Feminization Of Sports Inevitably Leads To A Cultural Dead End

Do you remember playing the “floor is lava” game as a kid? It is a simple challenge with simple rules—just don’t touch the floor. It could be played anywhere indoors and merely required several pieces of furniture with comfortable gaps in between. Those with siblings probably remember playing “don’t let the balloon touch the ground”, a poor man’s version of ping pong that didn’t require paddles, table, or ball.

As kids grow up, they become more self-aware and their motivation for playing games changes. It is no longer enough to simply conquer the environment and have fun. The goal is now to compete against others and win, earning recognition and respect from peers and adults in the process. This is when games move outdoors and arguably the point at which childhood ends and adulthood begins.

outdoor basketball

I thought that White Men Can’t Jump

For young men who enter puberty and experience the surge of testosterone in their veins, it is essential that they have a publicly sanctioned way to channel their aggression in a constructive way. Besides, sports teach them the necessity of teamwork, cooperation, endurance, and the importance of self-sacrifice for the greater good. All of that and much more, without using a single word.

Ancient Greeks recognized and honored this tumultuous period in every boy’s life by founding Olympic Games, during which no wars were led and all death penalties were suspended. The Olympic Games continue to this day, but in name and form only. The substance and the entire reason for their existence has pretty much been destroyed by galloping SJW ideology which sought to include women, retarded people, trannies and other travesties at all costs. Currently, the regular Olympic Games are just an excuse for massive orgies between participants when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Darya Klishina, long jumper

Frankly, who wouldn’t bang a fit girl like this 24/7?

To truly realize how far the western world has sunk into degeneration, we have to take a look at the uncorrupted sports of primitive cultures. The best example is the national sport of Afghanistan – Buzkashi. In short, Buzkashi is polo played with a headless goat carcass instead of a ball. Teams of players on horseback compete in controlling the carcass and have to bring it into a designated circle to win. The rules allow kicking, whipping, punching, and whatever is necessary to obtain victory. Protective gear is allowed since Buzkashi can be quite brutal at times.

Let the games begin

Remove the horses, replace the goat with an appropriate ball and you’ve arrived at pretty much any modern sport. All of them are fueled by the hunter-gatherer instinct and are meant to be friendly warfare that keeps men in mental and physical shape for an actual war. In any case, if men, for whatever reason, can’t play sports, they are content with watching sports being played. Even the act of observation gives them the much needed adrenaline rush and provides a great excuse to bellow and punch a wall from time to time.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, now it’s even possible for men to watch any sports match while taking a comfortable dump in their very own bathroom. But that is nearing an end, thanks to SJWs and their tireless persecution of masculinity. Sports have become just a vehicle for propagating femnazi bullshit and the most glaring example of this is NFL during the month of October.

NFL crucial catch

The very sight of her makes my dick shrivel

Let’s start off by going to the NFL website’s “Pink” section, where we are greeted by a certain Lisa (pictured above) holding an X-ray of her breast. We get to hear her sob story and how she was lucky to catch breast cancer or something like that. It’s a touching story, worthy of a Lifetime feature film. What does it have to do with sports or football is anybody’s guess. Are we supposed to believe that her life was saved because of the Crucial Catch campaign?

Crucial Catch is a NFL-endorsed campaign that runs throughout October every year and serves to raise awareness of breast cancer. Even though men can get breast cancer too, Crucial Catch focuses exclusively on women. During this campaign, all NFL players and coaches wear pink ribbons and pink-themed gear. Pink ribbons are everywhere, on and off the playing field and even the ball has one. Of course, every televised match is peppered with condescending ads about retarded men and how they should feel guilt for not contributing to the SJW causes.

That background makes my blood boil

That background makes my blood boil

Though the notion that Crucial Catch somehow magically saves the lives of women is truly in the realms of science fiction, there are some interesting lessons to be learned from it. Crucial Catch goes to show how clueless and suggestible women are, that the SJWs in power are well aware of this fact and are using it for their own schemes. Conversely, you should use this knowledge to your own benefit and command the women in your life how you see fit.

“Shut up and sit down”

SJWs count on common decency and the fact that the average person is highly unlikely to rebel, protest, or do anything out of the ordinary, due to the fear of ridicule. Ignoring SJWs won’t make them go away—in fact, they are expecting that men silently submit and give up. Women will naturally follow whoever is in power anyway. Meanwhile, SJWs constantly shape and reshape what “ordinary” and “common decency” mean, which is why a gay parade is now an official political requirement for all countries that wish to join the EU.

As a global society, we’re more and more connected and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid the SJW zealots spewing their toxic propaganda into the minds of feeble-willed women. As individuals, we have to face tough dilemmas involving ourselves and our children.


“Why can’t I stand with both feet on any of these?”

Everything we do has a consequence and even inaction has its price. As a man, you have to take charge of your life, start defending your rights and become an example to others. The truth is, people are just waiting for someone to show them how it’s done and the global revolt against SJWs will begin. It may not start with sports, but you can count on that being one of the many battlefields.

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148 thoughts on “Feminization Of Sports Inevitably Leads To A Cultural Dead End”

  1. It’s sad that they are actually cutting funding to sports programs if there is not both a man and womans program. It’s happening in wrestling at the college level very frequently now.

    1. Really? That’s comedy. I wrestled a girl in high school, 171 pounds class. I couldn’t pin the damn thing to save my life! Had to win by points, which were easy to score.

      1. A 171lb high school female?! Good lord! I assume by “high school” you must have meant “Sea World” and by “girl” you meant “baby Orca.”

        1. Haha! Bro, she was like a golf ball on top of a basketball on top of popsicle sticks! I was pretty solid by senior year at 171 pounds from powerlifting, so just imagine how big she was! It was a nightmare trying to get her flat on her back! I just had to do reversal after reversal after reversal to score points for three minutes!

        2. More power to you, dude. I can only imagine what a fat creature like that smells like up close when she sweats…

        3. You know, the sad part is that she probably defines that as a “win,” because you, a jacked dude, couldn’t pin her. Never mind that she lost. Yet, this kind of redefined “success” is what convinces modern women that they can compete against men.

        4. Hey, if being a behemoth makes her feel some shred of “success” in the only way she possibly can, then she can have it!

      2. I knew a kid on a high school wrestling team in the lightest division. He was a white kid in a predominately black inner city school. In one of their matches it became known that he was first up and his opponent was a girl. The captain of the team who towered over him took him aside and told him if you don’t win don’t bother to come back and sit with us. The kid who was a decent but not great wrestler, pinned the girl in about 15 seconds.

  2. Feminism is a destructive force. It destroys anything in its way and anything that it touches. As with any absurd liberal ideology, feminism is designed to destroy incentive to work hard, and reward failure.
    Which is why competitive sports is now being tarsnished and wrecked by feminism. The idea of playing a competitive sport is that of its nature- competition. What is designed to help young individuals to work hard hard and strive to become the best in a sporting event, is now seen as an obstacle for feminists. Which is why schools in America have pussified sporting events, by making sure that everyone is a winner.
    So don’t worry if you lose, you still get a trophy. This obviously is very destructive and has led to the self entitled and narcissistic behaviour that is seen in alot of the millenials in today’s society, and proves, that feminism and what today’s women in society are doing, is destroying future generations of productive males.

    1. Feminists have no interest in making things fair and even. It’s not about that, although that might be the rationale. It’s just about taking a big shit on everything that they can’t be a part of. They destroyed the family because they’re too hideous to breed. They destroyed masculinity because a masculine man would never look at them. They destroyed femininity because they lack grace, wit and sublime beauty. They’ll destroy sports because they are flabby and cowardly. Indeed they befoul all they touch.
      It’s a movement based on resentments of the ill-constituted, backed by those who would wish to subvert and destabilize society in order to expand the state apparatus.

      1. Very well said.
        Feminism was never about equality. It was always about giving women superiority over men.
        The concept of meritocracy and hard work is dead because of feminism being implemented in all aspects of our society such as employment. The reality is that feminism has proven that women are by nature, dysfunctional wrecks and if they are to run society, it will collapse.
        All of the main religions warned us about this and that men must keep a women in her place. But in today’s society, as long as there is any existence of masculinity such as competitive sports, then expect feminists to try and annihilate it.

        1. I couldn’t agree more.
          It’s some kind of new branch of Collectivism, which has worked SO well in the past.
          History will one day describe this movement as the neighbor describes the serial killer next door: “He seemed so nice.”

      2. Yep. Read some of the founding ‘mothers’ of feminism. Their man-hate runs deep. Their daddy issues would even make a stripper cringe. Their ideology is mostly based on revenge.

        1. “Their ideology is mostly based on revenge.”
          Indeed. Worse, said revenge is based upon imaginary crimes of the past.

        2. They just need a right rogering. It would sort out the majority of them. Dudes, I am prepared to take one for the team. Who’s with me?

        3. For some reason this made me think of “revenge porn”. Actually the latest attack on men. Another method of removing responsibility for actions from the woman and of course “revenge porn” is becoming another type of “rape” that will be used to lock you up.

        4. Americans, Canadians, etc: “Rogering” means “Fucking”. He is prepared to fuck a feminist. This will be unpleasant work but necessary for the greater good.

        5. There comes a time when a man must sacrifice himself for the survival of Mankind. This is my time.

    2. “….Which is why competitive sports is now being tarsnished and wrecked by feminism…..”
      It is a LOT worse than this…..
      Even a major MAN’s magazine (in the UK) is now propagating their emasculating venom….(last month GQ did the same with “What happened to the male feminist”)….this month is Esquire’s turn (“How To Be A Male Feminist”).
      One would be forgiven to think that (the two of the leading MAN’s magazine in the world publishing feminist articles) there is more to the whole story.

      1. It is all to do with propoganda. This is propoganda that is being shoved into our faces to promote the gay, homosexual and feminist agendas into society.
        It all correlates with the end times (as mentioned by all the mainstream religions) and what we are witnessing is the decimation of morality and seeing a huge cultural and economic decline.
        Embrace your masculinity and hold onto your balls.

        1. It makes you wonder of how worse things can get……
          Is the Feminist Hellhole that Sweeden is the petri dish of what’s to come?
          We have in the West a generation (or two) of boys being raised and emasculated by their single mothers…being indoctrinated and shamed for their masculinity in the public school systems…..and then (if they are “lucky”) go to universities and get more of the same…..it is no wonder that we are where we are.
          These people (like Obama) will be running our Societies in the future…..we are TRULY FUCKED.

      2. I saw some random ad. Not random if you follow agenda warfare mind you but here is what it said, ” Why can’t he be a princess too?” Showing a little boy admiring a princess. Utterly disgusting as the programming is happening earlier and earlier to pedastalize women.

        1. That stuff starts off being subliminal until the sheeple start to accept that as the norm. Classic infiltration propaganda methodology used throughout human history.

    3. They seek to raise minorities up to a level beyond white men, then once that is ‘established,’ they will introduce women/fags/mutants/etc. That’s why age-old sports like deathmatch, gladiatorial combat, arena spectacles, buzkashi, etc, are the only ‘real’ sports that ever existed.

    4. Feminists fear competition because their idea of paradise is one where everyone is safe and unoffended

    5. I am just relieved that men don’t get cancer and we can focus our efforts on the only cancer that women get – breast cancer.
      That said, the whole Breast Cancer Awareness drive is a political tool for those involved to enrich themselves, and latterly, as yet another form of religion to control the ignorant masses.
      Even more importantly, it removes responsibility for cancer from the person who gets it (you) and redirects responsibility to society at large. Cancer Advocates must convince everyone that cancer has mysterious origins, perhaps a curse handed down by the Evil Gods of Cancer and if you get it, well, that’s just bad luck. And who should be punished for having bad luck? Therefore, the rest of us should create a social fund to protect us all collectively from cancer.
      However, like everything else, cancer has a cause. This cause is primarily what you eat, secondly, environmental contaminants. Our rulers have an interest in making sure you are unaware of this.
      Cancer rates have risen with obesity, diabetes and dementia? Consumption of junk and processed food has also increased? Is there a connection? Probably not.

  3. I can’t get enough of these ThugLyfe videos… I don’t just think they’re funny as hell I think there is something to actually be learned here about holding frame and not giving a fuck.

    1. I think they’re every bit as depressing as feminism itself. Destructive too and another example of what our leader here called “cultural collapse.” At least that’s the way I view it.

  4. The “We Need To Talk” sports program is proof-positive of this. It’s about invading male spaces.

      1. I haven’t braved that show yet and I never intend to. Watching concrete harden sounds more exciting.

  5. great article.
    slight tangent:
    there was a similar SJW campaign associated with the NHL last year meant to expose the ridicule that gays supposedly go through when trying to participate in the sport of ice-hockey. the campaign was called ‘you can play,’ which to me should actually be insulting to gays… as if their ‘bullying’ hetero-teammates are now ‘allowing’ them to participate in the game. in REALITY of course, professional-sports are one of the last bastions of a merit-based system… doesn’t matter your appearance or preferences in all kind of sinful/unlawful behavior… if you have the talent, you can fucking play and teams will pay you the big-bucks.
    but then, reality isn’t where the SJW’s exist is it? merit is ‘unfair’ to those of us who lack talent! in the spirit of ‘diversity,’ we need to fill the rosters of these evvvvvil money-driven (ie. evil capitalism), heterosexual male leagues with a) women, b) LGBTA, c) people with physical or mental disabilities, d) at least one person of every skin-color in the spectrum, e) senior citizens. hey let’s make them not-for-profit while we’re at it! talent will fall through the floor, but hey, at least now things are ‘fair’ right?
    the campaign didn’t really gain any traction, since its foundation was bullshit to begin with, but many players still bit the bullet and signed the phoney-baloney pledge (ironically they probably felt ‘bullied’ into it!). go diversity!

    1. Merit? What’s that? Why shouldn’t everyone get a ribbon?
      There’s a Kurt Vonnegut sci-fi story called Harrison Bergeron, in which people are made equal by “handicapping” the superior; the strong are made to wear lead weights, the beautiful must wear masks, etc. Feminists, who would rather restructure society than lose a few pounds, are the champions of that race-to-the-bottom type of leveling that we’re seeing today. In the future it will be less about getting the slow up to speed and more about getting rid of the speedy.

  6. Gotta love these silly play dress-up 5k “runs” for fat girls to briskly walk through then get sprayed by colored powder at the end for selfie opportunities.
    “We finished! BEAST MODE!” Fuck, that cliche saying has to go away right now, today!
    A goddamn 5k. Do the whole thing backwards and then I might actually be impressed!

      1. “Lunking” (I don’t even know where that word came from suddenly last year, and I don’t even give a fuck) is part of exercising, if done hard. All these Instagram Fitness trendies don’t understand that and never will. They can’t jump to the next fad soon enough!
        Just one of many, many reasons you should never join a corporate gym. Ever!!!

        1. No Lunking, No Manspreading, no mansplaining…
          Frankly, just ignore the ‘rules’ and laugh at some cunt that gets angry. Frankly, watching some two-seater get all red faced and mumbling because you violated her ‘rules’ is comedy gold.
          I don’t smoke much (Switched to e cigs a couple of years ago) but I will always light up in an open-air bus stop, just to see all the pussies get all bent out of shape about it.

        1. Grunting. They call it “lunking” to make it sound more “hostile” and unappealing and as far as I can tell they invented the word and tossed it into the ether. From what I heard they sound an alarm if you grunt to put you on blast. A gym that goes extra out of its way to embarrass its members for… exercising hard.
          I don’t know how pussified they expect you to weight train if you can’t grunt. Then again, you should avoid corporate gyms like a leper with ebola as is. Then only time you should ever go (an even then, under much duress) is if you’re traveling and you absolutely have to exercise and there are no other options available, period!

        2. That’s ridiculous , working out is a physical activity yet they tell you not to excert yourself. If my gym ever does that I’m canceling my contract.

        3. A real gym would never. A corporate gym just sees you as a warm body and a monthly payment, they don’t respect (or apparently even understand!) the culture whatsoever.

        4. In a Planet Fitness, if you dare exert yourself to the point of grunting or making noise, dropping weights, etc. the staff sets of an honest to goodness alarm (complete with blinking light) to (I guess) shame the person working hard into being a fat lazy fuckwad like the rest of the clientele.

        5. Planet Fitness is a gym franchise. They sponsor TV show called Biggest Loser. The gyms have dance classes, cardio equipment, and machine weights. They don’t have free weights, so it only attracts beginner – intermediate types. You won’t see ripped or jacked people in there. You see overweight people who got bullied in school, who are easily intimidated. Machine weights can be good if you max out with high weight, and high reps, but lots of people are just sitting in the machines listening to music on their iphones.

        6. I have to admit my current gym is corporate gym but there’s nothing like no lunk zones or anything like that. There’s plenty of jacked dudes lifting heavy weights an no one complains if you make noise due to pushing yourself or if you drop a weight or the bar too hard. If that ever happens I’m going back to my old gym.

        7. Oh and they also give free pizza on certain days.
          Also they talk about ‘no judgement’ but they full on judge and ban people who are serious and work out hard. Cunts.

        8. You know, at least some of those fatties are TRYING.
          I reserve my harshest judgement for the cyst overflowing her car and sucking down a frosty. The guy sweating and bouncing his way along the side of the road trying to jog his way to fitness deserves better.

        9. We are talking about the same gym that has free bagel breakfast one day a week and even a pizza night another day. It is no wonder they do not really expect their members to actually work out lol.

        10. Good Grief! What’s the fucking point of even joining a gym if all you’re going to do is demonize those that excel and champion the mediocre. When I’m in the gym I’m all out, period. And why not? Half assing it gets you know where. I’ve been working out my whole life and…for example, you only cheat yourself if you do the minimum. I literally feel like I’m taking crazy pills! I watch this ad and I think of little, feeble, mediocre people poking fun at a man because he’s better than them. What has the world fucking come too!

        11. why is he drinking a gallon of apple cider? is that stuff anabolic haha

    1. Do the whole thing backwards and then I might actually be impressed!
      My brother ran a couple half marathons backwards and completed them in the allotted time! We used to run backwards about three miles sometimes to vary our workout, so he was able to work his way up to it. I never thought about it until now, but he actually beat people who were running forward seriously. LOL!

      1. See, that is something I can actually respect, because it’s deserved, not demanded! These neon spandex-wearing assholes that overembellish while gloating about their exercises and “meal prepping” and actually think somebody else gives a fuck impress me about as much as a dog begging for food. Nothing special, nothing unique, nothing out of the ordinary, and just another bandwagon being jumped on.

    2. Marathons used to be about people running a course – a certain distance within a certain amount of time. That runner would try to improve on their personal best with each run.
      Today, it’s kind of a run (mostly walk), fat out of shape (mostly women)…patting themselves on the back for finishing (at all).
      Everyone wins, gets a trophy, etc….
      Then, hit the food and beer tents.
      It’s fucking ridiculous.

  7. Watch Rambo III for an example of Buzkashi.
    And go figure, the girl who actually IS fit and hot you featured is Russian. We all know how aggressive, masculine, self-righteous and hotheaded Russian men can be. Especially about their sports.
    Oh and fuck the EU – what is the point? You idiots were shoving each other in gas chambers and blast furnaces sixty years ago, now you want to atone for it by pretending you’re one big country of White Christians who suddenly all speak English now and lick America’s balls?
    Every time I hear about Russia bullying its neighbors I get really Dark Triad giddy just because of that factor alone.

    1. Gas chambers and 600 body a day blast furnaces… I appreciate your point, but try not to embrace mythology so much.

  8. It was those, “Because I’m a girl,” pansy campaigners standing in front of the local mall that drove me crazy. No balls whatsoever. And I haven’t seen them out since the weather got cold.

  9. With obesity rates at 50% women need to be encouraged to do sports at some level. But they should do it on their own without expectation that men owe them something.

  10. We need a male space so harsh that no woman would want to invade it and no SJW would dare even pretend to belong there.
    I’m sure it’ll be a work environment and not be a dry place.

    1. To paraphrase a man who was harsh in historic proportions:
      Either find one, or make one.
      I’m sure it’ll be an underground “club” environment. The first rule will be not to talk about it. The second rule will be . . . well, you know.
      But the formative axiom will be no compromising of the harsh standards, not even for your best buddy.
      The trick will be giving it a sustainable purpose.

    2. Can you do that without your club being illegal though. I’m trying to think what male we could make that is so harsh women won’t want in that doesn’t involve violence which is illegal.

        1. That’s good mma is still mostly a bastion of masculinity. Let’s hope they don’t feminize that as well.

        2. They come in every now and then. Usually a shin kick to the thigh or a rear naked choke is all that it takes for them to see the error of their ways.
          We once had some cunt come in to the Jui Jitsu class with a black belt— a fucking Tae Kwon Do black belt. See left feeling a lot less empowered.

    3. If they’re trying to weasel themselves into Marine Corps infantry and the Navy SEALs, I think it’s a pipe dream that such a space exists. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have one. But I don’t think it’ll be possible till after the apocalypse has sorted shit out.

  11. This did piss me off over the past few yrs, culminating with the jersey of the pre teen girl who pitched a no hitter getting her jersey sent to the baseball hall of fame. Not so much because she was a girl, but becuase she was a child. Childrens’ accomplishments really should not be acknowledged by a museum designated for the accomplishments of professional athletes. This nonsense will stop eventually.
    Even though I have the misfortune of being a Mets fans, I have the good fortune of having the best tv announcers(Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling, Gary Cohen) calling these horrific games. They are SO un-PC, esp Keith, that it makes the games truly enjoyable. No way they could do this on a nat’l broadcast. Keith is totally alpha and smart (a pitcher named McBeth came into the game once, and he said “Hey! exunt Macbeth!, Im sure 90% of the viewers missed the reference) and Gary eggs him on, and Ron is super smart, and really knows what he is talking about.
    Maybe Ill attempt to write an article about Keith and submit to rok; he is one of the last of a dying breed.

    1. This is more of that “everything is a social construct that can be changed” bullshit from feminists. The fact is, her weight is unhealthy.

      1. SI has capitulated to the feminist fat acceptance movement. Why not just put a cow in a bikini and do a farm yard animal?

        1. But this is SI (Sports Illustrated) the sports magazine with largest circulation in english speaking world. Millions read it.

        2. This is how they spread this toxic disease called feminism to masses. Minus well start BBW porn as well. Like that show Homeland showing that good looking guy Peter banging his big apartment manager.

        1. Well in general the chippendales don’t impress me. They’re a bit like caricatures of men. Theoretically though, there may be some woman that like a chunky man so for them a chunky chipp would be ok.

      2. Trigger warning next time (grin)
        The whole commercial I was just thinking “Quick! Someone roll her into the water before her skin dries out!”
        I will take the tits and the face, though… but the rest is ick.

  12. Frankly, who wouldn’t bang a fit girl like this 24/7?

    She has a nice face, and she IS fit. However, her fitness in this case has worked to her disadvantage. She has no hips and her shoulders are broad, like a man’s. She’s too thin, IMO. Let’s be honest, most people don’t care about female athletics. Successful female athletes have higher rates of testosterone, which means they’re typically more mannish. Just look at the WNBA.

    1. You can’t have an hour glass figure without shoulders broad enough to create it, and the musculature is what holds tits up – if she had any.
      The real problem is that her waist is muscled up to the point where it has almost disappeared, giving the illusion of having no hips.
      Still better than the modern crop of self starvers who have fat hips, but are Tootsie Pops from the waist up.

      1. Her shoulders are wider than her hips. That’s usually an element of a male body type, and may be why she’s a talented runner. A woman’s waist doesn’t “muscle up” and become larger than her hips. Women have different body shapes. I’ll take a girl with hips over an athlete. That’s not the same as being into fat chicks.

        1. She’s a jumper; and a stretch model at 5′ 11″.
          Hips don’t scale with height. On the other hand, neither do shoulders.
          Personally I like women on the more slender side, but not to the point that they become sticks with a head on top. Grace Kelly was just about perfect.
          Not that I would have tossed Barbara Eden out of bed.

        2. Both female height and hip size are regulated by estrogen, which is why tall girls tend to have narrower hips. Their bodies are more androgynous. In fact, when a family feared their young daughter might be too tall, and thus unmarriageable, doctors used to give girls estrogen shots to stunt her growth.
          Estrogen’s effects on the female body

          * Bones are smaller and shorter, the pelvis is broader, and the shoulders are narrower
          *Body is more curved and contoured because of fatty tissue that covers the muscles, breasts, buttocks, hips, and thighs. Estrogen helps decelerate height increase in females during puberty, accelerates burning of body fat and reduces muscle bulk

          I’m not saying I’d kick her out of bed, but I think she’s a bit overrated.

  13. I wonder what the investors are going to do when it becomes obvious that sports are just a fad born of envy for women and all this time and energy trying to market to them backfires as they flake and men increasingly turn off the TV.
    Maybe men will actually go out and play sports again for recreation. Women can keep the TV.

    1. As I have said here a number of times, stop sitting on the couch and watching other people doing things, and for God’s sake, stop wearing some other man’s jersey.
      Get your own jersey, then go outside and make it mean something.

    2. Yes, turn off the TV and go do something (sport, activity, hobby, fishing, etc….). Sports on TV seems to becoming just like the rest of it…junk (and it doesn’t add anything to your life).

  14. ” . . .if men, for whatever reason, can’t play sports, they are content with watching sports being played.”
    Yes, it seems we have, as a culture, degenerated that far.

    1. it took me 2 years and 111 matches of constant failure before becoming proficient at soccer. This culture expects instant results with little time invested.

    2. Yelling at the players on the field, beer in hand of course, is almost as fun as playing the sport itself!

      1. Have to concur. 🙂 The same goes for cussing out politicians and dumb celebirites on TV.

  15. I play pick up soccer with a group of 30+ guys. Some played in college, a few played semi pro. Whenever a female shows up, her insecurities force her to stand in front of our small 4 foot X 3 foot goals and pretends she is a goalkeeper . Even in sports they cock block men.

    1. We had a girl try that in street hockey.
      The thing is, when you put a girl in a competetive sport, with men, she almost always winds up badly injured. This one was no exception.
      In the SCA we have a word for girls that try to dress up in armor and fight on the field… we call them ‘pinball weebles’ because they cannot support the weight of their armor (They waddle instead of walk and are always sitting down) and the first serious hit they take makes them bounce around and burst into tears, surrounded by angry men (bumpers) who want to get even with you for ‘beating up a girl’ (who just willingly got on the field with a hundred 250 pound men dressed in another hundred pounds of armor and weapons each)
      In general, we always strongly suggest girls go for ‘light’ (fencing, which they always lose badly) or archery (they still suck, but an open-hand strike ‘disables’ them, no real fighting required even though they still wear light armor… accidents are known to happen in a ‘referee gets tackled’ sort of way)
      But if they really want broken bones, we let ’em fight. Once.

  16. Unrelated :
    This evening went out with the most domestic, house-trained, church going, she would just get the tremors when I would kiss her kind of girly, one the most feminine girl I have ever went out with. We were together 3 years ago, so fast forward to going on our own ways ( I never got the chance to bang her as I was too young and desperately in need of sluts back then) and I bump into her a week ago and ask her out.
    We go out, and she acts like a fucking retarded person. Here in my country the religious people ( orthodox ) are very mature and full of the red pill flowing through their veins, and here’s me thinking that if she was such a SERIOUS church addict, she would follow in some of that red pill composition. Go figure, she acts like a moron, telling me that I have the sin of pride ( I was barely even being confident) that I’m too stubborn ( I called her on some bullshit that she was 10 min late) and called me a misogynist and crazy person. Well I can almost diagnose her brain as being dead.
    My instinct told me that she has even become more dangerous than typical slut that tries to hood-wing you into ,,my period’s late, and I’m no baby killer”. What the fuck man ?!
    I thought we only have to look out for the sluts, the sluts in disguise, the crazies, but here’s another variable, the extremist ,,I’m a christian girl so fuck you asshole” kind of girls.
    What’s the world coming to ?
    Fuck this shit !

  17. “SJWs count on common decency and the fact that the average person is highly unlikely to rebel, protest, or do anything out of the ordinary, due to the fear of ridicule. Ignoring SJWs won’t make them go away—in fact, they are expecting that men silently submit and give up. Women will naturally follow whoever is in power anyway. Meanwhile, SJWs constantly shape and reshape what “ordinary” and “common decency” mean”
    Well said. You nailed it. Resisting or countering must be done with resolve and wit. Benjamin Disraeli was a true master we can all learn from………
    When William Gladstone publicly commented that Disraeli would “probably die by the hangman’s noose or a vile disease,” Disraeli promptly replied, “Sir, that depends upon whether I embrace your principles or your mistress.”

  18. Sports are an outlet for men to embrace their masculinity, it can also get men physically fitter an improve their confidence an is something that females can’t beat men at regardless of what propaganda feminists try to push. No wonder they hate it, feminism is simply a destructive hatefull movement that seeks to destroy all forms of masculinity an male happiness.

  19. You know what I was doing Super Bowl Sunday? Skydiving and working towards getting my A license. Spectator sports are for chumps.
    Even before SJWs, Feminazis and the Susan Komen mafia got their tenticles wrapped around the nutsacks of the league I could never understand why people would want to watch other men living awesome lives doing something they love. It is a complete waste of time. Only now you are an active participant in the demise of your own masculinity (if you even had any to begin with) and that of your children if you give your eyes to advertising companies that despise you and are actually showing you what they think of you.
    I for one cannot bear the thought of sitting through one of those pitiful and offensive domestic violence PSA telling me not to abuse women.
    Listen very carefully. If you watch any American sport in this day and age, you are digging your own grave. If men stopped watching you can all bet your asses that that garbage that they advertise would change in a heartbeat.

    1. Hockey is still fun to watch. No fucking pink ribbons on helmets… although in a really good game you might see a few pink ribbons on the ice…

    2. Bravo Mr. B.
      I never understood the emotional investment people have in professional sports; “my team,” “we won!” etc. When the world series/superbowl/playoffs are over the sun will continue to rise and set and my life will go on…..who the hell gives a damn which team/player holds what title?.

  20. Feminists talking about discrimination and equal opportunity.. bitch, please. Why not just get rid of gender divisions in sports then? No men’s and women’s tennis competition, just one open competition. After all, it is discriminatory, the present system, isn’t it? Women are just as good, right? Of course they won’t go for this as they just want preferable treatment. Which is exactly what they want.. it is criminal that at the moment grossly inferior women are paid the same as men, even though they only play 3 sets instead of 5! What a fucking joke! But they can’t admit that men are vastly superior and no woman would ever be able to play ‘open’ pro sports, so they just don’t say a word.. well, fuck off feminists, you are lucky to even have your token competitions!
    The other thing I am sick to death of is the ‘strong, independent woman’ myth. Why is it they all see themselves this way, but I am yet to see one woman in a divorce proceeding say “You know what, I am not going to arse rape my ex husband in these divorce proceedings because I am a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a man”. Yep, their principles sure go out the window if it won’t suit them financially..

    1. I have had this tennis argument with feminists who deadpan that oh women aren’t as strong, so they shouldn’t have to play 5 sets- but they honestly believe that they should be paid the same as men! I just don’t get it. Look, it is unfair on dwarves that would like to play in the NBA that they were born to only grow to 4 foot tall, but does this mean it is unfair and they should have their own league that gets paid the same as NBA players???

      1. I agree. But what is affirmative action in university programs if it isn’t the exact same thing as mandating that X percentage of NBA players must be 5 feet tall because it’s not fair that the taller players get all the roster spots.
        Total SJW bullshit logic there.
        How does letting in less qualified students into the Nuclear Physics department at Stanford help the field of Nuclear Physics? It doesn’t.
        It does the same thing to the level of Nuclear Physics as including 5 footers on NBA rosters would to the quality of the game.
        Funny how we can recognize that sports need to be merit based, but it isn’t ‘fair’ to do the same thing in academia?

  21. “Frankly, who wouldn’t bang a fit girl like this 24/7?”
    Not me, she reminds me of a man. I like chubby and fat women. Give me some thighs and love handles. Cuddling with a surfboard is no fun.

    1. Not bad for a five. I might even admit fucking her. She would make a decent Milk run for a newbie PUA.
      Of course, give her a couple of years. at 30, unless she loses a couple of pounds, she will look like Rosie O’Donnell.

  22. “The Olympic Games continue to this day, but in name and form only. The substance and the entire reason for their existence has pretty much been destroyed by galloping SJW ideology which sought to include women, retarded people, trannies and other travesties at all costs.”
    Since when is a person who is handicapped not by their choice a “Travesty?” Your statement infers that eugenics would be a better thing, to get rid of the handicapped. Despicable.

    1. I agree with you here. I have a cousin with Asperger’s syndrome who has participated in the Special Olympics. One of my best friends has cerebral palsy. He talks slow and walks with a limp, but it’s purely a motor skill issue because his mind is as sharp as anyone’s. I have very deep compassion for the handicapped. They are among the most caring, kind people I know.

      1. Agree. Asperger patients are by far more intelligent and often more honest than the so – called “normal” drones who gossip behind their backs and mock them. Wonder who the really dysfunctional ones are in such situations really.

        1. The term ‘asperger’ is irelevant. It’s another unfortunate ‘brand’ like geek or chauvinist. The matrix doesn’t like people who can focus and concentrate obsessively and who pose a threat to cracking the codes necessary to escape the matrix. The matrix prefers dumbed down zombie drones. The problem with the high curve focused fanatics is they enjoy cracking codes or doing whatever they do so much that they can’t snap out of it quickly enough when the suits come knocking

      2. Your cousin is Jewish?
        Or are you talking about HFA? Non-jews who claim to have aspergers are self-diagnosed. although, Ironically, that often marks them as HFA.
        They are not the same thing, though… HFA’s can still learn vocal and behavioral cues, albeit intellectually.. Aspergers apparently cannot (although I daresay a lot of that is likely ‘geek arrogance’)
        As an HFA myself, I tend to get mightily pissed off at people claiming it’s Aspergers… which , while bearing a superficial resemblance to ASD, is not actually part of the disorder.
        It’s kinda like claiming a hamburger with onions, peppers, and mushrooms is a philly.
        I tend to think the biggest difference is that ASD’s actually feel emotions… strongly… all the time, but their mechnism for ‘damping’ those emotions are damaged or dysfunctional, those, it creates a remoteness and unwillingness to submit to ANY emotional feedback. When ASD’s do lose control of their emotions (especially in LFA’s) the effect is usually very dramatic. HFA’s often have an inability to understand why others allow their emotions to influence them, and why they cannot simply disregard their emotional influences through sheer willpower.
        Whereas Asperger’s is actually closer to psychopathy, where emotions are distant and remote and are often not able to be comprehended at all.

    2. the Olympics was about the best of the best. the ‘handicapped’ do not qualify, any more than short people need to be ‘included’ in pro basketball, or midgets in pro football, any more than you’d allow a retard in mission control. trying to include them in the interest of ‘fairness’ absolutely IS a travesty, almost as much of a travesty as my foolish attempting to educate a dumbshit like you.
      You really should look up the meaning of the word ‘infer’, because you
      are using it to justify a straw man rather than using it’s actual
      And I love that attempt at shaming at the end. You might want to wear pants that don’t show off so much pussy, especially with your attempts to equate ‘only accepting the competent’ with ‘herding cripples into gas chambers’.

      1. I take issue with his word “travesty” for the handicapped. You really need to learn how to understand what is written more clearly.
        You, sir, ARE THE DUMBSHIT

        1. You should be taking issue with the word ‘pussy’ but I guess you are post-op, eh?
          I understood your stupidity perfectly clearly. You attempted to equate ‘travesty’ with ‘eugenics’, a term generally understood to mean eliminating the weak by design rather than through Darwinian forces.
          But, in any obvious sense of the word, destroying the spirit of the olympics in order to allow ‘anyone to succeed’ literally IS a travesty. the Olympics, from antiquity, were about finding the BEST of the BEST, without regard for ‘things over which they have no control’. If a one-legged man cannot win the hurdles, he simply cannot win, and handicapping (snerk) the best just to give him a ‘sporting chance’ is a travesty of the highest order.
          Was it reading comprehension? or did your brain simply explode under the pressure of a conversation that does not automatically assume that every person has a duty to bend over backwards for every retard, cripple, or psychopath that comes along?

        2. I have no reason to reply to you, given what I have seen from other posts of yours. Come back when you are more civilized.

        3. HAHAHAH! Yer funny.
          Welcome to ROK, dipshit. Logic is discussed, semantics is ignored. The strength of the argument is paramount, not the language with which it is discussed.
          This site is NOT for feminists like you who demand others to bow to your redefinition of the language. If I want to say fuck, I say fuck.. That is my perogative as a man. You can take your arguments about semantics, fold them into little corners, and stuff them up your ass.
          You ma’am, have no argument… you are simply whining because you want the language of this space to change to suit your whim.

        4. And you accuse me of being a feminist. Get a life. I am as antifeminist as you are. I just dislike anyone disparaging handicapped people since they didn’t choose to get what they got. Call me pro-handicapped and I’ll plead guilty. Call me afeminist and I’ll call you one big fat liar.

        5. Fine, then say “I dislike people disparaging the handicapped’.or words to that effect. I would not have even commented if you had said “Look, cocksucker, most handicapped are a fair sight more intelligent than you even with a 65 IQ.”
          That’s man talk. whatever. But the thing is, you are busting on the author’s indication that SJW’s alteration of the olympics to include trannies, retards, whatever at all costs is a travesty.
          I think you should re-read the author’s statement… the one you quoted TWICE. He was not saying that handicapped people and women are travesties, he was stating, quite clearly, that the Ideology of egalitarianism which chooses to turn these people into Olympians has made their inclusion travesties.
          Frankly, an argument revolving around how ‘offended’ you are that his word choice seemed ambiguous to you, and then your subsequent ‘inference’ that somehow managed to drag in a hitler reference as well as a HUGE attempt at shaming, was a very female-style rebuttal… ignoring logic in favor of ‘feelings’ and arguing over semantics instead of content.

        6. Brigadon, T77. Why even bother responding?………”I have no reason to reply to you, given what I have seen from other posts of yours. Come back when you are more civilized.”…….that’s a woman talking. It has to be. I have never had a man that I was engaged in debate with respond with a brush-off pussy remark like that one

  23. The decline of the NFL has been hard for me because I used to be a huge fan. Now I barely watch on the scale that I used to and the feminist invasion has played a huge part. My tipping point came when Brandon Marshall was fined $10,000 for wearing green cleats during Mental Health awareness week in order to bring attention to an illness he himself has had to deal with personally!! Imagine that, breast cancer gets a whole fucking month when it mostly affects women, a group that has nothing to do with the game on the field whereas a dude cannot even try and draw attention to a disease he has suffered from without the hammer being slammed down upon him.

  24. “The Olympic Games continue to this day, but in name and form only. The substance and the entire reason for their existence has pretty much been destroyed by galloping SJW ideology which sought to include women, retarded people, trannies and other travesties at all costs.”
    And just how did you conclude that the handicapped are travesties, or on the same level as the other groups?
    Your beliefs, sir, ARE a travesty.

  25. Despite the high rate of SJWism here in Australia, one of our biggest sporting codes (Rugby League) has let players off with some pretty heavy shit, like glassing/beating girlfriends, shitting in cupboards in hotels etc.

  26. “Frankly, who wouldn’t bang a fit girl like this 24/7?”
    Give her a few years to mature. Most people don’t care to bang 13 year olds.

  27. Friends , do not be discouraged.
    The fantasy world notion that women are equal to men in all things is just that a -fantasy.
    Women who fall for it, will fail. They will try and try her hardest to compete but the vast majority will fail , most of which be left with one thought……”I can NOT” .
    That is why I believe feminism will be stopped , when they get what they claim they want.
    Our job is to be the best reality check. Educate ourselves, motivate ourselves, be as physically and mentally fit as can be.
    Be the clearest most toned version of refined man as can be.

  28. I never watch sports, but I’m hanging out with my brother-in-law right now watching the Clippers/Cavs game, and I was shocked to see a female referee! She just called a technical foul on a player for yelling at her for not calling a foul.

  29. So sports are ruined because of pink ribbons for one month of football and because men at the Olympics have sex with the women who compete separately from them at the Olympics? If those are the best examples you can come up with, I don’t think your argument is worth a post this long…

  30. my dad watched the nfl for the first time for the cup and all he could mention how those commericals were and it was those typical sjw shit for women. Form playing katie perry(instead of some hardcore rapper or something) to domestic violence and not hurting girls feelings and crap.
    WHy do they put these on?females are not the primary demographic

  31. I still don’t get why it’s so hard for Westerners to just tell their women to fuck off
    Say something stupid? Fuck off.
    Propose a retarded idea? Fuck off.
    Complaining about your feelings? Fuck off.
    We all do this all the time to other men, why not women?
    A woman’s opinion is, on average, not even as useful as a man’s

  32. Lot of things wrong with this article, and ill thought out. The author has done better previously.

  33. I do not understand who forbids men do what they want. I understand that feminism is radical movement and many women are attracted to such powerful, self-confident and independent women, but this has the reverse side – men are becoming less masculine. Women tend to take men’s roles and now we have the changing society. For some men it is easier to take Canadian payday loans via Internet with no thought about the future, while women tend to think about finance and support the family. And I think that both sexes are involved in this process, so we need to change it together.

  34. The breast cancer awareness thing pisses me off more and more each year. “Walk for the Bullshit.”

  35. A good sport which encourages real masculinity AND femininity would be the piggy back beach races where ‘FIT’ and ripped men mount a lightweight and fit female on their shoulders and run a sprint race in the sand.
    FAT CHICKS and overly large amazon queens need not apply. Their lack of fitness instantly BREEDS THEM OUT of the sport. Also the males of smaller stature would need to find a midget or WAY low end tiny female to pair up with.
    There’s nothing wrong with being a shorter male in shape though. Shorter arms and legs when toned and muscular have more actual leverage in armwrestling for example. The rule though is: If she’s too big for you to lift, THEN SHE TOO DAMN BIG for you. I’m sure Denny Devito loves his hulk of a wife dearly but they’re the exception. If all pairing were such with smaller males mating with much larger females then our species would pretty much fall under total whip cracking matriarchy BY DEFAULT.
    The beach races are a great way to realign the stature of the genders and are truly a HELL OF A LOT OF FUN. There should be a greater promotion of this sport and better yet a WORLD CUP beach babe race.

  36. They can feminize all they want- I won’t watch women sports unless its volley ball – yum yum or tennis that doesn’t have some woman from the congo playing.

  37. “The substance and the entire reason for their existence has pretty much been destroyed by galloping SJW ideology which sought to include women, retarded people, trannies and other travesties at all costs”. What´s wrong with you, man? What kind of trauma turned you so crazy and full of hate?

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