Brutal Takedown Of Budding Feminist Writer

We were recently mentioned in The Gateway, a student newspaper for the University of Alberta. The reporter, Paige Gorsak, confused us for men’s rights activists…

Last week, the blog Return of Kings posted a list of the nine ugliest feminists. But even more unfortunate than the list itself is that the blog is not alone in its view. Columns and websites that are misogynistic and openly anti-feminist plague the internet, where screen names protect identities and allow for so-called free speech. Even Edmonton has its own chapter of Men’s Rights Activists.

It’s important to define what men’s rights activism is. Coming from the local group, an MRA is a man or woman concerned with issues like “male circumcision, men’s reproductive rights, domestic violence awareness, antifeminism, misandry, chivalry and false allegations.” These vague descriptors are explained in further detail on the website site [sic], but the basis of the legitimate causes are explained and argued for in the framework of anti-feminism.

The other week I was called a PUAMRA. I predict that in one month I will be labeled a merman.

Here are two pictures of Paige Gorsak so you can visualize how her face must have looked when she was destroyed in a comment I’m about to share:

Here’s the comment:

Thank you, Paige, for your opinion piece about Men’s Rights Activism.  In particular, thank you for using fallacious arguments to suggest that because you don’t care for the mission and the tactics of some MRA’s, MRA’s are a farce.  Thank you for demonstrating that hasty generalization, straw man, false equivalence and other lapses of logic are not limited to men alone.  Thank you for demeaning what many men perceive to be an inherent violation of bodily autonomy and integrity by dismissively saying that it’s not as bad as the “very real issue” of female circumcision.  Thank you for grudgingly acknowledging that some MRA’s aren’t a complete waste of time and, as self-appointed Spokeswoman for Feminism, deigning to give me permission to advocate for those things that you believe should be important to me as a man.  Thank you for making it clear that it is ok for a member of one gender to tell another gender what to think.  Thank you for misrepresenting feminism as a unequivocally, schism-free homogenous quest for good, unlike fractious and controversial men’s rights, and that it is acceptable to define a civil rights movement by an outsider’s perception of its basest members.  Most importantly, thank you for demonstrating the self-righteous ignorance and arrogance that drives much of the anti-feminist sentiment that you observed in many of the groups you wrote about.  I also would like to pre-emptively thank you for misunderstanding this comment as an attack on women and feminism in general, rather than a criticism of the vapid and condescending nonsense you somehow had the temerity to publish.

What I want to ask Paige is why? As a young woman with the potential to be pretty, why are you putting one ounce of your energy into gender issues instead of focusing on your appearance (i.e., exercising and exerting more willpower over your diet)? If you lived in Eastern Europe, you’d be thin and pleasing. You wouldn’t even know what feminism was. But thanks to your poisonous environment, you’re turning into a fat, vapid idiot who is slated to be brainwashed further into hating the only gender who can give you any type of happiness in life: men. It’s not too late Paige. Stop reading feminist blogs and hit the gym instead. Thank me later.

P.S. Would you bang?

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158 thoughts on “Brutal Takedown Of Budding Feminist Writer”

    1. That picture of her with the hat on was taken at Oregon Country Fair, or Rainbow Gathering #420, or other such lameness. Hippies used to be so cool too, now you can’t be dropping acid and smoking pot as a hippy anymore, it might put toxins in you (While they read Al Gore, a nice toxin for the brain). You can’t find a goth that does drugs anymore either (unless of course it’s speed yay), just a bunch of emo bitches.

    1. Cute! Threats of violence make you SUPER SERIOUSLY ATTRACTIVE. Please try with a local female police officer. Use sweeping arm gestures.

  1. Amen roosh, amen. I’m an Edmonton girl myself, and reading The Gateway newspaper is beyond frustrating…

  2. shes got no tits, maybe her male bashing is just a cry for male attention, something a girl with a nice rack would not need to do.

      1. Yep. All our thoughts inexorably are drawn to OMG MY TITS ARE TINY BEN I WILL DEVELOP A POLITICAL IDEA IN RESPONSE

    1. And men without girlfriends or even fuckbuddies or buddies ….lol I mean high school Young Republicunts with internet access bought by their parents…that’s what you guys do. go.

    1. MODE the Italian fashion magazine? they must be doing that Editors In Chief Worth Less Than A Muskrat Testicle, All Told issue! I love the july issue!

  3. I dont find her fat and would bang, like a girl with a bit of meat
    WHAT I HATE IS TATTOOS she has one on her forearm

  4. I found her fb book and I’d bang. She’s decent but her nose is so big I could parallel park an SUV in each nostril.

  5. I haven’t been here very long so please tell me, Roosh, that you don’t buy into this “male circumcision is bad” crap.

      1. while also reducing your risk for penile cancer, warts, HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes and chlamydia. And meanwhile providing valuable social cohesion into your religious community and a link to thousands of years of history.

      2. “while also reducing your risk for penile cancer, warts, HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes and chlamydia.”
        There is no peer reviewed scientific evidence of such.
        “And meanwhile providing valuable social cohesion into your religious community and a link to thousands of years of history.”
        Social cohesion via genital mutilation? Humankind can do without such social cohesion.
        The social cohesion potential offered by the 2 Middle Eastern Desert Religions that promote the barbaric genital mutilation of infants, that is Judaism and Islam, does not stem from the mutilation itself but from other cultural factors of those religions.
        Also remember that those religions developed in the uncivilized desert where water was not plentiful and thus at the time male circumcision may have help them remain somewhat clean in times and areas of water scarcity.
        Such was not the case in other environments where water was plentiful and where genital mutilation was never practiced.
        Nevertheless, most Muslims and certainly all Jews today have daily access to soap and water.
        There is so much more for them to bond over than mutual pain trauma.

      3. “while also reducing your risk for penile cancer, warts, HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes and chlamydia.”
        Penile cancer: extremely rare
        Warts: has little to no effect on men, goes away in 1-2 years
        HIV: 1 out of 10,000 chances of infection for men through intercourse
        Herpes: 1 out of 2,000/3,000 chances of infection for men through intercourse
        Gonorrhea / chlamydia / syphilis: curable with antibiotics
        All of the above are almost entirely preventable by wearing a condom. No need to cut off your most pleasurable nerve endings.
        “And meanwhile providing valuable social cohesion into your religious community and a link to thousands of years of history.”
        Who gives a shit? You cut your own dick off to feel closer to people? What are you Hugo Schwyzer?

      4. There’s nothing more emasculated than a man who thinks he’s emasculated because he doesn’t have a foreskin.
        Get a damn life and quit your bitching.
        Also, female circumcision removes the clitoris, jackasses.

      5. Well it’s kind of silly when women think that having their tits cut off makes them less than a woman…but let’s just avoid cutting off the tits and the foreskins, shall we?

      6. female circumcision doesnt remove the clitoris, dumbass. it removes the hood of the clit so that the clit is exposed and its nerve endings die out over time. it is the same principle as male circumcision

      1. What to speak – intact, whole penises give a lot more sexual pleasure to vaginas than do cut ones.

  6. She needs to get her diet straightened out and lose a bit of weight. Then I’d bang.

  7. I remember The Gateway from the Spacemoose “Clobberin’ Time” controversy. Whiners then, whiners now.

  8. Feminism is pretty useful for the aspiring journalist, not only does it qualify her to write for the many chick rags, but it generates content. There is a woman’s angle to every topic, and feminism creates a constant controversy for cat-owning demographic (and unfortunate MRAs sucked into the litter box). Once she has the formula down she can write for 10 minutes a month to get a salary, and even during those 10 minutes she can devote most of her attention to facebook!

    1. Says someone who maybe saw a newspaper once. The levels and layers of hilarious NOPE to your assertions…lol

  9. Every time that Jordan GIF is used properly I laugh my ass off. And yes, would bang, right to the back of the throat.

  10. Her style sucks. She looks like a cross between a homeless bag lady and a hippie. Ugh. And her body language sucks. Straighten that back out, honey.
    Cute face though. Would face bang.

      1. Whats wrong with the way she’s dressed? She’s wearing a cute yellow dress, which looks feminine.
        If she were all gothed out in black, you’d complain.
        If she were in business casual, you’d complain.
        If she were in sweat pants, you’d complain.
        Here she is in actual ladylike pastel yellow dress – and you are ….. drumroll…. complaining.
        There’s no pleasing you guys, is there?

      2. Agree. She’s definitely hot. Anyone who says otherwise, or claims that she has only the “potential to be pretty,” is probably a closet homosexual… or a severely sexually frustrated beta.

  11. Women do not exist for your pleasure. The ‘man’ who views other humans as objects is, himself, less than human.
    What a Joyous day when Roosh Vorek ends up gunned down by an RAF Style group.
    Hope it happens soon <3

    1. “The ‘man’ who views other humans as objects is, himself, less than human.
      What a Joyous day when Roosh Vorek ends up gunned down by an RAF Style group. ”
      So, it would please you if he gets killed???
      What does that say about you, fuckhead?

      1. Perpetuate violence. Perpetuate rape culture. Perpetuate Patriarchy. Perpetuate Capitalism.
        He’s lost his right to life.

        1. Judge jury, and executioner. And feminists complain about “Patriarchy”. Looks like we found our own little tryant.

      2. Hahahahaha wait so it’s bad to “perpetuate violence” but it’s OK to openly hope for the murder of someone whose lifestyle you disagree with. Hahahahahaha leftists are such hypocritical dunces.

      3. The penalty for viewing people as less than human is… to be viewed as less than human!
        Oh the irony.

        1. But mostly you settle for a dry rubout behind your desk while weeping.

      4. Feminism Manifesto Policy #42:
        Disagree with us and we will threaten violence and terminating your free speech rights.

    2. TROLLING! 😛 Why not spend time on stuff you ACTUALLY like? Be a better use of your years on this planet. 🙂 Good luck!

    3. Your screen ID is ‘Your Father’, you shame men and wish to perpetuate violence, and you wrap it up with a <3 emoticon. In your next post you talk about ‘rape culture’ and ‘patriarchy’, two things which, if they even exist, certainly don’t anywhere in America.
      Obvious predictable feminist troll who uses the same default feminist tactics and sucks at trolling is obvious.

      1. Pretty sure this fattie weighs as much as an average man with almost as much testosterones. Hence she sees herself more as a father figure. In a physical sense.

        1. And I’m sure your OkCupid picture is so luscious bitches…oh my god…Adam….your fucking misogynyn and pathetic comment just gets me. SO HOT FOR YOUR MALE PATTERN BALDNESS

        2. She makes sure to take Testosterone injections before coming to the comment section, so she won’t cry.

    4. I love that feminists are even trying to pretend they’re not non-violent or sane any more. The rise of arrogance and advocating violence within the Social Justice movement in 2013 is largely turning moderate people against them, hence countries like Russia, India and Australia starting to politically-swing right in response. You people are the worst advertisements for your own beliefs, but are too narcissitic to realise you’ve actually crossed into eugenics and extermination territory.
      Feminism will be dead by 2025. It’s an evolutionary dead end, because turkey-baster children raised on gender confusion are too fragile and non-resilient to survive any kind of emotional hardship.

  12. would bang. but she’s probably been with a lot of dirty couchsurfers who ‘promised they’d call her again’ after the pump and dump.
    girl, put down the pen, pick up a few dumbbells. tone yourself up, and make some body a lovely pleasing feminine quiet girlfriend.

  13. She’s actually not an ugly girl. It’s obvious that she made her self ugly on purpose so that she could be more acceptable to her feminist followers.

  14. Thank you, Paige, for once again reminding us all that Western womanhood is little more than a parade of tree stump-stupid, entitled, hyena-faced cuntasaurus Rexes with the femininity of a cinderblock that mated with a chain saw.
    You. Stupid. Worthless. Gash.
    Get a role as tattooed “Slut Number Fifteen” on Girls and be done with it.

    1. Wave to the cameras, Zorro. The only gash you visit does tend to be the one on Flash animation isn’t it. I see why the mask is necessary — you’re a fiendish little fuckwad who needs nothing more than a pudding pop from the mother who regretted shitting him out.

    2. Oh, and not only do I not know Paige, I don’t know you but your howls of indignation that a vagina with a head on it bested you (and a gash with a head on it has a successful show on HBO — that I don’t watch but hey) but I can guarantee I have a rager for weak, excitable little gobshytes like you. Come on, slap me around, you little animal. Try.

  15. would bang only after some serious attitude adjustment. I can’t help but imagine the annoyance of a brain whipped voice though.

  16. The funny thing about your comment about her being pretty in EE is that she probably has Ukrainian ancestry since she is from the Canadian Prairies.
    Then again, someone said she had a big nose so she might have Polish grandparents instead.

  17. I’m pretty sure she didn’t know what she was getting into with her article.
    I don’t want this post to send her into the arms of feminists for support. If she contacts me and wants her name removed I’ll do it. I will show kindness.

    1. You know what’s vapid & idiotic? Posting pics of cute little girls with rude comments scrawled on them about ‘Dick Sucking Lips’ in the sad desperate hope that they’ll send you their contact information.
      Pretty lame, dude.

        1. Fuck off Danza, nobody wanted your cock in the 80s, who’d want that golf pencil now?

        2. And you’re a super n00bie troll, guy, cause DUH only MEN can whiteKNIGHT.

    2. No, don’t show kindness. Take a note from Vox, keep up the press.
      These bitches don’t deserve an inch, let alone a mile.

      1. And feeble limp little worms like you deserve every ounce of no-pussy ennui and suicidal thoughts that cross your neurons.

  18. Would not bang. The exact girl I’m trying to avoid. She is just boringly average. I saw clearer pics on her facebook.
    She has no boobs, no butt and an average face… and is almost using her writings as a way to get her aggression out from probably being a “pump and dump” gal. Frustrated that men will have sex with her once then never call back. She should probably lower her standards of men in general, and her expectations of men as a whole.

    1. Yup, her photos and writing make her seem like a character straight out of Heartiste’s wonderful parody “Great Girls of OKCupid”.

      “Raised to believe in a perverse social/sexual contract that promised access to men’s resources and long-term commitment in exchange for rote expressions of sexuality, these girls have at least begun to learn that there is no Magic Romance Fairy. And while they’re still hopeful enough to put up a dating profile in the first place, the Great Girls sabotage their chances of ever getting a husband with their inability to conceal their own aggrieved self-righteousness.”

    2. You, of the old acne scars, farts in business meetings/homeroom, and backfat. I’m so sure.

    1. And those who said would not bang are lying their asses off.
      Would bang. And then hang….
      ….up the phone.

  19. Great advice to help this young lady out, Roosh. She’s indeed driving fast down a dark alley, and she’d be best to admit she’s wrong, back up, and reboot her worldview.
    Alas….this won’t happen because the femcunts are well-funded by their….non-gentile political sugar daddies and encouraged by their clucking hordes of fellow bullying femcunts.

    1. She doesn’t look anything like that in the picture! Roosh is the master of dissecting women’s photos.

  20. ” As a young woman with the potential to be pretty”
    Potential to be pretty? She is pretty. Clear skin, proportional features. What’s not pretty about her? What does DSL and an arrow to her lips mean? Her lips are full and pink. I mean, she’s not wearing any makeup (or very little) in that photo and she looks naturally beautiful.
    And she’s not fat. Photos add 10 pounds to everyone. The most she might need is a little upper arm workout to tone a bit. That’s not a big deal. In two weeks she could have toned arms but even that is insignificant.
    I’m willing to be most of the readership here hasn’t dated someone that good looking.

    1. And here comes the fat acceptance brigade of feminists.
      Here, feminist. Look at this info on how good-looking a woman actually is. If you’re able to be honest with yourself, you’ll understand. But if your brain and heart have already been poisoned, then you should get lost anyways.

      1. your links are not helping. she’d rank somewhere in the decent middleground with those examples. if you take away all those photoshopped examples that is.
        her arm looks just a bit bigger on this picture in comparison. like most people look bigger or somewhat weirdish on most pictures.
        and i bet you wouldn’t have said anything about her being fat, if it wasn’t written on that picture. so much for proud, independent men, who think for themselves. no wonder women go all feminist on guys like you.

      2. @Jan
        She’d rank somewhere with those examples? LOL
        I knew hamsters made women emotionally and mentally deluded, but I never knew they also made them completely blind.

      3. @adam
        ugly/average girls aren’t good judges of what men find attractive in women, so just ignore what they say.

      4. @adam
        you should get out more and start looking at normal women instead of photoshopped porn.
        and don’t forget…it works both ways.

  21. Roosh is right about this potential, albeit fragile, would-be Occupy protester. This girl is just as screwed up as so many others in regards to priorities. I could diet and train this little petal for twelve to sixteen weeks and her life wouldn’t look back. I’d also pulp her Andrea Dworkin book collection as part of a total makeover, too.
    But at the minute that hooter has her bottoming out at a seven.

  22. Whoever dresses her in the morning before she leaves her squatter’s shanty should be ashamed. That hat is wretched. The pastel yellow sun dress and her little pooch belly make her look like an easter egg with a giant nose.

  23. I couldn’t help but laugh when she referenced seeing a burlesque show on twitter.
    1930s titillation and objectification is fine if we make it a girls night out, right?
    It is quite depressing just how few modern feminists appear to have put any thought into what their beliefs actually are. This isn’t feminism. It’s individual narcissism sold as gender issues. Bookend a pseudo-movement with lazy journalism and this is the inevitable result.
    All MRAs are massive fucking faggits though. Lets not forget that. Massive.
    She is cute. Would spoon.

  24. Would bang, and then kick her butt to the curb – which is what she deserves.
    The takedown comment, in all its brilliance, is probably wasted on her as she looks to be as stupid as a stump and would not understand a single word of it.

  25. She’s decent, but needs to be more familiar with a gym,razor and the makeup counter though.

  26. Based on the photo alone, definitely would bang.
    But then I saw the YouTube video posted by Mark, and woof. I may hit it to end a grinding dry spell, but that’s about it. I don’t think she’d make it to Vol. 2 of the 9 ugliest feminists, but she’s certainly not attractive – and her attitude just makes it worse.
    Sadly, this is as attractive as she’ll ever be, but at her age, there’s still hope for her attitude. Maybe a good stiff Alpha meat wand will remind her of the joys of being a woman. It’s her only hope.
    To bastardize a quote from the great Homer J. Simpson, “Here’s to Alpha dick: the cause of (and solution to) all feminist problems.”
    This takedown was actually pretty kind in my opinion. We all know you could have had her curled up in a fetal position crying for weeks about how strong she is if you wanted to.

    1. quoting the simpsons. now that’s something. wow.
      “We all know you could have had her curled up in a fetal position crying for weeks about how strong she is if you wanted to.”
      you forget, for such an impact she would first have to care about what he is saying about her. and honestly, why should she? it’s not like roosh is an authority on anything and she seeks his approval.

      1. She cares. You care. They all care. Feminism is the institutionalized manifestation of the unfillable well of female dissatisfaction.
        And one of those dissatisfactions is “feeling judged” by men.
        The light of a mans judgment it what allows the female soul to cast a shadow on the wall. And a pretty shadow it isn’t, full of unflattering contours.
        Which is why women want men’s speech curtailed by law or by shaming. Women like to fuck society over with the lights of truth either off or substantially dimmed.

        1. Pssssss. I want your speech curtailed by the sound of my pussy hitting it at Mach 5, “Professor” Where is it you — lololol I’m joking. You never even graduated a technical college. I know. The credits didn’t transfer rah rah rah…

      2. @edward
        oh, i’m just here for the fun.
        womens approval is what men seek. without their admiration what is the point of gaining wealth, success and winning against other men?
        which is why men are afraid of independent, educated women. a simple mind is easier to impress then a mind which can think of its own.

  27. She IS very pretty, although you have to apply some cognitive makeup to see it. Clearly she is also very young and trying very very hard to say something memorable and important. There may be hope for her. Fire away, gents — teach her a lesson. Whip some sense into her.
    Roosh has a devastating comeback to some fembo or mangina faggot: “Getting killed for my writing would be the best way to go.” Dead-Eye Roosh rides again!

    1. after watching the video, it’s clear that the photo is a flattering one. if we ignore the poor posture and flabby arms and the likelihood that the photo may be a few years old, she does look young and cute in it. but the video clip tells us the whole brutal truth.
      that said, she’s a cut above most other feminist trolls and certainly has potential. a year or two of real food, proper exercise, and intense deprogramming could easily knock her up into 6-7 territory.

      1. Your ass, I predict, is as lithe and tight as Sean Bean’s circa 1992, and those aren’t man titties you’ve strapped into your lil Verizon or Sprint or Home Depot work polo those are MAMMARIES OF DOMINATION.

  28. Bang, yes. In the style of the canine.
    While whispering “who’s your patriarch?” in her ear.

  29. Brutally effective takedown, Roosh, and reads like an abstract of proper feminist rhetorical rebuttal. As usual, they will not listen, and will resort to hysterics, tantrums, and hissy fits…..but that is not important. What is important is that their abuse and lies be confronted, and confronted, and confronted. To roughly paraphrase Gandhi: first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win.
    Now is the era for not backing down. Readers should note the effective rhetorical construction of Roosh’s response, in that it contains both logic and invective. You need both. The great orators and rhetoricians (I’m using the term from a time when the word “rhetoric” was actually a discipline and not an insult) of the past, such as Demosthenes and Cicero, used both. And so should we. In confronting an entrenched system of lies and privilege (feminism) it is necessary to strike at the core of the false belief system.
    I especially liked the way Roosh plants the (totally true) question: why would you want to hate men, and consign yourselves to misery and a house full of cats? Unfortunately, I have come to believe that the answer to this question is even more sinister than any of us dare to believe. The truth is that they don’t care about their own happiness….they care about power. Sovereignty over men, control of the levers of power, matters more to these wretched creatures than happiness. We can see it, because we have the benefit of sexual experience, travel, and education, but they cannot.
    So, beware the false claims of feminism to only want “equality”. The past forty years have proven that argument false. They do not want equality. They want sovereignty.

  30. The video Mark posted has to be the most insipid and pointless interview on the internet.

  31. brazil girl’s get in fit, being banged. 5 days of sex per week can do better results tham a gym. Some volunters of this site can save that Paige Corsak, baging her for free. Shes need sex, only it.
    PS: my english isnt good…

  32. This is a “brutal takedown?” Seriously, you people think every negative word you say is “brutal” and always fantasize about how much pain you think you are causing the recipients of your comments, who probably aren’t actually as blown away and devastated by them as you think.
    I mean, if I were one of you, I’d probably describe this mild comment as a brutal crushing blow to your egos that has totally destroyed your minds and left you miserable and crying… really, your comments are more funny than anything (not to me in the same way they are to you, though).
    Anyway, I doubt she really cares about being pleasing to you.

  33. She is attractive, and does not look fat in the photos posted.
    Let’s get real. If you had regular access to that quality of girl you wouldn’t be on this site.

      1. @Lady Boner, apparently you’re too thick to read the response just above yours. Well, evidently you can spread your legs for an alpha but you can’t use your eyes for anything.

      2. “Access” lololol a maxed out creditcard to Brazzers and a plane ticket to some 12 year olds. Oh yeaaaaaah, what a big man.

    1. fat, no. Attractive… not so much. Her composition is poor, her choice of material is both lazy and unresearched, and we’re waiting for her boyfriend to come over and threaten Roosh for hurting his special snowflake. Still waiting… qed

  34. Said to myself, “would bang but she needs to get married ASAP since she won’t age well.”
    Then I saw that youtube vid and she is straight up manish (irony).
    Would not bang.

      1. You mean this video, where she looks like a more boyish, less attractive member of Sleater-Kinney? Before anyone makes any judgement, they need to watch this:

  35. LOL! I finally decided to respond to you losers. If only you would take the time to read some feminist literature then you would all understand our struggle. And if anyone wants to debate, feel free to email me at [email protected]
    Looking forward to shutting you losers down <3

      1. RETURN OF KINGS! The kings that rape, hate, plunder, pilfer and weep into the bosoms of those they claim as lessers. Sad crickets accompany your way in the worlf, Acosta, Zorro, article writer, all. Sad crickets and zero respect. I have laughed every single minute since I discovered this little hive. Now I’m gonna gas it. You cool with that bro?

  36. I dunno about that circumcision thing. I was under the impression that Jewish men had a high value. How you going to impersonate one without the cut?

  37. I can tell from everyone’s profile pictures on this site that you’re all really handsome looking fellas, and the comment section here totally justifies you tearing apart a young girl for disagreeing with you — you know, on account of how studly and masculine you gems are.
    Jesus fucking christ when your mom says you’re handsome she’s lying. Get over yourselves.

    1. No one needs to be handsome to tear apart a feminist, they tear themselves apart when they open their mouths. I mean when you see an ugly women complaining about “objectification” you have to just roll your eyes and walk away.

  38. You sexless dry cocks…all alone in the Northwest…engineering, lawyering…wondering why all your sperm decorates your twin mattress…I’d shake my head at you but I am too busy screaming with laughter at your inevitable, lonely demise from earth.

  39. Dude. That was awesome. You crazy virgins ask me back next time! Why don’t you hit up my Facebook, homies! It will go SUPER EFFECTIVE for you. If you need help logging into Facebook or paying for your internet access, ask your mother.

  40. RoK is a bunch of bottom feeding faggots. I’ve seen better writing above a urinal in Korea Town.

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