Young Girls Are Better Than Older Women

When he asked me out, Barbi recalls, I was 18 and he was 42. I said I’d never gone out with anyone older than 24.  Hugh replied, “Neither have I.”

If you pick up any book on evolutionary psychology, or do even some light research scratching the surface of any type of gender based scientific research, one thing pops up over and over again… a man’s desire for younger women.  There are of course strong reproductive and biological bases upon which this desire is founded, but I will leave such elaborations to those more skilled in the arts of science and research.

Instead, I will try to memorialize those feelings most men get upon seeing an attractive, young girl out on the streets, at a bar or in the grocery store.  I say most men, because you will naturally run into those who based on their inability to attract the younger sect, rev their own hamsters up rationalizing young girls as undesirable based on their purported inability to carry a conversation, their lack of maturity, or the scarce number of things they have in common with said men.  This is quite the bulky hamster.  Last time I checked the conversational ability, maturity levels and thoughts in common of a young girl stemmed from the fact she was a woman rather than how old she was.  And if you truly desire such characteristics in your woman, just head east where college girls there will blow their American counterparts out of the water.

Physically, Young Girls Dominate


Yes, there are portly young piglets out there.  Yes, there are women in their 30s who have done Pilates all their life and look amazing.  But overall, the bodies of young girls are tighter, firmer, and aesthetically more pleasurable to look at.  Their skin is tighter on their bodies.  Their skin glows more on their face and there are no wrinkles.  Want to see a thing of beauty?  Notice how their breasts defy gravity.  The distance between their nipples to their chins is less than the distance between their nipples to their belly buttons.  Sadly as every year passes that beautiful ratio dissipates. Even internally, their vaginas are nicer and tighter (usually).

There’s a reason why models are kept in a specific age range, usually expiring by age 24.  If you take a random sampling of some of the more famous models that we have had the pleasure to fantasize about, most started their careers at a young age:

  • Adriana Lima – 15
  • Naomi Campbell – 15
  • Cindy Crawford – 17
  • Claudia Schiffer – 17
  • Heidi Klum – 19

After about 22-24, they deteriorate.  This is no secret, and why many girls you see that rely on their looks for money make a shift around age 25 into some other related field that relies less on aesthetics and more other aspects.  Models become designers, receptionists become data entry assistants, and so on.

Innocence And Energy


“The only reason to wait a month for sex is if she’s 17 years, 11 months old.”  – Barney Stinson

The physical aspect of youth is subjective.  Most girl head towards a decline by their mid 20s.  However, with respect to dating younger girls, this is more subjective in terms of what is desirable.  In my early 30s, a 20 year old girl is a lot more preferable than a 27 year old girl.  To a man in his 70s, a 27 year old girl is euphoric.

Having dated girls in various age ranges, there is a lot to be said about being in the presence of someone who is generally carefree, happy and enjoying life.  Take Mary, a 30 year old marketing assistant.  Since graduating college 8 years ago, she’s been in the workforce on a daily basis, waking up at 7am to get to work and sit on a desk, get yelled at for her incompetence, spend happy hours with her friends recounting the fact that her boss “is such a jerk!”, and heating up a frozen dinner as she sits on her couch watching the Bachelor at night. When she can, she’ll go to that bootcamp down the street 2-3x a week.

Conversely, there’s Alyssa… a 19 year old college girl.  She spends some nights partying away, but usually will sleep until 2 p.m. the next day.  Her worries are what she will wear the next day, what’s going on with her Facebook friends, whether her roommate is going to do the dishes, and a few times a year studying for some tests.  She’ll walk across campus and down into town daily and pick up a fresh juice from Whole Foods.

If I go out with Mary, the night will look like this.  She will meet me at a bar by her house after work.  We have a drink, she tells me about how horrible her day was and how hilarious it was that her friend Susie went on this horrible date with this doctor that didn’t do x, y and z for her.  When she finally does ask about me, she wants the specifics on a case I’m working on.  We go back to my place, she sets down her $4,000 Chanel purse and removes her $1,200 Louboutin heels, things she “has to have” and why she needs to make more money at work.  She asks for a grey goose and tonic, specifically by brand name.

When I start making out with her, she stops me and says she’s not that type of girl for a first date. She wants me to respect her.  Of course, little does she know that my level of respect for her is irrelevant, considering she is not a viable candidate for a long term relationship.  Now buzzed, I have to drive her back to her car at the bar because she has to wake up early for work.  When we eventually do have sex, on the third date, she insists on a condom because “maybe I have AIDS” and she is not on the pill because the hormones make her feel nasty.

If I go out with Alyssa, the night will look like this.  I will pick her up because she doesn’t have a car, as she’s in college and doesn’t need one.  She is 19, so we go to a local restaurant where I know they will serve her some wine.  We have a snack and a drink, and she asks me about what I do, and when I say lawyer she responds “cool!”  She tells me about her history class that she’s now taking, and how hilarious it was that her roommate forgot to set her alarm yesterday and slept through class.

We go back to my place, she kicks off her $50 heels and jumps on the couch.  I ask her what she wants to drink, she responds “whatever!”  When I start making out with her, she stops me and says she’s sorry that she doesn’t have huge boobs.  I tell her not to worry as I stare at her stomach that remains foldless despite her being seated.  We have sex, condom or not my choice because she’s on the pill.  We have sex a few more times because she has the energy, she sleeps over and I drop her off tomorrow on my way to work.

These illustrative examples demonstrate the difference in energy and overall vibe younger girls bring with them.  It’s a beautiful thing.  As a man in his early 30s, my energy levels are not what they were.  Recently my friend and I spent a week vacationing with two 22 year old girls we met.  They would drink, dance, run around the rented vacation apartment, laugh, cook, clean, bang, shower, you name it.  They were just enjoying being a young, carefree happy girls.  They never ran out of energy and it rubbed off on us.  It would have been a much different trip had the girls been… say 32 years old.

When Given The Option, Youth Is Always The Preferred Choice

James Woods recently dumped his 26 year old girlfriend for a 20 year old girlfriend.  Jason Statham just got engaged to a 26 year old Victoria Secret Model.  The same practices abound with other people of status and power.  Why?  Because they can.  When given the option, why wouldn’t a man want to have a younger rather than older mate?  It is very rare for a man of high value to date older.

Just know next time a woman tries to berate you for being attracted to and dating an eighteen year old, calling you a “pervert” and “creep” take solace in the fact that deep down, she knows that she just can’t compete.

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245 thoughts on “Young Girls Are Better Than Older Women”

  1. The 18, 19, and 22 year-old “young girls” ARE women. They are over 18, and therefore are adults, not young children.
    I tend to find older men who hit on me while obviously considering me/treating me like a child even though I’m over 18 to be “creepy.” If they treat me like an adult, well, I still won’t be interested, but I won’t find them creepy.

    1. Be honest, has any man actually hit on you whlie treating you like a child? Even complete amateurs have more game than that. I find your anecdote implausible.

      1. When they seem like they’re looking down on me when they speak to me, or being “paternal” or otherwise reminding me of an authority figure. Of course, you all would probably consider that the correct way to interact with any woman, so maybe they aren’t actually treating me like a child, but that is how it feels to me.

        1. Pay attention you older men. You don’t wnat to come off like this when addressing a younger female. R.Don Steele provided a lot of useful advice about this in his classic “How to Date Young Women for Men Over 35”, which pre-dated the “game” genre by about 10 years.

    2. The only men you find creepy is the guys you don’t like.
      If I ever see you…my pick technique will be a baby rattle.

      1. The baby rattle for a twenty something would be best to take the form of a gram of coke. Now watch missy’s eyes light up like a Christmas Tree when you wave that in front of her.

        1. Any shiny object or mind altering device usually works.
          That’s why kids like toys and television.

    3. does it not depend on which ‘older man’ – what about george clooney / johnny depp / take your pick? the treating you like a child / creepy thing will evaporate when the older man ‘isn’t like the others’. I am not an older man, I am a young man, but the dynamic is fairly obvious to me.

    4. does it not depend on which ‘older man’ – what about george clooney / johnny depp / take your pick? the treating you like a child / creepy thing will evaporate when the older man ‘isn’t like the others’. I am not an older man, I am a young man, but the dynamic is fairly obvious to me.

    5. does it not depend on which ‘older man’ – what about george clooney / johnny depp / take your pick? the treating you like a child / creepy thing will evaporate when the older man ‘isn’t like the others’. I am not an older man, I am a young man, but the dynamic is fairly obvious to me.

      1. Neither of them are attractive to me. Johnny Depp looks scruffy and unwashed, George Clooney is one of those celebrities “everyone” is supposed to find attractive, who I just don’t see the appeal of.
        Actually, that fits most celebrities, for me.

        1. So you don’t like men with high status and maturity, since these things generally cannot come without age for a man, with the notable exception of Justin Bieber.. As far as I can tell, you are in the minority of women.

    6. I treat girls the way they deserve to be treated. If they behave like children, I will treat them as such. Regardless of their age.

  2. In my 40s I took up Ballroom Dance, having attended a dance class fulll of 20 y.o co-eds. Thouroughly enjoyed the daily blast of youthful estrogen as I fronted a shtick of “passion for dance”. Eventually they lost their eagerness to dance with me when I became older than their fathers. But for awhile there, it was like swimming naked with mermaids…

    1. With all due respect sir, did you actually fuck any of these young twenty somethings? Cute smiles and dances from them do not count, nor does any man who responds “Well, no I didn’t actually fuck any of these girls but I could have easily fucked them…” count as success. What constitutes success is when the skag takes your cum with in her or on her. I do not mean to criticise but if we are to have an intelligent discussion on this topic then the standatds of what constitutes success has to be established.

      1. Putting your cum in or on a random woman does not count as success either.
        Marrying her, having children with her, having her not take you to the cleaners because in her mind you are worth more than stuff, and having her live the rest of her life with you is success.

        1. So a man can only succeed once in his life? And let me guess: you, earl, by your standard of success have GREAT SUCCESS. For now… lol

        2. The whole span of a man’s lifetime is a success. I’m nowhere near a success.
          One point in time means very little…consistency and persistence through life is the true measure of a man’s success.

        3. …..See its funny you say this…cause i could swear when I took my ex gf out to the club and picked up another Chinese girl with her and then when we took that girl home together and banged her multiple times… really felt like success….
          Maybe I’m wrong and being in bed with two naked girls going at it was all a scam…..fuck…how do I refund my ticket on that one!?!?!?!
          Success is however you define it personally, if you think you can send one standard for success that everyone has to follow…then you sir are just being plain silly.
          My version of success (as posted above) may not be success to most guys….and if it’s not, it’s still a great way to fail at being successful, in fact I think i’m gonna go fail some more now.

        4. Why assume it’s an exclusive and/or? It makes more sense that with our individual variances as men, the metrics of success would be as varied as the individuals. Without successful, healthy men who view an optimum achievement as cranking out some kids and creating a happy comfortable and stable environment for them with healthy 2-parent parenting, then we’d have an entire world that looks like much of Black america today. We need monogamous successful men more than we need PUA’s, yet we benefit optimally by having both in our knowledge pool.

        5. Your platitudes may space out the women folks, you don’t need to try to game the men here with this nonsense…its gay.
          You write it like you read it out of a book somewhere

        6. Somewhere in between. Some of us who had children in first marriages and aren’t looking to breed further, and are more interested in having a lover than a mom around the house.

        1. Ahhh, the voice of experience, teaching these rubes how to move cattle. Going back with my coffee by the fire.
          Anyone reading this, should read this comment.

        2. I always take a massive dump after a strong cup of coffee.
          And my wife revealed her secret for keeping vegetables bright green : soak them overnight in baking soda.

  3. Young girls invigorate the testosterone.
    Which is what you need to get through the daily grind of the world.

  4. James Woods has an IQ of 180, is a Republican and is fucking a 20-year old.

    1. In all due fairness, he is rich and famous. Golddigger comes to mind. I do think getting young hot tail is important. But when you’re 66 and you’re dating 20 year old’s, you haven’t grown up. Hence why society today is such a shitfest. Fuck old guys who do that shit, they fucked our generation and still can’t behave like adults. He’s not an alpha male, just some regular guy who lucked out. Also, IQ doesnt preclude a person from being dumb in other ways or a complete and utter shitbag. I’d like you to rethink what you consider to be role model behaviour.

      1. Read your post. Thought it over. You are a douche.
        James Woods is awesomeness. You cunt.

        1. PS: My IQ is 155. Kuder Adult IQ test. Yes, that’s right. I am 5 points more stupid than Albert Einstein.
          I take some pride in that.

        2. So you’re going to curse at me for making an observation? How can you even call yourself male? Saying something controversial shouldn’t make you all defensive. You are a thoughtless and spineless coward based on what you have said.
          In the future, guys like you won’t exist because you embody what it means to be an indoctrinated gimp – you’re just as bad as the ideology which sprang up the feminists.

      2. Older golddiggers demand far more gold than younger golddiggers. Something to keep in mind.

      3. Dude…he dumped a 26 year old…and started banging a 20 years old….he did not luck out. Also he is famous, is taller than average ( 5’11), has great facial features rich, has a wealth of knowledge, and actor which gives him charisma and allows him to adjust his frame perfectly to run that hamster and a wealth of social experience from all those years of living. He could have banged 18 ear old women in droves if he wanted to. If you look closely, you will se how much he has up his arsenal.

      4. Fair point. The really cool thing is when you see these relationships blossom without the golddigger stuff going on. Drive her around in a Honda Civic and be modest in consuming stuff. Purposefully live a little below your means. If she sticks around, you’re good to go!!

    2. I hope for your sake…he doesn’t get a stroke, turn Democrat, or becomes gay.
      We’ve seen what happens to people when their idols change their ways.

      1. If he’s fucking a 20-year-old girl, there’s no way he is, or turning, gay.
        Think about it: how lesbian are bi women when they’re being fucked by an alpha?

        1. And Mark Minter railed against marriage with eloquent rants…bet nobody thought he was going to get engaged.

        2. C’mon Earl, you know damn well that there’s no man more likely to get married than one who swears up and down he won’t. Not equivalent, at all.

  5. “When I start making out with her, she stops me and says she’s sorry that she doesn’t have huge boobs.”
    Wha? Are you sure she said 19, not 9?

  6. “When I start making out with her, she stops me and says she’s sorry that she doesn’t have huge boobs.”
    Wha? Are you sure she said 19, not 9?

    1. Ya, they cant handle the truth…men prefer young women, and of cause women like it when they are young themselves, but after wasting that youth with cock carroselling, their only choice is to shame that desire 🙂

  7. Everything in this article is correct, but in order to practically be constantly fucking 18 – 24 year olds, it would require two long-term relationship changes every decade for the rest of your life, but would probably be closer to picking up a new girl every few months and constantly having a few casual relationships on the go at once, while this is fine, I think most white men need some grounding, and if they intend to have kids, they simply have to gamble on an ideally young girl that they think will serve them well, not turn on them and stay pretty for as long as possible, I find myself asking more and more, how long has she got left – what will this girl look like in 10 years time?

  8. Everything in this article is correct, but in order to practically be constantly fucking 18 – 24 year olds, it would require two long-term relationship changes every decade for the rest of your life, but would probably be closer to picking up a new girl every few months and constantly having a few casual relationships on the go at once, while this is fine, I think most white men need some grounding, and if they intend to have kids, they simply have to gamble on an ideally young girl that they think will serve them well, not turn on them and stay pretty for as long as possible, I find myself asking more and more, how long has she got left – what will this girl look like in 10 years time?

  9. The most annoying argument is that these girls are too “immature.” Women pretty much top out intellectually at 15, and only grow more embittered, not intelligent. Even while still in college, 18 year old girls were much more pleasant than 21 year olds.
    I have just as much in common with a girl who’s a senior in high school as a woman who’s a senior marketing analyst. Namely, nothing.
    The difference is a younger girl will play to her strengths and be spontaneous and feminine, while an older woman will challenge you so that you “respect her” and see her as an equal. Ironically making me think much less of them.

    1. This whole idea of respecting women is huge propaganda.
      We are supposed to love women, and they respect us. I challenge women so that they respect me.

    2. I am not rich or famous, but did marrry a woman 27 years younger than me from a culture on the other side of the world. When people ask what we could possibly have in common I try to explain to them that we have as much in common as any man and woman; nothing. You have friends because of commonalities, not women.

      1. Excellent point. It makes you wonder where the notion of “needing something in common” came from.

        1. Feminist ideology that sprung from the ideas of Chivalry and “true love”.
          People want to believe that you need things in common in order to be compatible or have things to talk about. The last woman I had things in common with, I completely found unattractive. I could not see a long term relationship because we were so similar that I was repulsed by her.
          That’s not to say opposites attract is a good credo, either. The longest lasting marriages with the most “love” in them are arranged marriages, because they have no choice.
          There was some study done showing that as choice grows, our appreciation for what we choose dwindles. So the more fields you can get into, the more you regret not picking another. The more phones there are, the more you wish you’d chosen another.
          We live in a culture that espouses ultimate free choice in partners, and also claims that “true love” should rule over all, and so when that new relationship high is gone, they suddenly start regretting their choice.

      2. That’s a great point. A man and a woman in a relationship don’t need anything in common except having the same expectations.

      3. I tend to disagree, having commonalities is good. You can therefore enjoy lots of things with the woman. I know I find it a lot easier that way.

      4. The biggest blue pill lie comes from your mother telling you to marry your best friend…
        She was never your best friend.
        Once she divorces you, you are left with no friends since you spent your whole time with your “best friend”. Ironically she kept her friends and now has a new “best friend” in the making.

        1. I had a woman make out with me at a bar and ask me whether friends would be the best partners. She was a major slut, and she could fall in love with a guy and then dump him a week later. She once had angry loud tent sex to piss off her ex, as we were all on a camping trip together. She had an off and on again relationship with this ex, and when she was at her loneliest, called me to the bar.
          A week or two later, I asked if she wanted to be friends with benefits and she said that because it was me, the question was creepy. She’d just been making out with me and trying to get me to date her a week earlier.
          I dropped all contact at that point. If a woman calls you creepy for suggesting that, when you know she’s done it so many times in the past, she’s trying to punish a beta orbiter for getting out of line. No thanks.

        2. This is EXACTLY my situation. I got married to and divorced from my high school sweetheart, and she “kept” almost all of our friends. Went through goddamned hell trying to get some semblance of a social life back together. Amazingly astute post.

    3. This very true.
      If we want to be realistic. Sure, the young girls don’t have as much experience with travel and blah blah blah. But I have dated women in their 30s who live a more childish existence than girls in their 20s. At least the girls in their 20s are more honest about it.
      Meanwhile a lot of those girls in their 30s shame and call young girls immature idiots…not realizing that their behaviours and the conversations being had with them aren’t too dissimilar.
      But yeah, what do we honestly have in common with women of any age? That’s the crux of it.

    4. Wasn’t there a study that showed that women in their late teens and early 20’s actually have had about the same number of sexual partners (NOT fewer) on average than guys in their late 20’s and 30’s? That would seem to blow the ‘sexual immaturity’ idea out of the water.
      Also, aren’t feminists the ones who are always saying that girls in their late teens are 10 years ahead of their male counterparts in terms of maturity and social intelligence?

    5. There’s probably a good evolutionary reason why couples tend to involve a
      younger woman with an older man, and why some teenage girls like “older
      Then again, feminists don’t believe in science when it doesn’t suit their preconceived views.

    6. I hit on a medical student who is 20. I felt intimidated by this girls since they are smarter plus intelligent. I ended the interaction quickly because I am just a blue collar worker. I am thinking I made bad move, but at t he same time, do I have reason to feel intimidated by a young feminine doctor when my job status is pretty low ?
      Like this has always been an insecurity; talking to high ranking white collar girls( doctors, dentists) when I am blue collar.

      1. In the UK most women are doctors and they also seem to have no problem ‘dating down’ as you speak. I feel it is unfortunate that you feel that your job status should prevent you from dating certain types of women – as long as you aren’t bothered by it and they pick up on this, you come across well. Your value is as a guy and not your job. Also, its better that a woman likes you for you and not because of any financial benefits you may have to offer.

        1. yeah your right. to be honest, even though I read books and have a thirst for knowledge, I am blue collar because university is such a load of bullshit unless you want to become a lawyer/doctor/dentist/pharmacist/chartered accountant/engineer/physio and I already did one uni degree which failed bad in, but I was blue pill and unmotivated back then. Now I care more about money more than going back to university. I think because I am intellectual coupled with how everyone in my family makes great money with uni degrees except me, I feel like the odd one out and when I come across a girl with a high ranking degree, I get intimidated by her and I ma not okay….it is almost like she is more intelligent…also because I am reminded of my own failures.

      2. no you dont, it should never be about money or status, rather mutual attraction whether you find them funny, sexy, fun to talk to, etc. and seem to like the person they are!

    7. Perfectly formulated. You’re right, the stop getting smarter past 15. Whereas men continue to grow mentally all life.
      Mental life of men and mental life of women is two very different things, that’s why we can never be “equal”.

        1. Oh that’s harsh ! Getting personal, eh ? 🙂 Even if I’m not, you don’t know how I was at 15 so my point is still valid.

    8. I always want to think that such comments go from experiance of North American where the culture is way different than mine. In the age of 15 I was playing with my neighbors and cycling all day long… relationship with older guy, even when I was 17, 18 (to be honest, not ready for sex at all), would simply destry me…
      I feel a bit sorry for all of you guys… You’ve created a monster and now you’re surprised that it’s able to bite.

      1. blah blah blah blah
        typical feminist tactic: Have nothing substantive to refute an argument? “I feel sorry for you because blah blah blah”

      2. Eh, I’m North American, and I know I wasn’t ready to be in a relationship with anyone older or have sex with anyone at all at 15. I definitely still felt like a young teenager, and I didn’t even look at grown men as anything but adults – all in the same category as parents, teachers, etc.

    9. How old are you? You sound pretty bitter and unintelligent. You act as though you’ve met every single woman in the world with the way you generalize.

  10. Loads of respect for good ole James Woods, but fuck me if he doesn’t look like hell nowadays ..lolz. Goes to show that all women are prostitutes. Everything else around this basic premise is just haggling about the price.

  11. Great article, Law Dogger.
    Did James Woods spend the last five years looking into the Arc of the Covenant? Jesus.

  12. Its the way they move, they agility..the curves..everything. no amount of pilates can fake it.

    1. Agreed. They are never better than at 17-20. All the exercise and make up in the world can’t help mid twenties women compete.
      For me, I actually find women of mid twenties to early thirties to be the least attractive of all. Of course, I’m attracted to late teens most, but I’m also sexually attracted to older women. Just not women around my own age (I’m 29).

    1. there’s a link to an excellent article on that page:
      which is basically asking for men to screen themselves and only approach them if them if its the girl’s right time of the month, right mood, not busy and you’re what they’re after at that moment – if you don’t tick all the boxes then please don’t cause a mild inconvenience or embarrassment by saying hello
      “Women who wear heavy makeup, push-up bras, heels, or other “sexualized” clothing in public aren’t necessarily looking for the attention of every man in the room”, This is correct, they are only looking for the attention of alpha males capable of fucking their brains out, having beta males ogle them is an unintended consequence, but they probably secretly like it because it raises their opinion of themselves and gets them free drinks – “just no sex or boring conversation please” so objectified

      1. “Women who wear heavy makeup, push-up bras, heels, or other “sexualized”
        clothing in public aren’t necessarily looking for the attention of
        every man in the room”
        quoted by kolo

        I disagree. Females know that only when they have the interest of every man in the room do they have their pick of any man in the room.
        Of course, many (most?) young, youngy, and even older females these days don’t understand that ‘attention’ and ‘interest’ are two different states of mind and thus foolishly go for cheap attention-getting when they could be interesting instead.

        1. Men can spot a stunning girl a mile off, the eastern european waitress that wears exactly the same clothes as the other 6 will be on the radar of every single straight man in the room and could take her pick, same goes for the bar. She does not need to draw attention to herself because genuine quality will get more attention than the chubby girl pole dancing.
          Good distinction between attention and interest – men will instinctively check out the heels, bare skin, heavy make-up and may think ‘hottie’ but after a few seconds or minutes depending on how much of an effort she’s made, alcohol and other things they should clock her as as the average girl she is. I think because every man will go through this assessment there is a lot of initial attention but none of it will end up with her having pick of any man, just a few that still think she’s good enough.

  13. A few key points to make:
    (1)Do women get wiser with age? Don’t they just get older and nothing else? I think depending on the girl, a young wise person can be just as mature as the older women. Many older women (and men) never grew up, especially single older women.
    (2)A lot of people have bought into the lies laid down to us, but women have really bought into feminism in a way that has hurt men and now will hurt them (economy is going down in part because women do more unproductive work). Buying into being a sassy older woman who is as desirable as her younger self is part of that delusion.
    (3)A younger girl has not been neuro-cognitively hardwired and so long term relationships in the sub 25 age range (barring anecdotal exceptions) are more likely to last than relationships with older women who’ve had more cock and suffer from choice addiction and delusions of grandeur.
    (4)Older women are practised liars and manipulators and want you to bail them out of their bad choices. They’re likely to send you down eventually as a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

    1. Do women get wiser with age? Don’t they just get older and nothing else?

      A lot of guys don’t get wiser, either. I don’t know where this idea about “the wise elder” came from, because I haven’t seen any in my own family. Three of my grandparents, whom I got to know well (my dad’s father died early), seemed like basically decent people, but I could tell even as a child that they didn’t have much going for them. It never occurred to me growing up that I could go to one of them for advice, and especially not for financial or career advice, given their poverty and ignorance.
      Most of us just don’t have elders in our families like, say, Warren Buffett, for example, who have demonstrated that they’ve mastered the art of living in a competitive world, and they can guide us through their examples and precepts. Instead we have to look elsewhere, even to books or blogs.

      1. Of course you are right about what you have said. Its sad that many guys don’t have somewhere to turn to. In the past there was the community which offered ‘lateral’ education if the family was not enough. Now many neighbours don’t talk to or help each other, so this ‘community’ wisdom is lost.

  14. “James Woods recently dumped his 26 year old girlfriend for a 20 year old girlfriend.  Jason Statham just got engaged to a 26 year old Victoria Secret Model.  The same practices abound with other people of status and power.  Why?  Because they can.”
    It’s being rich and famous that enables these guys to be old and yet pull young poon. I think your article simply states what we already know. Now if you could elaborate more on how non rich and famous over 40 men can get with (pretty) twenty somethings that would be worh reading. I assume you are writing from the USA? Thats where I’m based. So do tell…

    1. A good looking, very dominant guy can do it with the right girl. I was seeing a 41 year old at age 20. You’re looking for a girl who values intelligence and maturity in addition to looks. A good occupation for this is college professor. Something that gives you an authoritative social position.

      1. Why do you feel the need to troll here and infect ROK with politically correct fantasies and lies?

        1. Lol, I’m not a troll. I’m actually just trying to help. If I were trying to infect you with PC lies I’d be calling you all immature creeps for hitting on young women, right? I really did date a 41 year old who was neither famous nor rich when I was 20. Why would I lie about it? It’s unusual but it happens.

      2. I was a college professor. It would have been professional suicide to have anything to do with a female student. Your fantasies may have been the stuff of my nightmares.

        1. What about 1) after the semester is over, and 2) she is not a fat manjawed feminazi?

        2. It’s pretty tricky, considering that even if she really likes you, she could flip someday, get angry at your for no reason, then expose you as a pervert to the whole administration.
          Still, though, I don’t think Amy was talking about her *own* college professor. You can be a college professor and be in a relationship with someone outside your college.

        3. Hugo S. banged a whole ton of his college students… and all he got was more job offers.

      3. Social position is really important, but nowadays pretty much all the older guys in positions of social power are there due to connections rather than raw ability, at least in England. I don’t respect English guys as much as continental men or those from Scotland/Wales. So a girl can respect social position, but in many occasions this hasn’t been earned and the guy could be a completely useless tool. Thanks for the tip but I don’t listen to most women’s useless ramblings. Take a look around you and realise how Western women are erasing themselves (and their men) from the future of the human race. And then realise how big a useless turd you are.

        1. Lol, you may care whether social status has been “earned”, but the girls won’t. I don’t care what country you’re from, women are attracted to power, even if it’s not connected to money. They don’t care how the guy achieved his status and whether he deserves it. Insult me all you want, but your advice is bad. An older guy in a power position over younger women CAN successfully use that status to pull them, even if he is a useless tool.

    2. I’m 42 and bang college girls rite now. It can be done but it takes alot of work. I had to spend a whole year getting in shape and building social contacts but it can be done. Just cant let it slip to anyone how old you are not to mention you cant look or act old!

      1. Fair play. You probably deserve it. You are right about how social contacts hands down beat game (as game is only for a few to master) and money. Its true that game and money help, but social contacts is the key and sometimes on its own can be enough, more consistently than other factors.

        1. proximity, putting yourself around available women in the rite locations and social situations. Status, outward appearance as well as how you compare to other males in the social environment. Plus game equals success. Not everyone can do what i been doing the last few years as I have seen first hand men much younger then me labeled old guy creeper.

      2. Agree with that BUT if/when it comes up you must be absolutely honest about your age. Just say it, get it out in the open, and there you have it. I mean, if nothing else, when you’re dating one of these girls and you have a birthday, she’ll obviously want to know which one. Dishonesty of any sort is such a turnoff that you’ll never recover.

    3. I am not forty yet but I am only 3 years away. My last fling was a 21 year old college girl so let me give it a swing. First, be in shape with no gut. Second, wear current cloths. Between first and second your goal should be to look like a Men’s Health cover. Third have at least a decent car and your own place. Make sure your music is current Kanye, EDM, 2 Chains, ect. Fourth lie about your age or dodge the question completely (I typically loose 5-7 years ). Last be flexible because they will flake and they think they have all the time in the world. That’s my short submission ……

      1. You are dead on with the college crowd. And even the girls that blow up your phone the next day will flake three days later.

        1. One thing about college girls is you have to have the good times ready to go on a moments notice and close quickly. In Atlanta I recommend dub step parties for young lady acquisition . Also it doesn’t hurt to have” party favors” ready as well. Young, hot girls they just want to have fun.

    4. I was a-fucking a cute 25 year old when I was 51. I had no job, although I had an advanced degree and was living in a trailer. Haha, I just realized that makes me somewhat hatable, and there is no success without being hated, like Seth Datta that abortion a few posts up who is hysterical at the though of anyone but him having fun.
      Oh, Seth, thought you might like to know she would call me “Daddy!” when about to come on my cock. Think what THAT must have done to the underpinnings of society. As if anyone will care in 100 years.

  15. A Danish study found that the old man/young woman combination does wonders for the man’s health. I suspect the threat of sperm competition with younger men has something to do with it. The older man’s body ramps up DNA repair to keep his sperm cells competitive with the ones from the woman’s other lovers, if any, and it has the side effect of improving the overall maintenance of his somatic cells as well.

    1. So the fountain of youth is to excercise a ton, diet, and bang 18 year old’s your whole life? I’m 20- I’m planning this stuff right now.

    2. I don’t know about somatic cells — no idea what they are — but it does tons for your physical and mental health. And just basically toughens you up — you MUST be the leader in these relationships or you’re simply barking up the wrong tree.

  16. Banging 19 and 20 yo olds is fine( 90% have poor to no sexual skills especially when it comes to bjs) but to date them?? How can any smart guy stand the presence of a dumb 20 yo who only talks about how so and so got them in the club last week and they got soooooo wasted it was sooo awesome. Persoanlly i work as a bartender and so many of my colleagues are under 25 and i cant even stand talking to them, pure stupidness. And as far as looks goes, i know a shitload of women in their 30’s that will blow any 20 yo any time of day. But then it comes down to if you wanna be with a WOMAN, or a child….food for thought!!

    1. No doubt you have to be picky about a woman’s personality. But there are intelligent young women, and there are ditsy 30-somethings that just like gossiping about the neighbors and reality tv.

    2. How can any smart guy listen to everything a woman says? Filter it out to the most important stuff.
      They are here to look at and produce children.

    3. You’re not a good woman trainer if you allow them to bore you like that. You need to train them better. Give them direction. Tell them what you want. If they are good girls, and you are a good man, they should adapt.

      1. That statement makes no sense, if you had experince with girls that age you would would realize they have nothing to talk about due to lack of intelligence and and life experience. No bigger turn off than a dumb stupid girl. But according to you they should adapt….right ! very logical

        1. What I’m saying is that, even assuming they have nothing interesting to talk about, and that you can’t be interested in what they talk about, and both are false, is that you can still teach them as their man not to bore you with nonsense you aren’t interested in. Direct them to be more interesting, direct yourself to be more interested, or direct them elsewhere. Perhaps silence.

  17. A guy at work wants to set me up with his sister-in-law. I assumed she was late 20s-early 30s based on his age. Turns out she is a 45 yo single mom. Uggh. I’m 40 and only looking to date younger.

  18. The innocence and coyness of a girl in her early 20s is a very special kind of light, which is comforting to bask in when you have passed 40 years as a man. The light she gives off vibrates at a slightly different wavelength than the light from an older woman, but is special in its own way.
    But besides the usual rules of game, the “younger girl game” has a few special rules of its own. Or, I should say, certain things have to ramped up, and certain things scaled back.
    The best things you can do in your 20s and 30s to be the guy in his 40s with younger women are:
    1. Take care of your skin. Sounds like bullshit, but trust me, it ain’t. Use sunscreen and be scrupulous about not doing anything to screw up your mug.
    2. Stay in shape, for Christ’s sake. You need to be lifting and doing some cardiovascular stuff to keep yourself athletic. The goal should be to always look 15 years younger.
    3. Moderate use of alcohol, and absolutely no smoking.
    4. Never stop developing yourself intellectually, professionally, and in every other way. You need to contain a universe within yourself.
    5. Be prudent with your money. Don’t waste it on bullshit.
    6. Never isolate yourself from people for long periods. Travel all the time, mix, mingle, be positive, and be the light.

    1. Oh yeah, forgot two other things:
      7. Keep your limbs nimble and flexible. The reasons should be obvious to the connisseur of coitus. Occasional yoga helps with this. I hate yoga, but I can’t deny its benefits.
      8. Stay in tune with popular clothing styles, trends, and culture, which will help you in many ways. Personally I prefer Italian clothing and style…

    2. Bravo, Quintus. You always get to the core elements of any issue in a way that’s meaningful and helpful 🙂

    3. Good comment. This content could make for a worthwhile ROK article in and of itself.

        1. For real Quintus that would be a good article. My 37 year old ass would read it!

        2. Indeed. I want to read something like this. I fulfill all these requirements, yet don’t seem to do well with the under-25s. 25-30 has been my sweet spot for a while now.

    4. You’re really over complicating this, all you need to do is get money or power and they generally come together and you’ll attract all the young women you can stand even if you look like southern end of a northbound dog.

      1. True, but the other points he mentions are good advice in general beyond just attracting women.

      2. It’s not that simple. Money and power don’t attract pussy nearly as much as money, power and style. Gotta have style. Go for James Bond and you’re sorted.

        1. Big money or a big d i ck. Females are simple creatures despite their claims to the contrary.

    5. Omg seriously you don’t look 15 years younger. Guys are so delusion you don’t age like wine. You age like moldy bread.

        1. Actually, men do not age like wine, it’s just that no one cares as much when they get old, their looks aren’t nearly as valued as women’s are period (if at all). There are way more unnattractive, wrinkled, balding older men out there than there are healthy, physically attractive ones. As a young, attractive woman myself, I can safely say younger men are often far more attractive. Physically anyway. If all men had only their looks to rely upon, most of you older fellows would be SOL! Sorry but that is the truth. Men are rarely as attractive as the women they seek, and luckily for them those women are less concerned with physical appearance than the men are. Older men = old. Men rarely posses beauty anyway, even when young. So what you have when they grow older is still just an unnattractive male, only he’s older now. If you where to ask women to rate men upon their looks alone, most men would not even qualify. True beauty is a rare quality in men and women a like. So if you never had it, you never will.

    6. These are really so important. Its a strange thing, but the confidence of having all this is way more powerful than actually just having money and still feeling intimidated because you feel wrinkled. Tom Leykis said that you have to project that you are a rich guy, even if you’re not.
      I only recently got into using sunscreen and lotion, and trying to tone down my stress, and I wish I had done it sooner. Don’t get old looking, and let your body change shape. Those things can help or hurt you more than your actual chronological age.

    7. Wait I thought men didn’t have trouble attracting young women as they age? Why the advice?

      1. if they are above average men, they don’t have trouble attracting young women.

    8. “never stop developing yourself intellectually, professionally, and in every other way.” – yet, you are actually requesting that a female do just that, and remain in one stage of life, in order to remain attractive?! So females who develop intellectually, professionally, and in every other way simply age-out of being attractive?! I call bullshit. Your advice would be better taken if it weren’t so misogynistic and creepy, focused on the “younger girl game.” Jesus Christ, WE DON’T WANT MEN LIKE YOU. Get it?! Grow up, accept growth, accept that people – men AND women age, and people are beautiful because of what is inside them. That is life. That is light.
      What you are spewing is shit. Are you honestly saying that men must work in their 20s and 30s for the goal of being in the 40s and able to date hot girls around 20yrs old. That is a life goal? That is PATHETIC.

  19. “We have sex, condom or not my choice because she’s on the pill.”
    idk about this. Think you should always suit up. The 19 yo that allows you to decide if you want to wear a condom eventually becomes the 34 yo that you chastise for having made poor decisions. I expect better logic from you Law Doggie, not the male version of the hamster.

    1. There’s no disconnect here, Vaughn.
      LD is perfectly well allowed to enjoy the view from poolside and reap the benefits while still bemoaning what’s happening.

    2. Disagree totally. If she’s demonstrably on the pill — or better yet if she’s on it because you asked her to go on it before having sex — why on Earth would you suit up? 19 y.o. pussy can be the best thing this side of heaven, especially if it’s anywhere near virginal. You must have a lot of self-control if you seriously advocate using a condom.

  20. I’m at 27 year old woman who’s also attracted to younger guys. I would prefer 21 year old guys over 30-something year old guys too. They’re hotter, carefree, and don’t come with all this baggage. Yes, I’m selfish and I want a guy with no baggage nor weird quirky behavior from being alone. Also, I would not want to be alone for 10+ years since guys die on average 5 years earlier than women.

    1. “Also, I would not want to be alone for 10+ years since guys die on average 5 years earlier than women.”
      That’s what kids and grandkids are for.

    2. You’re assuming that any worthwhile guy would want to actually date you for a lifetime. You’re pretty arrogant and your peak was when you were 22-23. I would find it hard to take any woman seriously who said she was looking for a long term relationship and she was 27 and single.

    3. your full of shit…I bet a 45 yo with game can reel you in and bang you harder than any 20 yo chump..

  21. It’s not just girls that make silly comments about my banging 20 year old girls, it’s guys too.
    I can’t tell you how many guys immediately respond with “I can’t date a girl that young, what do you talk about?” every time I tell them about my adventure with a young girl barely out of her teens.
    Fine with me. Leave me competing with college boys and teenagers who are as lost as I was with women at that age. The young girls don’t seem to mind.
    The only downside is the energy thing. When you have them in your presence, yes, it’s a good thing and it can be infectious. However, meeting them requires a bit more youthful carefree spirit and late night escapades…which I can’t muster all the time. I wish I could, but I can’t. So you either put yourself in the right venues occasionally or you suck it up and live a double life on a consistent basis. I prefer the double life once in a while at my choosing. After all, I get older and they stay the same age. They’ll always be around (so long as you keep yourself interesting and presentable enough….if status isn’t on a hollywood level).

  22. I got out of a 10+yr marrige this year and have been dating
    up a storm ever since, leaning heavily on the advise that nothing gets you over
    the last girl like the next girl. I date anything hb5+ that puts out by date3. There
    is a marked difference in my experience with the girls under 23 and the girls
    over 27. Here are a few examples:
    19yo hb6 girl has spontenous sex with me in a
    dennies bathroom.
    29yo hb7 girl asks me to take her to an
    expensive resturant, so I take her, and then she wont give me a handjob under
    the table.
    21yo hb7 girl gives unprompted roadhead while on
    a 2hr drive to the beach in my convertible.
    33yohb5 girl asks to be taken to a concert at a
    drive bar, and while we wait in line outside in the cold and dark street, she
    wont let me grope her over her clothes.
    18yo hb6 thai GF brought ky jell along on a hike
    so I could sodomize her in the woods. I was given no notice she had plans for
    sex when we left my house to go hiking.
    30yo hb5 passed out and hit her head while on
    the same hike as the thai girl. 30yo claimed that I “took her on a hike that
    was clearly ment to embaress and shame her for being a little overweight.” No sex
    was had with her after that.
    Needless to say, I am trying to only date
    girls that are from 18-25. But its hard out here for a pimp 🙂
    great article LawDogger

    1. Sounds like some fan fiction here. a Christian McQueen disciple you must be, he tells some doozies too.

      1. it helps that I make 6figures a year, own a few houses, cars and businesses. plus, the poosy gods have always been kind to me. if I told u some of my exploits from se asia, I doubt u would believe them, but I have video to back my claims up.

        1. I’m a billionairre with 8 houses, 11 cars, 3 yachts, a stable of 20 fine horses, and a 14 inch schlong. Do we know each other?

    2. (1) and (2) sounded decent. Admitting to (3) makes me think that you should never be allowed to drive.

      1. I’m guilty as charged too on the spontaneous ‘road head’ thing while driving, as well as another time when I drove with only one hand, my other hand staying all the time over the girl’s pussy who was reclining on the passenger seat with her legs spread (she was quite drunk too). You do need a measure of coolness and self control to handle it, especially when your car has a manual gear change and not an auto .. lol (talk of multitasking).
        Honestly though I think we’re generalizing too much based on age. Yes, probably a younger girl tends to be more happy go lucky, but it really depends on the individual. These little happy incidents and others happened with women in their early thirties too. I like to think that it depends a lot on your masculinity being able to draw out the slut that’s inside them.

        1. I drive an automatic, but I cosign with you on the pleasures of making her cum with one hand and driving with the other.
          I call it a “cargasm.”

    3. What the fuck is an HB5? Are you telling me that you can classify a “5” as a “Hot Babe”?? A 5 is not a HB, it’s a UFD (Ugly Fat Dog). Maybe a 7 or 8 can be classified as an HB, but not a fucking 5. Jesus.

    4. What the fuck is an HB5? Are you telling me that you can classify a “5” as a “Hot Babe”?? A 5 is not a HB, it’s a UFD (Ugly Fat Dog). Maybe a 7 or 8 can be classified as an HB, but not a fucking 5. Jesus.

  23. I briefly dated a very hot 18 yo recently (I’m 24). I was surprised how many friends who instead of congratulating me tried to make me feel ashamed about it. It’s amazing how deep the blue pill goes… men are actually denying their own sexual instincts.

    1. Thats so true. Next time just say, ok I’ll take the 18 year old hot pussy, you’ll take the 38 year old bitter hags that you like so much. Win win !

    2. amen, i got caught up with this rediculous mentality in high school which prevented me from fucking girls younger than me that i shouldhave fucked.
      i’ve had a friend, at 20 say girls at 18, we’re too young for him, that they are too immature for him… and that he wanted to find the one and only girl (pity the guy is in good shape, but his bs rant seems loses all romantic credibility when he turns around to check out and leer at a hottie, a widespread hypocrisy).
      some guys would rather deny their insticts, have NO standards and fuck the fugly the exact same age, to be a PC, than admit they want a hottie in good shape a few years younger (good tool for a fattie to validate herself, as socially acceptable w/ her offensively disgusting appearance). this can give a few acquaintances the opportunity to talk about how “lucky” they got hooking up at the last few parties… (where i might have not hooked up, but would have considered it torture if i had

  24. Awesome article. Exactly like you said, plenty of men don’t get 18 year old ass so they invent reasons why they wouldn’t want it anyway, even if they could.
    PS: Mary’s real name isn’t actually Mary, it’s something like Rachel or Sarah – she sounds like every single Jewish girl I’ve ever had a date with out of college.

  25. Agree with pretty much everything said in this article and the comments,
    but with enough glorifying young 18-24 girls all over the manosphere it will be both funny and sad to see legions of men twice their age creeping them out with what they’d call “game” thinking they’re even remotely close to the status of Clooney and Hef, and spoiling the fun for everyone else.

    1. Yup the “elderly opener” really is an elderly opener when some guys hit on those 18-24 year olds.

  26. All the MONEY in the world..
    All the MUSCLES in the world..
    All the LOOKS in the world..
    All the STATUS in the world..
    Can not and will not help if you get primo grade young pussy if you don’t have..
    STRONG social skills and the ability to be expressive and show your reactions of the world
    The reason men say it’s because he has MONEY or MUSCLES or GOOD LOOKS is so they can deflect attention away from their personal failings.. their poor social skills
    Also, dominance, authority, wearing the pants, and punishing her for demonstrating a poor attitude and non-willingness to meet your sexual and socially is also very important.
    That’s it. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Wear the pants in your relationship- both in a masculine/ dominant sense and in a social sense. She should look up to you, she should feel YOU are more valuable than her.
    The result: she will lust after your cock no matter how big, average or small it is.

    1. True, but the Jersey Shore alike social skills needed to get Western women today is not really social skills. That’s just acting like an idiot imo.

    2. Great post. Good social skills and the GENUINE ability to light up situations. And totally agree, it’s 100 percent up to you to wear the pants. Put it this way, you don’t ask her for head, you tell her to suck your cock as and when you want. Doesn’t have to be at all mean, but it has to convey that you are one hundred percent expecting her to do it then and there.

  27. As nice as it sounds, at sixty years old (although I look in my mid-forties) my chances of hooking up with a nice young twenty-something seem pretty remote, eh?

  28. I’m in my 30s but can pass for late 20s when I shave and wear more casual clothes. I’ve banged 18 yo’s and would probably go as low as 16 if it weren’t illegal in my state; but that’s where the attraction ends for me. It’s physical. It doesn’t go any further. And I really do question the intellect of any man who would imagine building a relationship with them. The ones you could actually hold a conversation with aren’t really that attractive (no surprise). The hot ones are vapid attention whores. Materialistic. And they think Drakes lyrics are “deep”. They’re nothing but pump and dumps for me. Fun and nothing else. I’m talking about the American ones, mind you. Not too sure how the young women outside the states would act.

  29. Im 37 and dating or having sex with tons of girls 18- 23 girls, mostly strippers models or pornstars. I never date girls over 23 anymore cuz they are jaded from dating losers, want kids, or wasted all there fun days on idiots they dated or married, or have a kid with an ex douche bag still in her life leaving the 30 year old women bitter boring and giving you less of themselves than they would have given you if they were 21.

  30. I’m a 19 year old girl who’s attracted to older men. How do I become more approachable to them? I don’t want them to assume that I would just blow them off. And are guys generally attracted to black women? I feel as though my race puts me at a disadvantage when it comes to dating. People only seem to notice the tall, hot blondes.

  31. agree. in my day and age (30) I have yet to meet a woman whom I would consider my intellectual “equal”. Sure you meet smart girls in college, but their smarts are usually reserved for their field of studies and very seldom they educate themselves across the borders of said field, means a female law student is probably , IQ-wise, smarter than me and knows more about law than I will ever know, but try talking to her about politics, history, culture, music in a way that goes deeper than tabloid headlines or half-knowledge and I bet you’ll find an empty void.
    most boys and the men they become have a range of interests, starting at men-basics like sports and cars, covering culturals stuff like music and movies (the popculture centered view of the teenage years later becoming more nuanced), to history&politics&geography (all three are largely connected, a history buff will know where byzantine is located and what its name is today and why that plays into current conflicts).
    but most importantly, men are passionate about these things. have you ever met a man with whom you went through the motions of polite small talk only to find out both of you support the same team/ love muscle cars/ read books by the same author / go fishing?
    within seconds you both shift the topic towards your common interest, both of you gaining new insights, exchanging tips and advice, recalling stuff you havent thought about in years. while the female onlookers stare at you, unable to believe that you are agle to bond on the subject of russian science-fiction stories of the 60s faster and deeper than they ever could with their long-time friends.

    1. I attempted to discuss Saudi Arabia with my 20-something male colleague. His response? “Is that in Massachusetts?” Meanwhile, as a female, my passions include veterinary science, geology, meteorology, history, deep-sea marine biology, metal-detecting, among other things.

  32. I think… having a younger man is better too. Their skin is less saggy, they’re more likely to have more energy to keep up with a young woman, and their balls sit nice and close to their body. Physically speaking (which we all know is ALL THAT MATTERS for a one night stand) young men rule. What young girl would want to feel old man balls slapping against her during sex? Who are you kidding dudes….

    1. True story!!! I’m 49, single, fat, and fugly. So yeah, no one’s gonna want to settle down with me, but here’s the good news… men are sluts. The average man will fuck anything. A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. No matter what age he is. Which means even us old hags can bag some surprisingly tasty cub meat with little effort. Sure, he might have preferred some scrawny young muff but, hey, tough shit… if he’s having a slow night, he gets me instead. And when his sweet, pretty young face is between my thighs, I can give zero fucks what he wants. No expectations, no effort. Result.

    2. Cool you be happy with those young dudes. I’ll be happy with young hot girls

  33. Weird! My comments keep getting removed. When I signed up, I was informed Disqus doesn’t censor.. Anyhow. Who are you kidding!! If a female has the option to chose her partner for a one night stand, she’ll pick the young buck every time. Nice tight skin, high energy levels, and balls that sit close to his body. We all know that is ALL THAT MATTERS for a one night stand – finding a male who is aesthetically pleasing. Who are you kidding with this….

    1. The 2 min sex duration, bony hips jabbing into you.Those young bucks are great!

      1. You don’t have to tell me twice 😉 I’ve had more of a problem with erectile dysfunction in older men than I’ve had with premature ejaculation in the younger. I agree with the guys here, but my point of view is one from a straight female hunting for younger men instead of a straight male hunting for younger women. There’s just something about their stamina and that they’re less set in their ways, more fun, more trainable.. less likely to talk to me about boring business stuff and more likely to play video games with me after we screw. So yeah, I get it, I get the article. Just don’t think that line of reasoning doesn’t go both ways.

  34. “So, in order to stay young, throw away your old wife, never even look at overweight, wrinkled women. Find yourself a pretty teenage girl and fuck her as often as you can. Don’t let a complex of inferiority to overcome you. Contrary to all rules of bourgeois society, in reality young girls like to get an attention of older man, it flatters them. Many girls would be proud to go to bed with you, it will give them enormous sexual thrill that they lack in relationship with partners of their own age. Besides, some girls dream of sexual relationships with their fathers. You will be welcome as a thrilling substitute, believe me…Young girls will excite you better. Young girls have a tight, hot pussies, their love juice is a boiling one, on the contrary, love juice of an older woman is glue-like. Young laugh, their freshness, even their naive stupidity will have a rejuvenating effect on you. Listen to stupid hit songs with them, get them drunk, fuck them and be happy.”
    Eduard Luminov[1] -How to be Mad and Happy at 55

  35. Yay! Nice discussion, nice conclusions. Just a moment: younger guys are totally better too! No need for women to get insulted, no need to worry. Guys go with little girls “if they can”… just a few of them do. And their (your!!!) “old” wives keep dreaming about young boys while men waist their time on schoolgirls. Period. Everyone is unhappy. That’s life…

  36. I’m 43 now and I used to think that all I needed was to have money and I would have women. Well, now I have money but I’m old. Over the years I’ve learned how to understand women. As the saying goes,”A man can either love women or understand them. He can’t do both.” This is absolutely true and age has brought me wisdom and I can say with authority a few things about what I’ve learned.
    When you get older, even if you manage to stay in great shape and make money, you will find it difficult to meet, interact, and relate to very young women. The ones that will be most receptive to you are gold diggers.
    If you believe that women only want your money therefore you just need to make money then you’ve got a few problems.
    1. You think you can love someone who is really in love with cash. Try to be in a relationship like that and it will ruin you financially and emotionally. Better to just hire a prostitute.
    2. Most women don’t marry for money. Instead, they exclude most men for not having enough money. If you have the status that they think they are entitled to then you actually have to make her like you. If you don’t have that status then she probably won’t give you the time of day until you prove otherwise.
    Game is very important. I’ve learned some game and I’ve used some game and I got good results. However, along the way I also learned about women and realized that most women I just don’t like. Most women really aren’t attractive. Most women are too entitled and spoiled to make a good partner.
    Lastly, some guys think that going with a foreign wife is the way to go. I tried it once and it ended badly for me but it could have been a lot worse. The truth is that women are shitty all around the world and they are good all around the world. What I’ve found though is that if you are attracted to the assholes then that’s hardly their fault now is it? I am attracted to the assholes and I can’t change that so instead I’ll just stay single and find other things about life to enjoy.

    1. Agreed. I’ve seen that just in my 30s. Around age 31 it becomes MUCH harder to attract the 18-22 girls, regardless of money. Good style and charisma help – and being fit really helps.
      It’s not hard to date younger women in their 20s but pretty hard to get college aged girls now. It was just a weird massive dropoff of interest around age 31 for me. At 29 I was cleaning up with them.
      Mid 20s and upper 20s is still pretty easy and I expect that to the case until the early 40s, but I imagine a similar drop-off of mid 20s interest may happen at that 40 threshold too.

  37. Man. reading this makes me want to buy a plane ticket and go spend a weekend with my 16 year old girlfriend again.

  38. Are you crazy? I’m 54 and I’ve fucked 18-22 year-olds. Hard bodies. No experience. Air heads. Fickle. Immature as dog poop. Suck in bed. There’s a reason Prince Charles dumped young Princess Diana and wanted to lick Camilla all day long. Milfs get me totally horny, girls rarely. P.S. James Woods looks like crap in the pic above, what’s he proud of?

    1. That is the lamest post ever. No experience is GOODDDDD!!! How about this: ->youyou<- like. MILFs by definition have ruined pussies. And who cares if James Woods looks like crap? Are you gay? What we are noting here is that the hombre has it going on, you fucking faggot.

  39. the worst thing i have done is dated an older women.
    screwing around with one sure…not a problem…dating an older woman when you are a man in your mid 30’s….will KILL your ego.
    Be smart dont’ do it!

  40. I live at the moment in a country where 14 is legal to fuck.
    I call this a paradise even if I don’t fuck that young. Although, if they were super sexy and mature for their age sure I would. Better that than fucking a 17 year old in US and end up in jail of pedophilia.

  41. Im a 17 year old girl and Im shocked at the level of stupidity in this comment section. All grown men. Wow… You are all so messed up and confused. Too immature for me.. Think im better off with someone who has self esteem and isnt addicted to porn

    1. Better watch out – these fuckers read “17 year old girl” and get rape fantasies.

  42. So are you saying that women should just automatically kill themselves when they reach thirty so men don’t have to look at us? Women tend to be more suicidal than men anyway, and this kind of thing really fuels that.

  43. I made a major decision recently to dump my 26 year old girl and commit to my 34 year old girl. The red pillers in the crowd will think I am daft but there are a few facts in the mill. I am 48 so even option 2 is 14 years younger than me. The 26 year old behaved like she was 12. After 4 months I got sick of putting up with her shit. She was feckless and unreliable and I wanted a wife, not a creepy daughter sort of substitute.
    In other news there was a forty-something pilot with a teenage wife who seemed to be a complete asshole.
    From the pictures she seems to be sweet as strawberries and covered for him at his trial, but the judge didn’t buy it.

    1. Morality is #1 priority, hands down. If a Christy Brinkley lookalike is a narcissistic bitch who will cheat, better to let her be.

  44. It depends HIGHLY on how she takes care of herself.
    After reading this I thought, you know I wonder what the hotties I used to crush on when I was a kid in the 1990s look like now?
    So I looked up 3 celebrities who were in their 20s in my youth and are older now. Amy Jo Johnson – the Pink Ranger. Age 44 today, she’s still hot. Not as hot she was when she was all tight and cute, but not bad at all. Lori Laughlin – Uncle Jesse’s wife Rebecca from Full House. Age 50 today, she’s also still hot – surprisingly hot for 50, keeps herself in awesome shape. Tiffani Amber Thiessen – Kimberly from Saved By the Bell and Valerie from 90210. She’s okay looking now – but has definitely has packed on weight and looks more like a mom, but still an attractive mom, although I wouldn’t call her hot now. At age 41, she’s the youngest of those 3 but has had the most drastic decline in her looks.
    When I look at my facebook I see the principle at work. Hot girls stay relatively hot until they let themselves go. A 9 at age 21 won’t be a 9 at age 40 anymore but she can still be a high 7 or low 8. If they take care of themselves, they can drag out their decline in looks for quite some time, but it takes work. I’ll take a 36 year old who works hard to keep in shape over a 23 year old who’s eating too much ice cream ANY DAY.
    I’m 32 and my of my fb friends – there are some girls I graduated with from high school or college with that look just about as good today as they did then. Then there are others that are unrecognizable and you can see from their fb history that at a certain age they just stopped caring. Age is only one of the factors in hotness.
    I’ll generally give a younger women 1 step over an older one – but as I said this can vary widely.
    As for going out with younger vs. older – I’ll say this – the half your age +7 rule is pretty darn true. I’m 32 now and if I try to date younger than 23 if it’s anything more than just pure sex I actually do find that I have trouble relating to them. I didn’t think I would, that age is just a number, etc… but wow – I just can’t get into the vapid stuff they say sometimes.
    Mid 20s is fine. Regarding the sex – all things being equal younger is better than older, but all things are OFTEN not equal.

  45. Great article. But keep in mind that james woods reputedly has a 14 inch c o ck

  46. 14 reasons Why younger men are better than older men. 1. They have better bodies and MORE muscle tone. (Have you seen the saggy arms on older men?? Man boobs anyone? YUCK ! ) 2.Young men have a full head of hair. Nothing turns a young girl off more than a receding hairline.. 3. Younger men smell better. Once a guy reaches a certain age his fermones just don’t smell the same. There is nothing better than the smell of a young and vibrant man. 4. Old men cannot have sex like young men. A 19 year old man can perform sexually several times a day, while an older man maybe once. No matter who is partner is. 5. Young men do not need viagra to get hard.6. Younger men are more energetic, athletic and stronger. Why do you think men retire at athletics around 35? 7. Young men put off a certain light and energy that dies with age. 8. Older men are biter and have a lot of hatred towards women. Younger men are still naive and this is good. 9. Young men do not have balls that sag to the ground. There is nothing more disgusting than a pair of saggy balls. Sorry guys time is not nice to your testicles. 10. Younger men have nice skin. No matter how distinguished you think those wrinkles look, us women DO NOT Like it. 11. Younger men are witter and sharper than their older counterparts. Unlike women who retain intelligence as they age, men become slower and stupid. 12. The sperm of a younger man is of higher quality and produces smarter children. This is a scientific, proven biological fact. Also, there are studies that show a down-syndrome and autism link related to older sperm. ( Young Women keep this in mind when choosing a mate). Oh this is so much fun ! Shall I go on? 13. Young men have nicer feet, older men have disgusting toenails. What happens to those things past 35?? 14. Old men have hair growing out of weird places. Like their ears and on their noses. Puke !! I could list another 100 reasons but I really gotta go.

    1. There is some truth to what you are saying. Physically, I peaked about at 22. I was young, very fit and toned. Now, I am still in decent shape, but admittedly, not what I used to be. However, 20 years later, I have social skills, money, experience, and maturity.
      Women, especially feminists, on the other hand, never gain those things. They still have the same immature mindset, the same inferior income potential, and the same bitchy attitude (so well established by your post). Maybe if you brought something else to the table, you would be worth looking at.

    2. you must be talking about old married men who let themselves go. single men are in great shape most of the time

  47. This rings pretty much true. I am 51. I am no Brad Pitt but I do have a lot of confidence. I have been dating progressively younger and younger women. I recently got up the sack to ask out a college sophomore, age 19, for vacation on her fall midterm break. She said yes and we went away for 8 days. Nothing too too fancy, but it was just great. She was very funny and just plain good. Very very petite. Almost flat-chested, but super toned. Not super sophisticated — in fact quite like the above article states. Notes taped to the mirror when I woke up, and all my laundry neatly washed and folded while I was asleep. It’s pretty clear that we can have a long-term relationship if I want to.
    There’s one question I have for you guys though. I live in a conservative New England small town. I have already gotten lots of dark looks for dating a couple of younger women, but I am talking about age 30 in those cases. Additionally, I have not yet introduced her to my son, who is only three months younger than her. I’m just curious how you guys have dealt with these issues.
    This being the internet, I guess I could get all hyper-Red Pill and say, “I could care less what anyone thinks,” but that wouldn’t be true. It seems to me that although gay relationships are no longer taboo, that’s not at all true of age-gap relationships. People seem to really huff and disapprove. Assuming it does work out, I don’t want to weather that constantly. Would be interested to year your experiences with that aspect.

  48. Young chicks can be annoying in how dumb they are, but they are undeniably hotter and more attractive. This whole cougar thing is just media hype – I know from experience. What is really important is how jaded old chicks are. So many of them are bitter from being pumped and dumped so many times, and it makes them really unpleasant to be around. I also don’t want to hear them go on and on about their careers, honestly I couldn’t give a fuck what a chick does in her cubicle 9-5 every day!

  49. This is a really good article. One problem is that although society is now perfectly okay with LGTG stuff, big age differences even in a straight relationship remain a huge taboo. I am 51 and have gotten bolder in the years subsequent to my divorce. I have dated 45, 41, 37, 32, 31, 26 and 23 year olds. Recently I went on a two week vacation with a girl who had just turned 19 — very thin and practically flat-chested — but it was absolutely great. Nearly virginal but not quite. I got up the guts to ask her, and she accepted, and she wasn’t the least bit concerned about the age difference. She was even joking with people we’d never met before about being married and having young twins at home — made me laugh so hard!!
    I think this one might be a keeper, if I can avoid being ostracized by a conservative New England community!! Even if it doesn’t work out, it was one of those life-changing experiences. A pure delight to spend time with this girl.

  50. When you learn that a woman is essentially just the same as a man… but with different presentation of sexual and reproductive organs…and as all individuals..their own slightly different experiences that have led them to be where and who they are today…. maybe you will realise that there is more to a functional relationship and sex than what you describe; and while i appreciate some of what you say – that youthfulness…we are all individuals…generalising women or men and making assumptions isn’t the most intelligent of practices.

  51. I am 18 and I definitely prefer older men (but nothing above 40ish). I think they do better in bed because they know what they are doing. Some young man doesn’t know how to please anyone but himself. Idk that’s just my personal preference.

  52. This is either a great example of modern satire and irony, or the biggest assholery I’ve seen online in a long while …
    What world do you live in?! A world dominated by young, pretty females who all want to fuck you?! BITCH, PLEASE. You are disgusting. There’s a reason why you can’t get with anyone older than 20 – because no woman would ever, ever want to be with a man like you! All you can get are young women who don’t know better. You parade your illusory “Alyssa” like that is some prize? Because you are an infantile excuse for a man who can’t bear to be challenged by someone who lives in the real world (i.e. Mary)? Because you are mentally stuck at 18 and haven’t evolved past that age?!
    You say that women go downhill after the age of 24? Guess what genius, that’s when they actually become WOMEN. What a jerk you are! If your precious 18 year old mindset saw all that you have written here, they would want to vomit!! Younger women who like older men typically want to appear older, not as objectified stupid and brainless pussy you can get away with fucking – because they are fun and easy! OMG.
    You are a creep of the most misogynistic kind, and besides showing how little you respect the female gender in general, you actually are going out of your way to try to cause a divide between older and younger women, and to try to make younger and older women insecure about their worth?! Shame on you!! WTF is wrong with you.
    Men like you are an embarrassment to behold. Why don’t you write this post again in another twenty years, when you are alone and masturbating to teen porn online, like the dirty creep you are. You say that older women can’t “compete” with young women … for someone like you?! Newsflash: they wouldn’t WANT someone like you. And most 18-20 year olds don’t EITHER.

  53. My current girlfriend is 15 years younger than me. One of the things she loves most about me is that at 40 plus now, I’m not spending my time playing video games and expecting my Mom to do my laundry. Or anything else for that matter.
    As an older male, completely capable of doing anything and everything a woman can do for me other than sex, she realized I don’t “need” her or any other woman and that if she doesn’t please me and meet my needs she can easily be replaced.

  54. ummmm i’m 26 and look the same as i did in my early 20’s. i look at pics of myself at 20 and look identical. i guess this article is referring to drug addicts/alcoholics/smokers/people with hard lives because most 20-somethings i’ve seen look great. people don’t age much in their 20’s.

  55. All I can say is I hope we will end this “dream about love”.
    In reality people don’t search for love, love is just an excuse to comfort the other partner and to pretend to have some good morality.
    A man will lie and pretend to love so he can enjoy sex.
    A woman will lie so she can enjoy his money and security (protection).
    I hope we can give men “a sex robot doll”if they are thirsty about sex and give women more jobs if she is thirsty of money.
    MEN and WOMEN don’t need each other, they just need what they don’t have.

  56. When I was 16 I was attracted to older men usually 10+ years older then me. They were more stimulating in conversation and I found them more attractive. Even now I like older men though I’m 22 now lol.

  57. As a 49-year-old singleton, I hate this article. It hurts. I also know it’s true. At least someone’s being honest about it. The lies are worse.

    1. I really feel bad for what the media has done to women. Women have been taught this princess, can do nothing wrong, mantra that hurts them when reality does not match with this fairy tale. “Sex in the City” does not exist. The schools and media teaches women to go for the career, to “have it all” instead of using their years of attractiveness to find a worthy mate. Instead the “having it all” ends up being a mirage, further out in the desert.

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