How To Financially Protect Yourself From Women

Money is what makes the world and, despite what die-hard romantics will tell you, relationships go round. You need to protect yourself financially and be proactive about it at all times. Irrespective of whether she’s a cold-hearted bitch, when relationships fail, become stagnant or time simply passes, owed money is usually forgotten or deliberately withheld. Teach her to respect you and your money, and her own commitments, or prepare to be a human doormat.

These comments are obviously aimed at pre-marriage men. Should you be taking the convoluted path of modern matrimony, a pre-nup (and one not made or lived out in a place like London!) is a must. But that’s for another article.

Paying for things


Whether three-star or higher hotel stays, long-distance or international flights, or a study course you’re taking together, if you’re not documenting what you paid for and she has or hasn’t paid for, you’re asking for trouble. Big fucking trouble. The same goes for the two-way arrangement you and her make, specifically the agreement that you’re both contributing and how much that contribution will be.

The glory of the internet is that nowadays you have no excuse for not keeping records of larger payments, especially those involving girls. This can run the whole gamut of Paypal, online banking, email, and other mediums, which allow you to write about what you’re spending and involve her. Unless you’re a trust fund baby or a millionaire whose spending habits are less than a few thousand dollars a day (how modest of you!), you should already be practicing such financial prudence for your own sake. When transactions involve time with girls, it is even more essential.

If the agreement is that the hotel stay is coming from your credit card, you need to keep the online receipt by not only having it sent to your inbox, but by filing it in a specific folder. Simply having it somewhere is not the same as having it easily accessible. Better yet, send the receipt to her as well.

When you’ve booked or paid for the item, always shoot her an email or text, or make sure you have done it before. Without me holding your hand too much, you should be more than aware of what such communication should contain. Things like “I booked the Hilton for us for the 27th through 31st” with “Here’s the account you can pay me back on” or “Pay me back on my main account.”

In defense of girls, too, the human mind is not infallible. Far from it. For both sexes, the biggest fault in broken or avoided promises is usually laziness and ignorance, not maliciousness or conscious indifference. When you effectively manage her memory by having things written down and casually reminding her, you make it easier for her to get her shit together.


Spotting someone cash at specific times is not prima facie evidence that you’re being cuckolded or chosen solely for your (financial) providing abilities. Women, like men, do encounter unforeseen financial trouble, of either the moderate or larger variety. Also, sometimes mutual enjoyment together means taking trips or attending events she can’t yet pay for.

Don’t make it obvious, but always maintain the habit of keeping written records of the informal arrangements you make.

If you’re transferring via a bank, there is often room for describing what the transfer is for. Make such a description detailed enough! Not “Loan” or “Loan to Jane,” which are amorphous, rather “Loan for Jane’s Graduate Textbooks,” “Loan for Jane’s Rent,” or “Loan for Jane for Music Festival Trip.”

Ensure you keep general emails or text messages describing the process through which you expect to be paid back. For example, have a written record of the specific bank account details you sent her so she can pay you back. Such correspondence can be sent offhand and casually, such as when you’re on your lunch break and you shoot her an email, or text her as you’re on the subway to go and meet a friend.

Managing broken commitments

Things do happen. Sometimes, yes, she’s forgetful and ignorant. Other times it’s out of her control. If you’ve paid for or loaned something and she needs more time than expected, be wary but not a lunatic.

If she wants to renegotiate terms, you either need to say no or figure out how she can pay you back reasonably. Again, if you don’t have a record of this, which she has consented to in written form, you’re risking having no proof that you’re owed.

All this, like the previous points, may sound pedantic. But you have a choice frequently between either being “pedantic” or not being paid back. Make your choice. Game does not make you immune to the vagaries or flakiness of life, female or otherwise.

When things go sour

Many jurisdictions across the world now offer less expensive, less formal but still effective means of recouping debts. Small claims courts or tribunals usually do not require you to get a lawyer and demand an application fee of around a hundred dollars or an equivalent sum in another currency.

Armed with your records of communications and accompanying payments, you stand a much better chance of having your money find its way back to you. In many cases, the respondents in these cases are declared bankrupt through an inability to pay.

The idea, though, is that the documented history will encourage her to pay you back in the first place.


Once internalized, these self-preserving and common sense habits will take you only seconds every time. The biggest problem with learning new skills, even of the mental and financial variety, is that we perceive their long-term difficulty based on learning them in the first moments. Like tying your shoelaces, it will become unconscious when you apply it enough.

Finances are ultimately the fulcrum of a well-lived life. Inasmuch as they should not dominate it, they are indispensable to it. Value your finances or someone else, including women, will value (and take) them for you.

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196 thoughts on “How To Financially Protect Yourself From Women”

  1. Never, ever loan money to a person – family, girlfriend, anybody. If a person is asking for a loan, it is likely because they are bad with money. You will get burned and your relationship will be hurt if not disintegrated.
    If you are financially secure enough to be making loans in the first place, you are financially secure enough to just give the person the money.
    Also, never cosign a loan. You will get stuck paying that loan.

    1. I always tell people who ask for a loan….
      1.) I am not a bank.
      2.) I hate playing debt collector.
      3.) By asking me for a loan you are expecting me to play debt collector later on, you are asking me to do something I absolutely abhor….
      4.) So I’d much rather give you the money.
      5.) Unfortunately I can’t afford to give you money right now.

      1. I like how that came full circle. My old man handled this more efficiently: he’d say, “I’ll lend you the money as soon as my brother gets well.”
        Surprise, he didn’t have a brother ; D

      1. I never expect to see the money I loaned to someone. If I do, I’d simply become pleasantly surprised.

    2. A buddy of mine has been burned twice in the last five years because of this mistake.
      He has this dream of becoming a famous musician and has twice fallen for the lie of “Help me invest in recording and performing equipment and I’ll help us get famous, I have connections.”
      My buddy bought 8k worth of live music equipment (mixer, amps, monitors, the whole shebang) for a local artist and realized months later that this guy would probably take years, if ever, to pay him back for the investment. He ended up hiring a goon to re-collect everything by threatening violence when he got fed up and wanted his shit back.
      The funny story is that this goon scored 5k worth of equipment from him after that with the same promise… And told my friend to go fuck himself when their “band” broke up and my buddy wanted his stuff back. My friend was thinking of starting a lawsuit but you don’t start shit with someone who has nothing to lose and wouldn’t think twice about getting back at you years later.
      This is an exaggerated case and my buddy is being an idiot, but I’m just trying to say, this kinda shit happens.

    3. If I lend out money to anyone other than my parents I do so with the understanding that they might be lost. There is an upside to this. Someone who doesn’t pay back a loan, never gets another.

  2. Took my ex to small-claims court for cashing out a ticket on an international trip that I paid for before we broke up. She had already moved out of the state by then. I knew I had no means of getting my money back, but to smear her name and impose a default court judgement on her was worth $150. I justified it how I saw fit.
    This was, of course, pre-red pill for me. If you are having to buy a woman a travel ticket, simply buy the second ticket with no specific name attached to it and add her last second after you’re sure she’s going. There may be Hell to pay otherwise else!

  3. How to protect yourself from spending $$$ on women?
    Not knocking one up…child support etc..
    Not marrying the eye candy you met after landing a nice job.
    Not knocking up the eye candy you met after landing a nice job & getting divorced.
    Not paying for strippers.
    Not paying to see porn. Especially since most is free.
    Paying for hookers, now this can be both positive and negative bc you can feed your appetite w/o investing in long term bullshit as long as it’s not an addiction.
    Not trying to invest in a women that is ‘playing hard to get’. You will spend countless hours and time going to the movies and dates….just for pussy that might not even be that good.
    Not buying women drinks at a bar…aka ‘making it rain’ to impress the hot blonde with big tits who only wants you to supply the drinks.
    Not buying new cars and material shit to impress women..
    Don’t lend money. Don’t pay light bills, phones bills, and car notes…hell don’t pay for a damn thing…
    And last but not least…wear a condom..

    1. “And last but not least…wear a condom..”
      This should be point number 1. How many guys have ruined their life for a stupid slut? If a woman tells you she is OK to fuck with no condom, it should be a BIG RED FLAG and for sure not the first time she is doing it.
      Bottom line is always have condoms with you and if you don’t buy some at the 24/7 corner shop. This little piece of latex can literally save your life in many ways.

      1. We hired a new guy at work….listen to this … he just got married to a single mom a few months ago. He also knocked her up last month. The single mom had a kid from a deadbeat loser via a one night stand. Now this guy we just hired is taking care of her previous kid and will soon be Daddy to the newborn as well. At lunch he was bragging about how he “man-ed up” and became a step daddy.

        1. A buddy of mine knocked up a one night stand he picked up at some club. He said “I was so drunk, I didn’t even think about condoms”. This is fucking bullshit and a good example why I am against binge drinking. Drinking with moderation is fine, but drinking to the point of not being able to put on a condom and put your dick in a random slut is wrong in so many ways. He was even joking about how miserable the one night stand was, he barely could get it hard and he lasted less than 30 seconds. If this is not an epic fail, then I don’t know what it is.

        2. I motion for termination during the probationary period on the grounds of being an incompetent decision-maker aka a fucking dumb ass!

        3. a total fail … it’s sad that he didn’t even get a good orgasm out of it.

        4. How can a person be too drunk to remember to not fuck your life up by raw dogging a skank but not too drunk to have whiskey dick?

        5. “man-ed up”
          “assumed ‘prey’ status in the human animal food chain.”
          Two words (“Man Up”) were enough to get this guy to hand his life over to stronger predators (women backed by gov’t, media).

        6. I know a guy who married a single mom; first thing out of her mouth: “Im glad I found him, he’ll be a good father to MY child.”
          Not “I love him to death”, but rather “he fits the needs of my child, someone else’s child.”

        7. I do not usually care to write much about my own life, since I survived everything, have been married nearly 40 years, and now live in a personal paradise in a Third World village in rural Mexico.
          But, looking back, it is clear I am blessed by God. I did marry a single mom. Her daughter, within a year or two my daughter and no longer hers by her own admission, is in all my 72 years, the best thing that ever happened to me.
          Even with ten years of counseling more than 1600 men, I have never encountered another man who can say that. Not one. Those step-kids were the worst thing that happened to them.
          The only explanation I can give is I knew before I married her mom that she was going to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I have never been able to articulate it but as best as I can, that little girl and I bonded totally mind; heart; and soul.
          She stayed that way until the day she married her husband. Then, she bonded to him in the same manner.
          Don’t do it! Do! Not! Do! It! The odds are horrid!

        8. Man…its a sucker born everyday…And this type of guy is the real reason you deal with “daddy” grown princess and entitlement queens

      2. agreed, if she’s trying to bribe with bareback/no glove tactics she’s engineering a scheme to trap you in. many men will fall to a women’s plot of hitting raw but little do they know they are being setup to be a potential meal ticket . I’ve seen females be puppet masters behind such plots and get knocked up (while married) then leave their husband to take that $cash flow$.

      3. And remember! The “I can’t get pregnant” line is BULLSHIT!! In particular when there is a dirty faced little ankle biter (or two) looking at you.

        1. This + the fact that she is taking the pill. If a woman is on birth control and yet she is not in a stable relationship, it basically means that she is fucking around. I always find it funny the kind of excuses when it comes to why and why not they are on birth control: “It makes my hair stronger and adds shine to it” or “it’s for my skin”. Sure captain obvious, “birth control” means what it means! The sad thing about birth control is that nowadays most girls start taking it very young during their teenage years, this shit has devastating effects in the long run, not to mention the endless hormone/mood swing, which is why they are fucking crazy.

        2. Women taking RESPONSIBILITY for birth control should NEVER be discouraged. Men still need need to wear a condom to prevent the spread of STD’s.

        3. Dirty little ankle biter = bad boy / dark triad spawn who is smart enough to leave the picture as early as possible. It’s a poor investment for them, and so it should be for any other man.

  4. Funny how women want to be independent financially with their job and at the same time expect us to pay for the restaurant and other things. After that you hear things such as “chivalry is dead”. Truth is a lot of guys nowadays think that by giving women jewelerry or buying expensive haute couture bags, it is going to grant them sex on demand. Sex is not a trading merchandise nor a reward! Remember that a woman’s pussy is not a hedge fund and also that you are not a fucking puppet with a bank account.
    Coming back to the subject of loaning money: NEVER do it, whether to a family member or to anyone else. Even someone from your family is capable of screwing you over for a couple of dollars so imagine with someone else…

    1. Sadly this is true for most people. I don’t involve my sister in any kind of money business because she is fucking terrible with paying back loans.
      My parents are another matter. I can borrow from them and they can borrow from me, we set up terms beforehand and we stick to them. I even have access to their bank accounts. Too bad a lot of people can’t do that even with family.

  5. “the biggest fault in broken or avoided promises is usually laziness and ignorance, not maliciousness or conscious indifference.”
    this is a naive statement…. few people that have any kind of debt are apt to man up and face it head on… rather they try to avoid the issue deliberately, because (as any debt collector will tell you), it will be conveniently forgotten about in time…. so why pay for what is slowly being forgotten about…..
    with this in mind if you do have any debt, being open, upfront and forthcoming about it, will buy you a tremendous amount of good will (and time).
    on the other hand when someone owes you, you have to push and push and push and be absolutely cold and bloody minded about it (in the nicest possible way of course)…. and where payment is not forthcoming, then simply look for benefits in-kind on every turn….

  6. I always wondered if a man was to put all his assets in his mother’s name (house, bank accounts, cars, etc) and he got divorced would all his stuff be safe from getting split and given to his ex-wife? Seems like even pre-nups are getting worthless nowadays and thrown out.

    1. Pre-nups are not worthless if they are drafted and signed before becoming engaged, which should be a minimum of one year prior to the marriage certificate being signed. The pre-nups become worthless when wealthy betas are forcing the gold diggers to sign them on the wedding day under “duress”. Even with a pre-nup I would still hide at least 1/2 of your assets in “hard” investments like precious metals, hidden cash, guns, rare artifacts..etc.

      1. Pre-nups can be set on fire, at the discretion of the “family court” judge, no matter how air tight they may seem to be.

        1. that is a misconception. Even in states, such as Texas, with community property laws, prenuptial agreements ARE enforceable in times of divorce WITH exceptions being. You have to be real diligent with the explanations to the woman about your assets and you have to get her to sign this and make sure she was aware of what she was signing. Always have the attorneys present and signed affidavits.

          Sec. 4.105. ENFORCEMENT. (a) A partition or exchange agreement is not enforceable if the party against whom enforcement is requested proves that:
          (1) the party did not sign the agreement voluntarily; or
          (2) the agreement was unconscionable when it was signed and, before execution of the agreement, that party:
          (A) was not provided a fair and reasonable disclosure of the property or financial obligations of the other party;
          (B) did not voluntarily and expressly waive, in writing, any right to disclosure of the property or financial obligations of the other party beyond the disclosure provided; and
          (C) did not have, or reasonably could not have had, adequate knowledge of the property or financial obligations of the other party.
          (b) An issue of unconscionability of a partition or exchange agreement shall be decided by the court as a matter of law.
          (c) The remedies and defenses in this section are the exclusive remedies or defenses, including common law remedies or defenses.

        2. Isn’t it possible that Texas is way more fair and sensible than most places when it comes to this stuff? I doubt ‘pre-nups’ in super socialized, feminist dominated Washington state would be as fairly judged as Texas. I can see a feminist judge tossing a prenup into the garbage if it will help her ‘sister in the struggle.’ But I don’t know, really.

        3. Are you an attorney? If so, please stop the f’g lying. Laws in almost all states are specifically written to make it impossible for men to protect themselves when they need it.
          That is, in addition to other traps, judges are specifically authorized to tear it up if they think the result is unfair.
          If you have money and she does not, the judge is going to give her some, that is, a lot. Anyone who tells you differently is a liar.
          Also, pre-nups written in contemplation of divorce can be torn up. Well, rape me with a broom, divorce is the only time most men need one.
          These clowns piss me off. I did legal research for years, and saw the results. Lawyers love to get paid to write a good prenup, then get paid again to try to defend it when it gets torn up.

        4. So, not even an attorney. Lecturing us from a sample of one. Shades of Peter Nolan.
          If you rely on a pre-nup you deserve everything which happens to you. And, it will be a lot.

        5. 1) why don’t you calm the fuck down.
          2) I don’t bullshit or lie. I fought my ex wife for custody of my son IN TEXAS as I STATED and I won.
          3)I made and make more money than she does
          4)I copied the code from the state of Texas.
          5)I can only speak for what is written and my own divorce.
          6)Did I say I knew ever fucking case out there? no I did not.

        6. again I never claimed to be anything but a divorced father who won custody in the state of Texas. So if your experience is different and you have MORE experience than me, I’m all ears, no need to get pissy or take this personally.

        7. You are entirely predictable, David. The tone of your posting was that “pre-nups are enforceable if you write them properly” which is false. I knew when I read it that you were generalizing from your own unique divorce case, but writing it as if generally “pre-nups are enforceable if properly written” which is false.
          No one says every pre-nup is torn up. The issue is whether pre-nups can be COUNTED ON to protect your assets, and the answer is not only no, but Hell no! No matter how perfectly they are written.
          Had you originally given enough details to explain why yours was accepted that would be different. We do not need people giving misleading information, thus confusing clear issues. Most divorce attorneys representing men are on the verge of incompetence, so men do not need more misleading information thrown at them. And, they get a lot of misleading information on the Internet.
          For example, if a woman does not even contest the pre-nup it will be accepted, UNLESS the judge reads it and doesn’t like it and rejects it without even a petition to have it torn up.. Yes, judges have that option. And, yes it happens.
          I knew a case where the woman didn’t even request alimony, but the brazenly adulterous and smart-alecky husband pissed off the judge, who ordered modest alimony though it was not even requested.
          Let me explain the harsh reality of Family Courts. Judges have almost unlimited power to screw over men IF THEY PROPERLY EXPLAIN THEIR DECISION.
          So, even if a state law specifically states precise conditions under which a pre-nup is valid and all those conditions are met, if the judge explains why he is deviating from the law, he isn’t going to jail or anything. (Unless of course he screws over a woman and a feminist group goes after him at re-election time. Judges are elected in Texas, I believe.)
          In that case, the screwed will have to pay an attorney to appeal the case.
          And, if the judge gave a solid explanation as to why the law was not literally enforced, the appeals court will probably not reverse.
          A perfect example, and a common one, would be tossing a pre-nup which tried to protect a man’s house because the woman got custody and in the best interest of the child the judge concluded that she needed the house more then he did.
          David got custody, which tends to explain why his pre-nup was not torn up. I bet if we saw his divorce papers there is a 90% probability (there is no such thing as 100% probability of anything in Family Court) the judge made some reference to why he upheld the pre-nup.
          Also, if David’s attorney was at all competent there is a 90% chance he explained in the filings why David needed the property listed in the pre-nup to care for the child. It could have been legalese that most folks would not fully understand.
          An example of very important legalese is the usual statement in the original petition which states the couple was married on a certain date and place.
          If they are married, the divorce court instantly has full control of everything. All past, present, future, and imaginary income and assets; the kids; and the couple.
          If it is not stipulated by both parties that they are legally
          married then that issue must be settled for the court to have jurisdiction.
          And, in his ruling the judge will repeat the stipulated fact that they are legally married.
          In fact, no one can predict with 100% reliability what a judge will do in a given case. No one.

        8. I have explained myself very well on another posting. It took me a while because my wife needed transportation on a hot day. I hope I made it clear that my only objection was that your wording implied that pre-nups are enforceable if properly written, which is not true. It is not that simple, and no one can COUNT ON a prenup.
          It isn’t experience as such. Over my ten years of counseling I read literally millions of words of appellate rulings. Also American Law Review. Once in a while SCOTUS rulings if relevant.
          I still read when I get a chance, which living in Mexico is not too often. One needs to actually read the court papers to fully understand a case.

        9. A pre-nup is a contract signed by 2 parties that agree to certain terms . This is no different than a purchase order or a contract of service . My prenup has specific words and details and my attorney drafted it with so many clauses and stipulations such as the pre nup is void in the event of adultery committed by the husband , who was me . The pre nup excluded child support, the pre nup specifically stated that if the wife had no means of an education or job training then the pre nup would be void . This meant I could not obstruct her from obtaining an education and working or else the pre nup was void . Also in the event of a divorce we would have individual bank accounts and assets that would be divided to each party according to the account holder . She had her own checking account and I had mine . There was more to it like the vehicles and home . I got the home because I won custody . Also the pre nup was signed one year prior to our engagement and 2 years prior to marriage or wedding . It was a contract and therefore both parties abided by it and it stood in the court of law 302nd district court Dallas county . Like I SAID if properly written it will hold up like any other contract.

        10. They are enforceable if written like a contract and not signed by force or under duress as shown in the state of Texas code I posted .

        11. I stand pat. All you have shown is a sample of one where everything went right AND you got custody of your son, so the prenup was upheld. In almost any other scenario it could have been tossed.
          I am glad for you that it was upheld. And, I am extremely glad your son ended up where he is better off. Maternal custody isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a kid but it is the worst thing that happens to most kids.
          It is a far cry from “Like I SAID if properly written it will hold up like any other contract.” to the correct statement, which is: If the prenup is properly written AND you get custody the odds of the prenup standing go up dramatically. Prenups are not always tossed.”

      2. Pre-nups aren’t post nups. Doesn’t protect the assets you make in your prime earning years (30s and 40s) so in essence pre-nups have very lmited use.

        1. of course, assets earned during marriage are community property in some states. You have to be very specific about what will happen in the event of a divorce. This is where guys get scared. If you are too scared of approaching the female then just don’t get married. if all of a sudden a husband becomes wealthy during the marriage then it is disputable if she contributed to the wealth but future income can be part of the contract. that’s why I say also state BUY HARD assets during the marriage, and hide them. I attached the Texas code for example:
          (2) “Property” means an interest, present or future, legal or equitable, vested or contingent, in real or personal property, including income and earnings.

    2. It would probably depend on when he transferred his assets into his mother’s name. i.e before or after the marriage or co-hab.
      Timing is everything.

      1. In my extensive legal research over ten years, there were cases where men had attempted to transfer property, even before the marriage.. The judge simply ordered them to pay a cash property settlement. The judge ruled it was an attempt to avoid a property settlement and made him pay, because the mother did not give full value in exchange for the property transferred. Thus, it was a charade.
        In Mexico, you can do that though.

        1. That is bullshit isn’t it? Who cares if the mother ‘did not give full value in exchange’. Surely it could just be a gift?
          It’s amazing how easy it is for judges to violate one’s right to do what they want with their own property.

        2. Most of Family court operation is extra constitutional and violates the human; legal; civil; and constitutional rights of men. This is by plan, not by accident.
          Our entire society is structured to transfer assets from men to woman by one means or another.
          Proof of this is found when you realize that women spend all their own earnings, and a full 50% of all male earnings, and this calculation includes a lot of men who aren’t even married.
          In a couple states, it is Domestic Violence to refuse to give money to your wife when she asks for it (i.e. demands it). Even when she makes more than he does.
          The usual feminist lie is that men are so lazy women are forced to do all the family shopping. Poor, poor, poor dearies. They would rather be at home watching sports with their husband, but with whips and clubs they are forced to hit the malls all day Saturday. Right?
          I took marketing courses back in college, in the 70’s. Go out to a shopping center, a big one with lots of traffic on a Saturday. Just look at the stores. One of the most basic rules of marketing today is every square foot of store space must generate a minimum amount of sales. If it doesn’t that stuff is no longer on the shelves.
          You will, if you study the stores, quickly learn that most of the floor space is what I call “dearie stuff.” Not family stuff.
          Cosmetics. Jewelry.. Woman’s clothes. Women’s shoes. Women’s luxury cars. Women’s everything.
          That is also why so much misandry on TV. Women spend most of the money and most of them think men including their own husbands, are morons and buffoons. I worked in a large factory with a lot of women employees, and all day those fiends swapped “My husband is an SOB, no, mine is a bigger SOB” stories. So, that is what the ads show.
          >>It’s amazing how easy it is for judges to violate one’s right to do what they want with their own property.
          Let me review the status of married men. Not all men get it no matter how often we repeat it.
          A few years ago, on DGM, a man posted an interview with a marriage registrar in the USA. The registrar said when you submit a completed marriage license to show you are married, at that instant the state takes ownership of everything. Every cent you ever made and every cent you will ever make. Your person. Her person. The kids. All your property, past present and future.
          When you file for divorce, or more likely when she does, one of the first things on the petition is a statement of when and where you are married. This is stipulated in most cases.
          And, stipulating it tells the stupid judge (but I repeat myself) that he/she has the legal right to do exactly whatever he/she wants with everything.
          If there is no marriage, then it’s a court fight to justify the jurisdiction of the court to take all your stuff. That is also why they are trying to change cohabitation as marriage for property settlement for the divorce courts.
          I am trying to say the minute he marries he no longer owns anything. It isn’t his own property. And, yes, it can be retroactive.
          Let me add a note here. In a lot of cases, I don’t have enough information to say MOST cases though that is certainly possible, men do transfer properties to their mothers or other family members to try vainly to keep it out of the court process. Just as from time to time we get someone who insists that properly written, prenups are enforceable, usually giving an example involving a sample of one where the man gets custody of his kid..
          Why not? Why should you submissively give years of your life’s work to some fiend who married you in anticipation of divorce? And, a judge who lets her do it.
          That is also why I have my own Operation Rescue. Every man I can convince not to marry in the Anglosphere is a personal victory. And every man I can convince to GTHO of the Anglosphere, is a personal victory.
          I am well aware that over the years, most men ignore me and assume I am a crazy person. The good news is, it’s their cojones in the meat grinder, not mine.

    3. Yep depends when you transferred also It really does depend on the particular state laws you reside in. I have heard alot that in some state if its before a divorce you are good to go but you know how the court system here always a possibility of still having to give up some assests

  7. Goddamn son. If you need the option of being able to successfully take her to court over money, maybe you shouldn’t be with her in the first place.

  8. Don’t get married.
    Don’t cohabitate.
    Don’t have children.
    And if you do have a relation$hit, don’t spend any more than a couple of nights sleeping at her place, or having her over at your place.
    Because in places like Australia, any more time than that places you in defacto relation$hit territory. And after two years of such an arrangement, even if you don’t technically “live together”, she can take you for half of your wealth.
    The system is designed to redistribute male wealth to females, where it is spent into oblivion. It is achieved through harnessing natural, powerful male desires and using them against us.

  9. If a woman needs borrow your money to do something trivial like going to a music festival, point her in the direction of the nearest payday lender. You will not see the money again if you fall for that.

    1. If your wife defaults on a loan, the lender can sue you for the money. Not a smart move.

  10. How many times in life do we hear that women are more mature than men? That women are more mentally stable and stronger than men? Give me a break. If anything, women are more immature than men, and the fact that women are worse than men when it comes to personal finance, is proof.
    If there is one thing that ROK helped to verify what I was subconciously thinking about my entire life, is that men are better off without having a women in their life. The reality is that there are now more women in the workplace thanks to feminism and the atrocities that were implented by this backward ideology such as quotas and affirmative action. So even though you see women in these high paying corporate positions, where they are earning a lot of money (even though they really did not earn the job) they are nontheless, complete trainwrecks when it comes to saving and investment.
    Just do a quick search online, and what you will find is research and empirical data to back this up. More women are broke, in credit card debt and spend much more money in their lifetime, than men. All those handbags, shoes, jewellery, clothes, baby accessories and not to mention those expensive meals for her toyboy, clearly show and illustrates the fact that women have no real notion when it comes to understanding the hard value of money.
    Even though this can never change as it reflects on the corrupt and dysfunctional nature of women, it nonetheless serves as an important reminder to men, that we must learn to protect and preserve our own personal wealth and finance. So learn from the mistakes of men who have financially ruined their own lives by marrying those gold diggers who took them to the cleaners with the help of the corrupt family courts, having kids they cannot afford (a child now costs over $300,000 to raise up to age 18) and women not caring about this and men who have wasted their money and drained their bank accounts for the sake of a relationship.
    If women want to drag themselves down to the gutter, then let them. But lets make sure that they do not take us men down with them.

    1. One of the reasons why women are bad with money is because their spendings are influenced by their emotions and also because 80% of this consumerist bullshit society is targeting them. They are targeted because they are psychologically weak and the marketing gurus know this very well.
      We, Men, are way more rational when it comes to spending money. We rarely buy things unless we really need those things (an exotic car doesn’t count). A very simple example with shoes: I’m pretty sure none of you guys have more than 3 pair of shoes, 1 for work, 1 to go out, 1 pair of sneakers to exercize. How many shoes do women have again…?
      Also, women are bad with money because the access to money (salary) was given to them very recently. Back in the days when the word “family” still meant something, a woman had to ask to her husband to buy things, she didn’t have access to one single cents of the bank account money.

      1. Thank you for summing up what I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Stats show women generally control household spending. If you want to get the economy going, manipulate women into buying a bunch of status-seeking bullshit that no one needs. Today Americans are saving virtually none of their money. I have no doubt that this is related to when women took over the household finances. Goodbye America.

        1. Perhaps a reason why advertising is generally directed towards women and children.

        2. When I have pointed out that women spend every cent they personally earn and a full 50% of all money all men earn, the usual insane female response is those lazy men make the poor victim wives do all the shopping.
          Google for Statistical Abstract USA. Data on every category of expense.
          Or, just wander out to your nearby Wal-mart or Target or Sears or ?
          One of the rules of marketing is shelf space must bring in so many sales per square foot. So what is for sale in the stores, you can tell by a walk through, is what they are buying.
          You quickly learn that women spend most money on themselves. Check it out.
          Nearly 30 years ago, when I first became a public activist for men’s rights, women were screaming about unpaid child support. That year, the amount of alleged unpaid child support was 4 billion dollars. That year women spent over 16 billion dollars on cosmetics. In an op-ed on that topic, I called it “Paint a Face or Feed a Kid.”

        3. Good information, thank you. What I have learned about women is that talking to them about money is like talking to children.
          “Why can’t we go VIP at the club every week?”
          “I can’t afford it”
          “Well all my friends do”
          “What do your friends’ credit card bills look like?”
          “I don’t know”
          “Right well mine is nice and low, just how I like it”
          “I hate you!”

        4. I remember back in the early 70’s a factory worker in my community was getting divorced, in the belief that it was wrong to murder the fiend. I understand that later when he found out about the abuse towards the kids, he wished he could have a do-over.
          His wife worked with the ex- of a doctor. She could not understand why her child support payments were so much smaller.

        5. You need to stop meeting women in clubs.
          Decent women don’t grind up on random men and drink every week.

        6. If I don’t hear from you in a reasonable amount of time I’ll just leave my e-mail under a comment of yours at AVFM

        7. I hope it’s a throw-away e-mail because your account will be under attack in every possible way the minute you post it.
          You should open a throw-away e-mail account, for example on or some other secondary program so that you can simply delete it as soon as we establish contact.

        8. I never mentioned churches. However, I do agree with you. Lots of so called “religious” women are the biggest sluts.
          I was raised Catholic and you wouldn’t believe the number of “virgins” who were taking it up the ass or sucking dick.

        9. I’ve had a blog for a couple of years and been attacked by my wife’s ex husband and various women calling me a misogynist. I know how to stir it up I know how to cool things off. The fairer sex can be like a pack of rabid dogs if you piss them off.

        10. That’s my ex wife right there. Took naps all day then wanted to get up and demand we go out to eat — after I took care of the boys all day and was tired out.
          Never again….

        11. While that is certainly true, it’s much more than that.
          Sluts, when they are 30 and ready to marry, understand that Christian men are especially gullible. So, they buy some nice, modest Christian dearie dresses and go to church looking for a sucker.
          Thanks to the manosphere, this is rapidly becoming less effective.
          But, the pastors give fiery sermons cussing men out for not manning up and marrying these sweet, innocent N>100 dearies.

        12. I did not get a mail on this posting. Only by accident did I see it. So, I am wondering it you put your e-mail somewhere and I missed it.

        13. Yes!!! Sluts also start going to church once they trap some hapless White Knight into raising their bastards. They have to look pious to the world.

        14. What a horrible woman. I hate it when women stay at home and do nothing. I could never sleep all day and neglect my chores. My husband wouldn’t stand for that nonsense.

        15. Twenty-five years ago, I attended a very Fundamentalist church. The pastor read very slowly so he asked people to read books for him and type up a summary of the most important points.
          I did it once.The book told of a study by an evangelical Association. They asked a significant number of people who belonged to evangelical churches if they truly believed in the teachings of the church they were in. This was anonymously, of course.
          Some very large percentage, i forget the exact number but it was over 2/3 said they did not believe a word. they were so shocked by this, they went back and asked anyone who said he didn’t really believe why on earth they went to church.
          They mostly said, well, that is the environment we want for our kids. Or I like being around all those holy people. Hee, hee.
          I believed the study. Most so-called Christian males are so obnoxious that if you say Christian Male, I think pompous arrogant conceited jackass.
          I also assume that the heroes in the front pew who keep hollering, “Amen, pastor. Amen! Amen! Amen!” are the non-believers.
          This also explains why pastors repeat the salvation sermons over and over and over.

      2. I approved my pet buying an Area 51 to play minecraft.
        Men are pretty susceptible to targeted advertisements as well, it’s just that they only WORK to influence a buying choice we already made. I already determined I’d buy a couple of 2k+ computers, but when she showed me the wall-proof new form factor, I was hooked.
        I have no interest in car commercials except when I am going to buy a car.

        1. Makes sense. You see the amount of detail they put in car commercials. It would only influence you if you are in the process of comparing options.

      3. Women are terrible with money. I had an ex that lived to go shopping with her sister. She’d always rave about how much money she saved because “these boots were 50% off!” or “this dress is normally $450 but it was on sale for $200! I saved $250!!!”. Idiots.

        1. Were those 5000 dollar boots so paid 2500 dollars for boots she can’t even work in or go mountain climbing in.

        2. My God…I could buy three dresses with $200!
          I agree that most women are terrible with money.
          Weddings are a perfect example; how many women don’t mind spending THOUSANDS so that they can be princesses for a day? Too many of us shop with our eyes and hearts but not so much with our brains.

      4. That is very true. Entertainment, fashion and other superficiality seems to be entirely female focused now. Since men pay women for things as well the superficial industries have both sexes on checkmate.
        I bet if a pet dog could think, act and talk like a human he would spend his money more rationally than a woman.

    2. ROK is generally not pro-MGTOW. Dividing men and women against each other is what the enemy wants us to do. I think we should focus on exposing the half-truths and outright lies spread by feminism, which is just Marxism in panties, rather than attacking the whole female sex.

      1. Its not about MGTOW or any other movement, but merely a simple observation- women are corrupt and have destroyed so many lives. This is a fudamental truth. A large percentage of these articles reinforce this.
        I have spent years and years, saving up my money and maintaining my properties. What really pisses me off is that women, would by nature, attempt to take that all away from me in so many ways. They don’t give a damn about men and their hard work. They would take that away if they can in many ways. Here are some of them:
        -Divorce settlement
        -Child support
        -Common law marriage and co habitation
        Its sickening. If anything, it is women who have divided themselves from men by ruining our society.

        1. It’s much worse than that, they have no consideration about how their actions will affect their children when they up and decide to divorce the man. Once you are married, have children, and own a home she has you by the balls, She can threaten to leave you anytime she wants if she doesn’t get her way. You’ll be paying the child support and taking care of her live in boyfriend in the house that you bought, he’ll even be driving your car.
          In the end you realize if you want to see your kids on a regular basis you have to cede all your masculinity at the door and tolerate her infidelity because she can leave you and take everything. If you marry a narcissist psychopath, these are issues you are confronted with when you eat the red pill and finally divorce the bitch. You accept the consequences of divorcing her, but at least you’ll be a man again.

        2. “They don’t give a damn about men and their hard work.”
          No they don’t. Any relationship with a woman should be based on this simple axiom.

        3. “You accept the consequences of divorcing her, but at least you’ll be a man again.”
          Exactly. No matter the consequences being a man again supersedes every downside.

        4. Do you even have to marry a ‘narcissist psychopath?’ A normal Western woman is close enough to that simply by how the culture is raising them.

        5. The worst part is that if you allow them to be educated and earn their own income they are disobedient mouthy cunts deserved of little more than the back of a hand and an unlubed ass rapin’. You can’t win. If they have enough wherewithal to bring a reasonable income to the table they aren’t worthy of licking your toilet clean they’re such bitch faces. If they’re unable to earn, they’re a guaranteed gold digging pussy with feet. My only advice is pick a woman you can slowly blank the slate of her mind with your fist (either upside or inside her body) via “consensual” BDSM.

        6. I am now serious considering leaving the West. My debts are nearly repaid and I am learning a new language. I also have considerable skills to offer a 3rd World Country. The steps are being taken towards my “emancipation”.

        7. “If anything, it is women who have divided themselves from men by ruining our society.”
          – truth
          When I look back on American history and I am seeking a defining statement for how America came to be what it is now, I will seek out this quote from you.

        8. The worst thing is that most laws are in their favor, women always win with the 4 points you mentionned. The pussy is used as a tool to blackmail us. They own the key to sex and by opening/closing their legs they basically have leverage. Add to this the constant bullshit and the psychological torture and you understand why women are evil creatures. All this talk about divorce isn’t surprising at all in the end. We live in a consumerism society, human and social interactions bare no more value in this virtual world. Women use Men as disposable live dildos and bank accounts. Getting a divorce is as easy as those microwave-ready-meals. A lawyer, a couple of signatures here and there and in less than 48 hours it’s over. Sad but true reality.

        9. I have to wait until my kids are grown up before I leave the US, but on the brighter side I’ll have more money and will be able to have a nice set up in some third world country. I guess my master plan is to have a home in the US and somewhere else. There is a reason that everyone with money in Latin America owns a piece of Miami, you need a back up plan for when it all goes to shit.

        10. ROK did not exist when I got married in 1997, but my ex is a case study for this sight. There is a checklist of items that make a woman non-marriage material, my ex just happens to hit nearly all of those items. Some men have a far worse post divorce relationship than I do, with large child support payments, alimony and the rest. So I can’t complain to much.
          I lucked out when she took me back to court and tried to get more child support out of me, basically my entire monthly earnings. She, being a woman would not negotiate, so I hired the attorney who wrote the child support laws for my state. It was amusing watching the judge look to my attorney as to the interpretation of the law, since he wrote it. The ex took the stand and acted her usual bitchy self and annoyed the judge. I won’t talk about the child support let’s just say I’m very happy with the outcome.

        11. My hero! I write from Mexico. If you are unable to leave before retirement, you need to know I am not an especially handsome 72, but I do have women 45 years younger hitting on me. I have chosen to be faithful to my wife of 40 years, but still it is an interesting thing to experience.
          Note I do not count the gold diggers. These are women who for several reasons find me attractive.
          If you don’t believe this, well it was hard for me to believe as well at first.

        12. Corruption, despotism, lack of free speech or rule of law and poverty are all offset by the prospect of a normal family.
          I’m off to Russia/Khazakstan or somewhere as soon as I have some savings. Do it!

        13. Generally those things don’t directly affect the average person anyway. I am thinking Latin America!

        14. I’ve had money extorted by police. The locals were aghast at how much I was fined, they told me I should have haggled! I’ve never been to Latin America. Spanish is easy to learn. Good luck!

        15. I hope your Spanish is better than mine. But, I do get by. I want to live here until I die, then my bones to rest here for all eternity with my wife’s ancestors.
          Note that Colombia has the lowest divorce rate of nations that have divorce. A rate only 1/4 as high as Mexico, which is second. The Philippines do not have divorce at all.

        16. That sounds out of character. Perhaps things have changed since I left the UK but British police have always had a good reputation. I was in the former USSR.

        17. It’s institutional. They call it speeding. They lower the speed limits below what is reasonable and then set up speed traps. Meanwhile, they are sending out letters to people who have been robbed and tell them they will not investigate because it is not in the public interest. Banks get robbed and the police sit back and do nothing. Now I ask you, what is the purpose of the police?

        18. That’s what I want. A place where the state doesn’t allow woman to ream you at any moment.

        19. Good plan although there is always the possibility that the US will be the one to go to shit…

        20. A Spanish lesson. Ano means asshole, body part not idiot. Año means year. Not important when you are dealing with English speakers. hee, hee. All Windows computers can have an icon put in the bottom of the screen which will let you change keyboards on the fly in this case to change ; to ñ, and back.
          I used ano for a while simply not wanting to take the two seconds to trip the keyboard over and back, until I remembered that most of my FRIENDS speak Spanish.
          I am a Linux user but it is still easy to put that icon on the screen.

        21. Let me make it clear that the human drama tends to be somewhat the same at every era and in every culture. The difference is in how the society treats the drama.
          When I started writing some years ago on DGM-2 about daily life in my Third World Mexican village. I first thought a lot. Of all the women I knew over my first 55 years of life in the USA, I could only come up with a list of six totally sane women and that would probably be out of thousands of women.
          Out of 40 women living near me here, there were 3 that I viewed as totally sane, for a 7.5% sanity rate. And, the other 37 cooked; cleaned; washed the clothes, dishes, and floor, and either gave the husband sex when he asked or looked the other way as he tapped into a neighbor girl. Seriously.
          There are bad women here. There was a 21 year old very sexy married woman who spent considerable time trying to seduce me. She is so sexy that it was tempting but i could not do it to her husband or her children. She would be called a harlot by the Bible, I think.
          There are women who run off with other men. But, here no-fault divorce does not exist. Except in Mexico City, a man can file criminal charges against his wife for adultery and get the kids.
          If he lets her have the kids, legally he can be ordered to pay child support. But few women ask because the penalty for DV is usually not much.
          And, very rarely women who file false rape charges. But, here the county forensic expert does ask hard questions. “Exactly why were you naked in his bed?”
          And, “Why after you let him put it in did you think you could tell him to stop before he was done?”
          So, here the inner bitch does not run things with impunity.
          And, women do not support each other. There is no, “You go, grrrl!” in rural Mexico when a woman commits adultery or hits her husband.
          And, DIF does take kids from their mother for neglect or abuse. One woman a few years ago was wandering around town with several little kids left home alone. A neighbor woman called DIF. She lost the kids until a grandma living on a ranch a few miles away agreed to keep them under her wing.
          Women here have the same sinful nature as women everywhere and in every era. But, women are not given the pussy pass here. It does make a difference.

        22. This is why you need to marry a woman who has the influence of a traditional and patriarchal culture deeply ingrained in her psyche. Immigrants often raise their daughters with better morals than the typical Western women.

        23. I have the same plan sir..although i dont know if im going to have any looking at Belize or barbados

        24. If you learn Spanish you won’t have to limit yourself to those two countries. Spanish is an easy language to learn.

        25. So well said.
          I actually refer to them as Highwaymen, since they sit on the side of the highway, waylay you and rob you of your hard earned cash just for driving down the street.

        26. There is no reason for you to know. Unless I manage to convince you ot expat to Mexico. Hee, hee. I pointed it out more as a trivia thing than as any form of criticism.

        27. Of course Philippines has divorce, it just has a different name “anullment”.
          but only for the rich who simply admit in a letter to having a mental problem when they were married.
          They then can avoid legal traps of marital affairs which get you a long jail sentence

        28. Sorry to hear that, speed traps are annoying. The police don’t keep the money so it’s different from third world corruption. Police are only following instructions from elected officials. Most speed limits are way too low and don’t help prevent road deaths. However, since so many people die on the roads the police have to take an interest.

        29. if women can also go to jail for adultery, I am all for it. Better than I though!
          I am well aware of annulments in the Catholic Church. But, I certainly doubt that 40% of marriages in the Philippines end up in divorce And, i doubt that adulterous women can toss you out and get the house; the kids; the car; child support; alimony; and have you thrown in jail for losing your job. So, it is definitely superior from my inexperienced viewpoint.

        30. The anullment, as I said, is only for rich people In Philippines. There seems to be many people who simply leave each other but less than 40%.
          Fathers lose rights to their kids like in the West and there are similar “domestic violence” laws. Not supporting your wife is considered “domestic violence”. But legal action is only for rich, except for real violence by husbands. Philippines was one of the last countries to admit that female violence even exists. But, no, 95% of women cannot take your wealth if you separate. But as a foreigner, you cannot own land or a business so usually they get put in wives’ names and they are owners. So in Philippines it is bad if you don’t take care.

        31. To be honest, that doesn’t sound too bad. I am one who feels from talking to many men that losing the kids is the worst thing.
          But, yet I know men can move on beyond losing their kids if it happens. But, to be hounded to pay lots of money on top of losing the kids, is too much. If you do lose your kids and can’t do anything about it, you should be able to get another family just as she can do. It’s called equality.
          Actually I am happy with Mexico. Of course, I came here with more than 22 years married to a Mexican woman. But, even then with no government welfare women are more afraid to dump their husband.
          Except in Mexico City there is no no-fault divorce in Mexico.
          And, the police inspectors in case of accusation of rape ask hard questions. “Why were you naked in the back seat of his car?”
          There are child support laws. But, there are no slave chasers. Men who feel burdened by excessive payments simply move elsewhere.
          Not only is there no government welfare big enough to make husbands obsolete. But, using the rule that women follow the herd, there is no man-hating herd in Mexico. If a woman said she was bored and wanted a divorce there would be no “you go grrrl!” in Mexico.
          Ditto for marital rape. If a woman had her husband arrested for non-violent rape, the other women would almost certainly shun her.
          and, in Mexico, foreigners can and do own property, except by the border or on the beach.

    3. I too am tired of this “women are more mature than men” myth. Complete bollocks. Women cannot handle the pressures of daily life without the support of a man and it is us they turn to immediately when SHTF.
      I once dated a female accountant who couldn’t even perform monthly budgeting for her household! When I offered to do it for her she recoiled in rage “I can do it myself!” “But you have maxed out your credit cards, you’re about to default on your mortgage and you can’t organize basic maintenance on your house”. “I don’t care! Leave me alone!” SLAM.

      1. Exactly.
        Just because you are a woman, and dating an older man, does not equate you to being more “mature.” The mental issues that these women have, not to mention all the personal baggage that they carry and drama that they play, goes to show you how insecure and unreliable these women are.
        Women are simply a lost cause because they have no actual direction in their own lives and cannot contribute anything positive for anyone else.

        1. There are many men I can thank for helping me but no woman comes to mind. I bet feminists are going to say that’s because I judge a woman by her looks but that’s usually the only thing they got.

      2. I have one woman who married my cousin. She complained about a lack of promotion at her data management department. I advised her to follow Barbara Corcoran’s title of her book “if you don’t have big breasts, put ribbons on your pigtails.” She blew a fuse and called me a sexist pig even though it was Corcoran’s own mother’s advice in her own book. Talk about stupid.

      1. Sure those stats look vaguely equal and for arguments sake let’s say they are 100% reliable. Now take into account the portion of those women who are receiving alimony vs men receiving alimony. Hint its about 50 to 1 women. Wouldn’t someone getting 1K+ a month (for years, or even LIFE) of free money have an easier time dealing with their debts? What about the one LOSING 1k+ a month? Similarly for the excessive childsupport awards which vastly (VASTLY) benefit women. Now let’s take into account who’s money gets spent during the dating process. Hint: It isn’t the woman. Now let’s also take into account how many women pay off or take on the debts of their men, vs the men who take on or pay off the debts of their women. Hint: a hole takes, a pole gives.
        Considering these facts, it’s amazing that women have equal financial stats to men. If I was getting all this free loot every day I’d be retired at 25 with no debts and an ever growing bank account.

        1. Yes, and now plot that experian graph compared to income. Men take harder jobs and work more hours, so their income is much higher than lazy unmotivated women, so that equal debt compared to income is actually far less.
          My credit card (one of the top companies) says my credit number is 843 out of a possible 850. I find that hard to believe, but I can’t see why they would lie to me.

    4. This is why even with that high power corporate job, she still laments not having a man.
      She needs the man to shoulder her debilitating financial incompetence burden.

    5. I must disagree. My mother was the one who taught me to finance (always pay you first every paycheck). I then passed on what I learned to my boyfriend, who had 0 in savings when we met and now has a decent amount and it’s consistently increasing every pay. I think financial responsibility differs on an individual basis,as I have encountered both men and women whose lives are financial trainwrecks. It mostly depends on the guidance you are given growing up. That in itself is problematic, as the majority of people in my generation don’t have proper guidance, teachers, mentors etc…

      1. You are an exception to the rule.
        That being said, dont let it go to your head 🙂

    6. Men are smart, women are cunning. Men are persuasive, women are manipulative. Maturity? It is a mugs game. I think I will have to next my 26 year old girlfriend because she behaves like a 12 year old. However, the whole laddie and thug culture is just boys with men’s toys and that is disturbing.

    7. Kim Kiyosaki, wife of the Rich Dad author, have so many girlfriends who were completely clueless about money and investment that she was moved to write Rich Woman just to give them the basics such as the cash flow, balance sheet and the like. In my personal experience, many girls ( and men too) want to be rich or independent but were too afraid of the possible risks that they either try do everything themselves or chicken out. What a shame to see so many people with dependent mindset but that’s life.

    8. women need this they are naturally degenerated.
      I personally think that women are not any sort of more skilled socially than men, but shitloads less. they dont even get the most simple things. To jump forward right to the point : women have zero real empathy and or compassion for other humans. they just mimic some. that’s why they are so retarded and don’t get the most simple things. women indeed are primitives. literal retards. And no this is not exageration, i mean it.
      The evolu-biological reason :
      They are severely mentally underdeveloped, because they have never had any selective pressure on them ( except getting wide hips and big breasts and more bodyfat, n that’s about it ), because they have always been catered, fed , protected and cared for by men, for literally 2.3 million years ( hominide evolut. to humans ) at very least !
      that is why women cannot understand then they do the most severe injustice, when they hurt ppl, adn that humans, animals and childrens have feelings too etc.
      That is why mentally, socially, empathically, compassionwiese women still are monolithic primitive apes. They development literally stoped wayyy before stoneage.
      Think about it !
      a truely humane, honest and fair world can only be one with way way less women !

  11. question.
    say I am getting divorced and decide to take radical action knowing im about to get taken to the cleaners. is it possible to wire money into an account / turn it into something that is of small size/high value such as gold and just carry it across the border to a country that has no extradition laws and simply use that money to start anew?
    Im not in this situation but have always been curious… seems possible if you get out of country fast enough and see the writing on the wall with your future ex wife…?
    any legal experts or techys that can comment on the transfer of funds ?

    1. That is what as known as a fraudulent transfer. You can do this however there is a possibility if there are records of pulling out money you may be hit with trying to hide assets. Pre-nups and trusts are your friend, however you will want to create your entity (trust) at least 2-3 years prior to a divorce in order to prevent it from being considered a fraudulent transfer. If you knew a divorce was coming (a year prior) and created said entity the court could consider it null and recoup the assets.

    2. Some states have automatic restraining orders associated with marital dissolution proceedings. Some people attempt to end run those orders through offshore trusts and other means (people who have enough money to make it worthwhile.) There are a variety of sanctions to prevent such action.

    3. Set up a family trust well before you are married, and put your assets there. Once you are married, you may have issues with doing this.
      One thing you CAN do is have a second hidden bank account ready, and move everything into it before the divorce, and let the family court know the money is there. Getting the joint account drained and spent by the spouse is an all too common occurrence, and women seldom get punished for a pre-divorce spending spree.

  12. Once we got married, all my stuff was hers and all her stuff was mine. Joint accouints, everything. Right for us. But I do not know if I would recommend that to a young dude. Been 23 years.

    1. If you are going to marry before the law, which I have not recommended since 1985 when marital rape became universal law, you might as well put everything in a common fund and be done with it. Because in the end once you marry, a judge can do whatever she wants with you, everything you own, and everything you will ever own. Not to mention imagining money you don’t have and will never have but you are ordered to pay.
      And, some marriages do work. A very few even work well. Nearly 60% of first marriages do not end in divorce.
      All these clever schemes to hide money and stuff only piss off a judge. Does anyone remember the man who was in jail for like 15 years. The stupid judge (but I repeat myself) suspected he had hidden millions of dollars and ordered him to produce it. He insisted the money did not exist, but the stupid judge (but I repeat myself) insisted it did. They put financial detectives looking for it for a long time and they couldn’t find it. Finally after a major portion of his lifetime they let him loose.
      Fifteen years with not even a preponderance of evidence!
      If you think you need to hide your money, or get worthless pre-nups, the solution is much simpler. DON’T GET MARRIED!!!!
      Better yet, man up and Get The Hell Out!

  13. Just as personal policy I never loan money to anyone. If they are my friend, and in need, i will gift them the money. I would rather them have the few hundred bucks to get out of a tough spot then have to further worry about how they will eventually pay me back. Plus the existence of debt among friends in no good for group cohesion.
    If you are paying for anything, regardless of whether it is a woman or not, be upfront with the nature of the transaction. Is it a gift? A loan? Are you giving them license to use a car that is in your name? Are they a tenant in your house or a co-occupant? If you have someone move in with you have them sign a lease (even if they aren’t paying rent). If you let someone use a car you own make it clear that the car is on loan subject to your revocation at any time. If someone you are living with pays for improvements to your house make sure to get it on the record it is a gift and not some something they expect to get a vested share out of later.
    I’m probably more generous with money the most men my age and status, so this is not me being a scrooge. It is just me being a realist. When I give a gift I make it known it is a gift. When I let a buddy down on his luck live with me for a month I let him know the nature of his occupancy. I expect the same from others. It is just smart business.

    1. “I expect the same from others. It is just smart business.”
      In theory it is smart, on the practical side of the issue it’s a different story. I get your point here but I feel like this is somehow “naive” to expect things from others in today’s sharkstank society. People have very selective memory when it comes to paying back/giving back.

      1. That is why I will put the terms of anything other then a gift (and still might for a gift) in writing.

  14. This is a true story.
    I don’t like being defensive when it comes to women. Part of me still has a heart for them even though I know The Female of the Species is More Deadly Than the Male, as Kipling so brilliantly put it.
    But lately, I’m finding that I have even more disdain and disgust for them, and how convenient that this article popped up right after one of the most sickening displays I’ve ever seen in my life.
    I was in line at the bank in Latin America on my last trip out of the Matrix when in walks these 5s or 6s (at best.) Two middle-aged, used up white women, no big deal I thought. They must have thought nobody in the bank understood English since most of the tourists who are white where I travel are usually European (‘Mericans are too cool for school when it comes to Latin America, thank God they stay home.) Anyway, they open their mouth and out comes the Red Pill truth that every man on this board knows is true. They were comparing notes on how much money each had screwed out of their ex-husbands after 10-15 years of marriage. They then proceeded to withdraw large sums of their ex-husbands’ hard-earned money to blow on whatever they desired, guilt-free, care-free, and heartlessly.
    “Oh honey, I’ve got 40% of his salary for the rest of my life, child support, the house, the whole nine yards. He was furious but he has to pay. Tee hee. Tee hee.”
    “Well my ex is maxed out at his job salary-wise that’s why I’m glad I walked out when I did. I got alimony and the house and a large settlement.”
    Those poor bastards now have no choice but to pay or go to jail. And you thought slavery ended after the Civil War.
    That, my friends, describes in a few short paragraphs why I will NEVER, EVER, EVER get married in the United Socialist States of Vagina. I’ll spare you the rest of that man-hating conversation, but when I turned around, I gave them both go to hell looks and yelled “Fucking Ameriwhores!” as I walked out of the bank.
    The truth is being spoken on this board and other manosphere sites. Men must know the true nature of women. Sites like this are doing more of a public service than 20 years of compulsory public education brainwashing have ever done.

    1. We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! Well done, great story and you are correct. The War of Northern Aggression was not about freeing negroes but about making EVERYONE a slave.

  15. On this subject-women SNOOP.Ive never been predisposed to search my ex gf’s living areas ,but it seems among women this is not the case.Dont leave credit card statements, bank recipts,ATM slips, bank disclosure forms, and 401k/tax return documents laying about. By “laying about”,I mean physically accessible in the same place you bang her at without the use of a safe combo or computer password.
    Ever took a girl to your place, went to the bathroom/kitchen, and come back to see her suddenly happy for no apparent reason….and the door to your bedroom open ? Yeah, this another lesson I learned the “not easy way.”

    1. that is great advice. Sometimes we get complacent and in a hurry leave shit in plain view that shouldn’t be seen by any female.

    2. So damn right…they are always in inspector gadget mode when the time permits

  16. There is some good news guys, some young women these days are standing on their own 2 feet (for a while at least) and making their own cash on sugar dating sites like by having “mutually beneficial relationships” with wealthy, generous men.

    1. Don’t forget to add adjectives fat , sweaty, and desperate in addition to wealthy and generous .

      1. just like port a pottys will do anything for cash… so will sugar babies >:^) Women who are abnormal enough to have earned a degree and who can support themselves know how abjectly disgusting and masculinized they are and they too will let you do ANYTHING to them because they reasonably hate themselves and want desperately to be punished. My professional plates will lick toilets and give HJ’s to homeless men on skid row when I demand them to. I film it all too! women were created for pain and our amusement. They’ve only been permitted to get uppitty for the last decade or so and it’s of little worry or concern, the tide is changing fast against them. I highly recommend exacting as much pennance as possible from women in homage to feminism.

    2. This is not good news. Women are incapable of standing on their own 2 feet without scads of male empowerment. That means these women are used to fleecing men… Not good news in the slightest.

      1. I would argue that a few slippery little cunts somehow manage to do so every now and again by usurping degrees and careers that rightfully belong to Men. The joy in these instances is that when you do find the occasional split tail that somehow managed to suck enough professor cock to garner her MD or MBA, she is so psychologically displaced from the natural order of things that she welcomes any and all debasement you can mete out to punish her for her disgusting solipsism. Ever seen a female surgeon forced to fuck a german shepard to instill how truly nauseating and low of a human bitch she is…? I’d say a trickier question is try finding one who wont submit to such well earned degradation >:^)

  17. To sum up:
    1. Dont get married
    2. Dont get them pregnant
    3. Dont buy a house with them.
    You are about 98% there if you follow the above rules.

  18. Neither a borrower nor a lender be,
    For loan oft loses both itself and friend,
    And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.
    Hamlet Act 1, scene 3, 75–77

      1. Thanks, first time I read it I tucked that little gem away and put it to good use personally.

  19. Why expect women to do a man’s job? Take credit for allowing wimmen to take men’s places by default. Own it. It’s your burden, western civilization’s pater familias.

  20. One easy way to short-circuit all this record keeping: Never give a woman money.

  21. Even with these measures we are still screwed. Women (especially the ones that come into money via their vagina) spend it on the dumbest overpriced garbage, meaning the ‘winners’ in the economy are mostly con-artists. Women’s spending is ,in my experience, one of the leading reasons for a toxic business climate.
    P.S. I don’t live in the West and have traveled a little bit, the difference when majority spending is done by men or women is difficult to capture in words. When you have women spending in unrestrained fashion, the entire community feels like a mix of a brothel and a garbage dump.
    What I’m trying to say is, no matter how much you insulate yourself from the matriarchal culture around you, it is still going to determine 90%+ of your options in life, activity, opportunities for business and recreation, etc. Something radical has to be done.

    1. “When you have women spending in unrestrained fashion, the entire community feels like a mix of a brothel and a garbage dump.”
      Precisely what ‘Murica is, well, that, and one coast-to-coast shopping mall and restaurant so the fatties can have their iPhones and Big Macs. (And 10,000 pairs of shoes.)

  22. “How To Financially Protect Yourself From Women” ~ Easy, take up masturbation. Didn’t need no article.

  23. Wtf. So you want a chick who is feminine, submissive, will cook and clean. But she needs to pay her way as well.
    So, how’s she supposed to do that, Einstein? Guess she needs to work, bring in around the same amount as you do, to keep things ‘fair’ hey? Better alert the feminists, ROK is apparently now all for equality.
    Either man up and provide for your woman, or stfu about the state of things these days. You can’t have it both ways.

    1. The article assumes that the male subject in question has decided to pursue a relationship with an average educated woman. There’s nothing wrong with writing an article with that assumption – other ROK writers would disagree but it’s reasonable to say that some men prefer an educated woman rather than a more traditional one – if only because there is too much effort involved with finding that ideal traditional woman nowadays, as made clear by other various articles.
      The absolution you present at the end of your post makes my brain hurt, probably because because it because it was written by by a giant cunt. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with the author reminding a man to document every economical loss, even if he is with a woman. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

    2. Hahahahahahhahah. I’ll ccok and clean if you take me to Paris. Man up and take me on vacation; I ran the sweeper last night. How about I throw some burgers on the grill and then you lick my ass, ho.

    3. The default state these days is the “empowered yo go grrl liberal arts degree I don’t need no man” woman. It is completely fair to expect such a specimen to pay her equal way.
      The WISH of men is for the feminine cook/maid/angelic mother of your children. This unicorn would indeed need to be provided for, and we would do so gladly.
      There is no contradiction. I can wish for playful cuddly puppies all day long, but if all there are in my neighborhood are rabid wolves, you can bet your ass I won’t be treating them like puppies.

    4. You da man do the budget. Dingbats can’t budget. I’ve seen enough dingbats who compulsively bitch for something new and then throw away good stuff and then begin bitching for new stuff again. And then repeat and repeat. Stop her cold in that kind of cycle no matter how hard she squeals before it becomes habit. It is like binge and purge – another dingbat vice. Always keep the dingbats hands off the money. Just see what she does with a little play money and tell me you want to go big on that kind of risk and flop the whole place big time. Just keep a cheap fan running and get used to it rather than a juice sucking 20,000 BTU A.C. and keep her sucking, fucking and cooking. It don’t get any better.

  24. This article seems to come out of some weird twilight zone where you go Dutch on everything and then expect to recoup any shortfall if you break up. It almost has nothing to do with women because it applies equally to men that you deal with. If a buddy borrows some cash from you, keep a record of it. If you have a room mate, keep track of what you pay. It all applies in spades if you, say, go in on a timeshare, an investment or start a business.
    On the last point there should always be a written agreement that covers at least two things: how to get in and how to get out.
    Pre-nups are not a panacea. If they aren’t “fair” in some judge’s opinion they will simply get tossed out. They need to be updated every few years to take into account any change in circumstance that you and your lawyer could not divine from your crystal ball. Of course if things do change, your wife could simply refuse to sign the amendment and then your only choices are to pull the trigger and hope the existing pre-nup (or post nup as the case may be) sticks or else watch as that agreement descends into irrelevancy and prepare to be divorce raped in a few more years.
    The only way to protect yourself is to go into the marriage with effectively no assets. Lease your home, lease your car, and set up various “non-family assets”. Depending on what jurisdiction you are in, you can keep certain business assets and investments away from your personal life and in the event of a divorce you get to keep them. Equalize your earnings. That might mean cutting back on your hours to practice your golf swing while nagging the shit out of her to give up on her post graduate studies in Byzantine art and go get an MBA. If you have kids, make sure you spend equal time being a caregiver so she can’t claim primary status. Split expenses and any major asset purchases down the middle. Use a joint bank account so you don’t fall into the trap of one paying for the plane tickets to Maui while the other buys the food and covers the electricity bill. Never accept charity from your family. If you borrow money, do so at commercially reasonable rates. Never schedule repayment for more than 5 years in the future and more ideally make it a demand note so that if things go south your parents or siblings get to clean out the bank account rather than it getting tied up in property settlement proceedings.
    If you do this right – and you would have to talk to your lawyer to figure out if it is even possible – then in the event of a divorce you will end up with joint custody of the kids, there will be no alimony or child support, and any property division will get split down the middle. If you can set up those “non-family assets” then that gives you a new nest egg to start again. It’s tedious and inefficient but that is what you are left with from marriage 2.0 and the lop-sided divorce laws.

    1. Damn that’s scary. I’ve never looked at a woman like that. Like she was basically a man with tits and a pussy, capable of an MBA or with the nerve to wave a degree at me in lieu of tits or the grind of her pumping baby engine.

  25. Women are more financially conservative than men because they are programmed to protect their eggs. Guys will willingly die in a fire to provide for their children.
    The evidence can shift back and forth depending on what you look at. Female entrepreneurs have neither the failure rate nor the success rates of their male equivalents.
    Women – especially childless women – want lots of stupid stuff like Louis Vitton hand bags and 25 pairs of shoes. The somewhat older ones that have a mild to severe case of “babies rabies” get some more perspective and they don’t want you to spend any money on useless items.

  26. This is absolutely terrible advice. DO NOT LISTEN TO IT. You should pay for absolutely NOTHING. Yes. I’m yelling. All the fucking records in the world will not get you paid. She pays for trips you reimburse. End of story. Small claims court, really?
    Never, ever, ever loan money to a woman. They don’t look at it like men do. To them it’s a gift you made it easier for her to take by calling it a loan. They have no intention of paying it back no matter what they say. Do yourself a favor and just say no. No matter what the sob story, DO NOT DO IT.

  27. Who loans anything to women? Who expects to recoup debts from women? Seriously, such behavior is a special nexus of miserly and naive.
    Feel free to give money away, but never lend it (unless that’s your business). If the recipient wants to believe or pretend it’s a loan, so be it, but I can tell you that money lent to a friend, acquaintance or family member in need is a gift – you will never see it again, so don’t expect to.
    You needn’t lavish money on women. Make them pay for stuff; go Dutch; do what you like, just don’t be a cheap bastard. It just brings everybody down.

    1. I didn’t understand you. Don’t loan money. Give it to them. Make them pay for stuff; go Dutch, but don’t be a cheap bastard
      What is involved in being a cheap bastard is the part I don’t get.

      1. pinching pennies and keeping miserly accounts of favors done for others are involved in being a cheap bastard.
        If you lend money to a woman, consider it gone forever. If it comes back, consider it a Christmas miracle.
        Women are not men. Do not assume them to have the same sense of honor, integrity or accountability. Those are masculine virtues, not feminine.
        You love the difference, so, accept the difference.

        1. Okay, thanks. To be clear, I really didn’t understand. Thanks for clarification. The way you explain it does make sense to me.

  28. It’s impossible these days to protect your finances from women. Legally it’s considered abuse by withholding finances from women. Called financial abuse (lumped in with domestic abuse). And with the de facto laws, I’m afraid you are fucked if you date women these days. Pump and dump or avoid.

  29. My EX and I split up over money issues. I am a saver and she is a mindless woman. Not to say she is stupid or uneducated, no, in fact she was a RN.
    She would say things like , “It’s your family reunion, you should pay for the vacation”.
    To which my response was, “OK I paid for the cross country airline tickets for you, our daughter and I. I also paid for the week in the hotel in DC, the rental car and the trips to all the museums, ya think you could pick up a check?”
    I made her do a payroll deduction into our joint checking account, so we could pay our house bills. My reasoning was, our bills are paid, if you want to go blow $200 on a stupid pair of Croc’s, what do I care?
    I came home one night with a new guitar amplifier. “Where did you get that?”
    Well I saved up my cash from gigging over the last year and went out and bought it.
    First of all, it didn’t even come out of the family fund, but that didn’t matter, she acted as if I had spent my cash on a gold plated pile of crap.
    Ya see, I’m a saver and that’s what really pissed her off. I can do without, until I can afford to buy something.
    She proceeded to go out and get 12 credit cards, max them all out, then demand they be paid off, by us refinancing our home.
    I refused to sign the Re-Fi papers, so eventually, she had to take it out of her retirement.
    Since it was tax-deferred, she had to pay it back, via payroll deduction.
    Which also pissed her off. Somehow she felt, I owed her this money.
    This was a woman, who had no problem, blowing $180 bucks at a store called “Beadz n thingz”
    I finally had enough and left her.
    Bottom line? I have less money, but also less stress. I also live within my means. I don’t have the big McMansion anymore, but my tiny home is almost paid for. Along with my truck and bike and everything else I own.
    Right now, I’m jones-ing for a stupid expensive guitar. Do I need it? NO! Will I get it?
    Yes, but in a year or so, when I have saved up the money. It will still be available!
    Saving. A concept women.dont.get

    1. Nurses make poor spouses to begin with. They’re too busy tending to other people’s ass aches and it is impossible to get a back masage from her after she gets home. And a full weenie rub and doctoring, forget it, same excuse, she’s tired and she’s wiped enough other people’s asses at work. And the nurses station is a fucking henhouse constantly abuzz with hen cackling and duck squalking. They are majority females there and they confide in each other on what to do in every situation in their home lives. Because they are stupid fickle females and cannot think for themselves, they take the advice of their clucking sister hens at the nurse’s station.
      If your bitch burned you, man, then it was all planned and resolved in the nurse’s station. If you could have been a fly on the wall in the nurse’s station or if you could have planted a listening device at her workplace in there by say . . . hmm . . maybe donating a fine coffeemaker with built in implanted microphone and transmitter . . . then you would have heard all the shit coming down the pike MONTHS IN ADVANCE. The shit was all plotted and planned in the nurse’s station you can bet.

    2. You were too soft. That was your mistake.
      Treat your next woman like you would treat your child.
      The money she earns (much better if she becomes a housewife and mother, much better) is of course not (!) her money but family money.
      YOU decide what is bought and where it is spend. You have to take lead and responsibility in everything if you want things to work. Never ask a woman what she wants (she does not know anyways) and decide what is best for her, the kids and the family.
      This was your cardinal sin. Let her too much freedom. It was a shit-test no less when she maxed her creditcards – you should have shown strength and not allow her such nonsense.
      Women are NOT like men and never will be. They never grow up and never learn to be responsible. They need men to decide for them. Feminism does a good job brainwashing WOMEN into believing otherwise, but please fellow men, dont fall for the same trap.

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  31. Any man with significant assets either married or planning to get married needs to look into a Cook Islands offshore trust. Cook Islands trusts are the strongest form of asset protection in the world. Prenups aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. Judges disregard them all the time but Cook Islands trusts give a straight middle finger to foreign court rulings. Divorced wives settle for pennies on the dollar to avoid even trying to crack a Cook trust.

    1. This fantasy of eternal “oneness” is childish. We guys here all know it’s a scam and yet some of use think a prenup will be good enough to go thru with it anyway? What is it with you Americans and marriage…

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  33. Treat women like men in financial terms. Take them to small claims, demand your property back, ignore “shaming” from mutual friends that YOU are the cheapskate or are being vindictive. Women are “equal”, money is money and a woman that’s now sleeping around with others need to settle up before she starts borrowing from the next guy.

  34. never marry. from the very start, never pay for her ..explain her why ( because u want to be sure she loves you and not your money ).
    if she doesnt get / respect that, she is a parasite,, so get rid of that disease.
    It’s actually very simple, it just requires you to be sovereign and respect yourself.

  35. this is really good website for men nowadays, i will give supports to promote this website. In the name of BAND OF BROTHERS 🙂

  36. We can agree that as individuals the data shows women may be worse at personal finances then men. As individuals. But you guys do know that our economy tanked because of huge banks right? And none of those banks’ presidents have served any jail time for wrecking the public and world economy.

  37. “Loan for Jane for Music Festival Trip.”
    Was I the only one thinking, yeah loan for Jane’s music festival trip where she will likely cheat on me and come home from the weekend festival smelling of two day old urine and the semen of four different men. I am really cynical aren’t I. -.-

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