Wall Street, Hollywood, The Media And SJWs Fail To Stop Donald Trump From Becoming America’s Next President

Gentlemen, Donald J. Trump is the new President-elect of the United States. Though a few results are still pending, Trump has captured the perennial large battleground states of Ohio, Florida, Iowa, and North Carolina, plus Georgia. And, in a change not seen in more than a generation, he has seized Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Pennsylvania and Michigan have not voted for a Republican Presidential candidate since 1988 and Wisconsin since way back in 1984. It appears also that states the Democrats thought were well and truly in the bag for them, such as Minnesota, Maine and Virginia, have stayed blue with only wafer-thin or very disappointing margins. The 2nd Congressional district of Maine, a state which divides its electoral votes along with Nebraska, has been called for the Republicans for the first time in nearly 30 years. The last time any Maine district voted for a GOP Presidential candidate was 1988, when George H. W. Bush seized all four electoral votes there.

Importantly, too, avowedly liberal states have seen significant turnouts for Trump. For example, counts so far show that some 40% of voters in Connecticut and Rhode Island, states with even more liberal media bias than the nation generally, have opted for the “racist,” “sexist,” and “homophobic” Republican candidate. Their votes ultimately did not change the electoral college map, but it is heartening to know that even in the eye of the liberal storm, plenty of people are happy to support Trump. This is despite them facing fierce rebukes and, often enough, violence if they make their views public.

The “clown” candidate has beaten 16 more “experienced” Republican challengers and now Hillary Clinton, the most elite-backed candidate in the world’s political history.

As last night’s results have shown, plenty of Trump voters in red and blue states alike have been forced to keep their beliefs quiet. Media airtime for pro-Trump views and stories has been deliberately minimized and frequently demonized by the major networks. Mainstream “journalists” such as Glenn Thrush, Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, Jessica Valenti, and Brent Budowsky have been caught collaborating with both the DNC and Clinton campaign (if you believe that these two groups are actually separate). This only increases the esteem in which the emphatic, resounding Trump victory needs to be held.

And let’s not forget the Senate and House races! After months of spineless GOP cucks rushing to differentiate themselves from Trump, The Donald has still carried them to victory in both Houses of Congress. The White House, Senate and House of Representatives are all in Republican hands until at least the 2018 House midterms. Can you taste the very salty tears of the liberals and SJWs yet?

Every powerful vested interest not only supported Hillary, but did everything they could to ruin Trump

Yes, it’s happening.

Did you see the last major Hillary Clinton rallies? Celebrities-cum-political hacktivists, chief among them Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and Katy Perry, all fell into Clinton’s corner well before their final appearances for her, excoriating anyone who had the gall to support Donald Trump. Even long-term Republicans who betrayed Trump, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, were attacked by celebrity SJWs such as Robert De Niro after they joined the “Never Trump” ranks, as if they were dangerous saboteurs. The celebrity paranoia has been palpable for months. Hollywood, that broad industry taking in not just film stars but also musicians, silver screen actors, and comedians, has become little more than an overpaid trade union for Hillary Clinton.

Likewise, every major American company that has come out for a candidate has come out for Hillary. Plenty of “neutral” corporations have undoubtedly been funneling support to the Clinton campaign behind the scenes as well. Prominent billionaires like George Soros and Warren Buffett have done all they could to drag Hillary’s stumbling half-corpse, both literally and figuratively, across the line. Whilst Trump has been supported by a number of ten-figure businessmen, these men are regularly attacked in the media. They include the scapegoated but brave Peter Thiel and Carl Icahn.

And then there’s the mainstream media. Countless studies have indicated that about 85-90% of all journalists are liberal. This over-representation is more salient still in the upper echelons of newsmen and women, particularly prominent mastheads such as The New York Times, Washington Post, and Huffington Post, plus Democratic TV surrogates like CNN and NBC. The 2016 campaign has inflated this preexisting liberal bias, one that plagued the two George W. Bush Administrations but raged even more ferociously against Donald Trump over the last 18 months.

All of these media elites have lambasted Trump for over a year, at the same time they give the paltriest coverage of the disgusting Hillary, Podesta and DNC emails. Everything newsworthy on this front, from the overwhelming presence of Clinton Foundation donors in Hillary’s Secretary of State diary book to more recent revelations about John Podesta’s involvement with Satanic rituals, has been brushed off the balcony by the Wolf Blitzers and Chuck Todds of the American mainstream media. Yet Trump has triumphed nonetheless!

The new administration must crush the criminal Democratic elites and Clinton Foundation with the rule of law

Will Hillary now find herself stumbling into jail?

Inasmuch as the Clinton campaign, the SJWs, and their big business and media enablers have been defeated in this year’s election, they retain very well-oiled and effective means for trying to undermine President Trump once he takes office. Trump’s first priority as Commander-in-Chief must be to remove the bureaucratic apparatchiks preventing a full and frank investigation of the Clinton Foundation. He also needs to clear the way for legal inquiries into the various criminal activities, as uncovered by Wikileaks, perpetrated from within the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The Department of Justice in particular has engaged in all manner of skulduggery, most notably when Attorney-General Loretta Lynch had a private meeting with Bill Clinton during the most crucial time of the FBI investigation into Hillary’s emails. Additionally, elements of the State Department illegally informed Hillary about new developments in that same case. Enough is enough. It’s time to drain the swamp.

Election night produced another curve-ball: after weeks of calling Donald Trump a “sore loser” for him not saying if he would respect the final result, Hillary Clinton refused to speak to her supporters and the American people. It would seem that she only telephoned Trump privately. So who’s the sore loser now?

Last night we were witnesses to the greatest electoral sea-change in American—and perhaps global—history. We cannot lose sight of the work to be done, but for the next 24 hours we can bask in this unprecedented victory against all odds.

Hail to the Chief, Donald J. Trump.

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  1. Yes, Darth, this will be a day long remembered, but this time they’re not blowing up Trump’s battle station.

  2. We did it!!! The globalists are pissing their pants, and the SJWs are crying so hard they added a whole percentage point to the salinity levels of the ocean. Long Live The Kings!! HAAHAHAHAHAHA!!

        1. Thanks. Keep the recommendations coming. We should make a list of the best reactions and past it as an article

        2. Dude you were right, jezebel.com is a non stop laugh factory. I can’t stop clicking “load more comments”

      1. I installed Kill News Feed onto Facebook, so now it’s pretty useless (which is what I wanted). That being said, I would love to watch the butthurt SJWs on a meltdown as well.

    1. She had to take her meds first. And take a nap. Then she had to pack her suitcase to flee the country.

    2. All the better after she got on her high horse about Trump refusing (that is, refusing beta-bait) to answer the debate question if HE would accept the results. They didn’t ask her the same question as if it was a foregone conclusion she was going to win.

    3. She’s probably so drugged out that anything that she says will sound…odd.
      “Today…banana peel grapefruit…..sugar bear….Bic pen…”

  3. Al Sharpton, Samuel L Jackson, Miley Cyrus, Amy Schumer, Barbara Striesand,Bryan Cranston among others said they were leaving if Trump won. I HOPE YOUR BAGS ARE PACKED BITCHES, HIT THE ROAD AND DONT LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE WAY OUT!

      1. Oddly enough, Canada has the kind of immigration standards that we’re supposed to. So if you’re not valuable to Canada, you don’t get to move there. Immigration isn’t a ‘walk on in’ kind of thing either.
        The irony is palpable.
        But even though you should “Love Thine Enemy”
        I cannot help but relish in their current agony.
        Every one of these ugly bitches that showed up thinking they were going to be screaming “PUSSY WINS FOREVER!”
        Left out in the cold with no comfort but tears.
        Straight from the liberal gulag itself, a whole slideshow of pride-boner incucing humiliation.

        1. That was fucking glorious. You can feel their psycho leftist fantasy “utopia” being ripped to shreds. This is the look of people that used SJW faggotry their whole lives and reality sets in. Fuck them all to hell. If they hate it here so bad go to Syria. See how they like you there.

        2. Like I said.. The tiniest shred of guilt for enjoying it because Im at my heart a decent guy.
          But yeah. Fuck’em all to hell.

        3. You lot just got to watch it on TV. I live on a college campus, and have thus spent this entire day living amid such people. This morning, I dragged my sleep-deprived self out of bed and into a 9:00 AM class only to be dismissed after five minutes because the professor was so emotionally overwrought that she, after weeping silently for a few minutes, determined that she was unfit to teach. It has been eerily silent all day. I was apprehensive about the election. I confess, though that I am now almost as concerned about what these creatures might resort to once they have gotten over their misery.

        4. Even if they dont, I wont lose sleep over it.
          My party will in coming months control all three branches of the Federal gov’t.
          Gonna be okay for a time.

        5. For the second year I will not be paying my mandated penalty for refusing to pay for outlandishly overpriced healthcare premiums. I expect to never face repercussions for doing so.
          The reversal of that law is something the entire party has already voiced concensus on.
          Beyond that issue, I dont know what they would get in the way for.
          Clean up immigration, fix trade, save rule of law.
          Set on autopilot.

        6. Unfortunately “valuable to Canada” has recently come to mean “illiterate muslims likely to be terrorists and guaranteed to mooch welfare for five generations while crapping out more kids than fruit flies”.

        7. Yeah but those are refugees, not immigrants.
          I happen to have a family member who needed to gain citizenship rights in Canada this year and its no easy process at all.

        8. We are soooo weakened at this point- the grey aliens should invade now if they are smart

        9. Yale allowed students to skip exams. Ha!! Welcome to the real world you special snowflakes. Mwwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

        10. Well, the way he pronounces Berserker is markedly Deutsch-sounding.
          I’d call it a compliment.

        11. You must be non-Muslim, white and very educated. Just fly in and claim refugee status. That has worked for millions.

        12. Bingo.
          He’s all of those things, and yet still has been at the process for 18 months (with a legitimate reason to do so, as assessed by Canadian immigrations).
          That’s a problem in itself to contend with for my northern neighbors, but for the average frail-hearted liberal douche, getting to Canada is nigh impossible.
          And so it should be!

        13. Relishing in their agony isn’t opposite to loving them. They need pain to grow as human beings, much like a child sometimes requires a good round of spanking or being sent to bed without dinner. It’s character-building and it’s for their own damn good.

        14. Let them resort to whatever the hell they want.
          They are just exposing themselves further for what they are. Spoiled children unable to accept reality for what it is and lacking the power to change it according to their vision, because such an action would require the strength of character that is available only to those they so despise.
          They are their own worst enemy and they haven’t so much as lost to “us” as they did to themselves.

        15. That is patently untrue. The major cities are overrun. A 50 year old guy delivers my paper and he’s got HIS parents over here getting free healthcare.

        16. It’s complicated for people that want to work because we have Canadians to do that already.

        17. Yes. My family member needs to pursue this process because he worked in Canada as an American for years under a work permit and that program apparently has a ‘term limit.’ In order to qualify for one, you basically have to justify that there is a lack of Canadians in the work pool who can perform the job you wish to fill as a foreigner – an arduous process in itself.
          But having worked faithfully in Canada for about a decade with an established position of prominence, the process to gain landed immigrant status has still been a nightmare of bureaucracy and cash-grabs. 18 months and over 20grand invested and the process still isn’t wrapped up yet. He had to maintain a canadian residence all the while, with a certain amount required to be maintained in a Canadian bank account.
          And don’t get me started on your payroll taxes. I really don’t understand how anyone in the country can maintain an upper middle-class lifestyle. He’s being taxed something like 50% now that he’s being paid as a Canadian.
          Of course, none of this applies to refugees… But to the American Idiots who think they’re just going to skip on up to Saskatchewan and throw down roots, this process is nigh impossible.

        18. I see it now too. It’s like your theme song.
          “Would you like to suck my cock BER SER KER!!!”

        19. Interesting to note. Foreigners wishing to immigrate to Canada (the hard way) need to be medically cleared of preexisting conditions so that they cannot take advantage of your healthcare system…
          Not compatible with Obamacare reciptients…

        20. Gonna be like the 50s but with tech from today. Men can be men, women can be ACTUAL women, and our country will return to its former glory. We can basically erase 1960-2016 from history as (((they))) have tried to do to 10000BC -1960

        1. But if you build a 43 foot high wall, they will just use a 45 ft ladder, no?

        2. The wall idea is stupid. Not going to do anything, and might even have a negative impact by making us feel like the issue is done when in fact it’s not

        3. He won’t build it. And frankly, I doubt he ever seriously considered doing so.
          Maintenance costs for a wall has has already led to state bankruptcy (among other things) in the GDR

        4. That’s the trick: English system wall vs metric ladder. The yard is slightly longer than a meter.
          EDIT: Oh, crap, it’s the other way around, we’re screwed.

        5. Yes well hopefully in the next series they can now tie PC principal to a pole and burn him alive..

        6. steady on, this is a time of healing and reconciliation. Throwing him out a helicopter into the open ocean should suffice

        7. As a non-American am not sure how much trouble Mexico causes you guys, but I somehow like the wall idea, and it’s mild compared to other borders in the world. There used to be an electric fence between South Africa and one of its neighbours which electrocuted dead if you touched it. Then, I heard that there is a border between Iran and Iraq and if you come within a few kilometres of it they just shoot you. There are a few bad examples in history like the Berlin wall where a border was placed that split ethnically and culturally identical people for a political reason, but other than that, why is it so bad? Like is it a border or isn’t it? What about the Great Wall of China, they must have had a motivation to build that..

      2. The irony of libtards being rejected from immigrating into Canada for being white, would be too nice.

    1. I hope whatever vehicle they board in the process explodes. It would be no loss.
      And if somehow everybody at CNN managed to bite off their own tongue accidentally so they could never utter another word, that too would be fantastic.

        1. There are no taxpayers to fund their welfare. Leftists need Right Wingers but the reverse isn’t true.

        2. They go where there are white people to guilt and shame and blame for any problems.

        1. actually we do; we have lots of public colleges full of parasites under the guise of “researchers”

        2. Hey we don’t want them in Canada either. Maybe they should go to Saudi Arabia or Sweden. I bet they would love it there.

      1. The celebrities want everyone else to have to deal with 3rd worlders they just like to invite them in they don’t have to have anything to do with them and they just can’t understand how that could be a problem for anyone else. Why anyone would listen to someone that plays make believe for a living is beyond me.

        1. Exactly, they have gated communities, with personal security, body guards (with guns). They are hypocrite, Open borders But his house have a 10m wall and security guards. Ban guns but not the guns of my body guards and police. Climate change crap then he fly 2 to 3 time a week in his private jet.

        2. They are not hypocrites. They simply care about themselves more than they care about us “little people.”

        3. HRC using Hollywood Celebrities at rallies the last few weeks was probably another agent which solidified it for many voters. Working people facing wage stagnation, unemployment and higher costs of living being ignored while she paraded with insulated liberal elites. People have had enough of the sheer disconnect with the DC ruling class.

        4. They do want 3rd worlders allowed into the US. Where else are they going to find cheap domestic help to raise their children and clean up their vomit.

        5. But they virtue signal that they care. Because they are rich and we are poor and they don´t want the hate because of that, because look Me and Sean Pen are the same we both care, ignore his mansions and luxury life. Because when your life depends on people buying your shit you don´t want them yo hate you. Look the boxer floyd mayweather, Look all the hate he gets for being a rich with no shame. But if you are an actor or singer you need a connection with the little people even if there is none.

      2. That is a really good question. At least one of them said they would move to spain. That makes more sense.

      3. Those bastards would never go to a third world nation…In fact, they only like poor people from those places to parade them on social media and use them for they narcissistic personalities.

      4. Mexico doesnt have a welfare system thats why. These people need nanny state or they will die.

      5. Also, Canada and Mexico have immigration policies, you don’t just hop over the border and live there.

      6. When Obama was elected a lot people down South threatened to move to Canada also – where socialism and health care is free. It goes both ways, there are idiots on both sides.

      1. I think Samuel L. Jackson said he’d go to South Africa.
        I’ll give him that if nothing else.

        1. Hopefully he flies there, and somebody on the flight brings a lot of snakes. How epic would that be?

        2. Eh, I think out of that whole list of celebrities, Samuel L. Jackson is one of the more bearable. And I can’t lie, all politics aside I’m a big Robert De Niro fan.

        3. I can’t help but laugh when I see Samuel L Jackson in a Capital One ad. In my mind I always hear “What’s in your wallet motherfuckah?”.

        4. ha…yeah, not the most popular but it was just great. Any movie where the lead witness in a mob murder is being flown in from hawaaii and the mob decides, after trying to shoot him, that they have “only one option left to them” and that option involves putting thousands of snakes along with pheromone laced leis on an airplane is good in my books.
          Plus, you learn a lot in the movie. For instance, did you know that if you shoot a hole in an airplanes fuselage it will decompress the cabin in such a way that a 500 pound anaconda will fly directly out the window while a 90 pound julliana margolies will be just fine?

        5. Exactly. That’s why he named South Africa… and not Nigeria, Chad, Somalia, Liberia, Mozambique, Ghana, etc., etc.
          Jackson’s just another spoiled black in the west who could never, ever handle the reality of any all-black country.
          Plus no white wimmenz to muhdik

        6. Me too! That means there’s at least one other fan. A few years back I was on a commuter train that became stuck and flooded. Not dangerously so, but inconvenient. While we were all waiting to be “rescued” (I could of swam for it but who wants to swim in storm run off while wearing a suit) a couple of water snakes swam into the bottom floor. You bet I said “it”. Any situation where you can quote Samuel is ok by me.

        7. That’s the way I am about Rage Against The Machine, I hated their anarchist/commie politics but, man they could rock.

        8. Right. Wear a blindfold and simply use your ears and you won’t be able to tell any of his characters from one another.

      2. But you’re supposed to be so proud of your African heritage but the place is a fucking shithole

      3. The Guardian recently ran an article about the best place for women to live: Iceland, mmm I wonder why – the obvious answer wasn’t stated, only ‘racists’ think that is the reason.

    2. I hope their planes crash. Other countries don’t need their special brand of smug degeneracy.

        1. I think her personal hell would be getting trapped in the house of mirrors

        2. Nah – she’d use it as an opportunity to attention whore per usual. Probably get naked and smear cake batter on her private parts then post a selfie to make one of her token self-righteous “statements” about “body love” or some such horse manure.
          Once again, please excuse the visual!

      1. She pulled the whole “I’m moving to Canada if he gets elected!” tired clichè months ago. Canada isn’t far enough, you overprivileged kikess cow. Try The Moon, you’ll weigh less there!

      2. right now she should be married to her long suffering boyfriend and living in canada. Wonder if boyfriend would go with her?

        1. in a secret place in his heart Mr Lena Dunham voted for Trump. Obviously Dunham didn’t allow him to vote, but deep in that secret place the worm imagined turning

      I have the freedom to catch some of the morning shows. The View is now on with the entire panel, except the token conservative, bleeding from their eyes, their whatevers.
      I can’t wait to see what Shillary is going to say live here in a few minutes. Let’s see how many people on her own party and staff she can blame for the theft of her imminent coronation. Let’s she if she takes more stabs at the deplorables that quashed the Hope and Change of the Obama administration that she thought should could ride like a gentle wave to victory .

        1. And she ended up saying:
          ~”I called Donald Trump and offered to work with him.”
          Trying to stoke the dying ashes of the Clinton dynasty. The Dems domt even want her dead weight.
          Obama speaks now.. Haha

        2. Abc is live streaming it.
          He’s being cordial as well.
          Said he offered Trump a meeting tomorrow to discuss how to create a smooth transition (meaning please dont axe Obamacare haha)

        3. She can’t say anything now. She has to be on her best behavior in preparation of her presidential pardon for all crimes, ahem, “mistakes,” committed while in office, ala Nixon/Watergate.
          There’s a whole lot of groveling for Clinton Cash and pardoning in her future. However, with her and Billy Bob effectively politically impotent, I can’t think of anyone who’s going to keep paying protection money and bribes to them as useless private citizens. Long gone are the aura of Don Clinton an his forceful organization. Everyone that’s surrounded the Clintons will carefully pull away from them, leaving them with only their speaking engagements for income. If her current campaign rally attendances are any indication of her future audiences, she’s going to have to bake cupcakes like a good little housewife while ‘ol Billy brings home the bacon and bangs over-the-wall bimbos, the rest of her neurologically impaired days.

        4. hahaha put them both in jail for robbing from my grandmother and my father’s hard earned money!

        5. Im betting she will fade into irrelevance. Im also betting against jail time for a lot of reasons. But you dont come to compete with such a high unfavorable rating and become the first woman to lose a presidential election while also under FBI scrutiny and then get any more chances.
          She’s a bad bet and her party is as fickle as they come.
          Unless she runs gor office in NY again… Fuck I hate the city.

      1. That’s because they didn’t get the Old Vagina in office. It’s all about them. And they call men sexist. Ha! Fucking cunts.

    4. I’m really enjoying the reactions of the Hollywood femicunts on Twitter right now, howling and screeching that Hillary lost because she’s a woman and misogyny and sexism and blah blah blah whiny bullshit blah. Because Clinton losing has absolutely nothing to do with her borderline treasonous criminal behavior, pathological lying, involvement in a myriad of sordid scandals, or her child molesting husband, or their personal piggy bank “foundation”. Nope, it can only be because Clinton has a vagina…..

      1. They’ll never have anything BUT that go-to routine cop out to fall back on and they known it.

      2. Because those femicunts have always used their vagina for moving up the ladder…, so that’s the only thing that comes to their mind …

        1. You give someone a reason to be “discriminated” against and they use it.
          Jews, Blacks, women etc its always the same. Obviously not all but given the reason to bitch, they will take it 99% of the time.

    5. Just dont let them come to Portugal…Fucking hypocrites…But i am sad for Madonna: no oral for you bitch!!!

    6. Just saw that one on Breitbart, pure gold:
      “t was so quiet at Clinton’s HQ last night that you could hear an email being deleted.”

    7. I suspect Trump will be a disappointment. One of his policies is to embark on a plan of Keynesian spending.

      1. He can’t be as bad as Hillary would have been, I have a hard time putting into words just how much I dislike her.

      2. That he puts constitutionalists on the supreme court would be victory enough. We were on the verge of a full scale invasion from open borders and pretty much a gun ban that would lead to civil war

    8. Oh please. Even 3rd world countries won’t let such degenerates come to their land.

    9. Now lets see if makes good on his word. India’s Prime Minister just congratulated him, and Trump likes Indians, so not sure how he’s going to tackle the H1b fraud where Indians working for cheaper are replacing American workers.

        1. She is. I think that postcard’s hilarious, but the funny (funny sad, not funny humourous) thing is that if Canada voted in the U.S. election, Clinton would have won a landslide. I’m not kidding.
          We have one of the most smug, self-absorbed lib-left indoctrinating media around. All over the TV and radio in Ontario, they can’t believe Trump won. I love it.

    10. And all those people had no balls when they threatened that too, only saying it because they were convinced there was no way Trump would win. Thankfully, they were wrong.

      1. That and they are so stuck on themselves they think it will motivate enough people to vote for their chosen candidate and it will affect the election.
        I suppose there are some morons out there who think, ” I would be devastated if Amy Schumer moved to another country so I better vote for Hillary”.
        If she did move the U.S. would probably have to start sending agricultural aid to her new country so the could keep her fed.

  4. Trump said he was going to drain the swamp. Then he thanked Clinton for her years of service in government. Let’s hope that was for her voters to hear. Let’s hope he starts draining with her.

    1. I’m pretty sure he was just trying to act professional. You know, you’ve always got to shake hands with the losing team and say “good game.”

    1. Well, for all men sure. But it is just as good a victory for women as well. Because Trump is a family man. And he knows the importance of that for a society. He praises his parents, has respect for his wife. Having a traditional family = a win for women. So.

  5. Congrats, Americans! You’ve showed the world how to defeat the globalist cabal and enjoy their tears

    1. Went through to Texas! Yeah Texas where we got lots of electoral votes! We met some girls, and the leftists got TRUMPERSTRUCK!

  6. I was told trump would be bringing back one of the architects of the modern ns a (he quit in protest after the passage of the Patroit Act). Hopefully this is true, supposedly he despises what they are doing. Maybe Assange will get to leave that embassy now?

  7. Well boys, I have to tell you, you were right. I totally flubbed on this one. My guess is that my error was correctly diagnosed by @GOJ when he said that my peripheral vision is clouded by the fact that I live in NYC and didn’t have a clear picture of the country as a whole from my isolated bubble.
    Trump won and won big. I learned some things from it too. First: Never bet against @bobsmith Second: In a country where Kim Kardashian makes hundreds of millions of dollars I shouldn’t be surprised about reality stars succeeding Three: My understanding of the larger American landscape is way off kilter. I guess it makes sense, the third one, I am simply not indicative of the average American by a long shot. That isn’t a positive or a negative, just a straight fact.
    Today is a day where there will be some pretty amazing things to see. The video from the Hilary “celebration” when people went to total shit was pretty stellar. I imagine there is going to be a lot of really choice fucking shit online today with celebs and others going total batshit. It will be priceless. Today is the first day I can remember where I truly regret not being on facebook so I can check in with all the super left wing professors I used to teach with and who eventually hastened my departure from academia. I really want to see them crying and might actually need to employ someone here with FB so I can get screen shots of their sad little diatribes later.
    In the end, I still don’t like Trump. I think he is an absurd, bloviating wuss who is wrapped up in bravado to hide his flaws. However, those are personal issues and not technically relevant to his future presidency the way that Hillary’s issues (you know, like being a corrupt murderer) actually impacted her fitness to serve as president. So it looks like the right person won. I will say that I feel he is a personal embarrassment. Since I don’t have any belief in the impact of the office I would just as soon be served by someone who looks presidential.
    On a side note, it is nice that the nation, when they felt they were in dire need, turned to a NYC Real Estate developer. Glad to know that my profession is still one that is in demand 🙂
    So congrats boys and lets take a day or so to really, fully and thoroughly enjoy watching the left totally fucking explode. THis is going to be classic. I am not usually wrong, but when I am I own it. I totally had this election predicted incorrectly. Trump 2016.

      1. If my count is correct I owe 2 beers to people and one full night in vegas on scholarship to bob smith (which I assume will be the death of me so it will be time to go big)

    1. Fantastic concession speech! heh
      Hey, in the end, it’s a great day. Leftists are in shock and are in tears, gun owners don’t have to start a civil war, and maybe something will be done about illegal immigration. It’s a win win all around!

      1. That is is. Plus, you boys needed someone with a dissenting opinion. What the hell would you do if no one predicted gloom and doom.
        Do something about illegal immigration but I fucking shit you not if I lose my maid I am going to be up in arms. It takes a long fucking time to find one you can trust and who does a good job.
        Seriously though….a good start would be to flush Obamacare. That would be far more realistic and, frankly, a lot more helpful than a mexico wall.

        1. obamacare is most likely first out…
          I had knee surgery 2 years ago, with a surgeon that “takes” my insurance…but $20,000 in extra fees…
          time to drain the swamp…

        2. The GOP is going to fight Trump on a lot of things, but on Obamacare I strongly suspect that they’ll get right in line and get that travesty repealed ASAP.
          All of President Gay Mulatto’s legacy, poof, up in smoke. Heh.

        3. You’d think the GOP should be happy Trump delivered them…. well pretty much everything! but sadly I’d guess you’re right given the whining they did when they should have been supporting him in the first place…

        4. lol yeah. Obamacare would be a good first thing to strike out against because the republicans wont fight it so it will be an early win which is good for momentum. Also, it is one of those things that would actually be good good…like really do some good for people who matter to me…for instance, me

        5. I am so lucky that my knee surgery was prior to Obama care. Ho Le Fuk (that was my anesthesiologist) that would have been expensive. I think if I look at all the EOBs the surgeries, rehabs and all other incidental expenses was close to a million dollars.

        6. As long as we have insurance companies writing legislation, not matter what they call it, we will keep paying more and more.

        7. Depends. If Congress can open up selling of insurance across state borders, that will make the cost of insurance plummet.

        8. In the spirit of your confession I have to admit that I thought you would be right. I didn’t want you to be right, but I expected it. The polls were rigged. We knew that, but I was pretty sure everything else would be rigged too.

        9. The people running the Republican party hate the same white trash that the left hates (White trash = whites that aren’t rich, basically liberal, globalist, and educated in the ivy league colleges.). They just think they can use the ignorant SOBs the same way the Democrats use the black voting bloc.

        10. I had my knee replaced last year. I was deeply angry that they had two doctor anesthetists and a nurse anesthetist. How many people are needed to get my asleep? BTW they all billed separately.

    2. I mostly live in NYC, so it can be “blinding” to the middle arerica makeup.
      And NYC is mostly a mirror of CA…
      However, I have many brothers-in-law in gun-totting states, and they are/were very opposed to the democrat way/direction of the country…
      Also met two Russian hotties getting pizza last night (one 90lbs, other 5’7″ 120 lbs) both excited about Trump, and love Putin for being manly…(and me so far so good!)

      1. If my 90 pound Siberian wasn’t in Russia now I would be wondering if it was her! lol. Yeah, my view isn’t just “in nyc” being born and raised here, I truly do feel like I am one with the city. The noise and the concrete and the population density and the non stop energy are part of who I actually am. I am a fleshy embodiment of this city…..fast paced, concrete and noisy. I wouldn’t bet against me when predicting things here in the city, but that simply wont translate to a national understanding of things. As for the girls being excited by trump…I can believe it but like I always say….I don’t care about women’s opinions one way or another…there is only one thing I care about in a woman’s head and that is my cock.

    3. I’ll admit I anticipated the Elites maneuvering to ensure Hillary won. I’m glad I was wrong.

      1. I would have been too, but two things convinced me Trump would win, one theoretical and the other practical:
        1) Scott Adams reasoning around Trump, hypnosis and persuasion.
        2) Brexit. I was convinced by the left-wing press and pollsters in the UK that it was hopeless, and then we won!
        I’ve been pissing off leftists all year asserting a massive win for Trump, so you can imagine the shit-eating grin I’m wearing today…

    4. I never thought I would vote a damn New York Yankee, but I did. The Bush family were always northeastern carpetbaggers and I did not vote for them years ago. I hope Texans remember this and kick their asses to the curb.

      1. Only dumbasses think in terms of Yankees and rebels still. So what do you call an Alaskan dipshit? Need me to show you where that is on a map. Okay, finish your sweet tea and come here.

    5. Thank God you did.
      Granted, I hated everything about this election as well. The media spins. The proven facts about each candidate. The stances I was forced to make. All of it. Given the choice again, I would make the same decision I made because the candidate choosing was out of my hand.
      That said, I rather Trump than a known murderer, corporate slime, division ridden, cancer of a politician. Heard a potential voter of hers call her a reptilian overlord. No exaggeration.
      I am still black at the end of the day. Beyond that, I am still an American citizen. I did what I would like to believe was the best for this country. History will dictate whether this will mean more attacks on people of my color for their color over their character. History will showcase if the people of America were truly heading there or if that was another media ploy to divide Americans. Some things can’t be helped and if needed, I will do what every American citizen needs to do and protect their own. My skin color should never need to be chosen over my identity as a citizen of that nation. And if need be, like any other class or creed, I will likely do what is needed to protect my own if my existence is on the line. Hopefully, now that Trump is in, the media is proven to be the ones at work for that racial divide.
      All of that said, we are still one nation. We are still attacked as men. We are still here and separate from many others like us online, because we are not a supremacist group, a hate group, a political shill group. We are many citizens of the mindset that men are not simply the vessels to create women and children and need to coddle to their needs. Men are not on this earth simply to be discarded as refuse while doing their duty of protection. Men are citizens, like the gays, lesbians, and different race backgrounds and creeds fostered in America and the backs of men have built this great nation.
      Let’s add to this great nation together with our heads held high. Let us create respect for one another for our achievements and value again. This is why I stood with Trump. That is why I celebrate today with you all.

      1. Well said Red Hood’s Assault. I think you speak for many who are considered ethnic minorities yet continue to succeed in spite of it and refuse to let some liberal speak for you.

        1. Thank you Bourbonman. It is something that needed to addressed as this country is often portrayed as either trying to use the existence of minorities to create an enemy for the downtrodden, or make another group of men as the enemy to the life of the world. Neither extreme is true and for some, they may need to jump into the fight to see it for themselves. Just hope the fight makes us all the stronger for it.

      2. I didn’t stand with anyone. It was really just a sporting event for me. THat said, much of what you say is right. I don’t think you will see more “attacks on blacks” what I do think you will see is police and civilians being less afraid of attacking back when animals start rioting….regardless of the color of the animal.
        I have yet to hear of a random attack on a black that didn’t involve someone who was involved with gangs, who didn’t have a history of violence or who wasn’t, to be honest, just a bad dude.
        They tried to parade that Harvard professor out who had his feelz hurt when he was trying to break into his own house and the police confronted him as if it was totally normal to be climbing in a window at night. If instead of being a cocksucker he would have shown them his drivers license that story would have been over in 10 seconds.
        I will worry about institutionalized racism when I see productive, employed, non ghetto black people attacked in the streets. There was a time in this country when it was actually dangerous just to be black and I think that that is a shame. However, it simply isn’t the case anymore. It is still dangerous to be a thug and a criminal but that has and will always be. If you are a rich thug or rich criminal you will get away with shit a lot easier. That too has an will never change.
        Of the two clowns I think the wuss was better than the murderer. But in the end it will be a lot of tears from celebrities and lunatics and everyone is back to work. It simply just doesn’t matter that much.

      3. “Hopefully, now that Trump is in, the media is proven to be the ones at work for that racial divide.”
        Amen to that!

      4. Trump had some really kind words for Ben Carson in his acceptance speech. While Carson’s Seventh Day Adventism is kooky to me, I really like the guy. His speech at the Capitol Hill prayer breakfast a couple years back was brilliant I thought (definitely worth looking up in YouTube). He too is a political outsider and his rags to riches story epitomizes the American dream. I always thought his experience was far more in tune with black America than Obama’s. But, since Carson is not a man of the Left, he’ll get called a Uncle Tom or s house negro or whatever pejorative that other blacks feel appropriate to throw at their own when they aren’t on the lefthand side of the political spectrum.

        1. True indeed. Our lack of depth in business and self improvement is reason why black america is a laughing stock now!

      5. know that you have white and brown and yellow and red brothers nationwide. we are in this together chief.

      6. “Men are citizens, like the gays, lesbians, and different race backgrounds and creeds fostered in America and the backs of men have built this great nation.”
        Men are, most of all, individual living creatures that can make up their own minds on what they want to do and who to do it for.

      7. I personally think putting America first, rather than some multikulti globalist pipe dream is a better context for discussing race relations.
        And I honestly think that having a Trump presidency will calm the European man’s mind that an international cabal of elites is not straight up at war with Western Civilization.
        For the last while I’ve honestly been contemplating the possibility of WW3. Not only are birth-rates for Europeans down across practically all Western countries, but world governments have made it clear that they don’t mind to replace native populations with third-world invaders so long as they are still making money. The possibility of white-genocide has legitimately been lingering in the backs of some of our brains.
        Combine that with the fact that we have to hear every day from the news and public sphere that we are a bunch of racist privileged bigots and need to fuck off and die. I’ve heard this kind of shit from inside the fucking universities, and it’s a huge risk to even question it. And then combine that with all the rhetoric of feminism which pushes us all into a corner as men.
        I’m not suggesting that white men have it so hard or something like that, that isn’t the essence of my point here. What I’m getting at is that I think a weight has been lifted psychologically from the Western man’s mind, and I think this will be a good time to discuss race relations while we feel we can put down our guard and speak more freely. Speak to actual issues and concerns rather than filter everything through a progressivist lens.
        I can’t represent anyone but myself (and I’m definitely a weirdo) but this is how this election has impacted me personally and I wanted to share my perspective.

      1. I just googled “Clinton supporters crying” there are loads of videos. Haha

        1. It’s going to be great.
          The twist of people turning up to celebrate hillary and then get shocked by trump is especially fun.

        2. Fuuuuuck! Just did that google – didn’t think my day could get any better or my shit-eating-grin any wider… but I was wrong!

        3. Today is not a day for grabbing popcorn. Today is a day to grab pussy.

        4. He made bank last night, so I assume he went on a bender and did a line of blow off a hookers ass. He will arrive to gloat in a couple of hours.

        5. He’s here at last!
          @disqus_ULFf4QEOXF:disqus buddy! We need you to rampage round this thread with memes and gloating!

    6. I concur and add to the above: I honestly did not think fair elections still went on in this country. The establishment, and even the financial markets, who control most of what happens in America, would have preferred her, so the fact that he won implies that it was an actual preference for him by the voters that did it. I really didn’t think since at least 2000 that free and fair elections went on in this country.
      The best thing one could say about Trump is that he will be a great figurehead, mascot, leader for the nation. He will use the bully pulpit better than any other in my lifetime. Hell, he won’t even need to build a wall. Mexicans won’t want to come here anymore. We won’t need to fight wars in the Mideast. We can be allies with Russia again. I have serious doubts on how he will govern, but I think the president does little governing, so I look forward to more rah rah speeches and midnight tweets and pussy grabbing and entertainment and PR. Trump will set the frame for this country, and it will be a masculine one.

      1. I think that the crimes in the 650000 emails are so big that she decide to escape before election, So She had to abort the fraud or she will have to stay to be president during the FBI investigation.

      1. meh. he is a douchehat. We know him here. No one likes him. He is basically an enormous turd.

        1. LOL, I’m also from there. And I know exactly how you feel. But I would have liked to see a New Yorker as president.

        2. I don’t know, I feel like most new Yorkers who have the power, money and connections to pull that kind of thing off have far more important things to do. Pretty much any news anchor who has worked on totally losing his accent and has the appearance of gravitas could pull it off….

    7. You will see a very different Trump from here forward. Everything up until this point was for shock value and the “hero’s journey.” Now we have a businessman in the white house. I’m stoked for the first time. I registered to vote for the first time in 33 years for this.

      1. I sincerely doubt it. Trump has been totally clown shoes for 30 years. His colleagues in real estate development including other billionaire developers as well as the entire REBNY think he is an asshole. The people who actually know this man think he is a total absurd asshat.
        To me, and not just during the primaries and the elections, but back since he had his board game out…he has always seemed like what we would call today a beta simp who wraps himself in clown game and money to hide massive insecurity. Simply put, he is a wussy.
        That said, I am not upset he was elected because I honestly don’t care who the president is. At the very best he will be the public face of the nation and, truthfully, I could wish for a lot better faces. His will suit for a few years. However, thinking that this signals some kind of huge national change in direction or in some way will make things “better” is a fools game. The blacks thought having a black president would make them all CEOs. It didn’t. This won’t do anything for anyone either. At most I am slightly amused watching the celebrities totally fall apart but mostly I am totally apathetic to the whole thing.

      1. nah, I don’t see that. That shit doesn’t happen where I am. Like I said, NYC is a very segregated city. I really haven’t seen many people who give a shit one way or another other than to laugh at it.

  8. As a Brexit-voting Brit I just want to thank all my American cousins for electing Trump. Great job!
    Time to celebrate a bit, then let’s get back to the work of bringing back the Patriarchy!

    1. This is truly amazing, my British friend. Now, the UK is out of the EU and the US is going to be run by nationalist patriots!

      1. that is pretty fucking disturbing. If there is anyone out there that gets the psychedelic Furs I would be mighty impressed.

        1. yeah, but that was the early 90’s. I wouldn’t want too many pictures of me from that era brought out. I can kind of give him a pass.

  9. American men, receive these most sincere compliments from this brazilian man. Seriously, thank you for the amount of joy you gave me by allowing me to witness all the leftist tears and the big FUCK YOU you gave to the SJW stablishment. You guys are on path to Make America Great Again.
    I hope Brazil follows the same trajectory in 2018 with Jair Bolsonaro.
    Chances are now more real than ever, Trump’s victory helped a lot, now everyone realizes that the liberal media is not omnipotent and it can be defeated. HA HA HA!

    1. Exactly. Latin America can be very emulative of the US. The only need a subtle nudge in the back to return to their natural patriarchal ways. I believe we will see this ripple all throughout Latin America.

  10. Just love all these SJWs openly doing exactly what they have been blaming the others for. So much for your claimed stance huh.

  11. If I died right now, it’d take a mortician and a skilled team of experts about 3 weeks to chisel the shit-eating grin off my face. I may have to sit still to work, but inside I’m doing the ‘happy dance’.

  12. I could make good money in helping these degenerate leftists to move to Canada but not sure how I feel with canada having even more leftists.
    Who knows maybe I’ll have to move to USA lol.
    Another thing is I’m sick of all these people who would have or did vote for evil in the form of Clinton. I no longer have sympathy for these types and my entire existence feels like it should be to manipulate them to the highest degree. I can no longer stand them even so called friends. Shall two walk together except they be agreed?

  13. Haha, the libtard PC agenda just got fist fucked. I’m taking today off, day drinking, and gonna be a huge prick everywhere I go.

      1. Er, have a feeling many might like that…. along with being ‘grabbed by the arse’…

  14. They’re soooooooooo upset. CNN is spinning it’s wheel trying to figure out how it all went wrong. The look of defeat on all those smug liberals at hillary rally was worth it, especially after they trotted out the celebrities thinking they had it in the bag. It reminds me of when Prince beat Charlie Murphy at basketball. Breakfast is served, bitches!!!

  15. It was high comedy watching the network “journalists” doing an about face last night as the results piled up. Over and over they were saying “how could we have missed this” when we have seen it crystal clear for the last year. Look for plenty of “toothless racist white rural meth freaks stole the election” essays from the liberal webzines.

    1. Let them continue to call the people “sexist, racist, homophobes.”
      We want eight years…

        1. SJWs always double down, so it will be sickening to watch them try and twist their way to a logical argument. It would mean having to admit fault, which is nearly impossible for them.

        2. I hear you…. the leftist scum here in Great Britain have been crying and whining their flabby tits off since Brexit vote and stamping their feet asking for the democratic decision to be reversed because feelings…
          Strongly agree with your ‘show them no mercy, remember what they are truly like’ comments btw…

  16. Great day to be alive, Gentlemen. Lolknee – told ya, dude. Manhattan presents a skewed picture of reality. But I hope you get to enjoy weeks of liberal consolation fucks!

    1. You guys were right. No denying that. I am fairly sure that none of the girls I fuck have opinions that go beyond what the hottest restaurant is and what heels go with which dress.

        1. Yup. Or anything really. I like when they tell me about fashion or music or better yet, just ask me about me.

    1. HA! Would someone please photoshop that witches face onto someone from the Washington Generals.

    2. Now, seriously, we all know that Hillary only wanted to be president so she could get even with Bill by getting oral from some White House intern. Unfortunately that won’t happen..

        1. LOL I admire him because he became a symbol against Western emasculating culture (MOH VIADÃO VC HUAHSUAHSU)

    3. Right on their flabby beta cuck faggot man-tit, after they forget to say “please”

  17. This is NO time for weakness. Remember how little pity they have showed us…false rape hoaxes, getting people killed, ruining people’s careers. These people are evil and we have to become more diligent now than ever before. This will not be Brexit.

    1. I wonder if Huma needs some consoling. I would love to grab her by the pussy

        1. Dude, I would go to a spirit cooking party to get up in her Hummus

        2. Yeah… gotta say I agree on that…
          You’d have to get her reading ‘Art of the Deal’ and voting Republican though…

        3. I have always said I don’t care what a woman believes in. She can go scampering right back to headquarters after I am spent.

  18. House remained GOP
    Senate remained GOP
    Trump took POTUS
    SCOTUS now a lock at 5-4 our favor and, it’s highly likely, that Ginsberg is going to retire or die soon, so we may get 6-3 in our favor. And then, all of this socialist bullshit that the Left has been shoving in our face…just goes…the fuck….away….into the dustbin of history.
    Oh hell motherfucking yeah!

    1. I could literally sing the Star Spangled Banner right now. I’m going to the store for apple pie, dammit!

      1. Portion of 4th verse:
        then conquer we must,
        when our cause, it is just
        and this be our motto, “In God is our Trust”
        and the Star Spangled Banner
        In triumph shall wave
        over the land of the free
        and the home of the brave!

        1. At least mix it up a bit. The first verse leaves you hanging with a question. Not sure if it accidental that they are unknown among the sheeple.

    2. I am ultra busy, but I am enjoying the epic butthurt of European media. Looked over my wife’s should this morning when she was checking FB and they are openly wishing death on us. I laughed and told her, “the feeling is mutual.”

      1. I checked some, er ‘social media’ earlier and laughed my head off… checked out soon after to let those whining children get on with it…

        1. I really had to restrain myself from throwing some sarcastic replies to their wailing. Best one was an irish acquaintance of mine who openly states Trump needs to be shot. She is a mother of 4 kids and spouts crap like that? Bitch please.

        2. what happened to their mantra of “when they go low, we go high!!” haha

        3. Yeah, the violence in leftists language is just OTT…
          She needs to be grabbed by the pussy by the sounds of it, and grabbed hard!

        4. I think that you misunderstood them. The actual saying is “when they go low, we get high!!”

        5. Of note, most of the “hate rhetoric” I have seen is from middle aged women.
          My French CEO sent me a note this morning… “Good call on the election. F*ck the polls. Hope you can predict our numbers for next year like you did this election.”

        6. Yes, have noticed this psychology and think the cause is pretty damn obvious…. (not getting grabbed by the pussy enough anymore!)

      2. I kept an eye on the Guardian election coverage. Their meltown was beyond epic.

      3. “Looked over my wife’s should this morning when she was checking FB…”
        That’s the only contact I have with facebook too! More than enough of that crap.

        1. Outside of business contacts, I don’t do social media and never will. It is amazing what people will put out there.

      1. I’m just really happy that there won’t be a civil war due to gun confiscation attempts now that Hillary can’t appoint SCOTUS judges.

        1. Stay locked and loaded – Crazies of a different faction may yet arise when they realize Trump isn’t the Messiah!

    3. It really has got the makings…
      We were slow to wake up, behind a few decades, but we’re inherently stronger and now we’re going to take back what we’ve lost!

      1. Yes, she did make an offhand comment in an interview to that effect. However, she recanted later…

    4. It’s a good day for everyone who refuses to leach off the taxpayer. I just hope that the GOP doesn’t get all nice and go across the aisle like they did under Bush Jr. when they had congress, and still let Ted Kennedy write the education bill or created that “No Child Left Behind” garbage.
      To quote Obama, “You had your turn in the drivers seat, now it is your turn to sit in the back of the bus”

    5. I’m actually more confident in Trump picking SCOTUS appointees that won’t turn into leftists on the court than the Republican politicians. There’ve been some republican appointees who have made some rather poor decisions.

    6. I’m in the mood to be optimistic. Kennedy is 80, and Breyer is 78. Why settle for 6-3 when it could be 7-2 (Kennedy being a swing voter – but if he was replaced with a staunch conservative, it would be a much more solid lock)?

    7. Well, bolshevik communism will always rear it’s ugly head whenever any nation gets lazy, but we have beaten it badly by voting Trump. It was a great day for any American who voted for Trump – be they black, white, gay, straight, or woman or man.

  19. He did it!!!! We did it!!!! The silent majority came through after all. I knew that they would. Proof that this is still America and most Americans do not buy into the ridiculous leftist narrative. I keep seeing disgruntled liberals on Facebook saying “if you voted for Trump be sure to apologize to your woman and minority friends for ruining their lives” but this female voter shrieked with happiness when they called the election, so no apologies needed. Yay President Trump!

    1. The looney-toons would pan him as a MUSLIM and born abroad….
      (both untrue to my knowledge, but I can see it…)

    1. Yep … I fully expect the Hildebeast and her minions to exploit this little factoid. Expecting calls to eliminate the Electoral College, “make every vote count!” etc. (including illegals, naturally)
      Shades Of 2000? Clinton Surpasses Trump In Popular Vote Tally
      Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton finds herself on the wrong end of an electoral split, moving ahead in the popular vote but losing to President-elect Donald Trump in the Electoral College, according to the latest numbers emerging Wednesday.
      As of 8:10 a.m. ET, Clinton had amassed 59,163,675 votes nationally, to Trump’s 59,027,971 — a margin of 135,704 that puts Clinton on track to become the fifth U.S. presidential candidate to win the popular vote but lose the election.

    2. damn I hope not.
      Doesn’t feel that way to me. Seems no one really cares and are glad its over…
      But haven’t been outside yet…
      Will take a victory stroll thru the projects to my favorite starbucks, see if I can hear the lamentations of their women, and drink some SJW-barristita tears…

      1. I suppose their thinking is if they can’t do it through the tax code, might need to do it outright.

      1. YES! This needs to be captained “there is no pussy in there for you to grab them by”

      1. lol, just the they are so miserable and so shocked and so sad. It is the perfect image to me. A bunch of depressed fucking sodomites.

        1. itt really will. I am so anxious for Lena Dunham to break her silence. She hasn’t said anything yet. She may be enough of an attention whore to actually kill herself (more likely half ass millennial attempted suicide). Oh, yeah, fun times.

        2. While Milo is an elated sodomite who understand Trump, not Hillary, is going to keep him from getting chucked off a roof by Islamists….

        3. I am on the fence on whether or not I think that is a good thing 🙂

  20. What an amazing surprise. I was convinced that Hilary would win according to the polls and the media… FUCK the media. I’ll never believe anything they say again.

    1. CNN held to 244 – 215 for a LONG time when even Al Jazeera was at 276 – 218. Even French liberal media already declared a winner here when they still held to it. Cuck News Network indeed.

    1. I think it is doubtful that Madonna will ever stop offering blowjobs.

      1. No way?! I remember what Guy Ritchie said about her after the divorce. “She worked out so much, it was sleeping next to a guy.”

      1. The best thing about today is we won’t have to watch your “told you so!” Dance 🙂

        1. that is good, but I think the celebrity implosion will be better even than that.

  21. Very happy for my american brothers. However I’m fearing false flags in the coming months to drag Trump into a war. I don’t think the war mongers will stop their evil business overnight, they will continue pulling their bloody tricks on us. I hope the deep state will weaken.

  22. I am more looking forward to the S.Ct. nominee than the president. Republicans taking it back!

  23. In other news, marijuana was legalized in AZ, CA, ME, MA, NV. Can’t win them all, I suppose.

  24. somehow there was a glitch in the rigging machine. Probably some lazy IT guy forgot to run the nightly cheat routines.

    1. cheat code to rig elections is triangle triangle circle square triangle square

    2. I think people were *much* more aware of the fraud inherent in these machines. There was a *lot* of checking of votes and verifying, based on what I heard at the bar last night. I know I did it. And there were stories of people catching “glitches” all over the place yesterday.
      The Left is too smart by half.

    3. He forgot that x64 Windows requires device driver signing and the rootkit refused to be loaded into the kernel.

    4. The machines in Pennsylvania were caught. I guess there were some that would default to Hillary before you clicked submit, even if you voted for Trump. Good thing. Pennsylvania was pretty close.

  25. soooooooooooooooooooooo….shall we have some fun boys? Shall we pick an article on jizzabell and just show up and have a blast in a coordinated effort?

      1. all we need to to find the perfect article. I looked at jizzabell and nothing particularly interesting.

    1. no lolknee. we should remain in dignity and above this. leave this behaviour to leftist and sjw

      1. We’ve been plunged into a near socialist hell the last 70 years by playing nice and taking the high road. You know that, right?

        1. of course i know it. You are all free to celebrate. What i just wanted to say is we are more mature than those leftist and their childish behaviour, no ?
          edit : don’t get me wrong, i’m happy to see, like you, finally a change in this leftist world !

        2. see for me it is slightly different. The trolling is all I really care about. That was the whole point. I don’t like trump one bit. I care who the president is even less. But watching these fucking idiots lose their shit….now that is quality stuff.

        3. Social Security
          Government schools
          Central Bank
          Forced unionization
          Patriot Act
          All of these things are not Constitutional and are usually considered relics of a socialist society.

        4. Social security, medicare, medicaid are OK in my book. If they’re managed correctly they can actually do some good and save people from falling through the cracks.
          Everything else, I take your point. We can lose that stuff.

        5. Whether they’re ok in your book or not, they are un-Constitutional and based entirely on socialist theory. Before them, you could afford to retire on a small pension, and visit the doctor’s office and pay a modest fee with a chequebook.

        6. “Social security, medicare, medicaid are OK in my book.”
          That is 70% of the federal budget and not feasible. It is a pyramid scheme with the youngest getting boned the most.

        7. HUD
          National endowment of the arts
          10+ spy agencies
          Federal funding of “Non Profits”
          Department of Energy

        8. Yes, those too.
          Department of Education

        9. social security? Fuck that. I consider that the tax I have to pay which makes it unnecessary to give two fucks about the elderly. I have been paying in all my life and will never see a dime so if I see an old woman eating cat food….well, fuck her.

        10. Un-constitutional is a sticky term…..granted it wasn’t provided, but that doesn’t mean these measures are “anti-constitutional”.
          I don’t know what existed before, but now these programs are essential. There are no more pensions (free market says why give free shit to your employees?) and medical costs are the quickest way to go bankrupt.

        11. Pensions were replaced by 401k’s. Nobody with an ounce of brains in his head is going to have nothing at retirement.
          Medical costs are what they are right now *precisely* due to Medicare/Medicaid. Once they started paying nearly 50% of all medical costs in the nation, surprise surprise, the cost of medical care skyrocketed.

        12. Exactly – would you rather have to give two (or more) fuks?
          I’m certainly in no position to support my elderly relatives.

        13. If you give me a lump sum check for all the money I have fed into social security I would be much more respectful to my elders.

        14. I’ve been kicking into my 401k for 10 years. I have 20 yrs to go and I know it’s not going to do it.
          The ‘ounce of brains in my head’ ain’t gonna do shit when I’m too old to work.

        15. How can you not be making bank in a 401k? Also, you have the option to start your own IRA’s and mutual funds. At no point is somebody stranger’s life and care my responsibility (not directed at you personally).

        16. not one fucking red cent. If they lived in a foolish and haphazardous way and did not properly invest for their retirement I fail to see how that is my fault. I pay for homeless shelters and soup kitchens. That should be enough. I shouldn’t also need to fund their fucking condo in florida while I am trying to make a living formyself.

        17. People should manage their own pensions and health insurance. It would be way cheaper and more benefiical in the long run.
          Besides any time you have “secured” funds around government agencies, they will get looted.

        18. The 401k’s growing, sure, and we add to an IRA as well every year. Mind you, the boss-man doesn’t match contributions (I reckon he shares your view regarding responsibility! haha) . I don’t see how this will ever compound into a significant nest egg. And I trust money-lender’s almost as little as I do the government, so I am not certain that money will be there when I need it.
          No, no one should be shackled to another. That’s a purist’s view I share to a point.

        19. The money-lenders do their fair share of looting pensions. Does no one remember Enron?
          I believe you though that handling everything on the individual level would be cheaper. Should we try national defense like that?

        20. “I pay for homeless shelters and soup kitchens.”
          OK then. If people could be charitable on the individual level, then there’d be no need. And if people could stop doing crimes we shouldn’t need a police force.
          But in the words of Ice T: “shit aint like dat!”
          And I’m pretty sure no one’s funding a condo in FL off of SSI.

        21. You were talking social security… that is a government enterprise you cannot opt out of.
          Enron? Which gave birth to Sarbanes Oxley worthless compliance rules? What of it. Some of the employees jammed all their 401k money into the company’s stock. Stupid move, but that is the risk you run. Could have opted for bonds or other securities.
          “Should we try national defense like that?”
          You should take a civics class. National defense is one of the few things a federal government is needed. Managing your finances and insurance is not.

        22. I think that people with more money would be more charitable (especially because of the tax breaks that being charitable occasions) and would do so to charities that they believed in. The baby boombers have had an entire life to get their shit in order before their retirement instead of being the greediest generation of narcissists in the history of America. Why it is my job as a responsible and hard working citizen to fund that behavior in the form of a safety net is beyond me. Around September I hit my annual mandatory SS contribution and they stopped taking it out of my check. To see the increase in my net every week was astonishing. It really drove home how much these jackals hit me up for week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade. It is fucking lunacy. To think that come Jan 1 I am going to see my check go down again is just fucking depressing. And what do I get out of this? Nothing. I should be putting this money, weekly, into my own fucking retirement fund instead of the retirement fund for baby boomers.

        23. We are the most charitable people on the planet. This is a well known fact. Further, prior to “government charity” people gave heavily to charity. The attack on private charities at the time that welfare was instituted wasn’t that they weren’t meeting the economic needs of the downtrodden, but rather that they had “means testing” and wouldn’t just hand you money to sit around on a couch all day being a bum.

        24. “The baby boombers have had an entire life to get their shit in order
          before their retirement instead of being the greediest generation of
          narcissists in the history of America. Why it is my job as a responsible
          and hard working citizen to fund that behavior in the form of a safety
          net is beyond me.”
          I couldn’t have said it better myself. Never before has a single generation siphoned so much off of both the generation before AND after themselves…I personally am living under the guillotine of my parent’s impending poverty in Old Age.
          But – SOME of that money you kick-in represents what you yourself will get back some day too, so you got that goin’ for you.

        25. I just like to talk these things through once in a while, Ringo….don’t get your balls in a knot.
          Everything you say is sound.

        26. Bem….if you think I will ever see one penny from social security you are nuts. The system works by the current generation paying for the prior generation. SS will simply run out of money before they pay me one dime. If they have anything at all left they will prioritize people like the unemployed who never paid into it in the first place where people who spent their whole lives working and paying in get the shaft. No Bem, you and I will never see one single cent of SS

        27. I threw it in down below, which you’ve probably already read.

        28. Right, because voluntary charity ends when the people volunteering the money don’t have transparency into how it is spent. It is basic capitalism at work in the charity market. Better charities will gather more money and if they start acting shady you can vote with you feet.
          I give money to charity now up to the point that I can take tax breaks for it. The money is going somewhere, might as well not be the feds afaic. Still, if we put an end to the charade of social security the safety net for people who truly do need help would be, I would imagine, better not worse. The safety net for fucking bums would be worse. I can live with that.

        29. Judging by our movie references, we’re about the same age. In the dark recesses of my mind (like where logic and reason live) I believe you’re right – that we wont see a penny of it. I feel the same way about the 401k – that somehow it will just vanish….only to appear again in some Wall St dik’s balance sheet.
          But regardless of what I think will happen, the amount I’m supposed to get is still the majority of my projected retirement income!
          It would just be nice if it all worked as intended.

        30. It was supposed to be the saying that shocked everybody but instead it’s become something of a phrase of pride on our side. Heh.

      2. I used to believe what you advocate. However when you are kind to the cruel, you are being cruel to the kind.
        No prisoners.

      3. I disagree. We give back at least as much as we get, if not more. Never claimed otherwise, which is what those socialists do.

  26. We need to exploit fully the whole Trump has blasted into our elites’ childish utopianism and push hard for the restoration of a healthy patriarchal society:
    Revoke women’s franchise.
    Roll back women’s sexual freedom.
    Defund public feminist propaganda at all levels.
    Stop pushing girls to go into STEM fields.
    Repathologize male homosexuality.
    Take bastard children away from single women and put them in orphanages.
    Reform our degenerate sex education to make it more patriarchy-friendly. E.g. stop teaching girls how to masturbate, emphasize the risks of premarital sex and STD’s, encourage them to marry early at their peak fertility, stay away from gay male “friends” and so forth.

      1. Agreed, Those things should not be decided by the feds. Look up the (ignored) 9th and 10th amendments. The social engineering stuff should be decided on the local level so people have the opportunity to move to a law system that they see fit.

        1. Amen to that. Reinstating the 9th and 10th to their full potency and a good 70% of our issues disappear.

        2. That was the original intent. Somewhere before the Civil War, some thought they should be able to tell other states what to do.

    1. “Stop pushing girls to go into STEM fields.”
      or into Women Studies. Abolish that anyway.

      1. What you say makes more sense. I think it is fine if women want to go into STEM fields as long as there are objective standards that they compete on an even basis on. If there is a woman out there who would make an excellent engineer, better than her male counterpart, so be it. But I think if you make objective standards it will even out to the way it has been traditionally. 95% male with 5% of girls who have a strange ability to think differnet from other women. But getting rid of women’s studies is a real must. Still not going to happen.

        1. what’s disturbing is the fact that one very competent male engineers is replaced by two average female engineers. I’m seeing it in my field. Depressing.

        2. right…but that is just social engineering (pun intended) at its worst. I have no doubt believing that somewhere out there is some woman who is a better engineer than some man and were there to be objective guideline standards she would compete at a high level. Somewhere. Somewoman better than some man. And sure, you find that woman and send her to MIT and make her work her ass off like everyone else then I have no problem with that. It is when they try to social engineer the standards away that we wind up with a bullshit society and bad engineering.

        3. Actually, if one made student loans dischargeable in bankruptcy, got the government out of holding the loans and made the banks and eductational institutions each liable for 50% of the loan if it defaults— majors which do not provide employment with wages sufficient to pay the loan will go away almost overnight.
          In short, make the university/bank hold the loan forcing them to make loans based on potential to repay. Now the university/banks are holding the bag, not the taxpayer.
          Tuitions would drop considerably as a benefit as well.

    1. that guy is like “Are they really crying? I shoulda stayed home and played Gears of War.”

        1. The kind that hopes to get laid by openly proclaiming to “be with her”. Look how the girls in the pic lean away from him and into each others’ arms. Only band members/guitar players can openly be feminist and get laid left and right. (I have a friend like that)

        2. Good observation, another disappointing day for this simp. Wondering what it would be like to hold hands with a girl, trying to get some action by “hanging out” with girls.

        3. Oh my god, someone change one of her “I’M With Her” logos into a “I Grabbed Her By The Pussy”

        4. that guy is just sitting there thinking one thing….as soon as one of these bishes opens a can of coke I am going to make pee pee in it and that will be fucking hilarious.

    1. there is the rare occasion that I wished I had a Facebook account, this is one of them.

    2. TOday is the first time I can remember wishing I was on facebook.

    3. It is, but also painful to read when you realize how many acquintances you know reveal what complete dumbasses they are.

    1. absolute strangers (women of course) crying on the subway today, hugging one another…

      1. Yeah, they are all going to not go to work in protest. It will be Arab Spring Break

        1. why would you hug a stranger on the subway? Unless you want bed bugs and lice

      2. Tired of this. So happy that all the safe spaces these types need will be destroyed over the coming years.

      1. “gender pay gap” my foot….
        My Good Wife is consistently one of the highest paid wherever she goes because of an uncompromising work ethic.
        (unlike me typing away here on the company dime…)

      1. They say a woman’s work is never done……aaaaaannnnd that’s why they get paid less.

        1. Funny thing you say that. Every now and then, the house is a complete disaster when I get home, so if it is a weekend, I make the kids each take a room and then I will go around, helping out or encouraging them to work.
          Two hours tops, and the house is clean. My wife often complains that she is at it for the whole day because she (in her hamster wheel fashion) will do a little cleaning there or there and get distracted and do more cleaning before the first place is done. That, and the kids will continue to mess as she works.

  27. God is still up there after all. This election was our Battle of Tours or our victory at the gates of Vienna. Now, it’s time to hunt down the traitors and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  28. I can’t help but find it hilarious that people call Trump racist, sexist and bigoted, when he is probably the LEAST racist, sexist and bigoted candidate the country has ever seen.

  29. Great win but the battle isn’t over. The enemy will counterattack. Those of us standing against left wing bullshit and machinations need to continue to stand together.

    1. The left never rests. If you thwart them one way, they come back a different way. Knock them down and they keep getting up. They are relentless, having a ‘long view’ of change to Marxist Socialist policies. Eternal vigilance must be our watchword.

  30. Trump doesn’t have a magic wand that’s going to make everything better overnight but I feel better anyway. A liberal judge won’t be replacing Antonin Scalia nor will there be new gun control measures for at least two-four years.

  31. I bet he can’t wait to get some furniture shopping done for the white house. He loves that furniture shopping.

    1. You just ain’t gonna give Donald a break about furniture shopping are you? Hell, at least he was cruising for some poontang instead of trying to ride on the Hershey highway

  32. After sleeping in this morning, I have a busy day ahead of gloating and taunting people on the internet. It’s going to be epic.
    Got to go now, I have winnings to collect on several wagers…

    1. My daughter was following twitter and just laughing giddily at all the hysterics from the leftists/Hillary supporters.

  33. Great morning, it’s like a million shrill, lispy voices cried out in terror, and were suddenly
    WOWS will just wow.
    WHAT THE ACTUALS will be fucked.
    I CAN’TS will be evened.

      1. Excellent! Sorry I’m late. Left coast time zone, you know, and there was a crash on the highway. Probably couldn’t see where they were going through all the tears.

        1. I’m on the left coast too, my commute into work was particularly light. It seems many of them have lost the will to drag themselves out of bed…. delicious.

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