-Ayres lives in a world where SJWs and others declaim that men cannot possibly be oppressed or hard down by because of their gender. In a specifically legal context, this is despite the study by a female American academic, Sonja Starr, identifying that men, even when you remove mitigating factors, receive sentences 60% longer than women in the United States. The range of cases we see also spat out from the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and other places illustrates that this is not just an Uncle Sam phenomenon.

Now, Sarah McKenzie-Ayres has probably never heard of Anita Sarkeesian and lives across the Atlantic from her. But she has inherited the same entitlement and perception of legal and other privilege that Sarkeesian and Co. want, and have largely achieved, for women. Even when they beat a man senselessly with a solid glass object and maim him for life, they just need a leg up, okay, fellow male oppressors?

Take away points

To Sarkeesian, nothing can be against men and for women at the same time. Sexism is about “power structures”, all men ganging up on women through secret conspiracies, ranging from homeless men to male CEOs, and presumably unicorns.

Society is going down the proverbial toilet with sentences like this. Our saving grace is the sheer documentary evidence showing these deplorable cases and outing the offenders to the world. The public response to this horrendous crime and the cowardly punishment by the British judiciary should give us cause for hope. People see straight through the veneer of “equal justice” and are loudly declaring “if this had been a man…”

Sarah McKenzie-Ayres is a disgusting excuse for a human being. While we would like to interpret the deletion of Twitter and retreat from social media (as far as we know) as an indication of embarrassment and shame to some degree, her smiling face suggests that she does not realize the gravity of what a biased justice system has enabled her to get away with.

If the trendline is any indication, I’m afraid these incidents are going to get even worse.

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369 thoughts on “Disfiguring A Man’s Face To The Bone Is Not Considered A Serious Crime If You Have A Vagina”

  1. You must have the wrong pictures. I don’t understand why her face wasn’t smashed in for attacking someone with a deadly weapon. Had this been me, she’d be smiling through a reconstructed face and no teeth.

    1. Because unless you could smash the faces of all the white knights at the bar in first, you’d look five times as bad as the girl at the end of it.

      1. Not true. I’ve known women to catch a beat down at the club when they tried to “man-up” …

        1. If you’re a white man in the West, it’s the typical outcome. People are less inclined to jump on non whites because it’s raycis.

        2. Define “West”. I have seen this shit happen between White people. I have never known anyone to be interested in getting involved in a fight between people he doesn’t know unless he works security at a club. And security know how out of hand women can get. I have seen them ejecting bitches from the club with no amount of politeness….

        3. The poster and I were talking about severely disfiguring a woman’s face, you’re talking about throwing someone out in rough manner. They’re kinda different.
          If you’re security at some place it means you’re in control of the place. You can’t compare that to being a patron unless you have a gang with you and/or you’re cozy with security.

        4. You’re not making any sense. I’ll make it simple for you. Nobody is going to be rushing to the aid of some bitch who breaks a guys face with a bottle. I have seen a guy fuck a woman up in a bowling alley for waaaaay less and nobody did shit about it.

        5. And I’ve experienced guys nearly get lynched for basically doing nothing to a girl. It’s just that when nothing gets passed around a few times it turns into something, and then something turns into a shitload.

        6. Specially if you really ‘go in’ and nobody wants to come near you for fear of reprisals.
          You really can’t expect much from ‘men’ in 2015 England.

        7. So, black then. And it can likewise be assumed that the guys doing the beating down are not white either.
          Being ambiguous like that is not as cute as you think. Why can’t you ever give a straight answer?

      2. I disagree. I’m not talking about a simple backhand to her face. I’m talking about a proportional response.
        If a man did this to me, the first blow better knock me out, because if it doesn’t, I am not stopping until one of us is completely and totally incapacitated. In other words, the response to this would likely involve me grabbing her by both ears and whatever hair I could get, and head butting her so hard that her nose and cheeks caved in, and she spits out all of her teeth. This would be followed by me throwing her to the floor, where I will proceed to stomp her head until she stops resisting.
        When confronted with the risk of having to face similar violence, most white knights have no stomach for intervention – these are the people who can’t even stand up to a woman’s shit.
        What I’ve said may sound extreme, but what this woman did was extreme. It’s not an exaggeration to say that she could have killed this guy had she landed one of those blows in the right place. Fuck her. If you want to step up in my face like a man, you better be prepared to take a beating like one.

        1. That would be my response as well.
          This is why I always make sure I know where the fire exits are in the club so I can make a fast escape from the club if things go South…

        2. Probably not. My state still believes in self defense. If you’re not the aggressor, deadly force isn’t going to land you in jail. The key is knowing when to stop, and as my comment says, I stop when she stops resisting.

        3. Depends on the bar/club. Some places they just want you out and off the property. When you get police calls to the establishment you start getting dings on your liquor license, which is not a good thing, especially if you want to eventually sell the place. They will call the cops sometimes, but it’s not a given.

        4. And you don’t think she or her family will call the cops on the clubs behalf the moment she gets home? Don’t be absurd, while I fully support equal punishment for equal misbehaviour, I will leave it to others to set the examples and take the jail time for it.
          Fortunately this has not yet been a problem for me. Somehow these aggressive little rabbits have enough sense not to start anything with me. I’m not quite sure why but it’s almost like I give off some sort of “don’t fuck with me aura”.

        5. So in your case you might be able to intimidate the crowd by scaring them shitless. That’s what I’m saying here, unless you could beat up all the white knights in the bar. Fair enough. Obviously your reactions don’t represent normal persons though, as these kinds of cases are practically never brought to court.
          Next question: How do you think the feminized justice system that thinks it’s okay for women to attack men is going to treat you, someone a lot bigger and more capable of inflicting violence, crushing a woman’s face AND THEN proceeding to stomping her lifeless on the floor? After they’re seen her disfigured face and hearing her talk slurry about the brain damage, the headaches and her now ruined life in between the crying fits and breaks for recovery, with the jury crying in sympathy. You’d get a life sentence almost anywhere. Self defence doesn’t apply to this situation as you describe it in any jurisdiction I know of.
          And don’t get me wrong here. I think it’s fair that you should be able to defend yourself. I’m talking about the way things are, not the way they should be. It’s just that the system is rigged against men in conflicts like this. That’s just how things work, whether you like them or not.

        6. Maybe they will. I was simply taking it from the bar owner standpoint. The less trouble they register, the better off they consider themselves.

        7. British law is famously dodgy on this point. In theory, I can smack you in the face, spin quickly on my heel and begin walking away. If you then strike me, there’s a good chance that it won’t be self defense and we’ll both get prosecuted for assault. This bitch could have dropped the bottle immediately after breaking this dude’s face, at which point her being a weak woman against a big scary man would probably make almost any retaliation on his part disproportionate, beyond restraining her.

        8. Hitting someone repeatedly in the head with a bottle is assault with a deadly weapon. If someone attacks you with a deadly weapon, you can respond with deadly force. Technically, in this situation, I would be justified to pull out my pistol and empty my magazine into this bitch’s face (the only wrinkle is that in my state, you cannot concealed carry in a bar, which would get me into trouble). So physically responding is not going to send me to jail.
          Self defense is all based on what you perceive the danger to be, and whether you act in reasonably in response to that danger. The situation here is “I bumped into a girl and suddenly I’m being repeatedly struck in the head by a weapon.” The response scenario I describe will be complete in under five seconds. I don’t think this is disproportionate.
          But at the end of the day, who fucking cares? I don’t have to stand there and get my head caved in by some bitch in a bar. If the justice system thinks otherwise, fuck them too. Perhaps this is where I draw another red line, barricade myself in my house and say “come and fucking get me.”

        9. Interestingly enough, while a state Senator, Obama supported a bill (that became law) where if acting in self defense and stomp the attacker or shoot him/her for that matter, they have no legal claim afterwards..even if they become a vegetable following the encounter…

        10. That sounds like a great law. Surprising, given that we’re talking about Illinois here.

        11. Yeah, I grant that there is probably a difference in England. Luckily, in my state, you have no duty to retreat, and you are allowed a proportional response within reason. If you’re still dazed by the blow, you probably have a good argument that her dropping the bottle didn’t reasonably alleviate the threat.

        12. Your right to self defense. If she’s stupid enough to not expect consequences then she’s gonna have to be taught. Nothing like reality to show an entitled dummy how equality works.

        13. And then after you’ve left her in a pool of her own blood, the door men will take you out the back and use your head as a football. In a sane world they would stand there and laugh, but too many men are willing to be the white knight in shining armour.

        14. I agree wholeheartedly but we should remember that self-defense, for all intents and purposes, is illegal in the United Kingdom of Social Justice Warriors.
          As it is an many Peoples Republiks here in the US, like NJ, CT, MA, NY, and IL.
          The best strategy is to avoid those places like the plague if you value your life and your liberty.
          If I lived there I’d be G’ing TFO post haste and moving somewhere more inclined to respect peoples’ inalienable right to protect their own lives.

        15. Also @robertsadler:disqus have I got a story for you! One time as a bouncer at a bar a girl (granted, she was about a third my size, but so what?) came at me with closed-fists (which we all agree is indicative of “fighting like a man”) and got four blows in on me. Obviously shocked that a rather diminutive in stature woman would have the audacity to act this way let alone act this way in public in general, I was completely taken aback by the incident. I performed an O-Soto Gari on her yet all the while holding her as she fell backwards so as to not crack her skull on the concrete (which that throw can easily accomplish) and land on her ass instead. So she starts crying not so much from pain (we know women land on their asses in many of their “endeavors”) but from sheer embarrassment. The mangina bar manager then suspends me because “Why’d you take a girl to the ground?” for three days. Apparently when being attacked by something I need to pause and see what equipment is between their legs first before stifling the situation! So I came back to work after a three-shift suspension and the vibe just wasn’t the same, the manager acting all short and curt with me and giving me “You’re lucky to still be here!” attitude without using those EXACT words. I shopped around for a better night job and found one making three times as much and silently ducked out of the previous one without a peep.
          I also sent the manager one of those infamous glitter bombs you purchase online to the bar’s address with a note that said “LEAVE TOWN. NOW!”. He most likely is still in town but he did quit the job a month later.
          And our kind don’t elaborate on the hexes we cast. Bottom line, don’t fuck with me and all is good in The World. 😉

        16. Whenever someone hits your face, eyes, anything neck or above, you always respond BEYOND porportionality. That’s the core of fight or flight bro. If you stand and fight, your brain automatically suggest you eliminate the opponent for basic survival to secure healthy function of the brain’s cognition. Why? You don’t know if the next hit renders you unconscious if they will continue to completely kill you or not.
          This is pure self defense. There there’s no shame in smashing a bitch’s head unconscious after she hits you with a 8 lb. bottle of liquor. Just like there’s no shame in killing a guy who pulls a gun on you with a knife.

        17. Lots of men don’t understand self defense laws I’m afraid. You are exactly correct of course. We in the manosphere tend to create demons in our own head in order to throw up our hands and concede victory to the opposition.
          Women bonks you on the noggin full force with a champagne bottle is trying to kill you, period, full stop, whether she admits to it or not. Self defense laws fully cover you, no matter what the naysayers state, especially if it’s caught on camera, which it likely is in a bar setting. Women have a lot of advantages, but she tries to kill you on camera, she gets capped, you get the pass legally. You may pay a lot of time and money to make that happen but ultimately you are in the right as far as the law is concerned.

        18. That is correct. Unfortunately every other advantage except an incident of attempted death we give them a pass in the West for now.

        19. Dude i see your point but in a moment of extreme peril like that, no self respecting Man is going to stop and ask himself if his life is worth the risk of going to jail if it means killing the other person (in this case: girl) while the girl is relentlessly attacking him.
          The difference between life and death can be decided in an instant. NE has the right to use deadly force to preserve his life. The SJC’s can say all the shit that they want, but the law will be on his side and if he gets screwed over he will still have a good lawsuit on his hands that i would personally contribute funds in covering.

        20. Right, except after you fuck her up for trying to fuck you up you’re probably going to get Jack Ruby’ed on your way into/out of the courthouse by some white knight with reality issues and a bone to pick.

        21. Thats why you lead a group of capable men.
          Never react in the moment. Never let them know who’s coming for them. Never let them know what’s about to happen.

        22. You would let a bitch attempt to brain damage you and not do anything because your scared of jail?
          Fuckin Return Of Queens…
          Would you take that stance if it was a man attacking you?

        23. Because they are repulsed by your Beta-ness they don’t come near you.
          You’d rather leave others to fight your battles and do the years? You white knight Beta Queen.
          What Alpha do you follow? Does he have breasts?

        24. If i was there they’d have to take us both out back then.
          I’m tired of males with vaginas giving the Y gene a bad name.

        25. I don’t disagree on much of what NemesisEnforcer is saying. It’s your right to defend yourself, and white knights will fold with enough violence.
          Except the way things work in the US is very different from other places. Self defense is a lot more accepted in court there. In (Western) Europe, it’s a joke.
          For example, here in Norway, a pro boxer was assaulted by three guys on the street who hurled pavement stones at him for no apparent reason. He then got over to them and hit them a few times. The most serious injury was one missing tooth.
          He was convicted in court at first, but then the conviction was reversed and he was acquitted. So that’s the kind of violence you can get away with here. And if you use too much violence, you’ll only get a small or no reduction in sentence. But yes, if your life is threatened, you do what’s necessary.

        26. I think it was the fact that he was a boxer that made the difference. In the US if you are a trained fighter your fists are considered deadly weapons.

        27. I can’t fathom the complexity of the conditioning that would allow a Man to question whether he should defend himself to the best of his ability just because he may be perceived in the wrong and jailed.
          Given the choice of a wrongful death and becoming a martyr in jail because i stood up to SJ bs, i’ll take the latter.
          I can work towards getting out of jail. I can’t work on getting unmurdered.

        28. I would only consider death over jail if I faced the possibility of going to one of those South American prisons where the inmates run everything and play soccer with decapitated heads. In all other cases I wouldn’t think twice about defending myself and going to prison in the process.

        29. I like your response but I do disagree with it. Some of the biggest psycho men I’ve ever known or even heard of are white knights. I was once assaulted by a very shady and notorious guy who happens to have 6 bullet wound scars on his torso. I’m talking front-page of the newspaper wanted criminal at one point. And it was for a small personal infraction with my girl that was none of his business and had nothing to do with violence against women.
          We can’t underestimate the power of a bad boy who’s jealous that you’re pulling twice the quality pussy as him. Many bad boys are still hardcore betas when it comes to girls. And they will fuck you up.

        30. The issue becomes more complex when we are discussing law outside of the US. I must confess to having little understanding of Norway laws.
          From what you are telling me the justice over there can be just as much of a crapshoot as here. Men have been arrested here over simple allegations with no real facts or found guilty on the open court of public thought, such as with the recent U of Virginia fraternity members. With regard to Men it seems to be “guilty until proven innocent” which flies in the face of the foundations of our justice system.
          Social justice feminism is a disease that has spread to all our shores, and should be eradicated with no less a zeal than smallpox was.
          Its agents should be identified discredited and marginalized for the benefit of society, male and female.

        31. i have one big scar on my forehead where i was hit by a big stone once. although it wasn’t per se the most horrible thing that ever happened to me, the pain and disorientation was one of the strongest i can remember. it seems plausible to me that the girl could be gone with the wind before i would get back up.
          other than that, i share your sentiment.

        32. Maybe. Maybe not. I’m not going to lay down for a doorman any more than I’ll lay down for my initial attacker. If they want to fuck with me unnecessarily, we’ll just see who is capable of more violence.

        33. Perhaps, but I know what I’m capable of. When under attack, I’m not going to worry about the next guy I might have to fight. I’m going to worry about not getting my head caved in by a bottle.
          Personally, I don’t walk around trying to start shit with people. I have been in enough fights that I know the stakes, and I know that there is always someone tougher than me out there. But people who would consider fucking with me would be wise to make the same calculation. In the scenario we’re discussing, I have been in mortal danger. My brain is clicked into kill mode, and I am prepared to escalate the violence as much as necessary to preserve myself.
          Some tough guy may think he’s going to knock me out. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. If he doesn’t he better prepare for even worse treatment than the chick got.
          I’m only getting older, and I’m not getting any better looking. I may lose, but I can guarantee than unless you knock me out on the initial strike, I am going to make you feel pain.

        34. Agree. With the mindset that you have to worry about the white knights or jail, you may as well resign yourself to the fact that anyone will be able to do whatever they want to you at any time. You have already resolved not to fight, no matter what. Fuck that. I am a man, and I will not be violently attacked while I stand there like a coward because I may have to go to the principal’s office. If I end up in jail over that, oh well.

        35. Her response was akin to hitting someone with a baseball bat because they were in your way in the street. The man didn’t do anything that could reasonably have provoked and attack like that.

        36. Even among the commenters here you have a brass pair. I’m with you brother. I am going to stock up on pocket knives.

        37. Again, if it’s on camera, which it likely will be, it doesn’t matter how much some flaccid dicked white knight dislikes it.

        38. I’m going to say this once because I’ve seen enough of these comments.
          Any man who says one word about “what could happen” when a man defends himself is exactly why these things happen. You are the problem.
          Nothing changes without sacrifice. That’s why Muslims are taking over. Regardless of what you think about their beliefs they’re fully prepared to die for them. When you have a culture where 6 year olds are prepared to die for Islam, you do not stand a chance no matter what force you have behind you.

        39. Exactly. I can’t believe the amount of pussies here. I am not a big person at all and fucked if Im muscular but I wouldn’t hesitate to beat the living shit out of a woman and slit the throats of any white knights in the vacinity.
          Three hots and a cot for protecting myself is worth it.

        40. I can’t speak for everyone else and i know you didn’t specifically address this to me but i thought i’d chime in anyway. I hope you’re ok with that, and if not i hope you’re ok with me not caring.
          I’ve got a concealed carry permit for situations where fists are insufficient to resolve a potential conflict. I don’t care how big these WK’s are, a couple of slugs from my “problemsolver” will be enough to convince anyone to pick a choice between harming me and living, with me being confident that they will go for the latter.
          And yeah i know that you get searched before going in clubs but there’s always a way around that, otherwise i won’t go in.
          That and my Krav Maga training on top of my USMC training means that i don’t walk around in fear when entering situations that i have no direct control over, like public venues. I’m not the biggest dog in a fight by any means, but i am the one with more than one trick to his name.
          I’m sick of all this mangina WK’ing..if anything i’m going to Red Knight for a brother in a situation where he is clearly in the right (someone i know) or a situation where he is getting his ass sucker kicked by a piece of tampon debris like the fem this article is based on.
          We all need to Red Knight for each other under these circumstances otherwise we are no better than the manginas who take the bs of society with a roll of the eyes.
          To hell with the law. The government doesn’t dictate the terms of my life to me, only how i live it with regard to what’s law.

        41. I know it varies from state to state, but here in CT it’s equal force so you cant shoot someone that attacks you with a bottle. Hell, someone can have a gun, waving it around threatening you, and you can’t shoot them. The courts want you to flee if whenever possible. And they always have a reason why you “could have fled”. CT at least.

        42. I actually know a scrawny mangina friend of a friend who got 16 months in jail for parring some bloke in the head with a bottle because he was harassing a women in a pub. Careful with those white knights around you!

        43. As far as what the fate should be for the cunt who instigated the whole thing… >:^)

          Cold, bound, half dead
          Vision fades swiftly
          Breathing is labored
          My latest victim squeals to me
          Ten victims this month alone, a new thrill I must search for
          Complacent in my rituals, stab and hack ad infinitum
          Still alive but fading quickly, I quiver with anticipation
          Its clear what I must do now
          Permeate, penetrate, violate with vermin
          A stiff dead rat lies at her feet, a misogynistic tool of my madness
          Caustic methods to fill my needs, this rotting rodent is just what it calls for
          I bind her legs, her struggle futile, the ligature grates, the tension rises
          I force it in, no subtle action, the sinew tears to my satisfaction
          She suffers as I revel
          The rats spread filth inside my soul
          She bleeds like a stuck pig
          I thrust it as I climax
          They suffer from my lunacy
          The insane urge that forces me
          They suffer from my lunacy
          Their violent end will come to be
          Her beating heart begins to fade
          The insides ravaged, torn and maimed
          I quiver still from ardent bliss
          A new found thrill I can’t resist
          They suffer from my lunacy
          The insane force that purges me
          They suffer from my lunacy
          Their violent end will come to be
          It seems there’s life left in her
          A chance to further my pleasure
          I grab the filthy dead rodent
          And force it in her gaping mouth
          I ram my stiffness inside her
          She can’t believe it’s not over
          I choke her, dead as I finish
          We both expire rhythmically

        44. I beg to differ. It is legal but states that the response should be done to preserve life and should be proportionate. The onus however is on you to prove that your life or that of someone else was under threat and your response was proportionate. It’s all wishy washy but you can get away with it if you react after her first strike as she attempts the second you knock her out cold, break her nose, cheek and removed her front teeth with one maybe two (three will get you in trouble) neatly placed headbutts.

        45. The problem is he could not demonstrate his life was in imminent danger. That’s the legal test my friend. Someone throwing stones at you from 20 metres requires you to get away, mitigating any damage and calling the cops. However two strikes with a bottle in a bar where people are intoxicated sends my brain into “she will kill me mode” and to preserve my life. The EU constitution is clear on that your right to life is a basic human right and you can use proportionate force to preserve your life or that of others.

        46. The laws on self defence are no different. People misunderstand them. What maybe different is the specific action you may take for example I cannot legally shot anyone in the UK as I couldn’t possibly own a legal firearm. But if my life is threatened I could defend myself ( no retribution). So I need to stop when the threat goes away. E.g if she fell to the ground from a simple punch I couldn’t follow up by stomping on her. Again if she staggers back from a push and I have enough room to “get away” like a coward the law suggests I run like forest gump.

        47. I say make it a nice, sharp decisive blow like this:

          Then reset and get ready for the manginas (who may or may not attack depending on their desire for ginger minge)
          Be like Splinter from TMNT (1990)
          Strike Hard and Fade away

        48. We used to have “equal force” but it was repealed as being idiocy. Now all an attacker has to do is introduce deadly force, which basically means any weapon (excepting nerf guns, heh), or you feel that your life is sincerely in jeopardy (a kung fu mofo who has you on the ground and is stomping your throat, etc) and you can then employ deadly force.

        49. Interesting trend how going backward in time, older laws/restatements/regs etc tend to be simpler. In law school I remember many topics beginning with “the law used to be X and Y, but since it changed recently you must W, X, Y, Z, but only if A, B, C within so many days.” Only opposite trends were dr and cafa.

        50. “When you have a culture where 6 year olds are prepared to die …, you do not stand a chance no matter what force you have behind you.”

        51. and that’s why I don’t live in CT.
          Han Solo shot FIRST. shooting last means you never shoot at all.

        52. Just punch that bitch already. She punches me, she’ll get hit back. Bitch is not a princess.

        53. We have similar laws here in the States.
          Depending sometimes on whether one lives in a blue (democrat) or red (republican) state, self preservation laws, stand your ground laws, castle laws etc can mean the difference between your local government understanding your right to use deadly force to ensure the continuation of your life, or the State penalizing you for not allowing yourself to be killed or not stopping when the perceived threat is “reasonable” neutralized.
          The common denomination in both is the WORDING.
          The law will hang or free you depending on your choice of wording at the time of the incident/arrest.
          For example and again depending on the State: if you are detained or arrested for discharging a weapon intentionally against a burglar NEVER say “i fired a warning shot” because in some States this is considered illegal.
          Never say “i was protecting my property” because the State may not recognize this as a credible defense.
          ALWAYS say “i felt threatened and was trying to protect my life and that of my family.” Most States accept this as an understandable use of deadly force.
          I also recommend NOT to wound a potential burglar, for the reason being that again depending on the State, he or she can sue you for injuries. ALWAYS shoot to kill once you have identified the target.
          It also pays to read up on State bylaws regarding firearm ownership, usage, and legal protections when discharging a firearm in a hostile encounter.
          Personally, if i was the fellow in the article, the one attacked by this shrew, i would have neutralized her to the point of her being comatose…my excuse being “she attacked me and i felt she was going to kill me” which is a variation of the recommendation i mentioned for use in a home encounter earlier.

    2. Btw I have had a woman launch a completely unprovoked attack on me at a bar. Fortunately, she stopped after one punch. I was stupefied!
      Also, another woman described to me how she had gone across town in NYC solely to assault a guy with a champagne bottle. She paid for a taxi and everything. She was upset because he laughed at her friend for being “coked out”. Talk about premeditated. She couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to date her after that.

        1. She was totally fucked in the head. Very attractive, former model but insane in the membrane! Her ex was some gangsta dude with the same name and exact same birthday and year as me! Creepy… She had a baby by him and I think she wanted me as a replacement….

        2. You “think” she wanted a replacement? Come on Robert, all women with kids are looking for replacements/surrogate daddys/bill-splitters no matter what they say, don’t kid yourself otherwise!
          When they eventually tell you how they’re “So overwhelmed!” by their mistake that’s all the hint you’ll need!

        3. Someone like Rihanna? People quickly forgot that when she got punched in that car, they were on the highway at highway speeds. She got pissed off at something in his glove compartment and attacked him with her stiletto high heels. His choice was one punch in the face or they both would die. He was a good man and did what had to be done. Yet, the wimpy lying press quickly stopped reporting what had actually happened.

        4. I suppose she thought that you’d be so enamored by her looks that you’d throw logic out of the window.

        5. Then let her keep hating. Those are the kind that will try to “charge” you with something later.

        6. They turned him into a monster because of self-defense. I would pay money to see hidden cam footage. I bet the whole narrative would have been different then.

        7. Not necessarily. Remember the case of Thomas Ball? They simply declined to report it.
          So, even if he had video, they would have decreed it as not relevant and continued to use the incident as proof of women as passive victims of the evil patriarchy.
          The first day of that news report they did say she was hitting him and putting them at risk. Very fast, the talking points control center decreed it was a totally vicious attack and nothing more.
          The lying scum well knew the truth and chose not to report it.

      1. ” …….. another woman described to me how she had gone across town in NYC solely to assault a guy with a champagne bottle. She paid for a taxi and everything. She was upset because he LAUGHED at her friend for
        being “coked out”. ”
        She could have been just as or even more upset because he refused to date her ugly fat friend. So fucking unbelievable how these cunts think so lightly of assaulting a man for the flimsiest of reason, if it were me she assaulted I’ll make her swallow that champagne bottle after I’m done shoving it in and out her sorry ass.

        1. Well, I’m 100% positive that later on she will tell everyone that I made unwelcome advances or attempted to rape her or whatever in order to justify her assault on me so why not doubling down on her especially if she possess a nice bubble ass, heh.

    3. Doesn’t matter what a female does to you if you physically do something to her you’ll be set upon by white knights.

      1. You know, at some point “regular” men are going to wise up to this. If a woman can have you destroyed for bumping into her at a club, as much as if you’d actually physically beat the living shit out of her, then why hold back? Why not beat the shit out of her? I mean the sentence will be the same, so why not go full court press and slaughter the bint?
        It will come to that, eventually. And women will have nobody to blame but themselves when it does.

        1. “Regular” men are so brainwashed that I doubt most of them will ever wise up. Sure you could lay a beat down on her but you’ll end up worse when her saviors arrive to rescue her.

        2. I don’t know man, it’s no secret even to full cyan blue pill men that women get special treatment. Let enough cases like this happen and get public notice, and it won’t take much for them to put 2 and 2 together.

        3. Most blue pill men actually believe women deserve special treatment. She’s got white knights, bouncers, police an the law or her side, an the media to spin it around to make her look she’s the victim or at least paint her in a sympathetic way.

        4. Why do you feel inferior to her saviours?
          Why do you feel they are something that you can’t handle?
          I mean if a guy with a few friends bottled you, you wouldn’t defend yourself for fear of reprisals?
          The guy done been bottled son and is permanently scared and prevented from modelling.
          WTF are your balls?

        5. Stop being a chicken shit. Carry a weapon for the white knights. Even a kitchen knife will do.

        6. I’d defend myself against a guy with friends but people don’t white knight for guys. If a chick bottled me I’d probably start laying into her outta instinct but my point is your gonna gonna be dealing with a room full of white knights not just some dumb bitch. I’ve seen a girl laying into her boyfriend while two police an a bunch of bouncers laughed at it finally she kicked him in the balls an he lost it an grabbed her hair an then 4 bouncers jumped on him flattened him, she was allowed to physically assult him but soon as laid a finger on her all the white knights jump on him. This is the kinda shit your dealing with.

        7. There was an old saying in UK. You might as well hang for a sheep as a lamb.
          That came in the days when you were hanged for stealing either one.

      2. You presume that I care what white knights do. Those pussies can wait in line for their fucking turn. After I finish with princess, I’m happy to give lessons in pain to anyone else willing to listen.

        1. If there’s more men like you giving beatdowns to white knights I’ve got no problem with it.

        2. Below, I also commented that I don’t think many white knights are going to intervene anyway. As the level of violence increases, their willingness to assume the risk of personally suffering it decreases.
          It is very easy for the white knight to intervene in a verbal altercation, because he views the risk of doing so as low. It is much different for him to intervene in a situation where deadly force is being actively administered.
          Moreover, in situations like this, what a white knight might do is honestly not something I’m going to consider, just as I wouldn’t consider what a guys friends would do if it was a guy who did this to me. From having been in situations like this before (not with women, but with men), I know how I react and what I focus on. If someone it hitting me in the head with a weapon, I don’t have time to consider these things. I am under serious physical attack and I am going to react to that person, and my reaction will be driven by my instinctual perception of the danger to myself. I won’t have time to think about all of the possibilities that could play out with everyone else. My response will be an immediate overwhelming counterattack to gain the upper hand and save myself. That may buy me time after the initial round to consider what the white knights are doing and plan my next move, but at that point, I’m committed and I’ll just roll with it and cross whatever bridges I have to when I come to them.
          I acknowledge that this may not be how everyone responds to a similar situation, but it is how I respond. These you-go-girl types would be wise to consider that men like me are out there before they start thinking that the shit they see on TV about ball-busting ass kicker women is real.

        3. Even the vikings eventually outlawed berserkers. Your strategy is not a long term sustainable one.

        4. I’m not talking about going berserker. I’m talking about responding to threats with proportional violence. No white knight needs to be afraid of me so long as he doesn’t try to violently intervene against me. No woman needs to fear me if she doesn’t use deadly force against me.

        5. The law doesn’t give a shit. Doing something like that to a woman in just about any part of the west will land you in jail.

        6. I don’t care. No one is going to hit me in the head with a bottle and walk away from it. If I’m in that situation, I will worry about what the law thinks after I am no longer in danger. If the law ultimately says I am wrong, I don’t fucking care, I will still be alive.

        7. Below, I also commented that I don’t think many white knights are going to intervene anyway. As the level of violence increases, their willingness to assume the risk of personally suffering it decreases.
          Yes in almost all cases when someone responds as quickly and savagely as you propose any potential opposition to it disappears quickly.

        8. Now this is what I expect on Return Of Kings!
          Fukin A dude. Things don’t change unless men make them change.
          Don’t wait for women to change shit.

        9. The strategy of the Alpha is not a long term sustainable one.
          You want communism I think.

        10. But real men are the law.
          You carry on hiding from the men in uniform. And cowering before women of the pedestal.
          It will be THE RETURN OF QUEENS ARGH!

        11. And they ain’t gonna do a goddamn thing; they don’t even square off to fight, they don’t have any such instinct in their fibers. You get nose-to-nose with them and try to goad them into making the first move so you can open The Gates of Hell in the name of “self-defense”. Rarely even happens, sadly!

        12. do you remember that video that was posted in some article some time ago wherein a man at the entrance of some event hit a girl and immediately got tackled by 4 or 5 big white knights?
          it may not happen always, but there apparently is some kind of “oppressor-alarm” switch in people’s heads that makes them take on people who are even stronger than themselves. this may be due to the idea that the crowd is in favor of what they are doing and will support them.
          on the other hand, nobody stopped the guys on 9/11. not sure what the variables are here.

        13. Haven’t seen that video, but I don’t think it changes my thinking. If someone hits me in the head with a bottle, they had better be prepared to die because my knee jerk reaction is going to be to protect myself by reciprocating with deadly force. Intervening white knights should consider the same thing. I may not win, but a few of them may fall too.

        14. Carry a knife. After you fuck the bitch up you can take care of the white knights with it. I doubt they’d risk getting their throats slit for a bitch.

        15. Fuck off. It’s pussies like you afraid of going to jail why these things happen.
          Look at the civil rights era. You see men and women young and old being sent single file into the paddy wagon for doing nothing but exercising their rights. They knew they’d get locked up.
          Fucking pussy.

        16. Perhaps the intensive care ward or death depending on where the savage whore sends you is a useful use of your time too.
          History purges itself of its cowards.

        17. I am genetically a berserker. A small number of Irish men were berserkers. In my generation only one cousin, who survived Iowo Jima, was also a known berserker.
          I went berserk two times in my life, both under extreme provocation, and I gotta’ tell you, it probably scared me as much as the offending parties. I have worked hard in the intervening 50 or so years to avoid losing it again. It is very easy to seriously injure or kill people when you are that far out of it.
          It’s hard to describe. You develop what I would call Super Strength and everything but yourself seems to slow way down.. The first time it took 8 men to subdue me. I am not a very muscular man at all. Where berserk becomes deadly is when the berserker gets hold of a club or cutting weapon.
          My late BIL was a prison guard most of his life after the Korean War, and a short time as a cop. He said an average man prisoner needs 6 average man guards to subdue him, if he doesn’t have any weapon.
          And, this one is something every man should know. An average female prisoner, average size and weight, takes 4, let me repeat that, 4 average man guards to subdue when she flips out. If she gets a weapon no amount of men can subdue her without serious injury.
          The next time some big, stupid brute laughs at the thought of a little bitty woman attacking “big strong me” let the idiot laugh. A certain number of big strong men die every year in a frontal attack by a woman half their size with a knife in her hands. And, their last ‘words’ are almost always uproarious laughter at the thought of that li’l bitty thing thinking she is going to hurt a Real Man[tm] like The Wonderful Me.

        18. Actually, the one airplane, if you mean Nine-One-One, the passengers were attacking the cockpit when the plane crashed without hitting a building. One of the men was on the phone and said we are going now, Bye. And, that was it.
          There was some serious thought that plane was shot down. Another passenger talking on a phone just before the signals stopped said there was a loud explosion by one of the wings.
          We will never know, for sure. The press would never report anything like that.

      3. Yeah a great chance to rid the world of a few of those as well.
        Then spread the word so that very white knight may know.

    4. Typical entitled English whore mate. Would love to wipe that Shit eating grin from the bint’s face

      1. You know what the problem with liberals and feminists is?
        Not enough of them are getting murdered.

        1. Wait until sharia law comes to the west. I will be the first to volunteer to round up feminists, whores and manginas. It will be entertaining to watch them suffer.

        2. Not me, I will round ’em up, but have no interest in their suffering. Vengeance is pointless, compared to the simple joy of an ounce of lead and an end to the problem.

        3. An an ounce seems like a lot of lead. I would think an 1/8 to a 1/5 of an ounce would be more typical

        4. Your comment is stupid. Sharia law is stupid. How fun is living in a society where all women are wrapped in cloths, where going out and listening to music is a crime. Yes, a crime.

        5. All women ought to be treated in this manner. The only way a society can function is when the bitches are under control.

        6. They tend to be happier than in the USA or UK.
          In the early 90’s, National Geographic had an article about an abolutely gorgeous Muslim woman. She was I think a Rhodes Scholar in UK. But, she said she much preferred the Muslim dress because as long as she was dressed that way, no one bothered her, ever.
          My daughter-in-law taught 2 years in UAE. She wore the clothes that Muslim women wore. Just the scarf, not the face veil.
          She could leave the house at midnight and walk a mile to the supermarket and back, alone, and not one man would say a word to her.
          In fact, it is understood that in those countries to say “hello” to a woman in Muslim dress will result in an immediate physical attack by every man within sight.
          The way it was explained to me was the dress indicated that woman accepted the Muslim morality, and thus deserved respect.

        7. I’ve got no problem with Sharia law wiping all these SJWs, I would enjoy the ironey since SJWs are always defending Islam despite Islam representing all they claim to be against but living under Sharia law would be horrible. They won’t stop at killing feminists they will kill anyone who disagrees with anything they do.

        8. I love this movie. This is what happens when white knights and rape culture feminists get together.

        9. I think GORF was alluding to the irony of this law being enforced upon western women, as SJWs are always defending muslims whatever they do.

        10. So she wasn’t respected as a woman, just a person who displayed an obvious symbol of a particular religion? Unlike the Christians who wear a crucifix showing they accept the Christian morality and are murdered for it?

        11. I’m afraid that might soon change. Sometime a liberal will begin shouting accusations and gibberish at a normal person who will beat the crap out of him/her/it. What then?

        12. My mother could do that and more in 1950’s Philadelphia. In fact, people, including men, could even say “hello” to her without “immediate physical attack.” I am not sure why you think Sharia needs to be institued for this.

        13. It’s still active. I switch it up from time to time. I don’t remember who this is. Who are you lol. Name sounds familliar

        14. I’m not suggesting she deserves respect just because she is a woman…just pointing out the fallacy of the claim they respect women.
          As for respect for having a cock…maybe not, but my cock itself gets lots of respect…in fact, it gets worshiped by several women who kneel down in front of it to show their respect.

        15. Entertaining to watch them suffer? You joking? Why the fuck would you want to do that if you could be out there capturing hotties off the street to be your slave?

        16. Good for you.
          The point being, at least ghosts in bedsheets are making an effort to avoid getting attacked. By that token they are head and shoulders above your average slut walker in the ‘respect’ department.

        17. SJWs? Hotties? I’ll entertain myself with the ugly ass feminist suffering and THEN capture some hotties. 😁

        18. You lost me there. I didn’t say Sharia law needed to be implemented for this. I simply reported what my DIL experienced. That is the way it is in the Emirates.

        19. Another case of reframing my comments. I would say it was more a case of the dress indicating what type of woman she presents herself as. In that culture, the women of quality dress that way, and it shows she is a respectable woman. If a woman went down those streets with a short skirt, her experience would be different.

      2. Get enough real men together to take the state, it’s courts, and it’s cops down. That smile will be long gone and never come back.

        1. He didn’t say ready-up the blast furnaces and gas chambers, now did he? Well, at least not for a few makes of people we deem “inferior”; we simply won’t discriminate!

        2. i didn’t propose that he did, but i can see how you would read my comment that way. i read a few passages from hitler’s book and he has some interesting things to say. not relying on democracy is one of them.

        3. In the early 80’s, a man writing on an MRA/FRA newsletter said when the feminist movement started, if he had found 10 good men, he could have stopped it in its tracks.But there were not 10 good men to be found.
          He said now (Meaning the early 80’s) it could be done with 100 good men. But, he said, there still aren’t 10 good men.

    5. The guy she attacked was likely a pansy similar to Derek Zoolander, i’ll bet all he did was cry whimper and bleed on the floor.
      Regardless, he didn’t deserve the attack and she deserved to have her head caved in for it. I’m equally outraged that the guys in the club probably just pulled out their cells to record it instead of stopping her by any means.
      If ANY female attempts to do the same with me i will immediately take it as an attack on my right to self preservation and i will respond accordingly. I wouldn’t stop until the threat was neutralized.

      1. Few things are sadder than men who ignore their own self preservation instincts when women are the agressors. I live by the principle that women deserve equal rights and lefts.

        1. “I live by the principle that women deserve equal rights and lefts”
          I tip my hat to your wit sir lol

        2. 3:30 is funny as hell. All the guy did was give her a gentle push and she still fell over like a sack of potatoes.

        3. I just watched the whole video of the broad on the subway: a white-knighting beta mangina jumps in, even though he witnessed everything that happened in the lead up.

        4. I guess you are referring to the video where a tiny woman steps up to a GIANT man and his slap was the “Shot heard ’round the world”?

        5. And looks like sometimes, from time to time, justice works…as long as there is video, except for the final disposition of the dumb broad:

        6. eh, yes and no- she was arrested and released, he spent 3 or 4 days in the klink. He sued the city as a result(one of the rare times I am rooting for the “suspect” when he sues the city).

        7. What a sad day we live in when a compilation of women getting their asses kicked relieves the soul. This is better than porn!

        8. I agree.. it’s very sad… but still so entertaining… they want equality and that’s what it looks like.

        9. And right on cue, the stupid ass white knight jumps up to defend this foul mouthed, entitled, full rage bitch. Looks like Sir Dunderhead got his ass handed to him as well though, so that’s good.
          8 Ball Jacket man, well done sir!

        10. Dundahead!- nice reference Ghost. Havent heard that phrase in years…

        11. If you watch the other video I posted, he was originally a MLB recruit as well! They were making fun of him on the train because of his accent. A- Holes.

        12. Listening to their nearly illiterate ghetto chatter I think that they would be the last people to try and shame somebody for not speaking properly.

    6. Well she did cut him down to his skull, I’d imagine the amount of blood loss would not only temporarily blind him but probably put him into shock too. Either way, if it were me, I’d be at her house as soon as I was released from the ER.

    7. YEAH your head so thick a bottle would just bounce off it if she hit you several times really fast
      you would stand up smile drink the bottle of booze and then whop her butt

      1. Maybe, maybe not. But if she doesn’t incapacitate me immediately, I am going to incapacitate her. Moreover, if I wake up in the hospital and this bitch is walking around smiling about it, she’s going to find me waiting in front of her house with a baseball bat once I am recovered.

  2. Sometimes I wish we had the Taliban or ISIS fanatics with us to teach these women the consequences of being a violent cunt

        1. That last vid. Racism is a component of any lasting culture. We should not deny it or be ashamed of it but embrace it.

    1. Muslims are taking over the west as we speak. Give it time. They will soon sort this mess out.

  3. The legal system’s monopoly on justice is not a natural monopoly: it’s a monopoly which is dependent on the concession of individuals.
    Justice can be had by this afternoon if someone cares more about justice than they fear our inarguably corrupt “justice” system.

  4. Funny how the same feminists who praise this complain when attractive teachers who sleep with their students get lenient sentences.

  5. And look how derisive the mainstream media describes the incident: “Female law student clubbed wannabe model over head with Champagne bottle because he was ‘coming on to her’”
    Ridiculous wannabe model, glorious strong ambitious law student, he was hitting on her – maybe. The description does not appear to be that way. She accused him of bumping into her friend and he said no. Next thing she attacks him. The UK has become a breeding ground for masculine trashy violent psychopathic single mothers – she certainly will be sooner or later. They won’t be satisfied until most women resemble Little Britain’s Vicky Pollard:

  6. Sheesh, this does somewhat scare the shit out of a normal guy. Had an ex girlfriend once tried to pull a fast on me.
    She wanted to start a fight and I kindly invited her out. She then threathened she would lie to her dad & friends that I had agressed her if I wouldn’t accept her back. My response was :,, do what you want and you’ll see as people can read through your lies as well” at which she said ,,you probably have no idea how persuasive a woman can be” and again she scared the shit out of me. Females do have the guts to lie and cheat the truth just to see you fucked 4 life. So pay some respect to the women when you see them, because they are more than just your evil adversaries. And to think society wants men to wife up these dangeours radioactive harpies ? What’s the world coming to ?

    1. I’d welcome a challenge like that actually. Most “men” today are little wimps, and their response would tell me much about them.

      1. This. I don’t give a shit about jail. I give a shit about getting the job done. Any women who fucks with me physically will get hurt in such a way that I’ll be sentenced to a psych ward rather than jail.

        1. Not the angle I was aiming for. Show a little backbone and any woman, no matter how crazy, will back down. Don’t actually physically hurt her, the legal consequences are not worth it.
          No, the angle I was aiming for was her mangina protectors. Those, you can rough up as long as no serious damage is done. But it rarely comes to that, they are all talk. And with her precious protectors out of the picture, she suddenly becomes much more manageable.

        2. If a woman comes at you with a weapon, it is your duty to neutralize her. That’s why I suggest keeping a weapon. It will scare the piss out of white knights too.

        3. Neutralize, yes. That doesn’t mean fucking her up to the point where they cart you away. It is not useful. Girls can’t fight, just take the weapon from her.
          Girls are social creatures. Use their own weapons against them. With their orbiters useless and them not having any influence over you, they become completely powerless. It’s worse for them than losing half their teeth.

        4. Any man afraid of jail for standing up for his rights is a dickless piece of shit who deserves to get attacked in the first place. Rights are fought for with sacrifice and there is no sacrifice with fear. Selfish people fear jail and reciprocation. Rather than making an example they’d rather skitter away with their cocks in hand back to their cushy life while the perpetrator plots their next victim.
          I don’t give a shit what women are. I don’t give a shit who women are or think they are. I don’t give a shit about female biology, female sociology or any other female ology. What I do know is if a woman puts her hand on me with the intend to cause bodily harm she WILL get hurt. Any white knights that come to her rescue will get a Bowie knife to the jugular.
          And I’ll sit in the back of the police cruiser with a big fucking grin on my face.

        5. >>Girls can’t fight, just take the weapon from her.
          Read my positing above about an average women needing 4 men to subdue her if she has no weapon. And, if she has a weapon there is no number of men who can subdue her without injuries. Please don’t be an idiot..

        6. The problem is that most “men” today can’t fight worth a damn either.
          I have had to subdue an out of control woman, namely my sister. Posted about that in another topic. No difficulty on my part in spite of her going berserk, no injuries to either of us except possibly a bruise or two on her. No problem.
          I have also had to disarm a teen when I was a teen myself (friends of the family, he was in a bad place that day). The only problem there was that his little brother tried to help and cut his finger for his efforts, but again no issues on my end.
          The problem is wimpy males. In mind and in body.

        7. Wimpy males is indeed a real problem. The Founders (of the Constitution comment that a luxury life makes men effeminate.
          Not just physically. if you want to see an example of non-luxury find a Scout troop of teen-age Scouts going on a 2 week canoe trip on the Boundary Waters. When they leave, they will be a typical young wimp.
          When they get back, the testosterone will be dripping. Hee, hee.
          They will be stronger, physically, of course. But, their entire posture will be totally different.
          Just living in a Third World village, even with many modern functions, makes me feel more manly. No heat in the house. Everything requires lifting and carrying and digging and chopping.
          I remember the time I realized I needed to move a 1200 pound rock 30 feet. In the US, i would have hired a tractor. Here, I got a large bar, and started prying and twisting. I didn’t do it in one day or even one week. But, I moved it eventually inch at a time.

    2. Smack her face and then fuck her brains out whether she likes it or not. That’s what most of these girls want.The female will actually become wet in the presence of aggressive men.Must stem from a more primitive time when any female alone was ripe for the fucking or when men would take over villages and give them all a good shagging.

  7. Just to let you know, I had that almost the exact same penalty a few years back – 150 hours community service and 6 months probation.
    What was my crime? Disturbing the peace partying in college off-campus residence.
    This woman OTOH ruined a mans livelihood. I have no words…….

  8. I will say that the law should have nothing to say to you if you want walk down the street with your shotgun, as long as you are not threatening anyone with it.

    1. Quite true. And here in my part of the world, that is precisely the case.
      You should visit the States sometime Bob, but not NY/New England where I seem to see most all English tourists go, rather, come over to flyover red state country. It’s a great feeling to walk around armed without having the government be able to even say “boo!” about it.

      1. I visit twice a year – Virginia. I roll to the range with a shottie in the trunk… it is very liberating!
        That is one of the nice things about that Black Panther movie 20 years ago… the way they rolled around with guns in public and all the police could do was moan about it.

        1. Virginia, good choice, and not too far. Next time you’re over give me a shout, Virginia is a day trip for me.

        2. Cool, look me up when you do. The only non-available time for me is Sturgis (first week of August).

        3. Last time I was in Virginia, we saw a man on a motorcycle with a large pistol in a holster on his side. And, my son said he didn’t even need a permit for it, since it wasn’t hidden. No one got real close to him, hee, hee.

        4. I like it the way you wrote it, though I did wonder if you meant a man with a gun. Hee, hee.

        5. I do not know your ethnic background, though it looks like African American in your little photo. So, this next paragraph may be totally stupid. But, I have been wanting to post it for some time If it is offensive in any way, please forgive me.
          Here in Mexico, even educated people think that all blacks in the US are like the thugs on Miami Vice, dragging around automatic weapons or some such nonsense.
          One day, a friend, a Medical doctor said something on that order.
          I told him, no, that is not true. Around half of all blacks are solidly middle or blue collar class. They go to tech school, but more often to college.
          They keep their lawns mowed and trimmed, and make good neighbors.
          My wife’s best friend for well over 40 years, and my kids called her grandma, and emotionally believed she was, was an RN, an educated woman. Her daughter had her Ph.D. and most of her grandkids got their doctorates as well..
          With only a bachelor’s degree and a CPA, when I went to visit them I was the low life.
          Grandma had old friends who came around in her last years. Those old men were so sweet. Old men like to talk about their lives and I liked to listen to them.
          They told the most touching stories about life in the first half of the 20th Century and how they managed to find work and support families.
          No anger; no venom. Very pleasant to listen to. I loved those old men even if they weren’t my own family.

        6. Yes you are correct, african-american.
          Sadly most people do believe what they see on TV. I don’t know any black gangsters and never have. All of my friends in the US have college degrees. While the proportion of black Americans in the criminal justice system is higher than most other groups, these criminals (particularly the violent ones) represent a small percentage of black people. Generally, when you look at the majority of criminals, regardless of ethnic group, you will find a lot of common themes, typically including low income and structural economic issues.

        7. Forgive my chutzpah in commenting on people I also don’t know personally. But, in the late 80’s, Dr. Daniel Amneus wrote a book called THE GARBAGE GENERATION.
          it was filled with stats on fatherless children. When I started reading it, I thought it was humor. Part way through it finally soaked into my thick head that he was totally serious and had to read it again.
          For example, he said that children raised without their bio-dad in the house were up to 7 times more likely to go to prison, plus all sorts of other bad things.
          I had a BIL who worked in prison systems many years. I asked him.
          He said he could not even remember the last time a father came to visit a prisoner. Later, I discovered that was a bit extreme. Only 70% or so of prisoners are from fatherless families.
          In my honest opinion, the crime among blacks is closely related to ‘baby mamas’. And, I have mostly tongue-in-cheek proposed we dig up LBJ and torture his body, for starting Federal programs which paid black women to have babies without husbands.
          IMO, there is no racial basis for the phenomenon, except in that racial discrimination against black males made it impossible for most of them to out earn a welfare check.
          I have been told from several sources that before LBJ destroyed the black community to get black votes, the black families were actually better than white families, as far as family cohesion and morality of the girls. That agrees with my pleasant chats with old black men from that era.
          One of the Kennedy’s divorced many years ago. Within six months his son, who was certainly in poverty, was hanging around with druggies and getting arrested.
          Amneus well documented that it is not linked to income. The same living without a husband that screws up kids also in most cases guarantees low income**, which motivates certain peoples to claim it is poverty which causes the crime and other bad stuff.
          ** Riddle: two families, one with one person working full time; another with no one working, which family will have a higher income? I realize there is a political group which says it should be the same, but it doesn’t work out too well.
          I could write a lot more. I have been at this for well over 40 years. But, that could be overkill. I do not believe blacks are genetically that different from whites to affect their behavior.
          I could be wrong. A non-racist man I know (he is multi-ethnic himself) has been unsuccessfully looking for any prosperous black civilization in history. He has discovered a wretched white society, though.
          I just can’t emotionally accept that race makes people or societies bad.
          Of course, I might have a strong bias. when I was a kid on the farm, I had a green thumb and my childhood idol was George Washington Carver.

        8. Well first of all there is no scientific basis for the concept of race so that takes care of that. Second, prior to welfare children out of wedlock for any ethnic group was extremely rare for obvious reasons. Third, this pattern of bastard children becoming criminals cuts across groups. I grew up in Britain so most of the criminals I knew without fathers were white.
          It is only the ignorant few with an agenda who try to put this down to race.

        9. In addition, it is important that we once again indicate our disgust towards a woman who chooses to have a child out of wedlock. There are firm reasons for doing so, as you have ably illustrated.

        10. I am aware of the claim that race does not truly exist. I don’t fully understand the issues involved. And, don’t consider the issue to be extremely important.
          I have spent a lot of time over the last 10 or more years doing genealogy work. Including DNA testing.
          First I did my y-markers. They are useless entities on the Y chromosomes that are stable with statistically predictable mutations.
          Anyone who has done this well understands that we are all descended from a very small number of people who crossed out of Africa many tens of thousands of years ago, and that actually it is whiteness which is a mutation. They even believe they know where it probably happened.
          My feeling is what primitive people believed about race is sort of like artificial markers on a continuum of mutational history of the human race. But some people have a need to feel superior to others without working for it and race will do for many of them, thank you.
          Y-markers pass only father to son. I did learn that my ancestors probably came from Ireland as family tradition reports.
          I also learned that most indigenous folk in Central and South America did descend from folks who crossed the Bering Strait. A few did come straight across but before the European explorers.
          Later, I had my mitochondrial tested. This passes from mother to daughter with few mutations over long periods of time but also from mother to son who does not pass it on.
          I am told sometimes that I am a sick man. But, when I had my mitochondrial done, I really hoped our earliest female ancestor was Zulu. I don’t care much, but my family is a bunch of mostly racist fools, and i wanted to be able to give them the good news. Rats! No luck. European.
          My last one was family matching. They look not for specific DNA elements, but chains of DNA. Apparently a human has in his body chains from almost every ancestor, and some are known and charted. So, they can tell you which nations or tribes you are descended from. I came from all over the place.
          I actually found one woman, descended from my maternal grandpa’s grandma. She lived maybe 75 miles from where I am born.

        11. Yes. I am not one who believes any more that our society is savable. I have seen too much history and reading Sex and Culture by Unwin has sealed it, in my mind.
          But, you can be sure the society which replaces this one will not give money to women to have babies without husbands. Only a rich spoiled society can afford that.

        12. Indeed. Many of these “benefits” and “equalities” are merely luxuries. It is interesting that the clamor for “Global Warming” has died down since the Second Depression started.
          Did you know not a single state has achieved the standards of the original Kyoto Protocols back in ’87? I guess it sounded good at the time.

        13. In my view, this “need to feel superior” to other people is a primitive evolutionary hangover from pre-civilisation. It has no rational basis but may have served a purpose when defending limited resources from invaders. Competition here would have been intense as failure meant starvation and death.
          Today, even though resources are still scarce, we now have a rational method of allocating resources. Unfortunately, people still find this method confusing and “unfair” and keep trying to take us back to a stage where we robbed each other for resources.

        14. If I had thought about it, I probably would have guessed that. So I must have not thought about it much.
          When I was a boy in the 40’s our one-room country schoolhouse was adjacent to my dad’s farm. The teacher was a Real Greenie. She would take us out on my dad’s land and show us the terrible erosion and pollution on it.
          And, it was terrible.
          Over the elapsed 60+ years since then, the country has been cleaned up to an unbelievable degree. On rivers that as late as the 70’s and 80’s were filled with run-off mud, now you can see the bottom of the deepest hole.
          Yet the screams of the environmentalist extremists are louder than ever.

        15. Yet, when the smoke clears, so to speak, those who work the hardest must receive more compensation of they also stop working.
          Ayn Rand was very boring to read, but she did make that point very well.
          There have been studies showing that in some places unwed mothers who live on the dole get more total benefits and services than school teachers.

        16. That’s more than teachers deserve in my opinion… 😉
          I jest but I do think I am a success in life in spite of having gone to school.
          It is ironic how we (as a society) lament unwed mothers and yet continue to finance them. But what about the children, oh the children?
          I would probably have a bunch of children by now if I didn’t have to pay for everyone elses….

        17. I have heard the stories about how awful the Potomac was. Did you ever read about The Great Stink of London? The smell was so bad even the horses vomited. Finally Parliament decided to act.
          In this case, the pollution was so bad due to nice “green” animals (hore manure) that people were dying in droves. Makes our current “environmental” problems seem slight. Our biggest problem currently (in London) is plastic bags.

    2. When you get to the Hudson river get on a plane and keep flying until you’re in SF. And avoid those yokels in Ohio and those flyover places.

  9. The comments in articles mentioned the attacked male never showed up and no photos were provided for any proof. I do believe she should have received harsher punishment, however if the judge only had a statement from the father saying his son was an aspiring model it would put the judge in a hard place to seek further punishment.

  10. I’ve said it before but we are approaching the situation where females will be absolved of all crime unless it’s against another female, I’m not even saying that as sarcasm I reckon it will happen.

  11. This article is fluff. Where is the data on first offence punishments for assault in the UK? Anecdotally, I have seen that it is common for people to be given suspended sentences / fines / community service for first offences involving assault, as confirmed on this legal advice website.
    Unless you are making fact based, apples to apples comparisons, you are guilty of the same waffle as any 1-in-4 spouting feminist. You compared this British case to general USA figures, a young man who got a normal minimum sentence for owning a shotgun (he was lucky not to get the adult minimum sentence of 5 years) and a man found guilty of rape whose case was, admittedly, bizarre (I have no idea how a rape could be proven 30 years after the supposed fact).
    And the phrase is “hard done by”, not “hard down by”.

    1. They may be exaggerating a bit but this was a real vicious assault and she should have been doing time in prison.And going after men for something that occurred 20-30 years ago is insane. Where’s the statute of limitations? A defendant couldn’t even remember what he was doing that long ago on a certain date or could he give himself an alibi or call witnesses.Things like alleged rape should have a few day statute of limitations especially today where we have DNA evidence that could exonerate a man.

      1. As I mentioned above, she got a normal sentence for a first offence in this situation, although I agree that the judge could and probably should have been tougher. There is no statute of limitations in the UK for serious crimes like rape.

  12. Funny how it’s always ugly ass disgusting b*tches that think guys are “too close” or that they’re in any way a commodity in demand….

      1. No joke. at least when she did her bullshit con a few years ago she still had youth and a dick-sucking mouth. Now she looks like a chimpanzee crossed with a camel.

        1. lol man, yeh, she is ugly as fuck now. She was never a looker but it really is amazing how much her looks have changed for the worse over the last 2-3 years.
          She has really hit the wall

    1. The little jew dwarf and vitamin huckster Weiner copied that from me. I said that 30 years ago when I couldn’t figure out what makes libtards tick and said they must be suffering from some psychiatric disorder. A lot of these radio and TV guys picked up stuff from me because even in the 80’s it was still a bit like that film Anchorman and they’d hang out in the same bars I did before and after their broadcast in NY.I knew Rush, Stern, Leykis ( I never thought these two would go anywhere)Stern because he reminded me of some foul mouth schoolyard nerd and Leykis because he was just an ordinary radio DJ at the time.The people who called their shows were mostly fakes.I called Tom pretending to be irate about something and accidentally said fugly instead of fat and ugly. Yep, I invented that word.
      Rush, who I don’t really listen to is the only one I thought may go somewhere but in ’88 in NY he was just a fat divorced slob who would go home after the show and eat a pizza watching TV. He was healthier and more active when he was on drugs.Few people knew what e-mail was back then and I’d send him ideas for his show, he had AOL which he’d advertise.In today’s Internet world this may seem odd but people used their real names then so if I wrote to some professor at a Uni we were all using our names when discussing something on a newsboard.

      1. Neat. I remember when talk radio first came about, I was really hoping to get them to broadcast that I had designed the Sisteen Chapel just a few centuries before I single handedly killed Hitler in his bunker, but they wouldn’t bite.

        1. They’ve had talk shows for a lot longer than I can remember but I’m talking here about the early 80’s onward.Leykis and Stern were at one of those tiny radio stations in Westchester where I lived.The earliest I was in a studio though was ’71. I had gone with a friend to watch them film a Pepsi commercial because his father handled the ads for the co. If you’ve seen Madmen that is based on his father, even looked like Hamm, mother was sort of like Jones so apparently whoever did research on the show was pretty accurate right down to the house he lived in Briarcliff.Anyway we’re just watching the ad being filmed and there’s a lot of noise down the hallway on another set. I think it was Donohue but can’t quite remember. These studios are very tiny and the audience is practically sitting in your lap.There seemed to be a lot of irate females trying to hit and spit on this other female who was apparently the guest on his show, I now know they were feminists.Back then there was hardly any security so it looked like it was just the men who worked at the studio, the set guys, camera people etc trying to keep them away from her. The taping ends and she’s trying to leave and I asked her what it was all about and she said it was her book that the feminists hated and wanted to kill her. btw, it was Esther Vilar and these crazy females were outside too so I took her out the back down the alley and went through a restaurant to the street and luckily got a cab fast. I rode with her to her hotel which was the Sherry Netherland and she invited me in and gave me a copy of her book, also autographed it. I still have it.I just happened to be in places where a lot of things went on,even in the countrified suburbs there are a lot of well known people here.I’ll tell you about my ‘acting’ career sometime.

  13. I thought Sarkeesian was mildly bangable for a while now, until I saw today’s spread of photo offerings. Who wants an overweight, pock marked jew with a fat face? Anyone?

  14. In this state there is a crime called [b] “assault on a female”[/b]. It’s different and more severe than “assault”. I asked an attorney “what if one woman beats up another one? Is that ‘assault on a female”?
    “No, that only applies when a man assaults a female”.
    Oh. Ok. So when a 300 lb bulldyke beats the shit out of her mousy lover that’s not as bad as if a man slapped a woman.
    I saw just such an event happening not 3 blocks from my office. My daughters also witnessed it.
    The black bulldyke was windmilling her arms into the driver’s side of the pickup the mousy white girl was riding in, beating the shit out of her.
    No I didn’t white knight. I just drove by slowly, marveling at the level of violence being acted out on a small town back street.

    1. If anyone shames you for it, just say, “I thought women’s lib meant women were strong, independent and don’t need a man?”

    2. Best course of action you took right there. The only thing that would make it perfect is if others saw you go by and not take action. Let the feminists/dykes perish by their own hands. Well done.

      1. The gun I carry is for my defense only. If I saw around every corner a woman being chased by a rape gang (a level of civilizational collapse feminism brought) I’m going to see if she’s related and if not, fuck it.
        There will be a day when many women will wish they had a gun and learned how to use it instead of voting to get them banned.
        On that day, my level of available fucks will be what it already is: zero.

        1. The women will look up and shout “save us!”, and i’ll look down and whisper “fuk u bitch lololol”

    3. “In this state there is a crime called [b] “assault on a female”[/b]. It’s different and more severe than “assault”.”
      Mussolini Makeover whomever ratified that!

  15. I hope he sues her in civil court. A criminal conviction pretty much guarantees a finding of liability. Pain and suffering, loss of income: she should be good for it as a lawyer.

  16. Lest we forget, she can also kill her own children she has with a Betatard down the road and claim she was “depressed” (which really just means “They got in the way of my partying, attention whoring, and carousel riding, the little bastards!”) with that “Baron Munchasen Syndrome” (or whatever the fuck it’s called) manufactured to excuse women from this exact heinous crime and get MAYBE a few years supervised probation, which really is like a big joke anyway, as I’m sure several of us know from our own experiences or those we know who have dealt with it.
    Given her actions and her posturing after, she sure as shit strikes me as the type!

  17. Here is a story in the same paper as the OP, where a man hit a woman with a bottle.
    Note the difference in the coverage, and BONUS: we get to see her post beating picture: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/man-appears-court-after-horrific-5643280
    And here’s another, where a 46 y/o woman beat and elderly man to death. Sentence: Manslaughter.
    What the actual fuck?
    If the men of England refuse to stand up to the feminist/SJWs/Muslims, that country is well and truly fucked and their long history and culture is likewise fucked.
    Being descended from some English folks, it breaks my heart to see that happening.
    But, it’s on them to defend themselves. If they won’t then they deserve everything that’s coming to them.

  18. Seriously, what is with modern-day Anglo/Celtic cultures AND misandry? I know too many examples, while this is the most recent one.

    1. What is it with you and Celts precisely? Their cultures are not inherently misandric. All cultures at some point are for or against men/women.

        1. So Tom Jones sings a stupid song, and that indicts celtic cultures on the whole? So if I can dig up an example of a Chinese artist who sings a dumb song or writes a dumb poem, that necessarily proves that Chinese culture is misandrist?
          Scottish culture seems to me to be the exact opposite of misandry. Not government, mind, only culture.

        2. You did conveniently forget the TVTropes link I presented, while music sings the voice of a culture’s soul.

        3. ” . . . traditional ballads were about cuckoldry.”
          And robbery, and guys chucking girls who rejected them into the sea, and the exploits of heroes, and . . .
          Basically all the same stuff you see on television now.

        4. “So if I can dig up an example of a Chinese artist who sings a dumb song or writes a dumb poem, that necessarily proves that Chinese culture is misandrist?”
          For years I wrongly assumed that Chinese culture is male-centric because the Chinese prefer baby boys than baby girls whereas it is because sons are required to take care for their parents in their remaining years on earth even though those said sons already have families of their own.
          Misandrist or not, Chinese men are perhaps even more emasculated than their Western counterparts and Chinese women are not that all far behind from the feminazis in the West.


        5. That only implies nothing has changed for at least one millennium, let alone two millennia.

    2. I think there’s an innate tendency among British Isles women to be extraordinarily difficult. There’s a reason the movie The Quiet Man was such a… hit in its day. They often flirt by being sassy, or even play-acting like they hate your guts, far more than other girls do.

      1. Taken too far now, if you asked me. Seriously, this is the 3RD MILLENNIUM of the Gregorian Calendar and the British Isles are still into THAT?

        1. TBH, I’m almost certain it’s biologically ingrained into their behavior. They can’t help themselves.
          Maybe by being isolated from the rest of Europe by the Channel, and hence in a much safer environment where they didn’t have to worry about raids and invasions from elsewhere as much, made the women much bitchier than Continental women.

  19. I definitely would have retaliated. And if anyone stepped in I would have whooped their asses too. I hope that doesn’t sound like false bravado, but even women deserve to be hit once in a while.

    1. I hope that doesn’t sound like false bravado, but even women deserve email to be hit once in a while.
      That’s the best strategy, email spam her Outlook. That’ll teach the little bitch! heh

  20. Western society is too soft and docile on women who misbehaves. If this happened in Middle Eastern or some Asian country, she would have been dead by now. She should be dropped in remote places in Afghanistan. Let’s see how long she will last. I just can’t imagine the man just standing there and letting her hit him twice. It should charged as attempted murder on her part and she should be executed.

      1. I tell men to keep something white in the house to hang out the window when the liberating force comes. And, it is such a shame. If it weren’t for white knightery, this mess would be over in fifteen minutes.

  21. Feminism will probably become increasingly physical in conflict. I’ve never had to deal with post-relationship white-knight-enlisted confrontations from women until the past 6 months. If they don’t hit you themselves, they’ll enlist men. It’s a matrix of using men, from start to finish.

  22. Females like this need to be given a good beating that leaves them disfigured for life. Then we’ll see if other females will be so casual about hitting men with deadly weapons. And btw, a champagne bottle is very thick and heavey to withstand the pressurised wine. It’s like a club.

    1. It’s coming. Nothing would satisfy me more than to see women get payback at epidemic proportions.

  23. Geez, these articles put me in a dark place. I aint sure I can read them anymore…I get the gist of unchecked fem behavior…honest, I do…

    1. I keep making the mistake of checking ROK every morning after I wake up even when I know its going to sully my mood for the rest of the day. I should probably stop doing that. It’s a hard addiction to kick though, all the other sources of news are absolutely inundated with bullshit.

      1. I just cant deal with this shit anymore…I been here about 6-7 months, and I GET the message already…

        1. So Ron paul is available as downloadable content in the Fallout series???

  24. She should’ve been beaten to death. Unless the guy was physically groping her without consent there should have been zero aggressive action from this dumb broad. Even then, any number of white knight beta orbiters would’ve stepped in for a chance at getting ass by being a pseudo protector. The fact that the law itself is de facto sanctioning such a heinous act of callous violence is infuriating.

  25. She claimed he did not “move away” from her at Venus, a popular Manchester nightclub.
    Yes Manchester another epicentre of cultural marxist feminist liberal liberation , where gangs of barely clad women could be seen on a friday and saturday night, laying around in the in the gutter pissed, vomiting and asleep…..

  26. If its the UK (or US) focus on the disparity between the ration of men to women in prison. 21:1 last time I checked based on the Howard Reform League’s own analysis of the available statistics to date.
    Its time equality was examine by the measures that actually mean something i.e. not the measures feminism spews up to distract from the real issues. The pussy pass is the real inequality today at work – usually invisibly – in almost every male / female interaction, institutional or personal that takes place. We’re beginning to tease it out, and it isn’t pretty. In fact neither are the women concerned once you begin to see just how ugly the err. “system” is. System! Isn’t that the jargon of the leftoids. Yes, it is. Its about to be used against them. Good article

  27. I have to laugh at this, especially the comments which you can tell are from the Ms Grundy crazy cat woman femitard types.The types who think looking at them are rape. I’m glad that the NYC cops though don’t take these neurotic femtards seriously. In this case the very most you could even charge someone with is disorderly conduct which is not even a crime. These femtards are hilariously out of touch with reality. I guess they thought the cops should drop everything and put out a dragnet and some wanted posters to catch the guy lol

    1. lifting up a woman’s skirt to take pictures probably isn’t a cause ‘the manosphere’ should get behind if you think about it.

      1. I wasn’t sugesting that we do but just commenting on the crazy cat woman and neurotic femtard comments about the story not to mention that the story itself is likely fake.

  28. Doesn’t suprise me one bit that the cunt is a lawyer. I believe it was here where I first read words to the effect of “think about the types of people who might want to be a lawyer”…anyone think the guy has a realistic chance of suing her into an early grave as he damn well should be doing?

  29. i almost wish i hadn’t read this article. disgusting. yet i don’t fail to see the lessons this can teach me. ya, life isn’t what you want it to be.

  30. A lot of women are going to get killed in the future. Men aren’t going to take this anymore. And I’ll be damned if I help any woman out in trouble. Carry a weapon fellas. Not for the woman but for the white knights.

  31. Like why do people even write about the uk?Why is it even relevant anymore they are a dying empire the only relevancy is how America will look when we continue down out path of liberalism and China takes over.

      1. The U.S. is not the whole world but for sure the uk is an isignificant little corner. They write about the monarchy and such but the rest of the world has moved on to a meritocracy. I mean like what is even produced in the uk what do you bring to the table? All I can think of is cars. I saw an article about how they don’t even manufacture there own warships anymore and that was the hallmark of a second class millitary. The U.S. isn’t the world but a significant part of it.

        1. Lyndon LaRouche says UK is the reptilian apex of the tree. The British Empire is still controlling your military-industrial-complex, you just don’t know it. We are (still) your reptilian overlords and that whole “insignificant little corner” thing is just a cunning disguise

        2. We’ve been here before, but – LaRouche is being misled by the fact that the central ganglion of control is the City of London, but the City of London is not acting in the interests of the UK, quite the contrary.
          If anything it is the UK that is the cunning disguise for The City and its global neural network.

        3. But what does it benifit you what mesurable benifit do you reap, is your passport accepted everywhere is the cost of living low. Do people find it cheaper to live in Barcelona and fly to London becuase it’s cheaper. If you still rule the world you need to petition to have some of the benifits passed of to you

        4. Yes, but you could probably have said much the same during the age of empire – ordinary people in lancashire or bethnal green rarely benefited much. Today many londoners etc benefit indirectly from crumbs from the table so to speak in the form of property prices. Otherwise UK is relatively poor compared to other european countries – standard of living wise.
          As for LaRouche GB stands in for the City / or the crown (although I’m not entirely convinced I see the connexion). Its synecdoche

        5. Very little. Although the passport is useful certainly. But you were making the case that UK was paltry next to the US (which is true) – how do americans benefit from being part of a superpower. Does it feel great to be hated by much of the rest of the world (and no I’m not talking about the UK)?

        6. That only further cements my point, they hate us becuase they want to be us. Every one keeps up with american politics becuase it affects them. On the other hand who keeps up with British politics. How much do you pay for a liter of petrol over there I bet it’s more than I pay for a gallon. Hey but I’ll admit america is in the decline also but to say the crown rest on the U.K. is a senseless conspiracy theory not founded in reality

        7. I’m from the UK. I’d say back in the US glory days of the 80s / 90s there was some envy / resentment maybe – New York was seen as pretty much the capital of the world. Less so now. I think you’ll find the rest of europe is more likely to be antagonistic towards the US not least because they have diverged more from US foreign policy. I would say the US has less power to cause envy than it used to. UK is treading water pretty much

        8. I see the connection to the aristocratic families of Europe, but not to GB or the crown.
          The coup took place a bit more than 100 years ago. The intercontinental telecommunications that made it really possible started in 1858, and by the time The Big One was over the whole Finance-Military-Industrial Complex had become its own entity beholden to nothing but itself.
          I’ll stipulate that before that there was an element of the crown wanting payback against its former colonies, but it didn’t take long for those who financed it to flip that order on its head.
          An independent America turned out to be far more valuable than a dependent one.

        9. larouche’s position seems quite involved as far as I can tell, focussing on a rothschild / british empire system bent on de-populating the world or something while hawking drugs. Having said that its true that the windsors were the only royal house who survived the first world war relatively unscathed (if you ignore the fact that many of the royal families of europe were closely related to each other). The above is speculative though. I agree (if i understand correctly) that the modern banking system (the whole complex) is now an engine which effectively runs on its own steam and that the jeckyll island thing was effectively a coup towards that end – assuming that’s what you are referring to. Its probably best to avoid personalising – as LaRouche does – what is now a perpetual motion machine of sorts (if such a thing can exist within the laws of physics). But even if there aren’t puppet masters there are certainly ‘administrators’ and very powerful they are too

      1. I remember seeing this british family in a bar I worked at. The daughter was like 17 and dressed like a fucking crackwhore street hooker. Go go boots, trashy top, the whole 9. It is something I’d expect to see on this certain road in my town which is known for the absolute trashiest low class drug addled street skanks.
        Looked like an average middle class family too and this girl’s parents were totally cool with sponsoring their daughter’s slut show odyssey.
        And these assholes are really surprised when they let an entirely different culture of people come there, most of whom have never seen women unless completely covered and rape their women?
        LOL you fuckin tards deserve that shit!

    1. But if you do that as a man, you get arrested. On the other hand, if a woman retaliated against a man in this situation, everyone would be cheering for her, how she bravely defended herself against this monster (which he would be called even if she’d given him just cause to use the bottle to begin with, which the victim in this case didn’t).

  32. Please try to wear protective gear like, helmets, vest, etc during your English bar visits. There should be a separate room for all man haters.

  33. Equal time for equal crime. Why is equal pay for equal work getting so much attention while this doesn’t? Don’t tell me misandry isn’t a real problem!

  34. You’ve just got to knock bitches the fuck out when they pull shit like this. I speak from personal experience when I say that your fear of reprisals from white knights are probably overblown. It is possible to floor a female and not get set upon, provided her attack was serious and people saw it.
    That said, being smashed twice in the head with a bottle probably just took the guy out, I don’t think I’d be in much of a state to fight back after two blows by the head with an object by someone who really was trying to hurt me.
    Honestly if that guy killed her I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it and wouldn’t blame him in the least. If the law is simply not going to apply to women then individuals will have to make their own justice.

  35. There’s also undoubtedly a racial component to this. Getting away with such a crime requires that one not only be female, but white and female.

  36. Why does this case not surprise me?! I also think there should be a new charge applied to women which would be called ‘white knight incited violence’ or something…as an added irony we should leave the cathedral to come up with the exact label as they seem to love the process so much, especially constructing new legal terms for social control of the herd.
    The amount and frequency of violence perpetuated at least indirectly by the female gender throughout history knows no bounds. And we all know how a show of masculine strength, especially on their behalf makes them wet.
    I’ve lost count of the amount of girls that I know that have used a mangina in the vacinity to protect them from the consequences of their own appalling and irresponsible actions. Or they’ve stirred some shit up to get some poor bastard a beating whom does not really deserve it. I take a militant stance against the enabling white knights and have little sympathy for their colluding behaviour.
    Along with generally ignoring females one sided bitchin’ about the men in their lives, if I’m challenging a woman about her behaviour towards me and one of these chumps tries to muscle in and be the white knight hero, I give him the standard warning and if he persists we are going toe to fuckin’ toe.

  37. The big question is why would an aspiring model be in the position of hitting on that ugly British bulldog. Is that how shitty the pickings are there? Go west or south young man. get out of that country and find a hot Latina that’l be glad to be with a good looking ango saxon man. WITHOUT any b.s p.c feminazi manhating brainwashing baggage.

    1. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/law-student-who-attacked-clubber-9158909
      Excerpts from the article :
      ” McKenzie-Ayres appeared to be ranting and pushing at a pal behind him, and then turned on him, accusing him of bumping into the back of HER FRIEND as he reached for the champagne bucket. When he denied bumping into her she ordered him to move before pushing him backwards and launching a vicious attack. ”
      It would appear that this Ayres ugly cunt was cock-blocking the bloke who was not in any way shape or form showing any interest in her let alone making unwelcome advances towards her.
      Spread the news and picture of this shameless stunted ugly cunt who seethed with envy & rage when a good-looking bloke showed interest in her friend instead of her ugly self.
      It won’t be any loss for humanity if she then decided to kill herself when enough men in the Western hemisphere know about her and avoid her like a plague that she is.

  38. That kid got such a harsh sentence for the shotgun as we dont allpw people to use guns like dildos here. They’re illegal if not in the right setting ie in a gun case at a gun range

    1. Never shame a man for a simple gun posession infraction. You are doing the state’s dirty work by shaming the individual and extending upon him the wrath of the state. In the US, Switzerland and possibly Finland, he would have still graduated with honors and could celebrate by popping off a few in the air. Same with smacking your bitch. Never shame of course. Some countries allow for disciplining children and even naughty wives and some countries like Germany and Sweden have declared homeschooling a felony. In a SJW hellhole a man can be shamed and even tried for something that is considered normal in a patriarchal country. Worldwide men must transcend tyrannical states and SJW blockades.

      1. When did i shame him? I pointed out why he got a harsh sentence. I did not make one comment about what he did, the dildo reference was for the other countries who get erections over firearms

        1. No, I didn’t say YOU shamed him. Sorry bro. The whole world is reading this so I was just putting it out that no one should shame someone in behalf of the state if they disagree with its laws that infringe on rights and liberties. I can sit in a foreign land and blast another state at liesure for its oppressive and discriminatory laws. I can do it here at home against my own state too and probably not get picked by lottery to get clusterfucked or penalized for some fine print misspelling to mis crossed ‘t’.
          I’ve noticed that not many Brits for example will talk any shit about their own royalty. I don’t blame them. I’ve seen Clockwork Orange and they seem to have an extensive mental health apparatus for dissenters there. For example, I could be here calling Diana a cuckolding ho bag all day and the Queen bitch mother a Transalvanian reptoid who eats kids. Just an example mind you.

        2. Ah right i took you the wrong way sorry. Hey i’m English n say fuck the royal family

  39. She looks like a cross between Kate Middleton and David Letterman or Alfred P Newman with the teeth. She’s big boned too. She looks like a white WWE wrestler chick with somewhat of a face. She’s beside her league in the chique London clubs. Being big boned, she could take a punch for a woman and would make a good cat fight show with Stephanie Mcmann or Debra Austin. She’s a big dumb piece of shit who can hopefully cook and tit feed. If she did that much, she’d survive long term as wife to a few big redneck ass kickers I know. A 30 lb. punch to her would be like a pat on the head to a typical frail prissy girl. She needs to hang with big fat crazy motherfuckers.

  40. Those are two ugly bitches. The guy who got hit with the bottle deserves it for being a bet who wants to be a faggy male model and stands next to fuglies in the club. Now he is sad because his perfect cheekbones and nose are no longer perfect. I would love to see a woman try and hit me. Where are these guys bob and weave, punch clipping game. Can we get some head movement or what?

  41. The justice system in the UK is notoriously unfair and biased depending on what group you are part of. A lot of judges are SJWs who practice discrimination. Some groups get away with crimes constantly. Like muslims.

  42. I was myself stabbed by a girl… When I was 22 years old, I met a girl who claimed to be 16. She was a total slut. She kept talking of sex on the internet, and then later on the phone, and how she wanted to sleep with me. Then she asked me to pick her up in another town so she could come to my home. Does that sounds like I was abusing her?
    Then I bring her home, and we have sex a bunch of times. I treated her well. Then the next day, she calls a guy, and claims that I actually raped her and that I am a rapist! Then she asks to guy to come to my fucking home to pick her up.
    I was totally mad so I told her to pick her belongings and get the fuck out of my home immediately. But she refused. So, I was a rapist, yet she didn’t want to leave my apartment. Weird, isn’t it?
    So I grabbed her and attempted to push her through the doorway to make her leave by force. She then grabbed a kitchen knife laying near the sink and lunged at me. I grabbed the knife with my hand and finally managed to push her outside and close the door. I had several cuts on my hand and fingers, and was bleeding all over the place. In fact I lost nerve sensation in some fingers for months.
    I bet that later this slut became one of those obese losers who cry about how they were raped and how they are victims. This story is 100% true.

  43. A woman, who looked a lot like these obvious psychopaths, once told me while on a date, “If you get grabby, I get stabby.” She then proceeded to show me a small dagger, with which she intended to stab into my leg and slice my femoral artery. I said, “Fuck you.” and got out of the car ASAP. Don’t even entertain these pieces of human waste. Get away at all costs.

  44. Should have “Ground ‘n’ Pound” that cunt and crush the life out of her throat.

  45. What to do as a man, with all the videos/stories of women attacking men, and if men fight back they get arrested? How to solve this with the corrupt court system? I present to you, the elbow and knee block. Technically and legally speaking, a block is not a strike. So when she comes at you to punch you or kick you, block with elbows and knees, like the Muay Thai fighters do. When a dumb Feminist or deranged SJW hits the hard part of your bones, they do serious damage to themselves, and you get to inflict pain, teach a lesson, and avoid jail time. Even lowering your forehead and having her punch that which would break her hand.

    1. Not sure if you’re active on this thing…but do you have an email address or website you can be reached at?

    1. Dumb ugly slut wants to work in bar, bitch can expect to get pawed. She was probably fucking the owner anyway in which case he has every right to demand obedience. Fucking manginas.

  46. This is what infuriates me. For all the bullshit we hear about feminism being about “equality”, have you ever heard a feminist complain about obvious examples of where men get the shit end of the stick, and demand that this be rectified? Exactly. It is called ‘feminism’, not ‘humanism’ or something similar for a reason, folks. They do not give a fuck about men and never will. They hate men, and see them as nothing more than resources that can be transferred to less-deserving (and almost invariably fat and ugly) women. Are they outraged that a woman is not treated the same as a man by the legal system when it comes to criminal behaviour? As empowered, independent modern women, do they find the concept of being supported financially by their ex husband post-divorce to be insulting, and as a sad example of how society still insists that a woman needs a man? Do they refuse fat, undeserved alimony payments out of principle? Are they outraged about not just the paucity of women in politics, on government and company boards, and as Chief Executives, but also in hard, low-paying jobs such as rubbish collectors, chimney sweepers and as cannon fodder in the army? Of course not. The day these things happen, I will respect feminism, but until that day, I will continue to treat feminists with the contempt they deserve.

  47. A perfect psychopath & future lawyer !
    Being a psychopath is a very desirable asset for a successful lawyer !

  48. I’m a straight guy. Had gay sex. Three times.
    First two were with a friend at home, just sucking each other off.
    Third time was with a friend from school and we had full blown sex, and I took it up the butt.
    And I’ve also been seeing a trans woman a few times.
    I like penis and anal but I hate making out with guys and the male body does not turn me on.
    I’ve had straight sex too many times to count, and I’m very sure that I prefer it

  49. So, she felt threatened and acted to protect herself and you’re all crying because she didn’t get sent to jail or the death penalty for acting in self defense?
    When was the last time that a man, who was legitimately acting in self defense, thrown in jail or given the death penalty for his actions?
    This article has nothing at all to do with feminism and everything to do with the authors utter stupidity in supporting the idea that a woman has no right to defend herself because it makes the man look like a pussy and his knowledge that ignorant fools for readers who will eat this shit up like their favorite bowl of ice cream.

    1. ” McKenzie-Ayres appeared to be ranting and pushing at a pal behind him, and then turned on him, accusing him of bumping into the back of HER FRIEND as he reached for the champagne bucket. When he denied bumping into her she ordered him to move before pushing him backwards and launching a vicious attack. ”
      There goes your bullshit theory that he was coming on to her

  50. Great comments. “Violence happens! This is proof we should be allowed to be violent and kill the people we hate.” Your hypocrisy game is top notch, guys.

  51. Dating, like drinking, certainly changes with age. When your young, everything is fun and games, even the mistakes you make are merely funny stories or at worst, lessons learned. When you’re older, however, school is out, and you need to make good choices, or they have serious consequences. By your late 20s, you begin to see the change in people from good time partiers to alcoholics. Same with the women, the “dramatic” girls of yesteryear now become the “femme fatales” in your life. Understanding this and making decisions good for yourself is part of the maturation process.

  52. Typical result when women are not considered as equal. They claim to want equality but claim oppressed when the chips are not coming their way. She should have been punished as a male would have been for the same offence against a woman. Assault causing bodily harm as in our Criminal Code does not specify gender. Nor does it say that women should not be punished for this offence. Very unfair and unjust.

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