Why Modern Men Need To Develop A Passion For Living

I see them every time I go out. Men who look as though they’ve been defeated by life and who are just going through the motions. This is the case for men even in their 20s in America. There is anger and despair in the eyes of these men, who have the countenance of a slave when I look into their faces. They’re quite common in all the business ventures I’ve pursued in life, from the average Joe truck driver to the lofty heights of the crumbling mass media ivory tower.

I know the look because I was once one of those men.

You see them online as well. Dripping with sarcasm, contempt, and bitterness as they attack anyone or anything that doesn’t conform to their myopic ideals.

Stefan Molyneux has accurately described what we’re living on as a human farm, full of human livestock. From The Handbook of Human Ownership:

The reality of political power is very simple: bad farmers own crops and livestock – good farmers own human beings.

So how does it work?

Anyhoo, the basic reality of human ownership is this:

1. First, you must first subdue the masses through force

2. Then, you maintain that subjugation through the psychological power of ethics.

People think that ethics were invented to make people good, but that’s like saying that chastity belts were invented to spread STDs. No, no – ethics were invented to bind the minds of the slaves, and to create the only true shackles we rulers need: guilt, self-attack and a fear of the tyranny of ethics. Whoever teaches ethics rules the herd, because everyone is afraid of bad opinions, mostly from themselves. If you do it right, no judgment will be as evil or endless as the one coming from the mirror.

What happens when people are treated like livestock? They get fat, listless, and bitter. Take a look around America and tell me that’s not the case.

The life is sucked right out of them, because their souls have already been consumed by a vicious cycle of debt servitude and corporate drudgery. They willingly put themselves into massive amounts of debt for car payments, giant houses, and tons of things they don’t really need to fill the empty space.

Mass Brainwashing

The human farm is no place for the man who must have autonomy

Seldom do men ever ask this simple question: Why are we doing what we’re doing?

The truth is a century of mass marketing, propaganda, and thought control have yielded a populace enslaved by their own materialistic desires. Starting with Freud a century ago, and using principles refined by his nephew Edward Bernays people are locked in a cycle of competitive consumption but don’t know why they’re living lives in which they would slit someone’s throat for a new iPhone.

Today, marketing gurus such as Clotaire Rapaille, who works for many Fortune 500 companies know the American mind set well as men like him push men to give up their lives, sacrificing to power the female Hedonic Treadmill:

My experience is that most of the time, people have no idea why they’re doing what they’re doing. They have no idea, so they’re going to try to make up something that makes sense. Why do you need a Hummer to go shopping? “Well, you see, because in case there is a snowstorm.” No. Why do you buy four wheel drive? “Well, you know, in case I need to go off-road.” Well, you live in Manhattan; why do you need four wheel drive in Manhattan? “Well, you know, sometimes I go out, and I go—” You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that this is disconnected. This is nothing to do with what the real reason is for people to do what they do.

Long story short, marketers learned to exploit people’s subconscious sexual desires, turning them into an orgy of consumerism a century ago.

Realizing this truth was an absolute horror as I began the process of awakening in my late 20s. I was at the intersection of what George Carlin called Bullshit Central: the intersection of advertising, Hollywood, and the news media. Even though I was a media spinmeister, I also had found myself enslaved by the very messages of fear and consumption we doled out on our airwaves each day.

It was a hell like no other for a man whose personality type demands autonomy and independence. Money came in and money went out each month, and I was the rat in the wheel making it all spin around.

What a difference a not giving a fuck anymore makes.

Feeling Alive

Make the leap, my friends

Oscar Wilde, Irish playwright and novelist sums up the transition I made from another animal on the farm to an “empowered” man, to borrow a phrase from the feminists:

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

Alive is exactly how I would summarize what has been the happiest period of my entire life, the period since I quit my job and struck out on my own.

To be honest, there are times not having the security of a Joe job scares the living daylights out of me. But that is the impetus to make me accomplish new things in life. It leads to some of the most breathtaking moments in this man’s life, when he looks back and realizes, “It’s already been that long since I left it all behind? Damn. I’m not doing so bad after all.”

I’m now closing in on my two-year anniversary since walking away from everything I spent my entire life building. Not many people would just walk away from a cushy (if cutthroat) job reading news headlines each day. And I’ve never felt more alive. It is amazing what a man is capable of when he takes control of his own destiny, rather than living the prescribed plan his masters have laid out for him.

Without the pressure to find something constructive to do with all the time I had since leaving the workaday world, I would have never come to write for Return of Kings and started building my blog and writing career. I would have never been one of only two men out of a class of 15 who earned their CDL in the barn burner three-week “trucker boot camp” I attended. (Yes, CDL school was that hard. People were dropping out like flies and failing the school. But I had a fire in my belly because trucking was so central to my financial plan to travel the world.)

I would have never had the freedom to spend a full year in the Caribbean and now be writing this to you from my month-long sojourn in Thailand, where I just woke up beside one of the sexiest, sweetest, and most feminine women I’ve ever met in my life.

There is still beauty in this world if you look for it.

Plus, badass travel stories and risk taking behavior make women moist in their nether regions. The legs spread easier with my stories about what I’m doing with my life than they ever did when I was another predictable, reliable Beta male slave.

I used to pass out at night dreading the next day, consistently exhausted from waking up at 3:30 a.m. each day, rushing down to the news station to deliver the daily propaganda with a vacuous, forced smile. Now, I sometimes have trouble sleeping at night because I am daydreaming about all the possibilities of what I could do with my newfound freedom.

I knew there had to be a way out. Turns out it was simpler than I ever imagined. All it took was walking away. Making the leap. Stop giving a fuck.

Men, if the corporate-government complex has given you such a shabby deal, why deal with it? Formulate a plan to get yourself out of debt and free from the other shackles, mental and financial, that have been placed upon you.

Maybe it’s time to come out and play – or LIVE – a little. This is my message for you. Rediscover a passion for living. Live life on your terms. It will be the best thing you’ve ever done. It’s okay to live for yourselves in a day in age in which society has thrown you overboard.

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318 thoughts on “Why Modern Men Need To Develop A Passion For Living”

  1. I totally agree, I was a slave for 25 years.
    Then I gave up work, then I gave up on a dreary marriage.
    The past 10 years have been a blast of sex, booze and excessive exercise.
    But you need money to be free, and most of us need to give up 20-30 years of life to pay for our future freedom.
    Glad to see you discovered Thailand, but a month isn’t long enough, and that sexy woman isn’t real (the feminine sweetness ACT turns to violent insanity very quickly) …….. so don’t do anything silly. You should also try the Philippines, it’s Thailand on steroids.

    1. I feel glad for you, Sir!
      I have also lost so many years, and sometimes I have the dreary feeling that it is already too late for me… Which, if I take your example, I realise that fortunately is not true (I remember your age from previous comments, and I happen to be younger than you), and that if we are still breathing, we are still living, and we can move forward to live better lives.
      Have you ever considered to visit Goa as well? Some say its the best place in the whole of Asia.

      1. Goa is in India, and I’ve never really found Indian women attractive.
        I prefer the oriental look. Maybe I’ll do India in my next lifetime.

        1. I can’t say, as I have no personal experience of them.
          Never had a black woman either, the general shape and look just didn’t appeal to me.

        2. Actually, when talking about Goa, I did not even consider the possibility of trying to pick up Indian women at all.
          Rather I was thinking along the lines of the backpacker hippie chicks of the psytrance scene.
          Picking up extasy-popping, half-naked hippie chicks at a psytrance party on the beaches of Goa is kind of an ultimate dream for me…

    2. You were a slave? Somebody literally held a weapon to you and took your labor under threat of force? Taxation, sure, but you’re still paying those now at least a little I bet. I doubt you’re talking about taxation only though. If you’re saying that you *choose* a certain path because you felt pressured to do so, then might I suggest that you chose the wrong word. Slavery, real slavery, is an awful thing. Let’s not dilute it by making “I made a choice I didn’t like” its equal.

      1. When you marry in the west, you become her slave. She can take your property from you, she can have you arrested and/or curtail your personal freedom. And even if you give up everything and leave her, she will probably still get rights to your future earnings.
        PS. I haven’t paid any income tax since 2001 (when I gave up my wage slavery), can’t avoid taxes on stuff I buy of course (fuel tax, VAT, import tax, etc.).

        1. You are using the word wrong.
          When you voluntarily place yourself into a situation where the consequences and benefits are pretty clearly understood, and anybody who takes even 3 minutes researching this, even back in 1920, knows the benefits and consequences, then you are not a slave for the choice you made, even if you extract the consequences.
          Words have meaning. Conflating “I don’t like the choice I made ergo it was slavery” is the same kind of thinking that gives girls the notion of “Regret Rape” (Chad boinked me, I agreed, but two weeks later and he still hasn’t called me! Rape!).

        2. Who at age 21, clearly understands anything?
          Back in 1970, no internet, no access to information on the future consequences of marriage. They even changed the laws on her entitlements after we were married.

        3. Excuses. Young men used to be much more responsible at a much younger age. If you get to 21 and do not understand that marriage is a form of legal contract, then you deserve what you get because you chose to enter into a contract in utter ignorance.
          Self victimization is an ugly thing.

        4. When I got married, she was compelled to have sex with me, or risk divorce with nothing. No rape within marriage. They changed our contract after I signed it, without my consent.
          When I was married she had no entitlement to my pension. They changed our contract after I signed it, without my consent.
          Sorry, you’re just being a cunt, as usual. Piss off and troll someone else.
          I’ve just blocked you, no point in replying to me, I can’t read it.
          I suggest you block me too.

        5. I’d debate you further, but I see ad hominem has escaped your tired old fingers so that means that my point was already sufficiently made and successfully argued to completion. I graciously accept your surrender.
          Have a great day, try not to be victimized by the cruel hard world any more than you’re “forced” to.

        6. At 21, I knew there was no way in hell I’d ever marry. It’s become too much of a risk for men. At any point ex-wifey can take the house, kids and receive a court order to garnish your paycheck so her end of the dream is financially sustained.

        7. This is quite true. But, at any point 50 years ago, she could have done the same thing. I get not getting married now given as women have gone feral, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely endorse your choice. I’m just noting that it’s not “slavery!” because you go into it knowing the deal from the start, and if it goes sour it’s not like you didn’t know the consequences. You, seem aware of the consequences and compare that to the benefits which, in this day and age, are almost not present, and you make a rational choice.

        8. “Marital rape” was concocted to be another tool for women to use when they’re in a divorce battle, seeking a large alimony payout.

        9. Just blocked him as well. GOJ is a master of humble-bragging and is often completely unreadable while on his high horse — which is always.

        10. Just because you’re a failure doesn’t mean that you have to spread your poison to others.
          You sit on a site that tells you to learn confidence and success, but sneer and seethe at those who are confident and successful. Maybe you’re on the wrong site, or maybe you’re just here to breed the loser mindset you’ve adopted. Who knows?

        11. I always support calling a man “a cunt”. It is somehow classy.
          I diagree with everything else.

    1. All females are prostitutes. Prostitution is common even in the animal kingdom as penguin females trade sex for rocks and chimps trade sex for meat. With human females, it just depends on what price they’re asking for. Some want a Benjamin on the night stand. Others want a McMansion and all the materialistic accoutrement of modern Western decadence.
      I detailed “Transactional Sex” in humans and in the animal kingdom on my blog recently. https://relampagofurioso.com/2017/02/23/transactional-sex-every-woman-has-her-price/
      A skilled PUA can also tap that ass for free, the same ass Betas pay for. Mark Zolo calls it “shoring.”
      At least I’m not at risk of losing everything I own, including my freedom by wifing up an entitled Anglobitch or other Western land whale. Make no mistake, marriage is legalized prostitution. I’ve also written about the 5,000 year history of marriage on my blog.

      1. “The fact marriage is legalized prostitution.”
        I would go further, and change that, to say western marriage is legalized male slavery. (Or maybe that should be legalized male indentured servitude, as you may be able to buy your way out of it eventually)
        Western marriage can’t be prostitution, as they are no longer under any obligation to have sex with their husbands.

        1. He calls any scenario where he makes a choice that goes badly such that he suffers consequences “slavery”. From what I have seen thus far anyway.

      2. “Marriage is Prostitution” was a battle cry for 2nd wave feminists. I’m not really sure that I’d want to go down that path with them Relampago, as it seems to play into their hands in deconstructing traditional society, the family and patriarchy.

        1. Feminists only wanted jobs so it could raise their asking price. Hence, Big Daddy Government replaces the Beta male provider and now every Western woman thinks she’s entitled to a millionaire. Even the fat ones.
          They’re still prostitutes, only now the average working man has no shot because his provisioning capability has been cucked by government gibsmedats.
          And a half century of anti-male legislation aimed at “equal pay.”
          The fact marriage is legalized prostitution never changed just because feminists made it one of their narratives. To deny it is playing politics when I only want to consider facts.

        2. Ok…..and?
          That doesn’t make marriage prostitution. Prostitution is a short term exchange of cash for a short term exchange of sex, with no other assumptions built into it. Marriage is an exchange of many things for both parties with several assumptions built into it.
          On the male’s end, if the only reason he’s going into marriage is for sex, then he’s clearly missed out on the cultural and legal assumptions about marriage. Whereas if a woman only goes into marriage for assets/cash, she too has clearly missed out on the cultural and legal assumptions about marriage.
          Marriage is more than a legalist thing, it comes bound to a set of definitions not only legally, but culturally and socially as well. General assumptions, although not always played out for each couple, include things like eventual kids, working together towards building a common financial base, intimacy (yes, it is there clearly), fidelity and a long term (“till death due us part”) time frame. Now people can make stupid choices and fuck it up, or you do have your mercenary (either materially or sexually) types from both sexes, but to pin it strictly (and incorrectly even by a legalist view) to a legal definition is sleight of hand. It’s how feminists are destroying Western society.

        3. Well said. Good marriages are so much more than an agreement of sex for money. Anyone who sees it as nothing more has theirs doomed from the beginning.
          Ironically, if a guy thinks marriage is primarily about sex, his wife will see that and will be reluctant to give it up. Conversely, if all a woman thinks it is all about money, the guy will be reluctant to give it up.

        4. Meh. It’s pay for play at the end of the day. Whether you’re paying payments on her car or giving her cash. Let’s see how long your wife stays once you stop providing resources and benefits unless her obligation is strictly enforced culturally.
          You’re also talking traditional marriage. We aren’t playing that game in the West. And even that has historically been about male resources for female fertility.
          Ever read Briffault’s Law? He found no exception to it in the 6 civilizations and 80 tribes he studied:
          The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.
          -Past benefit provided by the male does not provide for continued or future association.
          -Any agreement where the male provides a current benefit in return for a promise of future association is null and void as soon as the male has provided the benefit (see corollary 1)
          -A promise of future benefit has limited influence on current/future association, with the influence inversely proportionate to the length of time until the benefit will be given and directly proportionate to the degree to which the female trusts the male.
          Ergo, all females are prostitutes.

        5. You’ve entirely missed my point. Instead of restating it, I politely request that you re-read it without a cynical set of glasses on.
          While marriage has some legal issues clearly (Family Courts are a nightmare) generally it’s still the same set of risks and legal assumptions, which have changed very little in decades. The problem in marriage is social now, as women have rejected the social contract and assumptions of marriage. That doesn’t make marriage prostitution, and saying “it’s just pay for play!” is saying that you too, just like the feminists and their female spawn today, reject all of the social and cultural understandings of marriage.
          The fix is in fixing the culture and women, and not in destroying an institution that has served humanity immensely well for 40,000 or more years by equating it, with what it is not.

        6. Exactly. I think it was Jeff Foxworthy who correctly noted that if you enter marriage only for sex, it’s akin to buying a 747 because you like bags of peanuts.
          That is so spot on accurate it should be something every man should be compelled to read before he signs on the marriage certificate.

        7. Of course Biffault’s Law only applies where consent is required.
          I’m thinking Genghis Khan didn’t pay much attention to it.
          Or as Centurion Vorenus says to Titus Pullo (Rome),
          “When was the last time you had woman under you, who wasn’t crying or asking for money?”

        8. From my article detailing the 5,000 year written history of marriage:
          For most of human history, marriage was considered much too important to be based on a the fleeting emotion love. It was about men providing material value for their wives, and women producing offspring. Stephanie Coontz, author of Marriage: A History puts it this way…
          “If love could grow out of it, that was wonderful. But that was gravy.”
          Marriage and love have often been considered incompatible. A Roman politician was expelled from the Senate after kissing his wife in a display that was called “disgraceful!” And, the French philosopher Montesquieu wrote that any man who was in love with his wife was probably much too dull to be loved by other women. (The man knew a Beta male when he saw one!)

        9. No question there, absolutely agree. Marriage should be looked at as a rational choice to forward your line and build your financial base/empire. Couldn’t agree more. And the reason it worked so well were those social and cultural assumptions – kids, fidelity, intimacy (to produce aforementioned children), working together towards the common goals. All perfectly valid and just.

        10. Why so snarky today? I have nothing against your choice. I’m just here to keep the language clear because we can’t afford to muck about in gray wording such that we come to start spouting feminist theory thinking its our own.

        11. A big problem with today’s society is the dating tradition is getting messed up. Men and women will allow themselves to fall head over heels in love before they have enough information about the other to make a rational choice. That is a big reason I advocate keeping sex out of the relationship as long as possible if you are considering going in long term. Date a wide variety of women, and keep aloof until you are ready to commit 100%. Doing so will keep your emotions in check and you will be able to choose wisely.

        12. I don’t think we clarified anything. It’s just two different views. Nobody despises feminists more than me, it’s how I make part of my living giving them hell. But a fact is a fact whether feminists embrace it or not.
          No snark was intended, I just grow tired of endless rambling debates rather quickly when what we’re arguing over is nothing but vivisection and politics.

        13. BigJohnson & Jefferson keeping a lid on the haters! Really people, when you wife up a woman who actually has a good soul-life is grand.

        14. Yup, but looking at my co-worker, the inverse is also true. Choose wisely, and maintain.

        15. I clarified that marriage is not prostitution and gave many reasons to object to and reasonably disprove the original claim. Nothing more is left to be said on my end, my argument stands on its own.
          In any event, hope your day goes well.

        16. Yet in Asia it’s the other way round,
          Here the first thing you do is have sex, if you enjoy the sex you might consider a relationship. No point in considering a relationship when the sex is no good.
          Always test drive a second hand car before you agree to buy it.

        17. “Let’s see how long your wife stays once you stop providing resources”
          Absolute truth. She may give you a little time but make no mistake – the count down sequence to ejection has commenced the very moment you stop bringing in the goods.

        18. Let’s see how long resources can be provided if everybody opts out. That includes the resources to opt out, if that wasn’t obvious.
          This is not an either/or choice.

        19. I don’t understand this part : “Let’s see how long resources can be provided if everybody opts out.”
          I’ll make it even worse for you now. She will leave you even if the reason you can’t provide anymore was because you’ve got sick and can’t work anymore.

        20. Yet in another comment you made to me awhile back, you said that your new Asian wife is as pure and virtuous as new fallen snow. Which one is it?

        21. NemisisEnforcer outlined it already in his first reply to me. While I’d be happy to go further, maybe read his comment first if you haven’t already, he lays it out perfectly.

        22. What I’m saying is no matter what we say or do, the human female has no allegiance in marriage or otherwise.
          All that ’till death do us part’ is a man’s way to trying to mitigate her hypergamy.

        23. Not if you let her dictate frame, then you’re right.

        24. Frame will not feed the off springs. I’m not saying she is immoral for doing what she’s doing. It is what she has to do in order to survive, and hypergamy like it or not made the specie advance.

        25. No, I said she was a ‘born again virgin’. She’d strip me bare in a plugged second if her countries laws allowed it.

        26. What I think you’re protesting is that the culture is no longer set up to serve the beta. Well, that’s true. Betas had society to back them up when (not if) they lost frame now and again. We don’t have that luxury. The new rule, until we move the Overton window back in our direction, is that you have to have strategies to counter what is missing from society. If you do, then the same results as applied back then, apply now, it just takes some work on your part. And it’s entirely possible.
          If AWALT is true always, and it is, then female nature is immutable, set and known. Most men just didn’t know it because society was constructed around the beta. Now it isn’t. So teach those who don’t know to adapt and provide the parts of frame that used to be provided by society. If men learn that, then the end result will be no different, barring the always present exception.

        27. You are right. With a caveat. The betas created this society. They banded together to clobber the Alphas and promote their own reproductive strategy. Problem was by doing this, they priced themselves out of the market with the state replacing them. Alpahs still came up on top. The strongest men always do, regardless.

        28. My English wife announced she was divorcing me in the same month I announced my retirement or as she said it ….. “If you aren’t earning me money, I don’t need you” ……..
          And when she realized I wasn’t going to carry on working, and she wasn’t going to get her 15% (of my salary) child maintenance payments for the next 14 years ……. boy, she really lost it!
          (In the UK child maintenance is only awarded from earned income)

        29. Keep in mind though that Pjclark is a hard beta that reeks beta through his pours. I’ve said as much to him in so many words. His only hook *was* his resources, so it’s no surprise that when those dried up, his broad dumped him. It’s classic. You have to provide more than just resources, and rely more on real alpha traits because the beta ones he was counting on society to provide did not materialize.

        30. I agree and assumed your caveat as understood. Alphas still are coming out on top, but that number is few. Alphas dictate frame, which is why I harp on that all the time, and which is why we see a lot of the schisms we do on these sites. Lots of guys learning alpha traits and that is *fantastic* but are still in a beta mindset, so they don’t really get that they can hold frame perpetually, it’s still “work” to them. Actual alphas can succeed in life and dictate the terms of life, while also understanding how to ensure that their view is the dominant one that supersedes all other impulses. It’s a hard thing to come to terms with, and we have lots of guys saying “opt out!” because I don’t think that they grasp this part of the equation yet.

        31. how is he a beta? He has 4 or 5 kids, tossed out on his ass in a divorce…he easily coulda eaten a bullet after that- instead, he started the second act of his life in Asia and has a much younger wife.
          You talk of “maintaining frame”- its really hard, almost impossible these days. There’s a potential self destruct button on every relationship these days, and she carries it with her everywhere…she could tell you she’s taking a nice, long bath, but she is really using Tinder to set up a tryst…how do you maintain frame in this instance? Monitoring all of her texts, web browsing, etc sounds pretty tiring to me

        32. Men can’t maintain frame for the long haul. This is such a pipe dream…. If that were the case, then why did previous societies gave men means to mitigate hypergamy and somehow legally keep it in check?
          Once those breaks were take away by the female liberation movement there is no way because her alpha and the beta is the state now.
          We can pinpoint the start of the destruction of the family unit with the women’s rights movements.
          Is there a man out there who’s the shit? Yes of course. Does that work for majority. No. Does it mean anything? No.

        33. Knocking out kids alone is not necessarily alpha. He provided provisioning only and after that utility was gone, she left specifically because they were gone and announced as much (read his story). He constantly whines on here of being a victim to every damned thing that you can be a victim of as well.
          If you’re to the point where you need to monitor like that you have reached frame slip with your own values and supposed goals, so imagine how much you lost in her eyes before getting there.
          Every action guys describe here, including your example, are things that happen after you stop passing shit tests, they are not things she does (barring true psychiatric instability, the real kind) if you’re Mr. Perfect in her eyes. You can slip now and again, but quick recovery fills the gaps well enough. It’s when you become habitually weak that she starts taking a bath with Tinder.

        34. It has nothing to do with tests for the most part- its boredom. She could be totally happy, friend sends her an article, downward spiral begins…if you can write an article or just a post on how to defend against the super duper pocket computer that has the potential to wreck your relationship, please post. You openly admitted you married a farm girl WHO HAD NO MTV- women have access to thing far worse than that channel these days.

        35. Again, you insist Western white men keep playing these stupid games into adulthood: shit tests, maintaining frame, while other denizens of the world – the Arabs or Asians – do nothing but sit cross legged smoking hookahs or taking photos of yummy meals and posting them to instagram, and yet they don’t have to worry about their women leaving them.
          Just how alpha do you think the average Chinese or Korean guy is? In between drinking soy shakes and posting photos of meals to social media? And yet their women aren’t leaving them.

        36. Again, only Western White men are facing this never-ending sword of damocles situation – Asian men (including those here in the US) do not have to worry about their women leaving their asses for momentarily appearing beta. If anything, these men go out of their way to appear more beta, less masculine, more androgynous etc. They’re not trying to look like Mongol warlords: they wear capris, pastels, and go for mani pedis and their women fucking love it!

        37. “any fool with a dik can make a baby – it takes a man to raise a son”
          -F. Stiles (boyz n the hood)

      3. some researcher taught chimps the concept of money. They train monkeys to use vending machines, it was the only way to get food, Soon there was monkeys hoarding coins like a jew and female monkeys trading coins for sex like prostitutes.

      4. What’s the point of human life then? There will always be those who are stronger than others

  2. Like many things in life, Patriarchy is easy to tear down and hard to build. Staying away from poisonous/toxic feedback is important to swell our ranks with freedmen. What im talking about is any online community where if your notch count isnt over 50 and youre not taking home 250k a year you are laughed at and ridiculed. For a man who frequents RoK, it would be easy to see it as childish and harmless internet lies, but for someone with a beer gut and 15k in credit card debt, you have to start at square one.

  3. This is a general observation, and while some of it applies here, it’s not targeted towards the author/article specifically.
    I’m starting to see a pattern with a lot of modern political/social discourse. We seem to be rebelling against being hierarchical social animals. While one can note that we have a social culture which promotes materialism, and be right, at what point have human beings, or even our predecessors lower on Hominid line, ever not had a specific thing pushed by the group on the individual?
    I think that the issue is that we are social beings, with a hierarchical wolf like pack structure, which gives us both autonomy AND the ability for group interactions. So unlike some other social animals (the more herd like social animals) we don’t just conform to the group mindlessly, however we also get a great benefit from group cooperation and are stronger together than individually most of the time (obviously talking at the macro level here). Now add in hyperintelligence (in relation to other organisms on the planet) and you have us devising really complex social controls AND really complex individualist coping strategies, both of which depend on many layers of reasoning and rational. Hence, the conflict.
    This doesn’t seem to be resolvable in my view, at least not until we evolve eventually more towards one or the other side of this coin.
    To thus come back around to my original thinking, this means that we’ll have our great individualists such as the author and some others here who will break out of the mold and strive forward boldly, and that is just freaking fantastic. But I believe that saying people are “conditioned and brainwashed” in regard to the overall macro culture doesn’t quite sit well with me, because it assumes a state where we’re only single player atomists who, if under any kind of social contact, is “Brainwashed” if the individual agrees or cedes to the group.
    There is brainwashing and clearly there are things like propaganda which explicitly attempt to almost literally force your view towards mindless conformity. But the meta culture isn’t a one purpose focus to strip you of autonomy. You’re not punished for being the bold rebel (within reasonable constraints, such as you can’t start rebelling against laws that punish murder) so there is no real control except what you yourself as an autonomous individual accept. Granted, you also at some point accept propaganda (if you do) but there are more stringent mores and social norms and rules, and many times even harsh laws in place to effect a kind of punishment against you. What we’re in now, and what human beings have normally been in, is usually a meta level system that establishes certain opportunities that you can choose to accept or not. Treating marketing the same as treating a band of the King’s men out waiting to cut off your head if you don’t immediately toe the line doesn’t seem valid to me.
    Good article overall, and helping people see that they don’t have to (see, no force?) do what everybody else does is a great thing. Striking out on your own is for the bold and strong, and it will weed out the weak pretty quickly, so move forward with a good plan, such as the author has written about in the past.

    1. This doesn’t seem to be resolvable in my view, at least not until we evolve eventually more towards one or the other side of this coin.
      I don’t think it will ever be resolved, and I think it actually serves us well having both types.
      The main group moves along doing what is known to work. Everyone does their part and there is a stable society that will survive and move on.
      The explorers and individualists are our wild cards. They’re the ones who go out on a limb and try something new. Many fail, some succeed, but when the successful ones discover something useful, it makes it back to the main group and the main group eventually adopts and advances.
      Both types are needed, and both types have served the human race well.

      1. Oh, I’m quite happy with the current state of the human psyche on this, don’t get me wrong, for exactly the reasons you note. I just think most people never really recognize the issue at hand, and we start getting terms like “brainwashed!” and “slavery!” bandied about when, in fact, neither are the case.

      2. I see this as conservative vs. liberal. Sometimes conservativism holds society back from progress and adaptation, and sometimes liberals are wasteful and push things into chaos.
        Both groups need each other, but right now there is a huge divide with a great many complicating variables.
        I think I’m naturally a social liberal/libertarian, but right now liberalism looks like a suicide cult.

        1. The whole alt right is a breakaway from the liberal lite side of things, otherwise how do you explain the constant hate for cuckservatives.

        1. What’s your background GhostOfJefferson? You write really well and I want to learn how to write like you.

        2. Big question, heh. Grew up polyglot (Scot Gaelic was the teething language), HS -> Military Intelligence (Linguist, Spanish and Czech) -> College degrees, one with a minor in French and one with a decent amount of Russian, Study of the Saxon dialects of England from just prior to and after King Aelfred (Wessex dialect mostly, with some Mercia as well), a background in science and some level of engineering as well, a bartender and reader of classical lit from canonical cut ups (Swift, Twain, Wilde, etc) and a fair dipping of my toes into Philosophy. That’s the official stuff you can kinda replicate.
          Growing up with a 1%’er MC uncle whom he hung around with a lot and observed his interactions with women (scary alpha), watching my family split and my father bounce back and recover, learning jovial masculinity from an old school grandfather who constantly kept his wife on her toes, observing how men in my grandfather’s generation not just dealt with women but also how they socialized, learning the story telling culture of the time…eh, that you’ll have to fill in how you can.

        3. Because I oppose your views sometimes?
          Granted, there are non serious articles that I will fart around on, no question. I’ve been on topic on this article regarding the main thrust or subtopics.
          Intellectual ferment is about exchanging a wide range of ideas. If I just came here and told fart jokes, ok, you got me. If I examine a broad range of ideas in an exchange with various posters regarding the topics or subtopics (as on this thread, not one kratom joke did I make, honest injun), that may become tangential, then welcome to the steps of academia in Ancient Athens.
          That I’m prolific is not a valid critique of the validity of an argument. I was born to be a Voltaire, except rational. Heh.

    2. I’d take it a step further – it is almost impossible NOT to participate in the social system, even if you are the rebel. Realize that rebelling against the system is usually only possible because the system exists in the first place and affords you that choice. In a world of pure individuals, no one is forced into any system, but no one has time to worry about it because we’ve all got to worry about gathering resources like food and fuel and fighting off attackers. So systems develop to cooperate and share the load. Rules and constraints develop as a natural result. Over time, it becomes very complex. Some will inevitably find this constraining to the point of madness, so they opt out. But realize that most of these folks are NOT opting to wander back into the wilderness with a spear and scratch out a living from the earth. They are going to make non-standard choices among the choices society has made available.
      Take travel. You can go to Thailand and have a blast, live on a beach and develop a passive income stream by doing something on your laptop in between cocktails. Good for the person who decided to make this unorthodox choice. But realize that it is only possible because hordes of people DO NOT make the same choice. Without the societal norm, your plane isn’t going anywhere – no pilots, mechanics, people to manufacture it, fuel it, etc…, your laptop won’t work (and probably wouldn’t be produced at all), your cocktails will never make it into your glass, etc… Those outside-the-box choices are actually choices that largely exist because of the system, and are dependent on the system staying in place every bit as much as the office drone depends on the system staying in place to support his lifestyle.
      So, I don’t begrudge people who don’t want to sit in an office like me doing what I do. But we all have to understand that, like you say, what some perceive as “brainwashing” is really just people who make a rational choice that other priorities win out over the risk/reward of the playboy-travel lifestyle. Nothing wrong with hearing from people who live that alternate life so you know the choice is out there, but also nothing wrong with being happy in the system. Without the system, the alternatives largely don’t exist.

      1. That is a perfect summary of what we see playing out here.

    1. Improve yourself, focus on your family, cut spending/debts and build (hide) what wealth you can. Nothing you can do for those with their heads welded into their own sphincter. With every new course of “bad luck” or an incident resulting in the end with a candle light vigil, all you can do is laugh.

      1. Yep. Prepare for the worst has never been a bad strategy.

    1. Nobody was suggesting a military coup, ever, so that’s a non-sequitur.
      Plenty of groups met regardless of the SJW’s last year. If you weren’t aware.

        1. It’s always a great idea to talk about specific plans and strategies on a public forum.

  4. I don’t think it has to be an either/or proposition. Sure, you can have an adventurous life. You can go out and get into rock climbing, or being a skilled PUA, or whatever. However, you do need to take responsibility for yourself and your kinfolk. Totally shirking your responsibility creates a lifestyle of chasing this mirage of pleasure or adrenaline that will never satisfy. You want to live a satisfying life? build or create something worthwhile albeit, family, a business, or whatever you want.

    1. Responsibility to what? A male expoliting gynocracy? This is part of the problem as I see it. It’s why men can be exploited so efficiently in the West. Many think they still have to act like men when society threw them overboard 50 years ago.

      1. Responsibility for your commitments. You decide to go to college and take on debt, pay it off. You decide to have sex, support any kids that may result. You decide to get married, live up to that. If you want to be a MGTOW from the beginning, that is one thing. At least you are not having others shoulder your responsibility.

        1. What I am saying is we can do both. Have some adventure, but pay for that adventure yourself.

        2. The kids that result from you having sex are no longer your responsibility. It’s her body and her choice to have them, you play no part in her choices, so should have no responsibility for the results of her choices.
          Morning after pill freely available for $2, eat me!

        3. Who brought kids into the discussion? And I will use any legal loopholes available to shirk repaying predatory student loans. The system made those rules, not me.

        4. You should only pay when the choice was made by both, otherwise yeah it’s her responsibility. But go tell that to the feminist courts. So it doesn’t matter what we think is right or wrong. This society is designed to oppress men. Full stop.
          Fuck the gynocentric system!

        5. “The beta on this thread reeks”
          And what is alpha? Running away from any responsibility outside yourself by driving truck and limiting your relationships to sex with bimbos? You, sir, are totally missing out on your God given potential of a happy, satisfying life that you can be proud of.
          I work in an office 40 hours a week to pay for my adventures. The difference is, I have a wife who cooks me dinner, does my laundry, and raises my six kids. How is that beta?

        6. I spend 10 hours a week mountain biking, the rest of the time I spend boozing, whoring banging my wife and playing with my son.
          I can cook my own dinner, and it only takes 5 minutes to throw everyone’s dirty clothes in the washing machine. My kids are at school most of the day (7:30am to 3:30pm), how hard do you think dropping them off and collecting them is?
          Beta is thinking you need some bitch to do easy stuff for you.

          As Bill Burr says, “Any job you can do in your pajamas ain’t hard”

        7. Again, I ask responsibility to what? Alpha is refusing is a subordinate role legally and socially. Beta is telling everyone to man up and be flawless enough to keep a depreciating asset around.
          It’s great you’ve put your nuts in a legal vice so you could reproduce and have laundry service but not every man wants to do that.
          My harem of “bimbos” also cook for me, so no advantage there.

        8. fair enough……but you will be kicking yourself when you are down the road a ways and you hit that wall. (guys have them too, albeit smaller and later)

        9. Incidentally, you just proved my point about marriage being legalized prostitution. You are obviously paying through the nose for her fertility.
          No hard feelings. We are just different men.

        10. So…you got a wife that hangs out in her pajamas and does little else during the day other than play taxi twice a day and laundry?
          Sorry man.

        11. I’m 61, haven’t hit that wall yet, had my last son 5 years back, hoping for more ……. thinking Mr. Furioso has a good few years still left in him.

        12. Our son,
          Before school her job, after school my job. She’s a student at university just about to finish her second year in Political Science.
          She was at high school when she had him, and through the breast feeding and nappy stage she took him to school with her. All the other girls in the class and the teachers would look after him.
          She looked nice in her high school uniform, and now she looks nice in her university uniform.

        13. Didn’t see my previous English children after they were 5 and 7 years old. Nobody in authority seemed to think that was detrimental to their upbringing. Kids don’t need fathers any more. Dead or divorced …… all the same.

        14. I don’t think the wall comes for men, unless they invite it by eating too many cheetos.

        15. Same with women. If they keep a healthy lifestyle, they can be good looking into their 40’s. Few do, however.

        16. Wait, you knocked up a girl in high school when you were 56? Not cool, dude. Not cool.

        17. Never done it so take it for what it’s worth. Balance transfer the student loan debt to a credit card or personal loan, then file bankruptcy. Court may or may not see through that. Again, this is all hypothetical.

        18. “The kids that result from you having sex are no longer your responsibility.”
          So I see you’re familiar with the average American ghetto?

        19. “predatory student loans”
          Crap. Pay your debts. If you don’t, someone else HAS to.

        20. just let the Federal Reserve print more funny money just like they do to bail out the bankers and sub prime mortgage lenders

        21. Exactly.
          If anything, your children will be better off materially the less you are involved in their lives.
          Universities like Harvard and Yale now offer free tuition to students who come from families making less than a certain amount.
          You know the benefit of being lower middle class from my father breaking his back all his life? I was too poor for him to afford to pay tuition and yet too wealthy to qualify for free tuition assistance.
          Why would I break my back trying to become a 1% only to have to pay for my childrens’ tuition when the beaners and undocumented students get it for free???

        22. Sounds sweet:you get to listen to podcasts and music. Better than most jobs.

        23. “I was too poor for him to afford to pay tuition and yet too wealthy to qualify for free tuition assistance”
          common sob-story. tough noogies.

        24. Being 30+ is a major handicap for women in the dating game. Add kids and they are truly fucked

        25. Argument is: better to be poor and let the university offer a tuition waiver than to break one’s back becoming middle class and then be too poor to afford tuition and too “wealthy” to get a waiver.

        26. Don hate the player hate the game. Only in feminist countries like the us is age gap a big deal

        27. haha!!!
          You’re going to give yourself whiplash one day veering so erratically between fatalism and humor….

        28. Honestly, your children – the ones growing up without a father will probably be more reproductively successful.
          In today’s society, who do we see women having children with? Those who had a “rough life” and grew up without a father. They think those guys had a rough life. They don’t want the guy who grew up in a normal or healthy family. Those guys are deemed boring. The guys of single mothers seem to always have women while the guys I know who came from decent families with fathers are all fucking alone.

        29. system is rigged in that student loans cannot be thrown under the bankruptcy filing. “pay your debts” sure the big corportions never file BK or get bailed out by the government 😉

        30. So you’re on the side of the feminists. Great. Thanks for helping.

        31. No one asked if I wanted my country flooded with brown and yellow people and yet here they are.

        32. In the minds of young women: who do they swoon over? Who do they seek out for sexy fun times? Guy from solid family or poor fellow who had it rough?
          I agree it’s fucked up.

        33. Which is a non-sequitur. Try to do better.

        34. Med prices in Thailand are controlled by the government, not the pharmaceutical companies. The governments stated position is, you sell drugs in our country for the benefit of our citizens, if you try to sell at a higher price, we will make our own copies and undercut you.
          Some examples, Madonna (morning after) just over $1 for the 2 pills, 500mg Antibiotics (cipro or moxy) under $1 per 10, Paracetamol $1 per 100. contraceptive pill free, contraceptive implants free. Tramadol (opiate substitute pain killer) just over $1 for 10. Viagra and Cialis $1 a pill.
          No need for prescriptions, you can buy all off the shelf in supermarkets and pharmacies.

        35. Quit trying to groom yourself to be employed & instead seeketh mindset of owner/entrepreneur maybe? Just a thought girl

        36. you seem to be missing the point Ghost, bigly. you proclaim how messed up the system is, then question why someone wouldn’t pay back their student loan. If the university was honest and offered degrees in corruption, bribery and cuckoldry, then you may have a point. offering business “degrees” and then having gov’t loans artificially inflate the price of tuition is not an “above board” business. Also the gov’t owes me millions due to a whistleblowing case they then backed out of.

        37. in the business world we used to call it a “re-trade”. basically changing the terms of the deal after the deal was signed. happens way way too much in our society, usually in favor of the elite. yes of course, you never signed up for a country flooded with immigrants.

        38. You’re absolutely right. That’s why I advise high-schoolers to take CLEP exams as to quiz out of their first two years of college, and work part-time while doing distance learning as to earn the degree and not take on debt.

        39. that Tramadol stuff is powerful shit! and you dont need a doc prescription! wow… do all the druggies of the west know this?

        40. The elites and their whores in the government willingly flooded the market with cheap college degrees in order to create a new class of educated wage slaves.
          And again I’m not doing anything that wasn’t covered in the terms of the contract. Want to be stickler about honoring the contract, go bitch at the people who wrote it. I’m just exploiting the legal loopholes they gave me when they set it up.
          You act like businesses never exploit loopholes. Dude, come on.

        41. come on to fuck,responsibility to a student loan ?? fairplay and more power to ANYONE who ducks bullshit pipe dreams that were sold to them. Jesus christ man you might as well have typed “baaaahhhhhh”

        42. I know what you are getting at but I don’t think its even a thing that women like men from single parent families as opposed to people from two parent families.Do they seek excitement ?? yes,do they often go for bad boys ? absolutely but you are reaching with the rest of it.

        43. Exactly !!! is this guy for real,obligation to a student loan hahahha for fuck sake,he’s the suits dream.

        44. After the 2008 debacle my pay was drastically reduced and I ended up losing my house. First mortgage didn’t come after me but the holders of the 2nd did. Fuck them. They took an equity position in a property that now had no equity. I refused to pay a dime. They recently completely dropped and forgave the loan.

        45. Thailand is freer than we are, damn. I paid $50 for morning after pill last time. Admittedly it was a Manhattan pharmacist and they gotta pay rent but god damn

      2. Responsability to fix the society that forsaked you.
        Fleeing this responsability to live a life of “pleasure and adventure” is not the mark of a free man but of a rebelious boy.

        1. Hmmm a lifetime of drugdery fighting a losing battle to drag a sinking civilization back from brink and save a society thay doesnt want to be saved….or….a life of freedom and self fulfillment doing what you want when you want to do it.
          Tough choice right there

        2. Your freedom and self fulfillment is bound within the outer wrapper of that society. If you think you can live like a playboy millionaire if shit collapses, you’re not thinking it all the way through. When the ship is sinking, dancing on the deck doesn’t absolve you from the responsibility of drowning when it pulls you under.

        3. Whatever has been broken, that is a social construct of a man, can be repaired. This is what Alinsky actually got right. He understood and mapped out explicitly how you move a society towards your goals, whatever they may be, to great effect. If you’re going to beat the devil, you have to understand the devil. Read Rules for Radicals is what I recommend.

        4. The only fair society is a soft patriarchy. That will never ever happen… except by creating male scarcity and we all know what that means.
          Per TFM, gynocentric society = male competition + female choice. He calls this the anti civilization equation.
          In order to destroy and re set the society one has to remove one of the terms at the right of the equation. Only one, and it’s done.

        5. Actually there is no such thing as a fair society. Never has been, never will be. What there is, is society. So we use it to our advantage and ensure that it’s always skewed towards us first. This does benefit women in the long run, but they’ll feel that it’s unfair the whole time, and maybe they’re right regarding individual complaints, but honestly, who cares?

        6. Youre far from free when a poor vagrant. Otherwise being a homeless bum would be all the rage.

        7. I did the socially responsible thing for 25 year-family, kids, wife, faithful. Thank my lucky stars I don’t own a home or have any consumer debt, just school loans.
          Now its time for mine!!
          No one has a duty to anyone or anything they didn’t ask for; so to hell with ‘society’, -which is not even real anyway- this is my life.

        8. Living the good life IS fixing “society” or whatever. If more men did the same and rejected the normal path of school, career, marriage, kids, debt, divorce, then “society” would change.
          It’s already happening.

        9. No one is talking about living a playboy millionaire’s life style.
          But if I find happiness sitting in a library reading or walking in a park, tell me why should I participate in a rat race? If I truly don’t desire a new car, why should I care about my credit score?

        10. not everyone is Neo in this god-forsaken matrix of a planet we inhabit. telling every man to “man-up” and fight in the matrix to save people who would stab him in the back if given a chance is at best just bad advice but most likely would ruin lives if the target followed through.

        11. Who said you had to participate in anything? But if you bitch about society without participating, then you’re fair game for criticism.

        12. Society requires cooperation and cohesion. Atomism is a dead path for dead men.

        13. could you please elaborate?
          i dont follow how not owning your own home is a good thing?
          did your wife walk out on you or what?

      3. Youre in idealistic vagrant stage. Cool, but unsustainable unless you have north of at least 2 mil in bank.

        1. Quite sustainable with my work half the time and live abroad half the time plan. And who said I don’t have plans to start a business abroad?
          I’m already three steps ahead of my critics.

        2. Keep it up RF, love reading your travel stuff. Can’t wait to get back on the road myself.

        3. Nice avatar: that’s the Finnish sniper right? He shot like a 1000 Soviets in the Winter War?

        4. Ive done similar, but to me I wouldnt feel content unless I was producing something or getting ahead while honing my head. Living on $20k truck driving & even banging Thai 9’s I’d feel as though I were spinning my wheels as time whittled me down. Dont ever expect to be happy in this life, it’s about how grateful you are playing the hands you’re dealt. Men deal with hardship & persevere without expecting a cherry on top & being loyal to those who had their backs. The rest is just details.

        5. You’re playing Mr Wise Ass twenty something know it all. Wait until life throws you some real curve balls. Our life on this earth is short, love the good stuff over the top & piss off the stress, you’ll be better off no matter what your position in life.

        6. If we took your content & replaced it with a female author, it’d be the same shit men despise. “Strip in summer & fuck dudes seasonally in Jamaica while you whither away thinking you figured out life.” As Randy Savage says, “Dude, please.”

        7. I am happy. Maybe that’s why everyone is so pissed off, including you?
          What is getting ahead to you?
          I am producing something, and it’s not widgets in a factory. I’m writing daily and working on a novel on the side.

        8. i thought Randy Savage said ” ohhhhh yeaaahhhhhhhh!!!”
          “macho man” Randy Savage that is…

        9. Yes sir, they knew him as White Death. Glad you know your history

      4. “A male exploiting gynocracy”
        that’s victim talk… the pitfalls you identify can be avoided.

    2. You will never be able to build anything of importance for “the family”. The family will not let you take any chances. Not matter what you do, how you flip it around there’s always this brute equation of risk / reward. There is no escaping from it.

      1. That’s incorrect.
        Or amended, that’s correct if you lose frame in a marriage and voluntarily agree to be a beta.
        It all comes back to frame.

        1. “Or amended, that’s correct if you lose frame in a marriage and voluntarily agree to be a beta.”
          Or how good of a lawyer she gets. Just ask Mel Gibson, Johnny Depp, and Donald Trump. All archetypal “Alphas” who have been frivorce raped.

        2. If she’s gotten a lawyer already, you lost frame a long long time ago.

        3. I’ll bet you a dollar each one did, many times, in the confines of privacy, utterly and devastatingly lose frame. Gibson even did it on a voice recorder and in public as well, dude was hemorrhaging beta. Trump strikes me as a Business Alpha, and a short term female seducing alpha, but a long term type beta. I’ll trust him to do the right thing in office, somewhat, but I’m not going to be taking marriage advice from him. Depp is no more alpha than some college frat boy who is good looking and can pull off a few accents. He’s about as “alpha” as Robin Williams in real life, lets girls just walk all over him.
          And it’s not losing frame once that does it. It’s developing a habit of losing frame. Everybody has a bad day, so you learn to recover fast. Perfection is not possible, but giving up because there is no perfection is not wise either.
          So, yeah.

        4. I see where you want to draw me here Relampago. Not going to bite.
          My point is already made, all of them gave up frame, and lots of it, to women. Depp is a NOTORIOUS pushover and weak little quite guy around women he’s dated and/or married, so why you even chose him as alpha is a bit questionable. Hell, Trump let his wife spew a bunch of “save the world/womyns” stuff during the campaign and his daughter Ivanka, whose advice he listens to, is a freaking leftist Democrat. Gibson made many mistakes in public as well (or that were made public) which demonstrated his lack of self control.
          They lost frame. Every example you gave. One of them never even really had frame to lose (Depp), he’s just a pretty boy with fame. It’s like calling Brad Pitt an alpha. It’s funny on its face. You’re equating screen performance to actual personality and trying to build your case on actors.

        5. Mostly girls and homos (or soon-to-be homos) in high school drama classes.
          The exceptions prove the rule.

        6. On the cameras, sure, you bet.
          Business alpha, and pick up, yes. Relationship alpha, not even close. My guess is that he gets busy and starts assuming that he doesn’t have to put in the effort and then it falls apart, but that’s just speculation. Relationships require more than barking orders, maybe he goes down that path instead, either way, he’s no relationship model and his style shouldn’t be copied.

        7. Fwiw trump’s first wife divorced him after he invited his mistress along on a family ski vaca. I’m not sure if that’s alpha? Second wife he abandoned .. left her and moved another girl into their main home. She filed, tried to have the prenuptial dismissed, he fought and won.

        8. Sounds to me like he’s had two wives who “dried up”. There are reasons for that.
          I don’t begrudge a man a mistress on the side, but you generally don’t get one “just because”, usually there’s reasons for that, whether they be sexual issues (she dries up) or relationship issues (which causes her to dry up). Outside of medical conditions and age, which are perfectly understandable, a woman doesn’t go dry on you for no reason unrelated to frame maintenance.
          Of course, maybe he’s just a flipping sociopath of the first order and doesn’t hold to any kind of social convention. While that may be fine, I suppose, it does make me very nervous if that’s the case, unrelated to anything else being discussed here. So if that is the case, and we really don’t know one way or the other, then that’s a pretty good sign that you can be “too alpha” in the dark triad sense, and nothing good comes out of that for an LTR either if you push it to extremes.

        9. I wouldn’t expect a man like trump to be faithful, no matter the state of his wife. I’m sure his first wife didnt expect fidelity either. Apparently she thought bringing a gf on a family holiday crossed the line and tbh I can’t blame her for that. Its crass and insensitive to involve young children in that sort of thing. Lazy, arrogance, maybe passive aggresiveness. The second wife was the vaca mistress and was still young when he tossed her. Mistresses don’t usually morph into good wives. Point being, I’m not sure his divorces prove he’s a beta.
          What is that old saying … you’re only as faithful as your options?

        10. So you’re going down the dark triad sociopath route? I’d say that sounds completely plausible. An actual relationship that lasts with an alpha (however you define it) generally won’t survive an all Dark Triad without a whole lot of Comfort on the side, which I’m pretty sure DT types can’t genuinely provide for any length of time. Not dissing them, just observing.
          So, I’ll amend my position and admit I missed something. A full sociopath DT, who is not a beta, also can’t cut it in relationships.

        11. I’m not sure what dark triad means?
          Trump is a powerful man. Wealthy, charming, not unattractive years ago. He’s not going to confine himself to one woman. That alone doesn’t tell me he’s a sociopath though.
          Probably me that’s missed something.

        12. A sociopath has a complete disregard for the feelings of others, because he is incapable of empathy/sympathy. Dark Triad you can look up, but basically it is defining out sociopath into manosphere terms. If you’re bringing a mistress along blatantly right in front of your wife, when it’s (obviously…divorce) clear that this would upset her to the point of action, then you’re either a sociopath, or we go back to my original thought that she dried up before this happened and he was wreaking revenge (which is also kind of beta really, just ghost and walk away).
          Expecting him not to be faithful is one thing, when he disregards her very existence openly like that, it’s probably sociopathy.

        13. Sociopath is a strong word. My impression upon hearing the story was of an entitled, self centered risk taker who took one step too far.

        14. None of that frame shit matter in a marriage. A man is in the subordinate position in a marriage-legally, socially, economically- and that is never going to change this side of a total USofA meltdown. Which can’t happen soon enough.
          You lost frame with me when you said “I’ll trust him to do the right thing in office (Trump)” Anyone who looks to politics for the right thing is delusional.

        15. “None of that frame shit matter in a marriage. A man is in the subordinate position in a marriage – legally, socially, economically – and that is never going to change this side of a total USofA meltdown. Which can’t happen soon enough.”
          This guy gets it.

        16. You should probably not get married, and if you are already, prepare for divorce. Frame is actually “whose world matters most”. If yours doesn’t, you’re the subordinate.
          You are clueless and contradict yourself and have no idea how to solve it.

        17. No, he doesn’t actually. But he confirms your view, so that’s good enough.

        18. agree 100%, that show Glee, chocka block full of em… shirt lifters… i mean alphas

    3. Well, sometimes, doing nothing is the best thing to do. In societies, if you try to help, in some cases you prolong things. Instead, it’s better to step back and watch as everything falls to pieces. I’m not an advocate of this lifestyle, but I see from where he’s coming from.
      After the apocalypse…a real man will help rebuild the civilization.

      1. The thing is….I don’t want to have an apocalypse. Sounds fun and all, but that whole getting burned alive thing just is a downer.

      2. Dude, being airborne infantry was fun as a young man, but no wise man wishes for the apocalypse. How fun will it be when your teeth start falling out and there’s no food?

    4. A man does whatever the fuck he deems appropriate for his life. Wife and kids? Great. No wife, no kids. Travel and adventure? Great. No man has any responsibility to anyone but himself (unless he knowingly takes on some responsibility) or to any system, government or otherwise. “Totally shirking your responsibility”. “Build or create something worthwhile”. According to whom?

  5. Nice article. I made that leap at age 25, after being unjustly fired by a horrible boss. (Truly, this guy would make your skin crawl.) I woke up HAPPY next day. Never again, I decided, would I submit myself totally to another person for a paycheck. I would be my own boss, somehow, someways.
    That was 16 years ago. Going independent was integral in my becoming a man.

  6. I AM going to tell you something about ghosts. Not the wraiths of the dead, whose restless souls are “doomed for a certain time to walk the earth like the ghost of Hamlet’s father.” Not the astral forms that are said to haunt deserted houses and un regenerate spots.
    I am going to tell you of the ghosts one meets every day in this practical, commercial age. The ghosts that shake hands with you, as it were, in business and social intercourse. The ghosts that influence your every act, that affect your every thought, and determine your every spoken word.
    I am going to discover to your notice the ghosts of dead ideas; of lifeless customs; of worn out ethics; of unconsidered codes of morals, and unfollowed rules of conduct— of all the accumulation of false concepts of the ages which we have named Tradition.
    ANOTHER world ghost is that it is our duty to suffer that life is not meant to be happy and full of the joy of living. Duty; Economy; Respectability; are synonyms for “ghost.”
    They are inherited thought concepts—man-made fences that keep us from entering into “green fields and pastures new.”
    LET us consider the duty one owes society. Don’t trouble your head about society. Again I say, you owe it nothing. All that you owe you owe to yourself.
    ALL negative conditions are ghosts. It is only the positive things that contain life.
    Conditions cease the moment we refuse to contribute to their vitality, by our thought force. Hundreds of persons are frightened to death by the ghost of public opinion. And yet how often public opinion is founded upon a lie.
    Personally I have more respect for the highway robber who dares to hold up a stage coach than I have for the social pretender who thinks one thing and acts contrary to his convictions. The former is at least demonstrating courage, though misdirected.
    Worry, Doubt, Fear, Regret, and Custom are ghosts—every one of them Ghosts that frighten the world into powerlessness and moral death.
    CUSTOM is another ghost that frightens most of us into trembling submission to its tyranny. We all do things, daily and hourly, not because we want to do them nor because there is any special virtue in doing them, but because it is the “custom.”

    ~ Excerpts from Ghosts, a Message from the Illuminati by Alexander James McIvor-Tyndall
    The foregoing excerpts were taking from a work by Alexander James McIvor-Tyndall first published in 1906 and part of what was known as The Swastika Series. This is a must-read work for those taking the red pill.
    So as you can see, though clever, guys like Stefan Molyneux hardly are original. Tyndall beat Molyneux by 100 years.

    1. Dreamlessly
      Charles Bukowski
      old grey-haired waitresses
      in cafes at night
      have given it up,
      and as i walk down sidewalks of
      light and look into windows
      of nursing homes
      I can see that it is no longer
      with them.
      I see people sitting on park benches
      and i can see by the way they
      sit and look
      that it is gone.
      I see people driving cars
      and I see by the way
      they drive their cars
      that they neither love nor are
      loved –
      nor do they consider
      sex. it is all forgotten
      like an old movie.
      I see people in department stores and
      walking down aisles
      buying things
      and i can see by the way their clothing
      fits them and by the way they walk
      and by their faces and their eyes
      that they care for nothing
      and that nothing cares
      for them.
      I see a hundred people a day
      who have given up
      if I go to the racetrack
      or a sporting event
      I can see thousands
      that feel for nothing or
      no one
      and get no feeling
      everywhere I see those who
      crave nothing but
      food, shelter, and
      clothing; they concentrate
      on that,
      I do not understand why these people do not
      I do not understand why these people do not
      why the clouds
      do not murder them
      or why the dogs
      do not murder them
      or why the flowers and the children
      do not murder them,
      I do not understand.
      I suppose they are murdered
      yet i can’t adjust to the
      fact of them
      because they are so many.
      each day,
      each night,
      there are more of them
      in the subways and
      in the buildings and
      in the parks
      they feel no terror
      at not loving
      or at not
      being loved
      so many many many
      of my fellow

      1. Dude, blogging etiquette demands that long copy and pastes should not be made. Rather, copy a link so the curious can go to it if they choose.

        1. No disrespect for Bukowski or yourself….just something that needs to be said from time to time.

        2. Generally Disqus handles this on a refresh. It will truncate a long comment and then put a “Read More” link on it.

  7. Building a long lasting business is suddenly not adventurous enough for the millennial attention span. Seems like they are more interested in the ‘fun’ side dish, and then whining about “elites” and “slaves”.

  8. I think of that line given by Jack Palance in “City Slickers,” how the point or meaning of life boils down to “one thing.” Its up to you to decide what it is. The toughest part for me has been finding it. I have to confess my admiration for people with this sense of purpose and drive. They kick the sheets off every day ready to go at their goal or pursue their purpose. Its almost like an obsessive compulsion. To me, those are the ones who get the most out of life. I’m getting closer to my own answer. I guess I just want to encourage those who are still looking to keep at it. Your answer is there.

  9. What about men that are trapped within the confines of their contract? For example, military men, effectively and unfortunately tools for zionists and bankers, who wake up cannot simply leave without risking a dicey life-changing decision. Once the cathedral has you in its grasp, it does not let go easily. What would you say for these men who cannot just get out as easily as one two three? As always, formulate a plan is the best thing they can do, but I’ve been reading more and more from around the world that a rising trend of men (and sometimes women even though they don’t belong there in the first place) in the military of NATO countries are starting to realize they are not fighting for anything but some old jew (satanist) greasing his pockets for some bank or oil company with every new square inch of land taken.
    Maybe your advice would work, but maybe someone else must write an article following yours with a spin off for these types.

    1. Do people enlisting in the military today not yet realize who they’re actually fighting for? Do they really still think they’re fighting for freedom? I thought it was well established that the military is just the banker’s tool.

      1. When I joined the Marines in 1982, I was a patriot. I had no idea, nor would I have ever believed (back then), that the USA was the last thing I was serving. Banks, corporations, politicians, arms merchants, industrial giants, etc. I was there to serve their interests.
        Now, I know better.

      2. Young people don’t think about what they do.
        Free overseas travel and a wage ……. sounds good.

        1. As I stated before, I enjoyed fucking all the girls I could in Japan and the Philippines. The best place in the world for a young man like me.

    2. There is that, and then there’s the financial slavery. And it’s not the one caused by consumerism but by no fault of their own (divorce, bad economy, etc).
      In your case get out as soon as possible. Freedom is a must. Then figure out NOT how to lower your expenses but how to make as much money as humanly possible.. .while we still can.

  10. I’m sorry, but I’ve lost my will for living a long time ago. Coming here lightens me up a little, it’s good to see there are people who still know the right way. But unfortunately, the world is way too over our heads, there is a massive, unstoppable effort to de-stabilize the whole thing. I live in a place that is particularly disgraceful in its essence, it’s doomed in so many ways. I am witnessing my beautiful state being made into a desert, because people thousands of miles away are cutting up the forest to plant food for a bunch of leeches that reproduce like rats and contribute nothing. The river where I played as a kid was made into a dead stream of toxic mining mud. Everywhere you look, it’s someone dying in the hands of criminals or suffering some sort of violence. My government is nothing but a clear criminal organization and people don’t seem to give a shit. It’s like living in a never-ending nightmare. And most of the world is already like that or on a fast track. At least, years ago, I knew I could simply leave and live somewhere better. As a kid, I dreamed of seeing Brazil become more like the rest of the so called civilized world, but today, I witness the civilized world become more like Brazil. I’ve given up hope long ago, I have the habit of seeing things in a whole and when you do that, you see the whole thing is coming down faster than a lousy castle of cards. Sorry for the pessimist rant.

    1. “My government is nothing but a clear criminal organization”
      All governments are. No exception. It’s time to roll off the guillotines again.

      1. I have to say that some still do some degree of good for the population in many countries. Over here, it’s blatant disrespect and outrage after outrage, To make sure their own crimes go unchecked, politicians here have turned the penal code into a myriad of benevolences to the criminals. For example, minors (less than 18) have a blank check to do whatever they want. All the time, they murder someone to “make use of the law” and will say it clear to the cameras “I killed because nothing will happen”. Some goalie from a major soccer team killed his son’s mother and fed her to pitbulls. Wanna know how long he stayed in jail? 6 years. And now he’s out to play soccer again. Already found a team. Brazil is right there with every single unlikely dystopia created by the most creative authors. It’s a country that defies any sort of logic or reason.

    2. you worry too much about things you cannot change. There is alot to live for if you focus on what you can control. Your health, work out, eat well, enjoy the food and process it takes to get it, even if it seems monotonous, what is better than buying some fresh food and making a nice meal to nourish your body after lifting weights?
      I think the eastern philosophies for living are helpful. The future and past dont exist, only in your mind, they are irrelevant in the process, if you focus on the moment, it is almost impossible to find a problem, unless of course you have some sort of illness or are in constant pain…
      Brazil is a tough place, but if you can sit on one of those lovely beaches in the sunshine, in that moment how could you find a problem?

    3. move outside the western world and locate to the countryside in a place like phillipines or thailand. do not live in a big city in these asian countries as they are quickly becoming westernised.

  11. I think the guys who disapprove of Rel’s lifestyle are really just envious. It is all just sour grapes. These guys have to come up with some justification for remaining slaves.
    The fact is that men have no need to marry or work that hard. We only need women to pump out the next generation. Men need to be given long term incentives in order to choose marriage. The incentives are not tangible and come in the form of authority, respect and honor. However, American society actively shits on married men. All married men in America are slaves who can have their whole lives destroyed by their wives at a moment’s notice.
    Men respond to incentives, especially long term incentives. However, there are only long term disincentives for getting married and obeying the corporate overlords.
    There are really only two options left to awakened American men. The first is the monastic option (i.e. minimizing participation in American culture and society). The second is to leave the country.
    Part of being a man is picking your battles. It is foolish to fight a battle that cannot be won.

    1. False dichotomy. I’m married in the U.S. and am working to become self-sufficient. I will give you that I don’t participate a lot in the culture. I don’t have TV or home internet to protect my children. They go to our church run school and are sheltered from the disculture of today. I was raised this way and am pretty much inoculated from the influence of the wickedness and hopefully my children will be as well.
      My wife was raised the same way I was and is very old fashioned so I honestly do not fear her infidelity. She is loyal to a fault. Both of our parents have been married 30+ years and our fathers are both alphas.
      Saying all this to point out that there is at least one other path besides the two extremes you laid out. There are choices. I’m sure most of it depends on your prior experiences and locale but they are there

      1. It really is not a false dochotomy. You are clearly from and older generation when American women were somewhat tolerable, or you managed to find one of the few exceptions among young American women.
        It is simply not possible for an American man to be married and be alpha because women have all the real power in a marriage. Any power that husbands believe they have is just an illusion. Wives can destroy their husbands’ lives whenever they feel like it.

      2. I think that is the conclusion most from the manosphere are slowly coming to. Either you jump into the traditional life with both feet (church, no TV, wife stays home, lots of kids, home school, etc.) or you opt out and ride the decline. The 1970’s – 90’s model of both parents working, come home to watch sportsball, farm out the kids to public education, have the “man-cave”, etc. just doesn’t work.

  12. nice post I am learning skill so I can do mine own business I be out race in 8 year retire still like passion to work on I going always tried find passion P.S like enjoy with nice dime women

  13. “They willingly put themselves into massive amounts of debt for car payments, giant houses, and tons of things they don’t really need to fill the empty space.”
    And they need to take responsibility for those choices.
    I’m all about pursuing your dreams, but it also depends at what cost, and who might be left behind as a result.
    I’m really shocked at how many state men don’t need to take responsibility for kids they create or the vows they took in marriage. To say “the laws are stacked against me and the gov has replaced men are why I don’t need to be around for the life I brought into the world” is anything but alpha. No, that’s whining and blaming others for your problems. That is beta.
    Is this a place for men, or is it a congregation of perpetual highschool boys?
    We will grow old someday. The girls, adventure, etc will all go away. This day may come sooner for others due to illness. What then? I guess be found in a chair dead and alone.

    1. Agreed, but I understand the point that those things are not needed. The material crap is not worth the shackles of debt and should be avoided. However, if you already went into debt for the new car, you should man up and pay it off.
      Having a family is a different story. As costly as it is, the blessings of progeny is well worth it (in my opinion). Nothing else will be of lasting significance.

      1. 100% agree. Material things are unnecessary, but they are nice if they don’t make you a slave to the bank or another institution.

        1. True, house and education are the only things you should go in debt for. Otherwise, you are tying yourself down for unnecessarily.

    2. Your chances of being found dead in a chair alone are quite high, regardless of your current marital status…

  14. I see the point. Myself, married 25 years to a decent woman, some awesome years, some dull years. Two children. Managed to stay out of debt. Never made a ton of money, but enough to live on and manage some great family outings.
    Now, its time to make a move. Piss on society, I want the next 20 years for myself.
    Get the fuck out of my way.

    1. I’m coming to the same conclusion: there is no getting ahead, it is all illusion. I could truly enjoy myself sitting all day in a library simply reading. Costs nothing. So why continue this race, paying taxes to fund migrants and their broods? I have no women wanting me now: I doubt that will change when I’m years older and have money.

      1. It is possible to get ahead, as long as YOU’RE the one defining ‘getting ahead’. For you, endless study sounds like it would equal success. Doesn’t have to match anyone else’s definition.

        1. Except, when you make your own definition of getting ahead you have a thousand trolls telling you you’re doing it wrong, get back to the grind, wife up an Anglobitch, practice perfect Game to keep her so you don’t get frivorce raped, and watch her age.
          Somehow that’s supposed to save the West.

        2. ah, fuk the trolls….myself included.
          The crux of the criticism is that above all each must find their own path, be true, bust their ass and hope for the best.

        3. The influence of Christianity has given too many otherwise good men a Messiah complex. Civilizations are born and die just like people do, and history clearly shows that no civilization has ever been pulled out of its death spiral. Ours is currently dying, and you can do fuck all to prevent it. Enjoy the decline, gentlemen…

  15. Congratulations, you just banged one of the sexiest, sweetest and most feminine women you’ve ever met, that could have been left for a man who would actually get married and procreate with her. Now she is one notch closer to not being able to bond with a man and the 1000 cock stare. Good job!
    Other than that, good article. unplugging from the machine is a noble aspiration.

    1. You’ve never been to Thailand….. Decent girls are guarded by their family, a single male can’t even talk to them. My wife is not supposed to talk to a man without me present. My 18 year old Thai daughter has never had a date or kissed a man, never left alone with a male relative. Not even allowed in a taxi without a minder. If RF was alone with a girl…… Not respectable.

      1. My wife is from a rural area of China where similar rules apply. His description made it sound like she was a unicorn. If she’s not then bang away, but my gut says save the good ones for guys who want to have families.

        1. But young women are protected and kept inside by dad in a similar fashion to what you described.

        2. Meanwhile my country is a toilet and if a father objects to his daughter dating or wearing a skirt too short, he’s shamed on twitter

  16. There is something to be said about masculine independence especially when a man is younger, but once you hit your mid 30’s you should really think about the “bigger picture” and propagating society especially if you are white. Being married with kids in a burden, but a necessary one to insure we have a next generation. If a man does not choose this path I don’t blame him. We live in a free country and each individual should be able to choose their own path without shame. But, if the white race is going to continue, men are going to need to choose the rough road and not just check out for a generation. And BTW that is what (((they))) hope men will do.

    1. I’ve never considered having children as a burden.
      It’s the bitch you have them with that causes all the problems.

  17. Relampago Furioso….First off, thanks for the article. I want to read it again. But I have read some of the comments here before adding my own.
    When I was 16, a man gave me the most valuable piece of advice I ever received. It is this; no matter what you do, don’t ever get married. I add to that always use condoms.
    To the best of my knowledge I have fathered no children. And I am okay with that. I am 52, and as soon as I am out of debt, I ‘m hitting freedom road.
    For those men who want to have family, I’m all for you pursuing your happiness.
    As for me, I never had a say in making the rules, laws, and morals, society shoved down my throat from the moment I was born, and still tries to do now. So I feel no duty, commitment, or obligation, whatsoever, to abide by society’s norms. It’s their problem, not mine.
    Anyway, I like the article and I am going to read it again now.
    Thank you very much.

    1. “I never had a say in making the rules, laws, and morals, society shoved
      down my throat from the moment I was born, and still tries to do now.
      So I feel no duty, commitment, or obligation, whatsoever, to abide by
      society’s norms.”
      Exactly. Take as an example the continued bitching over “looted” or “confiscated” Nazi art. 75 years later, they still write articles over recovering “looted” art and giving it back to the “rightful” owners.
      According to the those in power, ownership is defined by who had the most coin, the most shekels. Why blindly adhere to a system that is inherently biased against you. The Germans stopped lending legitimacy to a biased system and redefined the terms of rightful ownership.

    2. But you have chosen to continue living in that society and under those rules.
      Plenty of places in the world with different rules, laws and morals.

      1. Yes, but the West keeps up its relentless campaign of forcing other nations to adopt its values and mores.
        Hence you have initiatives in the middle east to promote female education and the antagonism with russia is largely driven by the fact that they’re kinda mean to faggots.
        That’s why there will never be any space colonization: anyone who thinks given cheap access to space, all the fascists could just up and leave and start their own thing in the Oort Cloud is deluded.

        1. Non-white countries pay lip service to the white man with the big guns and big money. But nothing in Asia/India/Africa/South America really changes for women. And as far as I can see, Muslims are making big advances into the white territories. Can’t see feminism surviving much longer in Europe. You will see a lot of propaganda about feminism changing the world in the west …. but outside the west it isn’t actually happening.

      2. Actually, I was born into it. But I do agree with you. Since taking the red pill, and barely surviving the shocks of that, I am living to get free.
        BTW, I like reading the comments you make here.

  18. Really good point about “ethics” being a means of thought-control. Too often, “ethics” are used to control your behavior. The only “ethics” you should follow are the ones that come from within and feel right to you.
    “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World” by Harry Browne is a great book that makes clear how “ethics” controls you and how to free yourself from its tyranny.
    I found many excellent ideas in his book to identify and avoid the traps others use to control you. Google the title to find a free pdf copy.

  19. All of this “quit your job, become a minimalist and become a professional manosphere writer” is momentarily inspiring, but it sounds like the male version of Eat Pray Love.
    I’m the guy in the first paragraph to the T, but I have a six figure job that could lead to 200-300k/yr in a few years. No college debt or mortgage. I want true freedom, financial freedom, fuck you money. I’ve accepted that I will probably be unfulfilled in life for the next 20 years, but after that I’ll have the freedom to do whatever the fuck I want.
    The nomadic digital lifestyle is almost a surefire recipe for disaster-the male version of “the wall.” Do you really think you’ll be enjoying selling ebooks and driving a truck when you’re 60 years old?
    I don’t doubt that you are living a more fulfilling lifestyle than most men, myself included, but the idea reeks of “slut in my 20’s, find husband in my 30’s.” You need to find a viable career in your 20’s and bust ass at it so you can have true financial freedom later in life. The writer only has temporary freedom.

    1. Assuming you are going to live long enough to reach your financial freedom.
      Almost every man I know made it to 40, a frighteningly large number of those guys were dead before 50. Not to mention the guys still working in their 60’s to make sure they have enough later.
      Lets assume over 65 is no fun ………. how many good years are you planning on having?
      I retired at 45, so I’m planning on 20 fun years, already had 16 of those fun years!
      My brother recently retired at 57, he’s had 2 good years, maybe another 6 to come …. sucks to be him.
      My mate is an oil worker, still seeking contracts at 65, house in UK, apartment in Thailand, not much time to use them. WTF is he thinking?

    2. Nah. Your comment is similar to the others; attack what you don’t understand.
      You think my media employer was going to be by my side through retirement? You’re delusional if you think corporate jobs are reliable.
      Trucking is a short term solution to help me travel the world and build a business. Otherwise, I could already live off a business I’ve built indefinitely in the Caribbean. I never revealed all my cards.
      You keep chasing that carrot on a stick. For 20 years. And following what the system tells you to do like a good little sheep.

      1. look i´m torn between sides on this debate, you promote a lifestyle that while sounding somewhat attractive seems to be unsustainable in the long run and when other commenters point out this very fact you allude to some myriad future options that you will have in place (or supposedly already have) without specifying them. If you really want to convince people (or help them to do like you) you should put all the cards on the table. Otherwise it seems kind of dishonest, similar to saying: “I have a great rebuttal to your argument but i wont tell you, because it is a secret and if you cant believe me then youre not worthy of hearing it”

    3. There’s no guarantee that you’re going to live another twenty years. Hope you don’t die unfulfilled…

  20. Hell ya brother, great article. What more can be said??? You write from the point of view of a man who has been there. Not completely there right now, due to my excess spending of a large windfall, but climbing back.. I tasted freedom, I saw the sun. After you have a taste of what it is like to live without concern for time or money and have lots of adventure and pussy, nothing else compares. Wish you the best man!!!

  21. Oh ya, the picture of the skydiver made me think of the one time I went skydiving, 2 years ago. I thought about it for a long time, and overcame my apprehension. The jump master had a go pro camera on his wrist and the video was well done. I had the largest, uncontrollable smile I had in a long, long time, probably since I lost my virginity. Moral to the story? Feel the rush, Go for it.

  22. I have to say I find very little excitement with doing anything. Sometimes though you have to burn dreams to heat the house.

  23. I met, married and had two sons w/a Colombiana while in my 50s. Now I’m midway through my 60s and enjoying the boys’ company tremendously while their mother does whatever it is Colombian ex-wives do. Don’t sweat the details. Enjoy life.

  24. Freud’s work was mistranslated deliberately to give it a much more materialistic character, which is why when you hear Freud you immediately think libido. Freud hated USA, did not write in English and was more of an idealist than a materialist. That human sized turd Edward Bernays was a real cunt and Machiavellian degenerate fucker. People try to implicate Freud when they talk about his piece of shit nephew. That is a fallacy. If you are interested you can watch this podcast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwJIu5K7bEw it is trying to clean Freud’s name (and work) up for the western masses who got to see a butchered and misrepresented work by Freud.

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