Women Are Sluts If They Sleep Around But Men Are Not

We live in a world of many double standards between the two sexes, some of which make sense and can be defended. For example, it’s okay for an older man to date a younger woman, but not the other way around because a man’s value often rises with age while a woman’s does not. This is a double standard no doubt, but one that is backed up by biological reality. Other double standards like promoting female sex tourism while shaming male sex tourism are completely indefensible and can lead to real societal problems.

I want to cover the double standard that is most often brought up by feminists. Why is men who sleep around a lot are studs while women who do it are sluts?  This topic has already been covered on ROK before, but I would like to argue that this often brought up double standard is actually not a double standard at all.

If you look at lions, all of the females gather in a herd or pride with one alpha male. The non-pregnant female lions that do all of the hunting must share their food between the cubs, pregnant females, and the alpha male who doesn’t hunt because he must defend his harem from other males. The beta male lions live independently from the pride. Since they are physically larger and only hunt for their own needs they only have to expend a fraction of their total energy on hunting. They don’t breed so they spend most of their time doing this…

sleeping lion

What we have here is male lions having an excess of hunting ability and a shortage of reproduction (sex), while female lions experience the opposite. Lions have never figured out that they could make a trade for their own benefit but humans, and to a lesser degree other primates, have. Getting sex from a male is and always will be very cheap for even average women (with the exception being sex with male celebrities). However, the resources that men are able to produce due to greater physical strength, higher stress thresholds, and better logical cognitive abilities is not cheap at all. The basis of male-female relations has always been about the female trading access to her vagina (sex) for the labor and utility of the male (gifts or services).


So what does this have to do with sluts and studs? Well, a woman is considered a slut not if she has lots of sex, but if she gives it up easily. She is shamed not by men but rather by women who are angry that her giving easy access to sex is causing the value of sex in the market to go down. On the other hand, if a woman is able to obtain a great deal of resources from high quality men for a minimal amount of access to her pussy, then she is considered to be the equivalent of a male hustler.

So what then makes a male a real stud? It is not having sex with beautiful women. It is a man’s ability to not pay an arm and a leg to do it. When a man is willing to pay an unreasonably high amount of his male utility for sex with a woman, or in many cases simply the possibility of sex with a woman, then it raises other women’s expectations for other men making those women worthless for relationships.

tiger woods begs wife back

These are the men who the manosphere refers to as simps. In the blue pill world these men are referred to as tools. These simps/tools are the equivalents of female sluts because they give away access to their resources, which is the equivalent of female’s access to sexual intercourse, for next to nothing. Even in the blue pill world they are being shamed for it.


There is therefore no double standard. Women who give up their relationship bargaining chip (sex) too easily are shamed as sluts. On the other hand, they are praised if they can rake in huge amounts of male utility in return for it. Men who give up their relationship bargaining chip, money or labor, too easily are shamed as simps. On the other hand, they are praised as players if they can score an attractive girl quickly without spending much money on them.

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341 thoughts on “Women Are Sluts If They Sleep Around But Men Are Not”

  1. After I blow a load I turn the other way and my girlfriend doesn’t like that one bit. She says she feels used, I’m confused. She gets nothing from me except water.

    1. She wants a glass of water, you bring it to her, she gets mad and throws a fit. White men can jump!

  2. There never was a double standard. Women simply pretended they were equal to men, so that meant they should only be judged by the amount of resources they acquire and give out rather than how easily they give access to their body.
    Under this perverted logic, women can give up access to their bodies as often as they like and not be sluts, and men should be more attracted to them if they become wealthy. It is a ridiculous idea when you state it explicitly, but that’s how they started thinking.

    1. The future of the Anglo-Saxon sphere (Australia, USA, Canada, UK)?
      The likely future is that double-standards and affirmative-action keeps rising eventually result in females having most of the wages and most if not all of the higher jobs, CEOs and so on. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2550686/Well-one-four-jobs-women-says-Lloyds-Bank-major-company-set-gender-quota.html
      If SHTF and governements avoid general anarchy, feminism will receive the support of the desperate looking for jobs.
      There won´t be any traditional husbands to provide for them when +50% in working age are unemployed and 90% of the rest have wages that reverse immigration along the US-Mexican border. Legal immigration will be banned for anyone with skills and the manosphere websites will face a Chinese-type firewall, banned for Hate Speech.
      Gender meritocracy will eventually be crushed altogether unless we have someone like Bain in the latest batman movie, willing to do things the hard way.

    2. It is easy for a man to become digusted with women when he realises that they are frequently delusional and often corrupt . However, this is to judge them by a male yardstick.
      Women can’t help bullshitting themselves. Per da GBFM: Alpha Fux Beta Bux. If she wants to convince a beta to provide her with resources, she must seem loyal and commited to him. Believing it herself helps to sell it to her mark.

      1. That’s like saying you shouldn’t hate Satan because he’s evil. They may not can help it, but they’re still 100% evil.

  3. The bottom line is that it’s incredibly easy for a woman to show up, smile, and get fucked. Men have to put in work in all aspects- from start to finish. That’s why when you hear dating advice from women they always will say, “Just be yourself!” or “Just have fun with it!” Of course they would say that, because for them it’s true. It’s easy to be yourself when all that consists of is throwing on a push-up bra and caking some makeup on your face with a brick trowel. Bonus points if you have a personality that’s not dryer than a popcorn fart.
    If you’re a man, and “being yourself” doesn’t get you laid, then it’s pretty clear that “yourself” isn’t getting the job done. It’s time to evaluate and execute a different strategy. If you’re a man, and you’re getting laid regularly, then you’re markedly above a woman doing the same thing.
    Another important note for the ladies. Want to know why it’s you’re shamed for being sluts and men aren’t? Because dicks don’t get stretched out, pounded on, and seminal fluid injected into them. If the average man’s dick is 6 inches, and you’ve taken 30 of them- that’s 15 feet in cock you’ve buried in your cavernous hole; a hole that most likely smells like a skunk that crawled out of a dead skunks ass, walked a mile in rotten fish entrails, then spent the night in the holding tank on Forrest Gump’s shrimpin’ boat. 15 feet in cock- hang a rim on that and Lebron can’t even dunk on that shit. Only a complete fucking retard would hit such a bottom of the barrel scraping low as to commit to such trash.
    The last thing a woman like that hears from me is the sound of my zipper going up and her front door closing. It’s all you’re worth.

    1. “The last thing a woman like that hears from me is the sound of my zipper
      going up and her front door closing. It’s all you’re worth.”
      Anyone for a “Zippers up and out the door week”??



      2. How about we discuss the different methods you can use to braid my ass hairs with your tongue instead?

      3. Your capitalized, misguided, typically female ignorance rage has made me smile. Thank you.

    3. a vagina is a muscular tube which from my experience with women, doesn’t even get permanently stretched out in child birth…. it snaps right back to how it was originally…. perhaps double fist fucking a couple of hours a day, might start to stretch it (a bit), but generally if a woman keeps her self in reasonable shape, it tends to stay pretty tight….
      i think it’s about time all this ranting about cavernous pussy’s got straighten out…… a pussy doesn’t get that stretched out, anymore than your cock gets polished like a well used hand rail from too much sex.
      soggy tits on the other hand… now that’s a real problem…..

      1. Way to White Knight bro.
        So if everything just “snaps back in place” what are stretch marks for?

      2. This is going to blow your mind Ray, but I happen to know what a vagina is like. That’s a shocker I’m sure. Can’t speak on the whole before and after kid stretching/not stretching issue- fucking women with kids is out of my jurisdiction. The comment is based on a psychological level and not the physical. Essentially, making the assertion that if something is used more frequently and subjected to more wear and tear- it loses value. You don’t walk into Goodyear and ask for tires with 86,000 miles on them, do you? That’s the gist of it. From a commitment standpoint no one wants to be the guy where everyone else stands around saying, “Geez, all those other guys only got to fuck her, but this guy gets to have her as a girlfriend!”
        At the end of the day- pussy is just pussy. Some of it is Aston Martin pussy, and some of it is Avis rent-a-car pussy. It’s up to the woman to decide which one of those she wants to be.

        1. Agreed. Pussies are just pussies.
          I do not understand why people spend some much time and energy ranting about them.

        2. My man, you have a way with words!
          In all seriousness, some vaginas are bigger than others and some are better than others. I’m sure the same goes for penises. Don’t listen to any internet or feel-good bullshit to the contrary.
          If anyone ever figures out a way to tell if a girl has a tight snapper from her stature, figure, shoe size, earlobes, or whatever crackpot method – let me know immediately! Don’t feel bad bc those same girls have already devised their way to predict package size.
          Slim and trim is the only remotely useful indicator I know of.

        3. As I said- pussy is just pussy. However, that pussy is attached to a woman, which as research suggests is a human being that is capable of making decisions (though these decisions have a propensity for being impetuous and against all logic).
          A pussy is powered by someone that decides how it gets used and with who. That’s the point Janus. She can be a discerning individual that gives it out to a select few men throughout her life- men that she actually can remember their first and last names a few years down the road, or she can be gangbang Jane.
          Pussy is just pussy, but there’s many different calibers of women possessing them.

        4. i get your point about women who’ve had dozen of cocks being more ‘used’ but it relates more to the emotional attachments / love they form for their husbands, than to their pussies being ‘worn out.’
          nature hard wired women with a bonding and loyalty that is largely activated with the guy that pops their cherry… after she’s been around the block, she loses that valuable trait.
          a living biological organism cannot be compared to a car with mileage on it, because a living organism can repair itself, muscles can strengthened, better skills and co-ordination can be used. older girls (30+) i’ve slept with often have better skills in bed because they learned their bodies…. an escort i used to see regularly, probably had a notch count in the hundreds, and she had a tight pussy and amazing skills…
          guys whining on about girls with cavernous pussys from over use, sound much like the feminists going on about guys with small dicks, hiding in momma’s basement, fiddling with their tiny cocks.

        5. “sound much like the feminists going on about guys with small dicks, hiding in momma’s basement, fiddling with their tiny cocks.”
          The feminists, you bet they are watching this website and its comment section, can bring up those guys and their arguments in their own propaganda.

        6. Oh ok, so you are totally back pedaling on the idea that there is any physical difference between a used vagina and a used penis. Duh of course, you mean it “psychologically” when you said all that stuff about pussies being pounded on, stretched and smelling like a skunk or something. I get it. Ha ha ha ha ha.

        7. Nice (lol)…Aston Martin pussy versus Avis rent-a-car pussy.
          Right, who wants to be the guy in the end who is paying full price on a beater – the old Nissan Pulsar with 200K on it. Everyone else rode in it for free.

      3. Agreed, Ray. The ignorance here of women’s anatomy is astounding. Vaginal walls and muscles are marvelously constructed and resilient. AV8R, unless a woman has a disease and/or bad hygiene, there’s no cause for vaginal odors. Jeez, all this hysteria and hyperbole over a few inches of flesh. Grow up, AV.

        1. In that case would you mind if I pound your wife for a while?…..don’t worry it’s only a little flesh…

        2. to be honest (provided your clean and disease free) i wouldn’t mind at all… i think of my women more as my hoes than my personal private property – the problem is that it would confuse the woman’s loyalty to me and make my life more difficult…. women are hard wired to link sex with loyalty… if i let other men fuck her, as much as she would enjoy it and it would be a kinky thrill, it would blow lots of LTR fuses…. it would also give her cartblache to go and start doing it on her own, which could lead her to falling in love…… thus, it’s better to keep a woman loyal and demand her monogamy.

      4. Watch out boys, we got a feral one here. So now a 35 years old used pussy is as tight as a 15 years old pussy!

      5. Some like to think their little soldier is bigger than a (non-aborted) baby but know well that even the slut who had a 1000 sex partenaires isn´t going to ask twice!

    4. Gentlemen,
      When a woman says “just be yourself” it’s just her way of saying “please be as easy for me to figure out as possible….. SO I CAN DECIDE NOT TO FUCK YOU and bang the guy that drives me crazy who I hate, can’t control and don’t understand.”
      NEVER “be yourself” around women.
      Be —>>> the Man you always WANTED to be.
      And to hell with whatever she has to say about it.

      1. Bloody hell thank you. You get tired of those simple guys who never look to improve. They’re just…..boring.

        1. My pleasure, but you don’t get to accuse those men of being “boring”. When a woman ASKS him to “just be himself” she is DELIBERATELY REQUESTING that he “boring”, dull and unexciting.
          It’s the WOMEN who EXPECT and ask men to be “boring” who are the problem. And most of them are boring themselves! That’s exactly what you girls deserve when you ask him to “just be himself”.
          A boring guy. Congratulations.

        2. Wow, never thought of if that way. You’re right. I never tell my boyfriend “just be yourself” because I believe no one’s perfect and everyone can improve. That’s a very good point you made, it’s not his fault, it’s the women who said, “Just be yourself” knowing that would me be boring.

        3. Right on, tom.
          Women need much improvement on their end. I don’t know how many times I’ve talked to a woman (blah, blah, blah…reality tv nonsense…I stop listening) and they’re boring as well.
          Women should….learn how to cook (I have), learn a hobby or two (I have), a foreign language or travel (I have), workout or exercise (I do)..or how about act like a lady or an adult.
          I mean, I don’t mind just banging a woman for a ONS if that’s all she wants. I’ll just kick her off of my bus at the next stop.

        4. Agree….not trying to control anyone here.
          It’s called accountability and responsibility (for your actions). If she wants to have a ONS and continue to be treated a certain way then so be it.
          Women can’t complain about how men don’t treat them like ladies or how they can’t find a good man while they are running around acting like whores.
          Own up to it and move on…but stop the complaining (once they hit the wall).

        5. I like my boyfriend being himself, I don’t find him boring. I like the way he views things, and how he talks about it. And you can’t talk about boring when guys view girls who are attractive as interesting simply because of how they look.

        6. Well men, such as yourself, can’t complain about not finding an interesting and attractive girl when you’re sounding like a prick.

        7. you’re actually lovely, Paul. I was bait shocked at a lot of these comments; the bitterness, derision, and blame. I find it ironic how some men complain about being “friend zoned” when many of them do this to women who they don’t deem attractive enough for them. I know I “friend zone” guys who I simply have no compatibility with. They’re interested in me simply because they think I’m attractive, and don’t seem to care that there is no connection! Because a lot of them are thinking about just fucking the girl. And guys should know it’s quite obvious. I’ve had a few guys ask me within the first few minutes of meeting me how long until I would be turning eighteen. But I don’t seem to face many guys who are so blatant with their disrespect for not even women, but other humans. However, that this could be because this is anonymous, and face to face is a little too confronting. But thank you Paul for being so lovely.

        8. “Just be yourself” is the kiss of death. If a guy falls for that shit, then he is in trouble.
          Never just be “yourself”. That shit does not work!

        9. Oh wow, you’ve astounded me with your rapier wit. I’m sure that you’re tiny brain is confused with my vocabulary. Look it up, because I know you sure as hell can’t figure it out yourself.

      2. I’m not sure that works, because I am the man I want to be and I still find it hard to meet attractive women. The problem cannot be me, as I had initially thought, because I am athletic, good-looking enough, intelligent, educated and act like a man. When I go out in the UK, the welfare-womanized state means women choose either:
        (1) tall, good-looking white men (what society promotes) = a small minority of the population
        (2) many women are insecure, and seeing as daddy welfare state is around to be married, they pick the most physically unattractive, unintelligent, unemployable and most pathetic men that ever existed. They do this as their insecurity prompts them to pick a man that is so pathetic, that he will never leave.
        Of course, the above state of affairs means that men feature less in university (70% female 30% male for medicine), as many are spending all day being unemployed trying to get poosy. There is no incentive for men to improve as no amount of improvement will suffice – women have deregulated the sexual market to whatever they want/the social media presents to them, at a whim. This is despite the UK getting poorer – the men have become followers of whatever women want and have become even more pathetic – I speak as someone who has lived in multiple countries. Even the women have become much less attractive and I don’t enjoy working in a feminazi hormonal hell-hole. I’d rather be unemployed too. Fortunately, I have lived in Germany and EE in the past, so I know that this state of affairs is not normal elsewhere and so I plan to move there.
        But yeah, being relatively amazing should be done for yourself, as it does not get you more poosy if the women in your environment are relatively 5hit – you improve but the women get worse and worse.

        1. Well that’s the real kicker isn’t it.
          You just said a mouthful.
          We’ve ALL heard “maybe you’re just looking in the wrong places”. Haven’t we. That tired line comes up whenever a man says: “WTF? Where are all the decent chicks? I have my act together! Why don’t they??”
          So they say: “Maybe you’re just looking in the wrong places”
          …. to which I reply: “Bullshit. 51% of people are women. that means even if I DONT want to meet a woman, I am MORE likely to meet a woman. They are everywhere. Like trashcans.”
          And now you just flipped the script on them. You see because society doesn’t want YOU to look for and get the woman YOU want….. its set up and rigged to try to convince you that you should be the man SHE wants.
          Women don’t think THEY need to be right for YOU.
          They think YOU need to be right for THEM.
          So the man who calls bullshit on that —->> WINS.
          As soon as you have and maintain standards, the bullshit female game falls flat on it’s ass. You ARE doing everything right. What you are doing IS working. Because it’s just as effective , valuable and wonderful to identify the WRONG woman/…… BEFORE you make the tragic mistake of marrying or living with her.
          You ARE doing everything right. It IS working for you. Don’t question it for a second. Because that’s exactly what they WANT you to do.
          If the women in your vicinity are shit,
          –>> it’s not YOUR problem.
          You don’t have to “wait” to meet attractive women. You can pick up the phone and order them like PIZZA for much less trouble , effort, money and time than any woman wants you to believe. Enjoy.

        2. Tom your posts are golden. You are one of the few men here who makes a lot of great comments…
          “Women don’t think THEY need to be right for YOU.
          They think YOU need to be right for THEM.
          So the man who calls bullshit on that —->> WINS.”
          Right on again. Funny how that simple yet drastic life alternating change of mindset (frame) changes your game completely…

        3. A thousand thanks, Kirk. Appreciate it very much. Supremely delighted to be in the company of others who inspire the thought. Said it before and I’ll say it again… wish I knew more of you in my everyday life.

        4. As usual, very well said, tom.
          seth, you have to understand this point. Usually, the most attractive women have issues with their self esteem. They are probably intimidated by you and feel as though they don’t meet your standards.
          I know…it’s a funny thing but many times it’s pretty true. Keep on going and don’t settle for the BS that is going on today with you having to qualify for a woman’s standards (see tom’s comments).

        5. This whole comment was simply about getting “poosy”. Of course the women are going to go for guys who actually value them as a person regardless of their job or education. You sound so horribly conceited, and that turns many women off. I’ve noticed that if a guy is so fucking full of himself, I will be even more of a bitch to him than some creepy guy who followed me around a store. You’re obviously not desirable.

        6. No, they are not intimidated, they are disgusted. I have met attractive men who have assumed that I’d pick them over their less attractive friend. I always went to the less attractive friend. Not necessarily to date, but I’d much rather spend time with them than the egotistical jerk. See men aren’t deterred when beautiful women are bitches to them. They think of it as a game, or that they’re “funny”. They ignore all of the bad attributes as long as they aesthetically pleasing. Not all men, of course. I’m dating a guy right now who is lovely. However, he’s a bit insecure over the fact that people think I’m “out of his league”. This concept is based upon looks alone and is ridiculous. Guys will hit on me while I’m with him simply because they think they’re better looking and therefore more suited to me. And it offends him, obviously. So if he’s acting like an egotistical jerk, I’m sure women are rejecting him because of that. Women don’t want to be viewed simply as “poosy”. If you’re compatible, and treat women with respect, and aren’t quasimodo, you can definitely get an attractive girl.

        7. You’re dating a guy who is “lovely”? You’re dating a bitch.
          The door is this way —–> just get out.

        8. lol…we’re talking experience here (in the real world). I was nice and respectful to women for a long time (it doesn’t work). Women (I mean bitches) are used to one thing….treat them like shit. I can treat a women like shit (today) and I can’t get ride of her. I have had women call me…looking for me still to this day.
          These are real world experiences. All this bull shit that you talk about is nice (in the Disney fairy princess world) but in reality this shit really works. I’ve learned it from years for dealing with women. I’ve lost out to other guys because they were bad to them (disrespected, cheated on them, etc…). You can’t tell me any different so come back and report when you have a few more years under your belt.
          Until then…these women are riding on my bus on my schedule. If they act up, then I stop the bus and tell them to get the fuck off.
          It works like a charm and I can’t get rid of them (yes, even attractive women).

        9. Lies. I doubt someone like you would ever be able to get a decent girl. Seriously, go cry me a river. Maybe you’re just a creep, and they sensed that. Most women don’t go after guys who treat them like shit. I certainly never have. And to me, it sounds like you’re just abusing and manipulating the women who do. If you genuinely cared about someone, you’d feel shit if they felt shit. Hence, you wouldn’t purposely make them feel like shit.

        10. Lovely, as in a lovely person, as in someone worthy of time and respect, unlike you. Lovely doesn’t mean I don’t think other things about him, but to me lovely is the best compliment you can give someone. It means that you actually value that person. Maybe it’s an unfamiliar word to you because you don’t have any value? Trust me, if the best compliment you can give. Ergo, why it’s never been said to you.

        11. you’re just making yourself sound even more stupid by replying with these dry “comebacks”. Now, if you replied with something with even a hint of intelligence, maybe people would take you seriously, and not just view you as a neanderthal. But you’ve proved me right, you’re an idiot.

        12. Ok seriously though… i find that term most irritating “treating a woman with respect” I used to think that way, treated women right and all those “LOVELY!!” crap… took me 20 years to finally realize i was the only one getting my heart broke every damn time… I did the opposite,(Trust me took another 2years to change my nature) works like a charm! now not only do i get laid but i finally have a girl ive been with for over a year.. so no being lovely doesn’t work guys you’ll be dumped before you know it.

        13. Quasimodo was the good guy. Some women date betas to be the dominate in the relationship, kinda like you just admitted to.
          Stop torturing Quasimodo.

      3. Based on personal experience, I think you can be yourself as long as you are a self-interested jerk who genuinely isn’t concerned with what makes her happy.

        1. Are you one of those “friend zone” guys? Think about it from a different perspective. If there was a really nice girl who was interested in you, but wasn’t that great looking, you wouldn’t give her the time of day (I’ve seen it happen so many times before). If she doesn’t like you, she doesn’t like you. He may be a jerk, but perhaps he’s funny and you’re not, and she is really into humour. And you’re obviously not concerned on what makes her happy if you’re thinking she’d be happier if she was with you. If that would make her happier, she would do it. However she has not, so it wouldn’t. Plus I know plenty of guys who have been interested in me in the past have been interested in me because I’m attractive. I know plenty of other girls who I’m sure were so much more compatible with these guys, yet they gravitated towards me. The friend zone does not exist, guys are simply categorised into “I’m attracted to them (either physically or intellectually) and “I’m not attracted to them”

      4. All women are different.
        Never “be yourself” around women? What stupid women do you know?

        1. They are all the same.Every single woman I have ever met or come across has slept around.They’re all whores.

      5. I feel some guys are quite bitter about this subject. Just because a woman isn’t attracted to your either intellectually or physically you shouldn’t get so offended and blame all women everywhere. Being yourself is actually good advice for men. I have been interested in good looking guys who were a bit egotistical before. But I got over them ridiculously fast. Looks really mean jack shit if you have nothing to back it up. However, I am now dating a guy who’s fairly attractive. But he is honestly amazing personality wise. I can’t speak for all women out there, but looks aren’t really anything I pay much attention to. That being said, I know a lot of guys have liked me before simply because people perceive me as really attractive. Some I’ve been nice to, mean to, indifferent to. But what I find, is that if a pretty girl has a crappy personality, guys will make excuses for it. Because sadly, many guys place more importance upon looks. But this really isn’t me complaining about the way guys act towards women in regards to how attractive they are, but rather to let all you guys know, that it is so easy to get a girl who you view as “out of your league” (god i hate that quote though) if your personality is what she is looking for. Being yourself isn’t going to work with every girl obviously, you two might just not be compatible. But if you are, and you’re being yourself, looks really don’t matter. Keep that in mind. You can so easily get a girl who’s “out of your league”

    5. Zipper up and out the do’
      Spit my game see how I flow
      I’m the boss I run the show
      First I come then I go
      Zipper up and out the do’
      Not stayin’ that’s for sho’
      Dome wrapper on the flo’
      It’s all yo’ worth you get no mo’
      Zipper up and out the do’
      Yo’ face smilin’ yo’ poosy so’
      Had my fun, yo’ had yo’
      Yo’ mama raised you be my little ho
      Zipper up and out the do’
      Spit my game see how I flow
      I’m the boss I run the show
      First I come then I go

    6. The never-fail indicator of a woman’s sluttiness is the ability of her pussy to produce pussy farts in bed (unless if she has recently delivered). Because with a slut, you’d actually be fucking not a vagina but simply air. If she makes pussy farts , you’d know it’s because she’s been recently been on a lot of dick lately. Her cave’s been excavated and explored by a lot of dicks.

    7. So bottom feeding is the best you can do at present?
      What are you going to do with your future virgin bride when her vag is pounded and stretched out from you? Poor bitch.

    8. Another indicator of a woman’s sluttiness is to check anal elasticity by sticking a finger in her ass, with minimal lubrication while fucking her doggy style (since some people on this thread say that the vagina will “return to normal” size (even in case of sluts) remember the slut’s asshole does not). A slut’s asshole will usually be looser as compared to a normal woman’s (considering sluts usually are open to anal). Watch for her reaction when you do it. If she moans with pleasure and rocks back her ass on your finger, you got a slut (more so if she sticks her tongue out). Pull her hair while doing this and see her reaction. If she complains and says don’t go there, you have the average woman with no experience (non-slut). And the women who disagree with this article citing personal experience are also sluts.

    9. “… that’s 15 feet in cock you’ve buried in your cavernous hole; a hole that most likely smells like a skunk that crawled out of a dead skunks ass, walked a mile in rotten fish entrails, then spent the night in the holding tank on Forrest Gump’s shrimpin’ boat.”
      You are amazing – a new Roald Dahl in the making.
      “15 feet in cock- hang a rim on that and Lebron can’t even dunk on that shit.”
      This is epic. I have never laughed so much reading a comment.

    10. Wouldn´t that happen to a houswife too, then? You know, one who gave birth to 3 Children or more?
      No, of course it doesn´t.
      Few marry in order to avoid sex, lol! I should point out that those marriages where the wife doesn’t want that much sex anymore are going to end before the family courts.
      Going for a foreign, young wife who never had sex before marriage is going to prevent that? You think all those husbands and fathers facing familly courts, had their income and children ripped off them all married sluts and skanks?? Think again!
      I rather like it when one doesn´t need to give and arm and a leg in order to have sex.
      Yes yes, that is self-interest of me of course, -) but not just for the most self-evident reason you can think of.
      When the dude needs to give an arm and a leg in order to have sex, it raises the expectations of the other gender to a point where a reasonable relation is all but impossible.
      It results in a mass of weaklings with hollow pride, who would push their best friend right under the bus and where promotion is not how good you are at your job but getting under the boss´s table.
      Such a society is the utopia of the serfs and those who feel big having such filth snivelling before them and eagerly licking their boots. Such a society is the anti-meritocracy, that eventually eat iself out. When it really goes full circle, you have the dark ages and eating out part being witch-hunts and later wars of religions.
      Feminism evolved out of its sex cartel to harvest the ressources of the betas. The pathetic, beaten “betas” are a natural evolution of the chivalrous, provider husband.
      Just like in Victorian Britain, the objective is the same, divorce the price from actual quality.
      Bottom line, the difference is really that of a price tag and not one that reflects quality.
      Real traditionalism is not early 20th Century america or Victorian Britain, it is the Roman Empire, Vikings or the Spartans.

    11. Man – sleeps around – slut
      Woman – sleeps around – slut
      Men + Women = Equal.

    12. I am not what people would call a “slut” at all. I would never even give you the fucking time of day, and I doubt anyone else would. So, let’s see: not sluts don’t want to date you, sluts don’t want to date you either. Okay, you can be a virgin for the rest of your life with your misogynistic views. And being yourself does work. I have a boyfriend who’s fairly attractive, but people do seem to view me as extremely attractive. He’s a bit insecure because guys sometimes seem surprised that he’s with me, which is ridiculous that everyone is focused so solely upon looks. The reason I’m dating him is because he’s a great person who also TREATS WOMEN WITH RESPECT. And that, is why you will never be able to attain someone remotely bangable. Your lack of respect for anyone other than yourself.

  4. What have we learned from this. It’s great to be a stud and it’s bad to be a slut! All is right with the world. Thankfully, that standard will never change lol.

    1. It is simple, the double standard for the sexes concerning the outcome of managing said number of sexual partners, arises because of the disparity in amount of work and talent needed to put in to get to a similar outcome with partners at similar sexual market values.
      The last part is crucial as there will be women who will claim “it is so difficult to get laid”, while having their eyes only on the studdest of studs.
      No, it is not difficult to get laid with men of your level, when indeed it requires work, time, talent, etc, for a man to get laid with women of his level.
      One of the most idiotic things I heard from a woman about her past sex life was calling her one night stands “conquest”…
      It like me calling my daily dumps achievements worthy of the name “Dumps of Picasso”… something which I quit when I was two or so.

    2. Heh, not quiet.
      The alpha does not choose between the slut and lady, he picks both, the idea that it should matter is simply alien to him…

      1. LMAO! good point! I never said choose between though. why would you. have your cake and eat it too.

      2. that’s not true, an alpha wouldn’t bother with the slut… he can have plenty of good girls that will do what he wants and doesn’t have to worry with putting up with the disgusting slut, not even for one night.

  5. “-a woman is considered a slut not if she has lots of sex, but if she gives it up easily.”
    I’m not sure that everyone will agree with this definition because it creates a bit of a paradox: How does a woman have a lot of sex if she does not give it up easily?
    Just something to think about.

    1. If she’s married or otherwise committed to one guy who she shares herself with a lot, she is “giving it up easily” but not a “slut”

    2. Yeah I thought the same.
      I think a better definition would be:
      “A woman is considered a slut if she has sex, irrespective of quantity, with lots of men by giving it up without bothering for, or securing, commitment. If she did manage to secure commitment, but still slept around, she’d still qualify to be called a slut.”
      “Easily” does not make much sense after “giving it up”. Sluts would still make some men wait to sleep with them , while giving it up easily to others – depending on their choice.

    3. I think the idea was probably more that it isn’t a woman who has sex with lots of guys, necessarily, but a woman who progresses to sex very quickly (same night as meeting normally) with pretty much every guy she is with. In other words, she can be selective, but once she selects, the price for the sex is very low — meaning she gives it up to the guys she selects easily.

    4. I’ll explain. Lately in the western cultural context when men use the
      phrase “gives it up easily” it means that a women a) sleeps with many
      partners frequently, or has in the past, and b) does so with receiving
      few resources in return. For instance, a prostitute frequently has sex
      but does not “give it up” easily because one must pay for it, and with
      an increasing price gradient as SMV increases. A slut will “give it up”
      with nothing in return hence being “easy” from the perspective of the
      male, and she will do it with different partners. (another topic: this
      is why women don’t hate prostitutes; they don’t lower the market value
      of sex.)
      In a committed relationship the natural biological sex
      roles entail that the man is the provider of resources to the woman and
      in exchange she gives him the ability to produce his own offspring with a
      nurturing figure to raise them. Since he is constantly providing her
      resources as per the relationship status, ie in providing protection, he
      views that he’s entitled to her resources, ie her vagina. So a female
      in a committed relationship having frequent sex with the same partner is
      not slutty behavior. In modern times when a woman can give sex out to
      whoever with very little pragmatic repercussions it may appear that
      “giving it up” frequently is just as easily done with a committed
      partner as it is with multiple strangers, but this is not natural. It
      would lead to cuckolding or the female being pregnant without a male’s
      resources, and that would certainly mean death in nature.
      this only scratches the surface of why men won’t commit to sluts and
      why women hate sluts. It really boils down to men fearing cuckolding and
      women hating the decrease in the market value of sex. I could write more about this dynamic but is pretty much explains the apparent paradox.

    5. For me it is much more simple.
      Hottie sleeping witha lot of dudes, I am fine with that.
      Hottie dating a 200 kilos fatass, if they looked around they would notice someone is starring at them with a look of absolut contempt and loathing.
      Same thing with a good-looking dude dating a 200 kilos fattie or someone 50 years older.

  6. Sigh, there’s to many ghetto sluts where I’m from to slut shame. They’ll get everyone on you if you call them what they are. They get beat up, knocked up, messed up and no one cares to call them on it.

    1. Calling out victims of abuse like they don’t fucking know they are victims of abuse

  7. “When a man is willing to pay an unreasonably high amount of his male utility for sex with a woman, or in many cases simply the possibility of sex with a woman, then it raises other women’s expectations for other men making those women worthless for relationships.”
    Spot. On.

    1. problem is that if i value my time at $100 an hour and frankly it’s worth 10 times that… then there is no women worth sleeping with that can’t be immediately replaced with a hooker.
      all this game and players think they have found the answer, but they don’t factor in their own time and resources into the equation.
      even if you pay yourself minimum wage to go out gaming… with expenses you’re still probably better off staying home spending the money in a whore….
      ain’t maths a bitch…

      1. I think this is mostly true. If your goal is just to have sex, it’s far more efficient to hire hookers. At best, Game is about social validation, but it’s a really inefficient way to obtain that. A much better way is to improve yourself in body and mind, do important things, obtain money and influence.

      2. “Sledge Antarctica”. You’re so cold and dry, for a second there I thought you were Jodie Foster. Sorry. Just amusing myself over here.

      3. “problem is that if i value my time at $100 an hour and frankly it’s worth 10 times that… then there is no women worth sleeping with that can’t be immediately replaced with a hooker.”
        Amen brother!
        Q:/Why do all women (any age) love 50 Shades of Grey?
        A:/ Because deep down they are all hookers…difference is the method of how they hook their man…

        1. that’s very insightful thinking…. even my baby momma has this fantasy of being paid for sex, which threw me the first time she pulled it on me…..
          now this brings a certain new approach and attitude to game….. pay with cash… ok… that’s one thing… pay with time, fun, attitude….. can work too….. and you get a different kind of experience… can be random and crap…. and be amazing…..
          just always know what you are dealing with……
          HOES !

    1. Do you have any ability to write something coherent or to make even the slightest point? Don’t you have cats to feed hun?

    2. Well perhaps if you lost some weight, grew your hair out and stopped giving of a creepy, loser vibe, you might become healthier.

      1. Oh my God, you are really, really funny, I can’t stop laughing XD Tom, don’t stop being funny, please

  8. Women getting laid a lot is not impressive because it is tantamount to a guy that can physically beat up women. It is not impressive. You were born with genetic advantages that make it easy to do.

    1. “Why is it that a girl who punches a guy is just defending herself, but a guy who punches a girl is being abusive? It’s not fair!”

      1. To make women behave properly, they need more training than a killer whale and more discipline than a sack of lard. But no matter how heavily you beat lard, you will never get meringue. That’s why it’s generally pointless and ineffective to punch a chick. They don’t learn anything that way.
        Unless a man points it out, women have no idea when they are fucking up. She would walk herself off a goddam cliff if there wasn’t a sign on the railing of a Man giving her the stupid eye.
        You can do MUCH more damage to a woman (permanent internal damage) by not beating her and ignoring her completely. NOTHING hurts a woman more than being totally ignored. Less effort than beating her. More effective results.
        Bruises heal. But abandonment issues are forever.
        So the fact that “it’s not fair” is actually a GOOD thing.
        You terrorize and destroy a woman from the INSIDE.
        See, a woman will punch and get violent to get you to pay more attention to her. Even when nobody is treating her badly(!). She’s just being ignored!

        She WANTS you to hit her back. Because as long as you are beating her…. technically you’re still “paying attention” to her. Which is what she wants!! Ignore her instead. It hurts worse. It will drive her totally out of her mind.
        PS. It also frees up your time , so you can get on to better and more important things than annoying, crazy and violent western bitches.

        1. You know people actually have the right to react with force to protect theri property. These women should at least have the curtisey to run(like a guy would) instead they know you cant touch her (such arrogance aint it that the law suddenly doesnt apply to her)
          If those women want his attention, why dont they just fuck him?

        2. Ignoring females tom is one of, if not the best, way to deal with their bullshit. But ignoring is an art. if you can’t pull it off with cool air of “ehh you need to shut your mouth” or “you’re really not funny so stop talking” then she’ll start probing because you’ll look mad or scared to speak up. It’s nuanced but men who’ve mastered can make a loud bitch as quiet as a mouse. Trust me

        3. Agree. I’ve experience these actions with women in a couple of relationships in the past. Some of it was my fault for not being assertive enough (I didn’t know better – taking responsibility for my part). But, now, if that shit happens it will not stand.
          I’ll stop my bus and tell her to get off (lol). We don’t play that nonsense on my bus. If you want to ride, then have a seat and act like an adult (or get off).

        4. Because your whole damn life isn’t about fucking. You’ll probably reply with ‘yes it is you bellend’ or something just so you can get likes. But you know I’m right.

      2. What if he just put his arm around her neck and rubbe his knuckles on her head in a friendly and good natured manner, like what an older brother or sister does to a younger sibling who is being silly, is that abuse or assault?

        1. Depends, did the woman say it is OK? If not, then it is assult. I would never accept a man touching me in public without getting sprayed with pepper spray. We are people and are allowed to tell others how we want to be touched or not touched.

        2. no one cares what women say is OK, You know why? because women don’t ask what men think is OK, you know why because women don’t care about anyone but themselves.

      3. Honestly, mate, it depensthe situation, (are you an idiot because you sound like one) f a man attacks it is self defense, if a woman attacks it is not self defense, and that is seen in court. So why dont you get off your high horse and realize that YOU SHOULD HIT ANYONE?! Can you see that in your pee brain?

        1. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Biological promiscuity is not about getting higher pregnancy rates. The driving force behind it is about high investment VS low investment. Male sperms can be produced cheaply whereas female eggs are more costly, hence the natural tendency for males to have multiple partners and for females to be pickier.
          You don’t know your science. Read about “anisogamy”…

      4. Are you thick? Men are physically stronger than women. the same should apply to children.

        1. Nope. People’s strength depends on their lifestyle (exercise and diet). Men aren’t born stronger.

        2. But if a man and a woman both live the same lifestyle the man will be stronger. Why are the beat athletes at every sport male?
          Femenist want to change biology now ahahahahaha….

        3. You are right guest, but feminist claim they are just as equal as men and therefore deserve the same rights.. Hence nullifying that term

    2. Hahaha….all this talk about woman’s pussy makes me laugh….
      Spend 5 minutes watching “The View” and realise how disgusting these so called humans are. They are all pure evil and no man should bang nor spend time with them…
      All pussy goes bad, real bad boys, never marry or commit…..

      1. Why all women are whores….read and learn boys.
        The thing about whores is they cannot believe a man will accept them, because the whore knows she’s an unacceptable whore. She longs for a respectable man to accept her, however, once such a man accepts her (by marriage or childbearing), the whore KNOWS the man does not deserve her respect. No respectable man loves a whore. Thus, by loving the whore, the respectable man loses respect and propels the whore to embrace her whoredom. That’s why whores so often are on their best behavior ONLY until married or until they have a child.

        1. Totally agree. Great insight of the mind of the whore/slut. No wonder the saying goes “You can’t turn for a hoe into a wife, no rings for sluts”.

        2. It’s the biggest red pill truth.
          Facts about Popular Culture:
          1) 50 Shades of Grey sold 70 million copies in the US alone.
          2) Pretty Woman ($14M budget, $460M Gross) was one of the highest grossing movie of all time for it’s budget.
          The customer for these products (women) are voting with their dollars and looking at the revenue made it speaks volumes.
          What it means is that almost EVERY American women has read it or identifies with these products. When you bang your GF/Wife most likely she is visualizing another man.
          Because deep down they know their only valuable asset is their ASS…So why not charge for it since dumb men are willing to pay?

        3. so true. Even sat through a female friends movie of some trashy slutty chick who sucks the dick of a moral stud and gets hitched (whom dated a 5 before her). Thats what women dream of. That they can get the perfect man despite being trashy or totally unattractive.
          i even heard my friend say during the movie twice that she wouldve respected those guys if they refused her sexual advances. My thought was who cares about having a slut’s respect.

        4. 50 Shades of Grey was originally started as a fanfiction of the Twilight series. That right there tells you all you need to know.

        5. It’s true. If a messed up girl knows you like her she’ll think your messed up for liking a messed up person


        7. And no respectable woman will marry a dickhead like you. Or man whore/abuser /sexist/rapist like you. Men like you make me puke on them.

    3. Another good equivalency: A woman bragging about getting laid a lot would be the same as a guy bragging about how many women let him buy them shit no strings attached. Imagine some guy saying, “Dude, I bought sooo many chicks drinks last night”. No one is gonna high five this.

  9. Nope I don’t buy it.
    A man who sleeps around enough gets a bad rap. There is a fine line between “stud” and “manwhore” in women’s eyes.

    1. If he is hooking up with girls of high quality girls it will reflect positively on him from both sexes.

    2. And that line is completely blurred when it comes to Rock Stars, so yes, you have to buy it.
      No one considers male music/Rock Stars to be “manwhores” but most of them have slept with literally 1000s of women.

    3. But all the man has to do is find Jesus and reform and he’s guaranteed a young virgin churchian who loves his secret tats and war stories.

      1. he can also join al queda and die in battle for an endless afterlife of hashish and virgins….

  10. Perhaps, but there are man-whores out there– and I don’t mean dudes cruising the Greyhound bus terminal bathroom for tricks…

  11. So much of what we observe in the world can easily be explained by the simple laws of supply and demand.
    Too bad most people, and especially women, have no clue how that works.

  12. When men finally realise that prostitution is lawful and tell the cops and the guvmint to stay the hell out of it you are going to see some big changes in the western english speaking world.

    1. yes, once you extrapolate the mathematics, and think about the man who gets the most pussy for the least costs…ie. the real STUD…. (and add in the quality of the actual sex because a 9 or 10 can still be terrible in bed)….
      then you realize that the guy paying pros is probably coming out best…. everyone pays for sex one way or another, and the guy whose trying to get freebies is most likely consuming large amounts of time and resources and or getting shit sex…
      i mean think about it, put an hourly rate on your time. a good pro will do WHATEVER you want with no hoops to jump through… and no time wasted AT ALL.

    2. since women are dressing/acting more like street walkers by the day…I would rather pay for a clean whore than take my chances with a dirty “good” girl…

    3. Prostitution is legal here in Germany. It is cheap and widespread.
      I am convinced that this has had a strong impact on the way women relate to men here in Germany for the reasons that you describe….

  13. “It is not having sex with beautiful women. It is a man’s ability to not pay an arm and a leg to do it. When a man is willing to pay an unreasonably high amount of his male utility for sex with a woman, or in many cases simply the possibility of sex with a woman, then it raises other women’s expectations for other men making those women worthless for relationships.”
    Good reason I wouldn´t bitch about women sleeping around.
    A lot of feminists also realize that, so they too try to prevent other females from having lot of sex by encouraging them to allow themselves to be lazy, lesbian, physically weak and repulsive, vapide, entitled etc.

    1. Exactly.
      It reminds me of Roosh’s “busted dude index,” whereby you can determine the quality of opportunity by how many busted dudes you see with attractive women.
      I just returned from Tokyo and want to barf at the hideousness of the average american female. But, what’s more alarming is the inversion in the busted-dude-index. I’m seeing way too many good looking guys with FAT, overwight, obese, sloppy, unkempt, loud obnoxious females. GROSS!
      What’s up with that fellas?

      1. LOL! So you want to slag off at everyone who has ever taken “unemployment benefits”?
        I have asked for an income tax refund….against the very substantial income taxes that I have paid in Australia. Perfectly reasonable.
        PS. Does Fiona Brassil know you are bringing her in to disrepute using her photograph like this?

      1. Yep..when a woman suicides it is BIG news.
        In spain a woman suicided when they foreclosed her property.
        TWO DAYS LATER 10,000 people descended on the Spanish Parliament to protest.
        THE VERY NEXT DAY the spanish parliament announced a moratorium on evictions for 2 years.
        The entire western media has made it very clear how to get any attention…there has to be a dead woman involved. When Thomas Ball set himself on fire and burned himself to death there was nothing in the media.
        In Brisbane Australia a man set himself alight outside the brisbane family court in protest at how he had been treated.
        The headline read “family court protester disrupts traffic for 45 minutes”.
        We have petitioned to be heard enough. This is why I have claimed into existence a state of WAR in Ireland. I have been in conversation with the PM for more than 3 years (including the previous PM) and the entire parliament for more than 2 years.
        They refuse to talk back…so a state of WAR it is.
        I am wondering when an “Irish Anders Breivik” will emerge.

    1. Sad. Some people will go on about women´s natural nurturing instincts, I rather suspect nurturing instinct is generally stronger among fathers than mothers.
      If that wasn´t the case, a lot less former wives would seek sole custody of their children, that they do tells a lot about how they view their own children, as possessions.
      Murder of children is done much more than their biological mothers and 56 millions abortions.
      Yes, I know some boyfriends kinda pressure their girlfriends into abortion and so on but still.

      1. The old saw “womens natural nurturing instincts” is garbage. They are merely using their children as their own welfare scheme…that’s all.

  14. Personally I disagree. Both are sluts. It’s just that the man is a master ho and the woman is an easy ho. But they’re both still ho.

    1. “the man still has to pay on the dates”
      Am I some weird girl or something? Cause I’d go dutch and get a salad. Especially doesn’t make sense with equally broke college students. I’d be like, “can we just order chinese or something and watch movies in pajamas?” Cause that’s a lot cheaper and you can split it according to what you bought, split the delivery bill and tip. Am I the only one who sees the sense in this? The only reason my boyfriend gets away with buying me anything or 5 bucks is because he’s stubborn and always gets his way. I’m poor, anything over 5 is expensive. Ah ya! And then the girl who orders the most expensive stuff on the menu and then wants to split it evenly…..I only know girls do that because I sat with guys at lunch before home schooling because my best friend insisted. I’ve heard a lot of crazy stories. It’s not fair a guy has to pay on the dates….it’s actually bs. Her: “I don’t want to pay on dates, do equal work, or anything, I just want to be SEEN as an equal.” The generations before me fought to be equal, I might as well try and meet that standard. That means paying for my stuff on dates. Oh well I really got on a tangent. Sorry about that ^.^

      1. Have you ever prepared a meal for him, as seen in “A Man Wants a Wife, Not a Co-Worker”?

        1. My mom’s currently teaching me to cook better. Once I’ve improved a bit I’ll cook him a meal as soon as I can get the chance. 🙂 Thanks for the advice, cooking a meal for him is a really good idea.

      2. I believe it tends to vary, you’ll have three tiers.
        1st tier-girl wants to go dutch because she believes in being equal to her man.
        2nd tier-girl wants to go dutch because she doesn’t want to need a man.
        3rd tier-girl is a total princess who expects to be catered to.
        You really are making me feel very, very old because I was your age almost ten years ago (2006-and it doesn’t help that I turned 24 yesterday) but at the same time you also make me feel relieved. Most of us 90s-era curmudgeons don’t look upon your generation too favorably, what with the Beliebers and the Lovatics, general celebrity worship issues, issues with coping with simple problems leading to the rise in self harm amongst that generation-but you seriously give me hope.

        1. Awh thanks 🙂 I had my own self harm issues for very serious reasons when I was younger, which spiraled back after more serious issues but I managed to get over it. And I don’t know why but t bothers me when people hurt themselves over trivial things. I can see why you guys don’t look on my generation very well, because I don’t either. And it bothers me people worship celebrities when they make the most mistakes because the power goes to their heads. You shouldn’t worship anybody because that implies perfection, which no one has obtained. We all have our own histories, our mistakes, our flaws, our failings, and you should love the people you love despite them, but never worship anybody but God, or Alla, or Krishna, whatever your religion is should you have one. And f you are an atheist, worship no one. I seriously had to leave school because I could not stand the people around me or the actions I witnessed. It gave me horrible anxiety because I knew what I was going to see, and I hated it. I still hate it, when I see people defending Justin Bieber despite his crimes and endangering people on the road and pedestrians. I hate it when I hear people say, ‘didn’t get and iPhone/Mac Pro/ ect for Christmas”. There are children who feel lucky to have food Christmas day. Anyway, I better stop before I get upset because how materialistic and selfish people are astounds me. Have a pleasant day/evening/afternoon/whatever time of day it may be. 🙂 So happy I could give you some hope. There are some of us that are good in this generation, they give me some hope for the future. Those people I know, really, truly know, I love and cherish for everything they are because they’re good and selfless. Those are the only people one should associate themselves with. Birds of a feather as they say.

        2. a long time ago there was a link showing tweets from people who were pissed that they got the “wrong color” iPhone.

        3. I was sick to my stomach when I saw that. Especially because I saw someone broke a gift to get the “right” one, one time. And then the people, who are like, “I got this, this, and this but no car. So pissed.” I just wanna smack these people and I can’t, hence why I should not be in school but then my urge will be greater.

  15. True say, I totally agree. A man bragging about banging tons of girls is the same as a woman bragging about getting tons of free drinks. Sex is easy for girls, but challenging for men (by principle anyhow). It’s a reflection of the poor state of modern society when women are praised for being lazy and being low effort (getting lots of casual sex) and women who actually work hard to maintain a good reputation and status as non-casual/promiscuous are subtly shamed. It’s the same attitude that says “everyone is beautiful” and “we’re going to ban the honour roll so no one feels left out.” A mediocre society. At least it won’t last, that’s for sure. We’re going to be completely outrun by foreign cultures because of this retarded attitude.

    1. Bro, getting tonnes of drinks is easy for girls…just look at how much a 6/10 chicks gets drinks brought for her.

      1. Yeah no doubt man, but when hypergamy is taken into account a bangable chick (5 and up) basically has higher status than 80% of all guys. Once you’re a top tier guy getting laid on the regular, you’re kinda like a decent looking chick by today standards. Definitely not if you get out of the anglosphere, other countries are more balanced.

  16. Men ARE sluts if they sleep around, but men aren’t going to slut shame because men generally don’t do that shit and women like promiscuous men. So what it boils down to is who cares?

    1. “Men ARE sluts if they sleep around . . .”
      . . . indiscriminately.
      If they sleep around the homecoming queens there are a top catch.

      1. Alright, I see your point. Women don’t only appraise a man’s value by how many women he sleeps with but by who he sleeps with.
        The same applies to women. A women is not only judged by the number of men she sleeps with, but by the quality of men she sleeps with. Personally I’d still see a girl with more than 2 past partners as a slut, but if they’re all good men with strong character then she’d be a high-value slut. Now if a woman has had sex with even 1 degenerate asshole, then I’d automatically downgrade her status below the woman who’s had more than 2 partners with good men. I’d still rate the bigger slut above the lesser slut as better relationship material. So the article is still wrong to me in the way it attempts to define “slut”, but I see now that it still has a valid point behind it despite that. Thanks.

        1. At least allow a woman to have a handful of notches before branding her a slut. The 2 men were probably boyfriends of more than a year.

        2. I’m a nice, generous guy at heart so I give a woman one mistake guy. If she’s slept with one guy, then I say that’s okay because maybe she made a mistake sleeping with that guy or maybe their relationship didn’t work out for some understandable reason. Fine, I understand. Shit happens, okay. If she’s slept with two guys then she better be in a relationship with that guy and not out looking for a third. If she’s out looking for a third guy to sleep with, then that communicates to me, that hey, this chick just likes sleeping around and goes from one guy to the next.
          I think my reasoning is fair and it doesn’t matter to me if those guys were long-term boyfriends or not. If she’s a high-quality woman, then why isn’t she with either of her two previous boyfriends? High-quality women who are having sex with their partners don’t get passed around from one guy to the next. So I just assume that if she’s had more than two guys penetrate her, she’s a slut who likes having sex with multiple guys.

        3. Well I guess we have different slut standards then 🙂 no big deal :).
          OK then small quesrion : which girl do u consider sluttier, one who is newly single after her second sex partner (Long term bf )or one who is a virgin but gives you a blowjob on the first date in a club bathroom?

        4. Not really … I just prefer knowing the background story before brandishing another woman a slut that’s all.
          And maybe I chose the wrong words … Replace are probably with might have been and it makes more sense. Just ask before you judge that’s all.

        5. I’m not judgmental, so where she gives a blowjob doesn’t matter to me. Sucking dick is sucking dick whether it’s done in a private bedroom, a dorm room, or a public toilet.

        6. My point was a girl who has sucked over dozen dicks on the first meeting / date and has never secured commitment compared to a girl who slept with 2 guys in the context of a committed relationship.

  17. “Well, a woman is considered a slut not if she has lots of sex, but if she gives it up easily.”
    No, a slut is the former. A woman is a slut for having lots of sex with different guys, not for giving it up easily. Being a slut would imply both though since a woman must be giving it up easily if she’s had sex with multiple guys. It’s simple logic.

    1. yeah but sluts are far more selective. They only fuck alpha cock…and by that I mean top 5% of males.

    2. that is why a good girl, has to hold out on sex when dating to demonstrate how she behaves (you hope), with all men…. the girl that bangs on a first date automatically brings suspicion into the mind of her man….
      the trick is to balance good game and not taking no for an answer, with allowing her the opportunity to hold back… (and making her believe she’s the one in control.)
      that way if you go to long term with her, and she’s inexperienced she will carry on believing that she can’t give sex away over her first martini….
      banging a good girl with a low notch count, on a third date, is far more of an accomplishment than nailing some slut on the first date – PLUS gaming the good girl is likely to give you the possibility and respect to run with her long term.
      Sweep a good girl off her feet and she will remember you for her life time…. my ex still calls me up…. clearly i was the best alpha in her life.

    3. I think it means that if a woman has a lot of sex with her boyfriend she is not a slut, but if she has a bunch of one night stands she is.

      1. She’s still a slut if she has too many boyfriends. Rationalizing that she had a relationship with her multiple sex partners doesn’t give her a pass for slutty behavior.

        1. I meant 1 boyfriend not many boyfriends, with whom she has sex on a daily basis …. She is getting a lot of sex but she’s not a slut. A slut would be a girl who has sex with a different man every month.

  18. A key that can open any lock is a master key. A lock that can be opened by any key is a shitty lock.

      1. It’s brilliant! And concise. It’s been said before but can never be said enough when the argument arises. Renders women speechless on the spot.

    1. +100
      I was surprised nobody had said this yet.
      I searched the page for “Master Key” (Because I heard it before)
      Because it’s the BEST way to put it. Should be right at the top.

  19. Ah feminism. Removing double standards for women while at the same time keeping double standards for men. How to have your cake and eat it too.

  20. also worth pointing out that if a man is a virgin hed be considered weird and undesirable to women. While women are praised to be virgins.
    women want what other women want while men want what no man has touched.
    women don’t like to tell what they like in bed and often fake it and expect men with experience to know what to do. Guys we have no problem with training a girl to what we like.
    Besides the more partners a woman has the less likely she can emotionally bond with her husband since she wont see him as special instead as a number.

    1. Men typically find virtues like kindness, honesty, and loyalty attractive in women which is why the majority of male-created art and literature is dominated by depiction of virtuous women. These are the types of women that men like. Women OTOH are practically the opposite. They prefer men who are arrogant, short-tempered, jealous, etc. Romance novels aimed at women are filled with men like this. It’s interesting to see just how polar opposites the genders are sometimes.

      1. Really? I would never want to be with a girl who didn’t want to be with me emotionally. In that case, why not just get hookers?

  21. I guess you forgot the old saying “A key that can open many locks is useful. But a lock that can be opened by many keys is useless “

  22. It takes one sperm to fertilize one egg.
    Yet a man produces on average 250 million sperm per ejaculate.
    A woman in her lifetime will start of with million of follicles but end up having roughly 400 functional eggs for her entire reproductive life.
    If a man copulates 8 times a day,he produces 2 billion sperm,and in 2 days has enough sperm for every woman on this planet.
    Even if you factor in that 99% of a man’s sperm is not fit for fertilization,he still has enough to fertilize 2.5 million women per ejaculate.
    This extreme lopsided productivity of the Testes versus the Ovary is precisely why men can afford to have many partners and women cannot afford to at the same rate.
    Sperm is cheap and abundant,eggs are rare and expensive.
    .So it is not a double standard at all if you consider the economics of supply and demand,it makes perfect sense.

    1. One gender is more vulnerable to sterility caused by STDs.
      There are no valid reasons society has to pay for Sandra Fluke´s birth control.

  23. a point Jack Donovan has mentioned that men are judged by bravery and women are judged by their chastity. Don’t belive me?, call a man a pussy and a woman a ho and youll have some pissed off people that want to prove you wrong or take a swing at you.
    Call a man a slut or a woman a pussy, it wont bug em at all.

  24. I think you stole this title from Luda lyrics:
    “If men sleep around we some playas but for women they be sayin’ HEY HO!”

  25. Exactly. The false equivalence position is beyond tired at this point. Men and women do not face the same barriers to entry in the sex and dating market. Since they are not equal, they should not be compared equally. Apples and oranges.

  26. Oh sweetheart, the lion analogy. I do want to help you, so please God, don’t use it again. Find the strength and power to evolve past it and accept that your spirit animal is more Maine Coon, less Mufasa.
    Women don’t think you’re a stud, we think you’re sexist. All of us. We had a meeting.

    1. It’s ok sweetheart you can just continue to lie about how many partners you have had. I am sure you are already doing it anyway.

      1. How is that remotely relevant? You boys really need to stop assuming we care when you tell us we’re all sluts. That word is so trite on this website it’s practically boring, Much like your views on pussy- if you keep throwing it around its value diminishes. Your comment is juvenile, you still have some growing up to do. As long as you keep your archaic attitudes, women are not going to like you. These women will marry your more evolved, intelligent friends and you’ll be phased out. Come on bro, these kind of gender disparates are outdated, accept it. If you can’t; Ryan Gosling is a feminist and girls get so wet over it.

        1. It’s relevant because that is why you came to comment. You are ashamed of how many partners you have had, so you seek to invalidate the articles assertion that you have reduced your value in the sexual marketplace.
          So how bad is it, are you in the triple digits yet?

        2. Oh a gargantuan number, a quadruple at least. To think, I had time to fit in all those sexual escapades and get a Masters degree.

        3. “These women will marry your more evolved, intelligent friends and you’ll be phased out. ”
          You can marry and keep your gender neutered, emasculated husbands who asks permission to kiss you or touch your hair. We will marry latinas or russian women who know how to be feminine, raise the kids and please their man. We don’t really need your kind; there are plenty of traditional women around the world to replace you.

        4. There are more opportunities for multiple sex partners in grad school than in a committed nuclear family.

        5. the faggot couldn’t hold down Scarlet for five minutes….. don’t make comparisons with gay movie stars…

        6. Girls get wet over the characters Ryan Gosling plays not over Ryan Gosling. And because he’s probably rich.

        7. “These women will marry your more evolved, intelligent friends and you’ll be phased out.”
          That’s very ironic of you to say, especially when your ilk phased themselves out of emotionally and financially stable men you dismissed–AKA “GEEKS and NERDS”–for bad boys. Yet, those are the very same men that your ilk shamed for “marrying submissive mail-order brides”, despite knowing fully well they are savvy enough to realize how divorce laws are stacked against them.
          I still remember that phenomenon; now, don’t deny that.

    2. At that meeting, perhaps you should have discussed ways to lose weights, hair styles with long hair and how to lose that creepy, loser attitude.
      Then you’d all figure out how to get better men.

      1. Hey John, when using the term ‘rape fantasy’ I trust you realise the paradox? If you’re constructing a sexual fantasy, you’re consenting. Of course, some women fantasise about being dominated and that’s perfectly healthy. The ‘rape fantasy’ however, only exists from the perspective of the attacker. So your question is, did we discuss dreams of bending men over and anally penetrating them against their will?

        1. “If you’re constructing a sexual fantasy, you’re consenting. ”
          Nonsense. You might consent to play out such a fantasy, but the fantasy itself is by definition non-consensual. If it was, nothing would distinguish it from other sex fantasies.

  27. “Modern women are ALL sluts till proven innocent – by their actions day in, and day out.”
    Follow this maxim in your life, and you’ll save yourself from unnecessary emotions and worries.

  28. Women’s solipsism prevents them from seeing the sexual market place from a man’s perspective. Men actually have to put in effort to get laid. We make the approach, we make the plans for the hangout/date, we take the initiative to initiate sex 99% of the time. Women just show up looking half-way decent (and sometimes they don’t even bother to do that).

  29. So for a woman to not be a slut she needs to find a simp. For a man to not be a simp he needs to find a slut. Sounds like maybe both sexes are better off without each other.

    1. No for a woman to not be a slut she needs to keep her legs closed and not have sex with a different guy every week.
      A simp sounds like the kind of men I avoid at all costs.

      1. Yeah hence she needs a simp so she can be praised for racking in the resources without spreading her legs.
        A man needs a slut so he can be praised for not spending his resources on a woman.

    2. Honestly, this whole site makes a pretty good argument for the world being better off without humanity. I await the rise of Angler Fish society with bated breath.

  30. Good points made here. I always go to the lion analogy to explain simple things to stupid women. Then, I get a puzzled look from them as if the universe just sucked itself inside-out through a black hole.
    The only problem I have with all this, and women need to realize it, is that there used to be a much more equitable trade arrangement — I provide resources, you provide love, attention, respect, cooking, cleaning, child rearing, keep yourself looking as good as can reasonably expected for your age — mostly by keeping your hair long, your skirts short, and your weight under control.
    Nowadays women in the pride think they posses the strength, ability, and cunning of the alpha male lion. They act as if they can sleep around all day, don’t have to hunt, and get fat and lazy as they want because they are now the top of the pride. Their “go girl lion” affirmations won’t stop an invading male who wants to infiltrate the pride and take away the choice breeding females — those with the best qualities expected in a female — leaving behind the weak, worthless, delusional females to fend for themselves.
    So it is with modern western females. Katy Perry’s insipid song, ROAR, is an appropriate anthem with a female impressionistic interpretation of the terrifying roar of a true alpha male lion. The Bengals in interesting twist of irony, ejected Perry from their venue, generally associated with strong, blue-collar, traditional alpha males. They couldn’t stand such a beta-fied pop-culture statement in their temple of testosterone.
    Just as a side note, male lions as well as other species regularly practice infanticide — the killing of the cubs. Even after successfully mating and producing offspring, they then kill off their own brood to have continued breeding access to females. Talk about the male lion’s true motivation towards females.
    Is is, or should it be, any different for humans? Just throwing the question out there for comment.

    1. This has got to be the greatest one-post-troll of all time. Of all time!
      “We’re pro-wanton infanticide here, right? Right, guys? Just throwing the question out there for comment.”

  31. There is no double standard. There is just a converse of standards.
    Female slut = Little value
    Male slut = High value
    Female virgin = High value
    Male virgin = low value

    1. I still consider a male slut to be of low value since I date to have a relationship so a male slut either doesn’t commit or cheats.

  32. Og god, you spend so much time trying to tell people how women are, and how women think, but it’s painfully obvious that none of you have a clue, and rarely gets any…. It’s like you believe women to be a completely different species or something. Oh, and if you want to use the animal kingdom as a way to decide how human gender roles should work, I suggest you take a look at the anglerfish or mantis. Just saying.
    Whenever anybody criticizes your theories, you simply claim the person to be ugly, point out typos, or come up with a bunch of random insults, rather than having an actual discussion, with… *gasp* actual facts and arguments! This site is pretty much a collection of creative ways to say “I hate women because they won’t sleep with me”.
    Also, this page is known to delete any comment you can’t really cope with, ignore, or insult. Which is slightly cute, but mostly embarrassing.

    1. Lots of women sleep with me, and I don’t hate them.
      And comments don’t get deleted here. Did you confuse us with Huffington Post?

    2. This site has managed to impress me. I’m normally a pretty firm Christian but this article is so terrible that it actually got me to AGREE with Satan. Good on you Old Scratch. You may be the Prince of Evil but at least you aren’t stupid.

  33. A men sleeping with lots of women is the same status wise as a women getting marriage proposals left and right.

  34. Good article. And I think RoK needs to make a future article titled “How Feminism creates Sluts/Sluthood”.

  35. Actually, from a biological standpoint, both women AND men should be selective in choosing their partner. This double standard between men and women is purely cultural.

  36. Honestly, I think they’re all sluts. I would have no interest in a man who had banged more than maybe 5 girls. I want someone who has similar morals and values to mine, not some guy who thinks it’s okay to sleep with anything that moves.
    But I do agree that it’s more disgusting for a woman to sleep around than a man. A man does not have another person’s body part inserted into them or anything squirted into them. A friend of mine who has lots of casual sex has taken pride in saying that when she’s single, she’s like Samantha from Sex and the City, who on the show has slept with several hundred men. She has said “I’m a queen, and I’m gonna meet my king someday. But until then, I’m gonna screw hot guys.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her that her king may not WANT her after she’s made herself into a public toilet for random guys, and a quality guy will more likely want someone who hasn’t nastied herself up with other guys’ bodily fluids.
    I may be a hypocrite, but I find it hard to hate this particular double standard, because I actually benefit from it. The other side of this double standard is that male virgins are thought of as schmucks who can’t get any, while female virgins are thought of as pure and innocent. I don’t think this is right either, and I have nothing against male virgins (in fact I would prefer to marry one), but just saying the double standard goes both ways – it’s only the women who want to sleep around that would be offended.

  37. We are all sluts. All this evolutionary wiring both sexes have undergone have allowed women to be sluts and just because the wiring is different, doesn’t mean that it’s not a double standard. The rise of sluts is absolutely WONDERFUL in my eyes. It makes it that much easier to bang more girls. It’s totally acceptable in today’s world for women to be sluts, simply because of birth control and the fact that women don’t need one man to provide for them. They can fuck around all they want, and personally I’m for it. I’m just trying to fuck my way through life, and girls being sluts is excellent for me to achieve that goal. When I want to actually enter into a relationship, then I’ll seek a good girl. I’m also totally fine not ever getting a good girl again, especially if they go the way of the dinosaur, which I see happening in the next generation or so. Let’s all just fuck and be merry. Hedonism is wonderful.

  38. A man who has had sex with more than 7 women in his lifetime is no relationship and marriage material for me.
    I can elaborate a lot on this one, but in short, above the 5 mark they become too cynical, jaded, and unloving. My husband had 4 before me, I had 1.

  39. ” For example, it’s okay for an older man to date a younger woman, but not the other way around because a man’s value often rises with age while a woman’s does not”
    It’s ok – if the couple thinks it’s ok. That’s it. The rest is outdated, old fashioned foolishness. Having multiple sexual partners is just as fine for women as it is for men.

  40. Yeah kind of undid yourself in the first paragraph didn’t you? Maybe take a Philosophy class and learn how to form a rational argument before posting online eh.

  41. Once again this is a really stupid article and full of crap. Seriously men, how do you read this crap and still be alive? “We men are so macho and amazing” Yadda yadda. Im sick of you and this website. You people are dumb. I am really legitimately angry about this. IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME NO MATTER WHO IS HAVING SEX! Who are the men supposed to havesex with is women wont, eh? Personally, i would never give any of you sex because you are all bigots. As a woman I am equal to you in every way imaginable. Actually, I am better then the likes of you because I am open and accepting to people no matter who they are. Grow up.

  42. Doesn’t matter if you have a vagina or dick, fucking everything that catches your eye still makes you a walking cesspool in need of quarantine.

  43. Good points here. But, we all know that when it comes to feminism that women are only going to argue (voice) where they are giving ground or losing out.
    You’ll never hear women complain about our court system (western – Anglo) being unfair to men or the point that the author is making in this article (regarding blue pill men-simps giving away resources for the chance of sex).
    Simply, there is no double standard regarding this issue…but then again we’re using logic and debate (against women) to point out the inequalities (with feminism).

  44. Women and men can be sluts.
    However, there is nothing wrong with sleeping around AS LONG AS nobody is getting their feelings hurt, and that it’s safe.
    End of.


  46. There’s nothing wrong with sleeping around as long as nobody’s feelings get hurt. Anyone can be called a slut. I’m a male feminist, and proud. If I ever slept around, yes, I would call myself a slut. Because that’s fact.

  47. 1) Men and women are equal
    2) All men are different
    3) All women are different
    (Don’t judge an entire gender based on your personal experiences)
    4) Men and woman can be sluts

    1. Not your fault society is messed up? Maybe society is not messed up… Mmmm maybe you are the one who is messed up? Have you thought about that?

  48. Most of the women are Sluts nowadays which is the Real Reason many of us Good Men can’t meet a Good Woman today.

  49. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Biological promiscuity is not about getting higher pregnancy rates. The driving force behind it is about high investment VS low investment. Male sperms can be produced cheaply whereas female eggs are more costly, hence the natural tendency for males to have multiple partners and for females to be pickier.
    You don’t know your science. Read about “anisogamy”.

  50. There is ONE way and ONE way only to fix that shit.
    Take away welfare, child support, no-fault divorce, and affirmative action/EEO. Women should not be given any financial power in society. They should not be allowed to have jobs. Money should not be given away to marxist whores that want to reproduce without a husband. If a marxist whore wants to dump her husband, then she should have to raise the kid without welfare nor child support. Then we’ll see how readily she is to dump her husband through no-fault divorce.
    Once all the socialist communist benefits of society are removed, then women will clean up their act and respect men. Meaning, they won’t want to acquire the label of a slut because that would ruin her chances of acquiring a financially supportive husband that would get her out of her parents house. A female without a job would not be able to live on her own, and could not live on her own without the help of a man. Then you’ll see slut-ism diminish, because women will want to get married and be monogamous. Today, because of feminism, EEO/affirmative action, welfare, women can live off society and financially benefit from society’s anti-male laws which enables them to live on their own and even raise kids without any man around at all. This in turn gives them the freedom to be sluts and have sex with as many different men as they like because they don’t have to worry about ever being outcast-ed by men socially.
    Women are the gatekeepers of sex. That’s why they can easily go out in public and arrange a one-night stand within 10 minutes. Most men cannot do this. HOWEVER, men WERE the gatekeepers of jobs & occupations. Historically this allowed for men to easily attract women and also rule over women since women would have to rely on a man to have any kind of adult life outside her parents house she grew up in. Instead, today, satanic policies have allowed women to monopolize their ownership of sex, but also obtain a new ownership of jobs through EEO/affirmative action. So today, women have all the benefits that they historically had plus all the benefits that men were the gatekeepers of historically. Today, men cannot get sex any easier (most men) than they could in the past, and they have a much tougher time finding employment as well since 50% of the good paying jobs by law are being held down by worthless females. Today, a lot of men (not all) walk around with no female attention and low wages/unemployment. You can thank Satan and his socialist/communist/marxist minions for all of this. And of course women gladly accept all of their new-found privileges. Women are literal thieves. They have gladly accepted the redistribution of wealth stolen from men through laws & force. When you look at the big overall picture, it’s nothing short of thievery. That’s why most souls in hell will be that of females. Women are the biggest offenders of God’s natural law of which, in the end, will earn them a one-way-ticket straight to hell for eternity where they belong for gladly participating as accomplices to satan’s marxist disciples in the thievery of what belongs to men.

  51. Extremely late comment.–
    Disgusting. Yes, sluts and whores are fucking gross. But not all women are whores so all the hipocritical people can stfu. You type of people need to learn respect. Men are just as bad as women. Its equal. Dont act like its just women. Women, find a nice and loyal man that hasnt fucked more girls than he can count. Hes not worth it. And men, find a woman that doesnt fuck every dude on the block. But like i said, there are very few loyal people. If you dont believe it and just say one sex is all the same then ofc you wont find that loyal person. You wouldnt deserve them. People think its bad to be a virgin but it really isn’t. It gets you a chance to find someone that you really love. Nowadays sex is used as an object. Cheer up people, their are still good people out there. Although, idk too much because im a teen but i do see alot of this stuff and im tired of it. The world has to change but it cant if you people are stuck on yourselves. #Equality

  52. I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon this site now, but I find some of the comments shocking and sad. If I hadn’t been married for 25 years I think I would go and join a nunnery.

  53. Confucius say: Key that open many locks is called a Master Key. Lock that is opened by many keys is called a Shitty Lock.

  54. Wow…. This site is so full of shit. Jokers, misogynist, rapists, abusers, pedophiles, man whore, sluts, pigs, all kind of criminals, delusional beta males, scumbags, weak, inhuman, monsters, stupid, uneducated, illiterate, egomaniac insects, psychopaths, terrorists, dicklickers, assholes etc. Go kill urself, you are burden of my mother earth.

  55. It’s something so obvious… “I’m a bad bitch I get a lot of dick” -respect me for it.
    Uhh.. no? You do you but I want none of that.

  56. I’m literally reading through this whole discussion, and it made me think. “Why can’t both sexes just get along, we wouldn’t be having this problem if we’d all just sit down and not talk about each other so negatively.” Just saying, but hey, I’m only a stupid 17-year-old girl who doesn’t really know that much about the world, and I choose not to be biased and therefore don’t lean on the side of women or men. So you really don’t have to listen to my stupid ass😂

  57. Why take the time to facilitate further feminism in the world. Women have got life easier than Men as it is. The world is not fair. If Women want fair they should check they don’t step on insects every step they make a step as well. Stop your white knight whining Anton and Man up to Women, by not giving them so much princess entitlement hate fodder.

  58. This is another reason why i wish all of humanity would burn. Its not the world that sucks, but society and the people in it. The disgusting human race. Perhaps you religous people were wrong. Perhaps the real creator was your so called devil himself. Humans are parasites.

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