Did The New Star Wars Casting Have A Racial Agenda?

It’s what every Star Wars fan has been waiting for since The Phantom Menace. Finally, we get a fresh, new tale of the Star Wars saga with no Jar Jar. Fans almost lost their mind when Disney bought LucasFilm. To top it off, fans were delighted to hear that Star Trek director J.J Abrams was to take command of the new film. Say what you will about the new Star Trek movies, but they did spur new interest in the series and offered significant entertainment value.

This was a new hope for fans, having an entertainment superpower get behind one of the most beloved film series of all time. But then something happened.

A Disturbance In The Force

fat shaming darth vader disney princess

Now we find ourselves on the brink of the release. So what’s all the drama been about? From the first ever trailer we were given a glimpse of the main characters in the film. While most were new introductions, we did see some old favorites make the cut.

Most of the controversy stemmed from the casting of a black actor to play the main role for the new flagship series. Contrary to many who might be already deeming this article as racist™, it goes much deeper than race. We’re talking about a deeper agenda. Out of all the millions of potential qualified lead actors, Boyega was chosen for the lead role? And a woman for the second lead? What were these two chosen for, if not based on their acting merits alone?

Here’s where I think most of the scrutiny for the casting comes from: they didn’t have to cast a black actor as a main role. The storyline didn’t depend on it. It’s not as if it was Lando Carlissian’s son. As a side note, Lando is one of my favorite characters in the last two films. However, he was granted the role because of this suave demeanor and ability to deliver comically smooth one-liners—not because the director had a diversity-first SJW agenda that we’ve seen recently in film and other media.

Appeal To The Fans?

With easily 95% of the Star Wars fan base being white male, it’s hard to believe it was done to market to it’s core demographic. However, leave it to Disney and SJWs to try reaching new gender and racial markets. As we’ve seen with other mediums where this occurrence is happening, these are only traditional white male creations. What agenda is replacing old heroes for kids of a particular demographic?

We saw a similar scenario with Gamergate. One of the calls of the SJW left was that there were not enough women in lead character roles. Why should there be? The absolute majority of the creators and consumers are not women. Thankfully, these men understood the ridiculousness of the requests and stood their ground. You can never appease those with an irrational agenda.

What would be the response if game creators gave in to pressure and instead created an all black female cast for the upcoming Halo 5? Makes zero sense, right? However, to certain people with agendas, hijacking a traditional male media like this would be major win for them.

Reverse The Roles

Say whatever you want, but if you’re honest with yourself you know people of certain groups like having characters who are like them or that they can relate to. It’s why there’s a whole section on Netflix dedicated to a strong female lead™. It’s why BET exists, or the show Girls wasn’t cancelled immediately. For a director to forgo using a character that relates to 95% of his audience demographic is a little strange. Not only that, there are no protagonists who match the core demographic.

While yes, it’s certainly OK for people to take a media of one culture and modify it for another (e.g. Bollywood or China remaking American movies with their own actors), it’s a totally different thing to take an original media and remake it disregarding ANY features of that core group.

How would this move look on other movies? What if a white actor was cast to play the new Will in The Fresh Prince? Twitter would explode. Perhaps a Korean man and a cholo gangster should be made head leads in the next Sex and the City movie because, Diversity. See how when we compare this to other racial and gender-based shows it gets ridiculous?

People are talking because this is becoming more common, like the new AnnieFantastic Four, and possibly the new Bond. There are even more examples of women leads being shoehorned into traditional male media such as Mad Max and Ghostbusters. Not only do we see the replacement of traditional characters, but also political agendas behind them, such as the new Marvel comic where Captain America is black and battles conservatives on immigration.

Is it diversity for the sake of diversity or something more sinister? From the mouth of Boyega we should just “get used to it.”

It’s Not The Who, It’s The Why

People will be quick to point this view as racist™ or sexist™, yet will go insane if it happened to one of their own beloved entertainment mediums. This isn’t about WHO was cast. It’s about the principal behind it. The problem is when people say we need diversity™ in an area, they just mean there are too many whites males involved. However, no one is calling for diversity™ in other ethnically and gender consistent areas.

The real irony here is that deliberately changing the demographics of a movie, medium, or group in the name of just removing the percentage of a certain race is, in fact, actually racist. In the words of Abrams himself:


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596 thoughts on “Did The New Star Wars Casting Have A Racial Agenda?”

  1. Its got a PC agenda. I could care less about the race issue, Lando was always a favorite of mine. For me, I won’t see this because its going to be overly feminist and I’m just sick and tired of this whole all girls are these incredible warriors and killers. Having been to a real war and in the military the ignorance is extraordinary. “They” are even introducing a new R2D2 type character, which I learned is most definitely a female droid. ??? Oh for fuck sake already.

      1. No asshole. I not doing anything you say. I’ll have my own heroes, my own “worldview”, my own culture and you will have no influence on it. So, you get over that.

        1. If you have a problem with there being people of colour or females and people from other characters in film, television etc, then it’s you who needs to get the hell over it. It’s not anyone’s else’s fault if you have biased views that are not in touch with the postmodern era (or in touch the way this era should be ). For the record , the actors and actresses were chosen for their talent while trying to ensure better diverse representation . Also unlike you , I don’t have an issue with there being people of colour and females or males for that matter .

        2. You can write those buzzwords like ‘postmodern era’ on a piece of toilet paper and wipe your ass with it. They mean nothing at all, dude. Stop hiding your own motivations behind some generalistic bullshit. Tell me, why do you want to see diversity enforced? Yeah? I bet that you just have no fucking sense of self.
          The point is not even that I do not want blacks or women in the movies. The point is that I find it silly to even care about diversity. Why would any healthy person care about that bullshit instead of just making a good movie? Stinks like mental illness. Not that there is anything wrong about that, but let us be honest: Why give a fuck? And especially: Why give a fuck if you are indeed white?

        3. Pertaining to 109% percent, that was a typo due to autocorrect, which I have since corrected . For post postmodernism, I didn’t coin the term, which was one I learned in my undergrad program a few years ago. Just because one believes in positive diversity, is no indication that they have no self-concept( or sense of self.) (for the record I’m totally fine with much of the cast on walking dead being “white” while there also being characters of colour . Obviously much of the characters are likely based on the demographics of the population in Georgia, besides the comics.)
          If you don’t have an issue with not every character being “white” or male (with many being more rounded characters),why are you seemingly making a huge deal about it?
          Also while likely keeping certain many characters racially ambiguous to enable more diversity, the actors and actresses were selected based off their talent for the “sake of a good movie.”
          I’m done with this moot argument. By the way, while I perhaps didn’t have to reply, you could have chosen to ignore my replies and other comments just like this one.

        4. That remark about sense of self was a mindless projection, spat out in the passion of the argument. Forget about it, I do not even know you.
          My point stands, though. Your arguments are just meaningless words:
          – post post modernism
          – positive diversity
          These words mean nothing. Got them in your undergrad program, that makes sense. School teaches you a lot of meaningless and abstract concepts that actually only have an emotional component, but no real content.
          You make a good point about why I care. I seem to have been dishonest myself. I do care. I want to identify with the culture I live in and find myself in it. I want to feel at home.
          I used the dishonest phrasing because I was trying to ask you what your personal motivation behind that whole thing is. My suspicion is that those words you used – post post modernism and positive diversity – are quite the thing in your peer group and you feel that you want to belong and not be the odd one out by destroying the others’ efforts in creating a ‘good’ society. You may have been led to believe that there is some kind of objective ‘truth’ to be found in thin air that obliges you to want diversity; a wisdom that only others seem to understand and that you want to learn, too. But apart from that, is there any heartfelt reason why you wish to see variety?
          No need to write a disclaimer, brother. I do wish to argue with you, which is why I replied. If you are done, just do not reply.

        5. People like to use the term ‘depraved’ quite often around these parts. I wonder how many are aware of the meaning of the word. Depraved of what, exactly? Reason, self-love, sex, confidence.

        6. Hi . Perhaps in the heat of the moment, I didn’t properly explain my beliefs surrounding the concepts . Simply stated, postmodernism is a term used to describe the era of the late 20 century and potentially the 21st century .(the meaning of this concept is disputed .) my knowledge on this isn’t as proficient as the experts due it only being taught in one course of my child development undergrad program . to clarify on positive diversity, I meant I support an inclusive society and circumstances that accept people from various backgrounds including cultures and religions while respecting beliefs that aren’t bigoted or harmful or infringe on human rights .(so obviously terrorism from from the far right shouldn’t be accepted even if it is diverse.)
          I want to see variety of humans represented to get closer to achieving equality and equity for all and to be used in films and such when applicable. (Obviously if a film is set in china, it makes sense if most of the characters are Asian .)
          I understand the importance of cultures including yours being represented .
          You’re right : not everything you learn in education institutions is beneficial or “useful .” (I had to relearn how to play the recorder in my music theory class for children . That aspect of it was a waste of time lol .)
          I’m sorry for the misunderstanding .
          Not that I’m making a big deal out of it, but I’m a woman :). Enjoy the force awakens when it comes out as it looks amazing and have a nice day/night!

        7. I am sorry, but you sound totally brainwashed. Do not take this as an offense, because this has been done to you. Drop some psychedelics when you get the chance; you seem open-minded enough to work past all that meaningless crap.
          Let us end the discussion here, for I see no way to explain to you what I see if you can not trust your intuition to verify what I write.
          Besides, leave this site. Women are not wished for here unless they support our cause.

        8. That’s a big word salad that equates to: rainbows, unicorns, kittens and teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony.
          American and white culture have real enemies in the real world…they won’t hate you less because you want to “include them”.

        9. You ooze weakness.
          Killing yourself would be the practical thing to do. You won’t be able to survive when shit really gets rough….and it will.
          I can’t wait.

        10. The problem is the intent behind it, which is the removal of white men.
          You don’t get that though, because you are either a racist non-white, or you are an anti-white and push the propaganda of more anti-white.

        11. The statement “I support an inclusive society” implies that white societies MUST bring in non-whites.
          In the end, it comes down to the same anti-white argument. No white autonomy is allowed to exist.
          If white autonomy were allowed to happen, then there would be no need for “Inclusive” statements. Think that’s racist? When was the last time you wanted a White Entertainment network? Or that you demanded there were more white basketball players? Whites should be allowed to be actors on BET?
          Or does your inclusion only work when it shoves out white men?

        12. Dumbass, this is what you’re not understanding. I DO NOT take orders from you. Do you understand? Does that compute? I don’t need to get the hell over anything, especially something that you say I should. Why? Again, because I don’t do what you say. So fuck you! This is what freedom looks like. I’m free to get over or not get over or just do as a dam well please, period. And what comes next, oh, lets see, you people are so predictable, perhaps a barrage of unsubstantiated personal attacks and, of course, a mixture of racists, sexist, phobic etc chants. Oh no, not that!! Hey wait “I’m triggered”. Stupid fuck.

        13. Tom Arrow,
          You are not sorry, nor should you be. These excuses for people want to annihilate white autonomy, culture, heritage and society, and they will do anything to accomplish it.
          White spaces are not allowed to exist. This tells you everything you need to know about their intent.

        14. What the fuck is this? “For the record , the actors and actresses were chosen for their talent while trying to ensure better diverse representation”? ????
          First off, there is no “postmodern era”, you and your kind don’t have the license to go around labeling or declaring when a epoch in human history occurs or starts. So, “postmodern” is dismissed whole cloth because this claim is simply you and your peers personal opinions, it is not shared by everyone else. There is a whole other world outside of aggrieved studies or should I say political unions. Indeed, such an insular and cloistered environment creates spurious dictates such as “postmodern” and no doubt you have endless luminaries, works, references and books that you can site to say otherwise, but, I say again, these are all people who are among a cabal of tenured blowhard academics that have ZERO authority over my life, period.
          I found your statement above both revealing and interesting. It’s also quite sad. Simply, I see the entertainment industry as an industry that provides me a product that I’m willing to pay money for. And that product is…entertainment. I’m not going to pay to see a political sermon especially one that runs contrary to my values. Look at the last part of your sentence above “while trying to ensure better diverse representation”, reveals to me that its not about entertainment for you, its about “diversity” a la your ideology. That’s where we differ and that’s my main gripe about this. Star Wars is a fictional story that, apparently, occurred a long time ago in a galaxy far far away…long enough and far enough to be devoid of social justice warriors.

        15. I am sorry to be the messenger, because I do empathize with that kind of madness. It is a tough nut to crack.
          But yes, of course, I will fight even those I can empathize with if they infringe on my freedoms.

        16. The same undergrad system that just forced a university president to resign for basically no fucking reason? And at the insistence of a bunch of whinny crybaby snowflakes? The same undergrad system that just devolved into hysteria over Halloween costumes surrounding and mobbing a professor who simply said, to use your words, “get over it”? Oh, and I think its a very high probability that all of the agitators responsible for both of these ridiculous incidents all believe in your “postmodern” era.
          To continue…same system that has comedians too frightened to perform, professor too frightened to teach, conservative speakers having to be escorted by body guards for fear of assault…and assaulted by people who when they’re not resorting to violence require, literally, spaces, ahem “safe” spaces, filled with puppy dogs pictures, milk, cookies and children’s music playing in the background?

        17. Why? We already know all about it. I know you want to believe that it is “complex”, because you derive personal satisfaction from being one of the “few” who “gets it”. You’ve tied yourself and found identity in this institution. But, you don’t “get it” we get it and we see right through you. You think you are of superior intelligence; this makes you feel good about yourself. Because hey “you get it” and all those “other” people don’t because those people aren’t as smart and enlightened as you, so, they’re inferior. You’re a supremacist. We see you being the very thing you say your against. Worse of all you’re not smart, you’re not enlightened…you’re just conforming, which is one of the lowest forms of human existence and that actually makes you the inferior one.

        18. It is. Every era has been regarded at that time as either the “modern” or “post-modern” era.
          The Egyptians thought they were in the modern era.
          So did the Greeks, and the Romans, and the Medieval Japanese, and the Scandinavians, and the Russians, and the Aztecs, etc., etc.
          It is meaningless.

  2. With easily 95% of the Star Wars fan base being white male, it’s hard to believe it was done to market to it’s core demographic.

    Firstly, the Star Wars fan base is likely only a fraction of the target audience.
    Secondly, 95% of those 95% are likely manginas.
    I am pretty sure that this is about money.
    Oh and, by the way, Harrison Ford in the old days was a great male role model. Just watch him in Indiana Jones or the original Star Wars movies.

        1. It was based on a true story about a Soviet submarine. Liam Neeson was in it as well. K-19 The Widowmaker

        2. Fuck, this movie is makimg me furious. Moronic patriotism. Lifes sacrificed for a metal piece of trash. For so-called honor. For being called hero by official monkeys. Fuck, these assholes need to be stopped. I would call out mutiny if I was made to do such a task.

        3. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster from the 2011 tsunami in Japan had a similar situation like the nuclear reactor from the movie K-19. Cooling systems failed because the generators for the pumps died and no water was going in to cool it. Workers had to take turns going in to do stuff. I don’t recall what they did. I had mentioned it then that it reminded me of this movie.

    1. More fans are horny for seeing the Millenium Falcon, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and eventually Luke Skywalker, than the two leads. Hell, I’m really interested in what Oscar Issac’s character is all about.

  3. I doubt most people other than paranoid nationalists give a damn. Six of the Star Wars movies have had white male leads; this one movie doesn’t, and yet some people are already forming conspiracy theories, and shouting “muh white genocide.” If the mere sight of a female lead or a non-white lead is enough to trigger you, you probably need serious help.

      1. Think about it. What difference is there between this whiny article and the crap SJWs post? A video game starring a half-naked woman with big tits, or a movie with a black dude as a lead, isn’t the end of the world.

        1. Yeah, because that ticket had a direct effect on your life and bank account. But if you don’t like the casting of a movie, you don’t have to see it.

        2. By the same argument, if I do not like what the cops do, I do not have to live in this country.
          I will not go out to the street and protest against the female cast. But I will say that it annoys me.

    1. perhaps you lack the mental aptitude to read for comprehension, but let me use small words you’ll understand.
      It has nothing to do with them being black or female, it is because they were chosen BECAUSE they are black and female, not because they make the story better.

        1. I think we are jumping to conclusions because pretty much every major movie coming out of Hollywood these days are filled with hidden SJW bullshit. I could understand one of 10, but right now, it’s 10 of 10. There is some serious massive brainwashing going on, and of course there’s no way something like Starwars could ever escape that.

      1. Lando: a brilliant character whose race never really mattered to the story, but whose actor was brilliant
        Apollo Creed: a brilliant character whose race never really mattered to the story, but whose actor was brilliant
        Khan: a brilliant character whose race never really mattered to the story, but whose actor was brilliant
        Can we spot a trend in these classic non-white leads from classic film?

      2. In short, it’s political preaching like I said elsewhere. I want to be entertained not preached to, especially by some leftist cult.

    2. Well make your own damn movies with blacks, females, fags and transexuals all over. But KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF STARWARS.

    3. Because a “strong female lead” is a political creation. Its stupid weak and incomplete people who project their faults onto other people and society to such a degree that they feel slighted in life that they didn’t have a Luke Skywalker as a “role model”. Its no different then andrea dorwkin foaming at the mouth in full spasm as she whirls a blue blanket over her head declaring that because boys are associated with blue at birth undermines and oppresses girls.

  4. The few trolls complaining about there being diversity are idiots since there is no “white” or rather “causcian genocide.” For the most part, No one of this group has ever been targeted for their race (being causcian ) within the 20th or 21st century, unlike other groups from other backgrounds.

      1. Perhaps you don’t understand English?
        People often speak in sweeping generalizations about large groups of people that they couldn’t possibly know personally.
        I honestly doubt your intellect.

    1. “No one of this group has ever been targeted for their race unlike other groups from other backgrounds.”
      Except, you know, by the Ottoman Turks, Moors, Mongols, Arabs.

      1. “Anti racists” never concern themselves with the very old and thick history of europe and middle east but they only care about the fart in time that is the the last couple of decades.

      2. I was referring to people who are 100% causcians not people from the Middle East or near that region who have been persecuted and faced racial or ethnic based margalization . There have been causcians who have been targeted for other reasons not related to their race.For the record, there is a difference between race and ethnicity.

        1. 109%?
          Who gives a fuck, anyway? The winners do not barter with the losers. That is like saying that you give a medal to the losers for losing, procreating with the unattractive mate for being unattractive or hiring someone because he is unable to do the job.
          Fact is that these groups are quite in the public favor today, else this would not even be a topic of debate.

    2. What a totally load of shit. You pathetic brainwashed simpleton. The criteria, set by people like you, of being oppressed is so fucking low today. You know who suffers today, 2015 in the 21st century…its not you and all your aggrieved friends. In 2015 and for most of the 21st century, here and abroad, Christians are under persecution with a historical track record of abuse…all consistent with not even the stunningly low standards but by actually reasonable standards of oppression and persecution. But, note about Christians they have NOT resorted to petitioning the state this because they have dignity! Also, if you just got out of your narrow view of race, “gender” and class you would realize, fucknuts, that everyone, regardless of race, has had it tough. The Irish are all white and they had a huge shit stick shoved at them. I’m of Slavic descent…all my ancestors were “Slavs”…that means “Slaves” numb nuts! I am using harsh language you deserve nothing but utter contempt.

  5. Dumb controversy
    C’mon people, Star Wars is set in like the alternate future-past or something, it’s not even historical fiction
    You realize there is a revisionist movement in academia to exaggerate the presence of non-Whites in European history? It’s done in hopes that whites will forget their ethnic homogeneity because “it was just a myth” and therefore Europeans don’t deserve ethnostates because “it was never like that”. The movement tries to inject random ethnic characters in historical fiction as a form of cognitive invasion – a way to say you don’t deserve your own history because it was false and actually belongs to everyone. It stipulates that societies have always been very diverse and therefore you aren’t right to resist race replacement via immigration today. This is a far worse and consequential attack on white identity than black Star Wars guy.
    Google “medievalpoc” and see you’ll see what I’m talking about. It makes this seem like nothing. If you nationalists wanna fight something, fight the historical revisionists

    1. From what I heard, America was founded and built by quite a diverse bunch of folks. I think I watched a documentary called ‘America. The story of US.’ But now that you say it, it could have been manipulated. It is something of a silly blockbuster. Who knows.

      1. Yes…..America WAS founded and built by quite a diverse bunch. That bunch being a diverse group of white Europeans… English, Irish, German, Scandinavian, Italian, etc., etc.
        Revisionist history notwithstanding, no blacks, Mexicans, Chinese, “native Americans,” or other non-whites did nothing of real substance in creating this country or making it a world power.

        1. If america was built by other than europeans it would be a big south american ghetto.
          Race is not a social construct. Society is a racial construct. Society and culture derives from race/biology.
          -Professor Douglas Whitman

        2. The word ‘professor’ makes this idea important?
          I think that a society can be defined by whatever you choose to let it. As we know, the best way to unite a nation is to have an outside enemy.
          But it is an intriguing question: What has, in the past and today, given nations a sense of identity?

        3. The word professor is irellevant (i just copied it from a document) but i believe the quoute is very important and i see it as the most logical explanation how society is formed.

        4. Sure. Animals adapt to their surroundings but the human being is the only sentient being on this planet that adapt his surroundings according to his needs ie craeting society, in other words man projects what allready exists within himself as an immaterial idea to outside himself as a manifestation of his own mind and state of being. So the wester civilisation is an expression of the ethnicity of the man that created it and could not have been created by anybody else.

        5. I must also add that if our society was not an expression of our blood then it would exist in nigeria or bangladesh, yes they use a european system now but they got it from us they did not originate it, they originated something else before they got westernized something that was an expression of their blood, genetics, their ancestry and tradition, This why africa is in the state it is, the shoe doesnt fit because it is not meant for them. Also the afro american community is not working because they are not living according to their true nature. Genetics, blood, psyche, mind, emotion, tradition ancestry its all different angles of one and the same thing: the human being

        6. Very interesting ideas.
          On the other hand, I do believe that much of civilization and Christianity has less to do with our own nature than with a mass psychosis.
          I think I would love tribal life, or at least many aspects of it.

        7. I dont think i have a choice, but still i would not mind building a clan with my own kind and kin, i still have some time to make preparations though since im still only 26 years of age, i just have to see how my country holds up, its standing on rocky ground to say the least.

        8. I am 26 as well. I lack the social skills to lead such a thing, but it is a little dream of myself. No matter the state of one’s country, it would be a great asset to be able to exert some force on that country.

        9. I believe it is the future, and also the only thing that will be the most likely way for survival. We must go back to our roots and cooperate with other european men and we will get the women with us because we are moving steadily towards times of uncertainty. The only advice i could give is the same ones as i give myself, be nationalistic find your tribe and get in touch with nature, sounds like some real hippie bullshit but its not, you know what i mean.

        10. Sounds good.
          I am planning to write an article about solitude in nature. Forests, especially. It is a great way of getting to know yourself, your mind, your emotions, your body. Always surprises me, what kinds of sentiments bubble up in me when I do not live with the feeling that someone is watching me or listening to me.
          Used to be quite anti-hippie, but I see myself becoming one, these days. I think that a large part of the thing I hated about it may just have been a straw man. You know, the brainless moron running around high on weed, telling everybody to calm down and love and shit. It may very well just be a Hollywood stereotype meant to steer people away from the healing power of psychedelics.

        11. I’ve never been a hippie but have been among them.. i steer clear of hippies, they are conformists with a weak sense of selfhood thats why they feel the need to where a uniform and smoke weed, the sterotype is very often true.
          But all the other things you mentioned are great i have done quite a few psychedelic sessions and im swedish so yeah i spend quite a lot of time in nature.

        12. Okay, maybe. I only use psychedelics for therapeutic reasons. I crave the bad trips, so to speak.
          I have this dream of having a house, in the middle of a forest, at the top of a cliff. It is like a big, simple black triangle and the lower part is one big fucking room, plastered with black marble tiles that seemlessly morph into rough rock which is the cliff itself. A small stream goes through the house and becomes a waterfall at the cliff. The room is open and you can go sit on the cliff, letting your feet dangle hundreds of feet above the valley, overlooking the foresty hills and exciting rocky landscapes. There with a hot wife and my little boys, should I have any.

        13. I hear you brother, you pretty much spelled out my own vision there.
          As i said before this is the future, we both share the vision because we are the first generation of this turning of the tide we see on the horizon, back to the roots, back to the core of what really matters.
          I as well used to do psychedelics for medicinal purposes, i have attended three ayahuasca ceremonies (oh the horror) i almost shit my pants just thinking about it.

        14. Cool. I did Ayahuasca, too, and can feel your terror. Actually ran into the jungle and pissed myself. If you wish, you can read about it on my blog and comment.
          Would like to do it again someday, perhaps a bit closer than Peru this time.

        15. Allright i will most definetely check it out, and comment.
          Yeah man if you feel called to do it then do it.
          I dont feel really comfortable with ayahuasca personally but i will do psilocybine mushrooms when i get the chance.
          I repeat myself but same thing there, its an ancestral connection they grow on the ground where my forebearers have walked and eaten them for thousands of years so i believe its astronger connection for us, just as aya must be if you come from the andes.

        16. Ah, good point, maybe that is why it was so terrifying and a bit alien. I am sceptical about plant DNA, though.
          Did magic mushrooms, too, but only a small dose. Got a good source? And for LSD? Send me a message through my contact form, if you do.

        17. No, America was FOUNDED by British Quakers and British protestants using British commonlaw and the common rights of Englishmen as the basis of our government. The Irish, German, Scandinavian and Italians came later and in large numbers. Some argue because of the fact that Society is a racial construct that the Germans, Irish, Scandinavians and Italians who immigrated here never really understood or took to the common rights of Englishmen. Could be one of the reasons the constitution and the bill of rights are dead documents today.

    2. This reminds me of how the communists used to insert class warfare characters and explanations on situations that have nothing to do with it, such as, when examining distant historical events that were ethnic or otherwise based and had nothing to do with “class warfare.” He who controls the past, controls the future, let’s not forget, from 1984.

      1. History is an instrument of soft power, one that should always be written by nationalists

    3. The best way to further indoctrinate an already ignorant people and make them forget the remainder of real history is by making them embrace more of an alternative history rooted in fantasy and littered with progressive philosophy.
      It’s been working quite well so far. You underestimate its pugnacious influence at your peril.

      1. I read a good distinction once between history and chronicle. A chronicle is like a tabular list of events, ordered by time. History is the attempt to find meaning in these events and tell a story. Thus history is propaganda from the moment it stops to be a chronicle. You can basically blow up an insignificant fact to lay it all out in the context of a story that fits your narration. That said, I do have a lot of scepticism about every kind of historical narration, even that which supports my side. I do not trust that shit.

        1. “I do not trust that shit.”
          Nor should you. History has shown that history is written by the winners BUT edited by the losers.

      1. The vikings were black and so were the romans and the ancient greeks so this is nothing new.

        1. There are different kind of afrocentrics and i dont know about all of them, there is one group that claim they are descendants of the pharaos, that one is kind of plausible since egypt is in africa, the ancient egyptians were caucasians though. My favorites are the “hebrew israelites” they claim they are the real jews and that the black americans are not from africa but from jerusalem and that the west africans are a totally different people from them.

        2. So we don’t actually exist because we are consteucts. But they still hate us.
          If White Europeans lose the third world rule over ashes of a dying world.

        3. Yes, afrocentrics. You do realize almost every university has an African studies (oxymoron is there ever was one) department?

        4. Come on Tom, there is Womyn Studies, Latino Studies, African Studies, Asian Studies, etc,… Hell there is even courses in Harry Potter and LOTR. All brought to you by the Frankfurt School Pinkos that infiltrated academia 50 years ago. We are just witnessing their fruits.

        5. ahh yes, the ‘hebrew isralites’ crack me up. They are all over YT saying the most outrageous racists things, and calling people Edomites. Ha!

        6. It is everywhere my friend, spreading like a cancer. research Frankfurt School. To see its daily effects check: http://www.campusreform.org/
          Wherever you see words like: diversity, equality, safe space, triggers, micro-agressions, etc, etc… that school has been infected with critical theory talk. Full of tenured leftist professors and academic gatekeepers straight from the 60’s revolutionary attics.

        7. When they first did the “Black Athena” thing, academics pushed back. If they did it again, I think academics would go along with it. Look at Yale and Ferguson State U. (i.e., Mizzou)

        8. Yale is private, and they’re competing with Ferguson State U. for the title of “Most Triggered Little Fascisti”.

      2. Holy Hell. Tell me academics don’t have an anti-Western Civ agenda now. If this is what European “civilization” is like, then bring back the damn Vikings. Bring back barbarism and start over with axe and sword.

    4. Your points are valid but I would propose that American comic book heroes and heroes of American film are considered our mythology. While American is only 200+ years old in this world our birth and ideology is “the shining city on the hill” to express our freedoms and our mantra of; “opportunity for all with the grit to endure” we create representations to express these concepts.
      We also used our heroes as a form of propaganda to encourage patriotism during the 2nd world war…Captain America, Superman, Sergeant York…even Bugs Bunny…all distinctly American expressing American values. Batman, while not super-powered demonstrated the power of a man with convictions. Ironman represents the capitalist ideology. Both batman and ironman are arguably the most popular characters and yet have no super powers…they are representative of American ingenuity and determination.
      Star Wars, while not a comic book still holds American / Christian values of good versus evil, discipline and sacrifice for a notion greater than yourself.
      You are correct, there are bigger battles to fight currently. But the attack on American mythology must be counted as one.

      1. I wanted the League of Shadows to complete their mission and destroy haughty Gotham. Fuck batman. He uplifts the undeserving and the wretched.
        The league had the real balls.

        1. Bane was misunderstood. He exposed corruption and empowered the citizens.
          So what if he was going to nuke a festering $hit hole of a city…gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet.
          The fire rises.

        2. Did you know the breaking eggs metaphor is attributed to Lazar Kaganovich? Kaganovich was a Bolshevik and a Jew who co-implemented the Holodomor with V. Molotov in Ukraine circa 1932 for Stalin… but he was just following orders, right? Somewhere between 2.5 to 7.5 million people died in this act of genocide.
          “Kaganovich seems to have been responsible for the “eggs and omelette” metaphor (“You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs”), commonly attributed to Stalin himself.[10]”
          “Kaganovich was born in 1893 to Jewish parents in the village of Kabany, Radomyshl uyezd, Kiev Governorate, Russian Empire (now named Dibrova, Poliske Raion, Kiev Oblast, Ukraine).”
          “Kaganovich (together with Vyacheslav Molotov) participated with the All-Ukrainian Party Conference of 1930 and were given the task of implementation of the collectivization policy that caused a catastrophic 1932–33 famine (known as the Holodomor in Ukraine). He also personally oversaw grain confiscations during the same time periods.”

  6. I think the bigger picture here is how if you question anything today you are considered a racist or a sexist. The idea is to “bow to change” and don’t question anything…if you do then certain groups will call you out or shout you down for having questions.
    That’s what people need to be aware of…..the point where you’re not even allowed to have an opinion or ask questions any longer on anything.
    Yes, if you put the shoe on the other foot then certain groups would go fucking ape shit over the changes. Diversity only works one way. If you don’t believe me then take a white male lead and replace a female lead or a black male lead in any movie or franchise – watch the explosion of outrage on twitter, facebook, etc…calling it sexist, racist or the stone age. Diversity only works one way.
    The truth hurts.

      1. the cast a white actor to play the green lantern(Ben Afleck). the original super hero was an Afro-American.( and yes i did the research). yet there was no uproar. you guys need to stop complaining.

        1. Ben Affleck was not Green Lantern. You have NOT done your homework.
          Don’t tell me, all those white males all look the same.

        2. You need to do more research, then, you idiot. The original green lantern was white (Alan Scott, 1940) and Ben Afleck was Batman. The black Green Lantern, John Stewart, was the first black superhero to appear in DC comics. That was 1971. In case you can’t count, 1940 came before 1971.

        3. There were dozens of green lantern incarnations in almost every race possible, including alien races. Blade and shaft have only ever been cast black, Shaft is iconic. It does not follow that since there was no backlash against the green lantern being white that there wouldn’t be a backlash if they made a white Shaft. Plus, most people think the green lantern is a boring hero anyway, so who would really care?

        4. Heh. The first THREE Green Lanterns were all white dudes. Not that I really give two shits, but I was a comic book nerd when I was a kid.

        5. So your point is, they changed Green Lantern’s race backwards and forwards and yet the sky still didn’t fall?

        6. I think it depends on the nature of the character. To make Shaft white you would have to change nearly everything else about him. You already have Dirty Harry so what would be the point?
          For the same reason, I would not make James Bond Black. You would have to essentially change the very nature of the character.
          But how come no one’s talking about a Rocky reboot where they make him Chinese?

        7. He hasnt missed the point, because Hal Jordan (the green lantern in the movie) has always been white. ‘The Aquarian’ is just a moron.

        8. I was actually quite annoyed with that. Idk if the original green lantern was black (I’ll take your word for it), but the one I grew up seeing on tv was

        9. Congrats, you’re an idiot too! There are dozens of green lanterns and one of them was black at the height of the civil rights movement. Guess what? He was short lived because 81% of comic book readers at the time were white. You cater to your audience or you go bankrupt.

        10. Felix Leiter was black in Never Say Never Again, and in Casino Royale. Hell, some people were freaking out over Daniel Craig – the “Blonde Bond” – being chosen rather than Gerard Butler or Clive Owen. Sared cows.
          In any event, it is three different matters to a) give a character a “race lift” or gender reassignment, b) create a new story with new characters whose gender or ethnicity might vary from the previous cast and c) having a costumed superhero where “the man behind the mask” changes as part of the storyline.

        11. No, all your academic awards and years of business experience count for nothing because YOU’RE POSTING ON AN ONLINE FORUM YOU FUCKING MORON. If you want to be heralded for your accomplishments, go join the rotary club or something.

        12. “All my (your) academic awards and years of business experience count for nothing because” affirmative action.
          A level playing field sucks if you are inferior.

        13. Roger Moore was a redhead. He got a pass…
          Yeah Felix goes back and forth. I agree with what you are saying but I am not sure of your point?

        14. He would have to flatten his brogue (which he did not as a Greek, fucking king) and I have not seen in a role as a cultured man who appreciates the finer things in life. I suppose Clive Owen would have been my first pick although if you go back several years it would Liam Nesson who only later proved conclusively his action star status with – among others – the Taken series.
          Pop trivia: Daniel Craig and Gerard Butler have something in common – Angelina Jolie in he role as Lara Croft, the Tomb Hunter. Of course, Craig became the “man in distress” while Butler turned villain and had to have his ass handed to him.

        15. Seriously … Since blacks in Africa still need AA, when does it end?
          Doesn’t your lack of shame regarding it speak volumes? If they put an 8 ft. basket for the white players only, no white man would use it.
          If no one wants to serve you a meal, why doesn’t anybody open a restaurant that does or why don’t you hire some of that untapped black talent that the racists won’t willingly use. It appears negroes are in constant victim mode. If you’d stand on your own, maybe you would deserve some respect. You dependence on whites proves your inferiority. Change that or continue the whining. You are running out of whites to blame and the Chinese, Indians et al. don’t play the sucker so easily.

        16. The black green lantern wasn’t short lived. He actually is the lead in the current Green Lantern: The Lost Army, and was the lead in the New 52 Green Lantern book, as well as various series throughout the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and was the main green lantern in the animated Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited, through their entire run on television.
          Point being, he’s a hugely popular iteration of the character that has stuck around for a long time. Not a short-lived one-off like you’re trying to argue.

        17. It is called BEE … Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa. Mugabe just takes white farms and reassigns them to his favorites in Zimbabwe. That is fine unless your are against mass starvation and death. I leave it to your curiosity if you wish to investigate. I would recommend freedomain radio.

        18. Right you are, but that’s what these insane people do; anytime they see anything vaguely positive or empowering from someone not like them (women, other races, “the Jew media” apparently), it must be diminished, or it must be a sinister plot against them, even if it is embarrassingly insignificant to the grand scheme of life…

        19. lol poor delusional internet person, you know full well what Kisse’s point was…oh I’ve got one for you!
          Q: How did the black guy and the women get lead roles in Star Wars?
          A: They worked for it…
          Have fun explaining the difference between my answer and yours without being hypocritical

        20. Which GL? the John Stewart Green Lantern is black. He replaced Hal Jordon in the 70s when Hal was in a coma.

        21. If Whites hadn’t built farm blacks would have starved to death. Blacks do nothing by destroy everything they touch..

        22. Uhh…he’s still around, actually, and he’s pretty popular. His name is John Stewart. And there have been 7 different Green Lanterns from Earth so far Four have been white males, one was black, one was green…her parents were white though (long-ish, stupid story), so basically she was white, and one was Indian (of Lebanese descent). And the first three were white males.
          Also, there are normally thousands of Green Lantern’s. So, if you want to call other people an idiot for not knowing something, be sure that the facts you’re throwing back in their face is correct. Because none of yours were.

      2. Last Samurai? Cleopatra? Johnny Depp The Lone Ranger? I could on and on but I hope you’re smart enough to know that Hollywood has cast White actors to play different ethnicities for quite a long time

        1. That’s is true and you have to laugh when you go back to watch some of it…truly ridiculous. But the answer isn’t going full swing the other way to replace The Lone Ranger with a woman…there is the rub.

        2. Its hilarious seeing all these white supremacists going bat shit over diversity casting in the new Star Wars movie, and claiming it to be racist.
          Well what about the other movies, where characters that are based on ethnic minorities,were played by white actors. The Social Network had a white guy play an Indian, while the BBC’s Othello, had Anthony Hopkins play Othello, who is originally meant to be black.
          People need to stop the double standards and hypocrisy.

        3. that’s true, and John Wayne played Ghengis Khan
          “transracial” casting is just a bad idea, especially for actual historical figures

        4. I have come to notice a lot of white people turn to the feminist style of arguing when it concerns another race. Specifically black people. A lot of insults, anecdotes, double standards which are blatantly ignored and hypocrisy.

        5. Agreed.
          I am proud of my brown skin, said the African
          I am proud of my brown skin, said the Latin.
          I am proud of my white skin, said the racist.

        6. Let’s go true these shall we:
          Last Samurai:
          Who is it you suggest is playing a different ethnicity? Did you watch the movie? It’s loosely based on history. Tom Cruise is playing an American officer during a time went Japan went to the West because it wanted to industrialize/westernize. There are many historical precedents for this film (in the meaning that white men fought in eastern asian wars and some adopted culture like in this movie).
          I’m guessing you are referring to the 1963 film? Anyhow, there has been many depictions and I’m not sure so I am guessing here. What race is it you think that Cleopatra should be to begin with? It’s important to remember that the main inhabitans of Egypt today are the descendants of the Arab invasion, they also then later mixed with blacks during the slave period and got even darker. The closest you can get to the racial appearance of the people back then are the current Copts of todays Egypt, remember that once again they also mixed with black slaves as you can see in their appearance if you google them. Ramses had red hair and egyptians were whites/caucasians. Elizabeth Taylor (in the 1963 version), is probably what Cleopatra looked like.
          The latest version of The Lone Ranger:
          Okay, sure, this one I might concede a bit, but I will say this, if I remember right Tonto was suppose to be Comanche, a tribe that was pretty much almost wiped out (and for good reason), they have a extremely small population today in the US, and it’s probably heavily racially mixed, so probably at some point here you need to compromise. Now I don’t know Johnny Depps background, he doesn’t look entirely white, so it’s possible he has native american blood in him. I think the main question is if a white actor can play another ethnicity and make it believable, now arguably Depp can’t play a black man, but he doesn’t look entirely white either, so with that make-up he could probably play native american imo.

        7. The casting of a white actor as an ethnic character is not
          intended to push a narrative in order to socially engineer an outcome for the sake of cultural revenge. The opposite isn’t true.
          Casting white women opposite black males in the lead position with white males as the enemy signals is done intentionally “Black is good, strong, white is bad, weak”. Normalizing people seeing interracial couples makes it seem desirable and normal. Don’t believe me? Look at the list of academy awards presenters for the 2015 ceremony and pay attention to the black male/white female ratio to ANY other type of pairing. See an imbalance?
          Women are easily emotionally manipulated and controlled by social trends. When they see black males as pushed as desirable by the media, and ignore the repulsive reality, they will breed with black males. This is objectively bad for themselves, their family units, and society as a whole. 2010 US Census data shows less likelihood for marriage, more divorce rates when marriages do occur, and more domestic abuse between black male/white female couples. These figures are coincidentally lower when a white man is with a black female. It’s a black male thing.
          You refer to Othello? Othello is not black, so please stop pretending you know what the hell you’re talking about. Othello was described as a Moore. Moore’s are originally people with Berber and Arab ancestry who took over northern Africa, Malta and Spain, and later became used as a term to describe any darker skinned African foreigner in Europe. So what if they cast Othello as a white man? That’s just the same as casting a black guy since his race has always been an ambiguous swarthy person, and he has been portrayed numerous times by various races. But guess what? Othello was written by a white man! There’s more grounds for him being white than for him being black. If you’re going to accuse whites of hypocrisy and appropriating characters, you might want to realize whites can control the image of characters that other whites created that were never originally black, moron.
          For that matter, theater, a White, European creation, is what television and movies are based on…Please stop me when you’ve had enough.
          Blacks don’t create and write black characters and stories for themselves that become naturally culturally
          dominant and desirable heroes, they appropriate white characters and demand diversity because they are incompetent and can’t create it for themselves. Superman should be black! Spiderman should be black! (Insert Character) should be black! You haven’t heard the internet buzz over people wanting Idris Elba to portray Bond? They say “nothing is inherently white about Bond so they should have a black guy play him.” Yes, other than the fact that he’s an English man, born in a country of native white heritage, written by a white English man who also was born and raised in his native white country.
          Where are the black heroes written by black characters whose plots don’t involve attacking whitey and fighting “racism”? Show me.
          And why don’t black characters become desirable naturally without the media pushing them down our throats at every turn? Ethnocentrism. Individuals identify far more intensely to
          people who look think and act like they do, and desire to be with them. Countries, families, and individuals thrive when there is racial congruity. It’s not “racist social constructs”. It’s fucking biology.
          You talk about “white supremacy” as a bad thing.
          An ethnocentric black society is inferior in every way to an ethnocentric white society, and if African quality of life in colonial white Africa was greater than it is now, something doesn’t fit your narrative. Yes, even colonialism with
          all of its “evils” increased the quality of life of tribal, savage and un-advanced natives that killed each other daily and sold each other into slavery.
          Why are you on this website? The site is designed for people who don’t want the comfortable lie. The world isn’t “fair”. There is objective truth to be drawn from factual information. Whites have created the best civilizations, and have created the most interesting works of fiction that have dominated the globe. Go back to Reddit or Salon or whatever “safe space” allows you to continue to live in ignorance of the world around you, and convinces you equality exists in reality.

        8. I think whites dissolve into “minority” roles far better than the inverse situation. I’ve had make up done on me for a minor production and I asked my make up artist questions about the process – she said its usually easier to apply something smaller to build what isn’t there than to create something larger to conceal. Eddie Murphy’s old white man character in the barbershop in Coming To America took a lot more make up than RDJ in Tropic Thunder for example. White Chicks with the Wayans brothers as well, and its usually harder to conceal that African Proganthism with make up than it is for whites to lower & jut their jaw and fake it.
          Oh, and The Lone Ranger was created by a white man, so by playing by the same rules liberals do, we have authority as white people to control the origin of the character Tonto, since he was written by one of us – he could now be half white, half NA like you say with the endangered Comanche genes. Thus making the casting of Depp ok.

        9. Also consider this: Cleopatra was a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty, a family of Macedonian Greek origin that ruled Egypt after Alexander the Great’s death during the Hellenistic period. The Ptolemies, throughout their dynasty, spoke Greek and refused to speak Egyptian.

        10. She was a Ptolemy, one of Alexander the Great’s generals.
          Marc Antony: I have a fondness for almost all Greek things
          Cleopatra: As an almost all Greek thing …

        11. “Women are easily emotionally manipulated and controlled by social trends. When they see black males as pushed as desirable by the media, and ignore the repulsive reality, they will breed with black males. ”
          This agenda probably serves more than one purpose but the main one is to wipe out the European white race. I’m starting to see more and more white women, good looking ones, with black men and it makes me sick.
          They’ve been completely brainwashed by the Jew media to prefer black men over their own kind.

        12. Thank you for the great and thoughtful response here. We all need to keep this up and be as unrelenting to them as they are to us. I will NOT be going to see this abomination of a film. My beloved Star Wars franchise is gone. I loved all 6 films (even the prequels because I’m not a hater…). I’m not even sad to be missing this movie. I’m proud to NOT support Jewish racism.
          Think about this for a moment: All 6 previous Star Wars movies came out in the fucking SUMMER. In May. When Jew Jew Abrams takes the helm, the 7th film breaks from that great American Summer Blickbuter tradition and releases his film on December 18th. Why? To fuck with another wonderful tradition – Christmas. Jews hate Christmas so they are releasing this hugely iconic franchise film at Christmas to distract us from important time with our families. The celebration of the birth of Christ will be diminished again this year as all the rabid fanboys (and girls, and families) stand in line again and again that week to fork over their shekels to the Hebrews who hate them.
          Jew Wars: Episode VII, The Coon Awakens. You can keep it. I’m not going.

        13. Not to mention, every ancient work of art that depicts Cleopatra displays a white woman with black hair.
          Also, Johnny Depp is partially Cherokee, and legally adopted by the Comanche.

        14. Stop talking nonsense. There was no ‘slave’ period in Egypt.
          The original inhabitants are indigenous Black Africans from the South.
          Over the centuries mixtures due to invasion from outside have occurred.

        15. In a vacuum and without social engineering and strong legal and social restraints, women would prefer black guys anyway.
          Bigger, stronger, faster, more aggressive, bigger dick, in other words……more ‘alpha’ naturally.

        16. Charleton Heston as Moses.
          White man playing an African……..not word of complaint from any white person

        17. I can’t decide if you are trolling or not. The “original” inhabitants were *not* black, at least not the people that built the ancient egyptian civilization….those were whites. Then during heavy slavery after Islams Golden Age there was heavy racial mixing.

        18. Moron. Do u you keep up with archeology, anthropology, linguistics ???
          Then please update yourself.
          According to DNA analysis,
          The Egyptians were peopled from peole from the South. The Great Lakes area to be exact ….the source of the Nile.
          They are BLACK AFRICANS…..and stayed that way until really the invasions….thr largest being the Asiatic Arab.
          The Blacks are still there, but purposely not shown by western media.
          Go see ANWAR SADAT.

        19. I think a big part of this comes to the fact that for most of Hollywood, scripts were written for white people by white people…you might have occasional parts written specifically for minorities, but generally it was for whites (men & women) and minorities if they showed up at all were in servant/antagonist roles. Later Hollywood directors might try to ‘fix’ this (especially in the late 60’s/70’s) — in some cases it was to blatantly address the situation, like in Mel Brook’s now classic “Blazing Saddles”; other times it was in a more subtle way….by interchanging ‘white’ characters with a black…it’s the easiest way to change a character without changing the name, plot, dialogue, etc. So you have a character named “Ronnie Jones” or “Bobby James” and he’s the mechanic/night watchman/pal etc, you can easily swap in a black actor to say “Oh look, I’m diverse.”

        20. Lol literally trying to muh dik , take a look at historic white cultures, and now take a look at historic black cultures. Whites have aways been a dominant force, in all walks of life. I’d love to see how your pathetic west African ancestors would far against my frankish, and Gaulish ancestors in battle, blacks are weak, and only sustained by the white mans pitty. Also look for your own history instead of trying to steal another groups, oh wait you’re too stupid to try that huh, just would rather troll with we wuz kangs n shiet, while shouting muhbdik muh dik, you’re a joke

        21. It had nothing to do with X-mass. It had to do with not rushing the movie. Abrams wanted the release date pushed even further to May 2016. But Disney needs this movie out as fast as possible to make money on the 4 Bil they paid Lucas.
          Disney’s original release target date was May 2015.

        22. His mother was of Sudanese descent, during many periods of history the Southern lands were controlled by Egyptians.

        23. We (whites) don’t claim Egyptian history or culture, we’ve got our own histories.
          We (whites) also don’t control our own media, another group does.
          Egyptians control what they transmit to the outside world, we’ve got nothing to do with them. Go over there and give them your spiel.

        24. Cleopatra was ethnically Greek/Macedonian she was not the same ancestry as the Copts.
          Much as all Kings of Europe are of either French or German ancestry. The Kings of Sweden are of Southern French ethnicity, a French army officer was offered the throne because the previous ruler took a liking to him.
          It’s actually a very cool story.
          House of Bernadotte

        25. Moses was a Semite Hebrew not an African. You’re a black yank whose origins are in West Africs and have nothing to do with Egypt. The truth really bothers you, doesn’t it?

        26. Egyptians are and never have been black. True egyptians have reddish skin. Blacks are Nubians. They also enslaved Jews centuries ago.

        27. Your assertions are incorrect. Blacks were and are not Egyptians and blacks did NOT BUILD THE PYRAMIDS.

        28. Blacks are the criminal race. And White women do NOT prefer them as they are unreliable and criminal.

        29. It’s strange to see people in 2016 not know (or even consider) that Africans during the time of Imhotep and the building of the Great Pyramid were not white, even with the internet at their disposal, but perhaps that should be expected, as many of those people might complain about Finn being cast as black, or not see that his character is somewhat demeaning (or both).
          Due to political, societal and religious pressure, Egyptologists for the last few centuries have been inclined to erase, hide or ignore evidence of ancient Egyptians being black, such that it took relatively recent independent scholarly research to examine and refute the white Egypt paradigm.
          For anyone curious to read a landmark book detailing the subject, in which the author examines the traditional European arguments for a white origin of Egypt, as well as evidence to the contrary, this peer-reviewed work is a great resource:

      3. This black guy and woman are not playing some estsblished characters that are white males. They don’t have a new black Han Solo. You are talking nonsense.

        1. Meh….all that happened is Falcon took over. Cap ‘stepped away’ from the identity twice that I know of…in the 70’s he assumed a new short lived identity (Nomad) because he was angry at the Watergate Scandal, in the 80’s he gave up the identity because the government insisted they ‘owned’ Captain America so Steve took a self imposed sabbatical vs be a government stooge. The character is copyrighted and sooner or later it’ll either revert or someone else will step in…that’s the way it is with the characters. Twenty years ago Barry Allen & Hal Jordan were both deader than a doornail, today they are back as the Flash & Green Lantern.

        2. So then there would be no outrage if a black character was written out of Blade and replaced with a white guy?

        3. Never heard of it, so I would say no, it did not happen to a prominent established black character.

        4. Eight characters besides Steve Rogers have taken the mantle of Captain America and six of those are white. You could not see room enough for one of his most prominent sidekicks/partners and best friends to be one of them?

        5. Spawn is Image’s Flagship title. Can you name a black character in comics with more success? Neither Blade, Storm nor Black Panther can maintain an ongoing title for long. How many black characters had their own movie? Blade and a lame Steel movie?
          You can ask the same “who follows” of any black character. Spawn remains one.of the top black comic book characters.

        6. When Bucky took over the mantle after Cap’s “death”, was that stealing an established white character?
          Monica Rambeau lost the mantle of Photon to Genis-Vell.
          And black characters don’t sell well to the predominantly white comic book fans, so they often have to ride on the success of established white characters. It’s like how Black Panther replaced Daredevil for a short time as Hell Kitchen’s protector. It’s all temporary and as soon as Steve regains his youth, he will resume the title.

        7. Ok so black characters don’t sell as well unless they co-opt a white character. But this side-steps the real question.
          Why the need to sell a black comic book character?

        8. He could be one of the top, but few people follow him as far as I know. So why the need to co-opt a white character?

        9. Well, if one has character diversity as a goal, minority characters selling well enough to maintain their own ongoing titles would be helpful. Your question is pretty pointless though. I can link you to numerous articles attempting to show why diversity of characters is beneficial and needed, but you will, undoubtedly express an opposing point of view. You don’t see the need to care about diversity while others feel that they do.
          The comic book industry is breaking records as far as revenue and many believe that the diversity push has contributed to this. Even if it has not, it has apparently not hurt. Miles Morales is selling well. The new Captain America, Nova and Thor are all selling as well and better. So money is not loss and a multi-million dollar industry is enjoying the public relations attention.
          Black comicbook fans have always supported white characters. It would be nice is a character like Black Panther could be seen for what he basically is, that is Marvel’s equivalent to Batman. His race and ethnicity should not be a deterrent and everyone likes to see at least some characters that look like them. When someone tries to start and all black comicbook line with only black characters targeted to blacks, many folks would call that racism, reverse racism, etc., yet when black characters fall into obscurity when simply included in mainstream comics, you basically respond with “those are the breaks. Deal with it”. So one can just as well respond to complaints about the diversity push with the same “deal with it”. Clearly, the diversity folks are currently winning.

      4. and there is the rub. But, I can see them trying to cast Blade or Shaft as a woman but never a white lead actor (man). That would be wrong in their opinion…not diverse.
        That’s how (and when) you know you’re dealing with mentally ill people.

        1. They already are casting Blade as a woman. Snipes was told he wont be coming back it will his “daughter” who basically will take over his franchise. SMH

      5. I think it would be rather funny to see a White guy play Shaft. I mean Tom Cruise guy speaking 1970s Blackploitation slang… would just be hilarious.

    1. As a minority myself I ask where is the dieversity call in the NBA? Where is the plea for equality from the SJW? Like you nicely said “Diversity only works one way”, Only when ‘whitey’ is a majority.

      1. It’s similar to how feminism and their bullshit narrative of “equality” works in their world. It should only exist at certain times or in certain areas (or fields). You’re not going to find “equality” in the NBA because men would run over women…that’s why we have two different leagues.
        The same can be said for diversity. We only “need” diversity in certain fields or at certain times. If you try to reverse it or try diversity the other way, then there is a great push back of “not being fair” or you’re labeled “outdated” because they don’t want to deal in facts or stats.

        1. I would rather be an owner than a player. I know exactly what you are talking about. Those players are just prize race horses.

    2. Hold on a second here. The argument is that because the male lead is black he was chosen because he was black? That seems like circular logic to me. You need to bring a little more to the table than that.
      Furthermore, why should you care if the lead to a movie is black? My favourite shows at the moment all have white leads and I’m not jumping around having a hissy fit. Regardless of the fact that they are white and I am black there are many elements that allow me to connect with the lead (for example Rick Grimes in TWD). The fact that he is white is pretty trivial.
      Furthermore, John Boyega has been acting for nearly 20 years and has been classically trained (you know like Alex Guinness). I am sure he was chosen for his ability.
      So really, if you are having a fit because the lead in Star Wars is black and you can’t put together a rational argument then maybe you really are racist.
      Btw, all of the Star Wars movies (except for the non-Lucas Empire) are trash. All the Black people in the galaxy couldn’t save them.

      1. I think most people only object to a black person, woman, gay etc in the lead when they think its because of the SJW agenda. I don’t follow it myself but if you look at say Luther with Idris Elba, nobody seems to think he was cast just for the sake of PC because he is the perfect fit for the part. The same is true for women in leading roles. I’m not sure what’s the case with this guy, but I’m willing to be its 90s agenda – as in any woman, any black guy will do. As mixed race I’m perfectly happy for non-whites to get roles but object to it being forced through as a project in social-engineering

        1. Agree. They are talking about tapping Idris Elba to play the next Bond. To me, that would be a good move (good actor, fits the role, can act, etc…). No agenda, the story line fits, etc…it works.
          Gentlemen, let’s stay on point here. Men need all of the support (from men) that we can muster. It’s feminism and the narrative that we’re all up against. They’ll try to divide and conquer…we can’t let them.

        2. It’s definitely a divide and conquer strategy. That’s what annoys me most. I was never sexist back in the day – when it came to Ripley or Agent Starling. Back then it was about variation and exploring new possibilities not mutilating the world to fit an agenda. Idriss Elba has a great persona and would probably make a good Bond, but things as they are it would probably be impossible for him to live down the idea that he had become the first black james bond because they wanted a black james bond. Compare that to Luther: I’m not aware of anybody saying racist things about that show because no-one is going to perceive it as an attack against them. Ideally black talent like Idriss Elba could be given their vehicles to star in, which could sink or swim on their own merits. But it’s the PC agenda which sets white men against black men and vice versa, just as it sets men and women against each other. Its wrong because it’s forced.

        3. I understand your point but the author has failed to establish that this is part of some SJW agenda. Star Wars has always had black people and women in prominent roles. And before that, Star Trek.

        4. Some good points. Most people (and men) wouldn’t have a problem with “diversity” in these roles as long as it ran both ways (it’s men using logic). The problem is that it seems ok or even necessary, by some, to replace only certain groups of people in movies – the one way street. It’s racist, sexist or both (we’re going the wrong way).
          If you took Sex and The City and replaced it with a bunch a men, then women would lose their shit. The same could be said if a show called “Whitey” came out with an all white cast to replace actors in the show “Black-ish”. Neither of this works, by the way, because it would be ridiculous but the very mention of doing it would make people lose their damn minds.

        5. I believe it’s similar to what we saw in Mad Max: Fury Road…replacing the male lead with a female lead. The rest of the agenda is just a divide and conquer strategy (among men) or an agenda to find acceptance (of the female lead) through any means necessary.
          The biggest issue should be the one that JJ Abrams made about “the whiteness of the room” and how it was an acceptable comment. He says that about women or black people – what do you think would happen?

        6. It might not be, but look at the other main casting decision. I have no objection to the guy being in that role. I hope he’s good, but my gut feeling is that this is PC casting with a definite agenda. I’m not saying don’t give black, brown people etc more and better roles because its perfectly true that often in the past they never got a look in – but it has to be done for the right reasons. Ideally because it fits into the story in some way (some people were suggesting it had something to do with him being Lando’s son or something? – that would probably justify it)

        7. I think a lot of the problem is that they are now so overt about the ‘change’ agenda. They’re trying to push it through as fast possible so that it will become a ‘fait accompli’ and there will be no going back. This is a big error IMO. Anything forced will lack legitimacy. I have no objection to a black guy / woman getting a lead role in Star Wars. But it shouldn’t be for the sake of casting a black guy / woman

        8. We’ll see how it goes with this one (it should be good). Good actors, good casting, good story line, etc…so it should be entertaining to watch. If they screw it up by trying to be too diverse or fair then the fans will let them know, quickly.

        9. yeah, see how it goes. But whenever I sniff PC I tend to dodge the cinema release and watch it ‘on video’ so to speak

        10. What are “the right reasons” in your view?
          Lets be honest, Star Wars has always been trash and based on Star Trek, this new Star Wars will be trash as well. Its Disney for Christ’s Sake. I think people are really throwing their toys out of the pram for nothing.

        11. LOL! Its a bit like that scene in Do the Right Thing “Hey, Sal, how come they ain’t no brothas on the wall?”
          Yeah, I have no idea what Abrams is talking about but can a white guy say what he wants about white people?

        12. Yep, good movie.
          Abrams…who knows. I know something is wrong with our society when only certain things said can have you held captive by the “PC police”. With SJWs, the door only swings one way (their way) – all other opinions or thoughts are “wrong” and you’ll be punished (one way or another).

        13. Maybe, but in a world where Caitlyn Jenner was probably first choice to play the new Han Solo people will fear the worst

        14. I actually ended up not minding the new Starbuck that much because the show was good. Actually I’m fine if they cast Melissa McCarthy as Jabba the Hut in the interests of diversity

        15. Mmm Where was the Black guy in Episode IV? I know JamesEarl Jones was the voice of Darth Vader but that’s a little bit far fetched, isn’t it?

        16. Abrams is not White. He belongs to the tribe that determines what is acceptable in public discourse.

        17. A good comparison. One show is about an actual movie star (Entourage) while the other is about four other women thinking they are movie stars and deserve the best. This way of thinking is all women…always believing they can “have it all” and that they deserve better (even when some bring nothing to the table but a vagina).

        18. Well! You said: “Star Wars has always had black people and women in prominent roles.”
          The first prominent black character was Lando Calrissian and he appeared about the middle of Episode V.
          Episode was^released in 1980 when having Black actors in prominent role had become common place.

      2. My main point was the ability to question things (anything) without being shouted down.
        Our bond here on ROK is as men. I’m for men getting roles if they are talented enough to fill the roles. The key here is talented enough (not because someone has an agenda or wants to appear diverse….just talent alone.
        There have been plenty of black men filling lead roles, the list is endless, and men are rooting for them. The problem stems when we start to actually turn away from one group of people (exclude) when it comes to these jobs just to be diverse or “fair”. Life isn’t fair (first thing I was told growing up). But if you want to talk sexist or racist…that’s the very definition of it. Many SJWs and others who have an agenda don’t want to address this sexism or racism even though it’s clearly out in the open.
        If I watch the movie and I think this actor can’t act then I won’t watch him again. If he’s good, then he gets my vote. But we shouldn’t start excluding a certain demographic “just because”, to be fair or to be diverse.

        1. How good was Hayden Christensen?
          I’m all for questioning things if there is something to question but in this, the author really has nothing.
          Ghostbusters now has an all female cast? Yeah that’s something to question.
          Black man gets a lead role in a new movie as a new character? Hard to see the problem.

        2. You have a good point with Hayden Christensen (terrible actor). That’s what needs to happen…call out the bad as needed instead of what seems PC, fair or diverse.
          We used to call that common sense back in the good old days…haha.

        3. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. It’s the context in which it occurs (innocently or otherwise) that is the problem. People are hyper alert to ‘what is being done’ – generally I’d say they were so for good reason. That’s not a good basis for making things fairer

      3. The logic is that the black male lead was cast opposite a white woman because of the interracial coupling that the media is pushing lately.
        The assertion demands proof of course, and that is provided in the image at the bottom, which is a quote from JJ Abrams during a podcast about how he tried pushing diversity before and couldn’t, so he wanted to push it this time. He said the room was “so fucking white”? So? 9/10 actors in the original trilogy were white. I would say that would make the room pretty fucking white.
        Why is he so obsessed with pushing diversity I wonder?

        1. That is speculation, not logic.
          Its entirely possible that JB simply was successful in the auditions. There was a furor recently in The Walking Dead when nearly all of the black characters were killed in one season. However, in the books all of these characters were white. They were simply chosen on the basis of their acting ability in auditions.
          Do you know for a fact that in the auditions they only auditioned black men?

        2. “They were simply chosen on the basis of their acting ability in auditions.”
          This is also speculation. Unless you had some tie to the casting agency or the WD show, you don’t know why those actors/actresses were cast or who they were up against. The fervor comes from the fact Abrams is an obvious racist and apparently ignorant of the original filming locations based on his statement. If Abrams said something to the effect of I am open to anyone for these roles not just British white guys with a laugh, nobody would care.

      4. I get what you’re saying but Sta Wars obviously is a white fan base. No one I know as a kid followed this stuff. Casting John was obvious agenda to it. Let’s reach out and give a minority a sidekick role to make more black people watch Star Wars. It just smells of an agenda instead of something organic to the story.

        1. I loved Star Wars as a (black) child. Never gave a shit that Luke and virtually everyone else was white. It was cool that Luke’s Dad was Black though.
          Can you explain how casting JB is obviously an agenda because its not obvious to me? I never actually thought about it until you guys started talking about it. And if he is only a sidekick (like Lando and Sam Jackson) whats the big deal?

    3. I’m proud of my brown skin, said the African.
      I’m proud of my brown skin, said the Asian.
      I’m proud of my white skin, said the racist.

    4. But there were no changes. These are new characters. So your discomfort is based purely on race and sex of the chracters.

  7. Multi-culturalism. That’s why. It only works when we stop pretending to be color blind.
    Let’s start with the penis. It’s a fact that blacks have in general a larger mass down under than their fellow whites. Should we be blind to this fact? Or celebrate it? The white women are sure celebrating it lemme say that much lol

  8. It definitely has a racial agenda. The clone army as portrayed in eery other movie or canon is white. They are a CLONE army. A CLONE is a copy. If all your copies are white how do you randomly get a black one?

    1. Whole clone idea was stupid anyway. Original stormtroopers were not clones. just as new movies are not starwars, just pure garbage.

    2. The Storm Troopers in the original trilogy are not clones, they’re recruited like normal soldiers would be. This is why the officers and such you see are different compared to the clone officers in the prequel movies. By the time of the original trilogy, most of the clones would have died/been too old due to their accelerated aging process. I believe the cloning facility from the prequel trilogy was destroyed at some point, although I’m not sure if it was on purpose or not.

      1. Was the clones even mentioned in the originals? i thought they were complete fabrication when they cloned bobba fett in the later ones.

        1. Ah really, thats cool as hell, hats off to whatever his name was that created star wars. Lucas art?

      2. I do not think that the facilities were ever destroyed in the movies.
        Besides, the empire could simply mock up another factory somewhere. On one of those star destroyers or on the death star, for instance.

        1. You’re right, they weren’t destroyed in the movies. In the expanded universe, before the events of the original trilogy, the Storm Trooper Corps were composed of about half clones, half conscription. After a clone rebellion, most of the Fett clones were wiped out. Afterward, Palpatine moved to a variety of clone templates, then to a conscription based army.

  9. Where are the white men in the new Star Wars?
    Outside of returning cast members from the original trilogy, almost all of the roles in the cast according to imdb have gone to minorities, women, or Jews. I see that Edgar Wrights supposed to be in the film, but that’s it.
    This isn’t more diversity, this really is a genocide.
    The original Star Wars was filmed in England and English stage actors took up most of the roles, and so they are probably over represented in Lucas’ world building. It’s a fair criticism.
    But it looked like the new guy went out of his way to not hire white men.

      1. We as whites need to realize the fact that the Establishment and all their organs have put a massive effort into demonizing us.
        It’s time to embrace being the villain and give a middle finger to all these fuckin clowns who obviously want us dead.
        Don’t waste your money on this faggot ass movie. If you do then you are a piece of shit that will hand out your hard earned cash to a bum slapping you over the head with a bag of dog turds and you deserve to be cuckolded and killed by a black man.
        Stop being fucking bitches and supporting this shit. Embrace being hated with Zero Fucks Given.
        It’s that simple white people. Stop supporting those who hate you by giving them your godamn time and money Jesus Christ it’s not that fucking hard just UNPLUG!
        Btw if that pic in the jj Abrams quote is him, he looks like George Costanza lmao what a fucking queer.

        1. “Stop supporting those who hate you by giving them your godamn time and money”
          That’s the entire message right there, and applies to more than this film/the film industry.

        2. That’s understandable I suppose. It is done for effect.
          In a world where we are told that up=down
          And 2+2=5
          I try to use more emotional language to express my own anger and also to drive home certain points.
          As I said in the post above, I embrace the villain archetype because society labels everything I know to be true and wholesome as bad, wrong, evil.
          That’s fine with me as my language also denotes to “civilized” people(who are anything but) that I am not one of them, I do not obey your rules and I will break them whenever I wish.
          I spit on this society and everything it stands for. When our culture uplifts every sort of degenerate freak as virtuous I am ecstatic to be considered an archaic barbarian that is not civil not hip to the times.
          So for you to focus on the aspect of the ” filthy language” is to miss the point entirely. You, like most women are obsessed with form over substance and the letter of the law over the spirit of the law.
          By the way I rarely respond to women on here so consider yourself fucking lucky.

        3. Jesus dude…….. if by just *adding* people of color and women to a movie actually make you say something like “all these fuckin clowns who obviously want us dead” then you’ve got bigger problems.

    1. I thought the same thing. Don’t worry though, I’m sure the bad guys will all be white and male.
      Want to bet the dude in the black helmet is a white male?

        1. Are you able prove my statements wrong or just troll?
          Rey – good girl
          Fin – good black guy
          Poe – good non-white guy
          Kylo – bad white guy
          Did I miss anyone?

        2. Yea, you miss all those movies where the black guy is the bad guy or no black guys are in lead roles and you say “What difference does it make”?
          Remember THOSE TIMES? Those were the good old days werent they?

    2. Kylo Ren (the new Sith villain AKA dude with black helmet) is a white male.
      His shadowtrooper/dark stormtrooper/whatever underling is played by the same chick who plays Game of Thrones’ Brienne of tarth.

      1. The dark side is way cooler than those effete fags they call Jedi.
        I always loved Darth Vader now I realize why. He was a WHITE bad ass. Anyone who disagrees is a pro dick sucker so go fuck yourselves Jedi faggots.
        In the world of Star Wars Jedi is synonymous with SJW.

      2. Kylo Reun is Jewish Adam Driver from Girls. Brienne of Tarth is a woman. Meanwhile there still seem to be almost no roles for white male actors.
        This really was a genocide. The point stands.

    3. >Outside of returning cast members from the original trilogy, almost all of the roles in the cast according to imdb have gone to minorities, women, or Jews.
      Even the cast-overs Harrison Ford (Han Solo) and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) are Jewish.

        1. “His maternal grandparents were Jewish immigrants” – IMDB
          Took 1 minute to look up on internet.

      1. I’m Jewish, and I only WISH we controlled the world like you idiots think we do.

    4. Guys, don’t worry. The new film will like suck for a different reason: The franchise is old. Fans sometimes just don’t want to accept when something is dead.
      I loved the old Star Wars film because it reminded me of the cool technology of the 70’s. 8 track players. The battle scene at the Death Star was a recycled turret gun scene from a WWII Battle of Britain film. What was “cool” in Star Wars in the 70’s is dated now. As it should be. It was a different time so who plays with Hopalong Cassidy cap pistols now? (Although I think they would be cool to give to kids to play with!)
      Just as Jodorowsky laughed when the movie Dune stank, so we will laugh when this Disney H1B produced turkey barfs at the box office (and by barf, maybe produce just a fraction of the money they hoped it would make.)

    5. jews? Who is a jew in this movie? Other than the director, but like, everyone knows jews have been the majority in hollywood for more than half a century, so lol at pretending that’s “news”

      1. I’m a Jew, and I’m Caucasian. So, I don’t really get what you’re trying to say. And no, I don’t have sympathy for Caucasians. Or blacks. Or Hispanics. I have sympathy for people, on an individual basis. No large group of people gets my sympathy by default, because I’m not retarded.

  10. The female lead is blatant attempt to turn this into a YA tweenie franchise that appeals to young woman. The token black sidekick actor is just hiding the real feminist agenda here.

    1. Yes because I bet SHE will be the one wearing the pants in this movie. He will just be another male wimp.

        1. And she’s shown repairing an electronic or mechanic device, a typical female activity. Kof…social engineering…Kof.

        2. I’m starting to see shades of Mad Max: Fury Road in this one (female lead, saving men, etc…).
          Yes, you have to laugh when you see a woman fixing anything because how many do you see with a job out in the real world fixing anything? All of those female auto repair techs, female plumbers, HVAC repair ladies, etc…yes, it’s pretty ridiculous to see in a movie.

    2. That was exactly what I thought when I saw the poster. The media controversy over the black charcter is a red herring. The main point of the entire movie, from the SJW angle, is the acceptance of the female lead.

    3. The one reason why I am hesitant to be all outraged is that even a woman could in theory be a good Jedi. Look at little Joda; he has no muscle, but a lot of force.
      On the other hand, I doubt that any real woman would remain on the light side of the force for long.

    1. I never finished lost, it got boring and time consuming, but Lost aired like around 2005-06 that was a very different time in regards to these matters, you could see the direction we were heading towards but it went very fast after that.

      1. Trust me, it wasn’t all that impressive as the years went by. By the end of it, I was just wondering why the Hell I was bothering. Abrams never bothered to write an ending to it and it really shows in the series.

        1. Ah good then, i got hooked for the first season but i threw out my tv eight years ago now and that was almost as good a decision as deleting my facebook account.

  11. This is a commercial for a hardware store, it pretty much sums up the time we live in and multiculturalism in general.

        1. Its not a message per se, but if you forget about the text and just look at the results of their multicultural building you get the “hidden” message (disaster)

        2. Yeah, that was pretty funny. Makes me wonder whether that was actually what they wanted to say or whether there is too much plausible deniability.

        3. Think about it, who are involved with running a hardware store in northern europe: very white men, of course they would never admit to anything “racist” but the meassage is clear to me and i believe its intentional.

        4. It probably mean that no matter how many desert monkeys you save, there will always be more of them. And for some weird reason, its the white mans job to do that.

        5. Someone should tell to their faces that we run those stores because we built them. They run tents because that’s all they know how to built. Case closed.

        6. Let us not forget that the Orient did have some good mathematicians and architectonical achievments. While I am not against racism, I think it is not accurate to portray them strictly as stupid animals. There are indigenous white people, too.

        7. That is true but but most of those people that created all those great things belonged to ethnic groups that was later colonized and outbred by the arabs, or became minorities in their own ancestral homelands.

        8. When we think of the middle east we tend to think of only arabs but remember the assyrians for example were ones homogenous nationals and builders of a great empire not always a landless people spread out to the four quarters of the earth.

        9. Actually it used to be called the “white man’s burden”.

        10. No, I got it. White privilege. Was just adding a bit to it. Or not. It’s early and my coffee quotient has not yet been reached.

        11. “While im not against racism” 🙂 LOL..anyway, I dont say that they are genetically inferior (I dont know if they are) but in this time and space, they are NOT superior in any way.
          Theres no reason to hand over an advanced civilization build by us and hour forefathers to people who didn’t do shit for the last 500 years.

        12. I am pretty sure they did shit. Everyone shits.
          But hey, at least they preserved their patriarchy with next to no compromise. It is quite an achievment.

    1. Oddly enough, it has been rumored that Walt Disney himself was anti-Semitic. Partly because a guy with a Jewish name called Charles Mintz stole his first big creation Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, as well as most of his staff. Maybe it’s because in the WW2 propaganda film The Education of Death, he never mentioned the Nazi persecution of Jews. Or maybe it was those Commies who kept screwing with him.

        1. A fellow Airman of mine was Jew, and though proud of his heritage, couldn’t stand Haredis.

        2. Haredis are ultra Orthodox Jew who apparently try to adhere as close as possible to the Mosaic Law and typically reject modernity. Better known as the guys who wear black and have those curls in their hair.

        3. Aren’t they related in some way? My friend mentioned Haredi and instantly went to Wikipedia and that’s what popped up. Unless you know something I don’t, then I’m all ears.

        4. I know that the hasidic jews are also very orthodox but i have also heard that their is quite a few different ultra-orthodox jews with differing views. I believe the hasidis are the ones that are quite common in the new york jewish community.

        5. The crap they have been pulling in America, for decades, is WAY beyond “difficult.” Try “subversive.”

        6. Those are the ones. I heard there is even one group of orthodox jews somewhere in eastern europe that live exactly as they did in the jewish ghettos in the 1930s it is apparantly some kind of martyr thing about being a perpetual victim, i mean those guys are kind of extreme.

        7. From what I read some of these guys hate the secular Israel yet suck it’s teat dry. Also, they use the Sabbath as an excuse to flex their muscle on stuff like not wanting the Israeli airline El Al to fly on the Sabbath. And did I mention Liev Schrieber played one in the Movie Fading Gigolo? Yup, Sabretooth with curly locks. A sight to behold.

  12. RoK isn’t doing its “neutral race agenda”. In some part there is a leftoid whining about it.
    RoK resists against its conversion

    1. I didn’t think it would happen, you have to cater to your audience and the reality they observe without pardon, otherwise whats the point of even having a site like RoK up and running if your gonna censor it.

  13. This is about taking the now dead Star Wars franchise and raping the corpse. It isn’t about the force, or lightsabers, or good vs. evil, its about using it as a vehicle to set up a situation where a black guy gets to muh dik a white woman in digital with dolby sound. Do you ever notice its always that way now in commercials, movies, etc.? Its a bill of goods being sold and while Sith = bad what the real message now is White = bad and only the cleansing power of miscreation can purify things

    1. The whole good vs. evil thing is silly and already bugs me in the old old movies. But yeah, today’s movies occasionally lack all kinds of depth.

    2. This isn’t even difficult anymore. Satan’s children are really pushing hard for white genocide.
      Abrams was born in New York City and raised in Los Angeles, the son of television producer Gerald W. Abrams (born c. 1939) and executive producer Carol Ann Abrams (née Kelvin; 1942-2012).[2] His sister is screenwriter Tracy Rosen.[2]Abrams is Jewish.

  14. Lets face it “A New Hope” and “Empire” are movies that will always stand out. The “Teddy Bear Picnic” and the rest were utter shite, a pure waste of my money. A prime example of special effects over substance. After the last 3 I was shouting for Palpatine. I saw the first two out of he traps, 1977 and 1980. Jar Jar Abrams will fuck it up, no doubt. As Reno said “raping the corpse”.

    1. There may still be hope. Maybe it will be another covert red pill movie, with Luke Skywalker as the hidden protagonist. Hint: Luke is the dark lord.

      1. Luke the dark lord, Han Solo a mangina, a fat, butch Leia stripped of any and all femininity…I can see it all happening.

    2. All the hot chicks I know love building computers and tearing apart engines. (Do I even need to put the /s?)

    3. Hmmm women fighting the Evil white Patriarchy where did I see that in a movie before hmmm… Oh yeah Mad Max! Must be a new theme of strap-on I hate my gender and race Holly-wood.

  15. The symbolism is pretty straightforward. A black man and a strong intelligent empowered woman against the evil white patriarchy. You don’t get anymore patriarchal than The Empire.

  16. Walmart Released a Star Wars Commercial, and at 20 secs there is huge Feminist Propaganda. The message is that modern Empowered woman can do it all herself and doesn’t need to be rescued, But what about women in the Middle east who have had Acid thrown on their Faces, their nose’s chopped off, Beaten, Raped, victims of honor killings? Well I guess Walmart thinks those Women should have just Rescued themselves, … The Video is below . https://youtu.be/MzEP4tq4kZ0?t=20s

    1. Right. The modern man teaches his son the true manly stuff: Fighting with a plastic sword and obsessing over fantasy heroes. How manly!
      But: The empowered feminist bullshit is narrated by a kid here and the mother looks at the kid with a bit of sceptical surprise. I guess I can let that pass.

      1. Yeah, and of course we see the women consoling “wise” virtues to one another, and like you say the Men doing Manly Plastic sword dumb dumb narrative stuff.

        1. You know, I am coming to accept that women have a knack at this emotional stuff. I read a very helpful essay about my own mommy issues, written by a woman.
          I guess they really can do good, when they have the intent and skill.

        2. I don’t find anything wrong with women, as long as they stay in their gender role of course, once they try pulling the empowered shit I have to walk away.

        3. Emotional yes, to a point. The trick is to take what wisdom they may have with emotions as extracts from the larger pool of nearly uncontrolled chaos that is the mind of woman. Get caught up in that emotional shitstorm and your fate is sealed.

        4. Agree. The two are meant to compliment each other…not compete. Women who want to be men and take on the role of a man should be checked into the nut house.
          We’re seeing the effect, today, of many who fed into the FI nonsense. These women are single, 40 or over, no kids (have pets) and are very unhappy with life, in general, even though they have more money, freedom and control of their lives versus women of the past. So many older, snarky women out there just….unhappy. I laugh when I see them out (all together) sipping wine and crying (complaining) to each other.

        5. Yup, pretty much Families are Destroyed and everyone is left unhappy and living in constant anxiety and carrying a chip on their shoulder waiting for their next “Trigger”, I don’t want a Woman who will Lead, or one who say’s “Can you Keep up?” I Just want a Submissive Obedient Housewife like in generations before, one who doesn’t subscribe to Fantasy beliefs that she can do Everything I can, but if a Man wants something Like that and doesn’t jump on the “Modern Empowered” woman Bandwagon and Drool with admiration at how awesome and “Fierce” women are for putting Patriarchy in it’s Place, then a Man is Labeled a sexist and Misogynist. I just want my woman Simple but feminist’s can’t imagine someone wanting something outside their Narrative.
          Personally I think Feminism Exists because the Ugly women couldn’t impress Men with woman’s Natural Abilities to attract a Mate, so feminists’ decided that they would impress Men with their accomplishments, and that Naturally is unimpressive to Men so now we are at the Point that if a Man doesn’t find a woman’s accomplishments impressive then he’s a Sexist Misogynist. In essence feminism is so desperate to make due on it’s promise to women that they can Have it all and Still find the “One” Man, that feminism has resorted to shaming tactics towards anyone who disagrees with it’s Philosophy, and to attempt to keep their failing promise to women who subscribe to Feminism.

      2. Men used to teach their sons to fight with swords, and passed along the pantheon of gods while doing so. Instructing young Hans in the use of a weapon while relating to him the stories of Thor and Odin is not something new and strange.

        1. Is it weird that I see a difference between a sword and a plastic sword? I once held such a thing in my hand; this shit breaks when you look at it with too much intensity. I would welcome what you describe, but not this travesty.
          Incidentally, I saw a short documentary about English swordfighters. I find it truly awe inspiring how they wield these extremely heavy swords single-handedly as if they were light like a feather.

        2. I know there’s a difference. Just noting that WalMart is panning what used to be a traditional thing between man and son. Yesterday it was a steel sword and the tales of Thor, today it’s plastic and talking about fantasy heroes. While different, the two are not entirely unrelated, one is simply a castrated version of the former which is actually what makes it work. It’s the “rung before the last” on the ladder. The final rung is stepped on when WalMart adds that final shiv twist to anything traditional and patriarchal by introducing Pwrrrrr Grrrrrlll as the true hero.

        3. Yes, I understand. But the castration is precisely what breaks my heart. It seems like almost the thing you want, yet entirely unsatisfying. But it is close enough to the good thing to feel a little ungrateful for complaining.

  17. Of course the new casting has an agenda, Disney’s entire business model is to subvert.

  18. I’m tired of all this b.s. and will be boycotting it. Hope all of you tell everyone to skip it too.
    Or, if they have to see it, to wait until it comes out in RedBox. This alone will deny massive amounts of money to these SJWs and Racists pushing social degeneracy.

    1. Nah, I am watching it. It probably will be fun, either way. This boycotting never works, anyway. You need to propagate the good stuff instead of fighting the bad stuff.

        1. Yeah, that would be cool. Alas, I doubt any real man has the patience to be fabricating this stuff.
          Besides, there are good movies from the past. It may be good enough to create some kind of site that lists and interprets them all within this context.

        2. that’s the other thing. Leftists don’t have lives. We do. We like to “do stuff”. They literally sit around all day and plan on how to infiltrate male spaces. So naturally they’ve become very good at stuff like that.

  19. 95% of star wars fans are white is complete bullshit. It’s a global franchise. And most of the planet is non white. So in a Sci Fi universe the human population should represent that of earth not just a suburban town in Maine.

    1. Box office receipts for the Star Wars franchise have been through the roof in Zimbabwe and Liberia, I hear.

  20. The J.J. Abrams quote takes it out of the hypothetical & makes it a fact. He deliberately cast the movie in a way to exclude those people who are physically most like the franchise’s biggest fans.
    I suppose it is an open question as to motivation. Merely as a publicity stunt? To be edgy? Just to do something unexpected? Or something more nefarious? That’s anyone’s guess.
    In any event, nobody has to go see it. I know I certainly won’t. And not because of the casting.
    I won’t see it because the entire “Star Wars” saga is a simplistic, childish story and I am a grown adult man. I liked it when it first came out, because I was five years old. When I was fie years old I also liked KoolAid and pop-rocks and Lincoln Logs. My tastes have matured since, in all things.
    One question: Can you imagine an actual real old-school man, like Humphrey Bogart or John Wayne or even Steve McQueen, plopping down in a movie seat to watch any of the Star Wars movies? I didn’t think so.

    1. I can imagine those men doing that very well. Do you know any of those men or do you just know the stereotypes which they portrayed in a rather formalistic and theatrical era of Hollywood? Why so serious.
      On the other hand, I kind of share your sentiments. The light vs. dark theme really is very immature and I am actually glad that you wrote it, because even in the more rational spheres of the internet, this emotional dichotomy seems to be quite unquestioned.

    2. These movies are for kids…specifically young white boys, or they were.
      They express the ideas of heroes and adventure, standing up to the bigger bully and taking the fight to them. We used to use these concepts in 70’s and 80’s America when the movies first came out to shape the minds of the younger generation into American ideology.
      Now they are using the news films for grrrl power and dindus in space. Propaganda is a duel edged sword. In the right hands it promotes the American spirit…in Abramm’s hands it promotes evil white men destroying the galaxy.

    3. Some good points here. The biggest concern for people should be the fact that people using the word “diversity” are the most racist (or sexist) of them all. In this case (or example), diversity means he is going to exclude as many white people as possible because the room is “so white”. Plus, that natural thing of “men leading” is getting in the way of the social narrative.
      Men, this is how you win the war on words. You call it like you see it (and especially at the time). These people only get away with this kind of shit if you don’t question it or debate it. The day someone takes that right away from you is the day you should be worried…they’re trying to silence you.

  21. As with GamerGate, this is a case of the “critical media literacy” doctrine. They take it upon themselves to spread social justice by deconstructing class structures, attacking free markets, and destroying meritocracy. White directors and producers adopt a “marginalized” group and make them the protagonists, the agents of this social change in the fictional story. It is the same game they play time and time again in mass media.
    This is something I would like to write about in the future if anyone is interested. I think we will see Star Wars reach a new pinnacle of political correctness, a standard of propaganda from which the film industry will not easily back away.

  22. Its a damn movie….who cares? As long as it turns out better than the prequels, does it matter? On a side note, Mad Max:Fury Road was a pretty cool action flick

  23. Well…as for the girl, I doubt the character in the script was gender neutral (obviously they wanted a woman from the beginning), so that’s fine.
    As for the black guy…is he supposed to be a reformed Storm Trooper? If he is, that flies in the face of Star Wars canon, since I’m pretty sure all storm troopers are clones copied from Jango Fett’s DNA (if I’m mistaken, someone please call me out), so yeah there’s a good chance there’s some affirmative action going on there.
    At the end of the day……I couldn’t……care…….less.
    I have better things to worry about than if the new Star Wars has a black guy and a white girl in it. Besides, it’s a bit premature to start criticizing the casting decisions. People get triggered way too easily around here.

    1. Obligatory nerdout: if you go by the Expanded Universe “canon” that was approved by even bigger nerds than me from RoTJ through to the release of these films, it was commonly acknowledged that the initial clone batches from Jango’s DNA didn’t last long; ala the Replicants from Blade Runner, they had a much-shortened lifespan apparently by reason of being grown to maturity too fast. One of the notable exceptions was Boba Fett himself — created from Jango’s DNA, with (unlike the clone army, again a reason for their rapid deterioration) no alterations made, and allowed to grow to adulthood at a normal rate.
      By the time of the Rebellion at least, these clones had pretty much all died out and the Empire was primarily drawing its stormtrooper legions with normal human recruits. Indeed if you include the EU coming from some of the video games, the Kaminoans — creators of the clone army — actually rebelled against the Empire themselves, and in the course of breaking them, the cloning facilities were all but destroyed. To get smartarse about it, none of the stormtroopers in the original trilogy have New Zealand accents.
      Having said all that, Disney/Lucasfilm pronounced all EU sources (bar the excremental Star Wars Rebels cartoon series on at the moment) to be non-canon and not applicable. Odds are on the stormtroopers of Ep 7 onward will be rationalised as normal recruits rather than clones.

      1. Thank you for your in depth reply; I wasn’t completely confident in my assertion that the storm troopers were clones; now I see why 😛

  24. Meh, more political preaching from Hollywood. Not interested. I’ve got better things to do anyway.

  25. I dont think there’s any ulterior motivation. If there is its because a black face is something new and gets the viewers attention rather than pushing an agenda.

    1. Were you literally born yesterday? It’s Disney. The corn flakes their CEO eats in the morning has an agenda.

  26. One silver lining in all this is that with computer animation the cost of movies will plummet and there will be less of a need for movies to be made by major studios. Eventually, if there is a market, the movies will be made to cater to it vs. now where the movies are made and then sold to the audiences. This is exactly what occurred with military movies. The military got to vet the script if the movie makers wanted to use military equipment as a backdrop. Now some geek does it on his computer.

  27. Wouldn’t be surprused if the lead female was a lesbian or was into some “male” android. I just know either the black dude or female lead will be gay.

  28. Allow me to repost what I wrote on Breitbart regarding this:
    The demographic for the original movies in the 70s was the demographic that spent money in theaters…middle class white people. My parents made Lucas rich as I wanted to go back to the films every weekend and wanted all the toys and lunchboxes I could get.
    Much like the Marvel franchise, Star Wars forgets the demographic that spends money on films, toys, collectibles from their films…young and middle aged white guys. Of course there are some female fans and of course there are some black fans of Star Wars…but if you’re going to pander to them in key roles for the films then your new demographic will spend WAY LESS than what you’re accustomed to.
    The proof will be in the toy sales….While Marvel is all to happy to make Thor a woman and Captain America black in the comics, they have yet to do it for toys and video games knowing full well that’s where white kids and young white men really spend their money.
    Mace Windu and Lando action figures don’t sell like Han Solo and Obi Wan figures do.

    1. It will reach a wider audience of children (and also there are more children in the world right now, many more!)
      They will make plenty of money!

    2. Funny you mentioned that, cause the toy sales of the Rey and Finn characters are abysmal right now, whereas the original cast along with Kylo Ren are selling phenomenally. The makers of EA Battlefront are now reluctant to produce any DLC packs that include the two leads, because SW gamers don’t give a flying @&$# about these PC heroines. If JJ thinks he’s going to tap into the “Barbershop” and “Madea” movie goer market, he’s sadly mistaken. I’m sure he and his tribe already have the race card ready to roll!

      1. They can cry all they want. Star Wars was and is a movie for young white men and boys. It appealed to the “high adventure”, “exploration” sensibilities and parables about good versus evil we enjoyed as young men. All the things females and larger part of the black population don’t care about.
        The Star Wars franchise has become nothing more than a 1.5 hour long commercial for toys sales. This is what JJ misunderstands. That is why episodes 1-3 were of little substance, quality writing and story telling, Lucas simple wanted to enrich his IP license before selling to the highest bidder for pimping later down the road.
        Ultimately hollywood at this point is to be ignored. They are our enemy and treat us with disdain and insult our intelligence.

  29. The casting decision for the new Star Wars goes along the same mainstream mindset of “we need MORE women and minorities (especially blacks) in tech”.
    Everything that is popular or lucrative is under scrutiny if there “aren’t enough women and blacks” represented. They think they need to right some grand wrong, some evil injustice perpetrated by the White man, by artificially boosting diversity/representation.
    But at the end of the day all they end up doing is casting TOKEN blacks/asians/mexicans, or artificially boosting a woman to a leading role even if the target audience doesn’t want to see another movie with a strong female lead character (Hollywood already made the movies ‘Salt’ and ‘Lucy’ with hyper-strong female lead to mirror male-driven stories e.g. Jason Bourne)
    Bottom line, it’s ALL empty Hollywood bullshit and not worth our time. I personally think the upcoming Star Wars looks lame from the trailer. Only decent character to port over from past movies is Han Solo.
    P.S. funny how the abbrev. for Star Wars is just missing a J to become SJW. Note that JJ Abrams went to a liberal arts college named after a woman, and he’s Jewish which is relevant as Jews tend to be ultra-leftist.
    P.P.S. yes I am Asian, but I wouldn’t want to get a part in a movie JUST because they need some Token Asian to appease the whinners. I would want to play a part for artistic reasons, to be a character who is actually Asian in the fictional story and not made that way for some non-fictional reason.

      1. Well Lucas apparently ripped off old japanese samurai movies so I could see him wanting to be push to be more like his source.

  30. So what? The male lead is *gasp* BLACK?! I don’t know much about star wars, but from what I have seen, he isn’t playing the role of another character that was white in the other films (maybe he is, didn’t do that much digging.) If that is the case, I can understand the complaint, if not, this is just a bunch of whining. I used to read RoK and enjoy it, but now, it is reminding me of Jezebel.

  31. And what ethnicity is Abrams of? Hint: It originates in the Middle East and it hasn’t converted to Islam. Therein begins to lie many answers.

  32. Jews will jew, eh? Who woulda thunked it? Where are the transsexual robots, though? Definitely not diverse enough yet.
    Look, Star Wars was a nice children’s story when it came out almost 40 years ago. Now it’s turned into multicultural shit. You treat it like all other shit – avoid it, pay no notice to it. It’s a part of a culture war, and the way to win is not to participate.

  33. If that quote by Abrams is true, damn this guy is a hating evil racist. Just do the test and replace the word white with black or a minority in your mind.

  34. Pretty much all American films suck now and have sucked for a long time. The social programming desiccates every story line. Idiocracy is the most recent American film I can remember enjoying.

    1. I’ve started watching films from overseas (China, South Korea, Japan, etc…). This way I can enjoy the story line, the movie, etc…without being distracted with all of the nonsense and social narratives in American movies.

  35. How about a detailed and concise article on how to install a Torrent client and pirate he hell out of Hollywood and the television industry in order to destroy their bottom line? Instruction should include how to avoid bad quality downloads and how to use proxy servers for anonymity.

  36. At the end of the day it comes down to making money. Expand your profit potential if you use more ethnicities. The same people that run Hollywood, the educational system and the lawyers that stand to profit from p.c litigation are from the same Eskimo breed. Follow the diversity money trail and you’ll find an eskimo.

  37. J.J. Abrams? I fucking KNEW it that last name is Jewish. I remember my Jap high school teacher last named was Abrams and I thought to myself WTF a Japanese woman last named Abrams and suspected and found out that she did indeed married a Jew and my observation was correct.
    Anyways, it’s obvious they are promoting this diversity to whole new level of insanity. I mean they obvious know they have to promote diversity in the movie to increase sales since there will be complainers saying that the movie is “too white”. Of course with Jews behind it, it’s obvious they will make everything just racial. Sigh… Pretty soon, you might get a movie about George Washington being black. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit with all the ridiculous shit going on.

  38. What? Leftist, jewish bolsheviks who have their own racist monopoly in infotainment have racial agendas? I’m shocked – SHOCKED! – that there’s gambling going on here! Oy vey!

  39. Its just a symptom of the larger problem. We are being displaced from the lead role of our civilisation and turned in to the enemy. This movie is a celebration of that fact but in the end just another distraction from the real THREAT:
    Watch this and say if you still give a fuck about star wars. Please help spread this and raise awareness on every social media account, its OUR DUTY. We have to win the information war, help us at http://8ch.net/pol/res/3873474.html.

  40. Aaron Clarey pointed out in his recent podcast that if J. J. was really interested in appealing to a wider potential fanbase, he would introduce a Chinese and/or Indian character (since those groups make up most of the world population).
    And yes, I agree with your assessment of Lando Calrissian, especially his portrayal in Robot Chicken’s version of Star Wars.
    Too bad Billy Dee Williams didn’t make it out of Tim Burton’s vision of Batman.

    1. I agree an Asian or Indian character makes much more sense. These fucking fools think foreign markets in Europe, Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and South America want to see porch monkeys save the universe for two hours?

    2. When asked why he chose Gwendoline Christie, JJ confessed that she was a woman and that he liked GOT. No mention of her acting ability, onscreen presence, chemistry with other actors, or if she even did an audition. That about sums it up.

    1. They believe that they were chosen because they are Harbingers of a New Era. So that alone gives them comfort.
      What it implies in reality is quite another matter, but then that’s what Orwell was going on about when he wrote about doublthink, isn’t it?

  41. When did this site turn into some weird quasi-Stormfront? Dude is Star Wars a fictional movies about space aliens

    1. Friend there is a deliberate pattern forming, first Mad Max and now Star Wars both fronted by faux strong women.

      1. You’re saying that like their hasn’t been a pattern t the opposite effect for the past 75 years of Hollywood. Who gives a shit what Hollywood does if you’re basing your life on Space aliens and whatever the homo’s in Hollywood come up with you’re already lost

        1. My life and your life are not the ones in play, its everyone else who does base their sad little lives around it, in addition to children who don’t know better and buy into the propaganda.

        2. Bro, I’m only responsible for myself and mychildren. If you want to save the world go ahead many have tried most have failed

        3. Truthfully the world as we knew is already lost no matter what anyone says about a pop culture film. What I must do for myself as you must for yourself and your children is navigate the best you can.

      2. I hear your point about mad max, although my real issue with that movie is that it was boring except for the guitar guy on the hood.
        But on Star Wars your criticism are silly.

      3. This crap won’t go on forever. I’m guessing moviegoers will finally stop paying these studios money when the next all female Ghostbusters film bombs next year. Of course we’ll see the usual feminist and sjw types screaming, but it will fall on deaf ears this time. Just like this silly BLM movement, people are finally seeing who the real racists and mysoginists are in America(and it isn’t white males). Once this affects Hollywoods bottom line, this crap will end asap. Fox already got a taste of the backlash that’s coming, when they released that dreck of a film F4.

        1. I agree but the movie business is already changing radically because of internet streaming services. Films will probably have to pair down their budgets and cut out the communism if they wish to compete.

    2. It’s inverted reality. Women and Blacks are the least likely to be courageous in battle, yet here they are, defeating all the White men in battle to save the world (galaxy?). Why is it so important to present everyone with an inverted reality?
      Yes, blacks are cowardly, they have a very small presence in front-line military units, special forces and even extreme sports, deal with it.

      1. Seems like you just have a penchant for making up shit out the blue, let me educate with facts.
        African Americans often did supply a disproportionate number of combat troops, a high percentage of whom had voluntarily enlisted. Although they made up less than 10 percent of American men in arms and about 13 percent of the U.S. population between 1961 and 1966, they accounted for almost 20 percent of all combat-related deaths in Vietnam during that period. In 1965 alone African Americans represented almost one-fourth of the Army’s killed in action. In 1968 African Americans, who made up roughly 12 percent of Army and Marine total strengths, frequently contributed half the men in front-line combat units, especially in rifle squads and fire teams. Under heavy criticism, Army and Marine commanders worked to lessen black casualties after 1966, and by the end of the conflict, African American combat deaths amounted to approximately 12 percent—more in line with national population figures. Final casualty estimates do not support the assertion that African Americans suffered disproportionate losses in Vietnam, but this in no way diminishes the fact that they bore a heavy share of the fighting burden, especially early in the conflict.
        On the surface, the controversy over the role of black servicemen in the Gulf War revolved around complaints that black men and women were “disproportionately” represented among the troops assigned to Operation Desert Storm. Although blacks make up just 13 percent of the American population and approximately 15 percent of the age group from which most servicemen are drawn, their percentage in the armed forces is higher: 20 percent throughout the services; 33 percent in the Army; 20 percent in the Marines; and 15 percent in the Navy and Air Force. As for Operation Desert Storm, blacks were some 25 percent of total forces and 30 percent of the ground units thought to be most vulnerable to heavy casualties.

      2. FYI:”Blacks” and Anglo whites (the former English) are the only groups of men who fought in EVERY war this country has ever had to preserve the freedoms and power of this country. The rest of you arrived after 1866 when most of the dirty work was done.(Irish,Italians,Slavics, Latins,Germans etc) Read YOUR country’s history and show some respect!!!

  42. Criticisms aside I look at it as I can only take so much stupid at once. You want to cast this actress because you think she’s great and make her the lead? Ok. You want to cast her side kick as a black Stormtrooper or whatever he is because you think he’s a great actor? Ok. Pick one of the two because you can’t do both just to be kitchy and righteous. That turns people off.

  43. Just wait until they start crew selection for the first US Mars mission. I guarantee it will eat the careers of at least two NASA administrators. They know it too, which may be a lot of the reason why they’ve kept the idea on the back burner for so long.

  44. A black dude as lead in a SciFi action flick, I can deal with that. A chick as lead, not so much. Why? Because thanks to feminism’s constant whining about “violence against women” in the media, I can no longer take “violence By women” seriously.

  45. Like most movies Hollywood barfs out, this Star Wars episode hasn’t piqued my curiosity that much anyway. I’ll probably end up torrenting it or waiting until it hits the bargain bin for five bucks before I bother with it. And not entirely because JJ Abrams is a sell out to the SJW movement either. Hollywood will take otherwise clasically executed movies of the past and butcher them with horrible reboots and abysmal continuations. Star Wars has been no exception. Until Hollywood gets off their collective asses and actually make GOOD movies again, I’ll be passing on the expensive theatre tickets.

  46. Is water wet? Also, Star Wars is for fags, so I’m not gonna see this movie anyway. No chance in hell I’m supporting Disney, the worst of the worst of the Big Media Kikeglomerates (except for maybe NBC Universal).

  47. I don’t care who they cast. Jedi and shit are magic anyways so in theory women are just as good at Jedi shit, when they are not crying.

  48. Inclusion is great. I’m going to be making a film on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King. Unfortunately when I look at the casting candidates in the room I see nothing but the blackest room in the history of time. And I just think, we’re casting this show and we have an opportunity to do anything we want, why not cast the show with white actors?
    Dolph Lundgren and Carey Elwes are my two main considerations for the lead of Dr. King. Mrs. King is coming down to either Jennifer Aniston or Tori Spelling. They are such fine actors and this is all about inclusion after all.

  49. To be fair, in star wars the bad guys have always been the best to me. The good guys have mostly been boring to say the least

  50. Disney is going to pay for this shit. This JJ Abrams is a talentless hack that is best known for that stupid LOST series that fooled people into believing there was an actual plot but turned out to be nothing but bullshit pulled out of the ass of Abrams and the “writers”. That show made zero sense and was so stupid this guy should never have worked again. The only reason this hack is still working is that he’s a jew. That’s the only requirement for work in Hollyweird.
    After flushing Star Trek down the toilet by remaking Star Trek II and fucking it up royally, Disney is about to flush a Billion Dollar franchise down the toilet by their Anti-White agenda of this tiny dicked jew faggot. Get ready for serious write offs of debt you rats. When this movie gets shipped overseas, the theater owners are gonna dump it in the trash. If you think people in India, China and Japan are gonna pay money to see blacks acting you must be living in a fantasy world. White people may not like blacks, because lets face it what is there to like? They’re stupid ingrates with no social skills and criminally prone behavior. But other non-White people in Asia don’t even consider blacks to be human.

  51. Because according to the world, white autonomy, heritage, culture, hell white anything is racist and must be annihilated. The views of Abrams reveal this thought process. His hatred for anything “too white” shows.
    I LOVE star wars, but I will not watch this film. I will not fund those who want to destroy white men.

    1. Lol…This film is set to break every box office record their is. Your $8 will not be missed.

      1. I don’t give a $hit how much it’s “supposed” to make. I’m not a sheep, but it seems you are.

        1. 60-70 yrs on Earth and you choose to spend it boycotting Space Alien movies. You’re a true game changer…

        2. As opposed to what, you moron? Spending your “60-70 yrs on Earth” on website comment sections trying to shame people into paying to watch movies that they don’t want to see? Speaking of game changers….

        3. Shame people? You people are worse than the fags and the fatties always playing the victim card

        4. And if I actually gave a shit about what you think, your opinion might bother me. As far as the rest of your comment, are you really that lacking in self awareness?
          Let me break it down for you real quick.
          Me: Doesn’t give the slightest fuck what movies you watch or the entertainment you decide to spend your money on.
          You: Apparently greatly offended and upset that there are people here who don’t want to watch the movies that YOU think they should watch.
          Someone sure sounds like a Social Justice Warrior in this scenario, but it isn’t me. You want to go watch Star Wars? Knock yourself out. But spending hours on a website trying to guilt a bunch of other people into watching it (Why? Because apparently you have nothing more pressing in your life to worry about than what films a bunch of strangers on the internet choose to spend their money on) seems pretty ridiculous.

        5. Not at all. You’re probably just confused because, unlike yourself, I don’t feel the need to post an “Lol” on every other comment I make in order to give everyone the impression that I’m “above it all”.
          But here’s a clue: I’ve posted three comments on this thread (counting this one) and you’ve posted dozens. Again. Someone seems to be upset, but it isn’t me.
          A little advice. Stop worrying about what random strangers on the internet choose to spend their money on. Why don’t you take a deep breath, run a hot bath, make some Chamomile tea, and settle in for a nice episode of Supergirl? I’m sure that’ll calm you down. I hear it’s SUPER diverse. Just try not to think about all the evil, racist, misogynists out there who don’t share your taste in television. It’ll just get you all worked up all over again.

      2. And yet considering that probably a quarter of the comments on this thread seem to be yours, it sure seems to bother YOU that there are those of us who don’t want to see it…

  52. This is precisely why white people get called racist sometimes. You guys are bitching about a stormtrooper being a black guy…..A STORMTROOPER.

    1. Never mind the fact that Darth Vader was voiced by a Black guy. James Earl Jones, these people are Chicken Little the sky is falling lunatics…

    2. There is something deeper here that you’re not seeing. It’s about another man (a black man in this case) being used to promote a female lead. It’s not about a man…it’s about Hollywood pushing their social agenda on us (population).
      and you’re not allowed to comment or ask questions about it because then you’d be labeled a sexist or racist. But the other way around is perfectly acceptable…and that’s the real problem.

  53. It is important for everyone to remember not to become that which they despise most.
    These SJF’s are made up of self hating Whites as well as self hating Jews, along with the usual assortment of Black and “other” types of militants, so when some of you rail on about “Jews” and “Blacks” and the “other” types who hate Whites like you, realize that you are lumping in conservative Blacks, conservative Jews and conservative “others” like myself who stand with you and against them.
    There may not be many of us but don’t throw us under the bus by lumping us in with those bastards, thanks.

    1. Sometimes I wonder whether the anti-Semites in the manosphere are trolls trying to derail the movement.

      1. My thoughts exactly. Sometimes i think they are insurrectionist trolls as well.
        Whenever someone has to throw out “Jew” “Black” or other non white description as a comment to an article that has no bearing on race, i question the intellect as well as intent of the person in question.

        1. Or perhaps false flag attempts by the BLM movement and their ilk. We already know that they’re capable of i.e sock accounts, false accusations, burning down their own churches, hanging up nooses, faux claims of racism at MIzzou etc. Yes, these are paid provecteurs hired by a bunch of wealthy white men who would like nothing more than to kick off a race war before they take their last breath.

        2. Yes. These Alinskey-esque techniques are especially effective.
          It’s ironic, a lot of these tactics the SJ left use are taken directly from his book “rules for radicals” yet they are some of the most anti Israel, anti Jew, anti semitic people around. They love Palestine and consider Israel the scum of the earth. I’m no fan of Israel with specific regard to its policies, but my issue with them has to do with genuine reasons related to their tendency to engage in leftist philosophy and secularism (they are very pro LGBT and are pretty secular believe it or not) and not petty opposition related to race or ethnicity.
          Anyway, insurrectionist agendas are an especially useful component, as they allow a person to masquerade as the opposition in order to discredit it from within. You named some examples and ill name a few more.
          During tea party rallies, some people came dressed in shirts with “i hate niggers” or “KKK forever” or just plain brown shirts with boots on as a means of linking the TP to racism. As expected, left wing rag sites like HUFFPO and Media matters jumped all over it. Certain left wing groups like Media matters or moveon.org have been known to infiltrate.
          With abortion protests, there’s usually been a few people who shows up yelling obscenities at passerby, and saying “god hates fags and women who murder their babies” as a means of linking people to the Westboro nuts. Planned Parenthood has enough billions to hire “part time agitator actors” to play these parts.
          Then of course with the online presence, you have paid trolls acting on the orders of groups like moveon or MM, and even the government itself. A US military document linked Christians to “terrorism” which invariably means we would come under surveillance online and in person.
          While there’s always the occasional genuine nut who tends to take legitimate beliefs and corrupt them through twisted motives, more often than not examples of so called racism or religious fanaticism on the right as captured on tv or photos is a generated counter response to genuine grassroots activism. As i said, it tends to be rather effective which is why it continues unabated.

    2. We have plenty of trolls on here trying to “divide and conquer” men. Men use logic and men have a belief that “the best man gets the job”. It may not seem that way immediately (in reality you have exceptions) but the best men (at some point) will always rise to the top – and lead.

  54. White spaces are not allowed to exist. This tells you everything you need to know on their end goal.
    As far as the movie, I fully expect the anti-white male cuckold fantasy to come to light, with the new non-white hero male killing the evil white villain and marrying the white girl.
    It’s almost cliché now in the anti-white hollyweird propaganda world.

    1. Wow, got that one saved for later. The demographic shifts are tectonic right now! All in, I fucking blame liberalism/progressivism. And may these foreign invaders feast on those motherfuckers. Just like how the “sjw’s” are attacking liberal professors and schools, indeed I am disturbed and concerned, but I’m also like – serves you well you motherfuckers.

      1. That’s the crux of political correctness and the race pimps who promote it, eventually they’ll eat themselves, which is happening in schools across the country. They don’t have the slightest clue how quickly the public is getting tired of this shit

    2. The political leaders in charge of these countries should be removed from office. They have created a toxic and unsafe environment for the people (taxpayers) of these countries. It’s one thing to assimilate people from other countries, over time, but it has to be in a responsible manner. The influx of illegal immigrants coming into all of these countries through this open border policy represents a greater threat to the home grown population. They’ve seen it blow up in Sweden, for example,…it’s not working (mainly because many coming into that country are not changing to Sweden’s way or laws). They want Sweden to change to their ways or laws.
      These “leaders” have turned on the people because they are afraid that the gravy train is coming to an end. You don’t have to have a large, centralized government (and a large population to support it). You only need to get rid of the waste and fraud in those governments – mostly public officials – to fix the problems. These politicians should be jailed and on trial for treason.
      It’s going to get ugly.

      1. That’s exactly why the US has the 2nd amendment, in order to defend oneself from the enemy, either foreign or domestic. Looks like the two has join hands!

  55. Anyone who wants to pretend there isn’t an anti-white or anti-European agenda at this point is not well. Luckily they will be destroyed in what is to come one way or another, whether whites win or lose

    1. Well said. In the long run, these sjw will eventually be bitten by the very pets they coddle. The last words of that white SPLC writer who was gunned down by a couple of thugs comes to mind “please no, I’m on your side”. I’m guessing his family wished he had a CCW at that moment.

  56. Having a black main character isn’t a big deal and it’s not the first time it has happened in Star Wars (i.e. Samuel L. Jackson). What should be the red flag is the main lead being a female and the whole big deal of the “strong female characters” being in the movie as if none existed in the franchise in the first place. That’s the main reason why I’m not spending my money on The Force Awakens.
    All the whining over a race of some white-armored foot soldier is just petty and a waste of time.

  57. Y’know it’s a real shame that anyone would want to stuff a racial agenda into Star Wars… especially since it’s not needed…

  58. Guess what movie i’m not watching … ever.
    Not even worth 500 Mb’s of bandwidth for 30 minutes to torrent it.

  59. I think Plinkett had this right in his famous star wars review videos, which have some fucking funny red pill humor. It’s the same reason they put Samuel L. Jackson in the prequels even though he was horribly miscast as a very calm character: it’s the only way to get blacks to buy tickets because blacks generally don’t give a fuck about star wars. J.J. Abrams knows full well that every white person in the galaxy who was planning to see it, will see it no matter who the main character is. And this way a few million more tickets will be sold to blacks. And sure it also helps the Jewish race mixing agenda as a side benefit.
    On a side note, I would argue that the character’s blackness isn’t only a happenstance but it’s built into the plot from minute one. Not only is his main companion a white girl, but we see him in a stormtrooper outfit, all this in the very first trailer months ago. This does two things: it establishes they are not biological brother and sister, and establishes that the old stormtrooper = clone narrative might be gone. That is unless now every stormtrooper looks exactly like him as they wreak havoc across the galaxy, and I have a suspicion Abrams has not chosen that particular symbolism! In other words, our attention is deliberately drawn to his race, in two ways, from the get go. He does not “happen to be black” in this case.

  60. I propose that we petition the producers of the following upcoming movies to change their characters to reflect “ethnic diversity” by making the protagonist(s) White.
    My suggestions are as follows:
    Black Panther
    Premise: Black chief of the African tribe of the wakanda endowed with superior strength and abilities.
    My suggestion: Have Jonah Hill play him. Make it a cross between “Ace Ventura” and “Blade” as he hunts down an albino bat and vitiligo vampires. Watch the money pour in!
    Premise: Cool cat Black PI who always gets the ladies in a sweat.
    My suggestion: Jon Heder, the kid from “Napoleon Dynamite.” Have it set during shaft’s early awkward years, as he tries to get through high school dealing with a really bad case of hyper-pigmentation. Watch as the White kids shun him and the Black ladies love him!
    Afro Samurai
    Premise: Near unstoppable samurai Black Man who is constantly under attack by those who seek his #1 headband.
    My suggestion: Kevin James (Paul Blart mall cop) would be a natural to bring a fresh take on Okazaki’s tale of swordplay and neo tech. The producers should rent Chris Farley’s “beverly hills ninja” for a better idea of where they could go with this:)
    Boondocks the movie
    Premise: Two wisecracking Black kids making social commentary on all the insanity around them.
    My suggestion: Chandler Riggs (Carl from “The Walking Dead”) and the little fat Chinese kid Russell from “Up.” The story just writes itself…Carl and his CGI brother from another Mother Russell spend their days making jokes about everyone right before the zombie apocalypse hits. Then they spend their days making jokes about everyone and the zombies too. Guaranteed to be Oscar nominated.
    Bad Boys 3
    Premise: Two hip Black cops who spend their days looking cool and their nights busting bad guys.
    My suggestion:Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard from STTNG) and Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean)
    Watch as these two smooth as icy hot playas spend their days dodging hemorrhoids and their nights kickin it to the honeys as they investigate a rash of robberies in inner city nursing homes. Guaranteed to be the NAACP movie of the year.

    1. The sad part is you couldn’t even joke about it today without some kinds of back lash or being labeled a racist. I find it hilarious that we’re able to swap out white male actors (no problem) to be “diverse” with an actress (female) or other actors but when you try it the other way – all hell breaks loose.
      We’re not really trying to be diverse – it’s full on and open sexism or racism (depending on who were replacing at that time).

  61. Why stick to humans? Be real diverse.
    My neighbor has a big black dog. He may actually be gay considering how often he tries to hump his owner’s leg.
    Why couldn’t a big, black, gay dog play Darth Vader?

  62. JJ Abrams have “cast the show with actords of color” during his entire career, members of his tribe tend to press interracial relationships.

  63. Without seeing the movie, yet seeing what’s going on with “entertainment”
    today, it’s a safe bet to predict an agenda with the new films. The Khazarian/Edomite (“Jew”) gene pool seems to be at it again with the age old trick of encouraging the sin of adultery (7th Commandment) in the form of racial miscegenation. Along with homosexuality, prostitution, and now testing the waters with incest and bestiality, this agenda is seen in almost everything that comes out of Hollywood today.
    What’s had a bigger influence on American culture, movie wise, than the original Star Wars? Many kids watched that movie more times than be counted growing up in the 80’s and knew all the words. So, it’s likely: “If we (Disney “Jews”) can get our hands on Star Wars, we can condition an entire generation of little white boys to consider looking up to a black man and a white woman as normal. They also won’t bat an eye at the idea of the white race mixing itself out of existence. Their Jedi heroes will be a black man and a mud shark! How can you put a price tag on that?”
    It’s a case of history repeating itself. There’s nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). Promoting forms of self destruction like sexual immorality, integration, foreign and/or woman rulers, etc. due to lacking the power to outright conquer and destroy has long been the desperate tactic of those who hate the Caucasian race. Most specifically the hated Caucasian Christian man, his God, and those despised moral laws of His.
    This “spiritual sabotage” template is chronicled in Numbers 22 with the story of Balaam and Balak. The account results in the idolatry and sexual immorality of Gods’ people. In a nutshell, when Gods’ people have His favor they have His protection. The clever tactic is to encourage disobedience to God. Then, God is angry and wages war against His own people. Encouraging disobedience to Gods’ moral law is the best way for the enemies of Western Civilization to “attack”. The best modern way to do this is to have a monopoly on Hollywood and TV, which the enemies of Western Civilization have been at feverishly since the mediums were invented.
    Nothing is new under the sun, and it’s never taken much prompting to encourage Caucasian people to sin. In fact, most readily will, and always have, even when they know better. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel:
    Numbers 25:1-9 NASB
    “While Israel remained at Shittim, the people began to play the harlot with the daughters of Moab. For they invited the people to the sacrifices of their gods,
    and the people ate and bowed down to their gods. So Israel joined themselves to Baal of Peor, and Yahweh was angry against Israel. . .Those who died by the plague were 24,000.”
    The good news for the Christian, and the ultimate moral of the story of Balaam and
    Balak, is the template is doomed to fail from the start. It has continued to be used in vain through the ages because we’re still here. It will definitely do it’s damage, likely get worse before it gets better, but thankfully it always fails:
    23:3-6 (NASB)
    “No Ammonite or Moabite shall enter the assembly of Yahweh. . . . because they hired against you Balaam the son of Beor from Pethor of Mesopotamia, to curse you. Nevertheless, Yahweh your God was not willing to listen to Balaam, but Yahweh your God turned the curse into a blessing for you because Yahweh your God loves you. . .”
    The Return of Kings will be fully realized when we return to the KING of Kings.

    1. “So, it’s likely: “If we (Disney “Jews”) can get our hands on Star Wars,
      we can condition an entire generation of little white boys
      consider looking up to a black man and a white woman as normal. They
      also won’t bat an eye at the idea of the white race mixing itself out of
      existence. Their Jedi heroes will be a black man and a mud shark”
      Pretty much this.

  64. “With easily 95% of the Star Wars fan base being white male”
    Are you sure about this?
    I grew up in a Black environment and we were all big fans of comics, Star Wars, etc.

    1. How much of the country is black now? How much was it in 1977? Or by the end of the original trilogy in 1983? How many liked Star Wars then?
      How much of the country is black now? How many like Star Wars?
      I think 95% is pretty accurate.

      1. “How much of the country is black now?”
        You seem to forget something: Star Wars has always been an INTERNATIONAL blockbuster. It has always had fans fans all ove r the world, including Africa and Asia.

  65. Again, the race thing is irrelevant to me, technically speaking, the first three movies all had a leading Black Man…hello, Darth Vadar? He was very black and he was played by James Earl Jones. Its the feminism that I find disgusting. All based on this false notion of “gender” and “equality” that has people literally denying their own fucking sense of reason and eyes that men and women are not different in any way. I’d love to see African American boys playing with light sabers…its part of the masculine mystique, if you will. But this deliberate role reversal bullshit is just plain unnatural and to make matters worse its here at the insistence of very small and lacking people who are anything but a hero or strong. Adding to this is a distinct stench of perversity since we’re seeing the weak portrayed as “strong”. The first Star Wars were not products of a Patri-centric culture, NO, it was the product of western art-culture that stems from antiquity. It followed the model of a hero’s odyssey – Luke Skywalker breaks from his youth to discover his destiny, all along, adventure, peril, loss and triumph awaits him. Its not a phallic conspiracy its the fucking makings of a good fucking story and movie! And, hello it fucking worked! But, that template because it, among other things, adheres to natural law or at least is in concert with nature i.e. how boys and men naturally are, it is subject to outright dismissal by a tiny group of people that will find offense and be “triggered” because, for all intents, nature left them out.
    No, the force is NOT strong with a fat ass like andrea dworkin, who’s body mass might be strong enough to attract asteroids but not fit enough to walk to the donut shop. Neither is it strong with the students at “yale” who complain about an email that says take it easy its just Halloween and then resort to yelling and screaming at a beta grass eater professor. These are the people, the weak people who are so lacking they forced this onto us.

    1. Agreed. The Hero’s Journey is probably thousands, if not tens of thousands of years old and it is a quintessentially male phenomenon.
      The movie looks well made though. At least judging by the trailer. Too bad JJ has been watching one too many TED talks.

  66. A black lead character doesn`t bother me at all, its the bossy, bitchy, you go girl attitude that will surely describe the lead female character that bothers me.

    1. I kind of agree, except that it also seems the media will only promote mixed race dating now, and I bet they do it here too. I don’t have a problem with mixed race dating, but I don’t understand why the media tries to present it like its only cool for white women to date black men and never anything else.

  67. Lets first see the movie. The black guy’s role could be a Jedi sex slave That might turn out to be an acceptable role for “Americans”. But if form holds true to most hollywood scripts , the black guy will be executed before the sequel. Hurray.!!No more Jar-Jar!!

  68. It’s important to note that Hollywood used to do the opposite years ago: casting Whites in (choice) roles that would be traditionally held by non Whites, not to mention casting nonwhites in a less than flattering light.
    Who can forget David Carradine’s role in “Kung Fu” the series, a role that Bruce Lee developed and had stolen from him by WB?
    As is typical of Hollywood, instead of ceasing with giving a cinematic advantage to ANYONE because of racial factors, they choose instead to continue offering cinematic advantages but this time, to nonwhites and ONLY when it suits them.
    I can’t speak as to whether SW:TFA is definitely guilty of this, but I can definitely see the patterns. It’s definitely guilty of feminist pablum however.

    1. The sad part is we are watching the pendulum swing in the full opposite direction.
      It was ridiculous when Carradine played in Kung Fu (I know I wasn’t the only one thinking it at the time). But now we are heading in the very opposite direction – removing or trying to ignore white actors in lieu of being “diverse” – which, to me, is code for racism. Ironic, it’s coming out of California (which is supposed to be the most liberal part of the US) but continues to show how racist it is (or has been), time and time again – throughout history. It’s one reason why I’d never live there…it’s like a plague or disease that spreads to people who live in that state (south, at least).
      The reason why this Star Wars movie will be good is because they are bringing back the good actors from the original movie – that’s it. It has nothing to do with this new narrative (thank god) that they are trying to spread and it has everything to do with the talent in this movie (the older actors). It’s why the originals were so good – good actors and not because it was “diverse”.

      1. Has that happened a lot lately then? White actors being ignored for big parts in lieu of non-white actors.

        1. I would say it’s happened more with the narrative trying to push women into these leads to replace men. I would even argue that some black men and black women are being used (on the side) to further the feminist narrative.
          I can say that it would be more accepting and “diverse” if we switched out the white guy for anyone else (woman, black, asian, etc..) but try being “diverse” in the other direction and people would lost their shit on twitter, facebook, etc…calling it racist of sexist.

  69. Having been a Star Trek fan for years and in every incarnation of it with original series thru the Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager, and then ending with Enterprise the multicultural ideals was built into the show with no one complaining about it. Star Wars on the other hand I could understand if JJ Abrams recast Han or Luke with a black actor how that would be seen as sacrilege but the galaxy is vast and full of humans and humanoids after all their was Mace Windu.
    In a generation will movies like this even exist? Most likely not the demographics are not going to support it, movies in the future will be Bollywood like or Chinese action flicks or gay art house flicks.

    1. The future, so long as the internet remains free, will be a vastly decentralized media with thousands, if not, millions of independent content makers. In fact it already exists in the form of youtube. I have NO cable, hardly ever watch a show on a network and I get all entertainment through the web, which means its me, not abc, nbc, cbs, hbo or, for that matter, some sjw comissar deciding what I should watch. Roku is the latest iteration of the customized media and it still hasn’t gone far enough. Basically from a user end, all media will be as interactive and customized as iTunes. In terms of content production, it doesn’t take a huge studio to film and edit, many of those things are no accessible at the DIY level. And as far as the actors and actresses, the established media is killing themselves with nepotism and affirmative action. So, local talent will be used. This will be very good, it will liberate our culture from the hands of a few tyrannical elitist progressives. Indeed, in this pushed and centralized media, “they” think people need to understand homosexuals, so, homosexuals are overly embellished and portrayed. But, in the future, gay art house flicks will be consumed proportional to the 1-2% of the population that is gay and NOT pushed onto the rest of society. You and I will both be able to filter out any homosexual content from our queue. And there will be no huge centralized media cabal because the media will be far too splintered to centralize.

    2. The really disturbing part of all of this should have been JJ Abrams thoughts on how the room was “so white”. He didn’t think about getting the best people for those jobs, his thoughts were first and foremost – it has to be more “diverse” and not so white (and he wasn’t corrected like he should have been).
      This diversity program only seems to be acceptable when we are talking about excluding white male actors for any other actors (or actresses). That is the definition of racism (or sexism) if you ask me. Anyone could have easily corrected him and said “you should pick the best cast, the best people suited for the roles”. That’s how the original movies were made – with the best people – not because of color.
      The fact that society finds it acceptable (today) for people to openly (publicly) make discouraging remarks about men (first) and white men (second) should raise some eyebrows – especially when it comes from a white person (reverse racism).

  70. It’s funny. I’ve been reading about all types of men throughout history for the past couple of years. On my facebook I would put quotes from musashi , Genghis Khan , sun tzu , Muhammad Ali , and so on. Basically all men besides white . The only time I was criticized was when I started posting about Alexander the great , old Norse proverbs , and crusaders . I was actually called a Nazi and a murder lover by people I had known for years for admiring people through history . People claim that Euro centric ideals are what wiped out others cultures but who tried to attack the ancient Greeks first ? Who tells us that were just some advanced apes who came from the caves ? The people who are mad that they didn’t come out on top . The winners write history.

    1. That’s part of my bigger point in my comment. The fact that you’re not allowed to be “diverse” in both directions (or other directions). You quoted different types of men from history but you didn’t get any back lash until it came from your own part of the universe.
      Some people have been victims for so long that they don’t know how to actually change. They’ve been put “front and center” – where they’ve always wanted to be but they don’t know how to lead – now that they are holding the reigns. It’s funny to see how people react once they get what they wanted.
      Feminism (and the narrative) wanted women to have full control and full direction of their lives (and everyone else for that matter). We gave them a little bit of that control, freedom, etc…and they are driving the car (society) into the ditch with all this nonstop complaining about how the world is unfair, men (especially white men) are evil, etc, etc…
      No shit, life is unfair.

      1. But yet it’s on the shoulders of majority white men that they owe their lifestyle too. If white men are the most privileged in society then white women are a close second of not tied . It’s odd reading history and thinking about how if one war or revolution had happened differently it wouldn’t be the white man everyone bitches about it most likely would have been Persians are some other middle eastern people’s that supposedly systematically oppressed other races

        1. Yes, some good points here. You would think it would be along the lines of “thank you” versus “fuck you”, at least part of the time. Women in first tier worlds (especially white women) constantly act like they’ve been oppressed for centuries when, in fact, they’ve gained come to share in gaining those riches of advancement in our societies. You let Sharia law rule in Sweden and you’ll see how fast the tune of those women screaming about “evil white men” changes…and in a hurry.

        2. It blows my mind how tolerant Europe is of Muslims. It’s like they never learned why the first crusade was begun . To protect the way of life they had up until now. And for fucks sake Sweden our ancestors ate Vikings do you think they would have those fucks rule us? I’m open to new cultures but I won’t sacrifice mine to appease others . I appreciate what my forefathers did so that I may comfortably enjoy my short time on this earth and I will see to it my children get the same

        3. I think it’s a shame that some are able to openly celebrate their cultures while others are shamed or have to hide their own. I see this happening, today, with society and it’s really a shame. I don’t apologize for what happened in the past (I wasn’t alive) and I’m not going to apologize for anyone else (and their actions). We need to get back to that point where it was considered acceptable for everyone to “be proud of who you are” – it wasn’t that long ago.

  71. I think that the main character is actually the girl (probably Vader’s granddaughter, and future Jedi). The black dude seems like a red herring.

  72. Stormtroopers are CLONES…. They are all identical, and it’s already been very well established that they are ALL WHITE MALES. To suddenly throw in a super female butch dyke as their leader in her own special armor, and then a black guy too is beyond idiotic and reeks of political correctness direct from SJW land.
    It’s no different than making every top fleet admiral a female, or the quasi lesbo tough girl with an attitude replacement of the original happy and fun loving Starbuck from Galactica. Star trek… Captain Jayway??
    There isn’t a cult classic or any other revisionist movie out there that hasn’t been ruined by the feminist go girl push to force females into positions they could never actually handle.

      1. Additionally, it would be a HUGE screw up to run a “batch” of a million clones and have a black boy and white girl pop out of the cloning tanks. Oh… but…. “special” ….you say??
        Well then… how does ONE female, and ONE black mix into a military culture of exact copies of ONE white guy then? The level of vitriol and animosity towards the “different people” would be without description.

        1. Obviously I’m mistaken and need glasses, he is DEFINITELY from Africa, that photo really highlights how dark his skin is, because EVERYBODY knows that New Zealand is right in the middle of the Congo!
          I also noticed his wide hips and breast too, ya’know cause Imperial troops are also females for reasons….

        2. Why are you reacting like that? You are the one who claimed that the clones were white men and I am merely pointing out that they were not. It’s not only black and white folks who live on this planet. Other ethnic groups live here as well. And in a galaxy far away apparently …. he he he … (^_^)
          Here is some more information about the stormtroopers:
          Clone stormtroopers were the original elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire. After the fall of the Galactic Republic and the formation of Emperor Palpatine’s New Order, the Republic Grand Army’s clone troopers were re-designated as stormtroopers.
          Throughout the early years of Palpatine’s reign, the Empire continued to utilize the Jango Fett template, but later commissioned the creation of new troopers from different genetic sources. Cloning remained essential to the Imperial Military, although the introduction of birth-born recruits into the ranks of the Stormtrooper Corps gradually reduced clone soldiers to a minority status.
          So that explains why this stormtrooper is black.

        3. I’m “reacting” the way I am because YOU IGNORE the obvious and article subject.
          I’m former special op’s, and females and blacks are a tiny minority in the real life military, in addition to that females TOTALLY FAIL at any kind of combat arms leadership position and very few blacks make the grade also. Plus you insinuate I know little about the Stormtroopers, but I have my own armor, and have a huge collection of trooper gear on top of seeing the Film at the original screening in Dallas, just off Nw Highway so I’m well versed in Star wars lore…
          NOW… we get to the meat, and it’s obvious that a female, and a black were cast for “fairness” and “diversity” with a big heap of “social Justice” on top just so idiots could once again trash a solid story to satisfy their sick commie utopia agenda and beat down the “cis-male patriarchy” some more, while also glorifying the stupid empowered go girl feeeelzz that has ruined America.
          I covered that in my FIRST comment, and listed examples of how the SJW agenda to trash men, and force females into movie roles they CANT actually handle, and WONT ever choose realistically and that isn’t based on the big galaxy theory, it’s natures law fool, so spare me your contempt!

        4. If you are so well versed in Star Wars lore, then you knew that the clones are not white. So why did you state that “it’s already been very well established that they are ALL WHITE MALES” whereas this is not the case?
          But let’s get back to the article subject. As someone pointed out, the black guy is just a red herring. It is even obvious when you look at the pictures and the movie poster; in all of them he is standing in the background. And look at who the focus is really on, right in your face. In fact, take a look at the official IMAX poster. So while many here are getting upset about this Finn character, the main issue is actually overlooked. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7afae26cd23d437cd2a2ded5a281bb5086fb999f012c377980a0acccae9a3608.jpg

  73. To the Author: too many question marks in the title and subheading, sounds like faggy uptalk:
    Did The New Star Wars Casting Have A Racial Agenda?
    Was it done simply to appease SJWs? Or is something else going on?

  74. Did The New Star Wars Casting Have A Racial Agenda?
    It’s not important to myself ! I am not going to waste my time watching this politically correct piece of shit !
    BTW we still live in a free country & if you want to pay good money to see that shit, you’re free……………..

  75. Lmao, this is the stupidest fucking article about this movie I’ve read yet… The whole premise is operating on the flawed assertion that all american science fiction content is quintessentially white and or male. There are no facts to back this argument up… I like this website but damn, this is just fucking dumb. Just because there is nothing vital to the story that necessitates that Boyega’s character be black doesn’t mean he can’t be. There’s nothing in the story that necessitates he be any specific race because guess what… he’s a new character and he’s fucking made up lol. Sci-fi nerds kill me with their constant outrage about the silliest things… It would be different if this were about changing the race or gender of an already established character (i.e. Bruce Wayne/ NOT Batman), but i can’t do anything with your straw man analogies referring to the fresh prince or sex and the city lol. As for your Gamergate bullshit about Halo and diversity… Samas Aran is, one of the top 10 most iconic video game characters of ALL TIME and a woman dude, stfu hahaha. Everything you’ve written about can be torn apart with just a little bit of basic knowledge about the subject matter.
    In regard to your argument about the young man’s acting chops or inexperience, it’s pointless as well. It’s well known that the Star Wars franchise has a long and established history of casting relative unknowns in it’s lead roles, and Boyega has more than enough credits under his name to be considered a legitimate working screen actor. As far as I’m concerned the only real authority on the matter is the brain in which the source material originated. Let me assure you, that George Lucas all the way fine with diverse people appearing in his space opera. Are you aware that Glynn Turman (Cooley High) was originally cast to play Han Solo, but Lucas was forced to recast a white man under studio pressure about american racial attitudes? How do you think that would’ve fucked the Eurocentric paradigms of the awkward whiny fanboys of today?… You know why nobody gives a fuck about your fanboy outrage?? They know that ultimately your crybaby pouty bitch-ass is still going to take you and your entire circle jerk D&D club to see the movie anyway. They will still have your money come rain or shine, & probably breaking many a record in the process. So if they really want to cast a black kid in the role, i’d advise you to take Boyega’s advice and just deal bro. It’s really not that deep.

  76. 95% of the fanbase is white male? I can guarantee that if there are 1 billion fans, 950 million of them are not white males. Star Wars has been around for almost 4 decades, and its known internationally. Please, if you are worried about being called sexist or racist, back up your article with something that makes sense.

  77. As soon as i saw the negro in the commercial i said “FUCK star wars”
    A colored jedi!? Whats he gonna do? Use the Force to smack his ho?
    No thanks.

  78. This article is nonsense and agenda fueld speculation. “I love star wars and can’t stand having a woman and a black guy as lead characters(because my own insecurities and lack of self esteem) so I need to make up a conspiracy theory.”
    So in your view, all lead characters should be white males or there’s must be some affirmative action type reason it’s otherwise? So a black man, woman, or other race/sex should never have a lead role in a Hollywood blockbuster? What would be acceptable to you so I know what’s ok, and what’s not?
    What’s wrong with having diversity? No one wants to see the same shit over and over and over. If your that offended by it, maybe you need to look Inside yourself and find out what the real reason is….
    1.These are two totally new characters not sex or race changed from another source.
    2. Black characters and women have played prominent roles in the series Before.
    You have yet to see the movie or know the plot. To state the sex or race of characters has nothing to do with the original stories is also speculation.
    4. Im as red pill as the next but this is worthless nonsense. You need to find a better use of your time and your mind. Go get yourself some pussy. Someone who would waste time stressing over Star wars must be in a dry spell….

  79. Not sure why anyone even cares. It’s a science fiction movie. The main guy can be green with tentacles for all anyone should give a shit. It’s not like they cast a black man to portray Henry IIX. Get a grip, all this over-analyzing what is someone’s imagination in the first place. As for whether there were better actors, well it’s not like Mark Hamill and Carrie Fischer were well-known actors before the first Star Wars movie. I actually feel bad for Boyega. The dude probably isn’t even thinking about race and was just happy to get a part in a major film and now has to blamed for “ruining” Star Wars as if he did something hideous just be having the wrong skin color. Damn, can we at least wait till the damn movie comes out before we make any judgements? And so what if most SW fans are white male. Is it really that damaging to their ego to see a black actor play a lead? Don’t black people go to movies all the time with white lead actors? Has that hurt black people to watch those movies? Seriously, this is much ado over not a damn thing. There was a time when Nat King Cole was getting death threats for being the first black to host a variety show back in the 1950s. People were “offended” that a black man was hosting an American TV show. Of course they didn’t mind a black on TV as long as the black was playing a sambo buffoon character. It was the sight of a black man cast for a significant role at the level of whites that provoked people to anger. It’s 2015 and some of that mentality is still there.

  80. The original Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back were revolutionary in many ways and hit a number of great notes. Fantastic characters, great casting, great music, special effects, and importantly: timing. If Star Wars were to come out today, I don’t know if it would have been as successful. Consider Scarface, one of the greatest gangster films. It was released on Christmas day so it bombed at the box office.
    The third film in the series, Return of the Jedi, was ok because it wrapped up some holes and if the series had ended there, I think it would have been for the best. Once the Ewoks came onscreen, stick a fork in the franchise, it’s done.
    The prequels were a failure. Do we all agree on that? I think Phantom had some fun to it (I liked the pod race) and Darth Maul was great but aside from that, it wasn’t an epic. And then the following two were bombs. After all, we know how things were going to end so it was like watching cliff notes.
    Personally, if the new film is good and has the non-white characters, I’m ok with that but as discussed here, Hollywood and politically correct writers have problems writing complex, interesting leading role non-white characters. They get worried that if the character looks bad, or has human flaws, that it will look “racist”. The freedom to harm and hurt white male characters is what makes them so valuable in leading roles.
    I’d love to see a force awakens where… the Ewoks turn out to be bad guys or corrupted by the dark side and the new Jedis need to wipe them out. That would be cool.

  81. I can’t help but chuckle when I see these complaints because most of you here on this board will go see Star Wars in December – regardless of what you may post here. Hollywood is about money. FULL STOP. And the money says DIVERSITY is good (in film). Fast 7 did incredible business and it is perhaps the most diverse cast of any movie franchise.
    See you guys in line at the Star Wars premiere in December!

  82. I think that Hollywood is too Jewish behind the scenes and there are not enough Whites as studio heads, directors and producers. Is that not true, shouldn’t there be diversity everywhere?
    We have not been given a fair shake!!!!
    Now a return to reality, how would Abrams or the ADL react to that? I hear it very clearly “Anti-Semite”!
    White Christian Males are always a target and the SJW will never leave us alone.

  83. Dude, shut up.
    If you knew anything about Starwars at all, you’d know black characters have been part if the universe for, like, ever. Mace Windu was a thing well before EP1 and there’s an entire PLANET (Haruun Kaal) of force-sensitive Kor’un which are black. Windu is Kor’un.
    You’re just pissed because you’ll have to risk death doing blackface at Comicon. Black people can’t do Skywalker; you’re just mad you can’t do Finn.

  84. How much do you want to bet that if this movie gets panned as a dud, JJ ann the SJW committee will scream “racism” all the way down the Mizzou hallway? Seems to be the go-to card in America these days.

    1. It will be garbage, like the rest of his movies, but if it doesn’t do (at least) 2 billion it will be regarded as a failure!!!FACT!!!

  85. http://i.imgur.com/sPjReGx.jpg
    this image is semi satirical obviously but I do believe this movie is forcing more mixed babies into the world as a primary aim. The main couple characters are called Finn-Rey, young teenage girls will obviously ship their relationship and calls to ‘FinnISH ReyCISM’ by preventing more white babies being born. This is all subliminal conditioning at the behest of Disney, Eiger, Kennedy. Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker of course have no children, Luke to end his ‘evil’ genealogical line. Just watch. They are pushing the interracial aspect SO hard. Little white boy robot that gets cucked by the black lead is a Babyish white character a la Newt from Bella and the Bulldogs, named BB-8 (BaBy White). All the white males are ridiculous villains or cucked little asexual transgender balls.

  86. A cholo jedi….lmao that shit would be hilarious lmaoooo “the force is with you holmes” hahaha

  87. JJ might be upset about the 6 million or so (give or take) of his people who got slaughtered in the name of the Aryan race. Which is interesting because I always kind of associated the galactic empire with some kind of space nazis. Maybe his chance to play out some kind of fantasy, maybe not, I’ll have to see the movie and if the writing is as deliberate as the casting. If he did this to turn Star Wars into some ham handed unrealistic liberal utopia social statement, he must realize it will detract from the movie and not because the fans are racist, because it’s a galaxy far far away, where we are supposed to have an escape from the constant injection of political agendas into our media.
    In any case, I fully welcome accusations or defamation on account on my skin color. It just goes to show how stupid some people can be. Even big shot millionaires in Hollywood.

  88. As a black man I find it humorous how white males seem to think that the
    Finn character created by J.J. Abrams was done to somehow appease
    “minorities” (i.e. black people). I went to see the film to see what
    white men could possibly be so upset about. And trust me, J.J. Abrams
    DID NOT do black men any favors.
    First of all Finn was running around chasing after a white woman, who had no romantic interest in him, like a lost puppy. He was a trash man,he had no skills, was acting scared, there was nothing heroic about Finn at all. And the
    final slap in the face was that he had to be carried off like a bitch
    after getting knocked out by Kylo renn. So keep your head up white men.
    The black guy was just a updated version of the typical bug eyed, scared
    negro, Buckwheat character stereotype that makes white people feel so
    In this instance you are correct. It would have been better if he just left black people out of the film all together instead of humiliating black people with this Finn character.
    So f%^k J.J. Abrams, f$%k Star Wars, and most of all f#!$k all of the whiny white men who don’t believe truly heroic black male characters should be a part of your make believe world. No wonder you are letting your women and gays dictate the agenda.

  89. “With easily 95% of the Star Wars fan base being white male …”
    A critical thinker would ask themselves why that was. Whether that would be the case had Luke and Han not been white males. Was there anything fundamental about the character of Luke Skywalker – a bored, whiny teenager who wanted out from under the thumb of his guardians – which meant he had to be white? Could he have been played by a black actor without changing any of those traits? Are there no bored, whiny black teenagers who want out from under the thumbs of their guardians?
    None of the races have ever mattered in Star Wars in any artistic sense. The race of any character could be switched without changing the fundamental traits of the character. You don’t think there are sleazy/suave white proprietors like Lando? You’ve lead a sheltered life.
    So Lucas – a noted supporter of Black Power – cast white male leads for his 1977 movie in what was at least as much of a financial decision as it was an artistic one. With orders of magnitude less pop culture cache than Star Wars had in the mid 70s there was no choice. Less than a year later, when Lucas had become a power player in his own right, he cast a black actor in his very next movie – the sequel – and then had that black character play a major part in the rescue undertaken at the beginning of and the victory won at the end of that third movie (in which a black fighter pilot can also be seen).
    There has been room for racial diversity in Star Wars literally for decades. Casting a black lead in The Force Awakens changes none of that.

  90. You guys are really a bunch of pussies. More boy than man. Grow the fuck up faggots.

  91. I love all the butthurt here, makes me laugh so hard at all the angry impotent little boys crying.

  92. This board is obviously dominated by lame talentless hacks who think their jobs are being taken away because they’re white. Nope. You’re just talentless.
    If adding people of color and women to a movie gets your panties in such a bunch, you’ve got bigger problems.
    That, and you’re being laughed at. A LOT.

  93. SO WHAT
    It was a good movie, and Finn’s story is very interesting.
    Why do you care if they deliberately chose a black character or not. They deliberately choose white characters ALL THE TIME.
    God, you are the biggest whiny little brats. You can’t even handle actual real racism that black people deal with.

  94. You guys tell black people to quit complaining about racism when much more insidious shit happens.
    And I read these whiny baby cry baby comments. I read the over analysis and the scared little babies whine about genocide over the casting of a movie. I mean, it’s not like this happens 99% of the time is it? No.
    The movie obviously broke the box office record. And people who are not white obviously flocked to the movie.
    News flash, your opinion doesn’t matter. You old fossils. You old crybaby whining little spoiled brats.

  95. “The real irony here is that deliberately changing the demographics of a
    movie, medium, or group in the name of just removing the percentage of a
    certain race is, in fact, actually racist. In the words of Abrams himself:”
    Ok this stupid comment is absurdly false. The movie casting is set by the producers of the movie. there is no “changing” the demographics of a movie.
    you idiots are so consumed by your whiteness you assume movies are supposed to be “white”, and then someone changes them.

  96. Aww armchair warrior man-children are upset that the world is more complex than they’d like. God forbid they should be challenged.
    Movie was awesome, as was Mad Max Fury Road. The characters were awesome. I guess I’m too much of a grownup to be bothered by their gender or race.
    Since you won’t be seeing TFA, I guess I should just tell you that Han Solo is killed at the end by his son Kylo Ren. Rey has the Force and finds Luke.
    If you decide to see it, oops.

  97. Why didnt these fuckboys from rok complain about the kings of egypt movie??? Where only whites were cast as egyptian gods. Now that’s an insult

  98. What the hell is wrong with you people? This was an original story with new characters, they didn’t “replace” a white male actor.

  99. A year later, the comments of salty SW fans who don’t know better remain as funny as ever. Even when the movie turned out to be shit. XD

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