How ISIS Plans To Conquer And Manage Infidel “Savages”

Observers of political and military events in the Middle East cannot fail to notice the extreme violence of ISIS’s methods.  Whether they are seeking to control a local population, or engaging in combat operations against an armed foe, ISIS members do not hesitate for an instant to adopt the most brutal tactics.  In the cultural sphere the militant group has been similarly ruthless:  it thinks nothing of obliterating the historical and cultural treasures of the regions it has occupied.  Is there a method to this madness?  Is it part of some coordinated strategic vision, or is it the blind ignorance of a group of nameless savages?

It would be a serious mistake to underestimate ISIS or its ideology.  Any group that can attract members willing to fight to the death should have our undivided attention.  Beyond this fact, ISIS’s own words show that there is indeed a consistent—if demented—logic in everything they do.  Military planners must never forget this, just as they must never forget that everything North Korea does is done for a purpose.

It turns out that ISIS has done the world a favor by broadcasting its theories in a book called Managing Savagery:  The Most Critical Stage Through Which The Umma Will Pass.  This manifesto, published by Abu Bakr Naji and translated two years later by William McCants, lays out a detailed program on how to create the conditions necessary for the Islamic State.

We should understand that the word “savagery” used in this context does not refer to “terror.”  It refers to  non-Muslims and those Muslims to who not accept ISIS.  In other words, ISIS considers itself “pure” and the rest of the world as “savages” that need to be tamed and civilized.  No doubt every fringe group or collection of lunatics believes this, but the difference is that ISIS still controls considerable stretches of territory and can field fighters who are willing to fight to the last bullet.

First Phase

What are the essentials of this doctrine of taming “savages”?  It can be broken down into a three-step program.  The first phase consists of frustrating and exhausting the enemy.  ISIS recognizes that it can never contend with the full force of the world’s modern militaries in a face-to-face engagement.  It therefore seeks to draw its opponents into long, drawn-out attrition wars that will sap the strength of their opponents.  ISIS calls this the “power of vexation and exhaustion.”

There is nothing new in this:  guerrilla forces have been doing this for centuries.  The difference seems to be the depressing readiness of the US and its allies to take the bait.  Here, for example, the author describes some of the reasons why the Soviet Union was defeated in Afghanistan:

This is exactly what happened to the Communist superpower when it was put in a military confrontation with a power weaker than itself by several degrees; it was not even comparable. However, (the weaker power) succeeded in exhausting it militarily and, even more important, it activated the elements of cultural annihilation in (the superpower’s) homeland:

– The dogma of atheism versus belief systems that believe in the next life and a God.

– Love of the world, worldly pleasures, and opulence versus individuals who had nothing to lose.

– Moral corruption, the least manifestation of which was that Russian soldiers or officers returned (home) — if they returned — and found that their wives had a child or relationship with someone else.

– Social iniquities clearly floated to the surface when the economic situation weakened because of the war. Then when money becomes scarce and monetary crises begin, the major thieves appear, especially if accurate accounting begins. [Text, p. 19]

Second Phase

The second phase of the ISIS strategy consists of establishing its own parallel governance structure in the areas it controls.  What does this mean?  It forces businesses and markets to stay open, it sets up Islamic courts and schools, and it “educates” the local population in the principles of Salafist Islam.  Several years ago it even began issuing its own coinage and passports.

Even if these initiatives never achieved widespread acceptance, the point was made:  We, the Islamic State, are an alternative to the existing corrupt governments.  We can do better.  Sadly, this sales pitch is not without its attractions in areas that were decimated by years of sanctions, war, and chaos.

Third Phase

The third phase of the ISIS program involves a consideration of how to expand the radical message into other countries.  The idea is that bold, radical, and violent action by ISIS in the Middle East will trigger “spinoff” franchises in other parts of the world.  This idea is not as ludicrous as it seems.  Just as communist movements were attractive at one time in many parts of the Third World, so other forms of radicalism are now available to fill the void once occupied by communist insurgencies.   These are some of the factors to be considered in “selecting countries” for insurgency:

Factors Considered When Selecting Countries:

With regard to the common links between states in which the regions of savagery can come into being, we notice that some or all of the (following) factors pertain to them:

– The presence of geographical depth and topography permits, in each separate state, the establishment of regions in it which are managed by the regime of the administration of savagery.

– The weakness of the ruling regime and the weakness of the centralization of its power in the peripheries of the borders of its state and sometimes in internal regions, particularly those that are overcrowded.

– The presence of jihadi, Islamic expansion being propagated in these regions.

– The nature of the people in these regions. This is a matter in which God has given preference to one place over another.

– Likewise, the distribution of weapons by people who are in those regions. [Text, p. 38]

All in all, there is a coherent program here amid much religious cant.  It is organized, logical, and has been fanatically implemented where its members have been able to do so.  Some international powers believe that they can use ISIS on a for-hire basis as a kind of battering-ram to take down secular regimes which they do not like (e.g., Syria).  Those who believe this are deluding themselves.  ISIS can be rented, but never owned; and once it is finished taking money from one hand, it will promptly devour that same hand.  This must never be forgotten.

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182 thoughts on “How ISIS Plans To Conquer And Manage Infidel “Savages””

  1. Considering the fact that ISIS is largely an American-created beast, I have to wonder how relevant this analysis really is. Make no mistake, there is certainly a “core” of Islamic fundamentalism in ISIS, but its current state is almost entirely America’s doing. ISIS will collapse into dust once America becomes unwilling or unable to support it.

    1. True, ISIS is being used and funded by the US and its regional allies to achieve its goals in the region.
      But ISIS still exists, and they do have an ideology. It’s important to understand what that ideology is. In their minds, they are using the US and Israel on a temporary basis, and will turn on them when the time is right.
      So, it’s a case of two schemers (US & its allies on one side, and ISIS & similar groups on the other) trying to use each other for their own goals. A cynical, nasty game.
      My other point is that the West doesn’t really understand what it is dealing with.
      It thinks it can control and “use” these people. You can’t use these people.

      1. You fail to understand. America is not merely hiring ISIS. America created ISIS.
        ISIS is a military organization, so the question needs to be asked: Where is ISIS getting its money, weapons, training, and logistical support from? ISIS gets these things from Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia gets these things from the U.S. Thus, ISIS is clearly an American creation.
        The idea that ISIS is part of a wave of Islamic fundamentalism is a lie obscured by a grain of truth. The truth is that ISIS does have a creed based on Islamic fundamentalism. ISIS may also turn on the U.S. in the future. However, ignoring the fact that America made ISIS into what it is today is foolish.

        1. They’re what happens when you give Islamic Fundamentalism a lot of cash to stay away (in the Saudi case), or to overthrow one of your hit list (Assad in the case of the US). We weren’t discriminating when it came to who we apparently gave weapons to to promote the “arab spring”. The US was myopic and near sighted.
          Still their theory is sound and they’ll be insanely supported by leftists that see Islamic radicalism as an ally against individualism and western capitalistic systems.

        2. ISIS is basically a Frankenstein created by America when one thinks about it. It was created due to America’s greed and lust for domination. Now the monster is on the loose and might turn against its creator.

        3. I think it was created not out of greed or lust, but out of arrogant short sightedness.
          “Give money and guns to these guys over here and they’ll over throw Assad for us!”
          It was meant to be a proxy fight, I think again, between the Russians who backed Assad, and the rebels who were backed by the Obama Admin. Quite a number of these rebels took that money and such and decided to take their fight global. The feckless castrated government of Iraq made that expansion much more easy.

        4. Same thing happened in Afghanistan when Russia was trying to take it over and we supported the Taliban.

        5. Everybody knows that America gives arms, funding and support to all kinds of radicals, assholes and dickbags in the middle east through all kinds of different sources. In one way or another, the US “made” half of these terrorist groups. We’re making a whole new crop right now in Syria.

        6. You mean it isn’t at all like it’s portrayed in those Hollywood war movies? OMG…

        7. “You mean it isn’t at all like it’s portrayed in those Hollywood war movies? OMG…”
          Yep! And you ain’t John Wayne either motherfucker…

        8. Everybody knows that America gives arms, funding and support to all kinds of radicals, assholes and dickbags in the middle east through all kinds of different sources.

          Like Israel for example

      2. You can’t use them but you can definitely bomb the shit outta them day and night for months on end.

      3. Who benefits the most from Isis destruction and destabilization in the middle east. Certainly not Muslims or any of the Arab states and not the American people being used as a proxy.
        I believe Isis is a tool for Zionists made of mercenaries doing their masters bidding. They have no real power if they went rogue on their Israeli/American overlords they would easily be dealt with as Putin showed clearly much to Israel/America’s protest.

  2. Come at us, fools.
    We gave guns, ammo, supplies, training, etc.

  3. ISIS (like Al Qaeda, The Talibans, etc) is simply CIA/Pentagon’s boogeyman. John McCain is their chieftain.
    The videos of the ISIS beheading are fake.
    Pentagon paid PR firm $540mn to make fake terrorist videos
    The Pentagon paid a UK PR firm half a billion dollars to create fake terrorist videos in Iraq in a secret propaganda campaign exposed by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

    1. $540 million? Damn, I’d have made those for 540x less.

      1. They pay more than standard rate to keep their mouths shut. Can you keep your mouth shut for less?

    2. Scottish labor party leader? RT? The credibility of those sources are a bit lacking.

    1. Somehow the Al Nusra front and ISIS are not able to attack Israel which should be their biggest enemy if they are really islamic extremists…cohencidence.

      1. If only Gandhi were alive and in his 30’s right now.. what with the internet and all.

      2. Funny thing is I know some Muslim extremists, but they don’t agree with Isis in any way. They’re not violent and they hate isis. They’re extremists because their views are similar to the ones on this site.

        1. Except the SJWs need to fleeing on those fat-ass scooters they have at Wal-Mart. Everyone knows SJWs can’t run.

        2. obesity runs in my family
          honey, nothing RUNS in your family

  4. Phase one on the battle front of the world’s cesspools: use napalm to burn their sorry asses alive.
    Phase two: arm (and train) the populace in the Western world. That means carrying handguns by civilians in UK, Europe, and all of North America.

    1. Kill all western sluts who want to marry these camel shaggers or deport them to the dusty shit hole.

      1. That’s ISIS real strategy in a nutshell:
        “Grab ’em by the pussy.”
        And so long as we are a majority of blue-balled blue-pill nu-men it will work.

  5. If ever there was an example of how retarded belief systems can make the human mind it must be this nonsense which transports us back to stage of bone banging in the caves of our remote per human history.
    Communism, are any other type of “collective” cultist mantra are all variations on the same theme which means unfortunately that most homo sapiens never posses their own minds throughout what’s known as their lives. They live as they die as slaves.

  6. Obama and Glenn Beck burned me out on politics. Can’t get excited anymore by anything except fast cars, hot women, and bludgeoning baby seals.

        1. HAHAHA! Yes!
          If no one comes down to buy a car in the next hour Imma club this baby seal,
          This is one of the most underrated movies ever

        2. There are about 10 movies every man needs to see….not one is this side of 2000.

        3. I am trying to think of one that will prove you wrong but I can’t do it.

        4. The Revenant is pretty close.

        5. The closest I can think of is Clint Eastwood’s “Unforgiven”. Political correctness has destroyed the movie industry.

        6. “You just shot an unarmed man!”
          “Well…he shoulda armed himself…”
          That definitely goes on the list, one of the best westerns ever made.

        7. Definitely worth renting, but make sure it’s on the largest television screen you can see it on. Breathtaking cinematography.

        8. revenant was pretty good….but was it in a “men must see this movie” list?

        9. I’d think so. Dude fucking survived a brutal mauling through sheer strength of willpower, then tracks down the fucker who killed his son and left him there to die. You don’t see that kind of masculine strength on the screen any more.

        10. Right…one of the best movies since 2000 but on an all time top 10 list of movies than men should see I think it falls short.

        11. Mike Judge movie from 2005 that explains everything.
          The only sad inconsistency is that he postulated that the decline would take 500 years. In fact, it took ten.
          Good viewing.

        12. Lenny the Commie being fucked by a bear? I’ll watch.
          Although I would pay more to see him ass-burgled by, say, an opossum. More true-to-life, and all that.

        13. He wasn’t fucked by it, it was a female bear defending her cubs.

        14. a little late in the day, but I am pinning it here…..this was the comment that wins 5/1

        15. Action – Unforgiven, Conan the Barbarian, The Road Warrior, Red Dawn, Jeremiah Johnson
          Comedy – Airplane, Caddyshack, UHF, Bachelor Party, Kentucky Fried Movie
          Edit: Remove Bachelor Party, replace with Monty Python’s Holy Grail

        16. I might wipe off UHF and replace with Blues Brothers, excellent car chase scene.

        17. If you are in need of a comedy that is relatively clean humor, that is the one to see.

        18. The bear fight scene and consequent aftermath was a bit protracted. Good film, but over-hyped by a few degrees.

        19. History of the world part 1.
          Canadian bacon
          Strange brew

        20. Wtf is this unforgiven stuff? The good, the bad, and the ugly, please. Hell, even the outlaw josey Wales bears unforgiven.

        21. Well, ok, yeah, technically…

        22. Unforgiven was the summary of the entire Clint Western legacy. It had everything in one package.
          I am a huge TG/TB/TU fan, btw.

        23. I’ll second that. It’s an extremely intense movie, and very well done.

        24. Look up the real story.
          The film actually undersells how much of a badass the guy it’s based off of was.

        25. Tombstone is the best western ever made, in my book. When Wyatt Earp clocks Ike Clanton and says “You gonna do something about that or are you just gonna stand there and bleed?”
          Holy hell I never get tired of watching that movie.

        26. Also Reservoir Dogs, Snatch, Big Fish (one of my all time favorites) and The Princess Bride.

        27. UHF is just spectacular! Right up your alley too.

        28. I liked Tombstone as well…I liked it a lot….but best western ever made….that’s some pretty big spurs to wear.

        29. SNATCH!!! of course! I’ve even championed that here on this site before…how could I forget?
          Never saw Big Fish.

        30. Big Fish is one of those sentimental kinda movies that is also smart. It isn’t so sappy that I would call it a guilty pleasure movie but it is heading in that direction. I really do love it.

        31. and the follow up
          Tommy: Are you saying I can’t shoot?
          Turkish: No Tommy, I’m not saying you can’t shoot. I know you can’t shoot. I’m saying that six-pound piece of shit stuck in your trousers would do more damage if you fed it to him.

        32. this is one of those movies that I cannot watch without laughing myself to tears and that is increased exponentially with the amount of alcohol I consume. I made the mistakes of watching it with half a buzz on an airplane once.

        33. That reminds me of my idiot friend – he comes home from hernia surgery with instructions not to cough, laugh…anything that strains the abdominals.
          And what does he do?
          He calls me up to bring over some weed and Gremlins 2 on VHS……
          Was an early night.

        34. this is yet another reason I think that Pot is the most dangerous of all drugs.

        35. Same as Jeremiah Johnson. The movie made him bad ass when killing the Indians that killed his squaw, but in real life the guy was one crazed killer of anybody. He went away from all human contact for a reason. His real story would not have been so sympathy inducing.

        36. I love The Outlaw Josie Wales. I have it in every format it has ever come out in. I watch it at least twice a year, maybe more. However, Unforgiven is the capstone on all westerns and on Eastwood’s career. It is in a class with Casablanca.

        37. Yup, the real story of Jeremiah Johnson is more like a badass version of Jeffrey Dahmer with complete lawlessness.

        38. Better is, “Deserves got nothing to do with it.” or earlier in the movie, “Heck kid, we all deserve it.”

        39. I would agree on that, I love the tempo of the movie, and the darkness of it. Unforgiven is a work of art.

        40. True, the stories are so varied and embellished, you don’t know what to believe.

    1. What’s a baby seal’s favourite drink?
      Canadian Club on the rocks.

  7. Al-Baghdadi is a Mossad agent called Elliot Shimon.
    Pictures were taken with him and John McCain.
    Like Al Qaeda was, ISIS is also Jewish pseudo-terrorism.
    I bet even most massacres in Iraq are carried our by MISTARAVIM, aka. “Arab Platoons”, like Sayeret Matkal or Yamas.

  8. Drain the swamp…lock her up…Humpty-Dumpty sat on a wall.
    As fiction goes, I prefer the last one. But it’s a matter of taste.

    1. Reminds me of the classic simpsons episode Drop the Bomb where bart joins a boy band which is really part of the Navy’s subliminal message tactic to get new recruits. Their #1 hit Yvan Eht Nioj takes off and homer is singing the chorus
      Yvan Eht Nioj
      Tvan Eht Nioj
      when this lovely exchange happens
      Homer: You gotta love that crazy chorus.
      Lisa: What does it mean?
      Homer: Uh, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s like Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong or “Give Peace a Chance.”.

    1. Nukes….they want nukes. For peaceful electricity generation, of course.

    2. ha! this one is really accurate. Oddly enough it is the same dynamic that women have with men.
      Man: listen, I am just not into having a relationship. I have fun with you and that is all I am looking for. If you want a relationship it just isn’t me. I have a lot of fun with you and would happily spend more time with you but I do like being single and if you are looking for anything more than a good time then you really should look somewhere else
      Woman: I totally understand
      later that day
      Woman to Self: He will come around to seeing things my way
      later that week
      Man: listen, I told you I don’t want a relationship and you are really kind of pushing things in that direction. I tried to be honest with you and you said you understood, but you are acting as if we are in a relationship. At this point I think it is better if we just part company
      Woman: But I don’t understand! Don’t you know I love you!
      I wonder if terrorists can be dealt with in the same manner. Can we just block them on our phones and social media and ignore them until they find someone else to terrorize?

      1. “But I don’t understand! Don’t you know I love you!”
        How many time shave we all been here? Too many…
        Especially after you’ve just finished up.
        Had one ask me “Are you going to keep me?” right after once. That was awkward..

        1. “Are you going to keep me?”
          “From stalking me and trying to pin me down into a relationship? Why yes. Yes I am”

        2. In some cases, you have to turn into the skid. Swim with the undertow, not against it. If she starts to chase you with the relationshippy shit, sometimes running away only makes it worse.

        3. Want it to stop?
          “Baby, I’m just so into you! I want to be with you LITERALLY night and day, little girl. You’re just so pretty, I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you. You complete me. It’s like you’re my best friend! You’re my soul mate and I really just can’t live without you…..”
          *click*. That’s the sound of the door closing behind her.

        4. There is literally no amount of blunt honesty that you can use on a woman to convince them that this is only a good time…and when I say a good time I don’t mean just sex….I like dating, going out, dressing up, eating and drinking well, being social all of it is just as important as the actually fucking to me. But there literally isn’t a level of bluntness that they will believe. You can take a woman to a tattoo parlor and have “I do not want a relationship” tattooed backwards on their forehead so they see it every time they look in the mirror and they will still be fucking shocked when you tell them you are busy on a Saturday night.
          I have actually heard some version of are you going to keep me frequently enough that I assume it was a line on girls or sex in the city or some shit.
          I have spent a lot of time thinking about this and the best I can come up with is that people tend to do what makes sense to them. If you like to have your shoulders rubbed and want to do something nice for them you might go to rub their shoulders without asking whether they like it or not. You associate it with something pleasurable and in the desire to give something pleasurable you think about that
          Likewise, women play games constantly and rather than say what they mean they say stuff which is part of a broader plan to use questions, comments and actions to draw out some long conclusion so when you say “I don’t want a relationship” as a man it can’t be more simple. you have clearly and concisely said you know what a relationship is and do not want one. But for the woman they hear it and think “i wonder what he means by that” and the assumption is, more often than not, that tbey think you want them to either prove themselves, or show you how much they want it etc.

        5. Yep. Nothing will kill her Alpha Fucks tingles dead like suddenly emoting like a gay Beta. Very useful after a ONS that you know you never want to see again.
          “I know we just met, but I really feel a strong connection between us. Like, something real, something intense, something powerful. I was just laying here, imagining us spending the rest of the day together, then the week, then the year… next thing you know, I was dreaming up names for our kids. I think you might be my soulmate.”
          She’ll run like her hair is on fire. I actually have a couple of long and rambling emails from an ex-stalker chick that I kept. I cut-and-paste her steam of consciousness “we were meant to be together forever” bullshit into emails or texts every once in a while just to chase off chicks I don’t want to deal with anymore.

        6. this is 100% true. As you run away they chase. That is what people do. I have long joked, though never actually tried, that when I got a girl like this I would tell her I love her and start calling her like 100 times a day, acting really jealous always wanting to know where she is and in all ways doing the things that betas do when they score a hot girl just to drive her away. I have been saying I will try this for decades, but have never pulled the trigger.

        7. “where were you last night honey? what were you wearing? who was there? oh my god did anyone hit on you? no? really? tell me the truth were there guys there that were trying to talk to you? I love you why didn’t you invite me. I thought we were together”
          I really wonder if it would work

        8. “i thought you were ray liotta because your skin has the texture of a decorative autumn squash. So, I’ll pick you up at 7?”

        9. You should (honestly) give it a shot once. It’s just good clean fun man, but make sure you never, ever want to sleep with her ever again because it’s is the final ending to the end of the film about ending things.

        10. That line was the money shot right there, heh.

        11. the one and only reason I have never tried it is because of my deep seeded fear that they will be like “that’s great” and then I will have to walk it back

        12. I like peter’s line about lois’ vagina looking like the blown out end of a practical jokers exploding cigar

        13. It works on the kind of girls you go out with. If you try it on a midwest chick or a southern chick, she might actually take you to heart if she’s actually looking for a beta bucks provider. The circles you run in I suspect it would immediately communicate extreme weakness, they’d hate themselves for ever having slept with you and they probably will pull out a sharp edged blade at some point to stab you with.

        14. I would normally say yes, but the problem, believe it or not, is the housing market. It is so expensive to live here that a guy who pulls down good bank and has his own apartment saying that kind of thing *might* trigger some survival reflexes.

        15. I legitimately did this with a girl who had been stalking me for about 8 months. I had cut off all contact with her, never responded to anything she sent or did, completely stayed away from her, but she was still contacting me every day, showing up at my place every weekend, constantly harassing my friends and co-workers.
          A friend told me to turn into the skid, and I tried it. All of a sudden, when she showed up at my place the next time, I told her she was right, we were meant to be together. I told her I was in love with her, and had been in love with her from the first moment I met her, but I was just too scared to admit it. I basically parroted back to her all the same shit she had been saying to me in her crazy ass emails and stuff.
          First, we fucked like animals all weekend. But I had to keep ratcheting up the “I love you” shit. Like, she would say “I love you” and I had to come back with “I love everything about you, I can’t imagine not loving you.” She would start talking about spending the summer together, I would start asking about our wedding.
          Took about a week and a half. The first part was filled with lots of sex and togetherness, but then she gradually started to pull back. I turned it up even higher, asking what was wrong, sending her long and rambling emails basically taken from what she had sent me, etc.
          Before two weeks had passed, she had threatened me with a restraining order and her brother told me he was going to beat my ass if I contacted her again.

        16. “they probably will pull out a sharp edged blade at some point to stab you with.”
          I thought you said they WOULDN’T ever have sex with me again….oh, wait, that’s not normal?

        17. You Klingons and your weird mating rituals…

        18. Women are clinging to the hope that you will be there to support them, just like in High School when I clung to the hope that I could get sex from a “friend”. Reality is a bitch.

        19. “That sounds wonderful”…..ha ha Seth is such a leftard but there was so much about that show, first few seasons anyway, that was on the money…… the episodes Stewy was always trying to kill Lois.

        20. this is why I never pay attention to the politics of celebrities. I like family guy, I don’t care if the creator is a homosexual jihadist…its still funy.

        21. You know….they piss and moan about commitment, and then they go for a restraining order! I mean NOTHING says commitment like stalking!
          No pleasing ’em…..

        22. Those moments call for a John Cena – wave the hands in front of your face, fingers outstretched saying, “You can’t see me”

        23. Like the scene in How I Met your Mother where one character mocks the lead by saying “Hm…I wonder how to get rid of a one night stand…I know! You tell her that you’re in love with her! Works every time!”

        24. Story of life. Ideology trumps common sense for writing, so liberals generally produce their best work when they don’t feel comfortable being pushy about their worldviews.

        25. To misquote Marx …….
          “I wouldn’t want anyone who would have me.”

        26. To misquote Marx ……..
          “I wouldn’t want anyone who would have me.”

        27. That is a real psycho that you are dealing with. Time to ninja out

        28. Funny same thing here, it’s almost impossible for a single person on local wages to buy a home now so these broads are like flys on shit for any guy that has a pulse and a home…really makes sense when you think about it..

        29. It’s actually the most honest women will ever get which is why I am not hostile towards it

        30. I believe the Marx you are quoting is Groucho and the quote is “i would never want to be a member of a club that would have me as a member”

        31. That is so lame. That’s what losers think – losers always think women like men who abuse them cause they can’t see the forest for all the trees. The TRUTH is women AND men with low self esteem tag around bullies that treat them like crap because they feel safe around someone more powerful and assertive than themselves. But then the losers always pine for the mousy little wimps with no self esteem and moan: “Why does she go out with that jerk and not me? Wahhh!” If you had a backbone women like that would be detestable.

        32. I work with a guy who told me a story like this about a girl he was seeing that he wanted out of his hair for good. She wanted a relationship w/ him but he wasn’t feeling the same about her so he started talking about the confederate flag and that he believes it shouldn’t be taken down because it’s a symbol of patriot lives being lost in battle. This was when that whole controversy was still ongoing, obviously.
          Now, this guy is originally from Massachussetts so he’s definitely not gonna be a pro-Confederate Flag guy and neither was the girl he was with, she was far left as many women are. Basically what he did was just express political opinions that were the opposite of hers and after a couple weeks she dumped him, lmao. It worked!

      2. Nope. The difference between a woman and a terrorist is that a terrorist can be negotiated with.

        1. give me a break the entire ISIS thing is a Saudi power play, planned and executed by Mossad to keep the US military machine coughing out profits and the US engaged in the idiotic war on terror – you are more likely to get bitten by a shark than hit by a terrorist and ISIS is about as likely to threaten western civilization as the orangutans.

        2. There’s no difference between a terrorist and a women, you can never deal with them. The best way to treat them is to get what you can and then get rid of them!

      3. Do you really like being single though?
        Sure, I would not want to be stuck with some crabby behemoth, like I see so many guys my age stuck with.
        But I have to admit, I am freaking lonely.
        Would be great to have a nice pretty girl who cooks and cleans and even more importantly, gives a damn about me.

        1. If it’s any consolation, women don’t care about men: it’s only an act. I could show you a box of love letters and cards from a woman who claimed she loved me. As soon as she didn’t get her way (getting married), I ceased to exist to her and she was seeing another guy within a month or two.

        2. Have to agree that marriage is a sucker deal,what with no fault divorce and judges giving females the huge advantage in the divorce settlements. The 60s and its aftereffects destroyed this country.

        3. You have literally no experience in this realm, home cheese. Don’t project your life onto the whole of society. So you fucked up with one woman who, it sounds like, wanted to actually be married to you and *understandably* didn’t want to continue on with a man who didn’t want her the same way. That’s a credit on her part actually.

        4. I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you.
          I am shocked that she was not hopping onto another cock within 24 hours. Tons of research has shown that the average time a woman waits to have sex with another man after a break up is < 24 hours.

    3. The EU thinks it is so advanced and virtuous it can’t fathom how anyone would want to harm its populations. What they don’t realise is that sometimes other cultures just want to watch Europe burn……

      1. They’ve had the shit bombed out of them for decades and have been constantly been fucked with. Fights are never a it wrong vs right, it’s always simply one party vs another, U.S. Vs them or whatever.

    4. Now I know what to get my girlfriend for her birthday. A little Terrorist doll to play with.

  9. Every time you see something written about “ISIS” in the media, think about how the media uses the labels it applies to other groups whose actions you are more familiar with. How often does the media correctly associate the members of that group with that label? How often does the media correctly describe the group’s actions and motivations? How often does the media, either by ignorance or purpose, completely mislabel the members, motivations and actions of that group?

  10. Our governments need the boogie man (ISIS, Al Qaeda) , drugs (prescription and legalized pot), and propaganda like “equality” to keep things running.
    Especially since the economy won’t provide like it used to and many men, myself especially as of late, are realizing that working hard and paying into this system is increasingly futile as there are too many parasites in it..
    Only through smoke and mirrors, and the fact the average man is a blue pill tard, can the state maintain this shit show!

      1. Just like how every, single, missile launch that North Korea has ever conducted FAILED!?

    1. Her vag made her do it.
      Women should not be let in any positions of authority. This is where it leads.

      1. hahaha i wonder how many boring betas from the cube farm she shot down lolz
        beta asking me for coffee ewww but rapper turned isis beheader … tingles that will make her fly around the world for!

    2. The FBI wants to keep everything sealed. So I imagine she worked in a beta environment, was given a pass for poor performance and never made accountable. Then she goes out, commits a crime and again is given a pass on 2 years in prison. So being transparent would open her superiors to their shortcomings.
      When I think of the FBI/government I think of the agent John P. O’Neill that was pushed out by his superiors. He was the leading expert on Al Qaeda and Osama at the time. The way he was pushed out showed how people do so much for their own personal benefit rather than their duty.

    3. i actually met this guy before he turned terrorist at a grappling tournament

    1. Finals over I assume? When do you graduate and finally get on the path to college?

  11. “– Moral corruption, the least manifestation of which was that Russian soldiers or officers returned (home) — if they returned — and found that their wives had a child or relationship with someone else.”
    Moral corruption happen here in the USA? Never!
    Just look at this clip from Bill Nye’s new kiddie show on “science.” No signs of an unhealthy culture here.

      1. depends on what you mean…niggers or black people? not the same thing…

  12. Want to defeat ISIS?
    Just sick “the Wolf Girls of India” on them.
    That’ll fix ’em!

    1. BTW, have NO IDEA why I am getting that ad.
      The “Asian girls want older guys”, yeah, I aboslutely know why they hit me with that.
      But Indian wolf girls? Holy crap! No clue!

  13. The only difference between christians & isis, isis is funded by jewish controlled cia, fbi, military etc
    If christians were funded by the cia etc., theyd enact the exact same isis extremist religion, but in christian name …
    When you have jewish elites & billionaires spending billions, radicalising the shit out of muslims, of course radical islam spreads like a plague …
    Islam is a violent religion, as its a jewish judaism religion, but its violent counterpart is artificial & funded by elites & jews …

    1. Trashing Christianity. Wow, how edgy and daring.

    2. Christianity has had world dominating power for most of the last millennium, and yet There was never even an attempt to make a world wide Christian caliphate equivalent. Instead Christian nations birthed the most free and open nations ever imagined, to the point of self cucking in the face of minorities. You are an idiot.

      1. Lmao, there was nothing free about christianity for over 800 years.
        Medieval dark ages, inquisitions, witch burnings, the destruction of 20,000 years worth of knowledge & science, the wholesale illiteracy of the serfs as dictated by the vatican
        Backward christians have never been able to equal the glory of Rome.
        It was the jews who weakened the retarded vatican, to the point of the so called freedom we see today.
        This was also a recent occurrence … educate yourself christ cuck …

  14. I think what you’ve written about here can be summed up that Muslim groups success is directly proportional to the foolishness of their target’s government or rulers.
    Take the common sense approach to the current problems they are causing in the West being completely solved by keeping Muslims out of our countries. Religious segregation immediately solves the problem and is demanded by law. Biblical, Christian law that is. Not the so called “laws” we live under today which are basically the opposite and allow for Muslim invasion.
    As for problems they cause in their own lands they should be left to their own devices. It’s also Christian law not to make any covenant with those who worship another god other than the God of the Bible. The West’s economic, political, financial, etc. covenants with the Middle East have been enabling them to cause the trouble they cause for us today.

  15. Well, at least they have a clear foreign policy, unlike the UK.

  16. CIA created ISIS just to oppose true liberal ideas of communists. God, Afterlife and other religious bullshit to tame slaves. Do you believe they afraid of muslim savages, and do not afraid of USSR reconstruction, that supressed all form of theft? 80 mln white people controled half of the World and easily competed with huge Machine of Capitalism.

  17. I suspect ISIS are Israeli trained terrorists hiding behind masks and committing atrocities in the Name of “Islam”. You can substitute Islam and Hadith and Wahhabism with Talmud and it will still make sense.
    I believe that…
    Wahhabism is a pet project by CIA, and Israeli Intelligence to experiment human brainwashing and mind control to make Islam (already dogmatic religion) into something more of a wacked version. Getting Muslims and training to blow themselves up… is a beta test.
    Muslims are a threat but Jews are more of a threat much bigger threat.
    Have any of you guys seen atrocity videos and pictures of dead middle easterners in the hands of ISIS?
    There are victims of dead people and also being nailed into a cross to mock Christians. I suspect these works to be from Jews.
    While Muslims may not think of Jesus as messiah, they do respect him as one of the prophets.
    There are no bigger Christian haters; none other than Zionist Jews who worship Talmud.

  18. What’s really funny is that you think they would be the biggest fucking losers on earth, but at least they have wives ; )
    This has got to be the biggest cesspool of losers on the internet. Say hi to your girlfriend for me, daddy’s willing bitch.

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