Top 5 Clubs In Zagreb To Get Laid

1. Peppermint

This is a compact club with two floors and lots of attractive girls. Prices are fair and there are many spots to approach from. You do run into typical club issues here, like loud noise and low attention spans, but if an American man is coming off the airplane he’ll be very satisfied with what he sees here. Visit starting on Thursday nights, but avoid it during the summer when there are a lot of fat and unruly British chicks.


2. Purgeraj

The biggest hipster venue in Zagreb. It has a loud dancefloor, a big bar room, and two outdoor seating areas. The ratio is usually bad (about two guys for every girl), but the guys here have absolutely no game and rarely approach at all. Instead they hope for a social introduction. The fact that so many people know each other is an advantage because you can talk to a girl and not be disturbed by her friend, who is content catching up with other people while you spit your game.

The biggest problem here is the lower level of talent, meaning you’ll have to stay for much longer to find cute women to approach than in a club. On the other hand, if you want to get a one-night stand, this is the place to do it, with the friendliest girls in Zagreb. The party starts on Thursday nights.


3. Mansion

This is a large club next to Lake Jarun, about a 13 minute cab ride from the center. It’s the best place to be on Wednesday night when they have their hip hop party. On that night the ratio is good and the girls can be somewhat friendly. The club is split into two parts, one with a dance floor and then another with a large center bar. It’s the latter spot that I liked because it wasn’t too loud.

I had a lot of luck here getting numbers and random makeouts but not much in the way of fast bangs because of logistics. Since the Lake is far, most girls come sharing a ride, so there is no way to extract them. But on Wednesday night it’s worth a visit (party gets going around midnight)


4. Gallery

Just a stone’s throw from Mansion, this club has the hottest girls in Zagreb, hands down. It’s a snobby venue with table service and big groups, but a night here and you will happily renounce your American citizenship. I recommend you come on Friday or Saturday night around midnight to check it out and be able to brag to your friends back home on what you saw. What I liked about Gallery is that it stayed open later than Mansion, so I’d sneak inside the back entrance when no one was looking and do a few more approaches before going home to masturbate.


5. Alcatraz

This is a tiny, dank, dark pit of a bar that attracts a large street party right in front, a la the Brazilian style. The vibe is welcoming but you’ll have to move fast if you see girls talking without guys. Don’t be shy to casually insert yourself into conversations with mixed sets.


Honorable mention: Maraschino. On the weekends this seems to be a warm-up spot for girls before they hit the club. The talent was high but horrible logistics prevent you from putting in approaches. I heard the basement gets packed and awesome but it never happened while I was there.

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33 thoughts on “Top 5 Clubs In Zagreb To Get Laid”

    1. I’d get there at 11am then sit back as the girls come in. Midnight should be go time.
      Actually the girls in Gallery tend to be in the mid 20s. I found them very refined ($$$$$).

  1. What I actually read in an article in an magazine was that Croatian girls are not at all attracted to tourists. They really prefer local men and the local men will make it difficlut for you to approach.
    Somebody with an opion about that?

    1. All I know is that on average, and in my experience; by a fair margin, guys from the former Yugoslavia are by a good margin the most naturally alpha of all white/euro ancestry guys.
      Doesn’t mean some of their women aren’t attracted to the allure of wealthier and supposedly more “sophisticated” life styles, however.

    2. As a very hot Croatian girl who can choose, I’m not attracted to Americans because they are mostly uneducated and not so interesting (they are all the same looks and personality – if you see one, seen them all). But keep on trying… it must work eventually…

  2. “What I liked about Gallery is that it stayed open later than Mansion, so I’d sneak inside the back entrance when no one was looking and do a few more approaches before going home to masturbate.”
    hahahhaaha – hilarious.

  3. Hey Roosh – I checked out Gallery’s promotional video on their website and it looks like they’ve got honest-to-goodness 8.5s and 9s there.

    (Assuming they didn’t bribe/bus-in hotties just for the video….)
    In NY/LA/MIA, girls like that would require very high levels of game (plus looks, visible wealth, pre-selection, yada yada).
    What level of game skills are needed to date/SNL/STR girls at Gallery like the ones in the video?

    1. Game you need to pull at Gallery:
      “I live here” game
      “Minor local status” game
      “Mad tight” game
      The talent is amazing. It’s more a look and see if you’re just passing by.

  4. are there a lot of natural blondes in Croatia or is it all dyed hair? I tought Croatian people look very similar to Turkish people (only black hair)

    1. Serbian people look more like turkish, they are more black-hair. Croatian people vary allot. Croatia lacks the identity in image, but it is a beautiful country with very good looking people.

  5. Roosh, are there any differences related to seasons? I mean, I’m going to Croatia in september, are these clubs great that time of the year?

  6. Gallery is amazing, you will want to get there for 1.00am. You will see some of the best talent in the city and this spot. However, you will see alot of Iphones and pics being taken.

  7. Thought they look like Turkish people??? How the fuck do you figure that Einstein? I thought Americans look like Brazilians….

    1. They like dark meat but they`re not into the circed dong. If you got no hosepipe down there then you might wind up short. Big warning to the jewish massif & to anyone whose cock and foreskin was abused as a child…

  8. Maraschino is not in Zagreb it’s in Zadar. Even the link says it is, and the pic on the main page shows sea and boats and old town peninsula. How the hell did u miss all that? If you are posting clubs you havent seen please say so.

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