Is Modern Thai Dating Finally A Mainstream Option?

The Thai dating scene has received a great deal of bad-press in recent years and it always saddens me when I read or hear about a failed relationship between a westerner and a Thai. I have to say that such failures, traditionally at least, have not been an uncommon thing. But the times are changing fast. If you are getting back into the dating game, then there are some convincing reasons to give this tropical option a serious look. Before looking into those reasons it might be best if we have a quick look at why it is that Thai girls have got something of a bad rap.

Thai Dating in the Past

The majority of the romantic relationships that have blossomed in previous years have come about via the tourism industry, i.e. from middle-aged western men visiting places such as Pattaya, places that are home to thousands of red-light workers. They arrive intending to have some no-strings-attached fun for a couple of weeks, but then they end up finding themselves emotionally attached to the ladies that they meet there.

I don’t want to spend too much time talking about the insanity of getting romantically involved with these ladies, as it isn’t the point of my article, but I should offer an olive branch to those men that have made this mistake. These girls aren’t the hardened professionals that you might think they are; they are often working as they do because it is the only way to make enough money to provide for elderly parents, infants, and so on. The compassion that these ladies can stir in the unsuspecting tourist is often enough to turn an otherwise sensible person into a man determined to “save” his poor sweetheart. Sadly for him, it is almost always a scam and the relationship almost always ends in tears – and serious financial loss.

If the majority of Thai girls that have been available to western men have been unrepresentative of the larger body of regular Thai girls, it is probably just as true that the western men that have entered into romantic relationships with them have been equally unrepresentative. Many of them belong more to the hard-drinking, recently divorced, or socially awkward genre that have sometimes struggled to maintain lasting relationships with the ladies back home. There are others of course, there are lots of genuinely decent men that just got taken for a ride, but the body of Westerners as a whole has been a bit below average in terms of quality husband material.

The upshot of all this is just as you would expect, lots of failed relationships, and it has done nothing to help create a positive perception of Thai women in the mind of your typical Westerner.


Thai Dating in the Present and Future

Mainstream Thai attitudes towards westerners have improved a great deal with recent economic development in the country. The last three decades have brought massive inflows of western investment into Thailand and, alongside it, many professional or business expats from the West – and it’s a trend that is set to continue.

At one time a regular Thai lady would have been reluctant to get involved with a foreign man due to the stigma that it brought with it (i.e. the assumption that she must be a working-girl involved with a sex-tourist). These days that stigma is much diminished due to the inflow of more respectable western business visitors, and Thai ladies are increasingly interested in meeting those visitors.

The rapid growth of Thai dating sites that cater primarily for local women who are interested in meeting western men has played a big role in providing an opportunity to meet these men, but the success of these sites is also a testimony to the increased interest from regular Thai ladies – typically there are over five female registered profiles for every western male profile on these sites.

What most westerners don’t realize about Thai girls is that, outside of the tourist areas, they are a very conservative bunch with very traditional values. You read that right, I’m talking seriously traditional family values, the sort of thing you think of when you imagine the world that your grandparents grew up in. I won’t go into a discussion of female emancipation and economic independence in western society, or the confusion that it has led to between the modern roles of the two genders, I simply point out that in Thailand the traditional model of femininity remains very much the mainstream paradigm.

The good news is that this makes modern Thai dating a very good option if you are looking for a lasting relationship. If you are finding yourself increasingly frustrated by the demands of romantic relationships back home, as I think a sizable number of us ROK readers are, then it might be time to consider Thai dating as an option to be explored. Don’t be deterred by the horror stories from the past that you may have heard, just take your time and don’t get involved with a girl who works at a bar in Pattaya.

Cultural Differences; the biggest hurdle

Now for the downside; if you were to get involved with a Thai lady you will find that the cultural differences that you will need to get a handle on are not insignificant – they are huge! For many people these differences are not just huge, but they are often insurmountable. If you are tempted by the prospect of Thai dating then I can’t urge you strongly enough to do all that you can to learn about the differences in dating culture, my website will help with this. You might have thought that the language barrier is the biggest obstacle to success, but I’d say that it is even more important to understand the cultural differences.

You do need to be able to communicate effectively, but a common mistake us westerners make is to think that communication is just about language, it’s not. If you want to communicate well with a Thai lady then you’re going to need to understand her emotions and her feelings; you need to be able to understand the things that aren’t spoken. You may think that members of the opposite sex are difficult to understand in the west when it comes to dating, but compared to Thai dating I think that the famous Churchill quote applies very well: “it’s a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside a puzzle…”

It isn’t particularly difficult to grasp what the cultural differences are, but it can be very difficult to really embrace them and accept them as though they are your own. It’s natural, once you are dating a Thai girl, to think that once you have grown close to each other you can just revert to your own cultural instincts and that all will be fine. It isn’t going to work that way; even if you could “westernize” your new girlfriend, you certainly won’t westernize her family, and her family will always be an enormous influence on your relationship. In any case, if you want western culture then it’s probably best to date a western lady. If, on the other hand, you are ready for a very different way of life, Thai dating has much to offer.

I quite enjoy answering questions on this topic; so please do ask away in the comments below if there is anything you are unsure of.

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      1. The nurse in me is calculating how many people it will take to roll that tub’o lard over and clean her ass when she is in the ICU intubated due to massive system failure.

  1. ‘Even if you could “westernize” your new girlfriend..’
    Why the hell would I want to do that ?

    1. Because moving them to Murica or Londonistan is easier than the other way around, innit?
      After that happens…

    1. In other words: your interests are rather narrow? Travel, Myra, and your mind will expand (just dont eat the airline food, or your waist will too).
      flailer (million+ air-miles)

    1. EE immigrant women (from russian or polish families) are the most desirable on the market (I won’t waste my time with anything else). Very hard to lock these women down, just because so many wealthy older guys want them. And EE women usually want a family in an LTR, meaning you better have money.
      I think Slavic women who haven’t been totally Americanized are amazing. They usually value country and family.

    2. I think there were a few EE and South America articles already and they’re just roaming around the globe now looking for filler articles.

  2. — If you want to communicate well with a Thai lady then you’re going to
    need to understand her emotions and her feelings; you need to be able to
    understand the things that aren’t spoken.—
    True with various east asian cultures. You spend 5 years getting fluent in the language just to finally figure out that communication is non-verbal. She starts by finishing your sentences for you. Then she starts talking back to what you were thinking before you even say it out loud. When the phone rings and its her, she explains the joke that you just thought about in your head.
    You can run but you can’t hide. But if she knows what you’re thinking when you’re mind is roaming when you’re having sex with her, and she still likes you anyway, then lock that down and marry her. lol
    American women have low emotional IQ this way, and if they have any awareness, they use that knowledge against you, and you will end up hiding out in sports bars with other married men with a thousand mile stare like a soldier who has seen too much combat.

    1. You know, you last paragraph is so true. That is EXACTLY what I have learned about SE Asian women. They have high emotional IQ, and they make good use of it to HELP you. They never use it against you. They often even apologize for being so emotionally insightful.
      American women have lower emotional IQ’s that SE Asian women, but higher than American men. They use it as a weapon. Always.
      That is a key difference and something that men should take note of. There are women out there in the world that do not use emotional blackmail. You don’t have to put up with the abuse.

      1. The problem is you can’t listen if you’re always talking. American women feel uncomfortable with silence. They interpret silence negatively. So they will even carry on a conversation by themselves if necessary to avoid an awkward silence. They talk just for the sake of talking. They aren’t able stay quiet long enough to “sense” anything.

      2. As someone has pointed out: that recent street harassment video is all about western women being autistic to the point of not being able to handle social interaction from strangers.

      3. American women “always” use weapons. yep!
        and the thai can too. How long have you known them?

    2. women Everywhere! can, and will, use emotional empathy against you as a weapon, including the thai It is their major power. It is your choice to submit, & be subservient… or submit at rare times — AND STILL HOLD THEM TO TASK & HONOR.
      I say never submit, but love them when they get frustrated.
      If they are reliant upon you, honor them, but REQUIRE your standards be maintained.
      The question is: are they as socially conservative as you are? No? No match!!
      p.s. how do you know, for sure, they didnt work the bars in their past? You can’t as the social barriers are too deep.

  3. Leaving for Thailand this weekend. My sweet feminine thin Thai plate already stocked my condo with food and promised to cook every meal for me during my one month stay. She also promised daily massages (finishing of with CIM of course)
    Fuck you western womyn

        1. “So you want a slave? LOL.”
          Spoken like a typical jealous western woman who feels threatened by being outsourced. When I was single the same women who wanted to just keep in their friend zone would suddenly show an interest in me when they knew I was going to Thailand. “Take me with you!” they’d say. They got royally pissed when I told them “Bringing a girl to Thailand is like bringing a sandwich to a buffet.”
          Have fun Creedence, never mind what these vulgar animals here say. More and more men are going overseas after seeing our Thai wives because there is nothing here but shit!

        2. Amen brother. I love the angry looks I get from overweight tourist bitches when I walk with my Thai darling around BKK.
          “Me love you long time”

        3. Not sure what you mean bro. If you took the time to read my comment you see that I’ve already find one.

        4. ROFL! – sounds like someone’s speaking from experience.
          At least there will be lots of other equally clueless farang to take care of that “sweet, feminine thin Thai plate” after you “fry back home”

        5. You seem very concerned about men you don’t know going to Thailand. Only western women get this borderline hysterical in a comment section over it.
          Beat it, bitch————————————->

        6. you seem overly concerned with my concern.
          Makes me laugh when defensive, apologist foreigners put Thai or any other foreign pussy on a pedestal after they’ve so obviously been burned and scorned by their homeland whores.
          “beat it bitch?” – now who’s being hysterical. lol.

        7. LMAO thanks for showing your hand, too late now to bluff your way out of it! Female troll unmasked, back to Huff Post you go!

        8. LOL I know your type so well after going to Thailand for so many years. Been burned by bar girls too many times, check. Now beat on guys that find the real girls, check LOL

        9. It is all illusion everywhere; but in Thailand the women at least try to make the illusion pleasant for the man.

        10. Well she cooks for you, have sex with you, take care of the kids, work hard..and do this year after year and you are still looking for cracks in the illusion ? perhaps there IS no illusion then..

        11. Hmm can you blame them ? Most men here gets “burned” simply because here 10% of men bangs 90% of the women..
          The female hate towards men is increasing to the point where they get more pleasure from mocking and rejecting men than being with them. So it is no wonder that men flee countries where women actively hate them..Thank you, feminism.

      1. Yes. And the woman wants a slave too; one that will work what ever hours it takes to feed her, cloth her, provide dental and health care for her, provide for her children and die to protect them all if necessary. That sounds like a slave to me. So, yes I want reciprocation.

  4. For some reason my Dad’s comment – under the username ‘brokenmanrepaired’ (he is new to the website, and a writer on Thailand and other things related to soggy knees and the plight of the Western man) keeps getting detected as spam. Is this due to his account being new? He has verified his email etc.

    1. Hello, I know the Brokenman – I follow his posts on the Stickman site. I’m not sure why his comment was blocked, it wasn’t blocked by me. Give your dad my best, I look forward to reading his next installment.

      1. I think he will be happy to hear that you follow his posts on Stickman.
        This is the comment he left, hopefully this one won’t be detected as spam too.
        “As a gentleman of mature years who has experienced at first hand some of the vagaries of Thai ladies, I must confess this is one one of the best written, well balanced and coherent articles I have read on the subject.
        I stumbled on to this site on the advice of my 25 year old son but must admit to being very impressed.
        The author is quite correct, the “Thai girlfriend experience ” can be purchased and is no less mindblowing for that.
        Once you can get through the cultural barrier and can interact with normal conservative Thai ladies the experience is well worth the effort. The privileged western princesses and their overdeveloped sense of entitlement just can not compete with the soft elegant femininity of Thai womanhood.
        Once you go Asian goodbye caucasian.”

        1. Much appreciated and many thanks, Paul is a legend in my eyes, just about as sincere as it gets, and a gentleman too.
          I’ve exchanged emails with the old sod before, I hope his much prophesied dementia has not kicked in and he has forgotten me hehe… if I’m in LOS during his next trip, I’ll buy him a drink.
          Cheers, Steve

  5. It has always been an option so long as you don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks, and frankly why should you?
    After trying to find a suitable American woman for years, and actually coming close a few times, I found an Asian woman. Couldn’t be happier.

  6. Thai girls are a better option than Western girls, there’s no question about that. But they’re certainly not perfect, here is what the typical modern Thai girl can be like:
    1: They watch so much TV, movies, and listen to so much bullshit western pop music you wouldn’t believe it
    2: They’re buddhists; this is a good and bad thing. It’s good because dating a buddhist girl is one of the most peaceful experiences you can imagine. But it’s bad because it can mean they will feel far less guilty than other religions about sleeping around whilst they’re single
    3: They can drive you absolutely batshit crazy. Like, they’ll NEVER be on time for anything (I’m not kidding), they can be a bit “too” honest when they tell you things, they will easily forget things (including birth control), but not on purpose; they just forget things in general.
    4: You have NEVER seen anyone on their fucking phone as much as a Thai girl. MUCH more than Western girls, and certainly more than other Asian countries I’ve been do. My Thai ex girlfriend took her fucking phone to the damn toilet!!!
    5: Thailand has the largest number of facebook users in the world after the US. Almost every Thai girl has a facebook, and she’ll have a LOT of farang friends (look it up). I’ve read messages that other farang men have sent my then Thai girlfriend, and the number of arguments we had about the content of these messages defies belief. To us western men, we understand what certain things said to a girl means. But to Thai girls, those exact same messages may be something she interprets as something “just a friend would say”. If your Thai girl is hot, expect her to have lots of farang “friends” and get ready for the arguments.
    But overall they certainly make fantastic partners, as long as you stay with them in Thailand! The Thais absolutely LOVE Thailand and not many of them are prepared to leave (excluding those in absolute poverty), so you would have to strongly consider moving to the land of 1000 smiles if you wanted to make your relationship last. I love the country so much I’m about to start learning Thai and plan to emigrate there, I strongly recommend every man visit Thailand at least once in his life 🙂

    1. “takes phone to bathroom” means texting other men she is hiding something woman is a woman is a woman.

    2. “You have NEVER seen anyone on their fucking phone as much as a Thai girl.”
      Females in general do tend to enjoy lengthy and frequent conversations, however unproductive or otherwise.

      1. The Thais have this “everything will be ok” mentality which us Westerners simply cannot comprehend (including me). They drive very dangerously (sometimes drunk) believing they won’t have an accident and karma will protect them. They will leave bags and purses unattended and think noone will steal them. And yes, Thai girls do forget to take birth control, but they won’t worry about getting pregnant because karma will take care of them.
        It’s a fascinating culture and extremely difficult (if not impossible) for us westerners to understand some of their mentalities; that’s why I love travelling so much as it makes you think 🙂

        1. And I’ll bet not one of them considers the possibility that she might have bad karma; just like no christian chick takes seriously the notion that Jesus might actually judge her for her sins.

        2. What they believe is not Karma but fatalism. They really believe that everything that happens was destined to happen so it matters not what you do. Driving drunk does not cause the accident where you are maimed for life; it was destined to happen. What that means is that for most risk assessment they could care less. They really believe that taking precautions to prevent a bad outcome is pointless; as if it was destined to happen it will and if it wasn’t it won’t. That is part of Buddhism.
          I started visiting Thailand in 2001. I determined never to be so foolish as to get tied up with a Thai girl of any kind. I am married to a Filipina. There are many advantages over a Thai:
          1) They almost all speak English and have since early childhood.
          2) They are Christian/Catholic (>90%). Because I share this affliction, I find Filipinas easier to understand. We share a common bond and upbringing. The Filipino culture is much closer to western culture than the Thais, so there is less of that insurmountable culture gap to overcome. They were ruled by Spain for over 300 years and by the USA for about 45.
          3) Although they have the concept of “face” Filipinas also have the concept of being honest as a virtue.
          4) Thai girls, either good ones or hoes, are 100% materialistic and 0% loyal. Filipinas are only 75% materialistic, and there is no divorce in the Philippines. And,
          5) They have many Asian features but have a good mix of Latina features as well. I like me some fine Latina ass on a slim Asian body.

        3. I know both Thai and Filipinas and both are just as loyal and both are just as jealous I would even give the edge to Thai girls on both those matters. Each of those characteristics are represented as stereotypes in Thailands first produced movies this early 20th century.

    3. “To us western men, we understand what certain things said to a girl
      means. But to Thai girls, those exact same messages may be something she
      interprets as something “just a friend would say”.”
      Pfft. So when a western girl says “Oh no! We are just friends!” it’s bullshit, but when a thai girl says it you should, like, totally believe it?
      Dudes: your thai “girlfriend” is banging a farang (ie: you) for money, and wants to have kids, marriage, and a future with another thai. She’s just managing her orbiters – same as any young, attractive girl ever.

      1. Sorry to disagree, but this is exactly what I mean when I say that you need to understand the culture. When a Thai girl refers to someone as just a friend, they do not necessarily mean the same thing that we would mean i.e. that the relationship is strictly platonic. They will often openly admit that they may have had sex with that friend if you were to ask them.
        You do seem to have a bit of a downer on Thai girls, but I can assure you that such perceptions are nearly always based on either meeting the wrong girls e.g. red-light workers, or misunderstanding the culture.

        1. Dude, the only downer I have is on women in general, and the worst thing I said about thai girls is that they are probably just as bad as western women.

        2. They are not as bad. They are brought up in a totally different way. Its like saying a man is still the same if he spent last 20 years in a mexican prison. Of course environment changes you.

    4. I have lived in Thailand for 6 years. I speak, read and write Thai. I have shagged hundreds of women here yet remain a MGTOW. I will never marry one. Even the so-called ‘good’ girls scam – I’ve seen it too many times to count. However, I still love living here. I love the culture and the people – but be warned – you’ll always be an outsider. My solution is to shag whores in soapies once a week. 50 stunners/year and no LTR BS. When it comes to pussy – RENT IT – wherever you are.

    5. LOL, been there, done that. Sorry, but Thailand really gets on your nerves with the time. You just can’t trust anybody. Cities all have the same shitty look. My relationship with my Thai wife works better in Switzerland. Less BS around, my wife just loves it here. Just explain her feminism and how it screws up women. My wife insists to stay home. She avoids other Thais, because they are messed up such much.

    6. #6. If they do come to America, make sure they understand that you are not prepared to sponsor her whole family/village. Especially, not her male cousin who she is very close to.
      Yes, friend of mine imported his Asian Princess and once she got her papers she was gone with the furniture and bank account. Keep them in Thailand.

    7. Thanks Disgusted. Very informative. There’s an ebook out there, Private Dancer. It demonstrates the cultural differences very well. A great read and a must read for any guy thinking of going to Thailand.

  7. Author sounds like he has understood the heart-based culture of Southeast Asia, as compared to the dry and heartless intellectual culture of the West. I raise my hat to him.

  8. Question for you stbain:
    Since you have so much experience with Thai women, I assume you must have spent some time in the Philippines as well.
    My impression of Filipinas is that they are incredibly, almost endlessly, flexible. There families are extremely important to them, but my impression has been that they will draw some lines on that if you insist on it.
    So, I’d be very interested in you providing a compare and contrast of Thai women vs. Filipinas.

    1. Sorry, I’ve never been to the Philippines but it is definitely on my radar for a future visit. From what I hear the same rules apply with the girls there i.e. stay away from the tourist areas if you want to find a keeper, and get a strong understanding of the culture if you want to understand the girl. English is much more widely spoken, so that’s a good thing, but I hear the food is awful. All in all, Filipinas are well worth a look.

    2. Sorry, I’ve never been to the Philippines but it is definitely on my
      radar for a future visit. From what I hear the same rules apply with the
      girls there i.e. stay away from the tourist areas if you want to find a
      keeper, and get a strong understanding of the culture if you want to
      understand the girl. English is much more widely spoken, so that’s a
      good thing, but I hear the food is awful. All in all, Filipinas are well
      worth a look.

    3. I have been once the PI. Thais have slimmer bodies and dress better. They cook exceedingly well. PI women speak much better English and make better wifes because of catholic traditions. Food? Forget it.

  9. I’m getting tired of all these “Asian girls are the best” articles….honestly anything is better than any old Western woman.
    Last night I went to my cousin’s wedding (we’re Palestinian) He’s 29 and she’s 19. He’s doing it right. She’s not going to be riding the cock carousel like all these “liberated” women. If you’re going to get married, marry young and mold them to exactly what you want. It’s easier for certain cultures to do this, and harder for others (basically American women). But it seems a lot of men are taught not to care about a woman’s past, and that’s why they still wife up these sluts. Anyone that’s gone to college and see how college-women behave should know better

  10. Yeah not sure if I’d travel just to find a woman. As history constantly highlights, women are not worth pursuing at all. Just look at Julia Fazekas who poisoned the returning heroes of the first world war (all men) because she and others didn’t want to look after them and had taken other men while they were away fighting. A small diversion from the topic but come on men, enough is enough. Don’t chase the worst of humanity just to get your dick wet.

      1. I’ve only known one French Canadian girl….my best friend’s fiance. If she’s how the average French Canadian is, then they are definitely better than American women. She’s one of the few girls I know that tries to think with reason and logic, and she refuses to let my friend in the kitchen, she does all the cooking and cleaning and takes great care of him. And she’s athletic and hates fat Americans lol

      2. I live in Vermont about an hour away from Montreal, I can say that French Canadian girls dress better, are thinner, and more attractive than American girls particularly the ones in Vermont. I’ve met several locals who are very pleased with their French Canadian wives. Hopefully someone does write an article and spreads the word.

        1. Vermonters are generally in better shape than many Americans. They seem to enjoy outdoor activities even in the winter (ice climbing).

  11. What type of reception do educated African American men generally receive in Thailand? I may have to book a flight…

    1. It’s a bit mixed to be honest with you – there is quite a bit of racism over there. If you are just looking for some fun, you’ll have no problems meeting girls in the tourist resorts, but it may take a little longer to find a ‘good girl’ if you want a long-term thing. If you do make it over there, be prepared to hear some things you would usually be offended by e.g. they’ll mostly refer to you as ‘chocolate man’, but they don’t mean anything negative by it.

      1. There is a massive amount of racism over there. If you are an African black man then you will be judgedd the lowest of the low. If you are an Afro-American black man then you are just another frang; no different than the white frang. In case you didn’t catch this from my other posts, if you ain’t Thai you are shit. So you will be black American frang shit no different than the white American frang shit. Does that make you feel better? Can you still have a good time banging slores? Yes.

    1. Really, it would be nice to have a few stories of “Don’t fool yourself, Thai women are the same”. A few sad tales of getting taken to the cleaners by a cunning rice burner might round out things.

      1. I refer you to the site, reader’s submissions. You can read thousands of that Thai bitch done me wrong tales. I suggest you marinate in that for a long time before you pursue a LTR with a Thai woman. I went for the P4P and had a blast. When I no longer wanted that I went elsewhere in Asia to meet a decent marriage material woman.

    1. Her husky voice seduced me, my heart was in a mess
      I sat upon her knee, and something twitched beneath her dress
      There’s something more than knee beneath her dress

  12. “These girls aren’t the hardened professionals that you might think they
    are; they are often working as they do because it is the only way to
    make enough money to provide for elderly parents, infants, and so on.”
    Jesus, dude – you think that western hookers also don’t have bills to pay, rellos to take care of? You think they also don’t have infants to provide for? Of course they do. Sex workers are doing it to make a living. Doh. They do it for the same reason I go to a building and program five days a week. Being shocked that they have normal lives outside of work is naïve to the point of being silly.
    “The compassion that these ladies can stir in the unsuspecting tourist is
    often enough to turn an otherwise sensible person into a man determined
    to “save” his poor sweetheart. Sadly for him, it is almost always a
    scam and the relationship almost always ends in tears – and serious
    financial loss.”
    No shit. Look – after a sex worker has been on the game for a few months and taken a couple of hundred cocks from strangers, she is going to be “hardened” if that’s the word you choose to use. Being sweet-looking and asian does not change that in the slightest. Google “neoteny”, and don’t be fooled.

    1. I think there’s a bit of a difference. In the West nearly everyone has the opportunity to get an education and a decent job. If they can’t do that then there’s still a welfare system to help you out. In Thailand you are pretty much screwed if you are from a poor region, have sick relatives, kids to support and so on.
      Who said I was shocked about normal lives outside of work… i never even mentioned it?
      So I’m a racist too am I? When I mentioned that the girls are not the hardened hookers you might expect them to be, I meant that on the outside they can be very feminine and sweet (I agree that they are hardened on the inside) – i did go on to say that it is nearly always a scam.

      1. “In the West nearly everyone has the opportunity to get an education and a decent job.”
        That is simply not the case.

        1. No worries, I’m going to have to stick with my point that opportunities in the West are much better than in Thailand though.
          All the best, Steve

  13. We are seeing a lot of Conduct Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder in young boys when the mom is a foreigner.
    Please note that even if you do not bring your child into a clinic, the teachers will bring it to the school’s district psychologists attention. Your child will be flagged and you will be contacted.
    Most of the time we have the father denying it 100% and him silencing his partner.
    This is NOT a healthy environment for a young child.

  14. If you are ready to settle down and are a reasonably good man who takes care of himself you can find a good woman in Thailand like so many of us did. Fuck western women, they are getting worst by the day. Have fun with the bar girls but when you are serious be smart and choose wisely, head north and find a nice farm girl (mine comes from Roi-Et). After her father died I had my wife’s good and quiet mother live with us. She always reminds my wife to take good care of her favorite son -in- law!. Life is good!

      1. Shep it’s great to hear from you, my friend! Yes, I have heard that other men have a rather…er, different experience with their

  15. Well, i have a Thai wife. Together since 1999. First I have to say, not all girls from the bars of Pattaya are bad. If you pick them soon, there is a chance it will work out. Forget everything, that has been there for more than 6 months. I learned the language, it’s a huge asset. Gold digger disappear in seconds. Second: Never buy them anything big, no house, no car. Only small donations and constantly. If she has more power than you, you have lost. I very much recommend the following book:
    The clou is, it is written in both in English and Thai to read it together. If you have any question, feel free. I have lived there a couple of years and know the culture very well.

  16. I live here and you couldn’t pay me to date/marry one of these girls. They’re every bit as bad as their western counterparts.

    1. If that’s your experience then there is no reason for you to live there.
      There is more money to be made elsewhere and it’s not like the Thais
      want foreigners living there, especially id you are unhappy about it. I
      can’t help but be suspicious when all you have to show for living there
      is a pic of you with another man. You don’t have to
      travel halfway around the world for that.

    2. mind if I ask what do you do for work there? I’d love to live there for a few years, just to experience life somewhere else outside of America

  17. Will never date Thai women. Thailand has the largest percentage of convincing she-males in the world, some with cocks, some not.

    1. When guys ask me how to determine if a Thai woman is a ladyboy or not (asked because of my years of research on the subject) I give one infallible rule:
      If she is super model hot, tall, thin, big boobs, and is talking with you, then she is a ladyboy.

  18. Great article take it from me the author creator writer producer director of and all the original content yoy see there, cool.

  19. I have a question ……. My daughter is 20 she is dating a Tai man and he treats her great and that all we can ask of a man but she does not know if they are just dating or if they are boyfriend and girlfriend he has given her a necklace looks like upside down horse shoe says omega cooks for her feeds her they work together at a local tai restaurant and the boss keeps asking her ring size and the guys she been seeing blushes

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