The World Is Revolting Against Hollywood’s Awful Feminist Remake Of Ghostbusters

The new Ghostbusters 3 is all shades of terrible. Combining affirmative action with casual racism (the three white characters are “scientists,” the black woman is some sort of glorified ghetto girl), this excuse for a remake has been forced to sell itself through the use of sick kids and lame trailer jokes that include a rip-off from The Exorcist’s line “The power of Christ compels you.” However, the public is rebelling, with overwhelming condemnation of the film’s premise and even existence.

Either those who saw the new trailer are all Return Of Kings readers, capable of discerning cinematic propaganda, or the general population is more astute than we give them credit for. Two-thirds of the trailer viewers have “disliked” it, perhaps vindicating the desperation of actresses Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones in promoting the film by having photo ops with kids dying of leukemia and the like. Sony has responded with a mass delete campaign to thousands of comments left on the trailer.

No one has adequately explained why, in a world where everything from Microsoft to Snapchat is male-generated, the new globe-saving paranormal clean-up team is all female. Just because is what we have been told. Is it not enough, for example, that women, without superior qualifications, are prefered 2-1 for STEM faculty positions? Evidently not.

In multiple areas, including gender, race and the celebration of obesity, Ghostbusters 3 is a symbol of more or less everything that is wrong with both society and the filmmaking industry seeking to protect it. For your own self-respect, we vociferously recommend you keep further away from this film than Melissa McCarthy does from diets and good exercise.

Sick kids, anyone?

Sick child does not want actors from a political movie at his bedside

To show that affirmative action was not nearly enough for them, the cast of Ghostbusters 3 shamelessly paraded themselves in a hospital full of sick kids last year. Forgetting the inconvenient detail that the film was months from being released, and the whole idea of film character visits are meant to be about kids knowing who the dressed-up people are, a large number of commentators online were left gushing and awwing over the supposedly wonderful gesture of the four female leads.

Thankfully, what seems to be a majority saw through the ruse. There is a massive qualitative difference between visiting sick children in character in general terms and doing so when the promotion stage is in full swing. Sure enough, a film star like Russell Crowe dressing up as Maximus Decimus Meridius would gain some social and even financial benefit from visiting suffering young people dressed in attire from Gladiator. Yet the advantage he can receive, considering the film was released a decade and a half ago, is far less.

People will surely criticize me and say, “David, what’s the problem if the women made some sick kids smile? It’s a kind-hearted act.” For a start, whether the kids smiled or not (and a photo is only a snapshot) is entirely irrelevant to the cast using terminally ill children to promote a film. Our conception of charity has regressed to the point where commercial advertising and charitable deeds are regularly conflated. We need not rely on Hollywood to make this assessment: Facebook and Instagram are full of people, often attention-seeking females, claiming acts of charity so as to garner the accolades of their “friends.”


All smiles to promote a feminist movie while child in the background appears unconscious

Although I am not a Christian myself, the Ghostbusters 3 PR stunt reminds me of the New Testament parable about the “charity” of the rich and self-promoting versus the true generosity of the poor and modest. In this example told by Jesus, the wealthy men gather in the temple to give vast sums of money as publicly as they can, while a solitary old woman, frail and otherwise penniless, produces a single coin that she gives quietly in the corner. Not only does the woman give more because of the comparatively very high value of the coin for her, she does so in a way that actually resembles helping others, not helping one’s image. For the rich men, doling out their “riches” for praise represents nothing to them because they have so much more.

Ghostbusters 3 and race

Leslie Jones could pass for John Coffey’s brother but her Ghostbusters 3 character is actually a great deal different, i.e. stupid and stereotypical.

As I alluded to above, Leslie Jones’ character is an over-the-top Queen Latifah-style character, embodying everything that is stereotypical of and arguably wrong about African-American women. Fittingly for a film which concerns the paranormal, she is the quintessential Magic Negro character, bringing the main characters together courtesy of her street knowledge and the provision of, yes, you guessed it, a hearse for the group’s transportation. Jones does remind me of the attacks against The Green Mile and the character John Coffey, except the latter figure was falsely maligned in a good film. By contrast, the excoriation of Ghostbusters 3 and its hood-dwelling black member is valid.

Amusingly, the visceral racism of Ghostbusters 3 has been replicated by Tina Fey recently. Her film Whiskey Tango Foxtrot depends on overdone race jokes and the casting of white actors to play ostensibly Middle Eastern characters. But, hey, her feminist pass checks out. Like Melissa McCarthy, who avoids serious scrutiny because her embracing being fat “emancipates” fellow overweight females, Fey’s reputation will escape largely unscathed. Apparently earning millions of dollars for yourself in the name of girl power excuses you.

Let us look deeper, though. Popular culture reflects the views of its creators. Leslie Jones’ Ghostbusters 3 character is exactly the sort of readily angered black woman liberals want. Beat-ups like in Ferguson, Missouri depend on this drastically dumbed-down caricature of African-Americans. Similarly, the proliferation of unashamedly fat women like Melissa McCarthy in films makes feminists and their enablers happier about themselves and their imminently approaching lives as cat-tending isolates.


How much money will Ghostbusters 3 lose for having a political agenda?

Jimmy Kimmel, like others, was forced to mischaracterize Return of Kings in even attempting to land blows on us.

Persecution of Return Of Kings has been commensurate with our website’s reach over the past year or so. From Canada in August last year, when SJWs tried to hunt down Roosh like a crude Gestapo would, to the 1984 hate we received for our planned meet-ups, leftists fear our message and critique of popular culture. In between, we ensured our readers and others could make appropriate choices about whether or not to see copycat J. J. Abrams’ The Force Awakens. Expect negative responses to us for daring to question Ghostbusters 3 and its agenda of women-just-because, minority-stunting stereotypes and exploiting sick kids for Sony Pictures’ gain.

At the end of the day, if the message and meaning of this new film is so significant, why is criticism of it utterly dismissed or suppressed in the name of “fighting misogyny”? This is the sort of question advocates for this terrible excuse for popular entertainment fail to answer. You know your product is a bung one when you require kids with diseases to unknowingly sell it.

We urge readers and others to boycott this film at all costs. Do not add to Sony Pictures’ feminist-loving coffers or help pay for Melissa McCarthy’s next cheeseburger.

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538 thoughts on “The World Is Revolting Against Hollywood’s Awful Feminist Remake Of Ghostbusters”

  1. While you are correct – the film is such overt feminist pandering its insulting I mean – “No one’s better at quantum physics than you”; “You’re a brilliant engineer” – Statements never said honestly to a woman ever. But I think the general public’s visceral negative reaction has a lot to do with the fact that the film looks downright awful regardless of its political slant. The characters appear one-dimensional and boring; the premise of the film is horribly cliche, the cgi feels significantly more out of place than the original’s special effects and the reference to the earlier films is dismissive and insulting at best, while more and more people are waking up to the pernicious sjw hollywood agenda, a shit film’s a shit film.

    1. I totally agree. I like to examine things like this critically, and while I agree with points that David makes, I think the movie just looks like a crappy cash-in starring even crappier female parodies of the original characters.
      Honestly, if I’m going to watch a bunch of chicks do everything short of winking and nodding at the camera to remind us that they’re acting like Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, I’m just going to watch actual Bill Murray and Harold Ramis.
      For all intents and purposes I consider the Ghostbusters video game on Xbox and PS3 and Wii to be the 3rd movie, anyway. It had the original actors’ voices (even Bill got his head out of his ass long enough to do it), tons of fun throwbacks to the original movies, and I *think* even Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd wrote the script. No feminism, no pandering, and I get to point and shoot with a proton pack myself.

    2. yeah, i love the line “no one is better at quantum physics than you”
      I knew a guy who did a PhD in physics. I haven’t spoken to him in a while, but we aren’t on bad terms. I am going to email him and ask him if the blackboard is just random letters or if they hired someone to actually put formulas on that board.
      In the words of the great Kasey Kasem…ponderous man, fucking ponderous.

        1. I was thinking the same thing, but don’t even think I could possibly sit through an entire Cinema Sins…much less a MST3K

        2. it is spectacular…despite me botching the name while I was typing.

        3. They were talking about rehashing it in 2013 but I never heard anything after that . I lucked out and found the whole series at a exchange store

        1. That is my bet. I wonder if maybe it is something hilarious though.

        2. Check out Thunderf00t’s video on the trailer. His conclusion feminists can’t do math. The log equations solve for different values for x.

        3. That is tremendous. Thanks. I will check this out for sure.

        4. OMFG I am only like 45 seconds into this video and I had to come back just to thank you again.

      1. I recalled watching Gilligan’s Island as a kid and didn’t understand the Professor when he rambled about scientific stuff. Then when I graduated college with a BS in Engineering and took that quantum physics stuff and eatched the reruns, I realized that what the Professor said in the show was valid to the situation in the scene. Was really cool.

        1. That is cool. It is such an easy thing to do right. Just find a first year graduate student in physics or engineering at MIT. They will have all the info necessary plus will work cheap.
          I remember we used to have a saying when I was in grad school “there is no better, cheaper labor than first year grad students”
          I had a friend who was well to do and used to hire 2 or 3 of them to serve drinks and food when we got together to play cards.

        2. I agree completely. I think it was on the HBO series “The Leftovers”, the statistician the main character meets had a trig circle on her board. I’m like come on, talk about phoning it in.

        3. The actor who played that role, Russell Johnson, was no slouch either.
          Wiki: “He flew 44 combat missions in the Pacific Theater during World War II as a bombardier in B-25 twin-engine medium bombers… his B-25 and two others were shot down during a low-level bombing and strafing run against Japanese military targets in the Philippine Islands. The B-25s encountered heavy anti-aircraft fire and all three had to ditch in the sea off Zamboanga. Johnson broke both ankles in th2e landing, and his bomber’s co-pilot was killed.”

        4. If Gilligans Island was in production today, the “professor” woulda parlayed that gig into being head of the EPA

      2. “no one is better at quantum physics than you”
        lol @ dumb bitch scriptwriters – thats not how knowledge works

    3. Yeah, lines like “You’re a brilliant engineer” and “No one’s better at quantum physics than you,” are a splinter in the mind’s eye. Even to the die-hard feminist, this doesn’t jive with reality. Further, notice that nothing at all ever was said in the original Ghost Busters. Why? Because it wasn’t necessary. Those were men! Egon and Ray never needed any explanation about why or even how they managed to create unlicensed nuclear accelerators; indeed that’s part of the comedy of the film, about how guys often can make things for a specific purpose also being rather dangerous. Egon and Ray showed that they were technical and intelligent enough to know how to capitalize on their discoveries about ghosts. We can believe men are innovative, creative, and technically minded enough to invent new things because men have done so! The Y-Chromosome invented most of everything in this world!
      It’s one of the things that makes gender equality so moronic. If you have to tell yourself you’re equal to men, you obviously aren’t.

      1. Funny fail: when she is told “no one’s better at quantum physics than you”, the mathematical formulas that appear in the whiteboard and that she is supposed to have written… are wrong. Minute 1:01 from the video:

      2. “You’re a brilliant engineer”
        “No one’s better at quantum physics than you”
        I predict these will become catchphrases, but for all the wrong reasons

        1. “You’re a brilliant engineer”
          “No one’s better at quantum physics than you”
          Participation trophies for everyone!

        2. The second one feels off. It’d be like saying “No one’s better at Black Holes than Hawking” – it makes sense, but it sounds so stupid at the same time.

        3. Heck, men really don’t need to be engineers. My goodness; we are so much into action and results that we’re willing to risk bodily harm, even death, just to try things out! The Wright Brothers were freakin’ bicycle mechanics, and they built a working powered airplane!
          Women are so risk averse that the mere idea of building a device that could potentially obliterate her at the speed of light because she crossed the streams would be unthinkable. She’d have to have a major reason to risk her own life for that.
          A more believable woman in such a situation was Ripley in both Alien and Aliens. In the first movie, her life was in direct threat. In the second, Newt’s life was in jeopardy. A momma bear going out to fight for her cubs makes better sense than what this horrible trailer, and much of today’s films and television, presents.

    4. The underlying message here is that there are women who are the best at quantum physics, engineering or whatever, but they are not recognized as such by our patriarchal society. It has to be someone else who comes and tells them “you are the best!” for them to finally believe in themselves and do stuff that will amaze the world. “You go girl” all the way.

  2. The picture in this article – where they are at the hospital with this caption : “All smiles to promote a feminist movie while child in the background appears unconscious”
    Jesus h. Christ that picture is almost as tacky as that selfie photo that blond cunt took of herself when she visited the Auschwitz concentration camp. One would think the pr people would know better than to make such a shot to promote the movie; guess they’re all on crack.

      1. Leave it to 4chan to call out the crap, and having no filter.
        Thanks for the pic! LOL

  3. If a malignant tumor contracted full blown aids I would rather have that cancer aids take root in my bowels than have to watch this movie.
    Yes, this movie is in fact worse than cancer aids.

    1. I’m aware this is hyperbole, but full blown AIDS often leads to cancers as our immune system is imperative in destroying cancer cells before they proliferate and become malignant, but not as malignant as this piece of shit they dare call a film, say no to feminazi ghostbusters, or you’ll get cancer aids.

      1. If somehow the aids tumor could be in a wheel chair because of its polio it would still be preferable to this movie.

      2. I actually might use this movie as a preworkout. I will watch 10 minutes of it in the locker room before hitting the weights. I will probably shatter my PRs

        1. yeah, my form would be all off and all the mumbling wouldn’t allow for breathing.

        2. ahhh yes, I have seen that meme. Just never knew where it was from.

  4. “People will surely criticize me and say, “David, what’s the problem if the women made some sick kids smile? It’s a kind-hearted act.” For a start, whether the kids smiled or not (and a photo is only a snapshot) is entirely irrelevant” ”
    Exactly. Plus they are exploiting the kids disposition for their piece-of-shit movie. You know for every sick boy they stood and were photographed with, you just know these same feminazis would just as soon see the kid casterated when he turns 18.

    1. I’m sure it was #killallmen with those concentration camps thrown in to max out those #maletears while they are doing the #wastehistime2016 thing ….
      Not sure how that lines up with reality, but they could be really smart because #thefarceawakens just came out to show us their go girl power.
      I think I will stick to #fuckoffworthlesstwat because it’s quiet there

    2. I can only imagine the disappointment those kids must have felt after being told the Ghostbusters are coming and these idiots show up. What a shameless photo-op.

      1. “sorry to be a cunt – but its “just as soon”
        No worries, man. I’m always trying to improve my writing. I made the correction; thanks.

      2. “but its “just as soon””
        If we’re gonna be grammar Nazis, then it should be:
        “but it’s “just as soon.”
        All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

    3. Yeah, i don’t like that. When kids make a request and a celeb goes out of their way to make that wish come true, that’s awesome.
      But going around and using them to promote a movie is sick. It’s like if A politician did the circuit in an election year. Those kids don’t know or care and they are just being used.

  5. The black woman is so clichéd, fat, loud, ugly and disgusting I cannot even look at her. Why are SJWs still defending this movie? This is the worst black stereotype I saw in a while and it´s not used in a funny or intelligent way. It is really childish.
    They wanted “girl power” but ashamed every women, who works in the film industry.
    The “best quantum physics” and “brilliant engineer” part was so ridiculous I laughed… loud.

    1. Yes, she looks like a woman ready to go get groceries and pick up her kids from day care, not write quantum physics on a dry-erase board.

    1. Oh God, now you’ve done it. They’ll be re-casting a remake of Tropic Thunder now because of your post. Damnit.

      1. But this time it will be a black guy, playing an asian, playing a transgender eskimo

        1. Why do you assume that there will be any roles for male, outside of villains?

  6. Franken Ramis!!! Awaken!!! Bigger, blacker and more masculine than ever before!!!

        1. The picture is missing her holding a pistol sideways, ala “gangsta” style.

  7. Dafuq. Look at that black woman. Her hair, the facial features, body type. She looks like a fucking beast.

  8. I can’t wait for ” teh patriarky” to be blamed if this doesn’t do well at the box office.
    All female Ghostbusters, now a possibly gay Luke Skywalker…what the hell happened to just making movies to entertain people?

    1. is it luke that they’re talking about making gay? shit. i figured they’d go with the black stromtrooper and the pilot guy, or shoehorn in a new character.

      1. Plot Twist: Luke becomes transgender and is now Lukesha. He becomes a hero to the universe because of this, and not his prior deeds.

        1. in all seriousness, i hope it’s not luke. i’m already pretty sure i’ll boycott the next film if they shoe horn homosexuality into it (why? sex isn’t a big part of the star wars universe anyway) but if it’s luke, i mean, i saw the first film as a little kid in 1977. it changed my life. can’t really find words to describe the awfulness.

        2. Oh, you can rest assured that it will be Luke. Abrams already killed Han Solo, there’s no reason to now not utterly eviscerate Luke, who was clearly hetero in the original movies. So basically his plan is to remove straight white males from the franchise, as far as I can discern. I’m very happy to not have contributed one red cent to this franchise since Disney bought it.

        3. I dunno. How would anybody know anyway? For all we know Han Solo never understood a word Chewie said and only brought him along so that he could make wise cracks using Chewie as a foil.

        4. Robot Chicken already made that joke with Chewbacca in their Star Wars parody. Chewbacca is gay only for Han.

        5. Robot Chicken is still on, but no information on renewal for a 9th season. You can watch the Star Wars parody on youtube.

      2. First Abrams said there’ll be gay characters in it, then I read online yesterday that there’s increasing speculation that Luke is, and Mark Hamill really vaguely talked about it. We’ll see either way.

      3. Yeah…I don’t think he’s ‘gay’, just that after realizing the first girl to get his dick hard was his sister, he kinda went “ewwwwwwww” and hasn’t sought it out since then.

        1. i prefer to think of him as a voluntarily celibate warrior monk, kind of a templar knight for a galaxy far, far away.

        2. had a friend in college was a film student who said in Lucas’ first draft the Jedi were called “Jedi Knights Templar”

        3. pretty sure that was the general idea – remember in … geez, I don’t recall the name, but one of the “prequels” – Anakin, as Obi-Wan’s Padawan, wasn’t supposed to be getting busy with Padme. As I recall, Obi-Wan basically told Anakin he had to choose between being Jedi or getting some Padme lovin’ – the 2 paths were mutually exclusive.
          but also, we can pretty much conclude this as Lucas based his writings on the stories of the old Knights Templar, Arthurian legends, and other similar tales – where the Knights are sworn to celibacy and are virtuous, etc., etc. So, being a Jedi meant forsaking carnal desires.
          and yes, I just wanted to say “carnal desires” in a sentence.

  9. Why we make them angry? It boils down to this:
    – We believe in merit, they think they should be given free stuff
    – We believe that respect should be earned and not given away like pizza coupons
    – We are not fragile and we will say what we please. They get triggerend by words ( a sound wave)
    This turd of a movie will be a fiasco. People are waking up. Let’s hope it is not too late.

    1. I can see it now… this movie will be pumped and primed for Oscar consideration in the last few months of 2016 to bolster Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife’s presidential campaign.
      And of course should it not get tons of Oscar nods, we’ll see #OscarsSoMale trending.

      1. So what? The “oscars” just made a fresh new low in ratings. Even after disney released “shit wars” Wall Street downgraded them saying even a billion dollars isn’t enough to offset the decline in people cutting the cord. The web-based media alternatives are disrupting the traditional media establishment that is producing all this political propaganda. In a couple years, I think there will be local production companies all over the country producing their own movies and tv shows. Neomasculine themed movies and shows will be on the come too. I shake my head at the old media for a variety of reasons. Yes, its degenerate, but, on top of facing a technological disruption that is shaking its very foundations they seem to want to hasten their own demise by creating one-sided politically centered content that openly insults 1/2 the population and is just simply SHIT.

        1. We are certainly living in interesting times. The internet is acting a lot like a gun; it’s the great equalizer. People who might have otherwise been nobodies are making names for themselves with blogs and YouTube series that are challenging the MSM. It’s only a matter of time until Hollywood is pushed out as well.

        2. It really truly is. I’m trying to get in touch with my local conservative PACs, because I want to start evangelizing that we don’t need this old media any longer. If there is one place that the opponents to leftism (feminism, homosexualism, racism etc) should concentrate their efforts and resources it is, broadly speaking, in the arts, namely media. Either way this is happening.

        3. We do need you. What Neomasculinity desperately needs are artists of all kinds. Too many conservatives still don’t realize that this is a culture war.

        4. Great idea. I highly encourage you do. Perhaps one of your novels is turned into a movie or online tv show.

        5. That’s some wishful thinking. You greatly underestimate the numbers of the mindless hordes and their unending supply of infectious stupidity. Our only hope left is that the only vote they’re concerned about is who they’re voting off the island, American Idol, Big Brother, or whatever other vacuous shit that’s on television.

      2. Upvoted for “Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife”. That’s the correct term.

        1. awww, that’s rough. I never blamed the guy for having a mistress. I think all married men should have one. I did, however, blame him for being charming and powerful and having a fat pig as a mistress.

        2. That really is what gets my goat too. Bill is major charming, I hear, but likes trailer trash hogs. I mean dude, if I were POTUS I’d have the highest caliber pussy shuttled in from around the nation, none of it older than 22 years. Bill though? “Hey, I can get any woman in the universe, but I wonder if I can poach Miss Piggy out from under Kermit?” So much epic fail.

        3. Bingo…this was back in the early 90’s when Uma Thurman was hot, Drew Barrymore was showing her tits to David Letterman, ALicia Silverstone was to die for, Jen Anniston was young, Cindy Crawford was relevant, Angelina Jolie wasn’t all fucking carzy yet, Elizabeth Hurley was still pre wall…..all of this and he pretty much could have had any of it. Handsome, powerful, charming, smart…..hollywood loved him, he played the sax on arsenio…and what did he do? (watch me bring it back to the article) he stood there and willed the stay puft marshmallow bitch into existence.

        4. I wonder if Clinton was ever banging any really top notch pussy on the sly, like at least the Ms. Arkansas runner up 30 years ago? And he was just fucking the pig harem as a back-up stable of skanks in between hooking up with more “presidential” material?

        5. The mistresses he had while governor of Arkansas were much more attractive. I think in Monica he was not picking low hanging fruit so much as fruit that leaped off the tree into his mouth. It is harder to have the secret service sneak whores into the white house than it was to have the state troopers do the same with the Arkansas state house.

        6. Angelina Jolie has always been crazy. she is still crazy. She will always be crazy. She was severely damaged by the bitch mother, Marcia Lynne “Marcheline” Bertrand, and her remote dad, Jon Voight.

        7. But when she was young, she was the kind of hot that you’d say “Ok, I’ll make an exception to the no crazy rule, for a night anyway”. Now she’s old, no boobs, scary looking and quickly collecting third world children with her man-pet Brad Pitt. I see many, many cats in her future.

        8. Jessica Hahn was pretty ok, in her time. Not sure of the other ones from Arkansas.
          I’ve went back and looked at pics of Lewinski when she was younger, and I’m still thinking “Nah, not even if it was thrown at me with a t-shirt cannon”. Girl is just dumpy.

        9. I suspect that come this election season once the nominees are selected, we’ll get a very detailed list and biography of every one of his dalliances.

        10. Jessica Hahn banged Jim Bakker. You’re thinking of Gennifer Flowers. Honest mistake.

        11. Ah, the early ’90s. Great time for top-shelf honeys. All of the above plus Tiffani Thiessen, Jennifer Connelly, and pre-wall Sharon Stone and Demi Moore. Their Esquire/Rolling Stone/Details/Maxim cover shots on every college guy’s wall.

        12. The only problem is that it was before the waxed pussy. My god, when pussy hair disappeared it was the greatest thing ever

        13. I think she still looks great for her age, but imo she is not unattractive but not attractive either. In the days she was married to Billy Bob I thought she was gorgeous. Hot but crazy was up his alley back at the time.
          It eventually happens to all the women you thought were hot when you were younger. Compared to the majority of overweight single women 40 up, she wont have any problems post divorce even without her millions to enjoy, I reckon

        14. Badda bing, thank you, yes. That whole time period is one long memory of sex scandal after sex scandal. Thanks feminism!
          But yes, thank you for the correction.

        15. Maybe he loves the extra appreciation and awe struck enthusiasm from those average janes. Maybe being married to a Ivy League educated feminist lawyer wife made him crave something totally different when it came to action on the side. I was amazed at some of the women Tiger Woods had flings with.
          No such problems about being shy on choosing top shelf mistresses when it comes to the middle east rulers or former prime minister of Italy – Berlusconi. He held bunga bunga orgy parties at his villas. One thing they had in common was Teflon. That was Bill’s nickname and Berlusconi over the years has faced 30 charges for 1 conviction. One of the perks for being wealthy & with powerful connections, the scales of justice work in a different manner.

        16. I couldn’t blame him either. As an evil conservative though, I do have to say I have genuine respect for Bill Clinton. He came from nothing and worked his way up to being President, and looking back, he wasn’t that terrible of one either.
          Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife on the other hand is nothing without her marriage to Bill. No one would know who she was, nor would she have ever had had a political career in her own right had she not had Bill to clear the way for her.
          On her own she is nothing.

        17. Damn You’re correct. I just read that she did. She did not have cancer but discovered she had a gene that made her a higher risk so she took took preemptive operation. Did the same for her ovaries. So I guess she had fakes put in as replacements

        18. what a fucken psycho. if i remember correctly, hollywood was trying to push that on the females for a while there. a couple of them did it i think

        19. Agrees. I tend to avoid politics unless it is funny or entertaining. Politics aside, I liked bill for just the reasons you say.

        20. Reminds me of the Chris Rock skit.. men are as loyal as our options. I think it’s more just he was busy, she was there, she flashed thong, he inserted penis (into mouth, lest we all forget!)

    2. “We believe in merit, they think they should be given free stuff.”
      Women were in shock when Ronda Rousey’s stock dropped after she lost. Even blue pill men identify with merit, which came as a shock to many women.
      They thought that men should just eternally love the “character” of Ronda Rousey, regardless of wins or losses.

      1. On that note I can’t help but laugh that she lost right after she endorsed Bernie Sanders. She had her championship “redistributed” lol.

  10. Will never watch, but WTF were the PR heads thinking using sick kids as props for their shit movie?

      1. Even if the movie bombs after release, they could always claim “actresses visiting sick children” and no one would think anything of it.
        If you splice some old Bob Ross shows together, you would probably get more viewers than this movie will.

        1. If the movie will not have success , which i’m pretty sure it won’t , they will spin it around saying that the world is not prepared for empowered womyn and males are still misogynists who just won’t get it that females are better than just cooking / cleaning / raising kids.

        2. That type of spin (“the world isn’t ready…”) is also recognized as what carping losers say when they face rejection. Personally don’t care. It’s the investors money being flushed, not mine, and reality doesn’t care what certain groups of people believe.

        3. Heh. Definitely trees. Lots of trees.
          People would be surprised that Bob’s show is still seen in alot of countries. About 2 years ago a German colleague mentioned Bob should get into politics as he is well known and liked. She was sad when I informed her that he has been dead for almost 20 years.

        4. He was my staple Sunday morning go-to show for “Just waking up and haven’t had coffee yet, why not sit on the couch and half doze”. Nice relaxing show.

    1. If you haven’t noticed yet, there are no depths to which feminists and other SJWs will not sink to further their agenda.

  11. The genre of science-fiction was invented by a woman. The novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is widely regarded as the first work of science-fiction. Considering that, this argument of yours makes no sense:
    “No one has adequately explained why, in a world where everything from Microsoft to Snapchat is male-generated, the new globe-saving paranormal clean-up team is all female.”
    That said, I do agree that the depiction of the only black protagonist is stereotyped and damaging to how people perceive black Americans.

    1. It is debatable who wrote the first sci fi book, but I would suggest Johannes Kepler’s Somnium as possibly the first, with many others before Frankenstein. Frankenstein itself was inspired by Galvani’s experiments with “animal” electricity, so not exactly a model example of “girl power”.

      1. you could hold frankenstein up as one of the greatest novels ever written by a woman though. it’s very, very good. i can’t think of an example of a better novel written by a woman, except maybe ayn rand’s “we the living.”

        1. Oh egads, no. See my comment above. I despise deliberate pretentiousness in writing, which was her forte.

      2. Somnium is a fascinating text, but I would not say it is really science-fiction as it contains a strong element of magical high-fantasy (lots of astrology, summoning demons, etc.), rather than a plot driven purely by science, as Frankenstein has. Either way, female writers helped to pioneer science-fiction; another example is The Blazing World written by Margaret Cavendish in the 17th century, an important work of proto-science-fiction. So it is rather unreasonable to say they don’t deserve to be the protagonists of science-fiction works.

    2. What the author is saying is that practically everything in this world was because of men, so, he’s wondering why these ghostbusters are all female. Its a question designed to reveal how this is all propaganda.
      Yes, there were some women who made great contributions, such as Shelley, but they’re infinitesimal. And, Shelley, mind you, was successful writing Frankenstein in an era that was very patriarchal, yet, somehow she got it done. ??? Hmmm, maybe Shelley is a example to everyone that blaming things like Patriarchy are just big excuses to cover up for one’s insecurities. That being said, after Shelley, how many women did you see in science-fiction?

      1. James Tiptree, Jr.
        Lois McMaster Bujold
        Ursula LeGuin
        C.J. Cherryh
        Just to name a few.

        1. I am an aficionado of Science Fiction from the early 60s to today. I have read all the above and really have little regard for any of them except Lois McMaster Bujold, I have met the woman as she lives in the same city that I do. I believe the reason she writes male and female characters so authentically is that she is a true Lesbian, or at least very bisexual. She has obviously walked on both sides of the street.

        2. Can you recommend some similar ones please ? I’m looking for something immersing to read.

      2. I loathe that story and have since my college days. It was if she were trying with super duper effort to convert the English language to French, to the point that it screamed “try hard” and became insipid and boring.

      3. I agree with your point that historically there have been many more male inventors than female. However, by arguing that the patriarchy does not affect women because the occasional woman managed to achieve great things, you are basically saying that if there are ever any exceptions to a rule, that must mean the general rule is not true. I don’t think that makes sense. It is much more reasonable to see sexism and oppression as a sliding scale rather than a binary thing. So although women were oppressed in the 19th C, they were not totally oppressed and therefore a few of them managed to get an education and become successful writers. Similarly, women today are far, far less oppressed than they were in the 19th C, but that doesn’t mean that sexism no longer exists at all. This is a more logical explanation than simply assuming women are less intelligent than men, which we can see is untrue by examining the data of IQ test results, etc.

    3. I believe that the true issue is not who invented sci-fi , but the fact that women are taking classically male-centric movies and make sequels or reboots based on someone else’s idea. I don’t think people would be to mad if it was an original one , but basing your success on past successes of male movies like Star Wars , Mad Max and Ghostbusters is just … weak. The all-empowered woman of today should show her perceived intelligence by not copying someone else.

      1. yes. whether or not “sci-fi was invented by a woman” has nothing to do with the present discussion.
        for what it’s worth though, mary shelley’s frankenstein is an awesome novel that everyone should read.

        1. Sci-fi elements were around way before Shelley. She just brought it back to her era.

      2. If your criticism is based on the fact that it’s a reboot, then that’s hardly a critique of feminism or female protagonists. Every other film that comes out these days is a still-male-centric reboot of an originally male-centric franchise; just look at the infinite reboots of all the superhero films. If you want to criticise rebooters, realise you are criticising far more men than women. Screenwriters and studios know that franchises are a safer bet financially, even if they might be artistically underwhelming (and I generally agree with you on that point). So if Ghostbusters has many female fans (and it does), why should it not make a film that will appeal to them?

        1. I am not talking about reboots , i am talking about completely changing what a specific movie means. Think of it this way , it’s like you take sex and the city and make it a completely male cast and their adventures of finding pussy. You can’t just take a completely male-dominated film that is specifically targeted towards males and twist it into a female-centric one. That is invasion of space. We males have to few male role models to look after and feminists are trying to eradicate even those few remaining.

    4. I wasn’t aware that Shelly wrote the ancient Epic of Gilgamesh.

      1. Gilgamesh contains a lot of supernatural elements (the main character is himself half-divine), which mean it is generally regarded as a work of fantasy-fiction rather than science-fiction. By contrast, the plot of Frankenstein is driven purely by science, not magic or supernaturalism. It also is a plot-based narrative, rather than a contemplative or analogical work, as the proto-science-fiction works are (such as the The Blazing World or Micromegas).

        1. It is actually considered science fiction by a large portion of the literary community. There is disagreement, but it’s not some way out idea. Shelly just brought forward the medieval notion of the Hummunculus (sp) or “golem”, depending on how you define both. Agree that she did it with science as a tool, yes. Then there is True History from the 2nd century as well, which included space travel and talking to alien life forms.

    5. Literature is one of the few fields where women often excel on par with men.

  12. I don’t understand. Do these female Ghostbusters plan to zap and capture the ghosts of these kids after they die?

        1. Hillary has released an autobiography then, has she?

  13. Thunderf00t has hilariously torn apart the trailer, noting even SJW’s are getting their hate diatribes in over the film.
    To say this movie looks pathetic is being generous.

      1. Sargon hit it pretty dang well, Thunderf00t’s was more humorous. Really, just a style difference as they both (along with anyone who isn’t a devout feminist) found it pathetically bad.

  14. Add Stephen King’s upcoming Dark Tower movie adaptations to the growing list of “Ghostbusters 3” type films. He’s taken his magnum opus and made Roland the gunslinger a black guy. Most of the responses I’ve seen to this from fans is similar to backlash over GB3.
    There’s also been whisper of making James Bond a black guy in the future.

  15. Agree with those characterisations, especially of Ernie Hudson vs the black woman in the trailer. Ernie’s character was no scientist, but he had practical intelligence that kept the ‘geeks’ grounded. The actress in that trailer is cooning it up for laughs like she is in a Tyler Perry movie.
    It looks like a shit film for sure.

    1. I agree. His character wasn’t forced, and his enthusiasm in the movie was easily believable and had a reason behind it. Like how he was invested in the team once he was hired and eventually was a believer in what they were up against.
      Who ever conjured up the “remake” idea must have gotten some of the most amateur writers on earth.

    2. Well said and took the words out of my mouth. When I first heard they were making this film I knew it would be shit. I might now just pick up a copy of the original out of spite.

    3. I would pay 10$ just to sit in a theatre and watch Ernie Hudson read the newspaper out loud to me for two hours.

  16. Eventually Hollywood will have to stop making movies based on classic English literature, or even on trashy recent works with white settings like Gabaldon’s Outlander novels.
    Otherwise we’ll start seeing movies set in the blacks’ ancestral homeland of the Scottish Highlands or something.

  17. Look at their masculine stances. Is this what women really want to become? Instead of embracing their feminine nature (well, these woman have none, but still) many women resort to being a man-lite version. If they are just going to pretend to be men then why not just give us men? If women are so proud of being female then why pretend to be men? Self-esteem issues abound!
    Wait until we get Predator with an all female commando squad. Realistically, they would die in a short time, but watch them all survive by utterly destroying and humiliating the masculine predator, who symbolizes patriarchy and rape culture because he preys upon the females and stalks them.

        1. Look on the bright side, Jaws with an all female cast will help you get over the fatness. 😛 We better stop, too many ideas we might give them and I am sure some read our comments.

        2. They basically neutered 300 with its sequel anyway.

        3. If it were the 90s or 80s, it would be likely.
          Unfortunately, these days almost always you’re guaranteed some fat/unattractive women would be shoehorned into the film.

    1. “Wait until we get Predator with an all female commando squad. ”
      Now you went and did it. It’ll have Jennifer Lawrence in the top starring role.

    2. you bastard, now you put predator in the collective consciousness – if this actually happens its your fault 🙂

  18. The underlying issue which is blatant in this trailer is that: women are simply not funny. Could it be that to master irony, satire, cynicism, epigram and other such forms of humour requires a certain degree of intelligence and imagination which women do not possess? I challenge anyone to give me an example of women who are funny or can manipulate and create humour. And not in the self-deprecating way which may explain the success of shows such as Sex in the City or Desperate Housewives (It’s too easy to draw laughter by making a fool of yourself even animals are funny in those situations).

    1. Men evolved this sophisticated behavior through sexual selection – the ones successful at beguiling women with their word play tended to have more offspring, according to evolutionary psychologists. Think of it as a kind of peacock’s tail.

    2. There are some funny women in a generic sense, but you won’t find any of them that can ever hope to rise to even Jerry Lewis or higher levels of comedy. That chick who did the anti-fat person Youtube video was rather entertaining, and not too bad on the eyes either.

        1. Yep.
          I have a rule I’ve observed. “The worst enemy of a woman is not men, but other women.”

        1. She didn’t use to have that pink shit in her hair. Would still bang.

      1. Meh. I think she’s trying too hard. It didn’t even get a chuckle out of me. Also, when you need to use jumpcuts as a crutch because you can’t go on for more than one sentence, it’s usually a pretty big indicator that you aren’t a good public speaker and much less a good comedian. On top of that, she blocked comment and hid the like/dislike ratio. Typical “strong” woman with an opinion…
        9/11 would bang though.

    3. I’ve noticed this a bit too. Most of the great male comedians were tormented in some way and it is through struggle that one often turns to humor as a way to cope. It’s through pain and reflection that one gains insights, insights that are often funny, but most of the great comedians are really teachers about life, they just use humor to make their points.
      Women (western) have little concept of real struggle and over coming real obstacles, thus making them less reflective and I believe in turn less funny. Plus men are expected to make the first move and humor is a great way to lessen someones anxiety about getting to know you, in a way it’s a mating strategy. Just my two cents.

  19. Maybe they went to see the sick kids because, ya know, they will soon be ghosts in need of busting and they want to know their enemy.

  20. “Do not…help pay for Melissa McCarthy’s next cheeseburger.”
    heh. hopefully this film will fail terribly and start a general backlash against the warrior princess plague that’s devastated sci-fi and fantasy movies for the last fifteen years or so.

  21. “Loud, violent, uneducated stereotype who screams about the devil and jeebus” Funnily enough, there is a certain species of white male down here in the South that also fits that description. These beings also completely fail to see the irony in an obese, fornicating drunkard yelling at others to repent of their sins.

  22. We don’t get to Idiocracy by traveling across time, but by traveling across town.

  23. Oh look, one more movie that I’m not going to watch because of its PC bullshit, just like The Force Awakens.. oh by the way, did you heard that SJW Abrams is going to include (or at least has strong intentions of including) a gay couple in the next Star Wars movie? So Yeah.. it actually makes me proud to know that I didn’t watch TFA despite all the hype..

    1. Honestly, I was expecting there to be some backlash to the recent Star Wars release due to not enough “representation” of gays in it.
      There’s no end in sight. Doesn’t surprise me a bit to hear the next one will have some blatantly gay character(s).

      1. Yeah, I was also expecting that since we are talking about SJJW Abrams. It comes off as no surprise at all..

    2. I heard about the Pillow Biting Jedi.
      I am a huge star wars fan but didn’t bother with the new one and am certainly not going to watch some fag bent over yelling “use the force:”

      1. Yep.
        As predicted, the new one was a dissappointment. I wish I had just stayed home instead.

      2. Lol yeah and what pisses me off the most is that the tiny audience of the gay community alone would never have the power to make movies that show gays stuff in them a financial success.. the ones to blame are all the straight cucks who want to be “trendy” and “cool” and flood the movie theaters to enable SJW Hollywood to keep producing this shit…
        If they ever woke the fuck up and refused to swallow the gay propaganda by not watching these SJW movies, everyone in Hollywood would think a million times before trying to force”diversity” on us, no matter how much the insignificant LGBTQIA* market share begged them to do it..
        * yeah, there are actually three more letters after the “LGBT” now, I didn’t make that up..

    3. How about dropping SJW Abrams (nice touch) and handing the franchise over to Mel Gibson. Only then would you see me waiting in line for days with all those lost souls for front row tickets.

    4. ” SJW Abrams is going to include (or at least has strong intentions of including) a gay couple in the next Star Wars movie? ” — I guess it’s too much to hope it’s a couple of hot green skinned women right?

      1. Yes… unfortunately, not that kind of gay.. it would be a pleasant sight for straight males, so no…

    5. I watched it because I’d never seen a Star Wars film on the big screen-I wasn’t born yet when the original trilogy was out and I never saw the prequels in the theater. This is definitely the last Star Wars film I’m seeing.

  24. Why stop at all-female remake? I can’t wait to see the all-Muslim, all-dwarf, and all-transgender remake of Ghostbusters

    1. Ha!
      There’s something strange in the Neighborhood
      Who ya gonna call. Gh’ost Bhustaz
      Violation of Sharia law aint no good
      Who ya gonna call….
      haha, if I wasn’t at work I would write out the whole song.

  25. The trailer is horrible, from the writing, to the acting, to the “short humor”, to just about anything you can think of. It stinks. One of the worst I’ve seen in a long time!
    What I want to know is:
    1. Who is the SJW-type executive that put the idea out there?
    2. Who’s the dumbass that gave it a “thumbs up” for throwing money into such a disaster?
    Glad to see the YouTube comments are almost all mocking it.
    Nevertheless, there’s always some simps trying to pretend it’s “good” or “a fresh take on a classic.”
    Ghostbusters was one of the films that helped define the 1980s -and I’ll even dare sare American pop culture to a small degree- and was a fun movie with good actors. This makes me want to puke.
    None of women in the remake could act their way out of a paper bag. Remember Bill Murray in Caddy Shack? That’s the caliber of entertainment that works, not women who look like they should be working at plus-size fashion store.

    1. I actually thought Caddy Shack was a prime piece of work for Chevy Chase. Very low key yet hilarious at the same time. Hell that entire movie was a Comedy Gold masterpiece.

      1. I know. Even the intro song (Kenny Loggins) was fun to listen to & very upbeat.
        Lots of silly but entertaining bits in that movie.
        PS: the girl who played the judge’s promiscous granddaughter was also the chick in Tron (Cindy Morgan).

        1. Yes, couldn’t remember her name in the movie.
          As the judge said, she had a certain “zest” for life, lol.

        2. “I’ve sentenced boys younger than you to the gas chamber. Didn’t want to do it. I felt I owed it to them”.
          Ted Knight did a masterful role in Caddyshack, people forget that, he was a great antagonist comedian working along side the likes of Chevy Chase, Bill Murry and Rodney Dangerfield in their prime.

    2. My personal guess is this is a ‘rush job’ for whatever obscure franchising/rights/toy licensing deals … it’s a ‘holder’ since Hollywood doesn’t want to gamble on new intellectual properties but instead rehash franchise after franchise.

  26. Sargon recently posted a video discussing the “progressive stack”, which if you don’t know about already is a hierarchy based on a group’s oppression. If you are very oppressed then you’re at the top. So much to say about that. But, one of the biggest conclusions is that the progressive stack inverts merit. The losers are made into winners and the winners into losers. Its perverse and bizarre. This new ghostbusters exemplifies the toxic impact of the progressive stack on the zeitgeist. Not only is it all female, but, their all overweight, some of them are obese. Now, the original Ghostbuster Murray and Aykroyd may not have been the paragon of fitness and perhaps passed as overweight for the 1980s, but, not obese. And in the 1980s it was okay to make fun of fat people, today, its a hate crime and we have fat acceptance. So, that leads me to see this as a celebration of mediocrity.

    1. um no….1984 Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd were not considered ‘fat’, they might not have had 6-pack abs, but they were not considered ‘out of shape’

  27. One of the funny things about this is that the original Ghostbusters had a distinct element of being a failure to it.
    Remember, Pete is basically a con artists. Anyone who has spent time in professional academia will immediately recognize the Peter Venkman character. Too smart for his own good, doesn’t really care anymore, using his position to bang co-eds.
    Then they lose their grant money and are kicked out of the university.
    The best line ever is when Peter tells Ray not to worry as they sit getting afternoon drunk after being fired and Ray says ” Personally, I liked the university. They gave us money and facilities,
    we didn’t have to produce anything! You’ve never been out of college!
    You don’t know what it’s like out there! I’ve *worked* in the private
    sector. They expect results”
    They aren’t some crazy geniuses who are busting ghosts. Peter and Ray are basically every lame professor who doesn’t give a fuck anymore.
    That is when they merge the worlds of their theoretical knowledge and the real world with hilarious results.
    Couldn’t recreate that with the new version because the idea that women would have failed at something is UNHEARD of.

    1. Yes, like other movies of its type, the characters (well generally) don’t take themselves too seriously, and the writing follows their na’er-do-well but lovable personalities.
      I.e., there was a creative theme behind the story and more, instead of some canned bullshit like we see here.
      Several other movies of the Ghostbusters era were similar in style and were entertaining. Caddy Shack, Fletch, Spies Like Us, European Vacation, and more.
      The plots had many small scenes that when tied together were fun.

      1. Caddy Shack, Fletch, Spies Like Us, European Vacation, and more.
        Man they just don’t make good movies like that anymore; 48 hours, Beverly Hills Cop, Blues Brothers, Trading Places, Stripes, Big Trouble in Little China, Animal House, 1942….I own them all on DVD and pop them in from time to time.

        1. Big Trouble in Little China is awesome. One of my favourites, and quite an under-rated movie.

    2. “They aren’t some crazy geniuses who are busting ghosts. Peter and Ray are basically every lame professor who doesn’t give a fuck anymore.” — No that’s just Peter, Ray is a geek who loves obsessing over facts and trivia. He’s the professor that rambles on and you have to go to the labs with the T.A. to figure out whats going on.

      1. fair enough…but still, in a lot of ways, sees the university as a place to get free money and equipment to have fun with.

    3. Agreed and just have to add this. If one remembers the scene were Venkman is explaining to the hotel manager the price of their services, many may not have seen whats going on just off his shoulder.
      This depends on the version people have seen so this may not come to a shock to some. While it seems that Venkman is coming up with those absurdly high charges on his own, its none other than Spengler who is quietly gesturing with his fingers letting Venkman know how much they need.
      I howled the first time I saw this ‘alternate’ view of the scene which seemed to show that as much as Egon was a genius, the man was also grounded enough to know when they needed cash.

      1. I never noticed this until 10 years or so ago and I pointed it out to the wife. It’s one example of the subtle clever comedy that made it great.

    4. It’s also kind of interesting that the characters in this movie appear to all be entrepreneurs.
      This is ironic considering this movie is pandering to SJWs and the “modern woman”, who seem to love government handouts and affirmative action policies.

      1. Right. In the original movie they are successful despite big government interference and for the few moments that big government does get its way it nearly destroys the entire city.

        1. “If I’m right, and we can stop this thing, then YOU, Lenny, will have saved the lives of millions…of registered voters!”
          No love lost on the government in the classic, that’s for sure.

      2. Who will Hollywood pander to next??
        The Chinese.
        A firm intends to buyout amc theatres(same firm owns #3 chain in the US)- would make them the biggest movie chain here. I believe China surpassed the US last month(last quarter?) in terms of B.O. receipts too- will this give them the clout to get script approval before the movies even go into production? The remake of Red Dawn was supposed to feature an invasion by the Chinese instead of the Cubans and Russians this time, but was changed to the North Koreans.
        Dont get me wrong, this might be a good thing, I’d like to see more martial arts films, but the biggest movie going segment is now latinos, how do you cater to them?
        Simple: Pancho Villa: Shaolin Monk

        1. The east Asians make some dam good movies.
          Watch Battle of Arrows or IP Man, both are pretty dam good.
          And they both show men being men

      3. Around here, the wymmens love to play entrepreneur. I’ve noticed this especially among young educated black females, but any SJW really. Of course they always seem to brag about unimportant details about their group, (typically a “nonprofit” — what does that even mean? I mean if you are the “head” of a nonprofit versus the “head” of your own business, what is the difference anyway? They will take as big a salary as possible either way.)
        Typical young independent go grrl: “Yeah I have a 501(c) 3, I’m the exec director. We’re a nonprofit and have an office on Broadway in the loft district, it’s pretty sweet”
        All hat, no cowgirl.

        1. They think it’s like working at a big corporation where they’re shown their desk and left to sit there, doing nothing. But they don’t realize that they’re, in essence, not expected to do anything. Don’t know many female entrepreneurs who’ve stuck at it very long. Usually they use the business networking groups to meet a guy who’s already successful and marry them.

    5. JesusHChrist, another SNL retread production of infantile shit. It seems like every alum of the SNL from the last 15 years thinks that their tenure on that rotting carcass of a show transforms them into comedic superstars such as Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Jim Belushi and Chevy Chase. Notice how it’s the god-awful females like Fey, Pohler, Wigg, Dratch, et al who are funny as an IRS audit. Was there ever a female SNL cast member that was funny on the big-screen in their SNL afterlife? I can’t think of one myself. Can you even fathom a Fey or Pohler coming up with something as completely original, entertaining and iconic as Ackroyd & Belushi’s Blues Brothers?
      These people don’t even know how to hijack a good movie without shooting themselves in the foot with humorless attempts at tired slapstick, and using race and sex as their main comedic motifs. They are bereft of originality and creativity. But hey, in the final analysis, who give a shit. As I stated before in a post on the fakakta Oscars, this is the kind of crap that Hollywood green-lights, the kind of crap that I won’t even watch for free if you paid me. And, I”m sure whatever comedy these retards were able to cobble together is shown in this 2:30 trailer. And that’s pretty unwatchable. I can’t even focus my eyes on Leslie Jones as she’s about 2 chromosomes away from a gorilla. And McCarthy — don’t get me started on fat-privilege in this country.
      God save us from this terrible trash!

        1. Aw… Women can be (unintentionally) funny. When they do something so outrageously stupid in real life that affirms their inferior nature. Too bad it is such a huge social faux paus to laugh at them for being their true selves any more. At least for non-alphas, because alphas can still laugh at the “ladies” and get their panties wet. Oh yeah, female standup comics are universally dreadful, for sure.

        2. My wife threw hot water on her windshield to clear off the ice during an ice storm when it was about -10 degrees outside. Insta freeze and she added another layer of ice to the windshield in the process.
          The smirking and chuckling by me at her plight lasted for many weeks and still bears a good re-telling when company comes over.

        3. Just seeing that scene re-enacted would make me laugh much harder than the entirety of Ghostbusters 3 combined.

        4. I’ve seen one better. Hot water on a frozen windshield and the whole screen shattered!

        5. I’ve seen a woman so this too. Is this like a standard lesson?

        6. I saw a woman do this too as I was leaving for the gym. When I came back, her husband (?) was scraping the windshield.

        7. IN grade school when they separate the boys and girls and teach the boys math and teach the girls bloody pussy and blow jobs they probably throw in the hot water on windshield lesson.

        8. Some women can be funny. Jean Stapleton as Edith Bunker, Ruth Gordon had some funny roles like in “Every Which Way but Loose”, and some others. But the universal thread is they really aren’t approved of politically.

        9. That does actually work for some purposes in cold and dry weather. I’ve done it to wash the car and free up frozen doors and such. It evaporates very quickly in sub zero (F) weather when the sun is out. Very little ice form if one knows how to do it. But when it is raining/snowing it’s too humid for that. And of course avoid dumping the hot water on the glass. Glass and temp-shock don’t go well together.

        10. Lol! I was gonna say that was what I was expecting the previous poster would have said happened. That is funny ish tho

        11. Lolz! it’s quite embarrassing…. But yes. We (women) tend to do silly stuff like that…!

        12. No… because, evidently we never seem to learn!
          One learns lessons, as not to repeat the mistakes.
          …yet…, we DO it all the time!

        13. I didn’t say your were good at it sugar, just that it came natural. One learns baseball in order to be a golden glove short stop…but some of us can’t hit a ball worth a damn.

        14. yeps!
          I can’t hit a ball and I can’t even throw a ball.
          …I throw like a girl. (~_^)

        15. That’s ok. I can’t make clever emojis and the ability to throw a ball isn’t much better than that (unless you throw it well enough to make the majors).
          In the end, we all have strengths and weaknesses and the first step to being great is to understand them. Sometimes a bitter pill, but one that must be swallowed nonetheless.

      1. While being interviewed by Martin Short this is what Jerry Lewis had to say. Predictably, people gave him shit for being honest. Remember, girls can do anything just as good as men and if you criticize anything they do they that isn’t fair because they are just girls.
        Asked which women comics he admired, Lewis answered, “I don’t like any
        female comedians.” Short mentioned Lucille Ball. “You must have loved
        her,” he said to Lewis, who replied, “No.” Lewis went on to say, “A
        woman doing comedy doesn’t offend me but sets me back a bit. I, as a
        viewer, have trouble with it. I think of her as a producing machine that
        brings babies in the world.”

        1. Martin Short is brilliant- watch his old Jiminy Glick show- all ad-libbed

        2. Glick was a great show. Haven’t seen it since it was on.

      2. SNL used to (waaaay, way back in the day) produce some genuinely funny skits. That show has been a steaming pile of goat diarrhea for many years now… Why is it still on?

        1. oh shit is that a picture of you whooping batmans ass?
          rock over london, rock on chicago!

        2. hahaha – why dont you suck a greyhounds dick like a lollipop you blasted MOTHERFUCKER!!

      3. 30 Rock….mostly because the jokes have us laughing at Tina Feys character rather than with her.

    6. That is one of the most insightful commentaries on this fiasco that I’ve seen; never considered it from this angle, thank you.

    7. Yes. I’ve been telling people that Ghostbusters 1984 was a conservative comedy. It satirized the public-sector mindset, had an EPA lawyer shown in a negative light, and had a Black character who was willing to believe anything for a paycheck.

    8. Honestly though we don’t need to tell people to boycott this movie. Its so obviously shit no one will bother to watch it.

      1. What’s a shame is a piece of shit will not be called a piece of shit because it might offend women and gays..

    9. Yup, the whole trailer reads like an excuse for telling women to get into science.

      1. If women want to get into science they should learn the science of baking deicious pies

      2. I was waiting at the counter at a fast food restaurant and chatting up a very cute black high school cashier, and we got to the subject of science. She said that she loved science, and is going to pursue a career in it. She said that she actually has full ride scholarships offered to her at some prestigious universities. I asked her if she was taking all the math classes she could, because it will be very beneficial in science, She told me that she hated math and was not good at it and cannot understand algebra. She is the right demographic for a free ride and then a government job in science. Now that is not a scientific observation, but the claim is good even without the math…

    10. The original had a: good writing. B: good acting from 7 or 8 actual actors, and C: good character development.
      And it was a first and foremost an adventure/scify/fantasy movie with comedy as a feature.
      The new movie was a comedy with 4 professional comedians. Find me a movie with a bunch of comedians acting in a comedy movie that actually delivers and I’ll eat my hat. All the feminist/racial argument about this movie is backseat to the lack of developed story and quality actors. Special effects can’t fix that kinda problem.

  28. So those kids were sick before they visited or did they just discover that feminism is cancer? Maybe there should be an anti-feminist team in every oncology department. My real worry though is the danger of a porn parody. I have no desire to see ectoplasm flying anywhere near those women

  29. It looks cheesy. Melissa McCarthy plays the same roles she’s played in since she left Gilmore Girls. Kristen Wiig is one dimensional as always. Leslie Jones’ character is offensive, dumb and cheap. The only saving grace is Kate McKinnon. The movie looks cheap and rushed and only made to make some quick bucks and I’m sure Harold Ramis is rolling over in his grave and Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykrod are regretting the money they took to allow this garbage project to even exist.

  30. You really have to wonder why this keeps happening in Hollywood. The producers who fund movies put plenty of money at stake, and they have a body of experience in making films going back a century. You’d think by now they would have a system worked out to select in favor of big-budget films which don’t sound preposterous and have a good shot of making enough of a profit on average to justify the investment.

    1. I think they’re prepared to lose money to some degree if they like the politics. They need to lose big and have a studio go out of business to take notice

      1. You are right, but in this case I doubt they will lose money. They are going to be using golden tampons

        1. And parents with daughters will dress them up in the you go ghostbuster costumes for halloween and there will be dvd sales and toys and everything else.

        2. Unfortunately. And probably fat chicks on Tumblr/blogs dressed up as a Ghostbuster to “represent big girls.”

        3. Will be interesting to see if young girls want to dress up in a ‘ this is what a feminist looks like’ grey boiler suit. Maybe if it had been pink

        4. I’m waiting for one of the fast food joints to team up with this movie and have all sorts of cups, wrappers, etc.

    2. While I hate to admit it, this movie is going to make a fucking fortune.

      1. I’ve not spoken to a single person in real life who has not screwed up their face and said “Oh hell no” about this movie. Men and women *both*.

        1. I have no doubt that the people you talk to and, for that matter, the people I talk to feel that way.
          I will say, however, that the real money making here is not going to be from Ghostbusters fans or general movie fans or sci fi fans…it is going to be legions of children…the same ones that turned the new star wars into a bajillion dollars….
          I could be wrong, but if I were a betting man I would bet that the people behind this movie are going to make a lot of money.

        2. Well I sincerely hope you’re wrong. These kinds of “movies” need to start costing their studios a hell of a lot of direct pain.

        3. I hope I am wrong too. I find that when I bet on the stupidity and fagginess of the public as well as the tenacity of SJW’s to force a square peg in a round hole at the cost of society that I, unfortunately, am right much more often than not.

        4. btw, none of the people who I assume are going to make this film a financial success are anywhere near what you and I would consider “real life”

        5. Are you saying that I should expand my social circles beyond super heroes?

        6. God no! That would be terrible. You do have to recognize that superheros are the vast minority though.

        7. Aye, and a damned shame that is. The world could use more super heroes cast in the mold of Miss Ogyny, The Patriarch and The Raging Phallus.

        8. I love Miss Ogyny.
          If I had any gift for drawing I would make a cartoon called Judge Mental. He is a judge, totally off his rocker and is always pointing out people’s flaws.
          I find the defendant guilty…..AND FAT!!!!!!!!! boom….juuuuudge mentalllll!

        9. I take it to be the single greatest injustice in the world that I cannot draw.

        10. I’m only peripherally aware that the movie was remade, I’m assuming by your comment that it bombed properly, as it should have?

      2. Few movies ever make money– the movie business is not under GAAP and have special accounting rules regarding their industry. If they were forced to do their finanical reporting according to GAAP like other businesses, Hollywood would be bankrupt before the end of the week.

        1. I don’t know much about this business so I don’t want to speak out of turn. I do think that this is just the right kind of movie to start making a merchandising fortune of kids.
          Just wait until halloween when there is a boy dressed up like the sassy black woman ghostbuster with his parents encouraging him by telling him that he can be whatever he wants.

      3. Ordinarily I’d think you’re right, as there we always be some soccer moms taking their little lemmings to the show, buying the Happy Meals and toys, and more, but I’ve noticed a couple of movies go quietly to DVD without much fanfare.
        I hope this one does the same. Looks like it might!
        And then to the $9.99 DVD bin at Wal-Mart.

        1. Always expect the worst. It’s better to be wrong than disappointed. I honestly don’t think I have been disappointed with anything or anyone in over 3 decades.

        2. Agree. That reflects having dealt with the real world.
          Assume the worst, but hope for the best is my motto.
          Wishful thinking in that I hope this movies passes by like an old Chevrolet compact car: largely ignored and it’s understood no one wants it. LOL.

    3. “You’d think by now they would have a system worked out to select in favor of big-budget films ”
      I’m going to wager that it’s probably too much goat fucking, or Satan felching, or both that causes bad decision making.

  31. at first i thought, wait isn’t melissa mcarthy the tall, hot blonde?* did she go obese for this movie? damn you, hollywood!
    then i realized i was thinking of jenny mcarthy. i don’t watch a lot of movies.
    *i know, jenny mcarthy is over 25 and therefore most of you WNB, but still.

    1. Had to look up Jenny McCarthy Quite a nimble little minx.

      1. “Had to look up Jenny McCarthy Quite a nimble little minx”
        She was. Her era was the 1990s, now she’s just a fit spinster.
        And I recall one time she was on The Howard Stern Show once being interviewed. Apparently Howard was asking her about an ‘incident’ that occured on the studio set at MTV. She apparently had a big mac hamburger for lunch. Afterwards she let rip a nasty, hardcore, foul stenched fart and everyone had to clear out for about 20 minutes until the odor dissipated before resuming production.
        Can’t look at her now without thinking about that fart. A definite mood killer.

        1. Don’t forget she an idiot as well. She help spearhead the trend that vaccines cause Autism. I give her credit on backtracking on that claim, but she has done a lot of unnecessary suffering to children.

        2. “Don’t forget she an idiot as well”
          Absolutely. It’s amazing how much freedom, attention receiving, praising and consideration a female receives simply for having a pretty face and a pair of tits.

        3. “This makes her different that about 99% of Hollyweird actresses how?”
          Another good point.

        1. ha- Mel has a pretty face, just look at them, they look related

  32. Hollyweird can’t come up with an original idea to save it’s life anyway…putting aside the utter pointlessness to making it all female. The original Ghostbusters was a unique film-it never took itself too seriously and was just great fun with guys like Murray and Ackroyd at their best. There was no weak link in that movie-even the secondaries like
    Rick Moranis. This is just a half ass retread of an original idea with more CGI and more vaj. Go watch Bridesmaids if you want this kind of shite.

  33. I grew up watching ghostbusters ,I’ve been a fan for awhile but I won’t give this my time or my money.

  34. The movie’s target audience is children. With over 50% divorce rate, and misandrist legal system almost always giving mothers the children, it is mothers who are deciding which movies the children get to watch. They are buying the tickets for the children’s movies. So they are writing out male characters and replacing them with females.

    1. Not just single mothers, but also mothers who rule the household. I know one family where the son is spoiled by the mother and whenever the father tries to do something that would help toughen him up, the mother steps in and puts a stop to it. They were first in line for the new Star Wars movie and were gushing about how great it was on FB.

      1. Married beta males slip into a role where they bring home the paycheck and the wife spends it.

        1. To be fair, it’s pretty much been that way. It can be argued that rather than being “suppressed” by the patriarchy, women have been entrusted with that responsibility, and up till recently, it worked fine. But nowadays there’s no oversight.

        2. Lol. Man and woman can be equal but man must have strong willl and character to direct the relationship. A woman will always sink that ship.

      2. That husband has nobody to blame but himself for that. He needs to secure that shit, asap.

        1. Don’t think that’ll happen, sadly. Has given me a great many opportunities to introduce red-pill philosophies to my wife since she’s somewhat close with them and sees all this shit going down. I told her the same thing; At the end of the day, the blame lies with the husband for not keeping his house in order.

        2. Well, he’s only 12, but he is very effeminate due to the constant coddling from his mother. Spends way too much time playing video games and eating junk food (even though his mother is a vegetarian…go figure). He’s been bullied a few times and his mother just pulls him out of wherever he was getting bullied instead of teaching him to stand up for himself. I like the kid, but I don’t see him being much of a success in anything if he doesn’t shape up.

        3. On the bullying all I can say is you can’t blame him for that…even if he fights back these days they go out of their way to ‘make an example’ vs. back in the day when young men might settle things after school.

      3. Especially families where women really rule. In my last serious relationship I was in, this happened quite frequently. 4 sisters and one mother in law too eager to please. No violent movies or sports on T.V., or roughhousing. Yet they let kids play tackle football. Go figure.

      4. That is sickening! I would rather be castrated with a rusty butter knife then let that happen!

    2. “it is mothers who are deciding which movies the children get to watch. They are buying the tickets for the children’s movies. So they are writing out male characters and replacing them with females.”
      It would not surprise me if hollyweird might be using algorrythms to decide what to put in a atoryline for a novie today.

    3. I can jive with the overall idea in your comment, moms have too much authority these days etc.
      I don’t think the divorce rate is that high, though. I believe that stat is outdated and extremely stubborn.

  35. I have about as much interest in seeing this shitheap of a movie as I did when Hollywood barfed out Star Wars TFA and Mad Max. In fact, on opening night while all the mentally stunted morons are standing in line at the movie theatre to gobble this shit up, I’ll probably pop in the original film in and watch it.
    This movie is going to flop so hard. And when it does, all of its supporters aren’t going to be howling “Muh Misoginee!” and crying about how sexism “ruined” the film. But they certainly won’t be taking into consideration that maybe we’re tired of today’s Hollywood taking perfectly good franchises and fucking them over with terrible reboots and sequels.

    1. They can cry misogyny all they want. We all know that women themselves are more of a misogynist than men. Women just have a hard time admitting to that simple fact.

    2. When they scream “misogyny,” just show them that girl power pic and remind them that men had nothing to do with this turd.

  36. I wonder if they will rehash the old song and have Adele sing it. If so, will they keep the original Ray Parker Lyrics? If so, do you think it will actually usher in the end of days when Adele singe the lyrics
    Lemme Tell Ya Something
    Bustin’ makes me feel good!

  37. I remember going the whole calendar year of 2010 not seeing a single movie in the cinema; you couldn’t pay me to watch this particular film, however, in any medium. Not because of the stereotypes, but that it just doesn’t look interesting.

    1. That’s it in a nutshell really. Remakes are traditionally horrible no matter the socio-diversity make over (or lack thereof). The only remake that I found tolerable was Abrams Star Trek reboot, but even then it wasn’t like it really needed to be made. The last movie I saw was The Revenent (great film, highly recommend), but before that, yeah, geesh, I really can’t recall. Netflix and other services have rather removed my need to see things on the big screen, unless their cinematography demand that kind of thing.

      1. Agreed on all. To add, a $9 monthly Netflix charge and flatscreen are really all you need for the most part.

        1. Didn’t see it, but heard it was decent. I really think hard before I see a reboot most of the time, because they almost universally ruin the movie AND make me come to hate something I may have loved in the past. John Wayne movies are way too special for me to take that risk, heh.

        2. They may not be your cup of tea, but No Country For Old Men is one of the best and most masculine films ever made. If you only watch one of their films, that should be the one.

        3. Its a great film bc its based on the writings of one of the last great red pill authors- Cormac McCarthy

        4. Cormac McCarthy is probably my favorite fiction author. And one of the reasons I loved the film was that it stayed very close to the novel. In particular, I remember that the last scene with Tommy Lee Jones talking about the dream with his father was taken almost verbatim from the book.

        5. Blood Meridian is in the works now; seemed like it was easily translated to the screen, but I felt the say way about The Road

        6. Really? Hadn’t heard that. Talk about a film that will make heads explode if it is even half-true to the source material.

        7. The reason it has taken a while for Blood Meridian to hit the screen is due to the challenge of the violence and probably the casting too. Who would play the Judge?

      2. I think that like comic books, movies are a ‘dying’ art form…the idea of standing in line to see a performance when you could down load it makes no sense…and yes, I know people thought movies were ‘dying’ with TV & videocassette & DVD’s & the Internet…but this time it’s a perfect storm…I think deep down Hollywood is in a full panic mode and this glut of remakes and franchises and superhero films is a last gasp. Even a ‘new’ film maker can produce quality video and upload to YouTube on their own monetized channel…why go thru the studios?

        1. Interesting observation. Plus television writers have suddenly discovered that they’re allowed to write actual good shows and are doing near movie quality series (Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Vikings, etc). I’d rather watch a few back to back Vikings episodes any day of the week than spend a red cent for a movie.

      3. The Coen Brother’s remake of True Grit was actually pretty good (To my surprise, I think I liked it better than the original).

    2. I saw Tron on News years eve…and The Social Network….otherwise yeah it was a dry year.

      1. I don’t know if seeing TSN and Despicable Me on a Trans-Pacific flight at the tail end of the year counts, but agreed; 2010 was weak.

    3. I have gone 6 years or so without seeing one and it’s fantastic; I don’t see myself ever going again.

  38. From above : “and the whole idea of film character visits are meant to be about kids knowing who the dressed-up people are…” — when you really think about it, visiting a bunch of cancer-kids as characters from a film that doesn’t come out FOR OVER A YEAR…is kinda sick. It’s like saying “Wow look at this new toy…I doubt you’ll live long enough to play with it, but isn’t it neat?” ; as for calls to boycott this film, it’s already starting out 2/3 of the way down the drain, I bet it’ll get released and forgotten over the course of the same weekend.

  39. Just watched Zootopia last night. Thank God I downloaded the bootleg version online instead of actually paying for that feminist/diversity garbage. Seem like all movies are really trying to push the agenda. Not like before where there are some hidden messages…they have stepped it up for some reason.

      1. Oh gah no, leave Charlie’s Angels alone. That show was about, and only about, hot chicks wearing hot shit while being hot.

        1. the originals, right ? the girls looked nice in the remake, but they can’t even touch Kate, Jaclyn, and Farah – oh my. The only three posters I had up in my room as a young’un in the 70’s.

    1. I’ve considered making a movie about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., casting the lead role to, of course, Dolph Lundgren.

        1. “I have a dream….about crushing you!”

        1. I think that any role that has been held by Cuban Gooding Jr. must necessarily be recast with Pauley Shore in his role.

        2. But if you cast a Mongoloid that’ll shut up all the Asians who cry about diversity!

        1. Anita is definitely part of an evil secret government military project gone horribly wrong

    2. GG actually wasn’t too bad; the stuff that show covered all those years ago would have SJWs and leftists in an apoplectic fit today.

    3. Or maybe a remake of Black Beauty. It could star Rachel Dolezal as an endangered white rhino who wants to become a horse.

      1. While we at it, fairy tales like Snow Black, Rapunsizzle, and Sistah and the Beast.

    4. How about redoing Charlie’s Angels with an all male team and a female “boss”?

  40. The trailer for Ghostbusters had absolutely no effect on me.
    When I saw the trailer for Mad Max Tampon Road at least I was amazed by the special effects.
    The Ghostbusters trailer wasn’t funny, or fun, or interesting to look at. This movie looks completely forced.

      1. That joke was funnier when it was Marty Feldmen and Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein.

        1. I love that movie. It has almost no equal. And for the record, I would have put on my best hat and allowed the then 19 year old Teri Garr to have her way with me sexually in a myriad of styles and positions.

        2. Men are just funnier than women.
          While women are more beautiful creatures.

        3. [Frankenstein, Igor and Inga in front of HUGE castle doors]
          Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: What knockers.
          Inga: Oh, thank you doctor.

    1. still haven’t seen feminist road, probably never will until it’s on TV or something. it did look great, didn’t it? made me think that they could have done a great movie without the girl power. too bad they didn’t.

    2. Mad Max had some visual ingenuity. This Ghostbusters is full of flat shots and crap.CGI.

    3. What kind of struck me was the amount of time spent explaining who each of the characters were, when the audience knew that already from seeing the first ghostbuster. Too much dialog doing what should have been apparent from imagery…

  41. This movie is fine example of Dunning–Kruger Effect in action. The assumption of remaking a classic movie to follow the “agenda de jour” and the liberal mass will flock to see it is the only reason for this mess of movie to be with. Good storytelling,character development, casting, effects, and good jokes are not recipe for good movie, but girl power is.

    1. I am with you up until you implied that Ghostbusters was a classic movie. It was a mildly amusing grade B movie. Most of its appeal was that it made no bones about being a grade B movie.

  42. am i the only one that watched the crap out of the cartoon?.?.?.?…. winston was an outright genius

    1. The genius lay in the simplicity and focus of the critique.

        1. I didn’t understand this video until I put my hand down and saw yours still there

  43. Politics aside, I thought the trailer looked like a subpar SNL skit. You can add this to pointless reboots.

  44. The only thing I liked about the trailer is the remixed theme for Ghostbusters.

  45. Those pictures in the hospital were fucking horrible. Its sad to see our country has become this pathetic. Most of these kids are too young to know who the ghostbusters were and all the want to see is john cena or some random wrestler but instead they get second rate women.
    I guess next year gay luke skywalker will go see all the poor kids.

  46. As an aside, I hate the Green Mile more than just about any movie ever. What a long, godawful piece of trash. There have been a few pretty decent Stephen King novel-based films, but the Green Mile was atrocious on so many levels (yet got multiple Oscar nominations… WTF?), that it is hard to know where to start.

    1. Stephen King had one good book, which was a collection of his short stories that he published before he became famous. I think it was called Night Shift or something like that. In it you’ll find every “major” story he wrote thereafter. As a short story writer he isn’t bad, but he really didn’t need to make every short story into a 3,000+ page contest entry to see who could print the largest book throughout the 1980’s and ’90’s.

      1. That’s the one with Lawnmower Man and Children of the Corn if I’m mistaken. I read it in high school, great book.

  47. I already have the ending figured out. They realize that the main villain is Gaia herself. She has unleashed the spirits of the dead to haunt the earth because funding for Planned Parenthood had been cut. Since there was less public funding for abortions, there were excess amounts of children being born, increasing carbon emissions and destroying the earth. It turns out that the real villain was the patriarchy all along. A bunch of Hetero, cisgendered, white, Christian males. The ghostbusters have a dialogue with her in which they promise to increase Planned Parenthood funding to 5% of the GDP, thus ensuring that abortions will be at a maximum. Gaia, pleased with the deal, calls off the ghosts and retreats peacefully. The Ghostbusters are invited to the White House by President Hillary Clinton and are each presented with the Congressional Medal of Honor. The film ends with the women marrying each other in a polygamous gay Unitarian wedding ceremony. Cue the Ghostbusters theme, now sung by Sheryl Crow and retitled GirlPower. The end.

  48. I already decided not to see this movie after star wars 7, If I want to see a female oriented story I will just watch anime!

  49. I already have the ending figured out. They realize that the main villain is Gaia herself. She has unleashed the spirits of the dead to haunt the earth because funding for Planned Parenthood had been cut. Since there was less public funding for abortions, there were excess amounts of children being born, increasing carbon emissions and destroying the earth. It turns out that the real villain was the patriarchy all along. A bunch of Hetero, cisgendered, white, Christian males. The ghostbusters have a dialogue with her in which they promise to increase Planned Parenthood funding to 5% of the GDP, thus ensuring that abortions will be at a maximum. Gaia, pleased with the deal, calls off the ghosts and retreats peacefully. The Ghostbusters are invited to the White House by President Hillary Clinton and are each presented with the Congressional Medal of Honor. The film ends with the women marrying each other in a polygamous gay Unitarian wedding ceremony. Cue the Ghostbusters theme, now sung by Sheryl Crow and retitled GirlPower. The end.

  50. You actually felt the need to “urge readers and others to boycott this film”? And do you honestly believe that there is some life threatening issue over a movie that the phrase “at all costs” was needed?
    “Sorry, but the Guatemalans have kidnapped my family and say I must see Ghostbusters 3 or they will execute them.”
    Films anymore are such steaming crap that even spending time to analyze them is wasted. Who truly give s flying rat f*ck? In short, I don’t watch garbage, prefer to read or work outdoors with my free time. First time I’ve read something on RoK that left me with the impression that the author thought he was speaking to children.

  51. I am very pleased that the reaction to Ghostbusters(Feminist version) is negative. I was surprised when Star Wars The Feminist Awakens was actually criticized for the heavy feminist propaganda it was spewing but it was still a critical and commercial success.
    This abomination on the other hand, is not going to be a critical nor commercial success. The tides are turning so quickly… good.

    1. Star Wars : Feminism Awakens worked because there were classic male leads. Remove Chewbacca, Han Solo and Luke and you remove 2/3rd of the audience

      1. I tend to agree. I watched it and was thoroughly entertained by Harrison Ford’s Han Solo, he’s still got the touch and it was great to see him play the character again.
        Everything else though… was garbage.

  52. No one has adequately explained why, in a world where everything from Microsoft to Snapchat is male-generated, the new globe-saving paranormal clean-up team is all female.

    It’s THE CURRENT YEAR. That’s why.

    1. Isn’t that such an amazing comeback? We really need to address and defeat the notion of Temporal Politics.
      What year it is doesn’t matter.
      There is no “wrong side of history” until after history is written and not a nanosecond before. Even then subsequent historians often revise history based on their own political context.
      Using Argumentum ad tempus (I just invented a logical fallacy! I think!) needs to be heartily rejected and called out.

        1. Latin is not in my area of expertise. I knew “tempus” so I figured, eh, go with it. heh. Thank you for the correction.

      1. Or we start using it against them.
        “Why do we need to stop using affirmative action policies? Because it’s 2016! Only a sexist or racist living in the past would believe that a person should be hired based on what gender they are or what color their skin is. Meritocracy baby!”

  53. After watching that dogturd of a trailer, the thing that comes to mind is Winston’s unforgettable quote:
    “I seen shit that’d turn you white!”

  54. I’ll pass simply on the premise that a reboot of an 80s classic is just a bad idea.

  55. I think this is the perfect movie for people who carry purses or men who hold them while women are out at the club making moves on other men. Its the ideal date night movie for white knights. I suggest the earlier show as after he pays for tickets, dinner snacks, baby sitter (for her 3 kids) and gets that very nice thank you at the end of the date, she can be on her merry way to be with her male fwb for a good lay. Its perfect date night. Everybody wins!!! Go Girl Power!!!

  56. I wasn’t going to see this crap anyways. I didn’t even bother with the trailer. As soon as I read the cast all I could think of was NOPE.

  57. The should leave classics alone… When I see “Red Dawn” I’m like YEAH!!! Then realize it was the crappy remake. Why can’t they create new content featuring women…

    1. Because the heroic arc was never meant for a woman. That may not be PC but as a whole, if you looked through most stories, very few have a female protagonist. The biggest sacrifice a woman can make is to create a life with another. Why would anyone wish to see a woman lose her life before such an option is viable? That’s why women go through stories already paved by men. So that we all know and expect the woman to make it out at the end. Kind of removes the heroism and makes it entertainment.

  58. The black chick looks like RuPaul…trans box checked. Which one is the lesbian? We can see who plays the fatty!

  59. Fatso can pay for her own bacon double cheese burgers with a side of extra large fries & gravy.

  60. Since the release of the trailer I’ve been following the news and people’s reaction to it.
    The press is divided on this issue; some news outlets are obviously biased in favour of the movie as can be expected. Others are not so positive; even the Huffington Post published an article titled Am I Allowed to Dislike the New Ghostbusters Trailer? And that’s telling.
    The public in general seems to have a severe allergic reaction to the trailer. Whether an article happens to be in favour of the GB or not, the reactions in the comments sections are mostly negative.
    Same goes for many of the film review channels on youtube. The majority of the first impressions are not good at all. Even those who specifically mention that they don’t mind the female leads, tend to dislike what they saw in the trailer.
    Production cost of this movie was $154 million, and it is unknown whether marketing is included. A big budget film has to make 2.5 times its budget to break even, that’s the general consensus. So this one will have to make around $385 million. If marketing was not included, than the amount is even higher. I could be wrong of course, but I think that Sony should prepare for the worst.

  61. I just wish that Star Wars fans would have been smart enough to do the same thing. It really hurt to see that piece of garbage “The Force Awakens” shatter box-office records.

  62. The problems with this movie go beyond the all female cast. For started the beginning of the trailer pays homage to the original movie, but the new Ghostbusters has effectively written them out of history.
    What follows is cinematic plagiarism. They stole everything of value from the original movie and then tweaked certain details so they can claim originality. They also shot this train-wreck of a movie in 3D so I expect ghosts will be flying off the screen every three minutes.
    My problem with the female cast isn’t that women can’t act, it’s that they’re not allowed to act like women. Movie women are always wish fulfillment characters. They stopped making them attractive, but they didn’t start making them realistic.
    What’s also glaring is the team dynamic doesn’t make any sense. The only character that has any potential is the engineering chick, and she’d have to stop licking her guns. The math lady adds nothing, the black lady is replaceable by a GPS, and McCarthy wouldn’t be allowed in the building. The problem then is the resultant team would be one woman and three men, and they would’ve hired a woman to be the secretary.
    A boycott is overkill because this movie actually looks horrible in the preview already.

  63. I’m guessing it is a comedy? Which part is supposed to be funny? Couldn’t tell. Also, they’re all ugly. Wouldn’t bang any of them with a 39 and a half foot pole. The face of feminists? Undesireables?

  64. I’m having a lot of trouble putting into words just how shit that movie looks. I couldn’t even watch the entire trailer.
    Its just a pity that the SJW crowd don’t seem to realize that the most respectable, strong leading women (in movies) are the ones who do it without even trying. Princess Leia and Ellen Ripley are good examples.
    This movie obviously contains some serious racial stereotype characters. I’m just surprised they didn’t make the nerdy particle physicist an Asian.
    But overall, I think the world is getting sick of warriors shoving their politically correct BS down our throats. This is even coming out in some of the main-stream media. These idiots only have power because we think they do. Every time some gutless boss fires someone because of some non-PC remark they made, we just inflate the imaginary power of these people.

  65. This movie should be an example to Hollywood that people are sick and tired of their PC bullshit. I’ve already predicted this will be a giant clusterfuck of a propaganda film. The best thing that this movie could ever hope for is that someone will steal it and burn every copy before humanity has to suffer through this

  66. So they took the original story, stereotyped it 2016 style and cast women. And then they want me to pay 12 bucks? 8 bucks? a dollar? to see this in action and like it. Throw in a silver stay-puft thin thing (again?) and you have total proton reversal out the ass. I liked the original movie but there is no need to remake the remakes again.

    1. ” And then they want me to pay 12 bucks? 8 bucks? a dollar? to see this in action and like it.”
      Have me fitted for a tin-foil hat if you will, but I can already smell an SJW conspiracy/Catch-22 here. If this movie were any good then all we’d hear for the next year or so is “The new Ghostbusters proves that girls can be funny!” kinda like that article that claims the trailer somehow destroys “the Patriarchy”. Conversely, with the movie on track to tank, any flaws and the poor reception will be blamed on the industry/society still being rampant with sexism and misogyny. Hell I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they try to claim that Gamergate, MRA’s or even ROK directly conspired to ruin it.

      1. A turd is a turd is a turd. Once it drops out, it is what it is. Put a clip on your nose or run

  67. I’m actually kinda surprised that people are remarking on how Leslie Jones’s character is a racially insensitive stereotype. Anybody that’s seen her on SNL in the past couple of years should know it. Jones has one “character” that she plays in everything: Essentially a modern day version of the “mammy”. An overweight, unattractive, surly, but at times goofy and jovial, black woman. I can’t think of a single sketch she’s been in where her joke didn’t boil down to “lol physically imposing negress”. Rob Fucking Schneider has more range as an actor than she does.
    All that said, while I didn’t hate the trailer, the only thing in it that I found remotely funny was Kate McKinnon.

  68. I saw the trailer, it was a new low…. what a piece of shit. digging up classics and remaking them. smh…

  69. My question is why did the MSM even give this dark corner of the internet ANY attention? I guarantee the masses knew nothing of this site’s existence before then. They couldn’t have felt that threatened by this place, unless they WERE in fact threatened.

    1. theyre r-selected rabbit people. they are incapable of thinking ahead even half a step. of course they were threatened, and they did what they had to in order to assuage their fragile little amygdalae.

  70. That pic with the black kid passed out (or dead?) in the background is beyond disturbing. What shirt is her father or brother or whoever that guy is, wearing? A shirt with Jesus as a zombie with a Hitler mustache. No matter what someone believes the idea of wearing that around a dying child disturbs me. Might as well wear a shirt saying “Hey kid, you’re fucked.”

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