7 Buck Tees On Your Body

ROK’s December sponsor is 7 Buck Tees. They offer dozens of different t-shirts style for $7. This one could have interesting uses:


You also get a 15% discount if you follow this link.

Our Christmas offer is pretty simple: spend $30 or more (not including shipping) and you’ll get 15% off your order, plus we’ll throw in a fully customized “cleanup” towel with your name or nickname or title on it.  You’ll be unique in your scene and the new plates are assured to remember what to call you (other than “sir”).

We’d like to thank 7 Buck Tees for their support. If you are interested in becoming an ROK sponsor, visit our sponsorship page. You can also drop a couple bucks in our tip jar.

14 thoughts on “7 Buck Tees On Your Body”

  1. I hope the sponsorship fee amount for 7 Buck Tees takes into account all the exposure they’ll be getting.
    Although the viral articles are hard to predict the timing of, each sponsor so far has gotten some major eyeball time.
    Their products look cool, and I clicked around their website and will probably pick up a couple shirts. I’m sure the company will more than make up their sponsorship fee.

    1. I believe the sponsorship fee is far too low. I’ll definitely follow up with Roosh about it after the month ends, but the traffic is much higher than I had estimated.
      On a purely CPA (Cost Per Action) basis, I don’t have the metrics yet, so maybe the price is fair, but on a CPC (Cost Per Click) basis, it’s extraordinary. I will definitely promote again, even if clicks don’t turn into purchases. I don’t personally profit from this particular website, it’s all about hiring good people and giving them job skills, and attaching my name to such a program.
      The “downside” is that red pill types don’t really appear to be the most stunning customer base, but I also road test many of my amateur designs, and I’ll plug my shirts by saying this: my print shop (and one of my flats) is in a very active university area. I ride the same public bus that thousands of coeds ride. And I’ve never been approached so many times at a bus stop or on the bus as I have wearing some of my designs.
      The grammar nazis shirts are pure magic. They make young gals mad enough to come up and yell at me. And that’s worth $7. I should charge $50 for those.

      1. I don’t profit from this particular website either. 😉
        But it is growing pretty fast, and mainstream ad agencies are taking notice and contacting me.

        1. Great. Content farms generate inferior content but generate outstanding returns.
          Check your comment form. There’s a Disqus problem.

    1. Good question. Simple answer? I have a lot of friends who disc golf, and I get my amateur muse from what my circles of friends do. We sell somewhere around $100 a day in those designs, so it’s a profitable niche.
      None of my categories make much sense, but if you saw what all the niches are that my friends are into, it coalesces into an excellent SEO strategy. Plus it gives me a good laugh to see what a multi-shirt order covers, topic-wise.

  2. The owner of 7 buck tees is A.B. Dada. He’s a red pill extraordinaire. Look him up on facebook.

  3. No Return of Kings, MGTOW, MRA t-shirts brah. Looks like you have one for womens rights tho. You sure you are redpill?

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