The Eroding Virtue Of Fortitude

Greatness is best measured by how well an individual responds to the happenings in life that appear to be totally unfair, unreasonable, and undeserved. – Marvin J.Ashton

One of the greatest realizations that the red pill teaches us is that life is unfair. This becomes even more evident in today’s heavily beta indoctrinating, pleasure-driven gyno-centric societies—where modern men are subject to challenges which they might not even realize, on another dimension different from their forefathers.

But in this scenario, if there is one virtue which would help men withstand the various vicissitudes modern life would throw at them, it is that of fortitude.

Fortitude is the guard and support of the other virtues – John Locke

Fortitude is the strength of mind that allows us to withstand the adversities in life with courage. It is what separates the achievers, the heroes and the survivors from the average – because just as genius may strengthen their ability to outwit and outsmart others, it is fortitude which grants them the resilience to resist and overcome opposition, and outlast others.


Yet with today’s degeneracy, what we see is the increasing and gradual erosion of fortitude from men’s personalities, rendering them pussified, and even worse trained to function as compliant and dutiful slaves to dysfunctional social constructs which demean their own masculine identities, and train them to undermine that of fellow men.

The pussified modern Ahab


Couple role playing with dog leash

With modern men becoming increasingly indoctrinated towards dependency, it’s common to see men being brainwashed into aping copying comical caricatures of pseudo-alphadom.

A modern man is raised to comply to society, his women and more important be afraid and confused of his own masculinity; which he compensates to discover by tyrannizing other men – aka the Modern Ahab.

Yet like a ferocious Rottweiler on leash, he meekly submits to his societal puppet masters and more importantly, his woman.

Heavily socially indoctrinated towards feminism since birth, he’s raised to strangle his resistance to the lies taught by modern society. And because he simply lacks the necessary fortitude to rebel, he ends up living in subservience to a society and women which view him as an expendable tool.

His inability to stand up for his own ideals and masculinity cripples his masculinity—worsened by his own fear of losing out on illusionary comfort from women and material pleasures that society trains to believe as the real thing.

He chooses comfort—stagnating and crippling his metamorphosis into an evolved man—because he lacks the fortitude to endure a difficult but more rewarding one out of his fear of struggle. A modern man should ask: what kind of man am I heading to become?

The necessity of developing fortitude

In today’s world, it’s common to see the strong tyrannize the weak, while simultaneously weakening themselves by submitting themselves to societal pleasures and pressures which corrupt their own personalities.

At the same time, we see men end up living lives of wasted potential and frustrated ambitions simply because they lacked the fortitude to stand up for themselves, or take charge of their own lives.

Thus it becomes extremely important for a man (moreso a redpiller) to develop fortitude to withstand the onslaught of challenges that modern life would thrust on him – whether physically, emotionally and morally. This is best summarized in the following excerpts from The Book Of Pook:

Endure. All your exes will have one thing in common: they want you to fail.The last thing they want is to run into you later and see you successful. No! They want to see you remain the same or sink lower.
Endure. All the girls that shot you down: they want you to fail. A big fear in woman is missing The Great Catch. Give substance to their fear.
Endure. At your high school reunion, the ones you knew will come back with secret desires of seeing failures everywhere, even at you. Defy them.
Endure. For it is the same for 99% of the people, they get grounded up into conformity and become bewildered as their lives become more and more joyless. They will feel threatened by you.
…The more successful you become in life,the more and more people will despise you. No one despises the innocent Nice Guy who happily takes orders. But everyone envies the one who knows what he wants and takes it, the guy who won’t be played,and the guy who manages to unite dream and day.
…People do not want you to succeed, especially people you’ve known your entire life. They want you to stay the same or fail. Their lives can only succeed by seeing you fail.
….Endurance alone is power ultimate.
…So endure. We are the sum of our endurance.

There are many simple ways to develop fortitude. For example, embrace spirituality and meditate regularly to develop mental toughness and clarity.

Bruce lee

Take care of your body, for it houses your all important mind. Purge the martyr complex (if existent) from your psychology, and cut off negative and draining connections to people and things in life who’d be dragging you down and preventing you from the realization of your true potential.

Prevent emotions from getting the best of you. Embrace self reliance, do not jeopardize your financial freedom and nurture your unique individuality. Do not fear failure, solitude or struggle and realize that we are all Sisyphus; and sometimes in life,we have to persistently fight a battle more than once to actually win it.



In today’s world of deceptive illusionist pleasures, it becomes extremely important for a man not to get lost and waste himself by submitting to these—and there is no substitute for fortitude to endure the vagaries of modern life.

Life is a test, and only the ones who endure it with fortitude are the true masters of their own destinies. In the end, it doesn’t always matter where you start in life, but what does matter is how you endure it and where you finish at. Fortitude is an indispensable companion to have on that journey.

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74 thoughts on “The Eroding Virtue Of Fortitude”

  1. That was just the metaphorical kick in the ass that I needed right now. Thank you.

  2. Great article, there will be people trying to drag you down everywhere, get to know how you distinguish such people and be ready to confront them, or cut relations and get them out of your life.

    1. Psychological warfare is useful with those types.
      I give everyone a fair chance to not go out of their way to attack me, but if they choose to do so I know how to fight back.

  3. It is not our successes in life that define us but our failures and how we overcome them. The right choices are easy to live with and you learn nothing from them. The wrong choices, combined with the will to overcome them, put all of your abilities to the test and force you to grow and improve yourself.

    1. You just remind me of a quote that i’ve just read in the book Plutarch’s Morals (wich i started to read because of the citations of one of the writers of this community), this part is his view about the need of cultivating a good memory: “For the remembrance of past actions gives a good model how to deal wisely in future ones.”
      Right there, if you can remember the way you acted when you were dealing with adversity, you can guarantee how to and not to act, when facing a similar situation.

      1. Sorry, clark, but you know it’s true… People love you for your weaknesses and flaws compared to your power, not for your power alone.

    1. He’s not all that, actually. Plenty of supers are more powerful than him, and he has other weaknesses as well. Like magic. Diana has a sword that can cut right through his steel skin.

        1. Guess he prefers to insert that sword through the mouth. Is Wonder Woman now a swordmaster?

      1. My point exactly. when superman is…utterly super, invulnerable, unstoppable, he is incredibly boring.
        It’s his flaws and weaknesses that give him depth. in fact, it’s those flaws compared to his incredible power that make him a decent character.

        1. Because he’s Super-Beta man.
          He exhibits ALL characteristics of Beta-ism. Oneitis with Lois Lane, shy, timid, etc. As a kid growing up I thought those were alpha traits and admired it. Boy was I wrong.
          Edit: Also should add that they should end Superman with him breaking into Lex Luthor’s bunker only to find Lex raw dog pounding Lois. This is after Superman left a bouquet of roses and box of fancy chocolates at her apartment because she wasn’t home at the time. That’s reality.

  4. Good article. It is only through strength and success that one can offer any real advice or help to others. Put your oxygen mask on first.

  5. Great article! A big part of winning men over to the Men’s Rights Movement is convincing them that their biggest enemy is in their own minds. People are dismissive about introspection, self-monitoring, and modifying attitudes/behavior. But people have done it for 1000’s of years, all the way back to the ancient Greeks. Where, by the way, the concept of Fortitude and the whole Doctrine of Virtues comes from and was promoted to help men not lose their masculinity. (Among other things.)
    Using the 7 Virtues as a road map to free yourself from societal imposed thinking and self-perception is something that goes back a long time, and helped people maintain their masculinity and live better.
    It’s not about sacrificing anything. It’s about throwing off the illusions that are actually making you unhappy, yet fooling you into thinking that you’re achieving something.
    Trying to teach men about not being manipulated by women, being conscious of their games, how society programs out our manhood, etc. Wouldn’t be necessary if the Doctrine of Virtues was studied and absorbed.

  6. Great article.
    BTW, is anyone familiar with a cunt named Emma Reynolds? She recently wrote an article about “the world’s worst troll” that is getting some attention. In it she referenced his attack on the Rolling Stone rape fiction. The Rolling Stone article was “riddled with journalistic errors,” she quickly wrote, before moving on to rant against the “troll’s” offensive behavior. Riddled with journalistic errors? That’s all a “real” journalist has to say about that legendary exercise in deeply damaging, fantastical slander produced by and defended by “real” mainstream journalists–WHILE she indignantly attacks a “troll” for his actions?
    Anyway, the cunt’s name is Emma Reynolds, and she writes for

    1. She sounds like a troll herself. Trolling has become an industry. Anything that generates clicks to pay the bills. Its sad what RS has become. The issues from the 60s and 70s are collectible. All those original writers moved on. Now they make their money selling to the Brittney Spears and Iggy Azalea audience. Girrrrrrl power.

      1. Yeah, I actually think she’s just one of these cunts who really fancies herself a “legit” journalist because she went to some shitty j-school/indoctrination camp and follows the SJW rulebook to a T. The way her–and most of the rest of the MSM–is trying to play down the Rolling Stone article as merely “containing many errors”–as opposed to the outrageous, unchecked lie it was–is a fucking scandal in itself.

        1. My guess is RS did some kind of “composite” story based on “anonymous” interviews with 7 different college females who said they’d been assaulted over several years. That wasn’t explosive enough, so RS took “editorial license” to make it a gang rape of 1 woman by 7 men. RS knew what it was doing. I don’t think it was errors in journalism. It was calculated to generate clicks.

        2. it wasn’t errors in journalism. It was SJW entitlement gone wild. The narrative sounded so believable to the editors there that they didn’t feel the need to critically examine any of the claims that the “acclaimed” journalist made in her disgusting slander. She should be ruined for life as a writer–like so many high-profile journalist have when they get caught telling hateful lies–but she hasn’t even been punished. Sabrina Rubin Erdely is a connected, East Coast, goy-hating Jewish writer with a track record for hateful bullshit. She had already written an equally fabricated piece for R.S. attacking the Catholic Church.

        3. I think more people at RS knew it was bullshit and encouraged Erdely to hype it to the max. With the idea that controversy sells. It goes beyond one “journalist”. Heads should be rolling (pun intended) from the top down. It makes them more liable for slander and damages if it was calculated.

        4. Maybe she shouldn’t be banned from writing. Just banned from journalism like a lawyer being disbarred. She can still write fiction, which seems she has the talent for.

  7. Excellent article. Loved the Churchill and Bruce Lee quotes. Also the Rocky IV video clip. Outstanding.

  8. Very Good Article! In life you won’t always win. This is especially true if you veer off the beaten path in any way. And doubly true if you are a man. Endure. Your sanity, independence, and humanity depend on it. Most of humanity operates like a virus, replicating as they have seen without thought or care. Do you want to be them or do you want to be Darwin, Gates, Yeates? Have your name mean something and endure your adversity.

    1. Out of 1,000,000 UFO sightings, at least 1!
      At least 1 of them is real! Only 1 has to be real to prove that the universe creates other complex life
      We are a type 1 civilization. We are going to be Type 2.
      If these beings do have space travel… We can only assume these beings evolved in stages, their technological expertise did not just happen overnight
      Which means at some point these UFOS were primitive, potentially we are going to evolve into them,
      the universe uses symmetry
      The BIG question is??? :
      Are the developments i see happening now on this planet looking a lot like a civilization merging into the next stage?
      I think so. The end of reproduction for continuation of the species. Check. (relationships are over)
      Getting energy from our star which is a fusion generator that is free energy and lasts a billion years solar power. Yes. Check that off the list.
      Artificial intelligence capabilities closeby? Check that off the list
      Every human being on the :internet” on a mass scale knowledge nervous system communicating. Check that off the list. Instant communication independant of distance? Check that off the list
      The next phase is our biology. This is huge and our greatest weakness
      We cant space travel if we require planetary conditions for life, so it’s clear we’ll have to use nano-tech and gather nutrients from sunlight and other advanced physics to power our bodies so we can enter the cosmos and not be stuck requiring an atmosphere on a rock for sustainability
      These alien beings got around the problem in their own biological renaissance
      These beings realized, they did not need eachother anymore, civilization only aggregates large populations because they need eachother to function, once the technology enables a single being to function independant of the hive civilization, it performs an exodus , it is beyond what we think of as “time” at this point, Hard to understand
      one can only speculate that our emotions are …..

  9. “Everytime someone rises up in this world there will be some asshole trying to drag him down.” – Jordan Belfort

    1. “Jordan Belfort is a Jewish thief and an asshole.” – White Goodman, Federal Prosecutor.

  10. The greatest power you have is Patience.
    It’s real easy, Time passes all by itself, and soon enough the day is over, If you’re patience is strong enough to last 16 hours, You have won the game of life!
    Patience is a great accomplishment/achievement , but we’re programmed for herd recognition

  11. What most men don’t realize either is that by chasing “comfort” and “security” they end up losing their chances to become successful with each day that passes, they have no idea how good their lives could be if they went against the grain and pursued their dreams first, and comforts later… one of my favorite clips that I need to listen to every once and a while to remind myself of why I live the way I do.

    p.s. Tom is back, blowmeuptom dot com and leykis101 dot com

    1. Link in that site to read the legislation didn’t work. What’s the proposed legislation? Is it because now women earn more than men so now they want to kill it?

  12. Personally I think if we combined our success with one another somehow, more people would want you to succeed.
    We should be careful not to wear our successes as a ‘badge of one-up manship’ as a means of saying that you are better than others.
    How else should people react when we do? Negatively.

    1. The idea is to be happy with yourself. Like you said, don’t wear it like a badge of honor to stir envy. That’s what women do with Facebook and buying all those luxury material things they can’t afford.
      Happy people don’t compare themselves to others and and think I’m better than you. They see people who are down and wonder what could be troubling them. Happy people radiate and lift others up. Miserable people drag others down.

    1. Well, he did put them pesky Germans in their place didn’t he? :p

    1. Next law to come from Feminist’s, “ManGlancing”, an act that makes a woman feel uncomfortable, caused by a Man glancing at her.

      1. If that becomes law, then we need MenopausalGlancing as well. Them old cougars sure give me the creeps.

  13. The key to male success is self-reliance success built through both success AND failure. Without failure, you will never learn. If you fail but you quickly get back on your feet, preserver and never give up and keep going at it, you will not fail. I know words are easy to say and it sounds like a cliche but it’s true. Friendship, relationship, etc… all comes and depends on your inner strength, success and how you carry yourself. If you, as a man, display weakness in any shape of form (be it physically or mentally), you will quickly lose respect from people.
    The less you rely on other people, the more power you have. The more you rely on others, the less option you have. For men to have power, you have to have options all to yourself no doubt. If you don’t have to rely on anyone and you have all the power, and you built it yourself then it’s hard to become emasculated male. The whole world doesn’t give a shit about you; it’s hard life reality but one has to ALWAYS be at the top of their situation (physical and mental). The key word is self reliance. That’s what differentiates between men and women mentally. Men can build success through self reliance if they are able to put their mind and body in one.
    This also goes to self-thinking. Instead of thinking with the masses, think to yourself… Don’t blindly follow what you don’t really know. Make sure you know something before

  14. The big number one key to male success is self-reliance and having A LOT of options for himself. The less (preferably none) you rely on others, the more better for yourself. If you realize you have a lot of options, you will less likely to accept bullshit from anyone. It just happens automatically. Want to combat modern day bullshit? racism? unfair policy? Just build power. Power can come in any form but better if it comes from a lot of sources: money, physical prowess, strong useful connections, reputation, etc…
    Once you have power, nothing minuscule is going to affect you. It will only be YOU and your mind and body. Every second, minute you spend on your life, it has to be well spent because time cannot be reversed. Make sure the time you use is going to be used wisely so that it can be invested for you in the future.

  15. Jesus says: “Do not look for the easy path, look for the hard one” I would have loved to read blogs like this in my early 20s when I was as lost as a turk guy in the fog.

  16. The people close to you only want to see you fail if you haven’t put them in their place. I got rid of these types of friends a long time ago; let them sit in mediocrity and self loathing like all failures do.
    Nothing is more frustrating to enemies than to show masculine fortitude. They hate the man who consistently out performs them seemingly with ease, no matter what obstacles that man faces. They are too cowardly to look themselves in the mirror honestly, and I force them to when I enter the room.

    1. I got rid of these types of friends a long time ago; let them sit in mediocrity and self loathing like all failures do.

      The importance of this kind of action cannot possibly be overemphasized.
      Losers have some weird, almost mystical, power to bring down everyone around them. It is like their condition of being a loser is a contagious, infectious disease that brings down anyone in close contact.

  17. You’ll never see me humble. If people don’t like the way I think, that’s their fucking problem.
    That’s what I love about being financially independent: you’ll never see me working some shit “job” and following orders.

  18. The funny thing is that people who think they’re going to get people to like them by being “nice” never succeed.
    Everybody hates everybody, so I have no incentive to submit to society.

  19. It is articles like this that make me melancholy. Because it is the truth I had always known, the truth I told my friends as an 18year old and they would laugh, so I would turn to the stars – sentimental? yeah maybe, maybe I just had premature spirit.
    It was this truth i kept telling myself and that I held onto throughout my twenties praying I could pull myself together and save a man. I would later find that most of my family and friends possibly tried (read: hoped) I wouldn’t capitalize on my talents. I was a smart rebellious kid (probably only by contrast to very unfortunate traumatic events) raised to feminist ‘values’ and hypnotized to be average or mediocre.
    Call it depression, call it anxiety, I believe it was always my life experience that kept me down, so no more silver lining now. All the parts and lies came together, I woke up from the nightmare of my life recently, only to find it is too late.
    It’s a bad point to get to in your life when you have no more rationalizations left to believe in to keep you going.
    “man’s reach exceeds his grasp?…
    “man’s reality exceeds his nightmares”

    1. You need to cut those bad influences (people) out of your life. Move to another city if you must. Start associating with positive minded people. Change your environment.

      1. Thanks, and I’ll tell you, i have – the past five years I have lived in five different cities.
        Almost laughable to think back to how much i really believed things could be different just by moving around.
        So why didn’t you …
        I possibly tried that also, exercise, drugs, no drugs, fake it till you make it, be yourself, don’t be yourself.
        I am gracious for the read, but I didn’t really expect replies on this one, Actually now looking at what Ive written, I’m looking a tiny bit Elliot R. so…
        Disclaimer – If I am going out, it will be in solitude with minimal or no trauma to other people.

        1. I understand your melancholy. I have also struggled with a sense that it is too little, too late. The idea of giving up the struggle has a macabre appeal because you look ahead and you see an impossible stretch of life before you filled with serious difficulty, physically and mentally. Even the idea of dealing with it is completely draining.
          I can’t convince you of anything, especially of the value of life, it can only come from within. I can tell you how I persevere through some very, very dark holes:
          As I was going through college I was required to take an elective. I chose an acting class, not thinking anything of it. As I progressed through the class, I came to realize that it was the perfect outlet for much of the emotional turmoil that I had experienced in life. I became “standing ovation” good because I loved being anyone but myself.
          I got away from acting because I was losing myself, but I kept with me something that my professor told me. Every show has a “minute” that makes or breaks it. The actor could work himself to the bone, suffering daily, and still bomb on every single line and action in the show… but if he figured out that “minute” and successfully gave it everything he was worth, it would be the only thing the audience would remember and the show would be a success. Now this is likely a common way to teach, but it was so profound to my psyche I kept it.
          My goal is to seek and find the opportunity to pour my mind, body, and soul into life making it truly, truly good, even for just a small slice of time. Whether you find that “minute” daily, monthly, yearly, or just once in your life, it’s all you need to be able to look back and feel like life was truly good, in spite of everything bad. This is what I hold on to.
          I sincerely hope that you fight and hang in there because every moment you do brings another possible opportunity. I wish you the best of luck.

        2. Fuck that, bring them down. Make them hate the fact that you exist. Judo.

      2. What city are these positive people in my friend? Seriously, I just went on a cross country trip and was disappointed in how negative everyone pretty much is these days.

        1. They are everywhere in every city. The negativity you see is all in your head.
          If you go to a fun tourist destination, the people there are usually happy and relaxed. Strike a conversation with them like what they plan on doing? What sights they plan to see, etc. They are usually full of energy and optimism.
          You are probably surrounding yourself with negative people so you can compare yourself to them and think they are more miserable than me so they envy me which makes me feel better.

        2. That’s how negative people work. They don’t go out of their way to attack you when they are happy. I find quite frankly that the people who hate me, more often than not do in fact have worse lives than I do. I’m not rich, but I am financially independent and I don’t have to play by society’s rules to have a good life.
          People who feel they need to be submissive and altruistic to get by I believe do envy me in that respect.

        3. Bullshit.
          I’m in Honolulu on layover right now & people seem nervous and afraid as I walk down the street like they’re anxious.

    2. Don’t give up. Pray to the Holy Spirit for strength and you will not be disappointed.

  20. Endure. All your exes will have one thing in common: they want you to fail.The last thing they want is to run into you later and see you successful. No! They want to see you remain the same or sink lower.
    Endure. All the girls that shot you down: they want you to fail. A big fear in woman is missing The Great Catch. Give substance to their fear.
    Endure. At your high school reunion, the ones you knew will come back with secret desires of seeing failures everywhere, even at you. Defy them.
    Endure. For it is the same for 99% of the people, they get grounded up into conformity and become bewildered as their lives become more and more joyless. They will feel threatened by you.
    …The more successful you become in life,the more and more people will despise you. No one despises the innocent Nice Guy who happily takes orders. But everyone envies the one who knows what he wants and takes it, the guy who won’t be played,and the guy who manages to unite dream and day.
    …People do not want you to succeed, especially people you’ve known your entire life. They want you to stay the same or fail. Their lives can only succeed by seeing you fail.
    ….Endurance alone is power ultimate.
    …So endure. We are the sum of our endurance.
    This something all men who live in reality need to remember

  21. I want neither pity nor scorn but I can say without a doubt that I’ve had to summon the fortitude inside of me more than I ever wanted to. I may not be a success but I am definitely a survivor.

  22. I think you just have to honestly not give a crap. You have to not care one bit about any woman or what she thinks…. period.

  23. Great post, I agree that people closest to us can’t help but feel jealous and envious of your success. It’s not because they necessarily hate us, but because their success is measured by our failure. They see us doing big things and look back at themselves and compare. You wish you can help them, but the best you can do is stay focused, and keep your fortitude.

  24. Significant for artists, since their passion is often a struggle between the desire for a muse and solitude of their often hindered or impinged upon work. They direct their energies into their work as a double edge sword of passion, one sexual and one artistic. If passion in love affairs cause pain since love ultimately hurts and we suffer too for our art it is like the neo-romanticism these days where there is plenty source or inspiration in technology and natural ability and poets’ heart to reflect eloquently on the difficulty in the repressed soul of their artistic life which sometimes gets put into the art too much and to the point of the soul being absorbed into their making for it’s power is almost animate or expressionistic beyond the investment of what damage lust endures. I need to produce or be a maker. I am not facilitated as an artist and their is no commission for my work not the resourceful substitute of the endless philosophizing in what it is to be an artist. Unfortunately it is in being somewhat lost or perhaps even tortured. So artist as they ponder and wonder and plod about in doubt aught have a female companion who makes them work towards their partaking in a moments appreciation for the less fortified appreciation of the abstraction of love in the nature of being part of this peculiar creation in life. I am becoming more adult in not caring in order to care. It is to have caring become a selfless act almost unconscious from and since the time of what helps us empathize as humans, when we were too self conscious or self absorbed or even fearful of not being accepted since we didn’t want to be that peculiar imposition in other peoples lives. People think that artist’s are divilish beings who want to know everything about you to build on the detailed complexity of a voyeuristic tendency to analyse things too much. I never asked enough questions. Visual art has answers and layered meaning and personal nuances in added meaning. However, some kids ask all the questions and they have all the answers and tricks and knowingness without being so self aware as to see deeper beyond the lies that they enjoy as constructs of society. Artists see the lies and truth of your beauty in all of man’s glory and imperfections. Some people want to be the coin stuck in tar or freshly dried concrete for the artist to not be capable of picking up the coin. Artists are the flip of the coin in the chance encounter of the other whom they appreciate since they too are a fellow artisan but they are the matrix of possibilities in the chaos of the destined order or universes conspiring to their crossing paths to hand over the penny coin for good luck. It is like someone has stolen the lucky penny from everyone’s account since I have all the luck in my own making and ability and I want to give it to you in spending a penny for your thoughts with an I.O.U. of the ‘coin’sciousness of new words to be literally coined in the free synapses of our lives as mortal and free entities. We can do the coinage and it doesn’t cost a penny while we piss it up against the wall should we have a beer later. Coz laughs with friends are priceless.

    1. oh and women are suffragettes like you might never realize and they are elitist (arts council) or exclusive in latter instance and they are sneakier and more uncaring ironically for mothers and they are the plot of evil in things. And fathers are… well I can’t say from experience while I bitch and moan here but yeah whatever.

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