Conquering Hispanic Women: 9 Tips To Put Your Spanish Learning On Steroids

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Being able to speak Spanish in Latin America is the mating advantage. Being able to speak Spanish and being an exotic foreigner? You’ll crush it. Foreign languages are an essential part of the international playboy’s arsenal.

In this post I’ll show you how to cut your time-to-Spanish-fluency in half and get better reactions from Latin American girls. Let’s get into it….

1. Get Obsessed. Get Good.


People who reach an advanced level in a second language are not interested in the language per se. The language is a vehicle for the real topic that fascinates them – Mexican Banda music, regional accents in Spain, the women in Colombia. Especially the women in Colombia.

Fortunately, fascination and obsession are not states that randomly happen to us, we can engineer them.

Find a subject in a Latin American country and make it your new obsession. This fascination will drive you you through the frustrations and the hours of study needed to get to an advanced level.

2. Vocabulary – learn 200 words a day

As with all Latin-based languages, you are not starting from a clean slate. Actually, you probably have over 5,000 words already on that slate. Cognates are words that are similar in English and Spanish e.g. accident = accidente. Cognates are a great way to gain some early confidence in Spanish.

For any vocabulary beyond cognates, use mnemonics. Remember ‘Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge’ when learning the musical note scale of E-G-B-D-F? Get the mnemonic right and you won’t be able to forget the word for years even if you wanted to.

3. Pronunciation – “I thought you were Colombian. You have no accent!”


People say you can never get rid of a foreign accent. Nonsense. Professional actors do it all the time.

Everybody wants to learn how to roll their r’s but to be understood, syllable stress is much more important.

Even if you master a pitch-perfect Mexican accent, put the stress on the wrong syllable and the word you just said does not exist. On the other hand, you can have a strong gringo twang but if you stress the correct syllable in the word the locals will understand you much better.

Here are a couple of tips if you want to Meryl Streep your Spanish accent:

  • Say words in English with a heavy Spanish accent.
  • Sing Spanish songs. It will train you to link words together and give your speech more flow.

I actually learned to rap in Spanish to fool hispanics that I was more fluent that I actually was.

4. Grammar – F**K Rosetta Stone

For years, popular language courses like Rosetta Stone have spread this myth of “learn a language like a toddler learns.” Sounds good in theory, but it’s actually a clever way for them to cut their production costs and add more profit to their bottom line. It’s a good business model, but not a superior method of learning.

It’s better to learn like an adult and leverage the power of associative memorization. Realize that as an adult, you have this pre-existing base of idiomatic English expressions and extensive grammatical knowledge. You can associate 20+ years of English knowledge with your new language through translation or association.

Constructing your sentences first in “Caveman English” and then translating to Spanish will improve your grammar accuracy.

Example: ‘It I want’ – lo quiero

5. Material before method


Like with martial arts, guys love to debate about the best language learning method. Michel Thomas vs Pimsleur vs Duolingo. Who wins?

I say before you obsess on the method, ask yourself some tough questions:

  • “What do I hope to be doing with the language once I learn it?”
  • “What kind of conversations do I hope to be having?”
  • “What will be the content and the contexts of these conversation?”

Course content and vocabulary selection should be dictated by your interests and goals. The most important questions is: “What will you spend your time doing with this language?

A goal like “Be fluent” is not specific enough to give you any kind of roadmap or plan.

6. Groove your “Groundhog Day Conversations”

Focus on the conversations that you will have all the time in Latin America. In a foreign country you will repeatedly give the following speeches every time you meet somebody new:

  • What you are doing in the country.
  • How long you’ve been here.
  • What you like about the country.
  • Why you decided to come to this country.
  • How long you are planning to stay.

Think ahead and rehearse stock answers that make you seem interesting and attractive. Your go-to material when it comes to talking to women in Latin America will be your opinions on her country and its culture. Commit to memory some observations that will spark further conversation.


ir al salon es muy importante para las mujeres dominicanas no? (going to the hair salon is very important for Dominican woman isn’t it?)

veo que a las colombianas les gusta mucho salir y bailar. en mi pais no es asi (I see that Colombian women like to go out and dance a lot. It’s not like that in my country.)

Now you’ve got some solid Spanish in your locker, here’s how to get with some curvy, tanned Latinas…

7. Don’t over-game


It almost pains me to say it but, being a gentleman and giving the girls cheesy compliments earns you major bonus points in Latin America. My ‘red-pill’ instincts are to be aloof and bust their balls but over the years I’ve repeatedly seen US-style game backfire in Latin America.

While provider game and gushing compliments would get you chewed up and spit out in the US, it will work perfectly on Latinas.

8. Get off Badoo, Cupid, and other Latin dating sites as quickly as possible

These sites are good for “pipelining” and setting up dates as soon as you get off the plane. However, you’ll want to ditch the training wheels and move on to day game as soon as possible. Here’s why:

  • I knew a girl in the Dominican Republic who was a solid 9 and she showed me her Badoo account. She had 900-odd unread messages from guys promising her holidays, expensive gifts etc. It is becoming a crowded channel.
  • When you are in Latin America you will notice that the quality is so much better on the ground. Do some Spanish day game and you’ll have zero competition and higher quality girls.

If you are already chatting to a Latina online, get her off the site as quickly as possible and move her to Whatsapp or Skype. The longer you remain her chat buddy, the more likely it is that she’ll be distracted by another gringo in her inbox.

Use this line for the “digital bounce”: tienes whatsapp por cierto linda? es mas comodo hablar por ahi (Do you have Whatsapp? It’s easier to message each other using Whatsapp).

9. Stand out from the other gringos

So many gringos come to Latin America and bang “pre-pagos” (pros) or “interesadas” (semi-pros). These guys don’t realize that their wallet and “white God factor” won’t be enough to get the top-of-the-food-chain girls in Latin America.

You don’t want to be guilty by association. Here’s how distance yourself from these guys in the fewest number of steps:

  • Don’t do pay-for-play
  • Speak the local language. Most other guys you’ll meet are too lazy to learn Spanish.
  • Stay in an apartment not a hotel or hostel.
  • Have a good “backstory” for being there. (Even if it’s not 100% accurate)
  • Don’t wear shorts and flip-flops. Fashion and style is the equivalent of the smell of chocolate to women in Latin America.

The key is to be able to represent your world (exotic foreigner) but also be comfortable in her world (speak the local language and meet her friends and family).


If you liked this article and want to get specific with your Spanish goals then check out the website Have a look and you’ll soon know if we have something you’re looking for. Either way, hope you enjoyed the article.

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74 thoughts on “Conquering Hispanic Women: 9 Tips To Put Your Spanish Learning On Steroids”

  1. Don’t wear shorts and flip-flops. Fashion and style is the equivalent of the smell of chocolate to women in Latin America.

    Off-topic but the only place a man is allowed wear flip-flops is on a beach. Anywhere else is unacceptable.

      1. good- wearing socks n sandals will fuck their feet up. go long on orthotics stocks.

      2. I keep reading all these complaint articles from women about the techy nerds infesting san francisco.

        1. Good that most of the richest men are not giving a fuck on their dress habits. Fuck what those women think.

      3. In San Francisco the tech billionaire and the unemployed college student dress the same so it’s hard to judge wealth on appearance. Latin America is a few years behind Silicon Valley so they still associate elegance with wealth. Be pragmatic rather than dogmatic and you’ll get better reactions from the Latinas.

      4. Pathetic… Sounds like that fatass Zuckerberg, or however you spell the jew’s name.

    1. I always cringe when I see the flip-flip wearing backpacking hipster on the metro in Medellin. The locals look at them with disgust and contempt. The chicas turn their noses up. Meanwhile, the average paisa is wearing slacks and nice shoes, even if he is poor.

      1. Americans sadly are among the worst dressed people in the world. Especially the women. You can spot them in London because they are the girls dressed like teenage boys.

        1. Canadians and Americans alike. Living abroad I have had to improve my wardrobe… Currently I am living in Azerbaijan… where if a man wears shorts in public he is assumed gay. Women get dressed up to the nines any time they leave their house. My regular T-shirts and jeans do not cut it hear anymore… Strangely what I have to wear here in Azerbaijan… I would be thought as a homo in Canada.

        2. That’s what makes it so easy for men like me who dress exceptionally well to stand out from the crowd of losers.

    2. i disagree, we’re fucking men, wear whatever the fuck you want, I could care less, stressing what the next man is wearing comes off a feminine to me, thats what women do. If a guy is in my social circle all i care about is if this guys character is the type that i want to be around.

      1. Wrong. Children wear whatever the fuck they want, men are expected to dress like men. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us do judge books by their covers and rightfully so. Until this ceases to be the case, I’ll continue to take my appearance deadly serious. Please take my response as respect for your views, though.

        1. I switched from sneakers and a tshirt and normal pants to a sharp watch, dress pants, black shoes, and button down shirt and the level of respect from customers immediatly shot up at my place of work as did my comfort level and confidence.
          It could be my inner game was off, but looking like I demand respect is something I have been working on the last month and I feel it is a must!

        2. Right on. Everything is judged by its appearance. A man would do well to dress well or at the very least, avoid being lost in the crowd. Kudos to you brother.

      2. I have mixed feelings and have yet to come to consensus on the topic of dress/fashion. Part of me looks back on pictures of the 1950s where everyone was sharply dressed and classy and respects this. I have a photo of my grandfather where he looks 35 and HE IS 13 YEARS OLD. But he is dressed in a manly suit and has a mature look on his face. I also like dressing up, having cool watches and wearing a nice suit was always described to me as a guy’s coat of armor.
        But the other side of me says the Dude from Big Lebowski has the right idea. He is comfortable. He is confident. He doesn’t care what others think about him. He is relaxed and in control. He will go out in public in a bathrobe if he wants (sounds like another guy I know who has a bunny rabbit ranch). Is there any way both of these models can be valid?
        Either way I wouldn’t dress out of the local custom. That’s just rude.

        1. Also that’s a movie compared to real life. I think too many guys are going the Lebowski route and it’s just lazy and gross to me. I’ve been on both sides of the coin; thinking I don’t give a shit and stepping out in clothes that look like I’m ready to play in a turkey bowl with my buds. Now, I step out threaded and you simply must get the threads on. I can’t stress that enough. You’d soon see why. It’s because it’s about how YOU feel. It quickly will dawn on you. It’s not about how people see you etc. It’s a personal hygiene issue really. The Big Lebowski could also not wipe himself thinking ‘he doesn’t give a fuck’ but then he’s just trashing himself and being disgusting. Wearing clothes that an eighth grade boy wears (95% of adult males in the US) is pretty damn close to not wiping yourself. You’ll only realize that once you start to dress like a man. Like I said, I’ve done both so I’m not trying to be too much of a scold. The sad thing is that America is so quickly degenerating that most people will think you’re a ponce if you dress well outside of work and many women will likely shame you for actually having true self-respect (which is not an option for men in the feminine imperative). I don’t live in the US and I’m already wondering how my new approach to dressing myself will be received. It’s VERY likely that I’m over dramatizing it but I’ll soon see. I really love the idea of living in Columbia for awhile, spending time with physical marvels and being free to dress myself like an adult without getting eyerolls. Nice place.

        2. Wearing clothes that an eighth grade boy wears (95% of adult males in the US) is pretty damn close to not wiping yourself. You’ll only realize that once you start to dress like a man.

          Well said.

        3. So totally right on. Kevin Costner is married to a model Christine Baumgartner. He did not get her by dressing like a skid row bum you can count on that.

      3. What you look like on the outside is suggestive of what you are like on the inside. Consider the message you want to send to the world.

      4. Different culture different rules. I love that Latinas take such care in their appearance. They love to be looked at and drooled over. That is awesome! If wearing slacks and nice shoes is beyond you, hey good for us.

    3. I have to say, I am learning Spanish and my primary motivation is charming the panties off of Spanish women. And it works for all of the reasons the author said.
      For a start, if you cannot communicate even a smidgeon you simply cannot game a woman. Second, as the author said, it increases your attraction to a woman, when you are foreign, exotic and can at least spit out a few words. You distinguish yourself from the local espanoles and from the fellow Brits (Yanks, whatever) who walk around expecting everyone to speak English.
      Third, you endear yourself to the espanoles. These men will buy you drinks, look after you, introduce you to girls, get you into clubs for free, etc. etc. Why? Because they really appreciate the fact that you respect their culture enough to learn the language.
      Last point. Dress to the nines. You simply ramp up your superhero factor by doing this.
      Go forth and learn espanol my brother!

      1. Although your avatar is absolutely terrifying, you’re right on the money. Assimilate, dress like a don and you can’t lose. I can’t stress the latter enough due to personal experience.

        1. Kind of like what the author proposed. Be able to greet people, talk about yourself etc. You will find that Spanish people are really impressed with the effort and they will coach you along. They also enjoy teaching you new words and the local greetings.

      2. You guys hate your black women so much because they are ugly fat and you are obsessed with light and white skin Latina women. When it comes to fixing your shit hole black neighborhoods you are at the bottom of others and you always blame the whites for your own failure.

        1. Nah dude… I use the white chicks for fun and save the black chicks for marriage…

    4. Speak for yourself. I live in SWFL and that is about ALL I wear. Walk around in your fancy pants and idiotic looking shoes and you will appear to be a wannabe.

      1. Dressing well isn’t self-importance, it’s self-respect. Stop being lazy and learn how to dress for heat country bumpkin.

        1. Yeah, I’ll dress up to suit some woman. When hell freezes over. You can jump through all the hoops you want, just quit trying to shame me into being like you, a little monkey on a string.

        2. This has nothing to do with women Marty. Stop making excuses for dressing like a rube and learn how to dress with some self-respect.

        3. I was forced to dress up (by society) for years while an attorney. Not fun, gets old. I know how to dress, I just choose to not play that game. Thanks for your evident concern with minding my business for me though!

  2. “Fortunately, fascination and obsession are not states that randomly happen to us, we can engineer them.”
    Really? How does this work? How can you be fascinated by something that originally bored you? Just curious

    1. Go in with an open minded attitude, consume material related to the topic everyday, put some time in, get positive feedback from other humans – the obsession will grow.

      1. I did those things during my education, it did not work. The only exception was learning english, i was totally obsessed with being able to read all the cool stuff in the internet when i was 15 years old (im german). my spelling isnt perfect, i make grammar mistakes and so on, but im able to understand what the writer is talking about. counts for between the lines as well. Though i`d really like to bang latinas, the desire to do so isnt strong enough to bore myself with learning spanish just for some south american gurls. more for you guys, have fun )))

  3. if only they thought spanish like this in the educational system (schools, universities) or at least highlight this particular (generally overseen) purpose of learning a foreign language…

    1. The solution is to hire the most attractive Woman that speaks the foreign language in question.
      I can guarantee you that those classes will be jam packed full of males trying to learn the exotic language from an exotic beauty that speaks the language.

  4. Great article, first time I’ve seen a sponsored post worth reading. Especially of note, get into ground game asap. This guy is absolutely correct, thats where the real prizes are. If I didn’t already speak Spanish, I’d buy your product.

  5. Learning a new language is like possessing a new soul. Foreign tongues like Spanish, German and French offers rich sets of linguistics and inneundos not found in any English dialect. Trying to master Spanish purely with the intent of banging Latina pussy will make you easily bored with frustrating results. You CANNOT manufacture OBSESSION for something. You have to invest your heart and soul instead of salivating at the thought of conquering imaginary pussy!

    1. There are things i feel much more comfortable saying in spanish. Its a different set of customs as well. I was seeing this ukrainian girl who spoke english and spanish as well. She asked me why i would speak im spanish then later confessed to love hearing it.

  6. Spanish Women are absolutely gorgeous and Colombian Women especially will make even a guy’s jaded heart skip a beat because of her sheer hotness. There are tons of 9 and 10’s over there…must be the water lol.
    One of my Colombian ex’s is a 9.9 even in her mid 30’s and anytime i’m back home she and i always meet up to catch up on old times. She always seems to be single when i show up ha ha.

      1. Peruvians tend to be mostly Native Americans while Colombian and specially Argentina white.

        1. Colombians have every mix..medellin white nieva indian barranquilla black. Argentina is 95 percent spanish or italian decent.

        2. Thanks! She is awesome in bed too…a multiple input Woman.
          If i had posted her pic at the beach, your pc would be melting right about now 😀

      1. You’re forgetting that the Spaniards routinely visited South America and undeniably left their genetic mark there.

    1. I’d love to go to Spain for the women. There’s not too many here where I live, but the hottest 30 something I know is half-Spanish half-English. She is a solid 9

  7. The writer is quite correct. Learning a new language makes you a thing of curiosity and peak interest to more exotic females.
    I speak 3 languages myself and i use each one appropriately to tickle the interest of any exotic female i tend to come across. The results are usually positive 🙂

  8. Hmmm. Dedicate 1000s of hours of study in order to learn a dalit’s language in hopes of getting some 3rd world pussy? No thanks. I’ll just open up my wallet and pull at a 20 if I ever decide that I just gotta get some jungle clap.
    “Don’t wear shorts and flip-flops.”
    I’ve been to Peru, Costa Rica and Colombia. I saw native men my age wearing shorts and flip flops.

    1. 1. If it takes you thousands of hours, you’re doing something wrong.
      2. Like it says in the article, lots of foreigners go to Latin America and pay to bang pros.

      1. Many worthwhile things in life take 1000s of hours. Learning spanish was probably one of the hardest things for me personally and one of the most worthwhile as well.

    2. If you live in the U.S. you don’t even have to travel to get the benefits of learning Spanish (or some other languages). Spanish language groups, cultural events, concerts etc. all good places to use the language, have a good time and pick up a spicy latina side dish or two all at the same time. You can always pick up born in America latinas and probably be able to tease here about not having as good a grasp of Spanish as you.

      1. Rarely Happens, Most of Latino events I have attended are sausage fests due to male heavy migration (often Illegally. ) in the USA.

  9. The only way to learn a language is total immersion. That means moving there. Apartments save a ton of money over hotels, even if you have a company to pay for it, and they make you look more legit in the eyes of the locals. Don’t worry about your accent, you’re never going to lose it, and it just makes you sound cute to women who want to try something different.

    1. “Latin” could include Brazilian women who speak a romance language (Portuguese). I decided to use ‘Hispanic’ to refer to Spanish-speaking women in Latin America.

  10. All of this shit is accurate. My fat fuck ex fuck buddy who is at most a 4, scored with women in Uruguay. He has never hit on a female on US soil successfully. I had to ask him for sex. Literally anyone can find a woman to have sex with in South America if they speak the language.

  11. This is very true. Internet game in S.America is full of prepagos and trannies. Day game is a lot better there. Girls there will let you know if they like you you will know they like most of the time, they aren’t as coy like girls try to be in the states. As I black man I love you gringos. Most of them are so damn corny that it makes me look good and I’ve pulled some really nice women in contrast, no prepagos.
    side note: any man that brags he screwed all these chicks, paid for it hands down. The reputation as slut is a thing most women except prepagos want NOTHING to do with and wont just ONS w/ you

    1. I have screenshots of girls Ive talked into masturbating in a ciber cafe…latin girls are very responsive to game. They want to be seduced.

  12. People are foolish who want to speak without an accent..its that accent(even a seemingly bad one) that makes you attractive. I disagree about the cupid sites the guys have no game there and dont speak spanish..i pull hotter girls there than sitting at a bar in the country.

  13. Hate to tell my friends on this site that single motherhood is increasing in Mexico. My own cousin is an example. Also hispanic girls raised in the US are trash (Well any girl raised in the us is trash imo)
    Not sure if other Latin countries have a rise in single motherhood. Hopefully not.

  14. “People who reach an advanced level in a second language are not interested in the language per se.”
    some of us are interested in the language per se. i’m conversational in russian, spanish, italian, and (to a lesser extent) german, and i can read latin fairly well. i’m working on learning anglo-saxon as a pastime now. i’ve studied a few other indo-european languages too, and although i don’t know them well, it’s to the point that i’m familiar enough with the indo-european languages by now that i can “feel” their connection back to proto-indo-european and the urheimat in a way that i couldn’t begin to explain to people who don’t love languages and haven’t studied several.
    i’m always baffled by how roosh, for example, seems to think of learning russian as a chore that is worthwhile only for a better chance at banging russian chicks. he’s fairly intellectual, and i can’t see why he doesn’t see the value in reading dostoevsky in the original or having an intellectual conversation in a language that is so alien in the way it works and expresses things, when compared to english.

  15. Being a huge fan of Latin women, this was a great article. Watching a Latin women get into a conversation when you are speaking at least half-decent Spanish will be a strong motivator to get more fluent at it. In addition, for those of you who are not into it for scoring Latin women, focus on the massive financial benefits of becoming fluent in Spanish: The Latino market is huge and continuously growing. Own a business? How much more would it make if you had even 1% of Spanish speakers on board. Work at a job? How much more market share could you conquer if you spoke the language. I know guys who have flown down to Brazil and Mexico and made a lucrative outpost working for a corporation because they had the American work ethic and spoke Spanish. I’m hearing more than a few banks in California are leaning towards bilingual speakers due to the Latin market carrying big weight.

  16. If your spanish is too good it will backfire. I pretend I don’t hardly speak any these days. Reconaissance eavesdropping too

  17. The amazing part about speaking another language, especially spanish (I don’t speak near fluently but I can run game) is that you feel way less nervous speaking in another language. It’s brilliant! There’s some sort of disconnect that occurs when you have to translate words in your head. I could spit made game on spanish only speaking girls if I brushed up on my vocab. Thanks for the tips!

  18. The no flip flops rule can’t be emphasized enough. Try to get into a high end club in Mexico with those clothes, the bouncers will not hesitate to tell you to get the fuck out, even if you’re a wealthy gringo. Hell, I’ve been denied access to clubs wearing dress clothing such as Khakis and dress shirts because the bouncer hated my shoes.

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