4 Steps To Getting A Shredded Summer Physique

It’s no secret that Western women have been raising their expectations of men for the past several decades. Dozens of Disney movies portraying men as princes, reality TV shows with men groveling at the feet of a “potential bride,” and general access to large quantities of men via Tinder and other dating applications, have made many women very picky.

One of the easiest ways for you to differentiate yourself, is to build a shredded, chiseled physique. Will it take some work? Yes, it will. But is it worth it? Absolutely.

Learning game, and getting girl’s numbers when you’re shredded, is like shooting fish in a barrel…especially if you’re over the age of 35. Even if you’re younger, however, most men are weak and scrawny, or largely overweight. Getting a head start on your summer body is a great way to ensure that you’ll stand out, and be able to game scantily-clad beach girls with ease.

1. Use 16-8 The Model of Intermittent Fasting

Whenever I have clients that are overweight and trying to cut down some pounds, I always recommend that they do intermittent fasting, for several reasons. First, however, what is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is the idea that you only eat during a certain time frame. There’s various versions of it, some advocate fasting for 8 hours a day, and others advocate only having one meal a day. Personally, I recommend that you use the 16-8 model.

What this means is that you wake up, and fast for the next 8 hours. So, if you wake up at 6AM, you don’t eat until 2PM, and you finish eating at or before 10PM. This is beneficial for numerous reasons:

  • You’ll be able to focus on work for many uninterrupted hours
  • It’s easy to diet, seeing you’ll have to fit your calories into a smaller window
  • Intermittent fasting improves hormonal profile, boosting testosterone and growth hormone

You will be absolutely amazed at how fast you burn fat when you utilize intermittent fasting—losing 30 pounds a month isn’t unheard of, and in fact, some people that I’ve put on this diet (in conjunction with ketosis) have lost 45 pounds in just a month.

2. Utilize P.H.A.T. Training

I’ve discussed this before on Return of Kings, but it’s worth mentioning again, because it’s the best workout structure I’m currently aware of. P.H.A.T. training stands for Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training, or in other words, combining strength and mass training into one routine.

My current routine, and the routine I recommend if you’re trying to look phenomenal for summer, follows this layout:

  • Day 1: Upper Body Strength
  • Day 2: Lower Body Strength
  • Day 3: Rest
  • Day 4: Back and Shoulders Mass
  • Day 5: Legs Mass
  • Day 6: Chest and Arms Mass
  • Day 7: Rest

This routine is definitely on the more advanced side, but with adequate focus and recovery, any man with normal levels of testosterone can benefit tremendously from it. Days 1 and 2 should be focused on the big compound lifts: bench press, squat, deadlift, overhead press, and the barbell row. This will allow you to shatter any and all previous strength plateaus.

Days 4-6 should be focused on hypertrophy, or in layman’s terms, building mass. This equates to higher repetitions with lower weight. Do plenty of auxiliary exercises to train each specific muscle. I generally aim for 3-4 different exercises for each muscle group.

So, for example, on Day 6, I do 3 variations of chest exercises, 3 variations of bicep exercises, and 3 variations of tricep exercises, all ranging from 8-20 repetitions. This ensures that I not only get a chiseled, shredded physique, but also put on mass and build endurance.

3. Do Weighted and Non-Weighted Ab Exercises

One of the biggest mistakes I see guys making when they’re trying to get a six pack, is they only focus on doing non-weighted ab exercises. You know, the typical ones you learn in gym class, like sit ups, planks, and leg raises?

Those are great and all, but if you want to build those deep, thick ab muscles that really pop, you’ll have to add some weight into your routine. Opt for weighted sit ups on a decline bench press—start out with 25 pounds, then do as many as you can. Drop down to 10, then 5, and finish it off with as many repetitions as you can do with no weight.

Another phenomenal exercise, that is a part of my personal routine, is the rope crunch. You know that rope that people attach onto the cable machine, and usually use to hit their triceps? Well, you can also use it to hit your abs. What you do is you get down on your knees, facing away from the rope.

Then, pull it down so that it’s touching your neck. Slowly move your head down until it touches the ground—you should feel an incredible burn in your abs, because if you’re doing it right, they’ll be doing 90% of the work. Aim to start off with heavier weight, and slowly decrease the weight until you can’t do anymore repetitions.

4. Utilize No-Bullshit Supplements

As someone who worked at a supplement store in college, I’m very aware that 90% of supplements are total garbage. They promise you ridiculous gains, like 30 pounds of rock solid muscle in a week “for the low, low price of $89.99!”

Ignore 90% of supplements, and stick to the basics:

  • A high-quality pre-workout, with key ingredients
  • A good whey protein powder
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Bodybuilder’s multivitamin

If you want to get fancy there’s plenty of supplements that you can use beyond these, but in terms of being “natural,” (AKA avoiding legal steroids), and bang for your buck, these are the best ones to go with. I have test-tried literally hundreds of supplements before, and have compiled a list of the most meth-like pre-workouts.

I recommend you take one of these 15-20 minutes before hitting the gym, because there’s scientific evidence proving their effectiveness. When choosing a pre-workout, aim for caffeine, beta-alanine, vinpocetine, and l-taurine. There’s plenty more ingredients that will improve your workout, but these are some key ones.

As for the whey protein, Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard is the best fundamental whey protein. Take 2 scoops post-workout with some dried mangoes, dried pineapple rings, and/or rice cakes. These contain fast-digesting carbohydrates that will jump start the muscle-growth process.

Take 3-5 grams of creatine with your pre-workout (if it doesn’t already have creatine in it), and 3-5 grams afterwards. On off days, aim to take 5 grams with a carbohydrate heavy meal. Just this alone will drastically improve your strength and endurance, because it enhances ATP synthesis (your body’s energy mechanism).

As for a bodybuilder’s multivitamin, I recommend Animal Pak—yes, it’s got a ton of pills in it, but that’s because it’s jam-packed with so many high quality ingredients. You’ll notice an increase in your energy within a few days, and it’ll provide you with all of the nutrients you need to build rock-solid muscle and melt away pounds of fat.


Imagine these girls complementing your abs

As the men of ROK are very aware, learning game is becoming increasingly difficult. Yes, having a strong frame is important, and yes learning to develop confidence is key, but it’s also important to look your best. If you want to pull the hottest of the hot, you MUST actively work on your physique.

Gone are the days where a man could get a sexy wife from merely being a “good guy,” with a good job. Unfortunately, you need more than that now…but don’t worry, because getting a chiseled physique is far easier than you’d think. Simply utilize my advice, and you’re good to go.

Do intermittent fasting, preferably the 16-8 model. Design your routine based around the P.H.A.T. principle, in order to build lean, dense, strong muscle, and get huge at the same time. Do weighted and non-weighted ab exercises, to get those deep ab grooves that turn women on.

And for the love of God, ignore that GNC salesman. Stick to creatine, pre-workouts, whey protein, and a multivitamin, and you’ll be pulling beach chicks in no time.

Want the definitive guide to building a shredded, sexy physique that drives women crazy? Check out Jon’s Body of an Alpha blueprint.

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    1. This. When I started taking Kratom, I put on 50 pounds of muscle in just 2 weeks. It truly is god’s gift to mankind.

    2. there is a rule here, save the Kratom jokes for sponsored posts, otherwise they get old.

        1. Kratom jokes are like women, the more often and harder they are ridden, the earlier and more abrupt the wall will come.

  1. Seriously, best thing I’ve ever done to lose weight was to go on the LCHF diet..combine that with just 3 weekly workouts and you will be ripped in about a year.

    1. Ketosis is great, but it’s very difficult to build muscle on a ketosis diet. If you do this, I recommend having 50-100g of carbs post-workout, from either sweet potatoes, brown rice, or quinoa.

      1. It’s good for getting a 6 pack..as you say it’s probably not good if you want to get “buff”..

  2. The reversal of the sex roles is now completed – men try to make themselves pretty for the girls.

    1. The one with the higher SMV is the one who controls the situation. Do it for you, not for the girls.

    2. Don’t be silly. We do it for ourselves. Getting hot women is a nice by- product of the process and outcome.

    3. Haha Feminist progressivism. Making men the new women.
      Fall in line Beta and make yourself visually appropriate for your overweight degenerate queens.

  3. I prefer to drink heavily and stuff my pants with hundred-dollar bills. Foolproof.

    1. that will work, but then she wants your money, not your dick. It may be great for landing her in the sack, but her enthusiasm will be flat. If you want starfish sex in return for being an ATM, go right ahead.

        1. starfish sexSex where the girl’s arms and legs are spread as far apart as possible, like a starfish. Legs open wide, arms out, and a very bored look on her face as she rools her eyes and waits for the guy to be done – Urban dictionary

      1. I’m finished with wondering what whores might want. For $200 I get to shit in her mouth, then nail her hands to a tree and record video while my dogs fuck her. And if she expires during the process I get my $200 back. Just a standard Friday night around here.

        1. true, but women’s millage will vary. If I tried the stuff that I do with my wife back when we were first married, she would have freaked.

        2. I use the terms interchangeably. Although there are some whores who aren’t women.

        3. I’m thinking you’d have to get at least to Carteret, and even then not be too particular about the quality of tree.

        4. Well, that wasn’t quite my neighborhood. I’m from the other, better, half. But I do still have the pleasure of driving through North Jersey from time to time. I knew a chick from Carteret, and could easily see.. well, let’s just say between the set-up story and you chiming in with Jersey City, my mind went right to her.

        5. ha! glad you posted this- met better peeps from central/south jersey than from the northern part

      2. Stopped reading at, ‘It may be great for landing her in the sack…’
        What did you write after that?

    2. I would have gone with “I was taught to pull out a lady’s chair for her.”

    3. stuff my pants with hundred-dollar bills.

      I had the drinking part down. But I’ll move my broccoli band to the crotch area to stuff my stiffy real good. That ‘ill get the girls attention, especially once I whip it out. That the kind of boner any girl would go down on.
      Broccoli band — Google it.

    1. Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil style
      If you have not seen that movie, I highly recommend it. Funny as fuck in parts. Too blue pill on the girl thing, but overall just funny as fuck.

      1. If somebody has a link to a free version of the movie (hint-hint – anybody?) – I’ll check it out…just looked for one at Bing Videos and couldn’t find one. I don’t spend money on movies – been burned too many times by glowing reviews for what turned out to be a steaming pile of crap. But since you recommended it, well, that’s a different deal.

  4. This shit does not work, folks. Get over it. Hypergamy is insensitive to changes in population average, since it always targets the top 10%. You should lift for self-improvement, not to impress cunts. If we want hot women, the easiest way is ALL OF US to fat-shame and [b]increase the dating pool size[/b]. What’s the point of working harder and harder for a dating pool which gets smaller and smaller? It is ridiculous.

    1. I work hard, in my profession and with my body, but not for domestic girls, that battle is more or less lost in my book. The more money I get or the better I look, all I will get from them is “pff what a jerkass patriarchal jerkoff, doing stuff like making money and working out and having shit together..BORING”..I save it for the girls abroad which are still appreciating it.

    2. Good points. I fat shame every chance I get but the new generation is kind of f up on that topic. Lot of pigs out there… My x wife of 10 years started out pre-marriage light as a feather and post marriage turned into porky pig after about 5 years.. I got rid of her but had to pay the piper. I was never blue pill on that topic. If you sign the marriage cert- there is a requirement you show the fuck up. Woman don’t think that – so it is what it is. My daughter is 15 and the women in the schools are all into fat acceptance. I tell my kid ; you get fat – I am going to tell you what I think of your fat ass. She can get her ass to work like everyone else in the world.

      1. It is our responsibility to impose the cultural values of the West. No one else will do it for us.

        1. I dam near want to throw up seeing how males act in today’s society. I have no idea who is going to enforce this on our children when there is so much gyno walking around -and i don’t mean the women. I would say 8-10 males that I run across/meet in conversation have about 5% male and 95% female in them. Its pretty sickening to think any boy is getting advice from these shemales.

  5. Do it; but don’t do it for the sake of impressing girls. Looks are just ~20%. If you are jacked as fuck but can’t hold a normal conversation with a girl or making it sexual, it won’t help you much.
    Game is 80%. You have to accept this fact.

    1. Amen to that..but perhaps being jacked will give you the necessary confidence as well ? But agreed better to be a small, fat confident fuck than big, muscular nervous and insecure. Women look for different things than us.

      1. I’ve seen guys who went from 100lbs to jacked, but they were so fucked up when they realized that it didn’t really help them.
        You can see those butthurt guys sometimes; who comment: “Girls don’t actually like good bodies; they only like Justin Bieber Bodies !!! :(“

        1. I think it is more prudent to take a balanced, long term approach. You are in it for the long haul. A half hour to an hour of good exercise including weights and cardio, but keep it up for decades.

        2. I have been in great shape and never helped me a lot. Obviously poor shape will hurt you more. The guys I have seen pick up chicks like candy either were the novelty- blonde haired male, weird clothes or were natural Alpha’s who knew was going to f them within 10 seconds, I knew guys that could point them out ahead of time. 10 times out 10 pickups…. My best pickups were bars with bands and me hanging out from midnight to close. I closed a ton that way. “after bar party, take a taxi, etc”. Easy to get wasted and find a bar skank to talk trash with… Its why your there and its why they are there…. When you didn’t give a fuck- best you will ever do….. I am older now, so the timing is totally different.

        3. They’re improperly channeling the effects of testosterone, usually into something spergy. I’ve seen the type too.

        4. I’ve been working out for about 35 years, since I was a teenager. Still do, though now much more body weight stuff than weights. Never got me anything more than the occasional compliment from a hooker.

      2. Jacked increases testosterone, which properly framed, increases confidence. So yes. Jacked with no proper framing of that testosterone energy though, and you’ll come out as a really spergy dork, with muscles.

    2. working out is to feel your best self;…chicks would never be worth it if your doing it for them….. Its like buying them a house-they have no understanding of appreciation or the hard work you go through; don’t give those bitches anything. Make them earn you.Its the only way.

    3. Same goes for money.
      It will absolutely get you laid, but will not make them want you.
      Muscles go further than money in that dept.
      Even if the PED guy in #3 is a nut case, will have some body builder fetish girls chasing after him and genuinely wanting him.

      1. Sorry AS, but the women wanting the BIG muscles is a male fantasy (swimmers). Sleek and strong, yes. Body builder, no.

        1. If you re-read my comment, I said “will have some body builder fetish girls”, key word being “some”. Yes, I know that the Brad Pitts get more girls than the Lou Ferignos. My point is that they both will do much, much better than the Ectomorphic Omegas like me. Money is my only path to hot girls. And while I can bang them for money, I cannot make them “want” me. In fact, they couldn’t care less if I live or die, other than the loss of $$$ that would incur.

    4. Up to the vote.
      Now if you have some great conversational skills, can make people laugh, feel comfortable and yet excited AND you’re jacked, then you are God Emperor of any room you walk into. Without the jacked, hey, you’re still gonna do pretty good.

      1. Mother effing Don Draper/God Emperor. Own that room when you enter.
        I teach my boys, “Don’t think you’re the prize… know you’re the prize.”

    5. The great man Arnold Schwarzenegger did OK, can’t imagine he had much in the way of game or chat.

    6. Money and fame aside, if Vin Diesel had skinny arms and a slight pot belly do you believe his ability to pull women would only drop ~20%?

        1. His big frame makes women moist on sight. Without that he is just a bald regular dude with a husky voice. Cool factor non existent.

  6. Gotta try the fasting but not sure about the creatine…put on too much weight. I will skip the weight gain if I can only walk 2 feet.

  7. If you do nothing else try intermittent fasting (I-F). If you are thick and don’t then you need to resign from the human race!
    I’m not jacked (mainly because I only work out 3x/week) but I lost 50# in two months with I-F.
    I maintained my muscle and built some new by eating clean, using I-F and lifting moderately. getting shredded would require more than I want to do but I look great at 41 and younger, attractive women notice.

  8. The body builder guy at #3.
    No way I will believe there is not some form of PEDs involved.

    1. A cycle with a base of 750-1000mg test, 2ml trenbolone, 1ml deca, 2ml boldenone, 15iu HGH per day, plus whatever the fuck else needed to dry out the tissue around the muscle, as well as keep the muscle belly full while being so lean that if he were a normal person would be starved and emaciated.

      1. It’s not even being in good shape. Remember Tony Madarich? #3 is man-boobs waiting to happen.

        1. 315lbs and about 24%bf? Indeed I do. Huge guy, but not the kind of look I’d want. What a man does with his body is his own choice, but those looks cannot be achieved without the right form of vitamin S.

        2. Yea, he also was doing cocaine and speed during water breaks at practice. #3 overall pick y’all.

    1. You’re a man ahead of your time, sir.

        1. Well, that’s probably where puts a very thick wallet, so the sock wouldn’t fit there anyway.

  9. What are your opinions on abs exercises, shitlords? I’ve had bodybuilders and trainers tell me that they are unnecessary and abs are made in the kitchen. I myself managed to get pretty flat, defined abs in my early 40s while doing no specific abs exercises at all, yet I still see them recommended a lot, as in this article.

    1. As far as I can see, if you are overweight, just doing ab exercises will give you strong abs hidden by fat. You have to exercise your whole body and diet to get rid of all the fat if you want to see stomach muscles.
      I don’t think spot reduction actually works.
      But it keeps getting recommended.

      1. That’s what I think too, and I’d rather not do abs exercises if they aren’t effective, since I find them tedious. When I had my best abs I was eating very clean, lifting weights hard, and doing some yoga. I wasn’t doing anything specific for my abs.

        1. Ab work might be good combined with proper core training if you want strength and posture in your core.
          If you just want to look purdy, direct ab work is a waste of time, and can actually accelerate disk degeneration.

    2. Dont bother about abs, just eat clean, rice, potato, brocali, chicken, beef, tuna in spring water…eat like this everyday for 2 months you will see abs. Just do your, arms, chest, legs, back.

  10. Another question for you all: any of you have experience with creatine hydrochloride? Supposedly the body absorbs it better and you don’t get cramps and have to cycle. I switched from monohydrate to hydrochloride a few months ago and still got cramps, but I was thinking maybe that’s because of residual effects from the monohydrate. Been off creatine altogether for a few months now, so I’m going to try the hydrochloride again soon.

    1. Monohydrate. HCL is supposed to be absorbed better, but in real life it’s the same shit. Cramping happens due to not drinking enough water with it. I drink a 2L bottle of water 30 mins prior to a hard workout ALWAYS. You’ll sweat a bunch of it, and then you might have to take a leak a couple of times in the next 2h, but worth it for your workout.

      1. Do you find you have to cycle off of monohydrate from time to time? Some people say your body will stop producing creatine naturally if you don’t cycle.
        As far as cramps, I drink what seems like a lot of water but still end up getting them eventually. Maybe I’ll try your 2L bottle pre workout trick.

        1. Hmm, not sure about the thing about your body stopping creatine production. I’m sure it does since the body is well tuned and will reduce production of chemicals if they are being ingested. I doubt it’s a big issue though because Creatine is not a hormone, nor does it work inside the brain like other hormones. Too much Creatine is not good for your kidneys anyway. I’d use it only on workout days, for the energy boost.

  11. question for the author: i read today that during cutting season you should be intaking 1.5g of protein x your body weight. so i’m 180lb x 1.5g = 270g of protein per day?! that sounds insanely high. on a good day i can hit 180. getting up to 270 seems impossible to do 7 days a week.

    1. The equation is more like “you need 1g of protein per pound of LEAN mass”. So if you’re 200lbs, and 20% bodyfat, that means you have 40lbs of fat on your body. That leaves 160lbs of lean body mass (muscle and bone). So you would be eating 160grams of protein. That’s 640 calories. Assuming you are cutting, you probably want to be 400-500calories less than you burn daily. Assuming you burn, let’s say, 2400calories to maintain, you’d eat 2000 calories daily. so you can eat another 100g of fat daily (for 900calories) and that will get you there.

  12. That woman on the far left…chicks with “washboard abs” don’t exactly incentivize slaving for a 6 pack IMO.

  13. 1. T3/T4
    2. Clen
    3. ECA stack
    4. Primobolan (with Anavar kick-start)
    5. HGH (4-8i.u.)

  14. There is no adequate general advice on how to gain muscles efficiently, since everyone is different. I would also add that the muscle gain pictured in some of the photos are clearly the results of steroids, not simply exercise and good diet. You should not risk your health by taking those steroids. They can cause impotence , heath problem, kidney and liver failure and many other problems.
    In real life, you will find that many men with average bodies muscle and average salary band gorgeous girls while quiet a few “body builder” have problems getting girls.
    Just be a man. Even if you cannot build up big chunks of muscle for whatever reason, as long as you carry yourself like a real man and have your act together, you will find girls without difficulties.

    1. “In real life, you will find that many men with average bodies muscle and average salary band gorgeous girls while quiet a few “body builder” have problems getting girls”
      Yeah I hear ya – Good points made. I think the regiment recommended is solid, and I think the ultimate goal is to be strong and fit looking without going on roids. Photos always have to be taken wirh a grain of salt, so to speak. Many articles on ROK, though well written with good advice tend to include photos that are unrealistic. This also includes good articles on day game – meeting and gaming chicks show. These articles have photos of skags whose beauty is 9+ scale – the type of chicks that one would never see in the street (not alone anyway) and would only see if one was at an exclusive cocaine party.

  15. “Imagine these girls complementing your abs”
    You mean the photo on the beach of those four spinsters just past their prime? Looks like they are at the twilight of their youth as their figures are starting to put on weight. Yes, it will be great – they can compliment my great physique while I compliment their herpes.
    Nonetheless, the article has got some solid workout advice.

  16. I love fitness articles like these. Every picture in the article is of a roided up juice head that we are supposed to be aspiring towards. Then of course there is absolutely no mention of the most important supplement of all in the article, steroids. You know that little thing every fitness model and YouTube natty uses. Thanks for the laughs.

  17. Shredded men < cocky well dressed men < ostensibly rich men
    ^this is your flow chart. work out for you, acquire money for you, cultivate your mind and personality and soul for you.
    Women don’t care about you. They only care about what you can provide them. If you shred your body…good for your bra. But if you did it for some woman or women…you need to shred your mind, bra.

  18. “Imagine these girls complementing your abs”
    you’ll have to imagine they have dicks then.

  19. If you’re going to get shredded before going to the beach, best to start when you’re still a teenager. By the time you’re 25 its too late.
    That said, assuming you’ve been reasonably athletic your entire life, the advice in this article is one path.
    I will say that you do not need to use weights to get abs. I got abs and have never used weights for that purpose. You also do not need any supplements. Waste of money generally speaking although there are some good ones.
    What you need is good hard training and a good coach, along with years of dedication. Instead of supplements focus on good muscle building food. That means lots of meat, eggs, dairy. Add in green leafy veg and the occasional piece of fruit and you are good.
    Avoid sugar, grains, and alcohol (a good rule of thumb is only on the weekend and less than 10 units of alcohol max per week) and you will be shredded or close to.

  20. What do you recommend for lowering fat percentage? I’m not fat, I just need to lose the last bits so my abs show.

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