The Juggalo March Was Classier Than The Feminist Women’s March

A political march that took place this past year exhibited rampant obesity, vulgarity, freakish hair dyes and obscene costumes. Another was The Juggalo March. Although both The Women’s March and the Juggalo March featured similar hair aesthetics and profanity, The Juggalo March was decisively classier than November 2016’s Women’s March.

The word class is defined as “a number of persons or things regarded as forming a group by reason of common attributes, characteristics, qualities” or “a social stratum sharing basic economic, political, or cultural characteristics, and having the same social position.” Classy is defined as “high class, rank, or grade; stylish; admirably smart; elegant.”

Both marches featured a majority of mentally ill obese white people strung out on prescription drugs conducting science experiments on their own appearance. Having little respect for your appearance and wearing lewd outfits is low-class, or at least it has been for the past century. Although the bar was set disgustingly low by The Women’s March, The Juggalo March may have been a classier event.

How Bad Was The Women’s March?

The Women’s March was one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen. Thousands of women who should be more preoccupied taking care of children took to the streets to protest a President who once made jokes about groupie sluts in a bus with a fellow man. The President joked about women letting him “grab them by the pussy” in response to their blatant thirst for his alpha male attention. The women in the march were literally wearing a joke on their head in the form of a vagina hat. At least the Juggalos know they are clowns.

During the March’s rally, vulgar speakers boasted about their nastiness and perverted sexual desires. They belittled their foes and called for a violent overthrow of our democratically elected President. It also featured musician Madonna broadcasting her desire to “bomb The White House” as thousands of deranged loons fervently cheered.

The Women’s March featured activists celebrating the butchering of infants. Many were demanding expanded access to government programs dedicated to killing their children.

The Women’s March featured Linda Sarsour, a speaker who promotes the mutilation of female infants via Sharia LawThey wore offensive costumes and littered Washington DC with trash.

Women in the march were celebrated by Democratic politicians and cultural Marxist celebrities. This produced a response from the President who tweeted: “Watched protests yesterday but was under the impression that we just had an election! Why didn’t these people vote? Celebs hurt cause badly.”

The Juggalo March Had A Legitimate Cause

The feminists were celebrated as heroes in cultural Marxist media while The Juggalos were labeled a dangerous gang.

In 2011, a FBI Gang Task Force report labeled The Juggalos (a name for fans of The Insane Clown Posse) was a “loosely organized hybrid gang.” Since the 2011 report, American Juggalos have experienced denial of military service, lost custody of children, and having their names added to local gang lists simply for wearing Insane Clown Posse merchandise.

I’m not unfamiliar with Juggalos. They were rampant in my white rural high school. They ran drugs and threw lavish parties that I never attended. Overall, they seemed okay but shady and gross. Most of them grew up to be well-adjusted blue collar guys, their former Juggalo lives left behind them. The aim of their march was to get a retraction from the FBI concerning the 2011 Report.

The Juggalo March did not encourage any violence. The march attendees were peaceful, friendly, reasonably informed, and represented all ends of the political spectrum. Based Juggalos as well as Bernie ‘JuggaBros’ attended the March. They all gathered in Washington DC to collectively to say, “We’re not a violent gang. This is bullshit.”

What if fans of Madonna and Snoop Dogg were labeled gang members? They represent only two mainline celebrities who’ve called for the assassination of the President of The United States. To date, The Juggalos haven’t threatened anybody, they just don’t want be labeled gangbangers for wearing merchandise of their favorite rap group.

Although both feminists and juggalos share the same propensity for vulgarity, clownish outfits, and sugary snacks, the Juggalos are not nearly as volatile or murderous as modern day feminists.

I personally did not attend either marches but when observing the events closely online the visual comparisons are unavoidable. The optics of both of the events were horrifying, but the Women’s March stood out as more sinister.

In a backwards society many are now referring to as “clown world,” the mental patients are running the asylum. The honest clowns are labeled gang members while the oblivious clowns are celebrated as useful idiots.

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47 thoughts on “The Juggalo March Was Classier Than The Feminist Women’s March”

  1. The only thing I know about Juggalos is “Vampiro” from back in WCW. Seems weird. The “Women’s March” seemed weird as well.
    But nothing is weirder than A-Rod. Worth $300 million and bangs wrinkled old bags like Madonna and J-Lo. Now THAT is WEIRD!!!

    1. I can forgive A Rod for the whole steroid scandal. But banging old hags like Madonna and J Lo? Unless he’s actually trying to extort them out of their fortunes somehow, that’s indeed weird. This is a man that not despite, but because of his reputation, not to mention his fortune, he can have most women his heart desires, even in places where baseball isn’t big.

  2. There’s a photo of a woman holding a pink coat hangar. I would try to wrap my head around that one but why waste my time.
    The abortion argument in a nutshell: “how dare you tell me what to do.” Women feel like they should be free to do whatever they want with no consequences. In there defense, there are very few men willing to step up and put them in their place. I saw a video the other day where some chick locked her baby in a hot car. A guy called the police and started taking a video with his phone. The chick changed her tone and started interrogating the guy for taking a video; “hey, why are you filming this?” She tried to turn it around on him, he was the one doing something wrong. Classic female blame shift. Woman kills a baby? “Hey! Are you telling me what to do? How dare you?” Your fault now…. somehow… men are continuously blindsided by this. The women are having fun with it at this point. You can see in the main image the girls are smiling. Why are they smiling? They are smiling because they don’t really take the abortion argument seriously. They don’t care. They enjoy the push-pull of getting people fired up and the potential stimulus it will cause. The fat girl is fantasizing about getting attacked in her pussy costume and the event being broadcasted on TV. What a way to break up the manotany of her 9-5.
    Cabin in Montana.

    1. I don’t know why you think you can jack off and waste your sperm and make it increasingly worse in quality and expect no consequences for it. There should be a bill passed about how and when you can and can’t masturbate so the world ensures that its men have the best possible sperm and are consistently ready to have kids and preserve their genes.
      Does that sound stupid? So do you.
      My body, my fucking choice. I will continue to smile widely in front of bitter men who cry themselves to sleep because they can’t control women anymore. Oh, the orgasms I’m going to have thanks to that right during the rest of my life.

      1. No sweetie. Eventually what will happen is what always happens. Enough of the weak men will die off, so that the remainder of the men will murder the sabotaging males and then they will bludgeon and rape you into happy submission.
        Rejoice, the hell of freedom and responsibility that you are enduring will soon end.

      One senses that Gen Y males have NOTHING TO DO. The “pussy posse” are clearly unemployed. Probably they live at home at age 30. College-educated but never held a decent job in their field.
      You know you are old when at 43 you say “when I was young” but the reality is that many of these people (Male and female) have time on their hands.
      At 25, 30, they live at home.

  3. Abortion argument;
    What conversation would these femenists have with their daughters.
    A) Honey, if you ever get pregnant, make sure it is with a man you want to start a family with.
    B) Honey, you’re probably gonna be a raging hoe and getting knocked up by a few men in your lifetime. If and when you do, get an abortion and dammit if any man tells you getting an abortion is wrong, you say, “my body my choice,” and you get another abortion just to spite him and wave a pink coat hangar in his face just to piss him off. And if you’re such a raging whore and you can’t control yourself just say, “yeah, whattif I get raped?” They’re not a girl so they can’t argue that. That’ll shut em up, they won’t know what to say to that, you just get out there, start getting knocked up and start having abortions cuz girl power. As a general rule: if it makes them mad, do it more cuz they can’t do nothin. If they continue to argue just start screaming until another man rushes to your aid.

    1. 18 days a babies hear beats.
      42 days brain waves are detected.
      52 days hiccups and yawns.
      8 weeks all organs function.
      10 weeks can feel pain.
      Man tells a woman she shouldn’t get an abortion so purely out of spite, she does it anyway. Hires a stranger to crack the babies skull and vacuum the dead baby out of her body.
      You would have to be psychotic to fight for this. Downvote if you like crushing babies skulls.

      1. Crushing babies skulls, see them driven before you. And to hear the lamentations of their women is what is good in life.

      2. I now laugh when I see 40something, aggressive, obnoxious, rude – Strong and Independent Women (SAIW – pronounced SOW) picking up dog shit on the streets of NYC…
        they earned it.
        all those my body my right abortions.
        never a chance for kids – and no grandkids…
        cats and dogs till death

    2. C) Honey, I’ve aborted so many, and yet you are here, doesn’t that proves how special you are and that mommy loves YOU!?!

      1. Honey?
        What happened to ‘um sweetie’?
        Sew your stupud mouth shut and cut off your fingers. You suck at life.

  4. two moronic marches doing nothing but wasting time and catering to morons….mankind really cant do better than this, and deserves to be wiped out.

    1. between dumber than a box of rocks men and homicidal females….it pretty much speaks for itself…of the suicide cliff…

    1. These women have to wear prosthetic pussies on their head because their own pussy has been around the cock carousel so many times, it doesn’t even resemble a pussy anymore…probably looks like they have a piece of bacon stuck down there.

      1. Those femcunts should replace the vaginas with dicks, being the dickheads that they are. Feel free to use that gag!

  5. You should make a post listing out:
    * feminist websites so we can go and somewhat troll them with honest facts and information, i.e.
    ** Unmarried women go crazy
    ** Never married woman salary vs divorced woman salary
    ** White women are the most privileged group in history
    ** what divorce has done to children
    * Non-profits that we should support that will promote our ideals:
    ** family values
    ** marriage
    ** …etc

  6. Madonna
    Here is a woman who was beaten up by her husband, a mean drunk named Sean Penn. She stayed with him 3 years.

    1. And she dated Dennis Rodman, who for all his talents, was a prototype SJW. Who could forget his cross dressing and his infamous comment about Larry Bird being white, never mind that just like with Kaepernick, a white family took him in.

      1. In later years Sean Penn would turn into an SJW and it was sort of pathetic to see his Irish bar brawl scarred visage as a liberal activist.

    2. She like most “abused” women probably hit him first
      Tell me why is it most “abuse” victims are usually loud and obnoxious masculine types? Madonna fits this perfectly. Don’t buy the bull
      I never buy into the whole “women are attracted to abusers”. These women themselves are violent cunts

  7. You get the feeling that these guys have nothing going on in their life in terms of a career or relationship.

  8. Hola!
    Primero que nada les pido disculpas, porque este no es el artículo ni el topic para lo que voy a decir, pero ¡Que mas dá! necesito decirlo y este es el último tema activo. Soy de Argentina, acabo de encontrar este sitio de pura casualidad y ya he leído varios artículos, sobre todo de la sección “girls”. Allí mismo encontré uno sobre chicas latinas y, desde mi lugar de argentino, no puedo evitar venir a romperles su castillo de arena con respecto a las “mamacitas latinas”, sobre todo, porque creo que en los pocos comentarios sobre las mujeres de mi país, las han sobre-valorado gratuitamente.
    En primer lugar, me animo a aseverar que las mujeres argentinas no califican para ninguno de los beneficios de las chicas latinas que ustedes dicen. Ni salsa, ni contoneo, ni reconocimiento de los roles tradicionales de género, ni cocina, ni despliegue sexual, nada.
    Seré duro: la mujer argentina es la mas frígida de américa latina y seguramente entra en el podio mundial.
    Usted irá a un Bar y conocerá a una. Lo mas probable es que la señorita se haga ver, un rato, del brazo con usted como un trofeo rubio y angloparlante que enseñar a sus amigas. Usted descubrirá que es una niñata que tartamudea infantilmente ante un flirteo dominante y decidido, debo decirlo, usted mismo la encontrará mal hablada, histriónica y de un comportamiento post-adolescente que le enfriará casi irremediablemente. Jugará un rato con usted y cuando mas confiado esté, dará la vuelta, dirá que “va al baño con sus amigas” y hasta la vista, bebé!
    Las únicas mujeres argentinas que cocinan decentemente en el 2017 son las veganas feministas; y por poco tiempo mas ya que los fast-food vegan se están popularizando de a poco ¿necesito explayar este punto? no, creo que se entendió.
    Si bien nunca hubo un presidente socialista neto, la presencia del comunismo en las universidades es política mayoritaria desde fines de los años 60’s. Imagínese el caldo de cultivo añejo que eso puede ser. La inmensa mayoría de los hombres casados son el banco personal de su esposa y sus hijas, he visto amigos míos, inteligentes, capaces, HOMBRES, arrastrándose como betas inútilmente tras una mujer 6.7
    ¿Y las argentinas de 8 o 9 puntos? No lo sé, sé que existen gracias a instagram. Supongo que son todas putas VIP.
    Ustedes piensan que ellas son latinas, pero son muy parecidas a las mujeres estadounidenses, de hecho, estamos exportando grandes cantidades de su mierda californiana que nuestras chicas consumen alegremente.
    Igual entiendo que ustedes las idealicen. Supongo que todos queremos lo que está mas allá de nuestra mano. Yo también algún día iré a california a follarme rico y brutal una de esas rubias tetonas hermosas de 1,57 mts.
    Supongo que vendré seguido a saludar, muy buen sitio, contenido de oro, realmente, los felicito.
    ¿No tienen un foro o espacio abierto donde uno pueda participar de forma mas interactiva?

    1. Argentine women are highly Westernized. This makes sense as many descend from Western Europeans that went there after WWII. They don’t act like your typical Latina. They are pretentious and sometimes border on masculine.

    2. No puedo creer que haya otro Argentino aquí! Yo encontré este sitio a mediados del año pasado buscando websites anti-feministas y he leído muchos de sus artículos muy interesantes y recomendables.Coincido casi al 100% con tu comentario y es que aquí se tiende a generalizar mucho a las latinas porque en algunos países como México o del Caribe el virus feminista recién está empezando a mostrarse y todavía ideas como el aborto legal o la estupidez de género no tienen tanto apoyo popular por allí,pero pocos han visitado Argentina,donde cada vez se va más a la izquierda y las feminazis destrozan todo en su reunión anual

  9. ” Thousands of women who should be more preoccupied taking care of children…”
    Think about it — do we REALLY want mentally ill lunatics like these taking care of children? It borders on child abuse.
    ” They … littered Washington DC with trash.”
    Are we talking about the marchers themselves, or the litter and garbage that they left behind after their massive temper tantrum (and let’s be honest, it was all because Hillary lost) was overwith?

  10. “In a backwards society many are now referring to as “clown world,” the mental patients are running the asylum. The honest clowns are labeled gang members while the oblivious clowns are celebrated as useful idiots.”
    The only reasonable response to modern society and its sub human parasites is asking ourselves, What would President Duterte do? Then proceed from there.

  11. I made my kids watch the women’s March. “We support their right to March and these are our neighbors and we care about them personally”
    I went on to let it be a lesson on feminism and I challenged them with a few questions. “hey kids…”
    –Do you see any pretty, classy, put together women in this group?
    –Do you see any manly looking men in the March?
    –how many if the Marchers are really overweight?
    –notice all the blue and pink hair, tattoos, piercings and ruined clothes? Why do you suppose that is?
    It was fantastic to behold.

  12. As for the queef hats, I fart in their direction with a blast of insane black bean flatulence.
    May it linger for an extended period of time.

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