Girls Should Just Be Happy

We all encounter those girls who stick in our minds like a bubblegum pop song. You’ll be sitting at a coffee shop reading a good book and without even seeing her you’ll feel her presence and turn around. At your favorite club while everyone else is standing around, guys with beers at chest level and girls huddled in small groups, she is lost in her own world dancing like a goddess on the dance floor. Time seems to slow as you two make eye contact. You go over and start dancing, inhaling her intoxicating feminine aroma as you two intermingle.

I’ve been thinking a lot about past lovers who gave me instantaneous and primal desire, the ones who after a night of sex I still couldn’t get enough of, and even the girls who I can remember clear as day even though we never spoke. There was the traditionally feminine Eastern European girl I used to see. The “lesbian” who kind of looked like Miley Cyrus. The hourglass redhead whom I banged behind the club one night. The Nordic huntress who passed me in a crosswalk once. Even though I didn’t get the chance to talk to her I remember everything about the way she walked. It was like she was the happiest girl in the world.

femininity viking

Then it hit me. I finally figured out what made these girls so different from all the others I’d met: happiness and a positive attitude. That alone made me remember these girls more than the ones who tell me “we can’t have sex tonight because I’ve been having too many one night stands lately”, the ones who show up stumbling drunk to a date, or the ones who claim to have “attitude” in hopes that they’re unique.

The girls I remember most may not have embodied traditional femininity, but they sure were a pleasure to be around. Even though I fucked a girl in a back alley she still stuck up for me when her roommate started giving me shit. She  apologized with a blowjob and noisy sex later in the night. The traditionally feminine girl asked me how I was doing every time I saw her and would make me exquisite cappuccinos. The “lesbian” offered me food and drink making sure I was comfortable even though we both knew it was going to be a one night stand.

It wasn’t just those small actions either. I thought back to when I’d met them and all of them were smiling, open and seemed like they hadn’t a care in the world. I thought back to the girls who I’ve almost forgotten and when I’d met them they were borderline angry, bitchy or would eventually start complaining.

femininity redhead

I know you girls are out there reading this, looking for another post to hate, another post to ridicule. Stop right now and start thinking about things you are thankful for in your life. Put down your iPhones and smile for once, ask the Starbucks barista how their day is going. Girls can cruise by with a default negative demeanor so they don’t have to own up to the fact that their social skills are terrible. You have no obligation to change because a man tells you to, but if you don’t want to end up on Ok Cupid with thousands of messages from thirsty simps you could do for an attitude adjustment. Screen your men by what you want in a man instead of what you don’t.

femininity biiiitich

Girls: Do the complete opposite of this girl.

This advice goes for men too. The biggest “quick fix” for your success with women would be your attitude. If you’re happy and positive girls will (for the most part) be the same back. I used to walk around with a permanent scowl for no reason whatsoever. One day a girl of mine sent me a dirty text as I was walking around town. I looked up with a smirk on my face and girls started smiling back when before they’d just look away. When it comes down to it ‘game’ is just about having a good time so go out there and have some fun.

femininity smirk

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73 thoughts on “Girls Should Just Be Happy”

  1. So this article is just about how everyone should act happy and not grumpy?
    Cool, bro.

      1. Most retarded discerner ever.
        Don’t act so and so to be good with women, just be good with women.

        1. Carson Diago calling someone retarded = priceless.
          As for the article, I was ready to shoot it down as I like my girls sultry… but then I remembered this one chick I saw working behind the bar dancing away while pouring drinks, completely lost in her own little world. Impossible not to be captivated by her energy. And, no, I never talked to her. This would have been 15 years ago and I still remember her. So there you go, there may be something to this positivity / energy business.

    1. It’s a whole lot easier to be grumpy all the time…it takes effort to be happy.

      1. Well it takes fewer facial muscles to smile than it does to frown or scowl or look angry. It’s only easier to be grumpy because we’ve become habituated to it from things like lack of exercise, working jobs we don’t like, and valuing the wrong things

      2. Well it takes fewer facial muscles to smile than it does to frown or scowl or look angry. It’s only easier to be grumpy because we’ve become habituated to it from things like lack of exercise, working jobs we don’t like, and valuing the wrong things

  2. “I’m sassy.”
    Nope. You’re ugly. Plain at best with much makeup to make up for it. Or perhaps nearing the wall. Better looking women simply have no reason to be this bitter. And they got used to the over-attention long ago, they have more efficient methods to deal with it than an OKC screed that protests too much.
    Monster in the face, monster in the soul. Not only do good looking girls have reasons to be pleasant, their very pleasantness improves their appearance.
    I can game this tune in three notes. “I am old enough to be your father, yes, and Daddy says stop acting like a cunt.”

  3. “I’d rather be judged for my personality.”
    Indeed. The kind of creepers and beta males who give her attention is the judgment on her personality. The rest of us know the attention-whoring proclivities of online dating sites and the tricks of photo selection.
    Nothing like putting her best personality forward for judgment. Although, girls like these are fun to seduce and annihilate from within. “If you hate me then why are you coming so hard, baby girl?” She’s actually a sweetheart, don’t you know.

    1. “I hate all of you.”
      Well hello to you too…let me introduce myself, I’m a mirror.

  4. No.
    Embrace your anger, angst, and bitterness. Hold women in contempt. Hold onto it, cultivate it, and savor it as you would a sip of fine wine. Harness your negativity as a creative force, and channel it to work for you, as you fight your way through this frequently harsh and uncaring world. Bitterness and angst has been the catalyst throughout history for creation of great art, literature, science, and supreme things. As Orson Welles noted in his ferris-wheel speech in “The Third Man”, what did two hundred years of peace and happiness produce in Switzerland? Nothing but the cuckoo clock.
    No one is entitled to happiness as a birthright. No one ever promised you a rose garden, comrade.

    1. The most cunning men are those who are all smiles and friendliness on the outside but jaded on the inside. Such personality can only be cultivated with wisdom and experience. Truly happy people are either children, women (who are often oblivious to reality), or inexperienced betas.

      1. The Evil Smile for sure. The innocent smile on a girl does wonders, but it is the wolf’s grin that many girls go for.
        I think people need to understand he was talking to women, not men. Women I have known appreciate a man with a somewhat foreboding appearance coupled with an wolf’s grin. Also, it scares away certain types of women, and draws some of them as well. Waiting till you find one who is worth it takes time and practice.
        A girl smiling all the time might mean she is naive; but many of them follow what I am saying. She looks like an angel on the outside, but a tomb on the inside.

      2. The Evil Smile for sure. The innocent smile on a girl does wonders, but it is the wolf’s grin that many girls go for.
        I think people need to understand he was talking to women, not men. Women I have known appreciate a man with a somewhat foreboding appearance coupled with an wolf’s grin. Also, it scares away certain types of women, and draws some of them as well. Waiting till you find one who is worth it takes time and practice.
        A girl smiling all the time might mean she is naive; but many of them follow what I am saying. She looks like an angel on the outside, but a tomb on the inside.

    2. Probably the best way to live is be logically angry and emotionally happy.
      That way you don’t go insane or into a depression.

      1. Well said. I was exaggerating a bit for effect, as I am frequently wont to do, but you get the idea. A whiff of anger is an aphrodisiac. Just a bit, though. The best game demeanor is the gentleman rogue…a bit of danger to get her pussy glands secreting lubricating juices.

    3. actually the Swiss file more patents per head every year than any other country. they have some of the best engineering including most wrist watches, their cities aren’t polluted because they use electric trams powered by hydro, their food is largely of the quality you’d grow in your back garden, and the healthcare system is second to none…. oh and if you give them any shit, they can have the whole country in military lockdown in a few minutes, including closing all the freeways….and everyone has automatic weapons at home thanks to the military service…….they also built a machine to harness electrostatic energy…. which basically kills fossil fuels……

      don’t knock what you don’t know….

      1. The Swiss are effete, effeminate, degenerate wusses. Like a large number of Europeans. They have declined and decayed under decades of peace and security. Europeans as a whole have given up the martial virtues and their military traditions in return for surrendering themselves to US protection. I’ll bang the women but deep down I despise their weakness, basically.
        Yes, you can point to a number of achievements in science, industry, banking, etc. I don’t deny that. But how much use is that going to be when they are swamped with invaders from Algeria? Did being technologically advanced save the Romans? No. A Viking or Mongol is going to ride up to him and cleave in his skull with a mace. And rightly so. Nations that languish in torpor, peace, and security will fall prey to the hungrier mouths from foreign lands. Look at Europe today.
        It was not always so. Switzerland used to have a very good military tradition. But this was back before they became soft. The Swiss guard actually fought to the death in defending the Papacy during the sack of Rome in the 1520s.
        The best thing that could happen to Switzerland and most of Western Europe is a massive barbarian invasion, to replenish their impoverished, effete blood with some vigor. Maybe something good will come out of all this immigration to Europe from North Africa.
        How’s that for radicalism?

        1. You’re talking shit, Quint. Europeans > Americans. Anyone who isn’t American would agree. Seriously, anyone. The world actually laughs at the american military spending and their soldiers. I’ve spoken with many soldiers who served in Iraq and they all said the same thing, “Man, we stay right away from those americans, they’re always blaring loud music and, basically, making themselves targets.” Plus, if America wants to do any real work they bring in the Australian, South African or French special services. But, whatever, keep thinking the size of your gun matters.

        2. if the nazis couldn’t invade i don’t rate the Algerian chances…
          Switzerland is a country that:
          doesn’t have some smarmy president trolling about like a nigga rockstar, the presidency is a true bureaucratic position on one year rotations….
          has a real democracy… in that anything that anyone doesn’t like goes to a national referendum….
          they don’t invade third world places to control oil and heroin, instead they control all the money flow…most of the world’s oil is traded out of Geneva…. anyone touches Switzerland and the world goes offline…..
          doesn’t have debt, instead has hordes of gold, food, weapons, even underground shelters
          doesn’t suffer from insider lobbyist corruption
          actually still has considerable and decent family values
          has a government broken into local regions, by the people for the people further reducing corruption…
          has a tax system that is ‘in partnership’ with business and tax payers to create a better environment for everyone…
          consistently tops the worlds list of best place to live
          has peace and privacy and people who know how to live…. plenty of fresh water, more electricity than they know what to do with, and great agriculture…
          and best of all recently had a national referendum on building mosques and voted a resounding NO !

        3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I read that about the Swiss, and saw a show about how they all have rifles, and are like friendly versions of Texans with European flair, sort of.
          And that bit by the one guy about American Military not being bad ass?! Too loud, and blah blah blah? Hahahahahahahaha
          I could write out a treatise as to why I think that is shit; but I can’t stop laughing. No one wants to fight with us, no one. Regardless of what you may say about us economically, militarily we can kick anyone’s ass. Contrary to popular belief, not even China has the capability right now to really roll with us if we are determined for a scrap. And yes, I know economically we are struggling; but that means so is everyone else. The only thing I will concede, is that other countries are allowing us to police the oceans and fight their battles for them.
          We can unleash hell from our whole arsenal that is active and out in almost two days if we are expecting it. A week and a half at most if we are not. Do we have weakness, sure. But we spend more than the top 14 nation competitors combined. This includes China, Russia, Great Britain, and France. Out of those 14 nations, something like ten are allies. Who are you fooling.
          If we are expecting something, we have the capability to annihilate almost anyone.
          China does NOT have a better sub fleet.
          No one has a better Air Force, Naval Air power, or AF Long Range bombers. By the time the Navy and Marines, and the AF long range bombers have done their work, usually a treaty is already signed or the battle is pretty much over. By then we are deciding how we are going to waste trillions of America taxpayers taxes to rebuild someone’s nation who is going to try and kill us no later than a hundred years after we do.
          Notice I did not say smart, just bad ass.

        4. yeah but what you don’t understand is……just as Brad Pitt says at the end of Killing them Softly – “America is a Business”…
          what is only partially explained in that movie, which is by the way, an absolute work of art… the story has nothing to do with the actual message of the film….
          The business of America is fleecing the general public with taxes… (there was zero federal tax originally…. in fact originally America was formed to not pay taxes to overlords….)
          Then those taxes are spent largely on weapons…..
          Making a $100M helicopter that get bought with little oversight, and blown to smithereens, and needs replacing …….is the best business in town…..
          Occasionally they put in a moderate like Obama or Clinton who makes some distraction with healthcare or education, but basically the business of America is selling weapons to the people of America…
          You talk all arrogant about how your country has such a great military…. yippee doo daa….. you’d paid for it with most of your tax dollars, and what F’ing good has it ever done you personally, what benefit have you personally gained ?

        5. This seems like a really productive discussion, you guys. I’m sure the differences between Europeans and Americans can be thoroughly considered in the comments section of a blog that specializes in giving dating advice.

        6. Ooh, big guns. Small dicks. Nah, the fact is your soldiers are worth shit compared to allies with regards to… pretty much everything. But, hey, I probably dented your ego too much as it is so I won’t go on.

        7. I agree with about 50% of what you are saying. Our military and it’s research has brought the beginnings of the internet, Lasik, NASA, man I can’t name all the of the stuff it has brought. It is far more than a driver of businesses. It drives some of the biggest breakthroughs in technology.
          I already said that I think our military is tooled by other countries so they can pay for their own economy rather than build a sizable force out of their own people. However, that has always been the case since Rome and the Khans. The strong, who want to stay there have, have always provided the security. The Navy keeps its eye on the oceans, which in turn is responsible for the delivering of 90% of the World’s goods.
          Clinton nor Obama are moderates. They swing leftie all the way. Just like the Bush’s swing Right no matter what. Why I also, as a non-custodial dad, hate both parties. Too busy bitching about things they only promise they will do, but fail to both do what they promise and prioritize what is important.
          Also, it is not 1/3 of our GDP. It is actually 1/2 of our federal budget. Almost every year. Me personally? It has done a lot for me. I have the rough equivalent of three solid technical certifications. I have lived in two countries, and visited close to thirty. I speak almost three languages, and got my degree. I am working towards an engineering degree and not paying for it. I own a business, and got a house with no money down. I married a woman who I never would have found here in the states. I have two awesome kids. I would say my time in the service has been very rewarding, despite its several flaws, it has a lot going for it as well.
          The military produces some of our best and brightest. Also, for engineering, if we are not producing the best, we get many of the best here to help train our workforce we have.
          “There are now many countries in the world with a better standard of
          living, health, education, welfare, healthcare, opportunity and
          technology than the United States.”
          This is to be expected. After WW2, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East were in shambles. We were the only Nation left with the infrastructure and technological know how left because in order to win we had to bomb everyone and everything. This in turn brought the greatest minds from around the world to our shores. We squandered an opportunity to be far ahead of everyone potentially forever, in order to play the nice guy. A nation rises, and falls. It happens. Yet in all of those topics we are comparable. Most of those nations you speak of still have their students and people moving here because of the salary we still pay.
          I am not saying we are the best in everything, only comparable and able to compete. For the size of the USA, that is still pretty awesome. There is no reason why we could not get back into it.

        8. Sweetheart, you are incapable of touching my ego. I don’t bat for that team. However, I will say that your princesses loved the “swinging nature” of my grandfathers with no complaints. Heroes tend to have that effect in the presence of those who were not “alpha” enough to defeat their enemies. I personally have had no complaints about my size in thirty countries. And about all the races. Not sure, I may have forgotten to nail a few? Try not to have hard feelings okay?
          “Shit” compared to the allies”??? Hahahahahaha. Look cupcake, when we say “the allies” and the USA are leading a task force, we don’t. It actually says “The Allied force spearheaded by the United States” is kicking someone’s ass. We include you to be nice, and also because the homos running the UN won’t have it if they can’t get their “egos” involved.
          I will not stoop to insult any of our opponents over the last 235 years, who we have largely beaten or fought to a standstill when we had minimal forces. Our record speaks for itself.
          For someone who likes balls deep, you seem fairly butthurt about it? Maybe your man can help you feel better. In the meantime, check out who has led the assaults the last 100 years, including the Allies who make us look like “shit” cumquat.

        9. I don’t believe in the hype. Personally I think we have been tooled so often it makes me sick.
          I hunted for “slave traders and pirates” from the Horn of Africa to Basra. Nothing. It was all for raising funds. I worked my ass off for nothing.
          However, I don’t judge your country based on its people asshole. Merely it’s leaders. Perhaps you should learn the difference?
          Lord knows I hate my nations leadership. They rob and steal, and then lie about it. Because they can. They hold the keys, and cover for each other. Both republicans and democrats; I hate them all. I am under no illusion of what is happening in DC and state capitols around the nation. It sucks, but the same thing is happening everywhere. We just get the most media attention. Look at Europe and see that your nations are using the same banks and usury system before you exclusively judge mine. Not all of us are sheople.

        10. “Our military and it’s research has brought the beginnings of the internet…”
          Hahahahaha. Wiki that one, why don’t you.

        11. Dude… you probably one of those americans who believe the US won WWII. “Normandy, DDay, that was ‘merican’s kicking ass y’all.” Yeah, you played a small part in the whole affair but, shit, only right at the end of it. If you want to know about kicking ass look at how the Russians fucked up the Germans in Stalingrad, and all the way back to Germany – and that’s with an inferior military. And the thing is, it wasn’t done for oil. That’s the difference in the last 50 years or so, the americans only attack places that they can benefit from. I mean, why is it that N. Korea is being left to be dickheads? Because they have absolutely nothing to offer the US regarding resources and tactical positioning.
          But, fuck it, you obviously have forgotten the phrase, “Guns don’t kill people, people do,” and think your military spending means all that when you’ve got inbreds running around with guns shouting “Yeehaw.”

        12. Forgot to mention the final nail: Vietnam. How’d you guys go there? You must have won, right? I mean, you had the big guns and all. You had the military spending. You MUST have won, right? I mean, you were up against a bunch of jungle heads with WWI guns and sticks. You kicked their ass, right?

        13. I think you and one of the other commentators misinterpreted what I was trying to say.
          I am not trying to plug America’s military nonsense. Just the opposite. I am opposed to our imperialistic pipe-dreams. What I am trying to say is that the nations of Western Europe have pathetic militaries which couldn’t fight their way out of paper bags. I do believe that some form of military organization is important to promote and instill the martial virtues in a nation. Western European countries used to have that. Since 1945, they’ve allowed the US to take care of everything; they have totally integrated themselves into the US empire. As a result, there has been some decay in these martial qualities. I know because I have seen it first hand. The militaries of Spain, Italy, and the Scandinavian countries are basically police forces. Britain and France are still pretty good. Germany I’m not so sure about.
          I have some resentment towards how the Europeans conduct their foreign policies. All they do is parrot the US line. All they do is what Uncle Sam tells them to do, for the most part. This is so sad…they never stand up to us like they should. Their governments just act like lackeys of the US. I love the people there, but the governments are bloody worthless.
          They’re still better places to live than the US, to be sure, but they’ve lost of their former vigor. The same thing has happened in Japan. You’ve got one generation after another who doesn’t know anything about martial virtues. All young Japanese men seem to do these days is play video games. One recent survey showed that young Japanese men have no interest in sex any more, and would even rather play video games.
          I think history shows that military organizations have been (or should be) one of the repositories of the traditional masculine virtues. When those decay, so too do the societies.

        14. Why don’t you. The US military in the 60’s wanted a sort of computer model based communications system. Those beginnings, and the research from them created something that was a precursor to the internet.
          Do a little research yourself.

        15. As the one guy said, this is a dating site, but I can’t resist since I got your goat and I am proving you wrong.
          WE DID WIN WW2. Russia would not have been able to had they not had us beating the Germans up on the Western Front. Also, the Russians got it handed to them by the Japanese. We were fighting them too and Germany, and the Italians and winning; don’t get it twisted son we operated three of the four beachheads on Normandy and took the greatest amount of the enemy and damage, and still kicked ass. When Germany fell, who was still fighting the Japanese? That’s right girlfriend.

        16. I guess Europe forgot how to build hammers?
          Vietnam was a major debacle, but it was a proxy war if you even know what that is? Essentially, the Russians were doing to us, what we did to them in Afghanistan in the eighties. They were, along with the Chinese, funding and training the Vietcong. I have great respect for their tenacity, don’t get it twisted.
          However, we learned over here that our government was using the Vietnam war for other things, and we lost due to our support back home, and rightfully so. Why were we there when we had so much wrong here?
          You act like I am some inbred hick who sleeps with his mom between shotgun hunting sessions in the forests and swamps. And that we, the American People not government, are some sort of backwards ass hats who can’t build shit, can’t fight shit, and can’t do shit without European influence.
          Fella, have you seen your economic situation over there? Motherfucker, you would not have money to pay your internet bill if we had not been pumping the US dollar into your failed government experiments since WW2!
          Spain is rioting (or at least protesting) because the feminist dogma running their shit into the ground is a hundred times worse than the crap we have hitting us here. And Greece, I have lived there, cannot sustain itself. Germany, as awesome as their economy is will be pulled under like the uncle who swore an oath for his gangster betting nephew who lost one too many times and now Germany is going to pay too. Europe is on the verge of collapse, so I feel you are buying your own hype.
          We still have the ability to get ourselves out of some of the worst of it, if only we could get the “moderate” like Obama and friends to stop thinking we can spend our way out. And our dumbass republicans refuse to go to war for a few years. Our Social Security and Medicare are the same things many of your member nations use over there. Stop fronting, all of us are sucking and waiting for the femapocalypse to crumble so we can all start rebuilding our lives.
          Vietnam is the same thing as Iraq, Afghanistan, Panama, and blah blah bliggity blah.
          I love my country, but you can have my politicians. They prefer your way of living anyways, and it is not as much to brag about as you think. The numbers, when looked at correctly, do not paint the US in to terrible a light although I would not say it is pretty.
          What, do I look like I am from New Orleans? When the SHTF I start bagging sand and asking what I can do to fix my shit and defend my home. I don’t wait for big daddy government to save me.

        17. Don’t be so gloomy. After all it’s not that awful. Like the fella says,
          in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror,
          murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da
          Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love –
          they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce?
          The cuckoo clock.

        18. We actually did kick their ass, but our media-political complex declared us losers so the politicians pulled out.

  5. WC … when you talk about : “intoxicating feminine aroma”, I’m trying to imagine if that’s the smell of the soapy petrochemicals she’s smeared her body and hair with or the stench of her pussy menstruating ?

      1. soapy petro-chemicals….. aka. cancerous marketing con…….
        nothing like the sweet smell of lies in a bottle…..

  6. Totally agree with the article. Happy people are simply more fun to be around, and more active in general. Misery is passive, but happiness requires a more active person.

  7. I am actually even more annoyed with girls who are over the top happy and “bubbly”. Looks totally fake and besides, most of the times that happiness is induced by anti-depressants.

    1. Ah, but I like my chicks on ecstasy and speed. Fake / not fake, who cares.

      1. everyone likes chicks on X, but i prefer as a general rule, women to fuck that you would actually not mind around you for the extra 45 minutes she spends making you breakfast after a particularly intense fuck session. [you still must kick her out though ofcourse] Someone who you don’t instantly lose appeal for when the drugs run dry or the boner dies

    2. see when i hear the word bubbly i think fat or as you said manic depression.
      when a man calls a woman bubbly, that means she’s not worthy enough in the looks department to be called hot, or beautiful,

  8. It definitely helps to smile but why let the way a woman treats you affect your mood? If she wants to be a
    bitch, let her be. Keep on smiling. Who would ever want this woman who
    wrote the self-summary?

  9. It definitely helps to smile but why let the way a woman treats you affect your mood? If she wants to be a
    bitch, let her be. Keep on smiling. Who would ever want this woman who
    wrote the self-summary?

    1. yes, well this is the attitude…
      a man doesn’t chase a woman… he makes his presence known and let’s her chase him….. he doesn’t ‘seduce’ her… she gets tingly and wet and wants him….. he doesn’t ask for sex, he takes her, when he feels her ready….
      when this process breaks down, you move on boy…… married, single, kids, doesn’t matter… you move on….. don’t tell her that… but you move on….. if it’s long term, married or kids, then the politics are more complex and delicate, but still you can move on…..
      what you never do is break up with a woman….. unless she’s hassling the shit out of you, to a point of being a stalker and you have no use for her…..
      never meet her on her level
      never involve yourself in her drama and her messy gossipy world of nonsense
      slip away like a ship in the night, cut the ropes and slide quietly across the bay…. if she wants to call out or come after you… that is her decision…..

  10. “I like artsy vegan hippies who don’t have a real job”
    They’re all yours, honey.

  11. Besides, western women are so indoctrinated in their entitlement they don’t even realize they’re being entitled. There’s a trickle down effect from gender studies academia that tells them how victimized and how awful men are even when they didn’t realize it before, there’s no way they can be happy with those unrealistic expectations.

  12. I just met a girl in the bar last Friday, we were on a date yesterday. I would like to thank the authors of this site for getting me to meet the girl of my dreams. Wish I could explain how I went for it and how it turned out to be. We’re dating now and I feel like “us” is going to last long.

  13. That “bad bitch” is a degenerate waste of flesh. RIP womanhood, jesus. That’s fine for her though. Stay dry, it will be a long spell in the desert for her. If you are miserable, the law of attraction dictates that all you will get out of life will be continuous misery because that is what you have demanded to receive. I have no sympathy for the hell people like this live in.

  14. It’s not that some of the things you say in your articles are politically incorrect or misogynistic, it’s that you’re an asshole and a bad person.

  15. It’s really hard to be happy when you know that, in the space of a few short years, you’ll hit 30 and be viewed as a worthless old hag by all of society.

  16. Sorry guys… You live in a delusional world where women exist just to make you wonder you’re all miserable. I’m about to blow your mind but…gasp!!! Women have their own lives! We exist to make ourselves happy. Not you. Sorry but you don’t matter if your a random dude on the street.

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