You Can Now Be Arrested For Bad Game

A month ago there was a story out of the USA about a man who gave a non-consensual hug to a woman and was promptly captured by police for sexual assault. It has been out-done with this one story from Toronto

The attack occurred shortly before 1 p.m. in the basement of Stong College, located near Keele St. and Steeles Ave. W., near the campus art gallery, according to a security bulletin posted Friday morning.

A female student was allegedly approached by a male who asked her if she wanted to dance. The victim told police the suspect grabbed her hand and pressed himself against her. She pulled away and the man fled.


Police arrested a 24-year-old Mississauga man on Saturday evening. He is schedule to appear in court on Jan. 15.

If you attempt to grind on a girl, and she rejects you, you can now be arrested. Toronto is the same city where a men’s rights speaker was shouted down with profanity by unkempt women and their beta orbiters…

Toronto seems to be the epicenter of feminism in the Anglosphere. It’s bad enough to warrant a 13 page forum discussion discussing its many faults.

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18 thoughts on “You Can Now Be Arrested For Bad Game”

  1. Wow, try telling a police officer he is “fucking scum” if you are a guy!
    That guy at the end had to restrain himself to keep calm.
    The ugly woman has adult acne. Adult acne is usually a sign of excess DHT, which is a potent form of testosterone. A healthy woman never has DHT. It makes them aggressive and may cause hair loss. She should eat healthier and do a stress relieving activity like yoga.

  2. It’s real.
    To be honest, it’s worse than i thought. i’m used to scandinavian feminists… but those bitches in that video scare me.
    We got a problem here.

  3. Perhaps if a hulking gay guy seized you and rubbed his erect yet clothed penis all over your protesting nether regions you would better understand the female perspective on this behavior.

    1. Look, I’ve had women I’ve never met grab me and grind up on my business, and while it has occasionally made me a little uncomfortable, I didn’t call the 5-0 on the little dears.
      Men aren’t the only ones who are sexually aggressive in this day and age, and while this guy deserved a stern talking-to, an arrest is egregious. It’s a club, and that sort of behavior is extremely commonplace (and almost always unpunished).

      1. He didn’t grind up on her in a club with lots of other people present (where I admit, that sort of behavior is to be expected, especially on the dance floor). Read the article – it took place in a basement of a college building. Presumably, although the article doesn’t state, they were the only two in the basement at the time.

    2. id hate the idea of it too. id push him away but i woulnt call the cops over something so minor

    3. Fags hit on me all the time, I’ve had a couple grab my ass without any prompting on my part.
      I just told him I wasn’t gay and he understood and walked away.
      Do Toronto feminists try talking to their male oppressors, or do they arrest first and ask questions later? Not that rational discussion would be one of your strong points, Sadie.

    4. Only a matter of time until men don’t notice you at all, Sadie. So you’ll experience the male perspective yourself, though you’ll just change from wanting to punish the undesirable men to wanting to punish all men for desiring others.

    5. Female perspective, schemale perspective….
      That’s not the issue. The taxfeeders’, and their enabling progtards’, perspective, that they have any business even being made aware that someone happened to bump into someone else in a crowded venue, is where the problem lays.

    6. Speaking of homosexual men and Toronto, one of the things that I noticed while I spent 5 years living in Toronto-Occupied-Ontario was that there seemed to be quite a few “gay” men who did not come across as naturally gay, but were instead desperately lonely straight men looking for any kind of physical affection, even if it came from a gender they didn’t really desire. While I’m sure it exists elsewhere, I have never seen that in my hometown of DC, though I’m sure it must occur occasionally. For this and many other reasons, that Toronto turned out to be one of most hated cities on the forum really did not surprise me when I discovered Roosh.

    7. You mean the 1 time out of 6 billion that that actually happens? What he thinks is your area is likely your gunt… in which case I would offer the poor dude a drink to relax from the trauma.

  4. @SadieB
    Hey, it’s nice to feel sexy and wanted sometimes. Gay guys usually have high standards. If I go out and a gay guy runs game on me, I know I’m doing something right. Thanks for the amazing insight!

  5. watched the video..when they talked about pro rape an incest about warren ferrall i was like wtf….he would be in prision….saw him on operah he was totally rational man
    those hoes were afraid of him(farerall) an those manginas(nice guys feminists) are just panderin to them in hopes to get in their pants(an they know it)
    MRA a hate group…they just labeling cuz they dont want to lose out
    otherwise let them speak an let the masses deacide

  6. These aren’t protesters, these are insane anarchists. They’ll never learn, because they’ll never find objectivity about the reality of life on this planet through the lenses they’ve put in their spectacles of seething loathing and hate. They’re mission is to quell freedom, opposing viewpoints, facts and figure, and physically assalt all who diagree with their warped views and interpretations of relationships, history, religion and politics.
    Facisim never dies. Like a viurs, it mutates and looks for other suitable hosts in which to take up residence.

  7. dont blame the feminists, its the negroes who live near the york u campus that have completely ruined pick up at that university, so many rapes muggings and sex assaults have got the student population on edge for years now. it use to be a great place to pick up, but no society can function properly with so many sub humans in its midst.

  8. gay guys hit on me all the time, some times they’ll just put their hand on my ass while i’m dancing. I’m not a big guy either, I’m like 5’8″, so it can be a startling for me, but once I tell them I’m not interested they usually look embarassed and scuttle away. If anything I feel bad for them, getting rejected overtly like that is pretty humiliating, and I know most people can’t brush it off like I can.

  9. DAMN I hope they dont spread their stupid shit to mexico I hope feminism dies which I highly doubt so thats why i try to spit game to Jehovah witness girls they dont have the feminist bullshit in their heads

  10. You’ve always been able to be arrested for “bad game” – it is called sexual harassment. Back in my days in grad-school there was one young lady that I regularly would walk up behind and rub her back – of course there was history there and she liked it. Saw one guy make the mistake of putting his hand on her shoulder when she was wearing head-phones and you would have thought he had probed various parts of her with a finger…
    I ribbed her about it later saying, “Would you have screamed if I had put a hand on your shoulder?” She said, “You would never put a hand on my shoulder – down my jeans, yes, but on my shoulder? Now if a guy came up behind me and slid his hand down my jeans, I would have to make sure it wasn’t you before I screamed.” Yes – it is only harassment if she doesn’t want it…
    So it all depends on if she is receptive – if she isn’t she’ll make a federal case of it… If she is, you’ll be having fun doing some probing of her…

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