The Radical Ideology Of Female ISIS Members

Readers are no doubt generally aware of the activities of the Islamist extremist group ISIS (or ISIL, or IS). Since the advent of armed conflict in Syria and Iraq, it has grown in ambition and reach, and has been able to attract some disaffected volunteers from around the world. Studies indicate that of the estimated 3,000 fighters migrating to the region to volunteer, as many as 550 of these are women. These numbers are not large by military standards, but they do raise unsettling questions.


While much attention has been lavished on male ISIS fighters, very little attention has been paid to the female fighters. Why this is so, readers may themselves speculate. The mainstream media devotes almost no time or space to discussing the origins, ideology, and recruitment strategies of ISIS; we are instead treated to an endless litany of disconnected attacks, counterattacks, and atrocities.

The mainstream media does nothing to explain the historical and social underpinnings of these events.  Understanding the enemy and his thinking is the first step in self-defense. I have to confess, though, that writing this article tested my powers of objectivity. I despise this group and everything its stands for. Yet I believe it is important to convey information to our readers that assists in understanding current international events.

The most comprehensive study to date of female ISIS terrorists (Hoyle, C. et. al., Becoming Mulan?: Female Western Migrants to ISIS, published by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue), indicates that “there is a large online ecosystem of female ISIS supporters” that works strenuously for the group. While most of these women emphasize their domestic role, they fulfill a needed function as recruiters and “cheerleaders” for ISIS in various online capacities. The authors of the study cited above further elaborate:

Perhaps the most important risk is that the female migrants can inspire others, both men and women, to carry out attacks in Western countries or to travel to Syria and Iraq. The women within our sample actively encourage others to leave their homes and families and travel to ISIS-held territory, often chastising those who use family or other obligations as an excuse not to travel. In addition to encouragement they provide practical advice to those wishing to travel and, as such, are key to ensuring that ever more women travel to join ISIS. This can include advice on how to overcome the objections and roadblocks raised by family, what clothes to bring, where to attempt a crossing and what to expect on arrival. Although the more general pieces of advice are often contained in blog posts or on public responses on sites such as, many of the muhajirat [female fighters] encourage those thinking of travelling to get in touch with them directly through closed messaging apps and direct message.

The threat posed by female radicals, according to the authors, is thus three-fold: (1) giving support and encouragement to their fighting husbands, and (2) acting as potential “sleeper agents” in the West, and (3) recruiting other women to their radical ideology.


Perhaps the most fascinating document to emerge recently on this topic was the “manifesto” published in Arabic by the female ISIS group “Al-Khanssaa Brigade.” This document, which has recently been translated into English by Charlie Winter for the Quilliam Foundation, paints a very vivid picture of the ideology and goals of ISIS’s female members. (Unfortunately, the publisher does not provide the original Arabic text, so I have to rely on the fidelity of Mr. Winter’s translation).

We should emphasize here that this manifesto was written by women, for women. It provides visible proof that extremism, narrow-mindedness, and bigotry can be found in abundance in both genders. Let us examine some of the main points of this strange document. Despite its obligatory clichéd phrases and distracting religious cant, there is a coherent philosophy here that deserves our close scrutiny.

1. The manifesto is directed primarily at Arab women. It is not an “official” ISIS state document, but was put out by female members of ISIS for the benefit of other females in the region. The name “Al-Khanssaa Brigades” takes its name from a woman fighter in early Islamic history. The manual was circulated only in Arabic, a fact which indicates its intended audience. One of its stated purposes is to expose the alleged hypocrisy of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States in protecting the rights of women.

2. Each gender has a role to fill. Men have their role, and women their role. “Pursuing these desired goals, above all else, is enlightened, cultured and developed. We say regarding each gender’s role, that to have a job is a task reserved only for men–he has been given the body and brain and he must tend to his women, wives, daughters and sisters according to his circumstances.”


3. There is a difference between studying and earning a living. The primary function of women should be the domestic function. However, this does not equate to ignorance and illiteracy:

Yes, we say “stay in your houses”, but this does not mean, in any way, that we support illiteracy, backwardness or ignorance. Rather, we just support the distinction between working – that which involves a woman leaving the house – and studying, as it was ordained she should do.

4. Equality with men is a sham:

Women gain nothing from the idea of their equality with men apart from thorns. Under “equality” they have to work and rest on the same days as men even though they have “monthly complications” and pregnancies and so on, in spite of the nature of her life and responsibilities to their husband, sons and religion. If a woman is forced to work outside the house, we must reward her for this service and look after her household and children in her long absence.

5. The manifesto is quite explicit on what conditions a woman should seek work outside the household, and what limits should be put on it:

1) The work must be appropriate for her and her abilities and not involve more than what she is able to endure, or what is difficult for her to achieve.
2) It should not exceed more than three days a week or should not last long in the day so she does not have to leave her house for a long time.
3) It must take into account necessities – for the illness of a child, travel of her husband. She must have holidays.
4) She must be given two years maternity leave, at least, to rear and feed the child, and only resume if the child has started to be able to rely on himself for the most important things.
5) There must be a place to put the children at work until they reach school age, where they can be checked upon from time to time to stop the problems that arise from small children being by themselves in the house or someone to care for them.

All in all, the document provides a rarely-seen glimpse into the mind of the female religious extremist. In tone and content, it seeks to motivate women of the region by its invocation of the possibility of a better life under fundamentalist principles. Its denunciation of current Saudi gender integrationist practices, and against the Shia politicians of Iraq, make it likely that the female authors are of Iraqi and Saudi descent.

Western feminist media outlets have mostly failed to address or respond to the challenge posed by female ISIS members. What, precisely, does ISIS believe in? How is it that this sort of a group can attract women? Its militant agenda, its subversive ideology, and its extreme violence should have prompted closer examination. Media coverage has been superficial at best, negligent at worst.

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  1. Unrelated, but I must mention this.
    Having sex is now becoming such as hazard and a big risk, that men are soon going to be celibate. The huge, huge, huge number of women who are having children has exploded out of proportion. So many women are out to destroy men with their attempts of getting pregant, that its becoming sick even to socialise with them.
    I’m getting a vasectomy and advise all men to do the same. Its not worth the risk of having sex with any women. Better to be safe than to be sorry.

        1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
          I wonder if this is an investment opportunity.
          If I could fuck with no worries of pregnancy that makes things a hell of a lot more fun. Pretty sure this will be a hit.

    1. “Having sex is now becoming such as hazard and a big risk, that men
      are soon going to be celibate. The huge, huge, huge number of women who
      are having children has exploded out of proportion. So many women are
      out to destroy men with their attempts of getting pregant, that its
      becoming sick even to socialise with them.
      “I’m getting a vasectomy and advise all men to do the same. Its not worth the risk of having sex with any women. Better to be safe than to be sorry.”
      No wife, no sex, no children. Might as well become a monk? You’re already giving up on all the best worldly stuff without the potential payoff of greater communion with God and the solace of living in community of other seekers.

        1. As a father, I say you’re wrong. Your father would likely echo my sentiment, assuming he stuck around and wasn’t a whimsical Baby Boomer.

  2. Men Fought The Nazis, Women Slept With Them

    as you cut out the ideology x y z, it basically confirms girls love bad boys. Be it nazis rebel groups, thugs,mafia gangsters,sociopaths,jerks,etc. All dark triads on varying degrees. Even look at our pop culture with the movie”Thor”, Loki the villian is the favorite.
    Theres a reason media doesnt cover it, not just cuz itll piss off the gynocentric culture but just confirms what we all know

    1. Joker is one of the most beloved characters in DC comics aside from Batman, nothing more needs to be said…

      1. Well, it does bear mentioning that of course for the unwashed masses, it was the Chris Nolan version of scary psycho Joker that flooded the pantie gussets. The charismatic and colourful Jack Nicholson performance was derided in favour of the dangerous and malevolent 21st C representation. The amount of thirsty yes-men I’ve seen in (modern) joker costumes around halloween is lamentable. Guys want to be him, girls want their throats slit by him. And of course, that ridiculous Bane character had the cinemas stinking like a fish monger’s. If the crazy emo pervs are reading DC and getting fizzy knickers for the Joker, that at least that’s a step up in complexity. While comics are generally juvenile, there can be a few stories that hold their own in the literature world. The Sandman is a good one, for example.

  3. ISIS is a farce, just another make believe “terrorist” organization used to justify further Orwellian measures to “protect” us in the United States, and to make people afraid of leaving the “greatest country in the world”. Open your fucking eyes and turn off the news.

    1. interesting point to throw out. Usually every little thing that happens in the middle east, israeli loses its shit and complains to the UN and USA and now we have the most “dangerous thing in the middle east ever” and not a peep from them.
      They complain of possible nuclear power, missed rockets from gaza and people overthrowing there western back dictators but not these guys apperntly.

      1. I don’t know – one way to look at it is that these countries usually are all united against Israel. But now they’re getting their shit pushed in by a bunch of rag tag jihadis, which takes some of the pressure off. Perhaps Israel is content to keep its mouth shut while all the people who hate it are busy killing each other, and doesn’t want to open its mouth and interrupt the process.

        1. Israel remains at peace by creating division among its enemies. Israel created Hamas to fight against Fatah. Keep the Palestinians fighting amongst themselves and they won’t have to deal with anything. Just like with all the other countries where Arabs are killing Arabs. Israel separates the people and just let’s them fight and kill each other, while Israel gets to live peacefully.

        2. So how did Israel cause the arab spring? weren’t arabs killing each other since they’ve always been pretty tribalist, even before Israel came to exist in its modern form? I don’t doubt that Israel benefits if those that want to wipe it out, namely shiites and sunnies, nationalists and islamists, fight each other, and that Israel may incentivize such in-fighting, but to place the blame mostly on israel is irresponsible. Can’t arabs be responsible for their own in-fighting?

        3. “So how did Israel cause the arab spring?”
          Israel didn’t. Obama did. Obama isn’t acting in Israel’s interests, or even the USA’s.

      2. Yes, ISIS first started as a unification of the Sunni groups fighting Assad’s army in Syria. Now they’re all the fucking same. Al Nusra, Al Qaeda, ISIS, any of these Syrian “rebels” you hear about are all interchangeable. the same rebels that the US is funding. They’re also funded by the rich oil billionaires from the Gulf. Turkey lets them cross into Syria from the Turkish border. Now there was a report I read saying that Israel had promised medical treatment in their hospitals on the Syrian border to any injured rebels on the condition that they were fighting Assad and not entering further into Israel. It’s all a giant proxy conflict. USA, Israel, Gulf states, Turkey vs. Assad who is kept in place by Iran which is supported by China and Russia.

        1. Yes. But it goes deeper than that.
          “ISIS first started as a unification of the Sunni groups fighting Assad’s army in Syria.”
          That’s the half-truth that the MSM pushes. Where did ISIS and the Syrian rebels actually come from? They didn’t pop out of nowhere. They were recruited, trained and equipped by the west and housed at bases at our allies Turkey, Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia. They are OUR proxy army that WE CREATED. They weren’t already “rebels” that we happened to ally with as in ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend.’
          It’s been completely stage-managed from A to Z.

        2. “It’s all a giant proxy conflict. USA, Israel, Gulf states, Turkey vs. Assad who is kept in place by Iran which is supported by China and Russia.”
          It is a lot more complicated that. Obama has the USA backing every side in every conflict in the ME currently.

          Nearly every country in the Middle East is now at war… And we are on every side of all of those wars. Iran and its associated forces are at war in Iraq (We support Iran in Iraq, but only after opposing Iran in Iraq.), Syria (Assad had to go until he didn’t.), Lebanon (We just took Hezbollah off the terrorist group list.), and Yemen (where we are okay with the Houthis, except when we support bombing them). Lebanon, Syria, and the Palestinians are at war with Israel. (We fund Israel’s Iron Dome, but rip them when they exercise their right to self-defense and cut off arms shipments mid-war, then castigate them as non-democratic for not negotiating with terrorists.) Egypt (where we supported the Muslim Brotherhood and then the coup against the Muslim Brotherhood and then opposed the regime that ousted the Muslim Brotherhood) is at war with Libya (where we ousted Muammar Qadaffi and then watched as the state turned into a terrorist playpen) and Yemen. Saudi Arabia (whom we oppose in their efforts to stop Iranian nukes) is at war with Yemen (where we are on the side of the Saudis) and in a proxy war with Iran. (We’re not sure.) Tunisia, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and Syria are all in civil war. Now, there are reports that the Saudis and Jordanians and Egyptians are all seeking nuclear weapons not to fight Israel, but to counter Iran.

        3. We are only letting Iran lead the fight in Northern Iraq against ISIS because it’s part of our strategy with the nuclear negotiations. We let them go in there, gain local influence and authority, and it is a move of generosity by us to the Iranians. Again, there’s a good chance that the Iranian military gets bogged down and weakened fighting ISIS so that benefits us as well. Win-win for us.
          Keep in mind that there is in fact a method to the madness. Us, as outsiders, usually cannot see it because we rely too heavily on the MSM for firsthand reporting and analysis. But there is a plan that the ones at the top who call the shots have. And that plan is to destabilize the entire Middle East and keep it destabilized so that they never unite and kick us and our corporations out of there.

        4. Basically, this proxy conflict is nothing more than the Anglosphere, wanting to maintain hegemony and world geopolitical power.
          Let’s see if I get this correctly: England pulls the strings on Israel via Balfour 1917, then the rest of what you said. Makes sense in context.

        5. Iran won’t get bogged down by fighting ISIS because it is seen as the leader of the Shiite world and therefore can easily have Shiite militias do its bidding. We already see Iran basically taking over parts of Iraq by proxy, Iran controls Hezbollah, some Shiites in Syria, amd the Houthi rebels (who are about to be blown off the face of the earth by the Saudis). So the reason Israel probably isn’t so concerned about ISIS is because Iran actually has the influence and technology to wipe it off the face of the earth, whereas ISIS uses terror tactics to appear strong but is getting backlash even from Sunni countries like Jordan. The majority of ISIS conquest has actually been from Sunni tribes who allied with ISIS to unite against the Shiite infidels.
          So this nuclear deal is more suspicious since Obama (puppeteered by Iranian Valerie Jarrett) seeks to empower the already powerful Iran. Many say that keeping the “enemy” in division provides safety, but in reality there are TWO diametrically opposed enemies, the Sunnis and Shiites, who provide a check on each other’s power. However, if more civil wars are provoked, that leads to the kind of extremist sentiment that wants to destroy Israel.

      1. It’s easy. 1) make shit videos. 2) Show screenshots of these videos and say they contain GRAPHIC AND DEEPLY DISTURBING IMAGERY and 99% of the readers will say, “Fuck that, I’m not going to watch that shit and get traumatized. Fuck ISIS for making such videos and forcing the newspapers to show screenshots and ruin my day. Kill them all!” 3) Repeat.

    2. ISIS sounds like it was written by B grade Hollywood writers. Seriously, the beheadings look fake as hell with the “victims” dutifully lining up to accept their fate.
      “My teenager daughter ran away to join ISIS!” headlines in the British Press is just pathetic.
      They’ve never hit Israel. Never made an overture. Once.

      1. “My teenager daughter ran away to join ISIS!” headlines in the British Press is just pathetic.

        Watching the MSM propaganda networks show grainy footage of females walking down a street while proclaiming them to be teenage girls running away to join ISIS sent me into spasms of laughter.
        You couldn’t make this kinda shit up if you tried!

        1. “Mr. Moody seemed like a normal pensioner, but felt disenfranchised. Coming from a different place and time, he couldn’t accept feminism or the changing times. He joined ISIS. This grainy video of him with an AK-47 strapped to his walker confirms his identity.
          Remember England, the threat is real and it could be a neighbor you’ve known for the past 20 years. See something, say something.”

        2. Government has already done this with stripping away of civil liberties disguised as protecting citizens from terrorists.

      2. >ISIS sounds like it was written by B grade Hollywood writers.
        Google Operation Mockingbird, Operation Paperclip and also check out the CIA’s long involvement with Hollywood.
        All this War on Terror BS is first written by hack writers at the Rand Corporation and countless other intel-connected think tanks. They often work hand in hand with B-grade Hollywood writers. It’s all passed upstream to Langley, VA where the propagandists fine tune it before delivering it to their media assets.
        All BS all the time.
        For any of you old enough to remember the “Serbian Concentration Camp” meme of the early 90s (which led us to the Balkan war), check out this doc on how it was all staged by MI5:

        The film Wag the Dog famously touched upon this subject.

      3. i’ve read a report by a german journalist who made a contract with isis to be able to travel with them for a month. he said that the situation is worse than we anticipate, because they are in all those towns together with a lot of sympathizing but otherwise uninvolved civilians. thus, it’s next to impossible to fight them without generating a lot of collateral damage and thus supply of willing fighters for isis.

    3. ISIS is real, it’s just been blown out of proportion and been used to justify extreme anti-population measures, as you say.
      In an objective world, ISIS would gather maybe 1-2 mentions a week as just another rogue terrorist group with more bark than bite.

      1. ISIS is not real. It’s been manufactured out of whole cloth.
        Of course now that we’ve trained, armed and set loose those psychos, I suppose it’s real enough (in a sense) at this point.

        1. Exactly. None of these groups, Al Q, Is, Is Is, etc. were real, but were all invented and created by the west. But as western armies go in and bomb and kill hundreds of thousands, and these groups are plastered everywhere as “the resistance” then actual real people whose dads and brothers were murdered join up together and take on the banner of these fake groups and they *become* real.

      2. In the words of a Saudi politician, ISIS is a “troubled partner” a Sunni group that should not be fought against by Sunnis, but who is just like flexing its muscles with terror tactics to try and scare us, thus the lowing out of proportion.
        “ISIS has been manufactured out of whole cloth” They actually developed out of AQI, alqaeda in Iraq in 2006, but were booted out by fellow Sunnis due to their extremism, then began by taking land in Syria, and then atracting many (secular) Iraqi military leaders to its ranks, who had in fact been trained by the U.S.

    4. Actually this has little to do with the U.S. as far as it goes. Italians on the other hand are mobilizing their coast guard under increasingly direct threats.

    5. No shit. I believe I could take a group of men from Baltimore and we could over run ISIS by Saturday. No training needed for my group (urban assault trained).
      It’s more terror bullshit to keep the money flowing.

  4. Photos/videos and information about such groups from the mainstream media does not constitute as proof that there is any such thing happening.

        1. Sorry man, ever since the official story about 9/11 has been proven to be bullshit and we’re talking about massive loads here; the mainstream media has zero credibility and I don’t know why anyone should believe things they say, especially about terrorism.

        2. There are so many coincidences and strange relationships it is ridiculous. Truth corroborates itself. A shit ton of facts was never presented by the media. It never will be. People are just too fucking scared to face the reality we are being managed into a bullshit proxy war for the benefit of Israel.

        1. So assume they are CIA trained. Ok, I wouldn’t put it past them. I’ll cede that easily. How does that change the facts of what they’re doing precisely? Are beheaded prisoners somehow differently murdered?

        2. You’re also assuming that the videos and news reports about the beheadings are necessarily true.

        3. I can only go by what evidence I see. Questioning video is the normal route of the conspiracy theorist mindset. While clearly video can be faked too many international players across the globe are receiving threats from this group to have it be an exclusive propaganda prop of one particular segment of the U.S.

        4. Watch the ‘Bosnian death camp’ YouTube documentary I posted earlier in this thread.
          Video can indeed be faked. And as long as the powers that be in the West are on board with a particular war agenda, then that video can indeed be used to fool the ENTIRE WORLD. Of course there are always dissenters, truth tellers, “conspiracy theorists” who call out the bs but they cannot match the propaganda power of the MSM to have any significant countering effect.
          As for “too many international players across the globe receiving threats” – behind the scenes those players are unified. They create and stage-manage the “threats” that are directed back at them. It’s just one big dog and pony show, nothing more.
          It’s not a case of the US pushing propaganda onto the rest of the world. It’s the Matrix of western intel agencies (plus Israel and certain middle eastern allies) who are the authors of these shennigans. The US and the CIA might be the alpha dog but at the end of the day it’s a team effort.
          Read every article on this site. Might take you a few years but it’s worth it:

        5. It is a logical fallacy to suggest that because someone erroneously questions forgeries that there cannot be a forgery or fakery going on here.
          Because this group is threatening multiple nations it cannot be an arm of the US government? The US government propogates a lot of things which are against its own best interest, not to mention those of its allies. The entire welfare state destroys the fabric of society, for but one example. And we are talking about the secret black government types, that have the least scruples of any government sector. But either way, this does not constitute proof or lack or proof of a relationship for the funding of terror groups.
          See the above comments to Vlaskiach with links to history of this group.

      1. The onus is on those to prove a claimed statement is true.
        We know the reasons for the original Iraq war were fake (babies in incubators).
        We know the reasons for Iraq war 2 were fake (WMD)
        We know the Mujahadeen was funded by the CIA.
        We know Al Q and Is Is are just offshoots of the Mujahadeen.
        So where’s the proof that one of these groups rebelled and is fighting against its creators?

  5. Great article!
    This is interesting…I can see how something like this could be very appealing to the modernized Western woman.
    It speaks to both sides of the modern Western woman. Using propaganda pictures like the woman holding the rifle appeals to the tough grrrrl power ideas that have been pushed relentlessly.
    The ability to work three days out of the home appeals to the “working girl” idea, yet its not so overwhelming that they have to slave away for hours on end, plus they get two years of maternity leave.
    Also, they can get their education if they want it.
    Finally, you have the whole domestic aspect which women are hard-wired to be experts at.
    It’s almost as if they managed to perfectly psychoanalyze Western women and provide them with the ideal dose of everything they might want.
    These people are definitely not simple-minded barbarians. This is very scary.

    1. Hopefully it works and send those feminists with 10 tons of their belongings to sand land and they will realize its not all girls and glamour. There will be a lot of sand in those vaginas.

  6. If you watch tv you’re a fucking moron.
    ISIS=CIA trained
    Al qaida=CIA trained
    American soldiers died fighting al qaida so now they can be allies against isis?
    So many morons believe this shit. Destroy your goddamn tv’s you fucking imbeciles.

    1. American media (both left- and right-orientated media) is proof that you can spew outrageous lies and propaganda for 24 hours a day nonstop and some people will believe it all as long as it has a thin (very thin) veneer of ‘news’ on it. Soviet-style and nazi-style propaganda was lame and ineffective by comparison.

    2. Tell me about it. Even on red pill manosphere sites the majority clearly swallow the whole ISIS/Al Qaeda/War on Terror bull shit.
      Come on guys, it’s been almost 14 years since 9/11. Since then, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of pages of analysis have been written in the alternative press that disassembles the fairy tale narrative promulgated by the MSM – point by point. Dozens of scholarly books. Countless video documentaries. Hundreds of high-profile whistle blowers including former presidents and prime ministers of countries, high ranking generals, heads of national spy agencies – the list is endless.
      All the “terror attacks” all the WMDs and other excuses to go to war – it’s all theater, stage-managed by western and Israeli intelligence agencies, with the full cooperation of the MSM (the Elite’s ultimate weapon).
      AL QAEDA
      Boko Haram
      abu sayyaf
      Chechen Insurgents
      Every single major terror attack since OKC ’95
      All FAKE! All clandestinely trained, financed and managed by The West and its Oligarchial Banking Overlords.
      Here are just a tiny snippet of Red Pill Geopolitical sources that pull no punches:
      Even Alex Jones, despite all his over-the-top rantings is yelling most of the truth on a daily basis.
      Disengage from the MSM, now and forever!
      The MSM and its big daddy, International Central Banking, constitute the most potent weapon of war and enslavement ever devised by the mind of man. More powerful than a thousand hydrogen bombs. Let it die!

      1. Of course you don’t have to believe me. In fact, the President of France (and soon other western leaders) are about to ban “conspiracy theories” once and for all. That way, there won’t be anything to believe other than the official MSM message. Makes everyone’s life easier. Less to think about.
        Thank God! All this freedom on the internet is not good for impressionable minds. /s

        1. Well they have to do something, all the Jihad John videos have been 100% proven fake. Easy to find on youtube. It’s quite amazing how poorly done they were, especially with all the CGI wizardry we have nowadays.

      2. i love the idea of conspiracy theories, but i don’t know why i should trust independent sources more than msm.
        maybe you can enlighten me. what standard do you personally use to verify claims made by advocates of something you could call conspiracy theories? how deeply do you research?
        anything can be made up, especially on the internet.
        but maybe you have, from experience, come to a conclusion on how to judge the veracity of content in a reasonably sufficient manner.

        1. Excellent question.
          Since I come from a scientific and engineering background and have also had experience with legal proceedings, I use similar standards to what would be employed in a court of law, based on evidence and logic and putting all emotion aside. When all the facts are in, if a conclusion is staring me in the face, well beyond any reasonable doubt – then I accept that conclusion, no matter how unpopular it may be.
          Disassembling the War on Terror is a deep subject. Too deep to go into in a couple of Disqus posts. But if you want a shortcut, again based on evidence and facts, I can only recommend that you read these two books and make up your own mind:

        2. I look at war the same way I look at college (today)…it’s all about business (making money).
          The U.S. (and its backers) learned a long time ago that it’s profitable to go to war (supplying both sides if needed) with training, weapons, supplies, etc…But you have to give it that “veneer” for the U.S. taxpayer to go for it (hype up the terror threat or some other nonsense).
          In the U.S., it’s all about making money (first)…everything else is a far second.

    3. I am pretty relieved (and a fraction surprised) that most of the commentators here have seen through the charade. Was losing hope with the general public’s IQ level. Cheers red pillers.

  7. Taking the red pill means waking up to ALL the BS out there. Not just the lies we’ve been told about women.

  8. This is an interesting question. I too despise ISIS, and if I didn’t have a family, I would find it hard not to hop a plane and go back to Iraq, join the Kurds, and annihilate these fucks. But, hatred aside, understanding what motivates people to join the enemy is an
    important component in defeating them.
    For women, it is odd that this group is attractive at all, given their record of barbarity, not just in general, but to females specifically. I don’t know that I have any answer, but I contribute the following observations:
    1 – Women generally view other women as competitors, and therefore hate them (talking here about women who are not close family or friends). So perhaps forced rape and marriage of strange women is not viewed as an atrocity by these women because they also view the oppressed as enemies deserving of this treatment.
    2 – Whatever nonsense you hear about how “if women ruled the world, there would be no wars and we would all just sit around all day in a big, happy kumbayah circle jerk” is just that – nonsense. Any reader here probably knows through social observation that women are far more ruthless than men. Divorce court is one thing, but observe how quickly they will pick up weapons and participate in brutal rape-culture warfare.
    3 – Women are very susceptible to suggestion. Reading this, I get the sense that a lot of these women are basically peer pressured into joining. Think about how retarded that is. If someone told me, over the internet, that I wasn’t a real man because I wouldn’t drop my life, and fly halfway around the world and do their whack-job bidding, I’d laugh and tell them to lick my balls. Apparently, there is something in the female psyche that can be tapped to trigger women to abandon common sense. Maybe this has been explored elsewhere, but I see parallels to online bullying/suicide, which happens mainly among women and gays (honorary women). It’s like at some point, you can push the magic button and these people stop thinking for themselves and accept whatever behavior you suggest for them.
    4 – Observing much of western culture, you can’t really deny, even as much as you hate them, that ISIS presents a more masculine cultural alternative. What I suspect you won’t find in an ISIS controlled area is a collection of effeminate, spaghetti armed, hipsters living off of daddy’s trust fund and obsessing about the latest trendy ironic fashion. So there’s an alpha component at play.
    5 – On some level, ISIS is selling a product that speaks to a woman’s biological drive rather than some feminist fairy tale about what she should want from her lean-in life. ISIS tells these women
    they are expected to stay home, rear a family, fill a domestic role, and expect men to provide for them. In other words, ISIS provides guidance in a world that increasing tells women to expect none.
    Some of this appeal is probably a rejection of feminism, which has sold women a bill of goods about how happy they will be as a childless cubicle slave bouncing from cock to cock for all eternity.
    Western society hasn’t really hit the wall yet – society hasn’t been forced into a full scale reevaluation of feminism as an end all, be all – and so most women haven’t yet embraced what ISIS sells. I suspect that had our modern fem-centric welfare society collapsed, more women would be willing to settle for a scenario where they have to accept lesser rights, but will be guaranteed to be provided for while fulfilling their biological imperative. In this light, perhaps we should find it surprising that more women aren’t joining. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time. After all, modern women are willing to let rich arabs literally shit on them so they can buy an expensive handbag and shoes. If they still get the expensive handbag and shoes, do they really care that the man expects them to shut up and raise kids instead of serving as a human toilet? For such morally unmoored creatures, that’s probably a better option.
    6 – I’m not sure I buy into the sincerity of their ideology. Women are cunning and devious. Say what you will about ISIS’ prospects for success (with the pussy we have in the White House, they are much better than they should be), but the potential upside of this venture is huge if they pull it off. If ISIS survives as an autonomous state, the rank and file plebes that fill the unfortunate cities that are occupied will be at the bottom of the shitheap. At the top will be the mujahedeen that fought to make the caliphate exist. These women
    are essentially gambling that they will be the quasi-rulers of this shit empire with whatever perks come along with this position. Moreover, for all their talk about women’s roles, I don’t put it past them to reverse course once everything is in place. Women don’t see the writing on the wall the way men do. When a woman is in an abusive relationship, she doesn’t say “this is a bad option, I need to
    quit.” She finds ways to rationalize staying around so that she can change the bad guy to achieve a better outcome that she wants. These women are likely the same, and to some extent they don’t see burkas and beatings in their future, they imagine the possibility of ruling the shit empire as equals to the men they think they will change once the time is right.
    None of the above is definitive, and I should note that none of it changes my mind that we should pound these fucks mercilessly with every armament we have prior to dropping hordes of Marines on top of them with fixed bayonets to finish the job.

      1. On reflection, I have one more observation: have we considered the source of these women? I know much is made that they come from western nations, but there are fundamentalists everywhere, and also a much larger subset of the population that actively support fundamentalists even if they don’t participate. The point being, if these “western women” are really first generation immigrants who have been raised by jihadist sympathizers their entire lives, is it really surprising that they would join ISIS? Probably no more surprising than a woman who is raised by overt racists deciding to join a white supremacist organization.

        1. They are not by and large “Western” women. Everytime I’ve seen photos and heard names, they are of some kind of Arabic strain, likely first generation in country.
          There are not many Sally Smiths joining ISIS. There are however plenty of Sharima al-Saquaidya (I made that up, no idea if it’s a real name, but it’s female in my fantasy language) to go around.
          ISIS is basically devoid of blue eyes and blonde or red hair, despite the media telling us how “An Englishwoman joined/A Danish woman joined”.

      1. I disagree with NemesisEnforcer that u can’t shame men into going to war.
        If a white knight thinks women will respect him if he goes and fights the bad-guys, he will be there in a heartbeat.

        1. I’m more speaking to a woman’s willingness to abandon principles. I agree you could shame men into fighting – hell, as an officer in the Marines, I sometimes had to. But there’s a fine line here. I could shame men to fight, but I don’t think I convinced them to abandon their entire belief system. I get the sense that these women abandon all of the institutions they cherish in life under peer pressure as easily as they may try their first cigarette. It’s like there is no distinction in their minds.

        2. From that point of view I agree.
          Men have more loyalty and are more likely to stand alone for what they believe in. A woman is more likely to just forget everything she said she once stood for.

    1. It is interesting to see the similarities of how the Nazis appealed to women. The German Nazis said much the same thing about “gender roles,” and even set up classes for women to learn home-making. As we know, western women flocked to the Nazis. The arranged marriages of the Moonie cult also give this impression of manufactured domestic bliss. It provides structured morality that every woman knows deep down is based on truth. Yes, equality with women is a sham. Yes, women should stay at home and take care of children. It is part of the insidious nature of ISIS that they pick the most degenerate parts of the West and say “look at us, here is how it should be.”

      1. How is it “insidious” that they criticize the most degenerate parts of the West? Isnt that basically what we are doing here? As much as you oppose their methods, you have to admit they do understand some basic truths far better than the mainstream ideology we have here.

        1. I agree with you, i think it comes down to how it’s handled. ISIS is taking a “kill it with fire” approach just killing anyone who doesn’t conform which is no different than what the feminists do (minus actual killing).

        2. There is no denying they are correct in certain criticisms.But you can’t blame these degeneracies on traditional Western religions and philosophies. Our modern left is actually very similar to ISIS in many ways.

        3. True they are currently temporary allies in destroying western civilization. However in places where they are the minority in the middle east Islam and modern leftists are enemies.

    2. Great Comment… I really liked your points #5 &#6. I personally think It comes down to survival for these women specifically, not some belief in the ISIS ideology. They assume that their best chance to survive in this particular crisis is to choose the side they assume will emerge victorious in the end.
      I would also assume that if ISIS were to faulter and lose ground, they would jump ship as soon as it was safe to do so, and run into the arms of the next big dog in the streets.

    3. I think dropping hordes of marines will only unite the middle east against America. They hate America more than they hate each other. Better that they fight out their difference and let it take its course. We don’t need further complications due to our meddling.

      1. Iran hates America more than it hates the Arabs, but it is meanwhile going to create an empire if the U.S. weakens the Sunnis by napalm ing them. And hint hint, an Iranian empire would be very bad. Sunni unite, minus the extremism, would keep Iran in check.

    4. #5 hits home. The glorified romanticized 50 shades of dirty camel shit being sold as a modern day Lawrence of Arabia dominate me fantasy. Take note the pictures of these “fighters” are usually handsome and chiselled with a manly whiff of testosterone laced BO. Getting your pussy pounded in a desert oasis while Mohammed feeds you fresh figs is a great selling point. When reality sets in you can squawk about being a victim.

      1. I don’t recall ever having a beef with you. Are you really the butthurt pretend internet lawyer that I schooled a couple of days ago? Are you now a trained psychologist too?

    5. Excellent points, especially #5 & #6. Unfortunately, the policy makers & problem solvers (if anybody is even in charge anymore) either lack or choose to ignore this pragmatism.

    6. Yeah true on women being more cruel than men. You might hear a man say “okay that’s enough.” Have you ever heard a woman say that?

  9. “Observing much of western culture, you can’t really deny, even as much
    as you hate them, that ISIS presents a more masculine cultural
    alternative. What I suspect you won’t find in an ISIS controlled area
    is a collection of effeminate, spaghetti armed, hipsters living off of
    daddy’s trust fund and obsessing about the latest trendy ironic fashion.
    So there’s an alpha component at play.”
    Have to agree with NemesisEnforce on this.
    I mention this in a post I’m currently working on for my blog but when you look around you in the West, what do you see? Degenerate, narcissistic hedonism. Now look at the ISIS guys and they have an “It” factor. They are fighting for what they believe is right and are willing to risk everything for it, and are great at publicizing it. And they are currently winning.
    This is a dangerous situation. Aside from defeating ISIS (wonder when they’ll be taken seriously by the pussy in the Oval Office), it would behoove us to figure out why they are so attractive to so many people and ask ourselves the tough questions.

      1. So? Their goal is not to get in long drawn out battles with the U.S., Israel, or other professional armies where they know they will lose. You know what other figure lost countless battles? George Washington, why? Because it’s not about winning battles, it’s about winning wars. Washington knew all he had to do was stop the British from coming or fucking with them and ISIS just needs to have the U.S., Israel, EU, and anybody else to stop coming at them. You might say that they gain favor when people are attacked by the West, I would disagree, the U.S. destroying their oil production has placed a huge toll and didn’t win many hearts and minds to go fight for ISIS.
        Now am I going to speculate it is a U.S. CIA creation? Yea. Because like everything else it probably else, like Al-Qaeda coming from the Mujaheddin in the 1980’s in Afghanistan, they may just be splinter group from the Iraq occupation. But it was created in 1999 and had basically zero power when Assad had 100% grasp of Syria and Saddam Hussein had 100% grasp of Iraq. In a power vacuum there will always be players who step up to fill it, and they are a big one, especially looking at a map of the land they control.
        What I find most fascinating though is that this group has a set goal, to make a caliphate in the land of Iraq and Syria. As opposed to Al-Qaeda which is more like radical Sunni mischief, this group has the goal of taking over that part in all the mess. There are still major players such as Assad, the FSA, and even Al-Qaeda hates them now (but more they just have different goals). As well as foreign players but really they’re still going strong. And to have these women come and fight/fuck for them must truly be a blessing of Allah for them. I’d like to see ISIS five years from now, now that’d be great.

      2. They look like they’re setup for a war of attrition. You can stomp a few roaches now & then but they just keep coming back. Slowly eating away at our resources & psychological sustenance. They’re looking at winning hearts & minds..first.

    1. Sun Tzu’s principle about knowing the enemy & Musashi’s about getting into the spirit of the enemy seems lost in the annals of time for the non combatants who’re supposed to be in charge of dealing with this.

  10. The media is deliberately avoiding any discussion of what ISIS is really about because they want the public to believe that it has nothing to do with Islam. ISIS is also an indictment of the modern western way of life. Currently, the west stands for nothing except consumerism. ISIS, as evil as it is, stands for something greater. Thanks for the article.

    1. Sad but true, ISIS is considered “bad” because they disagree. sure they kill many but all militaries and militant groups do. ISIS executes someone by cutting their head off, in the US you get lethal injection. At the end of the day, it all comes down to perspectives.

      1. Really? How many minorities in the US are forced to identify themselves by either a yellow star or a “N” for Nazarene? How many states in the US burn books regularly, sack libraries, destroy monuments?

    2. I feel pretty sure that if the public “knows” anything about ISIS, they would say it is Islamic. They probably cannot name what countries it is in or what it is doing, but they do know it is Islamic. The truth is it is not an organized group, and does not have a set ideology or constitution or set of rules. It is an invention of the west. It is now picking up steam, as any good honeypot operation does.
      Take this guy, Musa Cerantonio, an Australian who has become a big “supporter” and “recruiter” for the “group.” He did not know what this group was 2 years ago. He is a former Catholic, and read something about Islam that made him convert (how much of the social male/female dogma quoted in the article is appealing?) and now he identifies this group that the media is pushing, “IS IS” and even recruits and sends people over there to support it, and it therefore becomes real.
      The Atlantic has a good article on the history of this group since it suddenly became plastered on our TV screens out of nowhere:

  11. After 200+ years of America fighting terorism and armed groups abroad, you still have terrorist and enemy states popping up faster than ever. Maybe it is time to take a different approach. How many times do we have to invade the same countries over and over before we understand we cannot enforce our will onto other free humans. If Syrians want to live in a islamic state, let them. If Americans or Canadians want to go live in the islamic state, let them leave and join ISIS, and then cancels their passports and ban them from ever returning. You wanted to join ISIS, ok, free country, but once you go, don’t come back, EVER..

  12. But before speaking of ISIS I think that we should raise the question ? why Islam and not another religion ?
    why do we have muslim jihadists but not buddhist or jew jihadists ?
    because simply Islam is a religion of dominion you choose to be muslim or you get your throat cut.
    but let us consider the degrees of Islam :
    1 – Cultural Islam : the majority of muslims are culturel muslims they just practice their prayers 5 times a days and do ramadan. some muslims are even not considered as muslims for instance in north africa where berber tribes have mixed Islam with their former paganists beliefs.
    2 – Moderat Islam : in this case the muslim knows that he is to fight the none-believers but he will not do it out of (humanity, cowerdiness ….. )
    3 – True Islam : which is the Islam of ISIS when you do not have to rest until you convert all men,trees and rocks. and when all that matters is the comming of the califat.
    but now people all around the “Islamic” world started to see through the veil. people are know leaving Islam because they are no longer fooled.
    “Former Muslim”

    1. A better question is why do we see Islam supporting traditional values and sex roles but no other groups? Christian traditionalists, Buddhist traditionalists, non-theist traditionalists, are all groups I could get behind but these ideas are *ONLY* coming to us through the religion of Islam. Why is that?

      1. simply because these values are at the core of the religion, remove them and you’re done with Islam.
        and the coran is clear about traditional sex roles.
        but with Islam there is the problem of being dominated in every aspect of your life and don’t think that with it purely applied you will have any room to think for yourself .

  13. My take on it ; Islam is going to look mighty good in the near future to 80% of men.
    Ill elaborate on this further on my blog (!) , but shameless plugs aside- most ordinary men want a family ,kids and their own home to be responsible for.Under the gender contract of modern Western Matriarchies, thats not possible. Even if a man marries and uses game to sustain his relationship, he’s not in charge-the wife is. She is the real deedholder to the modern family and the property therein.
    Islam isnt a free lunch by a long shot. It does ,however, offer a man in the 80% a crucial ability to contribute his labor to HIS home. Right now converting religions to have a family is seen as extreme; but when the hypergamy gets bad enough it’ll be seen as the ONLY way to go.

  14. Sounds more like the men are planning the war and using the women as soldiers because they consider the women to be expendable.

  15. This is just my own musings, but, considering how Muslims
    treat women etc, I think this could indicate something very deep regarding not
    only ISIS but the Islamic world. To me, we have today’s problems in the Middle
    East because when the colonial powers receded they created countries that
    shouldn’t have existed – mixing warring or irrevocable ethnic and/or religious
    sects together. And I think that was deliberate. So, in effect we’ve been
    fucking with these people for decades and I think they know that. For fuck sake
    we just killed > 100,000 at least in the Iraq war. ISIS fielding women
    reminds me a little like nazi Germany fielding boys and old men and the
    VC/North Vietnamese fielding women (although it was for support). Under normal
    conditions of warfare you don’t see women or the young or elderly fighting but
    when you do it because of desperation and/or unshakable will. In total it shows
    that this is a foe willing to literally fight to the last person. It doesn’t
    seem that they’re desperate, so, that might mean they’re incredibly determined.
    They also want a Caliphate, which is reestablishing the former Islamic Empire.
    Will, no matter how primitive and abstract can make all the difference, it
    certainly did in Vietnam and, shit, Afghanistan. So, ISIS is fielding women?
    This is a group of people who ordinarily would exclude women from practically
    everything. I think this shows you just how absolute their will is. Its
    important to know your enemy; these people are fighting an existential fight. Are
    we? Or is it to maintain the petro-dollar system; the backbone behind the
    dollar’s global reserve currency status…a concept that very few in the west,
    let alone, soldiers cognitively understand let alone willing to fight to the
    very last person for.

    The women pictured aren’t calling the shots in their organization and even if they were, it would be a pre planned strategy to finally wind down and close the doors on the group. Any time you put women in control of an organization, a nation, a tribe – it is like declaring it defunct. It is preparing to die. I don’t see China or Iran dying anytime soon, at least not from internal dysfunction, but Sweden? Germany? God forbid the US?
    Isis, the offshoot (offSLOOT) of alC.I.A.da is as much a western creation and is as phoney as ‘THE MONKEES’ band from the 60’s. ”hey hey we’re western converts.” Patsy sloots without the sense to realize that blowing up the Super Bowl is as brownshirt occupy starbucks STOOPID as it gets. Oh yea they’ll look real fine and sexy bad when their handlers arrange for them to commando a school bus. WHAT’S NEXT, ISIS BARBIE? Their projected actions are all so ironic as well as typically dingbat when held in contrast to their proclaimed beliefs in traditional patriarchal ways of life. Beliefs that sound like they came right off an American Dutch Amish farm in Pennsylvania. But the western girls don’t have clitorectomies, so how many of the boss medeterranian chicks have had the gristle on their fajita meat trimmed? Anyone know or keep record?
    If Muslims chopped their men exclusively but not their women, then they would be the Jews of today. Their semitic mixed blood is identical.
    How different the world would be if the Jews circumcised (mutilated) their women INSTEAD of their men. Bella Abzug would have been knocked up at 14 by some 40 yo polygamist rabbi and would be running happily from the nursery to the well while beautiful sounds like ”Where’s the water, bitch?” ring across the fragrant fertile fields.
    The Egyptians laid the ‘chop rule’ down on the Jewish men, but even after their exodus, their bitches swore NEVER to give the control back to their men. I think we men (WHO NATURALLY RULE WITH GRACE) would have the humanity to remove an ankle bracelet or shackle from a man freed. But ALL BITCHES ARE TYRANTS aside from their motherly obligations. What more could you expect from a bitch of any stripe?

    1. the USA is one of the most wicked nations in the world. it strives to be worse than North Korea. America is the Asshole of the World, if i hate one nation it´s america.

  17. The fact that ISIS attracts women demonstrates just how insane and sick the world is. Not because these women are sick. Because the West in particular does not provide anyplace for women to be normal women. They have to fucking join ISIS in order to find a place and space in which they can be women (e.g., not work, focus on family, bear children, cook, and support men).

  18. Female ISIS fighters are just posing to attract more women to join. It’s all one big advertisement.

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