These Are The Cards You’ve Been Dealt

A while back I had an interesting conversation with a tenant of mine.  He was a tall, athletic young man and during a party of inebriation he asked me,

“SAY!  Yourrr’re the economist…. whyyyy can’t I be a baseball playyyer…  It’sss all I ever wanted to be.”

I wanted to believe he was joking, or at least it was the alcohol talking. But underneath it all you could tell he thought it unfair that he couldn’t get into the major leagues. In further conversation he said “he tried his best” and that there was “no justice” in that they wouldn’t let him in.

I didn’t try reasoning with him or explaining things to him as much as I did laugh at him and give him a blunt and real world economic explanation. I explained not only did you have to be an AMAZING athlete to get into the major leagues, but that he wasn’t strong or fast enough. He was no doubt STRONG and FAST, but he wasn’t a professional athlete. Out of the 150 million men in this country thousands were better than him, and STILL weren’t good enough to get into major league baseball.

He didn’t get offended and didn’t pummel the shit out of me, and even seemed to finally accept the truth I had just given him, but it got me wondering what on Earth would drive an otherwise normally-thinking, mentally-healthy young man to believe he was entitled to become a professional baseball player. And then it dawned on me. It had nothing to do with mental health or a lapse in logic, but rather a concept that has been pummeled into our brains since were were little children.

Life should be “fair.”


The concept of fairness is one that applies to how society should be structured, organized, governed and managed. We should treat everybody under the law the same. Society should offer the same opportunities to everyone. Everybody should have the same rights, no more, no less than anybody else. It’s all “fair.” And fairness is a good thing, for without it you then have genuine victims and genuine criminals. Worse, if things aren’t “fair” you deter people’s production as in:

“Why would I work 80 hours a week to support my wife who is about to divorce me and take 50% of my assets and demand alimony afterwards? That’s not fair.”

“Why should I major in engineering while Sorority Sally majors in Early Childhood Education, yet society says she’s an ‘equal.’  That’s not fair.”

And thus society’s standards of living suffer.

Alas, not only because fairness is important to society, but as individuals we have the instinctual demand for self-respect, “fairness” is a concept constantly hammered and hounded upon us. At three you are told “it’s not fair to steal your brother’s candy.” From all of K-12 your teachers insist on everything be “fair.” And when you’re in college your liberal arts professors do nothing but whine and complain about how the world is so “unfair.” So when you graduate from college you think the real world should, ought to be, and is fair.

Oh, you foolish man.


The problem with “fair” is that it is an ideal. It is a goal. It is NOT always reality. Additionally, “fair” only applies to how we SHOULD treat each other in society. It is not a guarantee that we WILL. And the problem MANY of us have is after 23 years of brainwashing from childhood to college graduation we are all predisposed to think we’re entitled to fairness.

“Why can’t I be a professional baseball player?”
“How come other people have more money than me?”
“Why can’t I find a job with my English Literature degree?”
“Why do men date younger women?”

etc. etc.

Of course, these are complaints that come from our standard group of single moms, SJW’s, socialists, and other ROK whipping boys. But sometimes we too must look into the mirror:

“Why do women like taller men?”
“Why do whites make more money?”
“Those Asians are just better at math!”
“Why did I come from a broken home?”
“Well they don’t have ADHD like I do!”

If you think about it, we, perhaps even unconsciously, find ourselves complaining a lot about how life is “unfair.” And then go down the same delusional path of those we just mocked and ridiculed.

The Cards You’ve Been Dealt

The reason I bring this up is that I have noticed since starting Asshole Consulting there is still a (perhaps unconscious) pre-programmed entitlement and expectation among our ranks of men for “fairness.” Again, this is not shocking given how much time, energy, and resources have been expended into brainwashing you to think you’re entitled to fairness. But since these expectations are not based in reality you will at MINIMUM waste time, energy, and mental resources anguishing over it.

Worse, in making concrete life plans and decisions in “Should-a-Land” you doom your life to failure because they’re based in fairness and not reality. And after looking at several clients who complained to me about “fairness” I think I’ve come to an epiphany that will benefit us all, even those of us who at times think life is unfair. Namely, “these are the cards you’ve been dealt.”


For example take your average black man. He is likely born into poverty, has a 73% chance of being raised by a single mom. Is likely to be heavily propagandized into feeling self-pity and “woeismeism.” And if he dares to improve himself his entire social network will mock and ridicule him for being an “Uncle Tom” or “Oreo.”

Now, imagine instead of this black man being a separate person from you that you are witnessing in the third person, you ARE THIS MAN and these are the cards you’ve been dealt in the “Poker Game of Life.”

What do you do?

If this was a run of a mill “guys night of poker” you would simply fold and wait for your next hand. The problem is there is no “next hand.” This is it. This is the ONLY hand you will ever be dealt.

And while you may bemoan all the unfairness that comes with having these lousy cards, it does not change the fact your ONLY OPTION is to play that hand the best you can.

Another example, your old Captain himself.

Certainly dealt nowhere near as bad of cards as your average young black man from the ghetto, but in one capacity of the “Poker Game of Life” I did get a bum card. I’m short.

This, as you all well know, is the equivalent of being a fat chick when it comes to dating. Unfortunately whereas being fat is a choice, being short is not. Does it do me any good to whine, complain, rage, and blame other men for having “height privilege” or scream at women for being “shallow” for not liking short guys? It only hurts me as I’m being delusional and wasting precious time. The best move is to accept this trait I was born with, and do the best I can in spite of it.

The whole point is that we are all born with inherent weaknesses. Nobody gets dealt five aces. And whereas society, our parents, government, and especially the education system has done their damnedest to force us to demand “fairness,” every single one of us needs to come to grips with the fact these are the ONLY cards we will ever be dealt, no matter how shitty. Because if you don’t, and live your life insisting on fairness that will never come, you will waste the one life you’ve been given, no matter how predisposed it was to be shitty.

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185 thoughts on “These Are The Cards You’ve Been Dealt”

  1. Life is without a doubt, the greatest challenge that will you take on. There are so many hurdles which you as a man will face such as finding the right job, trying to maintain your relationships, trying to find ways to pay the mortgage and so on and so forth. But no matter what obstacles you come across, you must be willing to have the perseverance and stoicism, in order to combat the many traps and pitfalls that will emerge infront of you during your lifetime.
    It is only through your determination and persistance, that you as a man, will be able to find some kind of guiding light in your life. The world since the beginning of time, has presented man with so many problems and difficult scenarios that as time progresses on, it has allowed us to be able to develop the fortitude to be able to stand against the tides of life. Yes, we will come across many dilemmas and issues which we all would rather not have to deal with. But like the saying goes “life is unfair.” However, what makes and separates the “man” from the “boy” is his ability to confront his fears and to be able to tackle them with a sharp mind and strong spirit.
    The number of problems which I have faced throughout my life and still do to this day, has only helped me to cultivate and develop a stronger standing on an emotional and spirtual level. This is what I truly believe helps us to develop the backbone and tenacity to stand strong with our heads held high. It is the exact reason why I advocate all men to build and to develop their own value system. Whether it is learning a new skillset, building a great and vast knowledge base on many different topics, spending more time with our loved ones, whatever these values may be is entirely your prerogative. But the key point to remember is that a value system will help to provide you with a cathartic release and to enable you to progress in your life in a world in which you may be struggling to find any meaning in.
    Which is why as men, you must not be afraid to look at life with a sharp eye. Yes, we have all been dealt with the bad cards. But no matter what they maybe, stand tall and learn to deal with them. This feeling of accomplishment alone, will help you to build a character as well as help you to hone a personality which in turn, will provide you with many great stories to tell throughout your lifetime.

    1. Saying that life is a challenge is a bit … paradoxical? Ironical? Life defines what challenges are, so life itself can not be a challenge, can it? It can just contain challenges.

      1. Why would it be ironical?
        The whole concept of life is merely that- life. And it is the greatest challenge of all.

        1. I would rather call it an experience. Challenges are part of it, but there are also moments to lean back and enjoy.
          But it is really just semantics. Did not mean to invalidate the idea.

        2. True. But I would rather call that overall “experience” life. You make whatever you can out of it, regardless of what challenges it will show you.

        1. You have to go out in the right way. But you realize that most of us will die in a horribly painful fashion? It could even take years. What a nightmare!

    2. The facing your fears part is integral for me. Not just facing my fears but violently reaching out to overcome them. Going as hard as I fuckin can till I either croak or conquer.
      Life isn’t worth living if you aren’t constantly on the up, challenging and improving yourself.
      Embrace hardship. Embrace trials. They are coming regardless.
      One day you’ll be too old and decrepit to do a godamn thing except shit yourself and forget how to piss. You lived a life seeking comfort and safety.
      Now you’ll die an old never has been forgotten by ungrateful kids and ex wives.
      I grow to loathe sloth(in me and then others), passivity and reliance on others for much of anything.
      I’m handling my motherfuckin shit and now it’s others who become reliant on me because where there is strength there is rule and the law of the ruler.

      1. One day you’ll be too old and decrepit to do a godamn thing except shit yourself and forget how to piss.

        This is a choice. Look after yourself my brother.

        1. No matter how well you take after yourself you will get old and decrepit if you live long enough. The only choice is to select the Smith and Wesson retirement program.

        2. Depends what you mean by “old and decrepit”. My grandfather was active until the day he passed. Didn’t shit himself once.

  2. fantastic article. Life isnt fair. Learn how to broaden your strengths and deal with your weaknesses. Stop whining about 1st world problems and kick ass.

  3. Amazing. Contains more practical sense for a man than all the shit i’ve read on here this year.
    Big Ups.

    1. check out his blog. captain capitalism. and also lots of good books written by him, such as Bachelor Pad Economics, which I am reading now.

    As long as you thing you are
    entiteled to something, you have a probelm in dealing with reality. The world
    and life don’t owe you anything! People have to stop being crybabies, wake up
    and deal with the cards they are dealt. Good players always win over a longer
    period of time, no matter how bad cards may be.

    1. “Good players always win over a longerperiod of time, no matter how bad cards may be.”
      And to be a better player- READ!, READ!!, READ!!!
      In traffic, get an audiobook on. On weekends, 3 hours study in your field both days.
      Its the way to improve your lot, not bitching, whoring, or coasting your life to an immaterial footnote of History.

  5. “Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.”
    ― Robert Louis Stevenson

      1. You can have a shitty life without envy. It’s a pure mindset thing. Some have nothing and still seem to be happy, others are swimming in money and kill themselves because of their fucked up head.
        I think it has a lot to do with hormones and brain wiring. A negative person will always be negative and vice versa. People can’t change (at least not for a long time).

        1. I disagree. Used to be very negative. Solved childhood trauma. Now I am pretty positive – despite being in a shit situation. I mean yeah, I am angry and use words like ‘slut’ – how mean. But I am kinda calm and happy nonetheless. I do not obsess over failures and that shit anymore. I register it, am angry and that is it.

        2. Trauma has nothing to do with what I said. It’s a different story. A psychological trauma can be treated, brain wiring can’t be changed.

        3. If your father didn’t play with your pee pee every night (or similar stuff)…you have no trauma.

        4. The difference between trauma and general negativity?
          The one happens because something bad happened to you, the other one happens because your brain tends to depressions and negative thinking…all by itself…nobody elses fault.

        5. I understand. And in that case, there is no need to do anything about it. But when you see a person before you, how do you tell between negative person and traumatized person?

        6. In this case you can’t tell a difference, unless you’re a mindreader.
          There are lots of depressed people who can hide their depressions behind faked happiness and there are also people who look all sad, silent and secluded although they are quite happy with their lives.

        7. I agree. So, if you can not tell the difference, how can you be certain about your base assumption that a negative brain exists? It could, in principle, be trauma that is not in that person’s consciousness. So while I do not think your theory to be idiotic, I consider it to be unproven, at least.

        8. Well, it depends on how you define trauma I guess and maybe you’re right, I can’t be certain.
          But it’s more or less proven that heavy depressions can only be treated and not cured AND that depressions (+ suicidal tendencies) are kind of inheritable (run in families).
          People can change personality short-term but never long-term (unless their brains got physically damaged somehow). All this can be related to differences in brain wiring.

        9. Trauma, as I understand it, is unreleased emotion, leading to a permanent dysregulation of the nervous system. Depression surely is not always that, but I think it is often enough. Consider childhood sexual abuse, which one may have no conscious memories of, because too painful. I believe that that has been it for me. So yeah, if daddy played with your pee pee – but what if you do not remember it? Life is scary.
          Rough proof of concept:
          If you ever feel some tension in a part of your body, listen to your body. May lead to very weird movements, positions and sounds, but it can solve emotional tension. Had a lot of that in my stomach and genital area. Ever since, I usually have a relaxed stomach and feel my thighs and dick better. I also feel much more relaxed and confident.
          Yoga is basically just that, only put into ‘rules’. As far as I know, that is.

        10. I disagree, you’re not destined to be a “negative” or a “positive” person by genes or anything like that if that’s what you’re saying. Sure, the longer you be negative the more it gets entrenched and harder to dislodge, but overall you can change anything in your perception of yourself and in your thinking.

        11. I know it’s hard for some people to hear shit like “you can never change” but it’s still the truth. Every brain is differently wired and therefore you’re either more positive or more negative, more extroverted or more introverted, more addicted to stuff or less addicted to stuff…..and so on. It has nothing to do with unsolved traumatic experiences.
          Unhappy people will always be more unhappy then happy (the rest of their life) and vice versa…no matter what happened.
          Introverts will never become extroverts (long-term) and vice versa. You can change from introvert to extrovert for a party or something but that’s only very short-term and staged.
          A person who gets easily addicted to drugs or gambling will always have to fight himself very hard do not fall back into this habit again and will very likely, sooner or later, do drugs or gambling or whatever again and again and again.
          Same goes for violent and unpredictable people. They will, sooner or later, beat someone to pulp again. Sometimes they can hold it back for many years, to impress their girlfriend or mother, but when the right time comes…BAM…same old asshole again.
          You will have the same core personality from about 18 up until your death. Puberty can change people. Old age can change your behaviour a little bit too because your wreck of a body won’t allow certain things anymore….that doesn’t mean your mind is different though, unless you have dementia or some other mental illness.

        12. So you think every introversive and slightly unhappy looking person was abused as a child? Very unlikely.

        13. Your personality doesn’t change, but I think it’s 50/50 nature-nurture how you deal with life. Your environment will impact how you repsond to external stimuli.

        14. In one way or another, I believe so. Sexual abuse is just one possibility. That is just a theory for myself, anyway.
          But take my mother with Borderline Personality Disorder, combine it with the knowledge you have about those bitches and apply it to 23 years of contact from childhood. It really tore my soul apart.
          Add to that growing up without a father and even without male role models, which comes with its own set of problems. I think this particular thing is very common. How else do you explain the popularity of books like ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’? Thing is, most never get to read them. Cause they think they are okay.
          Sure, some people are really different on a brain level, I also believe that. But intuitively, I think that I see my own (past) problems in many if not most of them.

        15. True, your environment plays a very important role between birth and puberty. After puberty not so much anymore. Once your personality is molded you can’t do anything to change it long-term.

        16. I don’t think growing up without one of your parents should be called traumatic. If your other parent still treats you allright, it shouldn’t cause any mental problems (unless your parent is Elton John or another homo).
          But you’re right, most of the time the other parent is a whack job himself and therefore the child becomes fucked up in the head too.

        17. Well, call it traumatic or not, but it is hard to deny the effects of such a background. So even if it does not qualify as trauma, it may be an unlearnable disability.

        18. Oh and here we differ dramatically I see. I believe an introvert can become an extrovert and likewise an extrovert can become an introvert. Genes don’t have control over your actions, you do. Genes can give you instincts and impulses, but ultimately everything you do in life is up to you.
          Introvert/extrovert is a superficial characterization based on your actions – what you choose to do. Going to parties instead of reading books, talking a lot as opposed to not talking,etc.
          We are what we repeatedly do, nothing else. Our personalities are a reflection of our past actions and experiences and they are basically what we believe about ourselves to be true, nothing else.
          Basically our current personality is how we are most comfortable acting – i.e. how we have most often acted in the past and continue to do now. If we change our actions persistently enough to become comfortable with our new way of acting, then that becomes our new personality.
          Sure, we can have genetic impulses to do things. For example to have sex, maybe to be violent. But ultimately you are the one who controls your actions (ex. priests spend their entire lives celibate despite obviously having sexual desires).
          We have complete control over our actions, and thus our personalities. Any denial of this is a weak excuse for whatever bad qualities one perceives in himself or others, a way to put the responsibility on anything but yourself. This is the kind of submissive attitude that keeps people stuck where they are, blaming their circumstances on genes and ‘brain wiring’, while it is your actions that shape everything about who you are and what you do.

        19. No, you’re wrong.
          People can change. It’s simply a rarity.
          Consciously changing your personality takes great effort and discipline.
          Truly rare when complaining is the societal norm.

        20. Consciously changing your personality takes great effort and discipline.
          Are you visiting a psychologist or something? Because this sounds like right out of one of this “smart” books and it’s also very contradicting.
          If you need great effort and discipline to control your behaviour….it’s a staged short-term thing, but certainly not long-term. Nobody can put on a masquerade his entire life. The real you will always come back to the surface sooner or later.

        21. Everyone I know (relatives and friends) are basically the same people they have been when they were 18. Most of them are in their 30s to 60s now.
          Nobody of them has another personality. Extroverts still extroverts, introverts still introverts, insane still insane, happy still happy, unhappy still unhappy……..
          Introverts don’t like the feeling of partying, that’s why they rather stay at home. Extroverts like the feeling of partying and being surrounded by lots of other people, that’s why they go partying. It’s not a conscious thing.
          An introvert can never force himself to like partying. He can force himself going to a party but that doesn’t mean he likes it. Even if he’s forcing himself to a 100 parties within one year he still won’t like it afterwards.

        22. Extroverts are extroverts because they’re most comfortable being extroverts.
          The only reason an introvert wouldn’t like partying is because he is not comfortable partying. No if he wanted to become comfortable partying, he would just have to party hard and frequently until he is comfortable with it and thus likes it.
          You can’t prove an introvert going to 100 parties in a year won’t like it afterwards unless we do an experiment – it’s a hypothesis without evidence.
          It’s all about our comfort zones.

  6. Your Baseball friend has it half right, The first question, “Why can’t I be something” (Whatever it is) is correct, everybody should ask themselves that, the very next question a person should ask themselves is, “What am I doing about it?” It sounds like your friend thinks he’s owed a shot at baseball, but life is about working hard at something and through hard work only then can dreams be accomplished, if a Man wants something then he should work towards it to achieve his dreams, but the attitude of feeling Owed or entitled gets zero results… Men believe things are Earned, women believe things are owed, and when women control society, society adopts female perspectives and ideas, like “Fairness” as described in the article . I’ve put my faith in God, It’s helped put insecurities behind me, so any flaws I have I don’t allow to become excuses for why I’m unable to succeed towards my goals .

    1. Putting faith in God is foolhardy, IMO. Even if you believe the Bible or Koran 100%, there is nothing in it that should make you think God believes what you do with society.

    2. Placing your bets is tricky. I worked hard and succeeded – with MUCH luck also – to have a career in a field I loved and have a better than average family. Still I was divorce raped in my mid50s. No game consultants existed in my day to improve myself a bit better and instill dread game on my Ex, now I know. You guys are better off – heed Game and especially stay as hot as your genes allow

  7. Very insightful. The cards metaphor seems very useful when we talk about challenges and resilience. Bernard Adams, British soldier and author of a famous WW1 memoir, wrote this:
    “I have not yet found a perfect simile for this war, but the nearest I can think of is that of a pack of cards. Life in this war is a series of events so utterly different and disconnected, that the effect upon the actor in the midst of them is like receiving a hand of cards from an invisible dealer. There are four suits in the pack. Spades represent the dullness, mud, weariness, and sordidness. Clubs stand for another side, the humour, the cheerfulness, the jollity, and good-fellowship. In diamonds I see the glitter of excitement and adventure. Hearts are a tragic suit of agony, horror, and death. And to each man the invisible dealer gives a succession of cards; sometimes they seem all black; sometimes they are red and black alternately; and at times they come red, red, red; and at the end is the ace of hearts.”
    He died in 1917, victim of an explosion.
    I humbly recommend you a song:

    1. A wise man you got for a pop. A lot of men leave legacies like unpaid bills, angry creditors, empty dreams and all round deadbeat genes.

      1. Aye. I consider myself lucky. The red pill truths we discuss so much are natural to my father. Of course it helps that my grandfather was an ex-marine turned farmer/entrepreneur.

      1. Not so much life, but your fellow man. Being of service to your fellow man. It’s the way anybody is ever going to be anything not contemptible.

    2. But “Life doesn’t owe you anything” is only okay to say to straight, white, Western males. Imagine saying “Life doesn’t owe you anything” to someone in the ghetto, or to a transgender.
      The rule is only effective if it applies to everyone.

    3. But doesn’t it? If at least cognitively aware of ones situation? It’s not like any one of us asked to be born after all. Nobody asked to be born in this world at this particular time. And look at how much trauma government causes right when we begin “public education”. The bullying, the falsification of history, the sexual abuse, violence, etc. Isn’t it the governments job to fix things after fucking us up so badly?

      1. “Isn’t it the governments job to fix things after fucking us up so badly?”
        No. If it would simply cease and desist, it would be enough, but big govt. will never let that happen. The Beast needs to eat.

      2. Theory and practice are miles apart.
        The problem is humans no longer struggle with their needs for immediate survival, and now worry about spiritual needs. And without a guide, they are lost.

  8. The problem with modern humans is not that they have been dealt a losing hand, it’s more than they never learned how to play poker in the first place.

    1. In actual fact, the hand the modern man has been dealt, compared to that dealt to men through all history, are worlds apart. An average man today has a higher quality of life than even King Solomon could ever wish for in his life.

      1. I’ll agree to that. Still doesn’t explain why modern humans complain too much. King Solomon would have been baffled. Or he would be too busy doing Queen Sheba to notice.
        To elaborate more, a lot of American kids have been dealt a pretty good hand. It’s just that either they don’t know how to play it, or as in the case of the dum dums who go for useless degrees and end up up to their necks in debt, they don’t know when to fold and wait for a good hand. All because the old farts never taught them squat.

        1. Hahaha. Queen Sheba then!
          Its the amount of HARD WORK required to make a success of any worthwhile endeavor, that repulses the mass, especially, when you’ve had it drummed into your ears that you’re some sort of special snowflake. The idea that ONE IS NOT SPECIAL is hard to take.
          The same rules apply to ALL. To Roosh, GhostOfJefferson, EnglishBoob, Chris Brony, Captain Capitalism, Whoever, wherever.
          I have to put in the WORK AND EFFORT to get meaningful results. This is VERY HARD TO TAKE.

  9. Right, Aaron. We all shouldn’t come to a healthy emotional reckoning with the iniquities and what we can do about them, just stoicly suck-it-up-buttercup. Then after enough repression, we can all become drunk fuckin bastards like you.
    Either that or join the military and do ballroom dancing.
    Fuck Off, Pussy Beggar.

    1. We’ll have the dancing US military part in no time; they’ve already got the National Guard wearing high heels.

  10. But if you are a select minority or female you get dealt a joker that can be played for affirmative action and redistribution. Of course you can’t share that expectation if you are in a different group, but that doesn’t mean you should play with cheaters.

  11. The problem is less that we have been taught that life OUGHT to be fair, and more that we are unwilling to judge ourselves fairly.
    Like your friend. He was fairly excluded from the major leagues because he wasn’t good enough. But he was conflating objective fairness with his inaccurate self-perceotion.
    I may THINK I have written the greatest American novel since Hemingway or Steinbeck, but if no one wants to buy it its more likely I’m wrong.
    Your friend’s problem, indeed most people’s problem, is an inflated opinion of themselves.

  12. ”Life is one of the greatest challenges you can take on”. . ‘life’? . I like your broad brush. That’s is mightily the broadest golden brush stroke I’ve ever read of a writer.

  13. If sjw’s crashed that poker game pictured, they’d try to make everyone turn their cards over and redistribute them. That gives you a good perspective on their mindset. One sjw alone would stand in the rear and bring drinks and maybe try to tip off the underdogs in the game covertly. It’s sjw nature to do that. Ten sjw’s become a cult or a gang and storm the room and try to forcibly level the game. Very good perspective showing how they are gang like and cult like.

  14. i’m 6’2. i think i’d much rather keep that and be black than be short. i think of my height as way more of a privilege than my race. up until recently i had zero game and was pretty beta, but i was still able to pull cute girls from time to time. i doubt that would have happened if i were 5’6.

    1. Well these days you don’t need much game anyway with all of the sluts around and especially the drunk ones.

    2. If you like fat chicks or could get into sports. Being a 5’6″ white guy is just fine if you like Asian or Latin women, are willing to travel, and can run a manosphere blog and/or do business.

      1. true that. it’s definitely not insurmountable, but before finding game/the manosphere i would have been totally lost at 5’6. even 6’2 can be pretty bad with no game, but at least i have good genetics and always kept in shape.

  15. This article also pleads to the beta mind. We are dealt cards, but we can either comply and live for someone else’s design or do what it is takes to pioneer what we do. You can read history or write history. Alphas would rather write it, betas will always read it.

  16. The only thing that is fair is the fact that life is fact not fair….Name 3 things that are fair. and after the first one ( you an come up with) , that being a coin toss, there is still a loser…so get over it. Stop bitching, whining complaining. Sit, think, work your strengths. Love yourself, love the gifts you have, work them to a successful end and enjoy a bright future.

  17. Western men were dealt a shitty hand, there’s no doubt about it.
    On the plus side, it’s a big world out there and we’re not “constrained” in the same way American women are. American women are “chained down” by the built-in female hypergamy, they are “stuck” with American men (women cannot date “down” in terms of money/status).
    On the other hand, we have no such restrictions placed on us and have the other 95% of women to mingle with. Remember that American women are a little under 5% of the world female population. A tiny tiny sliver of the pie.
    So it’s not “that bad” when looking at the bigger picture.
    Of course the economy is fucked right now, but that is another issue entirely.

    1. Western men were dealt a shitty hand, there’s no doubt about it. Not true. We were dealt the best hand in the pack. What, you rather be, Nigerian, North Korean, born on the Marshall Islands?
      Why do you keep being so fatalistic, helpless and effeminate on this site. Western men have a shitty hand, do you want a handkerchief. Come on.

      1. Western or american men were dealt a shitty hand in that have more overweight and toxic feminist females compared to other cultures.

        1. Do they? May be a America does. French, Swiss, most Latin women are not overweight, Besides, these are cards you can do something about anyway. The point is that western men have the most options in comparison to other cultures.

        2. Seems like canada, australia, britain have some of the same issues as usa. What can you do about 2/3 of the female population being overweight or obese? Do you bang a different plumper every month while you’re “optimistic” about the future?

        3. Well, we sure as shit aren’t getting welfare, section 8, scholarships geared towards us and so forth. Or if we do manage to procure those benefits, we will always be looked down on compared to certain other races.

        4. Dude. that’s not the half of it. These 18-25 girls are so screwed in the head compared to gen x at their respective age, it’s not even funny. I chalk it up to being literally force fed PC crap ever since the Clinton administration.

  18. Hey Captain Capitalism, Just my 2 cents here.
    work on your site outlay bruv. Great content. Presentation, colors and stuffs needs sprucing up. Maybe sth like ROK or artofmanliness or sth.
    Also ditch the blogspot hosting
    Again, amazing content you got down there.
    A new fan.

    1. I have a question. What are the disadvantages to using a blogspot or wordpress hosting?

      1. Advantage of having a blogspot is that you can take it as your ground for experience and it’s hosted free.
        But Captain Capitalism is beyond that point now judging by the number of followers he has
        Disadvantage, google, the master SJW, against whom, there is almost no defense(except you’re Apple) has all the rights to delete it. And they can do this anytime, most especially when you violated something that’s indicated in the TOC.

      1. Maybe its better if I just said, “Hey Captain, you know what, fuck you and your shitty site outlay. where the hell did you put your sense of design and aesthetics? What a waste for the otherwise great stuff you got down there”.

  19. Is Clarey still in Minnesota?
    He really needs to get out of there, winter is coming soon. Sounds like a crappy place to live with the brutal winters etc.

  20. This article is completely fatalistic in its conclusions. Obviously, the Author has never played poker late into the night. The point is, that it doesn’t matter how shitty the cards are you’ve been dealt, what matters is the playing of them, and, that makes all the difference. You play them with style, confidence and panache, and that’s the important way to play it.
    Bluffing, misleading, underestimating, self control and timing are everything in playing bad cards that you can win. The very same set of skills are likewise indispensable in the “sorted” man’s life. They give colour, contour, definition and a counter-factual critical dimension to the “sorted” man who doesn’t adhere to the beta man’s mantra of living and dying by the mere facts of life. Who gives a shit if all your worldly bills and taxes are perfectly up to date on your day of reckoning, NOT I.

    1. Good point. Poker is the only game in the casino that you don’t play against the house, you play against other players. You can’t bluff against the house, the odds are against you and you will lose more than you win. But with poker you can win with junk cards.

  21. Is being short actually as bad as being a fat chick?? If so I am effed. How did you overcome this?

    1. Being short isn’t bad in and of itself.
      But if you devolve into “short, bald, and fat” you are fucked and no amount of game will save you. Even money won’t do much for you once you “devolve” down that much.

    2. Online dating shows women in 20s want a man 6 inches taller, women in 30s want a man 3 inches taller, women over 40 take what they can get. Shorter males get friend zoned quickly. One strike and you’re out. However Neil Strauss who wrote The Game was below average height. So it can be overcome and without throwing around big money. He didn’t do online dating, mostly night clubbing. But its stupid to deny it matters and respond with meaningless advice like “just have confidence”. It requires alternative strategies.

    3. Be a man. Lead, take charge and dont let your height be a limiting factor. Chicks will look over it. Maybe not over an online profile search but when you get their panties wet they wont be able to control it.

    4. You can be vertically challenged, just don’t be horizontally challenged. That from a short guy I dated.

  22. Even in beauty, there is much a woman can do. An Eastern European woman once told me, there are no ugly women..only lazy ones.

  23. There are not enough recommend buttons here to show my full appreciation and endorsement of this essay as long as you understand that every hand is a potential winner or loser.
    As a professional counselor, I use this analogy all the time, once even going so far as to compare life to playing poker with a tarot deck. “You play with the cards you’ve been dealt and as a former 5-card stud poker player, I learned you can lose or win just as easily with any hand. It all depends on plying your skill with what you have.”
    So my first question after the counselee has waded through their story and excuses is always, “What do you have to work with?” And the second question is, “Now how do you use this to your advantage?”

    1. Well done sir.
      1) What do you have to work with; (2) How do you use this to your avantage.”
      3. Do you recognize what you cannot change and need to let go? Meaning concetrating on what is in your power and not misusing resources or enegry.
      4. What do you plan to do about it? Meaning are you prepared to hustle to change things.
      You make your own luck and G-d helps those who help themselves.

      1. JG, I’ve been reading your posts here on ROK and I was wondering if you’ve ever read The Art of Worldly Wisdom, by Baltasar Gracian? I would say that all of it is in perfect alignment with your worldview if I have understood it correctly.
        Along with The Art of War (the James Clavell interpretation) and The New Testament (The New American Standard), The Art of Worldly Wisdom is one of the three books I read through every year.
        I prefer the translation by Christopher Maurer.
        PS: You are spot on with additional Points 3 and 4.

    2. “I played poker with a deck of tarot cards. I got a full house and somebody died.” – Stephen Wright

  24. All the short guys I know who do ok with women have one thing in common, they don’t give a f–k theyre short or let it get them down. being short prob automatically reduces their female pool, but they do ok.

  25. Well, first off, America itself is just a gigantic shithole of epic proportions that really needs to be wiped off the face of the planet for there to be any real justice or fairness in the world. But I do also question this:
    “Why can’t I find a job with my English Literature degree?”
    Like any college major it’s really what you make of it. If you keep in contact with professors, or apply for internships, it’s much better for the long term as far as careers go. Also, if you’re a writer, you have to realize that query letters replace cover letters and the synopsis likewise will also replacing the standard resume. Because selling your written work is much like applying for a job. Expect to be rejected over and over again until you finally hit pay dirt. This is also expecting that you are an actual writer and have written something if not going into academia at some point. In that case, yes your English degree is then useless.

  26. Let’s start with reality number one: just about everyone reading this article got dealt a damn good hand. Just to be living in the USA puts you up on 90% of humanity.
    As for me: born in the USA to parents who stayed together, raised me in the church, taught me the value of both hard work and education, and promised me that if I worked hard in high school I’d have a shot at college. What kind of hand is that, aces full of kings? I am one very lucky guy to get dealt a hand like that.

  27. Fairness is not the problem, its equality that is the real problem. Fairness is good and an acceptable goal. And the misunderstanding of society through the influence of progressives that have created the problem. What you describe as desirable is fair. The goal is to remove any arbitrary barriers that blocks any individuals from accomplishing what they want which is what the goals of equality was. But progressives have changed that to mean equality of output. Meaning that if your friend has a certain chance to get into the baseball major leagues, a disabled person in a wheel chair should have the same chance. To understand this better – listen to a lecture on this by Nobel Economist Milton Friedman exposing the lie of the left, on equality and freedom.

    1. What you’re referring to is equal opportunity, not equality.
      His friend has an opportunity, a chance, to become a major baseball player. He can make an attempt, but didn’t make the cut. There were no obstacles placed before him by someone else. Not having equal opportunity is if he had the talent and was not given a chance to even try.

    2. Fairness is an even playing field…nothing wrong with that.
      Equality is everyone getting a ‘Participation Trophy’ just for showing up. That goes against everything America was founded on.

  28. This article, along with Alec Baldwin’s speech in “Glengarry Glen Ross”, Ben Affleck’s speech in “Boiler Room”, and most recently Leonardo DiCaprio’s speech in “Wolf of Wall Street” are emblematic of a tired and trite conceit foisted by sociopaths of various stripe and their blind ideological acolytes upon a whole host of people all in order to get away with as great an amount of evil perpetrated in as short a time as possible and to maximal effect.
    Even the so-called “real” (read, non-cuck) conservative-darling-of-the-moment Donald Trump, in his 60-Minutes interview, spoke repeatedly of how he would revamp all existing trade deals in order to foster and ensure a culture and practice of “fair trade”, a term he repeatedly invoked. Even going so far as calling for a tariff on companies that outsource jobs and then turn around and sell in the North American market. A welcome change indeed, as far as I and many millions of others are concerned.
    You see, views like those of the author are the very reason the manosphere is growing at a rate far slower than is warranted given the wisdom being dispensed regularly within its confines. Believe it or not, there are things that exist beyond the sphere of the individual to control. Some things are structured such that, even if you had the best mindset, attitude, viewpoint, and perspective, all while working hard and smart while accepting all of the cards you were dealt and the limitations of reality, are fundamentally stacked against you. Things that are reasonable to expect to be able to attain all else being equal. Secret ingredient being fairness. An American manufacturing worker is being asked to compete with prison labour in China and labour in Mexico whose wages are being artificially driven down because of the vicious and pernicious influence of the cartels.
    That drunk you refer to is not a serious adult, but rather a child, whose challenge is not learning to accept reality, but to drop the Archie comics and focus on something for more than 15 minutes. Plus, it’s pretty obvious he was at least half-joking when posing this question. If, in fact, this moment even happened.
    As for the lion’s share of people out there, steely-eyed realism is the norm. The “gimme-dat-now-biatch—-oh-you-wont?——see-now-that-shit’s-unfair-I’mma-head-down-to-a-BLM-protest-right-now” segment of the population is miniscule compared with people genuinely getting fucked up the ass unnecessarily. And, I might add, at cross purposes with economic and civilizational growth, driving as they do, the establishment of a shadow economy and the associated anti-social ills attendant with it.
    Unfairness is happening. There are many things that can be done to combat and hopefully reverse it. There will continue to be many things done in this arena. Some will hit the mark, some won’t, but the pressure to create a better world will be unrelenting regardless of what you think or write. Individualism has its limits. Conservatives need to embrace collective action, and guide it, lest we cede the entire ground to the Left, something which adherents of the cult of personal responsibility have almost ensured over the years. We must shape the parameters of this struggle for fairness and equity, such as can be achieved out there. It is here to stay, whether we like it or not.

  29. “The cards you’ve been dealt”. Great place to start.
    Idealists want to change the world. That can be good or bad. The book “Rich dad poor dad” was written by a dude who just wanted to deal with the cards he was dealt.
    Some people make it all come together into one. RooshV, Alex Jones, Hagman team, Zen Gardner, David Icke. And even some feminists harpies I do not like. Jessica Valenti, Marcotte, Sarkesian .All are acheiving varying degreees of prominence while remaining committed to a cause they most likely believe in.
    Not sure what it all means. But life is complex.
    I just want to retire in eight years. And even if it is late in the game, put the foot on my own dreams. Gardening, shooting, anti-NWO blog, language learning blogs.

  30. It’s easy to say “play the hand that you’ve been dealt” but my hand in card terms is a random set of cards with no playability. That’s my hand. I’ve failed in every job and was never there long enough to enjoy the benefits of a stable income. The only online income I had was destroyed by Amazon for no good reason. None of my other online ventures have worked (they should and have for other people). I’ve never had a girlfriend or had sex. Women can’t even stand the sight of me, not even when I was fit. I don’t have any friends that give a damn. People just hate my existence. There’s no more plays left for me (I’m 32 btw).

    1. Let me answer this with lyrics from a famous Rolling Stones song:
      “You can’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes well, you might find, you get what you need.”
      Maybe your online business ideas haven’t been good enough, ever thought about it? Women don’t come to you begging for sex, you have to initiate first contact. Try everything you want to achieve again and again and again and again and you will be successful, eventually.
      Maybe other people your age have a nice income but most of them never tried the stuff you did with your online ventures. They’re scared “safety first” sheep because of their jobs and because of their wives and children and because of their bank loan(s). You can do and try whatever the fuck you want…..nobody bitching about it.
      Now go out there, young grasshopper, and make me proud. 32 is still young enough.

      1. My business idea was fine. But it didn’t work well for my area. These were the same ideas that many other people got started with. It’s extremely basic and anyone with a little investment capital can do it. I’ve done it, but I can’t achieve a sustainable rate and payoffs to truly survive off of it. I’ve seen others do it though. Most definitely.
        I know that women don’t come to me, I mean, I just got done telling you that. But I’m telling you, at my prime, when I was fit, younger, had money for a wardrobe and actually had people around me, women treated me with disgust (still do). It’s not something you can argue. This is FACT. This is MY fact of life. That’s my hand. I can’t change that.
        I get along with women a lot better now because I’ve accepted the way that they see me will never be romantic. So I’m very straightforward, positive and honest about who I am. They don’t see that as threatening.
        When I’m making a comment that shows that I find her sexually attractive (regardless of how I pose it, which is always respectful and positive first and foremost) they feel immediately threatened. They see my name (not my picture) but already they’re not thinking very nice thoughts about me.

        1. Are you looking for plain sex or for some kind of relationship?
          Free sex is easier to get nowadays than it ever was before (online dating, drunk sluts…). Of course, if you’re looking for qualities in a woman that’s fucking hard to find these days with all the feminist brainwashing and their faked “I’m strong, I don’t need a man” mentality.
          32 is still your prime (unless you’re a woman).

        2. Sounds like your issues are more personality based. What’s your Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator?

        3. One example. My friend started asking around b/c he was curious if the things I was saying was true or not. The very first answer (that they want tall men) automatically eliminates me and my entire race b/c on avg we’re not tall enough. Add to that, darker skin, foreign name, and it’s quickly clear that I don’t fit into the perception of what American females find attractive or desirable.

        4. Can you move to a place where there is more of your race? This is the main problem with our multi-cultural reality. Being a numbers game, the dominant (most numerous) people look for others with similar traits and exclude minorities. This is human nature even if people tell you otherwise. I have been part of a minority in certain places and when coming across people of the same minority, even making eye contact establishes an instant feeling of knowing and acceptance, an unspoken evolutionary bond.

        5. Not without moving back to that country, no. I’m glad that you understand what I’m talking about though, not very many people do, even if I try my hardest to explain, nobody believes me.

        6. The bad part (or good depending on your perception) is that if you were young when you came to where you are now, and decide to go back, you might also not fit in 100%. You will fit in on a surface/physical level but maybe not so much socially or intellectually due to the different upbringing.
          This can work to your advantage if you have a good grasp of your original countries’ language and customs… you would definitely have an extra ability to see things from a different perspective compared to the locals and that’s a good ace to have up your sleeve. Perhaps your high level of English would be good for business relations too?

        7. Yeah, I think financially I could succeed over there simply due to my standard education and extensive knowledge on tech. As far as socially, you’re right. I read a story on this guy that was kicked out back to my people’s country. He was fine financially, which is a shocker but kinda cool as he was a urban hip hop troublemaker but he still made it over there. Socially however, it was a huge hurdle for him.

    2. Claim you are a transgendered woman, get government loans/contracts for women only to start a business. Sue if you don’t get any money. Or apply for jobs(at Amazon), if you don’t get hired, sue for discrimination.
      Take the free money, travel and get a girlfriend. That is playing the cards you are dealt.

      1. I wouldn’t pass as a transgendered woman. I’m blacklisted from Amazon. Can’t work there anymore. I’ve thought about suing for discrimination but if they don’t respond to my application, there’s no way I can prove that they discriminated. They can easily say I’m not qualified enough (which is what they say anyways, even fast food joints).

        1. I’ve never seen any transgendered woman pass as a woman. The SJWs tell us gender is what is in your mind not anything physical. It is actually a good think if people don’t believe you transferred into a woman. You sue anyone that doesn’t believe you for the emotional distress of not being accepted as a woman.
          You only need to go drag when you meet government officials. If anyone asks why you still dress like a man, just say the government and your insurance haven’t yet given you $100K for your sex change.

    3. Would you be willing to post your pic? I’m very curious what you look like, and maybe we could give you some constructive criticism to help you out.

  31. I don’t know, haven’t the SJWs taught that if you bitch enough about unfairness that the government, media and the rest of society will give you what you want? If we never complain about unfairness they drive the media?
    They are dealt 4 aces, they bitch till the government gives them 5 and they get it. Nice play.

  32. Wow Sofia, that’s incredible! But we’re men here, so we already make money. Perhaps you would get a more positive response by posting your ads on a site like huffington post or, where most of the readers are desperately trying to overcome the wage gap. $8748 in a few weeks might be almost enough to make them happy.

  33. The problem is as others are pointing out that bleating about fairness is currently an effective strategy for many. One needs to wean oneself off the expectation while still making ones case to be treated fairly. If the concept of unfairness is being addressed unfairly one can only address that as an injustice within the framework of unfairness so longer as that remains the organising principle of justice.

  34. I’m a starving artist. I knew poverty was a likely outcome of trying to be the next Picasso. Somehow, I’m pretty happy with not supporting our corrupt system with taxes, and by realizing that we live much more complicated, consumer driven, status whoring lives than I’m willing to. And I plan to accept my likely pauper’s death by the side of a road in a ditch with as much dignity as I can. No whining. Some horribly die early on a battlefield in some foreign land, some horribly die late in some ditch free and alone.

  35. Where are from? Where I live I was taught stealing is wrrong. Hurtful. Punishable by suspension or expulsion and returning the item or working it off along with a grounding.
    I was never taught life had to be fair or that life is fair. Children do beleive in the idea of fairness and use it to push their way upon others. Adults who are childish do the same. Alcoholics, addicts etc use the unfairness as a reason to hurt others especially the ones they love.
    Despite their shouting unfairness the mothers, fathers and teachers (AA groups) always say life is not fair. We must do the best we can with the hands we are dealt along with a stern “stop blaming”.
    These are what I was taught and what I teach. I live in the west. Canada.
    Where do you live where you were taught stealing is not fair and parents teach life is fair??

  36. hairline has receded a fair amount in the last year or so, and my confidence was pretty smashed. After pulling myself out of the funk and scoring a few lays, have started to just accept that it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be, and there will always be birds that are down if you know how to carry yourself.

  37. I was also dealt the short card (5’9″) but I don’t see it as a “handicap” at all. I have no physical limitations unless you consider not being able to dunk a basketball a limitation. I’ve done OK in dating too. Just as there are guys out there who don’t mind dating a fat girl, there are girls out there who really don’t care about height. Find them and get to know them.

  38. I know this goes against the alpha mentality or whatever but if you are given a pair of two’s and some other dreadful cards (keeping with the poker analogy) you will lose no matter what 99% of the time. I do my best to stay alpha in demeanor, physical attributes, style, etc but other factors make it extremely hard to succeed. Even simply being born in America isn’t enough anymore. Life is a fucking grind with little happiness for pretty much everyone.

    1. There isn’t really a happiness. Tonight Manning won a damn hard game. Happy, right? The next time he steps on the field in a few days, he’ll still have 340lb. muscular beasts trying to “destroy” him. There’s not a lot of time for happiness.

  39. You re the economist, ive got this lump on my ass can you check it out for me?
    But jokes aside. Life is tough when you have dreams, we are taught that some sort of cosmic justice exist. which is cruel.
    I find it pretty insulting that the author of this article attempts to compare being short as drawing a short straw in comparison of being a black ghetto youth. Unless you are 5’1,…toughen up princess.
    the irony of all the anti-left propaganda on here is that evening the playing field is better for everyone. Someone in the ghetto might be the one to cure cancer, evening the playing field gives leverage to those who are less likely to succeed, it creates opportunity.
    .At the end of the day the cards you draw dont leave you powerless to throw your deck in the dealers face grab him by the throat and change the fucking rules.

    1. Leveling the playing field has become twisted to mean rewarding failure, or equality of outcome instead of equality of opportunity.

      1. Yea there are problems with it.
        I just shake my head when i hear “those bloody leftists…”on here. its probably counter productive. With out social security programs, not many of us would have much opportunity, no matter what political/economical system a state uses.
        Cant say i’ve really ever been rewarded for failing, or know anyone who has. People tend to be rewarded for doing. And sometimes what they are doing isnt fair to others i guess. Affirmative action is a different story, and it is probably going too far as far as gender is concerned. But people with disabilities will need help, people with disabilities in fact are probably where this article should direct out thinking. Paraolympians are some of the most inspirational people i can think of. there, you can get a black guy with one leg and one arm going after what he wants, pretty cool.

        1. I’m conflicted on things when I see cunts like ellen pao claiming she was fired for being female when she wasnt putting up the numbers at work. How many black guys in the NBA do you see giving up their spot on the team to an asian in the name of fairness?

        2. So true, even the lucky beggars who succeed on the levelled field arent being rewarded for failure, they did something about it whether it be to get someone else sacked, or to cry victimisation. Or on the better side, they took advantage of a new opportunity in tokenism, they applied for that job. If they sat and did nothing, they would have failed. Doing is the key.

    1. Take your hand and run with it.The state or culture will never help you succed, overcome or achieve. It can be your crutch but you never grow with any crutch. You have to to be like a ‘world man’ in mindstate, even within your own home country or culture. Only a worldly ‘world man’ drives those around him (women included). The state drives everyone as well, but only in the capacity of an irritating, nagging BITCH that nags everyone within her national territory. And her jack boots are all mama’s boy FAGS. ”FUCK YOU BITCH STATE”. The worldly man pisses on you over your borders. Again ”FUCK YOU BITCH STATE”. (i’m referring to the bitch state, not you of course)
      If your state or feminized culture lets you down, if your state or church idols or pillars fail you in support, maybe the state is having it’s ‘time of the month’ when its nurturing turns to cannibalistic mirth, unpredictable BITCH FEMALE without a soul but a degree in politics that the state is. The state sure acts collectively like a fickle femme doesn’t she?
      Yoked man release your chains. Fire up those balls, grab that dick and enter the race. Dicks are ON THE RISE. The time nears when MAN will return to the throne!

    2. Theres someone for everyone. If you dont want a woman who wants your shape, change it to suit what you do want. No-one dealt you a fat card.

  40. “The key to success is playing the hand you were dealt like it was the hand you wanted.”
    Also, buy some height increasing insoles. They’re cheap, and you go up a couple inches, skyrocketing attractiveness.

    1. That sounds like advice from some guy selling insoles. Two inches doesn’t mean much when women are wearing 4 inch heals. Women will tell a man who is 5’9″ they don’t want to be eye-to-eye with their boyfriend. When women walk into a room they immediately scan the males for height eliminating the shorter 50%. Then they separate taller ones by facial attractiveness, leaving 25% of the males as potential for sex partners. Women dont make a conscious decision to do this. Its pre-programmed or instinct. Women wont admit it. Women will say its all about personality and compatibility because they dont want to sound shallow. But if you’re male in the other 75% and you’re not running advanced game skills, you’re going to get the left overs like overweight single moms past their prime.

  41. My assistant – a 21 year old Chinese girl – asked me if I believed in destiny. I said no. You make your own choices. However things (ie. Shit) happen and nobody knows what will happen until it happens. You just gave to deal with it.

  42. Satisfaction in life is a three-point measure:
    1) Are you good at what you do?
    2) Do you enjoy what you do?
    3) Are you making money at what you do?
    I could have been an accountant, but that would have failed point 2. I could have been a writer or singer but that would fail point 3. And there is no end to the list if things where I fail at point 1. You need to find your niche.

      1. I am teaching in China. I have been here three of the last 4 years. In a way, I stumbled into it but it was an opportunity that presented itself and I went for it.
        Proximately, it started back in 2004 when I was having a hard time finding employment as a lawyer. I found a job posting at a private school looking for a grade 12 economics teacher. When I studied business I got A+ in both first year micro and macro economics; I had been a summer instructor at the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering back in the 90’s; I had been a TA with UBC’s School of Management while attending law school there; and I had been an LSAT instructor with Kaplan after graduation.
        I did that for a year as well as teaching international business and accounting. Then I landed a job as a lawyer and I did that for four years. I wanted to do commercial litigation or insurance defense but my boss and associate had all that tied up as far as existing clients were concerned and there were not enough new clients coming through the door: between 2/3 and 3/4 of new contacts needed help in family law including child custody, access, support, divorce, property . . .the whole 9 yards. Being an accountant was boring, but being a divorce litigator was fucking insane and I hated it so I bailed in 2009 after my father was struck down by brain cancer. (He retired with a nice nest egg; three months later he diagnosed and 4 months after that he died. His last words to me were: “I worked too hard”.)
        So I became a layabout for a year and did some extra work on TV and movies from time to time to pick up some extra cash. The a friend liked me to a craigslist post again looking for an economics teacher. The school catered almost exclusively to non-resident Chinese students. The principal and president is a Chinese immigrant with a PhD in education. After a year there they offered me a position teaching in China and I took it. The next year I was back in Canada back to teaching business subjects as well as ESL but I decided to return to China and this is where I have been for the last two years.
        Now after a few years here I have the professional, cultural and networking experience to be considered for more lucrative positions. So yes, I like what I do and I am good at it, and it seems the money will follow.
        That completely sidesteps the issues of exploration, travel and being in a superior environment to conduct a viable unicorn hunt.
        TL;DR – Found a job as a teacher as a stop-gap. Worked as a divorce lawyer but hated it. Took a year off then went back to teaching. Now in China and loving it.

  43. Woman:I don’t know if you are going to like living in our time.
    Khan: Then I will just have to remould it to my liking

  44. Really great article Captain! Thing is, the hand you’re dealt is it, but, if you play it well in a free society…anything is possible. But, its not going to happen without sacrifice. What is see as a recurring theme from the left, sjw’s particular, they flippantly dismiss this hard fact, but then again, they do the same thing with, oh, realty too. And they also dismiss sacrifice and working in lieu of taking the easy way out or just taking. It amounts to very very very bad advice and certainly not the sort of thing you could live your life by. But, the horror of it all, this is exactly what they promote and, worse, captivate people, mostly kids making them into zealous cult members. If you examine the “progressive stack” its all there…all the groups in the stack are essentially pissed at their hand in life. And if you look further you’ll realize that these people hide behind these “identities” as a way to cover for themselves. The most egregious of late is this whole fucking “trans” fad. Talk about denying the hands your dealt. And the zealous mental gymnastics pro-“tran”s people resort too to defend their defenseless position is disturbing. “gender” dysmorphia? Um, for starters there is no such thing as “gender”, so, right off the bat this is a fraud. Meanwhile, biology, science, fucking DNA all say that males are males and females are females. But, these people suffer, “they” say. And the solution to their suffering is to help them come to terms with the hand they were dealt. Its not a struggle over being a male or female, no no, to endure evasive surgery and powerful hormone drugs is not “courageous”, rather the subject must really hate themselves if they are willing to go through such a radical synthetic transformation. Getting a sex “change” is superficial at best and, regardless of orbiting sycophants and care bear stares, the subject’s original hand remains the same. I’ve put this to people who were pro-“trans” who have a “friend”…I say, if you’re really a friend you’d help them deal with who they are warts and all. Going along with their make believe only makes matters worse.

    1. So true. ‘Its not my fault. I was born this way’ is becoming annoying. Life sucks equally but differently for everyone. People should complain less and help each other out more.

  45. Some people just don’t know how to be happy. No matter how many pluses they have they’re never happy. They’re always jealous of what other people have and are willing to throw away everything they have to be like these other people only to find that doesn’t make them happy either. I married one of these unhappy people and thought I could make her happy. I thought that after a while she would realize how lucky she was but I was wrong. She threw it all away and ran off with a loser and another after that. Now she lives alone and the kids live with me. It’s sad really but I’m over it. We’re happy without her. I live every day to the fullest and am thankful for everything I have. Life isn’t fair, but whoever said it was? It’s up to you to make the best of it. If you don’t even try then you’ve wasted everything God gave you.

  46. I agree about the fairness bullshit ,but ADHD is a massive fraud ,the feminist schools drug boys to make them behave like women.

  47. True, but then mutual unfairness comes into play. Cue your Elliot Rogers, Chris Corners and the like. Not advocating they s behavior, if course, but some people are going to crack and play unfairly with the cards that they are dealt.

  48. If life was fair, we would all live to the exact same age.
    If we don’t get the same amount of life, the most valuable thing we have, why would we think anything else in life is fair?

  49. Part of the problem with young people is that they have been told since they were little that they can be ANYTHING they want to be – rock stars, models, professional athletes, whatever – they just have to want it enough. I remember an interview with Simon Cowell on his days with American Idol, where he would tell would-be contestants that they had a terrible voice, no musicality or rhythm, and there was no chance in hell they’d become professional singers, and yet they insisted that they were the next Beyoncé or Bieber because they WANTED it enough.

    1. Kids have always been taught that – it’s not a generational thing. And it’s not the kids fault, it’s the people telling them that.

    2. Entitlement has reached endemic level. In the first years of my scholarity, we were told life was a Darwinian hard bitch.
      When I finished uni, the background noise was: would be nice to blame something and sue it if possible if things aren’t going your way.
      Now it’s the official motto.

  50. Life isn’t fair. Some men are taller than you. Some men are richer than you. Some men have more access to women than you. Some men are stronger than you. Some men are healthier and muscular than you. On the other hand, you are taller, richer and stronger and smarter than some men. I mean shit it can go on and on and on. Try to improve whatever you can change and always try to be better than your former self. Everyday should be a day where you improve. Your own comparison should be to you and your old self. Everyday you are shedding yourself of your old former self and improving to be the better newer version of “YOU”.
    Complaining about not being fair isn’t going to get you anything besides some sympathy and most likely pity and annoyed looks from people. If you hate your job, your situation or whatever you are dealing with, As a MAN you must go and fix it on your own. You must change and be the change you want.

  51. I was always told to look fair up in the dictionary, and that would be the only place I would find it.

  52. I am a short guy as well. I used to whine about this a lot when I was young. This was not so strange since I was being bullied severely in class for it as well.
    Living in the Netherlands at that time (home of the, on average, tallest people on earth) where even a lot of the girls are longer than me, I developed a feeling of being inferior to other people (other factors contributed to this as well, but I will not share my whole sad, trauma-like childhood and bore you guys with). Later, I also blamed girls for wanting tall men, and I was jealous of the apparent ease in which these longer men attracted and seduced women . However, I realize now this is the same as blaming men for liking big breasts; it is just nature, something you cannot change. Is it fair that the earth has to rotate around the sun and not otherwise? It’s a useless question since that is just the way it is and no amount of humans wishing it was otherwise can change it.
    These negative feelings changed, when I started to focus on the more positive ‘cards that I got dealt with’ such as above average intelligence, facial features and sense of humor.
    I wholly agree with this article’s premise that you have to deal with the cards you have been dealt with. However, this is a thought process that is often difficult to achieve especially with these cultural influences and ideas that everything has to be fair that you describe.

    1. I usually HATE “me too ” replies but for once, here’s a “me too”.
      5″6 and I can relate to pretty much everything you wrote.
      It’s not all that bad being that short provided you really, really can get over the brutal realization that height indeed does matter and the only way you can negate that “genetic mishap” is to develop and market whatever it is you got going for you.

  53. Great article. Why would he expect an economist to have the answer as to why he couldn’t play pro ball ?

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