Stop Watching Sports

I live in an area of the country where people are absolutely obsessed with college and pro football. This is the typical weekend schedule for 70% my city during the winter months:


  • 10am – Wake up and start drinking
  • 1-10pm – Watch college football
  • 10pm – 2am – Go to the bar


  • 10am – Wake up
  • 11am – Get drunk at tailgate for the local NFL team
  • 1pm – Watch local NFL team game
  • 4pm -10pm – Watch other NFL teams play for fantasy sports purposes

Look, I get it. Drinking can be fun. Nachos are tasty. Sports are at least notionally “cool.” But why are you willing to devote entire weekends of your precious free time to watching other men accomplish things? Would you ever sit around spectating at your buddy’s effort to repaint the walls, or crack open a beer and relax on the couch watching your friend work feverishly on his business idea? If not, then why would you watch people you’ll never meet engaging in contrived contests that have no meaningful impact on your life?

I enjoy the odd sporting event as much as the next guy. Freakish athletes doing things that I am incapable of is a spectacle worthy of occasional attention. Beyond that level of involvement, though, your sports fandom is a terrible time sink with no discernible return on investment. An American football game lasts 3 hours. If you watched one fewer football game per week, you could:

  • Do an intense weight-training and HIIT workout (1 hour)
  • Juice vegetables to help your health (30 minutes)
  • Go go the coffee shop and talk to a woman (1 hour)
  • Practice writing or another language skill (30 minutes)

Americans fetishize sports because the distraction prevents them from contemplating the lack of meaning in their own lives. Henpecked husbands and manboobs who lack the drive to get off the couch would rather fight their wives tooth and nail for 3 free hours to “watch the game” than face the idea that their spouses, bosses, corporations, and debt dictate their existence.

Sports has supplanted religion as the modern opiate of the masses. Just as Martin Luther was excommunicated for pointing out that indulgences were a scam, any protest to Joe Schlub in his Peyton Manning jersey about sports not affecting his life is likely to turn you into an outcast. You may have to change your social circles if they are built around going to the bar and watching sports, but in the long run this is a supremely positive move.

Most people cannot accept that events on football fields and basketball courts have zero relevance to their lives. The sooner you internalize this fact, the closer you come to maximizing the short time you have on this earth.

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156 thoughts on “Stop Watching Sports”

  1. Good stuff. Too bad this is the kind of article that those who get it already got it a long time ago.
    I was raised in a small Brazilian city, and soccer was the de facto religion. Not having a favorite team made you an outsider automatically. There is a sense of belonging in it that you forgot to mention, its a big part. When you question the vaule of the practice, other men try to disqualify you, bully you depending on the age.

    1. As a fellow Brazilian, I concur: soccer is a religion here.
      My father never liked to watch sports, so I grew up not liking as well. Sometimes I wish I was like every other men I know and liked sports. It’s really easy to talk with everyone about it (because everyone watches, including girls!) and by not watching I’m an outcast and weirdo.
      Recently I picked up a team to be “my team”. I know I shouldn’t worry about what others think, but it’s awkward to explain to new acquaintances (or girls) that I don’t have a team / don’t what sports.

      1. Actually, that’s a big part of “social intuition” … sometimes it’s worth putting on the cover to just fit in, if it can be done easily, and doesn’t have a big impact on your personality

      1. Exato, aqui no Brasil a galera é fervorosa demais pelo futebol, cara… Como dito no artigo, esse tempo pode ser investido em coisas mais produtivas.

  2. Women are being put into more and more commentating and presenting roles in men’s sports, there are also moves by feminists to get more women involved directly in men’s sports, some want there to be female coaches and managers of men’s teams. I think in time a lot of men will stop watching men’s sports as they become more feminised and politically correct.

    1. Yeah, I never have been able to understand why there are female commentators for sports like football when the women obviously don’t have the physical equipment to participate. It would make sense if there are women commentators for sports where women participate (e.g., gymnastics, figure skating, soccer), but not football.

      1. The purchasing power of women is increasing significantly. Marketing departments are eager to rake in their share for their respective corpos, hence the pandering to women by having female commentators.

    2. If you are the type of brainless lunk who sits on his ass all day & watches sports, would you rather see some balding washed up former athlete blabber on about what could have happened, should have happened or didn’t happen, or would you rather watch some hot chick you have no chance of banging blabber on about the same thing. Sex sells, especially to the guys who aren’t getting any.

      1. The thing is that in my family there are no brainless lunks. There is a doctor, a history professor, and insurance salesmen whose lives revolve around football and very little else.

  3. I’m starting to develop less of an interest in sports myself these days. Maybe it has more to do with my gradual fascination with books, especially crime fiction and neo-noir stories. And non-Westernized women…

  4. Have you been to a college football game?
    It is one of the greatest places on earth to pick up. For hours before and after the game people are in great spirits in a huge social setting where striking up a conversation is as natural as can be.
    It is a great place to expand your social circle and overall just have an enjoyable day. Go to any of the powerhouse college football schools for a game and your eyes will explode looking at all the talent running around, especially the first few weeks of the season when the weather is still warm and all the girls are wearing tiny shorts and tight tank tops.

    1. You get her number as she fantasizes about being with one of the guys actually playing on the field/court- not some jester peacocking in his school colors being a clown.

    2. No, Thailand is the greatest place on Earth to pick up. And if tailgating was half as good as you say, it would take two, maybe three trips a year to fill your roster, leaving you free the rest of the time to get shit done and bang out your new hook-ups.
      If it was playing video games or hanging out at the bar, or even reading a book that regularly monopolized your whole damn weekend, people would suggest you get help. Drinking shit beer, eating hot dogs, and chasing dumpy-assed football-watching chicks in a stadium parking lot is no exception.

  5. Bread and Circuses. Our entire society is propped up on Food Stamps and Football. Remove these two legs and people will have to work (or steal) for food and might have to start thinking for themselves. That’s when the house of cards falls down.

  6. Several years ago I decided that I had to limit myself to one mindless and unproductive hobby, and I chose to occasionally play video games.
    Don’t watch television, don’t watch movies, don’t watch sports. And 50% of the time I’m playing video games I’m listening to podcasts and youtube videos covering useful information.

    1. At least playing video games, you’re more involved in something that’s beneficial to you. I say the same thing about visiting strip joints. Is visiting the strip joint interactive, other than what you get from lap dances? Nah, not in the least.

      1. After visiting brothels overseas, I find strip clubs dreadfully boring and a total waste of money. If I’m going to be paying for it, at least I am not left with blue balls at a brothel.

  7. Outside of my favorite college basketball team, i don’t even watch sports anymore

  8. As it’s already been said- if you are passionate about your goals in life and are a bit narcissistic (how we should be)- you should find little to no pleasure in watching other people play sports. Sure I watch the superbowl and place bets and yes I watch my nephew play t-ball, but other than that- nay.
    Ask yourself- How often do you see a guy who has muscles, women, intellect, etc walking around in someone elses ripoff jersey? They may be walking around in their own, but not another man’s.
    For years people have been asking me why I haven’t been watching the Packers/Vikings/Bears whatever – They scream “But WE’RE really doing good this year!”
    It’s funny how they use the word “We” when referring to a team’s success. Are you personally benefitting from them if they win? Are you getting paid? Laid?… No, you get a minor boost of happiness for whatever reason and then go back to your miserable existence. It’s finny because the other part of the “We” (coaches, players, etc.) do not give a flying fuck about you.
    When your favorite team wins, and you lost three hours of your life watching them do so, you must ask, “What did this do for me?”.
    You wasted your time, got fatter, might have a hangover the next morning, and have gotten used to watching other men build/create while you sit on a bar stool running up a tab to impress the female bartender that you will NEVER sleep with. She’s too busy hanging out with guys who get shit done outside of the bar.

    1. On top of this- It’s funny to hear clowns spout off sports statistics. It’s modern day Pokemon cards to these asshats when talking about the draft or their fantasy league.
      “But Chance! Why aren’t you doing fantasy this year?”
      Cause- Clown, in REALITY i’m hitting the weights, formulating a business plan, and having your girlfriend cook me some lean chicken breast. Get back to the game and hum on John Madden’s nuts for a bit to get your weekly dose of useless stats.

      1. Totally agree with this article and your comments… To me, it’s degrading and self-abasing to wear another man’s name across your back…that is chattel mentality. Tell me, why in the world would I pay a sports franchise to advertise their company for free? I live in NYC, and I see many young black (and possibly penniless) men wearing NY Knicks or Brooklyn Nets gear… I mean they take it to extremes: NY Knicks baseball cap, bright orange and blue NY Knicks jacket, Carmelo Anthony jersey and sneakers… These guys are walking advertisement billboards for these franchises and they don’t make a cent promoting the Knicks….not only do they give their money to the franchise to advertise for them, but they actually look like clowns doing it. They are whores and the sports franchise their pimps. And by the way, why pay over $200.00 for a pair of jordans? Really?

        1. They have nothing of worth going on in their lives. They want to “associate” with something important. So they were garish local team colors, or a stupid Jay-Z or Lil Wayne t-shirt. not much different from white trash wearing Iron Maiden, Queensrych or Def Leppard shirts, or hockey Islanders or Jersey Devils gear on the Long Island Rail Road every saturday night. The 7 train on the way to Citifield is a sea of white betas wearing blue and orange (Mets).

        2. hey….nothing wrong with wearing a vintage Ramones or CBGBs black-Tee. Is there?

      2. I agree, if they used that brain power & time to work the stock market, they could actually have some benefit from worshiping numbers. When asked if I want to join in the fantasy football league my response is, only women are allowed in my fantasies.

  9. Man I don’t know about this. I work in construction very hard every week, I love to sit in my easy chair with a beer on Saturday and watch some football. Not all weekend, because that’s ridiculous and I got other sh!t to do. But one game on Saturday? The return I get is relaxation and a nice beer or two!

      1. Agreed. TB isn’t using sports as a vicarious injection of masculinity into an otherwise pussified life, which is a big component of my disagreement with the hobby in general.

  10. My friend was feeling down after our home team lost again. “We lost!” he said.
    I replied “No, you lost. The losing team still got paid millions. They won! You are the one out hundreds of dollars”

    1. They always say on the announcements “Your blahblah blahblahs” and I always thought “Its not my team. I just watch it”

  11. Yeah.. good post.
    I can’t fathom the amount of time some of these guys put into keeping up with sports.
    I only kept up back when I played. Since I’ve graduated school and moved onto other things – I hardly keep up anymore. I’ll watch playoff games and go to the occasional game when a friend has tickets. But, watching all of the regular season games is just too much – even for football.

  12. Absolutely. Stopping everything to watch overpaid, overjuiced felons-in-training play a game changes absolutely nothing for me. My favorite is people talking about whether “we” won or lost.

    1. That always gets me too “we won!” Oh, I’m sorry – didn’t realize you were a member of the stupid team!

  13. In the movie “Bronx Tale” you’ll recall that Sonny (Chaz Palminteri) asks a young “C” why he idolizes Mickey Mantle. He tells him “If your father can’t pay his rent, do you think Mickey Mantle cares?” Good lesson there and excellent column here.

  14. Sports are just part of the larger problem of entertainment addiction.
    Just like drug addiction, entertainment addiction significantly decreases the quality of interpersonal relationships, romantic and otherwise. It also encourages lives of mediocrity. Never before in history have people had so much free time and accomplished so little.
    People today just sit in front of the t.v. or computer to distract themselves from the fact that their lives are shitty, meaningless, and slowly ending.

  15. Professional sports won’t contract unless there’s no longer any money to be made. Then, it just might go back to saner levels — whatever the hell “sane” really means in that context.

  16. Amen. These men would be better off going to the park and playing these games. Except for the fighting sports such as boxing, Ultimate Fighting Championship mixed martial arts, free style wrestling, fencing etc., there is precious little if anything that you can learn which is valuable for life in any of these sports be it (American) football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, rugby, cricket, golf etc. Even watching the fighting sports is extremely limited on what you can learn watching it, and you would be better off personally learning these fighting arts from a qualified instructor. Actually outside of weight lifting at the gym for strength, and doing cardio-vascular training for endurance and better heart rate such as running, swimming, bicycling, learning a fighting art is the best thing for a man to learn. Strength training, endurance training and fighting arts training can improve your health, muscle to fat ratio, weight and shape too. Fighting arts can improve your confidence if you know them which can translate into other things such as being better able to pick up women. They can also increase your chances of winning a fight or at least being able to cause a lot of harm to others even if you lose the fight; and, this applies to fighting professional athletes who have not trained in martial arts too. What I’m trying to say is that if you are to take up a sport, then it is best to take up a fighting art in my opinion.

    1. You can learn war strategy a bit from following a game of soccer or football, and seeing a team rally from behind to win can sometimes provide lessons applicable to life, but thats about it. Watch how the coaches deal with stress and make pivotal decisions, or miserably fail due to poor judgement or inability to manage. I watch a team sport once or twice a month to observe these things.

      1. Agreed. However you can learn much more if you play or coach in the game. I’m an American Army veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. War is another thing from a game. War is even another thing from military training. Sure you can learn things from sports or a game which are applicable, but war is many levels up and more challenging. The same can be said about war in relation to military training too, but military training is as realistic as possible without maiming, mutilating and killing people, and is akin comparable to sporting event fighting matches to actual street fighting. You can even take things from sports into the business world or life in general. However, I stand by my comment that there is little to learn from sports to one degree or another.

    2. Fighting arts. Yes, you are right.
      Most guys don’t know they like fighting until they are giving the chance to learn a FULL CONTACT martial art in an environment of masculine camaraderie.
      It is the duty and right of every man to know how to fight. Simple.

  17. even worse is people who wear jerseys with their favorite player’s names on them. it’s not enough to wish they were them, they want to actually look like them too.

  18. I get the points here, but I still like following sports and supporting my teams. Does the outcome of this or that game affect my life? No, but getting into it is fun and fun things are worth doing. So long as you don’t let it control your life (and here the article is spot on, a lot of guys do lose perspective and use it as an opiate), there’s really no harm in it. You can exercise, approach and learn stuff while also following sports.
    You might as well say there’s no use in listening to music…it doesn’t quantitatively improve your life and you’re just observing other men accomplish stuff, right? No, life needs its diversions.

    1. Music and sports comparable? Can you get motivated listening to Troy Aikmen on your ipod while hitting the weights hard? No.
      Does anyone sit around for hours on end just “listening to music”? Unless your an emo weirdo the answer would be no.
      If you like sports that much than join a semi pro or amateur league and do it yourself.
      My personal favorite is when people sit on their ass all day on the weekends, work a 9-5 all week at a job they hate for a boss they despise, and then continue to piss and moan about how much professional athletes and actors make.
      This is simple economics- What enables said actors/athletes to commend such a high price for their (work?). It is the people who buy the memorabilia, purchase season tickets, and sit on their ass and watch the games.
      If tickets went unpurchased, jerseys went out of style, and TV was no longer a past time- these players would find that their profession is nothing more than a personal hobby.

      1. “Does anyone sit around for hours on end just “listening to music”?”
        Yes, lots of people, usually accompanied by idle internet roaming or other forms of procrastination.
        “If you like sports that much than join a semi pro or amateur league and do it yourself.”
        If you like music that much then join an amateur band and do it yourself.
        “If tickets went unpurchased, jerseys went out of style, and TV was no longer a past time- these players would find that their profession is nothing more than a personal hobby.”
        That’s exactly my point…it’s not as much about them as it is about the communal ritual of sport, the allure of which is perfectly understandable to all but the most high-nosed of observers. Without the fans, without the rivalries, without the emotional investment, it’d just be a bunch of guys tossing around a ball on a field. If you think that, just a personal hobby, is what pro sports comes down to then I’m afraid you simply haven’t thought about it enough.

      2. “Music and sports comparable? Can you get motivated listening to Troy Aikmen on your ipod while hitting the weights hard? No.”
        There’s a basketball court nearby my town in NY that was pretty much deserted for the past few years. Then Carmelo Anthony comes to the Knicks and now the court is filled with kids trying to make jump shots just like Melo
        So no, people don’t get motivated listening to Melo on their iPod. They get motivated by seeing him do amazing things.

  19. absolutely. after college and the necessity to bond with other alphas to learn from them, I saw little need or had the time to hero worship NBA or NFL players and team. I just had other things to do, AND I didn’t need to credential myself to other guys anymore by showing off my knowledge of local team, cuZ FUCK EM, I’M AN ALPHA NOW! I played rugby, ultimate frisbee and pick-up basketball, and got really good at them for the purpose of mind and fitness, and its good to know sports. but thats it.

  20. Hmm. Tom Leykis watches a lot of sports, and yet he has many fans in the manosphere. Of course he claims he’s already attained his multi-million dollar fortune and can bang all the hot women he wants with his Leykis 101 system.
    I’d say the same advice applies to geek pastimes like reading comic books or watching science fiction or superhero movies. Though I read an essay awhile back from someone who claims that many James Bond fans, in his experience, show sterner stuff in their characters because they want to improve themselves. What accounts for the difference? Bond, unlike most characters in science fiction and fantasy, goes to real places, shows real skills and does real things. You can follow Bond’s example by getting into physical condition, learning martial arts, studying foreign languages, dressing and grooming yourself better, traveling to foreign places – and, of course, learning how to pick up attractive women.

    1. I love Tom Leykis- Actually talked to him before. But tell me this, how many hotter chicks would Tom get if he went to the gym instead of going to hockey games? How much better would his radio show/website be doing if he devoted his time to that instead? What if he learned another language to broadcast in?
      I know this is a stretch but there are much better things to be doing.

    2. You’ve got to understand one differentiating aspect between men like Tom Leykis and the average joe: Leykis speaks from a position of privilege- he’s wealthy and can thus afford the luxury of being a sports spectator, whereas the average joe doesn’t have Leykis’ wealth. GLPiggy had a post similar to this one and he links a Bill Maher youtube clip in which Maher criticizes men for idolizing and worshipping athletes, and as GLPiggy pointed out: Bill Maher is wealthy and can thus easily enjoy sports. The point of this post however is that the average joe can become more than average if he limits or totally eliminate sports.

  21. Great post. I have never gotten “sports.” I love playing them, but could never understand how people could devote so much time and brain power to following them. Just look at how much memory and analytically skills these guys on ESPN expend on other people playing a game. Imagine if people used that energy to productively affect society.
    I like watching the occasional game or Super Bowl with a group of people, but that is because I like parties and homemade food.
    The worst thing is the people who get emotionally upset over the outcome of a game. That is just insane that somebody’s life could be so empty that actual emotional energy is spent on sports.
    The cynical/conspiracy theory side of me thinks of sports as just more soma for the masses to keep them placated. What better way to keep a population from realizing their full potential than with high fructose corn syrup and year round sports?

  22. “Sports has supplanted religion as the modern opiate of the masses.”
    I stopped cheering for soccer ( i’m brazilian) exactly because i came to that conclusino some 2 years ago. Sports imo, is a religion.

    1. Agreed. It seems sports is the last bastion of masculinity for society where the feminized male can project his own masculinity onto others and experience it by proxy.

  23. Glad to see an article like this. Nothing is wrong with the occasional diversion (very rare occasion) of watching a sporting event, but the cultish aspect that surrounds a lot of it is boorish and off-putting. I love playing sports and and all aspects of physical fitness, but watching them is something else. It becomes for too many people a substitute for life. It becomes an excuse for them to avoid working on their own self-improvement, and contributes to their sedation by the popular media.
    Maybe it has always been so. The way of the scholar-athlete-adventurer is not for everyone.
    I remember reading a story about the philosopher Schopenhauer. Every evening he would take his meals in a boarding house with many other men. At the beginning of each meal, he would take a gold coin out of his pocket and put it on the table. And at the end of the meal he would put it back into his pocket. When asked about the meaning of this strange ritual, he responded that it was a silent wager with himself. He would (he said) leave the coin as a tip the first time that he could hear men in the tavern talk about anything except women and horses. And it never happened.

    1. Reminds me of the Bechdel test:
      “What is now known as the Bechdel test was introduced in Alison Bechdel’s comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For. In a 1985 strip titled “The Rule”,[7][8] an unnamed female character[4] says that she only watches a movie if it satisfies the following requirements:
      It has to have at least two women in it,
      who talk to each other,
      about something besides a man[, shopping, or make up].”

    2. The more closely you examine human affairs the more obvious it is that humans crave cultish things. Most people’s lives are monotonous, and so they seek out glamour and excitement elsewhere…sport is one thing that can be used to fill that void through vicarious achievement, but it would be a mistake to think of it in only these terms. Sports teams represent cities and thus civic pride (or nations and national pride). And of course, the common conversation content provided by sport alone would ensure that Schopenhauer and his coin at last be parted.
      From the Romans to the Mayans to medieval Florence to the Han Dynasty, sports are a ubiquitous part of civilization, and the bigger the civilization the bigger the attendant celebration. They’re fun and effusive, so it’s no wonder they endure and thrive. The spectacle of sport, like it or not, is part of life…if one so studiously avoids it out of principle, I’m tempted to wonder whether he is ultimately among those missing out on life.

  24. Good post. However when you need to sit down and chill, there is no other things on TV for men to watch. All the shows are for women now.

    1. There are other ways to relax besides watching TV. I canceled my cable about two years ago after realizing there was only about 3 or 4 shows I actually watched, and that I could live without those. Humanity has survived a long time without the idiot box, and you can too. Try reading a book. I recommend The Conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar. Or try Crime and Punishment.

  25. What you describe is more an lack of discipline and moderation than a problem inherent with watching sports. What you describe is primarily socializing, drinking, and satisfying addictive fantasy football cravings.
    Watching sports can be inspirational and motivational as well as entertaining. Yes, you watch other men achieve, but then you absorb a little bit of that competitive spirit you saw and use it to better your own life. This is especially true if you like spending time in the gym doing weight training and high-intensity intervals.
    Don’t spend 8 hours in a bar. Don’t waste an entire weekend doing one basic, unproductive activity. But don’t beat yourself up about spending a few hours per week relaxing with friends over a football game.

    1. This is the best reply I have seen. What this article describes is a specific behavior that is endemic to all of western society: spending too much time focused on entertainment than their own self improvement. But for language Black Knight could have been describing an americunt binge-watching criminal minds.
      People will always need a medium to relax with, and men are no exception. I agree with trying to maximize your productivity, and one should always be self-aware that in the grand scheme of things an afternoon spent watching the NFL is technically a ‘waste of time’. That being said, everyone kicks back and does therapeutic things that may not be actively conducive to self-improvement because they have to. Despite the fact that society has condoned it in extremes far too much we all need to spend some time being unproductive and doing what they want.
      The point you make in your second paragraph is key. If one takes the argument I just made as fact what you say there is important. If men need to take time to unwind and getting entertained, watching professional sports is the best possible way to do it. Would you rather see men entertain themselves by watching a tv show who’s protagonist is a 140 pound female who can somehow beat the shit out of a 200 pound navy seal because to do otherwise would be seen as sexist (when in reality it is merely realist)? Of course not. If our sons are going to entertain themselves whilst growing up why not have that entertainment be grown men of great physical prowess smacking each other around in a test of will as opposed to the increasingly awful programs put on by cable TV. More importantly, if those sons are going to grow up role modeling famous people, whom would you prefer they role model, some hollywood mangina who gained his riches with a set of good looks and ‘talent’ as actors would define it, or men of great physical strength who have spent decades cultivating a talent and putting their blood sweat and tears into said talent? For me the answer is obvious.
      Theres another argument to be made about pro sports being the last true bastion of Western Manhood. Our society has adjusted the standards in business, firefighting, even the goddamn army. You can’t force the coaches and GM’s of an industry that pays people millions based on how physically competent they are to play a game to make exceptions for a woman. This needs to be preserved.
      TLDNR Yes if you are spending a quarter of your free time spending other men play sports re-examine your priorities. You certainly should not beat yourself over a few hours watching a football game, because everyone needs something to unwind over, and by choosing sports over the other shitty alternative you just might be saving western manhood.

  26. Sports are entertainment. I watch other men play ball for the same reason I watch other people pretend to be people they’re not on a rectangular screen: To be entertained. (Are you not entertained?!) I think it’s silly that sports get singled out when people have been watching competitions since civilization began, but movies and TV get more of a pass.
    However I agree people let it consume their lives (and budget – all those bar tabs and jerseys). As such I limit my viewing same as I would TV/movies/internet.
    Athletics also taps into tribalism, which I think IS healthy again to an extent. People like forming groups and then rivalries with neighboring groups – it’s primal.
    The real lesson is, limit the amount of time you spend sitting on your a$$ watching things. Reading is an exception since that’s more stimulating.
    That and never, ever wear an item of clothing with another man’s name on your back, or anything that reads “Property Of…”

  27. How can anyone respect college football anymore? Are these people just entirely blinding themselves to the evils within the average programs structure? College administrators are acting like plantation owners, profiting off of the labor of those who cannot be paid, and then turn a blind-eye to any sort of impropriety. Even if you get a “good” program without scandal to support these days, they’re still exploiting stupid young minority kids by grade-inflating them through their program while the college profits.
    Anyone who can watch college football without some level of disgust inside them after the revelations of Penn State is somehow thoroughly anesthetizing themselves to reality.

    1. Powerful and true. College sports are a rip off because they admit students not qualified for college on grounds of opportunity, when they have no ability or intention to complete a college degree. It devalues degrees owned by real students. I sympathize with these young men, as they are sold a “bill of goods” and have few options in their life. There is room for debate about the dismantling of high-profile profit center sports in the NCAA like football and basketball, and turning them into college related sport clubs, a semi pro league that has the flexibility to pay players in cash, or offer them credits towards college if they choose. Ed O’Bannon’s law suit is making waves:

  28. What if you make a living watching sports?
    I buy and sell bets online, its a big thing here in europe, and the market works similar to stock exchange, only instead of buying and selling stocks you buy and sell risk on a given outcome.
    I make a living out of it enough to live more than well, I dont have a boss and I get to watch sports and make something productive, not the time sink you describe above… but yes Im the exception, I know!

    1. Sounds like a great arrangement. Certainly would not put that in the same bucket as spending all weekend on the couch watching a game.

  29. I am getting rid of sports in my life, especially college football and NFL. No more fantasy football this year. It ultimately does not improve my life that much.

  30. What a dumb article.
    The ROK Template:
    Controversial Title.
    Lame article devoid of facts.
    Buttressed by authors anecdotal opinions.
    Asinine conclusion based on the above.
    But hey, at least it wasn’t another “7 things I learned while making a boloney sandwich” article.

    1. As a troll post I give you a 3.5 out of 10. Significantly below average but you did manage not to use the same adjective twice so for that got you an extra point.

  31. I’ll keep watching sports but I’ll never use the word ‘we’ when referring to a team. ‘We’ means nothing when the game’s over and you realize you still have work to do in your own life.

  32. Ohhhh, I see whast’s going on here. ” No ” sports, ” Yes ” to video games and brothels.
    In the end, everybody can do whatever they want. For some, sports is a mindless exercise that takes up too much of their time. But unproductive? That’s subjective. A lot of guys, and I use that term loosely, don’t care for sports. That’s cool. If it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing.
    The bashing though, that makes me think of uncoordinated cats that were never good at sports to begin with. Couldn’t hit a ball if they swung a park bench at it, couldn’t catch a football if they had 4 hands, run slower than molasses in the dead of winter.
    I don’t mind if you wanna crawl up under a good book. Want some tea and crimpets? I don’t mind if you want to play Call of Duty with a bunch of internet friends. I don’t mind if you want to go to the gym for the 6th day straight. Go ahead Mr. Olympia.
    But for a few months out of twelve, Ima watch me some Football. Beer is optional, but as a grown ass man, I will drink whatever the F#$K I feel like drinking.
    See how that works? Grown men, real men, do whatever they want.
    Thus endeth the lesson.

    1. Blax FTW.
      I’ll keep my 1-2 Niner tailgates, handful of NBA/NFL/SEC finals games a year …. but thanks!
      “Americans fetishize sports….”
      Has the author even been out of the country?? Football (Soccer) fans abroad makes American fans look like apathetic nerds. It’s a frickin religion is most countries I’ve spent time in.
      And what kind of loser takes a wholesale swipe at something as generic as “Sports” anyway?? Get a life of your own and get busy living it instead of taking bitch-ass shots at others. I mean WTF cares what others are doing?
      It reads like a chick wrote it.

  33. As a former 3 sport athlete, with 12 years of American Football including a college stint, I can say that many of the “hardcore sport fans” I see today are sorry sacks of flesh that were never athletes themselves, but love to watch others play. They vicariously live through watching other men’s sporting glory, and think they own a piece of that when they buy a Jersey. Personally, since exiting organized sports, I find it terribly dull to just watch other people perform all day while stuffing my face with buffalo wings and beers. So I stopped doing that around 2005, and never looked back. Shit, even playing video games is more simulating than watching sports. The schmucks that need this advise the most understand it the least.

  34. i considered moving to the US a couple of years ago, but after a month hanging out in California, which I do love geographically, i found the smart phone / entertainment fever had reached absurd levels…. i think most people these days, especially in the US are frightened to be alone with themselves for more than 5 seconds.
    They need never ending streams of useless information and banal entertainments…..
    lest their mind might actually have to consider their bulging waist line, their appalling diet, their political and economic system, or anything else worth considering in life…
    have you ever noticed how most people in the US, barely consider the rest of the world as a tangible entity….

  35. Surprised by the amount of sports hate, particularly assuming many of these readers are American. It took me moving to europe to realize how useless watching sports can be. Don’t get me wrong, I still follow some of my closest teams. However, the list is getting shorter. The recent NBA and NHL labour issues killed those leagues for me.
    If labour disputes disrupt a season of the NFL or MLB again you can bet I’ll be done with them too. Salaries aren’t going up with all of us much but the wages of athletes continue to skyrocket despite global economic hardship. It’s ridiculous. It has no impact on my life.
    When I go back to North America it is embarrassing how obsessed people are with their sports teams. But it’s telling. People are just that boring and uninteresting.

    1. That surprises me; it was my impression that most of Europe is pretty well intent on following soccer (with rugby and a few other sports rounding things out). Compared to Europe and even more so to Latin America, the US is almost mild-mannered in its devotion to sports.

      1. I won’t dispute there is a subculture of sports in europe that is beyond ridiculous but it doesn’t appear as broad as in North America. Soccer definitely has a fan base on par or higher than NA pro leagues. But it isn’t as obvious as in the US.
        However, the four pro leagues in NA provide year round entertainment with teams to follow. Rugby and cricket are only big on an international basis. There are no leagues in those sports that compare to the NFL, etc.
        I’ve travelled a lot in Europe. I rarely come across the jerseys, the sports bars with local sports memorabilia or the multiple tvs with sports on. Compare that to my trips to the US where guys wear sports gear as fashion (not cool in Europe). Bars are themed after local sports teams (occasional to find in Europe but not as easy). Games are always on tv all day. ESPN has four 24 hour networks, at least. Along with the individual league networks.
        Again, I’m not saying its non-existent in Europe. Take in a soccer match at Millwall and its a sight to behold. It just isn’t as imbedded in the culture like it is in North America. It’s not even close in my opinion.

        1. America is hands-down more sports-crazy than Europe.
          Watching sports all the time is definitely a waste. But, if you want to be in the cultural mainstream in the US you have to follow sports, simple as that. If you want to fit in at the office, you have to play fantasy football and comment on the playoffs. These days, you have to discuss the NFL, NBA, MLB, Hockey, college sports, and the EPL if you really want to be cool…

  36. My family revolves around football. It is a family event and everyone takes part in it. Most of the girls see it as a social event. My sister has been watching football for twenty years and has been to hundreds of games yet can’t tell me what a free safety is or what man to man means. The guys invest energy and brainpower into uncovering every little nuance of the game. Who’s been traded to who? Who’s injured? What’s the best defense against a certain offense.
    And then there’s me and because I have no interest in football there’s very little for me to talk about with my family. I hang out with all the women in my family because the men are literally obsessed with football and golf.
    I’ve grown to hate football because of this and often wonder where my “real” family is.

  37. I believe in treating sports like porn flicks: “Live it don’t watch it.”
    I don’t like spending hours watching something I can do in real life.

  38. Pathetic as it is, it’s the biggest way in which American males can feel like a Man.
    I suspect it has different psychology in other regions, but in America, the men equate watching football with being a football star. Because when I think Manly, I think couch time.
    They need to get out into the garage or the woods, but then they couldn’t wear those cool jerseys, though perhaps they could be weened by letting them keep the backwards hats for now.

  39. the only time i turn on the tv is to watch some soccer. the rest is just girl tv.

  40. It ain’t very manly or alpha to watch and cheer people throw an orange ball through a hoop. People should play the games instead of watch them. We need more adult sports leagues, none of this living vicariously through other people’s lives. I want to play sports again, like high school and college but there’s no apparent way since so many 30+ guys are out of shape from watching these god damn games and letting their wives control everything. Spectator sports is a HUGE component of the default beta-izing of culture.

  41. There’s nothing wrong with sports. While I’m not as obessed with sports as I used to be, it is fun to watch a baseball/football/soccer game on occasion. You aren’t going to be productive with 100% of your time, and taking three hours a day or two out of the week to watch a game isn’t severely hampering your growth as a man. You can do other things while watching sports, too.

  42. Sports is a pure engagement in the activity that is most important to the male psych- solving problems. The athletes on the field are using their minds and bodies to solve the problem of how to score and defeat the other team. We men enjoy watching other men solving problems in such a dramatic and lively way. With this post, you are encouraging men to turn off the sports and spend the time solving problems on our own. I don’t think it’s that much of a difference, but I think you have a point.

  43. i take a passing interest in sports. as in, its cool, but i dont dedicate time out of my life to watch them. ever.

  44. I suppose people’s lives are so boring and pathetic that they find any avenue to find “excitiment”

  45. So instead of watching sports and drinking, basically not giving a fuck about women and having a good time, he says you should work out, drink vegetables to flush out his vagina, pay a for coffee while talking to a woman, and do something really gay. This guy needs to get a lesson from a pimp named slick back to cure his bitch dependency…pussy.
    love, sam sneaky

  46. So instead of watching sports and drinking, basically not giving a fuck about women and having a good time, he says you should work out, drink vegetables to flush out his vagina, pay a for coffee while talking to a woman, and do something really gay. This guy needs to get a lesson from a pimp named slick back to cure his bitch dependency

  47. So instead of watching sports and drinking, basically not giving a fuck about women and having a good time, he says you should work out, drink vegetables to flush out his vagina, pay a for coffee while talking to a woman, and do something really gay. This guy needs to get a lesson from a pimp named slick back to cure his bitch dependency

        1. you and that kid “mikael” should be banned from this site. I feel like i snorted a line of estrogen after reading any of your posts.

  48. Let’s see where this line of logic takes us:
    Make sure you stop watching movies…too much time spent watching other men write, act and direct simple stories and get millions for it.
    Stop watching stand-up comedy…too much time wasted watching other men be funny.
    Not much point in reading about history…lots of time gone reading about great men who will never know who you are or care.
    How very fulfilling.

    1. Watching sports only creates entertainment value. There is no “takeaway” from that viewing to use in your life. Reading a history book, on the other hand, can provide you with a roadmap on how to manage human beings, run businesses, create empires, etc. Do you remember a specific football game you saw three years ago? The final score of the last superbowl? Probably not. But I remember a history book I read three years ago. I remember reading Walden nearly ten years ago and how it changed the direction of my life.
      Even soap operas give more value to people than pro sports, by teaching you what to do (and not do) in interpersonal relationships. Sports is the most base form of entertainment you can choose, and is a reason why the ancient Romans used it as its main tool to calm the masses—it appeals to even the most intellectually challenged life form.

      1. Off the top of my head: Zidane vs Spain in 2006, Iverson vs LA in 2001, Turkey’s back-to-back comebacks vs Czech Republic and then Croatia in the 2008 Euros, Liverpool vs AC Milan in 2005…to name a few. Those sorts of moments stick with people because they’re inspiring and reveal something about people overcoming challenges. And I don’t even root for those teams.
        I love history and I hold a degree in it, but even here, as with sports, inspiration can morph into complacency: I know plenty of men who’ve accomplished very little aside from their study of history, men who vicariously bask in the glory and drama of the past. They’re not managing anyone, running any businesses or creating any empires…but that’s their own use of history and I don’t begrudge them their passion. I think most pursuits involve both useful and useless impulses, and some people serve the latter at the expense of the former (to their cost), but the driven man needn’t be warned of that danger, much less discouraged from the activity entirely.
        I agree that sport calmed Rome’s masses (what good can a society achieve if its masses remain disquieted?), but they also captivated her greatest minds: an intellect no less towering than Cicero wrote of enjoying the bravery and skill of gladiators. Sport can appeal to both the mentally inactive and the intellectually engaged, and it does so because it combines courage, skill, teamwork, hope, heartbreak and so on, things we all experience and understand. Sport may well be base entertainment (a category of which recreational sex can be included), but merely being base doesn’t make it unimportant, on the contrary it makes it ubiquitous.

      2. I remember Vengerov’s Sibelius in Chicago, and Bale’s demolition of Inter Milan more vividly than any book I’ve read. I consider both memories quite valuable. Goosebumps, still.

  49. “when true genius appears in the world, you will know him by this sign; The dunces are in confederacy against him” -Jonathan Swift

  50. Yeah this makes sense, if you are doing something 24 hours a day, but very few people are constantly productive.
    Baseball games are great places to meet hot young chicks.

  51. Lol good to see I’m not the only one that masturbates to college sports.

  52. As with many articles here, it is only black and white, probably to make the message clear.
    If you actually play a sport competetively (even recreationally), then watching that sport is enjoyable just as watching and listening to some lead guitarist play is enjoyable if you are a guitar player.
    You don’t think Michael Jordan watched sports? You bet he did, he watched Dr. J and learned from him. And when I watch Michael Jordan play, I not only amaze at his basketball skills but also at his mental capacity and drive. I watch sports to see a master at his field. It excites me. It can be inspirational or it can be a mere timewaster.
    Personally, I have stopped watching soccer completely years ago and particularly the Champion League, despite most people I know in their late 20s are still seemingly facinated with the same teams playing amongst themselves year after year.
    But as I played basketball as a youth and was really into it, I try to watch an NBA game now and then, allthough the enjoyment I get from it nowadays is miniscule compared to when I lived and breathed basketball as a teenager.
    In some ways, I think continuing to watch and therefore idolize pro sports is a refusal to grow up and take action for yourself.
    But I will certainly go watch a sporting event to hang out with old or new friends. It’s just a natural way for men to relate through a tribal experience of a shared team. Perfectly natural, just make sure you don’t actually care lol.

  53. Solid post.
    Why watch other people create value and have a good time? It makes no sense. It’s idle hero-worship, corrosive to the soul and toxic to communities.
    Create your own epic moments, adventures, value. Be your own hero.

  54. Great post, but why the Anti-Americanism? Sports have been around since time memorial as a way to entertain the masses, and the Europeans are more football(soccer) crazy then the Americans are for football, basketball, baseball, etc…Americans are actually more civilized then Europeans in during most of our games. Sports addiction is far from an American phenomenon.

    1. In Europe watching and talking about sports has more class distinction than the universal appeal among Yanks.

  55. I have nothing against productivity.
    But, all work and no play makes Jack a dull asswipe.
    I have been surrounded for years by hyper-productive minded people.
    In a quarter century I have yet to see even one of them become a captain of industry, a millionaire/billionaire, Mr. Universe or even a ” master ” over their own lives.
    Yin and Yang people, Yin and Yang.
    One man’s waste of time is another man’s joyful release of pressure. Too much seriousness is not good for your health or attitude, and thus , bad for your forward progress and development.

  56. I have a strong hunch that the radical increase in U.S. sports consumption (NFL revenue alone has multiplied 8x since 1990) is also partly responsible for the spread of the “cuckold fetishist”. Dudes who spend dozens of hours a week staring at black men are bound to view them as the superior being – sexually, aesthetically, etc.
    So for those dudes caught up in the hilariously creepy cuckold fetishism….try quitting sports to untangle yourself.

    1. HAHAHAHAHA!!….sigh….That was pretty creative. So creative in fact, it almost sounds like projection.

      1. Don’t know why you randomly insulted a total stranger, but okay. Anyway, it’s
        good that we’re in agreement that cuckold fetishes are disgusting – so much so that just accusing another is a big insult. (Basically, all fetishes are disgusting, in my opinion.) Much better
        that you conceded that point than you argued that you’re proud of your
        cuckolding or that it’s natural.

        1. Nice attempt at trolling. Believe what you will. I did not insult you. Unless calling you creative is insulting. It almost sounds like projection is not insulting either. Maybe what I should have said is this:
          The fact that you actually had this preconceived “theory” in your mind is disgusting. A sexual projection of your own fetish possibly.
          I hate the NFL. Have hated it for as long as I can remember…it’s a big soap opera. And the rules drain all of the aggression out of the game.
          But implying people watch it to stare at black guys and develop a psycho-sexual power fetish, Well..holy shit a site like youporn or porn hub can satisfy that need if that is what you fancy. Why watch sports for that when you cut out all the bullshit? That’s like collecting vicki secret catalogs when they have sex tapes of these same women online.
          And do I detect a dash of race envy? Yeah.
          I am black and athletic for my age. I don’t view myself as superior to anyone. Dumb statements like yours is what we don’t need to hear or read anymore, from anyone of any color.
          I watch sports because I play them. As well as enjoy talking statistics and the analysis of the stratagems teams employ to defeat opponents. Statistics is still a mathematical discipline last I checked. Also, some of the feats of athleticism seen are things I attempt to apply to my own game.
          But, like video games, some view them as harmful, while many do benefit in other ways besides mindless entertainment. And in your case.. a gay sports themed porn fantasy.

  57. Great post. I thought I was the only guy in the world that thought this way.

  58. The only mainstream sport worth watching is ladies tennis … when certain ladies are playing.
    Full stop.
    Your picture of “Lingerie League Football” accompanying this alludes to that particular appeal of certain womens sports.
    Many jockettes have real appeal. See Leni Riefenstahl’s aesthetic of triumph of the will…

  59. Who needs TItle IX when you have sex appeal?
    Women’s sport has the potential to outsell tradtional mens’ games if packaged and marketed correctly.
    The LPGA and WNBA are perhaps examples of how not to do it.

  60. … and the Feminist agenda is complete. Even RoK now supports the dismantling of masculine diversion in an effort to focus all attention on women. Or navel gazing.
    Reading books, watching soaps, banging chicks, picking things up and putting things down, to shampoo or not shampoo…
    Anybody see the joy of competition in there somewhere? Either as a participant or celebrating those who do? I see some calls for martial arts/MMA which is good. Sports is another manifestation of it. Granted not as intense, but still calls upon the emotion of winning or losing. Competition inspires people (mostly men) to go above and beyond what they think they can do. Because when you lose to someone, you realize you can either do more or you encounter your limit.
    There are certainly those who spend way too much time engrossed in sports – buying the junk, spending 12 hours watching football on Sunday. I agree, big waste of time. But to wholesale blast sports as something to be eradicated using the lowest denominator of sports fan as your argument is like saying get rid of food because it makes people fat. Moderation, gentlemen.

  61. So instead of watching sports and drinking, basically not giving a fuck about women and having a good time, he says you should work out, drink vegetables to flush out his vagina, pay a for coffee while talking to a woman, and do something really gay. This guy needs to get a lesson from a pimp named slick back to cure his bitch dependency

  62. Well, it’s kind of fun to be part of a community, and it gives you something to talk about with other people. That said, two days is probably too much, but putting two or three hours a week doesn’t sound too bad.
    Nothing bad with a bit of passive entertainment, if it doesn’t take over your life (sorry to break into the lifestyle puritanism, Mediterranean person here)

  63. Agree absolutely. Here in my city (Vancouver), peoples lives are dictated by the hockey team Canucks. Game day is absolutely important in this city. Radio broadcasts, TVs in every bar, club, restaurant, elevator, etc. People of all ages and backgrounds in their Canucks jerseys walking around town, going to the bar or the actual game, paying $100, $200 and up for a seat at the game. Sold out every time. It’s like a religion here. Luckily, I wouldn’t give two fucks. Used to enjoy watching some playoff games when I was younger, but nowadays I don’t bother at all and see it for what it is – a money grabbing enterprise that tries to play on people’s sense of belonging and feeling pride in this beautiful city we live in.

  64. Agreed. What’s the point? sports were fun to play as a kid, but now as adults, we should have much more important things to do than watch other men play a game that doesn’t benefit us in any way. I know I do. To most people, this is their “hobby”. sitting around watching a game on TV. doesn’t sound like much of a hobby to me but it’s cheap and socially acceptable. My hobbies are expensive and not as acceptable becuase they’re expensive and “immature” (building jeeps, motorcycles, trucks, cars, etc.). Something else that really bugs me now is all the women who claim to be huge sports fans. REally??!! The majority of them never even played sports as kids, but now suddenly they’re huge supporters of whatever team they live near. Sounds like another subsitute for a true life and hobbies to me. but then when i say i’m not into sports, suddenly i’m a weird guy to them.

  65. You shouldn’t stay indoors all weekend gettin’ wasted but you should watch sport for a plethora of reasons. You should also participate in sports. If you don’t understand why on both accounts, then you better take a long hard look in the mirror.

  66. That’s your city Black Knight and a broad brush stroke has been applied here. The study of and the involvement in sports is crucial to men in many ways. Weekend benders and Peyton Manning jerseys however are not the way to go.

  67. That’s your city Black Knight and a broad brush stroke has been applied here. The study of and the involvement in sports is crucial to men in many ways. Weekend benders and Peyton Manning jerseys however are not the way to go.

  68. You guys are ridiculous. Yes, wasting your time obsessing over anything is stupid. But sport at the highest levels is akin to watching art. If you do all the other things in your life you should be doing, watching a baseball game with your son or friends is quality time. Stop being so dogmatic and absolutist. Jesus. That said, i’ll never wear a particular players jersey, but I will wear my team’s hat.

  69. I think many of you fail to understand sports in some way or another. I appreciate that you may not personally enjoy sports, hell, I don’t enjoy most sports. The one sport that I watch intensely in soccer. Or, where I’m from, we call it football. The thing about football (soccer), is that it draws out emotions from within. It is not about the drinking or the fantasy teams, it is about passion and dedication. People enjoy feeling part of a cause, and passion is good for people. When you are at a match, singing your heart out, even though your team are down 3-0, you begin to understand why sports may have a place somewhere in society.
    They often say, “It’s not a sport, it’s a religion.” I think, to some extent, that rings true for me and for many sports fans. Some may say, “Well why to you enjoy reading books, you’re just reading about someone’s fictional life, it’s never even happened.” It’s because it captures the imagination. Sports, when watched correctly, can do exactly the same thing. It can inspire, but above all else, if you find something enjoyable, why not do it, right?

  70. I find the premise of this article to be nonsensical. You can inspire productivity without singling out a single activity. Otherwise, you can feel free to write about how playing video games, jacking off, and reading articles like these have absolutely no impact on your life.
    That said, I do agree with a few points made here, yet this is targeted to the cold-hard sports fan who memorizes stats like his children are playing, or who spends obscene amounts of money on sports. If you have a ‘talent’ like the former, you might as well turn it into a productive outlet and get paid for it (see: moneyball).
    For all the normal guys out there, continue to use sports as entertainment. If you’re like me, you’ll occasionally even follow the activity in the game to uncover the various strategies used in games, which can be utilized in your real life (again, see moneyball, where the author noted that businessmen and coaches alike used methods from the Oakland A’s sports team to become more successful).

  71. Like it. Watching sports is obviously gay. I just got lost when you compared this to Martin Luther protesting indulgences. Indulgences are fucking badass.

  72. I am Italian and so come from a place where football is…..big. Man, I always fucking —hated- it. As well as I hate golf, tennis, etc. The only sport I like is car racing, but only if I were to drive. Just watching is too dull. Watching a bit of sport is ok, but being a complete fucking moron and getting drunk 3 times a week while spending most of your time at the bar watching a few guys kicking a ball, it’s really stupid.
    But anyways, the MOST stupid thing are actually VIDEOGAMES. No, actually it’s facebook and smartassphones or whatever the fuck they are called.

  73. Not a very good post in my opnion . Sports can be fun to watch , as long as done in moderation . It’s cool to support a team , talk about it with your friends and attending a live event has usually a lot of good energy

  74. Sports can be fun to watch , as long as done in moderation . It’s cool to support a team , talk about it with your friends and attending a live event has usually a lot of good energy

  75. I agree 100%. If sports helps you to be inspired, I get it, watch an occasional game or watch your home team play once a week. It’s idiotic when a fan(atic) purchases the TV sports package or tailgates all day, then tops it off by watching sports center before bed. They put their blood, sweat, and tears into their teams. It accomplishes nothing. My best friend purchases season tickets to our college team and our NFL team. He tailgates religiously for each home game and for each team. When one games on a Saturday and another is on a Sunday. He’s out the entire weekend. You can’t reach him. He’s obsessed. Since we graduated college he has gained 80 pounds because of his excessive beer and food consumption. He does this for two sports during different times of the year, football and baseball.

  76. Lol I think football watching is a fair bit better with time than talking to a woman of this world today. By talking to her you mean being bored while she talks about herself for hours, or expects you to.

  77. I’d watch more sports if there were more girls playing that wore clothing like in the above photo. 🙂
    No, this does not make me a Neanderthal…it just makes me a Heterosexual Male who likes watching beautiful women!
    ~ Nadrakas

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