Counterpart Suggests That It’s Never Too Late For An Old Man To Transform From Beta To Alpha

In my recent article on the movie “The Bachelors”, one of the comments (@Skeptic) suggested to provide an article for the TV series Counterpart. After watching the first season, I can attest that it does deserve its own article.

The main idea

Howard Silk, brilliantly played by JK Simmons, is a low level employee of an obscure UN agency in Berlin. His job has no meaning, as he sits in a “prison like” room which is divided by glass wall, and exchanges codes with the other side of the glass (“Interface Section”). If that sounds dull, you are right.

Howard has no friends, apart from one person he plays GO with (and always looses). His wife is in a coma after being hit by a car, and we learn that he still has a deep attachment for her.

“Our” Silk. Face down, shoulders down, no strength or confidence. Beta

The plot starts when the director of “Strategy Division,” Peter Quayle, denies him a promotion to his division (Howard has been working the same position for almost 30 years), but the following day he is brought in to meet his counterpart, another Howard Silk from a parallel universe. His “counterpart” requires him to join in a man-hunt, which later becomes a conspiracy to hurt “our” world.

“Other” Silk. Note the smirk and confidence. Alpha

“Alpha” and “Beta” by JK Simmons

If Simmons is played well by the grieving father, which was more beta, this time he gets a chance to play both. Imagine an old beta male – weak character, no promotion, virtually no friends (Silk states that “I had my wife and did not need anyone else”). We later learn (spoiler) that his wife was cheating on him, regularly, but he still loved her. I know, I was sick too watching those bits.

To contrast that, the “other” Silk, is a field agent, high ranking and with the highest classification. He has a network of people who rely on him and will do dangerous deeds for him. It is implied that he has slept around, also has a daughter, and gets his way time and time again. The only thing you don’t see in this series is Simmons gaming a girl and bedding her.

Being “alpha” has a price. The other Silk has no attachments, his daughter is estranged and one can actually see that he does miss human ties (to some extent). But that is nothing compared to our Silk’s miserable existence of no sex and having no life.

JK Simmons with 2 of the hotter actresses. Nice smirk, and no hover hand

How does a “beta” becomes an “alpha”?

Imagine you are a “beta” and now you have to play the role of an “alpha”. What would happen? The answer is “You need to grow a pair”.

Our Silk needs to replace the other Silk in the parallel universe. He is at first awkward, and some of the people spot him. The thing is, as the series progresses, he becomes more confident. One of the other agents tells him near the end of Season 1: “I don’t see the difference between you two”. Our Silk even kills a powerful man, and this after he clearly detest using force.

Our Silk doesn’t like becoming an alpha. He resents becoming like his counterpart, and tries his best to show the other Silk how he is much better than him. He’s a classic beta trying to occupy the moral high-ground and downplay the alpha.


I know that recommending watching TV is against the general trend of ROK articles (examples 1,2 and 3) . However, I want to make an exception in this case. Counterpart is a good show, even if it has its own blue pill moments (a girl kicking boys’s ass). The idea that you may become alpha by mere coincidence rings a bell on us who have taken the red pill.

You are never too old for self improvement

Simmons’s character gracefully portrays the two types of mid 50s beta and alpha. There are prices to pay if you want to become one. The show also highlight our own take—you are never to old for the red pill or self-improvement. Even if it is a case of “I had to”.

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68 thoughts on “Counterpart Suggests That It’s Never Too Late For An Old Man To Transform From Beta To Alpha”

  1. I’ve always enjoyed JK Simmons’ acting. Still not watching TV, though.

    1. This one is worth it. Really! A lot of subtle things going on demands that you pay attention and not treat it as background noise whilst you’re doing something else. (Eating dinner in while watching as I do is acceptable. Entertaining, talking on the phone or doing the laundry isn’t. Turn on a Jazz station instead.)
      Re the “not watching TV” part:
      It’s your call of course, but consider that you may very well be limiting your entertainment options.
      What I call “Directed Watching” or “Purposeful Watching” is OK in my estimation. I download – alright…Pirate mostly – the stuff that looks interesting or that might not show up on U.S. broadcast/cable/streaming TV and watch it when I’m ready, none of this drop everything to watch at certain time or pay extra nonsense. (And certainly you don’t keep the TV on as some sort of Electronic Fireplace.) In addition to something like The Expanse or the above mentioned Counterpart, you also end up finding jewels like, say, Peaky Blinders, Shetland, Versailles, or NHK Taiga Dramas, to name four offhand.
      (Dokuganryū Masamune aka Masamune The One-Eyed Dragon staring Ken Watanabe was my very first hit of Taiga Drama. And Genroku Ryoran aka The Tale Of The 47 Loyal Ronin – no, not that crap Keanu Reeves movie – is very much in keeping with ROK ideals.)
      So, while I’ll be the very first to agree with anybody that there’s a ton of garbage TV out there – true for any art form BTW – there also quite a few compelling jewels as well.
      Just a thought.

    2. Counterpart …. one of the most tedious Sci-fi shows ever made. I forced myself to watch the first 4 episodes, but it’s such awful garbage, that was all I could manage.

      1. But it’s not only Counterpart, The Expanse, Sirens all multi-cultural virtue signalling garbage rammed down our throats. Why do we have to put up with this constant barrage of super strong (fat) women (The Expanse), multi racial mermaids (Sirens). WTF is wrong with television?
        I’d be nice to find one TV show that’s not like this.

        1. @ JD
          TV Land (and other similar channels)
          The Andy Griffith Show.
          I Dream of Jeannie.
          The Odd Couple.
          The Honeymooners.

  2. If you haven’t done it yet, start lifting. I was a complete wimp, and never lifted until I bought myself a 300 lb barbell set for my 39th birthday. Now, I’m 44, and am vastly stronger than I’ve ever been. I’m still fighting my beta tendancies, but at least I’m red pilled, plus getting stronger and more confident. I’ve always been a good smirker.

    1. This is thing is exactly the reason, why I want mandatory lifting classes in public schools. Yes, I know. It’s never going to happen, but guy can dream, right?

  3. “season 1” so roughly 8hrs of TV. Thanks, no thanks. A lot can be done in 8 hrs. of my time.

  4. It’s never too late for the global nation of Libtardia to suggest that the genders are not equal and never will be.

    1. COBRA KAI
      Cobra Kai was kind of a Beta fantasy-Johnny had too much in life going for him to become an alcoholic loser over one tournament in high school. He would have gone to college, joined a Frat, graduated and entered the middle class.
      Daniel LaRusso would never have hung around Los Angeles and sold cars. He would have returned to Jersey, done some numbers running for “connected guys” and ended up in the same working-class Italian neighborhood he grew up in.
      Of course the series was contrived to put to Gen X icons in a series together but it was contrived.

      1. @ MM
        Daniel would have done those things if not for Myiagi. After learning Okinawan Karate, taking a trip to Okinawa and fighting a death match, and then coming back to LA and opening a little tree shop with Miyagi, don’t you think he got past his Newark upbringing?
        As for Johnny, he was ‘F’d. Kreese screwed his mind up. Pumped him up as his best student, then tried to kill him. In the new series (first 2 eps are free) you can see he grew up without a father and his mother married a rich old ((stepdad)) who shits all over Johnny.

        1. AUTOMATIC
          COBRA KAI is a bit sad and a reminder of the guys who hang around their neighborhood after high school and don’t go to college.
          Ali is LONG GONE (Mentioned she moved to Denver and married a businessman there) and Johnny and Daniel are now early 50 s (they were a junior and senior in high school respectively) still dwelling on things that happened in 1983 or whatever.
          I mean that is pathetic. Just totally pathetic.
          -Johnny was affluent in the original film so clearly he HAD a father figure in his life as a kid. In the country club in the original film he is present with a group.
          -We get the impression that Johnny’s father (Or maybe stepfather) was ABUSIVE TO HIM before he met Kreese.

        2. AUTOMATIC
          Hookers and Ali
          In Cobra Kai these men in their 50’s are sitting around having a beer and talking about “Ali” who moved to Denver and married a doctor.
          Think she thought about THEM.
          “She married a guy in Med school” remarks struggling car salesman Daniel to septic tank cleaner Johnny.
          These two sad bastards are sitting nursing their old conflict from the Reagan Era when they were 17 and she has forgotten all about them, and all about high school.

        3. @MM
          Agreed regarding Allie. No pretty female EVER thinks about a guy in her past, even if they call/text/email them in the present and say “I was thinking about you”. If that happens, they ate thinking about using you for money or something else. Been there, done that. I mean, maybe they think about REALLY bad boys from their past, like Chozen from KK2, but Johnny nowhere near bad enough. Vanessa Trump probably still thinks about that Latin King she used to bang in high school. But only fringe scenarios like that. Otherwise attractive females live entirely in the present. They know money and schwanz are are available for them at any time.

        4. AUTOMATIC
          The series was actually pathetic, but probably realistic.
          Sad bastards deep in middle age wandering high school corridors on Halloween night while even Lawrence’s sniveling minions have long moved on.
          Shue’s character had not thought of either of them in 30 years. She was on to college in 1984 or whenever the fuck and those sad bastards were left watching the Asians and Mexicans replaces WASPS and Italians.
          It was pitiful.

  5. I have a miserable existence and I get all the tight young poon I want.
    Costs me an arm and a leg, but I get it…

  6. Yawn.
    The very first thing you do when you become red pilled is stop watching the Talmudvision.

    1. RICH
      I let it play in the background sometimes in Asia. Don’t really listen to it. It is in another language.

  7. There is such a thing as late bloomers. So a man can become more alpha as he ages. I don’t need to watch a television show to know that. As for the actor in the series; never heard of him nor do I care.
    Enjoy your weekend gents.

    1. I transformed from Beta to MGToW at age 53 during divorce, when I realized almost any woman would do and say anything to get another $100 out of you, I’m not sure if that counts for anything on this forum.
      Counterpart, where supposedly ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ males do everything to get the love of one woman. Dudes, women don’t matter that much, they are just a womb to carry and birth your children, what surrounds that womb isn’t important, they are all equally interchangeable.

      1. JOHN
        My man.
        You’ve been in Asia for 10 years, maybe longer. You HAVEN’T SEEN your ex-wife in more than a decade.
        Its a thing of the past man.

        1. You haven’t been in Detroit with blacks and cholos for 20 years ……. but every post same. Dude I’ll get over mine when you get over yours.

      2. JOHN
        I cannot imagine how angry you must feel that a Negro came off the street and shafted your wife and then YOU got thrown out of the house.
        I’m sure you are reeling with the injustice.
        But it was a decade ago. More maybe.

        1. Can’t blame the ‘other man’, she was offering, and who wouldn’t take a free one. Unlike some on this forum, I have nothing against black people, but I generally don’t find their women attractive. When a married woman is up for a shag on the side, almost any male with do. Done a few myself.

  8. I did the same – ex-wife went into a walking coma, different person her immediate family disavowed also after the big D. I don’t recall being sad, moved instead into getting ass in shape happily. I think its because she clearly became my adversary not my partner any longer. More international variety and sexual relief ever – like I tell friends and some on Facebook, I lived my 20s in my 50s. However, you will decline, we all do but take zinc and lift and sleep – little alcohol. You will go far and morning stiffness will remain!
    I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret if you think you’re washed up as you hit Simmons age range: it is a cornucopia, and you have a better chance at a decent committed woman than any prior age that I can think of. They’re called early-married, recently-widowed women. They put in their time, largely traditional, and need it and won’t stray because frankly the numbers of in-shape Simmons alphas is reaaaallly slim. You guys in younger brackets might keep an eye out for them too – early-married, recently widowed. They’re the best LTR material in any age group, short of (i) a virgin or, (ii) a low notch nerdy woman who knocks you out when you see her dressed up.

    1. REALITY
      “Genders unequal”
      The rich-bitch chick that led to Daniel getting savaged and Johnny being knocked unconscious by an alcoholic Asian martial arts expert war veteran and all the rest of the teenage drama…
      She moved to Denver. Predictably, Ali went college and forgot all about the high school bullshit. So did Johnny’s sniveling minions.
      Here and Daniel and Johnny are, two leathery men in their early 50’s with Johnny’s Aryan good looks (Zabka is the son of Czech immigrants in real life) pickled by the booze and pot he’s been using since high school and Daniel’s Sicilian pretty boy slim looks (Macchio is half Greek in real life) are puffy from too much pasta and wine.
      Yet they have hung around the same place stuck on some high school bullshit that happened 35 years ago when Reagan was president.
      The Valley’s rich WASPS and Jews (Johnny’s lox-loving stepfather) and working-class Italians have been replaced by snooty Asian kids (“You cleaned Dad’s cleaned septic tank”) and Mexican working class kids like “Menudo”.
      But two leathery older men have hung around, obsessed over some conflict in high school revolving around a cooze that lives in Denver and has not thought of either of them in 30 years.
      Its sad. Pathetic.

    2. One clarification –
      The LTR comments apply to Western women only. I just can’t see any LTR possibilities with the majority of them whatever age bracket, unless they are low notch. AV Yader had a good corollary that you have to be no more than 2nd or 3rd for them – and have to be Best of the men she’s encountered. Apart from that my recommendation is to enjoy but never commit to an LTR, especially legally. And watch out for Religious women with a past – same applies there unfortunately. They are very convincing but sadly they will slip and go back to Chad.

  9. All this makes me grateful that I did not marry in my 20’s.
    I might be complaining now of my wife divorcing me for a Negro and keeping our house for him to live in, like John.
    Or paying an “arm and leg” for hookers like Automatic in a country where an 18 year old girl can do Bukkake videos legally but a 30 year old lawyer who escorts on her spare time will get you arrested and put on billboards as “John”.
    Glad I moved overseas.

    1. Nah, he wasn’t interested in more than a pump and dump, she never saw him during or after the divorce. She lives with a house full of cats.

      1. JOHN
        She’s lucky he didn’t strangle her and steal her purse for some crack cocaine or heroin money or leave your sliding glass door open so his crackhead friends could come back and burglarize your house.

    2. @MM
      Re. Arm and leg.
      That is my choice.
      I suppose if I were to lower my standards for youth and beauty I could save a load of cash. But I can’t do that. Looks are too important to me, and TBH I really have no reason to save at this point. My FU fund is already big enough for me to cash out the rest of my life in a 3rd world country if I chose to do so, and I have no reason not to blow my disposable income on the young hot ones. I can’t screw a house or a BMW…

      1. AUTOMATIC
        “Arm & a Leg”
        If you watch COBRA KAI you realize how pathetic these two 50 somethings are as they sit in a bar and ask where “Ali” went.
        The Asians have replaced WASPS and the Mexicans replaced Italian transplants but this leathery Anglo and pudgy Italian uncle type whose feasted on too much wine and pasta are sitting around looking at her FACEBOOK.
        Predictably, Ali moved on to college and married some doctor…A year after all the drama over her, she fucked off to college and did not give a shit over these two sad bastards still stuck in some Reagan Era lover’s triangle between high school students.
        This is what happens to townies.
        Also, in the US getting a hooker is so risky now. Billboard photographs, setups, mandatory classes.
        All bullshit.
        I use prostitutes overseas and never had to worry she might be a cop or some cop might harass me. I had 20 years of fun sex overseas, different nationalities for variety sake.
        In the time I was out of the US it seemed to go downhill. Black Lives Matter replaced Rodney King rioters.

      2. AUTOMATIC
        I’d feel pretty stupid showing up to pool parties like the one in La Russo’s backyard to meet fucking chicks who were 20.
        Where does middle-aged man meet 20 year olds unless they are bought and paid for.
        For that matter, older women can actually go and fuck a 20 year old if they want. I fucked a few 45 year old women in my 20’s just for an experienced blow/screw.
        But if you are single and don’t pay for it, you are screwed in America these days at 44.
        You cannot get women who are 20 to feel genuine biological urges for you. You can be a sugar daddy, but that costs more than just handing across the $ for a screw.
        The problem in America is that prostitution is so illegal now.

        1. @ MM
          I live in New York.
          I have been banging pros since 1986.
          I have never once worried about cops. Even when I first started out and did it in the car with streetwalkers. The 10th precinct cops couldn’t care less about the “johns”. They simply told you to zip it up and haul ass out of there. They only wanted to bust the girls so they could steal their money. Still the same now. Most of the Korean AMPs are gone (unfortunately) as 95% of them were shut down by LE in 2016 in NY. But prior to that, the girls used to tell me that when the cops raided, their money would simply disappear.
          For some reason, almost all the AMPs in NYC are now Chinese. I sometimes wonder why that happened. FYI, the Chinese girls are wilder and crazier than the Koreans. But I preferred the K-Girls. Prettier, classier and more ladylike. But the one of the Chinese places I use gives free Jack Daniels during the session. So not so bad.

        2. Marz, I have to disagree with you on this. Hot young chicks will be available to you in your 40s if you set things up right.

  10. Hey kids, if you’re an old beta boy, it’s never too late to become alpha…this fictional TV show proves it!

      1. PAPA
        I don’t but the Karate Kid television show-after all the toys and gimmicks connected to the film I grew up with in the 80’s-is dead-accurate.
        Most high school bullies end up driving around their old high school in a Pontiac listening to Poison and drinking booze.
        The Italian pretty boys of yesteryear always end up looking like Daniel does at 50 something-pudgy from gallons of wine and piles of pasta and working in an garage…but the braggadocio is still there.

  11. HOYT
    Actually, I think COBRA KAI is painfully realistic. These two Alphas-the arrogant, entitled WASP and the braggadocio, slightly lecherous Italian-have hung around “The Valley” long, long after the Asians took over and the Italian blue-collar types were replaced by Mexicans.
    The show is sadly realistic-most high school bullies of the 80’s end up borderline drunks who drive around listening to POISON and drinking Coors beer while they drive.
    Daniel meanwhile has done what most Italians do and hung around an auto shop. His pretty slim Moorish looks are now buried in thousands of gallons of wine and pounds of pasta but his braggadocio has never left.

    1. @ MM
      “..thousands of gallons of wine and pounds of pasta…”
      That can be me on any given weekend!
      But I still weigh only 170…

      1. AUTOMATIC
        KARATE KID got the ethnic details quite right-Johnny would drink Coors and drive a Pontiac and listen to POISON.
        Daniel would work in a garage with cars and still have the braggadocio and drink wine at lunch.
        Its disappointing, but most people can never be more than what they always have been.

        1. “..most people can never be more than what they always have been…”
          – Agreed.

  12. If you’re beta by 50 chances are you’ll always be.
    Most guys that learn the red pill the hard way in older days (divorce rape etc.) either become extremely bitter or do the same shit time and time again.
    I also think there are 50 shades of alpha with benefits and drawbacks.
    Chinese merchant alphas as well as a lot of j*ws are hardcore wheeler dealers with money being their sole focus while they’re mostly physically weak, shun physical confrontation, can take a lot of humiliation and won’t get laid like Tyrone but bang a different hooker every day.
    You could say MGTOWs are alphas as well even though they don’t have game or attract women.
    Then there is the picture book alpha chad who is aggressive, good looking, muscular and has a high paid job / well running business. He stays in his upper class bubble though to avoid physical confrontation as well.
    Then there is the street thug who is alpha by pure force and chances are he’ll meet another guy sooner or later that will kill him in a confrontation.

    1. @ Larry
      Understand the scenarios you describe and for the most part agree with it. But it begs the question. So who wins in this world?
      BTW, “Tyrone” might be getting laid for free, but it is almost certainly with “Shaquanda”. He can have Shaquanda.

      1. I’d say the big winners are the second generation of the jewish and chinese money grubbers IF they’re raised halfway redpilled.
        The only way to truly win this life after being red pilled is to hit it big with hard work (unlikely) or to pull a scam, stash the cash, prepay lawyers and do a couple years in prison, after which you’re a free man and can live a plush life forever.
        Work environments are ever more hostile and I’m rather in prison than dealing with female managers and walking on eggshells while earning peanuts – always one accusation away from being fired and never getting said peanuts job again.
        I tried to escape from it all to Asia and have been there for a long time, but honestly as a non Asian you don’t really belong there. Yeah it’s safe and somewhat comfortable but a life among soulless Asians isn’t really a life either.
        Hit it big and bang premium escorts all day back in the west I say.

  13. I knew this show looked solid on the alpha/beta study, just could not make the time commitment. If you want to see the JK Simmons’ alpha magic compressed into a mere 2 hours, watch the film “Whiplash.” A well-deserved Oscar win for Simmons. In the film he methodically and ruthlessly makes men out of boys by ripping them out of their comfort zones and never settling for second-best.
    Still a little “red pill pulse” beating in certain corners of Hollywood, if you know where to look.

  14. …believing with emotions instead of reason that you can be non-pathetic.
    A cucked site this is. Omegas always do that: how to look like an “alpha”…
    If it is not in you already, it will not be. You are asking to be an imitation, a fraud.
    They make movies/series targeting the pathetic of our society, the average, the mediocre, the dysgenic, YOU, because you desire what you cannot be. They sell you “equality”.
    And what is this site doing ? Selling equality too to pathetic males who can’t face reality.
    This manipulation of teaching others how to be “alpha” is what led to a generation of weaklings and their culture of weakness, of false morality, of whores and thieves and faggots. This same behavior you show in cucked sites like this is what caused the chaos we are in now. But you can’t face reality pussy, it hurts you.

  15. I didn’t get fully red pilled and break out of my beta bondage until I hit 60. I have to file that under better late than never. Two things finally got my to fully swallow the red pill: moving out if the US (especially moving out of a blue city) and switching from lap swimming to lifting.
    Moving out of the US gave me the opportunity to observe my old life from a distance (was better than my meditation practice) and helped me realize that not only were my perceptions accurate but where they weren’t was only because I still underestimated how crazy things are these days in white western countries.
    One of the things I can clearly see now with that greater perspective is how every time I lifted for strength training, I got more red pilled. When I would switched back to swimming for strength training, I got more blue pilled. One of the great things about living in Asia, is that in my mid 60’s I am one of the top power lifters in any gym. Great ego boost. When I spend time in Central Europe, I am only in the top 25 percent.
    My new red pilled outlook has estranged me from most other expats (my age or young) but I have never been happier and am more successful in how I deal with women than ever before. I don’t mean just banging them (which is far easier to do in Asia at my age) but all of my interactions with them. It has also led to my making a lot shredder investing and lifestyle decisions.

    1. Top comment.
      For most people it will take some traumatic or cathartic event that serves as a major turning point for them to become red pilled. It happens at various ages but it is only a consolidation of all the little truths you felt all along.

  16. At 30 I am totally shocked at the type of women I see men marry.
    As in it’s horrifically dysgenic beyond the wildest imagination of my naive youth.
    I’m seeing men actually marry fat disgusting pigs, women with fucking buzz cuts and some specimens so ugly they are barely recognizable as female.
    And these men are not desperate basement-dwelling virgins who are clinging onto the first thing that will fuck them.
    No way, these are clean cut guys with respectable jobs, stable existences, and all boxes ticked.
    These are the same guys I hung out with in my 20s.
    Guys I saw hooking up with some very fine looking women once upon a time. We hung out, we had pretty girlfriends, and fun social lives.
    Now I look at them and I have no fucking clue what got into them.
    It’s not like I stood by in silence as these men nosedived.
    I specifically told them “do not marry her, she’s ugly, she’s fat, she looks like a man, you can do better”
    Yet they persist!
    I’m unmarried, but I’d sooner marry a beautiful slut than one of these hideously disgusting choices all my friends are CHOOSING.
    Guys, I gotta go puke down a toilet.

    1. That’s what happens when men only concentrate on self improvement and don’t put or enforce any standards on women to do the same.
      The sexual market becomes so poor for men the majority have to settle for absolute trash.
      Men of the manosphere don’t seem to have the foresight that there is no point to all these men improving themselves to impress women if women are degrading faster than a piece of iron in the ocean. In the end we are only further serving women.
      I say this with guilt as I myself have improved myself in appearance purely to run through average looking tinder sluts who generally disgust me.

      1. keen insight, and one I’ve been trying to get across to my mother. she recognizes that feminism was a mistake but I am pointing out that it laid all of the problems, all the changing and fixing, at men’s feet while letting women totally off the hook. And the predictable result is what we see today, rampant promiscuity, drug abuse, unplanned pregnancy, miscegenation, depression, and self-harm among today’s young women.

    2. OldBoy, testify…IMO, evenly hilarious + sad that you had to tell them directly. Mind boggling. They broke the code; some dudes will just grab pretty much *any* womb to grow a replicant in. Good ’nuff, not choosy…just making copies, and tending to the beast. They’re probably at the bar a lot!

  17. JK Simmons will always be Vern Schillinger of Oz to me. Phenomenal actor regardless

  18. The US is in debt, is conducting multiple wars, is a police state, is flooded by illegal immigrants, and has become immoral.
    Racists think all the problems would be fixed if the Jews, Muslims, illegal immigrants, and blacks were killed off.
    The problem with racists is that they think white people are not responsible for the US collapse.
    Do Jews outnumber white people?
    Can’t white people start media companies, movie studios, and stock markets?
    If Jews tell you to go in debt, do you blame yourself or Jews?
    If Jews tell you to be immoral, do you blame yourself or Jews?
    On the other hand, racists do have free speech rights and what if the racists are correct?
    Wouldn’t you like to know if Jews wanted to divide the wealth of the world among themselves by planning to kill off white people with debt, wars, tyranny, regulations, taxes, welfare, obesity, illegal immigration, drugs, suicides, feminism, homosexuality, and immorality and then send the rest of the weak liberals to the gulags to be starved and killed?
    Why does everyone laugh when someone says Freemasons or the Pope controls the world, but anyone who blames the Jews gets banned, censored, or arrested?

  19. Just watch some early spaghetti western Clint Eastwood movies, or The Outlaw Josey Wales, The 300 or similar movies. Rewire your attitude and rewire your brain.

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