Labour’s Candidate For London Mayor Pledges To Ban “Sexist” Ads On Tube

Tessa Jowell, long-serving MP and Labour candidate for Mayor of London, has promised that she will ban “sexist” adverts on the London tube if she is elected. Jowell’s vacuous promise cashes in on the recent outrage over Protein World’s “Beach Body Ready” adverts, which upset the Lobby of the Perpetually Offended as it featured a slim, attractive female in a bikini which caused hamplanets so much anger they filed nearly 400 complaints with the Advertising Standards Agency.

At a time when Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition is embroiled in a major crisis over its leadership, Jowell’s opportunistic comments reveal the misplaced priorities of a Labour party in terminal decline.

Jowell, whose mayoral campaign is in full swing, told the Evening Standard that images of “emaciated and unhealthy-looking” models will be outlawed on the public transport system if she becomes mayor. “Women ought to be able to travel in an environment which doesn’t constantly demean them or present an unrealistic image of women’s bodies,” she told the Standard‘s independent, empowered special snowflake readership.

The Establishment leftist failed to specify what exactly was “unrealistic” about Candice Swanenpoel, the vegan fitness model who stars in Protein World’s controversial ad.


Candice Swanenpoel, the model behind Beach Body Ready has had her natural frame denigrated by feminists as “unrealistic”

The proposed censorship is part of a package of bizarre policies which tap into the true spirit of Loony Left, purporting to “promote equality for London women,” and includes forcing companies to check whether they are paying women employees the same as men for similar work.

Protein World: a quintessentially millennial scandal

The “Beach Body Ready” advert drew 378 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority as well as the obligatory petition to ban. Many ads were defaced by imaginative feminists who doctored the slogan to read “every body is beach ready.” A purported “mass protest” was convened in London’s Hyde park, but the close-frame shots of assorted hambeasts published in the national betrayed that the “mass” was made up more in the blubber around the protesters’ waists than the actual numbers that showed up.


Protein World’s refreshing response was to make it clear that zero fucks were given about the gripes of moping, insecure Social Justice Warriors. Head of Global Marketing Richard Staveley told Breitbart: “The campaign absolutely, categorically will not be pulled by Protein World. We have 300,000 happy customers and we will not pander to this a particularly vociferous minority.

Staveley also claimed the campaign helped his company’s brand profile and increased sales:

I couldn’t have dreamt or hoped of having our advert reproduced more times across the news networks and social media as it has been done. This protest has been absolutely phenomenal for us and entirely counter-productive for them.

UK Labour in terminal decline

Jowell is milking the Protein World scandal like a pot-head desperately sucking on the last embers of a decrepit roach. After a sound general election thrashing at the hands of Cameron’s Conservatives, Jowell’s party has been plunged into crisis surrounding its election of a new leader.

Militant factions such as the Social Workers Party and the Communist Party of Britain as well as large numbers of Tory trolls have infiltrated Labour’s leadership election by signing up as bona fide party supporters with the sole aim of electing hard-left candidate, Jeremy Corbyn. The 66 year-old MP for Islington North and is tipped to win by pollsters, having wooed voters with a platform of anti-austerity and the renationalisation of key institutions.

Hard-left candidate Jeremy Corbyn takes on the cookie cutter candidates preferred by the Labour party apparatus.

Hard-left candidate Jeremy Corbyn takes on the centre-left cookie cutter candidates preferred by the Labour party apparatus.

Labour’s paranoid apparatchicks have started a purge so pitiless that even long-standing supporters have been surprised to see their votes cancelled in the election. And who can blame them? The Corbyn surge suggests  that disgruntled voters have had enough of besuited gimps who toe the party line. While Corbyn is appealing to popular discontent, advocating a platform of withdrawal from wars of foreign aggression and refusal of domestic penury, the androgynous candidates regurgitate a bland gospel of moderation. “Labour is a party government, not a party of protest,” recite the liberal chatterati in chorus.

Aspirations seem to guarantee divisive politics: Yvette Cooper, the androgynous shrike wife of Ed Balls, finance minister under Blair, is busy enlisting feminist extremist Eve Ensler to call for mandatory sex education to tar young boys as wife-beaters in primary schools. Her rival Liz Kendall was busy invoking sexism as a defence to criticism, after Labour grandee Lord Falconer questioned whether she or Cooper could tackle Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership aspirations.

Over in the mayoral race, Tessa Jowell is invoking facile pleas to censorship to win votes from the young, dim and idealistic female candidates who cast their votes on the basis of feelz. Given the calibre of these contributions, can anybody blame the pundits who are consigning Labour to 20 years of opposition?

Tessa Jowell: another enemy of due process


Tessa Jowell, modelling the Lego-man haircut beloved of left-wing British women in public office.

The parroting by rote of feminist ideology should surprise nobody who does even the most cursory of research into Tessa Jowell’s career. In February of last year, Jowell appeared on the BBC’s Question Time programme discussing anonymity for men charged with sexual assaults.

While even other left-wing panel members, of which George Galloway was one, voiced concerns over the fallout from two cases of British soap actors who were dragged to trial on flimsy rape charges only to be acquitted, Jowell hand-waved aside the concerns over innocent men having their reputations trashed:

….the priority for us as a society is the protection of women who are subject to rape and putting absolutely no obstacle in the way of their coming forward and being supported to come forward and bring cases of rape where they have suffered this terrible sexual violence.

She didn’t even bother to try to defend the popular and entirely spurious feminist assumption, that publishing the names of men accused of rape has encourages women to come forward to such a degree that it is “worth” the damage to innocent men’s lives caused by widespread adverse publicity even in the event of acquittal.


Boris Johnson, incumbent Mayor of London, with Boris bikes.

Should she be elected London mayor, Tessa Jowell will no doubt be directing the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime to exert pressure on the Metropolitan Police to pursue even an more zealous line on rape and sexual offences than it already pursues under the rule of feminist DPP Alison Saunders.

Tessa Jowell’s deep hatred of men is also evident in a vile screed penned for the extremist think tank, “Progress,” Jowell had the following to say about London Mayor Boris Johnson and his ubiquitous “Boris Bikes”:

Can you think of a single thing Johnson has done in his time in office apart from the new Routemasters and ‘Boris bikes’? And his buses are so expensive that two of them would pay for Ken’s entire childcare package, and bikes, which are mainly used by white men on salaries over £75,000, are hardly stories of fairness.

Not only does Tessa Jowell want to trample over the free speech of advertisers and the due process rights of men accused of rape, she also hates white men whose only apparent crime is earning money in excess of the average wage. White men whose only crime is to have ridden a bike.

With Mayoral candidates like these, the Labour party is sending out a clear message that it has dedicated itself fully to American-style identity politics for the foreseeable future, sowing division and disunity, infantilising women and demonising men.

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109 thoughts on “Labour’s Candidate For London Mayor Pledges To Ban “Sexist” Ads On Tube”

    1. I heard a theory out there that Feminists are lazy and do not want to work to make themselves look attractive. Instead of making themselves marketable through making themselves attractive, they would rather level the playing field by making other women unattractive and therefore not very marketable to the men they (women and female Feminists) desire. Which means that it increases the chances those men will date those Feminists.

        1. Because that is the only form of equality that can plausibly be realized.
          Which in turn means that not only is equality a social disease, inequality should be pursued as the answer to that disease.

        2. Because that is the only form of equality that can plausibly be realized.

          True. You can’t elevate those who lack the genes to be elevated, but you can punish those with natural advantage.

        3. i’ve heard from multiple sources that the health care system actually works very well in cuba. never heard that it’s hard to get an aspirin there. it’s one of their main selling points to other latin american nations. they export doctors, nurses, medical supplies, etc.

        4. Equal disease protection should be the ONLY welfare. Cuban welfare is bad as hell or at least worse than Spanish welfare and it is very inefficient you get an appointment before 9 months. Medicines are free every Spaniard has his own pharmacy in house. Welfare takes more than 50% of taxes. And non whites get the most benefit. 0 contribution great retribution. It’s a rob.

        5. don’t know about spain, but i’ve heard that while basically everything else sucks in cuba, the healthcare is top notch. obviously, i have not been there to experience this first hand.

      1. “Which means that it increases the chances those men will date those Feminists.”
        Indeed and it is already happening. My money is on todays teenage males having a far higher acceptance and attraction towards the chub than those that come a decade before them. Unfortunately evolution does not necessarily have to be in favour of a higher standard…

        1. That’s not evolution, per se. The fact is, a young man can only choose from what is available to him. That doesn’t mean he finds fat more attractive.

        2. Most people don’t understand “survival of the fittest”. That means the best adapted to their environment. If the environment is such that there are only fat chicks to fuck, guys who are turned off by fat will fuck less: we breed a new generation of fat women and guys who like to fuck them.

        3. Obesity has only become a problem within the last 30 years. That’s just not long enough to make an evolutionary difference.

        4. Humans, as thinking creatures, are more subject to social evolution than biological evolution at this point. If we are products of our environment you have to consider that humans – far and away unlike any other species – can manipulate our environment as a matter of social will. Fish never took a vote to venture onto land and cetaceans never took a vote to go back to sea.
          In biological evolution in a state of nature, propagation is controlled by who gets eaten or who does not get enough to eat. In social evolution it works the same way but the collective protects those who would otherwise get eaten and feeds those who would otherwise starve in the selection process.

      2. That is correct. Feminists are anti-beauty because they tend to be dog ugly. Others are lesbians. Both feel disdain for men.
        It turns out, there’s no real evidence that media images of beautiful women make women feel less about themselves. Women are far more influenced by the beauty of the actual women around them. The media is a reflection of our culture, not the other way around.

    2. Feminsts are against men more than they are for women in general. Thats why they are usually against prostition-a liberated woman who doesn’t need to marry, and can slut it up as much as she wants while making boatloads of cash…should be feminist utopia. But men like prostitutes, so feminists are against it.

      1. I think feminists are really against attractive women. These shrews are just using men (portraying men as villains) so that the attractive women find men repulsive so they reject all the resources attractive women get from men. The reason is these ugly feminists can’t get the privileges attractive women get so they deprive other women that can. The men’s suffering is just collateral damage.

      2. There’s actually a very simple answer for why feminists, and women in general, oppose prostitution, despite the fact that many of the prostitutes themselves enjoy their work and the money they make.

        “Sex is coveted by men,” she said. “Accordingly, women limit access as a way of maintaining advantage in the negotiation of this resource. Women who make sex too readily available compromise the power-holding position of the group, which is why many women are particularly intolerant of women who are, or seem to be, promiscuous.”

        1. Except that feminists are for slutwalk, and hate men who call women sluts, and say women should be able to wear skimpy(slutty) clothing in any situation. But they are against prostitutes.

      3. They are at war with male happiness since they’ve been given everything they’ve ever asked for. They can’t stand seeing that men are STILL happy because they are MISERABLE.

        1. You’ve just described what happens in most marriages that end in divorce..then the guy picks up something hotter and younger.

        2. Women are miserable because you can’t turn back time. Youth is their power. So as time passes, their power slowly diminishes.
          Women are jealous by nature. So if a man or another woman is happy, she can’t stand it. That is why someone here said once that Fakebook was a jealousy portal. Spot on. It makes women more depressed seeing her friends having all the fun. Other women get off on making other women jealous.

        3. The stats on number of sexual partners per year indicate that divorcees are the more likely to be celibate AND more likely to be “top 20%” compared to never married single guys.

    3. When any woman complains about a more attractive woman, it should be assumed that every single word is an expression of jealousy, no matter what her excuse is or how much made-up academic jargon she uses.

    4. “Do feminists hate attractive women more than they hate white men?” – – – They hate both EQUALLY! 😛

    5. John McCain vs Sarah Palin (ok, YMMV but she was a beauty queen when she was younger and Tina Fey can’t slum it to spoof her).
      Feminists certainly hate conservative women.

  1. Tessa Jowell … OMFG. Her mug is puke inducing.
    Btw, the Labour party in the UK is totally finished. Unless, there is a prolonged period of prosperity, they will never go back in power. So their chances are close to zero.

  2. Labour will remain unelectable for a decade or more thanks to feminist clowns like this. Formerly the party of blue-collar working men and women, it’s now a dumping ground for mangina career politicians, feminist slime and open-door immigration. A bit like the Conservatives really.
    The people they used to serve, the white working-class, are now nothing more than an almost forgotten, despised inconvenience to their social-engineering projects.
    Corbyn has said he will consider the idea of women only train carriages.
    Transport for London’s latest anti sexual harassment poster shows a smart, white man in a suit ‘harassing’ a black woman on a train, as if that scenario is somehow typical (Rotheram anyone?).
    Even Labour’s twattish former leader, Ed Milliband, wore a “This is what a feminist looks like” tshirt as a shitty PR stunt. At least Cameron had the balls to say no to that rubbish.

    1. the women only train idea is corbyn’s first wrong move. He’s already getting stick for that one. As for the tube – rush hour you can hardly move assuming you can get on a train. Its unpleasant for everybody, so if you’ve got a personal space issue, wait until there’s a clear carriage or travel at some other time.
      Labour women politician’s are some of the least attractive creatures on the planet, the non-entity Kendall being a possible (comparative) exception

      1. Maybe that’s it. They want to ban the ads so the omegas on the train don’t poke the feminists’ butt with their erections when packed like sardines.

        1. feminists butts usually induce vomiting rather than erections but anything’s possible, and if its possible they’ll want to ban it

        2. The omegas get the erections from looking at the ads, not the feminists.
          Edit: Then once the train pulls away and the ad is out of sight and he sees the feminist ass, it turtles back in.

      2. It wasn’t his idea, it was a suggestion put forward to him which he said if he wins the leadership election he’ll discuss with women and get their views on whether it would be something that is welcome or not.

    2. “women only train carriages”
      “Separate but equal”, anyone? Where has history tried this before, and how bad did it get for those getting segregated? Anyone want to buzz in for the answer?

    3. After Tony Blair and 17 years of Labour rule, why is the party still alive? I understand the chattering class and Guardian readers can never be reached, but WTF?

  3. What you gotta always remember is that even if SJWs were to get their way and become the rulers of society, they’d still be miserable. They have no ideal or vision they are actually working towards; otherwise they’d be out there creating it.
    Even if they managed to get the rest of the world to completely stop trying and quit and become lazy fatasses like themselves, they’d still be miserable. How many of them are going to want to pick up an HB pencil, a hammer, and a box of nails and start creating the world they think they want so much?
    Come to think of it… if they did that they’d probably start losing weight and learn to value the life they’re putting thought and effort into. At which point they would then cease to be SJWs. Maybe they’re worried that if they were to actually try they’d encounter anti-matter and vanish into nothingness.

    1. even if now that SJWs have gotten their way
      I think the insanity of things like drunk sex = rape, A/C=oppression, 58 forms of gender, rapestare, Roosh’s Pro-Masculinity talk = giving rape lessons, complimenting a stranger = harassment, the 8 trannys on the planet are to be worshipped endlessly, etc. show us that feminists have completed their quest for power. Where first wave feminism may have had a function, at least from a woman’s point of view, they now have all the power and they are no longer fighting for any cause. Hence they must create insane ideas such as this. Even if you were a woman, most of the things they are pushing now won’t benefit you, and are just crazy.
      Give any crazy ideological group enough power and success and they will self destruct (see KKK, Nazis, etc.). They get mad with power and take things to insane extremes.

      1. Liberalism has run its course. Theres no one left to liberate. Now they are turning on themselves. Jackals vs hyenas, vs vampires vs roaches.
        Oh and dont make fun of the Nazis.
        They were the good guys.

    2. SJW’s are miserable therefore we must all be equally miserable.. It makes a lot of sense considering the entire foundation of leftism is built on envy based politics.

        1. “A healthy society is where only the SJW is miserable, and deservedly so.”
          I believe this is actually scientific fact. There was a study done on why conservatives were far happier and more mentally stable than progressives. It essentially comes down to the fact that people with conservative tendencies are capable of justifying inequalities, where as progressives are mentally incapable of doing this.
          It’s really no surprise that many of these leftists shows signs of severe mental health problems. They live every day of their lives mentally torchering themselves…

        2. Critical Equality Studies Those bastards, (oops sorry. I should have said Love Child of a sex worker & a K9) have a miserable life, but they want everyone to have a miserable life, like they have ! There’s no justice on earth. Their father should have been castrated at birth & their mother should have used her lifestyle choice & have them aborted….

        3. Well they would justify their position on humanitarian grounds, but the fact is that most social ‘progressives’ are stuck in the unhappy consciousness phase of Hegelian thought. They suffer from depression and anxiety because they haven’t made peace with the fact that people will never equal–largely due to nature–and that a certain level of misery and suffering is just part of the human condition.
          In short, they lack a tragic view of life.

        4. The funnier thing is that progressives will come up with all sorts of nonsense about how conservatives are inferior. The whole “conservative authoritarian” thing was one (ie. conservatives are authoritarian, and authoritarians are conservative, and liberals are by definition liberal so they are never authoritarian). Some “study” claimed to prove that conservatives don’t deal well with ambiguity. They like to massage the numbers to claim that liberals are better educated than conservatives. It goes on and on.

        5. My karate sensei once said that “Perfection is a direction, not a destination.” The thing is, progressives think that humans and the world they occupy (no pun intended) is perfectible. Conservatives are generally under no such illusion, take the world and the people in it as they are, and then try to make the most of it.
          Another formulation is that progressives demand solutions while conservatives see trade-offs. For conservatives, many problems are not worth solving. Meanwhile, progressives will “fix” a problem, only to have the law of unintended consequences bite everyone on the ass and create a bigger problem that then needs a bigger, more progressive solution to fix. . .ad infinitum.

    3. Egalitarians are complainers, not doers. Their ideal of a world where everyone is equal and unoffensive would turn out to be an utter shithole. They don’t realize this because equalist idealism is at heart, extremely childlike and naive.
      They only survive at the feet of ambitious men who desire inequality for themselves, and thereby lift up those around them when they accomplish true progress. It may even be arguable that whining is the egalitarian survival strategy, a form of pro-social behavior that tricks more successful individuals to share what they have with them.

      1. “Their ideal of a world where everyone is equal and unoffensive would turn out to be an utter shithole”
        There was some discussion yesterday that India might be a good example of this.
        India is a shithole where men can be treated like animals, and some of the worst SJWs in Western countries are Indian women.
        They want so badly to get with a white man and be a part of the white man’s culture, yet they’re attempting to reduce Western nations to the bereft status of India.

      1. The tapping turns into Morse Code that allows men to communicate secretively and they take over the world again.

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    4. There’s no end game for their philosophy, finding ways to feel oppressed and be offended is their main purpose in life.

  4. I want to see women lining up to date hairy chested men with beer bellies and small penises. My guess is the line will be very short. Let’s talk about “sexism” then.

  5. God forbid that there be something attractive to look at while you’re packed in like fucking sardines, next to a chain smoker and someone for whom bathing seems to be a lost art.
    I really think that all of this is rooted in the feminists’ self-hatred and quasi-insane hatred of human nature. It is HUMAN nature to want to gaze upon attractive people and that that desire is filtered through sexual orientation–usually based upon the opposite gender. That little biological quirk is what helps to drive reproduction, which is how the human race perpetuates itself. To rail against this tendency is to quixotically battle the biological truth of human existence.

    1. Feminism is a self defeating idealogy. Its like a man who goes out every day with the assumption that he will fail. No greatness will come from that. They try to make ugliness beautiful, so they will never marry quality men(the ones that aren’t lesbians I mean). They don’t care about being attractive or charming to people in general, so they will often fail in social situations. And they haven’t learned to be caring or nurturing so they will never be good mothers. Feminism is one of the eccentricities of the rich world.

    1. Well now, see, that’s just crazy talk right there! This is an empowered woman who is tired of having to put up with a man who is not at her beck and call at every single moment of the day and who clearly has some portion of his psyche still reserved for his own enjoyment. Why, she’s practically liberating him from the vestiges of Patriarchy he has shown he still has! To call for removing that, why sir, that makes you a censor of the first order! A free society only bans things that harm the common weal, such as pictures of fit, healthy, attractive women, I’ll have you know!

  6. I’d rather bang my lawnmower business end first than get anywhere near these hardcore feminists. They always tend to be the ugliest things imaginable and not coincidentally the most obnoxious type of “female” alive.
    If a society has to resort to banning words, then images, what is the logical conclusion from that?
    Banning people of course, especially the undesirables.
    Oh what a brave new world, that has such (moronic) people in it.

  7. If i ran for president and won, i would deport all those who openly consider themselves “feminists” on the grounds that their philosophy is acting against American best interests. If congress disagrees, I’ve got two words for em: “executive privilege.” If it’s good enough for obama, it’s good enough for me. At least i’d be using it for the “right” reason, ha ha.
    I would send them all to New Guinea after having established diplomatic relations with the native cannibals of the Korowai tribe.
    It’s a win win all around. We rid ourselves of excess tonnage (literally, since a lot of these femmies tend to be fatties as well) and the Korowai cannibal tribe end up getting enough food to last for a year at least. The old feminists would be useful to them as well…they could make good drapes or something because of all the natural wrinkles. Their dried up vaginas could make a decent catcher’s mitt for a fun game of skull baseball too.

    1. remember that cartoon when we were kids? “If I were president, if I were president…I’d..”

      1. And VICE mag sold out a long time ago…it really was an edgy mag when the word meant something…assimilated by the borg now

        1. In case anyone was wondering, here are my “10 points of purpose” to be completed within the first term in the WH.
          10: Abolish all unconstitutional departments (EPA, DOE, and the IRS) immediately or phase their duties back to the states within a year at least. No exceptions. Would keep the IRS around long enough until they audited the FED reserve (i hope you all appreciate the irony)
          9: Activate a “Constitutional clause” that will require EVERY FED employee of prominence to declare they hold an allegiance to the US and no other sovereign entity. Fire the ones who refuse and fire the ones i know would lie.
          8: Rescind any such previous executive orders that conflict or otherwise undermine Constitutional adherence. (goodbye FED controlled local authorities, obamacare) Sic the full judicial might of the US government on Planned Parenthood, CAIR, and other left wing terror groups.
          7: Push for a (constitutional) motion to introduce term limits to EVERYONE not already subject to them, including SCOTUS judges.
          6: All such decisions within the office of POTUS and congress enacted between the US and foreign nations and which impinge on the civil liberties/ protections of All Americans hereby invalidated (Agenda 21, Iran treaty, etc)
          5: Withdraw the US from UN involvement, but not before telling all those Countries assembled that ALL US POWs are to be released in 24 hours or “consequences shall arise.”
          4: Effective immediately, all immigration from hostile countries CEASED. All foreign aid to nations which hate us ceased as well. Border wall to be built from monies redirected from (now) defunct federal departments. Power to self direct hereby returned to the States, where they belong.
          3: Go over defense budget to ensure American military once again “exceptional” and veterans are financially and medically taken care of in perpetuity. Bring back “don’t ask don’t tell” and have openly LGBT and muslims discharged. Tell ACLU to “sue me” when they protest.
          2: No IRS means no more income tax. Anything i can’t do constitutionally i will do through executive privilege until the axle grease of government works the gears of my policy into motion. Replace quagmire of current taxation with 10% flat tax. All income (from zero + one to top 1% of affluent) hereby categorized into simple 10 categories of fair equitable taxation, with a decreasing rate of return the higher you go up. (category 10 gets 10% back, category 9 gets 9%, etc.)
          1: Discredit farcical notion of “separation of church and state” by hanging cross on top of WH. Take that, Dawkins 🙂
          As you said and as i agreed, i’d be assassinated before my first day in office. The only question would be: whether the D’s or R’s did it….

        2. Say you’ll end foreign aid to Israel and I’ll write you in. Israel is older than I am, if I’m old enough to know better they should be mature enough themselves.
          To be fair, end all foreign aid. They can all cry on each others shoulders.

        3. My first term will cut all foreign aid to countries which hate us.
          My second term will cut all aid period, including financial welfare payments to Israel. Good enough?

  8. These women and all of the pandering politions suffer from “the vision of the anointed”, to quote Thomas Sowell. They look down upon everyone who doesn’t adhere to their vision of “society”, as villians opposed to changes which would “better” society, without any empirical data to support their claims. We are just supposed to accept they have our best interests in mind, without any personal bias or self interest added.
    They continue to ignore” tragic history of the twentieth century, written in blood of millions” (of men) “killed in peacetime by their own governments that were given extraordinary powers in the name of lofty goals”(Thomas Sowell, Intellectuals and Society).
    They will stand just behind you with the flag of equality and justice in their left hand, and in their right hand,a knife at the small of your back just in case they deem you too willful.

  9. The English, as a people, have based their collective identity on knuckling under to corrupt sovereigns. Their national identity is one of submission. The English are toadies and stoolpigeons as a rule. What are they? “Loyal to The Crown.” And history has shown us what The Crown does. Conquers foreign nations by playing powerful families against each other, and then bows out when those families re-learn their own self-interest.
    Let the English die. Keep Shakespeare, keep Chaucer, keep Purcell even because he could write a melody. But let the English die. There is no nobility left in their blood.

    1. Negative, the English people have contributed immensely to society, Isaac Newton? He alone has made a tremendous impact on the entire planet.

      1. And most of the leading nations in the world were, or still are, former colonies of the UK. The criminal justice system in the US is based on English commom law (which I found out most Brits don’t know). English is the language of business (estimated 300 million Chinese are learning or have learned some English) and that is not going to change anytime soon.

    2. I’m not particularly fond of your post. The English were the most individualistic and independent people of Europe and conceived of individual rights and liberties while the rest of Europe was slogging around in the muck. If not for them the very notion of human liberty would have never taken hold in the world. We owe them and their Anglo-Saxon ancestors a great debt of gratitude for what good has still managed to survive into this age.
      What they have become today is nothing like what they were even as late as the 1950’s. The typical Englishmen from prior to the 1960’s would have beaten your arse to a pulp for suggesting that he was servile and weak, and rightly so. What they are now is a result of institutionalized socialism, which many did not want and fought, and some still fight today. Lay blame where it belongs, at the feet of the socialists who, last check, have a death grip on nearly the entirety of the West, not just Britain.
      TL;DR – It’s hard to call a race of people servile and submissive when they lived right next door to, and had to eventually incorporate, wild raving warlike Scots from the North.

      1. I am Mexican and I could not agree more. The Brits were once a people to look up to. Nowadays they are whoring after the United States and thus castrated themselves. My Mexico too, sure most of my fellow Mexicans are criminals, lol, but we are whoring after the US, and becoming weak. Every time America passes a new law to promote homos, Mexico wants to be “good” and follow.

        1. There seems to be some weird appeal giving liberties to people that will destroy the very fabric of your society.
          Man those drug cartels are fucking raping your folks. I think drugs should be legalized to destroy the criminal market for it. They have fucking small submarines. Man, I still don’t have a Sea-doo.

  10. “Unrealistic” is code for beauty they cannot attain.
    Feminists attack portrayals of attractive women as unrepresentative of “normal” women because they have egalitarian personalities. The very concept of beauty is anti-egalitarian, as beauty is meant to be a rare and exclusive thing.
    The feminists, like many equalists, cannot get around the zero-sum reality of value, and therefore, resort to making up far-fetched reasons for why what they don’t like is “harmful”.

    1. I rather think it’s a codeword for “beauty I don’t want to have to work to achieve”. We’ve all seen the “fat girl diets and transforms into a beauty” pictorials which show that even a fatty can become a near super model with work and determination. “Unrealistic” beauty can be done even for what most think of as bland fatties, they’re just too lazy to be bothered with it. Hence, now it’s a sin.

  11. They’re outraged because this is what most men really want and they don’t have it. Because of thirst, women who aren’t beach body ready can get male attention, but even before his feet follow his gaze, she knows it’s just a matter of time before her time’s up, or else he stays, but plays.

  12. Probably mentioned elsewhere in the comments but corbyn called for female only train carriages on trains travelling in the evenings, seems like the feminist vote is the one to have for the labour candidates.

  13. Tessa Jowell is ugly and unhealthy looking. This is fact. She is a terrible example for women’s health. The woman in that ad is a pleasure for the eye and looks to be the picture of health.
    Does Tessa think that a picture of some flabby, coughing crone will do more for women’s health that ad encourage women to eat more protein and get some exercise?
    Or does the ad remind Tessa of her own poor health and it in a fit of guilt she wants to tear it down analogous to the way a vampire breaks mirrors that remind him of his evil?

  14. It seems that this is the wave of the future. Get the special interest groups to support you by suppressing free speech they are against under the “hate speech guise”. There are always a few pathetic SJWs and White Knights ready to just in and help so a girl will smile at them… and that’s usually enough to win.

  15. As a South African i should point out that the model in Protein World’s sexy advert is not fellow South African Candice Swanepoel, but is actually Australian model Renee Somerfield. Either way, both are gorgeous.

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