7 Ways Short Men Can Achieve Higher Success With Women

After dozens of attractive girls have fallen into my athletic arms in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere, it appears reasonable to manifest that I am not short (!) of seduction ability and hence want to share my experiences and ideas on how to metaphorically rise to higher grounds, despite of being only 5 foot 6 inches.

Many of the game characteristics, such as being confident, approach, and optimize looks are likewise linked to shorter males. Still, there are some specific points to consider in this regard.

1. Embrace the Napoleon complex

In psychology there is a concept called the Napoleon complex, connected to the French military conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte, which implies that a short man feels an inner lack and consequently a need to compensate for his shortage of stature in various ways. Academics squabble about if the historical Napoleon was actually short or average for his time, and if there is any real evidence that confirms this hypothesis.

Regardless, the point is that there is some underlying truth in it. After all, girls generally prefer taller than shorter men. Therefore it is wise to embrace the Napoleon complex, real or not, in a constructive manner.

Realize that you have to work extra hard to improve your physique, style, career, confidence and social status. Be a thick-skinned little shitlord, but in a positive sense.

2. Maximize your strengths

Short but jacked

In addition to your height, you shouldn’t also fall short of other items on a girl’s list such as hair, clothes, body composition, face, confidence and social skills. Hopefully, you have already some of those and should maximize whatever area where you have potential.

Further, with regard to male–female polarity, fitness tends to be an important element for the little man. For example, part of my equation (more on that below) is to look for girls who are not necessarily shorter, but weighs 50-70 pounds less than me. When they compare their tiny shoulders and arms with mine (or yours), they feel like girls. A large share of normal females wants to feel feminine.

Thus don’t be the short guy. Instead be the short, athletic, good-looking and confident guy who gets girls. Or the ”cute guy” for that matter.

3. Be aware of your disadvantage but do not internalize it

Facebook inspirational quote

Studies, common sense, and observations show that being short is a real disadvantage. There is no point trying to deny it. You will see all kinds of good-looking girls who are let’s say 5’8″ or 5’9″ but who will not consider you as an option (perhaps they might not even notice you down there), whereas a taller guy potentially can have both tall, average, or short girls. Also somewhat shorter girls can specifically prefer taller men in many cases.

However, do not internalize it, because if you do then it will be almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is a pathetic loser-dom akin to how SJWs and other degenerates think and behave. Just go with the flow and do not over-analyze things. Everything you do comes from the mind.

4. Do not lower your standards

It might very well be the case that you will struggle to get a 7 and often, literally fall short, even if you have the other positive traits. Still that is not a reason to lower your standards.

Instead do the opposite. Like Machiavelli said in The Prince, aim for a high mark up in the sky and you will bang more 7s and 8s, even some 9s. It will also be easier to get 6s.

5. Enjoy the challenge

It is generally more of a challenge for a short guy, but once you are on the right path you will work hard and be thick-skinned in order to improve yourself (not just for the sake of girls, of course), and will not let anyone pin you down.

Sometimes you will also land comparatively taller girls and I bet it feels more like an accomplishment for the small male creatures than the larges ones.

6. Find your optimal girl spectrum

She will date a short man

Instead of thinking that girls might not want you, you should think about what kind of girls that you want. Select girls not based on resentment or fear of failure but on your particular preferences.

Typically your spectrum includes girls who are about 5′ to 5’7″ and who weigh significantly lower than you in order to create the often important sex dynamics and polarity mentioned above. In this way you will sort of zoom in your focal point.

It seems that online dating has become worse these days, but between 2011–2016 there was a free dating website called Happy Pancake in Sweden where you could filter your search results with regard to height and weight (or body type). In this way I knew that the girls were fit, cute and not too tall, and that I was not too short for them, and I had a significant number of notches due to this common sense strategy (in tandem with a fruitful profile presentation and favorable pictures). Obviously this is even easier to scan in real life.

7. Seek out fertile soil

My fellow American friends, it seems that unfortunately you have more fatties in your country (whereas Western Europe is probably equal with regard to other facets of self-inflicting ugliness, as well as social justice warriorism and feminism), which make things more troublesome. If America wants to be metaphorically great again, then it has to literally become smaller.

But even a Swede, not just shorter ones like me, may have to consider other destinations which offer a larger share of more petite girls. South America, East Asia and Southeast Asia may be good choices in that respect, but make sure that you can bang some of your cute local girls too, because otherwise it might be a sign of your own low status.

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343 thoughts on “7 Ways Short Men Can Achieve Higher Success With Women”

  1. Really good advice! Building confidence is always a plus. Nice use of the Napoleon complex to pinpoint the idea of cemented certainty. Being 5’7, not really any different from most guys, I had no real reason to focus on height. However it has become a thing to mention how height impedes you as a guy. If anything, the feeling of lack concerning your height, thinking women won’t like you because of your height, is a bigger restraint than your height. Likely that worry wasn’t even started by the person with the fear but by other idiot teens while they were an idiot teen too. Or maybe they approached one or two cocky ladies who had a crowd to impress with their retorts.
    Women are the same all over. They want you to approach and win them over. Lead with desire and don’t internalize the put downs. You’ll tweak yourself naturally if you internalize this isn’t about you and build accordingly.

    1. Confidence is key. I know a guy who is, tops, 5’8″. Claims to have done all sorts of stuff in life. Great shape, cocky attitude and women don’t seem to have any problem hitting on him. He struts, literally struts, around when he walks like the alpha rooster. Seems to work out for him.

      1. I have the same complex. Granted dealing with violence from an early age probably carved a two fucks given attitude, but have been with women who were 5’9, 5’11, and maybe as small as 5’3. Shorter women aren’t really my thing since I like curves and all of that. A few of my friends are also of the 6’0 and above bracket. Doesn’t affect my game in anyway.
        If anything, I end up in a reverse bracket where some women taller than 5’10 I won’t go for because some aspects to that bang don’t work for me.

        1. That’s pretty close to his strut. That the dog lined up and followed the “alpha” was a great touch. That’s the attitude right there, dude owns his shit, ZFG and is master of his motherfucking universe.
          I thought you’d blocked me, heh, glad to see that you didn’t.

        2. I love that he’s wearing dress shoes with a banana hammock. And he OWNS it.

    2. Tall good-looking guy here. Let me give you a quick view from the other side:
      On the upside, we get tons of IOIs. Our opener can be literally anything, including a handshake and a name. Our pool of potential randoms is bigger. Girls also tend to want relationships, if that’s what we want.
      Downside? All this makes us lazy. We don’t spit very good game because why bother, there’s always always another girl. We get easily swooped by guys with real hardcore, field-tested game. Watch the realllly tall guys, 6’5″ and above, and nine times out of ten they’re total pushovers.
      Even worse, women put on their extra special good face for us at the beginning of a dating relationship — which means that mask falls extra hard, later on. I’ve experienced this many, many times. In my twenties, I had this conversation a lot with my dad:
      Me: I just met this pretty girl, we’re compatible–
      Dad: She hasn’t shown herself yet. Wait.
      (Funny, but for a man who’s been married 45 years, he’s a bit of a natural.)
      Anyways, let me save the young’uns some time: A man’s *mental frame* is what draws women in. Not height, not looks, not money.

      1. I couldn’t upvote this addition anymore if I tried, damned Disqus limits! I have noticed pretty much the same thing, and even from the taller guys, I have noticed the ones some do get, I wouldn’t throw a body bag at let alone offer a fuck. Mental frame is far bigger since it provides the confidence. The money you get gives you confidence. The nicer clothes gives you confidence. Even the nicer car and better quality of life gives you confidence. But confidence was something you also had at age 5 when you had no idea what any of the extra shit meant. Likely you were still getting invited to play with some girl who thought you were cute then too. The game doesn’t change much, just the hoops we are willing to go through to see the rules are the same.

        1. Yeah. There’s two types of confidence, innate and earned.
          Innate confidence: Age 3, when my parents spanked me, I calmly toddled away afterwards like nothing had happened. So they gave up doing it. I kept titanium frame, even in diapers.
          Earned confidence: Comes from accomplishments. Often measured in money but not always. Biggest benefit is not the toys, but the mindset.

      2. ” Picasso and Marie-Thérèse were lovers from 1927 to about 1935. She was the mother of his daughter, Maya Widmaier-Picasso. Their relationship ended when Picasso fell in love with Dora Maar, a surrealist photographer and model for Picasso. Asked about this in later life, Picasso remarked that he had been quite happy with the situation and that when they demanded that he choose between them, he told them that they would have to fight it out themselves, at which point the two women began to wrestle. Picasso described it “as one of his choicest memories”. Marie-Thérèse died by hanging herself in 1977, four years after Picasso died.”
        Picasso was only 5’4 and he held tryouts with his mistresses! Reminds me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCXbib9MahE

      3. Indeed. The Game proponents are all about your “internals”, which is the foundation from which all else is (should be) constructed.
        The often last and unmade hurdle for those working game through the portal of self-improvement is getting to the point where it is not facade but foundation. Good bones hold value. Flipping paint and carpet every 3 years is for suckers.
        When internalization truly happens, then and only then can that horrible platitude of blue pill conditioning known as “Just Be Yourself” actually work for you. The non-game, if you will, take on this is the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.
        To your point, height or other physical lottery winners can lean toward inaction – or “laziness” as you say. The short-term rewards, e.g. the IOI’s coming at you, can easily buffer you from doing the actual hard work.
        I’ve seen this up close as an athlete too. Many bigger guys came up always having a size/strength advantage and thus rested upon this advantage such that when the field leveled they end up “playing small” and/or lacking the skill, heart, and/or grit of less-gifted competitors who came up taking lumps due to their physical deficits. But this doesn’t mean they still won’t get drafted over smaller guys lol.
        Our starting points my vary due to our facades, but we all have to do the work – from the inside out. There’s always someone better waiting to piss on our ego parade.
        Another parallel is IQ. Superior IQ is great but it can easily become a wet-blanket over hustle, grit, and resilience – which are arguably more effective in the long run in terms of self-sufficiency and self-determination.
        Its why 120 IQ friends of mine still have to suck the tit for their milk while my lovable idiot ex-army buddy runs his own horizontal drilling company and gets to fish and hunt when he wants.
        All that said, we can’t entirely overlook the fact that there is a compensatory element. Short men need to do *something* more, in general, to compensate for their external package. Period. Not fair, sure enough, but fairness is for fags and fuglies.
        Realistically, we all have to fight our own good fights. Sure, the free-flowing IOI’s are nice, but you can’t live on ice cream, in the long run you want the whole cow.
        So like I tell my younger brother who is 5’7″, “yep, you got ripped off. So what now? You gonna bitch about what you didn’t get for free or are you going to use the other gifts you got to be the man you want to be? Plus, you are getting fat, which is entirely on you, you fatty fat fuck.”
        One more thing. #4. Self-handicapping is a ticket to hell. Don’t do it. Women are dreamkillers, but #4 may just kill you along with your dreams. I.E., Men who get frivorced by smokeshows rarely eat lead. Men who get frivorced by their safety net fatty are much more likely, because, fuck, where do I go from here?

        1. Once you’ve internalized everything, game becomes secondary. The women simply react to you and your presence. That’s when “Be yourself” does work, but only when you reach the end of the process of self-actualization.
          That’s why it’s so ridiculously easy to find women once you become a man in his 40s with his shit together. Last year, I fried a few female circuits by gaming too hard. It taught me that it’s not necessary, not at this stage of life.
          And by the way, I was frivorced by a smokeshow, and it made me ecstatic. Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty. After a few months’ to recover, I went abroad and found hotter, younger, tighter.
          One point of disagreement: IOIs aren’t ice cream. They’re more like appetizers. They’re invitations to start the mating process. They’re the bacon-wrapped shrimp of the dating world.

        2. Sucks that you blocked me (apparently), your our non-political positions and experiences align pretty neatly.

        3. As someone in my early 30’s I don’t see the process as ever coming to an end. There is no right time, moment, year or achievement that will make it all come together, although I can appreciate what you’re saying and I don’t believe that we even disagree. It’s just that we have to learn to live in the moment instead of critiizing ourselves for our current failings and deficiencies. Every day and moment has its advantages and disadvantages and there are diminishing returns to everything; when I was 23, I was obese and most girls would turn their heads away in disgust, yet I was probably healthier in the sense that I was so much younger, had fewer injuries, was less cynical and had a more glowing skin so who’s better? My 23 year old self or my fit 32 year old self with more skills and confidence? I don’t know. We have to live in the now.

        4. Also, mental illness seems to come with high IQ. This has screwed me a lot, in addition to the PTSD(among physical problems as well) I got in Iraq. My IQ is pretty stratospheric, but it comes with crippling mental illness. I only really studied for 4 classes in my Materials Chemistry and Polymers BS(org 2, Calc 2, Pchem 1, quantum mechanics).
          I’ve had to drop out 6 times, and have been going for my BS since 2006, should be done in 2019(some final courses are only offered once a year).
          Speaking of mental illness, my brother has a PhD in Structural Engineering, got a 35 on the ACT, 1560 GRE(old one), paid scholarship to Vanderbilt for his masters, and believes the bible is literal truth and the earth is 6000 years old, I shit you not.
          I’m 5’11, so not tall or short. I grew up pretty awkward, and school was boring as hell because I wasn’t challenged. I can get women when I try, but most of the time the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

      4. Yep, my ex used to say “you’re 6’5″ don’t even have to try” and it was true.

    3. This. I’ve had women shorter than myself give me crap but I’ve given better than I’ve recieved. Many of these same types of women see me with my wife who’s taller than myself and have jealousy written all over them.

  2. Wearing clothes that actually have a tailored fit are going to add a perception of another 1 inch of height to you. Especially if you tailor your pants with little to no break. Also walking with good posture is going to give you the perception of being taller.
    I tried elevator shoes sort of as an experiment for a month and personally I think it had little effect. I noticed in cold approaches with women who would have been around my actual height it helped in the margins.
    The best approach I have found though is just shoot for women who are equal to your height or less. You don’t have to write off women who are taller, just realize many have on their 365 point checklist “no men shorter then me”. I considered it to be a waste of time, but if you are up for a challenge by all means. Unless you are really short like under 5’6″ there are plenty of shorter, eligible women out there.

    1. I banged a taller woman and we were seriously dating but then she started looking for excuses to dump me aside from me being shorter than her (she didn’t want to admit that was the only and sole reason she wanted rid of me). So while it’s possible to date and even be happily married to a taller woman, be aware the “challenge” is that these women can go psycho looking for ways to get rid of you.
      If I had a son or if I got into a time machine and went back to my early 20’s (or teens), I’d be doing whatever I could to add inches to my height. In terms of quantity of women available, it’s about as useful as getting two Harvard MBA’s to be 6’3″. Note that doesn’t mean that life becomes easy, but it sure makes it easier. One 6’4″ guy at work whose a total jerk (I think he has aspergers) and he went online and had to fight off the women.
      I don’t know what goes through men’s minds looking for a “challenge”. I consider it a rationalization or perhaps they have just gone off the deep end and become controlled by their own game. If you figure out a system that works for you, you’re going to use it because it’s making getting what you want easier. The purpose of learning, growth, and experience is to make life easier and to get better things with less effort.

      1. Hence why I just sort of wrote off taller women especially when younger. I have X amount of time to sarge. By eliminating an element that is not productive I can get more numbers, hookups, etc. in that X amount of time. Seems like the logical conclusion to me.

      2. Do you have any idea how one can add an inch or two in his early 20’s? I’m 20 , 5’9″ and women are always giving me shit for not being 6’0 or so.

        1. they shouldn’t be able to tell your height when you’re plowing them from behind.

        2. Yeah but it’s a long way until I’m plowing them from behind. A couple of extra inches make it way shorter.

        3. Interesting. I say women that age will look for any excuse to give you shit. You don’t need the extra inch but I guess wearing boots would do. Being 5’9 is a decent height and if you are into fitness, do some back exercises and you should stand taller and with a broader chest. The secret is taking up space as a guy and looking exposed; exposed chest, exposed wing span, exposed torso.

        4. Women my age or even some milfs I’ve tried to pick up online , will generally not even consider you dating material unless you are at least 5’11” , even if they are like 5’0 themselves. They all feel like they deserve a 6’2″ Jock nowadays. It doesn’t help that I live in Germany. These fuckers are really tall.
          Thanks for your advice. I’ve been lifting for a while and I try to take care of myself.

        5. Online is your problem. You can use the forum but know women are typically in the driver seat there. They’ll tell you all sorts of nonsense that don’t apply in real life; need money, need height, need exciting life, need status job. You’re in college or college age. This is the perfect time to use your lack of income to have sex with all the hot girls near you since they are broke too.
          I have friends who fly from America to Germany annually. They say they have it easier since the sexual atmosphere is very laid back, compared to America. From the pictures and stories they share, and one guy is potentially bringing a wife from there soon, they are right.
          You make Germany’s 5’9 sound like America’s 5’5 guy.

        6. Google it. You can start getting on Human Growth Hormone (not a pill but injectable). There are other hormone tips to increase growth. Another option, extreme, was featured on Gattica: Get surgery to break your legs and then pull them apart to get a few inches but you’ll be bedridden for a few months.

        7. Surgery is a silly idea. Any man who’s so insecure about his height to resort to surgery will not find much success with women anyway.
          There was a guy in India who was about 5’7, but underwent this surgery to increase his height. There were some complications and now he will never be able to walk again.

        8. Not to be harsh, but thinking an extra 2 inches or so will fix your problem is really blue pill propaganda.
          First thing, get offline. The best thing about online dating is also the worst. Women can screen for the specific traits they want, and that means they will miss out on your awesomeness because the filter never let you get past.
          To be fair, men do this too.
          Develop a presence that makes people want to be around you. Height is as much of a problem as you let it be.

        9. I wouldn’t say it’s a silly idea. For starters, I would rather go to my local veterinarian for medical care than to India. It’s risky but the whole point of RoK and red pill manhood is making calculated risks.
          Hmmm, this gets me to thinking how we mock feminists and the notion that women’s looks shouldn’t matter and they can make themselves look awful and still expected to be treated as beautiful. Roosh called an educated woman ugly (here’s the photo she posted, be careful before looking!)
          But if she got surgery and a nose job, perhaps some work on the cheeks some dental, she could be decent looking.
          Surgery isn’t silly. It is risky and certainly something to be done only under extreme circumstances.
          And increasing one’s SMV from a 6 to an 8 is certainly something rather extreme, don’t you think?

        10. Less than 4% of men are 6’2″ or taller. Most women are morons, enjoy changing the cat litter ladies!

        11. You are right about everything. This height thing is more in my head , as I don’t feel comfortable with lots of taller men around. Germans are taller by a bit on average than Americans.
          I only fuck around online at the moment as I do no real life approaches anymore. I’m not even trying to get laid to be honest. I’m not proud to admit it but I am a mental case when it comes to women. Success with women depends too much on my state of mind. When I’m doing ok in other areas of life like school , money , gym etc I feel like a king. I get all arrogant and cocky and women love it. I got a pornstar level girlfriend at the peak of my self-improvement RoK-inspired program. Now , I’m into some deep shit as I am broke , about to be thrown out of college etc and my self-confidence has gone to shit. I feel like I don’t deserve any women and even avoid attractive women around me. Women somehow pick up my state of mind and avoid me too.

        12. Good point, but online you can win if you have really good profile pictures and write to girls who are 155-170 cm. If they respond, they accept that you are short, and perhaps think that you look good enough to compensate short stature. Very easy. But I do not use Tinder.
          One way I elevate my status with sluts after meeting them online is to mention that I was stalked by a crazy but quite hot girl (which I was), which will make them think that I am a good catch. This is because sluts can be stalked too, and they might bring that up and you have something in common.

        13. Good point. One can fake one inch with shoes/boots and gain one real inch witch stretching, at best, but generally it is best to accept one’s faith.
          With that said, if one is ugly (too) I think that plastic surgery in Seoul can be a good choice.

        14. 2 inches make a big difference when they take you from 1.75 to 1.80. It’s not like 1.85 to 1.90 or 1.90 to 1.95.
          I explained my problem on another comment. I am honestly not a fun person to be around at the moment and I won’t be until I take care of my shit.

        15. My ego won’t let me do any surgeries but I might give the hormone a try at some point.

        16. Surgery is a short term solution. Artificially increasing your height reeks of desperation. Besides, there are many short men who are quite successful with women, so height is only as big of a problem as you make it to be.
          Plastic surgery certainly will improve your looks for the short term, but will start to show after a few years and it will not look pleasant. Surgical options are just not worth the risk.

        17. Well most of them wouldn’t mind sharing that 4% of men with all the other women.

        18. That’s a pretty deep comment. To break it down by the numbers. Life comes first. Sex is bastard of a distraction but if you can get it cool, but do not overstep your limits in any way.
          Tap into your resources. Most school systems seem to have an award system for getting good grades. Look into it. I went to school without support save for my first school semester since my family felt college was not for them to offer assistance. Kept a B+ average, found degrees that would be supported by scholarships and got my bachelors taken cared of. That may help or maybe something else might. You’re alive so there are still options.
          Life hits us all. Being alpha doesn’t mean your frame won’t be affected by money issues, loss of home, loss of children, loss of women, etc. It does mean, your responsibility is to be selfish to ensure you can be resourceful in any weather sunny or if shit hits the fan.

        19. You can’t add an inch or two to your height, but as for the women that give you shit, you say, “Next!”

        20. Man, it’s good to be 6’3″

    2. “The best approach I have found though is just shoot for women who are equal to your height or less.”
      This is a phenomenon I’ve noticed recently as well. At 5’9″, I do best with women in the 5’6″ to 5″10″ range. But it’s the shorter ones, the girls 5’4″ and under, that always seem to have the height requirement at the top of the list. I see it walking the malls of America all the time, where the man is literally towering over the woman, making normal everyday logistics almost impractical. Could it be an inherent attempt at biological compensation?

      1. I’ve noticed it too. The shorter the bitch , the higher her height requirements are. Maybe they feel crushed under the big world and need a huge male presence to “protect” them.

        1. Not for me, though. I mainly have girls who are 5.0-5.6, but some of them are Asian so maybe they care less in general.

        2. When I was in Seoul last year I approached several hot girls at Club Octagon, where plastic sluts and generally good looking girls go. I don’t know exactly how much Korean girls in general care about the height dimension but it has not been an obstacle for me at least, but like most other girls they consider it a strength to be taller. Some interviews that I watched on Youtube and how fan media reports on K-pop idols indicate that at least.
          Anyway, so this one girl, who was a 7.5. and about 5.4, said that she didn’t like my type (pointing at my short stature and muscular body) when I initiated the conversation. So I started to laugh like it didn’t bother me, and it didn’t because I have this pretty solid narcissistic confidence and inner game. So then I went to the next girl instead, who was equal in height but an 8, and she liked my type.
          So I traded this bitch for a better one. This is an important lesson for an aspiring shitlord.

        3. You prabably make up for it with other things.I’m not claiming height is everything. However , if you were 6’0+ , it would would be much easier for you to get these women. Women in that height gap absolutely love tall men.

        4. I have a theory on this. Women who are 6’s often tend to be absolute bitches compared to 8’s. This may be because they get a lot of attention from lazy betas hoping for an easy score. So these women develop bitchy attitudes because they simultaneously have a lot of attention and also they are angry that the hotter guys aren’t hitting on them. They feel they need to prove their hotness by demanding a hotter guy or someone who will go through their shit tests. 8’s generally get all of that out of their system and have more rational (for women) ways of looking at things. The same may also go for height.

        5. 6’s may even get more male atention than 8′ altogether. The guys I know focus their efforts on 6’s and 7’s as they think they have a better chance with them. They are “scared” of 8’s and avoid them as they they think they are not good enough for them. This may explain why 8’s are generally nicer. They are insecure. Imagine being a very beautiful woman and not getting that much male attention.

        6. Yep. I keep telling guys this but they refuse to believe me. If you see an 8 through 10 walk into the room, make a beeline to her (however you wish to do that) and if you have decent skills you’re in like Flynn. Every really hot girl I’ve ever dated basically said that guys are almost always too afraid to approach and the few that do become nervous bumbling idiots in milliseconds.

        7. Making yourself think you are worthy of such a hot woman is the most difficult part here Ghost.

        8. I really, honestly have no frame of reference to begin to understand that. She has to be worthy of *you*. I guess that the mindset and learning it is why sites like this exist though. Which is A Good Thing ™.

        9. I already explained it to you in some other post. It is not you and 3.5 billion women in this planet. It is you competing against 3.5 billion men for the fucking women. If a guy knows he is not among the tallest , most handsome , richest , best-dressed , well-known men out there he will subconsciously feel like he doesn’t deserve the hottest women who naturally belong to these men. This will affect his self-worth and confidence and he will opt for women closer to caliber instead.
          Now a man can and must overcome his insticts. Pages like this help a lot. I am merely explaining to you why a guy would feel like that.

        10. Oh, I get that they don’t have the feels and stuff, I just have no actual frame of reference with how this becomes a mindset that they accept and believe. But I do understand that they’ve come to accept and believe it.
          Here’s how I figure it. It is, in fact, just me and 3.5 billion women. If a woman rejects me, it just means that I’m having an off day or I forgot to put on deodorant or something else, because otherwise, she’d be mine. THAT is the mindset you need to adopt (not you you personally). In reality sure, you will get rejected, but it’s just you being off your stride that day. Other men? Fuck them, they simply do not register as competition, heh.
          What’s the saying here, supreme confidence? Get that mindset and shit just gets so much easier with chicks.

        11. “It is, in fact, just me and 3.5 billion women. If a woman rejects me, it just means that I’m having an off day or I forgot to put on deodorant or something else, because otherwise, she’d be mine.”
          I wish it was like that , but other men do matter. If you are in a club and you have forgotten to put on deodorant but the other men there are bums who haven’t washed in weeks you will still get the hottest women. If you have put on deodarant , worn your best suit and are in a great mood but the Real Madrid FC players decide to hit the club that night , you are fucked (not you literally).
          Anyway I agree that adopting the mindset you talk about is essential. You will have more success in any scenario. But self-improvement and a sense for logistics are vital too. That is how I see it. When I feel like picking up women , I will opt for places or social circles where my status is at least somewhat on par with the other men. I don’t just pop up anywhere there are hot women.

        12. I married an 8. I don’t think she had a problem with attention from men but, as many of us may forget, women are a factor as well. I think 6-women have “short women’s syndrome” so to speak in that they’re jealous of more attractive women and compensate by taking it out on the thirsty betas that hit on them.
          Men and women are different beasts in that us men can be happy with a 6, so to speak, if she is good for us. Ok, perhaps she’s not as gorgeous as our friend’s girlfriend or wife but if she’s taking care of us, we don’t care because men have a self-responsibility thing gone. For women, it’s often about the status: They want to prove to other women they are attractive and so they want arm candy more than men do (although the feminist culture teaches us exactly the opposite.)
          All of this assumes an otherwise normal culture, of course, except in the states where all bets are off and nearly all of them can be crazy for one reason or another (it’s a crap shoot.)

        13. I’d like to add men more or less have a code of honor and loyalty. Women know no such things. They only respond to power and authority.

        14. I don’t think there’s enough room in the comments section for this kind of philosophical discussion, but I’ll take a shot:
          From what I’ve seen, the most powerful men tend to be backscratching sociopaths whose notion of honor is to kiss up, kick down, and backstab when it’s useful. Code of honors were largely used by the elites to keep the lower classes from revolting against them but often didn’t work when the civilized values fell apart.
          Much like now.
          If anything, modern western women are remaining honor bound to the leftist coalition that calls for Sharia law to trump feminist values when in conflict (Hillary vs Obama, for instance) I knew some feminists who were enraged when Obama was picked over Hillary in 2008 but most toed the party line.
          I suppose it’s to be expected that women live in a rather strange world of ambiguous values when that’s what I think managers and executives also inhabit. Actual real numbers such as whether a business is profitable is secondary to their perception to those around them as being successful. It’s the reason why managers and technical people tend to be different breed of thinkers and I often marvel at how our whole western culture functions at all! Have you ever seen the film “Co mi zrobisz, jak mnie złapiesz?”
          I am also amused at the notion that women are so hypergamous. I don’t doubt that they try, but much of the time they wind up outsmarting themselves like the Coyote and Road Runner cartoon. For example: I knew many women who let ideal men walk away because the men weren’t going through their mating ritual customs: “That handsome doctors like me but he asked me out ON A FRIDAY! So I dumped him!” On the one hand, the feminist idealogy reigns due to the sisterhood exploiting chivalry to the max. On the other hand, they wind up miserable more often than not because they can’t see the bigger picture.
          Lots of men have this shortcoming of course. The purpose of modern education for most western men is to teach them how to rationalize insane things.

        15. Or they’re assholes with inflated egos. As much as folks complain about girls going for the ‘bad boys’, the ‘bad boy’s are the ones absolutely fearless in making an approach.
          Advise your daughters appropriately.

        16. It was a good shot. I’ll add my two cents.
          I’ve noticed men to be more likely to keep their word or be around their friends or family , be them other men or women, in tough times , and provide actual help , even if they know they will get nothing back. God help me if I ever had to rely on a woman’s help in a tough situation. Now men can do the sickest things imaginable in pursuit of their goals , but it usually comes with a big mental baggage for us. If I give my word to hang out to somebody (let alone other thing) be it a man , woman or a brick of wall , something inside pushes me to do it. If i tell him/her/it an hour before I can’t because I’m lazy fuck , a liar , a bastard or whatever I will still feel like shit for a short while. But women ? They do these things cold bloodely all the time and feel absolutely no remorse at all.
          That is why I think honor and loyalty are not that man-made , and may have biological roots.
          And women are basically submitting to the strongest “tribe” at the moment which are the globalists and liberals. Women love to follow the crowd. Here in Germany young german women happily submitt to to turks and arabs who have the best cars and act all macho.

        17. Hehehe. If you don’t mind me taking this in a different direction, allow me to give you an insight into the mind of a childhood leftist friend of mine.
          I had a discussion with him on the phone and said, simply, I couldn’t be a leftist because the left hates white people. Then he played dumb and said: “I don’t know what you’re talking about” and I explained it and then he started rationalizing why white people were so privileged, etc.
          Here’s where it gets interesting: I said that no matter how he rationalizes his point of view (or denies it at the same time), I said that I had my own personal self interests to consider. I couldn’t jump under the bus as a bad white person for his glorious Soviet utopia because I need to pay the rent and take care of my daughter. I said that although I felt that non-whites voting left for race preferences were racist, I could at least understand their actions for self interest. I won’t say robbing someone’s home is moral, but I can at least understand their motivation. I added that I felt that I could work with other people and races by considering their own interests and mine and compromise but only if my self-interests also were considered. Period.
          He paused for a moment on the phone and said: “I think I get it. It’s people like YOU that are the reason for why the world is a bad place! You’re so selfish!”
          So let’s see: His non-white voting electorate being selfish, he’s ok with but not me? Pretty cold, eh? Especially since I ate dirt with his guy at the age of 5.
          And that’s the thing about us hairless monkeys, male or female, when their precious religous or worldviews are challenged, they go into crocodile mode. In some ways, on a daily material basis I think most people are actually pretty decent.
          I think women are worse because of chivalry but aside from that, I don’t think they’re much more dishonorable than men in their natural state (I agree with you that men tend to be better.) My wife will cut off her hand before failing to repay a debt.

        18. Wussies are real. Leftists are a new useless breed of humanity. Guys like your “friend” are clearly not the men I was talking about.
          I would still rely on an old tested buddy of mine over a girlfriend who claims to love me so much or even wife in a tough situation. Time has proven me right.

        19. “If a guy knows he is not among the tallest , most handsome , richest , best-dressed , well-known men out there…”
          So what? That’s your excuse?

        20. I’ve also noticed short women tend to be loud too. Plus, they often walk too fast. Both are major turn-offs for me.

      2. One could not blame the women in a way, because they want to have normal or taller kids. Generally.
        But the reality is, that if you have confidence, looks, social skills, some money etc you will do good or okay, and often better than taller guys who lack these traits. I don’t know about America right now in general, but I received good feedback when I went there in 2005, 2006, 2011 etc, and one of the hottest girls that I’ve been with was an American girl in Paris. She was 5.7.

  3. Like Machiavelli said in The Prince, aim for a high mark up in the sky and you will bang more 7s and 8s, even some 9s

    Machiavellis said *that*?!? Lol! Dude was apparently centuries ahead of his time, and seems to have had a trans dimensional internet connection hooked directly into the manosphere!
    I’ve literally no advice on how to act if short, but it’s a good article and maybe some of the shorter men here can give relevant comments on the applicability of the points. On the surface they sound legit to me.

    1. He said that one should aim for a high mark in the sky, and I added the part about sexual market value.

      1. I know, it just sounded funny to me.

  4. As a short man, there’s an additional benefit, sort of, to being short: It’s like we get X-ray vision into women’s souls.
    Many men I know sought to bring out the best in women during dating (and good for them) but there was a danger to this: They got an unrealistic view of what these women were like before entering into long term relationships with them. When decent looking men took out women on the town, spent money on them, and gave them clown game, it was all sunshine and rainbows and the wedding bells clanged. Then a few years later when life problems hit, the men were unprepared for the actual characters of these women that now seem all to obvious to me and other outsiders to their relationship.
    I’m surprised nobody suggests this on RoK, but one useful way to gain confidence with hot women is to mentally age them about 30 years. If you married her, what would she look like at their mother’s age? I then found a more mature way of relating to women aside from lust and idealism.
    It rarely happens, but most men here have been approached or flirted with by a woman much lower than their standards. The response from the men is to politely reject them but imagine if you cruelly rejected them and gave them a “napolean complex?” Wouldn’t that suggest a misogynistic attitude? In our hyper chivalrous culture combined with toxic feminism, misandrist women out there are more common than not.
    So being short is kind of like taking out a hot girl in an old car for a burger at a fast food joint and seeing if she’s grateful for the effort and just enjoys the conversation.
    I never “enjoyed” the challenge, quite frankly, but I realized I had to deal with it.

    1. That’s one way of seeing it, but it depends on how good you look (face, hair, body composition etc). One of my earlier girlfriends, who was 5.7 and a 7 herself, loved to take me to a party and show her friends because I was in the hot guy category. Not the perfect hot guy, who is 6.0 or taller, but like Emile Hirsch with muscles.
      If a population was too obsessed with height than I would go to another place, but it has not really been that detrimental for my results in Sweden.

      1. How tall are you? Note that 6.0 is not “perfect”. That standard is now in the 6’3 or 6’4 range although 6.0 is pretty close.

        1. It says 5.6 in the article. Well, yeah, 6.2 or 6.3 is even better. I have heard that some girls don’t like too tall guys if they look thin and goofy.

    2. This is an excellent point. I am short due to a childhood illness that almost killed me. One thing that “unmasks” such people (they’re not only women) is waiting till they make the inevitable short crack, then letting them know all that. The words “child” “terminal” and “illness” shut them the fuck up quick. It exposes how callous they are — and often how hypocritical, since they usually pride themselves on being “sensitive.” That said, people tend not to make these comments if they’re afraid of you, so cultivating a less goody-goody image is a big help. I had to stop being Alex P. Keaton and start being more like the Fonz (both are 5’6″ or under).

  5. On another note, I would just say one of the cruelest bosses I ever had was a taller woman that absolutely HATED short men. She would openly mock them in team meetings. Call them crass names behind their backs. Pass them up for promotions for no real reasoning. I left the company before this happened, but I understand from old co-workers she was managed out due to the high number of HR complaints. Left me wondering how many men have to complain about a woman boss before they do something? The number must be in at least the dozens if not hundreds.

    1. Not just female bosses. Perhaps due to my stature I also got singled out by bullies. It’s sort of like prison where if you show mental weakness, they’ll pounce on you.
      HR usually will do little to address any bullying or vicious behavior by managers unless there’s some obvious legal liability for the firm, It’s part of the code in that the managers all protect one another from subordinates as part of the code and since HR is ultimately hired and retained by management, they learn how to play ball.
      Strangely enough, I found the simplest way to deal with workplace bullies was to pass their “shit test”: They would pull some nonsense on me and I’d gently call them out on it and then they’d have respect for me even though I had just kicked them back. The biggest (early) mistake I made was to try to be nice and humor them.

      1. Yeah I have found in those circumstances all you can do is be a straight up like-able jerk or make them think you are really some sort of sociopath who will exact some kind of malicious revenge against them for even the mildest slight. You just have to don the perception of “this is not a guy I want to fuck with”.

      2. Weird…I was easily the shortest kid in my grade for a while, but Rage and cockiness never allowed me to feel that way. I was singled out by maybe two bullies in life. Neither were able to start a fight with me despite their heights because they knew I would end them.
        Warlock said this in similar words, but I find it is usually weak people who try to bully others. They make the easiest people to target since they have so many insecurities. That is even before things get physical. Either way, never had to fight to defend my status yet.

        1. I was bullied by short people. Wiry, angry ZFG, rage-filled chaps. More terrifying than the dig dudes.

        2. I’ve always been big, so I was never really bullied by kids in my grade at school, but sure as shit kids two or three grades higher would try and scrap up a fight for no apparent reason. That sorted itself out by high school though.

        3. That is crazy! I want to say the second bully was a short guy with a Napoleon concept but it was likely high school. Guy was into lifting and must have felt bigger biceps meant a bigger fighter. Not even sure why I was targeted then other than to impress a lady.

        4. Me too sorta. It was odd the oafs usually let me alone unless they had something to prove, but some of the little guys REALLY had something to prove…

        5. We referred to that as ‘small dog syndrome’. They were so focused on their height it consumed them trying to prove themselves…

  6. Despite several good points, one problem with your article is that you too often acknowledge your short stature.
    By deliberatly using different techniques: choosing what country to go to, filter on happy pancake etc, in order to maximaze yuor success- your are actually admiting to yourself- implicitly and subliminaly- that you are lesser than tall males and in a disadvantage. The problem with this is that implicit and subliminal perception are powerful and therefore I would not be surprised that this in the long run will interfere with your assesment of yourself as being just as fucking desirable as any other hot and tall guy.
    I am 170 cm and have never had any problems with the girls (ONS and relationships). I believe the reason for this is that I convince myself that I play in the same league as any other taller man. To become desirable. I just identify those obvious things that make a man (not only a shorter men) more attractive. So I even though i train to get brawny, dress nice and aim for high social standing, I do not do these things because I am short but simply becauce these are attractive features in general. By doing this, I am avoiding the menatility of ” I am short, therefore I play by other rules ánd thus I need to compensate doing X , X and X. The result of this becomes a mentality where you feel: ” I am the shiet, I am better looking than these tall men, I could get that 10 just as easy as that tall good looking guy” since you from the start acknowledge that your are in the same league as them.
    Even though these assumptions might not hold completely true, objectively speaking. But to me, subjectively, it holds in fact true ,- and thus I will aim higher and get better results because of my internal conviction.
    I am not saying that I disagree with much your article as a whole. Im simply warning for an attitude in which you are implicitly and consistently acknowleding your lack of stature.

    1. filter on happy pancake etc
      Um……..what? Heh.

      1. “It seems that online dating has become worse these days, but between 2011–2016 there was a free dating website called Happy Pancake in Sweden where you could filter your search results with regard to height and weight (or body type). In this way I knew that the girls were fit, cute and not too tall, and that I was not too short for them”
        Particularly: ” In this way I knew that the girls were fit, cute and not too tall, and that I was not too short for them” .
        You should never think like this. You are not too short for anyone unless they tell you so explicitly.

        1. Apparently I skimmed right over that, lol.

    2. I get your point but I tried to be witty. I tend to think that confidence, physique, money and style are important things in general, but I know that they are extra important. Some sort of balance.

  7. Try not being a bitch. Maybe also talk about your daddy a little less and learn how to drive yourself around…

  8. My friend in Chicago is short and he slays. Talking to him you forget about it because he is over it.

    1. Same with Prince. He never acknowledged or even considered his height disadvantage. He was 5’2″.

  9. What was it dead short famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright said?
    “anyone over 5′-6″ is a waste of materials” or something like that.

    1. He just hatin’ that tall dudes pulled the poon. Or whatever they called “poon” back then. Knicknackerbrocks is my guess.

      1. Without a doubt. Dude was like 5′-2″ and had a bit of an attitude about everyone and everything.
        Almost like he was out to GET tall people – ever toured one of his houses? You’d never fit!

        1. That’s the kind of guy who defines Napoleon Complex in a really bad way. Sounds like he desperately needed a blowjob but couldn’t find a chick to do it for him.

    2. One of the toughest badass guys was Audie Murphy at 5’5″. Most decorated war hero at the time (and perhaps ever.)
      I was born on the cusp of this generation and observed that height didn’t matter as much back then perhaps because the PUA culture was non-existent. Women rarely had one night stands and their lifetime NC would be in the single digits so they would focus on character, provider abilities, etc. In addition, women back then had a sense of urgency about their lives; They didn’t want to be 30 years old and single and childless after seeing all of their friends get married and have kids by the age of 22 or so.
      So now we’re living in a post cultural revolutionary culture where there’s this hyper masculinity action going on (men need to be alphas or at least mentally project themselves as such to score with women or even maintain relationships with them) and on the other side, gammas kept around as pets by many women (the Justin Beibers).

    3. It is likely that Frank Lloyd Wright was merely quoting

    4. It is likely that famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright was merely paraphrasing Anthony Michael Hall in the classic 80’s movie Weird science when making the perfect woman and explaining about her tits that anything more than a mouthful you just risk spraining your tongue.

      1. I can’t defend him against that claim.
        Of course it should be noted that Wright did extensive work in the Chicago suburbs, where the events of Weird Science took place:
        So a non-temporally-constrained cross-over is quite likely indeed.

  10. Saturday night my ltr decided to stay home and I was at a campground after a sporting event and took a super fit 8 back to my tent for the night. She was a competitor, who had won her division but I didn’t let her status make me act like I was in awe or anything and treated her like she was already mine from the get go.
    In the morning, after getting hate from a couple campers in tents next to us for our rather unrestrained fun we went for round 3.
    Luckily she left a note with her number as I had forgotten her name.
    The moral is that you always have a chance with any woman. I’m in great shape for my age (41) but there are fitter and younger guys with more money but I take their women almost every time.

  11. Also have to point out that most actors (on the male side) as pretty short. Always surprised me because televisions makes one appear taller.
    And also if you are short you tend to live longer in better health. So relish that when you see the tall guys picking up chicks in clubs. We each get our own and separate benefits in life.

    1. Actually there are more tall actors than you’d realize. Chris Hemsworth is 6’3″ I believe. Jeff Goldblum is 6’4″. Hasselhoff is 6’5″ (!). Vince Vaughn is 6’5″. Conan O’Brian is 6’4″.

      1. True. Most successful entertainers run a little tall.
        Of course there are exceptions, but height is an asset on the stage and screen.

        1. There’s the old joke (that actually happened) where an actor had to stand on a box or his leading ladies get into a hole in order to make those passionate love kisses look more acceptable.

      2. The guy from Shawshank is really tall I think.

        1. maybe, but my dad doesn’t think he works hard enough on defense.

        2. The hell he doesn’t! tell your old man to drag his ass up and down the court for 42 minutes.

    1. flying was great pre 9 1 1- Id walk up to door of the shuttle to beantown as it was closing, get my ticket scanned, no problemo

  12. I’ve said this before on the forum, but if you look good with long hair, grow it. People tend to put others into categories. I was “short guy” my first year in college. But that summer I grew my hair and was placed on a new dorm hall in the fall. I found that the girls had nicknamed me “hippie guy.” So the long hair, not height, became my trademark.

    1. It is ironic. In the pursuit of carving out some sort of image, you really put a lot of time and effort into your persona, in the hopes to be perceived that you don’t care what others think.

  13. … or you could just not give a damn what girls think of you and grab them by the pussy.

    1. That is the best approach in my opinion, even if you have to reach up to do so.

        1. My wife is 5’11”, about an inch taller than me. It is just a matter of priority. If you are short, and the girl cares about that, you probably shouldn’t date anyway. For most of us, that comes about #10 on the list of priorties or lower.

        2. I don’t think it will be a problem for our kids though. It is official, we just bought my 12 YO son my shoe size. Our six year old is off the growth charts.

      1. I don’t know, I think it is a mistake to simply not care what women think about (and since grab that one thinks otherwise I am fairly sure I am correct). I think the trick is to not care what women think about things that women aren’t meant to think about.
        I don’t care what a woman thinks about where we should go, what we should do, how the world should work, etc. I also don’t think you should ever care too much what their emotions are doing as those will pass and change with the wind and focusing on them is like getting trapped in quicksand However, I will gladly take constructive (polite) critique on my clothing from a woman or about the music that is playing or about whether one beach is nicer than the other or any number of things that women are great at. It is true that men and women are different. This means that they are just better at some things naturally than we are. If I have a dry skin patch I am not going to ask a dude what to do about it.
        Further, decorating your home. I think I have a nice home, but it is very functional. My obsessive OCD and love of art has made my place organized, clean and well decorated. ALso, I love things that smell nice so I always have scented candles, flowers, glade plug ins and my bathroom always smells clean like bleach. That said, it is functional. It is masculine. Everything is symmetrical. There is something about how a woman knows how to turn a functional living space into a real home that men just can’t do. Asking them for tips on this will only lead to good places.
        Further, what is more than that is that even though you are ignoring their opinion on all the bullshit they shouldn’t bother having opinions on but do anyway and even though you are ignoring their emotions which have no basis in reason you are still showing them that you care about what they think and that they contribute something important to your life. Do this long enough and you will train them to focus on the things which help you and which they are most suited towards and you will be happier for the partner who picks up your weaknesses and she will be happier making a meaningful contribution and doing what comes natural to her as a woman.

        1. What’s your favorite scent from Yankee Cadle, bro? Mines Banana Nut Bread. The Red Velvet Cupcake is good too.

        2. wise words……I think Grab that One was referring to having a self confidence in your own opinion and not succumbing to what a woman tells you. Sure it is a good idea to take advice when appropriat, but it is up to you to take it or leave it.

        3. depends on the season though I am allergic to bananas and even avoid the scent. I can tell there is snark in your comment there badger but I am cool with it. While most single guys have an apartment that smells like sweat socks and sour milk mine smells absolutely wonderful

        4. Haha, yes and no. I honestly didn’t mean any disrespect. Scented candles are somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine.

        5. Lovin it! Haha: you know for me it started years ago. I dated a girl and loved going to her place because it always smelled so nice. Then I thought dafuq it’s just candles I can do that

        6. I thought there’d be some quality poon working at Bath&Body works and Yankee candle but have been disappointed the last few visits. Although at B&BW this past weekend there was a pretty cute hipster chick. Passed up on her though because I was with my mom and I’m not sure how good of a wingwoman she’d be.

        7. Ha. I would have assumed high end poon too. I order online and seasonally so I don’t have to carry 20 candles so I’ve never been in the store

        8. Stores are *way* too scented. There’s “light a candle in the house and it smells pleasant” and then there’s “walk into a store that containes, literally, thousands of candles of various scents”. It is really overwhelming, I can’t last but a minute or two inside of one of those places.

        9. I can see that about stores….like just overload. I order on line using the same basically principles that I just people (and books) by their covers and am rarely disappointed…plus I usually use a discount code and living in the city a bunch of candles in glass jars are a pain to carry when you are shopping/

        10. to answer this question btw I like the berry scents like blueberry cake and mixed berry in the winter and the lighter fruit scents in the summer. All year round I have “Clean Linen” in my bathroom burning

        11. yankee though it might be blueberry cupcake or blueberry scone or something.

        12. That really gives me a headache (like, for real).

    2. Exactly. I’m 5’10” but carry myself like I’m 8’7″. It’s all attitude and not giving a shit.

    3. Well, actually you have to attain wealth, success, and notoriety first- in which case they’ll let you do anything you want to them, including grabbing them by the pussy. It amazes men who achieve success when they encounter groupies. Similar to a beautiful woman ~17 yrs when she realizes men will do practically anything for her.

  14. 8) be rich.
    All of these are great options for shorter guys….and taller guys as well. They are all actual traits that every man should have and an alpha short guy with these traits will take all the women from a beta tall guy with none of them. That said, having a 9 digit net worth makes things a lot easier. One of my bosses is like this. 5’6 maybe. Decent kind of guy even if a bit clueless but you would be amazed what a quarter billion dollar trust fund will buy in terms of success with women.

    1. Of course. That is included in “maximize your strengths”, though. But most guys will only be middle class or upper middle class, and if so other strengths should be magnified instead (in parallel with career development).

    2. In the states, this isn’t as big a guarantee for success as one might think. American culture has an almost science in place of teaching women how to strip men of their financial assets. Flashing money to attract women is the equivalent of driving your brand new Corvette into the hood and parking it out in the open while going to a rock concert.
      This is why love/sex tourism makes a lot of sense: In the states, one can spend several grand on a month on clubs, going out on expensive dates, etc. compared to going somewhere else, even relatively affluent nations such as Italy, and just doing better as a foreigner.

      1. Flashing money is as you say, but having a lot of money and living a good life will give you more and easier access to higher quality women

    3. Hate to contradict you here, but I personally had the most success with women when I was dirt poor and young. Once I got money and success, my worldview changed and it hurt. There’s not enough space here to explain exactly how that went (and I don’t completely understand it myself). I think I was more willing to take risks with women when I had nothing to lose. What did it matter then? If they turned me down, it was expected from a guy who needed to put radiator water in his Dodge Charger daily!!! But if they turn me down as a success…well that hurts bad. So, I changed. Anyway, my advice is DON’T wait till you get money, do it now. If I could do it at 19, you can too.

  15. I don’t think there is anyone here that doesn’t have some abnormality or weakness that they feel like they don’t measure up to the general population with. Deal with it, overcome it, and if possible, turn it into a strength.

      1. that’s a pretty weak weakness. I going bald, and I smell, and I have this itchy rash….

    1. “I am a man without a flaw unless you find me immodest – in which case, I have one flaw”
      –Alex P Keaton

        1. Indeed it was! And they lifted it from “Animal House” which I cite here.

        2. showing my age here, but i caught both references. it sticks in my memory as i shared both scenes with my kids.

  16. I’m 5’9″ Can’t say I’m short… Can’t claim to be tall either 😀

    1. I’m 6’3″ Everybody under 6′ is a dwarf to me. Y’all just blend together. Heh.

        1. Curious, how tall is their mailman?

        2. I meant “their”, not “your”.

        3. I was trying to locate a witty meme so as to not have to explicitly explain it, but all that came up were porn sites as search results. Heh.

        4. Godammit! And screw you!
          Jokes aside, I grew due to excellent nutrition and exercise.

        5. And the hormones in the chicken. At least, that’s the conventional take on the matter, as I’ve frequently heard it.

        6. why does the caveman’s asscrack start 2/3’s the way up his back?

  17. Eastern Europe (where I live), although not the panacea so many of you might imagine, does have more than its fair share of short guys arm-in-arm with taller, hot girls.

  18. “What’s up?”
    “If we were together, I’d never look down on you”
    Some good lines

    His projection is near 100% with beard. Kino and presence would greatly reduce if he was barechinned. It’s at least 50% in the beard combined with the shortness, kind of a Yosemite Sam physical presence crossed with a Steven Wright (comedian) verbal tempo.

    1. Reminds me of an old episode of CSI where a midget was hitting on the lead woman, with lines like “have you ever had your…licked by a man who was standing up?”

  19. Last year, I went out on a date with a girl who was upset that she was an inch taller than me while wearing her boots. I told her beforehand I was 5’6″ and she didn’t seem bothered by it. Anyways, that was a disaster of a date and i let it bring me down for awhile. A few months after that, I approached a 5’10 redhead and brought back to my place the same night. Sometimes you strike out, other times you knock it out of the goddamn park.

    1. The problem was with her, not you. She was more concerned about what others think. That’s why we should not give a fuck what others think.

      1. Someone else told me that as well. It should have been obvious to ls because I cracked a joke about wearing my heels and was really trying to have a good time with her but she was just too much of a bitch. Aside from being a bitch, you can’t blame her too much. She won’t date a short dude like none of us here would date a fat chick. (Being a fatty is a choice though.)

        1. Oh yes you can blame her. If she didn’t date short guys, she should have respectfully declined your offer of taking her out. She only took your offer because she probably didn’t have another date that night and she wanted some freebies.

        2. nah she didn’t like you because you were affected by it. You let it bother you and lost frame.
          What person in their right mind wears massive heeled shoes that injure their feet and backs, then complains that men are too short? shes an idiot and you fell for it, that’s why you lost her.

        3. Wouldn’t really say I “lost” her. More like dodged a bullet really but I get what you’re saying.

        4. I feel ya, its when they stick around you have to really start worrying lol

    2. A short man once told me that his policy toward taller women was “we’re both the same height lying down”. He seemed to do alright for himself in that regard.

  20. Swimming helps increase height. I was supposed to be 5 feet but because I did junior olympics swim, I’m 5’4.5.

    1. yeah, but swinmming too much gives you webbed feet and gills. Ill pass

    2. Then why is aqua man the same height as batman?

  21. . . . East Asia and Southeast Asia may be good choices in that respect, . .

  22. I’m not a short guy, but still found this helpful as an overall mindset in how to approach ones disadvantages in life. Even if not short, virtually all of us have at least one or two traits which make us less desirable for one reason or another. All of this was highly applicable to having a positive mindset for dealing with said traits… basically like, the reverse sjw mindset. The opposite of wallowing in self pity, resentment and a sense of bitter entitlement over having been held back somehow.

  23. They’re talking about vertical height and not horizontal height, an I right?

  24. Various studies have concluded that short men live longer than tall men, with those 5′-2″ or shorter living the longest lives. So if you’re a short guy, you’re more likely to have extra years to bang hot women, than all those big, tall, badass dudes. (The same holds true, apparently, for other animals: Mice, rats, ponies, monkeys, and elephants.) –

    1. Dude, you pick up those years on the tail end, not the beginning. Bangable years I think we’re all dead even. Unless, you know, you’re talking about cruising the nursing home when you’re 90, in which case, hey, good for you. Heh

      1. Good point. It’s probably more like, “You’re more likely to have extra years to think about banging hot women…”
        Ever see an 80-year-old guy who is 6′-8″. Me either. I guess the taller you get, the shorter the life span. Scientists claim it has to do with genetics, but maybe it’s because taller guys get most of the pussy and fuck themselves to death…

        1. Actually, my wife’s grandfather was 6’2″ and died at 87. But generally yeah, you don’t see many of us giant types on that end of the age spectrum.

        2. Like Dennis Leary said about smoking
          “Smoking takes ten years off your life. Well it’s the ten worst years, isn’t it folks? It’s the ones at the end! It’s the wheelchair, kidney dialysis, adult diaper fucking years. You can have those years! We don’t want ’em, alright?

        3. I’ve always wondered if that had to do with taller people not living as long or age just shrinking the shit out of people. When I was a kid my grandfather was 6’1. When he died at the ripe age of roughly 93,700 he was only about 5.7

        4. I have a buddy who was strait-laced all through high school. Never did drugs, never smoked. Became a dentist. Fucked his arm up playing golf and had to sell his practice (about age 53). So now he emails me periodically and says he wants to do all the shit I did in school (smoking, drugs, etc.). We’re all gonna die anyway, might as well have some fun before we fall apart…I guess dentistry isn’t high on the “fun shit to do” list…

        5. I don’t know. I do know he was a tall fella all his life but in his lade 90’s he was like yoda. I suppose it had something to do with bones, but I honestly have no idea. He was healthy, just constantly shrinking.

        6. That’s good, in a way, because as the Kneeman pointed out, via Dennis Leary, who wants to live until they curl up and need intravenous feeding – not me.

        7. Yeah, maybe. Her grandfather, when I first met him, stood tall and upright, but at the end he was really hunched over and rarely stood fully erect.

        8. On the one hand I would say that living a healthy life where you feel strong and vibrant and healthy is maximizing the years. I drink, but only on weekends. I eat obscenely healthy, pay close attention to supplementation and exercise constantly. I am just an obnoxious specimen of health and I love the way I feel. When I wasn’t like this I felt sluggish and tired and weak and disastrous and in that sense I feel far more alive now than when I used to have 3 martini lunches or smoke cigarettes or do drugs.
          On the other hand….2 words….Jim Fixx. The man was a diet and exercise guru, was a championship runner, fuck her was the guy who wrote the book advocating for jogging….when did he die? at 52. how? massive heart attack. when? jogging, that’s when.

        9. Never been a runner. Turns out that all that pavement pounding weakens the major blood vessels in the heart – kinda like driving down a bumpy road for a thousand miles weakens a radiator hose. We’re all on our way to dying from the moment we are born. The question is, what do with the time…these days, I choose, “Miller time.”

        10. Running is something I also have always avoid…even before I became lolknee….and now it is permeant. I will occasionally do some HIIT sprints, but like I tell people, I lift weights every day so I DONT have to run.
          Time is the most valuable commodity of course as the whole history of mankind, let alone your one puny human life span, is but a single flash of light sandwiched by two eternities of darkness. For myself I would like to spend that time being strong, fucking beautiful women, eating delicious food, drinking expensive booze, swimming in crystal blue waters and laughing deep laughs from my belly.

        11. You are fated to die on the exact moment you die, and there’s not one thing you can do to prevent that date, nor hasten it. What I like about Gael fatalism is that when you look at life this way, lots of things become a whole hell of a lot easier, and sometimes more fun.

        12. Good on you. I agree with that philosophy and pretty much all the rest of it, except for “a single flash of light sandwiched by two eternities of darkness”. Whatever we build in this life, whatever we do, it will crumble to dust and be forgotten. We’re all making shadow puppets in front of a mirror. Might as well make them with hot women, good food, strong drink, and a sense of humor…

        13. read an article years ago, compared 35 yr old ironman competitor(he looked great on the outside) to a chubby 55 yr old guy who rarely exercised. under a microscope, there was no difference on a cellular level between the two.
          there is such a thing as over doing it when it comes to exercise

        14. People can definitely overdo it. That short, fat guy you know will probably outlive the tall, muscular, athletic nut. We’re all gonna croak. Live it up.

        15. the guy who wrote the article said get the marathons/iron mans/etc out of your system by your early 30s; just doing more harm than good after that point

        16. I don’t see too many guys out running beyond the age of maybe 60…probably because the guys who tried, dropped dead.

        17. Why not suggest skydiving, SCUBA, travel, rock-climbing, skiing etc? Why do the stuff that will mess up your body as opposed to going out and taking advantage of being healthy?

      2. Ya, those extra years aren’t the good ones. Its not like you get five more years of your late 30s.

        1. IF living unhealthy took 10 years off your life between the ages of 17-40 you would see a lot more people eating spinach.

        2. I think it does actually. A 40 year old who has taken good care of himself can be far more attractive, energetic, healthy and in better shape etc than a 30 year old who leads a destructive, dissolute life style. In a sense, that means a man can in fact gain more years at his peak, or very close to it. From what I gathered about you in your comments, you yourself are a testament to that. 🙂
          Sure, more life expectancy is only added to the final score at the end, so to speak … but being healthy certainly does affect the *quality* of a big chunk of years before that.
          Also, while it’s true enough to say “yeah, but the guy who lived to be 90 surely wasn’t Rambo for the last couple decades of his life”, what are the odds that the other guy who died prematurely at 55 was any better during *his* last years? Probably he was feeling like shit for every day after his 35th birthday, and worse than the older dude who stayed healthy.

        3. I was mostly being a little cheeky. In reality I agree 100% with you here.

        4. When I was 38, my sister took a photo of me (healthy, athletic, clean-shaven) with a bearded, fat, alcoholic bartender. He was all of 21 at the time. We showed the photo to about ten different women and asked who was older. They all picked the 21-yr-old.

  25. I remember a conversation where a woman talked about about my height in a bar. I simply told her that while I can’t do anything about my height, I know she could do something about her weight.

    1. Kinda related. My good buddy from Louisiana (technically he’s an Ohioan now, but he still talks like a down home redneck) had some fat chick going all SJW on him in a bar. He’s really good natured and can charm the panties off of a 9 in nanoseconds. She was just giving him the hand waving shit, telling him he treats his wife bad (he doesn’t, he told his wife to fetch him a shot of whiskey when she came back out to the patio). She ended with “I’d never marry a man like you!”
      His reply? “I know you wouldn’t, sweety, because you’re fat and I only like’em thin and purty”.
      She *stormed* back into the bar in rage. It was *fan-fucking-tastic* to witness.
      His wife brought him out a shot a couple of moments later. Heh.

      1. Knowing a few people from the deep South, I am quite sure he added a “bless your heart” to the end of that statement. Unless he’s been in Ohio so long as to lose all his Southern manners.

        1. He actually doesn’t use that phrase, or hasn’t in all the years I’ve known him. He’s a deep Louisiana cajun, whose grandmother used to chaw and spit into a cup while she ironed. That kind of deep south.
          When he tries to use a voice app like Siri it literally never, ever, not even once, gets it right, lol. Dude can just pick and chose women at will.

        2. Lol, no, but he does have a lot of French phrases, but they too sound really hick-ified to my ear which is more accustomed to Parisian French. But I guess all cajuns are like that.

        3. I have a good buddy who is hardcore Cajun like that. I truly admire his ability to insult someone with truly brutal insight but couched in a smiling, back-handed compliment that leaves them totally ignorant to how harshly they have been judged and how openly they have been exposed.

        4. Yeah, his delivery and easy smooth smile really lets him say a lot of shit other people can’t get by with. When he told this girl she was fat, it was a long, slow, country delivery where you’d swear if you didn’t hear the words, was him paying her a compliment.

        5. My Cajun friends have a general disregard and humorous disdain for both big cities and Northerners, but most of them have a special place in their hearts for NYC, even if they don’t like to admit it. A whole fuck ton of Cajuns loaded up and went to NY right after 9/11 to do whatever they could to help out. I mean, an army of pick-up trucks and couyons in white shrimp boots, bringing as much gumbo and jambalaya as they could carry. They made a lot of friends, and a lot more brothers, up there, and a lot of them still remember that shit.

        6. I know a Cajun guy who owns a glass company that does custom glazier work for windows and he truly does love the city. He is in his 60’s and drives around in his little convertible 3 series BMW blasting country music. It’s fantastic. He was one of the guys who was up here 9-11 doing stuff like that.

  26. Short People got no reason
    Short People got no reason
    Short People got no reason
    To live
    They got little hands
    Little eyes
    They walk around
    Tellin’ great big lies
    They got little noses
    And tiny little teeth
    They wear platform shoes
    On their nasty little feet
    Well, I don’t want no Short People
    Don’t want no Short People
    Don’t want no Short People
    `Round here
    Short People got nobody
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    Short People got nobody
    To love
    They got little baby legs
    That stand so low
    You got to pick ’em up
    Just to say hello
    They got little cars
    That go beep, beep, beep
    They got little voices
    Goin’ peep, peep, peep
    They got grubby little fingers
    And dirty little minds
    They’re gonna get you every time
    Well, I don’t want no Short People
    Don’t want no Short People
    Don’t want no Short People
    ‘Round here

  27. Height really does add a bonus point or 5 to your IOI’s, no question at all. Jacked and tall adds IOI’s and outright unabashed shamelessness when it comes to women basically playing reverse game and approaching you first. Jacked, tall and fearless around women and funny, and life hands you an endorsed check with the amount left blank and tells you “Put whatever you want down and cash that”. Throw some cash into the equation and you’re Conan standing on a mountain of slain poon, sword held high as women climb up your leg.
    Height without jacked or game though, even with a “nice looking” face? Makes you out to be a real, real pathetic dweeb who is usually seen as wasting a gift through neglect. Don’t be that guy, tall dudes. Short dudes who can bust a move will destroy your chances in public.

    1. Shoes make a bit of difference too. A big footed man with big clod workboots can raise up to 3″. I had a big wide pair of Carhartt hi top workboots that were just plain clunky. The souls were thick and the heel by itself stood up another 2″. They didn’t look like elevator shoes but every time I worked in them or wore them around, they raised me up a good 3″ like what tittie dancer heels would do but which aren’t my style of shoe since I’m not a sexy woman. Er, I’m not a woman period. Eeh, I’m not any kind of a period I mean. Woman or man period. Meaning I’m not a woman with a period or a man that has periods. I don’t have periods. I’m just a man. I should stop. It’s correctly put.
      But these boots, they were just heavy stomping workboots. They always made me taller than everyone around and they just looked like lineman’s boots. They went well with fat 1″ suspenders or overalls. They basically just made me look like a big tall shitstomper. The heels I mainly used for stomping on shovels digging. The heels and souls were indestructable.

    2. Er, no duh. And add a huge schlong in there too. 🙂 Naturally, if a man is faultless then he’s pretty well-to-do. And someone with height or even looks otherwise but is a male feminist begging for validation and they’ll be eaten alive.

      1. Right. It’s just that so many come in and sneer at me that woman don’t approach me and that modern Millenial women don’t do that because they think that they have golden vaginas. Well yeah, turns out that they do if you have all the external check boxes in line. Two weeks ago at a bike night (motorcycle) I had a bartender-stripper start buying me shots voluntarily and without prompting, and I don’t just mean once, she came back later and we continued with the party. Girls get *really* forward when all the boxes are checked.
        Your second sentence is spot on. I think some tall guys get lazy and complacent and just say “Yeah, whatever” and never learn game or get in great shape (or, ideally, both).

        1. Women and men are still different though in their expectations of life. I don’t know if I told you this story before, but it illustrates a number of points:
          A colleague whose tall, handsome, well built, and successful often gets hit on by women. Before he got married, he went out skiing every year at Pittsburgh with friends. He banged a few of the locals while he was there. He went back and saw a lot of guys wearing “FUG” buttons. He asked what it was for and the guy said: “Well, a guy came up here last year and ****ed the local bartender sheila and left. So she asked us to wear these f*ck you George” buttons!” (Guess his name.)
          In theory, many here would have gotten concerned in that some white knight might beat him up on some false rape accusation but instead, the first thing “George” did was ask for his own button and put it on and tell his side of the story and pretty soon, everyone in the bar was drinking with him. The story is amusing and harmless, but now telling it again here, I imagine it could have gone much worse.
          Of course, there are psychos out there who sleep with pretty women and then when the pretty woman moves on (because he runs out of money) she dumps him and he doesn’t take it too well (as seen on women’s Lifetime channel) but (western) society largely doesn’t support such behavior (despite what hysterical feminists like to claim.)
          I’m also reminded of a scene in a film I was rewatching late: The Billion Dollar Brain. Michael Caine as Harry Palmer is a regular guy spy who gets hit on by a pretty Russian woman and he realizes that she’s probably going to kill him because, hey, why otherwise would a pretty woman he just met want to sleep with someone like him?

        2. Putting on the button decrying your own behavior, proudly, is pretty fucking alpha (and I mean that outside of manosphere terms). Good man, that.

        3. Funny story from 32 years ago:
          Back in the 80’s in a college dorm, there was a guy (Steve) who was tall, handsome, and naturally well built. Women friends said he looked like a Greek god. For us normal guys, it was an interesting experience to see women experience lust like us men did. This taught me that women had the same urges as men, but their taste factor was just a lot higher. While us men could get hot for a woman who was a 6, it took a guy being a 9 to get a woman as revved up but they do have the same urges.
          So women in his presence felt a need to learn game. Their old system of just sitting nearby and maybe looking in his direction to see if she caught his notice just wasn’t good enough. One particularly funny awkward game move made the entire dorm chuckle:
          Steve wasn’t feeling well so he said to his classmates he was going to go get some rest. A girl walked a mile off campus to a deli and brought him some chicken soup. When she arrived, the doors were all open and everyone saw the girl awkwardly give him the soup and Steve accept (he didn’t invite her in.) He felt embarassed and we gave him a ribbing but also said how jealous we were that something like this would never happen to us in our lifetimes.
          This “game” by the girl is classical beta male game: She brought him a thoughtful gift in the hope he would appreciate her and feel indebted and talk to her and give her a shot.
          So Steve was surrounded by women upping their game. One girl engaged in classic seduction game: She got him drunk, engaged in selective touching to get him horny, and wound up banging him. Steve at the time had a girlfriend so he didn’t want to bang her and marveled at how she got into his pants.
          Other handsome, tall men I know typically experience life like they’re charmed: One gets business class upgrades from enamored gate agents. Another asks for a drink from a stewardess and she returns with a bag filled with the mini bottles and says: “Just take what you want.” Plain looking waitresses tell them “no charge” for their dinners (and then ask for a phone number. The guy gave her a fake number which disgusted his sister who was with him.) Another gal went up to one of these guys and said she had extra Bruce Springsteen tickets, front row, and would sell them to him at face price.
          This prompts reflection from us as men what women go through. I don’t hate these guys. I’m jealous as hell but I accept that life is a lottery and not all of us get the jackpot but women who are taught that they are entitled to be treated as pretty and that they shouldn’t learn game (since being a woman means the man should perform that role similar to being a provider) must leave plain janes feeling frustrated. In other countries, most women learn to handle this hand-you-are-dealt situation with the same grace as men. Foreign women even know a bit of “game” much to my surprise and delight: They strike up conversations, direct the subject to what they are interested in, and express what they’re interested in.
          Living in the states, I became a misogynist and my women friends even said I was one but they themselves also disliked young American women. My women friends tended to be middle aged or older (at the time, products of the 1950’s generation) or foreign or both. When I went overseas, I fell in love with women. They could be delightful, interesting, thoughtful creatures with their own unique point of view. That’s not to say they weren’t pain the butts or as rational as men, but at least they were adult human beings. Now in the states, I view American women with a mix of pity (the culture made them that way after all) and also caution.
          Back to the universe inhabited by handsome, tall men. “Whatever” as you said. Indeed. And that’s ok. Look at how we view food: I don’t fret about going hungry in the states. I think I’ve experienced a pang of hunger perhaps for a day at a time once during a hike. For guys like this, women are like food. They can get it whenever they like. Some of these guys learned game when they became directors or salesmen and needed to learn sales techniques and then applied this to relationships. Sure, a short guy can become a salesman but it will involve a heck of a lot more footwork.

        1. Hate to rain on the parade, but he was dead by 23. I don’t think he enjoyed much of anything. Dude literally never stopped growing.

    1. We’re fucked. Putin has a whole army of sammich makers, and all we got is fucking Moldylocks and the 17 ham-planets.

        1. Ugh. Not even a close comparison. Western women are fucking themselves out of life so hard.

        2. Joking aside, I think (((they)) want the next big cull to involve large armies of women.

        3. Which if you buy into the conspiracy would make perfect sense, since there’s no faster way to eliminate a culture than for most of the women to be killed.

      1. it’s those uniforms, reminds me of how women used to dress before the sex revolution craze.

  28. GO for younger Girls too. American women under 25 are still banging bad boys and popular dudes in circle. Just be that dude. They don’t think about height and income until they are thinking about marriage.
    So the disadvantage of being taller is many women want us to take them to fancy dinners and be their beta sperm providers. Also, lots of women are intimidated by a tall Hansom dude. They think we’re all players and not trustworthy.
    I can think of 4 times in the last year that a girl and I were talking an de she’ chose a shorter uglier dude to date.
    ITS ALL game

    1. They think we’re all players and not trustworthy.

      I’ve found that from time to time too. Best solution is to keep them giggling and off balance the entire time you interact with them, don’t give them some cycles to notice that they’re being gamed.

  29. As a side note, for good or bad own who you are. I am not short nor am I tall. I stand right at 6 foot even. Not too long ago I went out with a girl who was 6’1 barefoot. I took her straight “do not think for one second that being taller than me means you are off the hook wearing heels”
    She ate it up and showed up about 5 inches taller than me lol

    1. Man. 6’1″ is extremely rare for a girl. The tallest girl I’ve ever met was 5’11”. A lot of female college basketball squads are 5’11.5″ on avg.

      1. yeah, I do my best to be in a place where young and aspiring fashion models spend their time looking for men who wear nice suits and have good taste in wine.

    2. Many tall chicks actually enjoy being tall.
      Its a misconception that most tall chicks wish they were shorter.

      1. I’ve recognized this as well. That misconception, I believe, comes from the fact that those chicks who enjoy being tall do NOT enjoy men who are put off or insecure about it — hence it working so well when I told her to make she she wears heels

  30. 5’7 here. Looks & frame are important & intelligence definitely plays a role, as well. Girls like to be dominated in the bedroom but I’ve found a similar connection in regards to conversation. It’s gratifying to females to associate with & ultimately ,in a sense, get fucked by the attributes they seek out in a man. The more mental prowess you have over them- not intellectual arrogance, but ability to speak eloquently, use of a broad vocabulary, articulation, & just a good general knowledge of a wide variety of topics- & can enlighten them while driving the conversation, it can be a game changer. I know it’s been sort of code around here to not bang outspoken feminists, but if they’re traditional enough in dress, hair & makeup & are hot enough, I have no problem perusing for a few casual bangs. I’m speaking specifically in this case about the so-called “intellectual type” because they make a good example for my case. Anyway, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read a Tinder profile or listened to an initial spill from one of these on a first date that gives the veneer of them being “intellectual”. Problem for them is, I know it’s just recited textbook dribble because they all tell me shit along the same lines,(insert random liberal stats), & once I am given a chance to steer the conversation into a place of original thought, once they know deep down that they can’t keep up, they make a b line for the d. It’s a reflex, maybe a defense mechanism, definitely what they know best, & a way to take with them a piece of that mental attribute.

    1. They can recite shitlib power points but can’t improvise on them. Women are also rote regurgitators and obedient followers in a shitlib classroom which is why females excel in shitlib schooling. They do what they’re told.
      But one-on-one they don’t stand a chance against a man who can speak and drive the discourse while on his feet. Sometimes I’m stuck short of a word and can’t find the zinger word or line. So I shoot the closest shitty substitute word or proverb that comes to mind. It actually works out for the better keeping things flowing. It’s in the body language, the body odor too believe it or not and you steer her into that sweet spot or corner where she’s loose and ready to return the kino a bit.
      By body odor I’m saying as in your index finger getting a smudge from your armpit while you cross your arms or scratching your balls quickly and then getting your finger to swipe under the nape of her nose. The pheromones go straight to her brain and shit blasts off from there on. Sometimes a cordial pat on her shoulder, a compliment of her hanging ear ring while you touch her ear, smile and finger up on her chin dimple, then tweek her cute nose. Bingo! You got the nosebridge. Let your crotch funk go to work on her oldfactories. Shit works like magic. It’s always good to have some ball scratch under your fingernails when you approach. Then focus on getting a whiff of that funk under her nosebridge while you’re flirting. Then steer her into a comfortable corner.

      1. Hahaha, noted! I laughed for way too long at that. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  31. I am 170 cm tall, which is 5’7” in feet and inches.
    I drew an invisible line at the height level of my eyes.
    Any girls below that invisible line belong to me.
    Any girls above that invisible line, I leave them to the taller bros.
    I mean I can not be selfish, the taller brothers must have their fun, too.
    Am I right or what?
    Ever since then, I am having the time of my life with my petite beauties!
    I love them, love them, love them!

      1. I am only sure of my hight in centimeters, because where I live we use that metric.
        The feet and inch result was given to me by some random internet calculator.
        What would you say about 170 cm then?
        Would it be 5’6” and something?

        1. One foot = 30.48 cm. One inch = 2.54 cm. Therefore 5.7 = 173.7360 cm. However many use rough measures which make each foot and inch smaller. So when many say they are 5.7 they are rather 170 cm.

        2. Whichever is the case, I am not the tallset and biggest guy on the block.
          Accepting that fact, I am not even aspiring to be, unless I am willing to become the laughing stock of everyone.
          Rather, what I do is accept myself, and pursue those petite ladies who give so much fun and pleasure to me. I am happy with the world and my petite women. Would not change it for anything.

        3. That’s great. I love petite women too as long as they are attractive of course. But my Napoleon complex has perhaps subconsciously wanted me to get some taller girls too and I am happy for those small (big) accomplishments.

        4. I had exactly one, single girl, who was taller than me.
          I did not feel the same atavistic sexual hunger for her body than I felt with a smaller one.
          I am quite happy to leave taller girls for the pleasure of taller guys. Let them give pleasure to each other!
          But sometimes, when a girl is as tall as me, or just slightly taller but very hot, I feel a pang of jelousy. Then I have to apply restraint, and then I wish I was a little bit tallerwhich is not the best of things, but what the heck? There are plenty of small ones out there to make me just as happy.

  32. Taller guys probably get more IOI’s but height really isn’t a deal breaker, if your rap is good, she’ll fuck with you

    1. On the comments across the thread, it appears that we have an awful lot of “not tall” guys here. Strange. Or not I guess, us over 6′ are kind of a slim minority.

        1. My girl measures a solid 5’6″ tops, and that’s likely with shoes on. Pictures of us together have her usually leaning with her head at chest level so the person taking the picture has to pan up a lot to catch my face to, which mostly omits her body, unless the camera is way far back.

        2. I made the mistake of cringing when she wore high heels, brought a feeling of inadequacy to myself. Encourage it and own it. She will love you for it.

        3. I’m gonna non-stop bust her ovaries over her having to settle for a man shorter than her!

      1. I’ve heard that the avg height for males in the USA is on the decline? I wonder if there’s any truth to that.

  33. If I sat around thinking about getting laid I never would have gotten laid. Jezzz.

  34. I’m short and hate it, but articles like this are encouraging. Unfortunately height is the least of my problems.

    1. A beard is a must:

      This guy ‘Boris’ kills it. He has me wishing I was short:

    1. 5’6″? heh. Total dwarf. He’d would have stared me directly in the chest, assuming he wasn’t wearing the totally awesome chapeau.
      Although granted, at the time, that wasn’t short per se.

      1. Interestingly, the French Admiral de Grasse, who (miraculously) beat the Brits at Yorktown, was so towering that he made cracks about George Washington’s (comparative) lack of height.
        Yet another difference between a “real” Frenchman and the Corsican?

  35. I’m short (5″6) and it has definitely had a negative impact on my dating life, but it largely depends on context. In Australia I generally get approached by women that have a lower level of facial attractiveness than myself, and have to put in real effort to get my ‘equivalent’, but in Greece I was dating 7s and 8s without any major problems; a female 8 is technically above me in looks too.
    In the end you just have to roll with the punches and play the hand you’re dealt. Complaining is pointless, you just have to put yourself out there and hope for the best.

    1. Interesting. I met a girl from Cyprus who was an 8. She thought I was a player so she dropped me, though. My face, hair, style and jacked physique helps me a lot for the totality. A girl whose face is only a 5 but whose body is is 8 or 9 is not that bad.
      As long as I get straight 8’s too and not just 6s and 7s it is fine.

  36. The horrible, left-wing CBS reboot of Hawaii 5-0 subverts the short man’s plight as Scott Caan (Danno) is all of 5’4″ and yet he’s a prolific philanderer.
    …when the show isn’t trying to “ship” McGarrett/Danno, ofc.

  37. I’m 5’6 (well, in truth, a few hairs below that). I’m also very sensitive and an introvert. So I take things personally and I’m not the life of the party kind of guy (nor do I want to be).
    Ultimately, I’ve found women to be extremely shallow. They dislike short men very much.
    Still though, I’ve managed to do okay throughout my life as long I was focused on the goal. For me, not worrying much about the process, but the end result has helped a lot. When I was trying to get laid, it helped me push through all of the bullshit until the end. Now that I’m looking to get married, my motivation is helping me to get through the whole process. I hate dating and dealing with most women with a passion.
    I have no doubt that I will be successful (what I lack in height, I make up for in intelligence and resourcefulness) because I’ve never been unsuccessful at anything, but I can’t say that I’m not disillusioned and occasionally angry (I do try to channel the anger into something more positive).
    In the end, I find comfort in one thing: I work in research and there is new technology on the horizon for altering genes. So, as long as I become wealthy, eventually, somewhere down the line, my descendants will not have to be short.

    1. Hey Ace, I am sure that you only need to meet the right person and may that day come soon.

    2. Height is probably 30% genetics and 70% nutrition. Also, a lot of the meat we eat contains growth hormones, which is the reason kids nowadays are extremely tall.
      5’6” was a normal height for men for thousands of years. But for a white male in a white country I agree it’s short. You belong to the shortest 2% of the male population.

    3. Be strong brother. Bitches don’t deserve to be unchained in hypergamy/pickiness. History and antiquity tells us this. All this excessive shallowness is social conditioning that cultural Marxism and corporatism sponsored by the elites has wrought. Remember 30 years ago, if you were decent person with decent income and moderately sociable – you had a high chance of relationship and marriage + children = become a patriarch. That is exactly what they don’t want. This society and its expectations of a man is corrupted, its not us. But still good to work on oneself and be focused. As they say f bitches get money

    1. Lol. I saw a decline with Happy Pancake in 2016 (perhaps due to Tinder and other apps and websites) and then I went to Asia and focused on night game and some online game there, and eventually found a serious LTR girlfriend back in Sweden so I sort of dropped out of HC and haven’t logged in for more than a year.
      My favorite search options:
      Has profile picture
      City: Stockholm
      Age: 20-32
      Height: 155-170 cm
      Body type: thin or athletic (smal eller vältränad)

  38. “I just want to say one thing about the article, forget trying to purposely date shorter women. Seriously, there’s absolutely no difference. I once dated a 5’0 asian girl, who told me she would prefer a 6’2 guy, but I meet her cut off line of 5’10 (I’m not that height, she just thought I was). Turns out she was a crazy little bitch. That should have been my sign but I was pretty blue pilled back then.”
    I am open to taller and busty/booty girls too, which I mentioned in one paragraph, but it is still rational to have a focus. I know there are some SCHs (small crazy hoes), but I couldn’t care less if some of them prefer a tall guy. Most girls who are 5.0-5.5 and thin feel feminine with a short athletic guy like me. I am 75 kilos of almost pure muscle. It would be completely irrational for most of them to write someone off because of that when there is no real problem (besides shorter kids) and most don’t.
    But you know I want smaller girls too; I choose to avoid “normal” girls if they don’t have any special qualities such as a beautiful face or very nice tits. If a girl who is 5.5 or 5.6 and whose body weight is 140 prefers a taller guy it is a win-win situation because I would rather have that 5.2 girl who weighs 100 lbs.
    Apart from that I agree 100%.

    1. “Or a short, good looking, intelligent, jacked, masculine, rich guy?”
      I’m raising a daughter and find it interesting that even the liberated blue pill type guys train their daughters to become professionals and successful when these traits will not be terribly valuable in landing quality men or raising a family (and even become a liability).
      At a wedding, an in-law of a friend of mine was pretty and dancing all night with guys interested in her. She’s a lawyer and works 80 hour weeks and she wanted another lawyer which made her requirements pretty tight. Male lawyers didn’t want a female lawyer who would bring her problems home with her and would be too buy for him. She wound up childless and single in her 40’s. I wondered to myself: Didn’t her parents sit down with her and have a talk with her as a teen about this?
      As roosh points out in http://www.rooshv.com/there-are-no-ugly-girls-in-america there are many educated women who are ugly whose career doesn’t help them much. In some ways, it does in that in male dominated fields, there’s a shortage of women so their 5 status gets bumped up to a 7 at least. For thirsty betas in STEM fields, the woman in that roosh video could get a dozen admirers.
      So overall, intelligence and income earning isn’t much of an asset to women when it comes to landing rich men and so a lot of their time in life for their education is effectively wasted. For men, getting a good career and income is essential for survival and for mating.
      Nonetheless, height for men is the single highest scoring trait next to income.

  39. You know you can just wear platform shoes and raise it a couple inches to 5’8″ or 5’9″

  40. There are ways to get taller. It’s all out there.
    Taller men are simply more attractive to females than shorter males.
    Doesn’t mean every single tall guys will game better. It just means they have the advantage. A lot of people will then say “oh well if that short guy has game and looks and has muscles, then he will have no problem”. Yes but that is not the point. If the tall guy who also has game and looks with muscles, he will simply have more advantage with all being “equal” PLUS his height which gives him an advantage.
    It’s not the end of the world of course.
    No need to over complicate this. There are leg lengthening surgery and also bio chemical ways to increase the structures of the bones. It’s all out there. You either want it or you don’t. Simple.

    1. I only care about women I am attracted to and they are all attracted to men shorter than themselves. Weird, right?

    2. Attraction is not a choice, as an experienced player friend of mine sometimes says. It is rather like a list of items which includes height for many females rather than pure attraction.
      Like someone said earlier in this thread it can be a deal breaker for a significant share of females (just as fatness or race can be for both sexes), but that still leaves us with a significant share who don’t care or at least think that you’re able to compensate.
      I’ve seen this with my own eyes several times. You meet this girl who is of similar height as you and attractive but perhaps only a six, but hopefully a seven or eight. Then you have this nice chiseled face, hair, eyes, style, broad shoulders, social skills and confidence and suddenly she is wet down there and you’re inside of her.

      1. of course height is just One of the factors but height is the first thing people see.
        If they see a man who is 5’0″, then he will be considered as a midget lol and even though he may have looks, chiseled chin, and abs, … people will still see him as that “5’0″ short guy”.

  41. Being short is a death sentence for white guys, because white women are generally tall. I would say you should be at least 6’0” when you’re white and 5’7” when you’re Asian. In this case you’re taller than the majority of the women of your race.
    Women are naturally attracted to taller guys. Another death sentence for white guys is being bald. White skin + bald looks terrible and unhealthy, while tanned skin + bald looks kinda natural.

    1. The tall white guys I know going bald just went Mr Clean and shaved their heads giving them this military, maucho look and the girls dug it. There was a cute Seinfeld episode where Elaine encouraged a shaved head guy to grow his hair out and he found he was going bald and fretted about it. Elaine then dumped him because she doesn’t date “bald men”. 🙂
      In general, I’d say that being a white guy at 5’10” is sufficient for most women. It won’t get them all hot and bothered but unless the woman is 6′ herself, she’ll be cool about it.
      I have a daughter and I’m going to teach her the value of short men and how American women in particular throw away the best guys: short guys who are doctors or nobel prize winning scientists and excellent husband material.

    2. You see a lot of white girls who are 5.2-5.7. The only death sentence most of them are giving me is, well, when I inject my snake poison in them – hence it is really I who is giving them a capital punishment (or rather, a divine gift).

  42. Vladmir Putin is only 5’6″, call him a beta male. I dare you.

  43. Just as hot women ride their looks through life and are less intelligent as a result, so do tall men ride their height through life and are less intelligent as well. My experience has shown me that tall guys are far more likely to be not so bright, they don’t have to work for it.

    1. They may not work as hard as shorter men, but they are not less smart. Rather the opposite.

  44. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2344324/Men-dont-stand-chance-women-6ft-Bad-luck-Tom-Cruise-Daniel-Radcliffe-Jack-Black-Seth-Green.html
    According to this article from a blue pill fake media outlet in the UK, 70 percent of British women would not date a man shorter than 6 feet tall. Not them preference, but they would not outright date a man under 6 feet tall.
    This would mean 85 percent of British men have no chance with 70 percent of their women. It also means icons like Brad Pitt, who is 5’11” would be an inch too small for 70 percent of the British female population.
    You got to love the double standard here. What if there was an article stating 70 percent of British men would not date women with breasts smaller than a C cup?

    1. Great Britain is a type example of a place to avoid, almost regardless of height, but some women with a foreign background (and occasionally Anglo’s too) can be hot.

      1. But the article correctly points out the same things that I’ve stressed:
        “Women were also asked which factors were ‘most important in a man’, with the top answer being a sense of humour, followed by kindness, height, grooming, physique, fashion sense and hair.”

  45. I’m average (5’10”) height but I hooked up with a taller (over 6′) woman last night. It was the first time I’d been with a taller woman. I just did everything the exact same as I would have with a shorter woman. I think that confidence was key.

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