Hire People With These 5 Traits At Your Own Risk

As a manager, supervisor, boss, owner, etc. it’s imperative that you hire the best and brightest for your organization. An employee is an investment. That investment needs to be properly managed in order to grow and succeed.

Once that employee reaches his pinnacle of growth and success, you and he have reached the most optimal production output. It’s a successful partnership and ultimately, the both of you are making more money.

However, not all employees, like men, are created equal. Only the best can ensure you reach that end game of mutual success. I’ve reviewed hundreds of resumes and held countless interviews, most pre-planned and others held at public job fairs.

The “new” adage, “Never judge a book by its cover” is completely false. It’s the single quickest way for an interviewer to take a chance on a complete idiot, drug user, social justice warrior (never let them in your organization), slacker and piss poor employee.

So, let me make this crystal clear, judge. Life is about making judgments, but you need to be cautious and judicious with making decisions on potential employees. Typically, what you see is what you get when interviewing. The ones you don’t see carry the greatest risk, but we’ll save that for another day.

Below are some tried and true observations on candidates you should definitely pass on. At best, you have to spend additional hours you don’t have correcting them and, eventually you’ll be forced to fire them. At worst, you have the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) breaking down your door for a bullshit investigation, and that’s just the beginning. It only goes significantly downhill from that point on – i.e., lawsuits.

Only useless HR idiots and clueless blue pill men think the following is acceptable in an employee:

1. The Long Fingernail

I’m sure they just forgot to clip that one this morning.

I’m sure they just forgot to clip that one this morning.

Observation is important. In fact, it’s key to survival. You’d be surprised (or not) that HR departments just overlook that nasty long fingernail, guess it’s part of the interviewee’s culture. Nothing to see here.

But there is. Likely, they’re a drug user. There are probably other tell tale signs of drug abuse, but keep an eye out for the long fingernail. At the very least, they’ve got poor hygiene. A man with poor hygiene has his priorities off and doesn’t respect himself. If he doesn’t respect himself, he won’t respect you or your company’s mission. Pass.

2. Colored People

What’s the worst that could happen? No drama here.

What’s the worst that could happen? No drama here.

We all know taking a chance on hiring a woman is a risk anyway, but that discussion is another entire article. Women with unnaturally colored hair – you’d have to be a certified retard to hire them. Chances are they’re going to fuck multiple employees, try to seduce you, cause emotional upheaval within the office and cause chaos.

They’re not fully developed adults. What kind of adult with responsibilities, drive and ambition would look like that? The answer is simple. None. They’re perpetual children and, like actual children, do not belong in the workplace. Easy pass.

3. The Pierced Tongue

You probably make good decisions; after all, you have a tongue ring.

You probably make good decisions; after all, you have a tongue ring.

I had a woman come in for an interview and the position required outbound phone call monitoring of our call center. She was a married stay-at-home mom and had been out of the workplace for several years. Before she left her professional life behind, she had been modestly successful. Her resume was decent and the position was slightly above entry-level, so I took a chance on interviewing her. My spidey sense was already tingling.

What walked in my office was a disheveled woman in mom jeans and sporting a tongue ring. Moms with tongue rings make the best matriarchs, everyone knows that.

I passed on her and informed HR. The HR director was naturally an entitled black forty-year-old woman. In other words, worthless. But, I outranked her. She asked why I passed on her and I told her it was because she had a tongue ring, among other things. She sat back with a mild expression of shock on her face and then said, “Silas, you’re too old fashioned.”

I looked at her for a long while and then said, “Monica, you do know this position requires listening to the call center folks, right?” “Yes, of course” she said without hesitating. “Well, how do you think the folks on the floor are going to appreciate a girl with a tongue ring explaining that their phone presence was unprofessional?”

“I guess so, but I liked her” she said. Of course, she did. Another easy pass.

4. The Lord Of The Rings

Frightening.  This is from someone’s nightmare.

Frightening. This is from someone’s nightmare.

Pass. For God’s sake, please pass. Usually, someone wearing this many rings is batshit crazy. Believe in astrology? Check. Used to be a part-time beautician? Check. Has a lone white wolf baying at the moon mural on their van? Check.

Look them in the eyes and you can see the crazy just seeping through.

Any man that wears more than two rings is either a pretty boy dandy or moonlights as your neighborhood cross dresser. They have no business in your business.

5. My Kids Are My World

Sounds good, anything else?  Nope.

Sounds good, anything else? Nope.

HR likes to dictate to interviewers not to ask personal questions. Why? Because HR is stupid and worthless. So, ignore them, but approach this subject tactfully.

Finding out a potential hire’s personal beliefs, values and priorities is critical. You wouldn’t hire someone who revealed to you that they spend their weekends at a local commune and worship Gaia. To find these hidden gems, approach with care. It’s easy, but don’t bum rush it. Below is a snippet from someone I passed on:

“Max, what motivates you?” I asked.

“I’m not sure I know what you mean, like at home or at work, outside of…”

“I mean, what’s important to you? It can be a whole host of things that drives you to be successful, what are those things?” I explained.

“Well, my kids are my world” he responded back.

Then, silence. And more silence.

“Family is important Max, that’s for sure. Anything else?” I asked, hoping for more information. Something to illustrate to me that Max had a greater potential than playing piggy bank for his family. Nothing, that was it.

The problem was his kids were it and nothing else. The entirety of his life, aspirations, dreams and goals and his response is only “…my kids are my world.” Nothing to expound or explain, just a plastic Hallmark, and essentially, meaningless expression.

It’s a cop out and a pretty weak one at that. It’s designed to express family responsibilities, warmth and togetherness. It’s a woman’s response.

The job isn’t about warmth or family, it’s about getting the job done. It’s in black and white terms. Pass or fail. Win or lose. That warm and fussy family crap doesn’t mean a hill of beans when a board report is due.

Didn’t get that report to the board because your “world” had a cold or received out-of-school suspension and needed some special treatment? Well, that’s just too damn bad.


There are many more observations other than the ones detailed above to spot bad hires. In fact, one could write an entire book dedicated to the subject. But, these are what I like to call “hard truths,” they don’t feel good and they don’t pull any punches. They don’t bend or break. They hurt.

Don’t hire these people. They’re frail and damaged weaklings; let beta males hire these people, so it lessens your competition.

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185 thoughts on “Hire People With These 5 Traits At Your Own Risk”

  1. 5 i disagree with. Parents are force to grow up and take responsibility in life. They usually work hard cause thet have to support their family. Compare it to someone young that goes out and parties all the time, it will be a nightmare. Half the time these people rock up to work hung over.
    i find the best way and what i hire is their attitude to life. If they are positive and look at life in a postive way, its someone u should hire.
    If they give off bad energy, negative, etc… do u really want to work with someone like that for 40+ hours a week? i hire based on personality first, experience second.
    Women are a big no no…. they bitch and complain and dont work as hard as men do.

    1. A potential hire with a family is one thing. Where it gets to be a pain is when someone feels so devoted to his or her family that they unreasonably prioritize it over the job at hand. Unreasonable prioritization includes, for example, leaving work to be with a kid with a sniffle, or leaving work to see a sports game or whatnot during work hours. There’s a balance there but there are those people who abuse the “family” to shirk pulling their weight around the office. In addition to lost productivity, it hacks off the people who don’t use the family excuse or are single etc.

      1. That’s fine as far as it goes. Modern corporate America (not sure if you’re from here so excuse the cultural bias if not) expects you to be on the clock 24/7 if you are salaried. And they mean it. A man who works 8 am to 5 pm wanting to see his kid play a baseball game at 7 pm is not unreasonable if no deadlines are looming and work is being done on time. But corporate America sees him as a liability.

        1. the CEOs of great companies are all workaholic, narcissists, which is fine because it achieves great things…… they expect their staff to be the same…. which is fine because if you want to clock in and out you can go flip burgers…..
          the trick is to be in on it from the start with profit sharing, options, incentives etc….. not be a gork getting a job at google in 2015….

        2. Being a workaholic is highly overrated.
          Getting your work done before deadline and under budget consistently and bringing new profitable innovation to the company on the other hand is all kinds of win.
          Be the later, and not the former. Idiotic workaholics who spend 12+ hours a day chained to a desk, who “check email” during vacation and weekends and at 2am in the morning, etc. are some of the least productive, least creative people on the planet. I can do in 5 hours what they do in 2 workaholic-extended days. Screw them and their setting the expectation that everybody needs to be on the clock 24/7.

        3. I know a guy who was a workaholic. He was a successful accountant. Divorced once because he never came home to his wife and kids. Retired at 65 with a few million in real estate and stock investments. Got struck with brain cancer and died 3 months later. His last words: “I worked too hard.”
          He was my father. I will not be that man.

        4. Ain’t that the way it goes?
          The stress of being on the clock all the time, with obsessing about everything job related, with for all intents and purposes forging your identity AS your job, is highly unhealthy.
          Human beings were not cut out to be constantly stressed. We do well under pressure and bursts of stress, but to be in a constant state of stress causes some real medical problems. Yet here we are as a culture (the West, especially the U.S.) practicing a twisted and corrupted version of the insidiously idiotic Puritan work ethic until we keel over into a grave at an early age.
          It’s probably easy to read what I’m writing as some kind of indictment against hard work. This is not the case, in fact, quite the opposite. It’s an indictment against turning a good work ethic into a neurosis.

        5. I absolutely believe in the right of people to be stupid and thus taken advantage of (seriously). My comment was more towards the man who may be wondering why the fuck he’s sitting in a cubicle for 10 hours a day with 2 hours of work that he has to pretend to do in order to put in the expected “face time”.

    2. There is an advantage to those sappy “My kids are my world” kind of simp betas: They are easy to enslave. Those kids are liabilities that will keep him chained to that desk and working unpaid overtime so he can keep his miserable job and be a “good man.”
      In other words, they are everything we hope not to be.

      1. lol ur pathetic buddy. Your genetic line will die out as it should. I know 50-100 guys who are marines, oilfield workers, businessmen and all kinds of badass. They all love their kids and would lay their life down to feed them. Stop projecting your manhood issues out on people who actually have the balls to be one.

        1. I’m not against having children but before you say he’s projecting his manhood issues, look at your own comment… You’re telling us about all those “badass people” you know who have children because you want to believe you’re not one more bland dad.

  2. Women take 43% more sick days than men.
    If you hire a young woman, the odds of her getting pregnant and not being at work are pretty high. Of course, they still demand equal treatment & equal pay despite working less. If you had to hire a woman, I guess youd have to roll the dice with an older woman who cant get pregnant and hope she is straight forward.

    1. the problem with women is the 1% that are actually on it, give delusions of grandeur to the 49% that are mediocre at best, and it can be very difficult to tell the difference…. the other 50% that are essentially just breeding / fucking machines…

    2. I know a guy who was a doc/MD for the US AirForce. This woman doctor worked a total of 1 month of her 3 yr payback /commitment obligation because she was always pregnant and her pregnancies were high risk so she always had to be on bedrest. The command would not replace or backfill her position so my male doc friend had to work obscene amount of hours.

      1. 44% of female doctors work part time
        44 fucking percent. that’s right, after decades of ’empowerment’, ‘girl power’, ‘independence’ they run away to get back into the kitchen.
        The notion they can handle the work hours men put in for decades is a complete fucking lie. Women quickly learn theyre happier staying home.
        Since med schools wont adjust 1/2 women admission, the other male doctors have to pick up the slack. The fact that more women are in college is irrelavent when you consider women obviously can’t handle the responsibilities and commitment to a career.

        1. The feminists like to look at law and med school graduates and then compare the earnings of men and women five years out. The men make a lot more than the women and this is cited as “discrimination”. The thing is men are more likely to be emergency doctors ($350k per year) while women become general practitioners (maybe $150k per year). Meanwhile, among lawyers, the women have a higher burnout rate and tend to settle into to government, corporate counsel and non-profit positions

        2. i can only speak anecdotally through my alpha-father who’s an MD, but in his 40 years of practice he has come to the conclusion that female MD’s are amateurs at best (it’s not helping their skill-set working only part-time either).

      1. Led by Patricia Arquette, a rich movie star who is obviously playing make believe for oppressively low wages.

      2. thomas sowell’s book ‘economic facts and fallacies’ flush out all the bullshit of wage equality. that guy is the fucking man.

        1. In some of his other written work he looked at a company that was accused on gender bias by some harpy who didn’t get a promotion. The only evidence of bias was that the percentage of females diminished the higher up the corporate ladder you went. The company had to spend a boatload of money on an investigation to defend itself and found that women simply were not applying for promotions. In the complainant’s case, she applied but was not the best candidate.
          The investigated further and women had all sorts of reasons to not apply, but mostly because it would interfere with their family life.
          And yes, Sowell is the fucking man!

    3. When it was revealed that the Canadian federal public service takes something like 11% more sick days than the private sector, their apologist union cited the fact that women make up a larger proportion of the public sector, as if that makes it ok.

      1. i was born in canada, lived there until i was a teenager. lots of great memories, but i would never… never for a second want to work in that country. and be careful what words you utter up there in the ‘true north strong and free’… some ‘unique’ groups of people are more equal than others!

        1. The human rights commissions and their hate speech laws are a plague. The federal hate speech law – which covered internet postings such as this forum – was finally killed by the legislature. Unfortunately, every province has its own organization that mostly goes after anyone critical of gays.

    4. I had coworker for 8 years. In those EIGHT years, she took more sick leave than I had taken in 38 years. She was also always the last in the office and looked to leave as fast as possible. The epitome of NARCISSIST.

      1. I worked with one that called off 3 weekends in one 13 week period including the weekend x-mass fell on. For x-mass she couldn’t find childcare for her kids, her ex would take them but wanted it to still count as her holiday because she waited until 2 weeks before to ask him. Whenever I asked about PTO buyback, she would say about donating PTO to others.

    5. I don’t say all men are good workers, but women are even worse. I saw this with a female colleague. First pregnant, and then on maternity leave for 4 months (in NL). Once they had a kid work gets shoved aside, all attention is focused on her child now. I don’t say that is a bad thing seen biologically. But it sucks when you are an employer.
      Society pays over and over again for women. First society pays for (worthless) subsidized degrees and after 5 years of work most women 25-30 get pregnant.
      Do you know how much maternity leave costs the taxpayer and employers? Most women go for a second and third batch, not to return to the workforce. And when they do, it’s for some mediocre job. I mean. After sitting at home for 10-15 years looking after some kids skills became outdated, age doesn’t help either.
      Another personal thing I don’t like about female employees: They can’t keep secrets, gossip and always have lousy excuses for being late. The only good woman here working is 50+ yo.

  3. Agree with most of this, but the last one hints at something I fucking dispise – the never ending work day. I work in big law, and have pulled my share of 16 hour days, seven days a week, while still on call for the remaining time. It’s retarded, inefficient, unproductive, soul crushing, and, quite frankly, the people who insist on it are some of the worst leaders I’ve ever seen. So I finally stopped answering after hours. Magically the work still gets done on time, and I’m rated higher than my peers who can’t figure out how to set boundaries. Repeat after me: a man is not meant to be a corporate slave.

    1. “So I finally stopped answering after hours. Magically the work still gets done on time, and I’m rated higher than my peers who can’t figure out how to set boundaries.”
      amazing how that shit works.

        1. Dude i am playing the shit outta Ninja Gaiden 2. 7 and 11 years later those two games are STILL the best action games around.

        2. I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad. I’m glad you are still playing my game, but I’m sure that I’ve been killed a lot too. (draws sword) So how many times have you ALLOWED me to be killed?

    2. during world war two, the British put the munitions workers on a 7 day week, and they made less bullets in 7 days than they did in 6…. so they went back to 6 day weeks….. tell this to anyone who wants you to work on the weekend.. i prefer to down tools on friday night for 24hrs…and warm up on Sunday…. works for the jewish, and they are busy getting rich, while everyone else is nursing a hangover on sunday… or feeding and email / smart phone fetish all weekend.

      1. So a 6 day work week (give or take)? Tools down friday at 7 or 8 then picked back up saturday at 7 or 8?

      2. You know, it’s stuff like this that has made me in awe of religion – even though I don’t go to church and don’t particularly believe in God.
        However, the wisdom of “the blueprint” laid out for life in the Bible is, I believe, the right way – and not just on the big points, but also the little ones like having a day of rest every seventh day. Not only does it make you more productive, but it also gives you time with family and friends on a day when NO-ONE is working somewhere else. (Like, when you have the day off but the kids are working Sunday morning at Walmart, your spouse starts her night shift at 10pm Sunday night, and half your friends are either working or on call – there is then very little “community” developed on such a “day off”).
        Once upon a time, everyone had Sunday off except for emergency services. Say what you will about religion, but this practice helped society’s productivity, it’s social relationships and its family relationships.
        The more I see books like the Bible, the more I am in awe of how “right” they are in assessing human behaviours – so much so, that even a disbelief in God would still make one seem like a fool for not listening to the gems of wisdom about human nature buried within them.
        Fly at ‘er, Atheists. I’ve got my spaghetti monster hat on already (the strainer), and I’m a waitin’ for you to drop your pearls of scientific wisdom on the matter.

    3. Let’s also not forget that this type of workaholism is a modern invention. Before electricity, people went the fuck home when it got dark.

      1. It takes all the running you cam do to keep up.
        stefan Molyneux had a great analogy. The chickens work really hard and double production and efficiency thus producing the quota of eggs in half the time. The farmer corporation and government never give them half the year off or doubles their pay. He keeps pay the same makes them work the same amount of time and keeps the profits for himself.

        1. The only reward you get at most companies for being hyper-efficient and getting work done at a frenetic pace is….more work.

        2. Exactly. Its something that happens to students too. The quicker and faster you get your work done the more busy work you get. A family member of mine has a pretty good corporate job. I saw him on his laptop. He was juggling like 7 different projects with a grip of emails, IMs and spread sheets open. I thought to myself “20-30 years ago without computers he wouldnt be able to juggle on this work, he’s doing the work of more than 3 people right now, but he’s getting paid like one.” Well, I cant pity him. In fact I should congratulate him. He’s on a good career path.

        3. Sounds more like he’s on his way to a heart-attack at 55.
          Keeping a good pace is fine, but I tend to turn and burn on the work, and then send it off closer to the deadline, so people don’t get funny ideas…..
          Or, as a Union Guy I know used to say: “Don’t kill the job.”

    4. The main reason that shit happens is plain disorganisation. Lawyers have some of the worst time management skills on the face of the planet, — and often because the more time they take the more they generally get paid for something, since lawyers often charge by the hour.
      This same perverse incentivisation of inefficiency is why many early legal documents take seven hundred words to say one simple thing: because in the early days, lawyers were paid by the word for drafting documents.

      1. Don’t even get me started on this. I can’t count the number of times I’ve wanted to choke slam some bitch who whines about how she can’t find time to do all her work. But pay attention and you’ll find she spends half the day stopping by to talk to people, another quarter of it emailing/texting/talking, ten percent online shopping/other personal shit, and with the remaining fifteen percent that she’s supposed to work, she has zero fucking plan and no logical approach to anything. Worse than worthless. Billable hours are also bullshit.

    5. This is why I’m an in-house guy. Too many dysfunctional personalities in law firms, too many social retards and too many bullies. A buddy of mine from law school told me that there’s one partner who walks around on summer Fridays to find some hapless associate to pile work on at 4:45 just to be a dick.
      It’d take me about 5 minutes of working in a law firm for the first “Well here’s *your* fucking problem….” to come flying out of my mouth.

      1. See, there are people like that, but when I get that shit dropped on me, I look them right in the eye and say, “I’ll get it to you by COB monday.” If I get pushback, I just tell them I already have other commitments during the weekend. If they push further and tell me to cancel, I just say “no” and don’t show up. Yet, I still got the largest bonus in my practice group because everyone knows I’ll get the work done, and it won’t be fucked up.
        Another tactic that works great with fuckheads like the one you describe is to turn the tables on them. Bombard them with calls, emails and status updates on all the minute details of your progress all weekend that are couched as an emergency. Because they don’t want their weekend fucked up, they quickly learn to leave you alone.
        My long term plan is to go in house though, assuming I don’t leave law entirely. Of course, none of this works unless you have the balls to just fucking walk out. Abundance mentality isn’t just for picking up chicks.

        1. The trick is: make yourself indispensable, and then disappear. I’m in the office 5-6 days each month for a few hours each time. Outside of that, I work from my house. Since I absolutely crush what I do, and have the experience to work efficiently, that gives me a lot of free time to do….whatever I want. Check the market, do errands (so I’m not scrambling to get them done during ‘fun’ times of the day), banging any distaff gender house guests, etc. In the summer when I’m on the Monday afternoon conference call, I have it on mute and I’m grilling in my back yard. No fucking retard co-workers dropping by to chat about their boring, shitty lives, or distracting me with their no-talent, noise-making–finger drumming, whistling, foot tapping. Work gets done and I get more time to be productive for my own benefit.

        2. For the most part, yes. I would say I am ~95% to where I want to be. The only way this could get better is if I could travel more while I’m doing it. Even if it’s just stateside. So I got an air card for my laptop and take overnight flights if I’m traveling on weekdays, and have been experimenting.
          The important thing for the young guys here to understand is that the Real Currency in Life is: Time. You only get so much of it walking around on the planet and better to live as you choose rather than in some dim, purgatorial, grey existence.

        3. I couldn’t pass the NY Bar, so I took my law degree overseas. Now I teach English to lawyers in Istanbul. I charge through the nose. I go the gym, take rock climbing and swing dance lessons on the weekend. My recent ex-girlfriend was a Bulgarian/Turk, now I’m banging an Armenian/Serb chick. Life is what you make it.

        4. So many people don’t understand this. I played along until I realized I had made myself indispensable, then started doing what I wanted. If you continue to produce, no one cares. Case in point – I left my first firm as a junior associate. My entire practice group literally stopped everything to try to keep me. I went to several lunches and drinks at nice restaurants with various important folks in the firm, with every new lunch bringing progressively more important folks to the table. The final lunch was me and the Chairman of the entire firm- remember, this is big law – and he told me if I stayed, I could write my own ticket in terms of salary and work. I moved on anyway because I had a different opportunity, and I actually liked the people I worked with and didn’t want to hold them hostage. But suffice it to say, this was far different than the average departing associate experience. Most times, when someone would leave, the entire firm response would be, “cool, bye.”

        5. Big time. And well done. I can’t imagine being a guy who works in a cubicle and is miserable all the time. Ugh. I’d shoot myself.

        6. nemesis, i was nodding along with your whole post. i don’t work in the law-field, but it’s the same thing in my line of work. once you’ve made yourself indispensable, you hold the cards and no longer have to take the crap.

        7. Very true for 95% of guys. And I think that’s 100% true for consumer debt, barring unusual circumstances (such as 12 months/same as cash, where one divides the amount by ten and pay it off in 10 months, provided one has that sort of discipline).
          I have no debt, other than my mortgage, b/c I bought when the market tanked and during QE (although, arguably we are in “QE – Infinity”) b/c I was able to pick up an exceptional property for 2/3 of what the guy had in it. So long as I’m dollar positive (so far so good) on the cash that I substituted mortgage debt for, then I’m all good, plus I get to live in a sweet house while paying back my mortgage in inflationary dollars (and my rate is less than the rate of inflation to begin with.)
          Now, one could argue that I was “lucky” in that the both prices and rates were down at the same time, but I preferred “prepared” in that if market conditions were otherwise, I simply would have continued to do, otherwise, which was: not buy. It has to be the right deal.
          As an aside for guys who have made it this far down this post, I remember what it was like to be a young guy who was broke, etc. So I’m not trying to sound like a dick about how great things are going for me in what is a shitty economy for Millenials, etc. What I’m really trying to do–and I think that this is also true for other ‘Original Gangsters’ like GoJ and Phantom, etc.–is to Light Up the Path, and show you guys the way. Or a way. Sure, things suck, now, but I got out of school during a recession, too, and then we turned around and basically had a second one. The important thing is to keep doing things right, and be ready when opportunity presents itself.
          Have “backbone” when other guys only have “wishbone”.

        8. So many people don’t understand this. I played along until I realized I had made myself indispensable, then started doing what I wanted.
          If you continue to produce, no one cares.
          From time to time you run into the “Steel Plate in His Skull” guy who has his own set of rules and thinks everything should be done his way. At a gig before the one I currently have, that was the GC. I had stopped going in to work (although in this case, I went to live with my parents, who were, well, dying), and eventually he had this idea that I “had” to start doing things his way.
          So I resigned.
          I can tell you that the possibility that I would do that never entered his mind. *grin* He started stammering, and I said, “Hey, look, it’s been a great run, but I understand your position, and I will continue to work as I have until you can replace me.”
          So then I got to continue to work on my own terms for another six months while they found a guy who could do what I did–admittedly, my boss was dragging his feet, b/c he was perfectly cool with things as they were.
          Now I work for a couple guys who take this rather radical view: They pay me for PERFORMANCE, not ATTENDANCE.
          Rock on.

        9. How long did it take you to get to that position professionally? It seems like that would take quite a few years in the trenches. I never even tried big law and I found small law pretty unbearable as well. I managed to weasel my way into a judicial position which gives me a standard 37.5 hour work week. No clients or billables is nice.

        10. I was taking liberties in my 20s, but it was my middle 30s when I did it the first time and then early 40s the second (and current) time. I would suspect that small law would suck less, but I have relatively little experience working in a firm environment, other than for myself, on the side, and the couple of times I’ve been in b/w jobs.
          Law isn’t really a profession that lends itself well to this type of lifestyle, as opposed to Sales, where typically if you put your numbers up they don’t give a shit what you do. The trick is to make yourself indispensable, at whatever age, and then bail.
          One’s ability to pull this off often correlates with how much one Doesn’t Give a Fuck. If it’s particularly easy to land a new gig (again, not generally law, given current market conditions), then one can be more aggressive about it. Bear in mind, in my case, I moved the chess pieces to where I wanted them to be–sure, my boss is a flexible guy, but he’d rather I was in the office. He does understand that I don’t want his gig–we had a convo about this once and I basically told him I wanted him to always look both ways before he crosses a street–and that, if he forced me to be in the office, I would be in the office–and I would also be actively looking for another gig or sizing up my “Fuck You” fund.* he would then wind up having to replace me with someone who isn’t as good at what I do than I am, and who might never be. Thus, better to let me live how I want, so long as I continue to produce results.
          *If he ever left, or stepped off of the wrong curb, I would likely be offered his gig, and I would also likely take it, at least in the short term. It would be more money, and I’d have to come in to work a lot, but I would block the possibility of some asshole coming in from outside the company and fucking everything up.

        11. My recent ex-girlfriend was a Bulgarian/Turk, now I’m banging an Armenian/Serb chick.

        12. Another thing: Use ambiguity to your advantage. Be the mystery man who, no one really knows exactly what you do. I’m in my mid-30s and find myself in this position.
          On paper, I do front-end administration of a business system. In actuality, I do very little of this, as the system runs itself. No one really knows what I do. I’ve been with the company long enough to be the go-to guy for small yet important tasks; tasks that are highly visible, yet do not require much effort. In actuality, I surf the Internet or do other trivial things for half of the day. Since it’s a salaried position, I’ll leave an hour or two early, and no one notices or cares.
          Also, I’ve automated about half of the data entry tasks in my department, saving the equivalent of a full-time employee, year-on-year. I made myself indispensable by using a specialized language that hardly anyone knows exists. Do one highly-visible and BIG task like this, and you will be indispensable.
          The truth is, companies are absolutely DESPERATE for employees who will take the initiative to help their co-workers and the company succeed. Help others! Do little, helpful things around the office that make people’s work lives easier, and you will be able to, in time, take the liberties I have described above.

        13. Amen. I was brought down with some tropical fever lasting about 2 weeks recently, while on the job. Mentally, i haven’t been in a great place, nevermind physically. Only just started recovering some mojo. Reading posts like yours does help keep the good fight going & the old uninspired demons at bay. Thank you.

        14. I always enjoy your posts. They are always packed with good advice.
          I have a question for you . When you say: ” 2/3 of what the guy had in it ” – was that 2/3 of the asking price? Or was that figure the amount he purchased it for along with money spent on improvements ( if any).? The reason I ask is due to the fact that I am looking at acquiring a sweet piece of real estate for a primary home. Its a private sale ( not listed /no agent) that pretty much fell in my lap. The seller had it appraised already and I’m trying to come up with an offer that saves the most money for me – but at the same time makes the deal happen. Its a fine line that I’m struggling to find.

        15. It was 2/3 of his cost of acquisition, plus improvements made over the time he lived there–he added a wine cellar, two half baths, red-did the back yard, (added a pool and spa, lighting, new deck), added a “whole house” generator, re-did the master bath. He really put a lot of work into it.
          The problem people have is they get emotional about shit. If the market tells you one thing, but you believe another, it’s the market that’s right. Be dispassionate, find a number that works for you, and if it’s not there, walk and don’t look back.
          Good luck,

        16. Good advice ! The emotional can be a tough one to bury at times. Yet its so necessary when it comes to financial negotiations and buying an asset at the right price. A great book that I read recently that touches on this subject is The Most Important Thing – Uncommon Sense For The Thoughtful Investor – by Howard Marks.
          Thanks for taking the time to respond

    6. I effin hated that shit. On my ship, all my supervisors did that shit. We got in way earlier than we needed to. Like 6 am, when we did not start until 9. Just so they could give us a work list. Then, right after muster, they gave us a work list. We knocked it out. Then, we were “given” 20 minutes to eat. Followed by, you guessed it, and other work list. We wanted to get out of there by2 pm because we knew we would be out at sea to test equipment. So we were tired of the 24 hour work cycles, and wanted to go home.
      We were given another work list.
      Then, at around 3:30 pm, we were given another work list. And let out after 6pm, at the earliest. How much did we actually get done? Practically shit. We could have gotten that whole list done in the morning, but they wanted to keep us there. That went on for like 5 months.
      I don’t care to know why they did. I am assuming it will make me snap and go postal.
      Fact of the matter is, when my first born was born, and I needed some time off; I hated the answers I got.
      I lived in Hi, and that state’s public office does not ever actually work. Just harasses you with paperwork to justify making you pay shit that is unnecessary.
      Well, I asked if I could get out one day for a few hours to file some paperwork that my son needed in order to be considered a person.
      I was informed by a similar wannabe hard-ass like this author with a question!
      “Can you work?!”
      Me: “Of course, I just need to get some paperwork done, and the office hours of the public sector are closed long before we ever get out. Plus, we have been working Saturdays, so I have not been able to get there.”
      Dumb-fat-ass: “That’s not what I asked bitch! I asked ARE.YOU.PHYSICALLY.ABLE.TO.WORK?!”
      Me: “Yes.”
      Fucked by a frog face: “Then I don’t care! Get to work.”
      Being in the service, I had to obey. But rarely did I ever want to kill several men. But that time was one of them.

    7. I’m with you here brother. When I leave work the bb gets switched off and I return to being human again.

  4. One of the HR department’s jobs is supposedly to prevent lawsuits, but for their female supervisors under them HR will tolerate a high turnover rate and a hostile work environment against men. I took it until I had created financial independence, then I reported them to the EEOC for harassment. I knew that as far as companies are concerned any employee who goes to the EEOC is finished. HR is far more trouble to a company than they are worth.

      1. I showed the EEOC all my annual reviews throughout the years that showed I was an outstanding employee. After the investigation the EEOC said that while it was believable that my new female supervisor was setting me up to get rid of me (she was a bitter divorcee who resented me having a young Asian wife) it would be difficult for me to prove in court due to the ol’ “he said, she said.” That’s cool because HR knew that my accusations correlated with 2 previous employees about my supervisor. I even used their own sexual harassment policies against them, it was great fun! Today I encourage those in my situation to secretly audio record those private meetings and document, document, document all irregularities and make copies when you are not being watched. You’ll need these when HR lies through their fucking teeth to the EEOC.
        P.S. My ex-supervisor then got a “lateral promotion” (translation: sent miles out of her way to a satellite office in a cubicle where the other flunkies end up until they quit 6 months later due to the unfavorable conditions).

    1. it’s job is to prevent lawsuits- from women. Youre a man, they dont give a fuck about you

    2. In my first job out of college, an old timer, a long time manufacturing employee told me:
      “Everything changed when it went from “Personnel” to “Human Resources”.
      At the time I really didn’t understand what he meant.
      What do corporations do to resources? For example a timber company finds an old growth virgin forest, or a coal company finds a new coal seam….
      What do they do? They clear cut or strip mine that bitch for maximum profit without any regard to long term consequences, because corporations exist soley to make money and to increase profits.
      So, if you’re considered a ‘resource’ by your employer, prepare to be clear cut and strip mined like a motherfucker and when you’re played out, they’ll just find a new ‘resource’.
      Believe that.

  5. If I ran a business, I would do everything I could to avoid hiring any kind of woman, especially black women. I would happily hire black men with military service to fill any diversity quotas.
    Oddly enough, women with kids that are school age and a husband are great employees. The only kind of woman that does any good work that I’ve seen. The key thing to look for is that her kids are older, and is still married to the father of her children, even better if she has never been divorced.

    1. This is true from what I’ve observed with female colleagues, women with kids an a husband an stable family are the best female employee’s.

    2. A guy I contract for recently hired a woman he wants to bang. She aint that fine and she aint that strong for a man’s job. Dirty work, heavy lifting, on-site toilets that even I choose to avoid. Busiest time of year and puts me in charge of her. Of course being new she is slow, taking a lot of breaks and can only do half as much as the boys. And who gets the blame when things suddenly go awry? Why me of course. He can’t get the work done without me so I shrugged my shoulders and told him that the buck stops with him and his decisions. He didn’t like it but I’m not taking shit for his poor judgment and pussy power trip.

  6. 6. Smokers
    People who smoke have no regard for their health no matter what they say. Someone who isn’t strong enough to break an addiction that is literally killing them is not someone with much will power. Not to mention the wasted hours on cigarette breaks over time.

    1. Retarded. In my experience, smokers also tend to be good workers, and they socialize better than non-smokers. Possibly due to ‘smokernet’, but my employees tended to work better when they were friends with the other employees.
      “Loners” may work hard for a little while, but they are there for nothing more than an experience clop on their resume before they move on with their training, contacts, and any skills you may have helped them to develop.
      Smokers tend to be more loyal to the company.

        1. Yeah this is true unfortunately. Many times at my jobs I have been ostracised despite doing a better job than my colleagues, and why? Because I don’t smoke.
          Not smoking means way less socializing and I’ve been told many times “Well that’s too bad that you don’t smoke Greg, it’s on the cigarette breaks we come up with the most interesting ideas and that we strengthen our relationships at work!”
          This makes me a loner type, I don’t get much love at my jobs and yes, I’ve come to be there just for a new line on my resume. But even then, I say fuck that! I’m not screwing up my health just for a job.
          I notice that my colleagues that smoked were usually sick all the time, eating junk food at every lunch and just had this jaded smoker look on their faces, you know what I mean. So yeah, smoking brings along other habits detrimental to their health. These people have no self-respect, they might be better slaves but that’s all.

      1. The Loner Seem like the type of Person that is going Places, The Smoker Seem like the type that would stay at one Bullshit ass job their Whole Lifes Fuck that!

      2. The Nicotine also increasing focus, so while their long term health suffers, their work probably benefits slightly from the habit. I’d say vapping is looking like a viable habit imo as it cuts most of the bad chemicals.

        1. I agree, and since there’s no law against it (yet) I’d be willing to allow people to vape indoors if I were still in a corporate femtopia… mostly because it annoys HR shitheads to no end.

      3. Then you have the ones that take an hour or more a day in smoke breaks while cherry picking easy assignments.

    2. They also smell bad. I think smokers sometimes like to abuse their smoke breaks and that can distract them from their jobs.

  7. 6. anybody with a diagnosis of FIBROMYALGIA which is just depression by another name. Overwhelmingly affects females.
    7. Excessive tattoos . Things like sleeves and neck tatts

    1. Hell yes! Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibro-whatever, etc. are all BS “diseases”. Every person (all women) I’ve known that claimed to have this was overweight, had a crappy diet and did not exercise. If you sit around all day and eat junk food, you will have no energy and feel sick and tired. It’s no mystery.

  8. My favorite is the laughable ‘work/life balance.’. Remember, there are 168 hours in a week. That means 84 for work and 84 for life. Balance.

    1. This is some funny shit. I love listening to big law firms tout their work life balance while their associates work 110 hour weeks. They still achieve balance by keeping their finger on the scales.

  9. First-class people hire first-class people; second-class people hire third-class people; then the third-class people who are hired by the second-class people hire four-class people.

    1. Classy.
      I often see people from failed companies hire other idiots who pollute the pool of people who work and politicize the environment. They travel around like a pack of hyenas with an anti-midas touch turning gold into shit.

      1. And on top of that they force out the good people because they are perceived as a threat to the prevailing bullshit. Been there, done that.

        1. There is so much truth contained in your first sentence that it should be engraved on the book binder of every HR manual in existence.

        2. I’ve lived this too many damn times, and I’m not even 30 yet. After working for a couple of Jim Jones types, you start to realize what’s going on. Fortunately, I’ve been smart enough thus far to find work elsewhere with a significant raise nearly every job change.

    2. I’ve observed that the companies that win contracts using low-ball bids hire low-talent/low-pay employees, the kind that get fired for non-performance from well-rub businesses, and often AA hires.

  10. Well once you find a decent person to hire I hope you remember to make them work unreasonable hours, only pay them 1/4 of what they’re actually worth, and if they expect more than 2 weeks off a year fire them because hey, its the american way!

  11. This has to be one of the best articles I’ve read on ROK to encourage me to start a side business or find an alternative to clocking in 9 to 12 hour shifts to make some tool over me look better. Good luck on finding happy slaves Silas.

    1. Bingo. dot coms may be a joke of the past, but working for yourself in an internet-based model is still a great way to make decent money, set your own hours, and never once have to suck a dick.
      I am not sure of the actual Math of post-earnings versus pre-earnings, but now I make 55k a year pre-taxes, and my tax bills are not terrible. (about 8k total) and having around 45k a year free and clear (and not allowing my girls to control any money) has left me with a really decent upper middle class lifestyle.
      Yes, I put in 6-9 hours a day, and my business cannot really ‘grow’ (As an art-selling model, it is based exclusively on my own production, and I am a craftsman, not a starving ‘artiste’…no million dollar windfalls) but if I need more money, I just put in more hours, and I love what I do. No rush hour traffic or long commute, no bosses, and if one of my ‘customers’ insult me I give him his money back and kick him out of my stream… no fuss, no muss, no collecting dust.
      Even Amazon resellers are doing decently well. even in this shitty job marketplace, people who ‘create’ jobs, even if it’s only their own, are still able to do so.

  12. The last one is dumb. Is there any answer to that gay question that wouldn’t sound bad? “My kids” sounds like a decent answer, too. You mentioned the “worshipping Gaia” as a joke, but even if you have more conventional religious beliefs, it sounds just as bad, and maybe even a little unprofessional in an interview. Just sounds like one of many questions that get asked at interviews that stump people who don’t speak HR or Interviewese. “If you were a car, what kind of car would you be and why?” “What are your hopes and dreams?”

    1. To your point, if the answer was “money” he wouldn’t hire because this person is too mercenary and probably not a team player, but if the answer is “challenge” or “the team” this person doesn’t get hired either because he sounds like a rehearsed boring clone.
      In reality, this question only exists to disqualify people. If you’re in an interview where they’re starting to ask these kinds of generic questions, you’re losing. You’re not controlling the interview, talking about what you want to say, and distinguishing yourself.

    2. My favorite bs question is “So tell me why do you want to work here?”
      I’ve always wanted to answer calmly “because you were the only one that replied to my resume out of the 1000 other jobs I applied for. I have rent and bills that need to be paid.”

      1. I actually like guys that have family to support… they tend to be a lot more stable, better producers, and far more dedicated to the job as part of their responsibilities, and ambition and performance go hand-in-hand.

      2. You should look for a job just so you can say this. Apply to a job where you would take it if they gave it to you but it wouldn’t matter to you if you didn’t get an offer. Try it. Depending on who you’re dealing with, honesty like that can actually create an advantageous situation for you. When you find jobs you have to lie about this kind of stuff to get, you get shitty bosses with their heads up their asses.
        I’ve had some superiors I’ve been brutally honest with in this way. Sometimes it actually helps if they’re cool guys. If you say it with a shit-eating grin, they understand you know you’re breaking the “rules” and respect you having the balls to be honest.
        Of course, there are the cocksuckers out there who this would drive batshit crazy. You don’t want to work for those people, though, unless you absolutely need the money. Know your situation and know who you’re dealing with.

      3. Buddy, if you said that to me in an interview I would literally give you the job on the spot and probably bump your starting salary up 10%. Just because you are honest and have balls.

      4. If its not your company then you’re a mercenary.
        I said this to my mangina supervisor… I said “would you be here right now if you weren’t getting a paycheck?”. He said “NO”.
        I said “we’re all mercenaries if our names aren’t on the door (IE we don’t own the company).
        Corporate types hate that fact but they can’t deny it.
        As an engineer, I’ve always been a mercenary with no stake in the job beyond the next paycheck and some feelings of personal satisfaction by doing it quick and doing it right.
        The rewards for mercenaries aren’t that great because unlike our ancient namesakes, we don’t get a piece of the plunder or women. That all goes to the ‘owner’, the C-suite, and the board while poormouthing the mercenaries explaining that, yes we know you’re doing two jobs now, but there’s just no money for raises this year”. Then I see as their head IT guy, that they’re lieing like rugs.
        Fuck em.
        I’m done with being a mercenary.

  13. I remember when I was younger, someone told me that people with long fingernails supposedly used said fingernail to ‘scoop out’ their nose boogers.
    Something to keep in mind, gents.

  14. “The “new” adage, “Never judge a book by its cover” is completely false.”
    So, by this you mean that appearances are a good indicator of the quality of a man? To an extent, that’s probably true. Its reasonable to assume that a man who has a sloppy appearance would do sloppy work.
    Still, you should always keep in mind that a good thief or liar will usually put on a pretty convincing show.
    The biggest thieves and scammers are often the ones who cloak themselves in religiosity and altruism. Bernie Madoff was a renowned philanthropist, and of course you can’t forget the Bakers.

  15. The last one took me by surpise. definitely disagree. you could have said wrist tats or the morbidly obese. or the woman who comes to an interview in uggs. or says “tuh” instead of “to”.

    1. I refuse to hire anyone that says “Axe(ask)* me a question.” or “At the Lie berry(library)*”
      *for those who don’t speak Blackanese**.
      **Don’t blame me, Chris Tucker invented the word.

  16. I don’t think businesses should hire men. I mean, seriously, when women only earn $0.77 for every dollar a man earns, it just makes sense financially for the modern corporation. Think of the shareholders, am I right?

    1. The math aside, I’ve spotted the problem in your logic.
      Mean earn the $1, but women get paid the $0.77.*
      *Or whatever.

    2. Obviously our greedy corporate leaders are horrible misogynists, despite all the money they would save by hiring women at $0.77 per hour the ingrained sexism forces them to overlook profits and hire men at $1.00 per hour.

  17. It may depend on what kind of business you have. Do you run a Tattoo/Piercing Shop? A Motorcycle/Hod Rod repair or detail/designing operation? Are you managing writers or graphic artists? I have always been very conservative, and when I spent a year of grad school in the UK (Scotland) I was astonished at the amount of nose/tongue/lip rings, neck/sleave tattoos I saw among people doing mundane customer service jobs. And they all seemed professional. Maybe it’s UK culture. Maybe a nose ring means something else in North America. I don’t know.

  18. I had this discussion with a hard core libby on the matter of tattoos, piercings (I call them divots) and dyed hair color. Libby went on and on about how it’s what on the inside that counts. So I proposed a question to her. You walk into a restaurant. 2 cashiers are waiting to greet you. All other things being equal for our study: intelligence, nobody standing in either line when you walk in, skill set, etc., 1 cashier has 3 piercings and 2 visible tattoos, the other host is clean cut. Which cashier do you go to? Libby hemmed and hawed dancing around the obvious answer until she changed the subject. SJW’s, libby’s, and do-gooders always love to ignore the fact that Human Nature will never change. Ever. Everybody in the world would choose the clean cut cashier as our reptile brain makes choices in the first few seconds of encountering anybody.

    1. If it’s the inside that counts, why bother changing the outside?
      Leftist double-think is an absurd thing isn’t it?

  19. #1) I see a lot of Chinese guys of all ages with the long pinky nail. I doubt they are all drug users. I don’t like the way it looks but it might be some vestigial trait left over from the Qing Dynasty when the Manchus would have long nails on all of their fingers to symbolize that they did not perform mundane manual labour.
    And what is it with black chicks and ridiculously long fingernails?
    #5) I’m not sure how many state and federal laws you are breaking by approaching it this way. In Canada the human rights kangaroos would be hopping down your throat if they found out,

    1. Register your business as belonging to Argentina.
      About the Chinese guys, I just figure they watched ‘Big trouble in little china’ or ‘mystery men’ once too often.

      1. If you operate in the province you have to register in the province. As long as your ass is in the province you can get sued even if your web server is in Panama.

  20. Heading title is “Colored People,” but I think it meant “Colored Hair.” Freudian slip?

  21. What about guys with huge ass rings in their earlobes? They are quite popular these days.
    Everytime I see one of them I wanna kick him in the face:

    1. Everyone with a brain ditches them as a matter of course. It also looks dorky neonegro as Hell.
      Earstretchers virtually guarantees minimum wage. but inevitably, you see them holding up signs about ‘living wages’, the ‘Pay Gap’, “Don’t be that guy”, and “Purple Lives matter”

    2. Grommets are best used to prevent damage to wiring or to secure material.
      If I need a slave I can tie up by the earlobes, I’ll hire the Grommetted.

    3. If I had a company, I’d never hire them. Their earlobes are too distracting in a work environment and that goes along with people with colored hair, a shit ton of visible piercings and tattoos, and bad hygiene.

  22. Always do hiring yourself, don’t leave it some HR faggots. In fact, don’t even have an HR department.
    My dad used to pass me the resumes of anyone applying to his company, and I’d check their backgrounds for bullshit. Any sign of social justice activism or equalist academic credentials = tossed out.

    1. Good man here. The other hiring agents commenting here would rather toss out the Beta Males instead.

    1. You know, I am with you on this.
      Just from a risk-management point of view… yes, some few women are good workers, but many are also complete disruptions.
      from a strict risk management point of view, hiring women is risky as hell. You may lose out on some good employees by refusing to hire women, but is that female employee worth all the negatives that are not only likely, but almost inevitable? all the lawsuits, the HR demands, losing decent employees because of sexual harassment complaints, “Me” time, maternity leaves, childcare demands, ‘My kid is sick’, special requirements such as anti-rape and sexual harassment seminars, distraction from work goals, workplace romances and the fallout from such romances, non-merit based payment…
      Even were I not violently opposed to putting women in direct competition with men for jobs, I would be highly skeptical of the problems that they bring to every workplace…Hiring them, regardless of their qualifications, is simply too risky and expensive. I’d rather just pay the fines and look forward to a calmer, more ordered, and more productive workplace.
      BTW- not to mention being able to halve the bathrooms… hell, the savings in toilet paper alone could keep you in the black.

    1. True, especially strapped to the board, naked.
      Companies could dramatically improve their productivity this way.
      “The employee of the month not only gets a plaque, but he also gets… Sharon!”
      Why pretend the company whores are valued members of the clerical staff? Just hire them directly.
      “Guys, I know the overtime is brutal, but we brought in Christie and Laquisha So you won’t miss your wives so much..” “No problem boss.” “Any time, Boss.”

  23. I’ll never forget the story I heard once of a guy who was conducting interviews for a job and one of the applicants was a young black man who turned up in a nice suit… with a do-rag on his head.
    Even in this corporate environment he just had to ‘keep it real’, which so often results in ‘keeping it unemployed’.

  24. What the author is really looking for is someone to devote their life and soul to the company in exchange for a paycheck. This “mutual success” canard is lip service. In the end, the author wants everyone to think he is the best authority on human nature ever. Sad power monger in a corporate world that will one day get the axe he freely gives to others, but wont see it coming for him.

    1. Not necessarily, I think it’s important that you hire people that display a level of maturity and things like funny colored hair, weird jewelery, and piercings which express individuality are signs of immaturity. These types of employees don’t take themselves seriously and are still rebelling against conformity. It all depends on the type of business you own, if you own a business that provides financial advice you want well dressed well groomed employees. If you own a bar you can hire some tatted up bitches behind the bar with weird hair and piercings. Not my cup of tea but some people think that’s cool.

      1. Having been in the bar business, if you hire any female behind the bar you’re askung for failure. You might as well be running a brothel. I agree with hiring those who best suit your business. However, the facade of “mutual success” the author speaks of is a phantom carrot used to dangle in front of the best to exploit them for the good of the business only. The moment the business has to be loyal to the employee us the moment that employee is shown the door.

        1. Ok, but don’t expect any loyalty back with that attitude. Have fun with your employee turnaround, buddy

  25. Everything you wrote is spot on. And you are dead wrong.
    Why? Because your expectations when it comes to other people are unrealistic as in “do not match with reality”.
    The 2 core mistakes you make are these:
    1) You look for things to dis-qualify. Women do this. It is not a male trait and not fit for a leader.
    Example: The guy with the fingernails would never get anywhere close to my customers. No sales guy, not even on the phone thats certain.
    BUT there would be no problem with this guy in a tech position. These guys are omegas/lower beta by default and he might do an excellent job there.
    2) Your expectations of people are way too high.
    Just because one is “normal” does not mean he is like you and me. They are not.
    Motivated? Goal oriented? Yes they are – the motivation beeing getting that loan for a bigger house. Goal oriented beeing getting a raise.
    It does not mean he will honor YOUR goals, your companies well beeing or even honesty at all. Expect the worst, most selfish, short-sighted, egoistic and most stupid things. You will be more right than wrong in todays world.

  26. The number one way to reduce the number of the crazies is to not hire women at all. I have hired about 45 people in the last 10 years. Exactly 3 were women.

  27. Don’t hire weak sycophantic beta males. When asked for an insight or an opinion they will parrot back to you what they heard come out of your mouth earlier. They will never tell you to your face that they disagree but instead will bitch amongst each other about what an asshole boss you are. They will also belittle and attack, any chance they get, any colleagues who are alphaesqe- the type of men that have talent and are very capable. All it takes is one of these beta sycophants to destroy the organization. They suck and should be avoided if you want your company to thrive

    1. Weak beta males have their place too. They have survived throughout history because they have their uses. They take orders very well, they will slug it out until 11pm, they make you look better when standing next to them and if you can’t pay them this month they will still come in tomorrow morning in hope of a cheque next month. If you are unable to control them, that says more about you.

    2. Why not just kill off the beta males? As the females say, they don’t deserve to live anyway, right?

      1. Beta males are fine, hell I was one at one point – its the sycophantic ones that should be shunned. Ive seen many instances where organizations have been destroyed by them. They are as bad as those types of women who live for creating drama.

  28. haha i love it. great article! i am surrounded by these types of people all my work-day. fortunately i’m paid a salary (so i don’t give a shit how incompetent my weirdo coworkers are), and my skills at subterfuge are sharp as a scalpel. they love me and do my bidding, all while i look at them with disgust day-in/day-out.
    prior to this job, i used to work for a guy who employed approx 40 people. during my time with his company over the course of 18 months, he was hit with two ‘wrongful termination suits.’ these two bitches would ‘no call, no show,’ and you’d think that would be obvious means for termination right? in today’s USA? NOPE! he had to go to court both times (ie. court-fees!) and PROVE that these bitches were useless. gives me serious pause on whether it’d be worth starting a similar business in this whacky world. although, i suppose this article helps by providing a good ‘defensive hiring process.’ these types of bitches believe their jobs are ENTITLED to them… that the nature of the business is their personal charity. fuckkk that and fuck them. the purpose of the business it make profit above all else.
    btw, the same list of these 5 traits i also monitor in the world of online-dating, although the first four send me the signal ‘i’m an easy-bang but certainly not wife-material!’, but the fifth ‘kids are my world!’ equals an automatic ‘block’ for obvious reasons (even if they’d also be easy). i HAVE had some success with online dating btw, although it’s a grind.

  29. I bet a million dollars that #2 was the reason why readers on ROK were more motivated to read this entire article!

  30. Good article, but the motivation part came off to me as bullshit. As an employer, if you’re so in tune with finding things out about people, you should know damn well that a nigga is looking to survive and provide for his family if he has one. The real bottom line is merit. What can they offer? If you think your underlings have anything else in mind, you are fooling yourself

  31. “Never judge a book by its cover” Uh, yeah – then why do porno mags have pictures on the cover? So you know it’s porno!

  32. 6. People that will work for low pay.
    You get what you pay for, but many employers don’t seem to understand that. Especially here in Florida.

    1. Hey boss man, maybe they just want to secure a fucking job.
      Ever think of that? Or are you a moronic Floridian as well…

  33. Ought to have a related article, bad boss traits. I’ve got one who for a long time thought he was cock of the walk 24/7. I inherited him because my prior boss realized correctly the new work setup we were sucked into was a crock. The new guy has plenty of money, good health, strong work ethic but his experience in certain ways is not as vast as mine yet he assumes his rank precludes him for showing some humility. Sometimes you got to hit them with that cold bucket of water that says I’ve been around the block too and your s… stinks like everyone else’s.

    1. Female, Israelite, Narcissistic/materialistic types, ones working for large corporations…
      Basically just find a decent dude who runs a smaller business and work for him. Or someone who have a shitload in common with.

  34. A good HR department head is good for one thing…training you to ask questions during interviews that won’t get the company sued. I was in a position several years ago that required much interviewing, hiring, and firing. The author is spot on with all of these points. As far as Lord of the Rings, the other thing to be aware of it can be very similar to #2, as it is a sign of insecurity, immaturity, and also, in most cases, is an indication of someone who has loose morals and is overly sexed. They will be be true shit disturbers and a nightmare for management.

    1. The Jew dialectic at work: you cause a problem, then promote a solution that makes things worse.
      Ex: Jewish lawyers flood the court system with petty lawsuits, and Jewish social engineers create jobs for women in petty HR departments that give jobs to females and immigrants and takes them away from men.
      And of course, you do this all behind the scenes and hide your identity. For example, Nancy Pelosi (in your avatar) is a Marrano Jew from Argentina.

  35. I agree with many points written here. I don’t like how HR likes to stick their nose on companies. They can get annoying.

  36. Add smokers to this list. In my experience smokers will not only take more breaks during the day to smoke, they often drag other people with them since they don’t like smoking alone. Non-smokers can’t start to resent their extra breaks, and smokers seem to call in sick more. I find smokers in general to be less reliable people much like drug users.

    1. Keep going, you guys can have a 300 point checklist like the entitled women on POF.
      Do you have dreams of robot employees, Chance?

      1. There is a difference between being entitled and having standards for employees as someone who makes a hiring decision, a position your sure to NEVER be in.

    2. Definitely add smokers to the list. They are also not very neat people. When they have the impression nobody is looking they will drop that cigarette but on the street so fast. And don’t dare to say you find it ridiculous that there are laying dozens of dirty smokes everywhere. Needless to say we didn’t have a policy for smokers at work. But that only shows how smokers are without rules. Smokers also stink and take more breaks, and they are sick more often. That is actually scientifically proven.

    Or did this go completely over your head…

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