11 Reasons To Start A Blog

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1. You will develop a voice.

When you have a voice you can make a statement to the world. The more you write, the more your voice will develop. It is up to you how far your voice will reach. Maybe right now you feel like you cannot say everything you want to say, but after putting your thoughts into words you will eventually be able to make your statement to the world.

2. You can express yourself.


A blog is a great way to organize your thoughts and make sense of them. You will also be able to track your progress in life and present your interests through your blog. A blog can be a business, hobby, diary or anything you want it to be. Your blog can be everything you are. A blog can be your art.

Whether you decide to reveal your face and name or not, the words you write are an extension of yourself. Your words are a part of who you are. If you do it right, you won’t hold back and you let the world see what kind of a person you are.

3. You expose yourself.

People will read your posts and if you succeed in writing a popular blog, you will run into many people who agree and disagree with you. You will learn about yourself. You learn that you have no reason to hide. You learn you have no reason to hold back and no reason to be afraid to say what you want to say.

Through writing a blog you can get a deeper sense of who you really are. Only if you do it right, of course – it’s only by having the skin in the game, you really find out who you are.

4. You have something to build.


Every man needs something to build, create and produce. A mission is what gives the man his purpose and place in the world. A blog can give a man his life meaning. Even when everything else isn’t going anywhere, you have the blog you can work on.

The bigger you build it, the bigger it becomes. Even if it is just a hobby, the work you have done will give you pride and fulfillment.

5. You improve your craft.

Your blog may be about writing, photography, society, politics, cooking, fitness, motorbike maintenance or hitting on girls. Either way, having a blog pushes you to work harder and develop your interests even further. You will also improve your writing, argumentation and presentation skills.

The more you want to focus on your blog, the harder you work on your specific field. Every post you publish pushes you to a new level.

6. You learn how to run a website.

It doesn’t matter what your profession is, knowing how websites work and how to run them is a skill. Understanding how to run a website can be beneficial for any field and profession out there. You may not need a website right now, but being prepared for future opportunities is the key for success.

You need to have a website for any business you may want to run. It is sometimes much easier and cheaper to run the website yourself than get someone else to do it for you.

7. You find like-minded individuals.


You may not have friends who share the same interests and opinions as you do. When you put yourself out there, it is almost inevitable that you will find individuals who are almost exactly like you. The like attracts like.

Blogging is a great way to find friends who share the exact same interests as you. Many of the most successful bloggers have found great friends through their blogs. Start blogging and start networking.

8. You can make a difference.

A good blog can change lives. You can change lives. A blog is a great platform to help people and make a difference in the world. Produce quality content and people will follow you. Expose yourself and you will give the other people the permission to do the same.

Produce and give what people need and it is certain the world will change because of you. Your life can inspire other people’s lives and make the world a better place.

9. You don’t need any technical know-how.

There is almost no technical know-how involved. Running a blog is easy. BADNET will get everything ready for you to go. We will install everything for you in order for you to have a kick-ass website. You truly don’t need to know anything about programming. Running a website is as easy as using Facebook.

We even provide you with a guide on how to get started with your blog and 3 reports on how to post, manage and monetize your blog.

10. You don’t have any risks involved.

Setting up a blog barely costs any money and there are no real risks involved. The only thing you need to do is a set up a blog through BADNET and choose a domain for your site and pay a little bit of money for web hosting. The costs are practically nothing and the benefits you get from running a blog are HUGE. You seriously have no excuses.

Average web hosting costs are between $7-$15 a month. When you register your blog through BADNET you get the first year of domain name registration for FREE.

11. You can make money.


You can make a living through a blog. There is no ceiling regarding how much money you can make from a blog. The profit margins are huge and there are basically no downside risks. The best part is that you can make money anywhere in the world: whether it is a sunny beach in Philippines or your home in the United States of America. The money you make is also made on your own terms with your own working hours.

Create a blog to see if you have what it takes. You just need to start right now. You need to take action and set up a blog. If you make a real effort, the money will come to you.

Get your blog started now on BADNET.

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60 thoughts on “11 Reasons To Start A Blog”

  1. All good reasons. Collectively a blog is a way to live a much more interesting, rich and dynamic life. My two blogs are amateur compared to a lot of known guys, but I know that they’ve helped guide me in a much better direction than if I’d just stayed on the sidelines while just reading and commenting on other people’s work.

    1. Reading and commenting is good, every one should read and critique their peers work but some times it is us who want to be heard and receive feedback on our thoughts.

  2. How anonymous can you make a blog? I have a lot to write about but my views would get me kicked out of my industry in a nanosecond so I have remained quiet, other than comments sections like this one.

    1. Good question, and that’s the only reason I’m not blogging my ass off yet. I have to get my Fuck You Fund and war chest built up enough that employment in my current Popsicle stand won’t matter to me.
      Nothing can get a man in more trouble than telling the truth.

        1. If they hate you for telling the truth, then they do not necessarily hate you but they hate the truth

      1. Exactly. you said everything I wanted to say. Saying the red pill truths will make you an outcast in the society. Wonder how many men out there are red pill but never speak because of the insane society that encourages the lunatic fanatic feminism but punishes men from speaking the obvious, simple yet powerful truths.

      2. I notice your skilled in military tactics and the arts of war . But don’t throw me out the castle window I happen to be a fan of some of your post . If I’m correct you’ve submitted an article or two in the past here at return of the kings , until you get your war chest built as you say and start your own blog , would you consider submitting another article at ROK

    2. Prepaid credit cards allow you to pay for hosting and domains anonymously. Obviously you would provide false details when registering the domain in the first place. In writing about anything industry wise where you could be identified I would take the step of actually writing things which would divert suspicions that I was the author, for example when you hold one position in a company or industry tell your readers you do something completely different.

    3. On the other hand, there is a certain credibility and benefit to being a non-anonymous professional writing about these topics too. Yes, what you say may have to be “filtered” a bit and worded carefully to avoid professional backlash. Nevertheless, a credentialed and/or successful man even beginning to openly broach these topics can be inspiring to others. IMO, sometimes even a few general “red-pill-ish” points of discussion from a credible source can be just as persuasive as a full-tilt red-pill rant from an anonymous source – depending on your target audience.

    4. Hey dude.
      – Anonymous Whois hides you name on the domain name side of things. GoDaddy make you pay extra for it but if you shop around you may be able to get it for free with the right registrar (I’m not sure if anyone offers that for free, maybe someone else here knows?) Some people just put fake details in, but they warn against it and say they’ll suspend your domain if they find out your details are wrong. Your call. Put in shit or pay for them to register it in their company’s name.
      – IP address – you can use a VPN if you’re paranoid about your IP being associated with your real identity. Use one in a country that doesn’t like co-operating with the USA when it comes to intelligence/data, such as Russia. Do your research. If you care deeply enough you can see who has what information treaties and read reviews on which VPNs will cover your ass/don’t keep access logs and which ones will sell you out as soon as the feds come knocking.
      – You use a pseudonym or a pen name, and you create it specifically for blogging. I shouldn’t be able to google your name and find forum posts from you where you discuss an old PC game you played back in ’05. Likewise I shouldn’t be able to locate your facebook/social networks. I should only be able to find the ones set-up for your site, not your personal ones.
      – You don’t talk too much about your own life or post pictures up of your life, you stick to the subject matter. This one’s basic common sense but as you get more popular online you may be tempted to share more of yourself with your fanbase. Especially as they ask questions about “who you are.” Curiosity killed the cat and all that. Revealing who you are should never be done unless you make a business decision that it’s more important for you to make yourself a part of your blog’s brand, as in, you merge yourself with the blog to help sell the blog and become part of the overall product. EG: guys who write a lot about weightlifting will put up pictures of themselves looking huge/ripped to validate their claims “this guy knows what he’s talking about.” Chicks/good looking people will do the same, they will try to tap into their good aesthetics to help sell their product. Sex sells and all that shit, even in the no-homo way. You’re way more likely to listen to a shredded guy than a fatty. Obviously if you need to remain anonymous for business purposes, this is something you will want to avoid at all costs.
      – Billing info. Companies will have your billing info which will have your real name and bank account details on it. If they get hacked someone out there has your details and can make the link. If say the government for whatever reason (maybe tax) asks them to divulge your info, companies have to due to international money laundering laws and blah blah blah. If you really emphasise security, I suggest finding a hosting company that accepts bitcoin and doing all your transactions in bitcoin. Makes life harder, a lot less places use it, but it’s not linked to you personally and offers you an extra layer of privacy: anonymous financial transactions.
      – Use browser encryption (https://) so someone packet sniffing your wi-fi can’t see your shit in plain-text. if you’re really paranoid (you’re in politics or some shit) then don’t use windows. It has a built-in developer programmed NSA backdoor since Windows 95. This step won’t be necessary for most but if you’re a very important person, it’s worth considering.
      Don’t let a fear of exposure stop you from blogging. All the best.

    5. Well, aren’t you in the wrong industry then? You’re not being true to yourself if you’re scared of getting kicked out for what you say. Anyway, what is the worse that could happen? Chance you take, the price you pay.

      1. I am going to have to disagree with you. I have 24 years in my industry. I started long before the proliferation of the social justice warrior. Are you suggesting that I should walk away from a 24 year career and a six figure income because the feminists have neutered all expression in that industry? If so, how do you propose I pay for my life?
        Starting over at 45, especially since I am now the enemy (white male) is something I am not interested in doing. While I love helping my male brothers, I love eating and having a roof over my head more.

        1. Fair enough, and I stand corrected. I took it from the point of view that when I was 40 I quit was I was doing, which was 150K per year and started to trade derivatives (options). I appreciate you may not be in the same situation – I apologise. I am 44 years of age – so, similar to you.

        2. No need to apologize my friend. Its good to see another “old” on here. I tell you, my industry is still dominated by men at the top but one step down and it is literally 85% minority women. Its brutal.
          Trading derivatives? There is no way I am smart enough to do that. 🙂

        3. I want to know what industry has not be flooded by leftists. I have heard a gay Hispanic say things about blacks at work that would get any Asian or white fired.

        4. Did I say anything about that in my comment? I actually agree with what you are saying, as I have worked in a lot of environments where there were lots of gays, and it is incredible what they are able get away with saying. Often have found they are totally backed up by females in the workplace, who I have also found get away with an enormous amount, much of it tantamount to sexual harassment. Office environments especially are very leftist, and don’t forget that pretty much every HR department is run mostly by females, if not exclusively so.

        5. Day trading wont work as well now that they have companies making high frequency trading exploiting a time gap of a second. Unless you have inside Soros info you can take a huge fall.

        6. High frequency trading works differently – it’s not all about the time gap. It is more about false arbitrage. Happy to discuss if you’re interested.
          Soros manipulates markets – he leans on them, which is different to insider trading. Steven Cohen is an example of an insider trader.

        7. I would say Soros’ big money moves have been more akin to taking out an insurance policy on someone else’s child who died under suspicious circumstances. Destroying the pound as world reserve currency, the 10 billion payout in 4 hours when the US AAA rating dropped, yet Martha Stewart went to jail not him. Soros financed the Ukrainian coup right after they stopped building up their gold reserves and now all 33 tons are gone.

  3. Great, so now every Tom, Dick, and Harry can boast about how their peasant blog makes $XXXX a day and is the greatest thing since sliced bread while deluding the newbs into thinking this is an efficient way to make money.
    Worst. ROK post. Ever.

        1. “How do people find one’s blog?”
          Google or through other blogs. You have to make a name for yourself.

        2. Time with backlinks and brownnosing or money with paid promotion. Notice how Quintus Curtius always orgasms with compliments when reviewing the work of fellow writers? it’s so they can issue exorbitant praise in return.
          Same thing with blogs. Suck cock for blogroll inclusion.

  4. Would-be bloggers should be aware, though, that building a large readership and making money involves a ton of work. To succeed in that way requires a regular flow of quality content — enough to make the blog distinctive and give people a reason to go there often. The effort involved in blogging will compete with other priorities.
    That shouldn’t dissuade anyone from giving it a try. At first, I’d suggest setting a do-able goal of getting accustomed to blogging. Learn how it works, what the time demands are, how ad revenue is generated, etc. Meanwhile, study successful blogs to see how they work — what kind of content is featured? Is there one blogger, or a team? Is the blogger a “linker”, a “thinker”, or both? How is the blog formatted and navigated? What layouts, color schemes, etc. are attractive and easy to use?
    Once someone gets started, even in a small way, they will have a much better feel for blogging, and whether they personally enjoy it and get value from it. Then if they decide to go for it a big way they’ll be more likely to make good choices.

  5. I have a blog where I post all the adult art work people commission me to do. I’m nearly 100k views!

    1. What’s you’re average views per month? Is your blog monetized? If so what’s your avg income per month? It’s hard to find legit answers to the last one 🙂

      1. I average 3000 views per month and about 100-200 views per day. I have google adsense on it, but so far haven’t received much monetary payoff from it. You have to wait for a certain amount of revenue built up before you get your pay off. I could probably get more if I filled the space up with commercials, but then I would probably turn away potential clients.

        1. Lolz I was making 20K a month within 12 months of starting internet marketing back in 2005, and I’ve been paid well over $1M in commissions over the past ten years.
          Blogging is viable as part of an overall marketing strategy, but blogging just by itself is for peasants.
          FOR THE UNINITIATED – This blog only works for Neocene since he has a product (his artwork) outside of the blog itself that he is promoting.

        2. what do you mean by “internet marketing”? Were you selling a service, or is that on page views, or …?

  6. I just have a hard time truly believing that Victor Pride, GLL, and D&P actually make the kind of figures they claim their websites create. Chris from good looking losers posts usually have 2-3k page views. So you’re tellin me that every single person that’s read the site has bought something? Idk. It’s a tough call cause I also met a kid who claims he knows them and claims they actually are legit. It’s a toss up

    1. I read an article somewhere where this guy states his reasons for not reading BoldAndDetermined anymore…. pretty much says Victor greatly exaggerates how much he makes from his blog.
      I’ll search for it when I get home, I’m actually on a plane right now waiting to take off, they’re spraying the frozen ice off the plane

    1. I guarantee 99% of blogs make no money whatsoever. The people making money from monetised content is really, really small. The majority of people making any money from their blogs are making very little too. If making money is your sole motivation, give up now.

  7. Nowadays everybody can start a blog. You must be one hell of a writer if you want to stand out in those millions of other blogs. Contributing to a site and building a place to gather great blogs makes more sense. Just like RoK for example.

  8. I’ve been doing internet marketing full time professionally for the
    past 10 years, and it’s much easier to make money catering to those who will make it for you rather than catering to yourself and what you love.
    Bloging for the single moms, the fat dieters, the preppers, the trend-chasing kids, sports fanatics, and those with weird health issues will make you a proifit.
    Blogging about your interests, even it’s passion for manosphere issues, will not make you a profit.
    Ideally, you want to blog about and promote shit that will both make you money and is a passion of yours, but chances are you can’t have both and you want to lean towards what will make you money.

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