How Putting Women On A Pedestal Destroys Men’s Movements

The political left is a paradoxical amalgamation. They’ve built a tent which includes feminists who say that “gender roles” are a societal construct; transsexuals who believe that they were born into the wrong sex; SJWs who scream that all sexual harassment accusations are to be believed; multiculturalists who cover up refugee rape sprees; anarchists who promote violence against police officers; gun-grabbers who want to empower the state; socialists who hate the free market; and corporate slaves addicted to their brand logos and cheap signalling.

They’re an endless mess of contradiction and disagreement, and yet they remain consistent on one thing: attacking, isolating, and destroying anybody who stands against their narrative.

Meanwhile the political right seems to discover a new fractious dispute every week. Despite a coherent and relatively simple set of beliefs which unite its members—individual autonomy and responsibility, distrust of large governments and military-industrial complexes, a respect for family and tradition—the infighting is constant, and it plays right into the hands of our enemies. It’s more than just disagreement and discourse, it reaches the levels of outright strategic insanity, utterly autistic over the need to from political alliances.

Whence does this weakness come from? From the same place it always has. Ever since Adam tried to suck up to his rebellious wife, disobeying God by way of supplication, our race has been cursed with effeminacy and thirst. Any time you see stupidity and discord amongst men of the political right, at the center of it you will find woman; each and every time a right-wing movement fails, it is because of the pathos and sexual desperation of its constituent males.

Each group does this in their own unique way, justified by their ideology, but the result is always the same: infighting, dissolution, and absorption by the political left.



At its inception this rugged, individualistic movement promised political reform; a return to self-sufficiency, fundamental freedoms, and an avoidance of adventurous foreign wars. Since then it has tumbled into “Left Libertarianism,” a group of porn-addicts who think freedom means that abortion and birth control are paid for by the state—in fact it was Ron Paul’s moral (note: not political) opposition to abortion which fractured the base, and undermined any possibility of a Libertarian victory in 2008.

Modern Libertarianism was started through the works of gentleman scholars, such as Ludvig Von Mises and Friedrich Hayek, powered by the blood and strength of hard-working tradesmen, farmers, and entrepreneurs, but once it achieved its initial success a new breed of male was attracted to it: the callow intellectual.

They sought out the Libertarians not so much because they had rejected the Republicans, but rather because the Republicans had rejected them. These were men who questioned the system out of their own failures to succeed in it, rather than out of an intellectual commitment to curiosity and truth. They brought with them a shallow understanding of freedom, divorced from responsibility, and a subconscious belief in the Sexual Revolution. Women who joined this movement quickly realized just how much attention they could get from these hordes of thirsty, weak men, and so the men began to demand support and comfort for the women; “Make the women feel welcome, try and attract more to the movement!” They completely ignored that age old truth: build Rome, and the women will come.

What little is left of Libertarianism is focused on defending pornography from any sort of censure or regulation, defending a woman’s right to casually sleep with as many men as she chooses (and opening the borders to maximize that choice!), and meekly attacking traditionalists who show any vestiges of masculinity or conservatism.


Shamelessness ain't all bad.

Shamelessness ain’t all bad.

The goal of the political left is to undermine individual autonomy by any and all means necessary; one of the ways they do this is by eliminating the organic social structures and the web of community ties which are needed for the individual to thrive. They do this by undermining family formation through divorce law, by promoting atheism to undermine religious communities, and attacking the concept of culture and racial identity.

White Nationalism started out as a reaction against this policy of cultural cleansing; it was primarily an American response due to the “mutt race” of whites which form its populace (in Europe nationalist and ethno-nationalist mean the same thing), and while it was occasionally vitriolic, its greatest thinkers acknowledged and celebrated the ethno-nationalism of other races, the right of every people to live as they see fit. They were nationalists, not supremacists, and their ultimate enemy was the forces of globalization and homogenization.

These days it has degraded into neo-Nazi cosplay, and celebrating of “The Beauty of White Women.” When they examine the rapefugee crisis plaguing Europe, they don’t see a population of treacherous feminists who turned on their own men and voted to cuckold them with foreign migrants (albeit, feminists deluded by a global system of misinformation); instead they see a bunch of innocent victims, being cruelly abused by Le Happy Merchant.

The women in these circles play a game of “Let’s you and him fight”; where the Libertarian women want their males to dress up in bow ties, the White Nationalist women enjoy being a permanent damsel in distress, constantly needing a white knight who will save them from those mean, dusky, sexy migrants.

Men’s Rights Activists

In some ways, watching the men’s rights movement fall into leftism and weakness is the saddest of the lot. The others were invaded by weak men, desperate for the attention of women; in the case of the MRAs, from its very inception it was a group of men who were betrayed and abused by society, the walking wounded, primed to receive honeyed words from a serpent’s tongue.

The men’s rights movement was a direct response to the legal activism of second-wave feminists; the heads I win, tails you lose legal regime of marriage 2.0, domestic violence legislation, and the absurdities of affirmative-consent laws. But these men—who had been degraded, emasculated, and described as monsters by the legal authorities—never managed to rebuild their egos. Instead of asserting themselves against the world, they begged for women to defend them.

In some cases those women defended them like big sisters; in others, they came in to police the tone. Ultimately, they’ve fallen into effeminacy and weakness, embracing the victimhood politics of the left, and have begun targeting those on the right.


With game, we find the one right-leaning movement which hasn’t been corrupted, and it’s worth examining why this is.

Game is often criticized as “pussy begging” by MRAs and MGTOWs, and their criticism is not without a kernel of truth. As feminism accelerates from the 1970s shit-test to the outright hatred and betrayal of Western men, game increasingly resembles acting like a clown to keep a woman entertained. “This is emasculating,” they argue, “you’re defining yourself based upon a woman’s approval!” All of which is valid, but it misses two important points.

First, game works. “Pussy begging” describes the behaviour of the cuttlefish; feigning feminine mannerisms, agreeing and sucking up to women, waiting in the friendzone until Harley McBadboy breaks up with her. While game does play to a feminine frame, this is simply an acknowledgement of the realities that the modern man goes up against: women have been indoctrinated by feminism, given a leg-up through affirmative action, and granted a free pass to never be slut-shamed. A respectable job, a mortgage, and a sensible car don’t cut it these days. But while it acknowledges the current frame, it’s ultimately pro-active. It is in man’s nature to analyze and understand problems so that he can fix them on his own; he does not beg or whine, instead he finds a solution. And with modern women the solution—like it or not—is acting like a clown. Do with that what you will.

The second point that the critics miss, is that through game you come to understand the nature of woman. The cucked cuttlefish must rely upon self-delusion. They place women on pedestals, treat porn stars like prophets, and endlessly ignore the daily treachery of the “virtuous maidens” who covertly seeking the attention of dangerous men. Game forces these scales from your eyes.

It is no accident that game. which originated as a movement obsessed over women, evolved into neomasculinity, a movement which celebrates women as a part of life, but is otherwise dismissive of them; while these other movements, which originally had nothing to do with women, have become completely co-opted by the feminine imperative.


Never trust a man who can’t get laid. Sexual losers will do anything for a chance at procreating. In a sensible system—one which we hope to return to—this will involve hard work and pro-social contributions. In a broken system like the present one, it will induce them to gossip, backstabbing, and infighting.

In a different era, the men who read this site would have become the sheepdogs, keeping society safe from predators; but under the influence of globalism and dissolution the sheep are fractious and disobedient. To succeed we must become wolves.

Seek out men of integrity and capability, while ignoring those of venial character, the male gossips, the cuttlefish. When women are a dime a dozen, those who fail romantically do so because they are weak and toxic. Eschew the company of such filth; we are going to replace the current narrative with a song of truth and virtue, and when we do, the rest will get in line.

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198 thoughts on “How Putting Women On A Pedestal Destroys Men’s Movements”

  1. It’s healthy to be MGTOW for a while. The way some guys obsess over pussy they could be billionaires if they put that effort into something useful.

    1. It’s all in the nuance. In my experience, men who run with a healthy wolf pack of like-minded fellows (and aren’t complete misanthropes) tend to vacillate between “game on” and MGTOW because life is dynamic and unscripted…and b/c it seems we only fully understand when our “ons” are “on” by putting “offs” in between them. Even if MGTOW is not your default setting, it can be a restorative, meditative refuge where the positive masculine drive can be recharged in semi-solitude. I’ve got a buddy that just crushes it every time he comes out of “MGTOW seclusion mode” (haha) and it’s a sight to behold.

      1. Interesting….. my packs have tended to be somewhat destructive and spread out. Time to build my own tribe.

    2. MGTOW is a decision most men should make as long as they live in a western country. Game is not worth it anymore for someone like me, in his 50’s, divorced. Why would I settle for some 2nd hand pussy who’s SMV is going
      down the drain in a few months or years. Like any man, I like girls in their 20’s. If you’re not truly alpha (just watch a republican debate; I’m sure each of the candidates believes himself to be an alpha male – even Fiorina – but only one obviously is), pretending to be alpha (=game) may provide the occasional ONS, that’s true. I became financially independent enough (although not rich) to move to a ‘Disneyland for males in Asia’ and can forever just pay 20-30 bucks for a juicy piece of ass per night. No women lives at my place anymore, in fact it bothers me when they hang around after breakfast. There’s plenty to do which does not involve women and the family planing phase of my life is way behind me.

      1. ‘Disneyland for males in Asia’
        — Would this be Thailand by chance? I’ve been thinking about doing an extended vacation somewhere (+/- 10 months)… Just need to find some virtual-work opportunities (3-4 hours a day) as an income stream while there.

        1. There’s Thailand, Philippines and Cambodia. You absolutely must do your ‘homework’ and visit the places you’re interested in for 3-6 months. Rent an apartment and live on your budget. If you’re still happy after that time and you’re banged out (sorry, couldn’t resist), i.e. the rose colored glasses came off, you have a winner. I have seen too many guys stay for a few years and go broke – make sure your financial situation is solid and whatever work you want to do is not necessary to survive.
          Of course there’s also Hongkong and Singapore, in case you belong to the CEO class.

  2. These movements failed because they tried to be “big tent” movements. They wanted numbers and instead of converting people they simply added them, intellectual multiculturalism if you will. It’s far better to have a small dedicated group than a big disjointed one. In such circumstances the lowest common denominator will win out.

  3. It’s cool how men are starting to wake up to this . Men who have never read this sight have been asking for my reading sources after I have conversations with them about stuff like this at first they’re hesitant but a few days after they always approach my again talking about something that is usually discussed on this site

  4. “They completely ignored that age old truth: build Rome, and the women will come.”. Woman will go where the success is plain and simple. “Never trust a man who can’t get laid. Sexual losers will do anything for a chance at procreating” It is sad some of the depths some males will go to in an attempt to get some ass. “To succeed we must become wolves.” Agreed, I’ve always liked wolves more than sheepdogs anyways.

  5. What bothers me most is that I’m called a bigot for holding the accepted view of the last 10-20,000 years or so.

    1. the equalist definition of bigotry is any acknowledgement that people are different, hate or prejudice is not even necessary these days
      frankly if you’re not a bigot today you’re probably not thinking

  6. I had no idea cuttlefish were such thirsty pussy hounds
    Interesting article. I imagine the reasons for fragmentation are more complex than just pussy-chasing but regarding the refugee issue in particular I think this is true: there are lots of right wing nationalist men keen to defend scandinavian women etc from rapefugee invasion (look at that mass descent of 80 males in black on refugees in that train station in Gothenberg (?). Swedish feminists and the swedish left generally bear massive responsibility for the government’s open borders position, and more broadly feminism generally is one of the main reasons immigration is resorted to by western governement (who otherwise would be faced with below replacement rate populations) yet, the moment the womenfolk seem threatened (allowing for the fact that an actual woman was murdered in that refugee home) they turn up to white knight in defense of Sweden’s fair maidens. What was the result, they were vilified in the media, as racist thugs (which I don’t believe they were) and feminist activists stood up with placards to say “not in my name” about needing protection from their menfolk from the invading hordes.
    The far right is easily led by the nose.

  7. “Never trust a man who can’t get laid. Sexual losers will do anything for a chance at procreating.”
    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.. Never underestimate that individuals motivation to burn the system to the ground. For most of these men society simply sold them a lie. Identify them, educate them, use them as an ally against a common enemy and that is where you will start to conquer..

    1. Usually that desperation for women is only the tip of the iceberg. Its like trying to teach a man dying of thirst in the desert, what it is to swim.

        1. I think it was carnegie who said the ability to manage other people was the skill he would pay the most for.

      1. Good analogy. And you’ll notice that that desperation filters into all other areas of his life that don’t have to do with sex. Like being a workplace asshole, having and emotional breakdown when arguing with an auto mechanic, etc. That’s why the Red Pill is a whole thing. It’s not just about getting around female game and getting laid. It’s about regaining who you’re supposed to be as a normal human being.

        1. So maybe we have something like how the religion of Zen is taught through the training of an Art(ie Zen in the Art of Archery)-Manliness in the Art of Gaming women.

    2. The Scorpion and the Frog
      A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the
      scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back. The
      frog asks, “How do I know you won’t sting me?” The scorpion
      says, “Because if I do, I will die too.”
      The frog is satisfied, and they set out, but in midstream,
      the scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of
      paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown,
      but has just enough time to gasp “Why?”
      Replies the scorpion: “Its my nature…”
      And watch as those same men you tried to educate stabs you in the back!

  8. THIS caught my eye: “…anarchists who promote violence against police officers…” I get into many arguments with libertarians on this point. These folks have subscribed to a “policemen are always evil” type of mentality. I identify as a libertarian and I find this assumption to be completely misguided, uninformed, and a regurgitation of Leftist talking points. Have the libertarians been commandeered by a leftist- collectivist element?

    1. Look, if the establishment is the enemy, then police are the first line of defense that will need to be assimilated or defeated. Left-libertarians are opposed to the police because they are violent, and the libertarian framework argues that violence is never justified because it is unsustainable. Right-libertarians tend to be more open-minded about the issue because they recognize that violence is necessary to get us to a point of political equilibrium, but if you want actual change then they still need to be on our side or get out of the way.

      1. More raunchy truth, But you fell after the halfway mark. Police are Free Men’s enemy at this immediate time.

    2. The police are the muscle of the state. The leftist wants the police to crack the skulls of the people they don’t like and not their own. The libertarian opposes the state and thus has contempt for those who serve it. Especially those who carry out it’s violence. Most libertarians understand that many cops were duped into that line of work and with education can be reformed. The libertarian sees a civil role for peace officers as part of a dispute resolution system, as necessary for deescalating situations. But this doesn’t take the form of the modern police officer. The archetype of Andy Taylor is what a libertarian would accept rather than today’s cops.

    3. Pretty much. Too many of them look at libertarianism as a vehicle for social justice. Look how many of them back gay marriage,unlimited immigration, and abortion on demand. I was attracted to libertarianism for economic reasons. I am fed up with excessive taxes and compliance regulations that have no basis in reality. A lot of them pay lip service to economic issues, but their priorities are socially destructive causes.

      1. “A lot of them pay lip service to economic issues, but their priorities are socially destructive causes.”
        Times must of have changed. Most young libertarians I knew boiled down to one thing– legalize pot. They really cared less about the rest.

  9. Davis, you think a ground up solution will work? Or will a strong man be needed to impose from the top down?
    I still think a lot of weak blood will need to be split before rebuilding will work. Soft culture makes soft men. Where are the great men and great leaders? There haven’t been any in the West for the last 100 years.

  10. I’m not with MGTOW but I enjoy some of the videos my bro in Florida sends me. Most of you have seen this disgusting type of white knight shown here. Notice how the women he’s trying to impress are the reasonable ones who eventually get annoyed enough to walk away.

    1. Yup — dealing with these maladjusted fools all the time. When they snap, and have no bearing on logic or temperance, it can get physical. The antagonistic guy in this vid is a perpetual masturbator, guarans…and he’s mostly lashing out at his internal failures. MGTOW goes for the “long win” while his antagonist attempts drunken instant gratification and gets none…this is classic.

      1. The whiteknight is often stereotyped as a chumpy beta guy like a Big Bang Theory type character that will go out of his way to help single women, by say fixing their car/equipment or lending them stuff or picking them up whenever they are stuck, staying back to help them finish an assignment, etc….hoping the women will see what decent supportive guys they are, and want them for a boyfriend.
        There is another type though that aligns themselves with women as a male feminist that is more aggressive, They have the same goal as a chumpy nice guy but are more apt to get violent to prove themselves to women. Their masculinity is important to them and are more likely to influenced by feminist shaming tactics I’d say then the chumpy betas. That guy in clip was for women’s rights but seemed to get aggressive at the thought the camera guy was for men’s rights (feminism is pro women, but Men’s rights is not pro men, but anti women).
        That guy in the clip is not a shy dorky looking guy and really shouldn’t have too much trouble getting girls if he played it cool and not a tryhard, Not all of these aggressive whiteknights are perpetual wankers. They tend not to do fantastic but can do okay when it comes to dating, but agreeing with whatever their target female says or being totally for women’s rights or wanting to get aggressive real quick with any guy that they think is arguing with a woman, to be her hero, is part of their strategy/bp character.

  11. The day cannot come fast enough when male ingenuity makes it possible to reproduce without women, and possible to finally send women to the knackers’ yard right behind their beloved horses, another set of dumb animals made obsolete by technology.
    The wonders men could work without women dragging them down simply stagger the imagination.

    1. if that happened, men would not be far behind. Don’t underestimate the complexity of biology. Women are as essential to the race as men are, they just have a far different role to play.

      1. Yeah the role of resident fucksluts that (used the word “that,” indicating an object, instead of “who”) destroy every civilization every couple hundred years.

    2. I’ve been screaming this idea since I understood it!
      1. The Great Filter is women
      2. The Great Filter is the answer to the Fermi Paradox
      3. The Fermi Paradox is “where is everybody in the universe?” why don’t we see evidence of other advanced civilizations?
      4. Men deprecate women::we become Gods

      1. Pretty much. Once we stop frittering away resources on women’s toys (which is most consumption in developed economies) and plow the savings into the investment needed to get on with colonizing other planets, we’ll finally start making progress.
        In a typical economy the split between consumption and investment is 80:20 in favour of buying crap for women. It should be 80:20 in favour of investment in colonizing the galaxy.

        1. I’m more in favor of funding women’s obsolescence so we can finally solve the problem instead of just treating it.

  12. The alt right has made itself the laughing stock of the manosphere. They will bang anything with tits as long as its the same race.

    1. Biggest group of jackasses online, without question. You forgot to mention that that idiotic movement believes that gay sex between white guys is more preferable to heterosexual mixed-race relations.

      1. So if race is their religion that would even explain fucking their dead little brother in the ass because its not race mixing.

        1. has the alt-right gone full white supremacist?
          i was hoping it would continue as an umbrella ideology for anti-leftists in general

        2. In the past 6 to 8 months, there’s been a massive influx of Stormfront minded people crowding the alt right. Many of them here on ROK.
          Race and religion seem to creep in and pollute every right leaning forum. This is bad for expansion.

        3. Its like the alt right is trolling ROK to recruit males who failed at game, with their message that there’s dignity in banging a pig in lipstick as long she’s the same race. Just as bad as feminists, I wouldn’t want to do a pub meet up with that kind of wing man.

        4. There a number of posters who try to hi-jack the thread, no matter what the topic, and turn into a race or religious bitch fest. It does get tedious, but they seem to dissipate when no one takes the bait and ignores them.
          OT: I never heard of alt right until ROK mentioned them. Not impressed from what I have seen so far.

        5. Incorrect. Sociocultural cohesion and expansion DEPEND on unity of race and tradition[religion].

    2. A lot of strawman arguments and feminist like shaming from your comments and replies. I think what draws the biggest disdain of alt-right is their open unapologetic opposition to Zionism.

      1. Alt right is the politics of pedestalizing and white knighting for poosy that’s the same race. Alt right doesn’t belong in the manosphere.

        1. I’m sure it happens but I don’t necessarily believe that it is their endgame. I believe its more about strengthening ones tribe and survival of a people/heritage from the onslaught of modern ills.
          If you honestly believe Poosy pedestalization doesn’t happen within the Manosphere then just take a look at all the ‘Asian or Latin women/culture is our saviour’ blogs.

  13. “In some ways, watching the men’s rights movement fall into leftism and weakness is the saddest of the lot.”
    I had been a part of the MRM for nearly a decade and watched this happen only fairly recently.
    Seems like it came out of nowhere too, as Leftist nonsense had only ever been mentioned when pointing it out and attacking it.
    Funnily enough it was their reaction to the Cologne Rape Fest that brought it out into the open.
    Watching the AVFM crowd (amongst others) first claim it was all a hoax, then that the alternative media was spinning it to make Muslim men and by extension ALL Men look bad (even though they are a protected class to the Left and arent really”Men” in their eyes) then continuing to defend these animals even after it had been proven true, and THEN went after those of us who disagreed with them (Matt Forney especially)
    That was the end of it for me, I severed all ties with it after that, to hell with them.
    Let them pander to this garbage and see how far it’ll get them.
    Spoilers; it’s NOWHERE

    1. Really? As far as I know the men’s rights people have always believed in equality
      That’s why there are barely any MRAs besides AVFM – equality is retarded
      It’s also why equalists talk like any anti-feminist is an “MRA”, because they believe only people who act like victims can make debatable points

      1. “barely any MRA’s besides AVFM” – really? I got banned from comments my first time visiting… ya right – I’m sold… barely any MRA’s – AVFM – really? Ya equality is retarded but so is censorship – they kicked me out – first post – that aint never happened to me before and that’s your apex “barely any MRA’s besides AVFM” Kiss my ass ? ok – food or you Xu – you need to expand your horizons if you are who you say you are.

        1. I survived a few but got kicked for commenting on their unfair treatment of SavannahApe.
          They may be quick to defend “fellow man” and avoid stereotypes when it comes to Muslims but they were so quick to roastna guy making comments they didn’t like about age of consent laws. Their worsworst fear is giving ManBoobz ammo to call them pedophiles so they will rapidly alienate anyone who takes any approach but their popular “Let’s demonize 20 year old women teachers who fuck teen students” strategy.

      2. Considering that around 20% of women don’t procreate, there should be a viable option for them, otherwise this causes social problems. Giving them equal rights and equal opportunities is OK, but we need to reject their requests for equal outcome. The 80% who procreate are not equal but are 100% important for our species.

        1. “there should be a viable option for them, otherwise this causes social problems. Giving them equal rights and equal opportunities is OK, but we need to reject their requests for equal outcome. The 80% who procreate are not equal but are 100% important for our species.”
          No equal rights, no equal opportunities, not for men, certainly not for women.
          The only equality is the need for all mankind (slave or free, this race or that race) to find forgiveness of sins in the Lord Jesus Christ or be damned for eternity.
          “there should be a viable option for them”
          The three options which are viable over the long term as proven by history.
          1. Wife (and mother, unless barren, but then there’s still the option to adopt).
          2. Nun.
          3. Whore.
          Same as it ever was.

        2. “The three options which are viable over the long term as proven by history.”
          This seems to me a very myopic view of history. What I was saying is, if they don’t want to have kids or can’t, let them compete with men on the job market. They can’t claim special protection, because their biological function is switched off.
          If they can and want to have kids (80%), they must submit to a husband. If this goes wrong they still have your options 2 and 3.

        3. Or, what they could do is play the ,,wife material” game. Hook a man in and make him into a sucker, have 3 kids and divorce his ass for alimony. ,,He didn’t make me feel special anymore.” is enough reason for any lawyer to rape his ass for money. I’m not sure we’re cutting as deep as we should into the problem. Most of the guys that have been divorce-raped didn’t even see it coming only after a few years into the marriage when the woman started showing red-flag symptoms. The problem, I believe, starts with the female herself. Once you get her into the relationship test her ass to see if she stays or bounces. Because if she bounces, she’ll be likely to bounce even if you two are married or have kids. It makes no difference to her because she knows ,,Big Daddy Government” is on her side. And by the way, she’s already discussed every single detail not only with her friends but her lawyer as well. The game is rigged. So what’s left for us besides going MGTOW ?

    2. Yeah, AVFM has gone off the deep end, they are so aligning with Mainstream leftism it’s not even funny, in fact they jumped on the hate Roosh bandwagon around the Time ROK was having a massive Influx to the site after Roosh cancelled the meet ups. And they sound so whiney, I mean, I know Men in the modern age have problems, but AVFM just sounds really whiney about how they are going to fix those Problems, here at ROK, the Men talk about the issues, and then Like Men discuss solutions, but over at AVFM, they talk about the problems, and then bemoan and lament and say “oh woe is me I’m just a poor oppressed Man(sniffle,sniffle)” they should be called A Voice For Manginas. AVFM is basically just feminism for Men it’s pretty much all the same whiney tactics used by feminists, where as ROK is the epicenter for the modern day Enlightenment movement.

      1. I’m still looking for the group who are ready to grab their rifles, rendezvous, and get to work ending this tyranny.

      2. Exactly, they lost a LOT of men from their cause because of their snivelling, woe is me gayness.
        This was the final straw for me.
        Let them whinge to nobody and accomplish nothing.
        Theyre a laughing stock

      3. One of the things about AVFM which has always been a red flag is that they actually agree with feminists on many issues. There are numerous articles on the site endorsing the feminist Equal Rights Amendment (under the incorrect assumption it would help men), gay marriage, and androgynous romantic relationships between men and women. Most of the conservative writers like Bernard Chapin got forced off of AVFM long ago, and the leftists took complete control.

        1. Yeah, and free speech is totally unacceptable in the comment section, they have that Ban Mod witch (forget her name) who just goes around Banning anyone who even Slightly disagrees, and I mean Slightly. Sites a joke.

        2. It’s funny that a site that’s supposed to be a “voice for men” has a woman moderator silencing the voices of men who are too politically incorrect.

        3. Can you please link these ERA articles? Wouldnlike to see context.
          Also which talk about androgyne relations?

        4. Cannot remember her pseudonym but I know exactly who you are talking about. We should have a thread dedicated of the BS she spouts banning people. If you do an apples process to discuss facts the male mods will immediately jump in to take other and defend her actions and uphold hr decisions no matter how much basis they lacked.

        5. Yup. That is the main reason I jumped ship awhile ago. Not to mention they ban people at the drop of a hat anymore. Not surprising though since they have female moderators (yet another strike against them).

        6. re your first Oct2014 Ault article, doesn’t this 1978 thing give us equal control over reproduction, ie we don’t pay if we don’t consent to be dads? Sounds good to me. Right now women get equal access to all men’s rights and men don’t get equal access to all women’s right so it seems like a step forward for us. What am I missing here?
          can’t find ‘andro’ in Jan2013 Elam article, what key statement implies this?

        7. The ERA would not give any rights to men, particularly not any reproductive rights. Just because it has the word “equal” in the name doesn’t mean that it will be applied equally in men’s favor by the courts or government, and this has been well demonstrated by countless other “gender equality” legislation that has been passed since the 70’s. Take the feminist-backed Title IX, for instance. It states something along the lines of “schools may not discriminate on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity.” This law sounds completely gender neutral, just like the ERA, but it has had a devastating impact on boys’ sports teams, and has even been used to challenge the existence of all-boys’ schools; at the same time, Title IX increased funding for girls’ sports teams and never once been used to challenge the existence of an all-girls’ school. ERA would be manipulated the exact same way, and would be a step back for men. Why do you think feminist groups fought so hard to get the amendment passed if it would have helped men’s rights?

    3. Return of Kings is the only site I follow daily anymore. Heartiste occasionally. AVfM is polluted beyond repair.

    4. AVFM went into full SJW mode after the ROK meetup escalation in the press. Now they basically use the same methods as the feminists to slaughter anyone who’s not in their inner circle. Considering they reach only 1/10 of the audience ROK reaches, they will probably die a slow death – and they deserve it. They have never achieved anything in the first place.

      1. 100% correct
        Their frothing over the Meet Ups, dogpiling us in conjunction with the Leftist Press, PLUS the constant jealous bullshit they spew against Roosh and us, really showed what kind of “Men” they are….. .
        Worthless panzies.

  14. BENEDICT ARNOLD, the most infamous traitor was once the most celebrated General in the Continental Army. Then he married the gold digger daughter of a wealthy Philadelphia politician. That’s when the shit started. Arnold fell severely in debt from all the bling that the cunt wanted him to shower her with. Arnold previously had an outstanding record of victories in battle and was known as one of the most patriotic men. He was always the first to stand and salute when General Washington entered the room. But unfortunately Arnold was naive as to the true nature of women. The cunt sucked him dry and still wouldn’t stop. He was far too much a gentleman and white knight towards the she beasts. If only he had read ROK. It is rumored that he was found on his death bed wearing or clutching his old Continental Army uniform. He couldn’t return the money he skimmed from the army drawer to buy the bitch off and he couldn’t erase the deals he made with the red coats to keep the needs of his wicked cunt woman satisfied. In tears and disgrace, the white knight died in his bed with his old medals and no one to forgive him. Oh the shame of the pussywhipped man.

    1. … and the fact that his name is synonymous with treason and treachery, and shall remain so for eternity. There’s a special infernal place reserved in the depths of Hell for those who commit treason against one’s own kindred and tribe, against one’s own blood. According to ancient wisdom, traitors, or treasonous scum, are well below murderers, rapists, and pedophiles in the “hierarchy” of Hell (ie considered far worse).
      Moral of the story: beware of the destructive and evil side of feminine energy.

    2. Thanks MCGOO, never knew the motivation but always thought it odd that a hero & patriot would turn like that. I suppose even historians ‘white knight’ for women long dead. He’s not the first nor last noble man to be brought to disgrace by a woman. In fact, I suspect there is a certain rather common strain of woman who consider it a great accomplishment to subvert the virtue they find in a man. “Women think it unfair of men to mistrust them for lacking virtues the women are not even interested in.” Can’t remember who I heard say that but always remembered the quote.

    3. Huh – didn’t know that’s why he took the money. It actually gets worse. The wife was in on it and when the Continental Generals found out, turned on the waterworks and went into “bed-ridden” (yeah right) hysterics. The pussy whipped idiots decided not to prosecute here.
      One thing that I am tempted to write up is a “Alpha or Beta?” series for each signer of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and for each President.

      1. ”alpha or beta” – start with Ben Franklin. He was always getting laid whenever he travelled abroad. He was famous in France with the socialite ladies. They would compete with each other for who was going to be his nightly date. It takes a somewhat scientific mind to crack scientific riddles and likewise to crack or unlock the pussy code. And it takes a working package replete with a full uncircumcised donkey dick TO PUT YOUR DECIPHERED CHEAT CODES INTO ACTION.
        The same caliber and ilk of blackbelt pussy that defeated Arnold was no match for Franklin. Franklin not only discovered electricity with a ‘key’ but he also, like Roosh and a number of others with the aptitude for the scientific method, he discovered the KEY TO PUSSY. Franklin no doubt also realized the importance of practicing PUMP AND DUMP on those wylie but pleasantly ‘wiggly’ society ho bags. Arnold never knew any of this. A military prodigy he was, but that’s all he was. He was somewhat of a spiritual man but he lacked the foundation stone of being able to grasp the scientific method. He was intuitive as hell in battle. He knew the nature of men BUT NOT WOMEN.

    4. Jesus Christ, deliver us from evil ( all forms of it )!
      Man, I feel for the guy. The military was to him like the mentor of life, power and discipline we don’t have nowadays ( ROK-alike). It’s understandable why he felt the need to drag his uniform with him, it was the thing that brought him closer to his truer virtuous self (closer to God).
      Hey ! I have question here.
      I know we all need game, jobs and money to have sex with women, but what about our forefathers? Who the fuck taught them to be ,,alpha” ? Was it just a natural state of affairs ? Or have been real men, educated to be real men troughout history ? I’m almost certain not all of them grew up like Conan the Barbarian, in the fucking woods, looking for revenge. Gaius Julius Caesar for sure as shit didn’t live in the fucking woods. So back to the question, who the fuck educated these men ? When we hear about the deeds of great men we describe them ,,look at that guy, we was so fucking great/ alpha/ ” but who the fuck taught them ? How did they get to those conclusions ? And more importantly, how do we come to those conclusions in our time and situations ? We have the ,,engines” to get there, we have the strength, fuck it we even have power of persistence, what we don’t have here is ,,the way”. Or am I looking in the wrong direction and should look inwardly to the virtous self ? Any takers, gentlemen ?

      1. Testosterone taught them, its been scientificaly proven that with each generation testosteroneproduction in men bodies is reduced

        1. Good point, but the whole idea behind the ultra-masculine contains testosterone. When a historical man acted he did not use the testosterone. Testosterone is the impulse but not the way nor means of acting. Testosterone is the engine. What is the drive, what is the purpose, what are the means ?

      2. Well, if you take a group of people, strip them of everything and drop them in the wilderness empty handed then some will die. Even with modern medicine and amenities, some people are just too stupid to live. You have to keep an eye on them constantly and if you turn your back on them for a second, they inadvertantly stick a fork in their eye or they step on a rake. That’s the ‘low’ end of humanity.
        Now observe the group of people you’ve dropped in the woods and you’ll notice that one or two will always stand up and begin telling others in the group what to do. Even certain kids on the playground when unhindered and policed by a big fat henpecker will start calling on other kids to organize games where there is a captain or a leader. These individuals are ‘born leaders’, people who would invent language out of necessity if there were no language or who would craft tools or weapons if the need for them arose. It doesn’t take too long in the wilderness to figure out what women are good for and what their natural purpose is when the women begin swagging their nookies about in heat and their pheromones enter your nostrils.
        The problem today exists because ‘born leaders’ and true leadership isn’t precipitated through a natural course. Leaders are cherry picked ‘yes men’ or they’re entitled crazy bitches or self proclaimed ‘survivors’ of patriarchy who are allowed to dictate or rubber stamp the edicts of an inhuman borg and who are allowed to chair the positions of authority over society.
        Today real leadership and masculinity is supressed and young males who would otherwise become alpha tribe leaders are shamed early in their lives, or they’re medically supressed sexually with circumcision, or subdued with psychotropics and shamed to death by the same inhuman system. All the media propaganda, all the music being blasted containing instructions to pedestalize the female or to kiss the feet of a whore all becomes like overwhelming white noise where a person can barely think or concentrate. It’s an ‘erasure’ or ‘wiped’ slate state of the mind which then accepts and fills the vacuum with messages of brainwashing. Listen to the radio and you’ll notice every other song has the theme of ”I can’t live without you” or ”you’re my everything” and the music epitomizes romantic love, and the whore is exhalted.
        Without the horns of media blasting, the natural order would quickly restore itself. Our bondage is artificial and tedious. The control over us is like a thread or several threads and those threads are unraveling like a rope noose around a tree that’s growing. The natural order of man is unstoppable.

  15. Feminism has never been a grassroots movement, it found its home in academia, where the men are either gay or act like it, so the women in academia are justified in their contempt for men. Ironically, instead of directing their ire at the contemptible dweebs they work with every day, they direct it at the alpha males who keep the world humming. The more guilty the male dweebs act, the more contempt the women feel. Weird little cycle, which has had horrible repercussions for the whole culture.

    1. ”feminism has never been a grassroots movement” – – that’s a good one. I’ll steal that one. It’s right up there with ”we are not a matriarchal species”

  16. “when we do, the rest will get in line.”
    That’s some mighty fine delusion you have there, but I’m sure after millions of years attempting to do so…. This time… it’s going to be different.
    Women will never willingly get in line, and the only time they do is when their meal ticket is at stake, so being a dancing monkey for them will not be the big scary threat you have imagined it to be.

    1. Hardcore down and dirty truth. The realest of the realists. Don’t expect the community here to understand the hard-as-stone truth you speak, brother. Mostly moderates reside here.

      1. Some thing’s really are simple, and playing by the girls rules is not the answer and leads to death….. quite literally.
        Rival tribes don’t spare the women so they can buy them flowers, they rape them, and force them to make babies but most don’t need to be forced because they know where their bread is buttered.

    2. I disagree. Just look at the rainbow hair colored feminists. It is not about going “against the tide” it is simply about getting attention.
      I believe that women are quick to conform to societal ideals as they are leeches in nature.
      It doesn’t make sense for leeches to attack the society they leech from.
      Nevertheless their manipulative power shouldn’t be underestimated as they always try to better their situation which leads to leftism.
      Also, that women like dominant men is a real thing.

        1. I am not saying that women don’t do political harm. How could I ignore all of that today?
          My point is that if a strong patriarchy is established they like and even love to get in line.
          Again, I want to point at “50 shades of grey” for that.

        2. I’ve done the “50 shades” deal with broads with all the bells and whistles so I can tell you from first hand knowledge that and it wasn’t good enough to get them to come correct. Dominance isn’t enough, rigid frame buff studly, daddy wallet kick ass ride IS NOT ENOUGH to get them in line so unless you have some magic beans keep dreaming kid.
          Females are loyal to themselves, that’s it! They will sell out the kids, their family, their nation if it will get them wet, and that is the only thingtheir tiny brain can register.

        3. You got anything to base that on? Sure, I can take your experience, but that isn’t enough to make such a far reaching conclusion as it is highly likely based on broken western women.
          Their twisted desire for “50 shades” stuff is simply due to something they had just recently thrown away and denied. There nature is to be submissive but their new found mindset doesn’t allow it what makes modern day women so depressed.
          As such I would like some broad statistics across several countries or something historical to validate your statement.

        4. It’s all out there if you’re brave enough to accept the truth. Seek the answers and you will find them, the truth has no agenda and while painful it will also heal your wounds.

  17. Best article on the subject so far. This almost reads like a history text book descrbing the era we live in.

  18. Well you’re totally ignorant of what’s out there libertarian wise. It also seems that two Ron Paul presidential campaigns slipped by you unnoticed. Not to mention the failure of Rand Paul’s campaign because he decided to play nice with the establishment and thus lost the base his father built. The libertarians have picked up a lot of ground in the last 8 years showing how the state itself is the problem. Yes, still a tiny minority and a lot of educating people, but more people are ‘getting it’ than ever.
    Things are going so well there have been various attempts at undermining libertarianism. left-libertarianism being one of them.
    Yes, game works. But at its core its just another method of social manipulation to achieve what you want. Ultimately it becomes something that requires constant effort to keep going. The moment a man stops doing it everything built on it falls apart. If some want to put that much effort into “getting laid” well have at it. Not everyone considers it to be worth that effort nor morally accepts socially manipulating other people. The whole worshiping and gift thing is just another way to manipulate. Either way a man really has to prioritize getting laid. There are some men who simply choose not to prioritize it at all.

    1. Rand Paul’s fortunes declined when he made out with Al Sharpton over Ferguson. White Americans were disgusted with his kowtowing to black liberation figureheads and ended up breaking for Cruz and Trump. I’ve met many Ron Paul supporters who are now backing Trump despite his lack of libertarian credentials on many issues.

      1. That was a major nail in the coffin but he was well into decline by then. Before the season started he had spent years angering Ron Paul supporters with warmonger ideas and more.

  19. That different parts of the manosphere have been measuring each others’ dicks for the last while is pretty discouraging. Makes this all seem like nothing more than entertainment rather than serious discourse.
    I have faith that when it is necessary the brightest among us will find common ground and forge alliances. Disagreement between each group is useful and healthy. It is when we start actually fighting and slandering each other that our common enemy starts gaining ground.
    When the Left eats their own it is a victory for us, and we can take pride in our ability to function while encouraging free expression and debate.
    When we eat our own however we gain nothing, and we prove bit by bit that we are no different than the enemies we claim to scorn.

  20. Good critique of various alt-right branches
    …while it was occasionally vitriolic, its greatest thinkers acknowledged and celebrated the ethno-nationalism of other races, the right of every people to live as they see fit. They were nationalists, not supremacists, and their ultimate enemy was the forces of globalization and homogenization.
    This is particularly poignant, as it is the true and most effective form of nationalism. I spent about a year in Japan where I spoke with numerous Japanese nationalists, and I learned two things.
    1. Japanese nationalists are basically the same type of people as Chinese nationalists, just on different sides of the issues.
    2. Japanese nationalists either hate me, or embrace me as a fellow ideologue. No middle ground.
    Same experiences with white nationalists. What people should remember is that nationalism is the engine of ethnic-self interest. It isn’t I hate my neighbors or My people are infallible.
    The left has no problem supporting socialism or Marxism or feminism in some country they’ve never heard of, and this unity is what gives them political power.
    I’d hope that the budding alt-right in the West will come to embrace nationalism as a global ideology, forming networks and alliances to counter egalitarian myths and force the enemy to spread their attacks too thin

    1. Remember ethnomasochism is never sexy.It pains me to see how some individuals stoop to gut wrenching lows to demean their own Race and culture. Especially the women and I can tell you this is not limited to White Women. Take Indian ladies for example, after being feed with a constant diet of misandry thru MSM, they go to great lengths to vilify and mock Indian men as much as possible. Any normal heterosexual Indian man who expresses any faint interest in beautiful woman will be chastised and frowned upon.Indian movies are replete with female characters outright humiliating and beating a cliched perverted male character. And this unacceptable form of sadistic entertainment will be lauded as female centric and ground breaking by cucked Indian Leftist.

      1. That’s because most Indian women are ugly as fuck, they have to do it to survive

    2. Well said. It frustrates me that some nationalists cannot see the bigger picture on this and succumb so easily to divisive tactics used to weaken them.

    3. Well said, there is definetely weaknesses to the alt-right. The agression and desparateness is an understandable weakness of ethno-nationalists of european descent though, there is not a single western european coutntry where you can go outside your door without seeing a group of non european men roaming around, it’s easier to be tolerant if you are a japanese or chinese nationalist for obvious reasons.

    4. I think I fall into the first category. Foriegners only piss me off when they blatantly declare they have the right to what my ancestors suffered to build for their progeny. A mexican alluded to this and jokingly said I should “go back to Germany”. I told him his father left Mexico because he is a fucking coward who lacked the will to improve his own country and now wants to steal my birth right.

  21. Never trust a man who can’t get laid. Sexual losers will do anything for a chance at procreating. In a sensible system—one which we hope to return to—this will involve hard work and pro-social contributions. In a broken system like the present one, it will induce them to gossip, backstabbing, and infighting.

    Wrong. Never trust the man who settled for the first woman who acquiesced to his constant begging and neediness and said yes to marrying him!
    Too man guys out there that are “happily married” but are, in reality, merely relieved that they don’t have to call themselves single any longer.
    You’ve no idea why a guy is having issues picking-up women until you either get to know the guy or just face the fact that the guy is just not attractive to women, i.e. he’s really short, ugly, has a speech impediment, etc.

    1. ”short, ugly, speech problem”, those are all physical or motor function disadvantages. There are perfectly formed and intelligent men who for no other reason should be slaying sluts nightly or living as breeding studs or perhaps just living lives where they bathe in social wealth. Then you get to know them and you see what gives. You get a glimpse at what’s wrong when you have the misfortune of MEETING THEIR CRAZY HENPECKING MOTHER. Or maybe she’s just an old french whore single skank who murdered and sacrificed a chain of men before the eyes of her children. One father after another she nixes like a preying mantis. Maybe she’s a welfare breeding mare who spider kills and splatters the acidified inherds of her man about her turf much like the black widow spider.
      It’s funny, in what you would expect to be wholesome conservative rural agrarian environments, we see a lot of ‘farm mothers’ across the heartland who have ‘BIG HANDS’ or ‘manjaw’ or the raspy ‘deep voice’. They do have families and tend to their 4-H or their farm or country life and often they’ll socialize or party country-western style. But there’s something ‘farm-mama crazy’ that’s been plaguing the boondocks for awhile.
      Ever look at the dance floor at a country western or kicker club? Within the row of chicks doing the slide or dancing two step you see a lot of post wall recycled women in there AND BIG HANDS. Broad shoulders too. In secluded farming communities with large families, it’s very odd to see, but the first born male who should be king of the roost gets ‘mommywhipped’ and is scared shitless talking to ‘goyylz’.
      Heartland USA hasn’t had real patriarchy for over a hundred years. Heartland USA hasn’t had real patriarchy since the protestant churches allowed their women to wear the big fancy hats and open their mouths and peacock over the darn places. Heartland USA hasn’t had real patriarchy since president Abraham Lincoln gave US marshalls the green light to go after those heretic polygamist Mormons. Marshalls deputized any who were willing to join them in hunting down Mormons like jackrabbits.
      Then in the late 19th century, the first wave feminists came budding like an early stage cancer. Unchallenged, the cancer of feminism had already laid its roots in the west. Like the stages of a cancer, the third wave has already passed. Now we teeter at the onset of the final stage where we’ll soon either be spitting up blood, or we sieze the gravity of our course and embrace the return to patriarchy that is sweeping individuals like a field beginning to blossom. Once a critical mass of men have firmly regained command of their kahones and their women have given their heart and soul over to the rightful order of their men, then we’ll see a rush of humanity to realign with the natural order. Proponents of feminism will not be able to utter a word without going against the mass patriarchal realignment of mankind. They’ll have to bite their tongues if they’re even capable of doing so, and subsequently they’ll end up holding their breaths until they suffocate. The age of man nears.

      1. The coming collapse is the only thing that will kill feminism, and it will kill it instantly. Civilizations cannot reverse course any more than an elderly person can become young again. But they can die, and the end is in fact near. Feminism will not survive the life of hardship and brutality that is rushing our way

    2. Back when i was in school i worked in the student’s affairs office. One of my supervisors was this skinny, dork looking dude. Sort of looked like Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory. We both liked Star trek so we would talk about that during our free time. One day we we’re driving around Savannah dropping of flyers for the school and we got to talking about women. He was kind of amazed how i would just go talk to every cute girl I saw. He was married, but I asked him how many GFs he had had before. He said none, other than his wife. He literally married the only woman he had ever dated. She was taller than him and I’d even say 30-40lbs heavier. Looking back at him now, I feel sorry for the dude.

  22. What little is left of Libertarianism is focused on defending pornography from any sort of censure or regulation, defending a woman’s right to casually sleep with as many men as she chooses (and opening the borders to maximize that choice!), and meekly attacking traditionalists who show any vestiges of masculinity or conservatism.

    You totally pulled this part of your article out of a part of your boy where the sun doesn’t shine.

    1. I’m not even surprised anymore at how many people have such a poor understanding of libertarianism. Sadly, you’re not the best representive for the ideology. You’re the angriest libertarian I’ve come across, and the most judgmental. I base this on the totality of your posts.

    1. The most dangerous person to the US democrat party is a minority or woman who realizes they do not need them. The Republicans are finding out that having no principles or interest in advocating their constituents will, as in the past they had no where else to go, doesn’t ensure they will survive another election. Interesting times.

      1. I don’t know about you, but I’m voting Trump, I Watched Trump Live tonight, and I watched Clips of the Chicago Protests, and I tell your what, Trump is bringing a Revolution, he’s the only one that is going to change anything, and the Left knows it, and the Left wants Blood because of it, the Other GOP candidates are just more Duds in the oven, Trump has made the Political Climate so Hot because he’s a Doer and the Left fears the Hell out of him because they know he’s the only one who is going to Destroy their way of life, the Left doesn’t Fear Lying Ted or Little Marco that’s why the Left isn’t Protesting Cruz or Rubio events, the left even knows those guys are duds and not a threat to them.
        Trump is going to Make America Great again.

        1. And don’t you know, the ones trying to say Trump has small hands are all bitches with big hands – and broad shoulders too. Trump has normal hands I’m pretty sure, but the gender mutant fembots have hands so big, the shit’s crazy. I’ve known a few man hating lezzies and they all had some marker about their physiques that was masculine in some way. Either they had these big Fred Flinstone feet, or broad shoulders like a shirtless Indian brave, or hands like you’d see on leroy the hopper on the back of the garbage truck. They all had something masculine about them.

        2. They always default to attacking a Man’s Masculinity through attempting to diminish his Manhood, Thank God Trumps an Alpha and could see right pass that shit for what it really was.

        3. Cruz. He has been constant on what he has been saying and his background is sound. I will vote for Trump if he is on the ticket in Nov., but I am hesitant about him. I will be waiting to see who he is picking for his crew and if he carries out what he says. “Making America Great Again” is a slogan, but if he started eliminating fed agencies and kicking out leftists out of the fed leviathan, I would be content.

        4. I tell you what, I’m voting Trump, but believe you-me, if Cruz ends up the Candidate, he’s getting my Vote, or somehow in the unlikely event Rubio or Kasich make it, I’d also vote for them Too, America simply cannot have another 4 more years of Obama under Hillary (probably even worse since it will be G000-Gurl culture) and forget Bernie, this Country doesn’t need an openly unapologetic socialist, don’t want 90% of my paycheck going out the window thank you. So yeah, whoever makes it as the Rep Nominee we all have to support, can’t be like Ben Shapiro now and not Vote Trump because he’s got his Conservative Purity ring on.

        5. Trump isn’t a conservative, nor has he claimed to be one, but Sanders or Clinton is out of the question. I would like to vote for a candidate I liked, instead of casting my ballot for one I did not like (McCain, Romney) simply because the other candidate was worse.

        6. I didn’t like McCain or Romney either, but I voted for them because , if not, Obama. Trump claims he’s a “common sense conservative”, and I know he has a history of supporting leftism, but he also has supported Republicans, and is now running as a Republican, I believe he is expressing his True beliefs now as he Runs for office. A couple years ago, I saw him in person come to a NY SAFE ACT protest I attended and speak out against the SAFE ACT, supporting us. I like Trump’s stance on immigration, and how he plans on Making America have great deals in trade with other countries and Frankly he’s got so much spirit and energy and his supporters are completely compelled by him. You know, Trump may not be a True conservative, but with all the stuff republicans have let Obama get away with, what does it even mean to be a True conservative in Washington? Though I respect Cruz for standing up for our gun rights, and I do think he’s not Establishment.

        7. Just to follow up, Trump has no ideological anchor and from his past indications, he will simply hedge his bets. His business acumen and leadership is without parity, but that does not mean it will translate into a great POTUS. His affiliations with the dems are too deep to ignore.

        8. I truly believe any past he might have had in Leftism is over, watching him now it’s obvious the Man has completely change and now considers himself a conservative, I think he’s even admitted he’s changed, and who hasn’t changed at some point in their life, sure maybe a career politician might commit suicide by switching lanes here and there, but Trump was not a politician, and that’s part of the Reason he’s great, I’d rather have a Man who has created a Billion dollar empire try and tackle the problems this country is facing then some life-long politicians who laugh and slap each others backs no matter which way the country is going, I truly believe any Leftism Trump has had in his past is now over, The Man is totally a conservative now ( common sense conservative) his enthusiasm it just can’t be faked. Also Trump is Funding himself, Cruz is bought and paid for, I’m leery when those politicians start taking the Money from the Super pacs, and once elected they have to start returning “Favors”, nothing is free in this world, and definitely not the Super pac “Donations” AKA “remember the time I gave you all that money”.

      2. Very True, once a woman or minority realizes the Left is nothing more than Husband Government, or the Modern Plantation , it’s over for the Left.

        1. Boy, have you a lot to learn. Women WANT to be slaves. Preferably to the most violent thug willing to pump them full of baby batter and knock them up with thugs like himself they can find.
          About the only thing that genuinely gets women horny is the thought of being at the total mercy of a man not above savagely raping them, beating them bloody or even killing them just because he can. That’s why they go on about it so much.
          That’s why they hate white men interested in holding on to their liberty and ghetto-trash and Muslim killers get them dripping wet.

        2. Where did I say women don’t want to be controlled? Though some women Prefer husband Government that’s for sure.

  23. might be one of the most ass-kicking first sentences of any article on the forum

  24. Hey Davis, regarding your description of the left…that has been on the tip of my tongue for years. I’ve never known how to express it. Good job.

  25. Never Clown Game. Act with Charisma, and Charm, and Joke around and have a good time, and don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself and take a joke, but never Clown game, I’ve seen some real bad Clown game , and it’s totally degrading to a Man’s Masculinity, like completely embarrassing even to everybody else in the Room.

    1. Clown game doesn’t work. She’ll like you but she won’t fuck you. Be the circus strongman instead. Lift some fucking weights

  26. They completely ignored that age old truth: build Rome, and the women will come. – this is it

  27. “Sexual losers will do anything for a chance at procreating”
    The pleasure of flesh is not something that will last a lifetime, but creating a philosophy to guide men, mentoring boys to avoid becoming a next manginas, or laying a foundation of better tomorrow do last. A moment of ecstasy does not compare to see something or someone you made great will a day to months on end. Many of the men we saw in attack Roosh and Rok, do not see the long term consequences of their actions, only the short term benefits. These men will sell out their fellow brothers in arms for the scraps at the table of the Left. In the end, they will be the last to be taken out and shot in glorious revolution the Left want without dignity or honor.
    To be honest I am still beta/sexual loser, but I will not give up my integrity or my virtues for a chance to fuck a girl. At the end of day, I will have my self respect and I will help my brothers in manosphere to bring back a world not teeming with the insanity of the present day. There are greater things in this world than a piece of ass.

    1. Not really. You’re the fox who can’t reach the grapes, insisting that they are sour

      1. Tasting grapes is not necessary if we see other foxes finding them sour.
        This is also not as primal as taste. We know sex would feel good in the short term. I more dread one-itis and heartbreak. You can understand this merely by pursuing a girl.

        1. Is it possible that the other foxes are only making faces and insinuating that they are sour, meanwhile enjoying each and every scrumptious bite as they see they have no competition from below. Just a thought.

      2. The grapes are sour. Many women have stopped being worthy of anything more than sex since a long time ago. For me , it’s a poor investment of my time. But i understand that for others it’s worth it. To each his own , live and let live.

    2. Go gym and lose weight and get confidence. When you look better women and coworkers will treat you differently. I’m hitting the gym6-7 days a week with full time work and study to be done as well. If you want a semi alright piece of pussy nowadays you have to work but then if one wants you then more than one will want you.

      1. That my plan at the moment. I have lot of work to do on myself right now, especially my inner game. My number one priority is live with myself, then I get a girl.

  28. >When women are a dime a dozen, those who fail romantically do so because they are weak and toxic
    Wizard here. I understand the trap of this thinking. But with low enough standards and enough time put in even weak men can succeed romantically.
    I would posit that another criterion is simply relative lack of interest.
    It is not that those if us who “fail” desire women less (some do) or are cowardly (some exhibit bravery in other tasks) or unwilling to work hard (some dedicate well to some fields) but just do a risk assessment and judge other investments of resources to be more fruitful.
    The thirst is real but those of us who opt out may just be better fappers or less in need of validation.
    Those of you who get over the hump of initially seeking it may not consciously pursue it, only chasing pleasure, but I believe it is an initial motivator that leads to practicing game.
    All that investment of time with no guarantee of spontaneous improvement, why is it toxic to simply want to watch TV or read or play video games instead?
    I think your concern is in those who thirst and pursue it do so ineffectively and fail by white knight pandering. Those are your fossils and back stabbers. Please do not lump all celibates together based on a faction’s behavior though.

    1. I simply apply an investment-reward strategy towards getting sex , the reality at the moment being that i would have to invest a hell of a lot more than i receive in return. I have much more important things in my life than gaming hours upon hours or days spent wooing women just so i can get a piece of flesh that i can get for 20 bucks from a prostitute.
      These harpies think they are entitled to all men , not a single one puts forward a damn effort to get a man she might like. I’m supposed to do everything , like i’m fighting with 100 other guys that salivate over her so i can win the big prize. Fuck that , i’m on my own.

      1. Girls invest even more but they enjoy cock teasing and the attention while men don’t. Think make-up, eye lashes, shaving,staying in shape (being average is “athletic” nowadays), clothes and etc.etc

        1. Yes so this means their reward is far more than their invesment. They get sex , validation , selective treatment , special privileges , etc. I get a piece of pussy.

        2. True Bogdan, my friend, but life ain’t fair and getting laid is nice for the body. Have a wank and your power gauge goes down, bang a chick and then you feel more energetic and like a man.

      2. I think some of us would be willing to do relationships if they came at very little investment. Like if I’m going to put some effort towards something that lands me a girl, it had better have inherent value that exists beyond getting a girl too. Building muscle is a good example. Being able to do a chin up is fucking invigorating, it’s worth something to me even if I don’t bother to combine it with other factors to pursue sex. Bathing and good eating and clean surroundings can also have that kind of value, Buying gifts and shit for girls? Nope, that’s only going to be rewarding to me if I feel in love, and even then it’s going to feel hollow as shit, make me question the motive to be with me, no thanks.
        As it is, even if you do improve yourself for your own benefit and this attracts a girl, it’s still a cost/benefit like “do I want to risk her robbing/killing me in my sleep?” or “will she steal my cum and bilk child support?” or “will she inject me with HIV?”
        I unfortunately am disgusted by traditional safe girls so would be prone only to fucking the crazies and they would be more prone to this kind of risky behaviour which makes the risks of getting involved with them higher. Much envy for guys who can simply pursue traditional girls or sluts.

  29. I’ll say one thing.. RoK is a hell of a lot kinder to Men’s Rights flagship AFVM, than AVFM is to RoK. I might not agree with the section on the MRM in this article, but I find no fault in the amicable way it was written, at least. I can’t say the same of AVFM’s recent screed against RoK. That speaks volumes.

    1. AVFM is another social science/gender studies sort of group. Basically, it’s a bunch of people sitting in a room deciding what’s true/right and how things should be, all without the inclusion of any actual science or even basic reality. That’s the same brain-dead process that came up with feminism.
      RoK mightn’t be much better – it’s basically a bunch of idiots scratching in the dirt with a clever thought here and there – but there’s a massive difference that facts won’t be denied here just because the truth might hurt somebody’s feelings, which is a prerequisite for intelligence.
      I’d ignore AVFM if I were you.

    2. If a little dog barks at you, do you jump up and feel the need to respond? I sure don’t. Let the little dog bark.

      1. I just remember you extending the olive branch to Elam a couple months ago.. only to have Esmay grab it and stick it in your back. Esmay’s article — along with AVFM’s endorsement, the comments censorship and the wave of banning that accompanied it — was so full of half truths and misrepresentations, not to mention histrionics, I thought it must have dribbled from Valenti’s or Futrelle’s quill. I realize Mr Roosh and many readers here wouldn’t be too perturbed.. but my respect for AVFM went down many notches for it.

  30. I’ve never been laid. I’m not a very good looking guy and economically challenged. These two elements led me to a life devoid of sex. That void was filled with intellectual pursuits. The eunuchs of China were extremely powerful (the point of controlling policy, enthroning/deposing emperors) despite the fact that sex was not central to their lives. Is the statement, “never trust someone who can’t get laid” true? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Can you afford to dismiss their contributions?

    1. I’m sure there’s whores who’d fuck you for money, and ugly impoverished SE Asian women who’d marry you because they can’t do any better. I mean, you can’t be THAT ugly?! Surely. Thus, likely, your sexual inexperience stems from a mental disadvantage, not the physical one you profess. Assuming I’m right – and I probably am – then, no, I don’t imagine you do have anything valid to contribute. Do you see my point?

      1. Mental disadvantage but not one stemming from physical. I know that can be improved even though I don’t look all that good. The disadvantage is that I’m not very good economically despite the fact that I’m very good with managing what I have and spending where it counts the most.
        You’re very wrong when you say that I don’t have anything valid to contribute. I have the ears of the most powerful people in their industries and through my advice, they’ve made millions or have secured good PR for a decade. Some companies have gotten second chances because of me. I’ve uplifted or damaged many movements . You are horribly wrong. You met the most dangerous man on the planet and you’ve already dismissed him due to factors he can’t even control.

        1. Can you post a picture of yourself so I can see just how ugly you are? Because frankly I cannot believe you’re ugly enough to justify giving up on finding a wife, so I’d have to see evidence to convince me. Otherwise, I’m convinced the real reason for you giving up is general incompetence – that’s not meant as an insult, but rather an honest belief.

        2. That’s inappropriate. I told you why. Economically challenged due to low level jobs going to blacks and latinos (in this state, mostly latinos). Forcing me to go to higher positions and I nor my family had the money for the education. It’s a chicken or the egg scenario. I’m forced to work at home and make subpar money which lessens my visibility towards other people therefore lessening my chance of sleeping with someone. Your reasoning is very simple and lacks depth. You’re not capable of hanging on my level. Stick to making shallow comments while I change the world from behind the scenes. This conversation is over.

      2. Oh, and you seem to miss the point about eunuchs being the ones who at one point controlled China. According to your logic, they never had anything valid to contribute am I right?

        1. Valid contribution in the long run is judged by natural selection alone. You do the math.

        2. Your comment is not founded in logic. Eunuchs in China controlled policy and enthroned/dethroned emperors. Natural selection didn’t apply to them, but yet their contributions remained.

        3. Reproduction is the sole task evolution has designed us for. It’s our reason for being. It’s the meaning of life.
          4 billion years worth of ancestors led to your existence, and do you know what every single one of them had in common? They reproduced. Don’t you think you owe it to them to keep it going? And if you do not, then you become the first weak link in a 4 billion year long chain. That’s the greatest definition of failure.
          So don’t drawl on about some mutilated men in China. Your existence is worthless without reproduction. When you’re dead and childless, there will be no reason for you to ever have lived to begin with.
          Your idea about having changed the world is a joke. Even if you did something huge that had a massive impact, it’s still nothing compared to the fact my descendants will be changing the world for billions of years to come – that’s impact.

        4. Who cares? You’re not a eunuch in China and you’re not controlling jack shit so that’s the end of your story right there isn’t it?

    2. First of all, once you do get laid, it ain’t all that’s cracked up to be. It’s good, but not your life’s achievement. If you think this way, you’ll be extremely disappointed. Once you understand this, girls would not be all that important to you and you’ll find THEY are the ones trying to snare YOU.
      You can always improve your looks and your economic situation. These are your strong points being male. Women’s strength are their youth and beauty. With time, you can improve yours. With women, they can’t turn back time.

      1. What’s wrong with you guys? Fucking is awesome! I fuck five times a day, and if not I pull my cock thrice a day – I don’t do this because it’s “over-rated”! There’s no other reason for being than sex and making babies. Trying to find a second wife to join my marriage consumes my life – it’s all I do – and all so I can fuck more.
        Don’t downplay it. Money, power, resources – what’s the point of any of those if not to attract more wives to fuck?! Otherwise, we might as well give up on life and curl up in mama’s basement playing Elder Scrolls until we die… and mod the game so we can fuck in it LOL

    3. Fellow King-
      Maximize your testosterone by lifting heavy. [Dead lifts and squats]
      The female brain during ovulation [when she is at her horniest] detects something called androsterone in which she subconsciously decides who she’ll have sex with.
      Guys who excrete androsterone in their sweat get women, and those without, have a much harder time.
      It’s never been about looks, its all about power.

  31. The writer asks,”Where does this weakness come from?” To take it one resolution of magnification less, “Where does in group strength and in group weakness come from?”, for this is what our enemy has contemplated. They’ve effectively done a societal SWOT analysis and exploited it malevolently.
    In group strength comes from leading by example as a model for all of us. This means development of individual strength, in body, brain and virtue, excellence in deed, leadership, love for fellow man, pair bonding, nurture of children and tending to the next generation.
    In group weakness is best seen with how elites exploit loyalty. We see this with political canditates on the strings of the elites all the time. Rubio’s foam party is a recent example. In group weakness comes from individual failure, selfishness, idleness, avoidance and a willingness to accept dependent inferiority in the prime of life, the very detritus espoused profitably by “dark alpha” misanthropic parasites.
    Courage is not on its pedestal as a pillar of Western civilisation, where not long ago it was expected. It is now a threat, if you are a leftist.
    Virtue is hardly taught now. Yet, it provides the compass to prosperity and the one virtue to rule them all is courage. We can call this will, or willpower, all of us know where we are at when we hear that word, which involves overcoming fear and apathy. Courage is necessary for an individual to overcome life’s obstacles to destiny and is essential for good masculine psychological health.
    With individual courage, be it with an approach to a desired girl, a physical challenge, academic application, astute business risk etc, we liberate ourselves from fear and apathy and in so doing, by sharing the wisdom, we liberate our fellow man by example and ultimately contribute to the downfall of tyranny.
    Individual courage leads to mastery and the great news is, at a societal level, if we can summon the fortitude to overcome those who wish to define our psychological and therefore, behavioural parameters, massed courage can overcome our numerically smaller adversaries.
    When the world knows their smaller size, they have lost control of their precious groupthink “narrative”. We see political correctness more easily then for what it is, a psychological tool to frighten one or to induce a state of apathetic emulation to escape the pain.
    One last point:
    The writer states, “The goal of the political left is to undermine individual autonomy by any and all means necessary; one of the ways they do this is by eliminating the organic social structures and the web of community ties which are needed for the individual to thrive.”
    The goal of the left promotes autonomy where it undermines the social network, such that the net effect is a shift from reliance on immediate biological and social bond to one with the State. Communists, essentially instruments of the money power, have studied how people form groups and decided they will take power by destroying them. The result is historically predictable, ie mass murder. We must have courage in the end to fight this evil or it will best us with the same poison chalice it inevitably offers to humanity in the name of tolerance and equality.

  32. I realized something lately: once you put women in a movement, it’s the beginning of the end.
    You can experience this on a micro scale: you’re with your male buddies, hanging out and shooting the shit. You can crack any kind of jokes, you can into any kind of twisted humor, philosophical discussion, if you have good friends you can go really far into a discussion. Observe what happens when a girls comes into the group: the overall quality of discussion drops.
    I’m not saying girls are stupid and can’t take part in intellectual discussions. I’m saying that somehow, their only presence is enough to corrupt a discussion’s integrity. Same thing with any movement.
    Once girls are getting into a movement, you can bet its stop being a vanguard.

    1. Any woman that claims to be logical or can ‘control’ her emotions is full of shit. Everything always goes to shit the moment emotions get involved.

      1. TBH I think it’s possible for women to do that, but in order for them to do that, they have to kill their humanity and that leads to disastrous results (history has proven time and again). Men are capable of using both logic and emotions to make a proper choice, that’s why men have always been the most capable rulers.

    2. It sounds like you’re just having trouble being honest and frank with girls. This is common in Western culture, where in modern times it’s quite established by the left that you have to treat girls “equally” and whatever that entails. Men are taught through media and at school and in social interaction to adjust their behavior for girls, and also now gays and so on, too. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not inherently saying girls ought to be treated unequally, just honestly.
      Men are so readily prepared to adjust their behavior in the presence of women largely out of fear of being spurned by the opposite sex, and also out of fear of ostracizing themselves from the same sex.
      You just need to shed that fear and be an alpha. If you piss a girl off (usually big time), so what? You need to know there’s other girls out there who appreciate dominant men. And if you appear the black sheep in front of other men, just grow some balls and keep talking – that’s where domination begins, you know.
      I intensely disagree with the idea of segregation, as a lot of guys here believe. It’s frankly gay. And if you cannot assert yourself in the presence of girls, then what kind of man are you to begin with?! Nature should take its place when men stop adjusting themselves to sissy modern social standards and girls will take a back seat because they cannot truly compete physically, intellectually, nor charismatically with alpha men. And once those men assert themselves, the girls will get bored and go back to work in the kitchen, and all shall be fine.
      I oft wonder, at these suggested “men-only male-bonding” events, who the fuck is wearing the apron and pouring the beer and sucking your cock when you have too much to drink and have to go lie down in the back room?! As I said, segregation is gay.

      1. You don’t get it.
        It’s not about Western culture. It’s not about culture at all. Putting a female into a male groupe disturbs the energy and the dynamic of the group, as simple as that.
        You can tell a group of guys all day long to “be alpha enough!” (which sounds like a simple minded approach to things), but put girls in the group and observe what happens.
        Preventing girls from entering the said group is a more simple approach if the goal is to have honest and deep discussions within this group. It’s not “gay”, you sound like an angry feminist who’s offended when someone refuses her avances.

        1. I agree that having girls present can alter men’s behavior no matter who those men are (truly, their presence – and especially fertile and ovulating girls – alters men’s behavior on an unconscious level, which is shown by sociobiology), but I just don’t believe that’s a bad thing.
          My advice is man up, be sure of yourself, and be prepared to face girl and man both and devour them.

        2. Yup, just tell girls the truth….” I am only interested in copulating with you because of my biological urges but other than sex, I find you utterly boring and incapable of intellectual discourse.”

        3. That’s some homo words there, man. Girls aren’t just fun to fuck, they’re fun to look at (hot ones are) – both when they’re sitting across the dining table from you or dancing naked to music in your living room – and fun to listen to (get them to sing for you, or karaoke at restaurants), and fun to take shopping and buy new stuff for them so you can dress them up like dollies and make them more beautiful, and girls are more prone to listen and laugh at your jokes than men are so they’re fun to talk to, too.
          The list goes on. Girls are generally better company than men. It’s gay to think otherwise. If you prefer the company of men then that might be saying something about your underlying sexuality.
          If I need proper intellectual stimulation that a girl cannot provide, I’ll read a book. Enough said.

        4. Haha. You upvote yourself? That’s some insecure actions of a troll.
          Gee, I dunno, my biological urges make me wanna fuck girls but once I’ve released it inside them I find more pleasure in going for a walk or going for a game of volleyball. But after enjoying other activities, I wanna fuck her again. I wish there was more to women than just a vagina and tits. I wish they had more intelligence or humor but unfortunately, they are only good for fucking.

        5. I don’t up-vote myself. There’s a magical vote-fairy that follows me around and does it. Honestly.
          Besides, everybody with a +1 is assumed to have voted for himself, even if he didn’t. I need the vote-fairy to do the initial +1 so that when I get a real vote people won’t think I did it myself.

        6. This piece of shit troll has been upvoting himself on every post he makes (I can tell by his replies to me) and he’s getting B’ed TFO by everybody. It seems like he can’t understand what everyone is saying and he tries to educate everyone even though it’s off topic.

        7. There are lots of people on the Internet with mental health issues. Best to ignore them as soon as you realize they are trolls or mentally ill.

        8. Yes, but when you’re stranded in a SE Asian jungle for a year with nothing to do but fuck around on your phone, this shit takes centre stage.

  33. Sorry to shake some of you up a bit, but the only strong and unapologetically patriarchal religions are Orthodox Judaism and Islam in its various forms. All others
    are infiltrated by feminism and LGBT/PC Bolshevism.

  34. I think Trumpism is pretty good. I was a Ron Paul supporter in 2012. And libertarianism Ron Paul style is best for defending interests of rural folk. I think Trumpiism has managed to add to that coalition by included blue collar factory workers, especially displaced. Ron Paul with social security.

  35. “But while it acknowledges the current frame, it’s ultimately pro-active.
    It is in man’s nature to analyze and understand problems so that he can
    fix them on his own; he does not beg or whine, instead he finds a
    And this:

  36. We really need to ask what macro forces are breaking up these movements. We need to understand what is accelerating their evolution and fracturing.

  37. I must apologize for my ignorance, but I’m confused about something: neomasculinity does not assign any value to the woman herself? I mean, a woman do not deserve true love? Moreover, you guys here believe in romantic love?
    To me it seems that ROK articles look down on women, and I understand it, I understand that nowadays valuable women is very hard to find. But, to begin with, women are itself valuable? Or they are only valuable if they are subjected to a man?
    Reading ROK articles make me asking these questions. To me it seems that nobody here have no real affection to women besides on how she can be useful to you or not. Does it makes them just tools in the hands of men in the process of human existence?
    I know that this questions may sound like a question that a white knight might do, but I’m assure you that I’m not one of them. I’m confused simple because I’m young and inexperienced. I always thought that In a serious relationship, each should put the others happiness above of himself, just so the relationship works. For what is a man who not loves his family above himself? Is not women the other half of the root of family? I really love my girlfriend and I want to marry her and make her happy.
    I’m wrong to think so?

    1. A woman will never put you above herself in any real context. She will give the illusion of doing so when you’re courting/dating but it’s temporary at best. Men are the holders of the notion of Romantic Love, not women. They are quite mercenary when it comes to “love”. Even the sweetest of sweet woman you’ll ever meet will scan the doorway and size up the man who walks in the door, while you’re with her.
      This is not to say that you should not love a woman or that somehow she is inhuman, but rather it’s a warning to not fall into the mode of thinking that men and women love the same and in the same fashion.

      1. While I understand your reasoning, and I agree that men and women don’t love in the same way, this is not to say that women can’t love. The fact that men hold the romantic love doesn’t mean that women don’t love, it means that her love have to be conquered. We have the tools to the conquest, which give us, not the women, the duty to conquest. I don’t think love is merely an abstract sentiment like the romanticists use to portrait, I think love is, above all, a choice. And a women is not a complete victim of her impulses, the reason that the Bible says to men that he should love his wife like he loves himself and did not say the same to women is because women, when conquered, will do this automatically. To a woman, love means submission. A woman will subject to the man she loves. That’s why the Bible says women have to be subjected to his man. If she betrays you, maybe you should consider you never really conquered her.
        “Even the sweetest of sweet woman you’ll ever meet will scan the doorway and size up the man who walks in the door, while you’re with her.” And compromised men don’t look in a prurient way to a hot chick he sees walking on the street? Can you completely control your sexual impulses to the point that you won’t betray your wife mentaly?
        When a woman compare you to other man, this not the equivalent to our lascivious impulses to desire other women?

        1. I didn’t say “the hot dude”, I meant it as *every single man* who walks through the door gets a quick evaluation. Pay attention in a social setting sometime, if a woman is not thoroughly engaged in conversation with you she will turn her head for every man that walks through the door, no exception. It’s an impulse that is explained by hypergamy.
          A woman will submit to the man she loves, but the moment she thinks she can trade up, that deals done. A friend of mine just had his years long LTR, which turned into an engagement, walk on him because he was unemployed for exactly three weeks. This stuff happens *all the time*. Trade up is the name of the game. Men will, generally, settle down with a woman and, while window browsing from time to time, stick with her. The 70% divorce initiation rate of females, however, tells us that women won’t. It’s not just that we look at the opposite sex, it’s that women actively work on the theory of “I can do better” no matter how well she’s doing now. There are age old jokes about this even.

        2. I understand, but this problem is not more well explained by todays society problems than any case of natural behavior of women? May it not be an incompetence of the man because he maybe chose the wrong woman to be at his side, or his incompetence to lead the relationship, or both? To me it seems that this behavior is more linked to what that girls has learned through his life and how they was raised by his parents, and it might be a problem with this dude who makes the wrong choices, after all, men still can strangle his behavior or choices, and the fact that we’ve been raised in a broken society does not help. Women and men nature itself is important, but I don’t think this is the main mechanism in this situation.
          My parents never had this kind of problems, my mother always was a submissive and lovely woman and never had any big problem with my father, my girlfriend never questioned the fact that I want her to be a stay-at-home wife, after all she was raised by his parents to be like this, and I know several couples who live a good marriage for decades. Where I live, Brazil, many of the American social problems are nonexistent or far more little, but yet we have an abnormal big divorce rate. Feminists and LBGT community has little to do with it, since their appearance as an organized movement is young in comparison to US and brazilian people in general don’t give a shit to them anyway, and women in general are still feminine and have family oriented ideas even when they aspire professional success. When it comes to divorce in Brazil, in most cases the men are promiscuous and disloyal and don’t have solid moral values. Can you explain our divorce rate by the same argument?

        3. What has changed is not female nature, it has always been thus, but rather the societal constraints that used to exist for both sexes. We’ve allowed women to go feral sexually and their self destructive behavior is now encouraged and applauded. Grandma wouldn’t trade up every two years because there were strong social mores and punishments for that kind of behavior. Today, no such thing, in fact, now it’s called “empowerment!”.

        4. I’d love to get feral with you 😜
          Can I cum in you, Ghost of Jefferson? I’ve always wanted to do a president but the ghost of one will just have to do. I bet I can make you spray ectoplasm everywhere 😜😝😛

        5. I know this very well, but maybe Grandma loved Grandpa, and this was reason enough for her to be loyal to him. Nowadays this may sound unrealistic because we need a health society for this to be true, because love is not a sentiment, is a choice, and people in an unhealthy society don’t learn this, they know love in the most hedonistic and fanciful way possible. That makes highly improbable that some woman could behave like this nowadays. But that doesn’t changes the fact that, being a choice, it means that even in the most unhealthy society a woman still can make this choice by finding the right teaching, maybe in a church, maybe by advice of a friend, or even by realizing for herself. This is not possible? Why?
          I understand why you have such a cynical way of thinking when looking at woman nature, but If we assume your definition of woman nature as absolute, then it is impossible for a woman to make that choice by herself without society intervention. But I have seem many cases where women make that choice, even having the worst husband possible, even in our unhealthy society. How it was possible? So we have two possibilities: 1 – something has to be wrong in your definition of woman nature. 2 – Even if you’re right, it would mean that woman nature is not the only force operating on her decisions.
          I believe both possibilities to be true.

  38. I realised that MRAs and MGTOWs were truly a lost cause, the day I was banned from an MRA site by a female moderator. A voice for men, sure, as long as women get the final say.

    1. The causes are good, but have obviously been detracted for eventual sabotage. Could happen to ROK too.
      Vigilance is in dire need here.

  39. I laughed when I saw a picture of Walter White in a segment about neomasculinity. He is a prime example of a pussy-whipped man.

  40. The characterization of Libertarianism is way off. There are a lot of pot-libertarians, but to pretend that their is no original Libertarian types left in the field is pretty silly. I’m a libertarian, except on immigration (which I want severely restricted, even the legal kind). Do I strike you as a pot-head hippy, author?
    I do agree with the article by and large outside of that. The only reason to put a woman on a pedestal is so that you can look under her dress. Heh.

  41. “Never trust a man who can’t get laid. Sexual losers will do anything for a chance at procreating.”
    I would say that a man that can’t get laid might be having financial and legal barriers to exercising his rights as a man. Changing one’s mind and outlook does not mean that riches and immunity to divorce is assured. In white nations sexual success requires not only functional genitals but also a big pay rate and steady employment to pay for the consequences of having a sex life. Such basics are denied to many because employers want work done for next to nothing and the real estate market is criminally greedy. Until those problems are resolved the idea that men who can’t get laid can’t be trusted is ridiculous and it may be ridiculous under all circumstances.

    1. I recall having sex with women while I was earning less than peanuts working for Uncle Sam.

  42. Several fun and informative men’s forums I’ve known have fallen whenever the owner became involved with females. I doubt such sites exist now as they did a few years ago.

  43. Hey, he made a good point. Women’s groups who keep labeling all men as rapists and spouting off in the press, haven’t said a word about the rapes by refugees and migrants. Notice the same thing here: It’s only when a snowflake makes a rape allegation against a white that it gets any support from SJW’s. But when the rape is by a black guy they don’t say a word. Hmmm. And the only time you hear about the rape of a black women is when it’s supposed to be by a team of white college kids.

  44. they deserve it
    they’ve been catering to puss since day one
    what else comes out of puss than leftist degeneracy

  45. “The goal of the political left is to undermine individual autonomy by any and all means necessary”
    I disagree. I liken the political left to a kind of zombie that is reanimated (much like Bernie Sanders who just got out of Frankenstein’s lab after being dug up out of a cold grave). The leftist establishment agenda isn’t that much different than the establishment right: Make a lot of money for themselves and top cronies, pack it into a sack, and move like a locust to somewhere untouched leaving a mess behind.
    As African Americans have discovered: They’re being thrown under the bus much like working class white males that used to be represented by FDR were back in the 1950’s in favor of a new electorate: Hispanics and radical Islam. The left was reactionary in their inclusion of radical Islam due to seething resentment at GWB winning the Y2K election and welcoming radical Islam as a protest against the Iraq war.
    It’s kind of like an ex-girlfriend sleeping with your best friend, even if he’s awful looking, just to get back at you. As if that’s a punishment for YOU.
    For the non-elite leftists, the white knight collaborators, they’re cheerleaders drinking cool aid and celebrating the destruction of western culture because it means the evil right wingers go down. They’ll destroy everyone and everything to avoid losing. Even Hitler in a bunker could have used chemical weapons but chose not to. The USSR didn’t hit the red button but down without a shot fired. But the left? They’d destroy every person on this planet rather than lose.
    But then again, they don’t really have the guts to pull the trigger because they prefer proxies to do their dirty work. They dislike firearms because that’s too much power for them to handle. They can barely change a flat tire on their own much less get their hands dirty. If they do go out as brownshirts to disrupt freedom of speech of others, they do so as a group.

  46. We live in a very competitive world. The world is very overpopulated, and there are now significantly more men in the world than women. Considering the only women men really want are between 18-25 in the US, and 16-25 wherever that’s legal, good pussy is scarcer than ever per capita. That’s where all of this stress and bitterness comes from. It’s hard to make an honest buck, and especially now when there’s a tiny rich class, nothing, and then every other guy, it’s hard to get good pussy.
    Pussy between the ages of 18-25, that which actually has value, is scarcer per capita than ever. Now, because of globalization, there really aren’t any wars. Young men don’t die and there are fewer fit mates for men. Add in that women will mate with a much larger group of males, than vice verse (men ages 18-49 are in play for women), and also that normal taboos are being eliminated–interracial couples, inter-relgious couples, lesbians and gays–competition increases further. Then, add in that there’s a small group of super-rich in our society, that women are able to interact with–or at least follow closely–via internet and media, and you have a large group of good pussy saving itself for Ryan Gosling an Rob Gronkowski. Times are tough.
    When there are less women to go around, they get the upper-hand. And right now, they have it.
    When are times the best? Right after wars, and when resources are more equally distributed. That’s when babies boom. Soldiers get home, there’s suddenly twice as many young horny women per capita than there were when they left. They bang everything that moves, and it’s life with the white picket fence. After WWII, after Vietnam, these were the best days to be a man in the US.
    These days, there are so many fit men and so few fit women, relatively, there are all kinds of laissez-faire mechanisms to lower the price of good pussy.
    Most of these are fools gold substitutes. For instance–lately, the media is assaulting our eyes and ears with these ghost men who date older women, in their 30’s and even 40’s. *Age Discrimination is Dying* we’re told, *Men in their 20’s Prefer Women in their 30’s*, or the *Women in Their 30’s are in their Sexual Primes.* Those are all obviously lies. They’re so far from the truth, I actually chuckle as I think about statements like those.
    Never in history have sane men preferred infertile, unattractive old women. Maybe, more men used to be married to old women, but that’s because it was socially advantageous. Marriage used to be a means of earning respect in society, and the best way to get an 18-year-old virgin wife when you were 25 was to marry here. It was only right, and she would be beautiful and obedient for 15 years, and then obedient after that. Plus, there’d be plenty of mistress pussy she’d turn a blind eye too after that. What could she say? You were decent enough to stick around and support her when she was no longer fuckable, and there was plenty of young alternatives out there.
    Women used to be terrified of not being married by age 30. Because in a century when the common cold killed people, when 2 world wars wiped millions of men from the earth, there were plenty of women to go around per man.

    1. And when I say 18-25, if we’re totally honest, it’d be 18-18. As long as she’s not fat, and she has good hygiene and is literate, any 18 year old trumps any 25+-year-old.

    2. Also, it’s a huge bummer that most of ROK is whining. Everyone knows the problem, it sounds like, but nobody focuses much thought on a solution. What do we do?
      Seems to me, men are doing everything they can to give women–more than half the population–a leg up everywhere. In the sexual marketplace, it’s all about feminism, and making single mothers and old women more attractive. It’s all about women on top, and bush, shaved pussy and doggystyle is misogyny!
      In the work place, women now get affirmative action. I’m an engineer, and some of the most idiotic colleagues of mine are women, while some of the most brilliant men I know are treated as comparable talent. As if competition wasn’t hard enough, we have half the population + minority groups getting an advantage over white men. Wasn’t affirmative action for black people? Who were enslaved and treated like shit? Why are white women and Latina’s horning in!?

  47. In a different era, the men who read this site would have become the
    sheepdogs, keeping society safe from predators; but under the influence
    of globalism and dissolution the sheep are fractious and disobedient. To
    succeed we must become wolves.
    I disagree with the last sentence…In my opinion we should disappear, let the wolves create some havoc upon the weak and only then we come back to protect what is good. Let scavengers eat junk food.

  48. I have never read anything so bombastic and stupid since “Million Little Pieces” and before that “Bridges of Madison County” held that position. Aurini awkward pretense of insight rivals both Waller and Frey in the sheer scope of his idiocy. With all three writers I found myself unable to look away. Does he know his ego is showing? “The daily treachery of virtuous maidens?” Not just the treachery – the “daily” treachery. The Nazi Feminist and the MRM are the opposite sides of the same unfortunate coin. I hope someday Aurini can find happiness with one of those expensive Japanese sex dolls.

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