Economic Warfare And You

I was blasting some paper at the range one day, to practice to keep my pimp hand strong, when a man struck up a conversation with me. Usually the discussions at the pistol range coalesce around politics and what weapons to buy. Well into this gentleman’s rant about the Second Amendment, current denizens of Washington DC and policies of ”blue” states, I noticed something. He was shooting a Kimber 45 caliber pistol. I interrupted his tirade and asked him that if he does not support the various policies of the states of New Jersey and New York, why did he purchase a product from those states. He stood there for a minute and contemplated the realization that his beliefs were inconsistent with his actions.

Economic warfare is a powerful tool. Depriving your opponents of the economic activity and money hurts them a whole lot more than strong words and stern looks. History is full of successful boycotts and informal cartels.

Some could say conducting economic warfare at the individual level is pointless. I know I get a grin every time I get the postcard in the mail from Valvoline Instant Oil change to come back to them. If exercising power through monetary means can be used at the world level to divide the globe on a regional conflict in the Ukraine, it can be definitely used at the neighborhood level. The scope and manner that these are conducted needs to be sophisticated though.

One has to research to make sure he stays within the law when conducting economic warfare. Certain election rules and organized labor laws can hinder you depending on your place and position in society. In addition, the United States federal government has made certain boycotts illegal in and of themselves. Therefore, if you are not smart enough to be able to read statutes, ordinances, and laws, you should get an attorney. It is always a good idea to stay legal.

How can you, as an individual, conduct economic warfare?

  1. Don’t shop at places where you don’t like the people that run it
  2. Don’t buy products from companies that advertise with organizations that you don’t like
  3. Don’t let anyone guilt you into buying anything
  4. Spend that extra dollar that competing businesses against the opponent
  5. Get your circle to do the same as you

It seems simple but many people do not put any thought into where their money goes. Then again, I have seen people keep 20 grand in a bank account and still pay off an eight percent car loan in monthly installments. Do not be one of those people. I have seen people that always complain about McDonald’s screwing up their drive through order.Every time I see them, they have another story about it. The thought of going somewhere else was never crossed their mind. I assume people like these are just prey for those who are economic predators. Sometimes when I see people like this, I almost want to prey upon them myself.

There are many ways to go about the openness of economic warfare. Sometimes discretion is ideal. I noticed that when the LGBTXYZ community targeting the Chick-fil-A chain for political protest, it actually helps that chain’s bottom line when the counter protests filled their restaurants with customers.

I am not advocating for it, but you could also go full Bavarian in your economic warfare. Got a real problem with the local business? You could start posting poor reviews on Google and Yelp. You could tell the health department you got sick from eating there. With the rise of YouTube, the individual has an actual forum to strike back against poor customer service.  You can utilize that as well.

In conclusion, most powerful thing you have to influence people is money for the most part. You can either give it a way freely, or with proper planning make sure it has expenditure is in your best interest.

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168 thoughts on “Economic Warfare And You”

  1. I seriously doubt Kimber and their employees in NY/NJ are the ones advocating for gun control. The reduction in available customers in the market isn’t beneficial to them either.

    1. But, if Kimber sees a lower bottom line trend over time, they might do some research to figure out why. If they’re impacted enough and know it’s because of where they are headquartered, they might move.

        1. It makes me wonder exactly who was pulling the strings in the Roman Republic. Marius, Sulla, Cataline, Crassus, Caesar who the fuck was lending them the cash to pay the legions? The answer I fear lurks just below the surface. The Empire itself seems to have dealt much more harshly.

      1. I’m sure the company has performed the research and determined that it was in their best interest to not move. Also, I’m from NY and upstate NY, which is where Kimber is located, is very different from the rest of the state. It would be like claiming their is no difference between DC/Nova area compared to the rest of Virginia. I agree with the overall argument of the article but not the specific case that was mentioned.

    2. I sere what your saying. On the other Hand I support Sig Sauer completely and it helps that they are located in Free America (New Hampshire). Because of their location there and thriving business they are doing nothing but expand their facilities and add jobs

  2. The anti-boycott law prohibits:
    Agreements to refuse or actual refusal to do business with or in Israel or with blacklisted companies.
    No matter what Israel does in the Gaza, you people must do business with the terrorist country as your patriotic duty. LOL

    1. I hope you realize that the law you are referencing does not apply to individuals. As an individual you are free to be as big of a Useful Idiot for militant Arabs and socialist Israel haters as you want. Hell, the perpetual SlutWalk participants Code Pink always make a big deal of how they are not buying Israeli products and it is perfectly legal. Go join them all you want.
      The law prohibits only organizations such as corporations and universities colluding with each other to boycott Israeli products, and it stems from the Arab oil crisis of the 70s where Arab governments tried to force Western institutions to divest from Israel.

      1. BIZ WROTE: I hope you realize that the law you are referencing does not apply to individuals.
        You’re wrong … as usual.
        The antiboycott provisions of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) apply to the activities of U.S. persons in the interstate or foreign commerce of the United States.
        The term “U.S. person” includes all individuals, corporations and unincorporated associations resident in the United States, including the permanent domestic affiliates of foreign concerns.

        1. It seems you missed the part where what is prohibited are only “Agreements” to do various activities. If you act as an individual that is not covered.

        2. “The TRA does not “prohibit” conduct, but denies tax benefits (“penalizes”) for certain types of boycott-related agreements.”

        3. You have posted this same picture about 20 times, and it never gets old. Oh wait, yes it does.

      2. “a Useful Idiot for militant Arabs and socialist Israel haters”.
        This is a ignorant and foolish statement. Being opposed to the actions of the Israeli State does not mean you are either in favor of “militant Arabs” (whatever that means) or that you are socialist.
        That said, the Israeli government is a brutal and murderous criminal organization that any decent person would oppose, were they in possession of the facts.

        1. Sure it does. The only people who attend anti-Israel events in the West are deluded left wingers and some people who think that they will be looked upon favorably when jihadis eventually take over.

        2. “a Useful Idiot for militant Arabs and socialist Israel haters”.

          I agree this is a dichotomy but Biz is a victim of social conditioning. I wouldn’t expect too many objective thoughts from him.

        3. Yeah I know! LOL!
          I guess I figured if he’s serious there’s no point in responding and if he was joking there was no point in responding.

        4. That’s funny. It’s looks like Israel is the one doing the jihad rampaging at the moment!

        5. Jesus, man, you are truly a blinded soft cock. I can only hope you are not in a position to implant any of your pathetic apologist views into the heads of children.

        6. Enjoy paying the Jizyah, the tax on being a Nazrani, then. See if your attitude changes when you’re being ethnically cleansed by the arabs.

        7. Just be glad you ain’t a Polish peasant of from what was once the Pale. I breath easier knowing that the shysters are over in Asia Minor doing what comes natural to a Jew instead of doing it closer to my ancestral homeland to people who look like me.

        1. “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”
          – Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001

        1. then you need some economics 101 because Israel does not have a socialist economy. It actually has one of the more private sector driven capitalist economies among Western countries.

        2. At least the pire of roasted human flesh is happening in Asia Minor instead of Europe. That’s the only upside to Zionism. By all means kill Arabs.

      3. In other words, the law only prevents major economic actors (i.e. the really effective ones) from boycotting Israel.

        1. If 300 million American consumers decided they wanted to boycott Israeli products it would be plenty effective. Fortunately they won’t, in part because support for Israel is one of the things that mainstream American culture actually gets correct, and in part because it would mean forgoing many of the technological and medical advances of the past several decades.

        2. It also prohibits the American people from organizing a boycott against Israel…
          I wasn’t going to say anything, but man, as soon as the link was posted I knew who was protected.

        3. The other thing, in addition to protecting Israeli ethnic and racial purity that America has gotten right, according to you in another thread, is the multiracial and multicultural hell inflicted upon it by the same rulers. More Cohencidences.

    2. Perhaps it’s time to stop polluting and derailing thread after thread by bringing up jews and seeing conspiracies everywhere. I’m getting tired of it.

      1. Every thread, it’s the usual suspects: бай Хуй, biz and Director.
        I’ve yet to see any of them contribute anything of intellectual merit at any point and every post they’re always quarreling amongst themselves about Israel, Arabs or #DaJooz
        The have no interest in hobbies, women or self-improvement, just those topics.
        Mods: The ban on women should extend to these crybabys because nothing short of banning them will end this madness.

        1. For the record, I never start these threads. I only ever respond to nonsense. If the mods would delete all Jewish conspiracy related comments I would be more than happy.

        2. Oh, they do it don’t you worry, I’ve actually lost count on how many times they’ve banned me. LOL

        3. I’m not sure if this is an LOL moment. It actually sounds pretty pathetic.
          Think about it:
          You’ve already been banned several times from a place you clearly enjoy hanging out for behavior you have no intention on changing and you keep coming coming back. That’s like Beta incarnate. You’re like a sad alcoholic who gets tossed out of his favorite bar, each and every weekend, for getting drunk and belligerent but they always let you back in because you’re their best customer.
          For your sake, I hope they don’t start banning IP addresses so you can still get your fix.

        4. Stop taking yourself too seriously, it’s just a website.
          I’m a natural contrarian, always have been, and always will be. When I see a trend I first examine its flaws and steer my ship in the opposite direction.
          In that respect, I can tell you that this website will have an overall negative effect on its readers. Despite the initial eureka moment, men will eventually suffer from the ideas presented here.
          The problem is that although being right on the effects of feminism and cultural Marxism, it points the finger at the wrong group.
          Women are women, they are silly little cunts, they behave they way the evolution made them. They are very often irrational, emotional and plain stupid. But the current state of affairs is NOT their fault. Both men and women are victims.
          RoK political line is clearly aimed towards creating a war between sexes. Women are the enemy, which are only good for sex and respond to game only. This is FALSE.
          If this site was genuine, (which is not, I’m pretty sure of that now) it would seek alliance with women. It would not employ Alinsky’s tactics and try to ridicule them.
          Finally, I dare say that the whole manosphere is not genuine. They end goal is divide and conquer. I can go into much more details but this is not the right place here.
          Take care. Always question everything.

        5. I just made an observation. I don’t take myself seriously at all but this didn’t stop you from taking me serious. If I hit a nerve those are your insecurities, not mine. Stop obsessing over the same three topics.

        6. Another one ignorant of history and human nature. Alliance with women? In the times of yore political rights to the female gender and most of the men were not granted and it was due to the fact that they were not wise enough to know what’s better. How can you make “alliance” with someone who might as well stab in the back in a tantrum? The fact is they are not to be equals, they are subordinate
          That’s the problem with “white nationalists” and the like, they idolized and worship women. By the way the law as its written is not only discriminatory but also anti-patriotic since it attaches the U.S. interests to the interests of a foreign power.

        7. Who and why wrote this laws? Ask this question first.
          p.s. I know very what it means to be human as I hold a minor degree in evolutionary anthropology.

        8. Women will always join the winning side, so as always, winning is all that matters. White Nationalists (the internet movement) are all betas and omegas who pedastalize women or advocate outright faggotry. However, “men of action” who work for white interests are rightly concerned about the debasement and degeneracy of white women. It’s not putting white women on a pedestal to say that without white to bear white children there is no future for our race.

        9. You make a very good point. Some of the participants here are what I call the male versions of feminists or meninists. In other words they want to pursue the male equivalent of feminists (no wife, no children, sleeping around forever etc.). They adopt a “female hate” attitude or what I also call the “I can’t get a woman, I don’t want a woman” approach to life. As you say women are a flawed gender but it’s up to us to keep them in check. This site is called Return of Kings but was there a king in history who didn’t do his damnest to leave heirs?

        10. Great points, englishbob & бай Хуй. Finally some wise people here who ask the necessary “QUI BONO” question.

        11. Calling for censorship on a blog is about the most leftist, jewy, beta thing you could possibly do.
          You fancy yourself a man and yet you are intimidated by words on a screen?

        12. You fancy yourself a man and yet you are intimidated by words on a screen

          Intimidated? No.
          Reasonable? Yes.
          Contrary to what you may believe I know quite a bit about about the topics you troglodytes insist on discussing below every single post published on this website. I keep a very open mind when discussing contentious topics and try my best to think objectively.
          However, the problem arises when literally, at the bottom of every single post, regardless of the topic; The same three or four guys are arguing about Israel, #DaJooz, Blacks and ‘white genocide’ one of which has admitted he’s already been banned at least several times.
          Not every thing has to do with #DaJooz, Israel or Arabs. Read the ROK Community Beliefs and give it a rest.

        13. God you guys are fucking losers. It’s ‘censorship’ because no one’s interested in the neurotic, off-the-wall jew conspiracy theories you and the rest of the dregs of society pontificate endlessly about in the comment section? GTFO! You faggots are better than feminists at rationalizing your bullshit. Enjoy Betadom fudge-packer.

        14. “Learn to control yourself” said the King of the Hittites and Pharoah…
          “Stop responding”… Disingenuous be thy name. Stop provoking humans then the reprisals might stop.

        15. The first evidence we have for human culture are cave paintings. Take your troglodyte aspersions back you toady freak. Humanity itself was born in place like Altamera in those mysterious caverns. Lager is also stored in caves and of course miners of all sorts are a type of cave dweller.
          You strike me as the type of cunt who’s never worked with his handsz

        16. Bonus Quiz. What famous Prussian General had this to say about Jews:
          “The Jews form a state, and, obeying their own laws, theyevade those of their host country. The Jews always consider an oath regarding a Christian not binding. During the Campaign of 1812 the Jews were spies, they were paid by both sides, they betrayed both sides.”
          It’s hilarious that you are taking up the position that you do when you use that handle.

        17. COUNT HELMUTH VON MOLTKE, Prussian general “The Jews form a state, and, obeying their own laws, they evade those of their host country. The Jews always consider an oath regarding a Christian not binding. During the Campaign of 1812 the Jews were spies, they were paid by both sides, they betrayed both sides.”
          As your actual name sake did?

        18. It’s hilarious that you are taking up the position that you do when you use that handle.

          What position is that?

        19. I wouldn’t even waste keystrokes on these nerds. A loser will always be a fucking loser and no amount to Red Pill will ever change that.
          RoK has become a refuge for these faggots. These inadequate, middle-aged white men, lacking any distinctive characteristics or discernible achievements, usually with some type of prejudice towards some minority group.
          These habitual losers lead relatively sedentary lifestyles, only pursue opportunities with low risk and have a high proclivity for anti-social behavior.
          No group of men, in the world, are in more need of the ‘Red Pill’ guidance RoK offers in regards to women and masculinity than these men who have deluded themselves into believing they already possess it so they prattle on like little ladies about shit nobody cares about like this is a sewing circle or some shit.
          What’s more amusing is how these habitual losers honestly believe anger, bitterness and resentment are synonymous with ‘Red Pill’
          Most of them couldn’t get laid in a brothel so they sit around; Drinking booze, growing tits, surfing the internet and complaining about immigrants, Israel and DA JEWS or whatever else they believe prevents them being exceptional.

        20. Oh the caterwauling that inevitably erupts when something stupid is called the thing that it is. It’s like music to my ears.
          Take your odd-ball non-sequiturs somewhere else, schizoid.

        21. It’s still a remarkable misrepresentation on your part though. it’s good that you are attempting to shut up Biz though. He’s a cunt.

        1. He did not, of course. I bet the other fella Helmuth the Elder did not either.
          These people are conditioned to assume it’s a conspiracy theory when they see the words jew or israel.

        2. Today, all Americans are indebted to the Federal Reserve who only allow Americans to borrow their money at 1000% interest otherwise called FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING.
          This system is impossible x9 to be repaid and is designed to never be repaid. Today there is not a single country that is not FORCED to recognize the IMF as a legitimate institution. Half of the Western world and the middle east were attached to the IMF within 3 months after WW2.
          There are 3 fundamental conclusions that came after WW2 as it relates to international Jewry:
          1. The FORCED recognition of the United Nations
          2. The FORCED recognition of the IMF etc. and
          3. The FORCED recognition of the state of Israel by most of the world community.
          What we are experiencing today is a wholesale enslavement of the human race by international Jewry.
          Over half of the human race believe in a religion that follows a Messiah or Prophet that states…Look out for those within Judaism and reject the practice of Usury.
          For this reason, we are in the situation that we are in.

        3. Hellmuth the Elder was prone to anti Semitic outbursts:
          COUNT HELMUTH VON MOLTKE, Prussian general “The Jews form a state, and, obeying their own laws, they evade those of their host country. The Jews always consider an oath regarding a Christian not binding. During the Campaign of 1812 the Jews were spies, they were paid by both sides, they betrayed both sides.”

      2. Shouldn’t you be firing White phosphorus artillery shells onto civilians in Gaza, or bombing schools to kill little kids or something ?

        1. Oh, hell, we all should be doing that. Every civilian killed over there, the blood is on the hands of the arab d-bags they foster and support while offering up their kids and hospitals as human shields.
          Personally, I wish Israel would pre-emptively nuke the arab world. You all know it’s going to happen eventually, in response to a dirty bomb or other ‘political statement’ that kills some yids or some Eurohomos. The world needs to go through it just to calm things down, and there’d still be plenty of oil with no more self-destructive turban-wearing savages to deal with. You know, win-win.

        2. The only disagreement you and Goebbels would have is over WHO needs to be got rid off and by what means.

        3. “Personally, I wish Israel would pre-emptively nuke the arab world”
          The guy advocates war crimes and you want to liken my response to ‘Godwin’s law’ ? You are certainly filled with Hate aren’t you….

        4. “You are certainly filled with Hate aren’t you”
          What’s stopping you from saying that I’m like a N*zi? You’ve already fulfilled Godwin’s law anyway.

        5. 2nd Time, The guy advocates war crimes and you want to liken my response to ‘Godwin’s law’ ? You are certainly filled with Hate aren’t you….

        6. You’re forgetting one little problem I always wonder about. After you irradiate all that oil, you essentially make it useless to the world. Is there something I’m missing?
          I ask as a legitimate question.

        7. It’s funny how genocidal wars follow these tribal messianic “light unto the world” types around. As soon as they are booted out the situation calms down. Then they make a return and the carnage starts up again. I’m pro Zionist, but only because it removed the Jews from Eastern Europe and made the area less volatile.

        8. Such a comparison is inappropriate as the Nazis did not have nuclear weapons. You certainly are filled with bullshit aren’t you, anti-semite?

        9. Wow, I guess everyone who disagrees with your misuse of Nazi analogies must be an evil hatemonger. You sound exactly like a progressive liberal. Your kind is not wanted around here. Go take your inappropriate use of ellipses and capitalisation somewhere else, “zombiekiller117”.

      3. Jewish control IS everywhere, moron, because they have carefully plotted and schemed for hundreds of years to ensure that is the case. They are heavily embedded in all the spheres of influence that shape our society – academia, law, government, entertainment, newsmedia, and even Christian religion (infiltrating Mega Churches to spread the Zionist gospel).
        It is easy to see the hidden jewish hand in just about everything negative in our society, because jews have chosen to place themselves at the levers of control in our society. They are responsible.
        Leftist homos like you are really sickening to see on a website that allegedly represents truth and enlightenment. YOU are a scared little boy in a grown-up world, afraid to let go of your comforting delusions.
        Now go whine for the Stasi to come scrub all these hurtful comments, you censor-happy little marxist.

        1. Pious Jews follow 613 commandments from the Torah. 9 of these commandments explain how a Jew should treat Hebrew slaves and Captive Women. To this day they have not given up these commandments.
          The Talmud states that Jews can indulge in pedophilia, kill, steal from, enslave and loan money to via Usury to non-Jews only.
          Americans are considered cattle by Talmudic Jews and the laws will back up this claim of enslavement. In 1871, the U.S. became a Corporation with a Corporate Constitution replacing the Organic Constitution thus FORCING the American citizen to be by law described as a human commodity like a slave.
          In 1913 the foreign, private Zionist Jewish run Federal Reserve was established to FORCE the American citizens and the U.S. government to borrow their currency at 1000% interest or 90% of Americans income.
          I am here to remind Americans that they are not cattle, they are indeed human beings. They don’t need to be considered a human commodity. They don’t need to give 90% of their money to money extortionists. They don’t need to accept any society that doesn’t benefit Americans first. Americans have been defrauded on a biblical scale and we are better than having to accept a banana republic beholden to International Jewry.

    3. I ask the men of this community to truly look into the marvelous opportunity offered to the world with Bitcoin. Open Source Decentralized Technology will provide us with the ULTIMATE economic instruments to lead society towards peace and prosperity. The best scholarly one-stop shop to learn about Bitcoin is

  3. In 5-10 years when paying cash is removed as an option you will have no option but to comply with ridiculous laws as the one above. The state will be able to monitor ALL your spending patterns.
    If you don’t fully participate in consumerists system, you’ll be declared either a terrorist or anti-semite or misogynist, all of them or whatever the latest fashionable blame is.

    1. Cash will never be removed as a payment option. Even the super elite attain many benefits from a cash system.
      Illegal activities are very profitable. Many illegal transactions are conducted using cash. The elites are always making illegal transactions under the table. Cash isn’t going anywhere.

      1. Loads of illegal digital money transfers are conducted at the moment.
        They even fix the price of gold every day in London.
        Every business day in London, five banks meet to set the price of gold in a ritual that dates back to 1919. Now, dealers and economists say knowledge gleaned on those calls could give some traders an unfair advantage when buying and selling the precious metal.

      2. It should be removed. Cash as it is today is a tool of State primarily used for the purposes of taxation. Commodity money is what we need to return to.

    2. Cash will never be entirely replaced. It would simply be replaced by another form of physical currency. Poor people, technological failures, small businesses, illegal activities, and tipping are all reasons people will want cash to remain.

  4. While i understand the premise of the article, a gun is still a gun. Your point is that by purchasing from those states, you are helping them, however, you are also helping you. If you are too concerned of where your product came from, you’ll never be able to buy one. Maybe he felt like he didn’t have a choice. Maybe his interest in the firearm outweighed his disgust for those states. Anyways, the product is beneficial to you, and once you have it, you have no need to purchase from them again. You win some, you lose some.

    1. I agree. The argument is akin to saying you are “helping” the highwayman by handing over your money when he sticks a pistol in your face.

    2. That’s what I sometimes say about buying products from not-so-nice people/places. Sure, it helps them, but it helps me too.

    3. Not buying products from companies produced in states that are hostile to personal freedom denies tax revenue to said states’ governments. Furthermore, loss of sales can motivate the said company to relocate from tyrannical states to freer states, as many gun manufacturers have done with their recent moves from New England to The South and The Mountain West, as well as Magpul’s ejection from Calirado.
      A gun is a gun, but a gun built in Texas or South Carolina is a gun that funds governments who won’t fuck with me. A gun from New York is a gun that funds governments who want to outlaw me for existing.
      If you have an enemy, fight him on every level with every opportunity that you have. Rest assured, he is doing the same thing to you.
      Molon Labe.

    4. Also, Kimber is not “New York.” Refusing to buy anything made by any American simply because government is useless and America has a government, is kinda defeatist. Perhaps keeping New Yorkers employed doing useful stuff at Kimber, may make a few more of them realize that it may be in their interest to not ban anyone who is not sniveling bankster or lawyer scum.

  5. Do the state governments of New Jersey and New York sell guns? Or are you saying that the company that manufactures the Kimber 45 is a supporter of abolishing the Second Amendment. I didn’t understand this point.

    1. It would be the same as saying an atheist’s actions are inconsistent with his ideals because he happens to have been born (and continues to live) in Iran or India or Bible belt USA.

  6. Not the best article, especially the red/blue state inferences drawn. Both red and blue politicians are out to fuck you, if you haven’t noticed they are two sides of the same coin, this is something every man must recognize.
    Some realize the blues are trying to fuck them over and then run over to the reds to get fucked also but don’t realize it.
    Stay apolitical and watch out for yourself and your loved ones, and don’t fall for any of this political rhetoric bullshit which is only meant to confuse you, these people pushing red/blue ideology at a national level are running off to bank while you still sit and complain about the blues/reds.

    1. The “Both sides are equally bad” argument doesn’t fly after the Zimmerman Affair. Red state (republican) politicians don’t want to kill me because I am a white christian male. Blue state (democrat) politicians do because the people who voted for them do.

      1. Zimmerman was latino. If his name was Jorge Ramirez instead of George Zimmerman the incident wouldn’t have left local news.

        1. Also, if Zimmerman was a cop I seriously doubt he would have had a problem. Cops kill innocent people all the time and nothing happens.

        2. I know. Not to mention the number of times they use their authority to violate someone’s civil rights on a less severe level.

      2. Democrats want a genocide of white christian males? Are they setting up concentration camps for this purpose? That’s terrible.

        1. They use all the tactics permissible under law. If they could get away with camps they probably would. Forgive englishbob, he’s an Englishman. He gets his U.S. news from the one-sided, politically-biased media machine. He knows not what he speaks, nor how anti-white-male American society has become. The Brits are far more leftist than the states. Everyone talks about how evil the Nazis were, but the Brits really dodged the bullet here, historically speaking. Brits were using concentration camp loooong before the Nazis. The atrocities they committed all over the world during their Empire isn’t advertised only because they didn’t lose WW2. It’s why all the English’s neighbors hate their guts, and why they’re now super limp-wristed leftist pansies who bend over and take it from muslim invaders. Like the Germans, there’s a degree of guilt for the past and they’re desperate to show they’re “enlightened.”

        2. Only Anti-Whites make light of White Genocide ‘English’ Bob.
          The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        3. Democrats want a genocide of white christian males?
          The first step of genocide is demonization of the targeted group (“only whites can be racist”).
          Another step is disarming and dis possessing the targeted group (the Zimmerman affair and the anti self defense narrative. But the narrative got disrupted by the fact that Zimmerman is Latino and self-identified as Latino.)
          That’s for starters…

        4. Everyone talks about how evil the Nazis were, but the Brits really dodged the bullet here, historically speaking. Brits were using concentration camp loooong before the Nazis. The atrocities they committed all over the world during their Empire isn’t advertised only because they didn’t lose WW2.

          The German Jewish Zionist population aligned with Britain during World War I with the promise to get America in the war in exchange for reclaiming then Palestine as Britain was in control of the crumbling Ottoman Empire.
          This lead to the Balfour Declaration. Since that declaration, the German population realized that they had been betrayed by the German Zionist Jewish population thus leading to the rise of Hitler.
          In 1933, Roosevelt took the Federal Reserve note off the gold standard FORCING people to no longer be able to exchange their paper currency for physical gold. A month later in 1933, Roosevelt FORCED Americans to turn in their physical gold for this foreign issued paper currency or face hefty fines or incarceration. Roosevelt was not a human being much less an American and anything but a president.
          In 1971, Nixon allowed the Federal Reserve to remain in power without them having to back up their currency with gold. So today Americans are indebted to paper printers who use fines, threats, guns and bombs to back up their currency.

        5. He’s a Golliwog with an English passport. Whites win with decisive military action. Blacks win by genetic insinuation into a superior stock.

        6. America itself is the clearest historical example of a total genocide. A red population replaced by a white one.
          The process of race replacement in the US currently white replaced by yellow, brown, black is FAR more advanced than in any European state. Whites in the US bend over for blacks and browns like a $50 hooker. The whites in Europe are currently radical izing as fascists.

        7. Explain reservations then if there was ‘total genocide.’ Europeans migrated and the best man won.

        8. Get real for a moment. The red man does actually have something to bitch about. Blacks and yellows really light to shut the fuck up though.

        9. i can’t comment on most of your post. sounds a bit contrived. might want to hit some other sources.
          on fdr and the gold standard, this was done because of the great depression and the run on the banks at the time. people were bailing out of the dollar and into gold/silver, causing the economic death spiral to accelerate. it was also causing gold scarcity like crazy. fdr’s banning of dollargold interchange made a hell of alot of sense at this time, even though it fucked over mostly the non-rich who couldn’t afford to diversify their dollar holdings. it raised the price of gold too, but didn’t affect gold coinage, which was a nice loophole the citizenry could still exploit. in all, most of the citizenry didn’t really care. as such, it wasn’t designed to help, it was just to make things not worse. and that part might have worked, no one really knows, there’s only just conjecture. a bit late though, since the depression was going on full-swing, and fdr had only just gotten into his presidency. fdr, as presidents go, did a better job than most, and his abc programs put the nation to work. laid the foundation for massive improvements to usa society. hoover dam, electricity, reforestation, you name it. he was more of a president for the common man than most presidents. a democrat, but that meant something quite different back then.
          of course, he did get us into ww2, but that was an inevitability if there ever was one. not that we didn’t profit immensely off of ww2 or anything…

        10. You might need to educate yourself about Jekyll Island in the early 20 th century. Also, research the historic price of gold. Also, learn about Frankfurt School shenanigans and critical theory. After a few months of study, post your findings then we can direct you to Rothschild treachery and… nevermind. Cheers.

        11. Whites built the modern world and had a hand in developing nearly all of it’s technology. There’s a word for an organism that only thrives off its host…

        12. perhaps i did focus on fdr too much and lost sight of the mah-gold angle. shoulda known better by now.
          not happening to be a jeweler owning enormous amounts of gold, nor able to corner the gold market, a return to gold standard would leave me holding all the dollar debt – while those that crashed the dollar by dumping/socializing their losses into it would be unaffected either way. most were, are, and will always be in the same boat. tiny-folk may not like being forced to keep their dollars, but those laws aren’t meant for them.

        13. This is bullshit. The brits are loved by all white people. Just ask the Boers in South Africa how loving the brits are.

      3. I quite like the formulation. However I would say that GOP politicians would sell you out and stab you in the back.
        Dems want to genocide you.
        That’s a big difference but you still need to be aware.

        1. I will toast your name on the final day of genocide… And impregnate your daughter with a black baby…. Actually are you sure you don’t have a black half brother?

  7. There are only three kinds of votes that can make a difference. This shit with the ballots and Coke versus Pepsi every 4 years is a scam that makes us think we are free when we are not.
    These votes that matter are made with:
    1. Your wallet (don’t give them money)
    2. Your feet (move away from their shit states)
    3. Bullets (explanation not needed)
    Bullets are resorted to when you are robbed and cornered. Learn to use all three.

    1. 2. I assume you mean the individual States in America. You could move from a State you don’t like but what about the Federal Government, which is the one taking the vast majority of your money? And you can’t really say no unless you want to be killed or thrown into a Federal prison. Do you intend to leave the USA?

      1. Pax Americana is in terminal decline. Who’s going to do the killing on the USG’s behalf when the legions are no longer paid?

        1. What nonsense. Absolute garbage. The technical staff required for drones is expensive and likely to be doctrinaire conservative. I know one guy who moved from spyplane duty in the USN to drone piloting. He’s certainly not invested in the current regime. He’s happy zapping Afghans but not his own people.

  8. I’ve lived most of my life in shitty blue states. Because the parasites in a few cities have more votes, doesn’t mean everyone in the state is an idiot. I bet there are very few liberals working at Kimber, Springfield, Colt, Auto-Ordnance, etc…
    Some, like Beretta are moving to avoid bad laws, the rest will probably follow.

    1. You may be right. But you miss the point completely.
      The point is: if you give your money to businesses that reside in communist Peoples’ Republiks like NY, NJ, CT, MA, IL etc, then you’re supporting that state and its criminal violations of the US Constitution.
      If people quit buying Kimber pistols because of where they’re made, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that Kimber, like some other prominent firearm manufacturers located in ‘Amerika’ (mostly coastal liberal areas), will relocate to states that still honor man’s inalienable right to defend his life and his families’ life using any means necessary to accomplish that end.
      Fuck the NE states, and IL and CA (former resident).
      They don’t like liberty and they fear life without their ‘betters’, the government nannies, watching their every move.
      If they loved liberty they’d abandon those communist shitholes.
      The author of this piece nails it.
      Put your goddamn money where your mouth is.

      1. This is all a bit hyperbolic. New York and California are not much more “communist” than other states. If you look at the overall (total) tax burden – counting income, property, sales, and other taxes – in “blue” vs “red” states it is remarkably similar. That is because state governments basically all have to do roughly the same things. The exceptions come for states that have a unique source of outside revenue such as Delaware.

        1. They are much less white by a rather disturbingly large factor. As if their communistic flavour has nothing to do with their racial chaos.

  9. How to Vote With Your Money
    1. No organized “charities”, “drives”, “collections”. Charities are run by nasty chicks who mistreat or neglect their own parents, children and husbands and who don’t want to do real work and who want to redistribute even more wealth to other chicks who do want to work all, of course, “for the children” and other “victims”, i.e, anyone other than straight productive males. With more women going childless and not really wanting to work, these “charities” and are proliferating wildly, with ever more aggressive impositions: its all “look at me” chick monetary and psychological welfare and subsidization. First make sure you are taking full care of yourself and your own. Second, protect yourself against this society that preys on men. Beyond that, if you still have something to give (and you may well not), all charity should be personal and anonymous. Help a man who is being depredated by his wife, ex wife, daughter and/or the state at their behest. Help a young man understand how the world really works. No more chick-skimming “charities”. If chicks want to do charities, let them take a second job and donate all of their after tax income THEMSELVES and ANONYMOUSLY. All of these chicks in charity are attention whores (“Look how wonderful I am”) and frustrated mothers who whored themselves out so badly no man will have children with them. Let them get cats. Cashier: “Do you want to donate your change to single moms? — Absolutely not.” “Take this $3 charity charge off of my hotel bill right now please.”
    2. No weddings. “Look at me!!!!” Of course don’t get married. But also, don’t acknowledge, don’t attend, don’t congratulate and don’t give gifts. “Marriage has been desecrated and debased into a business transaction and is responsible for most of the fraud, perjury, kidnapping, extortion, racketeering, child abuse and stealing in our society. If after 5 years you two are still together and still treating each other with the common decency expected of two strangers on public transportation, then I will buy you dinner to celebrate the miracle.” Have the balls to say “no” and everyone will be talking about it, unwittingly spreading the word of not only the marriage strike but the marriage boycott and ridicule.
    3. No more useless consumption shit: $21 drinks, overpriced restaurants, handbags, jewel for chicks. Save it all up, take a trip to SE Asia and dedicate yourself to “helping” young hot women there to support their families. Tell chicks here : “if you want to look good, STFU and get a barbell set and do squats, deadlifts, presses, bench presses and bent over back rows — and stop putting shit in your mouths”.
    4. No cohabitation or joint property. The chick you are laying is now a “strong and independent woman”; let her pay her own rent and for her own shit and own debt.
    Don’t live with her or she will surveil, monitor, manipulate, sting, shame, peck, cluck, importune and play head games. No. 1 financial advise to any man that you will never get from your “Certified Financial Planner”.
    5. Unplug. No TV or cable, no subscriptions except independent online websites whom you value. Buy your food from local farmers, butchers, fish stores, health stores to the extent you can.

    1. Totally agree on the point you made about mass media charities. Women and gays gravitate to these things because its a way to pacify their own hyperactive feelings of guilt over ‘the starving children’ or ‘the dying whales’ etc.
      Guilt is what these charities thrive on and what drive people to support them.
      They then feel the need to shamelessly broadcast to the world via facebook that they are so righteous….fuck them.
      I believe that charity begins at home, do good for yourself first then your people…any surplus can be donated on your own terms to individuals of your choice, anonymously.

    2. Hmmm kind of like the whole ice bucket challenge… The ONLY reason that ever caught on at all was because it gave people a way to scream “LOOK AT ME I DONATE TO CHARITY”. Sure it raised a shit ton of money but thats only because celebrities were doing it and donating 100k at a time. Meanwhile you’ve got all these attention whores and pussy half men spending more money on the ice they’re dumping on themselves than actually donating, all for a shitty Facebook video to get likes and boost their egos.

  10. Can’t make money in this country anymore.
    Obama wants half of it and the state of California wants the rest.

  11. Making these individual economic choices is all well and good, but the bigger problem is the government raping my paycheck every two weeks to pay for VAWA, subsidize single mothers, and otherwise piss it away or use it to screw men over.

    1. The only solution to that is to knuckdown and live like a college student until you are 40 saving 70% of the paycheck the government isn’t taking. Then grab yourself a 31-32 year old girl (27-28 if you can get it) and “retire” to the far suburbs or rural area, and just live off the interest of the cash you made.
      The added bonus is that some of those need based programs don’t consider your assets, just your income. So you could be worth 1 million dollars, but only be pulling down 40k on a family of 4, and still qualify for free government money.

  12. All government is shit. The only good rule is PATRIARCHY – or RULE BY MALES on the most natural, organic and elementary level. Martiarchy is INSECTOID and alien to our tribal patriarchal species. Will BITCH RULE destroy us all, man and woman alike? I dunno – Does water drown land creatures? Duuuh. We approach the eleventh hour. ALL YOU SWINGIN’ DICKS RIIIISE UUUPP!

  13. I think economical warfare is necessary now especially because of inflation. Around July 4th I went to my regular big chain local retail market and The price for meat and produce was up the rear. The guy in the meat department even told me himself that he himself dont even buy there because prices are so inflated now and gave me the name of a decent butcher in the area. I went to the butcher and it made a huge difference. After he wrapped it everything in paper I then came to the realization that we’re all just paying for fancy packaging on top of an already inflated middle man price. As far as mcdonalds and wendys with so many people eating health conscious, the fitness boom and the rise of internet foodies, they have no choice but to go up on prices. Even the dollar menus and value meals are up the ass now so I dont eat fast food just off of that alone.

  14. I thought Kimber moved from NY?Anyway great read I’m heading to the range myself in few minutes.Does anyone know of an out door range where you can do CQB,running and gunning in the charlotte NC,Gaston area?

  15. Hilarious! The twats even censor the comments that complain about the censorship! A true communist regime! LMAO. What a bunch of pussies. Clue: if you are scared of free speech, you are hopeless against the forces that are screwing you over in this world.

  16. Oh yeah, objective economic discussions are gonna survive the brown out in the west. Sure thing. That economic round table in Kinshasa last year eh?

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