Why Is Rebecca Sparrow Attacking Young Moms For Staying Slim And Pretty?

Most anyone who’s involved in fitness in one form or another has invariably run upon motivational pictures such as these:


Or have seen videos of older gents who chose to work hard and be in wicked shape at a time in their lives when most of their similarly aged peers are barely functioning messes suffering from their first major health issues caused by years of laziness and gluttony.

Pictures and videos like the ones above are designed to inspire people to get in shape, to cast aside their cheap excuses and hit the gym to physically be all that they can be. None of these motivational images and videos are considered controversial since they’re mostly aimed to inspire (shame into action) men – and if there’s one thing our current society loves, it’s the man up mantra.

However, what is ‘controversial’ is when women do the same thing to inspire other women. Enter Maria Kang.


Fine ass momma Maria Kang learned the hard way what happens when you try to inspire fat, indolent, spoilt, lazy women into improving their lives. When Maria released the above picture as a rebuttal to the countless women who use pregnancy and motherhood as an excuse to indulge in reckless eating habits and then simply allow themselves to remain obese after being pregnant and rearing children, the internet jumped down her throat. Facebook even banned her temporarily.

Accusations and insults of every stripe were hurled at Maria while sassy women hit back hard with scathing editorials which made complete sense and didn’t just prove Maria’s point that all these offended women were just lazy, selfish and making excuses.


Pictured: Real Woman, real sass

Apparently it’s controversial for an in shape woman to show others that, even after three kids, you can still be a killer babe so long as you exercise and eat right – and marry young. Maria became a mother in her 20s, like nature intended and thus built women’s bodies for.

But those fit young mothers, they just never learn do they? Soon after the horrifying crime against humanity that was Maria’s fat shaming picture, Caroline Berg Eriksen contributed her very own screw you to the human race in the form of a selfie taken just days after she gave birth at the damn near paedophilic age of 26.


Wow just…wow… Like, SERIOUSLY Caroline? You and all you other fit girls having healthy children in your youth need to stop posting these pictures trying to inspire women to marry young, stay in shape and have children at the peak of your child bearing years.. You’re not real women. You’re waging a war on real women. As published authour Rebecca Sparrow said, in her article titled the same: This is not a selfie. This is an act of war against women.

Oh? What’s that? You’ve never heard of Rebecca Sparrow? Well let me tell you who she is.


Fat legs which have never felt a weighted squat in their life and a teacup you could fit your head into because hey! You gotta have room for all that heavy cream and sugar

Introducing Rebecca Sparrow

Rebecca Sparrow is a chubby middle aged woman who had her first kid when she was 37 but only after hitting the wall face first at Mach 3. And yes, all signs do point to her having spent her youthful years sleeping with strangers. Rebecca Sparrow is emotionally damaged and despite the success of being a published authour married to a chump beta husband who is a doctor, never having to work a real job for any amount of time in her life, and being carried through her life by her parents, she is still so petty and unhappy with herself that when Caroline proudly showed off the results of her years of hard work, dedication and will power, Rebecca had to write an article where she thinks Caroline’s photo is, quote, “fucked up.”


My grandmother looked more youthful in my baby pictures.

Unfortunately, to really get my point across about what kind of women try to shame the Kang’s and Eriksen’s of the world, I have to dig a little deeper into the scar tissue that is Rebecca Sparrow’s life. I’m an agnostic man by nature but getting to know Rebecca more intimately has certainly pushed me a few points closer to full blown nihilistic, angry atheism. Her life reads as a feminist cliché so stereotypical that even the most vitriolic misogynist would have trouble believing such a two-dimensional creature exists.

A brief biography of a selfish woman

Like most insufferable women, Rebecca’s biggest dreams as a child were being a famous star – and thanks to her rich parents, she made slightly more headway then most.  She never made it obviously, and instead decided to get a degree in Communications. Clearly student debt wasn’t a problem or a concern for Rebecca because her jobs after university included such high paying gigs as writing media releases, feature articles, speeches, and newsletters for The Australian Red Cross, The Flight Centre Group, The Nine Network, and the British Millennium Commission. Rebecca spent her youth frivolously chasing whatever dream job of the week she fancied in between stuffing her maw with cup cakes, partying it up with her BFF’s of the weekend and dating mysterious bad boys.


Note the nose piercing and blatant slut face – I wonder what tattoo she has on her buttcheek, star or butterfly?

Eventually she wound up marrying one of the bad boys she loves so much after her debt-ridden celebritism-chasing wanderlust brought her to Las Vegas. The wedding didn’t last and Rebecca wound up back at home living with her parents. Eventually she got into another confirmed relationship with another bad boy, dumped him, published a book and then after taking awhile off to live the life of a Sex and the City style socialite she hit the jackpot and met her doctor husband. All that long, hard work of… not having to do long, hard work finally paid off.


Rebecca was 32 or 34 when that relationship ended – she doesn’t make it clear; for an authour who loves to talk about herself there is a telling amount of omission about her youthful years. She did meet her doctor husband when she was 35. How must her current husband feel when he reads how, by her own admissions, Rebecca let herself get tapped out by lord knows how many bad boys in her youth? How must it make him feel to know that she stayed with at least one ‘emotionally damaged’ bad boy for 2 years.

You know they were banging like rabbits the whole time. I wonder how much begging her doctor husband has to do just to have some missionary once in awhile. I wonder if he ever stops and thinks how, after all his years at medical school, he’d wind up with a once divorced party girl who gave her best years to losers whom she stayed with just because they made her wet and boosted her ego.

As soon as she hit the wall, when she was no longer a part of the cool age or even passably hot, Rebecca decided to start having kids at 37. Then she turned around and joined a mommy blog and now acts like her kids are the most important thing to her – she just couldn’t, you know, be bothered to have any until she knew her party years were far behind her. Mommy needed all those decades to find herself; even if it means she has risked her children’s lives by staving off her pregnancies to old age. Rebecca has had one stillborn child.


Motherhood as hissed by a serpent

So Rebecca made it to a good life with no effort. Thanks to her chump of a husband’s wealth and her own moderate success as an authour Rebecca gets to stay home with kids she compares to dictators because they actually make her do some of the hard work she’s avoided all her life.

“I have a habit of comparing my four-year-old to deceased foreign megalomaniac dictators.

I have, in conversation and online, likened my daughter Ava to Stalin, Idi Amin and, yeah okay, Pol Pot….

…at the end of some looooong days with a 12-month-old and a four-year-old I want to sit under the dining room table with a bottle of gin and have a cry.”

Mother of the year. Hey kids, did you know you make mommy so frustrated and depressed that she wants to go back to all that hard drinking she spent her teens, twenties and early thirties doing?! Don’t forget, Rebecca essentially has no responsibilities outside of being a mother. Money is not an issue as her involvement in numerous charities shows, and her husband isn’t practicing charity OBGYN at the private hospital where he works. Her daily job solely consists of making sure her kids don’t stick their tongues in the electrical socket and don’t starve to death.

I’m reminded a lot of a different authour in a similar situation. Stephen King faced some very trying times when he was a beginning writer; he had a couple of kids with all the headaches that involved, his family was actually broke with no rich mommy and daddy to bail him out, he worked full time as a teacher while his wife worked in the service industry and Stephen did all his writing on a typewriter balanced on his legs in a small room in a small trailer home while struggling with drug use and alcoholism the whole time. And yet I’ve never read any personal works of his that mentions hating his family so much that he actually checked into a hotel just to get away from them for a day.


BAM! Look at the type of people Rebecca views as inspiring…

“On 17th January, FLOTUS of Awesome turns 50.  FIFTY!  And you know what she’s doing? Strike that. Let me tell you what she’s not doing. She’s not arguing with Barack over whether to watch  a rom-com or Something Something Something Guns Armageddon Amnesia Explosion Mistaken Identity Sexy Double Agent Who Takes A lot of Sexy Showers Bad Russian Accent Matt Damon. Or conversely being made to sit through some B-grade 1970s horror movie where the monster is really just a Labrador dressed up in a wig.

She’s not spending her evening making Moroccan Chicken only to have her kids say “I hate chicken” or “I hate Morocco” (You hate Morocco? What the f?)

She’s not sitting through a puppet show or proofing a high school assignment on the secret life of ants or walking around the school netball courts searching for Malia’s school tracksuit jacket or trying to read a chapter of Goldfinch only to be interrupted 27 TIMES by every member of her family. She’s not looking at someone’s bottom because “It’s itchy, mama”.  She’s not going to the toilet with AN AUDIENCE.

Nope FLOTUS is having a holiday in Hawaii with Oprah and her girlfriends. AND NOT HER HUSBAND AND CHILDREN.

I’m so delighted by that I want to high-5 my computer screen.”

Reading that the first time made me want to scrub myself down in a cold shower. Those are Rebecca’s own words, unfiltered, unedited. Soak in Rebecca’s bitterness at actually having to watch something her hard working doctor husband wants to watch (I wonder what kind of shows Rebecca watched with her old bad boy boyfriends while she gave them a BJ on the couch). Look at how ungrateful she views her kids as being for not liking her kitschy food – she’s angry at kids under seven for acting like, you know, kids under seven do. She hates being interrupted while reading a book, she hates her kids bugging her because their bodies are infected, she hates not being able to drop a deuce alone. This is a woman who is so frustrated with her family that she has to capitalize the fact that her aristocratic heroine IS NOT GOING TO BE AROUND HER HUSBAND AND CHILDREN FOR AWHILE.

Rebecca’s so delighted to just hear about another do nothing woman escaping her family that she wants to high five her computer screen. Remember, these are the words of a 42 year old mother of three.

“…kids are annoying and at some point you would rather stick your head in the oven than sit through yet another flute recital.

Last year for my birthday, you know what I did?

I went and stayed in a hotel BY MYSELF.

I had a beautiful morning with my family and then with a song in my heart I hit the road and checked into a hotel for 24 hours of NOT BEING A SHERPA.

And it was front-row-tickets-to-Beyonce-kind-of-awesome.”


Standing ovation Charles for saying domestic violence never happens to men – or maybe Rebecca doesn’t care that it does

Rebecca Sparrow represents women at their worst

Rebecca Sparrow is living the feminist dream, all pleasure with zero responsibilities or accountability. Hell, she even has mild celebrity status to boot. Yet she’s still a bitter, hateful human being.

Rebecca perfectly encapsulates the majority of today’s women and feminists as a whole. She threw away her youth on strange men and hard partying, holding out in that lifestyle until the absolute last possible second at which point she then married a rich beta chump and began to pump out some children so she could check off FAMILY on her bucket list.

Rebecca doesn’t care about her children – they’re nothing more than a status symbol for her. With no real responsibilities, she can’t even make the minimum efforts to stay in shape to give them a positive body image to strive for or to reward her husband’s faithful dedication to his family by being a woman he’d actually be proud of making love with. She selfishly chose not to give her children a youthful, vibrant mother – when her (currently) youngest child goes up to get his high school diploma and looks into the crowd at his mother, he’ll see a 60 year old woman who looks worse than an 80 year old 19th century peasant sitting in the seats watching him.

And that fact infuriates Rebecca to no end. That’s why when she—and the masses of women with the same attitude as her—are exposed to the shining examples of real women like Maria Kang and Caroline Berg Eriksen they go into full DEFCON 1. For all their successes, for all the lack of actual hardship and sadness the spoilt legions of Rebecca Sparrow’s out there face, when they see a woman who selflessly gives her man her prime years and bears his children at a youthful age – all while staying sexually attractive for him through sheer will power and hard work – they recognize exactly how big of failures of women they themselves actually are. These creatures know that no matter how much partying they got in or how much success they garner in their career, they will never look as beautiful or feel as happy as a young physically fit mother is strolling her baby down the street.


They will never have the admiration that normal, well adjusted people hold for such wonderful women. They know their chump husbands will never have that genuinely satisfied look holding their bloated marshmallow bellies as a man does wrapping his hands around the young, tight skin of his young selfless wife.


Rebecca Sparrow and the women like her are the ones who shape and control the corrupted narrative around today’s women. They don’t want young women to become married mothers before 30. They don’t want women to be in shape. They want all women to be the same doughy, aged, used-up party girls that they are so that they don’t have to come to grips with the fact they are the ones who are selfish, that they are failures of wives and mothers creating weak families. An entire lifetime of non-stop partying with no financial worries, a successful career as a novelist, a doctor husband, children conceived at extreme age—Rebecca Sparrow has all these things to lean upon and all it took to make her furious and depressed was one single image of a young mom in good shape.

So Rebecca and the depressingly large number of women like her lash out against the Kang’s and Eriksen’s of the world, trying to disqualify these women’s admirable lifestyles by saying outright lies like good health and fitness is out of the reach so women shouldn’t bother trying to reach it in the first place. They say that Kang and Eriksen are genetic freaks, they use language against them that borders on calling those young married mothers inhumane bimbos. It is thanks to women like Rebecca Sparrow that young girls nowadays feel like they have to be whores who must give up their bodies to bad boys in order to live a full empowered life, even though most normal women want nothing more than to be a housewife by twenty-five with a couple of little rug-rats crawling around their feet. There’s nothing wrong with women wanting that.

Who would the women of today rather be? The women that live their lives selfishly like Rebecca Sparrow, hoping they’ll undeservedly luck out in the end? Or would they rather be the other ones; the ones whose hard work, selflessness and whose mere existence inspires equal measures of jealousy and wrath in the Becca’s of the world? Wouldn’t they rather be the women whose husbands look forward to coming home to them, whose children will grow up and see their beautiful mother, still in her forties, beaming proudly up at them at their graduations? Wouldn’t they rather be happy in a strong family that unflinchingly loves and adores them rather than being a farce of a woman who stencils crap like Live. Laugh. Love. on the wall before going on her blog and belittling fit, young mothers for having the strength and good sense they’ll never possess?

I know who Rebecca Sparrow wants to be.


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487 thoughts on “Why Is Rebecca Sparrow Attacking Young Moms For Staying Slim And Pretty?”

  1. The worst part is that in 10 years those kids are going to google their mommy and find a long list of complaints she made about them. You don’t need to be a psychologist to imagine the emotional damage it will cause. For them, schoolyard taunts of “your mommy hates you” will be supplied with actual printout evidence.

    1. Out of curiosity, I did a quick google search. Seems that she has the kindest words for her stillborn baby. Not surprising – maximal victim status with minimal work.
      Other than that it was mostly whingy drivel. Kudos to the author for soldiering through that crap so we won’t have to

    2. No matter how those kids try to rationalize and laugh off their mother’s comments, deep down it will still sting them. Then (if they’re girls) they’ll repeat the cycle of abuse to vindicate their mother and avenge themselves simultaneously. Doctor’s are usually smarter than that – I don’t know how he wound up with her.

      1. “I don’t know how he wound up with her.”
        indoctrinated betas come in all shapes and sizes.

        1. Especially those in high status careers. Hey seek it out like bullies are attracketed to becoming police officers.

      2. Doctors are typically not players even at the lower teir schools. Rarely is anyone in med school conventionally attractive. Many men marry during residency or within three years of graduation. It is a good wager that he eas divorced prior to meeting her.

        1. If you’re smart enough to go to med school, you’d have the credentials to make a lot more money and waste a lot fewer of your years under 30 in school. To get into any med school you need a 75th percentile MCAT and a bit of research as an undergrad. If you’re smart enough to do that, you could just do consulting or investment banking (or trading- hell maybe even bio research) and make 6 figures out of undergrad. Tl;dr if you go to med school, you’re a chump who’s wasting years of your life which you could be using to get money and girls, and you’re probably just doing wha your parents wanted you to do. Hence most doctors are really beta. The exception is the rare doctor who became one because he’s always had an intrinsic passion for medicine.

      3. Bah!
        Humans are even more resilent than roaches really, lives from the jungles of Congo the ice sheets of the Arctic, they´ll get over it if she doesn´t microwave them first.
        But they´ll avoid feminists like the plague, know better than drop the soap and as a result, find themselves in a better position later than most young people in their country can hope for.

    3. What would a feminist say about a man who spoke like that about his children?
      It’s glaringly obvious she settled for this guy as it was her last chance to be taken off the shelf before she was consigned to a life of lonely single-ness as over the hill damaged goods.
      Who the fuck would want to wake up every morning next to her then go out and work all day to provide for her sorry ass?
      If her husband had discovered this website before her heat have found himself knocking up something more like that hot 26 year old.

      1. “If her husband had discovered this website before her heat have found himself knocking up something more like that hot 26 year old.”
        No shit. A doctor has unlimited pussy access if he plays it right…
        I can’t believe he settled for that thing…

        1. Obviously a beta male doctor. Probably a science geek with 0 game. She found her weak target, wrapped her loose pussy around his virgin cock a few times, and it was over for him.

        2. I guess she can open her mouth quiet wide.
          I would bet that Maria Kang would still be much better at it than her, thou.

      2. LOL, I don´t think she gives a damn about loneliness, she just want someone to support her ass so she doesn´t have to work that hard.
        Your typical Gamma or Epsilon, that is who, just as I thought.

      3. Wait, there is still hope. They haven’t been married for 10 years. Someone find his email and get him here; there’s time for divorce without alimony. If he sees this post, and her blogs, he will leave her without a doubt, and if he sees the rest of this site, he’ll know how awesome he can still be.

    4. And the worst thing for us as a society are that people like her have the ear of those making public policy.

    5. No, on the contrary.
      Good, goooooood, they´ll get their red pills at age 10-14, likely a lot of more important problems later on, not blindly worship maternal instinct and the inherent goodness of feminism.
      Hard knocks teaches best, while over-protectiveness results in hard crashes.
      Remember, in a country where most killed Children are so by their mothers, 56 millions abortions…
      Womens nurturing nature my foot!

    6. This is why IMO you shouldn’t marry any girl over 20 if you want kidlets. Even by 20 they’ve probably had a dozen cocks and are messed in the head.

    7. Yeah these cunts realise that the internet doesn’t forget. They’ll learn that mommy hates them and is the laziest, most entitled piece of human garbage they can find.

      1. If you say she thinks those kids are garbage, why aren’t you her child? You talk like a 3 year old with bad language

    8. At times I feel that living under a Caliphate would be exactly what these legions of women deserve. If only the rest of us wouldn’t have to be punished with them.

  2. Great post! Really powerful message too. I really hope this one spreads. I’ve met many women like Rebecca – they hate everything and destroy the lives of young women whom they see as competitors.

  3. Let me explain – she knows that she will NEVER look as good! Thus, she resorts to the attack of all cows upon the women that men find attractive and who understand that the single best thing a woman can do to be happy, is to keep her man happy.
    It is as simple as that – of course, you’ll never hear that from the squawking harpies. All you’ll ever get from them is squawking.

  4. Rebecca Sparrows article drove me INSANE! An act of war against women? No my dear, YOU are an act of war against women, yourself. Picking apart women who lead a healthy lifestyle, her daughter will soon follow suit. Don’t we want our kids to be healthy? So, then we should lead by example. Not bitch and moan about how unfair it is that she looks like that 4 days after birth. I follow Carolines blog, and she couldn’t workout her whole pregnancy. At 25 weeks, she had contractions, and had to be put on bed rest. Reason why she had such a flat tummy after giving birth was because her abdominals remained intact. She has a very strong core for leading a very active lifestyle PRIOR to conceiving. The Carolines of the world are my hero’s, and the Rebeccas can all go to hell.

    1. I agree. At school, we girls had to do do training for our abdomens in order to, quote my sports teacher, “be able to get a flat stomach faster after giving birth”. Of course no one can work off the pregnancy pounds AND add that remarkable physique of Mrs Kang without being active before pregnancy. But there’s no reason to remain inactive afterwards.
      This article is very interesting, and hadn’t it been written with so much contempt and name-calling, I wouldn’t be so reluctant to agree with it. As with all poisons, the dose is important. Too much just forces rejection.

      1. that vulgarity is warranted, slime doesn’t deserve better than public shaming and/or flogging.

        1. That much aggression will only aid her in her fight against oppressive men (or whatever). She can point to this article and say “see, they call me names and tell people I don’t love my children and that I whored around”. It won’t make her wonder. But maybe that wasn’t the goal.

        2. She will NEVER admint she was wrong. NEVER EVER EVER.
          She will always play the victim. Pathetic creature.

        3. [sarcasm] so what you’re saying is that women, instead of facing reality, will always play the victim card first?? nah can’t be [/sarcasm]

      2. This is hilarious. So you are “reluctant to agree” with the truth if it sounds vulgar? You are equating something you learned which you admit is truthful as poison?
        This is why women should NEVER be in charge or have ANY SAY WHATSOEVER in any matters outside of domestic. The truth to a woman my friends is only palatable when served with ample sugary lies and platitudes.
        The whole point of the red pill is no longer giving a fuck what you say and giving your words the proper value they deserve. ZERO.
        You see child, the contempt is needed when speaking of modern women. The name calling and shame is one of the most effective if not the only way to get your stupid fucking retard asses in line.
        In summary put a fucking sock in it and do some housework.

    2. Are you inspired to work out? Also, if you hit the gym, perhapse you could find someone interesting, not likely but not impossible either.

      1. Yes, I work out daily. Also, I work in a gym! So I have no excuses. I do have a boyfriend that I did meet in the gym, so anything is possible for the ladies and you men 🙂

    3. You’re such a bitch, I bet 100% you’re just a lonely hag trolling the internet. You’re life must be extremely sad and depressing

  5. ah yes, the feminist way of life: a race to the bottom. like crabs in a bucket, if you can’t rise to the top, make damn sure noone else does.

  6. Proof that women can be strong AND feminine, the warrior women of the Ukraine:

    Not all of them are hot, but it is an interesting documentary about how feminism in the Ukraine is different from that in the West (don’t know about Ukraine, but Hungarian women see feminism slightly differently than their Western sisters). Most poignantly, they lost a lot of men in wars, which is why they value and respect men, unlike the PC-mass-brainwashed herd of Western women.

      1. not buying it. these women HAD to fight because the men were all gone or dead. of course women CAN fight (heck how much of a flaming retard do you have to be, to be unable to pull a trigger??) but only as a last resort. if they had signed up for the war from the very beginning (cause of equality in rights AND IN RESPONSIBILITIES..) then i would have acknowledged their honest heroism.

        1. “how much of a flaming retard do you have to be , to be unable to pull a trigger?”
          Actually wars are more complex than ‘pulling a trigger’. We’re talking about military strategy,espionage, discipline and deception just to name a few. Thats why 95-99% of all military soldiers past and present are men

        2. i know, i know. but can you honestly tell me that these soviet broads were all about tactics and less about “hey let’s throw some warm bodies in front of the enemy and see if we win” ?

        3. “Thats why 95-99% of all military soldiers past and present are men”
          That’s because it only takes one man, but one hundred women, to re-populate a village. War-wise, men were always more expendable than women and therefore trained for and allowed to go to war.

        4. No, they lacked the training, discipline and tactical prowess of the male dominated German army.
          1. Soviet Generals were under orders not retreat. Hence the high casualties.
          2. Germany was the most technologically superior military might in Europe. Therefore techno-weapons> inexperienced standing armies e.g Nazi invasion of France

        5. Men take to the field to fight and generally follow rules of combat, often preferring to die rather than violate the rules.
          Women fight when backed into a corner and just go all berserker on your ass to preserve life at all costs.
          The reasons for and style of fighting are simply different.
          When the outer perimeter of men fails to protect the women, the women must take up arms to protect the children, and, on the whole, the female of the species protecting its children is deadlier than the male.

        6. When Berlin was seized the Red Army had plenty of young men still, (hence some events in occupied Germany) despite the Red Army taking major lossses at the start of Operation Barbarossa and having mostly “green” soldiers in 1942.
          Then there is the 1944 and early 45 epic ass-kicking, thanks to both equippement and better strategy, definitively bypassing the european axis one.
          So yes.
          There where female soldiers even when the war was coming to an end and German forces reduced to Hitler youths and the retired.

        7. No sorry. The majority of the male soldiers were already dead by the time they reached Berlin. In fact, they were warned to be careful because “there were no replacements”.

        8. False.
          It was the majority of German male soldiers who where dead or captured by the time they reached Berlin.
          I read (the propaganda) about the soviet occupation and what is the # 1 complain? Dey raped dem German wimmenz! Rape! Rape! Rape! Did we mention rape?
          A critic I have one an answer for, Vae victis!

        9. Nope, sorry, I read the same propaganda, Red Army relying on human waves and taking 6 to 1 ratios the whole war and blablabla but that is false, ideas by people who fails basic mathematics (good luck getting a corporate promotion).
          Someone like Stalin would not have allowed the Red Army to fight so near complete exaustion when the US still had large reserves of manpower.
          That is, even if he had not known about the Manhattan Project, which he did.
          Ever compared the size of Manchukuo vs that of France?
          Red Army took large losses true (same with Finland) but close to this? No.

        10. When I were a wee lad we were not only still allowed to read Kipling, we weren’t even expected to hide in a closet while doing it or feel dirty afterwards.

        11. The Israelis do, and by all accounts they are good soldiers. The problem they found was that their male counterparts tended to crack up or went berserk when they their casualties were female. This is why women’s role in the Israeli army is largely in a support role, not front line.
          Men apparently are hardwired to protect women.

    1. These warrior women remind me of the wives of Samurai during Japan’s feudal era. They were called Onna Bushi or Onna Bugeisha and they held very similar views to these Asgardia women. They believed in supporting their warrior husbands and raising their families when defending them from enemies if their husbands were off fighting in the numerous wars or if he was doing peace time work for the feudal lord. The Onna Bushi were expected to be Strong while supportive and subservient and very valued for it. Examples of such women were very numerous in history ranging from the Spartans to the Vikings. Seems like modern day feminism originating from America has instead, turned women into a nightmarish caricatures of women.

    1. I wonder: Were women always this weak, whiny useless bitches? It is hard to imagine. This is brutal how the wrong upbringing can twist someone’s personality.

      1. of course they were, human nature has been the same ever since we came down from the trees, 30000+ years ago. it’s just that in the past women had BOUNDARIES imposed by society, so they couldn’t just do whatever the fuck they wanted. ever since ancient times smart people(men) have said that women are basically children and must be protected from themselves.

        1. Yeah, you have to train them so to speak. Which sounds horrible. It takes out all the “magic” from the relationships for me.

        2. it’s beyond horrible. but hey, this is how the empowered womyn of today want to be handled – if you look at their actions and not their words, you will see that assholes get rewarded and the meek get the scraps from the alphas’ tables. and then bitches wonder why men are assholes – it’s the only way to get some

        3. I know. It is so interesting: since I am acting like a real asshole with girls, they just want me. But I feel disgust that they are so attracted to my “uncivilized” side.
          I want to act like a normal person, not like a “nice guy”, but not like a psychopathic asshole either. The pendulum swinged to the extreme territory.

        4. Then why do you want women dumbass? You must be gay if you have to train a partner. You people are unreal. So a man should be able to marry at an older age and women shouldn’t?

      2. I think women were strong at certain apexes of human history. In Sparta, Sparrows behavior would be vastly shamed. Women still exercised and trained because they saw pregnancy as a burden on their body.
        In other European societies, a women’s obligation was to procure children so they could inherit the land. This was all engineered to produce success for a family, not have spoiled brats complain about how 2 children are a living hell. In Ireland, many families would have 10 or more. There’s no excuse to complain about two when you had the shit Irish women had.

        1. Yeah, and the grandmothers from the hero generation, they were respectful, real women.

        2. sparta was built by men. their women were simply following the man-approved code of conduct. that does not mean the women were stronger or braver or more honorable. it just means that they discovered the equation:
          respecting boundaries = you get to keep your head.

        3. My grandmother brought 3 children from Ireland to a foreign country which they knew little about, and then had to raise 4 more. She was stronger than most feminists, and that’s saying something (seeing how they act like “men”)

        4. I think that Spartan women could still smash a feminists face into the ground in one blow. So in that way they’re stronger.

        5. Granted, that they were stronger physically. But they were stronger mentally because they did follow and were by men’s side. They did accept their societal obligations and didn’t renounce them because they were too daunting.

        6. If I’m not mistaken, those same Spartan women were ultimately the downfall of that society.

        7. I believe she was strong but being stronger than feminists doesnt mean your strong. Its like saying, hey, im stronger than a frog

        8. No, you are mixing them with sectarian “christians” and Sparta with the Roman Empire.

        9. Actually in sparta the women had more rights and freedoms than any other greek city state, Which is why other greeks referred to spartan women as “thigh flashers” and were regarded as having a licentious nature.
          You muist realize spartan men lived a barracks life and were not in the home very much to fuck their wives. I guess when you are getting fucked by older spartan men its ok? Obviously these idle women had the wandering eyes of the whore whenever their men were away from the home.
          This makes alot of sense to a man once he makes the connection that more freedoms and rights for women equal disaster for your race/nation/city etc and historically happen to a society in it’s devolving stage and eventual collapse/takeover.
          If I’m not mistaken there was some greek historian of ancient times, perhaps athenian who wrote about the calamity and total chaos caused by spartan women when their city was attacked.
          If you’ve ever seen how today’s women behave where 2 or more are gathered in a crisis situation you will immediately know this is true.

        10. That was Aristotle. He blamed the fall of Sparta on their women, which might be true, because they all ended up dying out cuz they didn’t have enough Spartan citizens.

        11. More like crush the feminists heads, then delight in the lamentations of their “men”.

        12. That one I learned at 11-12.
          The Spartans refused to build a wall around that city, unlike otehr Greek city-states, because they believed that attack was always the best defence, that if they did build a wall they would go soft.
          Sometimes the answer is to remain on the defensive, let the enemy attack until it bleed itself white, wear it down and only then move for the kill.

        13. And their slave system. Slave empires are less efficient than merchant empires, which is why they could not sustain their war machine over the centuries.
          However, towards the end of Sparta’s lifetime, the women were materialistic, slutty bitches. Probably not too different from most American women.

        14. My Irish grandmother had 16. When she was in her 60’s, her sister who had moved to America as a young girl, was staying with her on vacation and asked her why she didn’t tell my grandfather to “dangle it out the window”. My grandmother replied “because he was my husband, I loved him and that is what he wanted”. She died at 88 and over a thousand people turned up to her funeral. She was a farmer’s wife not a public figure. Those were her friends and relatives.

        15. “I think you never saw a man from the West before. Did you deem yourself strong, because you were able to twist the heads off civilized folk, poor weaklings with muscles like rotten string? Hell! Break the neck of a wild Cimmerian Bull before you call yourself strong. I did that, before I was a full-grown man – like this!”

        16. Those spartan men came from a women. If it weren’t for your mother, you wouldn’t be here = the world would be better

      3. Pretty much a western-born phenonenom, particulary an anglo-american one, that is now spreading thanks globalization.
        When SHTF, which is going to happen sooner rather than later, the plague will stop spreading.
        Why? Feminists would simply have their feeding tubes ripped off their maws and be left starring cluelessly at the empty stores. I guess their White Knights will struggle on their behalf, like rabid dogs, likely become dangerous to people who prepared.
        It will not be the return of traditional gender roles either,. Just imagine living standards being only 50% or 33% of what they are now, welfare system pretty much gone, who will want to be a familly´s sole provider?
        Maybe the wealthy in a Washington DC and Manhattan surrounded by 60 meters tall walls but the people living in the wasteland outside would have a much different view…

    2. There is a famous quote about how much of feminist writing involves creating change that, after the revolution, the writer herself will be perceived as more attractive or desirable. Anyone remember the exact quote? Uncle Elmer?

      1. Steve Sailer said on iSteve on July 28, 2009 “The most heartfelt articles by female journalists tend to be demands that social values be overturned in order that, Come the Revolution, the journalist herself will be considered hotter-looking.”

  7. hey guys, let’s start a betting pool to see who can guess how long until this ‘womyn’ goes all eat-pray-love on her marriage and kids. it’s a’ coming.

    1. That man should have been more intelligent than to marry a woman like her.
      I don’t understand why a man with options like a doctor would resort to a pretentious, pompous, and bitter woman like herself.
      It’s a shame, all the way around (for their kid(s) also).

      1. as i previously said, being an intellectual does not exclude being a pussy. betas come in all shapes and sizes. the doc simply bought to the feminist lie of having kids and being married and living happily ever after. he’ll crash down to earth eventually, the poor fuck.

      2. Even if he is a doctor, it does not mean he is not a beta.
        I do not think there is any occupation that makes you alpha. Maybe lumberjack in Alaska?

        1. I think beta should have ” ” at this point.
          Remember what the average beta went through 100 years ago? Far superior to what exist today.

        2. Yeah. The quality of the average male declined too.
          And it all started with the hippies.
          Yes baby boomers, I am looking at you, destroyers of cultures.

        3. “And it all started with the hippies.”
          Nixon beat McGovern. Reagan beat Carter and Mondale.
          Those were Boomer elections.
          In most of the world there were no hippies at all, yet the decline is becoming a global phenomenon.
          It is conventional and easy to blame the problems of the world on the older, extant generation; just as that generation did before you. You aren’t really doing anything different from the hippies themselves.
          Disclaimer of Bias: I was never a hippie, I was a freak.
          If you aren’t sure what the difference is, John Lennon was a hippie, Frank Zappa was a freak.

        4. Of course I am blaming them. Their whole ideology is utter and absolute faliure. They fucked up the world, and destroyed it for the future generation.
          Their ideology should be banned and forgotten forever.

        5. I think it can be reversed quiet fast once if a new regime promotes quality.
          It has worked in the past after all.

      3. I’ve worked with a lot of doctors, and they are generally hardly pussies. Their problem (the male one’s anyway) has three root causes: 1) they work really long hours, so don’t have the time to properly vet someone 2) they are over-educated and so spend too long exposed to academic institutional feminist nonsense; they think that a strong independent woman is an appropriate wife, and their social circle probably agrees and 3) they are targets because of their (post 40s) high income. A desperate, post-wall, this is my last chance former party girl alpha widow knows during the courtship that this is her last chance. She does not show her narcissistic side, she is probably a pleasant companion during the few free hours a week that a doctor has to socialize, she probably impressed his colleagues, particularly the over-educated female ones, and she probably sexed him up real good. She certainly had practice. Once the wedding was over, she was free to show her real persona.

      4. 1) Given her age, she won´t divorce him. What other sucker would she be able to marry now or even in 5 years? None as wealthy, that is for sure!
        2) If she did, he´ll get to keep the children for sure, just use her own words against her if she even tried to keep them.
        3) “Beta”, said she was a virgin and reserved her body for a good man = flawless victory.

    2. I was just scrolling down to write the exact same thing. Someone so narcissistic, and so blatantly disrespectful and resentful towards her family is going to take the easy route eventually. But she’ll wait a few years before doing her Jenny Erickson, until the children are older and require less work and she’s logged enough years in the marriage to get more ‘support’ from her ex. I guarantee it was not just happenstance that she picked a doctor.

    1. and then these femicunts wonder why virtually all women have huge psychotic fuckin’ ISSUES..

  8. This gets me thinking. I have noticed that when a man makes a mistake or a series of mistakes in life he will write about them or talk to others about them to try to keep them from making the same ones. Women, like this Sparrow creature, will make their mistakes and then do everything they can to encourage others to screw up in the same way that they did so that they don’t have to feel alone in their regret and misery.

    1. Maria Kang does not and this is why I have consideration for her.
      Sparrow Reb regrettes nothing, she knows that she wasn´t as good in bed even when she was 10 years younger than Maria Kang, that is what shames her.
      Gotta love how adults can be so naïve as to assume she didn´t want to be lonely and wanted children for their sake and not like a gangsta wanting a gold tooth.
      Oh and she knows her fanbase well.

    1. “For example… women’s testosterone
      levels went up when they (unknowingly) smelled t-shirts of ovulating
      young women, presumably in preparation for aggressive competition…”
      Holy shit! Superb website, favorited. Thanks!

      1. Yeah, that is a goldmine documenting the biological realities of women’s competition. All the more reason smart women should be fundamentally skeptical about “relationship advice” from these feminists and mainstream women.

    2. Great find, there are some gems in that article.
      “The evolutionary explanation for these phenomena relies on the
      assumption that sex with a woman (and thus access to her uterus) is a
      biologically desirable and scarce resource for men. Among women of
      childbearing age, reducing the sexual ‘supply’ increases female
      bargaining power in the relationship economy. Thus, it pays for women to
      enforce sexual conservatism even at the cost of ostracizing and
      manipulating other women identified as permissive.”

  9. I’ve been coming to this blog for several months now and I’m always impressed by the wisdom that ROK writers drop. But the thing I enjoy most is the precision stabs that you guys make against miserable disasters like Rebecca Sparrow. Thanks Billy!

  10. The actual writing – the quality of the prose and the incisiveness of the words – of so many of these feminist/grrrl power writers is abysmal.
    This woman seems barely able to write a coherent grocery list, and yet she’s (apparently) championed as some sort of Great Mind. Feminists are as barren and sterile intellectually as they are sexually.

        1. Ps, “incisive writing” tip? Barren and sterile are synonyms. A little redundant, you brilliant alpha man you.

  11. “I have a habit of comparing my four-year-old to deceased foreign megalomaniac dictators”
    She’s comparing her 4 year old to Hitlers, Moa’s, Stalin’s, and Idi Amin’s of world?? A 4 year old for fucks sake.
    This bitch needs psychiatric evaluation ASAP.

    1. because she changed her mind about having kids and wishes she could ‘take it back’. just like how ‘rape’ now means having regrets about drunk-fucking a dude. bunch of cunts the lot of them.

    2. The other motive for such extreme language and hateful words from a mother of her own progeny is….attention. She’s likely hoping that some people will be shocked at her “My kids are murderers” rhetoric and rightly insult her, then she can claim to be a victim of “hate speech”, and become doubly famous writing, “When the Hate Mob Attacked Me” kinda shit.
      As the article said, many of these “Mommy Bloggers” see their children as status symbols. They’re trophy babies, not real children.

      1. Agree, one is not better than the other….
        Sure the blonde looks good but she’s not a good mother. Why?
        Because she poses in her underwear after giving birth…what kind of mother does that? Oh yeah the attention whores…still a whore though.

  12. The only thing this woman is sorry about is the fact she can no longer enjoy “bad boys” and parties.
    This makes her sad.
    That she has a familiy now and responsibilities makes the situation worse.
    That she does not look like the 26yo model mother in the selfie makes the situation MUCH worse.
    Only because she was a party girl once was she able to snag a stupid beta when she was too old for the real game. She would deserve to end alone and with 5 cats.

  13. Never heard of this bitch Rebecca Sparrow before this article. Now that I’m aware of her, I almost wish I never read this article. Like akin to summoning a demon from hell itself…the horror…the horror

    1. You’ve never heard her because you’ve spend you life being a internet trolling bitch. Get a life loser

  14. “Note the nose piercing and blatant slut face”
    — note : I read this line AFTER seeing the photo of her stuffing her face with a cupcake and clearly seeing the ‘cock-hunger’ look…
    The 24-slut signs are an undeniable science…

  15. Name rings a bell. This thing started atheism-plus right? I thought I heard Dawkins kicking her all over internets.

  16. Nice work, BC. Rebecca Sparrow uses media to shame virtue while extolling laziness. What a disgusting sow.

  17. Excellent analysis and take down.
    ROK, shining the bright megawatt light of truth on the diseased thinking and actions of shitbags everywhere.

  18. Loved the article, but I think it’s inhumane to put tattoos on a rhinoceros, and then to place cats in such danger near the rhino.
    RoK already has N.O.W., SPLC, and other groups attacking them. Should they really want to invite the wrath of PETA, too?

  19. Look at her picture with her husband. He’s smiling and she makes a face saying “yeah you better shut the fuck up”. Such wonderful display of love.

    1. That picture alone conjures up the most revolting bile in my stomach and throat of which I spewed all over my new touchscreen. Thankfully my girlfriend bought it though.
      Thinking back you know perhaps they deserve each other. Her deserving the weak ineffectual man for being a soulless life sucking leech and him deserving a worm for being such a pathetic pushover.
      They can build a golden house in hell but at the end of that fiery day they are still burning at the lowest sanctum of the bottomless pit.
      Burn motherfuckers. Burn.

        1. I am a proud microagressioner.
          I love the subtilte:
          “Never heard of it? You may be guilty of it. “

    1. “Well-educated white males have been writing history and the story of the world since ancient times.”
      Unintentional truth from the mouth of not a babe.
      Trigger Warning!:
      Do your own image search. I’m am not so cruel as to post one.

    2. LOL @

      It’s (wikipedia) aesthetically very masculine in its design,” said Stierch in a statement to The Daily Dot, also noting that, “The average Wikipedia editor is a well-educated white male. Well-educated white males have been writing history and the story of the world since ancient times.”

      So, an encyclopedia doesn’t look enough like an art book?? LOL stupid feminists.

  20. Bravo Billy Chubbs for taking the extra step in researching this monstrosity. I can only imagine the disgust you went through in diving into her life/writings as it’s dark corner of humanity indeed. I hope her head explodes when she reads this.

    1. no..sadly enough, it will give her all the more reason to play the victim. disgusting.

      1. yeah she has that fuck me harder face…she must have been great in bed…too bad her doctor husband won’t get that treatment…

        1. Funny. I was looking for an expression to describe that face some of these western cock skanks make. And that’s it! The “fuck me harder face”. That angry, teeth grinding, clenched jaw, breathing through her teeth face.
          Like she’s working SO HARD – trying to lift a grand piano – while just laying there with their legs apart. It’s the mark of a fucking psycho.

        2. And some wonder how he could have married her? You might want a housewife but not everyone does.

        3. LOL yes!
          Last November I went out with a chick who had that! “the thousand cock stare”. There was something about her. Her voice was a little raspy. She cursed a little too often when in appropriate (fuckin’ bus, fuckin’ coffee, fuckin’ late) and there was something not right with her. Even her posture was kinda mannish.
          I just KNEW she had like 8 football fields of cock in and out of her 10-15 years ago…. but boy did she ever play sweet snowflake and talk herself up like she was the greatest most wholesome catch anywhere. Used to date a male stripper and wouldn’t stop talking about how he mistreated her for 3 years. Nice.
          Now she’s on JDate, 33 and trying to snag a beta.
          “Thousand cock stare”. lololove that.

        4. this article isn’t about what a male wants…
          it’s about demystifying this monster for who she is…a lesson on the predatory female basically with pictures…

        5. she dated a man prostitute for 3 years and now she’s on JDate looking for a husband?
          hahahahah..the limits have been pushed!

        6. Might work. But she would have to do something about that big blue butterfly at the base of her spine.

        7. Some people wonder how he could have married her thought, while the photo above makes it rather self-evident.

  21. There’s no way her husband is a legit straight male. That guy has the “gays look”, bet he’s in the closet and needs to keep up the appearance as a doctor that he’s straight.

    1. Calling a man gay is the equivalent of calling a woman ugly. It is only warranted in extreme cases of bad acts. To my knowledge, this beta chump did nothing morally wrong, and thus calling him gay is wrong and beyond the pale.

      1. Unless he is planning on administering a drug to cause her “accidental” death and get the life insurance, enabling this vicious slut is morally wrong

      2. Guys like this are propping up the status quo. In a sane world, this woman would have been left to reflect on her own terrible choices alone, but instead she scored the jackpot. He allowed her to reproduce, stay at home with the kids and publicly castrate him.
        He deserves nothing but scorn and contempt.

  22. Great article Billy, well done.
    In all my life I have only ever heard WOMEN criticise women who choose to stay at home and raise their kids as “not doing a real job”. My mother stayed at home and raised us three boys and she was a large influence on the fact that all three of us rose to the top of our professions even if my middle brother took a long time about it.
    No men put down stay at home mothers.
    The only criticism I would level at stay at home mothers is IF you signed a mortgage document based on the promise you would continue to work then you do NOT get to keep the better house and better lifestyle by quitting work and/or divorcing your husband.
    You signed the mortgage document? You work and pay for the house or your get yourself a cheaper house.
    There are doctors in the UK earning GBP300,000 living in shoe boxes because cupcake he married who was also a doctor decided to sign the mortgage, pop out the pups, and then quit work and divorce him leaving him on the hook for the house payments, alimony and child support.
    That scenario is quite common in the UK. I am sure that there is a doctor on here from the UK who might also comment.

    1. Wow. You know, I don’t want or even like children, but a site like this is something that would change my mind. I would be a tearfully proud husband and father to come home to that.

      1. It’s just an illusion…that’s all it is…real family life is messy, hectic and crazy sometimes…not a Vogue photoshoot.

        1. Bingo! +10 A round for Jeremy. I’m buying.
          My place is VERY tastefully decorated. Minimal, clean straight lines. Uncluttered. Classic & masculine Herman Miller, Saarinen, and I even have Don Draper’s walnut sofa. Kinda like a Mad Men set complete with good lighting.
          Women have walked into my place, and almost ALWAYS, they say “OMG your place is so clean!”…. which immediately sets my mind off:
          (Notice: she didn’t comment on or compliment my style, taste, view or any piece in particular. She commented on how “clean” it is.)
          What do you mean “SO…… clean”?
          Clean is just CLEAN.
          There is no such thing as “so clean”.
          It’s clean…. or it’s not.
          You can’t get *a little bit* pregnant either.
          ( I keep these thoughts to myself. )
          And then it occurred to me – right there – that these women are pigs, and live like pigs. They just gave themselves away. I don’t even need to see the mess they live in. If she is SHOCKED by a clean and orderly home and feels the need to comment on it, then she is TOTALLY un-marriageable and a goddam slob. It sounds like a compliment, but really she is just insulting herself! And I also can’t help but wonder…”WHAT KIND OF PIGS HAS SHE GONE OUT WITH??”
          I EXPECT a place to be clean.
          Clearly she does not.
          It’s also proof that she is COMPLETE SHIT at judging men. It’s like she came over EXPECTING me to live like a pig. She’s already had plenty of time to size up the guy she is with to make some kind of accurate prediction, and she’s STILL that wrong about his standards of living?
          For all the inconsistencies women should be ashamed of, this is about the ONLY area where I can count on them to be 100% reliable.
          I have never been wrong with this. When we head to her place, I’m tripping over shitty bamboo furniture, stack of magazines, massive fishbowls with no fish in them….. but countless perfume and lipstick samples, and the smell of stale cat piss. And let’s not forget the 71624531 products in the bathroom. Exactly as I imagined.
          It’s the one that enters and says NOTHING that I would know has some goddam standards. Extra points if she can identify or take an interest in particular book or chair that catches her eye. But to comment on how “clean” it is, is the first best give-away that you should be wearing 2 condoms with this one.
          Best part is… when they don’t get invited back, they get to remember how nice and “clean” it was. They get to remember that — and how wrong they were — when getting poured by the next slob.

    2. True, but the bulk of males would probably fail to give her the tingles in the first place, due to hypergamy.

        1. A man without dreams is just an empty vessel…
          At least I had a dream for 5 minutes.

        2. Well I think any man, understanding the information that Game brings and “the red pill” (I hate that term!) can have that life. But you can never let your guard down, you have to always be gaming … Have you started reading any of the “married man” red pill blogs yet? There are several. The Rational Male is a good one – he is married about 17 years or so. Seems like he has a good relationship but bottom line he has to always work to keep her in her place (you know what I mean.) Here’s an interesting fact: Even though I understand Game and know that is what my husband is doing, it still works. Think what a powerful tool that makes it. Kind of boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

        3. Yeah, I sliced my way trough The Rational Male, even have the book.
          I just dreamed of a better world, with more cooperation and less power plays.
          Like, when I read about spaceships and faster than light travel. I know it will never happen, but still. Pie in the sky.

        4. You get to a place where it’s fun banter, but with serious undertones. My husband really is a rock star with his game and he plays it just right. but, he’s a natural and this is just his way. I have no idea if it’s work for him; I have asked and he just changes the question (i.e. games me LOL) Bottom line is that the man needs to be in charge of the relationship and be the leader. Women are walked down the aisle because they go from the protection and provision of their father to the protection and provision of their husband. It’s the man’s job to remember that and manage it, the woman needs to shown that she must go along for the ride.

      1. That matters why, exactly?
        More like the bulk of males could follow her example too, not just females, do more exercice and take better care of themselves.
        Can you lift, bro?

    3. “This is what happy family life means”
      Except for the fact that she obviously made all the decorating decisions. At least she went for sterility rather than girly, but a walnut table with ox blood chairs, drapes and cushions would work wonders for that room.

    4. Molnar,
      Yep….in the days when Josephine was a tiny baby I would come home to Jennifer and the older kids and we would fuss over the baby. Sometimes we would sit together as she breast fed Josephine.
      These were lovely times.
      A man can be very proud of his wife when she tends to his children well and makes her best efforts to be the best mother she can be. In my opinion there is no job as important that a woman can do as raising a mans children. I was very proud of how Jennifer was doing with our children until the shrew emerged.
      As I noted in previous comments when Joshua arrived she cut her hair short, turned into a blimp, and acted horribly towards me….the she-shrew was unleashed. She also renounced her religions with “I do not need a bunch of christians to tell me how to live my life.”
      For the next 14 years I prayed pretty much every day for God to please bring back the woman I loved, the one I knew from the ages 12 to 30. The one I wanted to raise my children like I knew she could. Like my mother raised me.
      One BIG warning for the lads of today is this.
      You can never know a woman “well enough” to judge her character. They do not all make it so plain they are shrews like this sparrow woman. They play a very long game and they will be supported when they turn into shrews rather than chastised and require to live up to their vows.
      If you want to have this experience in your life? You have to move to a country where the OTHER WOMEN will chastise your wife if she turns into a she-shrew. She will conform to the crowd no matter which way that crowd is going….that is important to know.

      1. Caroline Berg Eriksen is no better than Rebecca, one is a gold digging whore who exposes herself for any adoration while the other is a used up bitter party whore….
        Both are not good images of motherhood, both will divorce in due time…

        1. Not entirely true. In the case of Eriksen it depends how much hand her man has in the relationship – that we don’t know, and how much of a barrier society presents for people wanting to divorce – which in most western countries amounts to nothing. In the case of Sparrow, it’s fairly clear that it’s only a matter of time before she takes Dear Hubby to the cleaners.

        2. Easy look at all her selfies online, she’s practically naked…now what do you call a woman who poses naked?
          A whore, that’s right…
          Now here comes the kicker..
          Q: What do whores do?
          A: They marry a rich guy then pop a kid for divorce settlements.

        3. Depends who she’s married. If he’s a beta simp, no. If he’s an authoritarian alpha, without doubt.

        4. Not quiet, that is greed.
          The greedy will seize the children (or even murder them) and money even if she married young and did not know that many males before getting married, she just need to know how the divorce court system really works.
          What I gather is that once such a female is married, husband finds that there is much less sex and a lot more bills to pay, she most likely won´t take care of her body as well.
          At least not in an way that requires a decent efforts from her.

        5. LOL, there is a big difference.
          One sets a higher standard for other females, a positive role model while the other seeks to drag down other females into their squalid pig pens.
          Rebecca and her fanbase are the damned, burning and suffering but yet would rather drag you down to Hades to suffer with them rather than escape it.

      2. Don´t get a mail-order bride, become a mail-order husband instead? -)
        Seriously, one thing that the greedy female won´t do is move with you to Hungary or Poland.
        You might say that there is feminism there too but it is nowhere that virulent and a greedy she-pig knows that, even if she can´t find the country on a world map.

    5. i cannot believe how she kept that insane figure just after birth. no bump, taut as a motherfucker, truly an exemplary woman. hell i think her fitness tips should be required reading for mothers to be

  23. Exposing the fallacies of feminism and “progressive” Western culture one selfish, entitled, she-bitch at a time. Great article, Chubbs. Also, fantastic research. We ought to grant you some psycho therapy for the PTSD you surely have developed from the deep recon into the belly of the beast.

    1. Invisible ninja killers. So thought-provoking, so grown up and “independent”. You must be in your footy PJs scarfing while reading the side of the Fruity Pebbles cereal box. Go puke it all up now so you can generate some newfound inspiration for a fresh ugly hair color.

    2. I’m guessing said army is what it would take to keep you from devouring that cheesecake in your fridge to fill the void in your Lane Bryant gunt.

      1. Remember Arthur Schopenhauer:
        “Women are directly adapted to act as the nurses and educators of
        our early childhood, for the simple reason that they themselves are
        childish, foolish, and short-sighted—in a word, are big
        children all their lives, something intermediate between the child
        and the man, who is a man in the strict sense of the word. Consider
        how a young girl will toy day after day with a child, dance with it
        and sing to it; and then consider what a man, with the very best
        intentions in the world, could do in her place.”
        That guy was a genius.

  24. Women like Rebecca Sparrow are convinced that they’ve accomplished something because they’ve checked off all these experiences. However, deep down they realize they destroyed their greatest power by trashing their virginity with losers, and partying until they hit the wall. Their bitterness springs from how feminism deceived them into comparing themselves to men their whole lives and convincing themselves they were being…
    “Strong and Independent”

  25. “Nope FLOTUS is having a holiday in Hawaii with Oprah and her girlfriends. AND NOT HER HUSBAND AND CHILDREN.”
    That just makes me want to throw up……really….
    When I think of how many women I have met in the last 6 years from eastern europe who are single mothers working their fingers to the bone to make enough money to send home to their mothers to raise their kids…..that sentence just makes me want to throw up.

  26. Sadly I know some girls just like this harpy. They are in their 30’s, still get shitface drunk on the regular and but $500 shoes for a single wedding. They find some sucker with a boat to lounge on in the summer time(I’m guessing one of them slobs his knob) and post selfies to FB of their good times. It’s getting sad and I’m waiting for the day they find their uber beta chump to pluck them from the club scene so they can start struggling with fertility. One already did find her beta at 38-he looks like uncle fester’s fatter brother. Score!

  27. Fat fucks always try to shame you into joining their ranks. “Why don’t you eat cupcakes like a normal person?” “It’s weird you work out so much. You’re obsessed.” Fuck the blobs. Lift or die

  28. This was a particularly good cup of coffee this morning. And until now, I never thought “Rebecca has had one stillborn child” would be the kind of sentence to make me lol.
    Say, does anyone have the number for child services?
    Get those kids away from their “mother” as quickly as possible.

  29. What a lovely photo. Makes me want to marry a 22-25 year old eastern european woman and have 1 or 2 more kids….it really does. I would like that.
    When I was 23 or 24 I was trying to make the decision about children. Since Jennifer already came with 2 adding some more was going to increase our costs a bit. I finally decided that I would have children and that we would have them younger rather than older. So we married in October 89 and Josephine duly arrived in May 91 and Joshua in May 93.
    It was a FAR better decision to have children younger. They take up so much time and energy that you have to have lots of both to deal with them. And, of course, I was then the single income earner for a family of 6 in Sydney and we all know what that entails. I was tired and burned out from 91 to about 96 when I found a naturopath who could help me.
    In her 4th pregnancy at just 30 years of age Jennifer nearly died and so that was definitely the end of more children for her. The doctor actually said to my face “I have seen dead people healthier than your wife”.
    Women should have their children in the age 20-30 and not a minute later. Not because I am a woman hating sexist….but because that is in the best interests of the child as well as the mother.

  30. Once you have seen the abyss, it cannot be unseen. Good god.
    Great writing, Chubbs. As forceful as a sledge hammer on an egg shell.

  31. Woudl rather DIE than marry a women like that. Seriously, how the West has fallen. A guy like that Brad should be able to do much much MUCH better. Yet, he sees no other way out than marrying a used up whore.

  32. Does anyone else notice how often strong independent women trot out the victim ‘I was in an abusive relationship for xxx years”? Like it is some sort of status symbol for them, I swear, it must be on the checklist. Back at my progressive liberal arts university, every time I hooked up with a girl I knew that the inevitable ‘i was in an abusive relationship’ story would come out eventually, and it literally always came. Sometimes I would ask details, like abusive how? Sometimes it was a total stretch, like oh, he was upset that we were breaking up and got angry. What is it supposed to mean, ‘verbally and emotionally abusive”? He said shit that she didn’t like? I know that men and women both sometimes get into abusive relationships, I just don’t believe that every single woman ever has been in one,.

    1. Yeah, that say that to guys so they can get away with acting crazy, and brag about being raped to their friends

      1. Tell me about it. I’m ASHAMED for everything that happened. The only reason I gave some details in response is to hopefully show any girl who sees this what REAL abuse is. “Oh, yeah I was raped.” I’ve seen girls almost smile saying that and every single time my eyes turn to murder. God, I hate my gender sometimes, seriously. Calling him getting angry abuse. No, if he’s angry for a good reason and doesn’t hurt you or call you names it’s fine. But if he is angry for you being sick and “ruining his plans for you” and is calling you names and punishing you for getting sick, then that’s abuse. Or if he beats you, at all, that’s abuse. I just want to beat the living hell out of those types sometimes. …..Like now…..

        1. Becky, why are you here? Aren’t you a teenager? You really don’t need to have your beliefs validated by these sleazy losers.

        2. Sleazy losers? They don’t seem it to me. Yes I am a teenager but I want to become a better one so I can be a good woman. Why do you care anyway? My life, my choice. Focus on your own.

        3. Many of the men here not only support traditional gender roles (which I have no problem with) but are really embittered by and angry with women, to the extent that it’s little unhealthy. There are better places to read about traditional femininity than a game website. I have some concerns that this material may not be appropriate for you. I encourage you to look elsewhere on the internet as you develop your femininity. Best, Elena

        4. If you’re just trolling, well, my hat is off to you, well done.
          If you’re for real, seriously, I don’t think that this is the right place for you to hash all of this out. But really it’s none of my business.

        5. Trust me on this one, it’s easier to hash stuff out to strangers than it is to the people you know. The people who don’t care tend to judge less from my experience.

        6. Everything’s appropriate for a teenager, we’ve seen and heard it all from each other these days. At least at my school. Perhaps there are better places to develop it but where better to learn what men like than from men?

        7. It’s a good idea to learn what men like from other men, definitely. And some of the articles on this site will be helpful to you. Just if you continue to read, remember that the people who write for and PARTICULARLY comment on this site are a very narrow, self-selecting slice of men. They by no means reflect the majority of men you will meet; these men are much angrier. I’m sure you’re very worldly, but even your experiences don’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to process and integrate healthfully the kind of stuff you’ll read on here. I’m not trying to be mean or hurtful to you, I just don’t think this site is a very healthy place for a young woman to get her ideas about what men like.

        8. “I have some concerns that this material may not be appropriate for you.”
          Protecting the innocence of the Noble Savage of a marriageable age woman who isn’t your daughter, nor even of your own village.
          How burdensome it must be for you.

    2. ” . . .he was upset that we were breaking up . . .”
      “I cheated on him and he got upset. Therefore, I was in an abusive relationship that post hoc justified my lying and cheating behaviour.”
      No thanks. Not in the market for that. I’ve already got one.

      1. Translation:
        “I psychologically and phsyically abused him until he was completely crushed and submissive, a job I can be proud of!
        I was so good he couldn´t get a boner anymore and was wetting his bed so I dumped him for my next victi… boyfriend!”

    3. Okay, hearing that makes me seriously mad. How DARE they claim that is abusive. They obviously don’t know real abuse. You don’t know it until you’re called whore/stupid/slut everyday. Until he calls you his bitch. Until he beats you with a piece of leather until you’re sobbing because you “ruined his plans”. Until he comes over, forces himself inside, and screams at you for being sick. Until he holds you down a rapes you and eventually you give up fighting him when he does it because you NEVER get out of it. There’s abuse for you. So those types can just shut the hell up! God, I am so angry right now.

    4. Can I count all the years I had to live with feminist dogma in my brain as an abusive relationship with American women?

  33. How sad, this woman is blessed enough to have more than one healthy child and she is too selfish to appreciate that alone, but…..she doesn’t have a “real” job that requires her energy and effort and a supportive husband to boot. I am repulsed by this woman

    1. Yes mad props to the author for that most impressive red-pill insight (and journalistic research!)

  34. I’ve never met this person but she manages to embarrass me for being a girl. Fpr crying out loud, if you’re going to be a selfish overgrown child, refrain from having children of your own.
    I’m not a mother yet but the main goal is ensuring the well being of the children. And a part of it is caring for yourself. But caring for yourself isn’t buying exensive shoes and binging on ice cream on the couch and partying like you’re a whorish teen.
    Caring for yourself is so you can care better for your family, namely husband and kids. It means treating yourself every once in a while so they’ll do the same. Is keeping healthy so they’ll do the same. Keeping meaningful connections with friends so they’ll do the same. And so on.
    This poor chump will probably be pulling overtime at work as soon as his child is big enough to stop requiring constant attention (he seems too “whipped” to do worse). This poor fellow seems like a supportive and respectful provided. He deserved a fit and unselfish woman that would properly care for him and the children. Not claim to love them, but actually work to their welfare

  35. The “mommy blogger” status is a phenomena that I have witnessed come to life in many stay-at-home spouses I know. Being at home all day their options are limited: Watch daytime television or blog? Obviously, 2-hours of endurance training should be in the equation, but it never is. The problem is these blogs are never constructed articles. They are just free flowing thoughts.. me, me, me blogs.
    What is their excuse? Internet, television and books.

  36. For all the “unkind,” “mean,” “hurtful” things that we can possibly dream of saying about feminists through our words, there’s no way we could ever come anywhere near the sorts of insults that feminists say about themselves through their actions.
    Once again, gloriously written article, Mr. Chubbs. Well-done indeed.

  37. http://www.returnofkings.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/296x387xQh25DXZ.jpg.pagespeed.ic.xS8Uua2BVG.jpg
    This is what folks mean when they say that people nowadays have no shame about themselves, and that some of the women of today are not like the women of yesteryear that had class. She’s fat and nasty as hell, she’s got disgusting tattoos, and she’s proud of it (Also, she has short hair-hate to say it but perhaps tuth was right)
    can’t say this shit irl though, because EVERYONE IN THE WORLD IS BOOTIFUL*
    *somewhat plagiarized from JelloApocalypse Welcome to Tumblr. Great video.

    1. From what I can gather about the intelligence and language competency of Feminists, they are all at or near 2nd/3rd grade level grammar and comprehension of the English language. Add to that the fact that they believe “snark” to be an intellectual method of refuting data (not to mention how efficiently it conveys them as “strong” and “independent”) and this is what you get. It’s disgusting.

      1. she could do some pushups at the very least. It’s always been my opinion that one is just lazy as hell if they allow themselves to get THAT big.

        1. Oh please, she is a size 6 at most. All the people on here who are calling her fat have serious issues.

        2. The woman in that picture is not fat – she looks perfectly healthy. Like I said, a size 6 at most. Anyone who would call a size 6 fat should be ashamed of themselves. It’s ridiculous to call a woman that just for not being a size 0. Rebel Wilson is fat, Rebecca Sparrow is not.
          You talk about her like she’s so’s huge, but she just looks like a normal woman to me. This is especially puzzling if you live in the US, where the average size is a 12 to 14, and this woman is significantly smaller than that.

        3. That big woman in my original comment isn’t Rebecca Sparrow, and I never called her fat. That big woman with the cats is fat.

        4. Okay then, I’m sorry, my mistake. And I agree, although there are people that size due to medical conditions or medications they’re taking – they’re the minority, but they do exist.

        5. yeah when you said rebecca sparrow I figured out we werent’ talking about the same person. Some people, if they have a medical condition then it isn’t their fault I agree.

  38. Chubbs with another one.
    As much as I love the writing, this shit is really fucking depressing. It put a relationship with an ex in perspective. I was the “bad boy” she was in love with (admittedly not because I had good game, I was just being myself) but as soon as I caught feelings and started being nice she dried up and moved on. She had all the same signs as this chick — rich parents, soft degree, joke job out of school — but I kept with it because she was in “love” with me and it was easy. You know what happened next. Then I found this site and I realized: she was a bitch.
    Since then, I’ve had sex with hotter girls who are better in bed (including one of my ex’s friends). Thank you manosphere

  39. Ha. Who would have guessed that she thinks women shouldn’t focus on how they look post-pregnacy, but how they feel?
    With the level of bitterness and resentment over taking care of her family that oozes from her writing, I give it 5 years or less before the frivorce kicks in…

  40. I get really tired of fat, ugly, unhappy feminist women telling me that I should be ashamed for being proud of being in awesome shape and looking good even at my age. Yeah, women should have a choice to live their lives any way they please, says they – right up until you choose something they don’t want you choosing. Like loving your husband, putting him first and your keeping your home environment happy and healthy for your family.

    1. No one should judge you for your choices, but there is a clear judgmental undertone in what you write. You are insinuating that domesticated women are selfless and loving, and are more focused on keeping their family happy, while feminists or career women who have kids are fat, ugly, unhappy, and selfish. “You shall not judge, lest you be judged.”
      It’s incredibly hypocritical for you to expect people not to judge you when you are clearly judging them. You can’t have it both ways. With all your life experience, you really should know this.

      1. Like most clueless feminists, you read and interpret what you want to see. Too bad for you that none of what you attribute to my comment actually exists. Not to mention what you don’t know about me personally could fill a book. In short you could not be more wrong nor could your comment be more stupid. I could not give less of a fuck about whatever “feeling” you have that you somehow feel I have trounced on with my comment. Guess what? Everything is not about you. So please – Buzz off.

  41. I’ve never thought “I hate my body”, because if there’s something I don’t like about it, I fix it by focusing my workout on those areas. I don’t understand these women and their issues.

    1. 1. They are lazy 2. They want a pill that will make it happen 3. See #1 It all comes down to having no accountability and not being responsible for anything – including their own body.

      1. ^5 Mina. I don’t think it’s that hard to not be fat in your 20’s and 30’s which is why this incessant complaining is so irritating. I think half the battle would be won if they just switched from drinking a litre of soda/starbucks/whatever everyday to drinking just water.

        1. I am 50 and still fit into my size 2 wedding dress. and I am fit as is reasonable for a woman of my age (stronglifts 5×5) So it can be done even long after 20 and 30 are distant memories.

  42. I want to make a mention about Peter Andrew Nolan and I apoligize that this off topic but, he’s sick in the head. He’s defending my baby rapist father who was CONVICTED for his crimes. They had so much evidence against him that he had to cop out and take the plea bargain of 7 years and he got out after 2 for good behavior. And he’s blaming my mother for the way my father was. Excuse me, but does anyone see the logic in this? I’m sorry for being off topic but I really needed to mention this about him. He’s not a very good man it seems and just seems to be looking for attention from everyone. And another thing, why would my mother lie and destroy her marriage when that was the only time she was ever happy? This guy’s got me confused.
    Now, onto the topic at hand. What is up with people getting mad for fit girls making inspirational pictures. I applaud them for that, it gets people back on track. Go girls! If there’s something about your body you don’t like, fix it.

    1. “They had so much evidence against him that he had to cop out and take the plea bargain of 7 years and he got out after 2 for good behavior. And he’s blaming my mother for the way my father was.”
      So your father was never put on trial, eh?
      How do I know that? Because I know how the US “justice” system works. They would have told your father that if he did not cop the plea bargain that he would go up before a judge without even a jury and if the judge found him guilty based on what he would know are lies then he faced 10 years as a “convicted child molester” which would give him a very short life span in jail.
      They would offer him a plea bargain to a lesser crime that would see him survive his shorter jail time. In that situation? 90%+ of men take the plea bargain because they do not want to take the risk of being put in jail and murdered based on false allegations which happens to LOTS of men who are falsely convicted of child sexual abuse.
      In all probability? And I mean 99%+. Your father is an innocent man who was falsely accused. And unless you were there and you saw such abuse you have only the word of females that he did anything wrong and we know females support perjury in the west.
      By the way? I know a man this exact same thing happened to in the US. Falsely accused. Told he would face a female judge based on the evidence of his wife and his daughter who would almost certainly find him guilty and he was facing 10 to 15. He was promised that if he took the plea bargain he would get a suspended sentence. So he took the plea bargain and they put him away for 5 years. He was dead inside 6 months.
      So no. I do not believe for one minute that a “conviction” is valid unless it was delivered by a jury of 12 men.
      And yeah…a 16 year old girl calls me “sick in the head” with my track record. That is how disgusting and disrespectful women are today. Disgusting people. So glad I left.
      By the way? I said your mother chose your father. If he truly was a bad man like the bad boy thugs this rebecca sparrow dated and she had you by choice? She does not care about you at all because she did not make sure she had a good reliable man to be your father when she had you.
      Your mother is a terrible mother. Period. And if she falsely accused your father which is more than likely the case? She is pure evil.

        1. In the US more than 80% of federal prisoners never had a trial. You are a moron and ignorant to boot.

        2. I have myself been prosecuted for a felony – and beat the rap without so much as a trial date being set.
          And whatever else Mr. Nolan may or not be, he is correct. The vast majority of criminal convictions are not only obtained without trial, but without even going to a grand jury for an indictment.
          The system hates trials, they are long, messy, expensive and uncertain, and does anything and everything it can to avoid them.

      1. He had a trial. You can take a plea bargain with a trail. You’re a bitter fat old man who seems to feel that everything is women’s fault. If my half brother, my sister, or my half brother’s brother, who was also the six year old boy who was beaten and sodomized, heard you. You’d be dead. Especially if my brother heard you, who’s younger and stronger. He’d kill you.

        1. “Especially if my brother heard you, who’s younger and stronger. He’d kill you.”
          Typical nasty bitch of a woman…..telling lies to incite men to violence.
          Lads….this one is deranged….like so many of the others…poke her a bit and you see what evil lies beneath.

        2. “nasty bitch of a woman”
          Really? That’s all I have to say to that one.
          Telling lies? Ha! I don’t think so. My brother wants nothing to do with our father because of what he did to his brother. My father also raped his own sister! Sheesh and you’re defending this degenerate? Makes me wonder if that so called “slander” site is totally right about you. You’re a sex offender aren’t you, probably a pedo too. No wonder you’re defending him.

        3. “My father also raped his own sister! ”
          And you have a womans word for this? LOL!!
          Western women openly condone perjury. Their word is worth nothing.
          You are one nasty little bitch. That is all you have proven to the men here. A man is not guilty until he is found guilty by a jury of his peers.
          In all likelyhood your father is an innocent man who has been falsely accused. It happens very frequently.

        4. “Very frequently” Bull.
          “Openly condone perjury” Bull, because I frigging hate false accusers because they put real vics to shame.
          “nasty little bitch” Not original in the least, if you’re going to TRY to insult me, use something better.
          There was DNA evidence from INSIDE the little boy…..so yeah, nice try with the whole “innocent” shtich. You obviously aren’t because you condone pedophilia. Sick.

        5. “”Openly condone perjury” Bull, because I frigging hate false accusers because they put real vics to shame.”
          99.9%+ of western women openly condone perjury.
          This is a fact, not an opinion.
          This is why nothing a western woman says should be entertained until evidence or proof is presented.
          Like I said…your father is most likely innocent.
          And you are one nasty little bitch.

        6. “A man is not guilty until he is found guilty by a jury of his peers.”
          Really? you’re a good one to talk about making false accusations, you FAT HYPOCRITE!

        7. Police commit perjury to make speeding tickets stick. They are the most unreliable witnesses in the world.
          In all likelyhood your father is innocent.

        8. What the fuck do police have to do with anything? Its would be detectives who investigate but a lab tech who found the evidence…..you are an idiot…..

        9. Detectives are police…
          And did you miss the one about the female lab tech who did not properly test more than 1,000 evidence samples so as to get through her work more quickly.
          Many men were convicted on the basis of her “testimony” from her lab tests despite the fact she never actually did the tests.
          You seem to be very ignorant of the fact that the judiciary are a satanic criminal cult that makes money from guvmint for locking people up. Just because someone is locked up does not mean they committed any crime.
          You hate men so much you are willing to believe the worst of your father despite the fact that no reliable witnesses were produced and no reliable due process of law was performed….it can’t be because there is no one available in the US.

        10. I do not hate men. I’m not capable of hate. Not to my ex, not to my father, not to my mother for the things she’s said, not even to you. The only person I hate is me.

        11. “I’m not capable of hate.”
          Western women commonly express hatred. Or did you not see the article on short hair?
          Women use the word hate like confetti at a wedding.

      2. Oh and in the US justice system the old charges that are brought to a judge without a jury are traffick tickets and simple assault charges, and simple violations. You know nothing about the US justice system, obviously. And that “person” you know that happened to, obviously doesn’t exist. You’re ignorant of the US justice system.

        1. Sweetie,
          you have no idea what you are talking about. Many serious crimes do not go to a jury trial any more in the US.
          All you have managed to do is to show the lads here how evil you are.

        2. Do NOT call me sweetie. You have no idea what you’re talking about. I friggin live in America for Pete’s sakes! You’re Australian. And a pedo to boot, why else would you defend him?

        3. Sweetie,
          I will call you whatever I choose to call you.
          And I choose to call you one nasty little bitch who has a terrible mother who has badly abused her. Your life is ruined by your mother and you are only 16.
          No man should go anywhere hear a nasty little bitch like you. You are a typical western female teen.
          If you had taken my advice “children should be seen and not heard” you would not have revealed what a nasty piece of work you are.

        4. You realize, I have a very dominant, masculine boyfriend right? You realize you’re insulting a girl with manic-depressive bipolar disorder, anorexia, anxiety, social anxiety, and rapist/abusive ex who thinks he’s a bloody demon and the spawn of Satan. Do you have any idea how much SHIT I’ve been through to get the way I am. The majority, because of my ex and feminazis, yes a little bit from arguing with my mother, but listen, nasty little bitch boy, she’s not the MAIN cause of my problems. I am, because I didn’t cope, because I allowed myself to be abused for two years, because I allowed myself to smoke/cut/drink/starve/purge all to deal with bulling and my ex. Now you fucking know a FRACTION of my story and can truly judge me based on that. On my actions as a HUMAN BEING. On my having stupidly stayed with a guy who hated me. On having not been able to cope with my life. On having not been able to cope with anything, not the littlest thing. You can judge me based on that. But you have no room to judge my mother. Judge me all you want for my past mistakes. I’ve grown, I’ve been without cutting or the bottle for awhile. I’ve been without pill popping and purging. Have I been without starving no, I’m in relapse, and yes my boyfriend knows and has a rule for me to eat atleast 500 cals a day. There are consequences too for lying or not eating that much. Have I been without smoking, no I smoke like a freight train. But don’t judge my mother like a little child. Judge me, now that I have exposed a fraction of my story. Have at it. I have a motto, “When the world gets tough don’t say “why me?”, say “Try me.” So, try me, Mr. Nolan. See if you can actually succeed in insulting me like the little child you act like. You’re the one attention whoring, looking for their approval. I don’t give a damn about a stranger’s approval, I want my boyfriend’s, my own. I’m good enough for him, but will never be good enough for me. So go on, sir, try and tell me something about me I don’t tell myself everysinglefuckingday.

        5. Bravo! Someone, finally! I’ve been waiting for someone to judge me for me instead of for my mother. Bout frigging time. But no, I’m not that immature, not compared to the people I went to school with. Just because I’m willing to stand up to this guy defending my father and blaming my mother, does not make me immature. It means I have guts. Now, can everyone just quit with name calling and attacking a person’s character when they don’t know them? I’m asking to be judged for me and not my mother, is that immature? I’m demanding he stop judging my mother, because I love her and he doesn’t know her, is that immature? I’m standing up to someone who would defend a convicted pedophile. Convicted on DNA FREAKING EVIDENCE! I came back here for men’s opinions and for advice on being more cultured. For advice from men on what men like. You wanna know why I called him out? Because he’s ignorant, rude, crude, and just down right mean to me and my mother, people he doesn’t know. People YOU don’t know. I put that information out there so that if people are going to judge me they can judge me based on that instead of on my mother or what think of my mother or what they think they know about me. So if you’re going to judge, judge by the information I gave.

        6. And apparently you missed that little bit about “do you have any idea how much SHIT I’ve been through to get the way I am?” I have my reasons for being protective of my mother, she’s been the only provider I’ve had since I was 1 and 1/2. Again, unless you want to judge me based on the information I handed to everyone, don’t judge me. Not based on what you think of me, what you think of who and what I am. No, do it based on what I’ve done because your deeds tell more about you than others opinions do.

        7. Peter Nolan is a sick, twisted, bitter born again alcoholic who is wanted in Australia for beating his wife with a wine bottle in front of his children, stalks the internet making death threats to people who are on the other side of the world and can’t get to him. He is also a sex tourist travelling to The Phillipines and Ghana for this purpose. Since he was rightfully removed from his former family home for assaulting his wife with said wine bottle his contribution to his children’s upbringing has been zero.

        8. “You realize, I have a very dominant, masculine boyfriend right? You realize you’re insulting a girl with manic-depressive bipolar disorder, anorexia, anxiety, social anxiety, and rapist/abusive ex who thinks he’s a bloody demon and the spawn of Satan. Do you have any idea how much SHIT I’ve been through to get the way I am. ”
          Ah, yes, the “normal” western woman. And people wonder why I left?! Duh!?

        9. @Michael Toal.
          What’s up? Your sisters will not complete and sign an affidavit saying that you didn’t rape Suzanne?
          Why would that be? eh?

        10. Germany is technically Western. I’m not the average Western female. I’m sick, mentally, and currently physically but that’s besides the point. Germany is part of Western Europe. Take geography, eh? And I bet it was you who said to kill myself, Mr. Nolan. Don’t worry, I’ll try harder next time. You can’t combat me with anything I’ve done can you? Pathetic. I gave you so much information and yet not one judgement that isn’t about my mother. What a chump.

        11. “Germany is technically Western.”
          Nope…people who have never lived in Germany like to think that Germany is western. It is not. Germany is a literal paradise compared to “the west”.
          “I’m not the average Western female. I’m sick, mentally, and currently physically but that’s besides the point.”
          This is quite obvious.

        12. I am mentally ill, but I am a stable person. A HUMAN BEING, that you decided to tell and kill themselves. Don’t bs me either, it had you written all over it.

        13. “I am mentally ill, but I am a stable person.”
          Yep..that sentence shows me just what western women are like….I am crazy but stable……really? And when you become unstable? What then? A false allegation?

        14. I am not crazy, I’m insane, there’s a difference. And I’m stable because I take my meds. I can function and enjoy life quite well. So yes, I am stable.

        15. Can I just say something. You’re a fucking chicken shit. Suicide isn’t cowardly. You know what is? Telling someone to kill themselves. Especially when this HUMAN has tried to on many occasions. God must have some plan for me. And if not, I won’t kill myself just to spite people like you.

        16. I just noticed something. You proved that your argument about me not being capable of hate is invalid. You are the one who is full of hate, not me. I dislike everyone until given a reason not to, but never hate them. You are the hateful one and I pity you for it. Sincerely I do pity you. You’re a sad person I wish I could help you not to be. I’m sorry I can’t. I wish I could undo whatever was done to make you hate so much. But I can’t. Whatever happened, you have to move on Nolan, from whatever it may be. Good luck on that. I apolgize for anything offensive I said. Have a good life from here on out, okay?
          And please don’t tell anyone else to kill themselves, that could just make them do it. A lost life is never for the greater good.

        17. Go kill yourself in some mans rose garden and be fertilizer…..THEN you would be doing something useful.

        18. “Especially when this HUMAN has tried to on many occasions.”
          Such a complete failure you fail at failure? bravo.
          Pro-Tip: down the road, not across the street

    2. What a nasty little bitch you are, Becky. You call your own father as a rapist, simply because your mother CLAIMED he was. My god, you western women are such evil monsters, it is not even funny. You will take sides with another woman over your own father, even.
      You are a monster, Becky. Do the world a favor and go kill yourself.

      1. And by the by, I keep trying to myself, next time I’ll cut my wrist deeper or take my mom’s heart medicine 🙂 You’re right, the world would be better off without me. I need to be less depressed and less ugly and less stupid because I fucking suck. You think I’m being funny, I’m dead serious. Ha! Puns. But really, I’m serious. I’ll try harder, cut a little deeper, swallow the whole bottle, next time.

  43. Why there are no feminists girls here defending this “poor victim” woman?
    Yeah, right, you are just rats who would eat its own…

    1. Because they all know deep down inside that this article is full of truth. They know that all insults thrown at maria kang are just a product of their own bitterness and jealousy

  44. She will never be able to unread these words. I hope this article hits the top of Google when searching for Ms. Rebecca Sparrow.

  45. What kind of man looks at this washed up, hateful woman and thinks, “now that is the mother of my children”??? It’s our responsibility as friends, co-workers, brothers, to give the men in our lives the hard truth about women like this.

  46. Billy,
    “Or would they rather be the other ones; the ones whose hard work, selflessness and whose mere existence inspires equal measures of jealousy and wrath in the Becca’s of the world? Wouldn’t they rather be the women whose husbands look forward to coming home to them, whose children will grow up and see their beautiful mother, still in her forties, beaming proudly up at them at their graduations? ”
    Well done for an “out of the ballpark” comment. Well done indeed.
    For the lads and how it used to be. It’s long so scroll past if you do not want to read how life used to be. This is really only for the lads who never had a good mother to listen to one mans story of what a good mother can be like.
    My mother was 19 when she married. She left school on her 14th birthday to work in her parents shop so she did not have much schooling. In the next 4 years she had us three boys. In fact my eldest brother arrived just one day off their first anniversary and us next two arrived on 2 year intervals. My dad was 21 when he married.
    My mum was very well kept. She played tennis and golf quite well and was always careful to keep herself trim and in good shape. She would no more think of going out in public not well presented as flying to the moon. Even in our house it was only if she was ill that she would leave her bedroom without combing her hair. It was VERY unusual for me to see mum not well groomed even at breakfast in the morning.
    Mum would make dinner every night. She was not a great cook and the meals were basic and simple but they were made with a mothers love. We absolutely ate at the table every night except sundays and the TV was turned off even though it was in the next room. Dinner time was the time that us boys had available to us to ask our father whatever questions we had from our day or to tell him about our latest achievements or hopes.
    He would give us three boys his attention at the dinner table every night. At the end of dinner we were to thank our mother for making our dinner and thank our father for working to pay for all the good things we had.
    My dad was so fit that even when I was a teen my dad was able to outrun me when we could go out jogging. We would jog about 5 miles I guess. That would take 30 minutes. It was not until I was 14 and a state level cross country runner that I could outrun my dad for the first time. When I was 14 I ran in our local “fun run” and ran the 5.6 miles with hills and valleys as well in 32 minutes. That was about how fast I could run at 14.
    When I left home at 18 my mum was 43. She was in great shape. She decided that having done her job of getting all three boys off to university she would work as a cleaner at a local hotel and save money to travel. She went around the world three times in her 40s. She went and saw everything she had read about as a young girl. London, Paris, New York, LA, She had a very long list of places she wanted to see once in her life and she saw every single one of them.
    And your comment on graduation made me actually shed a tear Billy. Well done. I had a photo taken with my mum at my graduation. Mum was just beaming in that photo…and she still looked in very good shape for a woman who was 47 at the time. She was ever so proud of us boys that we all got degrees.
    My father was so proud of mum and what she achieved with us boys. He would praise her to anyone who would listen and say he got the best wife a man ever got. Of course the other men would laughingly also say they had the best wife etc.
    Can you even imagine that sort of scene today? Men standing at a bar b q and having a few beers and one upping each other telling their mates the wonderful things their wives had done with their children and how proud of them they were? That is what I saw as a kid. The men competing with “my wife is better than your wife” stories and the women lapping up the praise and attention the men would pay them.
    When my mother was going into dementia and she knew it I spent a month with her…that was 2007. One comment I made was that she was such a great mother and so successful that all three of us boys got degrees and rose to the top of our professions in the country with me making it the furthest, making it to the top tier of my profession in the world.
    She said to me “Yes, I was very surprised at that”
    I said “Why were you surprised? You told me every day in every way that you absolutely believed I would go to university and do great things in my life!”
    She laughed and said “Well, yes I did, I just never believed it would happen”
    And I hugged her and kissed her and we laughed over how she had managed to instill such faith in us three boys that we rose to the top of our professions. We spent most of the whole month just talking and reminscing over the times I was growing up. It was a lovely time. It was sad that it was in the conditions that my children, her grand children, were kidnapped. She was very sad that Bill Toal and Irene Toal would not give her a number to call her grand children on.
    I, for one, am prepared to say I got the worlds best mother for me. No woman could have done such a great job with me as she did. And my father was very proud of her, I am very proud of her. She lived an impeccable life. Sure, she had her ups and downs like people have in life, but she handled them with grace, elegance and dignity. I often said to Jennifer “You know what I want from a wife, you have known my mother for years.”
    Every man would want a woman like my mother for his wife. Every man. And if these women were available today men would be lining up to marry them. Sadly, they are no longer available in the west. Not even close.
    For all the women who read this post? My father cared for my mother as best he could through her illness and only put her into care when it was too difficult for him and my oldest brother to care for her any more. She passed away not long after she was put into care. She was taken care of in the best possible way in her illness.
    Women like that are to be praised, thanked, honoured and cared for.
    Women who wish to like Jennifer are to be criticised extensively to show women what it is us men value in a woman such that more women might choose for themselves impeccable lives like my mother.

  47. I’m an agnostic man by nature but getting to know Rebecca more
    intimately has certainly pushed me a few points closer to full blown
    nihilistic, angry atheism.

    She’s not proof God doesn’t exist, but rather proof that satan does.

  48. It’s great to see sexy women like Maria Kang not using motherhood as their excuse to be fatties….
    ….However, the other woman, Caroline Berg Eriksen, is just SO damn thin days after pregancy, I hope to God that her (and other good women) don’t compromise their babies’ health to stay thin.

    1. If they’re compromising their babies’ health to stay thin, they’re not “good women.” No matter how old they are.

  49. Studying doesn’t leave Australian students in debt. Second, those ‘low paying gigs’ you’re dissing here pay extremely well in Australia – for those sorts of clients, she would be pulling in anywhere from US$100 to $250 per hour. For being a magazine editor and television producer, she’d be earning top dollar. Plus she’s written real books, not self published ones and according to her blog worked with charities to help kids learn to read. So she’s out-earned the RoK writers, written for way better outlets (ie real ones), published real books and managed to have three kids and contribute to society.
    Roosh’s boner wouldn’t know what hit it if he had a fraction of this success.

    1. “Plus she’s written real books, not self published ones”
      A book is a book is a book. Derp.

    2. Wait, are you talking about Rebecca Sparrow?
      Get the hell out of here you fool.

    3. Seems to me that it is much, much harder to find success by self-publishing then by being an officially sponsored incestuous corporate publishing industry author. Lots of people self-publish, but very few enjoy success because they have to do their own marketing, and build their own reputation by word of mouth based on the quality of the work and by writing material that is interesting to readers. No PR departments and publicists and official sponsored book tours to push the corporate vetted opinions and newspaper colleagues scratching eachother’s backs via positive reviews and free publicity.
      Contribute to society? Have you read anything she’s written? Christ, even if I agreed with all of her opinions, I wouldn’t say that her empty fluff was contributing to society.

  50. I really wanted to someone write an article about feminist attacks on Maria Kang and Caroline Berg Eriksen. Well done, Billy Chubbs!

    1. Yeah, let’s see which one of them is still happily married 10 years from now. I’m betting it’s not the “better” one…

      1. If statistics are any indicator, both women will initiate divorce proceedings on their husbands. What a nice egalitarian world you feminists have created.

  51. She needs to fix her “buck teeth”. No kissing, no blowjobs with that.
    I’m sure she’s done doggy style. What teeth!

  52. I was moved by some of the points in this article until you started to call Rebecca Sparrow chubby, which she is objectively not. Are you trying to bring new people (including potentially some women) to your point of view? Or are you content with stirring up the emotions of your existing community?

    1. Well, “fatass” might be more accurate, but has a more negative connotation.
      chubby; adjective
      1.Of a person, slightly overweight, somewhat fat and hence soft.
      2.Of a body part, containing a moderate amount of fat.
      Her arms are definitely objectively chubby.
      Sorry, but I’m not the sort of coach who tells pleasant lies to keep a client’s money flowing. I work on the principle of measurement. The stopwatch and the dunk tank don’t lie and I wouldn’t expect to be able to dunk this woman. She’ll float like butter. We’ll have to reserve time in the Bod Pod.
      But I’ll guestimate her at 30% body fat by weight based on the picture here. There are others where she’s probably over 40%.

  53. Every cock a woman takes makes her less worthy of marriage. Generally speaking it is best to avoid feminists as romantic partners, because at no time in the relationship will either you or the family be her number one priority. It will be totally about her and her feminist narcissism. Boycott feminists, choose real women.

    1. Jealousy. Social justice femcuntism exists solely because of it. Envy is a sad ugly motherfucker, like Rebecca Cunt Sparrow.

      1. When the Red labour unionists take over an auto plant, rather than handing out free cars to everybody – they burn them.
        Then these brilliant minds that only seem to be able to encompass destruction wonder why they don’t own the means of production.

  54. It’s always the women who have the nicest smiles and wholesome pics that end up being the biggest pieces of human shit on this planet…

  55. “You
    know the thing about a feminist, she’s got… lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a
    doll’s eyes… When she comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be livin’. Until she shames ya
    and those black eyes roll over white. And then, ah then you hear that terrible
    high pitch screamin’ and the world turns red and spite of all the scientific proof and
    the logic they all come in and rip you to pieces…”

  56. The ‘butter zone’ as it were for wifeing and making babies with a woman is between 27-31, I know that might seem high and it is, but younger than that and you run the risk of being stuck with an incomplete human, whose ideas were formed by romantic comedies and Cosmo quizzes. Not able to understand the hard work needed to create a family. Older than 31 and you’ll find that they are either to set in their way’s to change or they’re used up in a chain smoking, shoe buying, Star Bucks and girls night pit of despair. One of the things I’ve noticed is whether or not a woman can be told what to do and then do it. Most women are incapable of being to what to do so I don’t recommend it, but ‘life’ that ethereal word tells men what to do right from birth so were used to it. Women on the other hand are taught to resist even violently resist people telling them what to do. A women that can see the bigger picture, and knows her role within it is a woman that is ready to become part of a bigger deal. Bigger than just clothes shopping and clubbing at least.

    1. You have no idea what you are talking about. My mother married a 26 year old man at 18, she is still married, more than 50 years later, had five kids, and none of us died.

      1. As another old fart, I will point out that he is talking about the situation now, not the situation then.
        More than 50 years ago was another world entirely. For instance, when I was a young man Cosmopolitan was a literary magazine.

    2. The butter zone is 27? So that would be after at least seven years of riding the carousel?
      I’ll pass. Get the girl at 19 and throw her fucking Cosmo in the shredder.

  57. When the debate it lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser – Socrates… in this case the debate is weight loss and slander is fit shaming. Maria – Just rest comfortably knowing that people trying to bring you down is a sign that you’re doing the right thing.

  58. This is brilliant!
    This should be required reading for all girls by the 11th grade.
    Sadly, for most of America, it is too late. Too much is lost. The Sparrows of America have taken over, controlling politics and even riding roughshod over the POTUS.
    Being a good mother is part instinct. But also part cultural conditioning. The cultural condition aspect has not just disappeared, but it has been turned into a foul damaging sword with which to cut down all that is normal and healthy.

  59. Well, her husband is as much to blame as she is.
    What pathetic sap marries a “woman” such as this, let alone at 35 years old. Both should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

  60. Wow. What a despicable wretch of a human being. In the back of my mind while reading that I thought I would adopt her kid(s) just to keep them from her and being turned into her, and I hate kids.
    Seriously though this is an eye opening article about feminism. It’s not about equality at all. Feminism is nothing but women having all the power while their birth-defect-prone, late maternal age children stay at home with the beta provider figure while they whisk away to Hawaii or some other exotic place with Oprah and discuss how women need more rights.
    Feminists idolize the idea of Don Draper from the show Mad Men. They just wish his position/lifestyle was held by a woman instead.

    1. “birth-defect-prone, late maternal age children” As new evidence have proven late paternal age to also increase the risk of birth-defects, perhaps we humans should all try to have our children sooner rather than later?

  61. Most Western women are monsters. Its nice to be given detailed examples of this once in a while.

  62. Wow Billy not holding back at all, very savage, but completely fair. Giving full context to her quotes goes a long way to exposing the extent of her narcissism and rotten nature. 5/5 article for sure. The pièce de résistance is the last line where you show she wishes she had children at a younger age, goes a long way to exposing the motives for her baseless and awful attacks on younger women.

  63. This is an All-Time Top 10 ROK article, as far as I’m concerned. Tremendous job, Billy. Scathing and on-point.

  64. Just….wow. Read all the links provided and the threads that permeate through all of them is excuses and wallowing self-pity. All the women talk about is that they either do not have the time for the gym or that they want to eat to feel good not look good.

  65. It seems as though all white western women are good for these days is criticizing one of last bastions of traditional femininity, Asian American/East-Asian women. I live in a neighborhood of primarily Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese-American women; you should see them everyday: long hair, tasteful makeup, well dressed, well mannered, excellent caregivers. Even amongst 20-25 year old girls! Not to mention that the majority of the parents live by gender
    exclusively. (You should see them at Dunkin Donuts, ladies at one table,
    men at another). Now compare that to their sweatpants and ugg boot counterparts across the aisle.
    Almost all the white college girls I know responded to Amy Chua’s book tiger mom with unmitigated vitriol, (because it’s about a mother who’s an actual disciplinarian and homemaker), while the Asian-American girls said: “How else is my kid going to succeed academically and play the piano well?”
    If you don’t encourage healthy practices you invariably condone unhealthy ones.
    This Rebecca tool is an absolute waste.

    1. Discipline and success is mostly (not always) about knowing what you want and going for it, passion combined with working hard and not being sidetracked. Tiger moms are more about forcing children to do what they themselves want when it comes to interests/education/profession. Tiger moms are actually effectively killing off their childrens passion and drive and makes them driven by fear instead. I have firsthand experience in this, growing up alongside severeal Asian families (Chinese, Thai, Korean). A majority of the children just waited until they were old enough and then ran as far from their batshit opressive mothers as possible. There is a fine line between good discipline and child abuse.

      1. I agree with your statement with regards to Asian parents forcing their children into a certain mold. Yes, they are driven partially by fear. Fear of poverty/remaining stagnant on the economic success ladder. However, I believe this is a consequence of many Asian parents still being immigrants themselves. One example is those of my father’s generation, who being raised by a generation of immigrants said, “You have four career options: dentist, lawyer, doctor, accountant”. Pure subsistence. Thankfully due to his sacrifice, I am able to pursue something I am passionate about without worrying about the financial constraints.
        Society needs both styles of parenting in order to properly balance itself out. Without a few brow-beating parents, we wouldn’t have successful people in professions that provide certain utilities to society but may not necessarily be fulfilling (like accountants).
        A child can and SHOULD be able to follow his passions BUT with the guidance of the parents. I played the violin from 5-15. Loved it for 5 years, hated it for 5. But I’m damn glad there was someone (my dad) who showed me the importance of focusing and mastering a single activity. In this case, I think we disagree on our perceptions of discipline. I mean focus, I think you mean punishment.
        Contrary to certain “modern” parents I’ve seen, a lot of kids don’t know what’s good for them, and need to be told to “eat their vegetables”, because they’d eat candy otherwise. This DOES NOT mean their interests should be stifled. On the contrary, a good father identifies a child’s PASSIONS in conjunction with his STRENGTHS and plays to them. But he doesn’t (like many do), let a kid continue investing so much into something he’s clearly passionate about but not talented at. I also sucked at Little League LOL, my dad said that’s fine let’s enroll you in an activity that you’re good at.
        Guaranteed though, the next generation of Asians will probably be pursuing career paths that are less purely monetary in nature and a bit more creative.
        (sorry if my post is all over the place, I have a lot to say and I’m not the best writer out there lol)

  66. The reason why feminists like this old sag of rotton roast beef are criticizing young in shape mothers…Envy.

    1. ” . . .Erikson has the right to be pleased/proud/ maybe even relieved that she
      looks that slim and fit just FOUR DAYS after giving birth. I would be
      too, if I was going to be honest.”
      So, she has warned us that she is going to be dishonest. I believe you are objectively correct.

  67. Bet she’s a complete freak in the bedroom. Has that dominatrix look to her . Bet she “pegs” her beta hubs Hugo Schwyzer style. Hope he has a “safe” word….

    1. Her hudban could not dominate a frog…
      I think they have sex maybe 2 times a year.

      1. Based on what? Do you have any reason to be saying something like this, other than ignorance and arrogance?

    2. lol. Stay away from the Jewish porn.
      Women never opt for dominating; hideous and/or aged women use it for money or as desperate attempt to maintain attention of men who they’re using for cash.
      Men who believe the psychotic bullshit in Jewish-produced porn are probably the furthest dudes in the world from understanding Game.

  68. I just re-read the article. “We need to educate people about “men’s violence against women””…….what about women’s violence against men, huh? Why does no one seem to care about that?

  69. I don’t know what a “net ball court” is, but it sounds too safe.
    This article made me appreciate my parents even more.

  70. If your happiness in life depends on other people giving you what you want, you will seldom be happy in a society of atomised narcissists. If your happiness comes from making other people happy, you can have a fulfilling life as a wife and mother. This was a woman’s traditional role. It was not for every woman but like most ancient customs, it worked for the majority.
    Now we have 50% of American women over 35 on antidepressants.

  71. This article fully encapsulates why it is rare to find an American woman who is attractive. Great job!!!!

  72. Hat’s off to you , Billy.
    Though it seems like a personal attack, you’ve cut to the heart of everything wrong with feminist ideology.
    Sparrows hollow words belie the reason for her angst. Feminist are the crabs in the barrel that pull the others down because they know they’ll never have what it takes to pull themselves out.

  73. In my experience, this is exactly the kind of insecure woman who cannot STAND to see another woman follow a different path. The extremely privileged, lucky Western woman who scored a great husband (despite making bad choices) and healthy children (despite starting late) and a wealthy life and does not appreciate any of it. This kind of woman will tell you she “has it all,” but when she sees another woman who is more beautiful? Another woman who actually works hard? Another wife and mother who actually appreciates what she has? This type of woman will completely LOSE HER SHIT.
    Ya’ll don’t even want to know how badly she harasses her husband for even looking at another woman, or how mad she gets when she sees another mother using different child-rearing techniques than hers. I stay as far away from this type as possible.

  74. I am wholeheartedly opposed to the concept of letting yourself go. At any age, a fat ass, a messy house and depression all indicate an inherent lack of self-discipline.

    1. Depression indicates a “lack of self-discipline” – seriously? Here I was thinking it was a serious illness, just like cancer or diabetes – silly me!

      1. Actually the comparison to diabetes isn’t wholly inaccurate. Diabetes is, in many cases, self-inflicted, and not terribly serious if managed tenaciously. Still, many people live seriously impaired lives or even die of diabetes-related complications. This is tragic. And yet, they did allow it to happen…

        1. Conversely, many people get it and manage it well, and lead good, happy lives regardless or see the warning signs and effectively reverse it altogether.
          Just because something is a listed disease doesn’t mean that people get a free pass for failing to control it. There is no reason for it to be terminal, or even chronic. If your body sucks at processing sugars, that sucks but you should probably educate yourself on how to properly regulate the sugar you give it. If your brain sucks at making endorphins, that sucks, but it behooves you to figure out how to stimulate it.
          Get some coping skills.

    2. Depression is a serious illness – you are disgusting for even attributing it to a “lack of self-discipline.” Shame on you.

  75. All the bloody “fitness-shaming” that goes on is deplorable. Girls and women getting angy with other girls and women being healthy and looking good through discipline, hard work and dedication are obvioulsy trying to justify their own poor life choices. If someone wants to be fat, sure it’s their choice. However, they shouldn’t expect everyone else to look as drab and unattractive just because they shouldn’t feel “threatened” by the hotness of others, or expect that others have an obligation to find them attractive.
    I agree that women should have children young, after 30-35 the risks of defects goes up, as well as the womans body being less able to cope with the strain. However, new research and studies have shown that the same goes for men and their sperm, which deteriorates and increases the risks of birth defects after 35 as well. Something to keep in mind for all the men out there who believe they have all the time in the world.

  76. This woman sounds like she’s got issues, but I don’t really respect the other two either. Posting half-naked pictures of yourself online is pathetic at any age, no matter how good you look. It’s just attention whoring, really. “Look at me, I look hot!”
    And not all women who have children after 30 were out whoring around. Some are genuinely nice girls who had bad luck with relationships or just had other things to focus on. If nature truly intended for ALL women to become mothers in their 20s, it would not be possible for a woman to get pregnant later, but it is. Women should become mothers when they’re ready, whenever that happens to be. And if they don’t want kids at all, they shouldn’t be pressured to have them.
    Every one of the women in my family had babies after 30, and all of these kids were fine. Older mothers tend to be better mothers as well, on the average. At 22, I could barely even take care of myself, and any kid of mine would have been a mess too. If I have a kid at 32, it’s much more likely that by then, I can actually be a GOOD mother.

    1. Unless it has a birth defect, which would then directly be your fault for selfishly waiting.
      Also, nice attempt at NAWALT, but zero points for you.

      1. Nice job on calling someone selfish for having kids when they’re actually READY to be a mother. So having a baby when you’re young and can barely take care of yourself is selfless, while waiting until you’re ready but still not too old is selfish? I suggest you find a dictionary and look up what “selfish” actually means.
        Also, you people like to harp and harp on babies born to 30+ mothers and how they will have birth defects. The truth is that while the risk rises, the chances of birth defects are still very low. Over 99% percent of babies born to even 40 year old women will have neither Down’s nor autism. You’re just making yourselves look foolish harping on numbers without having any understanding of what those numbers really mean.
        Older fathers cause just as many birth defects in babies, but of course you choose to conveniently ignore that. And most birth defects have nothing to do with the mother’s age but just genetics, environmental circumstances, etc. And of course you choose to ignore this FACT as well.
        I couldn’t care less about getting “points” from you but was talking about the definite population of good women, who haven’t whored around, who are still single in their 30s for a variety of understandable reasons.

        1. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11943789
          Nice try, doesn’t work. First of all, it’s Down syndrome, not Down’s, you vapid idiot.
          Approximately 1/84 women over 40 will have a child with Down syndrome. This is up from approximately 1/1440 in women aged 20. That’s a 17-fold increase, you idiot.
          Saying that a majority of babies born to older mothers won’t have Down syndrome is a testament to the rarity of Down syndrome and has nothing to do with the increased risk associated with age. You don’t understand numbers because you’re an idiot. Stop pretending.
          The incident rate in children born to selfish mothers at age 35 is 1/340. That’s a 4-fold increase from age 20.
          This is to say nothing about all of the other potential complications from a mother with advanced age.
          A father’s age is also important. Everyone should have children young, if in fact they plan to have them. What are you implying, whore?
          The risk increase from 20 to 25 is extremely small. Even the increase until age 30 is relatively tiny. You then have an exponential jump. Shit, I didn’t even have to read the paper to find that out, it’s on fucking wikipedia.
          When will you cunts ever learn?

      2. Birth defects rarely have anything to do with age. And you really think waiting to have a kid when you’re actually ready is selfish? The rest of the world would call that responsible and smart, not selfish (unless someone waits until she’s 45, which most women know not to do anyway). You people really do live on a different planet, don’t you?

        1. I live on whatever planet has people who are able to think sensibly and rationally. You live in the fake, contrived world of the manosphere. Any objective person, looking at my language and looking at yours, would think that exact same thing.

  77. “most normal women want nothing more than to be a housewife by twenty-five with a couple of little rug-rats crawling around their feet. There’s nothing wrong with women wanting that.”
    Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with women wanting that, but there’s nothing wrong with women not wanting that either. Why can’t you respect that? Why can’t you understand that women don’t have to live by YOUR standards in order to be happy and fulfilled? In fact, women who force themselves to live by your rules will only end up hurting themselves and their kids.
    And I know very few women who actually want this by 25. I certainly didn’t. Every statistic shows that people who get married by this age are more likely to get divorced. And marriages after 30 are by far the most likely to stay together. Why do you want the divorce rate to go up? Why do you hate kids so much that you think they should be forced on women who don’t want them and likely grow up in broken homes?

    1. Rosie, it’s becoming more and more clear that these men are sociopaths. You’re never going to convince them – you can give all the evidence you want, they’re just going to believe whatever they want to believe. And it is all about their own best interests too, not anyone else’s – it’s really more about justifying their desire to date young women, rather than anything having to do with fertility.
      No, they don’t have the right to put down older moms, but they’re not going to stop. And it doesn’t matter because they have no power over women’s choices anyway. Women no longer have to get married and become mothers in their 20s if they don’t want to, and there is nothing they can do to stop that. They just have to deal with it.

        1. Fat fugly hambeasts like you are always huge bitches too? Why is that? Oh right, being fat really sucks. You’re a fat failure.

        2. No one in my actual life would call me a bitch – I’m actually quite a lovely person in real life. But then again, no one in my real life is half as stupid as you.
          And someone who is in the comments section of a manosphere article going on and on about how fat a stranger must be, with no evidence of this, is in no position to be calling ANYONE else a failure. I don’t know you, so I don’t know for sure, but I would venture to guess that you live in your mom’s basement and the only sexual relationship you’re able to have is the one with your hand. That seems fitting for someone named “Duder” with the writing and debating skills of a kindergartener.

        3. Fatty, thou doth protest too much. Why do you keep giving me your weight resume? Fatbots are always trying to disprove their fatness online. It’s all the “evidence” I need to know you are 300+.
          Get a life fatass. Stop caring about what other women are doing online. Get a hobby that hopefully involves getting of your fat butt. Leave these beautiful women alone.

        4. How about you try to get out of grandmama’s basement for a day and get a damn job? You’re a leech on the economy. I hear Walmart is usually hiring…and they often hire “special” people like you to satisfy diversity laws.
          What the hell is a weight resume? And I wasn’t even talking about my weight in this post at all, you unbelievable retard. if I’m fat, you’re probably a freaking hippo – I guarantee that I’m in better shape than you are. And you keep responding to every single one of my comments with the same thing over and over – no substance or intelligence whatsoever. Seems like you’re the one who needs to get a life.

  78. This is ridiculous. You call her selfish for waiting a long time to start a family – you really think it would’ve been wise to bring a child into her previous abusive relationships? And it’s ridiculous that you would assume she was screwing around and partying when she was young too, as you have no evidence of this. You’re just making assumptions.
    Maria Kang’s picture was not inspiring, it was shaming. If the caption had read something like “if I can do it, you can do it too,” that would be different, but instead she chooses to shame women who have not been able to look like models after giving birth. She is a fitness trainer and staying fit is her JOB – it’s very different from a nee mom who has a sedentary job, a baby to take care of, and no extra time. New moms generally need to use all their spare time to get some sleep, not look hawt for men’s pleasure. And Caroline Berg Eriksen’s picture is just a ploy for attention and shows very little self-respect – who puts half-naked pictures online as a new mom? Those implants aren’t the best thing for breastfeeding her kid either.
    Also, I read the article where she said she wanted to have a day to herself, and you’re ridiculous for harping on that. It’s not like she abandoned her family – she just wanted one day. She even made it clear that she loves her kids, she just needed a short time to herself with some peace and quiet. She is still human you know – just because she had children doesn’t mean that her entire life needs to be all about them, 24 hours a day.

      1. No, unless you’d consider a size 4 fat. What a stupid post. Just because someone doesn’t approve of mothers being exhibitionists and posting pictures of their naked bodies, which will inevitably embarrass their kids someday (Berg Eriksen’s more so than Kang’s), they must be FAT. Moron.

        1. Only jealous fatties thin shame other women. And only fatties come on here bleating about being a size 4. You’re a 24, sweetheart. And a big fat jealous 24 at that.
          Kang is beautiful. Her kids will grow up to be very proud of their healthy, fit mom. That’s being a healthy role model for her kids, being a fat pig is not.

        2. Wait I thought feminazis support “exhibitionists” and slutwalks and “body acceptance”. Oh but only if the woman is fat and ugly right? If she’s extremely attractive like Berg Eriksen, she’s a “bad role model”. Sure makes total sense, jealous fatty.

        3. I don’t give a shit what you think about my size, because you don’t even know me. All you’re doing is making yourself look stupid, even more so than before.
          Who said I was thin shaming anyone? Did you see me calling either of them anorexic or saying anything bad about the way they looked? The fact that you think I was thin shaming anyone just speaks to your poor reading comprehension skills and obvious lack of intelligence.
          I never said either of these women weren’t beautiful. I was saying it’s not decent or appropriate to post half naked selfies online. Kang at least looks like she’s wearing fitness clothes; Berg Eriksen is posing in lingerie like an attention whoring 13 year old girl.
          Yeah, being a dumbass is not being a healthy role model for any kids you might have either. In fact, I hope you don’t have kids – stupidity does not need to be passed on to the next generation.

        4. Who said anything about being a feminazi? Not to mention “body acceptance” is not the same thing as exhibitionism and “slut walking,” whatever the hell that is.
          Women should be keeping their clothes on no matter what size they are. I’m not condoning the Muslim cultures’ practice of covering them up completely, but there is something to that in that women’s bodies are covered up out of respect to them. Here, it’s the exact opposite – women let it all hang out, and are treated like objects because of it. The ones who post these attention whoring selfies online, fat or thin, are barely better than strippers. And now new moms are doing it too. No wonder society’s values are going down the drain.
          Oh yeah, and I have absolutely nothing to be jealous of about Caroline’s body. Unlike her, I did not need to get implants to look good.

        5. TL;DR
          Blah blah blah. Fat bitches just don’t know when to shut up. You need to stuff a cake in it, porky. Fat jealous pig.

        6. BTW the fuck does a feminazi fatbot like you care that women are “taking selfies and posing in lingerie”? Oh fatties like you can’t so other women shouldn’t either. What a hater lol. Grow up, fatbot hambeast.

        7. Too long didn’t read, or too long can’t read? You have the intelligence of a rotting piece of cabbage, don’t you? Another poster child for birth control.

        8. Dumb piece of shit. Why do you keep responding with the same shit over and over? Everyone gets it, you think I’m fat. Can’t you even TRY to come up with something clever or original?

        9. You mad, bro? lol
          Poor wittle fatbot probably hungry too. Go on and shovel in some of that crisco ham fudge pie. You’ll feel better.

        10. Again, you’re the poster child for birth control. This is no longer entertaining, it’s just annoying. I’m not going to be responding to your ridiculousness anymore. I regret engaging you in the first place – what a waste of time. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go do my Asylum workout now, which you probably couldn’t even do for 30 seconds over there in your grandmama’s basement.
          Keep putting up stupid pictures and calling me fat all you want. If you really need to continue believing that, your life must be pretty empty and I feel sorry for you, so have fun beating that dead horse. I will not be reading anything you have to say, so you’re just going to be making an ass of yourself for other people. I would say have a nice life, but it’s very doubtful that you will. What a shame.

        11. I actually agree with her. It’s clear that you cannot understand a logical reply presented to you and all you can use is personal attacks. Makes men on this site look bad.

  79. You are calling Rebecca Sparrow chubby? She is not chubby. It’s surprising that you thought that fairly slim picture of her to be chubby.
    Just because she is a size or 2 bigger than Caroline doesn’t make her fat. They are both a healthy weight.

  80. Jees what a pathetic post! I had a young mom (18 actually) and I really couldn’t care less that she was so young when I was leaving uni.
    Besides is women who have kids in their 30s are selfish, men who will be 60 watching their children graduate are equally selfish.

  81. Also – because you’re a ‘tard Billy you missed the point of the article. It’s not shaming her for her shape. (In fact she pretty much high fives her for it.)
    It’s this:
    “So credit where credit is due: Caroline looks amazing and as a fitness blogger I’m going to assume that she worked hard and was disciplined through her pregnancy. Unlike me. I became pregnant and pulled up a chair to the fridge.
    So go girl. Good for you. Well done etcetera etcetera etcetera .
    But here’s where I have a problem.
    Where’s Nelia in this conversation?
    Who? THE BABY. Remember her? THE BABY that was until last Monday a tenant in Caroline’s stomach.
    A woman has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl and it’s not the new life Caroline appears to want us to focus on.
    Caroline wants us to be talking about how HOT she looks. Now see, I think that’s a bit fucked up.”
    Fair point.

  82. “Rebecca Sparrow is living the feminist dream, all pleasure with zero responsibilities or accountability.”
    The “feminist dream” isn’t “have kids later than is easiest, put your career above everything, and complain about your family to the world”. It’s “do what you want with your life(so long as you’re not harming others), and don’t let it be pre-determined by other people’s ideas of what’s right or wrong”. My feminist mom has had different jobs throughout her life. Her high school boyfriend died when they were in their 20s. She didn’t marry until she met my father around 29, and got married at 30. They tried for five years to have kids(despite both being healthy), until voila, I came into existence. And guess what? She loves babies and children to death. A complete feminist who let me be as much of a tomboy growing up as I desired, or girly as I wished. She’s an extremely caring, devoted mother while balancing her career.
    If you could cut the BS once in a while and stop boxing feminists and later moms into the same categories because of this “woe is me, not every young woman wants to get hitched and pop out babies” attitude, that would be lovely.
    Or perhaps bring up moms that choose to adopt when they’re not 20-somethings? That would be nice.

    1. “It’s “do what you want with your life(so long as you’re not harming
      others), and don’t let it be pre-determined by other people’s ideas of
      what’s right or wrong”.”
      If a person genuinely holds this view they would be extremely close to a clinical diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder.
      Parenthood — sane parenthood, that is — is roughly the opposite.
      Deliberate late parenthood — which your mother doesn’t appear to have participated in, instead trying to have kids as soon as possible — is putting your own desires ahead of your kids. Biologically, let alone anything else.

  83. Ms. Sparrow sounds like a steaming cunt. A young mom who has her act together and is fit and slender and pleasant is hardly going to be a bad role model for her kids.

  84. That revolting Rebecca Sparrow makes my blood boil, because she is exactly like my mother, I had to face the exact same bullshit that her kids are going through now.
    When I was three years old my mother took me to the tennis court where I had to play tennis, so I swing my tennis racket around like a three year old which really pissed her off because she wants her children to be natural super stars so she can sit around with her friends talking about how talented her kids are. So she screams at me for not playing Tennis right, I as a three year old panic because I have no idea what I did wrong or how to do it right.
    And eating dinner was especially a nightmare, my mother cannot cook for shit, for example I really love tea, but growing up I hated tea, why? Because the tea I got was the stuff my mother made me which meant that she put three tea bags in a pot for ten minutes which turned it into thick disgusting sewage because it is artistic to her, similarly her cooking involved throwing a insane amount of different spices through the food because that made her feel like the iron chef, while in reality it made it into a uneatable mess of different flavours and of course my brother and I had to sit there for hours until we finished our disgusting gruel of cold food while we had a screaming angry lunatic of a mom at the head of the table.
    Or another example would be that my mother absolutely hates the military, she thinks that countries should disband all of their armed forces, because I’m sure that public order will maintain itself. Anyway so this teacher gave me this bag of soldiers when I was eight, it was full of cowboys, soldiers and knights. I was unbelievably happy, on my way home I imagined all of the epic battles that I would create, all of the adventures I could have with my new toys. So I enter my house, I show my new toys to my mother, and she threw them all away! tossed them in the bin as I watched, because she didn’t want her son to grow up to be a soldier, she wants me to be like that hypocritical Bono bastard.
    she also tortured my brother and I by trying to teach us how to play piano, of course her manner of teaching is that of a Marine drill sergeant without the natural authority and actual logic that comes with being a drill sergeant.
    So I grew up to be a fat waste of life that didn’t know what to do with himself, laying in bed all day with my laptop. Until I was 16 which was when I started practicing iaido and kendo, which are Japanese martial arts about swordfighting, which made her lose her shit at first because she thought that I wanted to go and slice up my school with a sword, while in reality I learned the virtues of discipline by my sensei who became more of a parent to me then my mother ever was. Then I start doing krav maga, which some of you may know is a Israeli fighting style developed by their military which especially made her lose her shit. Oh and she also abandoned me and my brother during that time by going to South America and dumped us in this home run by the government, which I don’t really mind because at least I don’t have to deal with her shit anymore.
    So anyway, my brother went to visit her in South America, where she travels around. And everywhere she went she would tell people how her youngest son (me) looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger because she has to feed her bloody ego while I turned into a fat slob under her parentage and that I really was lucky to have tried out a martial art to learn proper ways of living otherwise I would be a fat waste of life to this day.
    Anyway, she came back to visit me. So it had been two years so I decided to give her second chance but she had of course not changed a bit, she ran into my sensei and instead of thanking him for all that he had done for me, how he had raised me, got me to study, helped me to be healthy, taught me manners, doing her job for her, instead of just thanking the man she starts yapping at all she has done for me, about how great of a mother she is. Then later I have her over for dinner and the conversation turns to how she raised me, and I bring up shit like those “tennis lessons” and you know what she said? She said “Oh but you were swinging the racket wrong, so of course I was mad” she utterly refuses to see how she fucked up, how she was a bad mother. And now she is surprised that I completely refuse to have any kind of contact with her, good riddance.
    So yeah, bad mothers piss me off. I feel really sorry for Rebecca’s kids, I hope they find a martial art to teach them discipline later

  85. Rant time. For one Maria Kang has no excuse. She IS a fitness instructor. Let’s face it, if she can’t stay fit for her job, it’s like a plumber who can’t figure out what a toilet plunger is. Second, I stumbled upon an article by ROK contributor Trouble going after New Orleans Saints cheerleader and 40 year old mom Kriste Lewis for “attention whoring”. Think about it for a minute. Both Kang and Lewis are fit. Both are moms. Both like to attention whore. Both seem to defy traditional marriage roles. Then why one gets praised and one hate? I don’t think it’s the age. True, Lewis is 40. Kang is 35. According to manosphere doctrine, both are too old for this nonsense. And both love the attention they get by their bods, which is anything but selfless.But I digress.
    Now for what I like about this article. Miss Sparrow looks bitter as hell. Woman can’t get happiness no matter where she looks. Rises carousel. Nope. Marries beta. Nope. Has a child. Nope. That last one is pretty sad. There are still some of us wanting to someday have a shot at being parents. She has a beautiful baby and she treats the poor thing like garbage.

    Attention Whoring Is More Important To This 40-Year-Old Than Being A Mom

  86. I’m completely with you on standing up against ridiculous pc authoritarianism and movements like third wave feminism and fat acceptance. But I can’t for the life of me work out why you are hating on women who choose to have children later on. Not everyone is lucky enough to meet someone suitable enough to start a family with in their 20s, not everyone has enough money to support a family in their 20s. I respect women who wait until they’ve found a loving partner and created a stable home before having children, and if that takes them into their 30s or 40s so be it. And while I can’t stand Rebecca Sparrow either, the fact that you point out that she had a stillborn child and insinuate that that’s her own fault for “choosing” not to have kids until 37, well that’s flat out disgusting.

    1. “But I can’t for the life of me work out why you are hating on women who choose to have children later on.”
      Because of the crucial verb in that sentence: ‘choose’. Not ‘forced to.’ Not ‘they didn’t have a cure for my infertility until I hit 35.’ Not ‘I was on IVF for 10 years from the age of 19.’ Not ‘I would have had children at 23, but my husband was killed at work.’
      If you make a deliberate choice — as a vast majority of women deliberately do, being educated and university-educated in many cases — to leave the parental part of your life until it’s literally almost too late to have the parental part of your life, you are, in every significant way, putting yourself before the children you might have in the future. This is pure narcissism on a woman’s part if she has even an inkling she might want to have kids one day. Since time immemorial, women and men alike put their children and their families first. Now that point of view is unfashionable; since roughly 1950, coinciding with the most narcissistic generation the world has ever known, it has become accepted wisdom that you can put yourself before your kids. The result is the second-most narcissistic generation the world has ever known, a literal generation of people who see themselves as the protagonist in their own play and other human beings as nothing but supporting casts — right down to the kids.
      “Not everyone is lucky enough to meet someone suitable enough to start a
      family with in their 20s, not everyone has enough money to support a
      family in their 20s.”
      Those are tiny minorities in both cases. The vast majority of women are content to deliberately ignore the “someone suitable” throughout their 20s in favour of a conga line of bad boys. Sparrow is precisely that. And the vast majority of women throughout human history managed to somehow support their families in their 20s and find suitable partners to share their lives … until second-wave and third-wave feminism hit, that is.
      “I respect women who wait until they’ve found a loving partner and
      created a stable home before having children, and if that takes them
      into their 30s or 40s so be it.”
      Again, that would be a tiny minority of women. What you’re missing is that (a) fertility drops precipitously when you hit your thirties and (b) the risk of genetic abnormalities — in particular Downs Syndrome, pregnancy complications, and indeed stillbirth, rises as you hit that time period, mainly because you’re conceiving with forty-year-old eggs and a forty-year-old womb. (Also significantly, freezing one’s eggs, the classic narcissistic move and misuse of medical resources, doesn’t get around the problem: the issue is the womb which remains unfrozen.) These are cruel odds to impose on a foetus, which doesn’t ask to be conceived or born and has no choice but to rely on its parents to have their priorities correct in life. Never mind the demographic problems this creates with parents due for the nursing home when the kid is still in his late twenties or early thirties and who should not be burdened with that sort of expense or commitment.
      Again, these are not accidental failures to have kids. The statistics on women’s fertility are well-known and well-available to any of our special snowflakes at the click of a mouse. But women prefer the narcissism that second-wave feminism is still selling: that you can reach the top of the corporate ladder and have a functional family. A choice to not have kids until there are cobwebs up one’s uterus is intentional. They are deliberate choices by women to jump off the corporate ladder only when the biological clock starts tingling.
      Perhaps the most karmic case was that of Jessica Valenti, Miss “I Bathe In Male Tears”, who publicly scoffed at doctors who said there were increased medical risks for having kids in your thirties — and then went on to almost die on the delivery table with her own child when some of those medical risks arose during her pregnancy. Sparrow is in no different a situation: she deliberately chose the bad boys, and deliberately chose not to have kids until she was nearing 40. Insofar as she had a choice, she chose a stillbirth. And she’s still choosing the same narcissism that infected her generation and that of her parents. That it’s disgusting, or unpleasant, or brutal, does not change the truth of the statement — and if anything our world is heading further and further into the shit *because* we refuse to tell each other the truth, because we choose to priortise people’s “feelings” over innocent and helpless lives.

  87. What kind of sad, and attention seeking moron would publish such a hate-filled and attacking article. I googled Ms. Rebecca Sparrow after she came to our school to talk to us and had just listened to a presentation by this woman that you just degraded and you know what, I’m pissed. In the authors rather unimpressive ‘about me’ section, he mentioned how people can send him hate mail. This world isn’t getting better and let’s just ignore all the natural disasters happening and terrorism because this author isn’t making the world better place by abusing his rights to speak freely on the internet. Ms. Sparrow was the most kind, entertaining and exciting person who has done a presentation at our school this year, and you know what she came to talk to us about? Empowerment, female empowerment and how we can make a difference to the world. She told us to take the time to make someone breathe easier, to donate some clothes, do some charity, do something selfless. This article is disgusting and is the perfect demonstration of how lazy, bored and mean people can attack others who are a) better than them b) are inspiring and helping give girls and boys the motivation to better this world and c) having the guts to carry on after something this bad had been written about them.
    Oh and while im rolling and talking about how horrible this article is, can i just say shame on you and your site; i mean the articles on this site are disgraceful. I want everyone one out there to know; what this man has written about her is bullshit. If someone where to write an equally rude article about him, they’d fail. Because there is no equal, to sere this man justice, one would need to truly have an extensive vocabulary of horrible adjectives and alot of guts to say what must be said.

  88. I wonder if a 5 year old boy wrote this “article”. This is so fake, I’m cringing. All you haters are fucked up

  89. I wonder if a 5 year old boy wrote this “article”. This sounds fake, I’m cringing. All you retarded haters are really messed up and should go to a metal asylum.

  90. I wonder if a 5 year old boy wrote this “article”. This sounds fake, I’m cringing. All you retarded haters are really messed up and should go to a metal asylum. No wonder your mum tried to get rid of you asap.

  91. I have seen pictures of Maria Kang that are not edited and her body still isn’t as good as a woman who has never had children. She even admits to having loose skin and sagging. Virtually all women lose some of their attractiveness after they have kids. It doesnt matter how much effort you put in. Not only that but there are effects on your body that are not visible, like sexual dysfunction. Giving birth damages the nerves inside the vagina and around the cervix. Orgasms are often muted or impossible after children. Thumbs up to her for working hard, but she will never have the body of a nulliaparous woman again. Having kids for a woman is the ultimate sacrifice, that’s why it’s so important to do it with the right man. If you have kids you are giving up a huge part of your sexuality. Your body will feel the same no matter how good it might look in a photograph, and if your husband leaves you, then you have to compete in the dating market with nulliaparous women, who are always more attractive than mothers, so you might as well not bother. I don’t blame women for putting motherhood on the back burner these days when life is so unstable. My DH leaving me after me having 2 kids is my biggest fear and I often lose sleep over it.

  92. What men you are. Look what you have to offer – pure, unadulterated hate for any woman who doesn’t live her life as you think she should. Not every woman wants to get married and have children in her twenties or even has the option to do so, and that is none of your business. This is so sad that you have such vitriol for a complete stranger. It says much more about you people than about her.

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