On November 4th, Americans trudged off to the ballot box to cast their votes in the midterm election. The Republican Party won decisively, taking the Senate, while increasing their numbers in the House. This means that for Obama’s last two years, he will face a hostile Congress that will not be receptive to working with him.

Generally speaking, midterm elections—typically—have significantly lower turnouts than years with presidential elections, so it is a bit tougher to draw lessons about the electorate and the future of American politics. However, there are some lessons to be drawn from the outcome on Tuesday night.


1. The Obama Era Is Over

It has been a tumultuous six years, but the Obama era is over. Obama has two years left as President, but he is the lamest of lame duck Presidents. Congress is firmly controlled by the Republicans and Obama’s supporters are as dispirited and demoralized as they have ever been. Outside of national crises, foreign policy, and Supreme Court nominees, his tenure as President will end with a historical whimper.

It has been an amazing run for Obama. From his historic election in 2008, the “shellacking” his party took in the 2010 midterms, followed by his fairly convincing reelection in 2012, it certainly has been a curious run for the man. He has gone from the golden boy of the West to a president who will end his tenure with the opposing party in control of Washington.

His crowning legislative achievement—Obamacare—is highly controversial. Unlike other important legislative acts—such as the American’s With Disabilities Act—it was a decidedly partisan bill that is still vehemently opposed by Republicans. It’s roll-out was a disaster and is little more than a doubling down on the dubious concept of employer-sponsored healthcare.

His presidency, much like his predecessor George W. Bush, will not be judged kindly. Much like Bush, he will spend his last years with the opposing party controlling Congress with a firm grasp, while he is left to ponder his legacy for America.

2014 Republicans

2. Republicans Have A Great Chance To Lay The Groundwork For 2016

The Republicans have not been handed a mandate by the people. Simply put, the Republicans have been handed an opportunity to make the case to America that they are committed to enacting policies to improve the economy, address social malaise, and correct the excesses of the Obama administration.

Without Obama on the top of the ticket, the Democrats got buried. A sluggish economy coupled with Democratic misdiagnosis of the issues at hand gave the election to the Republicans. Without Obama’s star power to lift mediocre Democratic candidates, they collapsed at the hands of highly organized Republicans who kept hammering Democrats about the economy.

In order to most effectively deal with the possibility of Hillary getting the nomination in 2016, Republicans needs to take advantage of this situation fully. They need to emulate what Democrats did after seizing control of Congress in 2006: Pass simple legislation that reflects the core ideological values of the party. Republicans need to prove that they can get things done.

They should start by directly addressing the voiced concerns of the average American. They need to avoid partisan recrimination—the sort of recrimination that hurt Republicans in Clinton’s final term—and prove they are first and foremost interested in advancing America’s progress.

3. The “War On Women” Talking Point Was Not Successful

In their inability to divine what exactly is bothering America, Democrats doubled down on the “War On Women” talking point. Access to abortion and governmental subsidization of birth control did little to sway voters—especially female voters.

With the economy in the tank, coupled with stagnant wages and a deteriorating social fabric, Democrats failed to prove to they are “the change we can believe in.” Their fall-back to naked appeals to women smacked them right in their face. Women need jobs and are worried about their social climate, not just their ability to balance a working life with their sex life.

Greg Abbott roundly stomped Wendy Davis in Texas for the governorship, all the while beating her by nine points with female voters. Even female voters got tired of the heedless and inflammatory rhetoric around the “War On Women.” Women voters are much more than their uteruses, and Democrats should have found that out in this election cycle.


4. The Republican Party Is Not Dead

As is to be expected with political hubris, Democrats have been calling the Republican Party dead the past couple years, as a doctor might prematurely pronounce a patient rushed into the ER. Examples are here, here and here.

Democrats—much like their Republican counterparts in the wake of George W. Bush’s reelection in 2004—vastly overplayed their political hand and assumed their political dominance wasn’t temporary, but rather spoke to eternity.

There is no such thing as a permanent, ideological majority.

While Republicans certainly didn’t win this election outright, Republicans reminded the nation why they are relevant and the growing party going forward. Democrats  combined an out-of-touch campaign strategy with a level of lethargy and got smacked in the mouth, rightfully.

Republicans have a chance to change America for the the better. Whether they will, only time will tell. I’m not holding my breath.

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  1. SJW’s seem to always go on about how rapes are never taken seriously, when the opposite is true for the most part. Not saying that rape isn’t a horrible crime, but when it’s treated like it is worse than death, the hysteria that follows is inevitable.
    A lot of times issues are better handled by not discussing them, rather than beating the issue to death to the point where it isn’t taken seriously. This is the point we’ve gotten to with rape.

    1. “Not saying that rape isn’t a horrible crime, but when it’s treated like
      it is worse than death, the hysteria that follows is inevitable.
      I always thought it was strange that you can look up every convicted sex offender living near you, but you can’t look up convicted murderers.

  2. Either the man will finaly wake up and put these disgusting assholes with tits and a pussy in their place by force. Yes by violence i mean or this plague of false accusations and attention whoring will spread like a wildfire because for the lazy and hate indoctrinated wymin this is the most welcome “job” to get attention, money and influence. And i only mean the female shaped meat pigs that were never realy raped but use this horrendous experience of others as a path to fame and cash. I better not tell you what i would do with any one of them but it´s time that people take responsibility and fuck these useless pigs up. How ever!
    When i imagine that the inquisitioners had to deal with Feminazis and pigsluts who use other tragedys for their own purpose… i´m certain now the dominicans are my spiritual brothers!
    There is no excuse for anyone who use such an experience for himself. A society that lets this happen is not only doomed but it disgusts me completely. Im in the process of rethinking everything what i thought is a “good” behaviour towards woman in general!

  3. Most of them are replaying past sexual encounters in their memory and using rather judicious standards to reclassify some of them as “rape”.
    No doubt that ones they post-classify as “rape” are the ones that are most embarrassing or were with men who were not the sort they would be proud to have had sex with.

    1. alot of women think that if they had sex whilst drunk with a guys they didn’t like, its rape even though both of them were in the same inebriated state.
      Regret=rape nawadays

      1. B-b-b-b-but that one time “doesn’t count”! I was FORCED to do it, even though I didn’t kick and scream and otherwise put up any kind of fight whatsoever to show my unwillingness to be in the situation, not even passively!
        Sad, pathetic, disgraceful descendants of Eve!

      2. Agree….and what is with the fucking one sided consent? I thought these women wanted equality.
        I guess it’s more of a part time equality thing.

        1. I liked how another article on these rape fables (I think by AV8R?) said that when a woman feeds you the “I was raaaaped!” cliche to countermand it with a semi-sarcastic (yet still assholish) tone of “That scumbag! I hope he’s rotting away in prison, right?” then see after a long, drawn-out pause what cop out they invent as to why he isn’t. Then of course, drop her ass like a dumbbell before she sets her sights on you as the next fly in her web!

        2. Semi-Femi’s – all of the perks, none of the lerks (or whatever the opposite of perk is…..maybe saggy).

        3. As a woman that’s never been raped, I feel like nowadays I’m some kind of rare freak, and as a woman who gets flaming-skull syndrome after reading one of these rape stories…I have begun to feel like there is something wrong with me. Am I like, a dude or something to get angry instead of sad? I’m sick of feeling like I’m the only one.

      3. First off, I’d like to apologize for the self victimizing attention seeking whores of my gender. I’m sick of my gender obtusely crying rape at every drunken regret.
        Second off, teach your sisters/daughters/friends how to fight using leverage! There should be no fucking excuse! women are
        excellent at assessing situations. it’s not hard to realize when to quit
        drinking, or when a guy is trying to get you “taken advantage of level
        drunk” Most guys back off if you make yourself clear. but, some guys are
        just rapey shitheads, & think “no” means, “try harder”. Still we
        have the pussy, & can adjust the situation. Give them a flirtatious
        smile grab their arm, pull them in while wrapping your legs around the
        new unaware victims upper arm, once you know that you have the perfect
        grip/leverage for an arm bar, loose the smile, & just before the
        point of dislocation, make them beg. you know they want it. Please don’t, is really please break my arm. Remind him he is loving
        every minute of this. Now depending on how threatened you feel/felt
        either dislocate his elbow, or release the pathetic baby. but a bit of
        warning, last time I did this I wound up with a blubbering man baby
        literally crying in the corner of my apartment. Once again, I am a 5 ft, 95 lbs chick,
        & this dude was a 6ft normal build guy. so no excuses!

        1. ” Give them a flirtatious smile grab their arm, pull them in while wrapping your legs around the new unaware victims upper arm, once you know that you have the perfect grip/leverage for an arm bar, loose the smile, & just before the point of dislocation, make them beg. you know they want it. Please don’t, is really please break my arm. Remind him he is loving every minute of this.”
          OMFG I love you, can you be my new BFF? 😀

    2. On a technical level if you had sex with a girl you picked up in a bar you are a rapist in the eyes of the law, so yeah it’s no wonder they are all claiming it now…

    1. It’s sad when women have to stoop so low to get the attention. It’s one thing to post selfies and other nonsense. It’s quite another to post that one of them was a rape victim but didn’t report it.
      I believe they need to come down harder (laws) on these women when the court finds out that it was a false claim against the man. That will give many of them something to think about before loosing throwing it out there.

      1. Is there even any defined penalty for just taking a stab at ruining some guy’s life with a false charge? Or is it just a shrug off? “Get em next time”

        1. I think it would have to be in the form of a counter lawsuit (I may be wrong).
          We’d have to ask Law Dogger or another attorney on here for the correct answer to that one.

      2. that can be a double-edged sword, the first argument I can hear is “but the guy will get away with it or what if he gets away with it??” in which case they will suddenly crusade what we are doing right now – stopping innocent people becoming scapegoats.

      3. The fact that before the rape they were attention whores to begin with. It’s not like they are teaching a moral conclusion like please don’t make the same mistakes I did or follow these tips to better protect yourself so you don’t end up like me….no. It’s just look at me the end. There is no bravery when you work against the system that is trying to help you. You cannot blame a university or the police if you never tried to begin with. It’s pure speculation to say they would not help you because you never tried. The amount of attention they require is insane in itself only because it began long before the rape happened. Maybe they were abuse in childhood as well so in that case they need therapy or a guru.

        1. The scary part is that many are trying to redefine “rape”. They want laws passed to prosecute (a man) in the event that any women felt like she was raped. Plus, they don’t want to have to go through anything hard to convict (the man)…their word is good enough so jail him.
          Yes, equality is a wonderful (delusional) thing…I guess (to women).

  4. Women should be encouraged to report to the police, even if they can’t prove it. The police will still keep a file, and it makes a future victims claim look more solid. Its not likely that different females who don’t know each other would falsely report the same man for rape. The police see the rapist pattern that way.

    1. What you said makes sense. I know it makes sense. You know it makes sense. True rape victims know it makes sense. The women who are trying to ‘erase’ their previous sexual exploits of train love, blow bang, or incest relations, can’t come forward as they have no physical proof. They also have little reason to mention these exploits accept in covert passing for sympathy. For this reason, although they know reporting is the ‘right’ thing, they can’t because 1) no crime occurred and 2) they need to save that lie for a rainy day and the right wallet for support.

        1. Of Course! When it comes to black male love, women jump in hunting for mandingos and an eagerness to smear their faces in sex. Gang bang, blow bangs, threeesomes, trains, the list goes on and on. Sadly, a woman is viewed as a saintly specimen and the lighter in complexion she is and the more attractive she may be, the more likely she will believed if she decides to suggest rape. Black males are already criminals and an officer is only itching at the chance to toss another black male in jail. As in the belief, “I’m only putting you where you belong” seems to be the rule as opposed to the exception in cases with black men.
          Besides, she doesn’t want you to think she is a whore or anything. Only whores like black men. Or ugly white women who can’t get a real white man.

        2. (snicker)
          I know all of those girls. Each kinda reminds me of Lena Dunham in her own way.
          White dudes, black dudes, whatever. Stay away from anyone who looks like this broken pig.

        3. I’ve seen those women. So quick to bed you and when you say no, man, they are so quick to cast you as a social pariah.

        4. I know!! Which is why, I’m thankful I didn’t do anything more than kiss the girl. In a very, public, environment.

    2. Sure lets keep dossiers on everyone. That way we can charge anyone we want, for whatever we want, whenever we want. That will sure help with future victims of any crime. Why not wait till they perpetrate a crime. Why not incarcerate them before they commit a crime and save society the trauma and trouble of crime victims?
      Oh yeah, that’s been thought of already and it has not worked out well…

  5. Never reported == never happened.
    I always wondered how feminists could claim X% of rapes are never reported when if they’re never reported, there’s no basis of fact from which a percentage could be calculated. If a woman is raped, her *not* reporting it diminishes the crime in the eyes of everyone else.

    1. At FACE VALUE you can dismiss someone that is basically claiming “I can give you a statistic regarding something that hasn’t been recorded into statistics”…it’s like saying “How many haven’t been counted yet?”
      It doesn’t just violate the basic concept of statistics, it violates the basic concept of *numbers*.

    2. Here is the real break down.
      If 100 rapes are reported
      50 are eliminated due to lack of evidence before charges
      25 are eliminated after charges when other facts come out. Recallt the bar for charging is very low, just a logical accusation that can stand up to a 1 hour questioning
      12.5 are dropped by the accuser when they drop out from prosecuting because they move on or just don’t want to continue.
      Meaning only 12% or so lead to convictions.
      Now never reported doesn’t mean never happened. In reality, there is not a whole lot of incentive to report rape for LEGITIMATE rape victims. Trials are exhausting, require a great deal of preparation, take alot of time and money even from the victim. They also require the person to relive the experience and undergo intense cross-examination. And what does the victim get in this case? O the guy gos to jail. Rarely can any financial judgment be obtained unless it is a rich man, who likely has no incentive to rape (as he has everything to lose and could just buy an escort or stripper).
      Frankly, I’d see little incentive for a real victim to report unless it was a particularly violent rape.

      1. Either it gets reported or it doesn’t. If someone doesn’t want to report then there’s nothing to discuss.

      2. Particularly violent rape being understood to mean in this context an actual rape, I assume? You know, rather than some woman’s fantasy or a result of regret or misjudgement?

        1. No.
          I mean one where the woman is walking down the street conqued on the head and has her vag torn up with some objects and is bleeding or seriously injured.
          I am not talking about female fantasies of rapes or the ones where they often just make it up after because they change their mind.
          Care to explain to me what incentive a woman who isn’t violently raped has to report?

        2. A woman who isn’t or who is? You seem to suggest the latter in your original post and the former in this one.

        3. I am asking you, what incentive would a woman have to report a rape that was non-violent?

        4. What do you mean by non-violent rape? That is an oxymoron, rape is violent by definition, it is using violence to have sex with someone against their will. Do you mean a rape where, other than the forced intercourse, the woman in question suffered no other significant physical harm?

        5. I mean by rapes that don’t involve the women being conked in the head and dragged into the bushes.
          I disagree that rape is “violent by definition”.

        6. So what do they involve then? I understand rape to mean forcible sexual intercourse over the resistance of the victim. There doesn’t have to be dragging into bushes, but without that element it isn’t rape.

        7. So she has to be beaten as well as raped for it to count? Come on, there are a lot of folks who don’t fight back when faced with being shot or stabbed to death, does that mean they were not murdered?

        8. They involve sex, where presumably a man forces sex onto a female who doesn’t want it but may not forcibly resist. This could be a girl who they simply find passed out, or one who was scared they’d be killed so didn’t resist. There are people who don’t resist being robbed or killed or other crimes, it doesn’t seem UNREASONABLE that someone would NOT resist rape in such circumstances.

      3. I think the sex these women are talking about is two horny drunks knocking boots and then her rethinking it years? later. i am sure the guy regretted the next day too, but wouldn’t call it rape. Rape is in and of itself an act of violence.. Your comments sounds like whoopie goldberg’s “it wasn’t rape, rape”. Rape is not about a horny guy wanting sex. It is about domination, control humiliation and violence, sometimes savage sadistic violence . Rich men (think of some politicians) have no shortage of free, willing sex partners and even so could afford to pay for their wildest fantasy to be brought to life- but it’s the “thrill” of getting away with the rape and the domination over that person (objectified) and the power or whatever else they feel by doing it. It isn’t just a guy wanting sex, that is pretty easy to get, yes? As for women like Lena Dungham, she is an attention wh*re trying to profit off of her drunken hogging episodes from long ago to become relevant somehow. Most women wish she and all the loud mouthed feminazis would stfu, They are doing great harm to real rape victims who want to get on with their life as quickly as possible and are torn between reliving the rape for years in the court system and being trashed in public and not reporting it and trying to heal.

        1. Rape is not always “Violent”. Two men who look similar could trick a girl into having sex with a friend and it is still technically rape. In fact there was a case of identitcal twins, where twin A was dating and mating with girl A and twin B snuck into her room when his brother passed out on the couch and since they are identical they are practically indistinguishable, especially at night. Twin b went and sexed up girl a and was later convicted of rape. This was not “Violent” by any means, just trickery.

        2. Not sure which case you’re talking about. Twin trickeration is not a large % of the alleged rapes committed. There were a few cases I just read about like the one in California where the guy was convicted but in 2013 it was overturned because of an old law that doesn’t make it illegal to call it rape if the tricked woman was unmarried. If she had of been married to twin A it would have been illegal for the twin B to trick her into sex. The whole thing about “consent” being needed in this case is, she did not consent to having sex with the brother, she thought she was consenting to sex with her boyfriend. Besides the actual act itself, I would think the brother would feel totally betrayed by his own twin that had tricked his girlfriend into having sex while he was passed out. Justice should maybe be served by twin A on twin B.
          That being said, someone being raped may not protest in an effort to get it over with without being killed or beaten to a bloody pulp. Each man, woman or child must size up the situation and act accordingly.
          The twin rapes and the drunken regretted “rapes” being used years later (by pigs like lena dungham to profit from it) are different than the violent rapes you speak of but they may indeed be rapes as well, just as there are different degrees and methods of murder, some are violent and include torture, mutilation etc and some murders may be committed by overdosing the victim on drugs so the person is murdered “nonviolently”. Still murder.

        3. The moment either party is drunk, consent cannot be given, according to court rulings, so yes, that would be rape.

        4. Perhaps, though generally speaking it is not women imposing their will on men in those circumstances. The point of my original statement being that the man cannot claim consent, because consent cannot be given in those circumstances, legally.

  6. Sadly, women have liberalized the meaning of rape as well as the definition of sex, to the point where anyone, at any time, can be seen as a rapist. In so doing, if we are all a rapist, no one is a rapist. Crying wolf for attention shot all women back in the process.

    1. It would make sense in context with this gender indoctrination of children. Destroying the horror of exceptional brutal and sad experience in what the media does 24/7 and i´m sure it´s not an accident. Children are told in school about anal sex and gangbang, prostitution etc. You know…
      I´m 100 % that there is already some sick fuck writing down a childrens book how rape could be ok when the pupil is not doing his/ her best in school… there are so many sickfucks working for our governments here in europe it´s -apocalyptic!

      1. “I’m 100% that there is already some sick fuck writing down a children’s book how rape could be Ok when the pupil is not doing his/her best in school” –
        I thought that was Lena Durham’s introduction to the literary world, No?

        1. Oh i didnt read the article just yet but if it is what i was talking about then it´s no surprise. And it´s no surprise this shit comes from a feminist… some very sick minds use these feminist to make it all sounds “ok”. Ok because a woman cant be evil and wrong…
          What do people do with monsters usualy ?….

    2. Agree..the definition part is the worst part.
      The guy didn’t call her back after sex….he must have raped her..yeah, that’s it.
      It’s so easy to cry foul, today.

  7. The obvious trolly response that would show the damaged underlying logic would be for white people to start a #beenrobbedbyblacksdidn’treportit twitter tag.

  8. Well… imagine you had a one night stand and 2 years later the police comes knocking at your door because this woman you dont even remember anymore is now a depressed shithole hanging around with very questionable people of the same messed up mindset. That is just a nightmare!
    The only evidence these people need is an accusation, some memories of your physical apperance/ private detail and gotcha they have a rape claim. violently supported by the thousands of tumblre or twitter SJWs -No thank you. Fucking with a contract only or prostitues is the better alternative as to jump into a minefield when this bullshit is growing more and more into a very serious and dangerous issue…. for us man!

  9. How about starting a been robbed never reported or got jumped never reported.
    Moreover, where is the stop snitching tag. you’re supposed to work out stuff yourself especially in these days of the police state

  10. Twitter and YouTube are turning women into Salem-era hysterics. It’s one thing after another, and all of them trying to stir up emotion while based on questionable facts. It’s amazing women get any work done. If this is what materializes externally, the insides of their minds must be like a house of horrors.

    1. They will allow spectral evidence into cases where drunken women who cannot even remember how many drinks they had can claim a penis poked them in their drunken blackout

      1. It’s sad because, again, when do we hold the woman accountable for her actions?
        Let’s all be equal – but only at certain times.
        It’s pathetic and it’s attention whoring with many of them (or it’s plain payback).

        1. Women are not held accountable for their actions in our society. They are awarded a special privilege. Now follow this closely
          -You can beat a man who starts a fight with you, or talks shit to you unprovoked and hits you back
          -You can beat a child for doing beavhiour you disapprove of, even though the child don’t know any better
          -Never hit a woman.
          See how that goes. You can beat a man, a child, but not a woman.
          A woman can claim you sent your penis to attack her in her drunken blacked out half conscious phase which she cannot even remember but just “knew she was raped because she couldn’t/wouldn’t have consented”. See only in rape trials is spectral evidence permitted, that and witch trials of the 1600s.
          Rape is the only crime in which you can be convicted off the basis of another person’s fantasy or semi-drunken dream. If you get drunk and say your car was stolen the cops will laugh at you and say you probably are drunk and forgot where you put it drunky. Maybe you lent it to some guy at the bar to drive you home and he took it for a joy ride to do some errands. Good luck trying to get a stolen car conviction on such a person. Anyone else could see how ridiculous it would be to rely on a drunk’s word for proof of crime being committed.

        2. Very good point. I always laugh when I hear a woman talk about equality because they really only want “semi-equality”. They’ll gladly take the same pay as a man or any other benefit but – where are all the women complaining about not being able to sign up for Selective Service?
          Where are all the women complaining about not being treated as equals in court?
          I just can’t seem to find any of these feminists (preaching equality) who are looking to be equal in these matters.
          Maybe I’m missing something…..but I fucking doubt it.

        3. True in some cases…. A few years back, 2 women jump across the counter in mcdonalds and threatened a employee. The man backed up, grabbed a metal rod and beat the crap out of both of them. The employee just got out of jail at that time for manslaughter. The judge dropped all charges against the guy.

        4. Women don’t want the same pay as men they want more. They do less work, take time off to make babies and then want the promotion over the guy who spent the full 5 years working the job for an extra 4 hours unpaid when she went home at 5 every day.
          Women are not fighting to join the draft or selective service as you rightly point out, they will fight to get in the military but not to die like men.
          Frankly, I would not want to be in a unit with female soldiers because while they have the advantage of being small and therefore smaller targets (if you ever played paintball against an athletic child you’d know its hard as hell to shoot a 4 foot person) most likely they will get tired and make the men do extra work increasing the chance that we all die. By slowing the whole platoon down.
          No, feminist only want the good shit. Feminist want to play soccer with men, but they don’t want to do boxing with men.

    2. Interesting that you brought up Salem because I think with White women lemming mentality is part of the DNA code.

  11. I’m not that old, but I remember when being a victim was embarrassing and shameful. Now it’s a sign of “bravery” and empowerment.
    The culture has become critically ill. Will the medicine be provided before it dies completely?

    1. So if you suffered a traumatic experience that you had no control over you should be ashamed, shameful and bury your head in the sand and never come out of it?

      1. and there lies the problem. Women want to be treated like “equals” but only in certain situations. They are very “helpless” in some but very “strong and powerful” in others.
        Women can’t have it both ways.
        They want the power to say when and it’s ok to have sex but they don’t want men to have it. And if the woman “feels” like she’s been duped or it was wrong she wants the power to be able to prosecute the man.
        So when exactly are we supposed to hold the woman accountable?
        How fucking delirious is this way of thinking?

        1. First of all, the obscenity is uncalled for. Secondly, the point of consent is that both parties agree. Men don’t get to decide for women when to have sex, and vice versa. BOTH parties have to decide. If there is power imbalance or (and this is a product of legal ruling) either party is somehow impaired, consent CANNOT be given.

        2. I notice you didn’t actually address my point and again cheapened/reduced your effectiveness by unnecessary swearing. Please try to do better.

    2. When the rewards for an activity increase, the amount of times that behavior happens increases. Sometimes you have to fudge the numbers to get your reward.

    3. “before it dies”.
      The only reason why we’re not hoarding water and watching rape gangs in our rifle scopes while thinking ‘as long as they are not headed this way’ is due to inertia.

    4. They will even exploit their rape claim (whether real or fabricated) publicly to gain advantages or cover up faults, on top of the social sympathy and leniency they are guaranteed to receive in exchange for their likely fabricated claim. I have a short anecdote to convey one example of this.
      I study Industrial Engineering at a top 5 university, and
      here in my upper-division manufacturing processes course, and I am required to participate in a group project, the group containing 6 people.
      I am the lone white man, alongside two liberal boys, two white girls, and one asian chick (who, while not very attractive, is actually a highly productive group member). We have a group chat setup on our phones to organize meetings and whatnot.
      One of the white chicks goes silent on us for about two weeks, skipping out of all classes and group meetings, and about three days before the project checkpoint is due, she puts out a message:
      “Team, I’m sorry I haven’t been coming to meetings and class. As *Sally* (other white girl in group) knows, last year I was raped by my ex-boyfriend and the one year anniversary of it is coming up on Saturday. It has left me as a total mess and unable to focus for long periods of time. I promise I will do everything I can now to help get us prepared for the submission of our project”
      Sidenote: This girl has before, completely uncalled for, given many speeches on how strong, independent, and accomplished she is, despite her shotty class attendance and history of excuse-making.
      And, while I will not acknowledge her bullshit whatesoever, and cannot call her out on it for obvious reasons, the rest of the group comforts her with sympathy. And so, with her success, she has been given another reason to continue bullshitting other people to her advantage.

    5. The medicine is working- your breed of misogyny is dying. Are you advocating for victim-shaming, Roosh?

  12. I don’t think you understand the issues. I didn’t report my rape when it happened because I was raped by my best friends brother at 16. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it would mean giving up that friendship if I reported it, which would have left me dealing with trauma and unsupported. I couldn’t handle that so I ignored my feelings about it until I had the support to address them.
    If you look at what people say, many people accuse victims of making up a story of rape just for sympathy. So what’s the incentive to try to talk about something that is so painful that you struggle to say the words? I see a lot of pain in some of the posts. You shouldn’t make so many assumptions about what’s posted online.
    I reported my rape 9 years after it happened because I finally had the support to do so. I considered reporting earlier, but the people I talked to about it told me that I shouldn’t report it and scared me out of it. I used the hashtag to post about why I reported, because I know it’s not an easy decision to make and in Canada you CAN still report it. When you make assumptions about someone’s motive you will never understand why they are doing what they are doing.

    1. And you think that should have some kind of legal weight beyond any other alleged crime from 9 years ago?
      It’s not about making assumptions, it’s about how the concept of evidence, statistics and due process works.
      So based on the foundation of an inherently unverifiable claim you want to build accusations of “rape culture”…it’s fucking ludicrous and uses EXACTLY the same logic as de jure racism.

      1. I never said anything about probability of conviction. I think children should be expected to act like children and adults should be expected to act like adults. When an adult rapes a child I don’t think we should be so quick to judge why it takes time for them to mature and respond in adult ways by reporting. I think reporting should be encouraged primarily to catch repeat offenders.

        1. Adult on child rape is a highly different dynamic then “I was raped last year, have no proof, but I still want him kicked out college.”

        2. Funny because I described a case of an adult raping a child, not something about college, so I don’t know where you’re getting that from.

        3. No one is arguing for leniency instances of child abuse, what men are mad about is that segments of feminism want to radically alter how justice works for sex conducted between adults.

        4. To your comment about “no one” arguing in instances of child abuse, I would like to point out the exchange between me and BDITM, which I copied below, about my child rape at 16. He has no compassion for a child’s ability to cope with trauma. Most of rapes and sexual abuse are done to children. I understand that in conversations the two are often lumped together when they shouldn’t be. I do think there needs to be some reforms in how it is dealt with between adults, mostly in terms of how police treat victims. I would encourage you to read my letter to the police chief, here
          I think one change that needs to happen concerning adults is that there is no effort put into distinguishing normal behaviour from predatory behaviour. This is something that I studied in Anna Salter’s book Predators. She is a qualified psychologist and has interviewed hundreds of convicted rapists about their crimes. My main issue with Canadian prosecution of sexual assault is that it allows a man to assume that a woman wants to have sex, which in cases where two people have never had sex before I don’t think that is reasonable without active participation on the woman’s part. Of course I also think that the age of consent should be 18, not 16. An age of consent of 16 means adult expectations are put on children.
          I would also like to point out that sexual assault has lower arrest, prosecution and conviction rates than other similar crimes.
          Liz Millican to BDITM
          •2 days ago
          “There’s a difference between ending a friendship gradually so you can get new support then ending it all at once without support. I would encourage you to research how children handle trauma.”
          BDITM to Liz Millican
          •2 days ago
          “Why would I even give a fuck “how children handle trauma”? I would encourage YOU to do what’s right and put some asshole behind bars and ruin the rest of his life after he’s released for committing such a a savage crime! You have NO leg to stand on for stalling the process and
          no excuse you are selling will be seen as legitimate! All we see you as is just another sad case of day-after sex regret labeled as “rape” to save your own face, which is about as predictable as water being wet these days!”

        5. We’re debating two totally different things: one is how the concept of consent between two adults is “evolving” and current attitudes towards the standard of evidence required in breaches of that consent…and the other is peadophillic rape. Children can’t give consent, there’s no debate, sex with a child is always rape. No one is going to argue that.

    2. The problem here is that instead of telling rape victims to ignore critics and report the crime immediately after it happened, the hashtag is encouraging rape victims to ignore critics and report the crime whenever they feel like it.

      1. the problem is that making sweeping generalizations about a group of people based on unverified, personal anecdotal evidence is the DEFINITION of prejudice.

        1. Yet when they all act and think the exact same way, you can’t help but think they came off of an assembly line together.

      2. That’s why I post messages to counter that. I fully agree that it should be reported sooner. It’s a very intimate violation, usually with no witnesses, and especially when we’re talking about children I think we need to take a more understand approach that provides support instead of creating more obstacles.

    3. And twitter or tumble is a good way to get help right ?… no sorry. When I have a problem i have my family or friends and that makes them special. to keep secrets in your close relationships makes them special. When you share everything with the world there are no special people in your life anymore. Trust is a value of the highest order!

    4. Just curious, but what are you looking for?
      Are you looking for this guy to be arrested and imprisoned?

      1. I reported it because I wanted to confront him to his face to say that what he did to me was wrong. The conviction rate for rape cases is 50% for cases that go to trail. I had no expectation that it would result in a conviction.

    5. Hold on just a second… You didn’t report the “rape” out of fear of forsaking the friendship associated with the “rapist”?!? Must not have really been all that traumatizing then, Dear!
      There’s always a “Because of (fill in the blank with something involving Bigfoot and unicorns)…” with these bizarre rape fables that are dime-a-dozen, apparently! Oh wait, I didn’t mean to insult Bigfoot!

      1. There’s a difference between ending a friendship gradually so you can get new support then ending it all at once without support. I would encourage you to research how children handle trauma.

        1. Why would I even give a fuck “how children handle trauma”? I would encourage YOU to do what’s right and put some asshole behind bars and ruin the rest of his life after he’s released for committing such a a savage crime! You have NO leg to stand on for stalling the process and no excuse you are selling will be seen as legitimate! All we see you as is just another sad case of day-after sex regret labeled as “rape” to save your own face, which is about as predictable as water being wet these days!

    6. That’s retarded
      You could say that about any crime, that you didn’t want to lose your friends/family
      That’s not a good reason

    7. The problem with the claims, today, is that there are too many women out there who will make a bogus claim….just for the attention.
      And a man’s life could be ruined because this special snowflake didn’t get enough attention (afterwards) or doesn’t feel special any longer.
      I would say we need the courts to come down harder on the females if (or when) they are found to have made a false claim. A harsh punishment by law enforcement and the courts would make women pause before making a false claim.

      1. I read posts by a woman who reported it immediately and was charged with lying because the man who raped her was training to be a police officer. Unless a woman recants her story then you couldn’t prove a “false claim” any more than you can prove a rape.
        Any most women don’t report to police at all. I have friends who have reported, including a girl who was 12 at the time and police fixated on what she was wearing. Go figure.
        If someone is making claims to their friends without identifying anyone then I don’t see why you care. That’s between them and their friends.

        1. “If someone is making claims to their friends without identifying anyone then I don’t see why you care.”
          Because it fosters the urban myth that rape is a common or even likely event. Even RAINN in its submissions to the White House said that there is no such thing as a rape culture in America, but stupid stories that ditzes tell one another on the Internet are viral. They contribute to moral panics and popular delusions, which are a depressingly common stupidity historically.
          Friends don’t scrutinise claims. Friends don’t observe the presumption of innocence. Friends can’t tell a false rape accusation from a real one. Courts and police are much better placed to do that.

  13. For me the reason for tweeting the hashtag was giving an idea of how many of us there are out there. I don’t get sympathy because no one I know follows my twitter feed. I don’t get justice because like you said that has long past (it was 40 years ago, I was 5). But hopefully there will be a recognition that it happens more than the rape statistics show.
    I realize that many will disbelieve that it happened and I do not care to change that. Even if the guy was convicted, some would still claim that the courts were stacked against him.
    I am no man hater. I wouldn’t say it changed my life significantly. I am strong and I think it pushed me never to be dependent.
    In the spirit of honesty I just wanted you to know why I wrote my tweet.

    1. Here is where I might suggest something, be clear. I’m not sure what the original tweet looked like, but the message in this article was about women jumping on the hashtag for attention purposes. When it comes to pedophilia, a child can not protect themself. They cannot press charges as they are still processing the world. Spreading your pain to shed light and ease your soul is smart and empowering. Many victims of the church do the same thing and it helps them.
      You get a pass. Any able body person who can know the difference, and even moreso the girls of 18 through 38, if they are ‘raped’ after 18 and don’t report it, only to flaunt this hashtag, are not worth the time to write a police report. Cases go cold. And clearly the danger to their life wasn’t strong enough and the rape wasn’t provable if they didn’t bring it to justice.
      I am sorry you experienced what you did as a child..
      EDIT: Women aren’t legion. There may be a lot, but aside from emotional outcry, more liars than honest people tend to sit with crowds.

  14. Are these women seeking attention or more so a sense of unity and community with other women surrounding a relevant and serious women’s issue?
    I’m doubting you ever needed to report rape, so please look at the statistics and see how many women receive justice after reporting rape. Also do a little research to see how women are treated by the officers filing their reports. It’s ugly. And oftentimes this is immediately following the rape, where the victim experienced serious emotional and/or physical trauma. I’m not saying this means women should not report rape, but there are many factors why women don’t, and it’s positive for women to rise from the dark and discuss these issues, whether men approve or disapprove of the way in which it’s done.
    Just stick to keeping sex consensual, pal. That’s your only role in this whole rape thing.

      1. Few women know the names or even the faces of their rapists, and most wear condoms so there’s no DNA. Oftentimes, because there isn’t enough information, the cases don’t get far enough for the 4th amendment to apply, but it would be great if they did; there would be less rapists around.

        1. I agree that without proof an instance of rape is dismissed by the justice system. But just because it is dismissed doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

        2. Just because there’s a guilty verdict doesn’t mean it did happen either, but you never hear about that shit. Just look at how many men freed by the Innocence Project in the US were in for rape.

        3. Are you saying it’s wrong to demand proof of an offence before a person can be convicted of it, or even charged with it?

        4. How about a law preventing anyone who reports a rape from going on social media? Can we not name the accused until they have been guilty? That sound like all round equality to me.

        5. “Few women know the names or even the faces of their rapists, and most wear condoms so there’s no DNA.”
          That’s funny. According to most rape statistics, most women know their attacker. It’s rape by a stranger that’s the rare event. Indeed that was a prominent feature of the current attempts to reform “consent” law on US universities.

        6. U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Statistics. 1997 Sex Offenses and Offenders Study. 1997.
          Find your own way to the link.

        7. Then you would agree that the justice system doesn’t, in fact, have a problem with how it deals with rape complaints, since the justice system requires proof or evidence a rape actually took place?

        8. “Another” problem in the justice system? I assume the first problem is that the justice system requires proof of an offence before it convicts a person?

        9. You said incorrect rape convictions were “another” problem in the justice system. I’m simply trying to work out what you say the first problem was. Freudian slip?

        10. that doesn’t stop it from turning into a full-fledged witch hunt. for the innocent men who are accused, PROVEN innocent but are still burdened by the stigma of even being associated in a negative context with the word “Rape” where’s your bleeding heart for them?? These women do nothing to further the cause of eliminating the crime if so then they would do more than just say “I was raped” that alone solves nothing.

        11. if this is Delores (or a very good mimic of Delores) again then it seems like it’s argument for the sake of argument, Marcus I decree your time is too valuable to waste on a keyboard warrior such as this. With all due respect you are trying to mix cold water and oil – simply will not happen in the case of attempting to have a rational debate. People such as this will argue, and argue, and grasp at straws and STILL claim they won in the end simply because the other party will not entertain their responses any longer.

        12. No problem, brother Teutonic; just have to practice the cross-examination.
          And it is Delores. Interestingly the author of these comments changed from Delores to Guest. Seems to happen a lot with women who comment here. Can’t imagine why, thought they were brave souls one and all.

        13. Brave souls? In that Brother Marcus I disagree. These Trolls/SJW’s/Feminists are all guilty of the same things they accuse us of: duplicitous in nature and somehow lacking in the real world so we overcompensate by being on here (read – lives in basement, only jacks off to porn etc.). No amount of defence no matter how varied will quell that jab. In short they are no more or less cowardly/brave than you or I. Your cross-examination however was outstanding, it broke her responses down to one-sentence answers which in short say “no, you’re wrong” so kudos.

        14. haha Big-brother is still Big-brother, just more aligned with Little “this-guy-at-school-hurt-me-brother-go-bash-him” Sister.

    1. Problem is they’re naming people in some cases without any chance for the person to respond. We can figure out who these ex husbands and prior boyfriends they lived with are. Some are named explicitly.
      What recourse does a guy who was named as a rapist have considering there is no longer any proof of anything? Or are we just to take the woman’s word?
      You want to unburden yourself, find a support group. Accusing people in public of crimes from years ago with no proof is wrong.

      1. Given the context of my post, the first two paragraphs of your response are confusing. Can you please clarify?

        1. The article is about the hashtag. You said the women posting in that hashtag are looking for support and it’s great they discuss the issue in public.
          What did you need clarified?

        2. Snicker*
          I hear 2/3 out of three ain’t bad…
          Must have been when he said ‘You’ something clicked… Maybe ya need a mirror to continue your rebuttals?

      2. It’s bullshit. Anyone posting anything on social media is looking for attention. People who have real issues will usually keep it pretty low key…not blab it to the whole world.
        These types of claims are bullshit and more attention seeking behavior. It’s women just “one upping” each other when they tell another story.

      3. If the target of such a smear is innocent, it’s more than merely wrong. It’s defamation, even if the so-called accused’s name never gets mentioned. All a needy attention whore need disclose is just enough information to identify the individual in other peoples’ minds — can you hear us now, Lena Dunham — and BAM! Get into that courtroom and open your purse wide, sweetie, because here comes the slander lawsuit.

        1. i would only piss in your throat but if thats your definition of having sex with you then youre welcome 😉

        1. Slow down troll. Chill….
          He may be working or something. Give him time to give one response. For a wannabe troll I say this, Learn Your Craft!!!
          So I leave you with this

        2. the mother argument used by a bastard like you dont realy need any response so fuck off. Oh and btw. I would piss down your throat consciously!

    2. Gun toter here. Check out the case for men raped in the military, prison, church and schooling system before you cry, you’re not a woman or probably haven’t reported rape. Just out a courtesy.
      Two….what were you doing valuing a friendship over your own body? leads me to believe while this wasn’t your best or most liked sexual experience, it may have been more, highly uncomfortable and intimidating and less brutality. Rape is rape sure. And protection is protection. Sadly, since you didn’t care then I don’t necessarily care now. And a man is begging to be manipulated by you if he says differently.

    3. It just shows that even when they DO report rape, it’s often unfounded bullshit. I find that far more likely than some kind of patriarchy conspiracy where all the police officers around the country routinely deny them justice.

      1. God damn….another special snowflake (Delores) looking for attention.
        Talk about attention whores.

        1. I see, Driver. You can make a point for the sake of debate and discussion, yet when I as a woman comment, it’s for attention, huh? That’s some thorough logic you have there, big boy.

        2. Beat it….this is a men’s site (you’ve been told several times).
          You’re simply attention whoring, now.

        3. Looking for rebuttals? Not a debate. Addressing rape and the use of condoms? What?! So a rapist has condoms on hand and is ready to rape? So nails, teeth, kicks, and the likes aren’t used anymore? Heck, women do this to their guys without rape involved. Have you checked out youtube this millennium?
          You clearly have nothing of worth to say.

        4. If you believe I have nothing of value to contribute, then you are entitled to that opinion. Might I suggest, however, that you stop reading my comments?

        5. Delores, you can come here all you want and say whatever the heck, nobody will deny you that right just as long as you realize you’re essentially taking a knife to a gunfight.

        6. Lol!! But you’re so comical in your drivel I can’t help it….:(
          I’ll throw you an alley oop. Are any of the men who raped your sister’s in prison?

        7. Lol, okay…..
          Way to duck that prison question. Or did you not mention you had two sisters that were raped?

      2. No offense here bub, but you’re not the target of rapists. The statistic is that 1 in 5 women are raped, and that number is based on what’s reported, not the amount that actually occur.
        There are four female siblings in my family, two of which were raped, one violently so by a stranger and the other not as violently by a “friend.”
        You can claim “unfounded bullshit” all day long but you are clearly uninformed.

        1. Good article.
          I still respect that they were upfront in stating that “…underreporting is a serious problem, and definitive statistics are hard to come by.”
          I was unaware that it was conducted at only two colleges, which is a solid point. What is also limiting is that only women ages 18-25 were surveyed, another point of which I was unaware.
          Rape is hard to quantify, like they say, but I believe if there were a way to survey a large enough control group of women with varying ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds, that the number would be higher than 1 in 5.

        2. The obvious problem is that “sexual default” wasn’t defined by the actual “victims”…as well as the obvious flaws in the sample group and methods. It’s just complete bullshit. The people that created the “study” defined what they wanted to be the result, and then collected statistics that supported it.
          You might find incidences of legitimate sexual assault as high as 1 in 5 if you looked at say…extremely poor, drug addicted or otherwise marginalized women.
          Middle class white women that have the means to go to college? No fucking way.
          It’s a false statistic.

        3. I think the problem with most statistics is they are limited to the area of study. Two schools hardly quantify a solid assessment of rape against women. It might have been more apt to use statistics from rape hotlines and police reports. Also, statistics lead some people down the road to lazy thinking and justified biases.
          Overall the study is hardly factual on any level because with rape, forcible entry or lack of consent, which should lead to forcible entry needs to be proven. Without proof, who is to say what counts as a fact?

        4. “I believe if there were a way to survey a large enough control group of women with varying ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds, that the number would be higher than 1 in 5.”
          Of course you do. You want to believe women are being raped everywhere all the time for some reason. It gives you feminists another cause to attack men for.

        5. “Rape is hard to quantify, like they say, but I believe if there were a way to survey a large enough control group of women with varying ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds, that the number would be higher than 1 in 5.”
          It’s rather hypocritical of you to castigate people for holding “unfounded beliefs” and then present a belief completely unfounded on any rational or reliable statistics.
          Your individual experience — which I might note you have declined to provide us any meaningful details on, therefore making its veracity questionable — does not dictate terms to wider reality.

        6. “No offense here bub, but you’re not the target of rapists.”
          Um, actually, men are the target of rapists. If you go by the FBI’s statistics – which I don’t, personally, because they’re not collected scientifically, but a lot of feminists like to use them for their screeches – then the percentage of males being raped is 40% or so. Which doesn’t take into account prison rapes, one might add.
          “… and that number is based on what’s reported, not the amount that actually occur.”
          And that is a resort to the logical fallacy of proof by example, also known as inappropriate generalisation. You cannot project anything about how many rapes are unreported from those rapes that are reported. It is an exercise in sheer speculation and intellectually dishonest.

        7. Yeah, those numbers don’t count because it happens to men. It’s just like men being verbally and physically abused (by women)…never happens.
          Fucking delusional women.

        8. I never said anyone’s beliefs were “unfounded,” which disproves the hypocrisy claim.
          The person who wished me to disclose personal information was belligerent, and I don’t see the purpose of casting pearls to swine.
          You seem cordial enough so if there’s something you’d like me to disclose, please ask.

        9. If you have something not nice to say, call me by my name. And no my name isn’t swine. I asked you to disclose if your sisters’s rapist were brought to trial.

        10. Please return to the original text. I never claimed “unfounded bullshit.” I was simply quoting a man who said that in reference to women’s claims of rape.
          And I never fabricated stats. I quoted published statistics and then when a member pointed me to an article proving those statistics to be inaccurate, I recanted, thanked him for the info, and continued to share my personal (and subjective) beliefs.

        11. I’m more interested in why you see fit to resort to logical fallacies to make inappropriate generalisations about rape levels. Having said that, your refusal to disclose anything pertinent or verifiable about your individual experience with alleged rapes of family members cuts a lot of credibility out of your assertion. And as I said, your individual experience does not dictate terms to wider reality: when all you have is a hammer, you tend to see the world as nails, and all that.

        12. You fail to acknowledge that there’s nothing more dangerous and misleading in a discussion about policing rape accusations than a personal and subjective belief.

        13. the problem in this case is we are letting a female direct the course of what is meant to be an objective discussion.
          Her statistics slant at bias and selective experience from an infinitely small subject group and no concrete evidence as yet to support her claim suggests TROLL
          so I call bunk at the woman who would believe the world is flat even if she was looking at planet earth from the International Space Station.

    4. Rape is a serious matter. However, getting drunk and having post sex regret is NOT rape. There are too many silly women jumping on the rape bandwagon and ultimately this results in true rape being diminished and doubted. Subjecting a man to a “he raped me” witch hunt simply because you feel like a dirty little slut is reprehensible.

      1. I entirely agree. It’s also important to note that if a girl/woman is drunk to the point of debilitation/unconsciousness, this does not give a man consent.
        and disclaimer here: I don’t endorse binge drinking nor do I think it’s an excuse for bad behavior on the part of any woman or man.

    5. “I’m doubting you ever needed to report rape, so please look at the statistics and see how many women receive justice after reporting rape.”
      The statistics presume that every complaint of rape made is truthful, and therefore are necessarily flawed.

      1. Again, sir, you are becoming redundant.
        You can read the comments and see that this has been addressed by myself and others.

        1. You seem to be somewhat selective in which queries you’re prepared to meet and answer, that’s all. Which I find interesting. Do try and keep from getting tetchy.

        2. I an not angry or annoyed. There’s a barrage of questions I’m attempting to answer, and I see no sense in repeating myself.
          If your questions were not answered by myself directly or by previous responses, please let me know.

      2. No worries Marcus. Delores was a special case. She came here to speak her mind and while showcasing intelligence, was clearly private about revealing anymore personal details and equally eager to soak up as much information as she could before departing. The internet 8 rated woman at the bar in a red dress, with ample cleavage, looking for someone to buy her a drink. In the end she had nothing to say, lost her argument of stats and politely excused herself using redundancy as her last etching of superiority.

  15. This is actually right out of the leftist playbook. Make everything as ambiguous and relative as possible, so that their weak logical positions and anecdotal opinions will carry more weight. We see the same tactics in history and political science.
    In this case, by creating the cultural meme that unreported rape is still rape, it takes responsibility and the onus of proof off the alleged victim. This allows the claimant to seize greater moral credibility and legitimacy without having to deal with challenges to her story, thereby giving women disproportionate power to define what rape is solely by crying wolf.
    Our response should be to strike the direct opposite position. The very fact that this hashtag exists is evidence that rape claims should NOT be taken a face value, but rather first scrutinized for ulterior motives.

    1. I actually think it’s a really concerning move, because it amounts to an attempt to normalise false rape accusations and reduce the proportion of rape complaints that are made to police.
      A rape accusation made to Twitter at large or to a newspaper does not have to be proven, and guarantees the alleged perpetrator will have to spend large amounts of his own money having to literally prove his innocence — and such attempts are never going to be completely successful long term, because the stigma of a rape accusation never comes off.

      1. Excellent catch!! I didn’t realize the power behind the post in and of itself. Much like facebook posts are used as screeners by jobs to assess character, all social mediums can be identified as displayed character. That is beyond insidious.

        1. Not only that but the term “Rape” will be a blanket term with neither proof nor foundation. just like sexual harassment in the workplace can mean something as small as opening up a photo from your girlfriend (she dressed up for you) and the snoopy girl next to you decided to look, and put a complaint into HR.
          Next we will have “he raped me with his words” it seems to get that pants-on-head retarded.

        2. It is interesting but a long held notion I’ve said, “sexual harassment was saved for use on the ugly and socially detested”. If rape keeps losing credibility maybe rape and sexual harassment will be synonymous.
          It need to be with his words. Just the word, rape, might be enough to have a man removed. Already the programming is almost set in stone. As women are protected, you may never see a woman injured in any medium of entertainment again. Outside of wrestling.

  16. With all due respect (wait, is ANY even due?) to these “Raped Crusaders” (I hate goddamn internet-speak clichés, but “See what I did there?”), I’m a really big dude and my grappling skills are decent, but still, I have a really hard time believing that no matter how small, frail, or weak a woman is, the sheer number of times a man of ANY stature can subdue, doff the clothes off of a woman then doff HIS OWN clothing, get hard enough to penetrate what would most like be a desert-dry and sandpapery vagina in a situation like these, thrust several times, ejaculate, then waltz away nonchalantly like nothing ever happened is super-hyperinflated and overbloated beyond all comprehension! Does it always take place in a white rubber room with absolutely no object to grab to bash over his head or stick in his eyes, or do they always arm bar both of the girl’s arms and render them defenseless each and every time, as if following a routine script? Very strange how these events pan out… Just the thought of it sounds too far-fetched and exasperating to be true more than simply a handful of times, on top of being one of the most despicable acts a human being can do to another that only the dregs and degenerates of society would even comprehend to begin with (unfortunately, in a country with about 200,000,000 more people than it ever even needs, The Law of Large Numbers dictates that more of them exist)!
    To quote another cliché I despise, “I’m just sayin’”.

    1. there was an article on here ( and the author came to the same conclusion as you. Personally I wouldn’t have a clue HOW so many men can do it (if you believe the hype) so i’m betting that the next wave will include these women not giving accounts but detailed instructions, because the next wave will be met with “ok exactly HOW can a guy rape you?” guys don’t necessarily want to know, we just cannot see where they come to these conclusions especially with a logical argument (but since when have hysterical women of today been logical?)

    2. I’ve always wondered this also. To truly rape a girl and forcibly have sex with her, you’ve pretty much got to beat her to get her to stop fighting back.
      Look at how women in India and Africa are raped, versus the women in America. In India, a group of 5 guys will beat a girl and take turns raping her while she’s barely alive.
      In America, girl goes out, gets drunk, has a fun time in the club, hooks up with a guy, gets Starbucks afterward, regrets the sex cause she she a boyfriend, and cries rape.

      1. She also calls the police department on her iPhone while drinking said starbucks and at the same time posts her attention whoring fish faced antics on social media. Behold the power of 21st century technology.

    3. I always figured rapists had some kind of weapon to use as a threat. Like a knife, so the girl was too scared to do anything but go along with it. Some girls are pretty chicken shit so verbal threats might work “If you fight back in any way I’ll…” type thing

  17. Can we please start using the word “frape” instead of rape?
    Frape is the typical feminist consent political bullshit. Rape is when someone or someones actually force a person to do something sexual.

    1. I support that word only if we can call this latest movement to push rape hashtags as ‘the frappening’. Putting a twitter hashtag on rape? Just frapping.

    2. Makes absolute sense. Facebook rape, Twitter rape – only in this attention-seeking scenario, the “rapist” is not a man, or another person, just a cunning gerbil.

    1. Normally I do not support the ban, but is she still spouting nonsense to anyone who comes near her posts?

    2. Just ignore her posts…don’t respond to her.
      Most attention whores go away when you stop giving them attention.

        1. That post was a good “lab”. We have learned quite a bit and we can show others (younger, new guys) in the future.
          I thought, all in all, it was damn successful.

        2. Best part being that the veterans of Tattooed Bitch Hill came through without a single casualty or a single injury.

        3. We should head to Hollywood, get them to make a movie of the story. “Tattooed Bitch Hill.” I can see the tagline on the movie poster right now: “34,000 litres of ink, 1 of it on paper”. In the interests of fidelity with history we will ensure Brother Driver is played by Brad Pitt.

  18. The best way to stop a woman who does this kind of evil attention seeking is to get her to meet, face to face, with a REAL victim – one of those who unfortunately feared for her own life, and the trauma suffered still left visible scars to the present even with an extended support network – and the victim knowing what the attention seeker did.
    Then the shame would be complete.

  19. regret is not rape…although some mix the 2 together and that would explain the hashtag.

  20. Western women need to go to India and Afghanistan and see what real rape is. Here in America, a woman gets “raped” and she starts carrying around a bed mattress for some dumb reason….meanwhile in Africa women get raped and are lucky to live through it.

  21. I had intended to write a more extensive article about it, but it seems to me there’s actually one man that rape hysterics hate more than any other: Sir William Blackstone.
    He was Western law’s most influential author —or taxidermist, perhaps. His most important text was his 1760 Commentaries on the Law of England. The text was a comprehensive attempt at rounding up how the past six or seven centuries of English law worked, from the smallest civil case to the prosecution of high treason, and propounding a philosophical basis for why law was what it was. It was written at a crucial juncture in English history: long enough prior to the American Revolution to heavily influence the practice of law not only in England, but in America (and virtually all England’s other colonies). Blackstone frequently was quoted in post-Revolution US court decisions. It’s important to remember Blackstone didn’t create the law—all he did was restate what it was, which was arguably just as important since English law was something of a hodgepodge of custom, legislation, and precedent.
    Reading the Commentaries is not the sort of thing you really recommend except to someone in dire need of a cure for insomnia; Blackstone is very fond of commas in preference to periods. But as with many learned texts of this time, the commentary comes across surprisingly clear once you penetrate the archaic style. The following is what Blackstone says about rape in particular, talking about the comments of a judge from an earlier court case—
    “It is true”, says this learned judge, “that rape is a most detestable crime, and therefore ought severely and impartially to be punished with death; but it must be remembered, that it is an accusation easy to be made, hard to be proved, but harder to be defended by the party accused, though innocent.” He then relates two very extraordinary cases of malicious prosecution for this crime, that had happened within his own observation; and concludes thus: “I mention these instances, that we may be the more cautious upon trials of offences of this nature, wherein the court and jury may with so much ease be imposed upon, without great care and vigilance; the heinousness of the offence many times transporting the judge and jury with so much indignation, that they are overhastily carried to the conviction of the person accused thereof, by the confident testimony of sometimes false and malicious witnesses.”
    Bear in mind this is not only Blackstone speaking, but in effect a line of English judges stretching back eight hundred years. The emphasis on how heinous a crime English law regarded rape puts the lie to feminist narratives claiming women were seen as disposable or mere objects by English society. And just as penetrating are the notations about false rape accusations, which speak for themselves.
    Blackstone’s commentary in effect that rape allegations always needed to be taken with a pinch of salt might be enough these days to have him hung by radical feminists, but what feminism—just as with socialism, just as any oppressive regime—really hates most about Blackstone is this single quote from the Commentaries:
    All presumptive evidence of felony should be admitted cautiously; for the law holds it better that ten guilty persons escape, than that one innocent party suffer.
    In essence what Blackstone is restating here is the presumption of innocence, that if you were going to imprison—or execute—a person for committing a crime, you had to prove it, and prove it with good evidence. Human decency will brook no standard less. (As well as blunt practicality: John Adams reframes this principle as making it more important to protect the innocent than punish the guilty, since no one could ever locate and punish all the guilty, and that without this ordering of priorities, there is no incentive for the innocent—“It is immaterial to me whether I behave well or ill, for virtue itself is no security.”)
    This principle underpins all criminal law, if not all law in general, and anyone fanning the flames of a moral panic—as “rape culture” currently is—despises it utterly because if a court applies it faithfully and courageously, it throws a bar across the path of hysterical lynch mobs in search of a victim. It makes the court a level playing field between accuser and accused. It preserves the precious possibility of innocence.
    Which is probably why those who would try and convince us that rape is at epidemic levels tend to avoid criminal courts for the most part. The preference is rather to try and destroy men’s lives by other means—in any forum other than a court, which is best equipped to discern fact from hyperbole.

  22. For those women who were truly raped, they deserve justice. For those women who had too much to drink and did not take precautions because they thought this couldn’t happen to them, you’re dumber than bricks. For those men who took advantage of the women in either scenario, you’re disgusting.

  23. You don’t understand women and how they communicate.
    This hashtag was very therapeutic for women to share their experiences–some of whom had never uttered those words before. Women feel validated by sharing their experiences, by communicating. As men, if you don’t understand this, then you don’t understand the very basic nature of women.
    Rape/sexual assault is a huge problem. *Some men think they own women’s bodies. Women are taught from a young age to internalize and blame themselves when men use them against their will. By finally speaking the shame they internalized, they can finally let go of it and start to heal.
    The Jian Ghomeshi serial sexual assault story spurred this hashtag. It has been very cathartic for women to share experiences on the journey to healing.
    ps: men shared their experiences of being abused as boys on this hashtag as well.

      1. If this website is focused on men and their issues, why have any speculative articles about women and their ‘feelingz’ like this one? I assumed that it was to try and understand women. Was I mistaken? Is this site just a place for men to bitch and not actually come to a greater depth of understanding?

        1. This site is for Men by Men.
          No fagz.
          No wimminz.
          We don’t give to shits about some skank that sucked Jamaal dick to score cheap coke or some slut that got wasted and passed around,and then feelz violated.
          Fuck them,they got what they deserved.
          It is website primarily for western Man to navigate human Holocaust that femcuntism wreaked upon world.

        2. Ah, now I understand. This seems to be a site for functionally illiterate men.
          Or perhaps it is for men who are so caught in a feedback loop of their own pain that they are unable to develop compassion or empathy. Remember it is those deeper emotions and the higher functioning of the frontal cortex that separates us from animals….and the functionally illiterate.
          It would be far better to analyze who actually instituted these societal changes (think the Tavistock Institute) than to blame half the human race.

        3. “Or perhaps it is for men who are so caught in a feedback loop of their own pain that they are unable to develop compassion or empathy.”
          Actually, a fair number of men had a lot of compassion and empathy. And then a long and representative succession of women fucked them over by taking advantage of that compassion and empathy, thus demonstrating what women really want versus what they say they want.

        4. No,you stupid cuntus americanus,
          emotions are not reason that separate us from animals.
          Pigs and dogs feelz deep empathy toward their owners.
          Our name
          Homo Sapiens Sapiens,
          sentient being,
          Cogito ergo sum
          are reason Man is above everything created.

        5. It even goes beyond the “tit for tat” women can be unpredictable and yet very predictable at the same time. Cheating, flaking, physical harm, revenge borne from scorn you may never know where it will strike but you can come close to knowing where.
          As I said it goes beyond being burned or harping on the same old excuses. it goes by seeing either first-hand or through others some of the mind-blowingly crazy things that women can do, and either not wanting to be a part of it or choosing to reserve judgement and obtain a more detailed story rather than hearing one woman cry rape and then hold a vendetta against a man they have never even met.

    1. “Women feel validated by sharing their experiences, by communicating.”
      They should be communicating their experiences to the police when they happen, not to Twitter followers 10 years after the fact.

      1. Exactly – and to broadcast it on a media platform that reaches a large portion of the world coupled with a hashtag that incites so much negative connotation (at the word and its implication) suggest herd mentality finding the next mother lode for attention-whoring.

      2. The hashtag isn’t just for women, I know of men who have been too afraid to go to the police. Actually going to the police can be traumatic in itself and reliving the experience. The subsequent court case isn’t easy either. It’s such a personal violation whether you’re male or female.

        1. So let me get this straight: as a rape victim you don’t want to go and tell your story in all its intimate details to a bunch of strangers because it’s traumatic and reliving the experience, so the best remedy for that is to go and tell your story in all its intimate details to a bunch of strangers?

        2. I work with people who have been raped and sure it may not seem logical to some but it can take people years before they are ready to talk about it. Everyone reacts differently, that is one thing I’ve learnt from my job – be they male or female. Some people have been assaulted as children and at the time didn’t even realize it was assault but now as they are older they feel ready to talk about it. It really is heartbreaking.

        3. Fuck me, thanks for the internets, dude, but *nobody* has ever decoded Girl Logic. Ever.

        4. I apologise, basically my point is, sometimes it takes people a long time before they are ready to talk about what happened and come to terms with it. We were talking about the hashtag at work and came to the conclusion that using a throwaway account on twitter to share what has happened years after the rape gives people a voice, okay not all are throwaways but it gives a sense of solidarity. Also these tweets aren’t exactly going into graphic detail about what happened and so it is hardly reliving the experience. And if people are making tweets up to gain attention I agree that is wrong and attention-seeking and what a sad life that person leads.

        5. “… it gives a sense of solidarity.”
          And there, boys, is what we who play cards call a ‘tell’.
          “And if people are making tweets up to gain attention I agree that is
          wrong and attention-seeking and what a sad life that person leads.”
          You purposely omit that people “making tweets up” are necessarily making false rape accusations. Would you like to specify what proportion of these Twitter confessionals are true or false? And more importantly, do you condemn false rape accusations by women?

    2. “Rape/sexual assault is a huge problem. *Some men think they own women’s bodies.”
      How many men, cv? Please; thrill me with your acumen.

    3. Women feel validated by sharing their experiences, by communicating. As
      men, if you don’t understand this, then you don’t understand the very
      basic nature of women.

      Oh shut up, please. Feel validated. Bullshit.
      If they felt *anything* for their sisters, they would have reported the rapist, if it was a real rape, and gotten that animal off the street so that he could not rape other women. Instead, no, they report nothing, they run to Twitter eight years later to ‘feel validated’. That’s just horseshit on a cracker. I wonder how many women shared the same rapist, all because stupid girls looking for “validation” couldn’t bring themselves to report the schmuck?
      Rape/sexual assault is a huge problem.
      Not really, no. Real rape is a problem, clearly, but feminists have turned winking at a girl on the street into ‘eye rape’, so you’ll have to color me jaded on this whole “real problem” thing.

  24. According to the feminists, everyone alive is A PRODUCT OF RAPE. If a shy blissful silence back in the day meant YES and you now have three fine kids with your hubby and a glass house overlooking the lake, then does ‘YES MEANS YES’ suddenly make you a victim of ex post facto rape? If a tree falls in the forest and you didn’t hear it then COME ON you silly rodents. If you ‘feel’ raped but technically weren’t, then STFU and find someone who was forcibly gang banged and loved it and didn’t ‘feel’ raped whatsoever. Then trade shoes WITH THEM. Problem solved.

  25. This is actually slightly related experience I had exactly 6 hours ago at a bar; A girl (friend of my friend’s sister) made out with an another guy after she made out with me. When I commented on it, she actually said that the guy tried to rape her. I got so pissed and disappointed.
    I don’t believe anymore when women say they got raped because it’s most of the time bullshit to get sympathy.

    1. Back when I was in college my roommate brought home this 3/10 from a party and had sex with her in the bathroom. She told one of our friends that he “raped” her, when really he just kept being persistent to fuck, and she eventually just caved in and had sex with him, when she could have simply just went home.
      The next day she has sex with one of our other friends.

      1. Holy shit that made me angry. I am actually surprised how broken I am that the girl said “I don’t feel the spark” and wasn’t down to fuck me or anything more.
        Feels bad man.

        1. Look at what you wrote – you should be thanking her, now you should turn that into fuel to motivate you into being a punani-slaying Alpha because seeing that should show you her true nature, and be glad you didn’t get involved.

        2. You should thank you lucky stars,or guarding angel,that you didn’t fuck her.
          Rape is fucking code word imprinted in her feeble mind,
          I will report you to the authorities for feelz bad whateva

    2. it’s not even to get sympathy it seems. just by your story alone it’s like the trump card in case you got pissed off that she was with another guy. I mean women REALLY are clued onto shit that justifies or excuses a lot of what they do. Cheated on her boyfriend – rape, and had his baby – raped many times over many days “he just kept following me”, made out with two guys and one saw – “Don’t worry I was raped, I really want to be with you”, Mathematics student does a gangbang porno and her parents find out – “Raped x 6 ^10”, but an ACTUAL victim shows up “yes but I was raped worse”. just another way the actual victims are having their experiences trivialised by attention-seeking idiots.

  26. Gentleman ,take note.
    If you are in process of amorous dalliance with woman,
    and she mentions rape in any shape or form ,
    run like hell.
    If she was truly raped,4 guys with knifes beaten up etc etc,
    she’s gonna be so fucked up,and consequently your relationship will be fucked up.
    If she was
    attention-Whore raped,
    she will for whatever reason call po-po on your ass.
    If you fucked her,good luck with ‘innocent until proven guilty’

    1. That is the real concern, today. There are so many “damaged” women out there (i.e. mental issues, on meds, etc…) that all she has to do is “feel” bad and it’s off to jail for the man.
      And how is it that we (as a society) are always talking about “one way” rape (i.e. man rapes a woman). How about we deal with a little reality where men are getting raped as well?
      Women are very good at always being “the victim”. White, entitled women are the best at it.

      1. all she has to do is “feel” bad and it’s off to jail for the man
        Oddly, “If it’s not yes, it’s no” will equalize that. Every man who’s had at least one gf and spent two nights with her is the victim of a rape under that idealogy.
        It’ll be ridiculous because everyone who’s ever had sex will be an accused rapist, but at least it’ll go both ways.

        1. seems to have gone the way of the dodo. children growing up on the apron strings of their parents, having their wants accommodated hand-over-fist and an ear to any whiny problem they can conjure up (real or imagined) instead of a “deal with it”, men willing to walk over broken glass to get laid, tolerate bullshit for a date, the list goes on and there is no one right answer.

    2. I disagree that being raped automatically fucks a woman up forever. It’s all in how she deals with it and what sort of person she is. Everyone suffers shit in life. Some deal with it, some don’t. Certain (ok a minority) of women can have suffered a lot of abuse, or one horrible incident, but get on with their lives just fine. They’re the ones that never mention it unless you find out from another source. They’re the ones would never see the benefit of regurgitating it all on social media for hugz

  27. My sister was one of those girls. Five minutes before they were rape victims they were drunken whores. Alcohol, drugs and stupid choices are always the key ingredients. Years later they always blog about it and she did as well. Funny thing…in most states you have up to 7 years to report a rape yet here they sit 10 years later on Twitter….and they still haven’t reported it. Now that you can text 911 it makes reporting a crime near or as it is happening that much easier. Most girls don’t even know the procedures to follow after a rape like don’t shower or wash your clothes. A rape kit test and Plan B are free if a case has been filed with police first. There should be another classification for this kind of ‘rape’ because it is an insult to true victims. There is no fcking way you can function like a normal person after a true rape where you have been held at gun point or stalked or kidnapped.

    1. Right…they made bad choices but they weren’t raped.
      The guy didn’t call you the next day…doesn’t equal rape.

  28. Just posted this one. for laughs 🙂
    “last night I went with a woman home, I didnt feel like sex but she kept pushing me until I gave In. I was raped. #BeenRapedNeverReported “

    1. Nice one.
      Gentlemen, we need to get Tom a rape whistle.
      Damn it, Tom…I’ve told you to be careful when you take women home.

  29. To me this is more attention seeking by women to gardener sympathy, and attention which feeds into the female ego, notice how they can’t name any names, because then they would be falsely accusing someone of a crime, which is libel and twitter can be sued for that.

  30. Lil Suzy hoe went to the ghetto to score some dope from D’antavius
    and Jorge latinking,got slapped around and her rectum was destroyed.
    Fuck her,she ate her apple and got what she deserved.
    Jenny skank got drunk with bunch of bikers and thought going with them to continue partying was swell idea.
    Got fucked by bunch of dudes and woke up with sore vagina.
    Fuck her,she ate her apple and got what she deserved.
    Sara lawyercunt went jogging through some fringe areas.
    Man told her ;
    it is not wise,cross a path with lions on the hunt.
    She told em
    fuck of I’m strrrrong independent womyn,I can handle shit.
    Got jumped by ex conn,3 times stronger fucked and beaten.
    Fuck her,she ate the apple,got what she deserved.

  31. These women are hungry for power and attention. As it is already, many men are backing out of marriage and relationships with women. Some men are even getting tired of hooking up.. these women that are not in marriages and relationships, their getting the dirty end of the stick.
    I truly have mercy on their souls… It’s very sad…. Countless women these days that follow the feminist gospel remind me of Bruce Wayne in the dark knight rises… Messed up their body with diseases. Mind and soul lost/broken. Their in Lazarus pit. A dark area with limited space. The top of the pit (the light) represent men. For a woman to get to the light, she truly has to be skilled (very feminine,pretty,traditional, loyal, devoted)

  32. Are you guys for real? Have you read the the tweets with this hashtag? It is really difficult to talk about sexual assault to anyone, not least to police or anyone in authority. One woman tweeted that she was raped when she was ten, she went to the police and they asked her what she was wearing. That’s not right. Surely you can see that. What this hashtag has done is given both men and women a way to talk about what happened to them, some for the first time. It is raising awareness that sexual assault happens far too often and it’s too often ignored. Most incidents of rape are perpetrated by people known to the victim, not strangers in the bushes and it is a terrifying experience. Just because they didn’t kick or scream doesn’t mean they were not raped. As for comparing instances of rape – like that one wasn’t that bad because they could walk after – what the fuck is wrong with you people? Don’t you have daughters, partners, mothers?

    1. “It is raising awareness that sexual assault happens far too often and it’s too often ignored.”
      No it isn’t. What it is doing is feeding into a misguided moral panic and public mania that rape supposedly happens far more than it actually does. Unless you can pick out the truthful accounts of rape from the false ones on that hashtag, there is absolutely no statistical significance or value in a bunch of people crying at each other on the Internet that they were raped. The plural of anecdote is not data.
      “One woman tweeted that she was raped when she was ten, she went to the police and they asked her what she was wearing. That’s not right.”
      No it isn’t, so one wonders why her parents didn’t then lodge an internal affairs complaint with the appropriate authorities. That’s generally what rational people do when they encounter a police officer with that sort of attitude. The justice system for literally eight hundred years has been policing and dealing with rape complaints, and for all of that time it’s been cognisant that rape is easy to allege, hard to prove, but harder to defend. This whole hashtag is nothing but a veiled assault on the presumption of innocence.

      1. the core strength of the opposing view (to you or I Marcus) is that Rape cannot be definitively DISproven in the same way as a car accident or amputation (i.e. if you haven’t lost a limb – you aren’t an amputee pure and simple). In fact like any form of abuse (which is what makes it such a moral conundrum) is that it relies on the interpretation of events and the person’s recollection rather than hard physical evidence – in effect the term “no smoke without fire” is rendered null and void.
        with that being said it is what makes this hashtag so disturbing to someone like myself, as a guy I cannot determine how the other person will respond and this response from Margaret does not require irrefutable proof that something happened for it to be given a modicum of attention (again back to the amputee having lost a limb as a mandatory prerequisite to be called an amputee). bottom line as long as these movements are based on feelings and as long as logic is not the core process for determining if something happened and also the manner in which it is addressed it cannot be fought conventionally…..which just furthers the cause for men to just get the hell away from western women for their own protection.

      2. Do you have any stats on how often false allegations are made? or even ones that are “found” to be false by the courts. I bet it’s exceedingly low. The parents of the 10 year old very well may have filed a complaint, it was a bloody tweet not a blog. The fact she was asked what she was wearing should give anyone an indication as to why a woman might not want to report incidents of rape to the police, as should your remark about there being a “question mark” over the incidents not involving strangers.

        1. So false-rape allegations have to be disproven in court….but rape allegations can be accepted at face-value??

        2. “Do you have any stats on how often false allegations are made?”
          Depends on the study you pick. When it’s feminists conducting it, the rate is low. When it’s anyone else, it’s substantial. Take the most commonly cited statistic, the FBI. Feminists call it 2%, i.e. 2 in every 100. But if you apply an analysis without a gender bias, it’s more like 8%. As in, 8 in every 100 – close to 1 in every 10.
          And if you spread the net a little wider than one study, it gets more interesting. Wikipedia’s own article on false rape accusations provides 18 studies over varying groups. One of the studies ran the false accusation rate at 90%, which is probably an outlier; but significant numbers of studies place the figure somewhere between 20 and 50% of all rape claims being false/unfounded accusations.
          There have been any number of screeches of alleged bias on some of these studies — typically any of the studies that don’t reflect the screecher’s preconceived view that false rape accusations are rare — but the fact remains: the false accusation rate is substantial. There are bloody good reasons why rape accusations are to be taken with a grain of salt by the justice system, going back to Blackstone and earlier.

        3. “it was a bloody tweet not a blog”
          so by that logic I can say I can tweet I received the Medal of Honour or the Victoria Cross, or I am the recipient of Knighthood or I was in space before Yuri Gagarin and it is supposed to be accepted at face value?? are people not allowed to question my statements given that the societal implications are more far-reaching IF TRUE??
          Your logic extends only to proving your point and not considering the big picture – which is the third time now I have mentioned it.

        4. “Margaret” is like a more emotional version of “Delores”, first flaw that struck home for me was that someone can be so militant about getting justice for women but can’t fathom anything outside whatever they are preaching about at the time.

        5. You’ve got to wonder about somebody who comes wandering onto a site like this and throws up the line “Find me a study about the false rape rate!” (a) Shows a lack of depth of knowledge of the subject and (b) Did she really think none of us have looked into this subject, indeed extensively in some cases?

        6. I wonder a lot of things about some of these people. and then I see their rebuttal and arguments such as yours and it’s like pistol-whipping a blind kid…. ALMOST no challenge and ALMOST completely unfair.

        7. Nope…it’s all about how she feels and the emotions (who needs logic and stats?).
          Fucking crazies.

        8. when you don’t have to quantify anything you say because you “feeeeeeeeeeel baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad” or “I’m unhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy” then yes, easier to just throw random shit out there.

    2. Tell you what – start raising awareness not just for these victims and take a look at the big picture. by that I mean:
      the victims
      the falsely accused
      those that made false accusations and get a pass
      also the families of the falsely accused; parents, loved ones who had to see their father/son/brother/husband rot in a prison for a crime he did not commit, then find out (if you can) if it was because of mistaken identity, wrong place at the wrong time or because some female got on the bandwagon to avoid the consequences of her bad decisions and actions and some guy paid the price.
      in the case of the falsely accused they are victims too, they just aren’t women so I ask:
      and if your answer isn’t anything short of humble then you are just as bad as the attention-whores we want to stop who trivialise such an act to get their hit of attention-cocaine….possibly worse as you directly enable those we seek to stop by your indifference to anything outside of a female’s flavour of the month perspective.

      1. Find me a statistic on how often someone is falsely accused of rape. I can give you some stats regarding rape (not that you’ll listen) – out of 1000 sexual assaults in Canada 33 are reported to police and 3 reports will result in a conviction.

        1. Kanin (1994) arrived at an estimate of 40%, using methodology that strikes me as more trustworthy than a simple count of police-recorded ‘malicious accusations’, since many false rape claims are ignored. Kanin’s unique process was as follows:
          Kanin investigated the incidences of false rape allegations made to the police in one small urban community between 1978 and 1987. He states that unlike those in many larger jurisdictions, this police department had the resources to “seriously record and pursue to closure all rape complaints, regardless of their merits.” He further states each investigation “always involves a serious offer to polygraph the complainants and the suspects” and “the complainant must admit that no rape had occurred. She is the sole agent who can say that the rape charge is false.”
          The number of false rape allegations in the studied period was 45; this was 41% of the 109 total complaints filed in this period. The researchers verified, whenever possible, for all of the complainants who recanted their allegations, that their new account of the events matched the accused’s version of events.
          Other studies have arrived at figures as high as 90%, such as Stewart (1981), who considered one case disproved because: “It was totally impossible to have removed her extremely tight undergarments from her extremely large body against her will.”
          And Wikipedia had a good smattering of summaries so ill avoid putting a damn huge reply

          According to a single survey of 20 American law enforcement officers done in 2004, the typical person making a false accusation was “female (100%), Caucasian (100%), 15–20 years of age (10%), 31–45 years of age (25%), or 21–30 years of age (65%)”.[2] A false accusation may be perpetrated out of a desire for attention or sympathy, anger or revenge, or to cover up behavior deemed “inappropriate” by their condemning surrounding culture
          the very fact that it is above 0% should be just as serious concern to you as ACTUAL rape allegations. again I ask; WHERE IS YOUR BLEEDING HEART FOR THEM??? and all victims not just those that your selective interpretation chooses to support.

        2. I’m curious, since you’re apparently across the stats: how do you determine which of those 1000 alleged sexual assaults — because that’s all they are unless you have a really extensive series of covert cameras — are false allegations?

        3. Oh, she’s Canadian, that explains it. The most unbearable feminists on the planet. Fuck off Margaret. Fuck off Margaret.

        4. Instead of statistics,investigations of court records, reviews of the evidence and testimony, etc, why don’t we just setup a new hashtag?
          That’ll let us know how widespread it is.

    3. Are we not equal?
      Is it 2014?
      Are you not strong independent womyn?
      Fuck you cunts,it is 2014
      take it like a Man,in the ass and smile

    4. Bullshit…it’s no different than all of the other nonsense on Facebook. It’s attention whoring at it’s finest.
      People with real issues seek out professionals for real help…they don’t parade the shit around on social media for attention. Now, everyone seems to have been raped (or thought, felt they were raped?).
      It’s fucking ridiculous. You are part of the problem..not the solution.

    5. Are you for real?
      The police ask ALL rape victims what they were wearing. Not to shame them, but because the clothes can provide vital forensic evidence that can identify the rapist.
      And this is the western world where police forces all have highly trained and dedicated staff to deal with rape victims with sensitivity and privacy. Well female rape victims anyway, male victims just have to walk it off.

    6. I’ve probably dated 50 or so women in the last 10 years, 80% of them have ‘rape’ stories of varying degrees. I grew up with one girl who was constantly saying she was raped, the problem was, over a 20 year span her story changed every few years. I still have no idea who was alleged to have done it – her boss, my ex-boss, a mutual friend….her step father….her ex-boyfriend, her ex-husband……all that was important for me to know was, she was damn-well raped, and I better feel sorry for her, or I’m a bad person…..

  33. I remember reading accounts from prison inmates who had been repeatedly raped. The worst were statements from guys who would say how you could only fight for so long before you were overwhelmed and then gang-raped whilst you were unconscious.

  34. Smh, so you can’t report it when it occurs, but you can put it out for strangers to see on the internet? If it was such a taboo, why would you put it on the internet, where everyone can see it and attach it to your profile pic? As is always the case with feminism, irrationality, childishness, and most of all self-hatred of one’s nature and existence are what the message is all about.

  35. There’s not much that can be done about rape if it isn’t reported, just as is the same with any crime, regardless of how much stats-as-propaganda is used to legitimize it. The brave thing to do is to immediately go to the cops after getting rape dand providing as much evidence as possible to ensure that a perpetrator gets whats coming to him, and the piece of filth can be taken out of the population.
    It seems feminists have decided that it’s just easier to use propaganda and exploit the damsel in distress archetype, to intellectually or socially castrate men. The end result of course is more insecure women. It’s by no means ironic that even though women are getting raped less or at least reporting less, despite all the favorable laws and attitudes, which almost treat an accusation of rape as a sentence of guilt, that women are more frightened of being raped than they’ve ever been before. It’s a testament to the left’s tendency towards leading people to hell, through the path of good intentions.

  36. I agree with some of the points raised. However, I feel that you over-generalized a bit. I feel that you assumed that because they used the hashtag they just jumped on a bandwagon. I disagree. I know personally a girl who was raped but no one believed her. So she did not go to the police fearing they would doubt her as well. I feel as if there can be many cases where rape would go unreported and the hashtag relieves them of a burden they may feel. I find it funny that in the comment section the arguments are usually fallacious. “Rapes go unreported because they did not happen to begin with. Therefore, I do not believe that the rapes that do get reported because they might be lying.”

    1. Every other sentence starts with ‘I feelz’
      You dick is gonna fall of in couple of months,
      how much u feelz.
      Logic and western Man-dead

    2. “I know personally a girl who was raped…”
      Unless you were her rapist and/or the doctor who examined her immediately afterward, how do you know this for certain?
      “I find it funny that in the comment section the arguments are usually
      fallacious. “Rapes go unreported because they did not happen to begin
      with. Therefore, I do not believe that the rapes that do get reported
      because they might be lying.””
      A pity, then, that there’s solid statistical evidence to support that upwards of 40% of rape allegations are in fact false or unfounded. No logical stretch is required.

      1. She does not gain anything from lying. You failed to mention the rapes that go unreported. You talked about the allegations and their falsity.
        Honestly, If your mom said she was raped or any other female you hold dear I’m pretty sure you won’t ask them are they certain. My friend didn’t even go to the doctor because her mom did not believe her. She was 10.

        1. “She does not gain anything from lying.”
          If you think all women require filthy lucre to motivate them to lie about rape, you have a lot to learn, apprentice.
          “You failed to mention the rapes that go unreported.”
          I fail to mention them because unless reported to an authority and examined by the justice system in any way they are suspect at best. This is first cousin to the standard feminist screech that the supposed “epidemic” of reported rapes says anything about the frequency of those that are unreported. That is the logical fallacy of proof by example, or inappropriate generalisation, and unlike feminist screechers, I don’t resort to it.
          “Honestly, If your mom said she was raped or any other female you hold dear I’m pretty sure you won’t ask them are they certain.”
          Implicit in this remark is that any rape allegation is to be taken as true until proven otherwise simply because you happened to be pushed out of another human being’s vagina. That is a dreadful perversion of the presumption of innocence that protects you, me, and indeed women who lie about being raped, and you need to stop attacking it. If anything closeness of familial or fraternal relationships clouds your judgment, not makes it better. We never want to think the worst about those we love, but it doesn’t change the fact that every single one of them is a fallible human being with as much capacity for evil as good.

        2. Good points….and honestly I have never seen the MSM ever talk about this problem: Women who say they were raped or lied about being raped and the effect it is having on society as a whole.
          All we ever hear is how it’s a tragedy that many women who are “raped” never reported it (and it’s always one way rape – a man raping a woman).
          Many never report it because it’s bullshit, they know it and the police aren’t going to buy it. The downside is it’s not helping the people who have been’s causing more of a problem.
          Women do it because they are attention seekers or they are pissed off about an encounter that went bad (guy blows them off). It’s other women who are suffering because of this selfish behavior, by the way.

        3. You are literally outside of your mind if you thought I was going to call you master. Apprentice? Check your privilege.
          If you think all women are lying at face value then that is the problem. This is what perpetuates our system of denial of victims. A victim is just that.
          So all victims are liars until proven true then? This is why women do not report rapes. Because people will question them as if they were asking for it. Your argument holds merit but I could never follow it

        4. “Check your privilege.”
          Nice, vague, content-free accusation. Too bad you’re not on a white knight site where it might actually mean something.
          “If you think all women are lying at face value then that is the problem.
          This is what perpetuates our system of denial of victims. A victim is
          just that.”
          At face value no accusation is true. That is what the presumption of innocence requires — which again, protects you, me, and everybody else, including false rape accusers — requires. Proof of guilt, not assumption of guilt, not a penny more, not a penny less. That’s why we keep telling women to go and report a rape to police. Are you saying you refuse to follow the justice system?
          EDIT: And you just did call me master. And you are a really, really inexperienced apprentice.

        5. If you think all women are lying at face value then that is the problem. This is what perpetuates our system of denial of victims. A victim is just that.
          No. We think all victims of all crimes face the exact same situation. The accused is innocent until proven guilty.
          Every victim from the victim of some trivial nothing crime to the victims of attempted murder and kidnapping have to face the same barriers.
          The accused have the same rights in all cases. The rights to defend themselves, the right to face their accusers, etc. The burden of proof needs to be met before the accused is guilty. No one is singling out rape victims, this is across the board for all crimes and victims.
          If women really wanted the best advice on how to handle rapes and sexual assaults and give themselves the best chance for a conviction in a legal setting, instead of screeching about rape culture, making up stastistics to try to scare everyone, and posting on useless hashtags then years later, they would read and follow what the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network advises.

          And just as a friendly head’s up, “Check your privilege” is not worth posting on this site. If you can’t convince someone of something with your arguments, throwing that line out there is not gonna make anyone feel guilty and cave in to your viewpoint. Plus it just looks kinda dopey.

        6. To your last point, I don’t care if you feel guilty or not. If MA is white and most certainly a male then he speaks from a position of privilege. I just wanted him to recognize it.
          You see how you said you want all the accused to have the same right but then you over-generalize saying “If women really wanted the best advice on how to handle rapes and sexual assaults and give themselves the best chance for a conviction in a legal setting, instead of screaming about rape culture, making up statistics to try to scare everyone, and posting on useless hashtags ten years later, they would read and follow what the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network advises.” You assume that all rapes are somehow equal or at least the extenuating circumstances behind them are similar.
          By virtue of them being victims, they need to be handled as such. It does not help them or you or the police to accuse them of trying to “scare” people. You say it as if a majority of those women are lying…which you have no way of knowing so stop kidding yourself. You can assume but you can never know. I’m not naive. Of course some women lie. That’s what brought me to this site. But I have always hated when people over-generalize groups.

        7. If you want me to be more specific, here we go. Assuming you are anything like the actual Marcus or you just chose the name because you like the philosopher, you would be a male. It would be a bit much to presume more but you are more than likely white. Privilege is the ability to cast doubt on whole people because you are not empathetic enough to see where they are coming from and doubt their experiences as valid.
          I am saying. You cannot wholesale accuse a woman as lying when she uses a hashtag. Which is what the article maintained. The article assumed that women lied or only used it for attention or sympathy. That is closed-minded. Again, this is why no one can really take a MRA seriously. They over-generalize about an entire gender’s reason for using something on a social network. Have some women lied and used the hashtag? Sure. But Have all women used it for attention? Not a chance.
          Please do enlighten me. When did I call you master? I said the word master, I didn’t call you anything.
          Also, what the absolute fuck could you know that is so important that not only do you think you could market as as a trade but at the same time call someone an “apprentice.” I love the privilege of yours to speak on people you do not know and call them ridiculous things.

        8. The only point of “Check your privilege” is to try to make people feel guilty. Don’t be disingenuous and try to convince anyone there is any other reason to say it.
          How is that over generalizing anything? The largest organization in the country advocating on behalf of rape and sexual assault victims has laid out their steps victims should follow.
          They do this for two reasons. To protect the victim’s health as much as they can after a crime like this and get them the medical attention they need, and to ensure they will have the absolute best chance possible of succeeding in a court of law in getting a prosecution for the crime. Hence the steps to not bathe, not clean up, not move anything and to “Report the attack to law enforcement immediately“.
          If you think RAINN doesn’t say what they say and do what they do in the best interests of rape and assault victims of all circumstances, you should take it up with them. I will say you will look bizarre (even to many women) arguing that RAINN is not doing the best job they can to help sexual assault and rape victims receive the justice they deserve. But this is your call.
          They are handled as victims. As previously stated, they are treated as victims just like everyone else who files a police report accusing someone of a crime.

        9. To recognize and be guilty of are two different things. If you feel that guilt is the reaction to have to the statement “Check your privilege” then perhaps that speaks more of your character than it does of mine.
          That’s not what the article was about. This article generalized rape victims as attention seekers who only want sympathy. You bring up RAINN as the best way for women to seek help while saying that those same women are “screaming about rape culture, making up statistics to try to scare everyone, and posting on useless hashtags ten years later.” Again this is a generalization about those victims.
          In a perfect world, I would agree with you. But many members of this site would not think that someone who comes forward as a rape victim are being truthful. This makes it very hard for someone to come forward if they believe that the police will just belittle them, not take them serious, or somehow allude that the victim asked for it.
          If you got robbed of your cell phone or computer, the cop doesn’t accuse you of asking for it because you had a nice phone. Alas the same is not said for victims.

        10. “Again, this is why no one can really take a MRA seriously. They over-generalize about an entire gender’s reason for using something on a social network.”
          Protip: using a generalization to impugn someone you think is generalising is shitty debate technique, apprentice.
          “Have some women lied and used the hashtag? Sure. But Have all women used it for attention? Not a chance.”
          Actually, I’d be willing to theorise the vast majority of stories on that hashtag are exaggerated, self-justified, or outright false for attention. False rape accusations run about 40% or so or higher. Given Twitter at large is a collection of narcissistic women and their thirsty beta orbiters, the odds of those stories being true, verifiable, or bearing any relation to reality are much towards the lesser end of the scale. And you forget that by definition the hashtag exists because women want attention paid to their stories. That indeed is the reason for its existence.
          But you still didn’t answer my question, I suspect because you’re too gutless to come out and be honest about it: do you disagree with the presumption of innocence and want it removed in rape cases?

        11. your first paragraph there combined with the Photo of Richard Harris…..oh so very appropriate. you know I wonder if these feminists who approve the multi-faceted attack on males will be screaming this loud if their own son was the victim of a false rape accusation??
          Live by the sword, die by the sword does not really seem embraced by feminists so assuming they have children I can only imagine they will change their tone somewhat.

        12. “Jay the Moderate” is a misnomer by it’s very name. nothing it has said warrants the term “moderate” it is still a biased slant and baseless accusations founded on illogical emotional reactions made manifest in a knee-jerk response.
          In short; ditch the bitch.

        13. I am not generalizing about MRAs. If I were to take this site as just an average collection of MRA articles, most of them generalize women or liberals or feminists. Would you disagree?
          You would be willing to theorize? On what grounds? That is your opinion but you yell it as if were a fact. “The vast majority of stories..” On what grounds are you basing that on? A whim? A hunch? If 40% of rapes or higher as you say (which is an extremely high number and I have never seen that stat before) and 60% of rapes go unreported, you are trying to tell me that because Twitter is full of “narcissistic women” that they are lying? Come on. You know better than that. That would be like me saying that RoK is a site full of angry, misogynists who want to vent about women. They correlate about the same if you base it off the articles on here. However, that is false. Just as false as saying that the women who use the hashtags ONLY do it to seek attention.
          Honestly, I never noticed your question. Here is my answer. I would like bias removed from rape cases. On BOTH sides there are too many instances where a man can get away with rape because the cop or judge or prosecutor does not take the crime seriously enough. Or the crimes where a woman accuses a man and he is sent to jail, no questions asked. I would like to remove the presumption that the only reason why a woman will say she was raped was because she seeks attention. I want to remove the presumption that a woman’s word carries more weight than a man’s in a rape case.
          Honestly, why do you try to stick with these petty insults? “Apprentice” “Gutless” You seem intelligent enough to know that internet insults are akin to cyber playground taunting. In other words, you would not do this if we were face to face without this computer screen between us.

        14. “”The vast majority of stories..” On what grounds are you basing that on?
          A whim? A hunch? If 40% of rapes or higher as you say (which is an
          extremely high number and I have never seen that stat before)”
          Try Wikipedia. Or just read a bit further down the page, because the figures and the study and the methodology are quoted further down in these comments. The highest number they’ve seen, in one small study, was 90% of rape claims being false. I’ll leave that as a potential outlier – but it still doesn’t explain the majority of studies indicating upwards of 20%, through 40%, and higher of rape accusations being false. I didn’t say 60% go unreported. I said of those that are reported, 40% or higher are false or unfounded.
          “…you are trying to tell me that because Twitter is full of “narcissistic women” that they are lying”
          Not full. Comprised of a significant fraction of narcissists – enough to heavily skew any suggestion that this hashtag says anything about rape levels, reported or unreported, in the US or the West at large. There are studies that point out our brains are being changed by social media – specifically in the direction of narcissism. Want the citation for that?
          “Here is my answer. I would like bias removed from rape cases. On BOTH
          sides there are too many instances where a man can get away with rape
          because the cop or judge or prosecutor does not take the crime seriously
          enough. Or the crimes where a woman accuses a man and he is sent to
          jail, no questions asked. I would like to remove the presumption that
          the only reason why a woman will say she was raped was because she seeks
          attention. I want to remove the presumption that a woman’s word carries
          more weight than a man’s in a rape case.”
          You have no understanding of the differences between being accused of a crime, being tried for a crime, being found guilty of a crime, and being punished for a crime. For that alone I can justifiably call you an apprentice, or more appropriately an intellectual lightweight in this area.
          Either way, that hodgepodge of desires does indeed say you are against the presumption of innocence. You are therefore a believer in totalitarianism and there is no further comment that needs to be made. Your suggestion that a woman’s word carry no more weight than a man’s in a rape case is transparently bad: it doesn’t happen, and hasn’t happened for roughly 800 years of English jurisprudence. As with most feminists and their supporters, you believe your ranting should dictate terms to wider reality. It doesn’t, and it never will.

        15. Well now I know you are full of it. Do not flip flop your position. Don’t say that a vast majority are laying and THEN say 20-40% of rapes are false. And THEN agree when I say 60% of rapes go unreported. In what would that constitute a vast majority. Come on you can do better than that.
          Do I want the citation saying that narcissistic women skewed the suggestion for rape victims? Hell Yes. Even if the woman is a narcissist, that doesn’t mean she is a liar. Mind you, that IS NOT what the author argued. He argued that all the women were using it for sympathy or attention. So again, if you are saying that women are only lying on Twitter, then there is something wrong with you mentally. Your numbers and my numbers do not support that. If a narcissistic woman does use the hashtag but was raped, do you think that somehow invalidates the rape?
          *Sigh* You do realize I answered your question. Just because the answer was not yes or no, does not mean indicate “Apprenticeship”. Also, you are the one defending an author who made poor points which unfortunately makes your position look much weaker.
          You asked did I want to remove the presumption of innocence..? On the part of the accused, person no I would not like that removed. Are those simpler terms better for you?
          Again. I’m not sure how you came up with I’m a totalitarian. I’m more of progressive egalitarian. Also, who is ranting? You presume much but are right about little. That scares me in society.
          You do realize that your word should not mean any more or less than another citizen, just by virtue of your genitals. I emphasize should because it does not always happen, unfortunately. I feel that you disagree because of history. Which is not saying much considering the context.
          So in summation, you and the author use opinions and some statistics to generalize about all people that use a hashtag. Got it

        16. You also haven’t made a point yet. Come back when you’re feeling a bit more coherent, apprentice.
          “You presume much but are right about little. That scares me in society”
          The only thing I presume is innocence. I’m not surprised that scares you given your responses.

        17. If I am biased, who is the bias towards? After all, bias is not necessarily a bad thing.
          What argument have I made on emotion? My opinion was based on it but not my argument. In fact, if you bothered to actually read it, it logically follows.
          Also, do you often call humans “it”. If so that is disturbing.

        18. Your bias relates to your own opinions – and that bias (which you admitted stems from your opinion, in turn based on emotion) is incapable to view any rebuttal without argument, which then degenerates into a drivel.
          And since I cannot tell if you are Male (by the name “Jay” although Jay can be female too), Female (by your argument pattern) then I shall refer to you as “it”.

        19. Again you did not answer the question. All humans are biased in certain ways. Bias towards what. I do not have a bias towards my opinion. I change my opinion on things many times. I find it funny that my response was the problem but not the fact that there was a thin-veiled insult in the initial response. You make a lot of assumptions about things you do not know much on.
          And again. Stop being roundabout and be direct. What argument have I made on emotion. The first comment was an opinion, not an argument.
          A human referring to another human as it? I see that our culture as evolved so much. My name is Jordan. (When I typed that I realized that Jordan was unisex. I am a man. I dislike calling myself a male. It is too general)

        20. First – you identify as a male, so now you are a “he”
          Second – Bias by itself isn’t where I take issue, bias while being closed off to arguments contrary to your own.
          Third – your tone of writing went from objective criticism to just spouting insults:
          “Well now I know you are full of it. Do not flip flop your position. Don’t say that a vast majority are laying and THEN say 20-40% of rapes are false. And THEN agree when I say 60% of rapes go unreported. In what would that constitute a vast majority. Come on you can do better than that.”
          Given that is from one of your most recent replies it seems that you have written in outrage rather than thinking it through. So based on that yes, you are emotional.
          I refer to another person as “it” when I do not know the gender, for instance someone might have a username of “TheBlokiestBloke” yet be a female on the other end.

        21. I’m not sure how that is in an insult. Those were MA’s words. It was just hypocritical. Also, that was the third of the exchanges so I am not sure where you are saying how “it degenerates into drivel” when again I was insulted first. Yet you take offense with me.
          I would personally call a female a male pronoun and be mistaken than call them “it”. But to each his own. I see your reasoning behind it though.
          Finally, I am not closed off to other arguments. If MA or the author of the article would have been right then I would have agreed and been on my merry way. This constitutes a bias on your part if we are being completely objective. You did not call MA out for using insults BUT think that if I use his words verbatim and call them hypocritical then I am insulting. Good to know.
          Are you a man as well?

        22. Who are you lying to? You do not presume innocence if you honestly believe that women are lying en masse over a hashtag.
          You have made a generalization about rape victims; I would not call your points particularly intelligent either.
          Again, what do you gain from calling me an apprentice? I also noticed that you did not recognize your hypocrisy. Come on MA. Explain this if you are right.

        23. Jay (could you have picked a more unisex name??),
          I appreciate your position, I too am biased but I do try to see another persons point of view ON THE BASIS that said rebuttal is formed in a manner that is not starting with (either exact words or variations of the same) the words “I feel”
          “Finally, I am not closed off to other arguments. If MA or the author of the article would have been right then I would have agreed and been on my merry way.” what you seem to forget is these topics are not mathematics where 1+1=2, they are subject to interpretation and scrutiny based on historical instances, established law etc. You say that MA would have to prove you right for you to be satisfied and on your way, yet holding to a belief system where MA has provided an explanation hasn’t seem to have brought you that satisfaction – making what it is you want; subjective (i.e. 1+1= >1 OR <4 who knows right?)
          Your replies in a chronological pattern DO slowly but surely go from an argument that I am more than happy to entertain to “I feel you are wrong, AND YOU SUCK!!!” so I guess my point is take a deep breath and answer with logic, and now that we can assume (I hope) that you are male I feel better about replying to you.
          And yes, I am a man – but like you there is no way other than my word to establish what is and what isn’t so for now that is the best I can/will do.

        24. I don’t know. I feel that unisex names are becoming a trend. Many feminists are naming their daughters traditionally male name. (I have met two little girls named Bradley but they call her Brad and Ryan) I fear one day traditional male names will be a thing of the past.
          I understand your point. This is not objective knowledge. However, if I would have felt that MA argued the subject better than me and was right then I would have conceded whether I liked to or not.
          Unfortunately, when the case is made about an entire group of people and neither your fact or mine support it then I cannot agree with that position. Regardless, of who it is. And again, I am not insulting anyone but using their argument verbatim against itself.
          If it was unclear, I am a man. Jay is a nickname of mind and I guess some habits die hard.

        25. Feminists choosing names that traditionally are Male in origin is a whole new facet for a whole new discussion – it will not be solved here (not with the appropriate insight anyway).
          My bias (and I cannot speak for MA) is the fresh new boundary that has been crossed. Discussion and interpretation aside based on 3rd party accounts (news reports etc.). My bias is against what has transpired in what I can only see (again my bias) as another way to increase vilification while removing culpability or any form of responsibility from the accuser, it also needs to be pointed out the double-standard which is being imposed based on gender, in this case favours the female.
          from that I can only imagine if there were intelligent life outside of Terra and they saw this (having zero to little knowledge of recorded human history to date) they could imply on this issue alone that we are somehow brutal creatures who violate the bodies of others – in effect they could possibly take the same stance as feminism right out of the starting gates.
          My other issue is the already established (yet still ridiculous) pathways of reporting these crimes and now for some reason we find ourselves with another way to let these people make accusations.
          From this I will compare Twitter to reporting a crime to police:
          1a) Reporting a crime to police – first the crime has to be reported, in some cases it has to be handled by a special unit dedicated to that particular aspect (Homicide, sexual assault, narcotics, even hate crimes or gang-related activities or corporate espionage and white-collar crimes). It is done in this manner because different types of crimes require different approaches, cover different laws and require different strengths from the investigating officers which have to PROVE GUILT
          1b) Reporting a rape on twitter – can be done completely anonymously and is a sounding board where its public but the scope is limited to the number of followers made by whoever created the original tweet. for the average person with at most 200 followers likely linked by prior knowledge and physical interaction (i.e. friends, drinking buddies etc) are usually in a close geographical proximity. Twitter is not monitored, does not allow for scrutiny and is not subject to a standard prerequisite to allow the tweet to be made in order to PROVE GUILT.
          2a) Investigation by Police or other LE – is done in accordance (mostly) with due process and other restrictions inline with current legislation (i.e. if the arresting officer was done for corruption – the case falls apart on admissible evidence), sometimes these investigations require many hours of investigation, undercover operatives, sifting through mountains of data, obtaining testimony. in short because GUILT has to be proven without a doubt it cannot be implied or inferred or based on a “gut feeling”
          2b) Investigation by Twitter – *laughs* yep next topic
          3a) Prosecution by Law – after the allegedly offending party/ies (they must say “allegedly”) have been remanded in custody they are brought to trial by a judge and jury of their peers, overseen and defended/attacked by qualified legal representatives in accordance with legislation and stipulated human rights. Again guilt has to be proved, a jury has to convict in tandem with a magistrate before someone can be seen to “have done it”. Gag orders can be put in place to protect the identity of the accused, witness protection to keep the identity and location of the witness(es) secret for fear of their life.
          3b) Prosecution by Twitter – Prosecution is akin to a lynch mob spurred to a frenzy by a charismatic individual, there are no real facts, no one has been or can question the validity of the statements, in reference to point 1b most of the people who hear about these and follow them are in close geographical proximity; a vigilante’s justice is the most likely outcome. it does not require proof of guilt or evidence to suggest that anything can occur – it is 160 characters that can damn a person. Guilt does not need to be established or confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt – only implied and spurred by an overly charismatic individual (or a female with willing orbiters). there is no protection from the accused nor is there any anonymity IF they are named. Innocence has to be proved (and without any doubt) and as history has shown us the stigma will always be there regardless of innocence.
          4a) Sentencing by Law – only after guilt has been established can sentencing occur, it varies according to the crime and severity however deemed by a magistrate and can be challenged in a court of appeals. After this any gag orders relating to the crime are usually lifted and the matter (in completeness) becomes common public knowledge.
          4b) Sentencing by Twitter – it is never done it only acts as a medium by which vigilantes can enact justice, there is no due process and sentencing is enacted then and there, from social exclusion to physical harm and death.
          So based on that this is why I find venting on Twitter a joke IF someone was actually raped:
          Law enforcement requirements:
          – Proof
          – Testimony
          – Evidence
          – Attending Court and being cross-examined by the defence
          Possibility of justice – very high; rape is still a heinous crime and along with the murder of a fellow police agent spurs them to ridiculous lengths to bring people to justice. modern technology can almost recreate the crime (along with professionals) and give the attacker (assuming guilt) NO way out and in the case of innocence a LOW chance at being wrongfully convicted.
          Twitter Requirements:
          – Internet Connection
          – Twitter App
          – Followers
          – Ability to type a coherent sentence
          I will let that one speak for itself; it also throws into question the motives. If these women who are so empowered, and want to see rape gone for good, wanting laws changed why are they not using said laws? why are they relying on social media and a mob to enforce justice. Once one piece of the puzzle refuses to fall into place it questions the validity of the rest, I draw the line where the feminist majority have taken this to new extremes and failed to use the tools already in place to achieve their goals – AND THAT is where my opinion of removing responsibility from their own actions makes this TRULY FUCKING EVIL.

        26. Well that was a good essay. I would have preferred to have seen that published. However, I think we have lost the point of the article. The main point of the article was not “Twitter Justice.” (Just an aside: People using Twitter have solved actual rape cases. They just falsely accuse people along the way. I do not agree with this mentality. I just thought I should note it.) The point were that the women using that hashtag were ONLY using it “seek attention or sympathy”. This is where I will disagree. It is impossible to know the percent of women who lied using the hashtag BUT it does a disservice to the readers to act as if you do.
          Mind you, I find the fact that women are able to call rape over every little thing (See California’s new Affirmative Consent Law which only seems to help female rape victims) unsettling to say the least. But I cannot pretend as if men are not able to get away with rape many times as well. This is the slippery slope we have to deal with.
          And to your final point, we agree the most on this topic. I do wonder why women do not go through the proper channels to report rape. But I do understand the reasoning behind using twitter as a way to support social causes. The first major reason is anonymity. Rape more than likely is embarrassing among other feelings. I assume that is easier using Twitter to release “burden” that the rape has on your mind. The second reason is similar to this site. You have to take the statement at face value because that is all we have. The content is what matters, not other extraneous features such as race or creed or gender or socio-economic status.
          I didn’t mean to go off tangent with the feminist idea of naming daughters male names and vice-versa. It was just on my mind.
          My bias is towards equal representation towards members of society.

        27. Then by virtue of distinction-without-difference we are in agreement.
          I take issue (and I should have clarified this) where a woman’s FIRST RESORT for being raped (alleged or otherwise) is a social media outlet broadcasting it to a world of strangers. within that microcosm of an already large and disturbing issue is people MAY be named, shamed and disgraced without proper human rights being levelled to prove guilt first, rather than prove innocence second (the opposite being innocence first, guilt proven second in the path of events).
          When someone makes an unfounded claim as a first resort in matters such as this where more than one person can be affected it casts doubt in my eyes as it is far easier for someone to say they were raped, anonymously over Twitter and revel in the “empowerment” that follows rather than take the hard road and do all that is possible to see people who rape brought their due.
          If however someone went to police, reported the crime even years ago, and did all that was possible and use this as a mode of venting – that I have no problem with because due process was followed first.
          Moving forward looking at factors such as “what” is a rape, “how” a rape can be perpetrated and “who” determines what rape is because at the moment it has been noted that rape can be anywhere from the traditional dictionary definition to
          a regretful one-night stand or the fallout from a scorned woman looking for revenge.

        28. “The second reason is similar to this site. You have to take the statement at face value because that is all we have. The content is what matters, not other extraneous features such as race or creed or gender or socio-economic status.”
          in the issues such as this when a rape claim is made on Twitter everything must be scrutinized, because somewhere a person’s life could be being decided by a public hashtag. on here there are no consequences bar opinion – this hashtag creates real-world situations and can affect people in a real way.
          If I were to say on a tweet; “I went into space before Yuri Gagarin” the consequences IF TRUE (hypothetical) are more than a bit far-reaching in society, however the topic isn’t as taboo nor as permeated by the feminist imperative so the collective argument will have more rational statements and IQ points than a year’s worth of comments at Jezebel.

        29. I completely understand your point. I wish “victims” would not do that as well. I just felt uncomfortable generalizing about everyone who used the hashtag. Thanks for the discussion

        30. “You do not presume innocence if you honestly believe that women are lying en masse over a hashtag.”
          So you believe the men those women are accusing on the hashtag are guilty?

        31. No. I just disagree with people saying that the vast majority women are lying over a hashtag.
          I find it odd that people will champion the innocence of the accused man while acting as if the woman is a liar to begin with. Let the facts play out. The man is innocent before proven guilty but DOES NOT mean the woman is lying until proven truthful.
          Also, many times the hashtag is used, a name is not mentioned. In many cases, women are not accusing a person of a crime but rather just using the hashtag as a one off thing.

        32. “Let the facts play out. ”
          It’s a 140 character tweet on a hashtag. What facts are going to play out?
          “My ex-husband raped me years ago. I never reported it until now.”
          What now? How do those facts play out?
          The only fact playing out is if anyone knows her ex-husband, he’s an accused rapist in their eyes. What does he do? How does he respond? What’s his recourse?

        33. That is one scenario. But again, just because the woman says the tweet and it is accusatory, that does not mean the woman is lying. The supposed fact about the ex-husband being a rapist in the eyes of the people that knew him is a stretch. It is a he-said she-said.
          He responds as “no” of course. But my point still stands. You CANNOT label all the women who use the hashtag as attention-seekers who want sympathy. You just can’t. The numbers don’t match that and that means it is an unfounded generalization.

        34. Responds to who? It’s a tweet. You think her neighbor who sees it will go up to her ex-husband and ask, “Is that true? Did you rape her?”
          No one said every single one was lying. Are you telling me it’s okay to let some people make false accusations because someone near them made a true one?
          The fact that they did not file a police report because it was too traumatic to talk to strangers about the incident, but post on Twitter to millions of strangers without trauma would seem to indicate they are interested in attention.
          If they did not want attention, they would have joined a support group with anonymity and confidentiality instead of throwing a chorus of some true, some fake, some bullshit accusations against thousands of men out there without any recourse for the falsely accused.

        35. “Try to think of this logically, without getting your heart broken by the sad stories of countless females who have become a part of this hashtag, and you’ll realize that there is absolutely nothing constructive that will come out of this hashtag. The rapes weren’t reported when they happened, they can’t be reported now. There is no possibility of justice being delivered to the victims who’re talking about their rapes using the hashtag. There isn’t even any rapist-shaming because no one is tagging or naming their rapists. So then what is the purpose of the hashtag?
          Ask the women there and they’ll throw fancy catchphrases like “empowerment” and “stigma” and “closure” at you, but the true purpose of the hashtag is merely attention and sympathy.” This is from the article. It doesn’t mention in the slightest that the women using the hashtag MIGHT be telling the truth. It is saying that wholesale, the women are only using the hashtag to seek attention…which is bull. Hell, even MA said the “vast majority of stories on that hashtag are exaggerated, self-justified, or outright false and made for attention.” This has no basis. So do not act as if no one is claiming that most or all of the women are lying.
          Attention from whom? Again many of the hashtags DID not mention any other person. So it isn’t as if this is ruining thousands of men’s lives. You also seem to think that because they post this and the potential for millions of strangers can see this tweet that this somehow translates into the accused rapist (which again not many of the women called by name) becoming a pariah.
          To your final point, have you ever considered that this might be used as a sign of solidarity? It isn’t as if every woman who uses the hashtag identified their accused rapist by name which you seem to mistakenly believe.
          And finally, I do not like the hashtag personally. But I know that is not wise to accuse or insinuate that the women are liars or only seeking attention or sympathy. We should not make generalizations that have no basis…which seems to be the point of the article and a majority of the comments

  37. I do not see any good in using social media as a means to reach out in this case. It only makes the troubling waters of violence more murky. If it helps to talk about what happened -do so with close, trusting family members or friends. There was a reason a personal diary came with a key and lock, back in the day people used pens and paper to express personal feelings. Matters of crime ought to be dealt with immediately and directly (with professionals) in order for facts to be fresh and handled properly. I don’t see this as a gender issue, but a common sense one.

  38. Great Read! You were spot on with most of your points but left out one important fact…You forgot to mention that women who claim to be rape victims when they haven’t reported it are liars who want attention/sympathy. Anyone with common sense knows that the court system and society at large are behind women. And women know this too… They aren’t stupid… So if they were really getting raped they wouldn’t hesitate to call the cops. The end game of all this feminist bullshit is to take away men’s right to a fair trial. If they had their way any woman could call an anonymous hotline, report a man for rape, get him arrested, and put in prison without a trial. Women would finally be able to put away all the unattractive guys that are “creepy”. You may think it’s funny but it’s not. Just look at some feminist rhetoric on this issue and read between the lines. More men need to stand up to this crap before it gets way out of hand.

    are you FUCKING kidding me. I can give you myriad reasons why this hashtag has a purpose, arguably the most important of which is that people need to KNOW how many women are raped and women who have been raped need to know that they are not alone. Beyond that, since when is someone seeking attention and sympathy for being the victim of a violent crime that never went to trial a bad thing in the first place?
    And to the men in the comment section–how the hell do you claim to know that women’s rapes were “sexual regret”? YOU WEREN’T THERE. YOU DON’T KNOW THEM. YOU DON’T KNOW THEIR STORIES. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE IN A SITUATION LIKE THAT AND BE THE LESS POWERFUL ONE. I’m not saying that false rape accusations don’t happen–they do. But don’t you dare discount the violation of millions of women’s bodies as regret in one ignorant blanket statement.
    Fuck this fucking website and all the misogynistic men who run it, read it, and support it. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, and i hope for the sake of any children you ever spawn that none of them are daughters. On that note, though, i pray they aren’t sons either, because you’d certainly raise bigoted, abusive, misogynistic menchildren just like yourselves. I hope you have cisgender kids, so you can learn how to love someone and help them navigate the world regardless of whatever fucked up ideas you have about gender identity.
    End rant.
    Fuck you all

    are you FUCKING kidding me. I can give you myriad reasons why this hashtag has a purpose, arguably the most important of which is that people need to KNOW how many women are raped and women who have been raped need to know that they are not alone. Beyond that, since when is someone seeking attention and sympathy for being the victim of a violent crime that never went to trial a bad thing in the first place?
    And to the men in the comment section–how the hell do you claim to know that women’s rapes were “sexual regret”? YOU WEREN’T THERE. YOU DON’T KNOW THEM. YOU DON’T KNOW THEIR STORIES. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE IN A SITUATION LIKE THAT AND BE THE LESS POWERFUL ONE. I’m not saying that false rape accusations don’t happen–they do. But don’t you dare discount the violation of millions of women’s bodies as regret in one ignorant blanket statement.
    Fuck this fucking website and all the misogynistic men who run it, read it, and support it. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, and i hope for the sake of any children you ever spawn that none of them are daughters. On that note, though, i pray they aren’t sons either, because you’d certainly raise bigoted, abusive, misogynistic menchildren. I hope you have cisgender kids, so you can learn how to love someone and help them navigate the world regardless of whatever fucked up ideas you have about gender identity.

    1. “the most important of which is that people need to KNOW how many women
      are raped and women who have been raped need to know that they are not
      The hashtag won’t help them do that. It has precisely nothing to do with accurate reporting of rape. When you understand why the phrase “self-selected” is a bad thing statistically, get back to us.
      As for women knowing they are not alone: horseshit. There are rape crisis centres dotted all over the Western world. Any woman who thinks she’s “alone” on a rape allegation is as thick as a two-by-four.
      “Beyond that, since when is someone seeking attention and sympathy for
      being the victim of a violent crime that never went to trial a bad thing
      in the first place?”
      Depends on whether it was a crime, whether the person was a victim, and whether it could have ever gone to trial. None of those are sure things with strangers shouting at one another on the Internet that they were raped, especially with the very stupid, very skewed definition of rape feminists are pushing for.
      Neither do you. Nor do you have any remote idea which ones are false and which are true. Basically what you are doing is reversing the presumption of innocence: presuming that every person on that hashtag has in fact been raped when it’s not likely so.
      “I’m not saying that false rape accusations don’t happen–they do.”
      Ah, but how many false rape accusations are acceptable to you? 8 in 100, i.e. close to 1 in 10, as the FBI tells us? 1 in 5, as other estimates have it? 4 in 10? All of these figures have been returned statistically for how many rapes are false or unfounded allegations. When you are dealing with a likelihood of lies so high you might as well toss a coin on the statistical likelihood of its truth, it’s a pretty decent working rule to treat an unreported rape allegation as suspect.
      “But don’t you dare discount the violation of millions of women’s bodies as
      regret in one ignorant blanket statement.”
      Don’t tell us what we may or may not do. Otherwise: this statement makes just as stupid an assumption as it accuses the author of – to presume stories told on a fucking Twitter hashtag bear much relation to reality.

  41. Well, I would add to the list of things rape victims should be lauded for, *the reporting and facing their rapists/s*. That is the part that does the most to get justice.

  42. Been thinking lately that in every case where a man was exonerated from a false rape accusation, whether it was from being vindictive, crooked police, or a sincere case of identifying the wrong man, in every single one of them the women reported it to the police relatively recent to when they say the rape occurred. If not immediately.
    So when it’s the wrong man they have no problem reporting it. Yet there’s surprise and outrage at skepticism to an accusation that comes several years after it occurs.

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