Why Vladimir Putin May Be The Last Guardian Of Traditional Values

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you heard about one of the biggest events of the last couple of years, the Ukrainian “revolution,” called Maidan. The result was the toppling of a democratically elected president, and the switch from a Russian-backed to a Western-backed government. As someone who was born in Ukraine, I was immensely impacted by the tumultuous events.

In order to better understand what exactly happened, it’s important to look at the broader context. One of the things that’s happening is that the world is becoming increasingly liberal. In Europe, country after country is being swallowed by the aggressively expanding European Union. After former Soviet Union republics (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia) joined the EU, it was just a matter of time before Ukraine would be next.

The one that stands alone

Ukraine, however, is a unique case. While many of the former Soviet republics are rabidly anti-Russian (e.g., Estonia and Lithuania), Ukraine has always been split 50/50 between Russian speakers who align with Russia and Ukrainian speakers who favor the West. If you don’t believe me, see the results of Ukraine’s previous presidential elections which have always been split down the middle.

Last year I spent a summer in St. Petersburg, Russia. Right now, I’m writing this from Kiev, Ukraine. If you’ve ever been to both countries, you know that they traditionally have always had very strong traditional genders. The guys are tough as nails and the women exude strong femininity. It’s the complete opposite of the circus—and circus is exactly what it is—that you see in the liberal North American cities such as San Francisco or Toronto. After living in America for many years, returning to Russia and Ukraine has always been a pleasant experience.

However, after the change of government, Ukraine is now firmly in the Western hands. Things are changing in Ukraine and not for the better. There’s a loosening of traditional family values, introduction of gay parades (the first one lasted only half an hour), increased agitation by liberal SJW’s who are recording “atrocities” against gays and posting them all over the Internet.

The frontier between East and West—between traditional family values and “anything goes”—has been pushed further East, from the Ukrainian-EU border to the Russian-Ukrainian border. I don’t believe I have to explain to you what kind of goodies are introduced with Western “values”: it’s a cornucopia of things that we’re all perfectly aware of: feminism, shaming of sexes, “social justice” and, of course, the emasculation of men.

The question is: why is Ukraine being overrun by Western values, while Russia is firmly resisting this poisonous onslaught? The answer: Vladimir Putin. Russia’s president has said enough is enough. He doesn’t want Western “values” to infiltrate his country. He wants Russia to remain Russian.

Not surprisingly, there has been very strong worldwide campaign to discredit Vladimir Putin. Leaders of the Russian opposition are constantly meeting—plotting an overthrow?—with US embassy employees. Not to mention that every single Western newspaper or magazine has been comparing Putin to Hitler, and claiming that he wants to launch WWIII.

Why is this happening? It’s obvious that the West doesn’t want a strong leader who provides a rule of law for his people. This is not even a war of West against Russia; or a war of Ukrainian-speaking people vs. Russian-speaking people—it’s a war of ideologies. It’s a culture war. A war between traditional values coupled with strong gender polarities, strong masculinity and strong femininity on one side and liberals, SJW’s, feminists, and other wackos on the side that wants to demolish the existing model and create their own world order.

When you look around the globe, can you name another strong leader? A strong leader that stands for his own country and people? Take a moment, I can wait. Still thinking? Give up?

Do you know why you’re stuck? Because there aren’t any other strong leaders left besides President Putin. Do you think it’s a mere coincidence that with strong leaders come strong traditional values and gender roles? Don’t be so naive. As long as there are strong leader like Putin at the helm, you won’t have crazy wackos like SJW’s running around and shoving their half-backed propaganda down the throats of gullible citizens. Strong leaders don’t let that happen.

For example, here’s what happened in Belgrade, Serbia when EU forced a traditional, Christian orthodox country to hold its first ever gay parade:

This is not meant to endorse violence, but rather to show the level of opposition to leftism that exists on the ground but is being ignored by world leaders. We think that traditional gender roles will somehow magically return by some miracle from God. We think that all we need is to make a wish to the tooth fairy before going to bed. But that’s not exactly how the real world works.

Femininity and masculinity don’t just exist because you want them: they exist only when there’s order and stability. Real order, not the chaos that we have in the West.

And who do you think provides that order and stability? A strong leader, that’s who. As soon as you give people too much freedom, people will take that freedom and destroy everything that the man has painstakingly built, resulting in chaos and confusion; they’ll create strange ideologies that promote unjustified shaming and reverse discrimination in the name of “tolerance” and “equality.”

Call me old school, but I respect strong family values. I like when things stay normal. I’m a man, and I want to be respected as a man. Is respect really too much to ask for? I like when there’s a strong masculinity counterbalanced by strong femininity. That’s what fueled our civilization for hundreds and even thousands of years. That’s how we’re wired biologically.

I like when people are left alone and no one is feeding them propaganda replete with lies. I don’t want the world be infused by morally corrupt liberal values. But we need strong leaders to make that happen.

The Russian people are very fortunate to have such a strong leader who’s acting in the best interest of his countrymen. It’s clearly not the case for the rest of us.

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345 thoughts on “Why Vladimir Putin May Be The Last Guardian Of Traditional Values”

  1. History teach us one thing men never learn from History.
    The West downfall will be as hard as many big empires before them as was Roma.
    No value, no sense of honour almost nothing left.
    They tend to forget that many men rise from darkness because enough was enough.
    And we are witnessing the beginning of their foolishness.

  2. Putin is a strong leader, but he’s also a totalitarian piece of shit.
    -Having people who criticize you politically shot in front of the Kremlin or conveniently disappear.
    -Jailing reporters who attempt to expose his corrupt dealings.
    -Having numerous corrupt dealings within the Russian government.
    There are strong leaders other than Vladamir Putin. There is Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, former Israeli Special Forces Captain who fights (although I realize the anti-semites here won’t respect him for his virtues).
    Just because Putin may be a strong leader doesn’t mean his corruption, murder and general non-support of the principles of the Founding Fathers of the United States should be overlooked. I don’t care if he’s a strong leader, he’s a strong leader of an enemy Army. While we may respect him in the same way I respect figures like Robert E. Lee or Erwin Rommel (for their military acumen and sense of honor), I would never forget that they were fighting for the wrong side.

    1. In other words:
      Everyone fighting for the jews is on the right side for you. You are a radical pro-semite.

    2. And if I remember correctly helped run a Baader Meinhof cell when he was stationed in East Germany, so, at one point, an actual operational terrorist.

    3. Why would a Russian president abide by the principles of the founding fathers? He’s running his own country with its own separate values. And when’s the last time America had a president of its own that followed the principles of the founding fathers? Corruption, murder, and non-support of the above mentioned principles can describe the current administration – and the last.

      1. Fuck James Simpson. He’s a cuckservative and philosemite who pays tribute to people who don’t even represent him or his interests. This is the guy he hates:
        If only more American politicians were more like Putin and less like Jeb Fucking Bush.

        1. Snopes is a run by a husband and wife team from San Fernando Valley with extreme Left views, no formal background or experience in investigative research and an agenda to discredit anything that appears to be conservative. Thank you for providing more evidence of your cuckservatism, Republicrat dickhead.

        2. And you consider ‘Snopes.com’ is reliable as a source? I’m not sure Putin’s supporter are the most stupid on this one.

        3. Yeah I really can’t believe all these guys in here licking Putin’s balls. ALL politicians are suspect and can’t be trusted. Russia by any standard is an extremely corrupt nation where there’s a fuzzy line between the government, oligarchy and Russian mafia. But he talks tough and I guess that’s all that matters to many.

    4. You know there’s a difference. Nothing against jews fighting for their nation IN THEIR OWN FUCKING NATION. We gave it to them, but they won’t go there.

    5. You and I will have to disagree here. The United States government is also guilty of the many actions that you’ve listed above for Putin (tell me you’re not that naive?). They may not be exactly the same but pretty damn close:
      -Having people who criticize you politically shot in front of the Kremlin or conveniently disappear.
      This government does it all of the time. You may not see anyone shot out in public but there have been plenty who have had accidents, have been locked up (for whatever BS reason) or disappeared all of a sudden.
      -Jailing reporters who attempt to expose his corrupt dealings.
      Jailing, no…they’ll just kick reporters out of the white house press corp (to control the message that gets out). Besides, the media is paid for (just like the former Soviet Union so bullshit propaganda gets out to the people (not the truth).
      -Having numerous corrupt dealings within the Russian government.
      Both governments have mastered this one. The bailouts or the recent TPP deal – two good examples of many examples of government corruption.

      1. “they’ll just kick reporters out of the white house press corp”
        Manning, Assange, Snowden, etc. would love to have merely been kicked out of the press corp.

        1. Also Michael Hastings, Gary Webb (Kill The Messenger, 2014), Aaron Swartz, countless others.. I have a whole book that documents all the suspicious “accidents” and “suicides” after the Kennedy assassination. (JFK The Dead Witnesses by Craig Roberts). Google these names if you don’t know about them.
          This is indeed one of the ugliest things about Putin’s government, along with its huge disparities between the rich and the poor, but it’s naïve to believe it’s any different in the USA. And look how the US is treating Glen Greenwald.

      2. “This government does it all of the time. You may not see anyone shot out in public but there have been plenty who have had accidents, have been locked up (for whatever BS reason) or disappeared all of a sudden.”
        Look what they did to Andrew Breitbart, nuff said.

    6. The American founding principles, if not all Western social principles, are deeply flawed and directly responsible for equality and social decline.
      Please find another way to support your civilization.

      1. No, they served us quite well and fine, and we were and remained a traditional patriarchal society, until the socialists infiltrated and corrupted everything, by intent.

        1. Aye. The “it’s because you’re too free” thing has never played with me. America was Alpha Male Central in the year 1880 and was far freer than we are today.

        2. Mmm actually, America was a second class country before WW1. It rose to superpower statusafter WW2 and peaked after the fall of Soviet Union.
          However, once you reached the top, you can only go under.

    7. There are strong leaders other than Vladamir Putin. There is Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, former Israeli Special Forces Captain who fights (although I realize the anti-semites here won’t respect him for his virtues).

      Yeah except Benjamin Netanyahu kills children, operates an open air prison and Israel systematically violates the human rights of Palestinians in the occupied territories. You can’t condemn Putin for protecting his position but then praise Netanyahu whose Israeli security forces regularly uses torture and prolonged incommunicado detention against Palestinians. I mean you can but that would make you a hypocrite. You sound like another dumb ass Republican who buys that ‘Russian Boogeyman’ bullshit but is totally cool with Netanyahu dictating foreign policy to our congress. Grow up.

      1. Well, that’s exactly the Left and Muslim disinformation, lies and propaganda about Israel. And the way you say it sounds like leftist brainwash and parroting their slogans.

        1. Lol, yeah I’m sure it’s our Muslim-run media spreading lies about Israel. You’re an idiot. Since the creation of the United Nations in 1945, no country has violated as many UN Security Council Resolutions as the state of Israel. In spite of this fact, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, the United States has the power to veto any Resolution it wishes, and has used this veto power more than 20 times since 1973, to thwart the will of the Council, and to shield Israel from any consequences for its actions. You keep thinking Israel is squeaky clean despite the mountains of evidence that suggest otherwise.

        2. I wonder if citing information by extreme left sources(Haaretz, Israel Democracy Institute etc) makes your argument more valid.
          You’re either ignorant or misleading on purpose.
          Also, you got the UN Resolutions backwards. Israel received most resolutions against it in committees filled with countries violating human rights. And the reason is to hurt its worldwide image. Also, move the spotlight away from themselves. Lets not forget that it’s easier to put pressure on a democratic country( Israel) to follow up with some ‘human rights’ nonsense than say… Gaza(not a country but an example) who ties homosexuals to motorcycles or Syrians who butcher each other with chemical weapons.

        3. I wonder if citing information by extreme left sources(Haaretz, Israel Democracy Institute etc) makes your argument more valid.

          and I wonder if attacking the source makes the evidence any less true. The rest of what you said in no way discredits what I said.
          Each day, Israeli security forces in the West Bank and Gaza violate articles of the 4th Geneva Convention on Human Rights, an agreement that governs wartime rules of engagement and to which Israel is a signatory. Palestinian homes and agriculture fields are routinely demolished to make way for illegal Israeli settlements. Israeli soldiers regularly arrest and detain-often for years- Palestinians without due process. The Israeli “Defense” Forces routinely kill children and innocent civilians.
          According to B’Tselem, the Israeli Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, 1059 of the Palestinians killed from September 29, 2000 though July 20, 2002 were civilians. n comparison, 360 Israeli civilians were killed by Palestinians during this period, in Israel and the Occupied Territories combined. There were also over 108 extra-judicial assassinations of Palestinians during this period—a war crime according to the Hague Convention of 1907.
          You’re a fool not to know this and an idiot not to know those of us who do.

        4. Why yes, yes it does. All your sources are extreme left anti-Israeli propaganda machines. Some funded by antisemitic organizations outside of Israel.
          You keep trying to paint a false image of Israel while resembling a leftist parrot.
          Like I said earlier, you’re either ignorant or misleading on purpose.
          Anyway, it strayed from the article of how awesome Putin is compared to the West.
          And the nonsense you are quoting is are from the same type of people who try to make Israel a feminized country.

        5. Why yes, yes it does. All your sources are extreme left anti-Israeli propaganda machines. Some funded by antisemitic organizations outside of Israel.

          Interesting. I noticed you haven’t debunked anything said by me or presented in the articles. I wonder why that is.
          So essentially your contention is anything short of an official statement from the Israeli government is propaganda and shouldn’t be taken seriously? Please. The bottom line is Putin stands up for traditional values, the American political establishment does not and Jewish nationalists profess multiculturalism while actively promoting their in-group interests.
          Furthermore, recognizing Israel is full of shit and not wanting America to support (financially or diplomatically) an apartheid state when we have no skin in the game doesn’t make anyone a “leftist parrot.” Again, you’re a fool not to know these things and an idiot not to know someone who does.

        6. You’re pro Putin and pro Obama’s administration and actions at the same time? You are for a strong leader who takes care of his country and against Benjamin Netanyahu?
          What’s wrong with what Benjamin is saying – Fighting and deterring terrorists(raising the stakes for them); Israel interests before America’s concerning itself.
          If Israel listened to the UN there would be no Israel.
          Almost sounds like a country should take care of it’s people against foreign threats and liberal human rights nonsense.
          Why bother convincing you? You agree with me the sources are extremely left oriented and anti-Israel and still take their data. Have you heard about Palywood?
          What about the left media in the US and how it skews data and image making it look like a racist, fascist and sexist country?
          But here’s a small one about the BDS movement.
          Have a good weekend

        7. What’s wrong with what Benjamin is saying – Fighting and deterring terrorists(raising the stakes for them); Israel interests before America’s concerning itself.

          The problem is it has a guaranteed income from an external superpower, i.e. THE UNITED STATES! and regularly attempt to undermine our democracy! Is your philosemitism that strong that you can’t see why it’s a bad idea to send troops to die so a bunch of religious supremacists can juggle deporting Africans and maintaining an apartheid state? Please, just go down to your basement and wash your mouth out with a shotgun round.

          Why bother convincing you? You agree with me the sources are extremely left oriented and anti-Israel and still take their data. Have you heard about Palywood?

          Again, have you even bothered verifying the data? Of course a Left-Wing media outlet is going to call bullshit on Right-Wing misbehavior, just as Right-Wing media outlets call bullshit on Left-Wing hypocrisy. How is bias even relevant if the reporting is accurate? Why do I bother convincing you? Blind party loyalty and the lack of thought outside of mainstream media echo chambers condemns modern Americans to the same mass ignorance. The only real contribution you will ever make is when you assume room temperature and biodegrade.

        8. What I “think” is irrelevant. If you can provide a link to a reputable source that contradicts what I said, I will be more than happy to read it.

    8. “I would never forget that they were fighting for the wrong side.”
      And who’s side is the right side?
      Depends on who tells you.
      “Putin is a strong leader, but he’s also a totalitarian piece of shit.”
      And Obama is a weak Cultural Marxist piece of shit.

        1. I have no problem saying that Anglo-American Imperialism is the right side. Only a fool would choose to be on the side their perspective dictated is wrong. If you would rather live under Putin, move to Russia.

        2. Within 10 years Putin repaid the IMF, nationalized Russian state assets, made it illegal for gays to propagandize children and eviscerated the stranglehold oligarchs had over Russia.
          In 10 years, the most American politicians have given its citizens is big bank bailouts, the Patriot Act and nurture an American society that convinces its sons they can become girls if they they believe hard enough. Trust me, at this point I’d rather live in Russia.

        3. “Anglo-American Imperialism is the right side”
          Honest at least. Does that include the ever hungry military industrial complex?

        4. “Anglo-American Imperialism is the right side”. Tell that to all the innocent Iraqis that were killed during America’s illegal invasion of Iraq. Tell that to all the families that have been destroyed as a result of America creating ISIS and constantly instigating chaos in the middle east. Honestly I am not sure if you are really believe what you are saying or you are just trolling.

        5. guess you don’t know the rule of the nature. to make one life better, you need to take what other have, live is to kill.

        6. Where am I complaining? I take it you’re a fan of the bank bailouts and the Patriot Act? I gather if you had a good point to make you would have made it.

        7. So you prefer to live in the est because of the “money” but you are still bitching against the system? I take it that you are an hypocryte otherwise you would have already packed your things and gone.

        8. No, I prefer to make money where I want. America isn’t the only place I live or do business. Even if it were, most (intelligent) people wouldn’t confuse enforced compliance with approval. Again, I gather if you had a good point to make you would have made it by now.

        9. ‘No, I prefer to make money where I want. America isn’t the only place I live or do business.’
          My point is still valid: you make money in the US (and I presume other capitalist countries) but you are still bitching and can’t stand being called out.

        10. I’m so sick of this argument. The “America love it or leave it” bullshit. Even if all the propaganda you hear was true, and America had the #1 longest lifespan in the world (instead of 34th) the wealthiest nation (instead of ranked #10-IMF or #12-CIA), the best health care system in the world (instead of #37 while being #1 in spending), the most economically free (instead of #12) most literate country (instead of 10th) the cleanest environment(instead of 61st), and the most effective legal system (instead of 19th)…
          Yes even if the USA were #1 in all those areas in your fairy tale world, there is a WHOLE LOT of room for improvement. The idea that you can’t criticize inefficiency or corruption or poor leadership or bad policy because there is always somewhere worse is idiocy.

        11. were killed are still being killed and starved after 15+ years of war.
          And indeed, much as America sowed seeds of violent destruction and poverty in much of Central America over the past 100 years, America created or allowed ISIS to come to power, which will result in countless deaths and destruction to come, and will probably end up hurting more Americans than 911 ever did.

        12. Add me to the list of people still making money in the west but bitching about the problems here.
          I’m a sovereign citizen, and a free man, and I’m not just going to “shut up and take it”

        13. ‘Add me to the list of people still making money in the west but bitching about the problems here.’
          You mean the list of people enjoying the privileges of having a Western passport but who are still bitching? Yeah! Sure thing!

        14. Where did I say I had a problem with capitalism? You’ve yet to make a single point that could even be confused with an intelligent or rational thought. How many times do I have to flush before you disappear?

        15. For you, I’ll put puppets on my hands: Having a passport is ONLY a way for the government to identify us if/when we travel internationally. Only in DPRK does having a passport mean you can’t criticize the status quo you lobotomized retard.

        16. I think this was meant for your buddy @Black_French:disqus Apparently he thinks your citizenship should be revoked as well since you don’t enjoy our anti-male laws or being treated like a second class citizen and aren’t head over heels with the anti-traditionalist ‘Babylonian’ model the government holds dear and is dead set on imposing on other cultures.

        17. OK, so if you are from a developed country, just you relinquish your passport! Stop being a sheep of the system ))
          Personally I’ll keep my passport which allows me to travel 90% of the world with little to no administrative hustle.

        18. Did I say you had a problem with capitalism. What I see is that you want to have your cake and you want to eat it too: you enjoy the priviledges of Western lifestyle but you are still coming to the Internet to insult your benefactor. You are just an ungrateful hypocrite and calling names won’t change that.

        19. Sheep mentality? I think you have that backwards buddy. You have/harbor a slave mentality in which you defend your masters even as they rob your country blind and abuse/diminish all of your rights. Its quite sad really. All you have left is decadent servile mindlessness.

        20. You’re the one who mentioned Capitalism. The fact that people like you even exist is why I’ve become increasingly apathetic towards this garbage society and the obedient Americans that it churns out.

        21. ‘The fact that people like you even exist is why I’ve become increasingly
          apathetic towards this garbage society and the obedient Americans that
          it churns out.’
          So why don’t you relinquish your US citizenship. Gerard Depardieu took Russian Citizenship and nobody stopped him.

        22. Which masters? What are you even talking about?
          You just can’t handle people the truth: you are an hypocrite who enjoys Western citizenship but bitches against it.

        23. So, in your mind, an American’s are options are: a) Take it up the tailpipe. or b) relinquish our citizenship? By the way, what is your IQ?

        24. Anyone who doesn’t agree with everything their country’s politicians and military does should relinquish their citizenship. Got it. America has become a socialist gynocracy because of compliant assholes, such as yourself, who find it taboo to challenge authority.

        25. ‘America has become a socialist gynocracy’
          – Neither Democrats nor Republicans have pledged alliegiance he International Socialist while the Labour Party in the UK. If you consider anyone disagreeing with you as a socialist then you have some serious McCarthy syndrome.
          – Gynocracy? So far., the US have never had a female president. Weak males are the ones giving freebies to females. They are the one to blame not females.

        26. In my mind, if you are a real man, your actions have to be congruent with your opinions. Otherwise, what’s the difference with a female?
          My IQ is around 120 (min: 117; max: 122) which is confirmed by my rank as officer in the Army and my master degree.
          Btw, what your achievements? What difference have you made so far?

        27. I’ve pulled my immediate and extended family out of poverty, travelled the world, own several business that employs a considerable number of people, hold a substantial amount of real estate; I’m a volunteer, a philanthropist, etc, etc, etc. If the question is how have I changed the world, I’m willing to wager that I’ve done as much, if not more, than you but this is isn’t about me; It’s about you. If you can’t respect my personal opinions, than that’s your problem and calling me a hypocrite because I have my own opinions speaks volumes about you.
          P.S. Any idiot can attend college or enlist. The fact that you’ve listed these as accomplishments also speaks volumes about you.

        28. Nice straw arguments but are you kidding? The divorce laws aren’t gynocentric? The family courts aren’t gynocentric? The White House working in tandem with radical feminists, to combat a mythical rape culture, isn’t gynocentric? Yes means yes? Men being firing for wearing shirts? Is any of this ringing a bell? Lol. Anyways, this is besides the point, you know it’s besides the point and at this point you’re simply trolling. The fact of the matter is you’re on a website called “Return of Kings” extolling the virtues of being a compliant and submissive citizen, without a tinge of irony and now you’re making hyperbolic tangent responses to distract from that. It’s clear you’ve had too much to drink.

        29. ‘It’s clear you’ve had too much to drink.’
          I see. You can’t handle people telling you the truth. So you resort to insult.
          You know that the West is the best uystem for you as a man. That’s why you still live here. Elsewhere the averadge man is alcoholic (Eastern Europe), crippled (Africa), destitute (Latin America), raped by other men (Saudi, Afghanistan).
          Still you need to complain like a brat.

        30. ‘If the question is how have I changed the world, I’m willing to wager that I’ve done as much if not more, than you ,’
          I risk my life to,protect millions of brats like you. You owe your own survival to people like me.
          ‘If you can’t respect my personal opinions, than that’s your problem and calling me a hypocrite because I have my own opinions speaks volumes about you.’
          I call you an hypocrite and a brat because you insult the very system that protects you. Elsewhere, the averadge man has it way worse than the West
          ‘P.S. Any idiot can attend college or enlist.’
          OK. Now you are going to say that guys with Masters and PhD are idiots. You reaaly live your own an autistic world.

        31. I have no idea what you are talking about. Sorry I even engaged, not looking for discourse with a retard. Good day.

        32. You’re just talking shit sir. No one here takes what you have to say seriously and frankly I think you’re too insecure to back down from an untenable position. Good day.

        33. ‘No one here takes what you have to say seriously and frankly I think
          you’re too insecure to back down from an untenable position’
          Well you keep answering my comments so you take them pretty seriously.
          Good day.

        34. I’m French and I can hold a conversation with a native english speaker. That pretty much disqualify me as a ‘retard’. Good day.

        35. You responded to my original post and have been responding ever since. Here you are, days later, being a pest. Every time I open my Disqus, I’ve come to expect at least one reply from you. What gives? What do you need from me to feel comfortable shelving this conversation because I really do have better things to do.

        36. ‘What do you need from me to feel comfortable shelving this conversation because I really do have better things to do.’
          Just don’t answer THIS post. THAT will show that you actually have better things.
          Personally, if somebody would have called an hyprocrite and a brat over the internet, I wouldn’t even have paid attention to him. You, ‘au contraire’, kept getting pissed and using emotional arguments.

        37. You, ‘au contraire’, kept getting pissed and using emotional arguments

          Said the man who became indignant because he believes he risked his “life to protect millions of brats” like me and other fairy tales. Sorry asshole but you “risked your life” for war profiteers; Every single one of your arguments have been melodramatic and the considerable ​lapse of ​time between each of my responses should indicate how little time I have for you.
          Respond once you’ve developed critical thinking skills and learn how the world actually works and not how the State tells you it works. By that time you’ll have a better understanding of why I’m not more grateful that you blindly follow orders and “risk your life,” to make a few wealthy old men wealthier.
          By that time you’ll be prepared for an adult conversation.

        38. And yet you keep answering. You’re so funny.
          Personally, I think you’re not used to be called out on your attitude.

        39. And yet, you seemingly have an inability to use a basic keyboard. I respond because I receive an email notification each time you reply to one of my posts and you’ve been trolling me for a week now; Trust me when I say, if Disqus had block feature I would have made use of it long ago.
          I’ll keep my citizenship, I’ll keep my visas and I’ll continue to criticize bad laws and legislation as I accumulate US currency, until the dollar crashes and becomes absolutely worthless. Conversely, you’re more than welcome to do whatever it is your betters and/or superiors tell you to do and accept whatever rights they permit you to have because you’re already property of the State anyways. Now log off the internet, go live your life, focus on what’s real and ignore all of this meaningless, insecure nonsense that seeks to co-opt your time.

        40. ‘And yet, you seemingly have an inability to use a basic keyboard.’
          WTF are you talking about?

        41. Come on guy, did that really require a response? I’d rather not disable my notifications because some anonymous asshole has issues with self-control but I can tell you’re the type of person who needs to have the last word in everything so, I’m going to go ahead and delete this thread for you so I can be rid of you.
          For future reference, please understand that when I comment in this forum, I am not looking for your support or approval. My opinions and views are not subject to you, your experiences or how you feel.
          Feel free to disregard this response and any future commentary, as I am certain they will contradict your world views and be fortunate this was the internet. Had you harassed me in real real world, I would have beat your faggot ass in the street and saved myself the nuisance.

    9. The U.S gov has a long, long hit list of people it has whacked around the world. You have to be kidding if you think it does not happen. Read: confessions of an economic hitman. Leaders rule through force. Always have, always will. Democracy is an illusion. Communism and socialism eventually run out of other peoples money and crumble under the weight of their folly.

      1. I have only read part of that book but have listened to long interviews with the author. Highly recommended, if you can stomach it. Sick shit.

    10. people admire Putin not only because he appears to be a strong leader but because he comes across as fully congruent in what he does. That’s the problem with the west – it speaks weasily words, but increasingly nobody believes those words: it evangelises democracy even as it undermines democratically elected leaders in foreign countries; it talks of human rights, even while it bombs civilian populations etc. Putin therefore represents – rightly or wrongly – an absence of cant and hypocrisy. Netenyahu can also come across as a strong leader as well (at least for the israelis) but leaving aside the issue of palestine etc, the always murky nature of the influence of israel over the united states complicates this.

    11. Don’t forget Viktor Orban. One of the only European leaders who puts interests of his people above everything else.

  3. So basically we have a choice between supporting a liberal hippy race baiting muslim piece of shit who forces progressivism and all the societal unraveling it causes or we can support a strong leader who upholds traditional values but also happens to be a complete totalitarian.

      1. We can?
        If voting actually worked, it would be illegal.

        1. Not sure, I was basically ripping off a line I heard somebody else use, heh.

      2. “Fortunately, we can elect a real leader in 2016.”
        And who’s that?
        Note: Your answer could out you as a cuck.

      3. Ted Cruz would make a fine president, which is also why he won’t be elected.
        Mainstream right of center Americans don’t want someone who will be a good president, they want someone who sounds just as pissed off as them.
        Case in point: Trump.
        He waffles whenever his comments get scrutinized, has a questionable past, has supported leftist policy but even still, the so called right supports him because he doesn’t tolerate pc bullshit and because they’re “MAD AS HELL, AND WE’RE JUST NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!”
        As if voting on feelings and emotions ever helps…the R’s are just going to end up with a fusion of Clinton and Romney aka Donald Trump. My money is on Biden finally entering and beating Trump as obama did Romney. Hillary is damaged goods and Bernie is too old and addled to inspire anyone but the most braindead of useful idiot. The D’s have a lot of those, but not enough to save him.
        The US is doomed…stick a for in US, we’re done.

    1. Putin is a ‘complete totalitarian’?
      Personally, I think the West is much more totalitarian than Russia.

    1. Putin is 5th degree Judo Black belt, he speaks 3 languages, he is an expert in international relations, he reformed the Russian secret services and his IQ is estimated at over 140.
      Seems pretty hard to match.

  4. I don’t know if I buy into everything in this article, but unless there’s some radical change of fortune–literally–Russia’s days as a superpower are numbered. This regime’s power is provided by a rickety economic engine whose main source of revenue is oil, a commodity with a price as unstable as Sarah Palin on a meth binge. As fossil fuels ride out their slow slide into irrelevance, Russia’s economic power will fade. No money, no military. Culturally they will have no influence.

    1. Well, oil and iron ore, manganese, chromium,
      nickel, platinum, titanium, copper, tin, lead, tungsten, diamonds,
      phosphates, and gold, not to mention one fifth of the world’s timber.

      1. Oil is still the commodity that has fueled Russia’s recent aggressiveness. Oil prices collapse, so does Russia’s revenue. Except for the diamonds, gold and platinum, all of those other commodities are tied to a healthy economy and construction or other industries, so counting on them for revenue is like building a house on a wobbly foundation.

        1. Why do you assume that they won’t capitalize on other commodities if and when oil goes away, say, in 400 years or so?

        2. What aggressiveness are you referring to? You mean the one where Putin reacted to America and NATO attempts to destabilize Ukraine and install puppet regime there?

        3. Advanced armaments industry, have their own plane factories which produce millitary and commercial planes, international space station, behemoths of industry such as steel mills and other metal works

    2. “As fossil fuels ride out their slow slide into irrelevance”

    3. You sound like you watch Fox news a lot and nothing but Fox news. America is the country whose days as a super power are numbered. The dollar is losing its place as the reserve currency in the world with more and more countries trading with their own local currencies. The American debt is close to 20 trillion dollars now and don’t think that a massive economic collapse isn’t coming. Wake up and stop living in your fantasy world.
      “Culturally they will have no influence” = WTF?????

      1. Fox News? How the fuck do you make that correlation? Did I say something with which you disagree and you assume, what, because you sit in front of the idiot box, unblinking, drinking CNN/MSNBC’s Kool-Aid that somehow I’m a Fox viewer? Thanks, but my opinions, whatever their merits–or lack thereof–are entirely of my own creation.
        Yeah, 20 trillion from an economy with a GDP of approximately 17.4 trillion. That’s like telling someone to file for bankruptcy because they have a $100,000 mortgage and they’re only pulling in $80,000 a year. I feel sorry for your credit card company.

        1. I wouldn’t call Russia a superpower, but it is one of the larger remaining countries with a strong, educated workforce, national unity, and a history of talent and ingenuity–remember these are the people that beat the USA to the moon. They’re not just going to fade away because a new energy source is utilized.
          Here’s a stat for you: total US debt: $190,636 per citizen. Total unfunded liabilities: $820,521 per taxpayer. US GDP per capita: $54,629. So it would take 4 years of saving 100% of economic activity just to wipe out our debts, and the unfunded liabilities, well, that’s impossible.

        2. They didn’t beat us to the moon. We landed in July 1969. Neither the Russians–nor anyone else–have gone to the moon.
          I also never said they were going to “fade away.” Their influence and power will be heavily diminished. Just remember almost 15 years ago to the day when the Kursk sank. It was their state-of-the-art sub and they had to ask for help to recover the bodies of the crew because the military couldn’t afford to maintain their navy. Soldiers aren’t terribly loyal or patriotic if they don’t get paid.

        3. I Misspoke–of course the Russians were the first into space and the Americans were (later) the first to the moon. But the point remains. These are advanced, cultured, developed people. Like the Japanese and the British and the Germans, despite whatever setbacks they face, they are going to adapt and prosper.
          The fortunes of the UK greatly declined from a hundred years ago–they are still a modern and prosperous nation. America by many measures peaked around the 50s or 60s and is now being overtaken by others. Things change, but that does not mean that Russia (or America) will no longer be influential in the future, only weaker.

      1. Ah, ad hominem attack coupled with no facts or analysis–favorite technique of the intellectually under powered. You’ve not engaged a single point I made. People here talk about Russia’s military. They’re going to have trouble paying for it–just like they did a bit more than a decade ago, a situation best illustrated by that little Kursk incident in which the mighty Russia had to beg us for help in recovering their own “state of the art” sub. What short memories we have here.

  5. Too much freedom is the problem, eh?
    We were much more free in the year 1790, and had zero problem. Today we are chained from head to toe in a soft, smiley faced tyranny and this, this is what you call “freedom”?

        1. Bob was a painter, art instructor, and TV host. Also had a career of 20+ years in the USAF. He died at age 52, in 1995. That is a quote of his. “There are no mistakes. Only happy little accidents.”
          Or something like that.

        2. It is humor formed by a contrast of the innocence of Bob Ross’s personality (“paint a happy little tree”) with the brutality of the Nazi regime.
          When first saw the picture I couldn’t stop laughing. To each their own.

        3. Don’t forget that the heart and soul of National Socialism (Nazi) ideology was the removal of all class distinctions among the Volk. The egalitarian drive was deep in the movement and why they had to eliminate anyone that was not of the Volk.

        4. A Hitler comparison? National Socialism is about the farthest possible ideology from the style of tyranny implemented by western governments today

        5. True, they would just openly pull you out of your home and shoot you. What an improvement.

    1. True, we had much more freedom in the year 1790, but even back then there were still limits on what people could do. Despite the fact that the Founding Fathers cast off their shackles from British oppression, they nonetheless made it illegal for us to do so through the formal law of the US Constitution. Of course, if one reads the DOI one comes to see an informal exception as to when and where it would be appropriate (and necessary) to overthrow the government.
      Right now we have all the wrong freedoms…we have the freedom to change our sex (even though it actually doesn’t) we have the freedom to sleep with our same sex (despite the consequences) and we have the freedom to murder a developing life…despite the fact that the Constitution protects it.
      We are of course losing all the right ones…the freedom to object on religious grounds, the freedom to refuse to be taxed excessively, the freedom to object to abuses of power, for instance.
      This also raises the question: what happens when you have 100% freedom? The answer is, there is no longer any government to speak of. 100% freedom is total anarchy which is only possible when one person lives by themselves free from the influence and possible disagreement of another. In other words, they’re basically a “lone wolf” type animal.
      People need government, limited and restrained, to limit what they can do and the damage they can do to others if left unrestrained…when the Constitution put limits on the government it basically put limits on people running the government to keep them from bullying the rest. The weakness of the Constitution is that it relies on moral, principled people to defend it…and right now in Washington and abroad, we have very few of those. The results speak for themselves.
      Proper limited Government does for the body what proper Religion does for the soul: keep it from running amok and unrestrained, the victim of spontaneous passion, pride, and prejudice.
      Both however are subject to abuse whenever the people are too corrupted or too in love with themselves to care what kind of leader they have, as a result of getting high off of all the wrong freedoms.

    2. It’s not about freedom, but about resources. In tough times people do what works because otherwise they die. In times of seemingly limitless resources, with no credible threat to the lives of the general civilian population, we end up like this.

      1. That I agree with. It’s a damned shame we stopped our reach towards the planets and stars in order to “help the poor and downtrodden, sob..sob…”. Endless frontiers which would equate to endless rugged individualism combined with a close sense of community (can’t get by long on a Jovian moon if you buck the community and are a dick).

        1. I’m actually reading Elon Musk’s biography. It’s exactly what he is trying to do. I highly recommend reading about him. Only thing I fault him for is his two times being taken for a ride by women. However, when you are building a space company from scratch that’s trying to put people on Mars and an electric car company from scratch as well (in the same time), I understand why he has no time to read RP stuff. Other than that he’s out of this world, almost literally… I think Steve Jobs will be a foot note compared with what Musk is going to accomplish.

        2. Right we need “new frontiers” to make people tough again and colonizing planets will do just that. To quote the Aussie Chopper Reid we need to “Harden the Fuck Up”

        3. “Our reach to the planet and stars”
          Do you mean that government welfare program called NASA?
          Yes, let’s allow govt to steal $740 million (plus interest) to take a picture of Pluto. (Or fund “climate change research” or research to talk to dolphins in 1965).
          Where in the Constitution is the part about a “space program”?
          If people want to go to space, fine…but don’t steal the money from me.

        4. Jobs impact will be felt for decades. His work empowered individuals and gave people the tools to create their own companies and make a living. And he ran profitable companies.
          Musk is a genius, no doubt. However, he receives billions in taxpayer’s money. I don’t see electric sports cars and space travel as empowering future generations.

        5. It will though…just early days at present. Innovation is what creates the future, new solutions for old problems…that open up new opportunities and terrains like space.

        6. I really have to disagree with you. Don’t get me wrong, Jobs had as huge of an impact one could have on how we process and consume information. No doubt about it. What I’m saying is, by comparison with what this guy is set to do. Some of the facts you mentioned are somewhat not true. He did not receive taxpayer’s money. He did get a loan, yes.. and he paid it back. As to this ” I don’t see electric sports cars and space travel as empowering future generations”, I truly believe you are totally wrong. The implications are tremendous if you think about the necessary technology advancements that will be made (he makes his technologies available to other car companies as well. .he doesn’t patent his inventions btw). I mean, either way just read about what and how he was able to accomplish in 10 years with these 3 companies, and I think you will change your mind..
          As to the electric sports cars, that was the first stage in an well thought out plan. High end for rich people. That financed the Model S, and the Model S financing the cheap for the masses electric cars (around 30K price tag) coming soon. So electric cars are here to stay and take over fossil based transportation.

        7. Humanity, in general, not specifically NASA though they are included. They were a welfare program, I am quite fond of a private space program and agree NASA should not exist. That doesn’t alter the fact that they did exist and spawned an awful lot of ideas and movements. Today’s private space companies are making some ground, but they are honestly so highly regulated that I get the feeling sometimes that they are private in the technical sense only. Kind of how I view banks.
          If I had a choice (work with me her) of wasting money unconstitutionally on getting to the planets and colonizing them, as opposed to feeding ingrates and “da poor”, I’d take the former any day of the week. At least it’s not shoving all of the resources down an endless hole of misery. Not that I’m given that choice.

        8. How is space travel not empowering future generations? There’s a whole universe outside of our planet waiting to be explored and conquered.

        9. It is not empowering future generations because governments are spending billions and getting into debt for space programs.
          Space programs are liberal government make-work programs to buy votes and payback government contractors who put politicians in office.
          How is getting into debt for $720 million to get a picture of Pluto empowering future generations?
          It’s not…it is selfishly encumbering future generations for the benefit of the present.

        10. I would prefer this be private actually.
          If we’re talking a difference between getting off this rock, or feeding an endless stream of dumb arse moochers, I’m for getting off this rock. Personally everything should be private, both welfare (charity) and space travel.
          The “encumbering” thing doesn’t hold much water, btw, if there are actual benefits to future generations. Not sure if Tang qualifies of course, heh.

        11. 1. Electric cars are fossil-based transportation as the overwhelming majority of the electricity is produced from fossil fuels. Electric cars are not “green”. Perhaps they consume a little less fossil fuel but not a significant amount.
          2. A low interest, below market, government loan IS a subsidy.
          3. Musk’s company’s Tesla Motors, SolarCity and SpaceX have received billions (with a b) in taxpayer money…not just loans…but grants and subsidies that will never be paid back. Musk would have been out of business without them.
          Thomas Edison did so much without government subsidies because he knew how to run profitable companies (like General Electric which is still is business).
          Preston Tucker invented a car in the 1940s that was way ahead of its time with fuel injection, disc brakes, etc. But the Feds shut him down…I guess he didn’t have the option to jump into bed with the Feds like Musk does.

        12. Actually NASA is the ONLY fed program that makes money. Right now it’s the ONLY organization with the tech and wherewithal to safely, effectively, and repeatedly launch objects into space, while maintaining them and engineering and refining space faring solutions and equipment, which they then turn around and offer for sale to the private sector.
          Space X and other companies like it are doing a good job…with the aforementioned help of GOV money, AND by paying NASA for launch pads, and help when they hit problems they can’t solve.

        13. Shut up JB and cook me supper. And my toilet needs a clean, boy. None of your lip or I’ll…

        14. JB, JB, stop worrying your little head about things you don’t understand. My car needs a clean and my bunions need a scraping. NOW.

      2. Tough times also brings with it structure; everyone has responsibilities in order to survive. There isn’t much time or energy left to consider if black transsexual amputee goldfish-kin are being properly represented on the latest sit-com.
        There is too much comfort in our lives, there has been for the last 3 generations. The only challenges left revolve around self-improvement: reading books, lifting weights, starting businesses, eating right. Even this is just too hard for 90% of the population

        1. Plath, take your cock out of Blue eyes mouth and come clean my kitchen floor. The cat sicked up again.

        2. No surprise you have a cat instead of a man. But if I want your opinion, I will beat it out of you. Cunt.

        3. Not an opinion; an observation Blue Eyes. Do love a little boy on boy action, but you two need to ease up. Cunt is a compliment to my sex, boy, so thanks x

        4. Return of Twats…where old vets go to embarrass themselves before dying alone.
          Oh, and to have casual sex with other men.
          I LOVE this site xxx

      3. It becomes a fight through political means to take the resources of others to fund the visions of those who neither produced nor effectively managed their own resources.

    3. With too much freedom, it actually restricts freedom itself. A train has freedom to reach its destination but when it runs out of its tracks for the sake of careless freedom, it runs into disaster and eventually its destruction. Freedom needs to be guided and directed to a certain purpose. Freedom without great leadership is slavery.

      1. America today professes to be the freest nation on earth. When I travel abroad, and then return, it feels like one of the least free. It’s all a matter of priorities and choices. We don’t have freedoms, we have a plethora of choices. 43 different soda pops at the store is not “freedom”

        1. Obviously you are to young to remember true choice of soda pop. Back in my youth (the paleolithic age) you had real choice of many varieties of soda pop from dozens of companies, all on the average grocery store shelf. Now you have the choice of buying Pepsi or Coke products of limited variety, masked by a half dozen variations like Pepsi Free, Coke Zero, Decaffeinated Coke, etc.

    4. if you look at the chart of 1790 you will see we were ignorant, dumber than rocks, and diseased do not romanticize the past but build a future worth living in
      1790’s you could not even leave your small patch of land and only the priestarchy was allowed an education
      lol average lifespan only 40 years of misery and chaos in 1790

      1. I think you’re confusing “1790” with “1290”.
        They hell you couldn’t leave your land, heh, where they hell do you get this stuff? General public education was already the rule of the day by then as well, the British were quite fond of it, so it passed through to their colonies by default.

    5. Liberal Fascism. In the 21st century the liberal definition of “freedom” is to be who you think you are at everyone else’s expense. If you are part of the 98% and want the freedom to not accommodate the oddball 2% then you are against “freedom” and forced to comply or be put in jail because net “freedom” increases that way.
      In 1790 you didn’t have more freedom if you were a black, lesbian, atheist trying to slutwalk down mainstreet.

      1. First paragraph, agreed 100%.
        Doing a “slut walk” is what we refer to as “license”. There were issues at the time, but nothing like our wonderful SWAT filled, police on every corner, surveillance society police state that we’ve erected today. Instead of giving freedom to the “poor minorities”, we’ve simply made everybody a slave and called it “equality”.

        1. I can’t really argue with that. I live in China and it is rather twisted that I feel more free here than in Canada.

      1. Half incorrect. There is a lack of consequences for *license* for specific activities that are sanctioned by the Left. Cross a line that *they* don’t like however, and you get to feel the full wrath of the State. They’re quite selective on their “freedom” allowances.
        Smoke weed in a dorm room, oh well big deal (which I agree with actually).
        Take a concealed firearm into the school when dropping off your kid, and you may as well go ahead and wave goodbye to your family.

    6. Freedom for feminists (women) and brown men. White boys pay for it all through tax. I wouldn’t call a solid 45 year work sentence (white male’s life) ‘freedom’.

      1. It’s not about race, but about class. I am not white, but I pay a carton-load of money in taxes too.

        1. Well of course there are exceptions. But culturally, the workload is put on white boys, along with a middle finger. I have read that white males pay 80% of the taxes. Throw in 4 or 5 more % in alimony and white males are paying for 84 or 85% of the party.

        2. How do Mexican construction workers and Asian doctors and IT people get away with not paying taxes? Please let me know so I can also avoid paying a thousands of dollars in taxes every year

        3. I want you to tell me what this sentence means to you;
          “Well of course there are exceptions.”
          You tell me how you interpret those words.

        4. Oh there’s plenty of loopholes you can exploit. I don’t know what country you live in but some lawyers and accountants know the tax system inside out and are able to help you get out of paying most if not all of your tax. That’s just what I’ve heard anyway.

        5. After the “conservative” Ronald Reagan’s Tax Reform Act of 1986, doctors have virtually no special tax loopholes left.
          I don’t know who these “Asian doctors” are who don’t pay taxes.
          I’ll bet they pay more than you.

    7. Yes, it is.
      As the moment everybody can vote they will vote to constraint the freedom of other people in multiple ways
      That’s what happened to USA and his constitutional order.

      1. No, no, it’s actually not. We are chained from nose to toes and what liberties we retain all have a “it’s a privilege revocable at any time” tag on them, supplied by the Federal government. A man from 1880 would have incited revolution decades ago.

    8. Indeed. He’s right though, it’s not that we’re free from government, it’s that we have rebelled against our Creator. In doing so, we’ve given ourselves over to the pettiest of tyrants — the United States Federal Government, and all western governments in general.

      1. If you wish for perfection, then you set up an impossible standard. And it was only our concept of freedom in the West that actually paved the way and eventually abolished freedom in our countries. The rest of the world has *still* not even come close to that as of yet, unless they have been in direct contact and dealings with us for a period of time.

    9. Putin has his political enemies murdered, in addition to trouble making reporters. He has also invaded 3 regions since 2008, second in aggression only to our military in modern times. He is currently preparing for serious military action in Syria. I think that it is a sense of desperation in the western mind and frustration with the weakness of our own leaders that pushes naive people to admire a man like Putin. I’m connected loosely to the Russian expat community in my city and if you talk to Russians who still talk to people in the old country, they’ll tell you of some pretty fucked up stuff that is going on there these days.

      1. If you’re trying to convince me that Russia picks strongmen to run its nation, I was already rather cognizant of that fact, heh. It seems to be built directly into the Russian character for reasons I’ve never quite figured out. Out of Russia’s leaders, past and present, I don’t think he’s faring too terribly on that list, which is not to say that he’s a “good man” or that I would enjoy living under his rule. But there has been a lot worse, leader wise, in Mother Russia.

    10. Yea. Though I agree with absolutely everything in this post. I can’t stand the general air of monarchism or fascism promoted as a cure to the ills of the corprotocracy.
      In a recent article on this site someone scoffed at the US system of checks and balances.
      So because the system doesn’t function perfectly all the time we need to bring back a man in a furry hat wielding a stick encrusted with shiny rocks?

    11. I always use to say this. We need personal freedom. But the kind of freedom people have to meddle in everyones life and philosophies and lifestyle is just unacceptable. There were very few problem of work ethics in 1700’s and that could be gradually solved as we moved forward. I so want the Russian lifestyle.

    1. Suddenly not so strong and empowered are they? Where did all that smug SJW leftist posturing go? heh

        1. Holy Shit…did he just gesture to obama where to sit??!
          FACEPALM…at least Clinton wasn’t this bad when i had to deal with him being in charge of the US/military.

    2. Proper application of force. In the US, the cops have not mastered this. They can paralyze grandfathers, taze college students, and shoot unarmed petty criminals, but have no ability to properly apply the correct amount of nowhere-near-lethal force to bring about law and order, as the Cossacks demonstrated here. No one was seriously injured, no one died, simply order was quickly reinstituted.

      1. I noticed the same exact thing but didn’t quite put it into words. There was no huge SWAT team take down with a few associated deaths or streams of blood flowing. Great observation.

    3. This is one of the important points that Maverick wrote that’s pertinent here: “Things are changing in Ukraine and not for the better. There’s a loosening of traditional family values, introduction of gay parades, increased agitation by liberal SJW’s who are recording “atrocities” against gays and posting them all over the Internet.”

  6. The Putin circlejerk in the manosphere is hilarious. Russia is a corrupt shithole that only keeps afloat because of its natural resources, but well, yeah, Putin is alpha as fuck man, he hates SJWs and does judo!

    1. Name a country that is not a corrupt shithole. Switzerland maybe and…who else?

      1. Switzerland maybe the most honorable country, but still is a giant hub for money laundering. Do you know where all the dictators from corrupt shitholes put the money stolen from all their people?

        1. Their banks are private, not government, thus, you can’t lay that at the feet of the Swiss government. Things like banking secrecy are what we used to refer to as “liberty” and “freedom” depending on your preference.

        2. I understand that, but the Swiss government knows that the first industry in its country is based in money laundering. And they allow it to be so. I do not know if this is a stance on freedom or plain dishonesty.

        3. If you’re looking for perfection, you’re not going to find it. If a country’s worst fault is that it has free banking that some people use to launder money, then I’d say you’re head and shoulders ahead of the rest of the other nations in the world.

        4. So you’re saying that having some money laundering going on is worse than, say, launching wars, invading other countries, beating down your own people with riot police, macheteing nearly a million of your own citizens, confiscating homes under guise of law, ethnic cleansing, nuking other nations and many other wonderful “achievements” of the rest of the world’s governments? Weird.
          “We” didn’t agree to anything, I’ve never liked that saying, it presumes to speak for me.

        5. In fact we agree that almost no country is without some kind of corruption. Obviously killing innocent children is in a totally different dimension of evil much worse than money laundering, btw.

        6. Corruption is about how your government treats its own people and runs its internal affairs, not how it treats other countries. Invading another country isn’t corruption, especially when the majority of your population supports it. Corruption is raiding the treasure for personal gain, as an example. Something you do in the dark.

        7. When you invade other countries for the interests of the Oligarchy and connected cronies, whether you have the “support” of the rubes in the street or not, you’re still corrupt.

        8. Once again, launching a war is NOT corruption. Corruption has to do with things like lack of transparency, censoring the media, elected officials robbing the treasury, that sort of thing. One could even argue that the war was good for Americans as a whole, in the Machiavellian sense. Since it means America will continue to dominate the region with the world’s energy supply, rather than China or Russia, given America a geopolitical advantage.

        1. That’s called moving the goal posts.
          I never said “equally”.
          The original claim was about corruption, as if some place existed that was pristine. I challenged that.

  7. I am Russian and let me start off by saying that Putin is loved in Russia. I live in America and i I cringe every time people tell me about how evil and corrupt Putin is. Ignorant men who talk like this are those who have never visited Russia before and only get their news about Putin from the Western media who constantly compare Putin to Hitler which is nothing but pure propaganda.
    You want to know who the real Hitler is? Look no further than your President in the White house. He has arrogantly described America as the one indispensable nation in the world and feels America has the right to dictate how things should work in other countries. He is the one who created ISIS and also turned Ukraine into what it is today.
    Putin is about the most sane leader in the world today who believes in peace and has strong morals and beliefs that he stands for unapologetically. I am not saying he is a saint but show me a leader in the world who is one.

    1. I’m going to say this to both the Russians and the Americans…this is my perception, as a yank.
      Putin is not ‘corrupt, but he is a ‘rough’ man…he’s a man like a mafia don or a crimelord (yes I know I just said he’s not corrupt but please follow)…he’s a man that sees his culture as needing to establish it’s primacy against a world filled with UN based hyper PC, a man putting forward his Russian Orthodox religion (which is now the de facto national religion) in a world caught in a deathspiral between atheism and islamic jyhad. He’s trying to secure his nations future at a time when politicians in Europe and the west aspire to do nothing but scream talking points over whether some guy that murdered dozens in a bomb blast got a halal meal in his prison cell last night. He see’s the west rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic and can’t understand why a culture would want to destroy itself in an orgy of self hatred….but he see’s it and remembers that Rome fell, the Holy Roman Empire fell, even the Tsars fell..so its best to set Russia up to weather the storm. He is a ‘rough’ man….and as Orwell said : “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” — sorry, if you want to preserve your civilization, dirty things need to be done. We (the United States) are led by lawyers that worry what the New York Times will say on the front page tomorrow. History is not written by men worried about getting a gold star from the New York Times editorial page.

    2. God bless putin. If I said that to anyone in the west they would think I’m a communist or mental.

    3. I’ve had a friend from Russia this year and I asked him about his opinion on Putin and he said, Putin is the man who can save us.

  8. Remember just recently the Russian women’s Olympic team posed in sexy lingerie and the Western media were going ballistic and degrading them? That right there should be a clear indication of who is trying to take your freedom away. The Western culture does not want you men to enjoy admiring sexy women who wants to be admired.

  9. There is no such thing as a perfect leader in this shit stained marble we find ourselves on, there are only leaders who aspire to be great for their people and leaders who aspire to be great for themselves. Unbiased history decides which is which.
    Putin for all his faults (and there are faults) is an Alpha Man, and so is Benjamin Netanyahu. (like him or not) The latter is also a Man with faults, but as i said there is no perfect leader and it is unrealistic to expect one to be, since mortal Men are bound to have flaws. Only Jesus was perfect.
    The one thing i have noticed is, a legitimate military background tends to make a Man into either an exceptional leader or a exceptional despot. World history has shown us that much at least. Also, whenever you have a leader that doesn’t come from a strong military background (and by that, i mean a guy who didn’t enter service, entered because he had to or tried to coast within it) you tend to have a guy who doesn’t understand how exceptional the US was intended to be, and how our military (for better or for worse) played a part in that.
    Say what you will about the US, but we became a superpower for a reason, and it wasn’t because we believed in fairness.
    Whenever we fight, we fight hard and we fight to win…when we’ve been right and been allowed to fight as necessary we end up decimating the enemy and leaving generations of butthurt bastards in the wake. Whenever we’ve been wrong (Vietnam, Iraq) we still fought hard and still left enough of an impression that we may be an asshole arrogant country but we WILL be respected because of our heart, and feared because of our military might and passion for victory. We are the only nation to have dropped a nuke on another Country not just once but TWICE as a capital FUCK YOU back when we were dealing with the same kind of religious fanatics we are dealing with now, and it made them (Japan) surrender post haste.
    The bombs were dropped under Truman, a strong military leader with obvious weaknesses (being a Democrat just one) but his military background helped him understand perspective and helped him keep us respected and feared in the eyes of the world, two things which we sorely lack today, not just thanks to obama either. The lives lost in bombings of Japan pale in comparison to the lives lost had Japan continued to wage war against us…which is another reason why i firmly support the nuke option to deal with the muslim fanatics but, i digress…
    All this of course, gets thrown out the window whenever you have a President who has no (strong) military background and ergo does not understand the proper role of the military and exploits it for his own touchy feely philosophy (Clinton, Obama) or personal gain (Bush)
    Getting back to Putin and Netanyahu, both Men have military backgrounds and both have done a great deal to protect their country and cement them as a power not to be fucked with, as i will shortly describe.
    Putin has put a halt to western corruption in Russia (as the article writer indicated) and does not apologize for doing so. He is like the Donald Trump of the Reds in that he does not care what people think of him. The Man has faults (as some of you have provided) but again, Russia is strong because it has a strong Alpha as a leader. He is ex KGB and was the Russian equivalent of an army brat so that certainly contributed to his Alpha status. As Roosh has proven in his visits to canada, you aren’t really an Alpha if you haven’t been hated on and haven’t pissed people off for standing on principle. Putin is no different in this regard.
    Netanyahu is pretty much the same except with more of a military background. He trained in the IDF and joined the elite Sayeret Matkal, which is like the Israeli equivalent of our own US Army Green Berets in that both are especially skilled at kicking ass and kicking it often. His faults include (but are not limited to) being a secular Jew (my issue is with the secular part) and of course, being a supporter of LGBTXYZ rights. Since Israel is ground zero for a lot of the conflict in the world, Ben probably figures he has more to worry about from muslim extremists than a bunch of fags dancing in their underwear or dykes carpet munching. I definitely don’t agree but i have to admit from a military standpoint, the Alpha Netanyahu definitely understands priorities, moreso because he’s kept his country strong despite being practically surrounded on all sides from the enemy. He doesn’t give a shit what the US or anyone else thinks of him, he is going to do whatever it takes to protect his people and if it means stepping on toes, so be it. I can respect him for that much, at least.
    Say what you will about both these leaders, but the one thing you can’t say is that they are weak like with our current leadership. Despite the flaws they both have i’d gladly trade obama for either one of them because it would be a step in the right direction.
    Here’s just a few images to contrast between each, with obama thrown in as the polar opposite:

    1. Those Obama photos never fail to please.
      When I first started seeing his mom-jeans emasculated photos, I thought they were just shots captured at a bad time. Then more, and more, and more and more of them started showing up. The “man” is so effeminate that almost every photo these days has him looking like a basically out of the closet faggot.

      1. Agreed. He gives off homo vibes like a 1 man san fransicko.
        He’s either a down low total homo or he’s a down low bisexual homo.
        There is no way that this guy is 100% hetero…the body language is just too damning.

        1. My grandfather used to call it “San Fran-Sissy-Co”. Heh.
          I think it’s pretty clear that Obama’s at least a bi-sexual.

        2. Your grandfather was wise beyond his years.
          I sense a military background in him, or at least within a few generations of you.
          Am i correct?

        3. Yep yep. Long line of military men, myself included. It’s in the blood.

        4. There is no such thing as “bi-sexual” when referring to a male. “Bi-sexual” is something they call themselves so they won’t have to admit to outright faggotry. Once a man has sucked another mans dick and/or had his poop-chute violated, there simply is no going back. He’s a fag, doesn’t matter how many women he bangs thereafter.

        5. USMC Major General Smedley Butler on the role of the military:
          “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service as a member of our country’s most agile military force — the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General. During that period I spent more of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I suspected that I was just a part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all members of the military profession I never had an original thought until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of the higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service. Thus I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-12. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. I was rewarded with honors, medals and promotion. Looking back on it, I feel I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three city districts. I operated on three continents”.

        6. Brilliant man, and the most highly decorated military service member in American history. Today he would be Tillman-ed.

        7. Oddly he didn’t mention the warrior caste generally being the ones elevated to political power.
          If only going by the Prussian model of military he’s more or less correct, although clearly he’s biased. Today of course it’s rather an indictment of any military, although I can’t help but notice that basically he’s a Leftist with the full Leftist narrative so I find his take rather suspect and crafted mostly for support of his own ideology.
          My family’s service predates the Prussian model, fwiw.

        1. Aye, rumors have come from so many sources that it seems futile to even begin to try and argue against it.

      2. In fairness, anyone can find cherry-picked photos to make someone look like a weakling or a tough guy. There’s a photo of Putin cuddling a dog where he looks weak. At the end of the day, it’s not Obama or Putin that does the fighting, they just give the orders. It’s our militaries that execute. Obama could push a button and have anyone on the planet assassinated by drone if he wanted to. So the beta looking photos in mom jeans are pretty irrelevant.

        1. This is true, however when you have a Man who leads a country how exactly they lead that country can best be deduced from their personal philosophy, and whether it adheres to red pill strength or blue pill weakness.
          I grant you there are “weak” photos of Putin, just as i’m sure there is a “strong” photo of obama. (i haven’t found one but maybe you will have better luck) but the thing is, these tend to be the exceptions with both. There are more weaker photos of obama than stronger ones, and conversely there are more stronger photos of Putin than weaker ones.
          One can also look at their median body language and deduce what kind of Alpha male they are if indeed they are one at all. AS GOJ essentially said earlier, there are so many pics of obama coming off as a sissified weakling that it can’t be coincidental…with Putin, it’s the exact opposite.
          Putin is an Alpha, obama is not. He is about as omega as they come.

        2. Me, I’d rather have my country led by a gentleman of prudent policy than by a charismatic tough guy. Are we talking about a modern president or a medieval warrior-king?
          Still, Obama is pretty beta. He wouldn’t stand up and fight for his causes, he was over-conciliatory and non-confrontational with the Republicans even at the start of his first term, when he had all the congressional supermajorities he needed to get shit done. No wonder his messiahdom wore off so fast.

        3. As I said, it’s not just one picture, he has consistently come out more and more as a lightweight wuss in nearly all of his photos the last few years. The man is fooling nobody.
          What he can do, as opposed to what he will do are, of course, two entirely different things.

        4. Maybe his flaw was in trying to build bridges with people who were trying to blow up the bridge. I like Obama though. I think he has a great temperament, but his personality may be better suited for a think tank or advisory board than leadership. He’s the type of guy that’s carefully thinks things through and weights out his options pragmatically. He’s measured and calculated as opposed to Bush was a shoot first ask questions later cowboy that relied on his gut. Obama is an intellectual, you could easily envision him teaching at an Ivy League. Bush and Trump are not. Trump may be a smart guy in the business and hustle sense, but I wouldn’t say he’s a deep thinker or has a great depth of knowledge about world affairs. Much of what I’ve heard from him is a lot of bombastic rhetoric that appeals to people’s emotions but little in the area of actual substance. He can only avoid real questions for so long. If he debates Hillary, he’s not going to be able to evade tough and detailed questions for much longer. The Clintons are master politician. Hillary is no joke. She could end up making Trump look like a buffoon when it comes time to debate details of policies. I’m not fan of hers but she’s obvious way more experienced in the realm of politics than he is and when this race gets serious, he’s eventually going to have to get into nitty gritty policy wonk details about what he plans to do. He’ll have to lay out a budget of what he plans to cut, where he plans to spend, etc. He’s going to have show his cards eventually.

        5. So who looks stronger here?
          This us all nonsense, debating about how people look in their photos. It’s ultimately what they actually do, not how they look. Putin and Obama will never fight each other. Their militaries will do the fighting. So who cares?
          Keep in mind that alpha male heads of state are more often than not corrupt as hell. Idi Amin and Kim Il Sung were pretty damn alpha, but that doesn’t mean I’d want them for president.

      1. Thanks brother….I do but under another pseudonym.
        I’m not greedy enough to have everything i wax on at length become an article, so whenever i feel it necessary i’ll just share my article worthy elaborated remarks on here.

    2. There is nothing alpha about Netanyahu as a prime minister. During his current and previous term in office, he has been utterly spineless and bent whichever way the wind has blown the strongest at the moment, whether it’s Obama telling him to stop constructing settlements or his coalition buddies telling him to crank up construction. On the issue of Hamas, he was dragged in by popular demand and popular howling for Hamas blood into invading Gaza, achieving nothing but bad PR for Israel and an Israeli casualty count higher than the all-time total of Hamas rocket attack kills. On Iran’s nuclear program, he bloviated long and hard about how everyone else owes it to Israel to stop the alleged upcoming second holocaust, but wouldn’t lift an Israeli finger to do shit about it, and utterly failed at his attempt to subvert US foreign policy regarding Iran.
      Ariel Sharon though, that was an alpha.

      1. In order to be the leader of the most hated nation on earth, you have to be Alpha.
        Otherwise, Israel would have either been conquered or wiped off the map already.
        You’re listing some of his legitimate faults which i already said he had, i just didn’t elaborate upon. You’re right that he has listened to obama but not always, case in point: obama wanted him to return Israel to pre 67 borders and Ben was like “yeah keep dreaming barry.”
        Also, he came to Congress when Obama personally insisted he shouldn’t and basically tore barry’s iran deal to shreds.
        Don’t let your personal feelings about BN cloud an otherwise sound judgement against him.
        Thanks for the contribution by the way.

        1. If Israel needs alpha leadership to survive and has survived, that implies at most that it had alpha leadership in the past. Currently, the balance of power is larger in Israel’s favor than it has ever been before, it’s not in a position of being alpha or die.
          It doesn’t take much alphadom to thumb your nose at Obama, when you’re in a position of having much of the US Congress on a leash. And even then, he groveled before Obama at the very start of Obama’s first term when he was at his strongest.
          Bibi’s reign has been a lot of whining in the international arena but little to no action. He hardly ever stood up to anyone who could actually hurt him, such as his coalition partners, or Israeli public opinion. He hasn’t taken any kind of decisive or even significantly proactive situation, just plodded along and managed the status quo. Doing so would require cracking heads with some Israeli faction or the other, and that he is wholly unprepared for.

        2. “If Israel needs alpha leadership to survive and has survived, that implies at most that it had alpha leadership in the past. Currently, the balance of power is larger in Israel’s favor than it has ever been before, it’s not in a position of being alpha or die.”
          I don’t agree in the least. It’s practically surrounded on all sides by a muslim presence,attacked often by the US and the UN. It’s in the worst position it’s ever been in its brief existence on earth and still BN is doing his thing.
          “It doesn’t take much alphadom to thumb your nose at Obama, when you’re in a position of having much of the US Congress on a leash. And even then, he groveled before Obama at the very start of Obama’s first term when he was at his strongest.”
          You’re making excuses here because of your personal animosity against Netanyahu. I’m no fan of his myself or of Israel but i won’t shortchange them on credit where credit is due.
          “Bibi’s reign has been a lot of whining in the international arena but little to no action. He hardly ever stood up to anyone who could actually hurt him, such as his coalition partners, or Israeli public opinion. He hasn’t taken any kind of decisive or even significantly proactive situation, just plodded along and managed the status quo. Doing so would require cracking heads with some Israeli faction or the other, and that he is wholly unprepared for.”
          I’ve already stated what he’s done, since you are expressing disagreement and doing so through personal feelings, we will simply agree to disagree.

        3. Israel is in the worst position it has ever been in? Even worse than it was just after its war of independence? Dude, do you know the first thing about Israel’s strategic position?
          Israel’s military budget is four times that of Egypt, the strongest of its traditional Arab enemies. That’s before counting that it’s backed by the US, while its traditional Arab enemies lost their superpower sugardaddy when the Soviet Union fell. No power anywhere in the vicinity is in a position to challenge it militarily.
          Diplomatically, despite public disagreements with the US government, it has the unwavering support of the US, when you look at what’s actually done rather than what’s said. The EU might not approve of everything Israel does, but still lets Israel be in its extended sphere of cooperation and regional integration and hasn’t put that up for reconsideration, despite the occasional statement of condemnation.
          If someone tells you that Israel’s position is worse than it has ever been, he’s either clueless or tries to enlist your support.

        4. So you’re telling me Israel being surrounded on all sides by its enemies (do i need to mention the order of muslim succession to include the recent arab spring?) having obama as well as the UN as its enemy, the recent Iran deal that supplies both the means of nuclear proliferation AND the funds by which to accommodate it DOES NOT qualify as the worst position its ever been…REALLY?
          “Diplomatically, despite public disagreements with the US government, it has the unwavering support of the US,”
          Support doesn’t mean jack if it’s not backed up with some support from the Oval Office. Even on ROK support for Israel is tepid at best, what makes you think that there is any real sizable support for Israel beyond the usual payola they give to them (our tax dollars at work) and every other country? Anything the Congress proposes O will just veto and those damn Rinos Mcconnell and Boehner can’t be counted on to do much more and shrug.
          Dude have you even read what can be read from the Iran deal? Do you know that O basically made it clear he’d be willing to take Iran’s side if Israel should attack it?

        5. Anytime my friend.
          He is operating from the standardized Islamic historical revision talking points.
          There is even a word for “righteous” lying in his vile religion. Al Taqiyya

        6. Yeah i’m familiar with it…they can lie as much and as long as they want so long as they promote islam in the processs. Smh…

      2. Netenyahu probably has to make the hardest depiction of any leader on this planet.
        The United Nations itself files more complaints against Israel than they do with all Muslim shitholes combined.
        To remain at peace of calm with such hate to wards you is a sign of an alpha.

      3. I agree with some of this, and don’t care for the “tribe” in general. But Netanyahu was a stud back in the day, and even now, compared to Barry, he is an Alpha God.

    3. It is better to be feared than loved. Also, you don’t get to be the big kid on the block without making some enemies. People don’t realize this. the world is not one big camp fire where we all hold hands and sing kumbaya. people love their gadgets and cheap gas but do not understand what must be done to preserve such a lifestyle. In this world, much like in nature, you must take what you want/need to survive and provide.

  10. What do you mean “may be”? Putin is the only leader in the civilized world protecting traditional values.

    1. That dude from Romania seems to be making a bit of a splash as well. Don’t know much about him outside of his push to put the Romanian military on border patrol against the “migrants” aka Islamic invaders.

      1. The West needs to do a Bibi Netanyahu and put fences and patrols everywhere, then sink any ships trying to cross to Europe.

      2. You actually believe that E Europeans are gonna do something about anything without the green light from Brussels? They can’t even tie their shoe laces by themselves, let alone DO SOMETHING, mildly important. That part of the world is on par with Latin America. Nothing moves part from a politician’s hand to receive bribes. lol

        1. They appear to have deployed troops and are now saying they will deport. So yeah.

        2. You’ve too much faith, whereas it’s just smoke and mirrors and a lot of EU red tape and playing hot potato with who is to blame. e.g. Merkel (Germany) calls Orban (Hungary) a fascist then Germany closes border with Austria and Austrian PM calls out Orban and the Hungarian authorities for being unable to stop immigrants from boarding trains en route to Germany and now Austria has a few thousand refugees.
          EE countries are Tier 2 in the EU and have no authority whatsoever.

        3. Too much faith? Just a simple fact as reported on the ground. Troops are deployed and they’re saying they’ll deport (Hungary). I’m not making a value or faith judgement here.

    1. yeah it’s unfortunate how RT seems to be pushing degeneracy in Europe under the guise of “anti-nazism”

  11. Wow, I am at a loss of words. Does this site even have moderators or anything? The latent Putin worshiping has now turned into some RT propaganda piece. Hell, even they would not go this far. It even sounds like a Swiftian satire and by God, I do hope it is one.
    First of all, if any sane one here really thinks that western values are confined to just gay prides and slut walks and that Russian traditional ones are better, please simply go to the nearest airport and fly to some Russian Shitograd and experience some real Russian “values” personally, like complete lack of individuality and creativity, abysmal poverty, no concept of privacy, private property, freedom of speech or any other basic human right. No wonder Putin does not want the “dangerous” western values to be imported to his feudal kingdom.Geez, I wonder why?!
    Next, Russia, a country with the highest divorce rates, AIDS, drug and alcoholism epidemic, abysmally low birth rates and almost half of the population being atheist is NOT by any measure TRADITIONAL. Just google this stuff, damn it!
    There you may be killed by some drunk driver, corrupt policeman, enraged Chechen whose nation was literally genocided a decade ago or even by the government itself (check out 1999 Moscow apartment bombings and Litvinenko case).
    Also a strong leader?! Some KGB rat is a strong leader now?! If the oligarchs withdraw their support, this gray, soulless moron would not last a day. He is, however, an exact personification of Russia, namely a pathetic bully: picking a fight with little poor countries like Chechnya and Georgia and claiming “victories” with his drunken army of retards. I won’t say anything about Crimea. That thing is basically on the same level as 1939 Prague and Putin will pay dearly for that transgression.
    Finally, if Russians are lucky with having such a great “leader”, why does not the author of this philosophical masterpiece emigrate to Russia and leave us alone? I think they will happily accept him, conscript into the army and send to Donetsk to die for “Mother Russia”.
    P.S. Awaiting all the backlash, I will also write this: I dislike Obama, I hate the bureaucratic hellhole of cucked EU and it’s army of blue-haired and tattoed leftists. But anyone who thinks this loser is a solution is no better than a dumb Obamadrone.

    1. Perhaps you’re right. But I wished that France, for example, had a president with such strong personnality and the will to protect his country from bullshit as strong as putin’s. I think a lot of people, here at ROK, just want their respective leaders to have these 2 features without the bad sides of putin.

    2. You are aware that Putin is a an expert in international relations, that he’s an ex colonel, that he can speak 3 languages and that he has 5th degree black belt, right?
      What are your achievements by the way?

      1. How about this: For a 22 year old, I can speak FOUR languages (especially English), have a very good and stable public job, fit as I go to gym 4 times a week and have won a couple of scholarships to Europe . So- no wonder kid or a genious, but I do have something under my belt and even bigger plans.
        Oh and Putin speaks only two languages-Russian and German. And his German is far from perfect. Also expert in international relations?! Seriously?! I guess that’s why he violates treaty after treaty like this one:

        1. Violating treaties and getting away with it means he understands ‘international –>relations<–’ beyond classroom theory.

        2. – Putin does speak German and ENGLISH at a conversational level.
          – His IQ has been estimated at over 140 by US academics. It’s not much compared to Bill Gates or Gary Kasparov but it’s still more 99% of the world population.
          – How can you seriously compare “going to the gym” with a 5th degree black belt?
          – He has a master degree in International relations. FYI, Russian doctrine is highly respected by international lawyers.
          Sorry kid but you are just no match against the “Tsar”

        3. What’s your point? Because I appreciate Mr Putin as a stateman doesn’t mean I don’t prefer living in my own country.

    3. For jilted and unhinged western conservatives to look to “mother Russia” in their hour of need is a sign of how deep, ingrained and terminal the malaise is that evidently infects so much of what was once a robust, vital and respected set of values and beliefs. I think the very fine conservative British Philosopher, Roger Scuton, saw this state of affairs coming a long way, in such books as The Meaning of Conservatism. Enoch Powell, much maligned as a Racist these days, which he wasn’t (he was actually talking about the need to control mass-emigration which is not synonymous with being a Racist, unless you’re a Marxist Feminist) also clearly articulated the need for conservatism not be based solely on economics, but, on wider societal concerns, like the religion, cultures and beliefs of a given nation and about the need to “converse” these important and valuable things that give a nation its character and greatness (in the sense of “Great” Britain…no longer great of course).
      Personally, I find Donald Trump’s blend of conservatism in the States to be the antitheses to the conservatism that’s based on the culture and not upon economic or religious systems in a given nation. I find this type of conservatism to be as enslaving as communism and Marxism. It reduces a man to a cipher in a system that’s as brutal as anything mother Russia produced in her glorious past .
      Makes you wonder is there a solution for any guy who wants to return to the faith of his ancestors? Well, personally I think the damage is almost beyond repair at this juncture, however, there as some articles that hint on this site for example about the ability to be able to use your cunning, charm and silence in the fucked up societies we’ve produced is so essential for any guy wishing to reclaim his masculinity. The other part which is often missed is actually the cultural part, and I know that a lot of red pill guys often dismiss this aspect as effeminate beta-crap. But, a man wishing to reclaim his masculinity has to have that indisputable value of himself that’s not up for bargaining and negotiation with anyone, including, any women, and it’s this innate value of himself that he gets by immersing himself in his own culture, proves often to be the decisive measure between a real alpha and a beta. Namely, it’s that value of yourself as man, not just in a biological or social manner, but in a cultural and perhaps spiritual way that gives you the real strength to get through when others fail.
      Don’t think Vladimir can teach me that!

    4. You have a point there pal and a good one for that matter. Putin is good for Russia and Russians. We can liken Putin to a midget who’s turned a ‘murican sized (Russia) fridge around and made it give a little more cold. Russia of the 90s was worst than a dimly lit Turkish prison, that’s why he’s popular.

    5. “If the oligarchs withdraw their support, this gray, soulless moron would not last a day”
      Your article reminded me of this story about Deripaska and other oligarch’s conspiring with the US to topple Putin. I have not the slightest idea if it is true (its infowars so somewhat skewed towards conspiracy) but your post is consistent with the idea that it isn’t just the US versus Putin, its the oligarchs versus Putin, where the US & the oligarchs sometimes seem strangely joined at the hip.

  12. Ukraine is not split 50/50 between Russian and Ukrainian speakers It is 80/80. More than half the country is bilingual. The Russian Empire, then the Soviets, pushed the Russian language and Russian people into Ukraine. And the pushed Ukrainians into Siberia, Kazakhstan and elsewhere, where they were forced to use Russian. Smart and flexible, they did.
    Putin is a tin-pot dictator, but the Russian people are conservative and properly skeptical about western “values” such as gay pride, feminism, etc. Ukrainians likewise. It appears we have the strength and the will to resist the reestablishment of the Russian empire over a people who are linguistically, ethnically and spiritually more western than the scions of the Mongols. I hope, with the author, that we are also strong enough to resist the allure of the decadent west.
    Which country has the more feminine women is a delightful debate. You come out a winner either way.

    1. Feminine women? That’s some betA NAWALT shit. Eastern European women are shArks with tits. They’ll slit your throat, then fuck your best friend and take your money without blinking.

      1. Max, I’m sure if you hang out in sufficiently low-class brothels you can find such women. I married and live in Eastern Europe. I and the Americans I know are happy.
        Marriage involves compromise, in other words, taking some shit. No way around it. What we get in return is affection and a dedication to our children. There is no perfection in life, but take it from one who is thrice married and has lived all over the world, this is as good as it gets.

  13. Ironic Russia be painted as the last bastion of western morals, when thirty years ago they were using 85% of their espionage budget to destroy those very same morals in other countries.

        1. They were trying to destroy the West, not its values. Besides, the main target was Capitalism which is a relatively recent ideology.

        2. Yes. They were destroying the west through manipulation of the already present demoralization. Yuri Bezmenov has a couple lectures about it.

        3. What makes that Yuri Bezmenov guy a reliable source?
          The West is going down because it lost the eye of the tiger. Rich people are not hungry after all.

        4. Keep skeptical. Its healthy and lets you think.
          I do not disagree, you know.
          If you’re interested in Bezmenov his lectures are on youtube. Even if he was a Russian double-agent his story would make a decent flick.

        5. A double agent is somebody who lies to his country, family and friends. How can you take trust that guy?

        6. A traitor who succeeds is considered a hero, such as the Founding Fathers. The world isn’t black and white, dude, only various shades of grey.
          Yes, the west appears to be going to shit. It makes no sense getting angry about the hows or whys. But a few chuckles at the ironic politics doesn’t hurt.

        7. He’s no hero to me.
          The West is not ‘going to shit’. We still have it way better than 90% of the rest of the planet.
          It’s just that we are not hungry anymore because we are too rich.

        8. “The West is going down because it lost the eye of the tiger.”
          Don’t contradict yourself.

    1. Just a switcharoo between the US and Russia because one has to act differently to how the other does. Putin is only acting this way because it make Russia look good and the US is becoming more and more centralised.

  14. What happened is that left parties in the west abandoned communism and embraced feminism. At some point workers will understand that they this left is their enemy. US could return on the right track if Americans will vote for Trump rather than for the feminist Clinton.

    1. The Frankfurt guys like marcuse started the shift towards gender because the working classes weren’t doing their jobs. Feminism as a substitute could arguably be seen as gender communism rather than an alternative to communism. If the purpose is to ‘process’ society to break down the institutions standing in the way of a new system of government (totalitarian or otherwise) then feminism is just as capable as classical economic based Marxism of performing the function of gaining control of societies. Proles, women, gays are all equal as useful idiots for the elites who wish to rule absolutely. This is the main reason why feminism is so militant, so intent on destroying any harmonious relations between the sexes. It is a system of control. The content of the ideology only matters to the extent that it serves its disciplinary and organizational purpose

    2. I’m almost beginning to think that it does actually make a difference who’s in the puppet seat of office, that it just might matter who becomes pres. All along we’ve seen the group known as the ‘Dem’s & Rep’s’ who all together pretend to be two different parties. But Trump seems different from the tradcons & tradlefties.

    1. Hmmm, not seeing much success with winning these wars are they? It’s clear from this clip not much thinking is involved in making huge decisions like declaring war on sovereign nations. The US is heavy on ballistics and bombs and light on strategy and tactics. Its track record over the past several decades is weak on success and heavy on quagmire.

  15. I respectfully disagree with your notion that order breeds traditional gender roles. A society with too much order, safety, plenty, excess, and complacency breeds liberalism. When there are no real problems to worry about the left invents boogeymen like feminism, patriarchy, and social justice bs. In chaos or a society with real problems there is no time to humor the lefts nonsense, and society is able to function as intended…ie men being men and women being women. I do agree that strong leadership can help maintain traditional values, but the creep of liberalism is ever present as societies get complacent

    1. This. Order, safety and prosperity enable decadence and gender bender faggotry.
      Russia is traditionalist partly because of the lack of safety and order, forcing reliance on patriarchal family structures for everything the state fails to provide. And partly as a legacy of Eastern Bloc social conservatism.

    2. I think you’re right. That’s why I cannot see how you guys think you’re going to win this war. As technology advances, life is only going to get easier, not harder.

  16. The EU is aggressively expanding and swallowing up everything in it way? That’s an interesting notion. That makes it sound like some menacing imperial power that rolls over everything and forcibly incorporates it. While the truth is that the EU is rather finicky about who it lets in, only accepting those who live up to a long, precise list of requirements, and even after that, new member admission requires the unanimity of the existing membership. If the EU has expanded fast after the end of the Cold War, it’s because pretty much everyone and their granny and pet dog want to be in it.
    Putin maintains the rule of law? That’s funny too. Maybe compared to the near-anarchy under Yeltsin, but in any kind of absolute terms, no way. Russia is a mafia state through and through, just one where the biggest, baddest boss has imposed a division of turf on the smaller bosses for the time being.

    1. ‘If the EU has expanded fast after the end of the Cold War, it’s because
      pretty much everyone and their granny and pet dog want to be in it.’
      The EU has expanded because poor East European countries wanted to get subsidies from Germany, France and Scandinavia.
      Now, money is becoming scarce and they have to take in refugees they don’t want.
      Personally, I’m not sure the EU will last very long … at least not in its current form

  17. IMO I have come to the conclusion recently that Putin is one of the few leaders from powerful countries that actually run his country. Most of the others seem to puppets.

    1. Running your country is easier when you don’t need to worry about the rule of law or be meaningfully restrained by any separation of powers. You can have strong leadership or safeguards against tyranny, but not both.

  18. God bless Vladimir Putin. He is one of the very few beacons of hope in an increasingly un-just world ruled largely by and for the benefit of tiny economic elites. These oligarchs of the West use the local useful idiots of the liberal/left to fuel identity politics and division and dissent. The West is a cesspit of exploitation and moral decay.

    1. There are few places in the world that are as economically unjust and oligarch-dominated as Russia.

  19. A person “born in Ukraine” could not write this crap. I am a Ukrainian (Eastern Ukrainian, a Russian speaker) and this is just laughable.
    Two of my schoolmates (also russian speakers) are fighting Putin gangs as volunteers now. I am donating money to army just not to let the fuckers further than the current border. Any possible economic activity in Donbass is destroyed, seized to exist. Russia and Putin only bring chaos.
    Now for all those native morrons who think that Putin stands for something-just look around streets of Moscow and tell me how many white, slavonic faces you find among the swarthy chechens, armenians, tadzhiki and all other genetic central asian and caucasion genetic rubbish. There are tons of videos from moscow for you.
    For all those thinking of “traditional values”in Russia-check the divorce statistics and how russian courts rob men of money, children and honour.
    Ukrainian revolution has come within. Ukrainians don’t like african styled corrupted dictators as much as russians do. Europe neither help Ukraine economically nor financially.
    I cant believe that such intellectual vomit is being posted here.

    1. – Ukraine had an elected pro-Russia leader.
      – Events happened
      – Then Ukraine got pro-west non-elected leaders
      This sounds like a textbook CIA operation to me

      1. Google the history over the past 100 years of most latin American countries and this is precisely the playbook used (and in most cases it is now common knowledge that it was the CIA intervening)

  20. Notice that if you defend Putin, the Israeli’s pretending to be American come out in full force to attack you. Ignore it though because you are absolutely correct.
    To me it’s pretty simple, our government in D.C. is doing everything in its power to destroy Christianity and white men in general. Putin and Assad in Syria are standing up for Christians. Naturally our Jewish masters can’t have that, so they are doing everything that can to destroy them.
    I’m white, Christian, and a firm believer in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. In other words, according to the government I’m public enemy number one. So why would I ever be loyal to them?
    If there is a war between our government and Russia, you better believe I’m siding with the last bastion of the white race on Earth. And that’s Russia yo.

      1. Since I pride myself on not being a hypocrite, it goes without saying that I am also against the genocide of ANY race.
        I am literally, cut hands and bleed, blood brother with two black guys in the town I’m in. I wouldn’t respect them if they didn’t love their race, all I ask is that they also understand me loving mine.
        I’m not sure what you mean about disagreeing about Israel though. If you doubt that Israeli intelligence is on all of these right leaning websites I encourage you to read up on Hasbara. They are really on here, it’s not paranoia.
        Right after they stopped letting us thumb down comments every comment section on the internet was inundated with thousands of comments that were either patently false, misleading, or just downright nonsensical. It isn’t a coincidence.
        But Props for seeing through the zio medias propaganda though. And please understand that I love all races, it is just that, at this particular point in history, the white race is literally on the verge of extinction By the very same people who want us to hate Putin.

    1. I’m still grappling with what the vague word ‘jew’ encompasses. There are Ashki semites and there are Sephardics. There are Jews who proclaim Christianity as nothing but another sect of judea, neither the first nor the last. These would be the ‘Judeo Christians’. Then there are ‘Identity Christians’ who align with the descendents of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and delineate themselves apart from the impostor Ashki Semites. So would the real dastardly deedsters please step foreward?
      Yes DC is wall to wall seated by composite/cryptic and even official Hebrew names both commisioned (not elected by the people) and the semi elected mix of puppeteer placeholders and advisors behind the elected genteel names.
      Clinton was a FULL UNCHOPPED DICK of a man. Uncircumcised on record with his full ‘ROD OF POWER’. Princess Lewinsky learned the hard way that ‘No you cannot control the man with the pointed dick’. But fatherless he was and sadly he never learned the tradition of wielding his sabre with grace. . . and the semite snakes that surrounded him still slither about the foggy bottom.
      I still think ‘Jews’ in general are held liable for a lot of shit that their women force their men’s hands into. The dickchopped man wagers for his bitch ultimately. Their tribal identity is strong but it’s heavily matriarchal, kind of like in the cronegroidal aboriginal. I don’t know if there’s any way to break them from bitch rule other than by abolishing their covenant of circumcision.
      The Egyptians knew dickchopping (circumcision) was for peasants and slaves, so on the Israelite’s departure, they left the Egyptians with a going away present, castration laws for their bitch priestess judges to implement and you know Egypt went downhill from there. Egyptian men in droves were castrated for misdemeanors even (like getting your shit whacked for a traffic ticket). The rabbit hole of hypergamy is indeed that bottomless.
      Egypt ordered the ‘Jews’ circumcised so they could still breed but the whole tribe was rendered slave to the Egyptian state. And in return the castration laws upon the Egyptians were like circumcision only WITH INTEREST. Damn, non Jewish as I am and I’m even saying ”oy vey dat’s some sneaky shit”
      No I’m not Jewish. I’m from a long line of unkosher blood pancake eating Nordics, but I still think things would be a lot different for the Jews and for their host countries as well if they stopped chopping their men. Their women never refused to let go of the tradition once they got a taste of the uber beta whip service it brought to their table. Chopped down at birth, a whacked man grows up to be a WHIPPED man, never the master of his own house, but rather THE OTHER WAY AROUND.
      THE GREAT DICK shall rise again.

  21. Too much freedom? Are you insane?
    If anything, Rousseau won. By centralizing authority into one institution, the state, and having it “give” you your rights you’re no longer bound by family, church, guild, fraternity, or any other intermediary institution. You’re just a loose (deracinated) individual. THAT’s your source of anything-goes morality.
    Google “Down with Plato and Rousseau” for an article that summarizes Nisbet’s thesis in his book The Quest for Community.

    1. I do not know I think he may be right in the case of some bigots. like mr. chrissy cantthinkwell. who wishes harm on the transgender community without the education to actually do so.
      now I am not political in anyway. but I am defensive of my community. I think Putin may have the right idea. now I am not saying to totally take all right but I think the freedom of speech needs to be curtailed to not allow degenerate trash to bad mouth and have a person stalked and possible murdered. and I will not reserve judgment upon you as you so pathetically did to me.
      I will leave you with this thought. what right is it of you or mr cantthink. to degrade the life of others and to wish harm upon them. I think you have to many rights. I think Putin I correct on that point. I do believe you need some of your rights stripped from you or at the minimum revised and altered to remove your right to the freedom of speech where it is used to harass or cause the demise on another.

  22. God Bless Vlad, I remember how Russia was like in the 90s, and how it is right now. 15 years ago were ashamed, humiliated, poor and demoralized. Today when I talk to Westerners, many of them still hate Russia and Putin but they fear at the same time. They fear us for we are strong and proud again.

  23. Articles like these are written by fucking retards. Are you literally advocating that we embrace someone as corrupt and immature as Putin in the rest of the world? Do you pay attention to any of his politics or are you simply dazzled by his shirtlessness?
    If not being able to get a decent job, buying a car, or going to the grocery store is the price I have to pay for “feminine” women, I’ll gladly stick to ignoring western women. The most fucked up thing is that Putin is helping the West embargo his own country. That dude destroys tons of produce, that could feed Russians, to feed his own ego.
    What you are advocating is beta. You would give up your economic freedom and leisure for “love”. What sort of moron does that? Anyone that has actually dealt with Eastern Europeans and Asians knows that they are conniving. The “femininity” is just the bait. At least western women have the decency of being too lazy to conceal their true selves, so that I know what I am sticking my dick into from the get-go.
    Ask yourself what kind of environment breeds men that are tough as nails or women that are deceptively feminine, then ask yourself is having some beta long term relationship really worth living in that sort of environment.

  24. Any white person that feels Black migrants should not be allowed into Europe to work and reproduce with white women is a racist.

    1. True. Actually anyone opposing the mixing of the races could be a ‘racist’ by definition but you don’t really know their true reasons for opposing race mixing until you ask them. Some people may have allergies to certain ethnic quisine, or the coconut hair tonic or the strawberry scent in the body spray. An Anglican family plaque or shield may not have room for a rhinocerous in place of the Spanish cross. You never know people’s motives until you ask.

      1. A racist will never admit to being a racist.A pedophile will never admit to being a pedophile.And a serial killer will never admit to being a serial killer.
        Thus my previous comments stands as law.

        1. Since when did ‘racists’ get thrown into the same boat as pedo’s or killers. I would presume a ‘racist’ isn’t for killing as is a killer but the ‘racist’ is in favor of the well being and ‘life’ of a particular race. A ‘killer’ on the other hand kills and brings bad recourse upon his clan, tribe or even his greater race.

        2. A racist can be a murderer and pedophile ie Thomas Jefferson and many “founding fathers:”.But my point was not to compare as to which was better ,it was to illustrate that a person who does inhuman/lowlife things will not tell you those acts if you just ask.

        3. So if I would prefer to not see the mixing of the races I’m equal to a pedo or serial killer huh? Nah, how about this; I think your shaming tactics are Marxist / Leninist which they are. And I think a Marxist/Leninist is on par with a pedo or serial killer. Chomp on that.

        4. Oh my God, are you that dumb and obsessed with what color everyone is? the point of my statement is that using scorched earth comparisons by denouncing something you disagree with as being on par with something as atrocious as a serial killer is akin to and similar to what the communists (Marxists) did. Stalin used these tactics to a T. Who gives a flying F*** what color the people who use these strategies are? Marxist tactics are Marxist tactics whether they’re used by a white person, a black person or a pink person. Your president is a master of using marxist strategies and he ain’t white.

        5. How is the preference for one’s own race inhuman or lowlife?
          Let me provide an extremely simple example:
          Bob is a black guy. He has a preference for black women because they have big black booties. Because of his preference for big black booties, he prefers to be surrounded by black women and reproduce with them so that there are more big black booties around for him and his offspring to enjoy in years to come. Bob is technically racist by the classic dictionary meaning of the term (the superiority of ones own race, with no definition of what they are superior in).
          Is Bob inhuman because of his racism?

        6. Are you serious with your example of racism???If some prefers there own race for natural feature then that one is not a rasict. If.If a white guy prefers with women b/c he think they smell and are smarter than the other races then that is rasict. If.If you actually read my first comment.You would see that I said any white european who is against African refugees coming into Europe for work and reproducing with white women is a racist. Get it?The founding fathers were lowlifes b/c they supported and had slaves.Get it?

        7. Would you like another example? Because the over simplification and humour may have gone over your head…
          …anyway, both your examples that you just posted, AND my example are defined as racist and discriminatory in the classic definition of the term. In my example, Bob IS racist. He, (as a black man) discriminates against non-black booty women because they have small booties and are “lesser”. You didn’t understand that because of the way I framed it but Bob’s view is that his race has superior genetics, therefore anything “lesser” should not be included in his selection processes or be allowed into his “tribe”. He IS as racist as any white person who does the same thing… but I’m under the impression that you think racism only applies in one direction and is always framed as a negative… that’s not the case.
          Therefore comparing a racist person to a murderer or pedophile is absolutely ridiculous and not even on the same level! You misunderstand the true definition of racism and you’re only applying it to white people (huge bias on your behalf). The other thing which you’re not taking into consideration (along with many other people) is that a large aspect of racism simply comes down to mathematics, and preferences… not necessarily ill-will towards anyone.
          Here’s my next question for you, and it’s not a trick question: Can a minority be racist among a majority?

        8. Racsim is not simply loving your race.Its loving your your race so much that you are willing to wipe out and opress other races.Thomas Jefferson was a rasict murderer and pedo was he not???So the founding fathers were lowlife scumbags??These were people who oversaw the killing of millions of people.They had no ill will buy syole thier land and gave them blankets covered in smallpox.So the Bristish devils who went into Australia and damn near elimated a whole race of people werent rasict and bore no ill will?How about the millions dead in the middle east.
          But you see the white rise is so arrogant and is high of thier own gas to just attept to sweep that under the rug.Arent you ashmed to b a meber of a race that has caused so much destruction?Probably not youre white.And to answer your stupid question Blacks cant be rasict if you have examples share.

        9. Heh. Your own racism (and arrogance) is showing, making it difficult to have an intelligent discussion about what racism is, in all its forms.
          But I see you’ve been trolling the same spiel on other article comments so I am clearly wasting my time.
          And for the record, I know nothing about Thomas Jefferson as I’m not white from the USA. I’m observing this as an un-involved third party with no guilt whatsoever.
          You are basically wrong and haven’t seen enough to think that racism is limited to white people or you are simply so biased that you are blind to anything but that which involves a certain faction of your own race.

    2. this is a fucking idiotic statement which has nothing to do with anything.
      it’s like saying that any straight white guy who doesn’t want to suck a black cock is a racist.

      1. Irony and sarcasm aren’t always obvious on the net.
        Yours works too, although it could also go something like:
        “Any straight white guy who doesn’t want to suck a black cock is a homophobic racist”

  25. Ukraine is indeed the front line between a more traditional east and the emasculated west.
    I would prefer to believe that Putin is not the answer, however. He’s worth north of $400 Billion because he has stolen from his country. Make fags illegal – fine with me. But there is nothing alpha about stealing.
    Bibi is the better role model in my opinion.

  26. LOL, Putinism has finally come to ROK. Putin is no nationalist, and certainly no traditionalist. He has repeatedly joined anti-racist groups in initiatives to crack down on genuine nationalist movements in Russia.

  27. I don’t think of order and stability when I think of Russia frankly, but that could just be “differences”, it could easily be worse without Putin.
    The West, as decadent as it is, is a lot more orderly and less chaotic than Russia. In fact, your list of how ultra feminine women are created seems to suggest some lack of order and fairness is necessary.

  28. Anthem of Dugin’s Eurasia project – “March of the USE” / “Eurasia Forever”
    “Blind to class boundaries and races . . . .”
    Russia as always, grappling with culture and identity (and losing miserably)…

    1. It might be necessary to have anthems like this because of Russia’s vast stretch of land from West to East. There are a lot of different groups of people in there that need “unification”.

  29. Pat Buchanan has noted that Putin seems to be the only leader in Europe championing Christian civilization and a strong social moral code, and that, in a high irony, the home of the former Soviet Union may now be the chief defender of the cross in the world.

  30. Nice article. And therein lies the paradox of ROK. It makes sense to have a culture where men are willing to sacrifice and “man up”, but the women are worth manning up for.
    I Western culture, “game” is probalbly logical to deal with hedonism.

  31. Oy vey! You goyim don’t understand! You need more freedom, see? You must have the freedom of tranny marriage! This is important! Anyone who stands in the way of tranny freedom must go. The freedom to kill racist, white police officers is important too, goyim. Oh, and don’t forget that the freedom to bring in millions of poor, innocent, child-raping mooslim goat herders is important. We must have a Europe where Europeans are a tiny (and rapidly dying) minority.
    This Putin fellow must go! Why should he stand in the way of tranny marriage? He’s mean! He stands in the way of millions of little mohammeds just waiting to add diversity to your neighborhood! He is a hater for sure! Oh vey!

    1. funny… in Ukraine people like you say that Putin is a Jewish puppet. you guys need at least to get together one day and straighten up your narrative – just so you don’t sound like total idiots.

      1. Hello Goldberg! Shhh! Not so loud. After all, our fellow jew Petro Poroshenko is president of Ukraine since our coup installed him after ousting the democratically elected one. We must be careful at all times.
        I like the d18kv178 thingie…it shows complete lack of any originality…after all, we steal ideas from others. But, you have to watch the comments like “in Ukraine people like you say…” since everyone knows it’s a lie. Come on, Goldberg! Only tell lies that are more difficult to discern!
        Was that you I saw at the last “Gay Pride Parade” in Kiev? Oy vey!

        1. yes brother it was me at the gay parade. i was watching as you marched with your fellow fag comrades grabbing free lube from the trash cans.

  32. Funny, after I read this article today I head them talking shit about Putin and Russia in the radio not ten minutes after.

  33. Rule of law in Russia? Being a bit hopeful there ey.
    While Putin is a ruthless, heartless, manipulative cunt, I would much rather have him as a President of my country than Obama or Hollande or some other pussy. He is a strong leader, around whom people can rally. Besides Putin and Netanyahu, most presidents/prime ministers are spineless, faggoty ballsacks.

    1. Unless you have something Putin wants. Then you are dead or doing a long stretch in prison on trumped up charges.
      So as long as you have no balls, Putin is an awesome leader.

      1. That is true. But I don’t see how else Russia would be able to resist the West. I assume you are talking about the oligarchs, they were imprisoned/exiled because they opposed him, not because the state wanted to seize their assets. Gusinsky/Berezovsky/Nemtsov/Khodorkovsky/younameit could have retained all their assets if they didn’t criticize and oppose Putin publicly.

  34. You feel victimized by gay pride parades so you want to be safely under the thumb of a brutal dictator like Putin? You MRA’s (and no, I’m not curious what you are calling yourselves these days) have always wanted to be dominated by male tyrants, and yet you somehow perform the mental gymnastics to believe you are “alpha males”.

  35. “When you look around the globe, can you name another strong leader? A strong leader that stands for his own country and people? Take a moment, I can wait. Still thinking? Give up?”
    Yes. Prayuth Chan-Ocha of Thailand.
    Thailand was being ruined by an SJW female prime minister who was a puppet of corrupt oligarch Thaksin Shinawatra. The country was simply not being governed and huge protests by ordinary Thais were bringing Bangkok to a standstill.
    Prayuth, the head of the army, whose job it was to make ensure peace in the country, basically calmly told the government that for the sake of peace, he needed to take over.
    Coup d’etat like a boass …

  36. Maybe some people ( morons) actually believe the ridiculous propaganda the US and NATO’s pushing. I love the way the US and NATO make accusations against Russia with NO credible evidence whatsoever. Meanwhile, it’s the US and NATO who have hundreds of military bases worldwide and that have carried out wars of aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya,Syria, etc.. all using fabricated evidence against their governments (Hitler would be proud!). They support absolute (and tyrannical) monarchies in the Persian Gulf (Saudis, UAE, Qatar, etc..) so that the US can spread “Democracy” and try to destroy those secular regimes (like Assad’s and Gaddafi’s) who were the ONLY ones that could keep the autocratic fundamentalist Islamic Jihadists and Bedouin tribes in check.
    Why should Russia tolerate the US and NATO surrounding it with military bases? The US certainly didn’t tolerate the USSR setting up missiles in Cuba in 1962 – so why should Russia tolerate the US and NATO doing something so similar in Eastern Europe? And how can Russia believe ANY assurances from the US and NATO when they have consistently lied to Russia (and their own citizens) about any and everything for decades? Whatever Russia’s and Putin’s many faults, they’re angels compared to the US and NATO

  37. President Putin has a few things Obama doesn’t, brains and a backbone..
    I never thought I’d see the day where Russia is looking better than the USA, Kudos to President Putin and Russian people for having saved their Culture and increasing their Christian Values.
    Virtue has traded places…
    Meanwhile, Back at the NWO headquarters….
    Hillary is still running for president, and Obama probably just shipped more money and weapons to ISIS..

  38. It’s a balance really between managing those who are NOT capable of self–sovereignty, and the very few that are. Since the mass majority is NOT capable of self-sovereignty and need the crutch of direction and lamented dependency, is what westernization offers really the best avenue for them?
    I can’t answer this. But it would appear that westernization is propelling its’ own subset of deeply rooted problems that exponentially ruin “freedom,” with a facade of freedom itself. How do you take your sugar? Perhaps bitter is sweeter for the masses.

  39. Russia is a country with room for exactly one Alpha. The men who want to be ruled by Putin are the ultimate betas.

  40. The bromance so many here have with Putin is heartwarming, but be that as it may, the only population cohort in Russia that’s increasing are Muslim non-Russians, and unless the price of oil spikes back to at least $80/bbl, Russia’s economy is hosed.

  41. “The world needs more strong leaders”
    Referring to politicians/dictators as “leaders” is beyond beta.
    It is the antithesis of this website.

  42. Great article! I always tell the guys at my fire station, don’t believe the liberal media. Who would have ever though that Putin would be upholding traditional values, but he is. Do liberals, gays, Muslims, etc prosper in Russia? Not hardly. Russians don’t put up with that bullshit.

  43. Russia brought degeneracy to the west, but kept its values I wonder why…
    Oh, yeah, right, because you only want to exterminate and weaken your enemy, not yourself.
    Go fuck yourself Russia.

  44. Vladimir Putin told Homobama to knock off that f aggot s hit or he would beat the living daylights out of him.
    I respect Putin so much….Wish he was our president instead of that useless half n igger f aggot marxist Homobama

  45. Vladimir Putin = Patriot who fought and sacrificed for his country
    Barrack Hussein Obama = “Man” who goes to Martha’s vinyard, eats lobster dinners while people starve, visits gay bath houses for sex with teenage boys, married a transsexual (former man),
    Never thought I’d see the day that the President of Russia is a better human being than the president of the USA

  46. “When you look around the globe, can you name another strong leader? A strong leader that stands for his own country and people? Take a moment, I can wait. Still thinking? Give up?”
    Prayuth Chan-Ocha, military dictator of Thailand.

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